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Author Topic: ***THE 2010 SHOOT PROJECT YEAR END AWARDS***  (Read 234 times)


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« on: December 24, 2010, 01:17:15 AM »
[center:38a3y7co]The 2010 SHOOT Project Year End Awards Nominees[/center:38a3y7co][/color]

With the holidays upon us, it is important to remember to give, since it is apparently more important to do that rather than to receive.  I say, to hell with that idea!  Yeah!  This year, the SHOOT Project Year End Awards comes to you with the idea that it's HIGH TIME we gave and received all at the SAME DAMN TIME!!

Most of you followed my previous directions, some of you didn't.  Now, this is where you HAVE to participate.  I wanted to bring the amount of nominees down to this amount to allow everyone the chance to vote on who or what they think won what!  It was very difficult, this process, but it's a thankless job running this place...just ask Josh.  Be that as it may, I tried to keep the nominees to five, with one having to go to six due to the amount of votes received.

So, again.  Private message (PM) these votes of yours to me, okay?  By December 29 at midnight, kay?  Awesome.

Superlatives and any special awards you wish to give out yourselves are STILL requested.  You have until December 29 at midnight to get your choices for winners and superlatives in to me!


Wrestler of the Year
Trey Willett
Cade Sydal
Adrian Corazon
Donovan King
Azraith DeMitri

Tag Team of the Year
Black & Tan (Azrael Goeren, Pestalance)
The Bad Ass Brotherhood (Charles Brandon Magnus, 'Big' Buckley Dresden)
The Crimson Riot (Evan Garcia, Logan Garcia)
Jake 'Crash' Carver & The Purple Haze
The Flying Avengers (Kid Lightning, Flash Dynamite)

Match of the Year
Donovan King, Adrian Corazon, Pestalance, Jester Smiles versus Sinnocence, Thomas Manchester Black, Azraith DeMitri, Trey Willett - War Games - Revolution 69
Trey Willett versus Adrian Corazon - Reckoning Day 2010
Donovan King versus Azraith DeMitri - World Heavyweight Championship - Reckoning Day 2010
Azraith DeMitri versus Sinnocence - Master of the Mat Finals/World Heavyweight Championship - Master of the Mat 2010
Jaime Alejandro versus Mr. Heart versus Charles Brandon Magnus versus The UK Dragon - The Laws of Survival Match/Sin City Championship Match - Under Siege 2010

Champion of the Year
Azraith DeMitri - World Heavyweight Championship
Cade Sydal - Iron Fist Championship
Lennox 'The Ox' Ferguson - Iron Fist Championship
'The Saint' Jaime Alejandro - Sin City Championship
Mr. Heart - Sin City Championship

Newcomer of the Year
Charles Brandon Magnus
Azrael Goeren
Mr. Heart
Lennox 'The Ox' Ferguson
'The Saint' Jaime Alejandro

Heel of the Year
Adrian Corazon
Mr. Heart
Donovan King
Azrael Goeren
Cade Sydal

Face of the Year
Azraith DeMitri
Lennox 'The Ox' Ferguson
Alex Brooks
Trey Willett

Feud of the Year
Dan Stein versus Cade Sydal
Jester Smiles versus Sinnocence
Donovan King versus Azraith DeMitri
Adrian Corazon versus Trey Willett
The Sovereign versus The SHOOT Project Soldiers

Mark Out Moment of the Year
The Return of Jason Johnson at Reckoning Day 2010
The Debut of X-Calibur
The Debut of Rocky Stellar
Azraith DeMitri defeats Donovan King at Reckoning Day 2010
Jester Smiles betrays SHOOT Project
The Debut of Azrael Goeren

Biggest Disappointment of the Year
The Tag Team Division
Julian York
The Tag Team of Jake 'Crash' Carver and The Purple Haze
The Death of the Apprentice Angle
The Reign of Lennox 'The Ox' Ferguson as Iron Fist Champion


That's right.  If this is looking kinda familiar, that's not only because I stole the template from my 2007 and 2008 Year End Awards!  NO!  If you follow these awards...


What that means is that...if you're going to vote, keep your votes!  When the winners are announced, you need only to see just how accurate you are!  If you are accurate enough, we will announce that you have won the contest!  Remember this?  Wasn't it awesome?!


Okay, how about this.  If you win this contest, you'll be given the chance to book ANY match you want.  PERIOD.  If you want a big match up with whoever involved, book it.  Title match?  Book it.  Loser Wears A Dress?  BOOK IT.  If you want it, WE WILL HAVE IT!  We will announce the winner and then WHOEVER YOU ARE...YOU WILL BE GIVEN THE CHANCE TO SEE YOUR DREAM MATCH COME TRUE!!

Does this seem familiar?  Did I mention all of this in 2008 or 2007?  That's because I did.  Why?  Why change something that works?  VOTE!

Now, get to voting!