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Author Topic: Crosshairs - Salvation 2011 edition! (part 2)  (Read 176 times)


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Crosshairs - Salvation 2011 edition! (part 2)
« on: March 26, 2011, 01:30:28 AM »
Crosshairs fans have been sending me a deluge of fan mail begging for the next installment of my Salvation pre-cap, and I think I've built up the tension enough... staight to it this time, folks:

- The Gunslingers are facing off against The Crimson Riot in ... a match. I don't really care. Do you?

- The Sin City Championship goes on the line with champion Tanya Black facing off against the previous champion, Jester Smiles ... but with an added wildcard in the addition of Laura Seton. Turning this into a Triple Threat match means that strategy and psychology may well take a back seat to just staying in the match. Jester has already made his intentions quite clear - he's out to hurt both women - and even though Seton and Black are both known for playing fair, there's no doubt that they'll fight hard and take any legal opportunity that presents itself with the belt on the line. With two legends of the game hungry for our Sin City Champion's belt, this could be the sleeper match of the night.

- Another Triple Threat match next! Man, we're good to you guys. The Iron Saint, Jaime Alejandro, has become a standard bearer for the division, but a strap like the Iron Fist Title is also a big freakin' target on your back. Wearing that belt is essentially saying "I'm the toughest mofo and can stand up to more punishment than anybody else" ... something Lennox Ferguson and Isaac Entragion are both renowned for, and they'll be desperate to prove Alejandro wrong. The Ox and the Ivory Terror have issues of their own to work out, and this may be less about Jaime defending his belt and more about him just letting Ferguson and Entragian destroy one another. This will be vicious and violent - just what SHOOT fans love!

- As a former tag team wrestler myself I admit I'm looking forward to seeing the Bad Ass Brotherhood taking on Valjean and Skylar. After the way VAS have been taunting the BAB with the belts I really, really want to see Magnus and Dresden kick some ass. I'm sure this will be a good match, but the weasels getting beaten down is mainly what I want to see.

- Akuma Satsui is one scary bastard. And with Dave Dymond inside his head he is a human wrecking ball, capable of some truly heinous things. Thankfully Jonas Coleman is only too happy to bear the brunt of that destructiveness. After seeing the lengths Dave Dymond has gone to in recent weeks to antagonize The Butcher, it almost feels as though Akuma-san himself is a third wheel in this conflict. If it were just Satsui and Coleman here I'd back Jonas, but with Dymond no doubt getting involved this could be dark for the former PERDITION member. As long as Dave Dymond gets hurt I'll consider this match worthwhile.

- Which brings us to the main event for Day 2. The Big Gold Belt itself, the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship, being put up for its first defence by everyone's favorite technical wrestler, Cade Sydal. After some dirty tactics to finally put down Azraith deMitri, Cade toppled one of the most badass men to hold that title, ending a reign that lasted nearly 9 months. As a former World Champion Sydal knows just how hard it is to climb that mountain, and how damn easy it is to be knocked back down to the bottom. Knowing what's at stake, there's no doubt he'll fight with every ounce of strength he has.

A man who's never quite made it to that peak is Ben Jackman. Twice he's had his shot at immortality, and twice he's fallen just short - beaten by Diamond Del Carver in 2002, and again by X-Calibur in 2005. Having been so close before, I bet Jackman knows how heavily expectation weighs on his shoulders here. He's come back from retirement for one last roll of the dice, and has been granted this chance wrestlers half his age would kill for. He's been around the main event scene before, many times, but has never been The Man. This could be his last chance to make it to legend status in the Project... third time's a charm, or three strikes and you're out?

Remember, it's not too late to order Salvation live on Pay-Per-View! This'll be one for the ages, guys, so make sure you DVR it.


Note from the SHOOT Project legal team: don't DVR it. Sorry.

Make sure you visit for all the fallout after the show! I'm Ryan Cross, and this has been the Salvation shakedown! If you have any backstage gossip, news or you just want to tell me how amazing I am, email me at or follow me on Twitter!

Cross Out.

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