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Author Topic: King/TMB Feud  (Read 127 times)


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King/TMB Feud
« on: April 05, 2011, 11:25:38 PM »
Let me first say thank you to everyone for taking time out and checking the feud that me and B have put together. As mentioned before this one has been a long time int he making. What started as an idea for me and B to Tag Team turned into one of my best wrestlers that I have ever handled. Anyone who knows the TMB wrestler knows he has went through some changes before becoming the guy you see now. When B gave me the go to do this feud, I wanted it to be different from any other feud. I wanted it to go far pass wins and losses. I want to quickly thank Pest for helping make TMB a little more deeper before my actual matching up with King. The base of this feud I would like to say is more Undertaker/HBK if anything, where these were two men that were destined to match up and it was only time before they did. Thanks to B for working with me on this. I've done work with B one other time and that was back over the SHOOT Tag Titles. Working with him this time was a blast because we both weren't worried about going over. We both sat down and decided that telling a good story was the main goal of this and I think we did that well. Thanks, b for writing a great match that pretty match took everything we did and represented it properly. It gave me a chance to showcase some storytelling and RPing skills which, I can admit I haven't shown in a long time.

Thanks to everyone for the kind words you have said about the feud. Now hopefully I can take it to the next level from there. Once again thanx B for working a great feud and helping me create one of my best wrestlers.

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