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Handler's File : Kidd 2011
« on: August 12, 2011, 04:46:22 PM »
HF: Alright fans and friends alike welcome to another EP of The Handler's file. And of course we have another special guest on deck. Please introduce yourself...

Kidd: Most people know me as Kidd, even though I have handled other characters even those who call handlers by their real name still just call me Kidd. My main characters have been Patrick "Crimson" Kidd, Derek Shane, and the more recent team of The Gunslingers.

HF: Please give us a brief recap on how you got into E-Fedding

Kidd: I first found out about e-fedding back during my senior year of high school, so 1999-2000. Back then it was still mainly done by email. I applied to one of those real wrestler feds and of course the big names like Austin, Rock and Hogan were taken. So i applied as Scoot Norton and never got a response.

Norton gets no love LOL

Any who a couple years later I looked into e-feds again and stumbled across DIWF which was a forum fed like most e-feds are now. I applied and got accepted. My rps were terrible back then and really short but with some help thing slowly improved. Josh Blose was the fed head at the time and helped me out, as well as being paired up with Kenji's handler in my first tag team

HF: Why Scott Norton?

Kidd: I always enjoyed a lot of the mid carders that put on great matches but for some reason never got pushed to the next level. Norton was a great powerhouse that had some great matches in WCW and years later I would find out that he was huge in Japan as well. I wanted someone who people knew of to qualify for the real wrestler fed, but still enough mystery to him to make him my own. With Hogan or Austin it could get repetitive. Norton was an ass kicker but would have still left me enough space where people didn't already have a complete opinion in their head, but I guess they did.

HF: Did your love for the mid card influence the wrestlers that you have been using?

Kidd: I think it has, Crimson Kidd was based on a variety of wrestlers but his story has always been about someone who worked his way up from a small Indy guy to make a name for himself on the World stage, but even now when people look back on him the person he is moss often compared to in the real world is Tommy Dreamer. Kidd and in real life myself is to OPW, what Dreamer is/was to ECW and not many would argue Tommy being a main eventer.

Derek Shane is heavily influenced by Golddust and my love of movies, and while I love Dustin Rhodes/Golddust he was rarely used in the main event spot. The team of the Gunslingers is loosely based on the territory days and Stan Erichson is the only character i have that can be said is based on a main eventer in Stan Hansen who was a former world  AWA and fought  world champions in WWF, NWA and Japan.

HF: Now you mentioned the DIWF in the beginning, tell us about your time there.

Kidd: DIWF is where I broke into the e-fed business and met a lot of the guys that still e-fed today. Azrael Goeren, Kenji Yamada, Cade Sydal, Cronos, Matt kanyon, azraith, Maverick, Psycho, and Greyson Blade all worked in DIWf and most of them are in SHOOT today though some handle new characters. Josh Blose was the fed head and taught me the basics. I teamed with Kenji as the New Breed for awhile then some backstage stuff happened and Josh Blose left DIWF. Other management tried to keep things alive and during that time I won the tag titles with Jenna Evans, Matt Kanyon, and Cade Sydal but eventually things just fell apart completely and DIWF closed. It would be a year after DIWF closed before I returned to e-fedding.

HF: Deacon Frost. You mean

Kidd: yeah I got it switched with Matt Kanyon in OPW

HF: Ok, how did your time in DIWF shape who you are as a fedder?

Kidd: DIWF was my first e-fed so it was responsible for teaching me the basics, back then rp limits were like 10 rps in 5 days instead of 2 in 2 weeks. I started off doing all 10 rps 2 a day was the max. They were barely 500 words each. I learned by reading guys other peoples work that I could get the same point across with2-3 rps made slightly longer. I also started to learn the art of storytelling which I would get more lessons on in OPW. When I first started in DIWF I would mainly just do trash talk and occasionally a little storyline, but not a lot of long term character development. Over time I learned that character background was just as important as match to match trash talk.

HF: How important was the whole backstage aspect back then?

Kidd: Backstage with characters or the handlers?

HF: yes

Kidd: well OOC I think backstage has always been important if you don't get along with the other handlers and the staff you’re not going to enjoy yourself and have a good time. There's always been and always will be various forms of drama. I thought like many others that if you weren't buddies with staff you didn't get title shot etc, but eventually learned that wasn't usually the case, but I won't deny that at times I still think it helps. In character backstage played a big part. In real wrestling the boss/owners GMs were all plying big parts on Tv and that translated to e-fedding. Sometimes the evil boss or owner thing was over done, but I think especially for OPW the storylines involving Ed Raymond and later Craig Carson helped evolve the entire e-fed which lead to storyline opportunities for everyone

HF: what made you leave the DIWF

Kidd: After Josh Blose left DIWF, Phil and Mel took over things went on for about 3-4 months before matches and shows became late and eventually it closed. A lot of guys went to SHOOT Project at that time. I applied 3 times, but for some reason was never contacted to say I was accepted. About a year after DIWF closed I was talking to Cade online and he told me I should come to SHOOT Project. I reapplied a fourth time, Cade, Ben and a few others vouched for me and I got in this time.

HF: And how was it when you got in?

Kidd: Unfortunately I showed up in SHOOT about 3 months or so before it closed the first time. I debuted at their version of the Royal Rumble aka the upcoming Redemption Rumble. Apparently I impressed someone with my storyline work because is started rping even without being booked. This led to me getting to work with big names out the door like Ed Raymond, Rocky Stellar and the infamous JL Martz. There was a short lived revival of the New Breed with some guy I don't remember his name. I think it was Cody something. Than some sort of drama happened and it lead to SHOOT closing and the birth of OPW and TTW.

HF: With the first closing of SHOOT came the birth of OPW and TTW as you did you get involved in both companies?

Kidd: That's actually an interesting situation, it took my four applications and Cade and Ben talking to the bosses to get me into SHOOT, SHOOT closes and I got two different groups that want me to join. Ed was the operator of TTW, he had also been on staff in SHOOT Project during my initial run there and we had worked together on a few angles and I initially agreed to join TTW first.

Then I got invited to a random chat that became the birth of OPW. Dave was running OPW and he handled Diamond Del Carver who I had been a big fan of. Honestly what it came down to though, was the rosters of both promotions. TTW had a lot of people I wasn't familiar with and a few I knew from my brief stay in SHOOT.

OPW on the other hand had a ton of DIWF guys and I was looking forward to working with them again. Crimson Kidd was the only wrestler to appear on OPW and TTWs first show. I jerked the curtain in TTW's debut, and Main Evented OPW's first show. So we all have our egos and you can guess where I went, but a lot of it had to do with working with Greyson and the DIWF guys again. Eventually I would make it back to TTW with another character.

HF: In OPW you had a very storied run with Crimson Kidd/Saint. Can you tell us a little bit about that run?

Kidd: Crimson Saint, I don't remember much about that as I tried to erase that from my memory but no one else forgets, lol

I was in OPW from beginning to end and played pretty much all the positions. I started as the up and comer getting his big chance main eventing on the first show. Then since I admittedly wasn't as a good a writer as some of the others i got shuffled down the card, but since I was reliable I got put into the measuring stick position. The guy the new guys get booked against to see if they can cut it, sometimes it was annoying as I had to face a bunch of no shows, but I almost was the first to work with some great names, and that position lead to the infamous Murphy/Kidd saga

Along the way I further cemented my status as a tag wrestler and became known for that, and I think Kidd's never say die attitude lead to him being one of names most associated with the company. Kidd/Greyson cemented his legend status in that company. Kidd lost the feud with Greyson and "retired" but we all know there is no such thing in wrestling.

During that retirement I created a new character to run in TTW while I did staff work in OPW. Later Kidd would return to OPW to feud with Goeren, and then Murphy again. Where he would be paralyzed and we thought that was the end of his career. There were a lot of ups and downs in OPW and Kidd lost more than he won, but when you mention OPW he's one of the first you think of. He's the Tommy Dreamer of OPW I’ve said more than once

HF: In OPW, you also had a role behind the scenes; can you tell us a little about that?

Kidd: Dave created OPW and ran it for about a year, when he stepped down it went through a series of people in charge including Ron Barker and Ed Hansen, before the reigns got handed to Josh Blose. Josh brought me on to help out. I was essentially in charge of talent relations and the Overnight manager. I was always up til 3-4 am so people could get a hold of me when Josh wasn't available. I also helped doing some recruiting. I gave some ideas for booking and helped judge matches.

The staff changed a few times but the core staff was Josh, I, and Ben, with various people joining staff to help at various times like Ledge, Mark, and Thurston. There were was some drama but for the most part things rain pretty smoothly. I enjoyed being on the creative side of things with booking, and helping people set up feuds and storylines.

Josh and I bumped heads sometimes when we had disagreements, but I know I could never run a fed. I make a good second banana, but after seeing what it takes to run a fed I know I couldn't be the head guy like Ed, Josh, J&B, or Ryan Ro. I don't have the patience for people at times, lol. Someday I could see myself helping behind the scenes somewhere, but I could never see myself running my own fed.

HF: What was your take on the beef between OPW and SHOOT at that time?

Kidd: I honestly can't even remember what all the drama was all about, I'm pretty sure none of it directly involved me. When SHOOT re-opened B messaged me on AIM trying to smooth things over between OPW and SHOOT and bury the hatchet of any old drama. It may have taken me four applications over a years’ time and a medium sized bribe to get J to let me into SHOOT the first time, but I have been invited to join the roster every time SHOOT re-opened.

I don't know if it was SHOOT related by I know one of the biggest issues we always got harped on for when OPW was open and even after it closed was being a so-called "garbage wrestling" promotion and that always pissed me off severely as there was so much more to OPW than the hardcore spots, or baby hangings, but that's mostly what's remembered.

HF: Do you feel that was because at the time, OPW was very extreme to say the least?

Kidd: Was OPW extreme? Yes. Were there over the top moments? Yes. Were there times things were slightly unrealistic. Yes. I'd also say that you could say yes to those questions for most feds at some point or another. I'm not arguing we were hardcore and took it further than a lot of other promotions did. I just get annoyed that for a lot of people that is all they remember about OPW.

Kidd/Greyson slow burned for 2 years and for the most part everything that happened in that feud could of happened in a regular promotion, there may have been one or two over the top moments I'm forgetting. People remember steel chair abortions, but very rarely do they bring up Cade and Kast's amazing matches for the ACC which was one of my favorite titles.

HF: Before you you mind if we talk about the ACC title in OPW for a moment?

Kidd: sure

HF: The ACC belt was a belt I always felt was a standout in OPW e-fed wise, due to the fact that everyone usually goes for having a TV/IV or cruiserweight style belt. To do an ACC with very different especially with the men who held the title. How do you feel the title help separate OPW from everyone else?

Kidd: Well the ACC wasn't a tiered title. Your TV title is your entry level title for your mid-carders and under occasionally someone higher up on the card will float into the division for a bit, you IC title is for your mid to upper mid card guys you want to test to see if they have what it makes to take it to the top occasionally you get a lower or higher guy involved, and then you got your Main Event title. The ACC didn't fall into that anyone anywhere on the card could have a chance at holding that title.

It could be considered a gimmick title, maybe even the anti-hardcore title, as its rules allowed for limited amount of rope breaks, and titles could change hand on a DQ. The thing i loved is it was wrestling based and you had big name guys like Cade and Kast who could of been the top champ fighting over this secondary title as if it meant as much as the top title, and by doing that for a time they made it mean as much as the OPW title. It was a great division with the late great Ray Wilmott, Cade, Kast, Victoria, and Stein.

It was short lived though and eventually the title was retired, I tried to talk people into bring it back a few times, but eventually we did bring in the light heavyweight title, and that had a lot of great matches too especially with Stein and marc Stanton.

HF: If you could convince the powers that be, do you think the ACC title could work with the roster that SHOOT has?

Kidd: I think SHOOT currently has the right amount of titles for its roster size. If it were to bring back the ACC title probably under a different name I'd have it be in place of a current title.

Roster wise I think a lot of people would fit into the division let me think who I would use

Cade Sydal obviously, Laura Seton, Alex Cruz, Tanya Black, TMB, Stan Erichson, and Azrael Goerne would be who I’d probably center the division on with various other people competing in matches form time to time

Goeren and Erichson may seem out of place in the division but they fit a key purpose. When people think ACC it is essentially pure wrestling, and when they think that they tend to think chain wrestling, or Lucha or X- Division style. Stan on the other hand is old school and it doesn't get much pure than beating the shit out of someone and destroying them with power as long as you can keep it within the rules and it throws a different style into a lot of the other members of the division being similar.

Goeren on the other hand is perfect for the division because of its rules. He would find a way to break every single one of them yet somehow find a way to win, and it'd be worth it to see how he does it each week until it catches up with him.

HF: Nice nice... with that out the way, let us talk about your time in TTW?

Kidd: I enjoyed TTW as it was a completely different experience for me

HF: What was the new wrestler you brought into TTW

Kidd: TTW saw the creation of my new character Derek Shane who flopped terribly at first. Shane started as a face and was going nowhere fast. I had toyed around with trying to run Kidd as a heel a few times and it never worked so when I created this new character I automatically went with what I knew and made him a face. Once Ed and I realized it was flopping so bad we came up with the idea of turning Shane heel and playing on his B actor gimmick we said everything that had happened up until then was an act

It was like magic, Derek Shane was off and running. Playing off my love of movies Shane used every dirty trick in the book, and people loved to hate him. As much as they loved his great entrances he'd immediately get that heat back two minutes into the match. He was the second longest running TV champ in TTW I think he missed out on taking 1st by 3 days.

Derek Shane's biggest feud in TTW was with Loco Martinez, me and Scotty had tons of fun with it, but when TTW suddenly closed he went on the shelf. I then did a few matches with Kidd until OPW closed.

I love writing Shane, but whenever I write him or any other character I always wonder what Kidd is up to. So I went back to using Kidd when OPW closed, I contemplated hanging up the e-boots, but like real wrestling e-fedders don't retire

Eventually enough people harassed me until I brought him to LEGACY, lol. There seems to be a petition going around to bring him to SHOOT, last I heard B was heading up the committee, lol

HF: Tell us about your time in Legacy.

Kidd: LEGACY was an adventure to say the least. At times I had a lot of fun, and other times it almost made me give up on e-fedding for good. Nothing directly against Rob, and I'm sure this might create some drama but I think the plug should have been pulled on that company way before it was maybe a year in advance. Rob is a great creative mind, but he had so much going on in real life, and the handlers weren't backing him where he needed it with match writing getting their segments in etc.

I enjoyed my run there as Derek Shane as it let me develop a different side of the character working with Moreno and Issac. The dark side of Shane was a blast to write, but in the end it came back to Kidd.

The whole time I was writing Shane I was wondering what Kidd has been up to since OPW closed. For months before Kidd would return I worked out an elaborate storyline for the return. I finished up Shane's feud with Issac writing him off, and we haven't seen Shane since.

Then I started gearing up for Kidd's return unfortunately like things do in e-fedding something happened and stuff had to get shifted around and my original idea for Kidd's return got scrapped and had to be completely re-worked. The good thing that came out of it though is I did get to work with Greyson again and we had a fun tag feud with Ledge and Adam Davis. Unfortunately Rob and I really just didn't see eye to eye in the e-fed world. He's a decent guy, he's done a great job with that website he runs, but we just didn't mesh when it came to e-fedding. LEGACY was heading towards the end and at that time the plug should have already been pulled. He and I kept having disagreements and I felt it was best we just went our separate ways.

I gave my notice that I was leaving LEGACY shortly before it closed. I considered hanging up the e-boots again, but I noticed SHOOT was open again, and the same thing that lead me to SHOOT the first time and eventually to OPW brought me back to SHOOT, wanting to work with my old friends as well as a bunch of people I never got to work with.

The tricky part came with who should I handle, I contemplated Derek Shane, but wasn't sure what I'd do with him. There is always Kidd and I love writing him, but i think I was so frustrated with his LEGACY run that I wasn't ready to bring him to SHOOT. That lead to making two new characters, well one new, and returning to one old one I hadn't got the chance to fully flesh out before OPW closed.

HF: Tell about the wrestlers you are handling now and why you choose to run with them in this run in SHOOT.

Kidd: Well with the decision not to use Shane or Kidd I had to create a new character. I love tag wrestling and decided that’s the direction I wanted to go. I had created a character in OPW who I didn't get to really get to use much before it closed.

Stan Erichson was a concept I came up with of an old time wrestler from the territory days who had been blacklisted right before the big boom in the mid-80's and then decided to try and make a comeback in 2005 when his name was cleared.

Stan feuded with Osbourne Kilminster than OPW closed. I completely forgot about the character until I was trying to think of who to use in SHOOT. Stan had worked in OPW because it was like a modern day territory, now since I wanted to use a tag team I had to come up with a partner. Stan had a history in Japan so I had him take an American student who was training in Japan under his wing. That's where Jacob Erichson comes in. The concept of the team is Stan trying to keep the old ways alive and teach them to Jacob, while Jacob is trying to get Stan to realize that there are benefits to the modern ways.

HF: I'm glad you mentioned Ozzy. What do you think about the departure of Ozzy and Sinn?

Kidd: I honestly didn't know Sinn much outside of OOC post whoring. I hadn't really talked to Ozzy much after OPW closed. I had seen some of their work on the shows, and Ozzy was always a great writer, but they left soon after I got back.

HF: what is your view on the current state and roster of SHOOT?

Kidd: SHOOT is currently flying high, there are a few snags with OOC stuff but there's no escaping that. There is also match writing where we have a core crew of match writers some even taking 2 matches a cycle, but it's only a matter of time before people start burning out. So I recommend anyone who has match writing experience step up and share the load. The key to keeping a fed running is to keep the fed head from getting burnt out. Everyone needs to share the load.

Stellar Insanity vs. Hierarchy is my favorite feud going right now, but I've always been an outspoken Goeren and Loco mark.

HF: I'm glad that you are making my job easy with all these segways. What have been the storylines and Feuds that you have been checking out since the return to SHOOT?

Kidd: Well I've always been a fan of Ben and Charley so the trio of Ox, Ichrio and Azraith blows my mind, so I'm really looking forward to see where that storyline goes, plus again I love tag wrestling. Project Scar: also has a lot of my favorite writers as well. I'd also like to mention Jester Smiles and Real Deal

HF: Are there any members of the roster that you are looking forward to working with?

Kidd: I always looking forward to anytime i get to work with the old DIWF crew guys like Drew, Ben, Mark, Charley, and Greg, but there are some people that I've been e-fedding with for years that I haven't worked much with. I’d like to get to work with X-Calibur somewhere down the road, i briefly worked with him and B in OPW in the Divine Intervention vs. Law & Order storyline, but never anything since that. I'd also like to work with Issac again he was a blast to work that Angle in LEGACY with Shane.

HF: what do you think of the current state of E-Fedding as a whole?

Kidd: I think there will always be e-fedding, but it's on a down slope. There will always be a new group of 15 year olds thinking they invented and there will be those that were doing it before they were born. I think what has kept a lot of us e-fedding for so long is our core group of e-fedders. There are new guys that come and go and some have stuck around, but if you look at the SHOOT roster a lot of us have been writing together for over a decade.. Hell I've been e-fedding with you since I think 2002.I think a lot of us will keep doing it as long as there is a core group of us somewhere they can work with. Most of us have to much invested in our character's to start over at Bob's e-fed of the week. I speak from experience when I was in NAPW. They were great guys, good writers and I had fun there, but I don't know how many times I thought these guys wouldn't last a PPV cycle in one of the "circle feds". I think we have evolved from various feds like WPW and DIWF to SHOOT to OPW & TTW, to LEGACY and back to SHOOT and when SHOOT closes most of us will end up working together in WWSMACKABITCHINTHEFACEWITHAFISHWF.

HF: As someone that has been E-fedding for some time...are there any fades or trends that you have liked or disliked?

Kidd: Even though I would of made an awesome Scott Norton I'm glad I missed the real wrestler phase, even though I think MJ and I would of made an awesome Evil Doink and Golddust tag team in that e-fed that tried to poach members a few weeks ago. I also hate the "original characters" that are clearly rip offs of real guys like Rock Hard Sam Dallas, though now that I think of it that may be my next jobber character. I think the other thing that always irked that shit out of me are super power characters, like I can buy a Kane-esque character through suspension of disbelief but in OPW i actually had a guy put in an app for a character that was convinced he was a Jedi, than again hindsight we probably would of had a lot of fun with that character, lol.

I don't know if it's a trend, but a pet peeve but I always hated handlers, characters that were never willing to give anything in a feud, if it was competitive it was a 100% competitive and weren't willing to work anything to further the feud even if it was post match.

HF: How does it feel to be in the OPW Hall of Fame?

Kidd: It's a big honor especially since I was in the inaugural class by Dave the original creator and operator of OPW. I know at the time a lot of people were unhappy about it, and at the time I may have not completely earned it yet, but I think Kidd’s space in OPW history and entire run there is definitely Hall of Fame worthy.

HF: Is there anyone you feel should of been inducted into the Hall of Fame, even though OPW is closed?

Kidd: It may be old age catching up with me but I'm not sure I remember everyone who eventually got inducted. If Ledge didn't go in he deserved to, I think he went in the final class. I forget if Kanyon got in, but even with all the drama around his title reign he was there most of OPW's timeline even if it was off and on when you used other characters, he held the tile even if under wonky circumstances and he had quite a few big feuds. I would put him in same vein as Iron Sheik, he may not have had the most memorable title run, or be the first person you think of when you think OPW, but he was a company man held the title and feuded with all the top guys. Anyone else that I can think of that should be in the Hall of Fame is to my knowledge, so if I'm forgetting someone important it's because I probably think they were inducted.

HF: Ok, let’s put you in the role of booker ok?

Kidd: ok *does spinaroonie*

HF: I want you to book a card showcasing your fav. Feuds, past and current?

Kidd: hmm interesting gimme a sec here to work this out

HF: ok

Kidd: Main Event OPW Title (last man standing)
    Azraith De Mitri vs. Greyson Blade
    Tag Titles
    Stellar Insantiy vs. Beautiful People
    Criterion Cage Match Southern States title
    Pestalance vs. Eightball vs. TMB vs. Hatakira
    Atlantic Coast Championship
    Cade Sydal vs. OutKast
    Issac Entragain vs. Justin Moreno vs. Derek Shane
    Ledge vs. Kenji Yamada
    Falls Count Anywhere
    Dropkick Murphy vs. Patrick Kidd
    Sky High Reunion
    Dan Stein vs. Herbert J. Moxely

Going off feuds that have happened it was tough, there's more people I’d put on there but don’t want to double book

HF: It’s a solid booking though

Kidd: yeah from  booking standpoint u have to even out your violence with your wrestling, and try not to over gimmick the card

HF: With that being said who do you wish would still be RPing or would like to see in SHOOT Project?

Kidd: There's only one answer to that


I miss Josh Blose a lot, I still talk to him occasionally, but with Kidd's career and my e-fedding career in general intertwined with his it's just not the same without him around

HF: How do you think Greyson Blade would fit into the current SHOOT atmosphere?

Kidd: Greyson as a character and a handler is familiar with most of the character currently in SHOOT project. He's an alumnus so I think the crowd would react well. If I’m still booking here I'd have Greyson reignite his feud with Issac and Project: Scar a s a whole. Eventually he'd need back up. I'd lead to a 6 man with Project: Scar vs. Greyson, Kidd and a rising star that could use the rub, then move on to Family Values vs. Hierarchy

HF: In the last OPW show Family Values face The Deadpool for the OPW Tag Titles. Do you care to explain the history behind the match up?

Kidd: that was an interesting scenario as the match almost didn't happen and it was interesting from a creativity point to write

HF: Please give us details.

Kidd: at that point Kidd had faced Murphy for the final time a few months before and has been partially paralyzed. I didn't want to ruin the huge setup of the Murphy/Kidd feud and originally said I didn't want to be booked on the show but would make an appearance. After talking to many people I agreed that it just wouldn’t seem right to have OPW's final show without Kidd. Kidd actually "wrestled" the match still barely able to move his bottom half, which at one point he used the crowd to surf his way back to the ring cuz he couldn’t walk.

It was the need of an era so it speak

Not just for OPW but at that time I figured I'd never have Kidd wrestle again Kanyon and Frost had been intertwined with Kid din OPW and all the way back to DIWF, and of course Kidd teaming with Greyson as Family Values was huge, but for them to win the tag titles on OPW's last show was a kind of icing on the cake send the fans home happy moment

HF: Talk about that...going down in history as the last known Tag Team Champions of OPW.

Kidd: Like I've stated a couple times I'm a big fan of tag wrestling I've held tag titles with KIdd i think 6 times with different partners including Deacon Frost, Jenna Evans, Ray Wilmott and Greyson. That title reign even though we never got to defend it probably meant the most to me because of winning it with Greyson after all of our in character history together. Plus those two characters were OPW, Greyson was known as the heart of OPW, and Kidd was the Spirit, and as we should all know by now the spirit never dies...

It was just a perfect happy moment endcap to that era in my e-fedding career and Kidd's wrestling career

HF: Talk to me about what you think about the current tag scene in SHOOT.

Kidd: Right now it's a mixed bag, but with a ton of potential. You got some great teams like BAB, F2T, and Hierarchy, but I hit a bit of a snag trying to get some stuff going in the division as things kept falling through due to some handlers having OOC issues and not being able to rp, do segs etc. On the other side I think in the next PPV cycle or two things are going to improve with teams like Bryce/Cruz, Gunslingers, and hopefully a few new times that put focus on the division. I know of at least one team that has talked to me and is debuting soon that should be interesting.

HF: If you don't mind, I would love to get your view of the current titles in SHOOT and their divisions.

Kidd: I'll do my best to do so without starting any drama. I'm gonna start at the top I know Cade has had some OOC issues with computers or whatever, but I've really had next to no interest in the World Title scene right now. Hierarchy/Stellar Insanity has been the biggest angle going on right now in my opinion.

Laura/Tanya is a good feud over the Sin City title and looking forward to the rematch there. Tag Team titles, F2T I believe is still undefeated in regular 2 on 2 action, they have been on a  roll and I can see them taking the titles and that could be a good fit, BAB has had a solid run.

Alex Brooks has been making a heck of a name for himself and the Surrender title is a good way to establish yourself, I see him getting 2-3 more defenses before someone gets the belt off him but not sure who will get the job done yet.

back to the World title scene for a moment I have nothing against Jackman and Cade both a are great workers and write great stories, I'm just not feeling it at the moment, and I think part of it is as the top title recently I've never had  that feeling like their seg or match was the most important thing on the show.

With the Redemption rumble winner getting the next title shot I could see the title on Jester Smiles, X-Calibur, Bob the "EVIL" Janitor, or Issac at the PPV after Redemption.

HF: Speaking about Ben Jackman, how do you feel about his return?

Kidd: I have nothing against him personally he is a great writer, I’m always kind of meh about someone coming back from an extended break right into a World title feud, but he does have the writing skills and the resume to back it up, I think one of the big things taking away from the Cade/Jackman world title feud is there are just some many other big things going on at the same time

HF: If you could book his return to SHOOT, how would you have handled it?

Kidd: When this interview is all said done I’m either going to have a booking job with J&B or fired, lol

HF: While this is my first HF in awhile and you are making it talk worthy, lol.

Kidd: I would've started off with an angled feud with someone relatively new or an old face lower on the card, someone he could get a rub from working with Jackman and possibly getting a win over him

If Jackman came out on top I'd feed him a couple low-mid card guys and have him take them out quickly, hindsight booking at 2am is tough lol

I would possibly have him angle for a title shot but postpone it a PPV or two before he even got a match with the champ just pushing other obstacles in front of him before he finally gets his hands on the champ the downside is if you wait multiple PPV cycles then you have the rumble and eventually master of the amt naming contenders to the title before he gets to his shot.

I could sit here and come up with a hundred ideas and I’m not saying the current feud is terrible, like I said I just don' think it's the top story, possibly, top 3 possibly not on a given week, but at the same time While Cena is WWE's main focus occasionally other matches and storylines are a lot better

HF: True true...Well we are hitting the tail end of this interview so let me hit the normal bases. At the end of your E-Fedding career what do you want people to say about you?

Kidd: For the most part that they either enjoyed working with me or reading my stuff, I think that’s all any of us can really ask for. I've tried to stay out of the e-fed drama as much as possible, so I don't think too many would have bad things to say

HF: What do you hope you happen in this run in SHOOT?

I'd love to get that one big singles run, but if I don't it won't hurt my feelings. I've been known as a tag specialist and that doesn't bother me. As odd as it sounds one of the biggest things I'd want is to get to work with a few people I haven't worked with that I’ve e-fedded with for ages. Besides the Cheeseman I don't think I’ve ever had a match with Bossman Josh, I don’t think I’ve ever had a singles match with X-Calibur. It’s little goals like that I’m going after now.

HF: Well before we end this any last words you would like to say?

Kidd: Thanks, for the interview, and don't forget to buy the shirt