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The Handler's File : Brandon
« on: May 07, 2008, 09:33:30 PM »
HF: Sup people, that’s right...once again I have returned with a fresh new Handler's File. And I have a special guest and a man that has become pretty one of the main pillars in SHOOT Project. Sir, do you mind introducing yourself and who you RP as and have RPed as?

Brandon: Yeah, hi.  I'm Brandon.  I'm the handler of Donovan King, as well as the handler for Obsidian, Deviant/Danny Evers, and SHOOT Hall of Famer OutKast.  I also help Josh run this place and, I think I was the first guest on the first rendition of SHOOT's Handler Files.

HF: That you were...and you also did me the honor of interviewing me for my HF interview.

Brandon: That was really cool to do.  I can see why you do this stuff.
HF: Yeah...Now, I really glad that you agreed to do this because I wanted to ask some very good questions and since the Boss man never wants to do one of these you are the best next option.

Brandon: You people and your inability to see me as the "other" boss.  God.  Alright.  Fire away.

HF: Ok, Boss number 2...when SHOOT first closed it's doors, did you foresee it opening back up with the great flux of talent we've seen?

Brandon:...really, do you people not see the complex calling me second banana, number 2, and all that is giving me?  *sighs*  When SHOOT closed, it was because of my and Josh's severe burnout over the way e-fedding had become.  We weren't having fun, and it showed in the work we did.  I always knew that if SHOOT came back, there were certain individuals who would come back.  SHOOT, as a brand name, brings about a great deal of e-fed celebrity, as it were.

HF: Now before SHOOT closed there where a handful of guys seen as being the franchises of SHOOT, the guys that when you ask about SHOOT best rep the company...who are those guys?

Brandon: I guess, like, me and Josh...Dave...Chris and all those guys?  You have those guys that are infinitely loyal to the brand name, who are pretty much not going to work anywhere else like Josh and myself.  You then get those guys who just work the best in SHOOT, like Del Carver/Dave or Chris Lee, and those guys who seem like they have the most fun here like Jeff or Ed or Ozzy.  One thing I can say about SHOOT now is that SHOOT can survive very well without the OutKasts and Real Deals and Del Carvers clogging up the spotlight.

HF: With that being said, who are the guys in the new roster that you feeling are earning their way into that SHOOT Franchise spot?

Brandon: Not to get too old school, but Roland Caldwell's a name that pops up for me.  He's consistently good, and while his title run was sketchy, there's no denying he didn't deserve it.  I have a lot of respect for Jester's tenacity as an RPer, so it'll be interesting to see if he'll ascend to that level or not.  Obviously, while I don't all the time like Jeff's OOC/IC line dancing with the use of insider terms in his RPs, he's still worthy of that title.  Ed, too.  Worrens is sneaking in under the radar after the huge boost being the first champion.  You also have those under the surface guys who are the backbone of this place.  Those guys I'd not like to see anywhere else because it just wouldn't feel right.  Jester's in that place, Ozzy, too.  And yes, Dan, I feel like SHOOT wouldn't be the same without you, too...even if you are working in thirty other places.

HF: It's my ADD

Brandon: Ha ha ha.

HF: Now what do you feel are some of the reason why people tend to flock to SHOOT, even though we've gotten some bad press?

Brandon: Our loyalty to our product, man.  It's both good and bad for us.  I think we're better than anybody else, on any given day.  Our roster blows everybody else away for being a whole, complete roster.  We give and take to provide the best product we can, and we think it is the best and most consistent of any place.  If you stand by us, I promise you we'll stand by you.  If you're with us to make the best product in the fucking internet, and maybe other markets, then we'll die for you.  If you're not, then I guess second place and below is fine for you.

HF: LOL, speaking about product, you've been doing so intense stuff as King. It almost feels like he gives you a chance to cut loose. Can you explain your motivation behind some of the things you do with King and touch on the rape SL that you used earlier on in his SHOOT career?

Brandon: Well, King's origins are in every single stereotype I see in the city I live in.  Southern, hard, egotistical niggas who don't have clue one about the world around them and they like it that way.  It's annoying to live with, and it's fun as fuck to write.  I wanted to write a character that was Kast without the history and without the boundaries.  King is the worst parts of me put to page.  I wanted him to have such a terrible past and have that be relatively common knowledge, but have him still be somebody you can hate.  The things that have happened to him didn't shape him to be humble and cold, they did the opposite.  I haven't seen anybody do it like that before.  Now...

Brandon:...the rape SL, wherein King raped his sleeping adopted cousin was a way to show how depraved he was and how skewed his thinking was.  He saw something he wanted, it didn't want him back, so he took it.  He's not a noble guy right now in his life by no means.  It's something he'll have to accept the consequences of sooner or later.

HF: Now for those who don't know by now, B is white handling the Black King. Which is something I wanted to touch on, because if people didn't know better they would think you may have been Black. Do you sometimes worry about the things you put down through King, seeing as you are not Black. You using the N word...working the stereotypes and things of that nature?

Brandon: No, I really don't.  You're black, Chris is black, I'm cautious to really stress that King is a stereotype, but he's also very obviously not my own views on black people, nor is he a very good representation of black people.  My wife is black, and I talk to her about King frequently, so a lot of ways she is my technical advisor on him.  I've lived my entire life around black people, both good and bad.  Even my most famous character, OutKast, is half black.  I never really walk around saying the stupid shit King says or doing the stupid shit King does.  I guess I ought ta ask you, as a black man yourself, how you feel about him.

HF: To me he is almost like a walking Rap Video. But hey we can hit that on a later date. Now besides handling King and OutKast, you handle Danny Evers. Tell us a little about him.

Brandon: Well, I'll tell you that if you took Donovan King and Danny Evers and put them together, you get OutKast.  I'm not too creative, I know.  King and Evers share the same birthday, et cetera.  Danny, I created him in SWA many years ago and he was boring.  He still suffers from that today.  He's a part of me I'd love to get out there, but I won't lie, when Dave slaughtered him in feedback once I've been completely reticent about bringing him back.  I seriously can tell you I have more love for Danny than I do any of my other characters, with the possible exception of OutKast.

HF: And why is that?

Brandon: There's just a serious soft spot for him.  I can't explain it.  Ask Josh, I sit there and, weekly, ask him for ideas to bring Danny back.  With King taking off the way he is, it's hard to bring Danny back.  I wanted him as King's tag partner, but that fell through and Obsidian took his place.  I can only hope people dig the little thing I did as Danny and I can find the motivation to tell more of his story.

HF: Personally I would love to see Catch/Evers. But that’s just me. Why don't you tell us about this current program that you are working with Cade Sydal?

Brandon: Well, thank you.  Cade and I, I think, bring out the best in one another.  He's a great match writer for technical masterpieces, and I tell drama like nobody's business.  The inside scoop, though, is funny to me.  Cade had set up this program where he had cocaine stashed in his locker room.  Originally, it was supposed to be somebody else, but they backed out, citing the reason that they felt their character wouldn't do that.  Cade was frazzled and unsure what to do, so I told him that I'd do it.  What followed we just kinda fell into.  King's motivations, the attacks on Cade, the fact that it's gone six months or more...that kinda all just...happened.  I won't lie, we didn't plan any of this beyond one or two lines of conversation almost eight months ago.

HF: You guys have been able to mix in other people into this feud but still were able to keep the main focus on Cade and King. But than again anyone who has saw Kast/Cade in OPW and SHOOT knows that you two mix perfectly. But after it is all said and done...with such a great feud, where do you go next?

Brandon: A face turn.  LOL.  Nah, probably not.  I'm not too sure, honestly.  I don't know if I go for somebody higher on the ladder or give some of my heat to a new guy or not.  I do know I need a break from the intense after this.  I have no real idea about whether or not to contend for any belts, because despite the heat around King, I don't even know if anybody's noticed he only held the Revolution title for about a month and a half or two months and that's been it for the whole time SHOOT's been open.  Really, the sky's the limit.

HF: I personally think that with King, his heat could boost some of the belts that are lacking in any good action around them.

Brandon: And what belts do you think he'd do great to involve himself with?

HF: The LoS Champion is one that I think King could really get into. Think about it, it the guy who spits on the rules having to work within the rules of the title...with the advantage being that the rules of the belt may work in his fav.

Brandon:  had given that some thought.  But, I mean, Josh is kicking a lot of ass as World Champion, I don't wanna be hogging any title divisions up for myself right now.  I'm living vicariously through this new creative renaissance he's experiencing.

HF: ok, since you don't feel like hogging up any titles, are there any guys who you would like to work with?

Brandon: That's hard for me.  See, a lot of the guys I fucking wanna work with are heels with me.  King/Roland, King/Jonny, King/Az, King/Kenji...those are the guys I wanna work with now.  Roland because he's so different from what I'm used to.  Jeff because I'd like to really sit down and work something with him.  Az, though, is because even with all the silly shit from the past, I respect the fuck out of Ben and his writing skills and I find that it's really fun to work with guys I've had problems with in the past.  One of my favorite feuds I worked was Kast/Carver when Dave came back to SHOOT.  Kenji because he's cool, simple as.  But, on the face side of things...

Brandon:...honestly, Eli Storm/you is high on my list.  The work you did against me a few weeks ago was damn good, and I'd like to test those limits and really get you out there against me full on.  Chris fucking Davis no question, and Josh/Corazon.  I mean, those kinda have to happen.

HF: Now one thing I've always loved about SHOOT is the fact that second chances can be given to those who deserve them. But you guys have been smart enough to check with your roster first where other may not really listen to their workers. Why is that?

Brandon: We get the celebrities, let's call them that, every so often.  Those super power talents.  Ben.  Ed.  Jeff.  Dave.  Guys like that.  They're not without their animosity with people in the past.  Those people can sometimes be on the roster.  The fact is,

Brandon: we already know that the fact that they even applied to the company says they wanna play the game amongst their peers and wanna move past the bullshit, but we gotta clear it with our roster.  I absolutely will not let bullshit fuck up my fun here.  If somebody came along and people didn't want them here, it's not gonna fucking happen.  If they won't talk it out, it simply will not happen.  If I have problems with somebody, it's not gonna happen.  We are here to be the best company in the fucking world.  I can promise you we have the least amount of drama than most other companies.  We wanna be a complete fed, man, and we're not gonna fuck around and let a shitload of superstars in if they can't augment what SHOOT is.  Because of that, I have no problems if any super power talent comes along in the future that people have an issue with and showing them the fucking door before they even walk through it.

HF: Are there people that no matter their past, you would love to see in SHOOT?

Brandon: Like, erase all the drama, and all the things people may be annoyed with them about, and pretend that I was just their fan?

HF: yes

Brandon: Uh...hmmm.  Jaime Alejandro.  Possibly The Intruder.  Ichiro Seppuku.  I mean, it's kind of hard.  I really don't sit here and think to myself about how badly I want some other guy to be here.

HF: Alright, I want you to put on your booker hat...SUCKA!!!!! And book the card that best represents SHOOT Project.

Brandon: Well, fuck.  Okay.

The Real Deal versus OutKast
Hardcore Style versus The Beautiful People
Vincent Mallows versus Jun Kenshin
Eddie E versus The Willenium
D & C versus The Bayani Brothers
Ichiro Seppuku versus Trevor Worrens
Dave Marz versus Azraith DeMitri

Brandon: That took me for-fucking-ever.

HF: That’s a very kick ass card

Brandon: With a possible Highlight Reel starring Cronos' Ghost.

HF: That would be interesting

Brandon: I have to say that the current crop doesn't need to feel down on themselves for their lack of inclusion.  It's just a matter of history..and SHOOT's got about 7 years or more worth.

HF: And a wild history it is. Now with SHOOT the "Other" boss is the current world champion. What do you have to say to people who may feel that isn't a good thing?

Brandon: In fed or outside of it?

HF: both

Brandon: Outside of the fed, seriously.  Come the fuck on.  How many e-feds have had a staff member holding a title?  Didn't LEGACY run Belote's tag team as tag champs for almost a year?  Didn't NAFW run Keith Owens as its champion?  If you're sitting there bitching about SHOOT's owner holding the World title, what the fuck is your deal?  He's got it because he earned it.  Plain and simple.  I'll defend the decision Jeff Hansen made 'til the day I'm done with this game we play.  He made the right call.  Josh is here, busting his fucking ass for people to be entertained not only by keeping this company looking better than anywhere else, but by creating a multi-faceted fucking bonafide bad ass character as well.  Besides, not like you've got the balls to come in here and take it from dude, are you?

Brandon: Now.

Brandon: As for in-fed?

Brandon: Shut the fuck up and take it from him.  Prove yourself better.  'Til then....stfukthxbye.

HF: Passionate words...let us move on to something a little more serious. Do you feel the world of E-Wrestling is slowly dying?

Brandon: I hadn't actually paid attention.  I think it will die off sooner or later, sure.  We just do what we do here in SHOOT.  If the world of e-wrestling is slowly dying, then it's been a great and fun run.  What do you think?

HF: I think we've gone past the peak and are slowly fading, with only the best feds still around. I think any fed that is still going on strong lets you know how good a fed is and how close the members are.

Brandon: It is unfortunate that it's hard to find people willing to branch out.  It's territorial, sure.  So many feds out there pretending they're on TV channels and are big super global feds...but in reality only 30 guys go to the websites.  Let's face facts there.  There's a shitload of teenagers and growing adults who just sit there and won't bother trying to meet new people and make waves somewhere else.  I mean, even we're like that here.  Donovan King got his start in MWA, a fed I wanted to expand in, but it had a schedule and RP turnout that was unappealing to me...and that might be a big turnoff for overall e-fed expansion.

HF: How does having someone like Cade Sydal benefit SHOOT?

Brandon: You mean like a guy that's been a professional wrestler himself?

HF: Yes

Brandon: Cade provides a valuable insight to how a match can be spaced out.  He's got a great mind for pacing and psychology.  His RP length drives me fucking nuts, though.

HF: As a fellow RPer that has face Cade a few times, his RP length throws me off a bit, but the guy knows how to make it work for him though.

Brandon: I'd really like to see him evolve to that next level as an RPer.  I think his work with the Flying Avengers is very telling for how good he can be.  Imagine the intensity of Cade mixed with the volume of the Flying Avengers.  He really is the next World Champ then.

HF: Speaking about next level...let’s talk about another guy that has been said to have that potential, Oz Kilminister.

Brandon: Ozzy's got it all, man.  I think he's just like the new Jun Kenshin.  Just missing the mark for whatever reason.  Is he a future World Champ?  Fuck yeah.  A future Hall of Famer?  I fucking hope so.  It took Kenshin a long ass time to get his aim right, and I hope Ozzy does get it going for himself.  A problem I encountered with him was that he's not completely down for angles, strictly competition for the most part.  I'm sure he's grown past that, it's been years.

HF: Speaking of did it feel to see him hit the mark and finally become World Champion?

Brandon: I loved it.  I think he was our best World Champion in terms of pure fire.  He should have gone on longer, in my opinion.  Even so, if he's retired now, he did a phenomenal job.  Awesome guy.

HF: What is your view on the state of Tag Team Wrestling in E-Fedding?

Brandon: Can't speak on the rest of the world of e-fedding, my friend.  I can only tell you that Cade is taking the tag division here places.  Long Island Hardcore is a fantastic cornerstone and I can't wait for more teams to debut in the future.  It's always very hard to get a tag division going, but I think we can get it going here.

HF: How important is feedback to the RPers but to the show itself?

Brandon: It's important to make people understand the ways to improve their work.  I know I love to read people's opinions.  The fact is, feedback is very much in correlation to the excitement people feel towards the work they do.  I know I love to work harder when people love the shit I do.  When it doesn't happen, it's always going to cause some irritation and some tension.  People hinge on feedback in a lot of ways.

HF: How important is it for people to be willing to work with each other?

Brandon: SHOOT is not a company where the boss or bosses put people where he wants them and tries to treat it like one big wrestling sim.  This is a place for people to be creatively challenged on all aspects of e-fedding.  We live off of cooperation.  If we didn't have that and we added in all those guys that offer drama and only work with their pals, then that's gonna stink after a while, right?

HF: true

HF: What do you see for the future of SHOOT Project?

Brandon: Continued success.  Even at our lowest, we consistently provide the most entertaining product in e-fedding.  We don't do overblown ass segments.  We don't do weak ass recaps.  We bring it to you unedited and real.  We are fucking passionate about what we do and as long as we have that passion?  We continue to succeed.

HF: Well, that pretty much covers everything on my there anything else you would like to say?

Brandon: Nah, man.  You weren't lying when you said you were coming at me in depth.  This was definitely a different Handler File than I'm used to.

HF: I told you this season of HF is gonna be a lot different. I want people not just to understand the mind of the handler but his views as well.

Brandon: Well, thanks for this.  I hope you come at everybody else this way, too.

HF: I will...did you enjoy and feel you had the chance to get things off your chest

Brandon: I really did.  This was awesome.

HF: I'm glad you liked. Well I would like to thank B, for taking time out to answer some questions and I would like to thank you the reader for taking time out and reading. From us here at HF, see you next time and remember….When it is all said and done, this is a game so have fun!!!

"Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, and you know the thing about chaos? It's fair."