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Author Topic: ****The 2011 SHOOT PROJECT YEAR END AWARDS ANNOUNCEMENT****  (Read 239 times)


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The SHOOT Project 2010 Year End Awards Announcement

It's that time of year again!

Welcome back, SHOOT Project, TO THE 2011 YEAR END AWARDS!!

Like the last time I did this, I'm going to leave this ALL in the hands of you fans!  For ONE WEEK, I'll have this up to allow everyone to look over the awards...and then you'll need to PM me (B), with no less than THREE and no more than FIVE nominees for each of these awards.  After that, I'll announce the nominees and give you guys ONE MORE WEEK to make your final votes and tally it all up to determine the winners!

Also, if you have ANY special award you want to go to a specific person or event or thing, don't hesitate to add that to your PM!  Remember the Kilgore Awards?  Before your time?  That's okay.  I can't shake them outta my head for the life of me.  That's right.  I'm reusing jokes because they make me giggle.

And here are your awards!

Wrestler of the Year
-With a huge amount of Soldiers to choose from, this award runs the gamut.  Who was the MVP of 2011?  Who deserves to be held head and shoulders above the rest and say, without question, that that character shaped the very structure of SHOOT Project in 2011?  Every single Soldier in SHOOT this year is nominated for this award.  From the losers to the winners, the Hall of Famers to the unknowns...everyone is eligible for this one.  This award goes to the perennial performer, the best of the best, and is certainly someone who can and should be proud to achieve this.

Tag Team of the Year
-2011 saw a year for tag teams that was better than most.  With that in mind, we've had several teams come, several teams go, and some great feuds come from this division this year.  This is for the one handler teams, the two handler teams, any long time teams, and any one time teams!  As usual, I don't want to leave out the best performers who decided to work together, even if it IS such a small amount.  Show your love for your teams, SHOOT Project!

Match of the Year
-We've had a full year to get our heads wrapped around the matches we've loved this year.  With that in mind, what matches stood out to you?  Be sure to list the match AND the show it happened on, because if either of those are not included, I'm going to have to figure it out myself and that pretty much means I'll hate you for the rest of your days.  Throughout the year, there have been several epic bouts and some very interesting ones as well.  I won't pinpoint any here, that's your job.  Find the matches you believe are worthy of this award, and if you're thinking hard enough...you probably won't have to go to the archives, either.  Those matches ought to stick in your brain.

Champion of the Year
-Just like last year, every single person to have held one title is nominated, but if you've held more than one title, you would be nominated twice.  What that means is...if you've held two DIFFERENT titles, you'd be nominated twice.  If you held one title multiple times, it all counts as one nomination.  That shouldn't be too hard, the nominees aren't a very long list.  In case I've missed one, let me know.  And they are:
Azraith DeMitri - World Heavyweight Champion
Cade Sydal - World Heavyweight Champion
X-Calibur - World Heavyweight Champion
The Bad Ass Brotherhood - World Tag Team Champions
Jaime Alejandro - Iron Fist Champion
Isaac Entragian - Iron Fist Champion
Diamond Del Carver - Iron Fist Champion
Alex Brooks - Rule of Surrender Champion
Cronos Diamante - Rule of Surrender Champion
Mason Pierce - Rule of Surrender Champion
Jester Smiles - Sin City Champion
Tanya Black - Sin City Champion
Laura Seton - Sin City Champion
Maya Nakashima - Sin City Champion
Jean-Gerard Baptiste - Sin City Champion
Lunatikk Crippler - Sin City Champion

Newcomer of the Year
-This award goes to a character who has had AT LEAST ONE televised SHOOT Project match in the 2011 calendar year.  This is NOT a Rookie of the Year award, as some of you have had many years of experience in e-fedding and, as such, don't need to be called rookies.  You are, however, newcomers to SHOOT Project and are therefore nominated.  PLEASE help me bring this list down to AT LEAST five.  I was a little bit more discretionary this year, and I'm not 100% on this list.  I'm 99.999999999%.  If you have any others I missed, let me know.  It's a stacked list and I've made the adjustment that this year...TEAMS CAN BE NOMINATED TOGETHER.  I might have excluded someone who made their debut this year and they need to let me know so I can add them post-haste.  That said...the choices from which you must help decide the nominees are:
The Gunslingers: Stan Erichson & Jacob Fisher
Isaac Entragian
Tanya Black
Crazy Boy
Laura Seton
Jacob Mephisto
Jack Reed
Danny Corsair
Jean-Gerard Baptiste
Ray Valjean
Damage Control: Clubber & Stomper
El Asso Wipo
The Executioner
Johnny Napalm
Bucky Skylar
Mason Pierce

Villain of the Year
-The baddest of the bad.  The meanest of the mean.  Those bad guys you love to hate, those guys (and girls) that make your skin crawl and you shudder with anger when they get to your favorite competitors.  This is an award dedicated to the most vile individual in the company who has gotten your goat enough to warrant being awarded for it.  Several great heels this year, so think long and hard on this one!

Hero of the Year
-For every villain, there needs to be a hero.  These heroes have made you leap and cheer.  They've made you laugh, smile, and cheer for them to take the baddies down.  You've watched them from the bottom to the top, and this is where you can award that special individual who you want to be given this special award as the best hero this company has seen for the year 2010.

Feud of the Year
-When heroes and villains get together, they generally tend to fight.  When this happens frequently enough, you're given one hell of a saga.  Good and evil duke it out over and over again, going personal and going bitter.  These rivalries have shaped SHOOT Project more than almost anything else.  What feud have you found to be the one you've been the most enthralled by?  Was it a one on one affair?  A tag team war?  Maybe even a full on faction on faction assault?

Mark Out Moment of the Year
-They are the moments that have driven you to crying, to shouting, to bringing out the inner child in you.  They can be anything from somebody winning that elusive victory, a bad guy getting what's coming to them, a good guy being shown up, whatever has given you excitement here in SHOOT, this is the award for that moment.

The Mason Bishop Lifetime Achievement Sadface Award
-This year, Mason was so close to being on the roster long enough to make this perennial sadface award his own, but he fell through.  With that in mind, however, make this one count, folks, because THIS WILL BE THE LAST DISAPPOINTMENT AWARD.  Oh noes, right?  The fact is, I like talking about happy things on these year end specials, and I decided it was time to give this frownie a rest.  SO MAKE YOUR VOTES COUNT.