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Bullet Points (The Introduction)
« on: August 15, 2012, 01:33:38 PM »
Hello, dear readers, it is I, Allistar Sugarplum, noted wrestling historian, and lifelong fan of the sport of professional wrestling!

Please allow me to give you a brief accounting of who I am, and what I am to be for the loyal followers of the SHOOT Project. I grew up in the rural Midwest, and was hooked on professional wrestling at a very young age. My father would take me to any wrestling show that would blow through our town, and I could not get enough!

I went through high school, still a die-hard fan, with dreams of making it in this very tough business. However, as many men have found themselves, I lacked nearly any traces of athletic ability, so I took to a craft I knew all too well, and found myself to be quite good at: writing.

Upon my graduation from high school, I attended college at the University of Notre Dame, though I can't say that I was able to stay there too long, as wrestling still held a calling for me, and it was a calling I could no longer ignore! After completing my second year, I left school, much to the dismay of my parents, and began to follow professional wrestling as if it were my job!

I found myself in New York City, following the famed New York State Wrestling Federation, under the ownership of one Corey Collins. I began to involve myself further, starting a blog, in full dedication of the NYSWF Superstars that would give it their all for our entertainment. I began to critique the shows, from the weekly installments of Sunday Night Heat, to Up All Night, down to the Pay Per View extravaganzas such as the Big Japan Classic. It was not too long that my writing began to catch the eye of several superstars, and the office itself. I was offered a job to write weekly diatribes for the NYSWF website, and offer blow-by-blow results for the masses who were unable to witness these events live. It was a job that I readily accepted, and I found myself living my dream, working in the professional wrestling industry!

I made friends with many of the stars almost at once. Ray Willmott was always there, to complement me on my work (especially when it showed him in a particularly good light!), and men like Lunatikk Crippler and Grady Smith always had suggestions where to go from there!

With the closing of the NYSWF in the early 2000's, I found myself needing, wanting to remain in the business of profession wrestling, but it was not an easy task. There were so few federations that had the talent supply, that had the dedication and the will to succeed and entertain that New York had.

Enter Jason Johnson, and the SHOOT Project.

Here I am, some ten years later, and I still love the art of wrestling as if I were a six year old kid again, but my, has the business changed! Gone are the Grady Smiths and Jack Danielses of the past. Today, the fans worship men such as Donovan King, Jonas Coleman, and Mason Pierce. They love to hate such larger than life individuals like Isaac Entragian, Adrian Corazon, and Cade Sydal.

The up and comers, such as Tanya Black and Corey Lazarus, well, they are chipping away at the glass ceiling, eagerly anticipating their chance to grab the brass ring.

I have taken some time to consider which avenue I would like to journey down, for you, the faithful fans of the SHOOT Project.

I could provide you with my personal analysis of the SHOOT Project show of the day, such as the blockbuster event that was RISE. But many of you will probably not be wanting the same thing I have done in the past. Many of you would like more.

I could enter the realm of dreams, the realm of fantasy, and provide analysis as to which Soldier of the current age would match up best against a Soldier of the past. Who doesn't wonder what would happen if a legend such as The Real Deal were to step into the ring against Lunatikk Crippler?

There are many points I could make for many different columns I could write, but then it hit me:

Why not all of them?

Yes, loyal fans of SHOOT, I will provide you with everything that I can, and I'll do it with a smile on my face! So you will get a mixture of different topics, all compiled into what I will call Bullet Points.

Thus, now you know who I am, to a degree. Now, let me hear from you.

RISE has come and gone, and many men have found themselves either climbing the ranks in the SHOOT Project, or finding themselves slipping down the ladder a rung or two. What do you think? Who were the top stars of the night? Who were the men falling from grace?

When we next meet, I will voice my opinion, and make the first ever Bullet List as to whom I think are now at the top of the ladder, if you will. Call it an unofficial rankings, call it a man's opinion. Whatever you will, but I would like you to make your voices heard!

Send me a message, whether through this site, or via email, and tell me what you think: your top five on top of the mountain, and your bottom five whom have fallen, and I shall include that in my list as well!

Until next time, SHOOT Project faithful! I am Allistar Sugarplum, and I bid you a good day!