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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #25 on: July 10, 2013, 08:59:55 PM »

*runs away crying*

Shh. Don't you dare weep, sweet prince. I got just what you need...;]


Entragian vs. Corazon:
This sprawling Corazon/Entragian feud has been so much fun for me, I feel like new ideas are always popping up because we have all the minds of SCAR working to make this great…Josh, Drew, B…they’ve all contributed some wicked ideas to this storyline, and I’m so happy with how it has turned out so far and feel privileged to be working alongside writers of this caliber.

I had some internet issues at the start of the cycle but luckily I was able to get this resolved and was able to write this match. Hopefully people enjoyed it. I tried to make the post-match segment as pivotal to SHOOT Project as possible.

I wanted Entragian’s fall to be a BIG thing with cataclysmic implications sent through SHOOT with Corazon vanquishing a big bad like Isaac, because everything I write I try to make relevant/connected to the overall SHOOT Project story that all of our writers contribute to with their respective character stuff.

Entragian had a great run and I couldn’t think of a better character to put him down than Adrian Corazon, and I’m thankful that Isaac got to face off with some characters I’ve always wanted him to face leading up to the end, guys like King and Loco…one hell of a ride, for sure!

Sydal segment:
Cade back on the active roster??? Yayyyyy! I’ve missed the hell out of the Sydal character, and seeing him team with Chance to combat the newly villainous BAB should be pretty damn awesome. I’ve not seen much of Cade’s face stuff so this will be a new experience for me too.

Trey vs. Orion:
I had a feeling Malice would be the Orion member to step up here, and I’m really glad he did. Pierce on commentary was a really nice touch too. Malice reminds me of early Kane as a throwback to the silent machine built simply to destroy, and of course I’m gonna be into that. :p Trey put up a valiant effort, but Malice puts him down through that table in a particularly brutal ending. I was curious about Malice’s Chainbreaker finisher so I went to YouTube to check it out…and holy FUCK…that is one nasty move. Perfect finisher for a mountainous powerhouse like Malice. I used to have Isaac do a similar back breaker finisher years and years ago in LEGACY called Spinal Doom or something like that, so I can appreciate a really visually impressive back breaking finisher.

Anarchy vs. SCAR:
I remember Tim mentioning to me that he was planning to have the aftermath of Corazon/Isaac tie heavily into this match when he wrote it, and see that he did a phenomenal job of that here. I’m such a sucker for consistent continuity, makes everything in SHOOT Project feel so organic and connected. I really enjoyed the SCAR attack and Loco involvement to end things out, and it’s clear that there are major unresolved issues here.

From what I understand Kenji/Flay & Anarchy is just getting started as a tag team feud and I’m STOKED about that, can’t wait to see what happens next.

Mirage & Valentine:
This storyline is like a delicious slow burn steak that is just sizzling and sizzling, you can smell it getting tastier and tastier with each show and you just KNOW the payoff is gonna be fucking stellar. What I really appreciate about this? It’s not being rushed. Sam & Har are taking their time in telling this story, letting the suspense build and giving us a piece at a time…and I can definitely appreciate that. If the storyline would have just been over in a week with Valentine successfully bringing out 3M…I would have felt cheated and it would have been way less impactful.

It’s the WAIT that makes it so engrossing, you really get the idea that the concept of 3M is a HUGE thing for Mirage, something he’s not willing to let himself sink back into without careful consideration…and it just makes the whole thing more foreboding for me. What happens if Mirage succumbs and DOES become 3M again? If that moment does happen…it’s going to be scary. It’s gonna be BIG…because the build that has lead up to it has been so precise and well-timed. I love seeing Valentine just goad and goad Mirage, trying to rip down into that primal side of him and bring 3M up to the surface….and Mirage trying his best to not be eroded by Valentine’s words and not let that darkness become a part of his life again.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite storylines in SHOOT and I’ll be following it closely from here.

Sammy vs. Mephisto:
Clash of the Sin City Titans! :p This was a huge rematch that everyone was looking forward to, and this time it was one vs. one. Sammy and Jacob both bulldozed through the SCCS ranks and it got them to this match…and they delivered on the big stage. It felt hard-hitting and close to a slobberknocker level, all of Sammy’s matches give me that vibe…and I think it made the match flow really well with Jacob trying to approach the fight from his usual technical standpoint. I was fucking SHOCKED to see Sammy tap! I don’t think he’s EVER tapped…I might be wrong, but I can’t even remember Sammy tapping anytime since his debut or during his time in The Family either.

Mephisto comes outta this riding so high as the Sin City Champion, definitely on the top of the world in his division right now.

Donnie King segment:
This really sums up King’s entire World Title reign. It has been historic, his work ethic has been impeccable…and he will easily go down as one of the greatest World Champions to ever win the title in SHOOT Project. I like how he’s just blunt about his stance…no hype video, no interview…just a simple statement to Stein. Want the throne? Gotta wrestle the crown off the head of the King.

Stein vs. King- World Title:
Main event for the ages, right here. It had that same action-packed level of intensity that B puts into play when he writes those big ass Redemption Rumbles. It was definitely a war…King managing to kick out of a top rope Twitterbation was fucking WILD, such a neat spot. And Stein is on that exact same do or die level, kicking out the Dealbreaker!

The big moment comes when Stein wiggles his way out of the Carolina Crossface and rolls up King…and we have a NEW World Champion. Such a monumental moment in Dan Stein’s career to cleanly beat a fuckin’ amazing World Champ like King…it literally cements Stein’s place at the top of the mountain and forcibly clamps shut the jaws of all the SHOOT faithful haters. Stein’s obsession lead him to World Title gold…and I’m really interested to see how he decides to kick start his reign! We already know he’ll be having that big match with Trey, so that’ll be fun.

Comment(s) Of The Night:

Corazon: You are my responsibility. I brought you into SHOOT Project, Isaac Entragian.

Corazon: And now I’m taking you out of SHOOT Project...

Valentine: You don’t get a happy ending. *He pauses looking around the crowd.* None of us do...all my hard work, all my training...for nothing! Do you know how that feels Marcus? *He feigns for a response but cuts Mirage off when he is about to answer.* Of course you do, I mean look at you. I was supposed to be here tonight as your Master of the Mat; but instead I am left with NOTHING! Shuffled to the back of the deck...

Valentine: Where is my pomp and fanfare? Where was my praise from those two peice of shit *He points at the announce booth.* when last night ended? It was gone, TAKEN FROM ME! Which is why I am going to take your moment from you RIGHT NOW!

Donovan King:  Good luck out there, lil’ homie.  I hope you’ve got a flawless game plan.  Because if you ain’t figured it out by now?

If you comin’ for the Throne…

…you gotta take the Crown…from the King.

Match of the Night:
World Title match: King vs Stein

Spot of the Night:
Sammy Rochester taps out?!?! crazy.

Segment of the Night:
Valentine & Mirage (keep up the good work!)

Biggest Face:
Tie: Donovan King & Adrian Corazon

Biggest Heel:
Dan Stein


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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #26 on: July 11, 2013, 03:01:28 PM »
Feedback for Day Uno:

Opening video was bad ass.  I had no idea what this song was, but for these videos it always, for me at least, is important to match up lyrics with what is going on in the "video" portion.  Really good stuff here and then I youtubed the song and this fits great for a PPV opening video.

Jonny Announcement = joygasm.  I was hoping SHOOT would win and "pull the Defiler back in". 

That ROS match... just... wow.   This match easily took me by surprise by how hotly contested it was on the boards.  I legit thought 4 or 5 of you had a chance to win.  Tim did an excellent job with a daunting task from a match writing standpoint.  Napalm and Maya stood out early.   Black and Solomon held it down for a great finish.  Love that immediately you have ladies and gentlemen who can vie for the belt.  Awesome to have it back.

A lot of fun working on the segment with Greg.  A lot of history between the two characters and their friendship leading up to Stein's recent run to "retirement".

I love all things BAB and FA.  Love the feud.  Love tag team feuds outside of the title picture.  Throw in Buck and Chuck's penchant for comedic, or evil dickbaggery... depending on their mood, the pairing with SHOOT's returning super heroes collective is great.  Good classic feel to this tag bout.  Rough beat down at the end, but enjoyed seeing Cade make the save.

First I'm appalled by the language Miss Seton used in her prematch segment:

Laura Seton: I wasn't aware an egg-sucking chicken turd had the advanced abilities of a human.

Keep it clean.  Can't believe she tripped Crip.  (that rhymes!) - also not cool.  Set up the match nicely and Crippler kind of teetering on the edge.  Which he goes over at the end of the match.  Winning wasn't enough.  Hurting was.  So the decision gets reversed and it plays in perfectly to Seton's current attitude and mind state.  I wonder how unhinged LC becomes over this?

I enjoyed the Ocelot segment.  Looking forward to seeing more.

So Real Deal finally tries to get him some of Jester Smiles!  I hope this means Smiles is close to returning to being a full time competitor.   HOpefully this feud with Real Deal continues and they finish off what they set out to do.  I'd definitely be down for that.

Iron Fist match was well done.  Solid match, but was probably the match I was least hyped for.  Agree with Greg that the finish was super creative and fun.

Main Event was....  wait for it....   [Michael Cole] VINTAGE JEFF!!!![/Cole]

It was epic and dramatic.  I was very into the ebb and flow.  Each competitor throwing everything and the kitchen sink at one another.  It was a very good read and a roller coaster ride.    Big ups to Sam, this was a blast to RP for and the reason I got so into the match was I had no idea what was going to happen next.  I told Jeff I thought it was over a couple times before the finish. 

also in response:

A win here is, scary enough, Loco’s BIGGEST win in SHOOT Project, ever. This kind of solidifies Loco as a SHOOT Project name, not a TTW or a Legacy name in SHOOT Project, at least for me.

Winning the Master of the Mat is a tremendous achievement, maybe even more so than the Redemption rumble because you have to bring it for four show periods to win, rather than just have one really solid PPV period. The accomplishment that comes with winning the MotM shouldn’t be lost on anyone. Congratulations, Scott. This is HUGE and I hope you feel as proud of this as you could anything else in the world.

And I can’t wait to beat you.

Over all, this was a great PPV night. I like that it was really just put up or shut up night with very few segments to cause breaks in the action, but the segments that were there were important to the stories. I think this could’ve been a PPV on its own and that’s awesome to think about.

To the newbies; do you think SHOOT Project “stars” rely too much on their pasts or do they do a good enough job of establishing themselves for you to BELIEVE that they deserve to be respected as stars, though you came in after they’ve already established themselves as stars?

My 2 cents:   First, thanks for the kind words.  That was my goal no matter how far Loco made it in the tourney.   Since I brought him back and moving forward.  He won't ignore his past successes, just like he wasn't ignoring his lack of success or longevity inside SHOOT (This may be the longest consecutive time Loco has been in SHOOT).  Even going back to his slow, inevitable pull to returning... there was that "itch".  That nagging thing in Loco where despite where else he had been successful, SHOOT wasn't one of those places.  So I'm hoping that journey was enjoyable, and like you asked the newbies, hopefully I did a good enough job with establishing that. 

Master of the Mat Day 1 was  very enjoyable.  Good matches.  A few solid segments, but the focus was on the fighting, which is great.   Love seeing all the submission type victories on Master of the Mat (including over on Day 2). 


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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #27 on: July 12, 2013, 08:47:34 AM »
Ok, onto day two...

My previous comment left off that this show was good but not great.  After day 2, change that to this show was fucking amazing.

We kick it off with a quick discussion with Masters and OG talking about the upcoming events.  Short but effective preview for what's to come.

Promo video for Adrian Corazon leading into the Grudge Match of the century.  I'd like to stop a second here and simply say while Issac has always been one of my favorite characters, I've never really gotten a chance to speak on Corazon.  And I'd just like to say ... amazing.  I loved the entrance with the signage that read, "Corazon delivers hope the hard way."  I absolutely love that.  This match dripped with hatred, and was an effective ending to an amazing, and brutal display.  While this one stretched the limits of wrestling, I loved the visual it presented and thus I'm giving it a pass on the over the top violence.  There are few times I mark out these days about a grand finale, and for an opening match on Day 2, this will be the match people remember.

Backstage we go to Cassi Ryan overselling the one and only Cade Sydal.  Cade delivers a message and it's pretty clear.  Whenever he runs into the BAB, he's going to demolish them...in some seriously graphical ways. :)

The Orion Championship.  Trey Willett vs Orion.  Now, while I love this concept of the Orion title, I have to ask if they're allowed to introduce titles and rules, can everyone else do the same?  I'd prefer it if the entire federation wasn't covered in title belts. ;)  I love the unity Orion shows while coming out, and they even take the time to speak on their missing member, Valentine...a concept that is often lost on "stables", which are nothing more than a collection of individuals that never really help each other aside from big moments, or forget other members even exist.  I love that they're keeping the stable alive in this regard.  Solid match, as always, with the overwhelmed Willett taking the loss and Orion reigning supreme.  I love how they take over the announcers booth, too.

World Tag Team Championships.  We move right back into action, wow...getting hard to catch your breath with this show so far!  Solid match with just enough of what you'd expect from Anarchy -- some shenanigans mixed in.  Project Scar lose and Anarchy take the win.  This show is unfolding like Billy Madison, only this time Project Scar are the O'Doyles and their bus just drove over a banana peel.

Mirage/Valentine segment.  I gave a few thoughts on what we were trying to accomplish with this in a previous feedback post.  It's been a slow burn...I hope you all give us a chance to tell a story now!

Mephisto vs Rochester for the Sin City Title.  What a long strange trip it's been for Mephisto.  I'm not sure if Tim wrote this, but with the furious ref counts/near falls I'm going to guess he did!  Good news is, it worked well for this match, being it's a PPV...I loved the action.  Jester gets involved and we have a ref bump, and I loved how Meph just drops out of the way and Jester plasters Rochester, but the reaction was priceless.  YOU KICKED ME!  LOL.  While Rochester is busy with Smiles, Meph takes advantage and locks in the MM, successfully defending, and with an ending that was appropriately sold by the announcers, in that he won it via a surprising submission.  This sells the Mephisto's Method as a serious move you DO NOT want to get locked into.

Backstage with Donovan King with a few final words before the main event.  You've got the power.  All of the lights.  This match is opening up to be nothing but business from two of the best.  It's no secret I'm a huge fan of King...and well, Stein sucks.  ;)  So, going into this, I was POSITIVE King was going to win.  I'm still positive...so I'm betting if I read this again, the ending will be different THIS time.  :(  Anyway, we get a handshake...well, a fake handshake and the match begins, clearly defining Steins attitude going into this one.  This match was written very well, and it sold both competitors as being at the top of their game, I loved the series of well sold near falls, and Dan Stein takes a very surprising win.  I loved how King sold the importance of the title after the match.  Talk about a huge honor King bestowed upon Stein giving him a clean win.

Awesome show.  Awesome finish to an awesome show.

...and the era of Dan Stein begins.


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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #28 on: July 12, 2013, 12:09:20 PM »
Long story short: Orion's Championship is a special case that nobody else has gotten or likely will get again.  Mason Pierce won himself a special title elsewhere due to his being involved on behalf of SHOOT, and he simply took the belt home with him.


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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #29 on: July 17, 2013, 05:21:29 PM »
Master of the Mat
Day Two Results
July 1, 2013 (Kayfabe Date of Production)

Opening video by B Hughes
I can’t remember if I touched upon this with Day One results, but B does awesome videos for the shows. I can only think of Scotty and B as having done them, and each and every time they’re always great, and it sets the tone for the work we put out afterward. Thanks for taking the time to do this, B-rother. Love the choice of music for the PPV itself, too.

Isaac Entragian and Adrian Corazon Hype Video
Video Segment

AWESOME. I don’t know if Jer did this by himself or Josh and Jer worked on it together but this was a very cool recap/hype vid really done in the style of WWE. I love the flashbacks and all the bloody violence that follows these two wherever they seem to meet up, and neither character seemed like they were outclassed so it was a fantastic hype piece. Great work on this.

Opening Match
Isaac Entragian vs. Adrian Corazon
Grudge Match

It’s hard to talk about the body of the match because of how awesome the tail end of it was. I know I said it in chat, but my Grandma even said something about Entragian getting got and even though Corazon was put in the hospital, for Entragian to (assumingly) lose an eye, Corazon got his and then some. I think at this point in the feud, Corazon needed to get the one up on Entragian. Jer has built up Entragian as SHOOT Project’s Heel Undertaker, and even after the Redemption Iron Fist Cage match, Entragian was STILL looked at like the unstoppable force that Undertaker is at times. Even though Corazon was getting to other members of SCAR, he needed this moment to reestablish himself as not only the Fastest Regenerating Man in SHOOT Project, but also as the Baddest Man Alive. The ASP is SHOOT Project’s sledgehammer, it seems, and that’s allllllright.

Everyone coming out and forming a barricade to stop the other members of Project: SCAR was another one of those historic moments in SHOOT Project that I hope gets pushed further in the P:S/Corazon feud, by the way.

This match did a lot to further that feud. You have to believe that Entragian is not down and out and that having impaired vision ala Del Carver isn’t going to stop him. People on the outside might be worried about too much violence or unbelievable violence; I just can’t wait to see what happens next. Great match, great ending. Beautiful start to Day Two, picking up where Day One left off.

Cade Sydal and Cassi Ryan Interview
Backstage Segment

YES. TWO BY FOUR SHOUT OUT. Cade and B have been working on this feud for a long time and I don’t hear a lot of talk about it outside of the feedback threads. This is some great story telling going on in this piece. Now that Cade’s back to kind of even out the sides, I’m very excited for what’s going to come next. This is a full blown Tag Team feud and we don’t have…any other full blown feuds out there. Hopefully ANARCHY can get something going (preferably a ‘serious’ feud). Love Cade, and Cade, too. =3

Singles Match
Trey Willett vs. Malice©
Orion Championship

This match did a lot to continue to push Malice as a monster, and the feud between Trey/Orion. Morgana shouting out stuff at Malice reminded me of a female Paul Heyman – great managerial stuff there. I loved having Pierce and Leona on commentary selling Malice but it seemed like Mason Pierce and Leona never mentioned why Trey Willett is worth Orion’s time and what they hope to accomplish through him. Every heel stable has a motive. The match had great big man/little man dynamics, including stopping a Willecanrana – stuff like that. Glad it got done!

Tag Team Match
Project: SCAR (Kenji Yamada and Flay Rios) vs. ANARCHY©
World Tag Team Championships

Good way to end this match, methinks. Not a lot of hype going into it because the titles needed to be defended but ANARCHY hadn’t really had a chance to develop any strong contenders after the former champs disbanded after we lost the titles two or three shows before this. I think this finish, including the run in to further the selling of Entragian’s beating/maiming, could be the ground work for a P:SCAR/ANARCHY feud and that’s what’s I’m talking about! Drew does great stuff with Kenji/Flay and they would be a great team to contend for the belts. Loco coming out for the mega face pop to make the save was splendid; keeps attention on the new Number One Contender

Marcus Mirage and Valentine Lionheart
In Ring Segment

It’s no secret that the Orion v. Mirage/Cronos feud fizzled when it could’ve sizzled, but Lionheart v. Mirage could be aweeeesome. I’m interested to see a face 3M, if that’s where this is going. If done right, it could be awesome. Lionheart proved himself a force to be reckoned with, and he’s been here for half a year now – he’s no SHOOT Project Spring Chicken. He knows his way around a SHOOT Project ring. I love the call out, and the fact that Lionheart knows 3M even though he wasn’t around for the awesome DK/3M feud.

Singles Match
Sammy Rochester vs. Jacob Mephisto©
Sin City Championship AND Sin City Championship Series Finals

Mephisto is solidifying his reign as the best Sin City Champion in SHOOT Project and I think that role fits the character awesomely. Winning the Sin City Championship Series is no small task (ask Bill, he’ll gladly tell you) and it really feels like Mephisto has done EVERYTHING so well that it’s fleshed out awesomely. Congratulations on the HUGE HUMONGOUS WIN over another SHOOT Project Monster. It really makes Mephisto look like a bad ass, obviously.

The Sammy Rochester/Jester stuff is going to be awesome. I haven’t read the RP Eric posted but I skimmed it and it seemed like Sammy/Jester could be dissolving. If that’s the way that this is going, I understand from a handler standpoint, but I don’t want to see Samchester go, at any cost, in character. In a smarky sense, I get the feeling that Sammy tapping the fuck out is a way of putting over Tim before Sammy gets shelved so that you can concentrate on the main attraction, Eric “Jester” Rohkar, but you know that Sammy is a big draw when you want to write him.

Whatever you choose to do here, it’ll be awesome, Eric.

Donovan King Segment
Backstage Segment

B, through King, really sold the match here. All PPV cycle B had told me that we were using this time to get Stein over as a true main event force, win or lose (ala Trey Willett/Lunatikk Crippler), and this segment was just another beautiful script of doing that.  King was telling the fans that the ONLY way that Stein is going to win is if Stein is the better wrestler tonight, that King WASN’T going to make excuses for it and sold the championship itself through it. The segment stayed true to the character, made you believe in the character and know that King was coming out guns blazing. Fantastic piece.

Main Event
Dan Stein vs. Donovan King©
World Heavyweight Championship

Masters going over Stein’s history in SHOOT Project was something that B and I wanted to flesh out better but never really got a chance to because of Master of the Mat or the Sin City Championship series or just scheduling in general, and for B to touch upon it there was just enough, I hope, to remind people that Stein has seen some shit, but for him to finally be at the top is what it’s all about. The entrances was mostly B’s idea, but I knew I didn’t want to have something TOO elaborate. I wanted this moment, Stein’s first one on one shot, to be a serious moment, hence the RPs I put out. I don’t think I’ve read another story teller on the level of B when it comes to matches. Jeff gets a lot of praise for his CAPS LOCK usage to make the moment stand out, but B uses the announcers to tell the story in a way that stands out and lets you know it was his own production.

There was awesome match flow going on as well, and great visuals. The pin reversals, the blow splattering in Stein’s jaws, the knife edge chops and how King reacted, all of it were just things you could see in a match and it read like I was watching a 5 Star Match. Pop culture references for humor, drama with the near falls and beautifully done finish. When B said that if it came to it, he was fine losing clean, that was the biggest honor of my e-fedding life. Just says that Dan Stein has made it, in the eyes of a friend, a ‘boss’ and an icon in the hobby. I really should’ve held on to this thought the last week or so but going back over this match and realizing (again, mind you) all the hard work that was put in to this match so that either way, Dan Stein looked brilliant…words cannot express my gratitude.

B made my first World Heavyweight Championship win an epic, epic battle. I am so happy with not only a clean win, but a reversal of what B has made the most feared move in SHOOT Project? Ugh, I get misty eyed just thinking about it.

This week I have some stiff, stiff competition from Trey for the WHC but if I manage to hold on to the belt and get lucky enough to be your World Heavyweight Champion for another show period, I hope that you’re as proud to call me your WHC as I am to be your WHC. If not, it’s on me to make you proud. I know that I was B’s opponent (or half of them) for the last six months but B was really, in my eyes, the best WHC I have ever seen in SHOOT Project for a ton of reasons which is why it was so easy to pimp him out whenever I had the chance and to call people like the guys with HOW/Guerilla Radio out on their Owner/Champion hatred. There’s a reason B was the longest reigning WHC: talent, and to say that I was the one that ended that reign…the moment isn’t lost on me.

Dan gave King a nod from the ring after King handed him the belt which was the first sign of respect from Dan in years. If all of this were real, I’d have bought B an entire distillery because of the way that feud was ran and handled and the main event of Master of the Mat was done.

Thank you, B. I can’t say that enough.

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Re: Master of the Mat Feedback
« Reply #30 on: July 17, 2013, 09:13:08 PM »
To the newbies; do you think SHOOT Project “stars” rely too much on their pasts or do they do a good enough job of establishing themselves for you to BELIEVE that they deserve to be respected as stars, though you came in after they’ve already established themselves as stars?

I want to thank everybody for all of their feedback.  I'm glad my segment was enjoyable, and that everything seems to be falling into place.  I will eventually have feedback, but I'd like to answer this question first.

I don't think that the SHOOT superstars rely much on their past, but a past is better than nothing at all.  For the many SHOOT soldiers who produce quality work on the daily - they make me BELIEVE they deserve respect as stars.  It wouldn't take a rocket scientist to stand outside of the SHOOT Project and realize that it's the filter for great, honest writing for the E-Fed world.  You all bust your ass to make it work.  You're all established.  I would never doubt the amount of work people have put into this place.  I'd never downplay who you are, or where you are at.  You're there for a reason.  I give myself the following advice when I stand toe-to-toe with the creature that is the SHOOT Project:  Do work, make that credit, and most of all - be cool.  So, I'd wager to say that I base it around the idea that I'm new, and I'll go with the flow. It is what it is...

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