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Author Topic: Revolution 117 Feedback  (Read 482 times)


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Revolution 117 Feedback
« on: September 03, 2013, 11:20:25 PM »
REVOLUTION 117 is LIVE as SHOOT moves ever closer to ELITE! In the night's Main Event, Jacob Mephist defends his Sin City Championship against 3M after their confrontation two weeks ago. Three Primus participants are in action as Loco Martinez and Lunatikk Crippler, the fan dubbed "Insane Insanity," take on the "reunited" LES BIEN team of Maya Nakashima and Laura Seton. Also in action, Henry Gordon looks to improve his streak to two wins as he faces the returning "Diehard" Dave Marz and, in an unusual match, Tanya Black goes head to head with Orion's own Leona! It's an action pack night as the Soldiers who "Never Say Die" bring you all the SHOOT Project action you can handle... and maybe even a bit more!

Tune in to...

Leave it here peoples!

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Re: Revolution 117 Feedback
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2013, 12:53:59 AM »
The following feedback is brought to you by The Flash, who would like to remind the ladies that just because he's quick on the track, it does not mean he's quick in the sack. The Flash: He always goes the distance!

Revolution 117 Feedback

Introduction: Small nitpick to mention once for the futre. It's two words: "Die Hard" Dave Marz… not "Diehard". Thanks. Otherwise, standard rundown of card, not much to critique. Eryk and OG seem ready so let's go!

Previously Recorded: Insane Insanity

Plinko. Sold. Amusing segment, very well done. I like the camaraderie between Loco and Lunatikk. I laughed, I crossed my fingers. I marked out as a couple of old themes were up for contention...

Insane Insanity vs. LES BIEN REUNION TOUR

Somehow it kinda figured that when the Weird Al song was not mentioned by name, that it would be the winner. Good match. Intros really worked for me, setting up each combatant. It's a nice of good work when even if you haven't paid attention to the week's RPs (which I did), but even if not, the story of the match was clearly explained without feeling tedious.

Backstage Segment: Cronos and Mason

Very interesting. What's in the file, and where and when will settling up take place after ELITE? I look forward to finding out, something good brewing with them, I think.

Dave Marz vs. Henry Gordon

Tim did a very good job with this match, couldn't be happier, especially considering how last minute it was. My only wish is that Rob and I could have gone the full two this past cycle, but that's the way it goes sometimes. My little moment at the end there wasn't great, but hopefully I'll get better.

Backstage Segment: Mephisto and Maya

Hope vs. Malice. Something brewing there? Time will tell.

In Ring Segment: A Clown, A King, A Kong… and a Kast

The match for ELITE is set, complete with no touching clause, which is the logical place to go after the assault that King suffered. Gotta give somebody time to heal for reality's sake.    Written well, always catching my interest when Mr. Kygon shows up.

Previously Recorded: Jonny Johnson

Failed Kenshin chant, Jonny on the mic, talking about heroes. What's not to love? Can't wait to see the ex-Defiler back.

Tanya vs. Leona

Very entertaining match. Leona shown to be out of her element once Tanya was done being ambushed. Of course, that means the mystery woman was out there just watching Leona getting embarrassed, so be interesting to see what comes of that. Mystery woman vs. Tanya set up for ELITE. I will assume awesome because the set up has been well done.

Main Event: Mephisto vs. 3M

Excellent main event, new champion and already set up with his challenger. 3M racking up a big victory, but got stomped in the process. Mirage said something was building with 3M biting off more than he could chew. So we'll just have to see how that manifests itself, after the asskicking last week, and the epic beatdown tonight.


Solid show. Seemed a little less impressive than last week, but that could just be that I had more hype in my own head for last week's show. Segments were done well, ELITE's card is looking damn good so far. Good job.