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Author Topic: Dominion 13 Feedback  (Read 592 times)


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Dominion 13 Feedback
« on: September 05, 2013, 02:07:36 AM »
SHOOT Project continues to deliver amazing action as DOMINION 13 is LIVE! In the main event, Trey Willett defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Orion's monster know as Malice. We open the night with hard hitting action as Valentine Lionheart goes one on one with the reigning Rule of Surrender Champion, Thomas Manchester Black! Also on the card, Jerry Matthews collides with Datura and T.Rex goes toe to toe with Project: SCAR's Flay Rios! Don't miss a second of the action. See all this and more and remember: This is SHOOT Nation... pledge your allegiance!

See it all LIVE on...

Leave it here peeps!

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Re: Dominion 13 Feedback
« Reply #1 on: September 05, 2013, 07:51:36 AM »

Roleplayer of the Cycle:
3M. Two decent RP’s and the guy won a title; hats off to him.

Single best RP of the Cycle:
Two really stood out to me this week.

The second 3M RP was awesome.

TMB’s first RP was very well done; despite how the character feels Dan deserves his championship. He really brought it against me this week.

Match of the Cycle (RPs):
Mephisto Vs 3M. because I enjoyed the way they went back and forth using their wits to try and outsmart eachother. Maya/Seton Vs The Asylum Seekers had good back and forth RPs too.

Match of the Cycle (Written):
Both main events were very well done. Not only that but they served to push storylines forward and help build towards Elite.

Match Writer of the Cycle:
Tim, he wrote those two main events.

Most Improved:
TMB, Man did he step the fuck up this week; he makes a good ROS champion too.

Segment of the Cycle:
Return of Corazon in the SCAR segment was great; love Evers role as the preacher…Has he been hanging out with Jerry Mathews?

Had a soft spot for the Jonny Johnson segment.

Loved the Mephisto/Seton segment…Seriously though face members of SHOOT Project; get your act together, us heels have been making deals/pacts for months now lol.

Surprise of the Cycle:
Mathews and JGKM getting something going and making the most of it; not a bad start from those two and a pleasant surprise.

Feud of the Cycle:
Many of the feuds right now are intertwined, which is a good thing. We have had the heels run rampant over the past month, but over this cycle the face side of the roster got a little revenge.

Heel of the Cycle:
Mephisto was on form.
As was Seton.

Face of the Cycle:

Spot of the Cycle:
The mysterious woman destroying Datura.

Line of the Cycle:
“Laura Seton: THIS PLACE IS STUCK IN THE PAST!! If it's not those Martinez and Trey, then it's Jonny Johnson getting his ass kissed every week! Seriously, who DIDN'T expect him to stay on after Master of the Mat!? Hey, where's Azrael Goeren when you need him?

It was drenched in sarcasm, but the dropped name draws cheers, causing her to shake her head.

Laura Seton: If you weren't big in 2009 or prior, you have one heck of a mountain to climb. Not so much fun, is it Jacob?”

Laugh of the Cycle:
Evers. What a creepy fuck. I know it wasn’t meant to be funny; but in my head the image of him dressed like that and referring to Gaunt as a “This beautiful, sensual, gorgeous woman.” Had me laughing, but then I have a strange sense of humour. The seg was awesome though, yet again.

MVP of the Cycle:
Tim, again; He has been working his ass off with Matches, segments and getting the shows up. Nothing but gratitude to him.

Random Props of the Cycle (IC):
Dave Marz. I wasn’t around when Marz was first here; enjoyed what he did in the last cycle and nice to see a new character on the RP board too. (New to me anyway.)

Evers is coming along great.

JGKM and Mathews not waiting around and getting stuck in, well done on that front.

Random Props of the Cycle (OOC):
More of this CO-OP writing going on here; We had some great RP’s with characters mixing together, and more segments where we got to see these guys interact.  Ilike that SHOOT works like it’s own little world and a lot of things intertwine. So to everyone who did that this cycle; hats off to you.

Match writes. Always need props. Well done everyone.

E, he stepped up last min and took a match. So Kudos to him too.

Anything Else?:

When I came into SHOOT, I think you guys must have been on a recruiting drive because there were a lot of names that came in around the time I did (A few just before me) and a good handful after me. Most of them bailed, quit, no showed or in the case of Bishop FIRED!!!! But in this time JGKM and myself have stuck it out and I think props need to be given for that (Not to me, I’m not giving myself props lol.) But to Sky who is still here and still getting stuck in. Another one is Mathews who came in around the time of people like (Caden, Kash, Datura ECT.) and he is still putting in work despite his opponent no-showing him this week.  I thought I would take a second and let them know that I, think they are doing a good job and that they deserve a round of applause for not quitting after losses or simply just No-Showing.

I said this before, that anyone new who comes in to SHOOT; that you need to stick with it, you need to have a chat with people and get a feel for the place and also you need to work with others and look for feud.

Not just that, but take your time to get to know how SHOOT operates. We run a tight ship here and that can be daunting, but if you are a good RPer and a decent person to talk to then you will find your spot and enjoy your time here. If you come in with an inflated ego and sense of self-importance then you won’t last for long.

A lot of people join a fed and go “I AM AIMING FOR THE WORLD TITLE” right off the bat, this rubs people up the wrong way as you haven’t earned shit yet. Be smart, people don’t come into WWE from NXT and get a title shot do they? Even when WCW was around WWE didn’t just bring in Y2J and slap the top strap on him. SHOOT and the SHOOT-iverse is new to your character, even if in previous feds you had a big name or won world titles. You need to carve your own spot in the fed and craft your own “home” here. SCAR has Primal Ink. Valentine has his lake Mead Home. Orion have their estate and so on. Find your place not just in SHOOT but in the fictional Las Vegas that we live in. Use everything at hand to make yourself stand out and start from the ground up despite everything you have done in the past. It doesn’t matter here.

I was luckily enough to come in from ZuWar and a few SHOOT Soldier’s had crossed over to there for one off matches ECT. But still, I didn’t use that as my crutch, Valentine was known to a few here but I still needed to start from scratch with him and for me at least it’s really paying off and it will for anyone else too.

 I like to think of SHOOT as a little enclave that doesn’t care about the outside world of wrestling, like ECW was; where no matter who you are or what you have done, you haven’t done it here so prove yourself.

Another thing I want to say is. Sorry for the mistakes in my Seg near the end of the show. I’ve had an ear infection (From swimming) and have had pounding headache/ear ache for days and a lack of sleep. Plus it was 3AM and I had just finished writing a match (That's prob got some in too.) Looking back at it now I can see my mistakes…My mind was in a blurred state and some really silly/simple mistakes were made. So Sorry for that, I hope it doesn’t take away from the seg too much.

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Re: Dominion 13 Feedback
« Reply #2 on: September 05, 2013, 09:42:33 AM »
Sam is a boss and speaks the truth.  That's all.


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Re: Dominion 13 Feedback
« Reply #3 on: September 05, 2013, 10:52:59 AM »
Sam is a boss and speaks the truth.  That's all.

I totally scrolled back up to see if his name had gone red.  :D


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Re: Dominion 13 Feedback
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2013, 01:01:45 PM »
Dominion 13 Feedback

Lionheart vs. TMB

I liked this one. Good balance between striking and grappling offenses that really flows from their two backgrounds. TMB lost one that really could have gone either way. 3M's assault worked I guess, but undercuts the asskicking he took the previous night, in my opinion. Toss of the stage was nice, though.

Backstage Segment: Kyung-Moon

Not much to say about it, introduces Kyung-Moon to Matthews.

Backstage Segment: Mephisto and OutKast

More Kast. Nice. Maya vs. Mephisto with an extended vacation or a spot in the PRIMUS on the line, even nicer.

Matthews vs. Datura

Squash match saved by Ja Gi saving Datura and continuing his thing with Matthews, and mysterious woman coming out and using Datura as a billboard for calling out Tanya. Cool.

Backstage Segment: Smiles and Rochester

Never ever piss off somebody with retard strength. Guess Jester forgot that lesson.

Backstage Segment: Cronos

Cronos is a prick. Napalm is KTFO. (Since Kenshin references are the in thing this week.)

In Ring Segment: Mephisto

Jacob's part in the beginning was rehashing what we just went over in length earlier, leading me to wonder what the point of the segment is, then Laura shows up. Nice setup with the two of them. What happens at ELITE could make this a very important segment for things to come.

Backstage Segment: High & Mighty

How do you not love that name? So after telling a story about spending time in jail, Cade's hauled off there again, and all seemingly set up by the Bad Ass Brotherhood. Should be fun to watch.

Flay Rios vs T.Rex

Flay tried mightily, but sometimes the weight advantage just crushes you. Good match showing the desperation of a smaller opponent.

Backstage Segment: Lionheart

Pissed off, violent, and heading off into Vegas. Should fit right in.

In Ring Segment: Deviant, Corazon, Obsidian, and Gaunt

Okay, then. I understood very little of what the hell was going on there, but loved every moment of it. Symbolism rocked. No clear cut answers. Was damn good.

Main Event: Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship
Willett vs. Malice

Gotta love a ladder match. Excellent stuff here, from highspots to the 'oh shit' tease of an Orion arrival. But the champ pulled through and got it done.


Was probably the squash match that took place, but felt like a marathon of segments this time. Which can be good. Each segment had a point, and was delievered well, don't think many overstayed their welcome. I think the squash just skewed the balance somewhat. Good stuff though.