IThe scene opens focused on what looks like a junkyard, from afar. It begins to zoom closer and closer. This is the sight of tonight's SHOOT Project show. The show in which history will be made, a champion will be crowned, and blood will no doubt be shed. The stench of anxious sweaty men hungry for a fight can be smelled even over the foul, rotting stench of garbage. From within, yelling and chants can be heard. The camera pans to an over head view of the junkyard. There is a ring in the middle and an abandoned set of train tracks runs directly through the center of the site. Rabid fans chant and wait anxiously. Tonight is the night that the first SHOOT Champion will be crowned. The tension in the air could be cut with a knife…as we go right to ringside where the first match is just about to get underway...


John: Dominion and Kayama are in the ring ready to get this submission match going. This will be an interesting match as neither man really known for their submission moves.

James: We have here to great wrestlers here John. The winner will be who finds that "X-Factor" first. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

John: Yes… and we won't be waiting too long. They lock up… Dominion gets a headlock on Kayama. Kayama tries to get free but Dominion has a tight grip. Kayama manages to push Dominion off into the ropes. He comes running back… Leap frog by Kayama and Dominion goes bouncing off the other rope. Armdrag by Kayama. Dominion quickly back on his feet... another Armdrag by Kayama… Dominion gets up and walks into another and Kayama holds on to Dominion's arm and executes a leg drop onto his arm. Kayama picks him up and body slams him back down. He bounces off the ropes the ropes and connects with a knee to the head of Dominion.

James: Kayama is really taking it to Dominion here in the early going of the match. He picks Dominion up and sends him into the corner. He climbs to the second rope and starts pounding on Dominion. 1…2…3…4…5…6…7…8…9… Low blow by Dominion. Dominion with a Spinebuster from the corner. He picks Kayama up and whips him into the ropes. Belly to Belly suplex on Kayama. Dominion now with a rear chin lock on Kayama trying to cut his air supply. The ref checks on Kayama who still in this thing, but barely.

John: This just might be enough to give Dominion the win. The ref raises Kayama's hand… and it falls… He raises it again… and it falls… one more time and this match is over. The ref raises the hand of Kayama and… Kayama keeps it up! Kayama fight to get to his feet… and he hits Dominion with a Jawbreaker. Dominion is staggering around… Kayama gets up and hit Dominion with a strong Clothesline. He mounts Dominion and lays into him with some stiff punches to the face and head.

James: I feel like doing that to you sometimes.

John: Then why don't you?

James: I don't want a lawsuit.

John: Oh and here I thought you were just scared.

James: Shut Up! Kayama picks Dominion up and set's him up on the top rope. He follows him up… Wow what a Superplex. Dominion is in bad shape here. Knee to the elbow by Kayama. It looks as if Kayama is working on the right arm of Dominion.

John: Yep and it's not a bad idea considering Dominion can't do his Rule of Dominion move with a hurt arm.

James: Well that doesn't matter in this match because the Rule of Dominion isn't a submission move and this is a submission match.

John: Oh are you proud of yourself that you've made a point for the first time in your life.

James: No I'm proud of the point I made with your wife last night.

John: Watch it JERK. Kayama now goes for an armbar. Like I said before these men are not know for they're submission moves and Kayama is proving it right now with that weak armbar. Dominion quickly turns on his stomach and makes his way to the ropes. Kayama breaks the hold. Kayama picks him up and grabs him from behind… a hard German Suplex and Dominion is hurt. Kayama goes up to the tope rope… He comes off with a moonsault and Dominion moves out the way.

James: Well they don't call it high risk for a reason. Both men getting to their feet now. Kayama goes for a clothesline but Dominion ducks it and connects with a Super Kick. Kayama is out. Dominion goes for the pin and the ref reminds him that this is a submission match. Hey that snow cone guy has just hopped over the safety rail and he has a chair.

John: Who the hell is this guy? And what is he here to do?

James: I don't know but whatever it is it can't be good.

John: Dominion runs to the rope and goes for a Springboard Moonsault and he gets a chair to the head by that snow cone guy as you call him James.

James: Dammit send this guy home. Kamaya is coming to and the snow cone guy is up on the apron. He's cheering on Kayama but Kayama looks just as confused as we are. Kayama goes up to the man as the man opens his jacket.

John: He has on a FMW shirt. Is this guy from Kayama's past?

James: I doubt it Kayama still looks confused.

John: Well he better turn around because Dominion is getting up. The snow cone man is trying to tell him to turn around. He finally does and rushes towards Dominion… Dominion with a Drop Toe Hold onto the chair left in the ring by the snow cone man. Dominion locks on a Half Crab… Kayama is out cold and can't tap. The ref calls for the bell and this one is over. The snow cone man leaves and Dominion goes on to the next round.

James: A well-deserved victory for Dominion but Kayama has got to be pissed. When he gets up he's gonna be hunting for a snow cone man.

(The Mr. Perfect theme music blares from the large speakers that sit in the back of the makeshift production truck in front of the wrestlers entranceway. The camera pans the crowd, a great percentage who stand clapping and smiling having become endeared to the comic antics of the Express. Other more hardcore fans who know of his history give him a rousing chorus of boos as he makes his way out, ordering around Jay the janitor to drag a large object from the back area. The object is somewhat concealed as Jay struggles to bring it into view of the camera while Express hurls insults at him in French. After bringing it to ringside Express grabs a mic and orders Jay back to the supply area…)

Express: Ladies and gentlemen, today I come to you with a heavy heart. I never thought the day would come where I'd break character in front of the fans but I guess that day is here. Right now sitting in his trailer is a man that I have been in association with one way or another since my childhood. Not long agoo he lost the love of his life in a tragic car accident. Now everyone knows that everything you see oot here usually happens to make money. To lure the people into spending money for our next show or plopping down 30 dollars for a tape that you'll watch one time and put into your library of things you'll never look at again. Rarely are there moments like this where a man comes out and goes against the grain, expressing his true feelings and doing things that should be done without trying to get a ratings point or sell a ticket. Tonight fans, that night has come for me….Four months ago Dominion and myself joined SHOOT Project with a plan. We were going to have a huge money drawing feud, then later join up as a team and lead this promotion to greatness…..

John: Oh my god man he's shooting…

Express: But after Ariel's death everything fell apart. The man won't even speak to me anymore and putting my professional ego aside, I have to admit that it's killing me. Well what it comes to Eric, is that I'll do whatever I have to, so that I can regain your friendship, join forces and lead this promotion to the heights that it can truly reach. It starts tonight Eric…Let me give you a reminder of the happier times. Hit it.)

(The camera focuses on the large screen TV and a video begins to play. A scene opens to a college and after a few seconds we see the large "UCLA" banner. The date on the bottom of the camera reads "1/19/92".We are inside a gym where we see both a younger Jacques and Eric decked out in college wrestling outfits after what appears to be a championship of sorts. The group celebrates with various anonymous staff and cheerleaders. Both men break out bottles of champagne which are sprayed generously over everyone else and each other…The camera goes to the live Express for a scant second showing a slight nostalgic smile…Back to the video showing a wedding scene. Express and Anna stand before a preacher as Dominion stands behind them obviously as best man. Dominion hands Express his wedding ring as Anna and Ariel exchange pleasant smiles. The live camera again focuses on Express at ringside who is visibly moved. Soft sad music plays in the background as the scene opens to a still shot of Dominion hugging on a park bench on a cold winter day. Once again the camera returns to Express at ringside who looks to be tearing up a bit as he covers his mouth and bows his head hiding his eyes…We see Dominion coming out of his trailer, himself a bit shaken up after apparently watching the entire happenings of the last few minutes on the monitor in his trailer. His face is a vast array of emotions as he is obviously saddened by the video but also seems to have a bit of a softer place in his heart for Express, after his efforts to reach out to him. The picture on the video now fades as thunder is heard in the background, followed by rain and the sound of a woman screaming. At this point Express begins to raise his head and a look of horror and confusion comes over the face of Dominion. The scene changes to what appears to be the scene of a movie, with a woman being run over by a car on a stormy night. The scene ends and is replayed again and again. The face of Express turns into a frown and then a slight smile. He begins to chuckle somewhat before breaking out into a roaring laugh. Dominion in a fit of heated anger charges down the aisle toward Express. Guards at ringside attempt to block the way of Dominion but he runs through them flailing them all with punches to the face. Express runs to the nearest area of barbed wire fence that surrounds the junkyard. He pulls out workers gloves and climbs it successfully though tearing at his trunks in the process. Express jumps into the back of a limo that looks to have been waiting there for him on the other side of the street. Dominion scales the fence, cutting his flesh a few times before making it to the other side. The limo speeds off and an enraged Dominion follows on foot for a few moments before hailing a cab and giving chase…..

John: Jesus CHRIST, James...that was wrong.

James: Yeah, loathe as I am to agree with you...what the hell is wrong with Express?? I mean, fuck!

Maurice: Oook!!!

James: You said it...damn. We have to do another match now, but DAMN, that was twisted.

(All the men are in the ring and the bell rings. Renegade goes straight after Wong attacking him with rights into the corner, while Ryan Border is trading shots with Bloody Tearz. Intrepido hits a dropkick on Fastino in the middle of the ring and Clutch is grappling with Outlett. Dom is walking around the ring not knowing who to choose when he finds himself by the ropes with Kaine Reed charging at him, but Dom ducks and back body drops Reed to the outside eliminating him in the early going.)

James: Man... that guys sucks.

John: You're tellin me!

(Wong retaliates with swift kicks to the midsection on Renegade backing him up. Dom not sure of what to do, goes outside the ring under the top rope, not eliminating himself and goes for some weapons while everyone else continues to fight. He finds some tables and start setting up one on each side hoping the eliminated will go through them of course. Fastino is seen locking a headlock on Intrepido when Fastino is whipped into the ropes and Intrepido goes for a hurricanrana but is reversed into a sit down powerbomb by Fastino. Clutch is trying to get Outlett over the top when Fastino walks up behind him and puts Clutch over the top just by flipping him over, which Clutch doesn't find very amusing to the least as he's escorted off. Outlett slides back in the ring from the apron.)

James: Well it looks like Clutch doesn't perform so well in CLUTCH situations!

John: ... ... ... Oh I'm sorry, was I supposed to laugh at that?

James: Uh, no? It wasn't a joke, just a fact! That's all.

(Intrepido is still down while Fastino stomps on outlett. Border hits a snap suplex on Bloody Tearz while Dom slides in the ring with a chair after setting up the tables on the outside. He taps Wong on the shoulder and smacks him over the head with it, and then Renegade as well. He sets the chair up in the middle of the ring as Intrepido gets up. H whips Allesandro into the ropes and then hits a drop toe hold making Intrepido lands face first on the chair (A la Raven). Border then goes up top to get Bloody Tearz, but foolish as this is, Dom reacts to this by hitting him over the head with a chair sending Border down on the ropes, when Doms hits him again sending him to the outside narrowly missing the table.)

James: Well Dom has snapped here it seems! He's eliminated two of the three people, it's down to seven!

John: You can count.

James: If you remember, I'm supposed to be the smart ass of the two of us, not you!

Maurice: ook!

(Bloody Tearz attacks Dom from behind with an elbow to the head causing Dom to drop the chair. Meanwhile Renegade and Wong are still down, as is Intrepido but they're all beginning to stir. Outlett is being punished with a chokehold in the corner by Fastino.)

James: Are you a betting man, John?

John: Not normally, why?

James: After one more person is eliminated, let's say we each pick three superstars. If one of my three win, you owe my one hundred bucks, one of your three, vice versa.


James: Scared to lose money, John?

John: No. I'm not scared... you're on!

(As soon as that's said, Bloody Tearz is superkicked by Norman Wong who has just gotten up, sending Tearz over the top rope and through a table below.)

James: So it's settled. My first pick is right there! Norman Wong!

John: Ok, um, I pick Wesley Outlett.

James: Allesandro Intrepido.

John: Fastino Byrne.

James: Renegade.

John: Dom.

Maurice: ook!

James: No Maurice, you have a gambling problem we need not mention, remember?!

(Fastino then picks up Outlett and tries to throw Outlett over but Outlett holds onto the ropes struggling to hang on. Dom goes over to Outlett and helps him put Outlett over the top and through a table, though not in extreme fashion.)

James: Looks like your boy is out!

(The remaining fatigued men throw their fists at anything moving at this point. Renegade catches Dom with a hard right knocking him against the ropes. He runs at Dom with intentions of knocking him over the ropes, but Dom quickly ducks and pulls the top rope down sendinf Renegade over.)

John: This really is Mayhem!

(Four men left. Each stand at a corner of the ring glaring at each other. NORMAN makes the first move, charging at Fastino and hitting a spinning heel kick to his jaw. Fastino stumbles back as Norman gets caught from the side by a haymaker courtesy of Intrepido. Dom hits Norman from the other side leaving him quite dazed near the ropes. Intrepido and Dom look at each other and decide to team up on NORMAN. They run at him with a double clothesline! NORMAN was faking! He tumbles forward and kicks both men in the back sending them over.)

James: Only two men left. This is it. The final showdown, mate. And the Compare has something to say...

Compare: The final two men will fight to a knockout for the prize of...the IRON FIST TITLE!!!

John: The KOI title that forms one part of the Triad! Look at Byrne and Wong's ears perk up! They're ready to rock now!

(Fastino and NORMAN stare at each other for what seems like hours. A slight smirk comes over NORMAN's face as he approaches Fastino. They meet center ring and begin a test of strength. At first Fastino has the upper hand as he has Norman down on his knees. He then kicks Norman in the chest knocking the wind out of him. Norman holds his chest on the ground while gasping for air. Fastino takes a few seconds to showboat for the crowd.)

John: You can just see his inexperience.

James: You're actually right for once, John. An experienced wrestler would have been on top of him by now.

(Norman still on writhing in pain on the ground looks around to make sure no one is looking. He then pulls some sort of steel object from his khakis. Fastino walks over to pull him up by the hair. Suddenly WONG hits him in the face with whatever it is he has in his hand. He quickly slides it back in his pocket.)

John: It doesn't look like Fastino is getting up from that devistating punch. He's out cold. It's like Norman hit him with a piece of steel.

James: Well Fastino has been counted out! NORMAN is the last man standing! He wins the Iron Fist Title! The first part of the Triad, that was the special mystery prize in this battle! Well-earned victory!

John: He hit him with a foreign object!

James: Anything to win, Johnny.

(We see the outside of a trailer marked "Son of Dragons". Shaolin sits in meditation quietly. He sits in the middle of the floor shirtless with larger areas of his upper body bandaged up. The cell phone lost by Meioh days ago begins to ring.)

Voice: Hey Meioh, what's going on blood?

Shaolin: Koji? Remember what you were telling me the other day about being in rehab and all? Well I'm going to do everything I can to get you back here to Japan. I have a bad feeling about a lot of things lately. Maybe you could straighten things out somewhat.

Voice: What are you talking about Meioh? We didn't speak the other day.

(Shaolin takes the phone away from his face and stares at it for a moment. Then does a double take. He returns to talking)

Shaolin: Koji we spoke just the other day remember.

Voice: Sure we did Meioh. Lay off the sake blood.

Shaolin: Did you just call me blood?

Voice. I sure did, fruity!

(Shaolin once again stares into the phone growing more confused)

Shaolin: Who the hell is this?!

Voice: Well this obviously isn't Meioh I'm talking to heah. So I'm not going to reveal myself to you either. You cahny bastahd.(laughing)I know this is Shaolin. Just remember this. You have one month left to live. I have a greater purpose Shaolin, and you will not stand in my way!(the lower part of the face of the man on the other in of the phone is shown. The face does not look familiar but from what we can tell it is an Asian man.)

Shaolin: Look! I'll find out who this is soon enough. And when I do I will spare no mercy on you. In fact, I can promise you before the end of the day that…

(the man on the other end of the phone hangs up. Shaolin looks at the small monitor on the phone that shows the caller ID. The number is 435-0099.The name below it says "Dustan Dewey…" A frustrated look comes over the face of Shaolin as he slumps down in a chair and plops the phone down on a table….scene fades)

Krazee v. Ravage

John- our next match here is a KO match, where the only way to win is to knock out your opponent entirely.

James- that's right, and with the amount of talent in this one, that won't be a very hard thing to accomplish, as both these guys have devastating move sets.

John- both Krazee and Ravage had impressive showings in their earlier matches this week, and they're both looking to capitalize, and hopefully move into the World Title match later tonight.

James- the Compare looks as if he's ready to get this thing started.

Compare- ladies and gentlemen, this is a KO match…but, you know, the rules are pretty self explanatory, so lets get down to business.

("Back in Black" by ACDC blasts over the boom box, and out struts Ravage, clad in his normal wrestling attire, which is mostly black, with a little bit of red splashed onto his boots and lower tights. He's quick about getting to the ring, and the Japanese fans love it, as they want to see more fighting, and less walking…)

Compare- making his way down the path, weighing in at two hundred and sixty two pounds, he stands at six feet, three inches tall, and he is the master of the Ravager…RAVAGE!!!

James- Ravage actually looks really focused right now.

John- and why wouldn't he be? He's got a chance to win the World Title later tonight, should he win this match!

(Ravage steps through the ropes and begins to think strategy in the corner, without making a big ruckus of himself at all, at least not right now. And soon enough, that music kicks off, and on kicks "The Swarm" by Dark Lotus. Out walks Krazee, in his white and black face paint and black pants, as he hurries himself to the ring…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, and standing at six feet, one inch tall, he knows The Season of The Pumpkin very well, his name is…KRAAAAAAZEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

(The crowd has mixed emotions about this young man as the two of them finally begin to square up to each other…)

James- you gotta believe that this won't be a regular wrestling match…this is going to be a brawl.

John- you're damn right…it's a Knockout Match!

(The referee motions for the bell to be rung, and we are on our way. Ravage and Krazee rush forward at each other, both of them going for clotheslines, but both thinking better of it, and duck down below each other's arms that are no longer there. As they both stop just short of the turnbuckles that lie opposite each other. The two turn around and both of them rethink their strategies, all the while circling each other…)

John- you have to give the edge to Ravage here, he's the bigger of the two. It's a classic contrast of styles.

James- that's true, John, as you know Ravage is going to try to end it with his blunt force, and good strength, meanwhile Krazee will try to wrestle the ground match, eventually he'll go for the choke out.

Maurice- ook.

James- yes, that too.

(Krazee soon dashes forward, clipping out Ravage's knees from underneath of him, and soon enough Krazee is on top of Ravage, pinning Ravage's shoulders to the mat, and at the same time delivering some hard blows to the face…)

John- Krazee with the advantage!

(Ravage quickly reverses the momentum, though, and knocks Krazee off balance, allowing him to roll over onto the top, throwing hard punches to whatever he can hit, mostly Krazee's chest and lower chin…)

James- good move…

(Krazee lifts his legs up from behind Ravage and throws them over Ravage's shoulders, only to allow them to spring back down, which, in turn, leaves Ravage flattened on the mat with two boots in his mouth. Krazee then begins to throw several elbow's into Ravage's lower abdomen area, borderline crotch area, causing Ravage to grunt in pain. Krazee then lifts his feet to go for a short distance heel kick to Ravage's face, but the freedom of his shoulders for that split second is all that he needs, as he grabs Krazee's foot and throws it behind Krazee's head, flipping Krazee over…)

John- good lord, this is some fast paced action!

James- you got that right!

(Ravage then backs off into the nearby corner, as Krazee springs up and begins to dash forward, just when Ravage gets to his feet. Krazee, mid motion, dives forward in a spear like motion, but is quickly sidestepped by Ravage, who sends him straight into the turnbuckle, head first. As Krazee bounces backwards, Ravage catches him in a cobra clutch type move, and he flails Krazee around like a little rag doll…)

James- Ravage could end it right HERE!

John- if he knocks him out, yes!

Maurice- ooooooooook.

James- can't you wait until after this match? This is getting good! You know, it's your fault anyway, I told you that drinking all this Japanese water would do a number on you.

Maurice- ooook…OOK…ook ook.

James- ok, I will make it up to you later Maurice, thank you for being a professional.

John- …right…well, anyway, Ravage is really cinching that move in!

(Krazee is looking pretty woozy at this point, but almost miraculously, he finds his bearings and in a last resort attempt, he throws Ravage over his back and onto the mat in front of him...)

James- that was close!

John- Krazee is stumbling around, trying to catch his breath, and Ravage is quickly back on the prowl!

(As Krazee turns around, Ravage throws a punch, which is blocked by Krazee, who throws a kick, which is the caught by Ravage. Ravage then throws Krazee's leg around in a circle, and upon Krazee's return, Ravage hits him with the Rockworld Drop!)

James- Rockworld Drop!

John- lets see if this is it!!






(Krazee shows a couple of signs of life, as his legs and arms begin to move, and his eyes open…)



(Krazee finally feels it to be time to get up, so he rolls on to his stomach, gathers his wits, and finally rises up to his knees, using the ropes to pull himself up. Meanwhile, Ravage sits back and waits, sizing him up, and contemplating his next move…)

James- Krazee looks as if he's really out of it right now.

John- yes, but Ravage, however, does not. He's poised, and to be honest, I'm worried about what might happen.

(Krazee rests on the top rope for a good moment before finally finding it fit to turn around, but when he does he is met with a stiff, stiff, STIFF, clothesline that knocks him all the way back into the turnbuckle. Ravage looks around to the crowd and nods, as the crowd responds with their graces…)

John- they know something big is coming up!

(Ravage sets Krazee atop the turnbuckles, laying a few punches into him to soften him up that much more. Ravage then jumps on the top turnbuckle as well, but behind Krazee, and somehow he manages to have Krazee face him. Ravage then raises Krazee above his head in a vertical suplex type maneuver…)

James- oh…no…

(Ravage then jumps off the ropes and allows Krazee's head to fall between his legs, and to also go crashing into the mat from close to ten or eleven feet in the air. The referee goes to check on Krazee, lifting his hand once…)

John- wow…that was f***ing devastating!

James- I thought you said to watch my language!

John- this called for it!

James- it did then too!

John- …oh look, he just dropped his hand twice!

(Ravage sits back in the ropes, about ready to flip over and head to the back, basically standing very cockily…)

James- it's over.

(The referee drops Krazee's hand a third time, slaps his face a couple of times, and recieves no response…Krazee is out cold, and the bell rings…)

Compare- the winner of this match, and the man to move on to the final round of this World title tournament, RAAAAVAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGE!!!!!!!

(Ravage smirks, and drops himself out of the ring, shaking his head and slapping his hands up and down, as if to say it was "soooo easy.")

James- Ravage moves on to the final round, and Krazee…well Krazee will probably go to the hospital.

(We are on the inside of one of the bigger trailers in the junkyard.The camera surveys the room showing various combat weapons.Sitting at a desk with a young Japanese woman on his lap sits Meioh.Behind him there is a large image of him which was made days ago by the SHOOT creative team.Every few seconds he takes turns staring and admiring his portrait and fondling the young lady on his lap.One of his men knocks on the outside of the trailer and opens the door.He makes a signal with his hand and Meioh nods and pats the girl on the ass telling her to wait outside.She leaves the trailer and in walks Taurus.Meioh stands up grinning and reaches out to shake Taurus' hand.Taurus gently moves Meioh's hand away from him and takes a seat.Meioh offers a Sapporo but Taurus turns that down as well.)

Taurus:I see your trailer has air conditioning.The only one out here with air conditioning.Nice way to look out for the boys Meioh.

Meioh:Hey,I treat them the same way they treat me.Those men work for ME.I don't work for them.Besides calm down,I have an offer for you.Tonight you have a match with Shaolin.I think its time we show the people what the 'Strong Style' is all about.I want some head dropping out there tonight.Lots of it.

Taurus:You've seen me wrestle.I do many head dropping spots.The best looking ones in the promotion.

Meioh:Well tonight I don't want them to look so good.In fact you could make it a point to be a little sloopy in your execution.If you know what I mean.

Taurus.You're saying you want me to purposely injure the man?Look I don't work that way.Im a performer,a sports entertainer(strikes a quick biceps pose)You understand that.Thanks but no thanks for the offer.(Gets up to leave)

Meioh:Wait wait.Don't be so hasty.Do what I say and you wont regret it.

Taurus:There is nothing you could possibly offer me to make me want to paralyze and possibly kill another grappler.Offer denied!

Meioh(turning and talking to the Meioh poster behind him)Do you believe this guy?He's telling me no?I guess he doesn't realize that the word "no" doesn't exist in my vocabulary.He thinks HE's the boss!

(Taurus looks at the poster frowning,then at Meioh.He gives a perplexed look at the camera as if to say "This guy….")

Meioh:Do you see this?(reaching into a drawer and pulling out Taurus' contract)
It says right here that you will do…(looking over it and then slyly putting it away ignoring the true contents)Basically it says that I own you.You do as I say and that's all there is to it.Now get out there and do your job!Ready?Go!

(Taurus having had enough of Meioh and grabs him by the collar picking him up a full foot off the floor getting in Meiohs face.Meioh frantically reaches for the "panic button" under his desk that will alert his guards but is unable to find it.)

Meioh:Wait wait!Your nephew!

Taurus:What about my nephew?!What do you know?

(Meioh struggling to breathe as Taurus tightens his grip on his collar)

Meioh:Shaolin!He is a member of the Yakuza clan that kidnapped him!


(Taurus drops Meioh into his chair and Meioh tries to catch his breath)

Meioh:Yes!That is the reason I told you to take him out!

Taurus:Sonuvabitch! These Asian bastards!(Taurus storms out of the door)

(Meioh looks to the poster of himself on the wall)

Meioh:That piece of garbage.He will pay for that one….

Master Molde v. Esctasy

John: James this is gonna be a hard match for Ecstasy. He's going up against a crafty veteran in Master Molde that out weighs him by 95 pounds.

James: For once I'll agree with you. But with a girl like Alli in your corner anything is possible.

John: We'll see if that's true. Both men are in the ring. You can see the worried look on Ecstasy's face.

James: Or he could just be high.

John: True… High or not he better have enough sense to know not to fight Molde toe to toe. Here we go… Ecstasy with a head of steam going strat for Molde… Molde goes for a clothesline but Ecstasy ducks it. He comes off the ropes and Molde goes for another clothesline and Ecstasy duck it again. Once more off the rope and Ecstasy connects with a spinning wheel kick. Molde is staggered. Ecstasy with a dropkick to the knee of Molde. Molde falls to the mat and Ecstasy follows up with a few stomps to the left knee of Mole. Not a bad plan by Ecstasy working on the leg of Molde.

James: Yep it is. If he keep this up like this he's gonna beat the mighty Master. Speaking of keeping things up… that Alli does a great job of keeping me up.

John: No James I think it's the viagra that keeps you up.

James: Hey that was supposed to be a secrete.

John: Opps It just slipped out. Anyway… Ecstasy continues to work on the knee of Molde. He's going for a figure 4… Moldes kicks him in the face, but he still tries. Molde kicks Ecstasy in the face again. Ecstasy falls and Molde uses the ropes to get to his feet. Ecstasy runs full speed at Molde… Back body drop and Ecstasy is laid out on the floor.

James: Wow there's no padding down there. Ecstasy is gonna feel that tomorrow. Molde follows him to the outside. He's still showing the affects of the attack on his knee. He picks up Ecstasy and puts him back down with a Bearhug Front Slam. He mounts Ecstasy and starts pounding right hands into the side of his face. Molde picks him up and delivers a vicious suplex. He goes for the pin 1…2… and Ecstasy kicks out.

John: That wasn't determination or instinct, that was the drugs that mad him kick out.

James: Who says drugs are no good. They just saved the match for Ecstasy.

John: Saved the match yes but they can't save his ass. Molde whips Ecstasy into the safety rails… he follows him in… Ecstasy moves just in the of time and Molde goes crashing into the safety rail. Ecstasy kicks Molde in the stomach and hits a DDT. Molde is laid out. Ecstasy quickly goes to the tope rope and waits for Mole to get up. Mold is up on his feet. He turns around and Ecstasy comes off the top with a Flying Lariat but Mold moves and Ecstasy lands chest first over the safety rail.

[Molde starts pounding on Ecstasy while he hangs over the rail. As he is beating the chit out of Ecstasy Molde heard a guy in the front row eating a snow cone, talking trash about SHOOT Project and Molde. Molde stops his beating on Ecstasy and starts arguing with the man.]

Man: This is the worst wrestling show I've ever seen. Hell I have a 50 year old uncle that can wrestle better than this Molde guy.

Molde: Hey asshole if you don't like what we do get the hell out. Oh don't worry I will and I won't come back to see this piece of shit.

James: Molde is getting into it with that guy in the audience bad mouthing the SHOOT Project.

John: He needs to get focused on Ecstasy who's on his feet behind Molde. Ecstasy gets a chair… Molde is turning around… Ecstasy throws the chair at Molde who catches it… Ecstasy goes for the Van Daminator but Molde ducks it and smashes the chair over Ecstasy's head. He's out on his feet. Molde drops the chair.

James: I don't like this one bit John. Molde is setting up for the Master Blaster. There's the first powerbomb… there's the second… he picks him up… runs and wham there's the last one. The ref is there to make the count, 1…2…3! It's over!

John: Ecstasy gave it his all but in the end it was the Master Blaster that was the deciding factor. And Master Molde will go on to the finals.


John- It's time for our next match, which is Express versus The Massicrist in a Finisher's match, where the only way the wrestler can win is to perform his finisher on his opponent.

James- John?

John- yes?

James- who the hell, that would be watching this tape, would not know what a Finisher's match is?

Maurice- Ook.

James- exactly.

John- so anyway, it's about time to get started, as the Compare is about ready to make his announcements.

(The Compare begins…)

Compare- the next match is another part of our World Title Tournament, Round Two, here in the SHOOT Project!

(A few cheers are heard until the official SHOOT boom box begins to blast "Wake Up" by the Rage Against The Machine…)

Compare- Making his way down to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, he stands at six feet, five inches tall and is the master of the Massacre…THE…MASSICRIST!!!!!

(The amount of cheers fluctuates to…well it's not really that much different as The Massicrist makes his way down to the ring, wearing his patented black pants with the red "M" with blue flames coming up the sides…)

John- Massicrist seems to be in somewhat good spirits, what with Terrell moving in and all.

James- yeah, I've noticed that too, not that he really has anything to be happy about…kids are pains in the asses who eventually do nothing but drain your wallets.

John- optimism at its best, ladies and gentlemen.

Maurice- Ook.

James- Shut Up, John…good point Maurice.

John- either way, here comes Express!

(Just as our commentator points out that fact, the "Mr. Perfect" theme song kicks over the ghettoblaster…)

Compare- about to make his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and forty seven pounds, and standing at six feet, four inches tall. He is the master of the Explex…he is…EXPRESSSSSSS!!!!!

The crowd begins to boo, as…no one walks out…)

James- where the hell is he?

Maurice- ook.

John- well don't look at me!

James- oh no…I hope Dominion didn't get to him, finally.

John- oh, good lord…that would not be a pretty sight.

James- not at all.

(The rowdy crowd around the area begins to boo, louder and louder…)

John- the referee is starting to count!

James- oh, not like this…I used to HATE it when the zebra's started counting me out before I got disrespectful.

John- it's their job, James.




(The booing becomes extremely loud, and many of the fans are beginning to walk toward the ring area…)

John- this crowd of thugs does NOT appreciate Express' lateness, they wanted to see a fight!



James- it's not like it's his fault, John, you don't have the slightest clue to where he is, and neither do they.

John- hey, I'm not the one passing the judgement, they are, tell them.



(The Massicrist begins to pace the ring, either because he wanted a fight tonight too, or that he knows he's just three seconds away from advancing further in his quest for the world title…)

John- The Massicrist doesn't look to happy, I think he wanted a fight too.

James- why would he be upset? He's so close to getting to the World Title Final!



John- it's over…

James- wait!

(Towards the ring runs an extremely tired and out of breath Express, with a look of fear on his face that would constitute seeing a ghost…)

John- the referee has stopped the count as Express has just come into sight!

James- but I don't think he knows where he is! I think he's just running!

(About four or five seconds after Express came running around the dirt path circle that lies within the junkyard, the sound of a car engine can be heard, screaming towards the ring just as well, but suddenly slamming on the brakes before it can come into sight…)

James- that's gotta be Dominion in that car!

John- either way, the match has officially started, as the referee has rung the bell!

(After sliding through the bottom ring rope and into the ring, Express is immediately met with a fury of hits to the top of his head…)

John- Massicrist is obviously not happy about being lead on in thinking that he would advance to the next round so easily.

James- obviously.

(Massicrist lifts Express up by his long blonde hair and drags him over to the ropes, leaning down on him with his knee, causing a choke effect on Express. However, when Massicrist has enough of this he pulls Express away and bounces him off of the ropes, catching him upon his return with a huge short clothesline…)

John- ouch…did you see how hard Express hit the ground there?

James- no, I wasn't paying any attention there, John…

Maurice- ook.

James- yeah, Maurice, he <I>knows</I> I was being sarcastic.

(As this banter goes on, Massicrist mounts Express and begins to lay into him, hard, with stiff punches to the chin and facial area…and yes, he's doing so with his hand. After several good blows to the head, Massicrist lifts Express to his feet, all very methodical like, and gives a heavy uppercut to the right side of Express' mandible, relocating Express to the mat, and relocating him hard…)

James- Massicrist is really taking advantage of Express' tiring night right now, he's really giving it to him.

John- just imagine what kind of impact it would have on Express' ego if an up and comer like the Massicrist just decimates him, like he's doing now, and eventually defeats him…he'd be ruined!

James- with the way this match has gone, and the way Dominion's been chasing him, he's already well on his way there!

Maurice- ook.

(Express rises to his feet, stumbling around until he finally faces The Massicrist one more time, only to get a swift boot to the midsection and a strong DDT down to the mat below...)

James- He came down HARD on that one!

John- the crowd's beginning to come alive and on the side of The Massicrist too. They want him to rip this pretty boy a new one!

Maurice- ook.

James- exactly, he already is!

(Express lies flat on the mat, as Massicrist goes for the cover…)

James- the referee won't count!

John- nope, Massicrist needs to hit his finisher on Express first before he can actually pin him and end the match.

James- all he needs to do is lift him up and hit him with Expry's ExPlex, and this thing would be over!

John- that would be one of the biggest upsets in this industry known to date.

Maurice- ook.

James- yeah, EXACTLY like when Macho Man beat Ric Flair, good point Maurice!

Maurice- ook ook.

(The Massicrist, being unhappy with the referee's stubbornness and subordinative nature towards the "rules", begins to push the ref around, getting into his face, which gets the crowd that much more into the match, cheering for the Massicrist to commit some acts of unnecessary violence…)

John- good thing this is No DQ, or Massicrist would have just lost this match for himself.

James- of course it's no DQ! When is the last time, and the next time, that you will see a regular DQ match in SHOOT Wrestling?!

John- …

James- exactly.

(As Massicrist is occupied with the referee, Express is allowed to regain his breath and wits, as he finally has come to terms with the fact that Wolfson is not around at the current moment…)

James- Express is getting up by himself for the first time all match!

(Slowly stalking the Massicrist, and at the same time nursing his wounds, he finally comes to the decision to give the Massicrist the big equalizer, knocking him senseless, as he stumbles forward, almost knocking the referee over…)

John- the first somewhat offensive maneuver put out by Express yet today!

(Express then comes up behind the pained Massicrist and grabs him around his waist, tossing him backward into a german suplex…)

James- Massicrist hit HARD on that one!

(Both men fall over from exhaustion, and as the crowd gasps, watching intently, the referee begins to count them both down…)




James- this one could end without any of these guys moving on! Then we'd have a four way in the main event!

John- that would be true if these guys don't get up soon!




(Both men begin to stir…)

James- it just occurred to me…this is the longest a SHOOT match has gone without someone going to the outside or someone using a foreign object.

John- that's true, this has been fairly toll-taking on both men, though Express is in much worse shape than The Massicrist.




(Express rolls over and up to his knees, allowing the referee to stop his count, and to continue the match. Slowly rising to his feet, he eventually pulls The Massicrist up. He bounces him off of the ropes and awaits his return with his head down, probably going to try for a back body drop…you know, the one's that never work…)

John- oohhhh, stiff kick!

(Having seen Express' vulnerability, The Massicrist stopped just short and delivered a huge kick to the upper chest and lower throat area of Express, sending him down. The Massicrist runs towards Express, probably to drop an elbow or something of the like, but is unable to accomplish this feat, as Express delivers a timely drop toe hold…)

James- once again, I just have to say, that I'm really surprised by the lack of the outside area that has been used, usually the wrestlers take advantage of this environment.

John- well you know, the longer the two stay in the ring, the more Express has the advantage, as he's more of a ring veteran.

James- good point.

Maurice- Oooook.

James- once again, good point.

(Express rolls onto the back of The Massicrist and puts his arm around his throat, wrenching back as hard as he can, leaving the Massicrist squirming, reaching for that last bit of air…)


(The sound of tires squealing incredibly loud can be heard, as a little bit of smoke rises form behind the piles of cars. Soon this sound ceases, and the new sound of a heavy engine rumbling down the road can be heard…Express freezes mid-wrench…)

John- that doesn't sound too good for Express!

(We can all now see a blur of a car speeding towards the ring from about 150 yards away, drawing Express to jump off of The Massicrist, and dash towards the ropes to see what the hell is going on…)

James- here he comes!

(Obviously, by now, you have deducted that it is Dominion who is speeding down the pathway to the ring, and as Express watches in horror, his eyes widen about six inches further than they are supposed to. Dominion flies down the path until he slams on his brakes about ¾ of the way there, much to the confusion of the men and women in attendance…)

John- what is he DOING?!

(The loud engine of the black mustang that he's driving this time revs up over and over again, each time striking more fear into the heart of Express, and each time getting louder and louder, ringing in everyone's ears…)

James- good lord! He's not going to charge the ring is he?!

(Amidst the confusion, the Massicrist seems to have regained his bearings, as he quickly applies a half-nelson to Express and suplexes him over, bridging for a pin…)

John- THE EX PLEX!!!! Express's finisher! That's what he needed to do to win!


(The Massicrist gets on top of Express, as Dominion moves forward in his vehicle…)






Compare- the winner of this match, and the man who will move on to the final round…THE MASSICRIST!!!!!!

(As The Massicrist throws his arms in victory and in sheer joy, Wolfson speeds towards the ring, finally pulling up right along side of it. As the door opens and as Wolfson gets out, we realize that Dominion is not alone…he has seemingly brought a bat with him…)

John- oh no, this can't be good for Express, who is still lying on his back in the dead center of the ring!

(Dominion climbs into the ring and circles around the fallen Express, as The Massicrist exits, celebrating his win, and giving not one damn about what's going to happen to Express…)

James- this can't be good…

(Dominion crouches down, when next to Express' fallen head, and lifts him up, just slightly off the ground, and whispers something into his ear, though we don't know what it was…)

John- I wonder what he just said!?

(As soon as he finishes, he smiles one of the most wicked smiles you've seen in quite some time and then proceeds to drive his elbow right into Express' mouth, provoking it to begin gushing out blood. The scene looks as if Dominion took off Express' lower lip, as it's totally invisible. And then…the slaughter began…)


John- oh no…

(Dominion brings it crashing down onto the chest of Express, who bounces around the mat like a fish out of water, all the while not knowing whether to clutch his chest or his mouth. Dominion then drives the butt of the bat into Express' forehead a few times, inevitably bringing forth a concussion. Meanwhile, as Wolfson's hands are doing their damage, his feet are doing theirs in alternate intervals. One hit with the bat, one stiff kick to the shoulder or rib area…)

James- I can't tell if Express is coughing up blood or just bleeding heavily from his lip!

John- I'd venture to say it's both…he really got laced into there in his chest, as Wolfson just keeps pounding away!

(The crowd is going insane with cheers as SHOOT official's rush down to the ring to break this up…)

James- normally, I'd say let them fight, but this is getting ridiculous, Express may be injured very long term from this!

John- oh, absolutely, someone needs to put an end to this butchery!

(Wolfson stands over top the waist area of the barely conscious Express as he slowly raises the bat above his head…)

James- this could KILL the man!

John- murder seems to be a recurring theme here, but good lord, I don't want to have to actually see one, let alone be ten feet away from it! Someone has GOT TO STOP THIS!

(Just as Wolfson begins to bring down the bat, two or three officials spear him from the side, holding him down, as about twenty other officials burst onto the scene, most trying to help Express, who is barely holding onto his life, let alone consciousness. The others rush over to Dominion, who is screaming and flailing wildly, trying to finish the job on Express…)

James- Eric Wolfson has lost it.

John- he's gone nuts!!

(The officials begin to carry Express back, with about four or five guys holding him up in the air, keeping his head above his shoulder level. As this goes down, Wolfson stops screaming, and gives the most wicked look you may have seen in your life…and slowly…a smile forms over his face…)

Shaolin v. Taurus

John: Well, the action doesn't stop here at SHOOT Project, as it is time for another match. You know James, you cant help but notice the intensity of these events with matches being held in a junkyard.

James: You call it intensity, I call it tacky, mate. Maurice and I were just disgussing the poor working conditions we are forced to work under. Isn't that right maurice?

Maurice: Ook.

John: The monkey doesn't even get paid!

James: He does have a name, John. And Ill have you know the financers of the SHOOT Project did decide to break maurice here off with a pretty penny per show.

John: We're paying the monkey?


James: Calm down Maurice, he's just jealous because you make fifteen thousand a year more than him.

John: Fifteen thousand?! How is it poss....

James: (interrupts) We've got huge match just seconds away, with the fan favorite Shaolin against the tenacious Taurus.

John: Judging by the foam forming at the sides of our hungry fans' mouths this is a matchup that many have been waiting to see. Both men possess a great amount of talent and experience.

James: Personally, I wouldn't care if either one of these guys caught Anthrax and died tomorrow. Theyre both overrated.

Maurice: Ahhhh Ooooo Ooooo Oooooo!

James: What do you mean you disagree Maurice!

*The monkey jumps on the announcers table and flails his arms while making monkey noises*

John: We pay him for this?

James: Shut up John, the compare is ready to anounce the match.

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen, for our next match we have too very seasoned competitors going at it in hopes of advancing further in the Campionship tournament. Coming out first weighing in at 245 pounds and standing at a height of six foot three inches, we have Taurus!

*Taurus steps out from behind an old pile of rusty barrels and flexes for the anxious crowd. The crowds reaction is a fairly good one as he gets a good pop from the rabid fight fans*

John: Taurus is a great competitor and could be the man to hold the title when it's all said and done.

James: Yeah, and Im the Crocodile Hunter, mate.

Compare: And our next competitor, (The crowd erupts before he can even continue) weighing in at 230 pounds and standing at six feet two inches, we have The Son of Dragons, Shaolin.

*The predominately asian crowd obviously loves this man as they get to their feet and push and shove to touch the Son of Dragons.*

Compare: Tonights match will be no ordinary match. The match will take place within a circle of various street thugs that we were able to pick up off nearby street corners.

John: I'm surprised he's even able to wrestle tonight, James. Just the other day he was literally torn to pieces and now he's fighting in a street fight type match.

James: Yeah... it's unfortunate that both of these hacks are talentless. We need the circle of street thugs just to cause any kind of damage to these losers.

John: We'll see about that one, James, as this match is under way!

*Both men begin walking around the circle with hard looks on their face. Taurus makes the first move and goes for a double leg take down. Shaolin sprawls forcing all of his weight down onto Taurus' shoulders. Taurus struggles to get back to a standing base, but Shaolin delivers a hard knee directly to his nose. Blood splatters everywhere like hot oil in a frying pan. Taurus stumbles back but is pushed back towards the center of the circle by a rowdy group of thugs.*

John: With those thugs around, I don't think anyone is going anywhere in this match.

James: Well, obviously John. Why else would the company hire over a hundred uneducated thugs to watch a wrestling match, jackass.

[Taurus holds his nose as blood continues to trickle down his arms and onto the ground. Shaolin attempts to take advantage of the situation by firing with a quick high kick towards Taurus' face, but Taurus shows that he too has some martial arts experience by ducking and front tripping Shaolin knocking him to his back. He frantically begins to stomp on the midsection of the fallen Shaolin. He lifts his leg high in the air above Shaolin'shead and readies himself for a hard stomp. He drops his foot as Shaolin rolls out of the way half a second before his head became part of Taurus' boot.*

James: I've got a feeling these two arent going to give up until they stop breathing, mate.

John: It sure does look that way.

*Shaolin and Taurus are now back on their feet. Taurus wipes the blood that constantly drips from his nose with his forearm every few seconds. Taurus runs at Shaolin and spears him straight into the wall of thugs that form the ring. Taurus quickly jumps back and watches as Shaolin is pummeled by the rabid wall of thugs.*

James: As much of a useless fuck as Taurus is, that was a beautifully planned move on his part. He's ketting the thugs take care of his opponent.

John: I'd call that cheap, James.

James: Hey, no one asked you mate.

*Shaolin finally breaks free from the group of thugs and stumbles back towards the center of the ring. He is dazed from the punishment he has just taken and does his best to throw punches in Taurus' direction. Taurus easily dodges the inaccurate punches and gets behind Shaolin, putting him in a full-nelson hold. He appears to be saying something to Shaolin.*

Taurus: Where is my nephew?!

Shaolin: (Still struggling to breakthrough with a confused look on his face) Your nephew? What?

*Taurus takes Shaolin down to the ground and pushes his head into the ground*

Taurus: Don't play dumb, you scandalous chink! Why'd you kidnap my nephew?!

John: It appears theyre having a conversation of sorts in the ring.

*Shaolin begins to ignore Taurus' seemingly delirious questions and builds a base with his knees. Taurus' hold on Shaolin's neck and arms begins to slip and Shaolin finally slips free. He then quickly turns around and throws a quick elbow into Taurus' jaw. knocking Taurus back. Shaolin follows him with a flying jumpkick to Taurus' chest . Taurus still, on his feet, struggles to maintain his balance. Shaolin runs up and executes a text book hurricanrana, finally dragging Taurus to the ground. He then sits on his chest and begins to pound Taurus's face unmercifully, despite his already broken nose.*

John: Shaolin has taken control of this match!

*He picks Taurus up by his hair and kness him in the stomach a couple of times. He now appears to be lifting Taurus over head in preparation for a gorilla press slam.*

James: Looks like the little chinaman has been taking his creatine.

John: Oh no! It can't be!

*Shaolin with Taurus held over his head runs towards the wall of thugs throwing him into the middle of a large group of them. They begin to romp on Taurus like nobody's business. Shaolin holding his side does his best to recover his breath in the middle of the ring while Taurus takes punishment outside of the ring.*

John: Taurus is really gettin it from those hungry thugs, isn't he James?...... James?

*John looks to his left and sees that James has left his seat to join in the rompage of Taurus*

John: What a jackass.

*Finally Taurus crawls out from the pile of hostile humanity and back towards Shaolin. He tries to get to his feet, but ends up going down to one knee. Shaolin quickly take advantage of his opponents disposition by executing a baseball slide right into the the shins of Taurus. Taurus winces in pain on the ground. Shaolin paces back and forth as ifhe has decided it time to end it. Taurus slowly climbs to his feet. His vision is somewhat blurred do to the blood and sharp pain in his nose. He looks up to meet the heel of Shaolin's foot who had been waiting to perform a superkick.*

James: Well, Im back from the bathroom.

John: (Sarcatically) Bathroom huh? Well you just missed a superkick that could have possibly caved Taurus' face in. He's on the ground holding his face in pain.

James: He deserved that one.

*Shaolin walks over to Taurus to pick him up, but Taurus delivers a low blow! Shaolin is now on the ground right next to Taurus holding his crotch area. It appears as if Taurus will be the first one to his feet. He walks over to drag Shaolin up by his hair, but with inhuman quickness Shaolin grabs hold of Taurus' neck and arm putting him in a dragon sleeper hold!*

John: I didn't even see him do that he did it so fast.

James: I taught him that!

*Shaolin appears to have the hold on extra tight. Taurus wont be able to hold on much longer.*

John: He's tapping out! He's tapping out! Shaolin advances!

John: No rest for the victor here, though! It's time ffor the main event, and guess who is the first man in the ring?

James: Me?

John: No, moron. Shaolin.

James: Oh...that sucks for him. Well, at least he's already there. Well, no, he's going back ot the back. I guess he's gonna take advantage of the whole deal where they'll play his music and introduce him again, and use it as a chance to get a second of rest here. Good idea by the Slanty.

John: The WHAT?

James: Errr...I said, the uhm...shit. Never mind. Good call by Shaolin. Go ahead, John, say something important.

John:Ladies and gentlemen we have come to the final match in what has so far been by far the best card in the short history of this promotion.I can promise all of you out there that its just the beginning and things are only going to get better and better.Coming up we have an elimination match featuring the cream of the crop here in the SHOOT Project.Dominion,Massicrist,Ravage,Shaolin and Master Molde will take place in the elimination match to crown our first champion.You ready James?

James:I've been ready all night John.Tonight the champion of the fastest growing movement in the underground fight world will be crowned and Im a part of it. You should be thanking your stars you were allowed to be here tonight, John. Whats your take on this match? How do you think it will go?

John:Well as everyone knows Dominion has been a raging maniac all night long. Unless he comes out here in a mad rage and blows up in the first few moments,I absolutle expect for him to run over the competition like a bull tonight.But you cant be too sure,we might leave this place surprised tonight. We've already had one shocker with Massicrist pulling the upset out of nowhere over Express. From what I understand he's really confident and is as motivated to take the whole thing home as Dominion is to take Expresses head off. Then we have Ravage here who is without a doubt the darkhorse here.I never expected him to come this far but he has shown himself to be one of the brightest stars we have here.He's made a reputation out of shocking people and shutting their mouths and he may shock us all in a few moments.Then we have Master Molde,one of the biggest stars to join the promotion.He's been relativly quiet since coming in but this is a guy who has been known throughout his career to save his best stuff for the big show.Tonight may be his night.Finally we have Shaolin.What a story this guy has had.He comes in here only to find out that the boss is a former close friend who wants to end his career and if you believe the rumors,his life!I've been hearing all night that Meioh is going to make sure that Shaolin doesnt walk out champion tonight.Meioh feels that this promotion is his last oportunity to make a great name for himself and fulfill his "great destiny" he always talks about.Shaolin has got to be sweating bullets after the rumored attempts on his life,but sometimes fear can be a good thing James.Maybe that big shot of adrenaline will be what he needs to walk out of here as champion.

("Ready or Not" begins to blast from the truck as the crowd erupts in cheers.The camera gives us a full view of the area.A sky view shows fans hurrying to return to their seats from the port-a-pots and makeshift refreshment stands.Shaolin slowly and serenely exits his trailer and makes his way to the entranceway.He look as if he has just finished a long meditation session and seems to glide effortlessly down to ringside.A slight look of concern covers his face as he climbs the ringsteps.As he steps through the ropes the fans give a rousing ovation that so far looks to be the biggest of the night.Shaolin respectfully bows to all four corners of the crowd....)

John:Well he looks like he came here to conduct business tonight James....

("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine plays as Massicrist cockily makes his way down to the ringside.The large majority of the fans boo loudly as he grabs anti-Massicrist signs from the crowd and rips them in pieces.He poses and gets in the faces of a few fans at ringside sending them running away and falling into each other as he laughs in satisfaction.He makes his way into the ring and begins to taunt Shaolin.Shaolin stands calmly,walks over to the ropes and does some prematch stretching.Shaolin puts his foot on the top turnbuckle doing a quadricep stretch.Massicrist pretends to do some stretching as well.When Shaolin bends his head down to try and reach his foot Massicrist charges from behind as the bell rings.Shaolin turns around with the quickness of a cat and tosses Massicrist over the top by using his weight as leverage against him)

John :And with that we have a match ladies and gentlemen!Massicrist ran in like a train and Shaolin with a simple dodge tossed him over the top!Massicrist takes a hard bump to the floor but I with all of his muscle as cushion I dont think he even felt that James!

James:I dont know whethere he did or not but Shaolin is running to the other side of the ring John!Whats he doing?!

(Shaolin comes from the far side rope and jumps over the top hitting Massicrist with a Tope Suicida knocking Massicrist over the railing and into the crowd.The fans scatter out of the way as Shaolin grabs Massicrists left arm and climbs the railing taking care to keep his balance.He jumps off of the railing still holding on to Massicrists arm and spins his body around in midair,flipping Massicrist back over to the other side of the railing)

John:Its early in the match but Shaolin is coming out with both barrels already!Massicrist keeps getting back up but hes obviously very upset with how things have gone so far.

James:No no no John,Massicrist is just playing possum here.He's gonna let Shaolin wear himself out in the beginning then when he gets him all nice and spent he'll start putting the power moves on and take out our little monk friend.Right Maurice?


James:Thats right Maurice.


(Massicrist makes it to the ring first and pulls Shaolin by his hair from the outside over the top rope.Massicrist lands heavy punches to the body of Shaolin who after six hits falls to the mat seemingly having had the wind knocked out of him.He pulls Shaolin to his feet only to pound him back down with a forearm across the back.He chuckles to himself while looking out to the crowd and urging Shaolin to get up.Three times he pulls Shaolin to his feet and levels him with stiff forearms to the back.)

James:HAHAAA! See John you android!I told you Massicrist was biding his time.There ya go big man,toy with the punk.Get up!No lay down!Get up! No lay down!I love it!Shaolin the human yo yo coming to Toys R Us soon kids!

(Massicrist whips Shaolin into the turnbuckle and follows him in.Shaolin however bounces back and lands a Spinning heel kick to the jaw of Massicrist sends him down quickly.He recovers and runs in at Shaolin again who executes a leap frog and catches Massicrist with a Frankensteiner in midair as he comes back from the other side of the ring.Massicrist holds on to the legs of Shaolin and keeps himself grounded.He drops Shaolin on the back of his head in sort of a Hangmans Powerbomb type manuver as Shaolin's eyes roll to thwe back of his head.)

John:Ouuuuccch!!!!Massicrist just planted Shaolin on the back of his head and Shaolin is *out* of this thing! James:Shaolin may be out of this but this match isnt over.The clock is ticking down and the five minute mark John.Somebodys coming!!!

("Bar Baby" by Big Moe slowly creeps out from the speakers as the entrance way begins to emit smoke)

John:What the hell is going on here James?!It says here on the sheet that Ravage is supposed to be next!

(James begins to slowly bang his head agains the announce table.Maurice jumps off of his lap and begins to do the same)

John:The hell is your problem James?!

James:You just said that it says on your sheet that Ravage is next.

John:Your point?Whats so bad about that??

James:(sighing)Its supposed to be a random draw John.You're not supposed to know whos coming out next!


James:Jesus why dont you just start handing out razors and giving blading classes and *fully* expose the business?

(Norman Wong creeps through the smoky entrance talking on his No-KIA cellular phone as usual.He walks down the aisle in tune with the beat of the incredibly slow,base heavy song.As he nears ringside the music stops and "Back in Black"by AC/DC begins to play.Ravage sprints down to ringside jumping over the top rope and nearly falling in the process.....

James: What a twat. Damn near broke his own neck.

(Ravage jumps right into the thick of things, taking down both Shaolin and Massicrist with a huge shoulderblock. All three men get to their feet and circle each other slowly. Shaolin strikes first, hitting a thrust kick to the chest of Massicrist and going to work on Ravage with quick chops and fists to the solar plexus.)

John: Shaolin with his martial arts-inspired offense, making a comeback.

James: What I wanna know, is why is that damned Chinaman Norman Wong coming over here to sit with us?

John: Don't be racist, James.

Maurice: Ook!

James: Exactly. Maurice knows what I mean. Can't trust a Chinese guy farther than you can throw him. Look at Shaolin, there. Would you trust him? What with the kicking and the kung fu?

(Shaolin goes for a flying spin kick on Ravage, but Ravage ducks with impressive speed and grabs the Chinese sage, hitting a textbook sambo suplex that gets a near fall, broken up by Massicrist. Ravage turns to Massi, ducks an attempted jumping axe kick, and counters with the Rockworld Drop, a stunner-type maneuver.)

James: Good move by the hillbilly there, and he got the duke! Massicrist is outta here!

John: Massicrist is as surprised as everyone else! He's claiming a fast count. But, listen to that music! "Thunderstruck!" Master Molde is in the house!

James: God, that sounds gay when you say it.

Maurice: Oook!

John: Shut up, monkey. You too, Maurice.

James: …

(Molde comes barrelling in and knocks Massicrist from his perch on the outside of the ring. He rushes into the ring, but is met with a combination move from Ravage and Shaolin, in which Shaolin hits a low leg sweep while Ravage, ever subtle, punches Molde in the face as hard as possible.)

James: it's not pretty, but look at the prettyboy Molde bleed!

John: Sure enough, that nose is bleeding hardway. Ravage really tagged him with that punch!

(Molde, ever the trooper, meets the charging Shaolin with a boot to the gut, and then proceeds to show off his immense strength by throwing Shaolin over the top rope and onto the floor, where he lands with a crash.)

John: Holy shit!

James: That's the kind of insightful commentary we love….asshole.

Maurice: Ook!

James: Ha-ha! "Chinese takeout…" brilliant pun, Maurice. You should have John's job.

(Ravage and Molde lock up, and Ravage applies a double knucklelock, and quickly follows with a drop toe hold.He attempts to take advantage with a crossface, but Molde powers out and reverses it into a jujigatame.)

John: Jujigatame!

James: Bless you, John. Nice armbar thingy that Molde has on Ravage, there.

John: I dislike you.

James: Right back at you, sunshine. Seriously, though, that armbar looks painful.

John: It's a jujigatame!

Maurice: Ook!

John: Don't say "bless you" to me, monkey!

James: Hehe…you're beginning to understand Monkey language, John.

John: Uhm…shit.

(Shaolin gets back to his feet just in time to see Ravage be forced to tap out from the excruciating pressure of the crucifix armbar. We're down to Molde and Shaolin, with Dominion still on his way! Molde attempts to lock up with Shaolin as he gets back in the ring, but Shao moves quickly behind him and sweeps the knee. Shaolin takes a quick run and leaps over the top of Molde with a Hennig neckbreaker.)

James: That was absolutely…perfect.

John: You suck.

James: Oh.

Maurice: Ook! OOOK!

James: Man, even the monkey turned on me for that one.

("Click Click BOOM!" It's time for Dominion to arrive. Shaolin and Molde both disengage and wait for him to get in the ring, then pounce on the fresh man.)

James: Good strategy there. Dominion's the big favorite…Ooops, that backfired.

(Sure enough, Dominion ducks a Shaolin kick which plants itself directly on Molde's jaw, sending him crumpling to the canvas. Dominion suplexes Shaolin hard, and moves over to the injured Molde. Dominion hits a sliding dropkick right to Molde's face, then applies a katahajime chokehold on the big man, keeping him down on the ground.)

John: Brilliant move by Dominion, taking away Molde's size advantage.

James: Although Shaolin's back up, and Dominion won't have a chance to choke him out.

John: No, look at Shaolin.

(Shaolin gets set for an attack, then thinks again and stands back, watching Dominion choke Molde out. )

James: Ahhh, I see.

John: Good strategy by Shaolin. He gets a brief moment's rest, and Dominion will eliminate one more man…now. Molde's out. Look at him.

James: Yup. Referee's raising the arm, but it's a formlity. Say what you will about Molde, though, he didn't tap. Tough bastard.

John: Well, it's down to Dominion and Shaolin now. Dominion gets up and WHAMMO! A spinning heel kick puts him back to the canvas. Shaolin with the cover, but Dominion kicks out at 2.

( The two men square off as the crowd noise rises to a fever pitch...well, as much as a small crowd in a dingy junkyard can. Shaolin applies a wristlock, which Dominion escapes and reverses into a hammerlock. Shaolin hits a few back elbows to Wolfson's head, though, and escapes as well. Dominion charges and goes for the spear, but Shaolin sidesteps and hits a chop to the back of the neck, sending Dominion down. He can't gain the advantage, though, as Dominion sweeps him to the ground and pounces with hard closed fist punches to the face.)

John: This is intense, fans!

James: What fans? They can't hear you, or even understand you. They're Japanese.

John: Shaddup, you.

James: Oh! Shaolin with a headscissors, and Dominoin's in trouble!

(Dominion, fighting for air, inches across the ring with Shaolin's legs wrapped around his head, crushing...Wolfson musters up the last of his strength and reaches the ropes. Shaolin breakes the hold, dras Dominion to the center of the ring, and attempts a jujigatame armbar. Wolfson powers out, however, and scrambles back to his feet.)

James: Damn! How'd he have the strength to do that?

Maurice: Ook!

James: Naw, doesn't look like "roid rage," Maurice. You overpaid bastard.

Maurice: OOOOK!

James: No, YOUR mother!

John: Ah-HEM! Dominion tries to break up the knucklelock with a kick to the gut, but Shaolin catches his foot. Enziguri counter by Dominion!

( Shaolin crumples to the mat like a ton of bricks, and DOminon picks him up...he gets him in a reverse front facelock, setting up for the Rule of Dominoin finisher!)

James: Aw, turn out the lights...

John:Dominion is calling out for his "Rule of Dominion" finisher

James!And here comes Express from the back!!

(Dominion hits his brainbuster finisher and the count is on)

John:One!Two!!Th....No!Express just got in the face of Dominion and spit in his face as he was making the cover!! Dominion is staring a hole through Express but he doesnt know what to do!!He doesnt know if he should take off after Express while he has the chance or pin Shaolin and become the first ever SHOOT champion!!!

James:Pin him man!!Do it while you have him he's out of it!!You can always go after Express some other time!

John:Dominion has been so overcome by rage he cant seem to make up his mind!!He's still crouched there over Shaolin staring at Express like a madman!

(Dominion gets to his feet and pulls Express upon the apron.As he does Shaolin quickly slips from underneath his legs and catches him from behind with a full nelson)

John:Shaolin has Dominion locked!DRAGON SUPLEX!!!!!1...2...Dominion out on 2!!!Here comes Meioh down to ringside,he's wearing his old wrestling gear....and he's by himself James!

James:Damn right he's by himself!He worked for years to be able to run a promotion and he doesnt want the wrong man to walk out of here as champion!

(Shaolin begins to bring Dominion to his feet possibly forn another suplex but drops him upon seeing Meioh.Dominion comes from behind Shaolin and locks him in a standing Crossface Chickenwing.Meioh calls for Dominion to bring Shaolin closer.Upon reaching the apron where Meioh stands,Shaolin breaks away and hits Dominion with a mule kick.Meioh spits a gust of green mist in the face of Shaolin who falls to the mat kicking his feet as the burning sets in.)

John:Both men are down fans!!!This match could end at any moment!

James:Express and Meioh are talking to each other John!They seem to be trying to come to an agreement here!What could they be saying?!

John:I dont know James but both of them are creeping in theb ring from either side of the ring.Shaolin and Dominion are both down and Express and Meioh are climbing opposite sides of the turnbuckle!!!Express with a Flying Elbow from the top rope onto Dominion!!!Meioh has himself postioned over Shaolin and he looks to be going for a high risk move as well!!MOONSAULT!!!

James:WHAT THE HELL?!?!Norman Wong just pushed Shaolin out of the way and replaced it with the body of Dominion!!!Express hits the EX-PLEX on Dominion!!!!!Meioh is standing there in shock he cant believe it!Shaolin rolls over and puts an arm across the body of Dominion!!!One!!Two!!Three!!!!We have a SHOOT champion!!!!!!!!

(Norman immediately runs into the crowd and is followed by Meioh.Express takes off back to the dressing room area as Dominion begins to come to his senses.Shaolin still laying on the mat with his face a green mess and his eyes still closed is handed the SHOOT World title by the Compare as the show ends...)


next week...answers.