{{Some ways away from Oblivion, a shape can be made out in the darkness. It appears to be a man, pacing back and forth, apparently waiting for something or someone. Every once in a while, he looks up and stares off into the space.}}

{{A small sound can be heard in the distance getting louder by the second. This sound is given an image as a car rolls bumpily down the road, pulling up about 10 feet beside the man pacing. The doors swing open and out walk three men, two of them VERY big. These two men appear to be dragging the other across the ground. They drop him right in front of the pacer and allow him to regain his senses. The voice is recognized as Krazee's.}}

Krazee:"Awww geez, Lao, what the hell?"

Pacing Man(Lao):"Ahhh yes, Krazee San. Pleasure to be in your presence on such a nice evening."

Krazee:"Listen up I gotta match and you don't wanna..."

{{Krazee tries to sit up but a boot to the chest from one of the big men halts hist attempt.}}

Lao:"Pardon me, Krazee San, but your match tonight is exactly what I asked you to come here for..."


Lao:"Krazee, you are but a gai-jin, you know naught of what the Ishigun being forceful is really like. Now, about your match..."

Krazee:"Yeah, what about it?!"

Lao:"Do not raise your voice Krazee San, with your saviour. It was the Ishigun who bailed you from jail Friday Night, if you recall...now, I would just like to inform you that if you are un-successful in your match tonight, there will NOT be very happy superiors of mine focusing on you."

Krazee:"Shuttup Lao. I've got it handled! Scar is as good as beat!"

Lao:"Well, Krazee San, for your sake, I would hope so. However, whether you beat Scar or not is not of importance to the Yakuza as a whole. You see, we beleive that there is someone operating against us in the ranks of the SHOOT Project. You will find him or her and kill. You and I know that you now have some experience in the art of death..."

Krazee:"HEY! That mugger didn't die by my stab!"

Lao:"Maybe not....but you can rest assured.....that "mugger" is surely dead by now.......let him go....he has a match to prepare for."

{{Krazee is pulled up to his feet by his collar and is directed to the car. He is thrown into the driver's seat, the door slammed as Krazee drives back to Oblivion.....}}

We open up at a dark shipyard...

John: Welcome to the second ever Oblivion. John

James: We've been in strip bars, junkyards and today we come to you live from a shipping dock somewhere in Bangkok, Thailand.

John: James how can we be live if people can only see this on a tape.

James: Technicalities John. What's important is the great card we have tonight. We have Cronos Diamante vs Ravage.

John: Also tonight we have a drug war like none other when Esctacy battles the much talked about new comer Blazed.

James: Don't forget about the big Six Man Tag putting Master Molde, Taurus, Fastino Byrne against MASSICRIST, Swift KAYAMA, EXPRESS.

John: We know that there's no love lost between Express and Taurus. And the main event… Shaolin, Norman Wong, and Dominion in a Triple Threat Match with special guest referee… Meioh.

Jame: I wonder what's gonna happen in that match.

John: I don't know but we'll see that and a whole lot more.

(A red Dodge Viper with tinted windows pulls up into view.The camera does a once over of the car as it parks and then goes to the back as we notice the word "HAWK" on the license plate.It parks in frontt of a trailer labeled "Mr.Wong" and stops.Exiting from the front seat is a grinning Norman Wong wearing black shades with a black jacket and pants and black gator skin shoes.He fixes his jacket upon himself and looks around the area.From the backseat of the car exits SHOOT President Meioh wearing a similar outfit as he usually does,and a broad smile across his face as well.He begins to speak as if he is continuing a conversation that was already being held in the car....)

Meioh:....And what really amazes me is that he fell for it all.I swear for a guy who says Im losing MY edge he really is showing his stupidity lately.He actually believes Im out to take his life.As if I couldnt have that done with the snap of my fingers if I wanted to.He doesnt take the time to think that I hired him for a reason.Im gonna get him just where I want him.Its like when you pick up a bug Norman.You pull off a joint here,a leg there...You just torture him.There are many ways to torture a man.Many ways to break his spirit and destroy his mind until he acts and behaves like a senile old guy with alzheimers.(chuckling to himself)He simply doesnt realize just who the hell I am...You brought it right?

Norman:Oh for sho blood.All I had to do was get his ass all E pilled out an shit.I took his mind to the mountain of mushroom and left it there yo.I straight gaft it from the foo when he was knocked out on the couch with a pill stuck to his top lip by saliva.He looked like a hella dumpling dawg. And I must a agree with you,he's a dumb nigga.(Pulls out a very expensive looking green robe covered in chinese characters and throws it to Meioh)

Meioh:(Laughing)Yeah this is it.His prized possession he always used to tell me about.This is the robe that was given to him at the age of 10 by one of the temple masters.He always used to tell me how much it meant to him.Even when we were closest of friends he wouldnt even let me see it up close.He actually believes in all that "Way of the Tao" mumbo jumbo.As if this bunch of threads is actually worth something.

(Looks at the robe disgusted and then blows his nose into it.He laughs to himself and spits on the robe,then throws it back to Norman.Norman frowns and stares at Meioh,then into the camera as if to say "Wha the f*ck?".Norman fumbles with the robe,finally holding it away from his body by one finger,trying not to get any snot on him)

Norman:(Composing himself and changing his focus)And wait until he sees this guy!

(Goes to open the back door, but Meioh stops him)

Meioh:No no no.Not yet.We'll save this little surprise for later.Besides after he sees that this guy is a part of the Yakuza now,he may not want to live anymore.

(Both men look at each other smiling knowingly and make their way to the trailer.....)

John:What in the hell is going on here??!!Last week as we all saw Oblivion,Norman ruined Meioh's plans and had a big hand in seeing to it that Shaolin became the SHOOT champion.This whole week hes been hanging out with Shaolin and Express going to raves.Now it looks like he's with Meioh!Why??I dont understand it James.

James:Well you should know John,for one thing money talks.But that makes no sense either John.Its well known among the boys that Norman has a wealthy godfather that owns a very profitable cellular phone company.Norman probably has access to more money than Meioh could ever offer him.Im clueless on this one.But we do have some huge news for all of the fans tonight.Only 30 minutes ago it was handed down by Meioh that the three way Shaolin-Wong-Dominion main event tonight will be for the SHOOT title.When the company was formed the plans were to not have the champion defend the title for the first month.But its obvious that Meioh doesnt want to see Shaolin with that title around his waist.

James- it's time, here tonight, to officially kick off our second edition of Oblivion! And how would we do that Maurice?

Maurice- ook.

James- nooo, not by that, NEVER by doing that! But by having our very first match of the night take place, in which impressive newcomer Azrael will take on his first opponent of his career in SHOOT, Dom.

John- that's right, James, and this match should prove to be a good opener, as we come to you via video tape from Bangkok, Thailand, in the middle of a shipyard! Dom has had his share of rough matches so far in SHOOT, and hasn't had too much luck on the mats so far.

James- and things aren't looking any better, since Azrael looks to be in top shape for tonight's match. I saw him backstage, and he looks ready to go.

John- but Dom does have a few things going for him in this match, aside from the fact that his all out street fighting skills are pretty superior to most of those on the roster, he also has Azrael's undefined past on his attributes side.

James- what do you mean?

John- well Azrael seems to be out for revenge here in SHOOT, and the word out on the street is that he may have pissed off some of the wrong people.

James- oh, that's true, and with the kind of people I've seen around here, that's definitely not a good thing to do.

John- what's that?

James- what's what?

John- not a good thing to do.

James- what's not a good thing to do?

John- no, you said that's definitely not a good thing to do, what is not a good thing to do?

James- I don't know, why are you asking me?

Maurice- ooook.

James- yeah, John just shut up.

John- ANYway, the first match is about to begin here, as the compare is rising from his post next to us.

Compare- ladies and gentlemen…welcome to…OBLIVIONNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

(The SHOOT ghetto blaster kicks on and "The Nobodies," by Marylin Manson blasts throughout the shipyard, and the compare begins his speech…)

Compare- now making his way to the ring for our first match of the evening, weighing in at two hundred and twenty seven pounds, he stands at a tiny five feet, seven inches tall, and he is the master of the Dude Effect…DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!!!

(Just as Dom enters the ring, his music fades out, and the familiar tune of "That's Amore" sung by Dean Martin fills all of our ears, and out from the back walks the man known as Azrael…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, and standing at six feet, and one inch tall…hailing from Messina, Italy, he is the master of the Snake Eyyyyyyes…AZZZZRAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Azrael heads into the ring and the two stand in their respective corners until the referee is done explaining the rules…)

James- this one should be a pretty quick match, with whoever wins, winning big.

Maurice- ook.

James- I'd pick Azrael too, right now.

John- as would I, but you never know Dom does have some decent potential, and he's obviously due for a win.

James- well we'll see, as we're getting underway, right now!

(Azrael and Dom circle around each other for a good ten seconds before the two of them finally dash forward, entangling themselves in a collar tie grapple. Azrael uses the strength in his triceps to force Dom into the lower half of the grapple, putting lots of torque onto Dom's own triceps. Azrael quickly shifts Dom into a side headlock, wrenching down tightly on the side of Dom's head. This lasts for a few moments until Dom pushes Azrael off of him and into the ropes, only to have Azrael return and hop up onto Dom's shoulders, only to fall back in a flipping motion, driving Dom's head into the mat…)

James- sweet hurricanrana, there, by Azrael.

(Both of the men roll up to their feet, however, and both charge toward each other, but Azrael swings around and hooks his legs around Dom's waist, from the back, and rolls forward, pinning Dom's shoulders to the mat…)




(Dom kicks out and bounces right back, turns around, and gets caught with a massive rolling clothesline…)

James- that one almost knocked both men out of the ring!

(Azrael, quick to his feet, jumps atop the top turnbuckle and stares down at Dom, who lies dormant on the mat. He jumps, flips rather, off the turnbuckle, twisting several times before he comes crashing down upon the chest of Dom…)


James- could be over!



2 ½…


(Dom kicks out at the last possible half second, and the referee stops the count. Azrael sighs, and lifts Dom to his feet, though Dom can barely stand as he's clutching his chest, hard. Azrael bounces Dom off the ropes, but Dom holds on to Azrael's arm as Azrael goes to let go, and Dom spins around, hooking his arm underneath of Azrael's legs and pulling it up, hitting a massive low blow…)

John- ohhh, the great equalizer!

(Dom then grabs a hold of Azrael's head and jumps forward, hitting a bulldog. Dom quickly goes for the cover…)




James- Azrael kicks out!

(Azrael rises to his feet, as does Dom, and Azrael quickly brings the fight to Dom, grabbing a hold of his head and laying in a few decisive hits to Dom's temple area with his fist…)

John- Dom, who had taken control for a quick second, is once again reeling!

(Azrael backs him up into the corner, still laying the hits on thick, until he grabs hold of his arm and tosses Dom to the other side of the ring, into the opposite turnbuckle. Azrael then charges after him and jumps into the air, almost sideways…)

James- what the hell is he doing?!

(He flies onto Dom's chest, holds on to Dom's head, and swings his legs over top of the turnbuckle, as if he was an Olympic gymnast. As he swings back around, he makes a three sixty, and he pulls Dom's head down with him, falling to the mat, crinkling Dom into two pieces it seems…)


James- Swinging DDT from the turnbuckle!

Maurice- OOOOK!

James- that's right, it was innovative as hell!

(Azrael makes his second trip of the night to the top rope, and the crowd rises to their feet, if they weren't already after that last move. Azrael jumps forward, rolling in a somersault type motion, and finally lands with his leg across Dom's neck…)


(Azrael leans back, sprawling himself out over top of Dom, grabbing his leg and lifting it high into the air, the referee gets down to make the count…)




(The crowd half boos and half cheers as Azrael gets off the ground, his hand being raised in victory…)

James- fantastic match! Azrael had a spectacular showing!

John- you're damn right he did! Like him or not, he's going to be a star one day!

SHOOT Project superstar, Taurus, is walking in the "locker room" area at tonight's show, on his way to find next week's bookings as he's been told they've been printed and posted in the recent minutes. The "locker room" for tonight's event, though obviously not one, has been transformed into a variety of different trailers. His trailer is in plain sight and the bookings posted approximately thirty feet from it.
Taurus' usual walk has been replaced by a newer and more cheery one. Something is obviously causing him to be anxious. Anxious of what is a mystery, however. Taurus reaches the bookings sheet and runs his finger up the list of matches and literally drops his jaw to the floor when he reads his match: Taurus vs. Dominion for the SHOOT Championship.
It would appear the Meioh is so confident in Dominion winning the SHOOT Championship that he's booked a match-up that isn't one-hundred percent sure of happening. Taurus, however, has neglected to recollect that said face and is skipping to his trailer.
He enters the trailer to see Angel sitting in a chair reading an article about the SHOOT Project. When she see's a stonecold countenance on Taurus she drops the issue to the ground and jumps up, in his face, to ask him what's wrong.
"What's wrong?"
Taurus shook his head and stared at the ground.
"C'mon, you can tell me," she said tenderly. "I'm here for you."
Taurus lifted his head quickly with a wide grin on his face, almost as if somebody had told him he'd won the lottery, but in a sense he did. Getting a chance at the World Title in any federation is, in essence, the jackpot.
"I, well," Taurus pauses. "I GET A MATCH FOR THE WORLD TITLE NEXT WEEK!"
Angel jumped up and down a bit and hugged Taurus.
"That's so great, baby," she half-yelled.
Taurus began pacing the room as to show his anticipation for his big chance at the title.
"I can't wait," Taurus said. "It's going to be great. I'm facing Dominion for that title too."
"Wait a minute, babe," Angel said inquisitively. "Shaolin is the champion."
Taurus looked confused now.
"He is, isn't he?" He laughed. "I guess Meioh is so confident in Dominion winning tonight that he's taken it upon himself to print the bookings as I saw them. Shaolin must be in for a big surprise tonight."
Angel shrugged.
"It doesn't matter, babe," He said confidently. "I've been printed as having a title shot next week. Dominion, Shaolin, who cares. I'm going to win that title and damn I can't wait for the chance to show everybody what I'm made of."
"You'll knock 'em dead, hon," She smiled.
"You damn right I will," He retorted. "I'm taking that title. I'll be champion before you know it and then we'll have a lot more money than we already have. Buy a house? Forget that. A mansion!"
Angel laughed at his anxiousness and hugged him. "Do we need that babe?"
"Sure we do," He said. "I can't wait, babe. I CAN'T WAIT!"

Krazee is walking backstage when his cell phone rings. He stops to answer it.

Krazee: Hello?

(We can't hear what the other person is saying but judging by Krazee's expression it's the same person who made the mysterious call.)

Krazee: Glad to hear from you again. So is this thing underway?

(Krazee smiles at the answer.)

Krazee: Good I'll be with you in a few minutes. Bye

(Krazee hangs up the phone and walks up to a door. He opens the door to find Renegade and Hayana sitting on steel folding chairs. Renegade gets up and so does Hayana. Krazee walks up to them then begins to speak.)

Krazee: Hey

Renegade: What are you doing in here?

Krazee: Calm down they told me this is my locker room… if you can call this that.

Renegade: (Turning to Hayana) You said that this room was exclusive to me and my friends.

Hayana: I thought it was I guess the boss forgot.

Krazee: Hey who says we can't be friends. You know a lot of people are jealous of you and will try to hold you down. You should know that coming from IWE.

Renegade: (With a huge smile on his face.) You're right. But seriously can you blame them. I am great… and with the Japanese Giant Hayana by my side I damn sure can't be beat. Not even the mighty Taurus beat me.

Krazee: Yeah sure… Well anyway my point is that you might need someone to watch your back. And as longs as I'm around I'll be there for you when it count's.

Renegade: I don't think I'll need it but hey it doesn't hurt.

(Renegade with a cocky look on his face sticks his hand out in friendship towards Krazee. Krazee is about to shake his hand when his phone rings. He answers it and the camera fades out...

John: Well this should be a good match James. Scar in his first match here in SHOOT, brings a long winning past with him. His Hardcore style is not totally over shadowed as he has great mat skills to go with.

James: Thats true, and Krazee did well last week. Scar can take things to the extreme if need be, but he'll mat wrestle with the best of them. AS for Krazee, well, this guy is just insane. He reminds me alot of that Jeffery Dahmer guy.

John: Are you implying her likes other guys?

James: Ummm, oh, no. Of course not.

John: I'd hope not, because I hate to hear you cry after a good beating.

James: What are you saying John? I know Krazee would kick my ass!

(Suddenly, "The Swarm" by Dark Lotus blasts over the intercom and the fans turn look as Krazee makes his way out the the ring. Krazee, with is face painted in usual Black and White fassion, struts out the the ring. He rolls under the bottom rope and climbs the corner turnbuckle and raises his fists. The crowd is mixed with Boo's and Cheers for the demented wrestler.)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, standing in the ring at this time; a man who proved just how tough he is in Toyko last week, standing six-feet, one inch nad weighing in at two hundred, thirty-five pounds.....KRAZEE!!!

(The crowd again mixed with cheers and boo's. Krazee, still mounted on the turnbuckle with fists raised glares at the crowd. Suddenly, "Fear" by Disturbed blasts over the intercom and the crowd grows silent.) Compare: And making his way to the ring for his first SHOOT battle, a man with a long past. Standing six-feet, two inches and weighing in tonight at two hundred, forty-eight pounds.....SCAR!!!

(The crowd is mixed with cheers and boo's as Scar slowly walks to the ring. Scar, dressed in his usual combat gear of ripped pants and black leather boots, walks to the ring with Chucky in hand.)

James: Has this guy gone totally mental?

John: I think so. Who the hell still carrys around dolls?

James: I guess only this sick bastard.

(Scar walks to the opposite side of the ring of Krazee. Scar places Chucky in the corner facing Krazee, and Scar rolls under the bottom rops and backs himself into the corner. Scar, checking his kneepads, glares over at Krazee with a blank look. Scar lifts his right hand and flips off Krayzee and then flips off the crowd.)

James: Hell yeah! Thats one way to piss a few hundred Thai's off!

John: I don't think Scar scored any brownie points with that move.

James: I can feel it John, I think we are gunna see blood shed here tonight!

John: Both men, are in the ring so lets see them battle!

(Scar and Krazee lock up. Scar drops to one knee and hit Krazee with a punch to the abdomen. Krazee stumbles back. Scar kicks Krazee with a boot to the stomach, and Krazee hunches over. Scar with a Scissors Kick to the back of the head of Krazee. Krazee drops to the mat and Scar goes for a Dragon Sleeper!)

James: Scar starts strong and looking to end this match early with that Dragon Sleeper.

John: He's got that Dragon Sleeper applied well too!

(The ref looks at the hold and checks Krazee. He lifts Krazee's arm and it falls once. He lifts Krazee's arm again and it stays up.....Krazee with reverse punches to the head of Scar, and Scar releases the hold. Krazee back to his feet and he and Scar lock up. Krazee whips Scar to the ropes and hits Scar with a Power Clothesline. Scar falls to the mat, but gets up quickly, and delivers an Eye Gouge to Krazee. Krazee stumbles back and Scar grabs Krazee and whips him to the corner. Krazee slams hard and bounces out of the corner. Scar runs towards Krazee and hits the "Knife of Death" Spear!!!)

James: Thats it! Thats it! This match is done!!

John: Sit down smartass. This isn't over yet.

(Scar pulls Krazee up to his feet and turns Krazee around. Scar applies a Full Nelson, and Krazee tries to wrestle out of it. The Ref checks the hold, and Scar hits a Full Nelson Release Suplex onto Krazee. Krazee falls to the mat, and Scar jumps on Krazee and begins to punch him with stiff right hands. The ref warns Scar, and Scar stands up and walks around the ring, catching his breath. Krazee gets to this feet, as Scar looks the other way; and hits a Super Kick to the back of the head of Scar.)

James: That was brutal! I heard the cob-webs get knocked out of Scar's head on that one.

John: Krazee may be getting his act together here fans.

(Scar drops to the mat and Krazee pulls him back up. Krazee hits a Pumphandle Slam to Scar and Scar falls to the mat again. Krazee with some kicks to the head of Scar, and Scar reaches to cover his head. Krazee steps back and waits for Scar to get to his feet. Scar starts to get up and Krazee bounces off the opposite ropes and hits Scar with a Flying Clothesline. both men fall to the mat.)

James: Krazee, getting MidEvil on his ass!

John: Both men down. I dont think that was a great move by Krazee. (Both men struggle to their feet. Scar punches Krazee with a stiff right, and Krazee delivers a stiff right punch back to Scar. Scar drops down and hits Krazee in the abdomen, and Krazee steps back, and rocks forward with a Heart Punch to the chest of Scar. Scar stumbles back into the corner.)

John: Krazee is pulling out the bag of dirty tricks for this one.

James: That's not dirty! That's smart!

(Krazee stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Scar. Scar rushes at towards Krazee but it leveled with a Super Kick to the jaw. Scar drops back into the corner and sits there. )

James: Sweet Chin Music!!!

John: Oh god...

(Krazee on the attack, jumps onto Scar and delivers closed fist punches to Scar's head. Scar forehead busts open and blood begins to flow.)

James: Well it's about damn time! Finally we get some juice!

John: Scar, looks to have a cut on his forehead.

James: When I said juice, did you think I was talking about Apple Juice? Jackass.

(Krazee gets back to his feet and Scar struggles to get up. Scar delivers a a Palm Thrust to the knee of Krazee and Krazee stumbles back. Scar gets to his feet and delivers an elbow to the head of Krazee, and he hunches over. Scar steps to the back of Krazee and applies the "Soul Reaver" Torture Rack!! The Ref runs over to check out Krazee, but Scar drops Krazee outside the ring. )

John: Scar's looking to make this match a war!

James: Yeah! Lets see some more blood!

(Krazee drops to the floor outside the ring. Scar runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, and looks to Krazee outside the ring. Scar turns around and jumps, hitting a Top Rope MoonSault onto Krazee!! Both men fall to the floor and the ref begins to count.....1.......2......)

James: now thats what I'm talking about!

John: Textbook move by Scar. Perfect execution.

(Scar gets to his feet and begins to stomp on Krazee. Krazee's face being driven into the concrete. Scar pulls Krazee up by his hair and throws him over his shoulder and begins to walk towards a docked ship.)

James: Whoo! Scar is putting a hurting on Krazee.

John: Can't win the match outside the ring.

James: Shut up! But you can have one hell of a war! And it looks like this is just starting to get interesting!

(Scar drops Krazee, who looks winded, to his feet and whips him into the side of the docked ship. Krazee's face bounces off the hull of the ship and he drops to the pavement. Krazee's head has been busted open and he's bleed quite well. Scar on the attack rushes at Krazee, but Krazee counters with a Mule Kick to the gut of Scar. The ref contiunes the count.....3........4........5......)

James: Oh hell yeah baby! Blood bath!

John: That mule kick looked a little low to me James, but who cares! This is an all out WAR now.

(Scar drops to his knees on the ground and Krazee returns to his feet. Krazee proceeds to rapidly punch Scar in the back of the head and Scar falls face first into the concrete. Krazee backs off and looks around the area. He spots a roll of thick steel cable and walks over and unravels it. He carrys it over towards Scar and wraps it around his neck and begins to choke Scar with the steel cable!!!)

James: Yeah! Yeah! Choke him out!

(The ref continues the count ......6.......7.......Krazeebegins to drag Scar around by the neck with the steel cable toward the ring. Scar clinches his neck and finaly gets to his feet. Scar rushes towards Krazee and hits him with a Clothesline. Krazee falls to the concrete as does Scar from lack of air. Both man lay there for a few seconds before trying to return to their feet. Krazee up first as Scar slowly afterwards. The exchange punches, and Scar hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Krazee flips over and lands on his back. The ref continues the count....8......9.....)

James: Ahhh damn it! Get back in the ring you fools!!

John: Yeah, this is getting insane! Finish someone off!

(Krazee gets back to his feet and Scar rolls into the ring. Krazee follows Scar into the ring, and they lock up. Krazee applies an Arm Bar, but Scar reverses and gets Krazee into an Arm Bar. Krazee begins to walk around the ring while in the arm bar, and suddenly elbows Scar in the face. Scar breaks the hold and Krazee runs up the corner turnbuckle and hits a Drop Kick onto Scar. Both men go to the mat.)

John: Nice move by Krazee. Blood is covering the mat now John. Both of these men are bleeding heavily.

James: Hell of a way to get out of an Arm Bar by Krazee. With all this blood dripping onto the mat, we may have to hire a few little Thai boys to scrub it after the match!

James: John, stay away from the little boys. Keep your fetishes to yourself you dirty bastard.

(Krazee follows up on Scar with a Tilt-A-Whirl Neckbreaker. Scar drops back to the mat, and Krazee raises his hands in the air. )

John: He hasn't won the match yet, and he's already celebrating!

(Scar hits a Drop Toe hold onto Krazee and he falls to the mat. Scar jumps onto the back of Krazee and applies a Scorpion Death Lock!!!The referee is raising and lowering the hand of Krazee.Krazee keeps trying to forces his way out put doesnt have the energy to push against the weight of Scar.Krazee's hand is raised and lowered three times.Scar wins....)

John- well after that last match, it may be hard to follow up, but somehow I think we just might be able to do it, as newcomer to the project, Cronos Diamante takes on world title finalist, Ravage in a singles match.

James- that's right, and to be honest Johnny, I really couldn't say who will walk away with this one. I mean, I've heard so many good things about Diamante, and we know he's a good friend of Dominion, but Ravage really impressed us all last week when he advanced all the way to the finals.

John- I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens, James.

Maurice- ook.

James- exactly, and plus the fact that Diamante hasn't wrestled in a little while could weigh heavily on the decision in tonight's match.

Maurice- ooook…

James- no, no, I'm not doubting his abilities, I'm just saying he might be a bit rusty, that's all.

John- what in god's name are you two talking about?

James- uh…haven't you been listening John?

John- yes, I'm listening to a blubbering idiot shoot his mouth off to a frickin monkey.

James- and…?

(The official SHOOT boom box begins to blare "Sign of The Cross," by Iron Maiden, as the sailors and seamen rise to their feet in support of the newcomer, and ex-marine, Cronos Diamante. Cronos walks down to the ring wearing his normal wrestling attire, saluting the friends by nodding to a few of them, but not really doing anything too spectacular. In fact, the look on his face is quite intense at the moment, a little bit more focused than we've seen him in the last couple of weeks, as his story has unfolded…)

Compare- ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and sixty seven pounds, he stands at six feet, three inches tall, and he is a martial arts master, as well as the master of the Ne Han…Cronos…DIAMANTEEEEEE!!!!

John- Cronos has really come into this fed and made an impact hasn't he?

James- you're damn right he has, he's already aligned himself with Dominion, as they apparently have a storied past together, and he's also already declared war on the same opposition that Dominion has at the moment.

Maurice- oooook.

James- well, we'll have to see about that Maurice.

John- and here comes Ravage!

(As Cronos enters the ring and begins to stretch himself out, the boom box switches songs systematically to "Back in Black" by ACDC, as Ravage enters the scene. The fans once again rise in applause and cheers, as Ravage makes his way to the ring, clad in his normal all black attire…)

Compare- and his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and sixty two pounds, and standing at six feet, three inches tall, he is the master of the Ravager…the powerful…RAAAAAVAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGE!!!!!!!

James- Ravage has really been doing quite well for himself here in shoot as well. He's come within minutes of being the very first SHOOT Champion, and he's already got a decent following.

John- that's true, I've enjoyed all of his work so far, whether it is in or out of the ring.

Maurice- ook.

James- really? Why not?

Maurice- oook.

James- oh, yeah, good point.

John- what'd he say?!?

James- that's none of your business John, anyway, get focused, the match is beginning!

(Ravage slides underneath the bottom rope and charges at Cronos, who immediately dodges the attack…)

John- we're underway!

(Ravage and Cronos circle each other in the ring, eyeing each other down, and quickly Ravage charges again, this time with a clothesline, but is dodged by the quick Diamante. As Cronos moves out of the way, he hooks his arm with Ravage's and quickly spins around, delivering a hard elbow to the back of Ravage's neck. Ravage stumbles forth in pain, grabbing the back of his neck. He dashes forward once again, only to be caught in a drop toehold, into a single leg Boston crab type maneuver…)

James- this one could be over already!

(Luckily for Ravage, Cronos loses his balance and cannot lock the move on entirely before Ravage has the chance to escape. The two of them are up at the same time, and as Cronos turns around, he's dealt a stiff kick to the midsection, and a quick hard body slam…)

John- that was like a whirlwind, right there.

(Ravage goes for the quick cover, but is denied, as Cronos quickly kicks out after a one count. Ravage lifts Cronos to his feet and throws him to the ropes, and he follows this action up with a big belly to belly suplex, and a cover ensues…)




(Cronos kicks out immediately after the two count is made, making it no where near the three count. Ravage apparently decides to slow the pace of the match down a bit, as he begins to apply a rear-headlock to Cronos, who scrunches his face up in pain. The referee assumes his position in vain, as he knows that Cronos won't give up from the headlock, as its purpose is to just wear him down a bit…)

John- rear headlock being applied…

James- Ravage has really controlled the match so far, though we're still only in the opening minutes.

(However, this "wearing down" session doesn't last too long, as Cronos quickly begins to rise to his feet, his head still locked firmly underneath of Ravage's arm. The crowd livens up a bit as Cronos throws an elbow into Ravage's midsection, bending both men over. But that is the only warning given to what follows…)

James- OH, NO!

John- that didn't look to good on Ravage's neck area!

(What they were screaming about was that Cronos wrapped his arms around Ravage's waist and side suplexed him backwards, right on to Ravage's head, with his shoulders pinned to the mat…)






John- kicked out?! You mean he can still MOVE?!

Maurice- oook.

James- yeah, apparently.

(Cronos immediately picks up Ravage, who obviously by now has broken the hold, and throws him to the corner of the ring, backing up into his own corner at the same time which is opposite of Ravage. Cronos dashes forward and at about midway through to the other side of the ring, he jumps into the air and lands a huge SPINNING HEEL KICK!)

James- oh good lord!!!


Maurice- OOOOOOK!

(The crowd rises to their feet in cheers as Diamante slides out of the ring and begins to bring the assault to Ravage, who is sprawled out across the floor, spread eagle. Cronos lifts him up to his feet and throws him into a set of folding chairs that were cleared out by fans who did not want to get a piece of the action themselves. However, instead of collapsing, the chairs stood tall, with Ravage sitting atop them, dazed and confused…)

John- things aren't looking too good for Ravage right now!


(Cronos gets in his martial arts stance, but only for a moment, until he simply unloads on Ravage with a series of stiff kicks to the chest and shoulder area, eventually knocking Ravage backwards, flipping him and the chairs head over heels. The last kick was in particular the most devastating, as when Cronos' upper foot region connected with Ravage's TEETH, a splash of blood fell across Cronos' chest and the seats next to him, as well as a nice puddle gathering upon Ravage's chin…)

Maurice- ooKOOOOOOOOK!

John- good lord! He just kicked the hell out of Ravage, and he quite possibly could have knocked out some teeth! Ravage is bleeding like BLOODY HELL!

James- that's gotta be it!

John- and if it's not, it should be, as I don't think Ravage can continue if he may or may not be missing teeth!

James- oh, he could continue if he doesn't get pinned…obviously.

(After that almost knock out blow, Cronos steps over the few chairs that are still standing and finds Ravage laid out on his back, bleeding profusely from his facial area. But Cronos doesn't stop…)


(Cronos raises Ravage to his feet and drags him along, though Ravage is pretty much just being carried by Cronos as his feet are not moving, but sliding. Ravage realizes which way they are going, which is the direction of the water, and immediately he begins to struggle…)

James- oh, good god no…

(To stop the struggle, Cronos stops his moving and turns to Ravage, who falls to his knees. Cronos delivers a hard, SWIFT, knee to the sternum of Ravage, causing him to completely COLLAPSE!)

John- Ravage is getting his ass beat! For some reason, James, I think that Cronos is trying to prove a point to someone!

James- who cares about proving a point! This is Ravage's LIFE on the line here!

(Cronos sits down on Ravage's back and locks Ravage into a full nelson, causing Ravage to half heartedly scream out in pain, as he's damn near unconscious…)

James- NE-HAN! NE-HAN!


James- more than that! He's trying to end this man's LIFE!!!!

(Ravage screams that he gives up, as he waves his hands, the only mobile parts of his upper body except for his jaw, which is barely movable at that. The referee, who apparently has ruled this a falls count anywhere match, signals for the end of the match, as the crowd erupts into cheers, as a little bit of their blood lust has been satisfied…)

James- what a savage beating THAT was!

John- Ravage had control early on, but Cronos really just took over and…wow…that was a sick shot to the head if I've ever seen one!

Maurice- ooook.

James- exactly, there was no need to apply the Ne-Han…wait…wait what's he doing now!!??

(Cronos has lifted Ravage up by his hair, looks at him for a moment, relishing in the man's bloodied face, and simply throws him over the side of the dock, into the water about twenty feet below. A giant splash is heard, and immediately we see a rescue crew rush to the scene of the crime, with several divers jumping into the water…)


John- in his incapacitated state, the man could DROWN!

James- I thought Cronos was supposed to be a good guy!

John- I don't think this had anything to do with good or bad, but I think it had everything to do with the threats made on his life, and the threats made on his loved ones! He's letting everyone around him know that they're not dealing with just any ex-marine, they're dealing with Cronos Diafuckingmante!

James- either way, Ravage has been hurt, BADLY!

(Cronos begins to solemnly walk to the back as the fans stand on their feet in cheers…)

(The sounds of loud laughing and the song "Nas is like" can be heard blasting from a very large trailer marked "President Meioh." Dominion makes his way over to the trailer and knocks on the door. After saying who he is, rumbling can be heard, followed by what sounds like glass breaking. A few seconds pass and Meioh replies with the words "Come on in" .Meioh and Norman Wong are both sitting on a large plush overstuffed leather couch. Norman chowing on what appears to be Asian food from the look of the boxes, Meioh sits bobbing his head in tune with the music as well, while drinking Sapporo beer and watching what sounds like an Asian horror film on TV. Dominion opens the door as Meioh stands up immediately and bows in the direction with a very insincere look on his face. Norman sits there aloof and continues to eat, bobbing his head to the music. Meioh glances over to Norman and nudges him, trying to make it unnoticeable. Norman sighs and puts his food down, looking very unimpressed and slightly annoyed at the thought of standing up at Dominions entrance. Dominion holds up his hand motioning for the men to continue eating. He looks over to one side of the room which isn't in the cameras view, then staring at Meioh with a shocked look on his face. He once again looks to the far side of the room widening his eyes as if he is unsure what he is looking at is real.)

Dominion:Meioh,is that.....?

Meioh:(Cutting him off)Yes it is? Surprised to see him here with me aren't you?

Dominion: Actually, not really. I've become accustomed to seeing friends stab friends in the back. What's Norman doing here? Has this whole business gone to hell? This place is like one big ghetto. You cant trust anyone. Everyone here is out for themselves. There is no true loyalty. No real friends...

Meioh:(looking at Norman and chuckling)What world have you been living in?Thats life my friend. Thats the way things happen.Its every man for himself in this business.As it always has been.

Dominion:Im sure you didnt call me here to give me your outlook on the human race Meioh.Why *am* I here?

Norman:(Tearing into a box of Chinese food, eating as fast as one could possibly eat with chopsticks. He grabs a box of Chinese food and extends his arm to Dominion)
Want some fry rice blood? I got sweet and sour duck here with roast korean rib too.

(Dominion looks at Norman like he doesn't exist and holds his hand out blocking his face from his view. Meioh nods to Norman and the unseen man on the other side of the room.Norman gets up obviously frustrated with Dominions intrusion and walks away mumbling.As both men walk out of the room,we catch a glimpse of the back of the previously unseen man. All that can be seen as we watch him leave is that he is a small man and is dressed in the usual Yakuza garb.Dominion looks at the man again shaking his head in disbelief.)

Dominion:It never ceases to amaze me how unpredictable people can be.There was always competition between myself and Jacques but I never thought it would come to what it has come to.Now the man is a mortal enemy of mine.He took the death of Ariel and made an ass out of himself by making a joke out of it.By trying to belittle her life.But he will pay for that dearly.Lately I've caught myself having thoughts about taking his life.Almost like....

Meioh:Almost like the situation with me and Shaolin right?


Meioh:Thats why I called you here.We have a lot in common Eric.Both of us wish to dispose of an enemy in one way or another.The fact is,I've been doing some thinking.In my eyes you are the most talented athlete on my roster.Theres no other man that I'd rather have on my side than you.You think the same way I think Eric.A year ago I was in the exact same position you were in.I had been screwed out of the top title in the promotion,and on top of that I had a friend that was standing in the way of my fate.You know Eric,
I remember one time a promoter I worked for gave me his philosophy of this business.He likened the way he used wrestlers to a man riding a horse.The man rides the horse until the horse simply can go anymore.Then,he gets off the horse,shoots it,and eats it for dinner.Thats how the promoters in this industry think.Hell thats how the wrestlers think.But you're from a different breed.You're like myself.You want to shape this organization in your image.Together we can take this business to heights no one could have ever imagined.We have the financial backing,the knowledge and with you,the manpower to revolutionize this thing one more time.How about it Dominion,what do you say?....

(Meioh extends his hand to Dominion giving one of the most phony,telling,fake "warm-hearted" smiles you'll ever see.Dominion puts his hand out to Meioh and moves it over to the side....)

Dominion:Look.We both know that everything you just told me is a load of horseshit.

(Meioh slowly sits back in his chair,his smile slowly fading into a slight frown as he tries to hide his anger and keep a cool business head)

Dominion:I know you dont care about me.Just like I dont care about you.You dont care about this business.How many times have I heard you say that you have a "Greater Purpose" to achieve that goes far beyond professional wrestling?I know you're using this business like you want to use me.Bottom line is that you dont want Shaolin as champion of this company.You would rather it be me.Hey,I'd rather have me as champion than Shaolin as well.So we do have common ground there.Express is another story.Because when I take him out of this business and he's paralyzed for the rest of his life,thats one contract that you'll be paying on for no reason.Because you're paying a large sum of money to a walking dead man.So the deal is this.Tonight I'll take out Shaolin once and for all.All I ask from you,is to make Express's life a living hell.Leave the rest to me.

(Dominion gets up from his chair and walks away stepping on pieces of broken glass in the process,probably from the happenings that occured before he came in.He walks out of the trailer door and slams it shut behind him.The camera turns and faces Meioh on the couch and then pans upward to the ceiling.Holding on to the blades of the ceiling fan for dear life is SHOOT superstar EXPRESS.)

EXPRESS:Well man you plan on helping me doon or not?!

(Meioh gets up and reaches his arms out to help EXPRESS down.)

EXPRESS:*Whew*Barely got past that one.I gotta get ootta here.Go a little promo to do....

(Meioh chuckles to himself as Express leaves the trailer.Norman and the small man in the Yakuza ware return to the room.The small mans face is still concealed as it is covered by Normans shoulder.)

Meioh:Lets see here.I got Norman on my side...Dominion in my back pocket,and Shaolin in the palm of my hand.And when he sees you old friend....I cant wait...

(Meioh and Norman both stand their grinning and nodding at each other.Meioh gives the smaller unknown man a pat on the head as the scene fades...)

James: Well John, guess what?

John: What is it James?

James: I was gunna come to Bangkok, but then I got high!

John: Shut up James! Your the same guy that gets a buzz if he drinks soda too fast.

James: I am not!

John: Ok, lets get down to the action. Esctasy and Blazed should provide us a good quality and exciting match. These two young wrestlers, and the excited crowd should make for one hell of a match.

("We're in this together" by Nine Inch Nails blasts over the old intercom and out comes Blazed. The crowd is mixed with boo's and cheers as he walks to the ring with his hands held high. He rolls into the ring and checks the ropes. Blazed steps into the corner and adjusts his kneepads and gets ready for the battle.)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, in the ring at this time, standing six-feet, two inches and weighing in tonight at a trim two hundred and thirty-one pounds.....BLAZED!!!

James: Blazed looks to be in great shape. His Lucha style of fighting should make this match exciting.

(Blazed's music stops and "Because i got high" by Afroman comeson over the intercom and the crowd comes to life. Esctasy stumbles down to the ring, escorted by Alli. The men in the crowd pop as they get some nice looks at Alli, who tends to bend over alot. Esctasy climbs up the ring steps and climbs inbetween the ropes and backs into the corner.)

John: Esctasy looks a little "Pre-occupied" this evening.

James: I think he ate too many purple pills John. This is the only guy I know that doesn't need Viagra!

John: James, please refrain from exposing your sexual preferance.

Compare: And in the ring at this time, standing six-feet, three inches, and a slender two hundred, fifteen pounds.......ESCTASY!!!

(The crowd pops as Esctasy's name is announced. The camera pans over the crowd as the Thai people smoke their "herbs". Esctasy's music cuts off and the corwd grows silent.)

John: Well, you know what that means....

James: It's time for WAR baby!!

(Esctasy and Blazed lock up. Blazed applies a head lock and Esctasy pushes Blazed to the ropes. Esctasy bounces off the ropes and catches Blazed with a crossbody and both men fall to the mat. Blazed is up first and runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.)

John: Blazed going for some early aerial work here.

James: I heard this guy can fly with the best of 'em. so lets see some damn flying!!

(Blazed is on the top turnbuckle and quickly Esctasy rushes over and grabs Blazed by the waist. Esctasy hits a Release Suplex on Blazed and both men lay on the mat. Esctasy gets up quickly ans is on the attack. Esctasy with some swift kicks to the abdomen of Blazed.)

James: Esctasy with the hard kicks to Blazed, trying to wear the man down early.

(Esctasy applies a Cross Face Chicken Wing to Blazed. The ref looks for the tap out as Esctasy tightens the hold.)

John: Esctasy with a textbook Chicken Wing. Oh, Blazed has his foot one the ropes!

(The ref tells Esctasy to break to hold, but Esctasy tightens up again. The ref begins to count....1....2....3.....4....Esctasy breaks the hold. Blazed remains on the mat and Esctasy drop an elbow to the back of the head of Blazed. Both men return to their feet. They lock up and Blazed sends Esctasy to the ropes. Esctasy bounces off the ropes and Blazed hits a Hurricanrana on Esctasy.)

John: Oh! Blazed with a big Hurricanrana. Pulling out his Lucha style here James.

James: I told you this guy can fly! More damn it more!!

(Blazed back to his feet and runs to the corner and runs up the turnbuckles. Blazed hits a Spring Board Moonsault on Esctasy, and goes for the pin. The Ref counts....1....kick out by Esctasy! Blazed grabs the hair of Esctasy and slams his face into the mat in disgust.)

James: Blazed was looking to end this match early.

John: With high flying moves like that, he's gotta be taking a toll on his body. Is this guy looking to break some bones or what?

(Both men back to their feet. Esctasy with a boot to the abdomen of Blazed. Esctasy with a DDT to Blazed and they both go to the mat. Esctasy up quickly and pulls Blazed up by the hair. Esctasy hits a Belly-to-Back Suplex on Blazed. Esctasy still holding onto the waist of Blazed hits another Belly-to-Back Suplex. )

James: Thats two!

John: Nice to know you can count James. Esctasy, still holding onto the waist of Blazed, is he going to go for three?

(Esctasy goes for another Suplex, but Blazed swings back with and elbow to the head of Esctasy. Blazed throws another Elbow and Esctasy releases the hold. Blazed whips Esctasy to the ropes. Esctasy bounces off the ropes and Blazed take Esctasy to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold. Blazed applies a Ankle Lock to Esctasy, and the ref checks the hold. Esctasy begins to yell in pain.....AH AH AH....)

James: Esctasy looks to be in pain with that Ankle lock.

John: He sure does James, but can he make it to the ropes?

(Esctasy reaches for the ropes and Blazed stands up and pulls Esctasy back the middle of the ring. Blazed lifts Esctasy's leg and drives his knee to the mat. Blazed with some kicks to the knee of Esctasy. Blazed runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles.)

James: It's time to fly!

John: This could be interesting. What is Blazed going to do?

(Blazed stands up on the top turnbuckle as Esctasy gets to his feet. Blazed hits a Top Rope Dropkick to Esctasy. Esctasy falls to the mat, and Blazed goes to the corner again and climbs the turnbuckles.)

James: He's going for it again!

(Esctasy gets to his feet as Blazed stand on the top turnbuckle. Esctasy runs over and shakes the ropes, and Blazed falls onto them. )

John: Well that backfired. Blazed might not be able to have any kids after that move by Esctasy.

(Esctasy with a Spinning Heel Kick to the head of Blazed, who remains on the ropes. Blazed falls outside the ring, and
Esctasy runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckles. )

James: Esctasy, climbing the turnbuckles....

John: Dont tell me he's going to.....

(Esctasy stands on the top turnbuckle as Blazed begins to get to his feet outside the ring. Esctasy jumps from the turnbuckle and catches Blazed with a Bulldog, slamming Blazed's face to the floor outside the ring. The ref begins to count....1......2.......3.....)

James: Great move by Esctasy.

John: It sure was but both men look hurt, and they better get up and get back in the ring!

(Esctasy, first to his feet grabs Blazed by the hair and whip him into the ring steps. blazed crashes hard into the steps and the Ref continues to count.....4......5......6......Esctasy rolls back into the ring and runs to the ropes. Blazed slowly gets back to his feet as Esctasy bounces off the ropes and runs towards Blazed. Esctasy flips over the ropes, but Blazed catches him and delivers a Powerbomb to Esctasy, sending him to the floor!!)

James: Oh my god! That has got to hurt.

John: Hell yeah it did. Can they make it back in the ring before the Ref counts them out?

(Blazed rolls back into the ring as the Ref continues the count......7.........8......9.....Esctasy to his feet and rolls back into the ring. Blazed with some kicks to the head of Esctasy as he lays on the mat. Blazed grabs Esctasy by the hair and whips him to the ropes. Esctasy bounces off the ropes and Blazed hits him with a Standing Side Kick. Esctasy stumbles back towards the corner, and Blazed follows up with with a Shoulder Block against Esctasy, driving him into the corner. Blazed hits a Monkey Flip onto Esctasy, but Esctasy lands on his feets and hits a Short Clothesline on Blazed. )

John: Nice turn around by Esctasy.

James: Did I mention I got High?

(Blazed drops to the mat, and Esctasy follows up by grabbing Blazed's hair. blazed gets to his feet and Esctasy hits a DDT on Blazed. Both men to the mat. Esctasy up quickly, and pulls Blazed to his feet. Esctasy whips Blazed to the corner and Blazed slams hard into the turnbuckles.)

John: Oh! Blazed is bleeding from the nose!

James: That has got to be from that brutal DDT that Esctasy hit. Blazed face just bounced off the mat on that one.

(Esctasy rushes to the opposite corner, and looks out to the crowd. Esctasy runs toward Blazed and tries a Stinger Splash! Blazed rolls out of the way, and grabs Esctasy on the rebound, rolling him up into a textbook la magistral cradle! 1,2,3!)

James: I was gonna win the match, but then I got high!

John: Shut the bloody hell up, already.

Maurice: Ook!

James: Thank you, Maurice.

(The scene opens to a graveyard.A cloud of smoke envelops the area and we hear the sound of spooky "scary" music that sounds like it came from a 1930's horror film like Frankenstein.We pass by various tombstones until we reach EXPRESS who is dressed up in a wolfman costume.He has an old style hollywood movie directors chair and a large bag slung over his shoulders like a bodybag.With an incredibly dense looking grin on his face he puts the bag down and takes a seat at the chair.)

EXPRESS:Well Im back again with a big fat sack of mail.*Winks*I know Im a few days late for the whole Halloween theme,and I guess that gives away the time that this show was taped,but so be it.People,fans have always sent me mail from all over the world.Japan,London,Brazil,Canada,you name it.But I've never had the experience of receiving mail from the underworld.Until now that is.Tonight,as a treat to all of you sadistic,screaming for blood SHOOT Project fans,I have a special treat for you.Tonight I'll read three letters from..well...down there.

(Gives camera the *stink-eye*)

Express:Our first piece of mail comes from one mister Rock Hudson.It says.....

"Dear Express,

I didnt think it would be this drab in the afterlife.For years I went around born out of my mind.After years of living it up in hollywood and becoming a legendary star of stage and screen,I didn't think I'd ever see anything else that would impress me. And then I saw you.I saw a man of great tastes,a great wit and a fantastic performer on top of all of that.I dont mean to be a "nancyboy" or a "fruitypants" but I've fallen heads over heels for you.Oh and another thing.The question I heard you posing in a bar a few weeks back: "Who got hit in the chin by more balls,Babe Ruth or Rock Hudson(grin)I must tell you that it was myself by far.You are SUPER, Jacques!!Bye bye for now.

P.S. Im so tired of seeing that big mean nasty Dominion take up space in the new company is.He goes around like this whole thing is about him!(AS if!)Keep UP the good work!(tee hee!)"

(Express gives a look at the camera that is once of embarrassment and a little anger.He crumples up the letter and throws it over his back.He picks up another letter and opens it)

EXPRESS:Hopefully we'll have better luck with this one.Here we go

"Dear Express,
You might be confused here, as I am not a person. In fact, I'm Taurus's heterosexuality. I've been dead since 1989, when little Dustan Dewey first decided to uhm...experiment with his gym teacher..."

EXPRESS:Good freaking Christ. We'll try one more.Thats aboot all I can stand tonight.

(EXPRESS picks up a red envelope shaped like a heart and looks in over appearing confused as to why someone would send him such a letter)

EXPRESS:OK.This one better be good.

"Dear Jacques.

This is Ariel.I know you must be wondering why I would be writing you a letter from the grave.The fact is,the last few years of my life were horrible.Eric was the worst thing that ever happened to me.Did I ever tell you that he was impotent?Or that he is really bald and has invested enough money in Rogaine to feed a small state?I was with this man for years Jacques,and the only thing I ever really wanted was you.You were always more like what I expected a real man to be....Did you know that my death was actually a suicide?I ran into that car that one night on purpose.I'd rather be dead than spend another moment with that asshole..."

(The scene returns to EXPRESS in the graveyard as we see him rolling on the ground kicking his feet and laughing uncontrolably.He starts to hold his ribs and guffaw even more as the camera begins to back away and the scene changes.The scene is now a trailer and the EXPRESS promo is being viewed on a monitor.In front of the monitor stands Dominion,boiling with hatred.He picks up the monitor and slams it hard on the ground and stomping it.He puts his hand over the face of the camera as we go to black.....

John: This should be a good one folks. We have Renegade, Alessandro Intrepido, and the "All Natural" Steven Davis going at it in a three way war.

James: I'm picking Intrepido to win this one. He's impressed me ever since he came here.

John: He has the talent to win but so dose Davis and Renegade, who are trading fists in the middles of the ring. Intrepido stands in the corner watch them go at it.

James: Smart strategy. That's why he's my pick to win.

John: Renegade gets the upper hand. He backs Davis in the corner… Whips him in the adjacent corner and follows his in with a clothesline. He turns around and receives a dropkick from Alessandro. Renegade falls back into the corner with Davis. Intrepido comes charging with a head full of steam he goes for a splash… Davis pushes Renegade forward and he catches Intrepido in mid air… Davis comes out the corner and DDT's Intrepido off of Renegade's shoulder.

James: Look at that. They're cheating. They can't double team the man.

John: It's a three way… they can double team whoever they want to.

James: Not if when the person has a girl like Ashlee Minor by his side. She's a sanative young lady, she can't bare witness to violence like that.

John: Well then she should stay her ass at home.

James: What a fine ass it is.

John: Won't get any argument from me… Davis continues to stomp away at Intrepido and Renegade hits him from behind. He picks him up and scoop slams him back down. Intrepido is getting to his feet… Renegade sees him and hits him with a hard clothesline. He mounts Intrepido and starts laying in with a series of right hands to the head. Davis now from behind and knocks Renegade off. Davis picks him up and whips him into the ropes… Renegade bounces off the ropes and gets a back body drop. Davis runs towards Intrepido and receives an arm drag for his troubles. Renegade rushes him also and he gets an arm drag too… Intrepido hold on and locks on an arm bar

James: Intrepdio is up and ready to kick ass. Renegade makes it to the ropes. Intrepido goes for Davis and hits a snap suplex… Renegade is up… Intrepido rushes him, and is on the receiving end of a drop to hold. Renegade bounces of the rope and hits a swift leg drop on the back of Intrepido's head. He picks him up and set up for a powerbomb… but Davis rises up and hits a spinning heel kick to the face of Renegade. Intrepido is getting up and Davis hits a spinning neckbreaker. Renegade stumbles into a Head and Arm suplex from Davis.

John: The "All Natural" is on a role. German Suplex on Intrepido. He turns around and hits a Rolling Thunder on Renegade. Her goes for the pin. 1…2… Renegade kicks out. Davis set's him up on the top rope and follows him up. Intrepido is up and hits Davis in the back with a hard fore arm smash… He lifts him up on his shoulders… Renegade stands on the tope rope… He comes off and hits Davis with a Missile Dropkick off of Intrepido's shoulders. Intrepido with a T-Bone suplex on Renegade. Intrepido goes for he pin on Davis…1…2… Renegade breaks up the count. Intrepido gets up and swings at Renegade… He ducks it and hits a vicious German Suplex…1…2… Davis breaks the count.

James: That's why I hate these three way matches. There's always someone there to mess up your victory. Davis picks Renegade up and hit's him with a Belly to Belly suplex.

John: James look… Coming down the aisle is Krazee and Hayana. What are they doing down here? They have nothing to do with this match.

James: I guess they couldn't see too well on the black and white monitor in the back.

John: I doubt that very much.

James: Enough about they Intrepido is up again. He's wobbly though… He walks right into the Natural Factor. 1…2… Renegade makes the save. Davis and Renegade are on their feet trading right hands. Davis gets the upper hand. He has Renegade reeling. Renegade cuts his momentum short with a knee to the gut. Renegade takes a swing at Davis but he ducks it and connects with a Super Kick. Davis signals for the Natural Causes and goes to the top.

John: Krazee is up on the apron distracting the ref. Hayana shakes the ropes and Davis falls rather gingerly. Renegade gets up and clime the turnbuckle with Davis. He signals for it and… he hits the 1945. He goes for the pin 1… Intrepido tries to make the save but Krazee pulls him out the ring…3! A cheap win but a win nonetheless for Renegade.

James: Damn Alessandro was cheated, but I have got a new found respect for Renegade.

(Scene opens to the inside of an office.Sitting in a chair by a telephone tapping his fingers on the desk is SHOOT Champion Shaolin.He stares at the phone,obviously anxiously waiting for it to ring.He gets up and paces back and foward through the room.After a few moments he checks the phone line to see if the cord is still in the jack.Suddenly the phone rings and he hops on top of the desk and answers it.)

Shaolin:Ok you're the lady I talked to a few minutes ago right?Alright look,a friend of mine was supposed to be here tonight and I asked you if he had flown in yet.Right.

Voice:Whats the name again?The full name please.

Shaolin:Koji...uhmmm (sheepishly)Koji Wanalaya.

Voice:*snickering*Did you say Koji Wanalaya??Is that his real name?I mean it cant be.Wait a second.There was an asian man here earlier today.I think I remember seeing a rental car guy holding up a sign that said "Koji" to direct the guy to the car.

(Shaolin looks outside to the parking lot)

Shaolin:Do you know what kind of car it was?

Voice:Oh how could I forget.It was a really nice looking Dodge Viper.A red one.

(A look of shock comes over the face of Shaolin as he tries to remain calm.His grip on the phone loosens and he drops it to the floor.We hear the lady saying "Hello?" a few times before he finally picks it back up and tries to talk normal again)

Shaolin:Yes,yes Im here.Did you happen to catch the license plate number?

Voice:(laughing) No,sorry.Im not a detective you know....

(Shaolin hangs up the phone walking back over to the window.He looks over at the parking lot,squinting his eyes and staring at Wongs red Dodge Viper.)

Shaolin:There's something really fucked up going on here.....

(Scene fades)

John: Well it seems that coming up next is the 6 man tag match featuring Taurus and Express, two men who have a feud dating back to the old IWE days, and maybe now it'll be settled! And perhaps a new fued will be started or already is starting, between Master Molde and Massicrist! Now I can't prove that, but apparently both have hard feelings with each other over last week's Oblivion.

James: And then you throw Swift Kayama and Fastino Byrne in there and you have a great match. If only we could provide you with decent commentary, you'd be entertained too, but unfortunately, John ruins it all for everyone.

John: Oh shut up! If anything, you ruin it especially with that stupid monkey of yours!

Maurice: OOK!

John: You heard right!

(John turns away and an angry Maurice (the monkey) reaches for something under the table, and pulls out a strangling device, but James holds him back and says "No Maurice, he's not worth it!" and Maurice puts it away. Just then, "Lyrical Gangbang" plays and Fastino Byrne walks out. He gets halfway down to the ring when Swift Kayama comes from behind him and assaults him. Kayama picks hm up like a body slam and tosses him onto the guard railing. Fastino snaps back down to the ground holding his chest as Kayama kicks at his ribs. A couple refs lead Kayama towards the ring to get him away from Fastino, and Fastino gets up, only to be attacked again, receiving a spear from Massicrist who had just came running out. Massicrist goes down to the ring as some people come out looking at Fastino. Just then Mr. Perfect's music plays and Express walks out to join his 2 partners.)

John: Can you believe what just happened here?! Fastino has been taken out it seems!

James: Well he's being taken out to the back looks like this will be turned into a 3 on 2 match!

("Thunderstruck" plays and Master Molde comes down and waits right by the ring while the 3 other men tell him to get in the ring. Molde is no dummy though, after seeing what just happened to Fastino. "#1" by Nelly plays and Taurus comes down and he and Molde both slide into the ring. Molde clotheslines Kayama down and Express and Taurus trade shots. Molde turns his attention to Massicrist, and Massicrist runs and jumps through the middle ropes with Molde close behind chasing him. Kayama starts to stir while Taurus is starting to get the better of Express, landing shots to him in the corner repeatedly. Massicrist then slides into the ring still with Molde right on his tail. Molde slides in and receives a superkick from Kayama sending him to the mat. Kayama kicks at Molde on the ground while Massicrist gives a running elbow to Taurus from behind. The ref leads Express into his respective corner, and he is more than willing to go there. Kayama goes to the corner to, as does Molde, lead their by the ref as well, as it appears the Taurus will start it off with Massicrist.)

John: Finally some order has been restored by the referee here in the match!

James: No one says referee anymore, you just say ref you dummy!

John: Sure they do.

James: We're living in a lazy world John, people are always saying things to shorten their own speech.

Maurice: Ook, ook, OOK!

James: L.O.L. Maurice! L.O.L.!

John: LOL?

James: N.M. John, N.M.

(Massicrist still has the advantage since attacking Taurus from behind. He picks him up for a back breaker and hits it, and then tags Express, who is now begging to get in now that Taurus is down. Express comes in and drops a leg on him and quickly goes for a pin. 1 ... 2 ... and Taurus kicks out. Express pushes Taurus back down and pins him again. 1 ... 2 ... Taurus kicks out again and Express pushes him down and pins him again yelling "Stay down Nancy!" 1 ... 2 ... and a kick out yet again. An angered Express picks him up and goes for a piledriver, and hits it. He yells "that's it!" and picks Taurus up again, and goes behind for an ExPlex but is elbowed to the head by Taurus. Taurus starts to comes back landing shots on Express. He then knees Express in the gut, and hits a swinging neckbreaker. Express gets back up and gets a snap suplex by Taurus. Express gets up yet again and Taurus irish whips him, but Express reverses it. Taurus rebounds and Express quickly drop toe holds him. Express drags him back to his temas corner and tags Massicrist back in. He chokes him in the corner while Molde tries to get in. The ref stops him and Kayama and Express kick at Taurus until Molde is back in his corner and the ref returns.)

James: Molde is only making it worse on his partner by complaining there!

(Massicrist puts Taurus on the top ropes, goes up there with him and lands a superplex. Massicrist rolls over for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... 2 1/2. Massicrist yells at the ref to speed up his count. Massicrist picks up Taurus and whips him into the ropes. Taurus rebounds and Massicrist goes for a clothesline but Taurus ducks and goes to the other ropes where he rebounds and hits a Bullrush. Both men collapse after the move. Taurus begins to crawl over to Molde to make a tag while Massicrist crawls after him to stop him. Taurus almost makes it there but Massicrist grabs his leg, but Taurus manages to lunge forward and makes the tag. A wide eyed look comes across Massicrist's face as Mole enters, Massicrist stumbles backwards and loses his balance falling over. He crawls backwards on his ass and makes the tag to Kayama who didn't even expect to get tagged as Massicrist exits to the outside. Molde then tosses Kayama into the ring. Kayama reaches hits feet and is clotheslined back down by Molde.)

James: HEY! What's Guy Gordon doing down here! He has no business here!

John: Sure he does, he's Molde's manager! I'm surprised he's the only manager coming out here!

(Molde whips Kayama into the ropes only to be reversed, as Molde goes into the ropes, Gordon grabs at his feet which would apparently be a misunderstanding, as Gordon says he meant to do that to Kayama. Molde argues with him briefly, giving Kayama just enough time to go to the outside and grab a steel chair. He comes back with the chair in hand only to get a big boot by Molde to the chair which hits him in the face. Just then Express runs in the ring where Molde is waiting and Express goes to punch him, but he's blocked by Molde and he lands some shots of his own. Massicrist enters the ring but Taurus intercepts him and punches him back into the ropes. both Express and Massicrist are in the ropes with Molde and Taurus punching them. Then, almost simultaneously, they both clothesline them over, rising big cheers from the fans. Kayama then stumbles to his feet with the chair on the ground, as Molde kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a Master Blaster. Molde then hits it, making Kayama land head first on the chair. Taurus then hits a springboard Moonsault as the fans roar. Taurus stays on for the pin. Express and Massicrist are on the outside debating whether or not to enter the ring, but Molde is standing right there waiting for them to enter and they don't enter. They can only watch as the ref counts Kayama down for the pin, 1 ... 2 ... 3. Taurus and Molde then clelbrate in the ring with Gordon coming in and raising Moldes arm jumping up and down as if nothing happened. Express and Massicrist look very upset over the loss and they go back to the backstage area.)

James: Well Kayama had to be rolled out of the ring, judging by the way he landed, he could have a severe concussion!

John: I would not be surprised. Well Taurus and Molde won the match, but I don't think this match has settled anything!

James: You've got that right! You can bet those guys will be looking for some revenge after that exchange!

Maurice: OOK!

James: Yeah, Taurus and Molde anger me too.

John: And once again, he's talking to the monkey. The main event is coming up, NEXT!
Well Jim I'll be damned if this hasnt been one of the best nights of wrestling that I've ever been a part of.We've seen feuds heat up,new stars make their mark and guys that have been here from the beginning start to get the title shots and the recognition that they deserved.

James:There's been only one disappointment tonight as far as Im concerned John.You promised me Koji Wanalaya was gonna be doing color tonight!And he never showed up.But oh well...moving on.Next up is our three way main event for the SHOOT championship.As we all know,last week Shaolin fought his way through one of the most grueling tournaments in recent memory to become champion.His opponent in that match was the man many people see as the franchise of SHOOT,Dominion.However things didnt go to well for Dominion that night John.

John:They sure didnt James.Meioh and Express came down to ringside and both men made an effort to take out their respective enemies.Meioh and Express seemed to make a deal that each man would go for a finishing type manuever on the guys.Well Express nailed Dominion with a big elbow and Meioh went for a Moonsault on Shaolin but Norman was there to make the save.Norman was followed out of the building by Meioh and Express took off but the end result was Shaolin pinning Dominion and becoming champion.

James:But as we saw earlier tonight things are not always as they seem.Norman and Shaolin are old friends from another organization and they were partying all last week.But earlier tonight we see Norman getting out of a car with Meioh,along with a third man who has not been revealed.Come to think of it...you think that third man might have been Ko....Oh nevermind.Lets get to the match.

John:You dont have to tell me twice James.

("Bar Baby" by Big Moe begins to blasts from the ringside speakers.Out walks Norman Wong dancing to the music.He struts down the aisle and back up the rampway showing off his "Iron Fist" title to the crowd and the camera.He goes over to the fans and takes a "Killahoe blows" sign from a fan at ringside and pretends to wipe his posterior with it.Still stepping slowly he makes it to the ring and takes off his shades throwing them into the crowd."Hate me Now" begins to blast.Norman points with both hands toward the makeshift entranceway and out walks Meioh wearing a plain "SHOOT Project,Live to Fight" t-shirt and joggers pants.The fans in unison begin to heavily boo and throw various objects at Meioh.Meioh taunts them with crotch chops and motioning his hands to the audience urgin them to "come on".He rolls into the ring and high-fives Norman and begins to pace the ring."Click click boom" by Saliva comes on as the audience responds with a mixture of cheers and boos.Mostly cheers.Dominion makes his way down the ring with a look of death in his eyes,not making any motions other than power walking to the ring.A small child runs up to Dominion and he puts his hand in the childs face as a guard takes the child away and Dominion continues to the ring.)

John:The tension in the air tonight is absolutle awesome James.So much pent up emotion just waiting to explode out there.Dominion is simply a time bomb waiting to go off at any second.So many questions to be answered tonight...

("Ready or not"by the Fugees begins to play as Shaolin seems to effortlessly glide down to ringside as usual but has a very obvious worried look in his eyes.Every member of the audience appears to be on their feet cheering the champion as he makes his way inside the ring without any posing or playing to the fans.He steps in the ring and focuses his eyes right into the eyes of Meioh who stands across the ring flashing back a similar solid faced stare.Still looking into the eyes of Meioh,he raises the SHOOT title into the air almost taunting him with it.Meioh points to the title and then to the waist of Dominion,then giving a "thumb across the throat" slashing motion to Shaolin.The bell rings)

John:Well the bell has sounded and this match is on.Im expecting to see a helluva battle James,tonight Shao....

(In the middle of Johns sentence he is cut off by music again."Hate me now"once again begins to play over the speakers as Meioh and Norman look at each other flashing huge grins.A small man in a black suit begins to make his way to the ring,From a distance it is clear that it is the same man that was seen earlier with Meioh and Norman in the trailer.As he makes his way closer it becomes obvious that the man in question is "Eggshen" the former manager ind guardian of Shaolin.Meioh begins to heavily applaud while standing on one of the turnbuckles as all emotion seems to fall from the face of Shaolin as he cannot believe his eyes.)

John:What in the holy hell is going on here?!?!?!!!

James:Oooohhhh man.I know who that guy is.Thats the man who brought Shaolin to this country.Eggshen.He was Shaolin's manager and co-manager of the "Dojo of Destruction" tag team with Shaolin and Meioh.But I never thought in a million years I'd see this guy dressed up like a Yakuza guy.And I certainly never thought I'd see him with Meioh again....

(Shaolin stares in disbelief at Eggshen who calmly takes a seat rignside.From behind comes Dominion with a boot to the back of Shaolins head.Dominion grabs Shaolin from behind and connects with a Full Nelson slam.Dominion pulls Shaolin to his feet and begins to choke him with both hands,forcing him down to the bottom turnbuckcle pad.Norman stands a few feet away talking with Meioh,who is enjoying Shaolin suffering.)

John:Dominion has Shaolin cornered and is choking the life out of him!!What kind of rules are Meioh going by here??Whatever happened to the 5 second rule on chokes??Shaolin is being strangled out there!

James:Hence the name SHOOT Project John.This isnt a place for nice guys.Dominion isnt breaking any of the rules and Meioh is doing his job just fine.

(Shaolin struggles to fight back,finally landing an upward kick to the groin of Dominion and a short punch to his abdomen.Shaolin makes it to his feet and places both feet on the chest of Dominion and pushes off sending him 2/3rds of the way across the ring.Dominion charges back in and is caught with a spinning heel kick to the nose by Shaolin.Shaolin hits Dominion with a vicious series of kicks and jabs to the body of Dominion,finally sending him to the mat with a jumping spin kick to the jaw.Norman charges in going for a cross body press but is caught in midair by Shaolin.Shaolin effortlessly executes a Fallaway Slam,launching Norman over the top rope)


John:Shaolin has to have a million different things going through his mind right now,and its obvious he's concerned about whats happening with Eggshen as he keeps looking his way but he's taking care of business right now!

(Shaolin measures Dominion and climbs to the top rope.Upon getting ready to jump Dominion makes it to his feet.Shaolin attacks with a Missile dropkick but Dominion steps out of the way.Dominion gently pulls Shaolin to his feet,then sends him back down hard to the mat with a modified brainbuster.Norman makes his way back to the ring only to be leveled by a Dominion Superkick.Dominion pulls both men to their feet and chokeslams them both at the same time)



(Dominion toys with Norman,dragging him to the center of the ring and climbing to the second rope.Dominion comes from the second rope with a flying forearm and covers Norman)

John:One!!Two!!! Norman out on two!!That was almost it right there!We almost had a new champion!

James:The key word being almost John!This thing is far from over,you can believe Norman and Meioh have something up their sleeve!

(Dominion walks over to Shaolin and throws several hard punches to his midsection.Dominion whips Shaolin into the ropes and lands an incredibly hard Spear.Norman gets to his feet and hits a standing dropkick to the leg of Dominion followed by a Dragon Screw Legwhip.Norman walks back over to Shaolin and hits him in the face with a jumping elbow drop)

John:Just who's side is Norman on here??First he helps Dominion and then Shaolin!

James:You ever stop to think that maybe he's out for...ohh I dont know...HIMSELF!!Norman is trying to position himself as perfectly as he can here.He wants everyone to think he's on their side,the man knows how to play the politics game John.

John:Thats a very good point James.

James:Damn straight it is.

(Norman pulls Dominion to his feet and lands a Jumping Side Hook kick to the ribs of Dominion.Norman walks back over to Shaolin and rakes his eyes and performs a picture perfect Hurrancanrana.Norman locks Shaolin in a lying front facelock on the mat trying to wear him down.)

John:And even now James,Shaolin continues to stare across the arena at his former mentor and now former friend Eggshen.I still dont understand all of this.Meioh seems to have this power over people that I cant explain.There is no logical reason at all for Eggshen to come out of retirement after all of this time gone only to stab a former student and friend in tha back.There cant be a payoff in the world that big!

(Dominion walks over to Norman and stomps away at his back,forcing him to release the hold.Dominion shoots Norman into the ropes and hits him hard with a Spinning Backbreaker.Shaolin walks up to Dominion from behind and spins him around)


James:NO NO NO!!!!Dominion blocked it!!!RULE OF DOMINION!!!

(Shaolins back barely hits the mat before Dominion pulls him to his feet and executes the same finisher again.Dominion makes the cover but Meioh motions "no" by waving his finger in the air.Meioh goes to the near ropes where Eggshen sits and holds the ropes down for him)

John:Oh no...what the hell is going on now?

(Eggshen steps in the ring and shakes hands with Meioh who kisses him on the cheek,arrogantly and insanely laughing.Meioh takes off his t-shirt and directs traffic in the ring,telling Eggshen to hold Shaolins arms down and Dominion to hold his feet.Eggshen runs over and grabs the arms of Shaolin and Dominion reluctantly holds his feet,obviously not happy with Meioh stealing his spotlight and not having the chance to pin Shaolin with his finish.Meioh signals in the air out to the crowd that he is about to perform a moonsault.Meioh takes his time climbing the ropes as EXPRESS slowly begins to make his way down to the ring.Upon noticing EXPRESS Dominion lets go of the legs of Shaolin and charges down the entrance way after EXPRESS.Meioh goes for the Moonsault but Shaolin catches Eggshen with a monkey flip sending him to the floor and a millisecond later hits Meioh with two swift kicks in midair before Meioh thunderously crashes to the ring.Norman runs toward Shaolin and Shaolin catches Norman with a high angle dropkick,smashing the chair into the nose of Wong.Shaolin hits "Way of the Sage" on the prone body of Norman.Shaolin covers the body of Norman and uses the limp hand of Meioh to make the count)



John:THREE!!!Shaolin wins!! He shows why he's the champion!!

(Shaolin rolls the body of Meioh over and spits in his face.Shaolin makes his way out of the ring and walks to the commentators area where his robe has been the entire match.He returns to the ring to pick up the title but it along with Meioh are both gone...)

(We switch over to the bayside parking lot and see Express jumping on a motorcycle and taking off.We see a Hummer begin to rev up and watch Dominion jump into it.We look in the drivers side of the Hummer and see Cronos Diamante behind the wheel.The Hummer takes off behind the motorcycle.....elsewhere....

(We go to one of the smaller trailers in the back area.The one marked "Supply closet".Shaolin limps slowly past the trailer looking for Meioh or any Yakuza that can be found.He sees nothing but hears strange noises coming from the supply closet)

Jay the Janitor:Now just keep still and calm down and it'll be a lot more fun.Just calm down!!

(Shaolin goes over to the trailer and swings open the door,revealing a shirtless Jay standing over a small asian man who is tied up with a ball gag in his mouth.Shaolin stares at Jay sickened by the scene.He delivers two swift kicks to his midsection and sends him to the ground with a hip throw.He takes the ball gag out of the mans mouth and the man is revealed to be former manager of the Shaolin-Meioh tag team,Koji.Shaolin stares at him for a moment somewhat miffed at the sight before starting to untie Kojis hands)

Koji:The fuck is goin on ovah heah?!I make this long ass trip from Tokyo foah this?I get heah and some idiot hits me ovah the head with a bat and throws me in this closet.Now I got this janitor ovah heah trying to be an abomination to Gahd!!

(From the corner of his eye Shaolin sees Meioh getting in a limo with Eggshen.Meioh sees Shaolin and orders the driver to take off.The car begins to screech and then take off as Shaolin leaves Koji to give chase.Show fades.....)

[ next week: demands are made ]