We open to the inside of Meioh's trailer as he paces back and foward across the room smacking his right fist into his left palm,nervously.Norman sits at Meioh's desk with his feet upon the chair,headphones to his ears )

Meioh:Tonights the big night.All we need is for Taurus to not drop the ball.Shaolin is sufficiently paranoid out of his wits.First I get the belt from around his waist.Then...
(makes a slashing across the throat gesture)Its over.

Wong:I so sick of seeing this guy act like coo Jet Li type chinaman.I also tired of the nigga ass wearing the sought after SHOOT belt.The silly FOB dumpling wont know what it him blood.After his match we gonna hafta killahoe.Buh-LEE dat.

(The scene changes from the up close view of Meioh and Wong to Cronos and Dominion sitting in their dressing room watching the goings on on a monitor.)

Cronos:You as fed up with this man as I am?I say we make some changes in tonights show.I for one have seen enough Meioh in the last week to last me a year.

Dominion:Now is as perfect a time as any.Lets go.

(Back in the trailer of Meioh,Wong and Meioh are going down the roster book....)

Meioh:Ok this is Molde's last night here.Have his hands broken after the match...

Wong:Hella cool.I never did like that hoe.

Meioh:Fastino has pissed me off for the last time.I want a hit put out on him.


(Wong flips out of his chair and scurries to hide under the desk as Dominion and Cronos break down the door to Meioh's trailer.Meioh glances toward the desk,probably wishing that it wasnt to late to get under the desk himself)

Dominion:Meioh,you're a lying,manipulating using,piece of shit and I've had enough of you.As of right now,I want your ass out of here before I make you regret the day you ever signed me.

Meioh:(A nervous look turning into a forced smile)And good day to you too.H-Here man,have a S-Sapporo.

(Meioh picks up a beer from his desk and hands it to Dominion,who smacks it out of his hand and across the room smashing it on the floor,spilling beer everywhere.A look of terror overwhelms Meioh as he takes a few steps backwards almost tripping over himself in the process.)

Dominion:Dont bullshit me to my face anymore Meioh.You lied to me.I dont let things like that slide.You made an agreement.You would take out Express and I would in turn take out Shaolin.Then I see video of you hiding Express in your trailer.Hell,I hope Shaolin rips your fucking face off.Until then,get lost.

(Dominion and Cronos begin to walk closer to Meioh,closing in on him)

Meioh:B-but...but....Eric,buddy....we go back man.You know me as a man of honor.Im a devout Buddhist!I go to service every...

Cronos(cutting him off)Your best bet would be to leave...while you still have legs pal.

(Seeing that begging off isnt going anywhere,Meioh tries to call their bluff))

Meioh:Enough!I run this place and Im not going to be bullied in my own office!Dominion,Cronos...you have 5 seconds to get out of here...and 4 of them are already up.

(Meioh stares at both men,hoping that his act worked.Dominion and Cronos look at each other with smirks on their faces.Both men take a couple of more steps foward)

Meioh:Ok...but mark my words,you will regret this.Noone makes me look like an idiot.I am Meioh!!I have a Greater Purpose Dominion!You wont stand in my way,this grunt bodyguard of yours wont stand in my way.Noone will!Do you realize who the hell I am?!I run this damn place you understand?I wasnt staying here anyway.I have an important meeting to attend.You're lucky this time.Next time I may not be so nice to you.Norman?

(Still under the desk,responds in a muffled tone)

Wong:They gone yet blood?

Meioh:Listen,Im leaving you in charge of the show tonight.Just see to it that Shaolin doesnt leave here tonight as champion.

(Dominion looks dead into the eyes of Meioh and points toward the door.Meioh walks out of the door backwards,once again almost tripping over himself in the process.)

Dominion:Wong,you stay out of our way and see to it that we dont have any problems tonight.Got it?

(Norman trembles under the desk knocking another beer off of the desk in the process)

Dominion:GOT IT?!


(Dominion to Cronos)

Dominion:We've got more important business to take care of tonight.

(Cronos and Dominion leave the trailer as Norman peeks his head over the desk)

John: James, our first match of the night is a good one. It's the Tag Team Match for the shot at the straps next week. The strong team of Cronos Diamante and Dominion, face a another strong team of Blazed and Krazee.

James: Thats right John. Cronos and Dominion look to be a great team, but how will Blazed and Krazee function as a team? I think they will work out just fine.

John: Well lets quit talking about it and get down to business!!

("Sign of the Cross" by Iron Maiden blasts over the boombox and the crowd comes to life again as Cronos Diamante makes his way to the ring.)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time for this Tag Team Match up; standing 6'3" and weighing in tonight at 267lbs......CRONOS DIAMANTE!!!!!

John: The crowd looks to be behind Cronos this evening.

(The crowd gives a nice pop as Cronos steps into the ring. He backs himself ito the corner and checks out his kneepads and awaits his partner. The music cuts off, and soon "Click, Click, BOOM" by Saliva blasts over the boombox and the crowd begins to cheer as Dominion makes his way to the ring.)

James: So who got a louder ovation? Cronos or Dominion?

Compare: And his Tag Team Partner for this match up, weighing in tonight at 255lbs, and standing 6'2"......DOMINION!!!!!

(Dominions music cuts off short, and the boom box begins to blast "The Swarm" by Dark Lotus as Krazee walks out to many boo's from the crowd. )

John: The crowd doesn't exactly like the evil one, Krazee.

Compare: And the opponents, standing 6'1" ans weighing in at 235lbs........KRAZEE!!!

(Krazee stares down Cronos and Dominion as he climbs into the ring. His music cuts off and "We in This Together" by NIN blasts over the boombox. Blazed emerges from the back and walks out to the ring. The again boo's as he comes to the ring. Blazed climbs up the ring steps and steps into the ring and stares over at his opponents. )

James: Lets get high!!!

John: James, you've watched far too much Cheech & Chong.

Compare: And his Tag Team Partner for this match up, standing 6'2" and weighing in at 231lbs.........BLAZED!!!!!!

(Krazee steps outside the ropes and Blazed rushes over and Spears Cronos. Dominion steps outside the ropes to the corner as the bell rings. Blazed mounts on top of Cronos and starts with some quick punches to the head. Cronos battles back and gets to his feet. Both wrestlers lock up.)

John: Quick start by Blazed. He's hungry for this one James!

James: It's gotta be the weed!

(Cronos gets the advantage an applies an armbar to Blazed. Blazed counters back with a kick to the gut, and Cronos breaks the hold. Blazed whips Cronos into the ropes, Cronos bounces off the ropes and comes towards Blazed. Blazed hits Hurricanrana on Cronos!!)

John: Nice Hurricanra by Blazed!

James: Yeah that was sweet!

(Cronos lays on the mat as Blazed climbs the turnbuckles. Blazed mounts himself up on the top turnbuckle....Blazed hits "Hazy memories" (Five Star Frog Splash) !!! Blazed hooks the leg quickly and goes for the pin! Dominion rushes into the ring, as does Krazee to prevent the pin. )

John: Blazed goes for the pin!

James: And Dominion looks to make the save!

(Suddenly, Ravage appears from out of the crowd and rushes into the ring with a steel ring chair!!!!!)

John: What the??

James: This could be payback time!

(Ravage goes right after Krazee and whacks him in the head with the Chair. Krazee drops to the mat after the stiff chair shot. Dominion, stands back and stares in amazement as to what is happening. The ref stops the count, and Blazed gets back up to his feet. Blazed backs off as Ravage start to swing the chair over his head around the ring. The ring clears quickly except for the fallen Krazee, and Ravage. )

John: What in the blue hell?

James: This is insane!!

(Ravage starts to attack Krazze with the chair, as everyone is stunned. Ravage smacks the knee of Krazee again and again. Ravage whacks Krazee across the face again, and the chair is heavily bent up. Ravage, rolls under the bottom rope and drops the chair and looks around.)

John: This guy has lost it! He damn near murdered Krazee with a chair!

James: I know! Isn't this great??

John: No! No, it's not. Krazee could be seriously hurt; and what the hell is ravage coming over here for?

(Ravage walks over to the announcers table and removes one of the monitors at tosses it into the ring. Krazee is slowly getting to his feet, and blood is pouring from his head. The TV barely misses Krazee, and Ravage rolls into the ring. Ravage grabs the TV monitor and holds it up over his head and looks to throw it onto Krazee's head. )

John: I can't watch this! This isn't wrestling. Besides, he took my damn TV monitor!

James: No, this is WAR John. An all out assault.

(Krazee stops Ravage with a punch to the groin. Ravage drops the TV monitor behind him and hunches over. Krazee punches Ravage in the face and then rolls outside the ring. Blood drips over the ring mat as Krazee gets to the outside. Ravage goes after him on the outside, as still the ref, Dominion, Cronos, and Blazed stand by and watch this bloody battle.)

John: Has the match been stopped?

James: I don't know, but i'm watch the war between Krazee and Ravage!

(Krazee tries to walk towards the lockeroom, but Ravage runs from behind grabs Krazee by the hair and slams his head into a guard rail. Krazee Mule Kicks Ravage, and hits him with several forarms to the back. Ravage hunches over, and Krazee kicks Ravage in the face. Ravages body whips back up, and Krazee moves to throw a punch. Ravage blocks, and pushes Krazee back and thru an Emergency Exit door!! The alarm starts to blare over the area!)

John: This is getting crazy! Somebody needs to break this up!

James: Hell no! We got blood, violence, and one annoying ass alarm!

John: Yeah, and not to mention 2 guys brawling in a parking lot right about now. But what the hell happend to the match?

James: Uh, the hell if I know. Everything just stopped.

(Suddenly, Norman WONG is seen coming from the back, he's got a mic in his hand and stops just infront of the ring apron. WONG begins to say......)

WONG: Damn! Ya'll some crazy asses. But ain't none of ya'll crazier than this nigga. So lets get this match going foo's! Aww, wait sucka. Dat nigga Blazed ain't got no partna. That's whack yo. Gimme a minute to find someone. Can't be letting a nigga get strangled and shit.

John: Well, you hear it from Norman Wong. This match will continue. But who will replace Krazee?

(Norman WONG starts to walk to the back. Suddenly "Fear" by Disturbed comes over the boombox and out emerges Scar. Scar has a mic in hand and walks right up to WONG.)

James: What the hell? I though Scar left?

John: Guess not.

Scar: Blazed, now you seemed to have a little more common sense than that jackass Esctasy did. What do ya say we team up? Since you need a partner and all. If it's ok with WONG here.

WONG: Shit blood. It aight wit me. Ya'll just get this shit on and stuff.

John: So Scar is Blazed's new partner? This is totally messed up. Scar leaves Esctasy to get a beat down from hell, then shows up to team up with Blazed?

James: I came to work, but I should have stayed home and got high!

(Wong begins to walk to the back as Dominion, Cronos, Blazed and Scar all crawl back into the ring. The ref still looks confused, but signals for the bell to sound. )

John: Well there goes the bell. I guess we have a new match!

(Blazed locks up with Cronos and they struggle and push each other back and forth. Cronos gets the advantage with a head lock and Blazed pushes him off and send Cronos to the ropes. Cronos comes back, slide under the legs of Blazed and pushes Blazed to the ropes. Blazed bounces off and comes back and Cronos catches Blazed in a Full Nelson.)

James: Cronos is looking to slow the pace of this match down.

(Cronos steps to the side and slams Blazed face first to the mat. Cronos still hold onto the full Nelson, but now locks in the "Ne-Han"!!)

James: Ne-han! Ne-Han Ne-Han!!!

John: This move is just devistating. Blazed has got to be in pain.

(The ref looks for the tap out from Blazed, but he doesn't give up. Cronos tightens the hold, and Blazed just barely gets his foot on the rope. The ref order Cronos to break, and he does. But instead of getting off of Blazed, Cronos tries to untie Blazed's mask…)

John- we might get to see who this guy really is!!!

(Before Cronos can fully take it off, Blazed lands a low blow back kick and both men fall to the mat, but simultaneously begin to crawl over to their partners and try to tag them in…)

James- who's gonna get there first?

(Cronos reaches over and makes the tag to Dominion, just as Blazed tags in Scar. Scar goes for a quick clothesline, but Dominon meets him with a knee to the gut. Dominion hits a Spinning Back Breaker on Scar; and drops him to the mat. Dominion pulls Scar to his feet. Dominion with a punch to the midsection, and hits a DDT on Scar. Dominion is quick to his feet and goes to the corner as Scar is laid out on the mat. Dominion climbs to the second rope and hits a"Second Rope MoonSault" !!!)

John: Scar is down, and being DOMINATED!

James: He's still alive isn't he?

(Dominion hooks the leg quickly and goes for the pin.....1.........2.............kick out by Scar! Both men get to their feet and lock up. Scar whips Dominion to the ropes and Dominion comes rushing back. Scar hits a Spinning Heel Kick to the jaw of Dominion. Dominon drops to the mat but gets up quickly. Scar runs to the corner and eyes up Dominion as he's getting up. Scar rushes towards Dominion and hits the "Knife of Death" Spear. Both men go to the mat and Scar starts a fury of punches to the head of Dominion. )

James: Oh hell yeah! Knife of Death!

John: But is he dead? NOOOOOO!

James: Shut up!

(Scar pulls Dominion to his feet and whips him to the corner. Scar rushes back towards Dominion and tries another spear, but misses as Dominion sidesteps and Scar slams into the ring post. Scar drops to his knees and Dominiongets behind him and hits a Belly to Back Suplex. Dominion rolls to the side and to his feet, still holding onto Scar. Dominion hits another Suplex and releases Scar, who drops to the mat hard. Dominion gets to his feet quickly and applies a Half Boston Crab to Scar.)

James: Grab the ropes!

John: He is pretty close to the ropes.

(Scar immediately grabs the ropes and the ref orde Dominion to break the hold. Dominion breaks and kicks Scar in the back and walks over to tag Cronos. Scar gets to his feet as Cronos gets to his feet and they exchange punches to each other. Cronos applies an Arm Dragon Screw and Scar flips over to the mat. Both men on the mat, and Scar grabs the waist of Cronos and starts to stand up.)

John: Nice technical move by Cronos.

(Scar hits Release Suplex on Cronos and dives over to make the tag. Blazed rushes in and attacks Cronos who is just starting to get to his knees. Blazed with fury of forearm stikes to the back of Cronos, dropping him to the mat. Blazed runs up the corner turnbuckles and hits a SpringBoard Moonsault on Cronos and goes for the pin.....1.......2.....kick out by Cronos!!)

John: Nice speedy attack by Blazed. But he couldn't get the pin.

(Both men to their feet and lock up. Blazed drops to his knees and hits a Jawbreaker. Cronos stumbles back and Blazed gets back up and hits Cronos with a SuperKick to the jaw. Cronos falls flat on his back, and Blazed rusn to the opposite side of the ring. Cronos slowly gets to his feet, but is met with a Flying Bulldog by Blazed!!)

James: Nice bulldog by Blazed. He needs to keep up the fast paced action here John.

(Cronos goes flying to the mat, and Blazed grabs around the neck of Cronos and grabs his leg. Blazed pulls on the leg of Cronos and back on his neck as Cronos lays chest first on the mat. )

James: Is that a Submission move?

John: Uh, I think it is!

(The ref checks to see if Cronos wants to tap out, but Cronos has his foot on the side ring rope already and orders a break. Blazed quickly to his feet and Cronos gets up holding his back. Blazed whips Cronos to the ropes, but Cronos comes back with a Springboard Lionsault and takes Blazed to the mat. Cronos gets to his feet quickly and tags in Dominion.)

John: Excellent move by Cronos! Hell of a way to be able to get a fresh Dominion into the ring.

(Blazed gets to his feet as Dominion comes in. Blazed with a Jumping Drop Kick to the chest of Dominion, send Dominion back towards the ropes. blazed tags Scar on the way down, and Dominion bounces off the ropes. Scar hops up to the turnbuckle and leaps toward Dominion, hitting a Corkscrew Missle Drop kick. Dominion falls to the mat, but gets up quickly. Scar pulls Dominin to his feet, and Short-clotheslines him. Dominion drops to the mat and Scar is on the attack.)

John: Nice set of moves by Scar. Lets see if he can keep it together.

(Scar pulls Dominion to his feet and goes for the "Mindshaft" Jackhammer, but dominion blocks it with a hook of the leg with his leg. Dominion knees Scar in the midsection, and Scar releases the hold. dominion grabs Scar's waist and hits a Fishermans-Suplex! The ref goes for the count, as Blazed jumps in the ring for the save; but he is met with a Corkscrew Moonsault by Cronos as he gets near Scar & Dominion.)

John: Dominion could have him here!

(The ref begins to count......1.............2...............3!!!!!!! )

James: Well slap me silly!

John: Can i?

James: Shut up! Keep your grimey hands to yourself.

John: Dominion gets the 1-2-3 on Scar and he and Cronos Diamante will move on to the finals next week. Great match by both teams, after such a crazy sequence of events.

James: Is anything here ever normal?

John: No James, I don't think so. Onto the next match!

( The Compare steps into the ring, nattily attired as usual in a black tuxedo which seems out of place in the dingy old soccer pitch with the rotting bleachers. )

Compare: Lades and gentlemen, this is a submission-rules match, scheduled for one fall, and it is for the SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender Title, 1/3 of the TRIIIIIIIIAD!

(The few drunken Aussies who are watching whoop and holler, though most of them don't know what the holy hell the Compare is talking about.)

Compare: Introducing first, weighing in at 262 lbs, he is the master of the Ravager and the Alabama Crossface…..RAAAAVAGE!

("Back in Black" gets the meager crowd pumped as Ravage strides out to the ring and stretches a bit confidently, ready for his opponent.)

Compare: And his opponent, weighing in at 247 lbs., the innovator of the ExPlex…the EXPREEEEESSS!

("Come With Me" blares from the tinny PA system as Express walks out from the abandoned refreshment stand that serves as backstage. Surprisingly, he actually has his manager Anna alongside him tonight. The few in the crowd who have been paying attention and/or are followers of SHOOT boo lustily, setting off the rest of the crowd, who begin throwing half-empty beer cups as Express gives them the stink-eye.)

John: Well, we're set up for an excellent match here, James. Your thoughts?

James: Why is love so close to hate?

Maurice: Oook!

John: Your thoughts on the match, 'tard.

James: Oh, right. Express is going to win. He has a hot manager, whereas Ravage does not.

Maurice: Oook! OOOOOK!

James: Oh, right…he's also a better technical wrestler. Ravage is more of a brawler, not suited for this style of match. Good eye, Maurice.

John: Why is Maurice such a better commentator than you?

James: Uhm…your mom, Law.

(The referee calls for the bell, and the match is underway! Express and Ravage circle each other cautiously, darting around and looking for advantages. Express tries to move in, but Ravage slaps his hands away. Again…same thing. Finally, Express attempts a clothesline, but Ravage sidesteps and gets the Canadian in a hammerlock.)

John: Ravage is showing off a different side tonight!

James: Well, he's probably tired of being a big dumb brawler who always ends up getting caught in submission holds and made to look like a poof.

Maurice: Ooook!

James: Well, I *suppose* he might have eaten Wheaties before the match, Maurice, but what does that have to do with anything?

(Express reverses out of the hammerlock after getting back to his feet, and Ravage holds on for the armbar. No scientific skills on display here as Express simply yanks his arm free with brute force, and hits an enziguri kick to the back of Ravage's head! Expry quickly moves in for the follow up, and slaps a front facelock on Ravage, really cinching up on it tight.)

John: Well, if Express can keep Ravage's air supply cut off like that, this one may end quickly! Ravage is fading a bit!

James: Air Supply…I LOVED that band.


(Ravage struggles to his feet and begins firing punches to Express's midsection, but the Canadian simply cinches up tighter on the hold and knees Ravage in the face for good measure, dropping him back to the mat.)

James: It's not a pretty way to keep a man in a hold, but it'll do.

Maurice: OooK!

James: Well, maybe if Ravage had begun tickling him he could have escaped, but at what cost to his perceived sexuality,

Maurice? At what cost?

John: Jeebus. Well, Ravage is slowly inching his way over to the ropes, but every second he's in that hold, he's becoming more lightheaded and closer to passing out…he's gotta hurry.

(Ravage finally makes it to the ropes, having been in the hold for 3 or 4 minutes. However, Express, being a gigantic dick, refusesto let go and cinches up tighter. Only the threat of disqualification makes him finally let go.)

James: Express is my kind of wrestler.

John: Well, Ravage is my kind of wrestler.

James: My wrestler is cooler.

John: No way, chump. Ravage is gonna win.

James: *snicker* Oookay.

(Express backs off, letting Ravage get back on his feet, then moves in with a hard lariat. Ravage drops like a ton of bricks, and Express tries to hook on a jujigatame. Ravage slips out of it, and scrambles back to his feet.)

John: Ravage is going to be harder to keep down than Express thought, it seems. Look at him! Expry's a bit unnerved now.

James: No way. He's just luring him in.

(The two men lock up again…Express tries an armbar, but Ravage reverses it into a hammerlock. Express twists out of it, and attempts a high kick to the side of Ravage's face, but the big Southerner reacts and hits Express with a massive capture suplex!)

John: What do you have to say about that, James?

James: I dislike you.

(Ravage pounces, picking Express up and sending him to the ropes, following up with a hard knee to Express's midsection, doubling Expry over and dropping him to his knees. Ravage picks him up and just begins pounding him with stiff jabs to the face! Express staggers back into the corner, where Ravage rears back and nails one last one right to Express's nose, crumpling him to the canvas.)

John: Sweet sassy molassy! I think Express's nose is broken!

(Sure enough, Express is bleeding all over from his nose and eyebrow, having been busted the FUCK open by Ravage, who won't let him up. Ravage picks Express up and snap suplexes him to the canvas, then moves in for the Alabama Crossface!)

James: Blimey!!

John: Express is locked into the crossface! He's done for!

(Express, sure enough, is almost out of it already as Ravage leans back on the crossface some more. The Canadian begins attempting to slide to the ropes, but it just seems too far! His manager Anna jumps up onto the apron to distract the ref and give Express a little more time, but Ravage doesn't even notice her as he cinches back tighter. Anna jumps down from the apron now, dejected. Express roots around in his tights for a moment with his free hand…)

John: What the hell is Express doing?

James: I believe he's making sure that he still has gigantic balls.

Maurice: OOOK!!!

James: Oh, good eye, Maurice. No, he's pulling out some sort of foreign object. This is a good enough match that I won't even make a sexual double entendre here.

(Express swings blindly and cracks Ravage in he forehead with whatever he got from his tights, and quickly scrambles to the relative safety of the corner, tossing the foreign object away. Both men slowly get to their feet, and Ravage charges Express, who counters with a kick straight to the groin, and a hug Exploder suplex that sends Ravage over the tope and to the dirt!)


John: The fuck?

James: You know, like how the Japanese guys say it?

Maurice: OOOOK!

James: HAHAHA!

John: What'd he say?

James: "Uuuhhhwaahh."

John: …

(Express, blood streaming down his face, measures Ravage up and takes a run, as Ravage stands on shaky legs. Express launches into a tope con hilo, but Ravage reacts with the last of his strength and dropkicks Express right in the face as he comes flying in, snapping Expry's head back and sending him to the pitch with force!)

James: Holy shit, I think he's dead.

Maurice: OOOOOK!

James: Oh, like YOU could take that bump.

Maurice: (bites James on the hand)

James: GAAAAH!

John: My God…Express and Ravage are both struggling to their feet here as the…(he looks around, counting off on his fingers and murmuring)23, 24, 25….30 fans here all stand on their feet!

(Express and Ravage both make their way back into the ring, and Express kicks Ravage in the face as he rolls in. Expry drops down and tries to lock on a jujigatame again, but doesn't have the strength, and Ravage escapes quickly. Both men are on their knees, trying to get to their feet and throwing half-hearted punches in the general direction of their opponent.)

James: My money's still on Express. Look at him…bloody and battered, still fighting. I like it.

John: Well, he's a total bastard, but you have to respect that. But look at Ravage! His eye is nearly swollen shut from where Express hit him with that foreign object, he can barely walk after the Exploder…both men are in deep trouble here. They're on their feet, but do they have anything left?

(The two lock up, and go through a series of holds and reversals, culminating in Express hitting a hammerlock suplex on Ravage.)

James: Yup, I guess they do.

John: Ravage has his second wind too, though! Look at him get back up! Ravage charges with a Yakuza kick!

James: Ix-nay on that Akuza-yay, Ohn-Jay.

John: What? Oh, right.

(Ravage picks Express up, and whips him ino the ropes. Express ducks under the clothesline attempt, and comes off the opposite strands with a low dropkick to the knee. At this point, who should come strolling out from the refreshment stand but Dominion and Cronos Diamante! The two walk down to the ringside area, as Anna moves to the other side of the ring. Express, oblivious to this, slaps Stranglehold Gamma on Ravage!)

John: This could get ugly…Express hasn't noticed yet.

James: Hopefully he won't look up until after he's choked Ravage out…too late.

(Express glances up and double-takes, noticing Dominion and Cronos slowly circling the ring, and Anna not sure which way to turn. Express turns over to Anna and yells at her to get out of the ringside area, which she does, running back to the 'backstage area.' However, the slight break in concentration is all Ravage needs to power out of the hold! He drops Express with a fist to the back of the knee, and slaps the Alabama Crossface on!)

James: Oh NO!!

John: Express is stuck in the center of the ring! He's fighting it all he can, but there's no way out now! Express is tapping out!Ravage has won the Rule of Surrender title!

(Ravage lets go of the hold and accepts his belt from the Compare. Then hte turns, grins, and grabs Express. Ravage picks up the battered Express, takes him to the turbuckles, and executes the RAVAGER top rope piledriver thingy onto Express! THe Canadian briefly lifts his arm, then collapses, twitching slightly.On his way out of the ring, he nods at Dominion and Cronos, who grin and slap him on the shoulder as they all make their way to the back, leaving Express bleeding in the ring until a couple of burly Aussie paramedics pick him up and cart him off…)

John: What an amazing match, fans! Ravage has finally proven that he belongs in the Project with his first title, and a HUGE submission victory over Express!

James: Give him his dues, John. Ravage did a helluva job, but what's to come of Express? He looks real hurt, Johnny.

John: We'll be waiting for word on his condition...it's always sad when something like this happens.

(Ravage is returning to his locker room after his victory over Express for the Rule of Surrender Title. As he takes a seat on a metal folding chair he sees a tape with on the table a note on it. Ravage puts his newly won title on the table and picks up the note and reads it out loud.)

Hey Ravage,
It's your two bestest buddies Krazee and Renegade, along with the Japanese Terror Hayana. Even though you turned down our offer we thought you would want to see the favor we did for you. See we know about your little problem and we've taken care of it. Look at the tape and you'll thank us later.

(Ravage with a confused look on his face picks the tape up and puts it in the VCR. He presses play and sits down. The tape starts and shows Renegade with a big smile on his face. After a second or two of his cheesy smile Renegade talks.)

Renegade: Hey there Ravage. By now your match is over and you got your ass handed to you by Express. But that's OK because we… The Terrible Three have done you a huge favor. See we know how much you hated the Meena chick and you were glad that she died. But the thing is he didn't die in that fire. She escaped… and we knew that you would be upset if you found out she was alive. So we kid napped her. I know what you're thinking. Of course we didn't kill her. We thought you would want that honor. So we kept her nice and healthy just for you. I know you think were lying… well see for yourself.

(The camera pans out and Renegade steps to the side to reveal Meena tied up in a chair with Krazee standing next to her. She has tape over her mouth. Krazee slowly move the tape and she begins to talk.)

Meena: You guys are a bunch of pussies. Why don't you untie me so I can whop all you're asses.

Krazee: Shut the fuck up BITCH!

Renegade: Hey Ravage as you can see The Juggalo Assassin doesn't really like Meena. So I think you should hurry up and join us so you can kill her yourself, because Krazee isn't too patient. Me personally I can't stand that about him.

Krazee: Shut Up Alfonso! Hayana stop filming.

(The tape stops. Ravage gets a crazed look on his face. He gets up and leaves the locker room with steel chair in hand.)

[ Walking through the parking lot, Afwa Kilmanjaro looked to his left, then to his right, searching the parking lot for the entrance to the building in which The SHOOT Project was hosting it's third ever Oblivion event. Since he's been looking for roughly twenty minutes now, frustration has begun to set in. ]

Afwa: Damnit, Monkey! Where the hell is this place? The Power has to make his long awaited debut...

[ Monkey, looking up at the man walking beside him, attempted to calm Afwa. ]

Monkey: Remember, Afwa... The SHOOT Project is a shady place. It's not like you can just look up at the sky for the illumination of spotlights, ya know. Have you tried reading the address?

[ Pausing for a moment, Afwa thought his friend's suggestion over for a moment. A bright smile played on his face as he dug into his pocket, pulling the small piece of paper out in which he had written the address down. ]

Afwa: Right here! Man, and all this time we've been pacing this parking lot when I had the address the whole time. -Laughs- Was that funny or what?

[ It is aparent that Monkey is a bit disturbed at Afwa's mistake. Snatching the paper from Afwa's grasp, Monkey reads the address and raises his head, looking forward. ]

Monkey: The place is just ahead. That place right up there.

[ The two men walk roughly thirty yards forward to what appears to be a darkened building. The only visible door is that of a metal one with a sliding peep-hole. ]

Afwa: Now is the time for The Power to make history! Let's go in.

[ Banging on the door, Afwa looks down at Monkey with a bright smile on his face. The peep-hole slides open and two eyes appear. ]

Afwa: Hello, Mr. Soon-to-be Afwa fan! Afwa Kilmanjaro along with Monkey at your service. Show me the ring!

Man: Password.

[ Looking at each other, both Afwa and Monkey share a confused stare. Looking back up, Afwa continues. ]

Afwa: No, not password. Power. Afwa is The Power. Not the password, silly man!

Man: What is the password?

[ Again looking confused, Afwa looks down toward Monkey. ]

Afwa: What is the password, Monkey?

[ Shrugging, Monkey replies. ]

Monkey: Hell if I know.

[ Suddenly, the peep-hole closes. Looking up at the door in shock, Afwa again pounds upon it until the eyes of the doorman once again appear. ]

Man: What is the password?

Afwa: Afwa has no password. Just power. Power in which he wishes to display in front of the entire SHOOT world.

[ The doorman merely sighs and begins to close the peep-hole. As he does, Afwa suddenly sticks his fingers in the hole, stopping it from closing completely. ]

Afwa: I have the password! SHOOT... Project... Slappy... Slippy... Umm...Slopey?

[ Scrambling for password suggestions, Afwa looks down at Monkey for assistance. ]

Monkey: Jackass...

Afwa: No, that wouldn't be it! Umm... Samoa... Afwa... MONKEY!!

Monkey: Jackass...

Afwa: No, Monkey! That is not it! Umm... Password!!

[ Suddenly, the door opens. Looking to Monkey, Afwa smiles brighter than ever. However, upon viewing the look on Monkey's face, his smile disipates. Looking forward again, we notice two very large doormen stepping out into the parking lot. ]

Afwa: That wasn't the password, was it?

Monkey: RUN!!

[ Both Afwa and Monkey turn around and take off into the parking lot with the doormen hot on their trail. As Monkey runs just beside Afwa, he shouts out toward him. ]

Monkey: Afwa! Have you checked the *other* side of the paper??

[ Looking upward, Afwa scans his memory for a moment. Suddenly, he stops and turns around. ]

Afwa: HALT!

[ The two doormen slowly come to a stop. As Afwa digs into his pocket for the paper once again, Monkey shows signs of nervousness as he witnesses one of the doormen slipping on a pair of brass knuckles.

Afwa: Ah, here it is! Monkey, what would I do without you? The password is... KRANKOTA! -Pause- What is a Krankota??

[ Pleased with Afwa's answer, the doormen slowly turn and walk toward the building. Once again smling brightly, Afwa nudges Monkey and the two men follow. ]

Afwa: I swear sometimes I can be so forgetful!

(A distraught and terrified looking Anna runs up to the dressing room door of Dominion.Tears flow from her eyes as she frantically bangs on the door.After a few seconds it is opened.Dominion stands there with a confused expression on his face as he looks at the wife of his hated enemy.He wonders why she would ever come to his dressing room for any reason....Anna cries harder as she begins to talk)

Anna:Eric,you have to come with me,Jacques has been seriously hurt!

Dominion:Why on earth would you come to me in a situation like this?You want me to hurt him some more?

Anna:Eric I know deep down you do not mean that.Please,if you have any feeling in you come with me.Jacques is...he's in a coma!!

(Dominion's eyes wander somewhat,not able to look Anna in her tearful eyes.He isnt sure what to do or say.Anna grabs him by the arm trying to lead him to follow her...)

Dominion:Hold on,hold on...

(Dominion looks behind him to Cronos who is stretching out on the floor.Dominion looks at him with a question mark on his face.Cronos shrugs not wanting to get involved in such a personal matter.)

Dominion:(Very unsure of himself but feeling sorry for Anna)Ok lets go...

John: Welcome back to Oblivion 3! Tonight in our main event we have Taurus challenging the red hot Shoot Champion Shaolin. And if that wasn't enough Meioh has just been chased out of here by Dominion and Diamante and he left Norman Wong in charge.

James: I think that was a great idea by Meioh. With him gone some of the guys might try to act up. So leaving a guy he can trust like good ol' Killahoe was just the right thing to do.

John: Yeah Meioh can trust him, but can the rest of Shoot trust him? If Shaolin was paranoid before he must be shitting his pants now.

James: Shaolin has no reason to be paranoid of Norman. Norman Wong is a fair and honest man. The person who he should watch out for is Taurus. He's hungry for that gold that Shaolin has around his waist.

John: Is there anyone who doesn't want it?

James: Nope, I can't think of any.

John: James the boom box is out and that means it's time for our first match of the night.

(I've got the power starts playing and out comes Afwa Kilmanjaro and Monkey "Anamaki" Shaku RHAMAN. The crowd doesn't really react to the mammoth of a man.)

Compare: Introducing first standing at 6 feet 10, and weighing in at 468lbs. Accompanied by Monkey "Anamaki" Shaku RHAMAN…The Power Afwa Kilmanjaro.

James: This guy is huge.

John: Yes he is a big SOB isn't he? The Panther is gonna have a hard time getting the "W" against this behemoth.

(As Afwa climbs into the ring his music is cut and lyrical gangbang starts to play. Out comes Fastino Byrne. The fans don't pay much attention to him either.)

Compare: His opponent standing at 6 feet 2, and weighting in at 225lbs. Accompanied by Sanchez Ricard… The Panther Fastino Byrne.

James: Are we in a cemetery this week?

John: No why do you ask?

James: Because this crowd is dead.

(Fastino and Afwa lock up and Awfa pushes Fastino down.)

John: Now that wasn't too smart. Your in there with a man twice your size and your gonna lock up with him.

James: Well… Panthers are known for being fast not smart.

(Fastino rushes in and gets a clothesline. Afwa picks him up and whips him into the ropes… Fastino bounces back and is on the receiving end of a Samoan Drop. Afwa backs up into the ropes and comes bouncing back with a leg drop. He goes for a pin. 1…2… Panther kicks out.)

John: Afwa is trying to put Fastino away quickly. He picks Fastino up and backs him into the corner… He whips him into the opposite corner and follows him in with a splash. Fastino stumbles into the middle of the ring and falls. Afwa picks the dazed Fastino up again and get a thumb to the eye. Fastino goes to the out side to take a breather.

James: Now The Panther is using his head.

(Fastino gets a chair from ringside and rolls back into the ring. He runs a t Afwa with the chair… Afwa kick the chair back in the face of Fastino. He picks Fastino up and Pile drives him onto the chair.)

James: Fastino is busted open. Things aren't looking good for The Panther. Afwa goes for another pin. 1…2… Afwa picks Fastino up. Why did he do that?

John: The new comer is trying to make a statement to the rest of the boys in the locker room. Especially the Shoot Champ Shaolin.

James: Shaolin is under a lot of pressure being the champ. Everyone wants a piece of him.

John: And on top of all that h has to worry about Meioh who wants to take him out for whatever reason.

James: That's all in Shaolin's mind.

John: Sure it is.

(Afwa is stomping away at Fasino. He picks him up on his shoulders and carries him to the corner. He sets him up and follows hi up to the middle rope. Afwa hits a vertical superplex. Fastino is laying on the mat a bloody mess. Afwa picks up the limp body of Fastino and delivers a vicious Death Valley Driver onto the chair brought in by Fastino earlier.)

John: How much more Fastino can take?

James: I don't know. Afwa has turned The Panther into a Pussy Cat.

(Afwa goes for another pin. 1…2… He picks Panther up again. Afwa lifts Fastino up over his head with a Gorilla Press and slams him down. Afwa applies the Claw to Fastino.

James: Fastino is out. He guy is not moving.

John: Mercifully the ref stops the match. This one is over folks…your winner The Power Afwa Kilmanjaro.

James: The match is over but Afwa wont release the hold. This guy is a monster… I like him.

John: This is uncalled for. He's won the match and made his point. This is just being an ass.

James: He finally lets go of the hold and makes his way to the back.

John: We need some help for Fastino.

( The paramedics, who have had quite the busy night, come and cart Fastino off as the fans boo boorishly.)

(In the parking lot Ravage is beating the hell out of Renegade. Suddenly Renegade appears with Hayana holding Meena over his shoulder. Ravage sees them and starts running towards them.)

Renegade: Stop or the Big Man drops her on her head.

(Ravage stops about 10 feet away from Renegade. He's breathing heavy and has an angered look on his face.)

Renegade: We go out of our way to do you a favor and this is how you repay us. I should have Hayana whip your ass right now.

Ravage: Send him. I'll be glad to lay his ass out just like I did Krazee.

Renegade: You jump a man while he's in a match… you're a coward.

Ravage: You kidnap an injured woman… what does that makes you.

Renegade: I don't know… ummm… an Opportunist? What I am is not the point. This is about what you are. Are you with us or not?

(Renegade waits for Ravages answer as a man dressed in all black gets out a car behind Renegade and Hayana. The man comes from behind and hits Hayana with a led pipe. Ravage rushes towards Renegade. Renegade runs away and gets in a car. Ravage gets in the car that the man dressed in black got out of. The man picks Meena up and walks away with her. The scene fades out with the Krazee lying in a pool of his own blood and Hayana getting up from the attack with the pipe.)

John: Well James, next up we have what is tailored to be a great hardcore match up. As the self-proclaimed "Hardcore Icon" Dom; takes on newcomer to SHOOT, Grizzly.

James: That's right John. Dom is trying to make his presence felt here in SHOOT, and Grizzly is trying to also make a name for himself in the business. This should be a good matchup with some nice spots. I just wanna see the juice baby!!

John: Well we no further additions, lets cut to the chase and get this match on!

("Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit blasts over the boombox and the small crowd rises to their feet as Grizzly slowly walks to the ring. The crowd is mixed with cheers and boos for the monster.)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time, in his very first SHOOT appearance; standing a towering 7'1" and weighing in tonight at an awesome 345lbs.....GRIZZLY!!!!

(The crowd comes to life as Grizzly steps up onto the ring apron and looks over the small crowd. He steps over the top rope and checks the ropes and awaits his opponent.)

John: Grizzly is just a monster! His overwhelming size is sure to be a factor in this match. But can he keep up with the pace of the smaller Dom?

James: Grizzly looks like he can deliver a beating, and Dom looks like a good victim for him tonight.

(Suddenly, "The Nobodies" by M. Manson blasts over to old boombox and out comes Dom to boos from the crowd. The "Hardcore Icon" gives an evil look to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring.)

Compare: And his opponent, standing 5'7" and weighing in at 227lbs......the self proclaimed "Hardcore Icon" himself.......DOM!!!!!

(Dom steps up onto the ring apron and steps between the ropes. Immediately he is rushed by Grizzly who proceeds to stike him in the head with some stiff punches. Dom falls to the mat quickly and Grizzly quickly proceeds to stomp his head.)

James: Grizzly's gunna split his dome!

John: This could be real ugly.....

(Dom makes it up to one knee and delivers a low blow to Grizzly which the ref did not see. Dom gets to his feet as Grizzly stumbles back. Dom with a stiff punch to the head and both wrestlers lock up.)

John: Dom returning the favor with those swift punches!

(Grizzly takes charge and whips Dom into the ropes, Dom bounces off the ropes and catches Grizzly with a crossbody; but Grizzly catches him and slams him to the mat. Grizzly quickly gets to his feet and splashes back down on Dom; knocking the wind out of him. Grizzly gets back to his feet as Dom tries to recover. Grizzly slowly walks to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle.)

James: The big man is going up!!

John: Now this could be scary!

James: Can this ragged old ring hold that fat ass?

John: I guess we'll find out....

(Grizzly positions himself on the top turnbuckle, and awaits Dom to get to his feet. Grizzly leaps and hits a Double Axe Hammer from the top turnbuckle!! Dom falls to the mat, and Grizzly rushes to the ropes. Grizzly hits another big splash on Dom and goes for the quick pin.....1.....2......kick out by Dom!!!)

James: Dom with the kick out.

John: After that big splash, where did he get the energy to kick out??

(Grizzly pulls Dom to his feet by the hair. Grizzly hits "Money Talks" (Pumphandle Slam) on Dom and Dom drops to the mat. Grizzly on the attack starts to choke Dom and the ref starts to count.....1..........2.........3.........4.......Grizzly breaks the hold. Grizzly back to his feet and runs to the ropes. Grizzly bounces off the ropes and goes for the leg drop but Dom moves out of the way. Dom quickly to his feet and kicks Grizzly to the face. Grizzly's head bounces off the mat and gets right back up.)

James: Grizzly's head is just like a rubber ball!

John: I wouldn't let Grizzly hear that if I was you James.....

James: All Grizzly can hear right now are the bells ringing in his head!

(Dom rushes to the ropes and runs back towards Grizzly whp remains seated on the mat. Dom hits Grizzly with a Jumping Baseball Slide to the head of Grizzly!! Dom gets back to his knees and applies a Sleeper Hold to Grizzly.....)

John: Dom's got the Sleeper Hold applied. Let's see if he can put the giant to sleep!

(Dom tightens up the hold and the ref checks Grizzly. Ref lifts Grizzly's hand and it falls once. Ref lifts his hand again....but it falls only halfway!! Grizzly fights the sleeper hold and reaches behind to grab the leg of Dom. Grizzly pulls Dom's leg out from under him and both men lay on the mat on their backs. Dom still has the Sleeper Hold on Grizzly....)

James: Nice move by Grizzly, but Dom's still got that sleeper hold locked in.

(Dom wraps his legs around the monster Grizzly and tries to force the air out of him. Grizzly rolls to his stomach with Dom still clinching to his back. Grizzly gets up to one knee, as Dom hold onto the Sleeper Hold for dear life.)

John: If Grizzly can get to his feet, Dom is in for a world of hurt.

James: Dom lookslike a damn monkey on Grizzly's back!

(Grizzly struggles, but gets to his feet as Dom struggles to keep the Sleeper Hold applied. Grizzly getting oozy falls backward and slams Dom into the corner turnbuckle! Grizzly falls to the mat, and Dom gets to his feet and rolls Grizzly towards the center of the ring.)

John: Grizzly looks tired. The big man lost all his air in that sleeper hold.

James: What is Dom going to go for? He's going towards the corner!!!

(Dom climbs the turnbuckles and looks to the crowd. The crowd cheers and stands on their feet, just as Dom flips backward and hits a MoonSault on Grizzly!!! )

James: Huge Moonsault by Dom! He's going for the pin!!

(Dom hooks the leg and the ref starts the count......1.......2.....Grizzly kicks out!! Dom gets to his feet and delivers some kicks to the head of Grizzly. Grizzly, with an angered look on his face shrugs off the kicks and gets to his feet. The men exchange punches and lock up. Grizzly whips Dom to the ropes, Dom rushes back at Grizzly. Grizzly hits Dom the the Big Boot to the face and Dom drops to the mat, but amazingly gets up quickly. Grizzly grabs Dom by the waist and hits a German Suplex, slamming Dom to the mat, but the knock the ref down and out as well !!! Grizzly back to his feet quickly and pulls Dom to his feet. Both men standing near the ropes.)

John: Nice suplex by Grizzly. Couldn't have done it better myself. But the ref is out cold.

James: John, you have enough trouble trying to wipe your own ass, let alone tring to hit a suplex.

(Grizzly lines Dom up for the Powerbomb. Grizzly lifts Dom up with ease and hold him in the air!!)

John: Look at the power from the monster Grizzly!

James: Slam his ass!!!

(Grizzly looks to the crowd and takes one step toward the ropes with Dom still positioned in the air and throws Dom to the outside of the ring!!! Dom slams hard to the floor and the crowd errupts with cheers!!! Grizzly with a big grin on his face starts to climb the turnbuckles....)

John: Oh my god!! Dom could have broken his spine!!!

James: Alls fair in love and war John.

John: Well theres certainly no love between these two.

(Grizzly stands on the top turnbuckle just as Dom gets to his feet. Grizzly leaps from the turnbuckle outside the ring towards Dom, but Dom catches Grizzly with a Superkick to the Face. Grizzly falls to the floor as the hurt Dom clutches his back. )

John: Nice move by Dom. But he looks to be in severe pain here James.

(Dom walks over and pushes the bell man from his seat and grabs his chair. Dom raises the chaor above his head and the crowd pops as Dom starts to walk back towards Grizzly. Grizzly, slow to get up; makes it to one knee but is immediately whacked with the chair to the back by Dom!! Dom pulls the chair back and whacks Grizzly again to the back. Grizzly oozy and still on one knee wobbles around. Dom pulls back the chair, which is heavily bent; and smashes it again to the head of Grizzly!!! Grizzly falls back to the floor and is bleeding from the head!!)

James: We got juice!!!

John: But i think Grizzly has a concussion!! 3 Chair shots and the man is down. Can Dom get any more brutal?

James: I hope so!!

(Dom tosses the chair into the crowd, barely missing a few fans; and lift the ring apron. Dom pulls out an extra ring bell and rushes towards Grizzly and smashes the ring bell into the face of Grizzly. Grizzly, heavily bleeding from the forehead, and laid out on the concrete. The ref still remains laid out cold in the ring, as Dom looks for his next item of distruction.)

James: Grizzly is going to need a few Asprin after this match!

John: I think he's going to need about 20 stitches as well James.

(Dom grabs Grizzly by the hair and pulls him to his feet, then tries to whip Grizzly, but Grizzly reverses and whips Dom into the ring steps!! Dom's head smashes into the steps and Dom's head appears to be bleeding. Grizzly laughs and tries to regain his wind back. )

John: The monster Grizzly thinks this is funny! He's insane!

James: And thats just the way we like him!

(Grizzly walks over to Dom and pulls him to his feet by the hair. Grizzly with some forearm strikes the the back of Dom, and Dom falls to one knee. Grizzly picks up Dom with a Scoop and looks to the crowd for approval. The crowd pops as the monster Grizzly picks to walk around the ring towards the announcers desk with Dom slung over his shoulder. )

John: Oh my god! He's coming over here!

James: Oh hell, this is gunna be brutal.

(James and John stand up and back away from the announcers desk as Grizzly stands infront of them with Dom still slung over his shoulder. Grizzly with a BIG Gorrilla Press, slams Dom thru the Announcers desk!!!)

James: Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!

John: No! No! No! Thats coming out of your paycheck, not mine.

(The monster Grizzly laughs as the beaten and bloody Dom lays in a pile of rummble from smashing thru the table. Dom is clutching his hurting back, and Grizzly's face is covered in blood and still the monster Grizzly laughs. )

John: Grizzly still thinks this is funny! This guy has really lost it!

(Inside the ring, the ref slowly regains conciousness and starts to get to his feet. Much to his supprise, both men are beaten and bloody and outside the ring. The ref begins to count slowly.....1........2.....)

John: Rise and Shine sleepy head! The ref wakes up!

James: Ahh damn! I guess the fun is over for now.

(Grizzly pulls Dom to his feet by the hair and shows Dom's bloody face to the crowd. The crowd pops as the bloody warrior is shown before them. Grizzly, still hold Dom by the hair, quickly punches Dom in the face with his other hand. Grizzly begins to laugh again and hits a Michinoku Driver on Dom, slamming him to the concrete!! The ref continues to count......3.........4..........5...)

John: I guess the mayhem continues!

James: That's what I'm talking about!!

(Grizzly and Dom both get to their feet, but Dom strikes with a surprise move, ducking under Grizzly's punch and hitting a savate kick to the back of the big man's head! Both men, staggered, begin brawling like wild animals as the referee continues
to count...8...9...10!!)

James: I'll be damned...countout draw. First time that's ever happened in SHOOT. Good job, fellas!

John: Well, the security has finally pulled hem apart, and from the looks of rage on their faces, I'd say there's a rematch in the future.

(Grizzly rises to his feet and throws his arms in the air, signifying that he is victorious. The crowd gives a little bit of reaction, but not much, seeing as the size isn't too great. Grizzly tiredly begins to exit the ring…)

John- tough match…

James- well, both men gave it their all, so...

John- wait, wait a second…what's that on Grizzly's chest?!

(Grizzly notices it at the same time as John, and his eyes grow about six inches past what they're supposed to be. Before he can move, a shot is fired out from somewhere around the venue, but at the same time, a flash of a figure is seen jumping in front of Grizzly. Grizzly and the mystery person tumble around the ring for a few moments, as the force of the mystery man's jump, plus the velocity of the bullet fired was enough to knock them both senseless, if not, dead…)



James- I don't know! All I know is I saw a gun fired, and a constant spurt of blood has been flowing from whoever it was that jumped in front of Grizzly, AND Grizzly himself…I don't know who it hit!

(When the two people stop rolling around, there is silence, and the entire world seems to be motionless. Then, from the bottom, Grizzly moves a seemingly lifeless being from his chest, and sets it down next to him, quickly covering it up…)


James- I don't know! I can't see the face!

(A new camera angle lets us all see that the person who jumped in front of the bullet is in fact…)

John- ANGEL?!?

James- she hates Grizzly! She ordered the hit on Grizzly! Why did she just take the bullet?!?

(As Grizzly covers her up to keep the excess oxygen out of the wound, Taurus rushes down to the ring, taking his shirt off all at the same time. He slides into the ring and wraps Angel's chest in his shirt, as that is where the bullet made it's impact…)

Taurus- oh god, oh god no…good god…SOMEBODY GET SOME HELP DOWN HERE!

Angel- Dustan…Dustan…No.

Taurus- good lord, Autumn, good…oh my…oh…why…Autumn, why?!

Angel- I couldn't…*cough*…I couldn't allow that to stay on my conscience…I…I…I couldn't allow you to think of me the way that you do and did. I…I needed redemption.

Taurus- you don't-

Angel- no, don't…please…just list-*cough**cough*…listen. I…I'm sorry that I had your friend put on the hit list…it…it…wasn't his fault, it wasn't your fault, it…*cough*…it wasn't anyone's fault. I just…lost it…I was just…obsessed. It's…it's kind of ironic, Dustan…isn't it? I'm going to die by the same bullet that I bought, saving the same person…*cough*…that I wanted dead in the first place.

Taurus- no, Autumn, it's not over, you will not die…YOU WILL NOT DIE!

Angel- no, you're wrong…it's better this way…this way…I find peace…redemption.

Taurus- NO!!! NO!!!!!!!!!

Angel- it has to be this way Dustan, I hope you can understand. I…*cough*…I'll always love you, living or dead…always.

(Angel's eyes close as the paramedics hit the scene, clearing Taurus away from the area, as he looks on in shock, heartbreak, and denial. He utters her last words…)

Taurus- always…

John: OH...MY...GOD.

James: Uhm...let's just not talk about this, eh? I personally am going to assume it was a skit, because otherwise we'd be considered heatless fools for going on with the show. The ring's cleared out, and it's time to go again.

John: Uhm...ok...

James: Seriously. That couldn't have been real, man. Assume the best. Back to the show!

John: You're right. No way this show would go on after something like that, right?

James: Damn right.

John: *ahem* Its interesting how this has all turned out John,The demands of the SHOOT fans and wrestlers have been met tonight as earlier in the evening,Meioh was run out of his office,leaving Wong here in charge to run the show.Im not sure how good a job of running the show he will be able to do after Master Molde drops him on his head!

James:What crawled up your ass this morning John?Master Molde is a very tough man indeed,and with Guy Gordon he is even more of a force.But the man has seen his best days in my opinion.It's "Killahoe's" time to shine John.He's running the show the WONG way.

John:Real funny James.Lets get to the match shall we?

Compare:Ladies and Gentlemen,making his way to the ring at this time...He is the Iron Fist Champion of SHOOT Project...and tonight the Interim President...weighing in at 175 pounds...Nooooooorrrrrrman..."KILLLLLAHOOOOOOOOEEE" WOOOONNNGGG!!!

("Purple Pills"plays from the ghetto blaster at ringside as Wong comes down to ringside looking all around likely making sure noone is trying to "gaft" him.Upon making it to the ringsteps,he confidently strolls into the ring grinning cluelessly as usual.)

James:I've been so many places,I've seen so many faces,take it Maurice!

Maurice:Ook Ooook Ook...

John:Shut that monkey up!!Get on you your feet for the Master!!

("Thunderstruck" by AC/DC plays as Guy Gordon leads Master Molde to the ring.Molde reaches out to tag some hands of the fans at ringside but Gordon pushes them back,encouraging the security to not let them close to Molde)

Compare:And his opponent...One of the legends of the International Wrestling Entertainment leauge,he hails from Chicago...He weighs in at 310 pounds and stands 7 feet,one inch tall.He is Massssterrrrrrr Mooooooooolde!!!!!

James:Honestly John one of the big questions in the locker room is if Master Molde does indeed have what it takes left within him,to make that one more big run here in the SHOOT Project.The man has amazing potential John,I'll admit that.But so far he hasnt lived up to it.

John:I'd agree with some of that James.But the fact is,that we are talking about a man who when you think he's down and out always comes back to surprise you and prove why he is the superstar that he is.

(Wong and Molde lock up.Molde pushes Wong into the corner and Wong runs right back into him with a swift kick to the knee.Molde is unfazed and grabs Wong by the throat,chokeslamming him over the top rope onto the apron.Guy Gordon helps Wong to his feet on the outside,being careful to brush off whatever dirt Norman has on his tights)

John:Gordon is helping Wong back up to the apron!Nice way to suck up to the boss there Guy!

James:Thats "Killahoe" to you!Foo!

(Molde Suplex's Wong back into the ring and locks in the Master Recliner.Wong makes it to the ropes and Molde is forced to break the hold.Molde takes his time pulling Norman to his feet and is punished by a bite to the inside of the groin area by Wong.Wong flips Molde over with a snap mare and begins to do the macerana around the ring)

John:Real cute Nor-MAN!Lets see some wrestling!

(Wong finishes his rendition of the macarena which gets pops throughout the crowd as its obvious that the macarena is still over in Japan.Molde looks up to the lights as he staggers to his feet.Wong cuts off any offense by Molde by attacking him with 3 spinning backfists in a row as sweat flies off of the chest of Molde and the smacking sound of bone smashing into flesh echo through the building.

Norman lands two lightning fast side kicks to the ribs of Molde.He goes for a third but the kick is caught by Molde.Norman hops in place trying to regain his balance,then goes for an Enzuguri to the head of Molde,but Molde ducks,still holding on to the leg and catches Norman with a Dragon Screw legwhip.)

John:Molde just mouthed "He's finished" James! He's going for the Master Blaster!!

(Molde sets Norman up in the powerbomb position.He connects with a Powerbomb but Norman holds onto the hair of Molde the entire time,softening the impact and almost taking Molde down with him in the process.Molde lets Norman out of the powerbomb position to headbutt him three times before continuing on with the move.

As he brings Norman up all the way to powerbomb him again,Norman rakes his eyes and takes Molde over with a Hurrancanrana.A few moments pass as both men catch their breath and go after one another again.Molde goes for a Diving Clothesline but Wong slides under his legs,grabbing him in a waistlock from behind.Norman lands a Release German Suplex,dropping Molde on his head.

Wong pulls Norman to his feet and nails him with a Snap Suplex.Wong locks a Dragon Suplex around the throat,leaning back and applying more pressure.Norman grinds on the neck of Molde for over 2 minutes before getting up,only to drive a knee to Moldes back.Norman pulls Molde to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top)

John:Wong looks to be going for a Tornado DDT James!!If Molde gets dropped on his head again it'll be over!!

(Norman locks in the front facelock and jumps from the top.Molde however,holds his body position and takes over Norman with a Northern Lights Suplex!!)

John!!Thats it!Thats it!!!ONE!!TWO!!!NOOO!!

(Both men start to be counted out.Molde shows the first sign of moving as he attempts to pull himself to the ropes.Norman executes a weak kip up,clearly showing the lack of energy he has left.Norman staggers around the ring waiting for Molde to make it to his feet.As he does,Norman runs in with a rolling body attack but Molde misses and Norman ends up upside down in the corner.Molde takes advantage of the situation by tying Wongs legs around the turnbuckle post.)

John:Twee o Woe!!! Twee o woe!!He tied him to the twee o WOE!

James:Why pray tell are you channeling the spirit of Dusty Rhoades?

John:Because Molde is about to expose Norman for the jackass that he is and the people miss the "Meeerican Dweem"!

James:They miss him like I miss Intrepido

John:You didnt like Intrepido? You always used to put him over in the booking meetings.

James:Thats called politics John....Hated the man. Still do.

(After tying Wongs feet to the ropes Molde begins to flail away at Norman with stomps to the chest,the sound echoing through the building....Molde pulls Wong away from the corner and sets him up top....Molde s;owly makes his way to the top rope....Norman strikes back with several stiff elbows to the temple and finally a jab to the throat which sends Molde recoiling off the middle turnbuckle to the mat.)


(Norman leaps from the top hitting Molde in the ribs with a missile dropkick.Molde's eyes roll to the back of his head as he grab his side and falls to the mat in a big splat,spitting up some blood.Wong runs over to Molde and immediatly locks on an octopus hold.Wong locks in the hold for a half minute and goes for a pinfall.)

James:Oh its over now big man.One!Two!Thr-Wha??

(As the referee's hand comes down for the three,Molde positions his body so that he can roll Wong into a cradle and does so)

John:Now Molde with the pin!!!One! Two!!

(Wong manages to roll over and reverse the cradle onto Molde)


John:NOOOOO! Not on your LIFE!!!

(Molde makes it to his feet first and whips Wong into the ropes,Wong springs back and hits Molde in the solarplexus with a jumping side hook kick.Molde falls face first to the mat as Wong quickly scurries up to the top turnbuckle....)

James:Wong looks to be going for that 5 star splash John!!!He is!!

John:REVENGE OF MAO!!!!!!One!!!Two!!!!

James:THREEEE!!! Wong with the big win! Molde goes home to momma crying!

The scene opens to an emergency room in a hospital.Laying on top of a stretcher with an oxygen mask covering his face and tubes connected to his nose lies a man who is apparantly Express.His blonde hair is matted with blood.He lies there barely moving.In walks a still crying Anna along with Dominion.Anna runs over to Express hugging him tenderly and kissing him on the forehead.Dominion stands at the door with both hands behind his back unsure of what to do)

Anna:(looking to Dominion while still holding onto Express,sniffling and wiping her tears with a tissue every few seconds)He's been motionless since the end of the match.The doctor says he may be in a coma for up to 3 months.

(A doctor wearing a face mask walks up to Express and looks him over,jotting down a few notes.The doctor looks into the tearful eyes of Anna and walks away with his head lowered.The doctor leaves the room)

(Dominion walks over to Express with a blank look on his face,obviously unsure what emotion to feel.Here lies his most hated anemy,the man who mocked the death of his girlfriend and closest friend Ariel.He stands directly over him feeling a strong sense of mixed emotions.He feels sorry for Anna,who had always been a close friend of Ariel.He hates to see her crying as she currently is,but it isnt his fault she married a gutless asshole.Now...now is his chance.He could end it all here....But no...he doesnt really want to take the mans life,its just his out of control emotions going wild through his head....)

Dominion:Anna what would happen if I disconnected these tubes?

(Anna slowly looks up with a horrified expression on her face)


(Just then the "doctor" that we saw moments ago attacks Dominion from behind with a knee to the back of the neck.Express jumps from the bed and slams the oxygen tank into the face of Dominion as he reels from the attack from behind,knocking him to the floor.Both Express and the "doctor"begin to work over Dominion.Express rolls Dominion over onto his back and both men hold his arms down as Anna stands over him,slapping him across the face several times.Express begins to belly laugh as does the "doctor" who's laugh sounds rather familiar.Anna puts her hand over the lens of the camera...)

John- alright, well, now it's time to decide the first half of our tag team championship match for next week, as Azrael and Massicrist battle it out with Scar and Ecstasy for number one contendership.

James- that's right, and either of these teams could walk away with the right to call themselves number one contenders.

John- absolutely, Azrael, Massicrist, Scar, and Ecstasy have all been impressive so far in their former showings…

James- yep, but only two of them will go on to next week to fight for a SHOOT championship title.

"It's like…I don't care about nothin, man…Roll another blunt…yeah…la dat da dadada…"

James- I was gonna call this match…until I got high!

(Esctasy walks out from the back, as the crowd erupts at the first sound of this song, which has just released over in Australia. Esctasy walks, stumbles rather, towards the ring…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and fifteen pounds, and standing at six feet, three inches tall, he is the self proclaimed "only game in town", and he's the master of the Roll of Life…Ecssssssstasyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

(Esctasy climbs into the ring as "Because I got high cuts off"…)

James- damn it, that's my favorite song!

(Just as Afroman's beats are cut short, "Fear" by Disturbed hits and out walks Scar to a decent ovation from the fans. The compare begins his business…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and forty eight pounds, he stands at six feet, two inches tall and is the master of the SPIKE OF DEATH…SCAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

(Scar slides into the ring and begins to converse with Esctasy as both of them do their before match rituals. Shortly thereafter, "Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine hits the Boom Box, drawing the crowd to begin booing seeing as Massicrist is walking down to the ring…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and seventy five pounds, and standing at six feet, five inches tall, he is the master of the MASSACRE…MASSSIIIICRIIIIIIIIISTTTT!!!!

(The crowd continues the booing as Massicrist slides into the ring, keeping sure that he stays on HIS side of the ring. He won't have to be alone for long, however, as "That's Amore" by Dean Martin blasts over the boom box, and the crowd erupts into a sea of boos as Azrael makes his way to the ring…)

Compare- making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and ten pounds, and standing at six feet, and one inch tall, he is the master of the SNAKE EYES…AZZZZZZRAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Azrael slides into the ring and joins up with his partner…)

John- this should be a good one, ladies and gentlemen.

James- considering Azrael and Massicrist are in the match…maybe…but I bet Esctasy's theme song will be the highlight of this match.

(Azrael starts off the match against Esctasy, as the two men dash forward and lock up, Azrael takes the advantage. Azrael quickly shifts his weight to a headlock take down maneuver, holding the lock in while Esctasy lies on the mat. Esctasy quickly gets the power to move to his feet, as Azrael keeps a tight hold on the lock. Esctasy throws a few stiff elbows into Azrael's midsection, knocking Azrael's grip a little bit looser each time. Esctasy pushes Azrael off into the ropes only to receive a huge shoulder block, knocking him backwards a bit. Azrael hops on top of him and begins to apply a Boston Crab type maneuver…)

John- Azrael is really controlling this match.

James- yes sir, he is.

(Azrael wrenches back and the referee checks for submission…)

Referee- give?!

Esctasy- no!

(Azrael holds the maneuver there for quite some time, as Esctasy writhes in pain, trying to grab his lower back, but sustain some sort of balance the whole time…)

Referee- do you give?!

Esctasy- NO!!!

John- Esctasy won't give up!

James- that's because it's like 2 minutes into the match, John.

(Azrael releases one of the legs, and a short glimpse of relief comes over Esctasy, but not before Azrael can lean backwards and grab a hold of Esctasy's head, wrenching back on that as well as his leg…)

John- oohhhhh that's gotta hurt!

James- that's a very painful move right there, I've been on the receiving end of that quite a few times!

Referee- give?!

Esctasy- ahggggghhhhhhggggghhhh…noooghaaaagh!!!!

(Azrael, showing a little bit of mercy, drops Esctasy's head down to the mat and goes back to applying the double leg Boston Crab, but not for long, as Esctasy finally powers himself out of the move as he flips Azrael around with his legs. Azrael hits the mat hard, and both men lie in the center of the ring, struggling to make a tag to either of their partners…)

John- Esctasy REALLY needs to make this tag!

(As each man moves closer, the crowd's anticipation begins to grow…)

James- they are both making significant gains towards their corner!

(Azrael jumps up and tags in Massicrist, but as Esctasy goes to do the same, Scar jumps down from his perch on the ring apron and begins to walk to the back, head down all the way, giving off no clues as to why he abandoned his partner!)


James- beats me! He's upped and left his partner!

(Esctasy looks on through glazed over eyes, wondering what the hell is going on. He finally finds his footing and turns around slowly, only to receive a swift kick to the gut, and lifted into a vertical suplex position…)

James- this could be over before it basically even gets started!

(Massicrist drops Esctasy forward, hitting The Massacre HARD!!!)

John- this one is about over, I do believe.

(Massicrist covers Esctasy…)




(The crowd erupts into boo's as Massicrist celebrates his victory and Azrael drops down to the cement below and solemnly walks to the back, maintaining his character of being a weird dude…)

John- the question remains, why the hell did Scar leave Esctasy?!

James- who knows, John, who knows?

John: Well James, as you know the time has come. The Main Event.

James: It sure has John, and this one looks to be damn good. Taurus takes on the SHOOT champion Shaolin. Both men are hungry for the title but who wants it more? Taurus or Shaolin?

John: Well James, thats a tough question. Both men have worked hard since our show last week in Bangkok; but it seems as if Shaolin has been a little preoccupied with something all week.

James: I've noticed that. Being on the top of SHOOT and with some very powerful people breathing down his neck hasn't helped the situation one bit. Shaolin is going to have to keep his thoughts together here to still walk out the SHOOT champion.

John: And his opponent, Taurus, isn't any slouch either. Taurus is a many time World champion and is used to the pressure that these high stakes match often put on a man. If Taurus can step up to the challenge and catch Shaolin just barely off his game, I think we'll see a brand new World Champion here tonight.

James: Well John, lets kick this mother off!! It looks to be one hell of a technical match up.

("#1" by Nelly blasts over the boombox and the fans come to life. The area fills with cheers as Taurus is seen making his way to the ring dressed in his usual black shorts, black boots and shades. )

John: Taurus looks quite confident tonight James. I haven't seen him this focused in a long time.

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way into the ring at this time for the Main Event for the SHOOT World Title; standing 6'3" and weighing in at 245lbs......The Spirit of the Bull..........TAURUS!!!!!!!

(Taurus climbs into the ring and raises him arms as the crowd begins to cheer for him. He checks the ropes as his music cuts off. "Ready or Not" by Fugees blasts over the boombox and the fans continue to cheer in love for Shaolin. Shaolin makes his way down to ringside as Compare begins to announce.)

James: Shaolin looks a little preoccupied here John. Something has got to be bothering him.

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way into the ring at this time, standing 6'2" and weighing in at a lean and trim 235lbs..... your SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion,.......SHAOLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(The crowd gives a huge ovvation for their champion as Shaolin steps into the ring and removes his robe. Shaolin checks out the ropes and looks over at the very determined Taurus. The ref calls for the bell, and this match is on!)

John: Both men lock up, and I assure you this will be a great technical battle.

(Taurus gets the advantage and locks to Shaolins waist, and Taurus hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on Shaolin. Both men quickly to their feet and the lock up again. Shaolin, take the lead with a headlock, but Taurus pushes him off towards the ropes. Shaolin bounces off the ropes and comes back towards Taurus. Taurus hits with "Bullrush" (Double Leg Takedown Spear) and it sends Shaolin to the mat with Taurus mounting him and following it with some closed fists tot the head.)

James: The aggresive Taurus takes the early lead!

John: Excellent move by Taurus. He sure as hell brought his "A" game tonight.

(Taurus pulls Shaolin to his feet and whips him to the corner. Taurus runs towards Shaolin and slams him into the corner with a Shoulder Tackle into the corner. Taurus grabs the ropes and backs off, only to ram Shaolin back into the corner. Taurus once again, backs off and rams Shaolin into the corner.)

John: Nice moves by Taurus. Taking the wind out of Shaolin early, and keeping him close.

(Shaolin fights back with some stiff forearms to the back of Taurus and Taurus backs off. The y lock up, and Taurus takes Shaolin over with an Arm Bar down to an Arm Guillotine. Shaolin bounces up from the mat and Taurus gets to his feet, appling an arm bar to Shaolin. Shaolin refuses to go down to the mat as Taurus tries to take him down. Shaolin & Taurus battle for control. )

James: Great show of strength here by Shaolin. Keeping your body in that position requires a great amount of strength.

(Shaolin drops to the mat and slides between Taurus' legs and pulls on the arms of Taurus. Taurus front flips to the mat and gets to his feet quickly. They lock up again and Taurus gets the advantage with a head lock. Taurus pulls Shaolin around to the corner, and runs up the turnbuckles and hits a Bulldog on Shaolin. Shaolin face slaps the mat and Taurus quickly to his feet.)

John: Great move by Taurus. He sure has the clear advantage here early on.

(Taurus climbs those same turnbuckles and goes for a Springboard Moonsault but misses, as Shaolin rolls out of the way. Taurus takes a good bump and is down for a minute, as Shaolin gets to his feet. Shaolin pulls Taurus to his feet and hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker on Taurus. Shaolin hold Taurus over his knee to inflict even more pain to the challenger Taurus.)

John: Shaolin with a nice backbreaker, and holding Taurus there to increase the pain.

(Shaolin drops Taurus and gets to his feet. Shaolin backs off and awaits as Taurus gets to his feet. Taurus,slow to get up; finally gets to his feet but is met with a stiff Super Kick to the jaw from Shaolin. Taurus drops to the mat again, and Shaolin closes in. Shaolin grabs a hold of Taurus and applies a Dragon Sleeper!!)

James: Shaolin has that Dragon Sleeper in tight. Can he make Taurus tap? Or can Taurus grab a rope and break free?

(Taurus tries to fight the hold, as the Ref checks to see if Taurus wants to tap. Taurus says no, and the match continues. Shaolin tightens the hold as to not lets Taurus out easily. The ref again checks to see if Taurus wants to tap, but he says no.)

John: Taurus trying to resist the pain, and not willing to tap out here James.

James: One hell of an effort by Taurus. The Dragon Sleeper would put most men out, and Taurus does look a little oozy here John.

(Taurus finally gets his foot to the ropes and the ref demands a break. Shaolin quick to his feet delivers a stunnging kick to the back of the head to Taurus. Taurus' head drops to the mat, only to have Shaolin pull him back to his feet. Shaolin hits with a DDT and slaps Taurus' face to the mat. Shaolin gets behind Taurus and pulls him up by the waist and hits a Fisherman's Suplex!! Shaolin has Taurus pinned and the ref goes for the count......1............2...........kick out by Taurus.)

John: Near fall there by Shaolin. Trying to beat Taurus with his own game.

(Both men to their feet and they lock up. Taurus pushes Shaolin off and they lock up in a test of strength. )

James: Oh here we go. Who wants this more? Taurus or Shaolin?

John: Well Taurus appears to be the stronger man, but Shaolin has the techniques of a champion.

James: But this test is about brute power!

(Taurus forces Shaolin to his knees, and quickly releases and gets around to the back of Shaolin. Taurus applies a Sleeper hold to Shaolin and the ref runs over to check Shaolin. Shaolin trys tries to resist the hold, put Taurus pulls him to his feet and leans back. Taurus, whil still applying the sleeper Suplexes Shaolin to the mat. Taurus, quick to his feet pulls Shaolin up and hooks to his waist.)

James: Sweet move there by Taurus.

(Shaolin throws some elbows back towards Taurus, but Taurus shrugs them off, while still having hold of Shaolins waist. Shaolin throws another elbow and quickly gets behind Taurus and grabs him by the waist. Shaolin tries to suplex Taurus, but Taurus blocks with the leg, only to be slammed face first to the mat by Shaolin. Shaolin quickly applies an ankle lock to to Taurus and the ref checks to see if Taurus wants to tap out.)

John: Nice reversal by Shaolin and a great move there with that ankle lock.

James: Taurus is great pain here, will he tap out?

(Taurus struggles in pain to the ropes and the ref demands a break. Shaolin continues to hold onto the ankle of Taurus!! Taurus pulls his body up the ropes, and twists his body around to kick Shaolin in the face. Shaolin breaks the hold, and Taurus lays on the mat in pain. Shaolin stumbles back and checks to see if his nose is bleeding.)

John: Shaolin looks to have a little blood from the nose after that kick to the face from Taurus.

James: Got juice?

(Taurus gets to his feet and he and Shaolin lock up. Shaolin pushes Taurus down to his knees and grabs him by the waist and hits a simple Piledriver. Shaolin gets to his feet as Taurus lays on the mat. Shaolin stands there and looks around.)

John: What the hell is Shaolin doing? Go after him!

James: I think Shaolin is looking at the stars.

John: He is the star!

(Taurus gets to his feet slowly and tackles the legs of Shaolin. Shaolin drops to the mat, only to be pulled back up by the arm from Taurus. Taurus whips Shaolin to the ropes and meets him the a knee to the midsection. Taurus wraps the arm of Shaolin around his head and grabs the waist of Shaolin. Taurus lifts Shaolin into the air and holds him there!!)

John: What in the sam hell is Taurus looking to do here?

James: I dunno, but it bet it's going to hurt!

(Taurus takes 2 steps towards the corner turnbuckles and drops Shaolin's face right on the top turnbuckle. Shaolin's head bounces off the turnbuckle hard, and he violently drops to the mat. Taurus takes a minute to regroup himself as Shaolin lays out on the mat.)

John: Oh my god! Shaolin dropped hard on his neck. Taurus could have broke his neck there James.

(Taurus walks over and pulls Shaolin to his knees, Taurus applies a front face lock....)

James: He's going for the Taurus-Plex!!

(Taurus hits the Fisherman's Suplex and slams Shaolin towards the center of the ring. The ref runs over for the count.........1.................2................3!!!!!!!)

John: He did it! He did it James! He did it!

James: We got ourselves a new champion!

(Taurus gets to his feet slowly, and obviously tired, and is drapped with the World Title as Shaolin remains laid out in the middle of the ring. Taurus salutes the crowd and rasies the belt high into the air.)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, with a stunning upset; your NEW World Heavyweight Champion.........TAURUS!!!!!!!

(The crowd goes crazy and cheers on the new champion as Taurus starts to leave the ring)

John: Well i guess Taurus just wanted it more tonight than Shaolin.

James: Shaolin looked preoccupied the whole match John. Shaolin's focus just wasn't there.

John: And as a result, Taurus walks away with the gold!

James- I still can't believe Taurus did it!!

John- I can't believe it! After all the trouble that Taurus has had as of late, he has finally had something good come to him! He's lost so much this last week; it's great to finally see him gain something spectacular, such as this!

James- I don't know whether to shit or go blind, John!

(Taurus stands perched on the top rope, holding his newly won title high in the air, and the fans give him quite a good response…)

John- he really deserves this, James, he really does.

James- oh, none of these guys deserve this title…but Taurus did give a good effort this week, I'll give him that.

John- yes, he did James, he really did.

(Shaolin lies dormant in the place that Taurus dropped him just before the fatal 1-2-3 was counted. Taurus pumps his fists into the air, and screams out a victorious battle cry, as he climbs through the ropes and allows himself to fall down to the hard ground below. He walks to the back with a smile on his face that we haven't seen in quite some time…)

John- he is genuinely happy, for the first time in I don't know how long.

James- ah, who cares, is there really a difference between Shaolin and Taurus?


(As Taurus disappears to the back, John begins to wrap up the show…)

John- well that seems to be all for tonight…


(The crowd erupts into a mass collection of boo's as a specially edited form of Nas' "Hate Me Now" is heard over the new SHOOT boom box that they were able to buy. Meioh comes out from the back, clad in doctor's scrubs…)

You can hate me now, but I won't stop now…


James- haha, looks like we're not done just yet!

(Meioh rushes the ring and slides in, with Shaolin still almost out cold on the mat…)

John- hasn't Shaolin been through ENOUGH tonight?!

James- apparently not!

(Meioh begins to lace into Shaolin with massive kicks to the shoulder and rib area, coming in like a whirlwind of stinging daisy cutters. Shaolin receives each kick's total velocity as he bounces around on the mat like a fish; his shoulders are taking most of the punishment. Meioh lifts him up to his feet and backs up a little bit…)

James- HAHA, I think he's gonna try and take his head off!

John- that's not funny! That's sick!

(Meioh bounces off the ropes slowly, but dashes forth and hits a strong pump kick into Shaolin's weary chest, and knocks him back to the mat forcefully. But Meioh doesn't stop there, as he quickly lifts Shaolin up to his feet and applies a full nelson…)

John- does he want him to submit?!

James- or get knocked the fuck out.

(James proves to be right, as Meioh quickly bends backward, taking Shaolin with him, and hits a devastating Dragon Suplex…)

John- ohhh god! That may have broken his neck!

James- hopefully! Hahaha, that was sweet!

(Meioh hops up to his feet with a huge smile plastered across his face, as the crowd litters the ring with its trash, spit, and other such unpleasantries. Meioh puts his hand to his ear as if to say "I can't hear you." He perches himself up on the second rope, in between two of the corners, and throws his arms out to his sides, shoulder length, and begins to wave them up and down…)

John- oh, look at that, he's proud of himself…that man is sick.

James- look! Hahaha, he's mocking him now!

(Sure enough, Meioh hobbles around the ring, grabbing his neck as if it was hurt, faking a slight cry, but soon after, he bursts into laughter…)


John- that's not funny, not at all, the man might have a broken neck!

(But apparently he doesn't, seeing as amidst all of the confusion, Shaolin begins to stir, moving his head and arms around. Meioh pays no attention though, and continues his charade, not realizing that at the same time, a steel mesh cage is being lowered to the ring…)

James- wait, wait, what the hell is going on here?!

John- I have no idea! But Meioh doesn't even realize it! His eyes are closing, pretending to cry, he doesn't even know what's going on!

(Shaolin finally finds his footing, and sees that Meioh is mocking him with his back completely turned, and he also notices the cage that is lowering around them. He shoots a glance towards the control panel and sees Norman Wong laughing his ass off, pointing to Shoalin and nodding…)

James- No! No! No! Wong was obviously supposed to do that earlier! Not now! Not now! Not when Shaolin is up!

John- or maybe he IS supposed to do it now and he's been working with Shaolin all along!

(As the cage finally locks, a loud clicking noise is heard, and Meioh opens his eyes to a totally different scene! The sparsely populated, but larger than normal crowd is going wild with anticipation! Meioh spins around and notices a hysterical, but wounded, Shaolin, nodding his head and smiley sadistically!)


James- Shaolin and Wong SET UP Meioh!!!!!

(Wong rushes down to the ring with control panel in hand, as he pulls out his 9mm and turns his back to the ring, pointing the gun at the entrance way…)

James- what the hell is he doing?!

John- making SURE that Shaolin gets his from Meioh!

(Shaolin rushes towards Meioh who is already half way up the cage, trying to escape. Shoalin grabs him from behind and pulls him down in a belly to back suplex maneuver! The crowd pops…)

James- good lord! This cannot be good for Meioh!!!!!

(Shaolin stomps the hell out of Meioh, only to pick him up to his feet and send him face first into the cage itself, but he doesn't allow Meioh to fall. Instead, he grinds Meioh's face into the mesh, creating a bloody mess of Meioh's forehead, as the cage was not of top quality, and shards of steel were sticking out everywhere. Meioh screams in pain as Shaolin laughs hysterically!)

James- Meioh is getting decimated in there!

John- and rightfully so, James, RIGHTFULLY SO!

(Shaolin drags Meioh back by the hair and sets him up between his legs…)

James- this can't be good.

(Shaolin gets himself into a praying position, placing his two hands together and closing his eyes, and soon enough, he begins to shake…)

John- lord…it can't be…this can NOT be what I think it is…

(Shaolin, vibrating like a crazed hypothermia victim, quickly lifts Meioh up above his head in one full, swift motion, and rushes towards the opposite side of the ring, and SENDS MEIOH'S NECK AND HEAD INTO THE CORNER OF THE FUCKING CAGE! No, not the turnbuckle, he TOSSES HIM OVER THE TURNBUCKLE AND INTO THE STEEL BEAM IN THE CORNER OF THE CAGE…)


James- Shaolin just hit the NIRVANA DRIVER ON MEIOH! WHAT THE HELL?!

John- that's sick! THAT WAS DEVASTATING!

James- that's REVENGE!

(Shaolin stands, eyeing Meioh down, with a sick, demented smirk on his face. Meioh bleeds from the back of his head, as the mat is quickly blood soaked. Norman Wong jumps for joy on the outside, laughing maniacally…)

John- we've gotta go…good lord, that's horrible!

James- that is the definition of SHOOT!

(Shaolin slowly, but surely, lifts his arms in victory over his head, as the crowd slowly, but surely, starts a "holy shit" chant…)

Scene fades out.

[ we have come to terms ]