[ Taurus is seen walking about the trailers that serve as the dressing rooms for the Shoot Project superstars. Taurus comes across the trailer with a Tennessee Titans bumper sticker stuck to the window and easily identifies this trailer as belong to an old friend and a more recent foe of his...... Titan. Taurus knocks on the door and Titan answers the door with a toothbrush in his mouth. ]

Taurus: Hey Titan. You remember the ol' days back when you were in Revolution X with me? Well, I was wondering if you could do me a favor by answering a few questions for me.

[Titan spits the toothpaste out of his mouth.]

Titan: Sure, what's up?

Taurus: I know that you're new here in the Project but you didn't happen to see who it was that shot Angel, would you?

Titan: No, I sure didn't. But I'll let you know if I find anything out.

Taurus: Thanks.

[Titan closes the door to his trailer.]


(In the back Renegade is walking with Hayana. The camera moves in closer to hear the conversation.)

Renegade: Tonight is a good night for the Terrible Three H Man. I got a chance to become the one half of the Tag Team Champs. Even though it not with the Chaotic Clown Krazee we can always beat up Genesis later and have Krazee stand in for him. Krazee has a chance to win the Iron Fist Title. I like Wong and all but he stands no chance against the Killa Clown. And you…. Well, you get to plan the celebration party.

Hayana: Has anyone told you that you stupid?

Renegade: Yeah but their all just jealous of my superstardom and me in general.

Hayana: Whatever! What you gonna do about Ravage? I think he’s gonna be trying to kill us like he did two weeks ago.

Renegade: He’s a nobody. I can take him out anytime I want. Better yet I’ll take his little girlfriend out and make him watch.

(Just as Renegade says that he turns a corner and get a chair shot to the face from Ravage. Hayana takes a swing at Ravage but is on the receiving end of a chair shot to the gut. Then Ravage hits him in the head with the chair. Ravage turns his attention to Renegade now and starts bashing his knee in with the chair. SHOOT officials come and get Ravage to leave.)

Alpo & Dom Vs. Esctasy & Genesis
Tag Team #1 Contendership

John- Welcome wrestling fans to Syria…and another Oblivion. We are sorry about last week but are sure this week will more than make up for the week lay off in wrestling. As reported in the papers we are under new rule, but are hoping that is not going to stop the good influx of Superstars we have to offer…with me as always is my co- announcer James…

James- thank you John…Yes wrestling fans we are back but why are we in this down trodden area? I’ll tell you why because if you want the best in street fighting you got to go where they live for street fighting and tonight we have one hell of a card for you…

John- yes and we kick it all off with the number one contenders match for the Shoot Tag-Team titles…we have two strange pairings going at it as the two street fighters Dom and Alpo will take on the technically gifted pairing of Ecstasy and Morpheus…

James- a strange pairing? Understatement of the year that was…I mean Ecstasy and Morpheus were meant to be fighting each other last week…now they are tagging…I just don’t get it…

"Blaze of Glory" belts out of the PA system as Alpo appears from behind the curtain.

Announcer- Ladies and gentlemen this match is for the number one contender for the shoot tag team titles and it is for one fall. Making his way to the ring at this moment he is accompanied to the ring by his manager Ricky Simpson. He weighs in at 285lbs…ALPO!

John- well here is our first to the ring and he is a giant…

James- yes he is the biggest in this mach and should be able to use his huge mass to good use against the smaller pairing…

"The nobodies" booms out of the PA system. Dom appears with Natty at his side.

Announcer- and his tag partner is accompanied to the ring by Natty. He weighs in at 227lbs and is the self proclaimed Hardcore Icon…DOM!

James- Icon my arse, this kid would not know Hardcore if it hit him in the face...

John- he is a former IWE Hardcore Champion.

James- Yes... And

Dom climbs into the ring and exchanges glances with Alpo

"Chop Suey" booms out of the PA System and he gets a huge pop from the crowd as he appears from behind the curtain.

Announcer- and their opponents making his way to the ring at this moment. He weighs in at 245lbs…MORPHEUS!

John- well James a fan favourite and what…

James- this man has never fought yet so the fans are daft and that is all I have to say about that…

"Because I got high" booms out of the PA System. Ecstasy runs down the aisle and starts on Dom…

John- well Ecstasy getting things started here as Morpheus and Alpo make their way to the corners…

Ecstasy throws Dom into the ropes and hits him with a clothesline on his way back and follows it up with an elbow to the chest…

John- that has to of winded Dom and Ecstasy seems to be on another planet…

James- maybe he took some of his own stuff before coming to the ring…

Ecstasy picks Dom up by the hair and Chops his chest, and again…He throws Dom into the corner where Morpheus waits…Ecstasy follows Dom in with a knee to the gut…Morpheus is tagged in…both men take an arm each and sling shot Dom back into the corner…

James- my god Dom must be hurting…

John- he can take allot of pain…but Morpheus and Ecstasy look good at the moment…

Morpheus locks Dom into a German suplex…1…2…3…4…German suplexes in a row…Morpheus goes for the cover

John- 1... 2... Alpo makes the save and I have to say Dom was know where they’re James…

James- it seems the Icon has left his tights at home…

Morpheus pulls Dom to his feet. A huge suplex putts Dom on his back again…Morpheus tags in Ecstasy…Ecstasy grabs Dom’s Leg...

John- looks like the figure four set up…No Dom kicks Ecstasy to the corner and Ecstasy hit hard…

Dom gets to his feet, he is still a bit sluggish. He kicks Ecstasy in the gut then ddt’s him into the mat…Dom climbs the corner and attempts a moon-sault…

James- my god he missed and what a miss that was…

John- both men are down and attempt to make their respected corners…Dom tags Alpo…Ecstasy tags Morpheus…

Morpheus goes for a clothesline, Alpo ducks it and gives him an inverted neck-breaker…Alpo pulls Morpheus up and delivers a leg drop to Morpheus’s chin. Alpo taunts Ecstasy…Ecstasy enters the ring but the referee tells him to get out…Dom enters the ring and double teams Morpheus...

John- my god James they are doing a number on the kid…

James- this is wrestling John; all is legal if the Ref doesn’t see it...

Dom exits the ring. Alpo pile drives Morpheus into the mat and then applies an ankle lock. Morpheus screams in pain... the ref looks for a tap out... Ecstasy gets into the ring... but the referee cuts him off... Dom’s helps apply more pressure on the leg... Morpheus screams in pain…Dom lets go, Alpo lets go and tags in Dom. Dom chops Morpheus, He kicks him in the gut and then delivers a huge DDT...

John- a cover 1... 2... thr... no Morpheus kicks out... I do not know how he did so but he did... Dom punches Ecstasy to bring him in to the ring…Alpo and Dom double team Morpheus to Ecstasy’s pain... Alpo is tagged in, a heart punch followed by a kick brain buster...

James- cover 1... 2... thre... Ecstasy gets the save... Dom comes in, now all four men are in the ring...

Ecstasy drops Dom with a Samoan drop then drops Alpo with a spinebuster…the ref urges Ecstasy out of the ring as Morpheus slowly pulls himself to the corner…Ecstasy is tagged in and he throws Dom out of the ring…he hits a flying lariat on Alpo…1…2…Alpo kicks out…. Ecstasy picks up Alpo and throws him to the corner and follows him in…

John- Stinger Splash…my god he got hit big time…

Ecstasy hits a German suplex on Alpo and rolls over into a figure four…

James- that’s it that’s it…Dom is out cold…and Alpo has a figure four slapped on him in the middle of the ring…

John:And Alpo is tapping out!!THATS IT!!!

Compare:Ladies and gentlemen your winners. Ecstasy and Moooorpheus!!!

(Taurus is seen sitting on a bench with his title across his lap. In the background Express can be seen on his mobile phone. Norman Wong comes out the toilet with his title slung over his shoulder…)

Taurus- tell me something Wong…how are you going to hold onto you’re title with Meioh in the hospital?

(Wong stares at Taurus and smiles.)

Wong- listen my Nigga, you trying to call ma a paper champion…you…the token white World Champion…the only reason you have that title Nigga is because everybody felt sorry for you…

(Taurus stares deeply at Wong and stands up.)

Taurus- what you talking about mang…

Wong- come on nigga you know fine if it were not for the shooting of you’re bitch you would be just another number…and you had the cheek to…

Taurus- listen up Wong…nigga…let me tell you something…I am a multi world champion…multi tag champion and generally a good guy…but you…well lets say you just fell on you’re feet…in fact did you not loose to Guy Gordon…

(Wong looks embarrassed.)

Wong- listen up Bull…you smell of Bull, you talk Bull…and you’re Karate is second rate…when you have come out from behind that sympathy curtain, maybe then we can get together and I will show you what good Karate is…

(Wong walks away from Taurus, then turns around…)

Wong- oh and Taurus my nigga…(he points his fingers at Taurus and uses it like a gun)…hope you have eyes in the back of you’re head…you’re going to need them…

James: Although the federation has undergone a change in ownership this past week, I expect things to only get better, as the new owner has booked what looks to be a massive card.

John: I'll agree with that, James. I mean, look at what kind of main event we have booked for tonight. A fatal four-way with arguably four of the top men in this business. Shaolin, Dominion and The Express all walk into this thing with a chance to become the SHOOT Champion.

James: Call me analytical, but I'm going to go with Taurus on this one for one simple reason. Sure, his three opponents are great talents, but each of those men have a problem with each other. I mean, look at Express and Dominion. Those men hate each other. Do you guys really think they'll be able to actually focus on winning that title? I think that amist all the chaos, Taurus will squeak this one by.

John: This match will be interesting to say the least. Even more interesting is that fact that tonight is all about the titles. All five titles shall be defended on this eve and as far as the other matches go, each of those matches will produce #1 contenders.

James: Speaking of #1 contender matches, here's our first of the night.

Marcus McAlister Vs. Alek McTanner
Rising Star #1 Contendership

( "AntiChrist SuperStar" by Marilyn Manson blares over the small PA machine as Marcus McAlister)

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time for this #1 Contendership to the Rising Star Title Ladder Match; standing 7'3" and weighing in tonight at 330 lbs......MARCUS MCALISTER!!!!!

John: Marcus appears to be quite determined tonight, judging by the look on his face..

( The crowd reacts to the entrance of McAlister with that of a mixed reaction. They watch intently as McAlister slowly makes his way through the ropes and to the far side of the ring, where he leans up against the ring post in await of his opponent for this evening. )

James: Look at that ladder, John. Seeing it standing there in the middle of the ring, brand new... Chrome, without a scratch on it. It's kinda sad to think that by the time this thing is over, that ladder will do doubt be mangled to hell.

( A spark of electricity bolts through the crowd as "Get Naked" by Methods of Mayhem is heard. All eyes focus on the entrance as Alek McTanner steps into view. Not wasting any time, he rushes to the ring before being stopped by the referee. )

Compare: And his opponent; standing 6'3" and weighing in tonight at 245 lbs......ALEK MCTANNER!!!!!

John: Talk about a mis-match! Marcus McAlister has quite a size advantage over McTanner.

( Tapping the ladder, the referee explains the rules of the upcoming match to the men standing beside him. Pointing up to the... pinata... hanging from the hook above, the referee pauses for a moment curiously staring upward. Shrugging, he finishes and the bell is rung. )

James: What's the deal with the Pinata, Jim?

Jim: Who the hell knows. Maybe it's filled with candy. If it is, I'm getting me some.

James: You would, with your fat ass.

( As the match begins, both men immediately rush toward the ladder, each man beginning to climb on opposite sides. As they reach the top, both men appear to be surprised upon realizing the other is there. Fists begin to fly back and forth before finally, both men fall backward to the mat. )

Jim: Uhm... I'm going to assume that both these guys had their eyes focused on that pinata. I mean, how did they not notice each other climbing that ladder?

( Scrambling to their feet, both men rush at each other and surprisingly, each man levels his opponent with a clothesline. Both men fall to the mat once again. )

James: Jesus, Jim. It doesn't look like either of these guys can really get the advantage here tonight. It's almost as if they're sharing a brain, as odd as that sounds.

( McAlister is first to his feet. Grabbing the ladder, he proceeds to close it and thrust the top portion of it toward McTanner, who is just making it to his feet. Swiftly, he dodges the ladder forcing it to be stuffed between the top two ropes. With a nice spinning heel kick, he knocks McAlister into the ladder stomach-first. )

Jim: Niiiice counter by McTanner there.

( As McAlister stumbles backward, McTanner follows his assault up by lifting McAlister in a body slam position before dropping him down onto the ladder. )

James: Damn, McAlister is just riving in pain. He just got tossed down onto that steel ladder on his back, and bounced right off of it.

( Not wasting any time, McTanner pulls the ladder out of the ropes and drives the top into the abdomen of the falled McAlister. Afterward, he lies the ladder across the body of his opponent. )

Jim: Looks like McTanner is going up! He's the lighter of the two men, so one would think he's got the advantage in the air.

( Making his way to the top of the ring post, McTanner poses for the crowd before diving off and landing on top of the ladder with a splash, which seems to have dealt him a good deal of pain just as his opponent. )

James: What the hell, Jim? Why would this guy hurt himself?

Jim: Why do ninety percent of the roster do the things they do?

James: Good answer.

( As both men lie on the mat, the referee begins his mandatory ten count. )




Jim: They're both starting to move...




James: McAlister seems to be making his way to one knee.



Jim: As is McTanner.


James: McAlister is to his feet!

( As McTanner rises to his feet, he is met by a stiff right hand punch which knocks him against the ropes. Running forward, McAlister sends McTanner over the top with a clothesline. )

Jim: Talk about a stiff clothesline! McAlister damn near knocked off McTanner's head that time!

( Lifting the ladder up again, McAlister positions it below the pinata and begins to climb it. Almost out of nowhere, McTanner dropkicks the locks which hold the ladder open. In turn, both locks snap in half and the ladder spreads out completely in the ring, sending McAlister to the mat. )

James: Uh... The ladder is broken, Jim. Now what?

Jim: I don't know... Don't we have replacements?

James: As far as I know, only two ladders were brought here tonight. The other one is reserved for the Rising Star Title match a little later in the evening.

( Both men suddenly turn their attention to the referee, who places one hand on his right ear, paying close attention to his ear-piece. Finally, he walks over to the ring announcer and passes along a short message. )

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen... Due to reasons beyond our control, this match shall result in a draw!

Jim: A DRAW?? What the?

James: Who the hell is the #1 Contender? And man, listen to that crowd boo!

Jim: Well they have a good reason to.

( As the bell rings, both men slowly exit the ring and make their way to the back. )

James: Well... that was a bust. What's next?

( Alone in the room that has been reserved to play the role of Dominion's locker room for this evening, Dominion paces back and forth through the center of the room, obviously with a lot on his mind. He is draped entirely in his wrestling attire, his hair pulled back and his hands already taped up. )

( Quiet... Almost silent.. Whispers... )

Dominion: The time to find the end... The time to end the games... The time to find the better man...

( Dominion pauses for a moment, staring forward at the brick wall in front of him. Although he appears to be in perfect condition for what will no doubt be the biggest match of his SHOOT Project career, Dominion seems... mysteriously different. )

Dominion: We enter this ring tonight not as Dominion and The Express... We enter this ring tonight as Eric Wolfson and Jaques LeFevre... This isn't about gimmicks or storylines... At least not anymore. This is personal. Man to man. This goes beyond The SHOOT Project, Jacques. And I think you'll agree with me on that.

( Silence... The sound of two wrestling boots slowly hitting the concrete floor... One by one... Slowly... Silently... )

Dominion: I've removed my shield, Jacques. I'm fully ready to put it all on the line tonight. That said, the question still beckons... Are you? Better yet... Are you capable of removing the shield? Facing me not as The Express, but as Jacques LeFevre? I guess the real question, ya know, the one that really burns is... Are you ready to put an end to the man behind the face that has tormented your dreams for so many weeks? I hope so. Because I'm ready to do just that. Shaolin... Taurus... Nothing. This is me and you. The time of war has ended... And so will you.

( Fade back to announcers. )

James: Wow... I don't think I've ever seen Dominion this focused. Like I said earlier in the show, Dominion isn't focused on that World Title. He's focused on The Express, or as he referred to him, Jacques LeFevre.

Jim: Like he said, this isn't about going out there tonight and putting on a show for the crowd. This isn't Dominion and The Express. Eric Wolfson has removed his gimmick, if you will. And I think The Express will do the same thing.

James: Either way, this main event is going to be one not soon forgotten. Looks like out next match is about to begin. Which is next?

Jim: Next up we have the second of three #1 Contender Matches, this one being for the Rule of Surrender Championship. We all know the rules of this one. The only way to win this type of match is by forcing your opponent to submit. Pinfalls and count outs do not count.

Titan Vs. Afwa Kilmanjaro
Rule of Surrender #1 Contendership

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen, the upcoming match-up is a #1 Contendership to the Rule of Surrender Title. Making his way to the ring first, he stands at 6'6" and weighs in at 275 lbs, TITAN!!!!

( "Things we do to people" by Bush plays throughout the building as Titan steps out into the light. Still quite a mystery to the SHOOT world, Titan is received with little to no reaction from the crowd. )

James: This is a big match for Titan. By winning this match tonight, he can score himself a guaranteed shot at the Rule of Surrender Title. Should he do that, and win that said title, that will be a huge stepping stone to making a name for himself here in the Project.

Jim: True that, however, don't sell Afwa Kilmanjaro short. He's a big, bad samoan and I highly doubt he plans to pass up this opportunity in any way. This should be a great match.

Compare: And his opponent... Standing at 6'10" and weighing in at 468 lbs... His opponent... AFWA KILMANJARO!!!!

( "I've got the power" fills the air as the big man steps out from the back. A grin on his face, he slowly makes his way down to the ring. )

James: Titan with a dive! He's wasting no time at all!

( As alert as ever, Afwa notices the swift attack and catches Titan as he falls from the air. Tossing Titan over his shoulders, he falls backward dropping Titan to the floor outside with a Samoan Drop. )

Jim: Titan's got the idea... Speed will be the key. However, he's going to have to do a better job of surprising the big man if he wants to score that title shot.

( Lifting Titan to his feet, Afwa rolls him into the ring and follows. Now that both men are in the ring, Afwa lifts his opponent to his feet and whips him to the ropes. As Titan comes running back, Afwa sends him down to the mat with a hell fo an impact as he delivers a big boot. )

James: Looks like Titan's going to have a migrane early on.

( Looking down at Titan, who is holding his jaw in pain, Afwa lifts his right boot and stomps down on Titan's chest, swiftly knocking the air out of him. Looking around to the crowd, Afwa motions to end the match. Suddenly, Titan knocks Afwa to one knee by delivering a low blow. )

Jim: Dirty move, but it did the trick. Afwa is hurting big time.

( Slowly making his way to his feet, Titan struggles to get air back in his lungs. After a few seconds, Titan goes on the offensive as Afwa looks to be getting to his feet. Rushing forward, Titan sends a dropkick into the chest of Afwa, knocking him back a little. Surprised, Titan rushes to the ropes and follows up with a second dropkick that has pretty much the same effect. )

James: Titan just doesn't have the power needed to cause some damage to the big samoan.

( Pausing for a moment, Titan takes some time to devise a plan. Suddenly, he jumps onto the nearby ropes and dives off with a springboard backflip. )

Jim: Afwa is up!

( Titan lands above Afwa's chest, using all of his body weight in an attempt to send Afwa down to the mat on his back. Afwa stumbles backward a few steps, but gains his footing and slams Titan to the mat with a Power Bomb. Suddenly, he drops to the mat and locks in a grip on Titan's throat. )

James: That's The Lava Crush! Afwa's finishing submission!

( Not able to breathe, Titan is forced to tap out. Although the referee has already called for the bell, Afwa refuses to let up on the hold. As the referee attempts to pull Afwa off, he turns out to be like a rock, with the referee's attempts meaning just about nothing. )

Jim: Titan's out, James. Lack of oxygen...

( Looking down at Titan's limp, unconscious body, Afwa finally lets up on the move and rises to he feet. The crowd boos wildly as Afwa merely smirks at the falled body of Titan. )

Compose: Ladies and gentlemen... Your winner and the #1 Contender to the Rule of Surrender Title... Afwa Kilmanjaro!!

( "I have the power" hits the speaker system once again as the fans continue their rant toward the large samoan. )

James: What can ya say, Jim? Afwa is a big, big man and like Titan, he's got something to prove. I'll tell ya what... Ravage has got a hell of a challenge ahead of him at Oblivion V, should he walk out of here with his title tonight, that is.

Massicrist & Azrael vs Renegade & Genesis
Tag Team Championship

Compare: Introducing first the challengers Renegade and Genesis.

(Genesis comes out followed by a limping Renegade.)

John: Seems like Renegade is still feeling the affects of the ass whipping he got earlier from Ravage.

James: I don’t know why you like that Ravage guy. He should be locked up for the assault on the innocent Renegade.

John: Innocent my ass. He kidnapped his manager.

Compare: Their opponents… the champions Massicrist and Azreal!!!

(The champs make their way to the ring. Genesis and Renegade are in their corner looking at the champs as they walk in the ring.)

John: OK both teams are in the ring. They’re talking it over and Genesis and Massicrist will start.

(They lock up… Massi backs Genesis into a neutral corner. The ref steps in and makes Massi back up. Genesis comes out of the corner…. They lock up again… They’re fight for leverage. Massi gets the upper hand but is on the receiving end of a knee by Genesis. Genesis whips Massi into the ropes. Genesis comes bouncing off the opposite side hits a hard clothesline on Massi.)

John: Looks like Genesis has come to fight tonight.

James: Yeah this is his chance to win his first title here in the SHOOT Project.

(Genesis puts the boots to Massi then picks him up and scoop slams him back down. Genesis runs to the ropes… bounces back and connects with a leg drop.)

James: He’s going for the pin, 1…2… Massicrist kicks out.

John: Looks like Genesis is going for the early win. But it’s gonna take a lot more than that to pin Massicrist. Genesis picks Massicrist up and throws him into his corner. Genesis distracts the ref while Renegade chokes Massicrist. Azreal comes in to try and help his partner but he’s stopped by the ref. This allows a double team by Renegade and Genesis.

James: Azreal need to get out of the ring. The longer he stays in the worse it is for his teammate.

(Azreal finally gets out the ring. Genesis tries to tag but Renegade tells him that he doing a good job and steps down from the apron.)

John: What the hell was that?

James: I don’t know but you gotta think it can be good.

(A confused Genesis turns around to get a jawbreaker from Massicrist. Massi goes over to his corner and tags in Azreal. Azreal comes in with a head full of steam. He hit’s a clothesline on Genesis. He gets up and is on the receiving end of an Azreal scoop slam. Azreal goes to pick Genesis up and gets a low blow.)

James: Good move!

John: He should get disqualified… Look! Coming out from the back is Ravage with a steel chair.

James: What is he doing here? Why does he always come out during people matches?

John: For Revenge.

(Genesis goes to tag in Renegade but Ravage hits Renegade in his knee with the chair. Renegade falls leaving Genesis wondering what’s going on. He turns around and walks into a small package by Azreal. 1…2…3)

John: This one is over but the story here is the attack on Renegade for the second time tonight by Ravage.

James: I hate that guy. Renegade and Genesis had a chance of winning if it weren’t for him.

John: Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve but they didn’t and the winners and still champs are Azreal and Massicrist!!

[Taurus is still walking about the trailers trying to find out who it was that shot Angel. He comes across the trailer with a cardboard sign that reads "Dom: Hardcore Icon" and recognizes the trailer as being Dom's. Dom answers the door and for some odd reason has a baseball bat in his hand.]

Taurus: Whoa, easy there slugger. I comes in peace. Live long and prosper.

[Dom lowers the baseball bat.]

Taurus: Hey Dom, uhhh..... remember the time when.....uhhh..... when...... when you tried to hit me with a baseball bat? Ah Hell, let's cut to the chase. You see who shot Angel.

Dom: Nope.

Taurus: Oh now thats's just great. Have a nice day.

[Dom slams his door shut and Taurus walks away with a smirk on his face until he thinks Dom is far enough away.]

[Taurus comes back to Dom's trailer with a black marker. He reaches up and writes on the cardboard sign that reads " Dom: Hardcore Icon". He marks over the "core" in Hardcore and the "Ic" in Icon so that the sign now reads "Dom: Hard on". He walks away from the trailer with a smile.]


(One half of the tag team champions, Azrael is sitting alone on a bench outside in the cold night air. Curled up with his knees close to him, he writes in a notebook he tends to carry around with him. One of the only things in this world that he can call his own - besides this new belt of his. These are the kinds of things to hold dear - not to take advantage of. A weird feeling overcomes Azrael, however - sort of like a chill running down his spine. He slowly looks up to find a man standing in front of him, tossing his hair out of his face he lays his eyes upon his own tag team partner, the other half of the tag team champions, Massicrist. Azrael watches his partner curiously as he stands before him, curious as to what could possibly be on his mind. After a long moment of chilled silence, Massicrist finally speaks.)

Massicrist: You ready for our first title defense?

(Azrael still says nothing as confusion and curiosity still fills his eyes as he looks over his partner. Slowly letting out a nod, he soon returns to his writing. Realizing that Massicrist is still standing there, he looks back up at him.)

Massicrist: Look, I don't know what's going on your mind right now - but I want to know if I can trust you. The way I see it, if we are on the same page these belts we have make us the two most dangerous men in the SHOOT. I just felt that to make sure we are on the same page, we should discuss a strategy.

(Azrael looks back to his work as he addresses this matter.)

Azrael: You know how to wrestle, am I correct?

Massicrist: Huh? What kind of... yeah, I know how to wrestle.

Azrael: So what more do we need to talk about?

(Azrael looks back up at him, letting out a slight grin as Massicrist's face is now the one willed with confusion and slight aggravation. As Massicrist struggles to come up with a few words for his partner, Azrael's eyes float beyond his partner's to something or someone behind him. As Massicrist finally comes to grips with reality, he too turns to see what is behind him. Garcelle is standing in the doorway with her arms folded. A slight smirk is on her face as she runs her tongue over her upper lip and winks at Massicrist. Massicrist blinks and looks back and forth between the two.)

Massicrist: I was just leaving.

Garcelle: No, don't go just yet. We got off on the wrong foot theother day.

Massicrist: You're tellin' me!

Garcelle: I'm sure we'll have a great relationship in the future.

(Garcelle runs her hand across Massicrist's chest as she walks past him and she sits down. She then starts looking at Azrael and uncrosses her legs slightly grabbing Matt's attention, as he leans over to grab a peek. He quickly looks away before he gets caught, but it’s really too late. Garcelle doesn’t say anything; she just grins as Massicrist tries to play it cool.)

Garcelle: Such a shiny belt you have there… oh my… I wonder if it’s bigger than Azrael’s even.

Massicrist: Well… heh… you know, I don’t like to brag, but…

Garcelle: Come over here, darling… lets get a good look at this belt you have.

(Massicrist gulps as Garcelle motions for him to step towards her. The belt is hanging offMassicrist’s shoulder as he presents it to her. She cocks her head to the sideand motions for him to step a little closer, taking the end of the belt in her hands and pulling it closer to her, bringing Massicrist along with it. Massicrist is almost trembling as his face is almost buried in her massive bosom. She’s “oooh’s” in pleasure as she studies his belt, twirling her finger over his bald head.)

Massicrist: It’s uh… heh… uh… (gulps) .. p-pretty coool, huh?…

Garcelle: It’s very impressive. Such a big boy to have such a big belt, aren’t we? Oooh, and look at this. Look who’s dressed to wrestle and everything…

(She slides her long slender soft hands down his chest and onto his thigh to get a good feel of his pants.)

Garcelle: I always said clothes make the man and you look just so tough in these. Turn around, I want to take a good look at you, sweety.

(Massicrist nods enthusiastically as he turns around for her. Garcelle grins evilly and looks over at Azrael who rolls his eyes, she winks at him and he smirks, going back to his writing.)

Massicrist: You know - I always did agree with that saying… (he tries to brag all cool like) … it’s something my mother use to say when she use to dress me!

Garcelle: Oh, and look your pants even have the letter M on them! Does that M stand for Massicrist?

Massicrist: Yeah, Massicrist! That’s me!

Garcelle: Oh, how gorgeous! I do love the way you move in these pants… why don’t you dance for me? Can you tap dance?

(Massicrist nods enthusiastically again and makes an attempt to tap dance, though really just flails his legs around rather awkwardly. Garcelle winces and sneers, Azrael has seen enough of this pathetic display, grabs his things and walk soff. Massicrist stops and looks confused, Garcelle smiles at him again.)

Garcelle: Beautiful! Bravo! Now there’s one thing you can do for me! Use those strong manly legs of yours and be a darling and rush to the store to buy me a diet cola, won’t you? Grazie!

(Massicrist doesn’t even have to be ask twice, in a blur he’s gone to do her bidding.)

Garcelle: Idiot….

Blazed vs Jayson Leif vs Majin Sheron
Rising Star Championship

Compare:Ladies and gentlemen our next match is a ladder match....for the Rising Star Championship!!!Making his way to the ring at this time is the champion..BLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZEEEEEEEEEEED!!!!

James:Light it up BAY-BEE!!!

John:Majin Shenron and Jayson Leif are already in the ring.No intrance for these guys James.

James:Thats right.In the production meeting I put out a memo specifically to make sure that these guys didnt get intrances.Thats what you call stroke Johnny boy.

John:Well Blazed is coming to the ring with the ladder over his shoulder.These guys dont look very happy to be here in their first night at SHOOT James.

James:Well everyone knows how things go your first night here at SHOOT.You're in a very uncontrolled enviornment with some of the most dangerous men in the world and literally anything can and will happen at anytime John.

(Blazed leans the ladder against a corner of the ring,Jayson runs in and catches Blazed with a dropkick on the apron.Blazed holds onto the top strand of the ropes to keep from falling.Majin takes this oppertunity to run over to the corner in which the ladder is leaning,jump on the ladder,turn to where Blazed is standing on the apron and jump over to him,hitting a spinning DDT in midair to the floor.)

James:That was tight!!!

John:I think Blazed actually tucked in his chin and blocked his head from hitting the cement on the outside there James.I think Majin may have actually taken the brunt of the impact on his back.

(It seems that John is right as Blazed gets back up to his feet but Majin lays their not moving at all.Blazed rolls back into the ring.Jayson pulls him to his feet and lands a series of elbows to the temple of Blazed.Jayson with an irish whip to Blazed trying to send him into the ladder that is still in the corner,Blazed reverses and tries to whip *Jayson* into the ladder but Jayson holds on.Jayson gets Blazed in a waistlock so that both men face opposite of the ladder with their backs to it.Blazed reverses THAT waistlock and throws Jayson headfirst into the ladder with a release German Suplex)

John:Another incredible move in the opening moments of this match James!Blazed here is doing a n incredible job of fending off two men at the same time for the title and these fans are loving it!

(Majin returns from the outside with a chair in hand.He does a roundhouse sweeping swing at Blazed,just as he turns around and ducks.Blazed hits Majin with a sidekick to the short ribs and grabs the chair from him,slamming it over his head.Majin falls to his back and Blazed lays the chair across Majin's limp body.He walks over to Jayson and monkey flips him,the body of Leif landing right on top of Majin,the chair sandwiched between the bodies of both men.Blazed now lays the ladder across the heap of bodies and the chair.)

James:The hell could be be going for now John?

(Blazed climbs to the top rope and looks out to the fans.He does a "hail mary" before "Five Star Frogsplashing" onto the ladder and both men!!)

John:THAT WAS INCREDIBLE!!What a suicidal move by Blazed!!!

( Obviously feeling the effects of that ladder driven into his body, Blazed slowly makes his way to his feet and lifts the ladder off the bodies of Shenron and Leif. Standing it directly above the bodies of his opponents, Blazed climbs to the top of the ladder, retrieves his title, and falls backward down to the mat, holding the title to his chest, tightly in his arms. )

John:Awesome match James.Lets clear the ring of this mess!

(Massicrist is running in the backstage area with some diet cola in his hands, running frantically. Around a corner he goes, almost plowing his brother Greg over.)

Greg: WHOA! Slow down there bro! Where you off to?

Massicrist: Um, nowhere...

Greg: You never were a good liar. Where are you going?

Massicrist: Just drinking a diet cola on the run so no one bothers me.

Greg: Bullshit. You say diet soda of any kinds are for queers!


Greg: WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?! Are you running an errand for that BITCH?!


Greg: HA! She's the DEVIL! She's incapable of loving anything.

Massicrist: That's not true.

Greg: How do ya figure?

Massicrist: Well, she, um, apologized to me... out of love.

Greg: Sure Matt. Listen to me man. She's no good. She uses people, I could tell her type the first moment I met her. She'll only hurt you in the end.

Massicrist: That's what you think.

(Massicrist leaves, most likely to find Garcelle as Greg gets a disgusted look on his face and walks away, the opposite way of Massicrist.)

Blake O'Reily Vs. Grizzly Vs. Ravage
Rule of Surrender Championship

James: Next up is a triple threat match-up, with The SHOOT Project Rule of Surrender title up for grabs.

Compare: Coming to the ring first... He is one of the two challengers of the Rule of Surrender title... Standing at 0'0" and weighing in at 000lbs... Blake O'Reily!!!!

( "" by "" hits the airwaves as Blake O'Reily steps out from the back. Surprisingly, the Damascus crowd is kind to the irishman, as he makes his way down the ramp and climbs into the ring. )

Compare: And the second challenger... He stands at 0'0" and weighs in at 000lbs... Grizzly!!!!!

( Walking out from the back, Grizzly raises his arms in the air, and begins howling loudly in an attempt to rile the crowd. Stomping down the ramp, Grizzly barrels into the ring causing O'Reily to hop down to the floor. )

Compare: And the final competitor of this match... He stands at 0'0" and weighs in at 000lbs... Ladies and gentlemen... He is the current and reighning Rule of Surrender Champion... Ravage!!!!

( Stepping out from the back, Ravage un-latches the Rule of Surrender title from around his waste and holds it high above his head with one arm. Tossing it over his shoulder, he storms down the ramp and climbs into the ring. )

James: Here it comes. The cage is slowly being lowered and these three men, are going to be locked inside that thing until one of them can force another to submit.

Jim: Here we go, James. O'Reily is back in the ring and this thing is underway!

( The bell is rung and instantly, Grizzly attacks O'Reily. The two lock up and it is Grizzly who is first in breaking the hold. He whips O'Reily to the ropes and follows up with a stiff clothesline that knocks O'Reily down to the mat. The force of the clothesline was so strong that even Grizzly fell down to one knee. )

James: Grizzly is definately starting off strong here, and it looks like he's locking something in already.

( Dropping down to one knee again, Grizzly locks in a chin-hold on O'Reily. Before the referee can check in, however, Ravage breaks the hold by kicking Grizzly in the head. Not wasting a second, Ravage drops a knee into Grizzly's chest, and begins to pound away at his face. )

Jim: Look at the intensity shown by the Champion! He's really laying those punches in now.

( Pulling Ravage off of Grizzly, O'Reily locks Ravage in a reverse DDT position and falls backward, driving Ravage's head into the mat. Swiftly he locks in a headlock. )

James: Now O'Reily is looking to end it! No, Ravage breaks the hold!!

( Muscling out of the hold, Ravage scrambles to his feet and grabs a hold of O'Reily. After an Irish Whip, Ravage catches O'Reily and lifts him above his head. )

Jim: Look at the display of power by Ravage!

( As Ravage holds O'Reily above his head in a gorilla press position, from the side, Grizzly drop kicks Ravage in the side of his knee, forcing Ravage's knees to buckle and he crashes to the floor. As O'Reily falls downward, he miraculously catches Grizzly in a DDT and drops him to the mat. )

James: Did you see that? True, true innovation by the new-comer Blake O'Reily! I'm impressed...

( Hopping to his feet, O'Reily looks down at Ravage, who is lying on the mat holding his knee, then to Grizzly, lying on the mat as well, stunned from the DDT. Quickly, O'Reily hops up onto the top of the closest turnbuckle. )

Jim: Who's he going to hit?? O'Reily's got two targets, and it looks like he's a bit confused as who he wants to hit...

( Diving off of the top, O'Reily hits a perfect splash onto the body of Grizzly. Hopping back to his feet, O'Reily lifts Ravage to his feet, and knocks him down onto his back with a clothesline. Swiftly, O'Reily locks in a kneee-lock. )

James: Great idea by O'Reily. He knows that he must win this match via a submission, and the prime target in reguards to Ravage is of course that sore knee.

( Fighting the pain, Ravage reaches for the ropes, stretching both arms as far as they'll go. Finally, Grizzly makes the save, dropping an elbow onto the chest of O'Reily. He wastes no time afterward, as he lifts O'Reily into the air and over his shoulder. Running toward the ropes, Grizzly tosses O'Reily over them, sending him face first into the cage wall. )

Jim: That HAD to hurt. O'Reily's face just met that cage wall with a hell of an impact... There's only so much space between the sides of the ring and the walls of the cage, and it looks like O'Reily is stuck. Man, now that side of the crowd is laughing at him... Man, that sucks...

( Even with a limp, Ravage is fast to get to his feet and lock up with Grizzly. Grizzly gains the initial advantage here, locking his arm around the neck of Ravage. Breaking the hold, Ravage pushes Grizzly into the ropes, and follows up with a big boot. Since all of his weight was put on that sore knee during that move, Ravage falls down to the mat alongside Grizzly. )

James: That injured knee is definately putting Ravage at a dis-advantage here. Wait, Ravage locks in an ankle lock, lying down!!

( Riving in pain, Grizzly pounds the mat in desperation. Fighting the pain, he attempts to muscle out of the hold. Not letting up, Ravage adds more pressure to the hold and forces out a loud roar from Grizzly. )

Jim: O'Reily is finally free! He's climbing up to the top of the turnbuckle again!

( Diving off the top, O'Reily hits a leg drop on Grizzly, since Ravage was fast of roll out of the way. Since Ravage had moved, O'Reily's timing had been messed up and he didn't land as perfectly as he might want to. Ravage picks up on this mistake, and lifts O'Reily to his feet. Suddenly, Ravage cracks his finisher and locks in a figure four. )

James: Again, Ravage has a hold on! O'Reily is fighting the hold, but is in obvious pain. He doesn't have the power to beat Ravage in this type of hold, and his only hope is Grizzly breaking it up. However, after that leg drop, Grizzly is still quite dazed.

( Reaching out toward the ropes, O'Reily stares at them. Noticing how far away they are, he simply covers his eyes with his right forearm, and taps the mat with his left hand. )

Jim: That's it! O'Reily tapped and in turn Ravage retains his title!!

( Standing up, Ravage limps toward the side of the cage and rolls out to the floor just as the cage is lifted. He is handed his title and he slowly makes his way up the ramp. )

James: Chalk another defense up for the Rule of Surrender Champion.

( Grizzly is finally back to his feet, disappointment all over his face. Standing there, he stares at O'Reily who slowly makes his way to his feet as well. Holding his arms out to the sides, Grizzly stares at O'Reily who merely shrugs his shoulders and turns away. Enraged, Grizzly locks O'Reily in a reverse DDT position, and brings his neck and upper back down on Grizzly's knee. )

Jim: What was that for? This match is over!

James: Well, O'Reily is the one who lost this match, and the reason Grizzly was unable to make the save was because of O'Reily's leg drop from the top. I think that late attack was out of frustration...

Norman Wong Vs. Krazee
Iron Fist Championship

James: This is expected by many to be one of the best matches of the night. Norman Wong, the reighning Iron Fist Champion, has got a hell of a challenge in front of him here tonight as he takes on Krazee, a man who has been on fire as of late.

Jim: I'll agree with you there. This is the second Triad title shot that Krazee has been granted in the last two weeks, just barely losing to Ravage last week. It's obvious that Krazee plans to make up for that loss to Ravage last week, by defeating Norman Wong and becoming the next SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion.

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen... The upcoming match is for The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Championship! Coming to the ring first, he is the challenger. Weighing in at 000lbs and standing at 0'0" tall... Please welcome Krazee!!!

( "" by "" hits the system as Krazee, a man full of energy emerges from the darkness of the back. Running down the ramp, he slides under the bottom rope and makes his way to the center of the ring, where he proceeds to work the crowd up. )

Compare: And his opponent... He is the current Iron Fist Champion... Standing at 0'0" and weighing in at 000lbs... Norman Wong!!!!

( "" by "" hits the system as Norman Wong slowly makes his way out into view. Holding the Iron Fist championship over his right shoulder, Wong slowly makes his way down to the ring, where he hands the title to Compare. Slowly climbing up the ring steps, Wong steps through the ropes and meets the referee, and Krazee, at center ring. The bell is rung. )

James: Looks like this one is underway. Krazee is wasting no time early on, as he's laying in with the rights and lefts, rocking the Iron Fist Champion.

( With fists of fury, Krazee proceeds to work Wong into a corner. Since the rules are relaxed a great deal in this sort of match, the referee does not intervene and allows Krazee to continue in on the assault. )

Jim: The challenger is really handing it to the champion here early on. Wong looks dazed already after those blows to the head.

( Climbing up to the second rope, Krazee continues to pummell Wong, sending fists down to his face. Suddenly, in an act of desperation, Wong upper cuts Krazee in the groin, sending the challenger to the mat. )

James: Nice move by Wong there. I mean, it was a low blow no doubt, but it broke Krazee's motivation.

( Hopping up to the second rope behind him, Wong dives off and delivers a stiff elbow to the chest of Krazee. Instanly, he hops to his feet and locks Krazee in a seated sleeper. )

Jim: Wong has the right idea here. He's trying to tire out the champion very early here, so that a knock out attempt will be easier to hit a little later in the match.

( Holding the sleeper in very tightly, Wong proceeds to keep Krazee from breathing regularly. However, since this match is still rather young, Krazee is able to make it to his feet, with Wong still locking the hold on strong. As soon as Krazee makes it to his feet, he drops back down and in turn hits Wong with a chin-breaker, breaking the hold in the process. )

James: Great move by Krazee. He broke that hold and at the same time delivered some pain to Wong.

( Making his way to his feet, Krazee shakes off the effects of the sleeper and lifts Wong to his feet. Reaching back as far as he can, Krazee delivers a chop to the chest of Wong, sending him back a step. He then follows up with a well-placed standing side kick which sends Wong to the mat. )

Jim: Talk about a stiff kick! That move was executed perfectly, and I think.. Yeah, he busted Wong's lip open with that one!

( Holding the bottom half of his face with both hands, Wong scrambles to his feet only to be met by Krazee again. He is whipped to the ropes and again sent to the mat with a spinning side kick. )

James: Krazee is on fire here! He's going up!

( As Norman Wong lies on the mat, Krazee quickly makes his way to the top of the closest turnbuckle. Pausing for a moment to pose, Krazee does not notice Wong, who dives into the ropes, knocking Krazee down, still on top of the turnbuckle. )

Jim: Wrong move by Krazee. He should have hit whatever he was attempting there. Those few seconds of posing cost him.

( As Krazee leans forward on top of the turnbuckle, Wong quickly hops on the second rope to the left of Krazee, and hits a perfectly placed springboard dropkick, which sends Krazee backward to the floor below. )

James: That was a beautiful move by Norman Wong! Krazee just took a hell of a spill, and landed out on the floor in a pretty nasty manner.

( As the referee exits the ring to check on Krazee, Wong uses this time to rip at the padding that covers this turnbuckle. Within a few seconds he pulls away the padding revealing the steel bolt below. )

Jim: I think this is about to get ugly. Wong is planning to win this thing in the true Iron Fist manner. Out cold!

( Taking a few steps back, Wong allows Krazee to get back into the ring. Obviously favoring the back of his neck, thanks to the fall he just took, Krazee takes a step back as Wong rushes forward. Hopping into the air, Wong catches Krazee in a DDT maneuver, and attempts to swing him around toward the exposed bolt. However, using all of his body strength, Krazee puts a stop to the maneuver and twists his body so that it is Wong's face that hits the bolt. )

James: Oh my god! Wong's own plan backfired on him! I think he's out, man.

( As Wong lie still on the mat, the referee begins to make the count. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... Norman Wong lifts an arm! )

Jim: I can't believe it! Although Norman Wong went into that steel bolt face first, he actually came to before the referee hit ten! Krazee can't believe it either!

( Enraged, Krazee drops a boot down onto the chest of Wong, followed by another. Lifting him to his feet, Krazee grabs Wong by the hair with both hands, and drives a knee into Wong's face. As Wong straighten up and stands back up holding his face in pain, Krazee quickly grabs Wong by the hair and slams him down to the mat on the back of his head with tremendous impact. )

James: God damn! Krazee damn near split Wong's wig on that one!

( As Wong lies on the mat, it is quite obvious that is is in a lot of pain. Rolling to his right, Wong attempts to roll out of the ring until he is stopped by Krazee as Krazee grabs him by the arm and pulls him back toward the center of the ring. Lifting Wong to his feet, Krazee locks him up and falls backward hitting a perfect Russian Leg Sweep. )

Jim: I think Krazee is beginning to become a little frustrated here.

( Slowly making his way back to his feet, Krazee again lifts Wong to his feet and attempts an irish whip. However, Wong reverses the move and sends Krazee into the ropes instead. As Krazee runs back, Wong sends a knee into his abdomen, doubling him over. Afterward, Wong delivers two elbows to the still sore back of Krazee's neck. Finally, Wong locks both of Krazee's arms and flips him over with an overhead t-bone suplex. )

James: Very nice combination there by Norman Wong.

( Lifting Krazee to his feet, Wong whips Krazee into the steel ring post, then follows in with a cross body block. Krazee ducks and rolls out of the way as Wong lands on the top turnbuckle. The turnbuckle being exposed from when Wong took off the protective covering, punches up into his soloplexis as he lands on top of it. )

Jim: One small mistake by the champion is all it takes to allow the challenger a chance to end this match. Let's see where he goes from here...

( Krazee wastes no time in jumping on this costly mistake by the current Iron Fist Champion. Krazee lifts Norman up so he is now sitting on the top turnbuckle. Krazee climbs the inner post and lifts Norman Wong up. Krazee signals to the crowd for the end, then lifts Norman up and leaps off the turnpost. )

James: Looks Krazee has a big move in mind... Wait... He's heading outside!

( The crowd, expecting Krazee to leap into the ring, are stunned to see he leapt outside the ring. An "oh shit" erupts through the crowd as Krazee power bombs Norman Wong off the top turnbuckle, to the outside of the ring and through the anouncers table. The monitor hitting Wong in the temple as his weight colapses the wood frame of the table. The ref, unable to beleive what he just saw rushes over to see neither men moving. )

Jim: Oh my god!!... Oh my god! I don't know, James... I think both men are out!

( Slowly Krazee gets to his feet, while the ref checks Norman Wong. Norman Wong is out cold, bleeding from the temple and convolsing from the high impact. Leaning against the steel guard rail, Krazee looks on as the referee begins the count. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!!! )

James: Krazee did it!!! He's the new Iron Fist Champion!!!

Jim: And Norman Wong is still out... I think he's hurt pretty badly, James.

( Compare, the ring announcer, hands The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Title to Krazee, who lifts it above his head in triumph. Slowly making his way to the backstage area, limp and all, Krazee exits to a round of cheers. )

[ Stepping out of his locker room, The Express makes his way down the hallway toward the entrance of the ring. As he turns a corner, he is met by one of the SHOOT Project interviewers, who is fast to inquire him. ]

Interviewer: Express, have you heard what Dominion said a little earlier?

[ Continuing to walk down the hallway, The Express simply nods. ]

Interviewer: Well, I for one sorta figured you'd have a response for what was said...

Express: Well, you, for one, are mistaken.

Interviewer: What, nothing to say?

[ Pausing, The Express stops in his tracks and locks eyes with the interviewer. Looking him up and down, The Express simply smiles. ]

Express: Eric wants to remove the shield? He's got it. He wants Jacques LeFevre? He's got it. Prepare for the final appearance of Eric Wolfson.

Interviewer: What do you mean by that?

[ A sadistic grin plays on the face of the Express as he simply pushes the man out of his way and continues toward the ring. ]

Shaolin vs Express vs Taurus vs Dominion
SHOOT Championship

(We are in the backstage area.The camera follows Dominion as he makes his way from his trailer to the dimly lit entranceway.Immediatly before making it to the curtain,Dominion looks over his shoulder at the last trailer marked "Shaolin".We hear the sounds of fighting and ruckus coming from the trailer,somewhat distraced but intent on making a strong showing tonight,Dominion continues on his way.As Dominion passes the makeshift curtain into the fill view of the crowd,"click click boom" starts to play,the volume rising slowly as he methodically makes his way to the ring for very likely the last time ever.)

John:Eric "Dominion" Wolfson ladies and gentleman...Here he comes!Quite possibly the last time you'll ever see Eric Wolfson in a SHOOT Project ring

(The camera pans the front row section of the crowd,showing many fans with Dominion signs,others standing respectfully and clapping for a great wrestler on his last night,still others "bowing" in hero worship of the former champion)

John:This man has gone through so much emotional hell over the events of the last few weeks and indeed months.This past week he informed the powers that be here in SHOOT that this would be his last match for the promotion and probably for any promotion.

James:Thats exactly right John.And you know what?It isnt often that I would ever have conversations with men like Dominion but I had the chance to speak briefly with him this past week.

John:With a personality like he has I really cant tell you why he has become such a favorite with the SHOOT fans but he has.

Compare:Ladies and Gentlemen...from Quesnel,British Columbia Canada.Weighing in at 251 pounds...Eric "Dominion" Woooooooooollllfsoooooon!!!!!

("Ready or Not" by the Fugees plays as the backstage camera focuses on the trailer of Shaolin.The sounds of fighting continue on as it appears that a small battle between more than two men is being waged as we hear the sound of at least four voices.We now hear the sound of an engine reving as the camera circles around to the front of a trailer,revealing that a tow cab has been hitched to the front.We see Norman Wong grinning like a mad man in the drivers seat of the cab.Wong and the trailer take off,leaving the back area of the site of tonights show.We return to John and James sitting at ringside,both men staring at each other looking confused.John puts one hand up to his left side of his headset and appears to be listening.)

John:Ok fans you'll have to bear with me as I get information from the back....Fans...it seems that earlier in the evening their was an altercation between Shaolin and Taurus!Afterwards it seems as if Taurus followed Shaolin back to his trailer and was followed several minutes later by at least two other men at various intervals.Two of them came at the same time and were both wearing ski masks.Eventually another arguement broke out and a fight began.Then as we just saw,Wong connected a cab from a eighteen wheeler onto the trailer and took of with the men inside.One of those men in the trailer is obviously Taurus so it seems that we have gone from a four way main event with the title being defended by Taurus,to a two man battle for the title with Express and Dominion,neither man being the champion!!

James:Maaaan.This is crazy.I couldnt even begin to *try* and figure out whats going on here tonight.but the bottom line is that we have Express vs Dominion for the world title tonight,a match that I KNOW the fed heads here in SHOOT were saving for Pay-per-view.

("Come with me" plays as all of the fans in unison stand and begin to heavily boo.)

James:This is the man John.We had a poll this past week on the SHOOT hotline and Jacques Leferve,thats right the Express himself,was voted the most hated man in all of SHOOT John.which of course means thats he's my favorite grappler in all of SHOOT.

John:I guess this is a night of goodbyes James.Dominion's last match.Express was released this past week,*why?* and Wong just took off with half of the main event in a trailer!!We still dont know where they are or whats going on.

James:Whats going on is...Where's Express?

(The backstage camera shows Express being drug to the ring by several Yakuza guards,as Express attempts to run away,not wanting to face Dominion one on one.The guards manage to force Express to the curtain area as he begs off,promising to walk to the ring on his own.The men let him go and he peeps through the curtain with one eye.One of the guards with a grin on his face,boots Express from the curtain area exposing him to the full view of the crowd.Dominion stands on the apron with a phony grin on his face,offering to hold down the ropes for Express so that he can get in the ring.Express slowly starts to make his way down to ringside,patting the right side of his trunks,seemingly trying to make sure that an object he placed there earlier is still in tact.Express makes his way to the ring area walking around to the other side of where Dominion is standing,waving his finger in the air at him and pointing at his head,noting that he's too smart for him.)

John:Both of these men have an intense hated for each other.This is one of those dream matches,James.Both men so evenly matched.Dominion is ranked number three in the world,Express holds the number four position.Both men roughly the same age,they even bear a slight resemblance to each other.

(camera focuses on Express)

James:Right there John is a man who in my opinion has been one of the biggest draws in the history of this business.I would have to credit a huge part of the little success that SHOOT has had to this man John.These men have been trying to prove who was the better man for years. Tonight it will be proven one way or the other,to themselves and to the world.

(The bell rings and Dominion forces Express to the far corner of the ring.He holds Express' body to the corner,raising one fist intimating what he could to to Express at will.Dominion lets Express out of the corner and they lock up in the middle of the ring again.Express breaks out of the tieup with a side headlock that is reversed to a hammerlock by Dominion.Express ducks out of the hammerlock,bringing Dominion down to the mat with a drop toehold.Dominion makes his way out of the toehold and back to his feet.Express suddenly connects with two hiptosses in succession as Dominion continues to wildly charge in.Express holds on to the armbar.Dominion kips up grabbing a waistlock on Express and sending him halfway across the ring with a release German Suplex,getting a pop from the crowd along with some applause from some of the more purist fans,appreciating the wrestling exibition)

John:Well this is interesting James.I thought,and I think the fans here thought that this would be nothing more than a brutal bloody fist fight with Dominion beating Express from here to Quebec.But instead the competitive aspect that both men have has come into play as they are making an effort to actually out-wrestle each other.

James:This is true Jim,however with the pent up hatred inside of Dominion I dont think this will last long.

(Express makes it to his feet,staring at Dominion and rotating his neck from side to side.Both men run in at each other again,this time Express dodgin the traditional neck and shoulder tie up and taking the legs from under Dominion,applying a stepover toehold and twisting.Dominion counters by pushing off with his other foot into the chest of Express,launching him backwards to the ropes.Dominion leaps to his feet and attempts a monkey flip but Express lowers his center of gravity,grabbing the legs of Dominion in midair and holding on.)

John:And what a counter move by Express!Forcing Dominion into a boston crab there,almost a "Walls of Jericho" type manuver......

(The scene leaves the site of the show and assumes an overhead view of Wong going down a dusty road with the trailer of Shaolin.Wong speeds down the road as fast as he possibly can with the large trailer connected to the truck cab.A blue 79 Caddy follows closely behind.The caddy pulls up to the side of the front cab area.There looks to be some sort of verbal fight between the driver of the caddy and Wong.The driver of the caddy rams the front cab on the side trying to force Wong to pull over and stop.....We return in progress to the Dominion-Express match)

John:The careers of both men will likely be over after tonight and the fans are loving every minute of this one James.

(Dominion at this point in the match has forced Express to both knees with a knucklelock,Dominion pounds away at the face of Express)

James:Dominion here trying to psyche out Express here,insulting him and pasting him in the face with open hand slaps.Dominion is out to torture Express slowly John.He wants to destroy the myth of Express tonight and he wants to leave this ring as the man people remember as the top wrestler in the world.Retiring with the SHOOT title would do just that.

(Dominion pulls Express to his feet by the hair.Express blocks a right hand by Dominion and counters with chops to the chest,forcing Dominion to the corner and charging in with shoulders to the midsection.)

James:Look at that!Express took it to Dominion in the corner giving him everything and Dominion with one arm,beals him across the ring!Awesome!

(Express rolls to the outside of the ring,taking a break and catching his breath as Dominion taunts him on the inside,mocking him with Express-like posing.Express quickly rolls back in but before he can do anything Dominion stomps him and pulls him back to his feet,throwing him to the corner once again.)

John:What a career Express has had so far.So many legendary matches.Express-Shaolin.Express-Taurus*notes several IWE matches*Express showing himself over and over through the years....

James:Well all of that really doesnt mean a whole lot now.Its 2001 and he's in the ring with an animal called Dominion.If I know him as well as I think I do,he still has a trick up his sleeve.

(Dominion peppers Express in the face with hard rights and lefts until Express' limp body dangles in the corner being held up only by his arms draped across the ropes.Dominion takes a few steps backswards and charges in with a Superkick,Express taking the full brunt of the blow in the corner,his head snapping back and banging into the top turnbuckle.Express falls to the mat and Dominion places his foot on the face,squashing his head to the mat under his weight.Dominion pulls Express to his feet again.He shoots him into the ropes and catches Express with a Spinning backbreaker.Express' body contorts and shakes on the mat as Dominion looks out to the fans laughing,giddy at this point.)

John:Incredibly brutal outing by Dominion here.This man wants nothing more than to leave this arena tonight with the SHOOT title.He wants to erase the memory of Express,take his pride,take away his career and maybe his...

James(grinning expectingly)His what John??

John:His life...

(Express again rolls out to the floor.Dominion goes after him this time,pulling him to his feet and running him shoulder first into the ringpost on the outside.Dominion grabs a chair from a fan in the crowd and smashes Express over the back with it.Express pulls up on the railing that seperates the crowd from the ring trying to make it to his feet.Dominion once again walks a few feet away and charges in with the chair in hand.Express with a low dropkick hits the shin of Dominion granting himself a few seconds of rest.Express walks up to the ref who has joined both men on the outside and jacks him for his belt.Express ties one arm of Dominion to the railing and starts to fire away with stiff closed fists to the face and stomps to the shin of Dominion.Express now mocks Dominion,spitting in his face as Dominion swings wildly with his one available arm trying to fight back.Express hits Dominion with a low blow and watches him double over in pain.Express spits in the face of Dominion again,before rolling underneath the ring.)

John:Oh man,what could he be going for now....

(Express comes from under the ring with a blow torch and makes his way back over to Dominion)


James:Looks like he wants to torture the poor bastard John!HAHAHA!!He wants the last match in the career of Dominion to be "burned" into the minds of all the fans out there!

(Express fires up the blow torch and waves it around the body of Dominion who again swings wildly,still being held back by the belt.Express rams the base of the blow torch into the forehead of Dominion and applies the flame to his back!!)


James:Thats what he gets Johnny boy!!He wanted this match!He asked for it for weeks!Now he has to deal with it!Buuurrrn baby burn!!HAHAHAHA!!

(Express pounds Dominion in the small of the back where he has just burned him with the torch,and unties his arm from the railing.Express begins to drag Dominion to the ring by his feet......Elsewhere....)

(On the same dark road where we last left Wong,Shaolin,Taurus,etc.both the trailer and the Caddy have stopped.Wong jumps from the cab of the trailer with a 9 mm in hand and runs around to open the door.Wong enters the trailer and a undiscernable blonde man slowly gets out of the Caddilac.Two gun blasts are heard.Two small men open the door of the trailer and exit.They take off in different directions into some nearby woods.Wong is thrown from the trailer head first to the ground.Out of the trailer comes Taurus who straddles Wong and pounds away at his face with right hands over and over.Wong manages to catch Taurus with a knee to the groin area and makes it to his feet,taking off on foot down the road.The blonde man who's face is still unseen by way of the camera view,helps Taurus to his feet and back to the Caddilac.Both men enter the car and turn around down the road going in the direction that they came from.....we once again return to the site of SHOOT)

John:Express hits the Exploder 98!!!!! ONE! TWO!!!! DOMINION WITH A SHOULDER UP ON TWO!!!

(Dominion reaches up with almost limp arms,throwing punches to the now bloody mouth of Express.Express with a single forearm to the bridge of the nose halts the attack and begins to bite at the nose of Dominion as blood from the mouth of Express runs onto the face of Dominion.Express pulls a pair of knucks from his trunks out of view of the ref and begins to pound away with them onto the earlier hurt shin of Dominion.He locks in a figure four and lays back putting on as much pressure as possible.He lets him go and walks over to the head of Dominion.Express signals to the crowd and pulls Dominion to his feet.)

John:Express looks like he wants to end it right here and now James.He's draping Dominion across his back.He looks to be going for the Burning Hammer!!!!That'd end this match for sure!

James:No question John!I'd bet Maurices life on it!


James:Thats right Maurice.

(Express struggles to get Dominion into position on his back.Dominion fights his way out of it with elbows to the back of Express' head and slipping off of Express' back to his feet,holding Express tight in a front facelock)

John:IMPALER DDT BY DOMINION!!!!This could be it!!ONE!!! TWO!!!! THR-

James: Nooooooo!!!!Express gets his foot on the ropes before the three count!!We are at the 40 minute mark in this 45 minute time limit match John and both men are exhausted!

(Dominion with a surge of adrenaline makes it to his feet and runs to the top rope...)

John:Dominion with a Moonsault!!!!!!!ONE! TWO! Express out on two!!!

(Dominion locks on a Half Boston crab while at the same time pushing with his knee into the back of Express' head.Express tries in vain to make it to the ropes as we go to a split camera screen.The caddilac speeds down the highway and the camera closes in on the face of the driver,revealing the man to plainly be Jim Helsley.On the other side of the screen Dominion is holding the limp body of Express by the hair.Express slyly reaches into his trunks and pulls out a par of knucks and puts them on.Express tries for another uppercut to the groin of Dominion who locks his legs around the arm of Express,trapping it and laying down into an armbreaker submission hold)

John:I guess Express went to the well one too many times as they say James.The groin shot can usually turn around any match completely in a matter of seconds and I think that was the trump card that Express has been saving for a point in the match like this but now its come back to haunt him.

(The car containing Helsley and Taurus speeds into the parking lot as both men jump out and head toward the entranceway)

John:Express is screaming out at the top of his lungs in pain but he isnt tapping out James!

James:Thats why he is the legend that he is John!Its matches like these that men show what they're made of and Express is putting up a gutsy fight!

(Express rolls his body around so that his legs reaches the ropes,forcing Dominion to break the hold.Dominion drags the body of Express to the middle of the ring and heads to the top rope)

John:Dominion looks to be going for that Corkscrew Plancha,this time on the *inside* of the ring!This could end it!!!

(Dominion dives from the top rope,spinning in midair.Express dodges out of the way and Dominion lands on his already hurt shin.Taurus and Helsley finally make it past the guards who have been trying to stop them and Taurus jumps up to the apron)

John:Ladies and gentle men the SHOOT champion Taurus has returned!!!!!

James:And I'll be Goddamned if that isnt Jim Helsley with him!!!!!

(Express has Dominion set up for the Explex but Taurus attacks Express from behind with a Thrust kick to the back of the head,knocking Express to the mat,flat on his face.)

John:Taurus is cleaning house!He throws Dominion over the top and hits Express with the TAURUS PLEX!!!!!ONE!! TWO!!!!!! THR-


John:Im not sure if that was Express kicking out or Taurus pulling Express' head off the mat,because Dominion is back in the ring!!!

(Taurus runs over to Dominion and cuts him off with a Scissors Kick.Taurus hits Dominion with the Taurus-Plex and drags his body closer to Express)


(Taurus puts a hand on the chest of both men and the referee makes the count.)


James:Taurus almost had both men pinned and was distracted by Azrael and Massicrist here coming down the aisle!!What are they doing here??

(Azrael steps into the ring with a mic in one hand and one half of the world tag team titles over one shoulder.)

Azrael:Just what kind of excuse for a champion are you Taurus?These guys fight their hearts out for 40 minutes and you show up at the end and steal the show?Why dont you step in the ring with a REAL champion?(smirking and patting his belt)

(Taurus grabs the mic from the hands of Azrael)

Taurus:Oh you want a shot?Lets do it!!

(The crowd erupts.Taurus signals to the timekeeper to ring the bell.Azrael looks over his shoulder to Massicrist who stands on the outside.Massicrist produces a baseball bat from behind his back and tosses it to Azrael.Azrael grins at Taurus and then puts his hand in front of him,begging off.Azrael looks over to Express and begins to viciously pound away with the baseball bat to the ribcage of Express.Taurus goes after Dominion who has begun to make it to his feet.As Taurus turns around,Azrael clocks him in the back of the head with the bat.Azrael covers the body of Express)



James:THREEEE!!!!!We have a new SHOOT champion!!!

John:Like hell we do!!That wasnt a sanctioned title match!!!We'll have to hear from the SHOOT Project board of directors on this one!

James:Well until we do we have a new champion and his name is Azrael BAY-BEEEEE!!

(Helsley jumps into the ring and tries to revive Taurus.Massicrist and Azrael walk around the ring looking like the victors of a small war,with bodies spread out all around.Both men climb opposite sides of the corners in the ring with their respective titles held over their heads as the crowd boos ludly,throwing various objects,food and drinks toward the ring.Both men bask in the glory as the scene fades...)


(Back in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road still sits the trailer that we left a while ago.The door to the trailer is pushed open by a hand.The hand falls from the door leaving a bloody smeared handprint.We see the arms and head of a man though we cannot yet see his face.The man pulls himself to his feet by the knob of the door,revealing himself to be Shaolin.Shaolin goes down the steps of the trailer,clutching at his chest.He looks up toward the sky,his eyes glassy and his face covered in sweat.He takes a few steps down the road before screaming at the top of his lungs."WOOOOOOOOONNNNG!!!!!"Shaolin takes a few more steps foward before falling on his face.Scene closes out)

[ Back in the ring, Dominion pushes Taurus away from him and stares toward the ring. As medics begin to fill the ring and surround the body of The Express, Dominion begins to slowly make his way down the ramp, and toward the ring. ]

James: Oh no... Wolfson said he wanted to end this thing tonight... And LeFevre is unconcious after that brutal beating at the hands of Azrael.

Jim: I don't like the way this looks. Helsley seems to be blocking the way now, not letting Wolfson past him.

( Standing directly in front of Dominion, Jim Helsley attempts to talk him out of entering the ring. Since talk was having no effect, Helsley grabs Dominion's arm as he walks by, resulting in Dominion laying Helsley out with a well placed right hand. )

James: He wants in that ring, Jim. And I highly doubt those EMTs are going to be able to stop him...

( Making his way into the ring, Dominion slowly makes his way toward the ring of EMTs. Staring down at the body of The Express, Dominion's face remains blank. Suddenly, he proceeds to push two of the EMTs directly in front of him out of his way. )

Jim: Get someone... Someone has to get out here. This can't happen.

( Kneeling down, Dominion reaches down and wraps his right hand around The Express' throat. Suddenly, he lifts Express up and tosses him over his shoulder. )

James: What the...

( Climbing out of the ring, Dominion slowly carries The Express' unconscious body up the ramp and to the back. )

Jim: I don't get it... It's almost as if Dominion is trying to... help.

James: It sure seemed that way. I don't know Jim. Either way, we're out of time. We'll see you all on Oblivion V!