[ A cold wind blows through the small Ontario town of Sudbury as the shadows of night begin to fall upon the country of Canada. Known throughout the world as the wrestling capital, Canada has hosted some of this profession's most memorable moments. Tonight, Sunday, December 16th 2001, for the first time ever, a new chapter of the ongoing saga of Canada's events will take place. The SHOOT Project presents Oblivion V. ]

[ The large factory complex has been closed for the weekend. The workers have all gone home. Lit brightly by several large spotlights and heated by furnaces, the inner portion of this complex sports the ring in the center, surrounded by the stands, filled with men and women who have managed to find and buy tickets for the event. From their table off to the side, the ring announcers, James and John, start the show. ]

James: Welcome to Oblivion V, everyone. Subtitled New Beginnings, Oblivion V will bring just that as a lot of big things are slated to take place tonight.

John: One of those big things is the Triad situation. Each of the Triad titles will be defended tonight, with the winner of each of those matches making a second appearance in the sub-main event triple threat. The winner goes on to become the #1 Contender to the SHOOT Championship and the losers will face each other down the line title for title. This is a great oportunity for these three men, as it's a win-win situation, win or lose.

James: As the second of two main events scheduled for this evening, Azrael will face Taurus with the SHOOT Championship on the line. As we all know, Azrael's winning of the title was not without a lot of controvercy. Tonight this man has the opportunity to end the controvercy.

John: That is, unless Taurus is the man to end it. The way I see it is this. If Azrael wins tonight, he secures his place as the SHOOT Champion, and no one can argue that he is the man. However, should Taurus win tonight, Azrael's short reign will be looked at as a mere fluke. There's a lot on the line here tonight.

James: First on the card is the Iron Fist match. Norman Wong gets the opportunity right here to take back the title that Krazee, our current Iron Fist Champion, won just a few weeks ago. Not only will the winner walk away with the Iron Fist title, but he'll also secure himself a place in the big triple threat later on in the night.

[ "Hate me now" by Nas is heard throughout the various speakers scattered about the ring area. ]

John: That's not Wong's or Krazee's music... That sounds like...

[ Stepping out through the large curtain that hides the wrestlers' area, SHOOT President Meioh makes his way toward the ring. Walking with a very noticable limp, he appears to be favoring his right leg, using one crutch for added support. White bandages around his head, Meioh finally steps into the ring. ]

James: I didn't even know Meioh was here tonight! Last I heard he was still in the hospital somewhere across the globe. As we can see, he's still pretty banged up.

[ The reaction from the Canadian crowd is not that of a friendly one for the President of The SHOOT Project. None the less, he appears amused. A smirk on his face, he raises his microphone to his mouth. ]

Meioh: Does anyone have ANY idea how hard it is to run a promotion such as The SHOOT Project? Does anyone even have the slightest clue? Let me tell you, it's not easy. It's not easy at all. In order to be in the position that I am, a man must be tough. He must be smart, strong... I think you get the idea. Take a look at me for a second. The bandages, the crutch, I'm pretty busted up. I think everyone will agree with me here.

This brings me to the point of my visit tonight. As you may recall, I was the victim of a viscious beating at the hands of Shaolin just a few short weeks ago. The beating was so bad I was in a coma for over a week. Yet here I am. Hell, I wasn't even supposed to be out of bed, and here I am. In this environment, in this condition. I think that, alone, makes me the kind of man I think you all know I am. That said, let me address the cancer of this place. The two men who don't seem to see eye to eye with the man that signs their checks. These two men have been running around this place for the past few weeks trying to do their own thing. No reguard for authority. No respect for their boss. No respect for the company that pays them. And I'm here tonight to put an end to all of that bullshit.

John: Who is this guy talking about? What men?

Meioh: That's just it... I can't take it anymore, boys. Wolfson, Diamante... Bring it on out. I'm going to kick your asses myself!

James: *snicker* Is this guy for real??

[ From the sound truck in the back, "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is automatically played, as Meioh slowly paces the ring awaiting the arrival of his opponents. ]

Meioh: Let's go, boys... I don't have all night...

John: Do you really think they'll show, James? I mean, Meioh wants to take on both Diamante and Wolfson in what would appear to be a handicap match, but Meioh himself is far, far from 100%. There's got to be something going down... I don't see them coming out.

[ Slowly, Diamante and Wolfson make their way out into the ring area. Looking back and forth at each other, they slowly make their way down and climb into the ring. Grinning in amusement, both men simply stare at Meioh, obviously not buying into his challenge. ]

Meioh: Wolfson... Look at you. I gave you one of the top spots in this place because I knew you could handle it. You helped get The SHOOT Project off it's feet with your fued with The Express. And look at you now. No respect for the man who gave you that spot. And Diamante... You're only here thanks to your buddy there. Who the HELL do you think you are, barging into my office and threatening me? You two have had this coming for weeks now. And now you're going to get it.

James: He's serious, John! He's really planning to attempt to beat the hell out of Wolfson and Diamante!

[ Finally busting out into laughter, both Diamante and Wolfson proceed to show the SHOOT President absolutely no respect. Finally, Diamante leans forward, offering Meioh a the first shot at his face. ]

John: Ha! Look at Diamante... He's actually offering Meioh a free shot!

[ Enraged, Meioh suddenly fires a shot at Cronos' face. A bright flash is seen upon the initial contact, along with the sound of a sharp crack of electricity. Diamante falls to the mat swiftly, prompting Wolfson to whip around in surprise and be hit with the same shot that Diamante was. Wolfson, having been hit with what we now realize to be some sort of tazer, falls to the mat as well. Standing above both men, a smile plays on the face of Meioh. ]

James: Meioh just... He just... TAZED them?? What the hell?

John: Believe it, James. He said he was going to give them what they deserved, and I see both men down on the mat.

Meioh: Who's the punk now?

[ Pacing the ring, Meioh begins to slowly rub his chin as he looks about the factory. ]

Meioh: Say, you guys have a few new friends in the Project, don't ya? A couple of boys that you two brought in... The Tag Title match tonight... The challengers... Aren't they your boys? Let's see... We've got Blake O'Reily, and Josh Johnson... The Real Deal, as he calls himself. Tell ya what... Let's see what kind of friends they really are, shall we? Come on out here, boys. No music, no lights, nothing. Just come on down here.

James: This makes no sense... Why would he want to call those guys down here?

[ Still pacing the ring, Meioh keeps his eyes locked on the entranceway. The seconds pass and no sign of the men he just called out. ]

Meioh: I said... Bring your asses out here. That is, unless you don't like your new jobs...

[ Finally, the two men who will be the challengers for the tag titles later in the night make their way onto the scene. They make their way down to the ring and climb in. Both men lock their eyes on their fallen comrades, prompting Meioh to order their attention. ]

Meioh: Right there, boys, is the reason the two of you have a job. Thanks to these two, you each get a check with my signature on it. I'm going to assume that you appreciate that, so let's move on. I want you both to thank Diamante and Wolfson for your jobs. Afterall, they pulled a lot to get you boys contracts. Now go ahead, thank them. Kick the shit out of them!!

[ Upon hearing the command, both men shoot looks of confustion toward Meioh. Nodding, he merely points at the men lying on the mat. Looking at each other, O'Reily and Johnson simply turn and begin to climb out of the ring. ]

Meioh: Apparently the two of you don't value your jobs as much as you should. In that case, please clean out your trailers and be off of the premises in aproximately ten minutes. The both of you are hereby terminated.

John: Did he just fire them??

James: It looks that way... How can Meioh expect these guys to attack the men that are responsible for getting their feet in the door here? Word is that these guys are all pretty good friends backstage.

[ Turning back around, Johnson and O'Reily again stare coldly at Meioh, who merely shrugs. ]

Meioh: Nine minutes and fifty seconds... It's your call, boys.

[ Both O'Reily and Johnson look at each other. Nodding slowly, O'Reily reluctantly rushes over toward the fallen men and begins to lay the boots in. Johnson follows in suit. ]

Meioh: Some friends you guys have there, eh? I told you... The both of you... Don't mess with me. Now get those two the hell out of here. Toss them out of the building!

[ As O'Reily lifts Wolfson up over his shoulder, Johnson does the same with Diamante. Both men are obviously extremely upset, having had to do what they did, as they slowly, and carefully, carry their friends out of the ring. As they make their way toward the exit, Meioh's voice is once again heard. ]

Meioh: Oh, fellas... Good luck in your match tonight. Be sure to leave a little message with Diamante and Wolfson when you leave them out in the parking lot. They're both fired. Any attempt to re-enter the building, or any other building in the future, will result in The SHOOT Project prosecuting to the fullest extent of the law. As for everyone else... Enjoy the show.

[ Dropping his microphone, Meioh makes his way out of the ring and toward the back. He exits to a loud roar of boos. ]

James: That was just...

John: Sick. There really is no other way to describe what we have just seen. That was possibly the biggest slap in the face Meioh could have handed Diamante and Wolfson. Not only did he fire them, but he forced their own friends to attack them. That was the lowest I've seen from Meioh yet...

{The cameras cut to the area where the SHOOT Project's wrestlers' trailer locker rooms reside. The usual hustle and bustle of the Oblivion show is going on. Some competitors are getting ready for their matches, getting their gear on whilst other wrestlers sit back and enjoy life in general. Neither is the case for Yakuza operative and SHOOT Project fighter, Krazee. Krazee sits in his small trailer reminicing over the past weeks events. Strange dreams mixed with problems of moving from country to country floods the mind of this young, facepainted man. But no memories were as fresh in his mind as the events that occured just yesterday. He thought they had left him, but, this was jot the case.....}}


{{Krazee was mildly enjoying himself. There was Faygo in the backseat, Psychopathic Records blaring in the CD player, and Renegade had been out drinking himself silly for the night. Krazee sat bumping his head to the hypnotic sounds sounds of "A Very Twiztid Christmas" by Twiztid and Blaze Ya Dead Homie. As he was about to doze off to the egg-noggish chorus, a ringing can be hard from not too far away. In fact, the rining was coming from his own pocket. Realizing it as his cell phone, he removes his sleepily from his cargo pant pockets. He places it upon his hear and presses the bright green TALK button. Immediately, his ears are hit with mixed sounds. Warehouse maybe, cars are heard in the distance. They aren't the only things heard though....a Japanese man that we can only figure to be a Yakuza speaks on the other line.}}

Yakuza-Mr Black.....nice to talk to you again


Yakuza-We have been noticing that you have been putting aside your duties recently to pursue success in your wrestling career. This is not good.

Krazee-So I'm making some money? So what?

Yakuza-Yes, making money for your own reasons. Don't forget, the only reason that you're in the federation is because of us.

Krazee-Are you dissin'?! Why don't you .....

Yakuza-Why don't YOU do your REAL job? You know there are people in the company who don't support us. Your job has always been to remove these people. WHhat have you done? You've won a measly Triad title, killed a beggar and succesfully been reffered to by the announcers as the next Jeffrey Dahmer because of your tendencies to imagine things!

Krazee-I don't ima...

Yakuza-Shuttup. You've known what you're supposed to do. We want it done as soon as possible. If not done soon.....you know what happens.


{{The phone clicks off as the flashback fades out.}}


{{Krazee runs his hands through his long, black hair thinking about what he was ordered to do. Kill. That's all he is. A hired killer. He's nothing. This couldn't happen. It couldn't happen. The Yaks could back off because they aren't ruining Brian Black's life. With this, Krazee walks defiantly out of his trailer to go and defend his Iron Fist title.....}

Krazee Vs. Norman Wong - Iron Fist Championship

Compare: SHOOT fans from all over the world…welcome to Oooooobliiiiviooooon!!! Our first contest is for the Iron Fist championship. Introducing first, from the Lao Tsing district in mainland China…He is the former Iron Fist Champion….Noooorrmmaaaaaaan WOOOOONNNG!!!!!!

(Norman Wong strolls down to the ring with Kurupts’ “Its over” playing on the speakers.Norman appears to be in a rather foul mood as there is none of the usual dancing and taunting of the fans tonight.Norman rolls under the ropes, takes off his jacket and shades, and walks over to the corner awaiting his opponent)

Compare: Introducing the Iron Fist Champion of SHOOT…The master of the “Season of the Pumpkin”…ladies and gentlemen this…is….KARAAYYYYYYYZEEEEE!!!

James: I’ll tell ya whats fuggin crazy John.The fact that Norman Wong is getting a rematch for the Iron Fist title, instead of the SHOOT title shot he was promised for jobbing to Krazee in the first place!

John: The hell are you talking about? What kind of broadcast journalist sits out here and makes up lies to make people look bad? Krazee clearly showed his superiority over Wong last week you ‘tard.Anyway hold your tounge,here comes the champion now.

(Krazee comes from the entrance way holding the Iron Fist belt by an end, the other end of the title almost dragging on the ground. Some weak pyro blasts shoot off from the makeshift fireworks system. Krazee gives the camera a demented grin as he climbs the steps,looking out to the crowd and completely ignoring Wong. Wong paces back and forth looking at the time keeper expectingly,waiting for him to ring the bell. The bell sounds and both men walk to the center of the ring and tie up.)

John: You know James, from what I’ve been hearing in the back, you may be in for a surprise tonight.In fact, I think the surprise is making is way over here now!

(Ravage walks out from the backstage area looking rather dapper in a brown wide brim hat, short sleeved dress shirt with suspenders, and slacks with Charlie Brown shoes looking much like a 1980’s Columbian drug dealer on a hot Miami afternoon.He walks over to the announcers table chewing gum with a big grin on his face.)

James:This guy?? Yeah I’ve heard the rumors alright,I heard he’s after my monkey!


(Krazee takes Wong down to the mat with a low dropkick to Wong’s right shin, followed by a slow falling elbow to the same area. Norman screams out in pain,grabbing his leg and rolling to the outside of the ring, walking around and hobbling on one foot. Krazee climbs the turnbuckle post closest to Wong and executes a Suicide Dive to the outside of the ring and smashing into the face of Wong with his back.)

(Ravage walks around the announcers area, watching the match but occasionally glancing over and giving Maurice the stink-eye.)

James:Now you stay right there Ravage! Don’t come any closer.(leaning over to John and whispering)That bastard wants to hit my monkey man!

John:Heh heh heh.Call the match fagstain.

(Krazee grabs Wong by the back of the head and slams him face first to the guard railing.Ravage grabs a plush chair from the announcers booth and throws it at Krazee,hitting Wong in the back of the head by accident.Krazee runs over to Ravage and hits him with a Superkick sending him rolling down the side of the ring into James’ lap.Ravage reaches up and grabs Maurice.James grabs a nearby microphone and begins to beat Ravage in the head with it.Ravage pushes John to the floor and takes off with Maurice to the back) (James gets up and begins to give chase while John sits at the booth chuckling to himself.Meanwhile in the ring, Krazee has Wong set up on the top for a Rana. Krazee hit’s the Rana and takes a few steps back to crouch in the corner and let the ref count.) Ref:1.….2.…3.….4.….5.….6.…7...

John:Wong makes it to his feet and…well here comes James from the back with Maurice!How’d you get him James?

James:Its called taking care of “bidness” Johhny boy.

John:So you paid him money?

James: Shaaddap!

(Wong starts to make it to his feet, while Krazee crouches in the corner like a tiger waiting to pounce on its victim. Wong makes it to one knee in the middle of the ring and Krazee charges in…)

John: Krazee executes a SHINING WIZARD to Norman Wong!!!!

James: That’s no Shining Wizard you tool!

John: How comes its not?!

James: Because when a guy like Krazee does it, its called a “faggot knee to the head”…heh heh heh….

John: Eat ass James!

(Wong falls to his back with his legs folded behind him very lifelessly. Krazee runs over and locks in the “Season of the Pumpkin” finisher. The ref begins to check the arms of Wong….)


James:The fuck are you yelling for John?Its not like it was a big surprise man, Krazee dominated the whole match. Quit reading from Tony Schiavone’s “Top 1000 ways to oversell your product”and you’ll be alright.

(John looks directly into the camera lightly smiling and flipping the bird at James)

Dom Vs. Garrett Reid

John- This match should be interesting James.

James- Oh why is that John?

John- Well if you look at Dom, and you look at Reid, they have completly different styles. Reid is the submissive type, and Dom is just an all out brawler.

James- Yeah I know what you mean. Well lets not waste anymore time. Lets send it to the ring.

[Cameras now focus on Compare who is in the ring. The lights dim slightly and "Walk" by Pantera blares over the PA. From out behind the curtain walks Garret Reid. The crowd gives a slight pop.]

Compare- Now coming to the ring, weighing in at 219 lbs, he is the Natural Born Killer, Garret Reid.

[Reid slides under the ropes and into the ring. He then stands and waits for his opponant to make his way to the ring.]

Compare- And his opponant, weighing in at 227 lbs he is accompanied to the ring by Natty, he is Dom.

["The Nobodies" by M.Manson then blares over the PA. And Dom walks down the ramp with Natty by his side. The crowd pops slightly, as Dom walks down the ramp with a determined look on his face. Dom steps into the ring as he tells Natty to stay over in the corner. Both men stand facing eachother for a second then the referee rings the bell.]


James- This match is underway. They lock up.

[Dom then throws Reid into the ropes. As Reid comes back Dom hits him with a back elbow that knocks him on the ground. Dom goes for the pickup, then hits a suplex. ]

John- Dom has taken the advantage early in this match.

James- Lets just see if he can keep it that way.

[Dom again picks up Reid. With a huge Irish Whip, Reid goes flying in the corner. Dom follows with a big splash that leaves Reid dazed in the corner. Dom goes to set up for a Tornado DDT, but the attempt is blocked by Reid. Dom is still on his feet until he is hit with a Snap Suplex. He hits the mat hard.]

James- Looks like Garret Reid might be coming back.

[With Dom still on the mat Reid shows his submissive side by applying a Half-Boston Crab. Dom struggles for the ropes. His hands are moving wildly. The ref keeps checking for tap out, but Dom will not give up. He finally reaches the ropes and Reid breaks his hold.]

John- Reid slowed the match down.

James- This is just the way he likes it. Now he can start to wear down Dom.

[Reid picks Dom up by the hair and then kicks him in the gut. He picks Dom up and sends him straight into the mat with a Pile Driver. He quickly wrenches back Dom's arm as he lays on the ground. He then breaks the hold and picks Dom up again. He goes to throw Dom into the ropes but Dom counters and sends Reid into the ropes. Reid is comes back and is hit with a kick to the midsection. Reid then hits a Double Arm DDT. Reid is now down.]

John- See how fast the momentum shifted.

James- Yeah first it was Dom, then Reid, now Dom again.

[Dom picks Reid up and sends him flying into the corner. As he runs for big splash, Reid ducks and sends him flying to the outside. Natty runs to check on Dom but Reid puches her away when he gets to the floor. The ref now begins counting.]


James- Reid just took the action to the outside. This is where Dom rules.



[Reid kicks away to the midsection of Dom who is reeling in pain on the floor. He goes over to the announce booth and grabs a chair. The ref jumps to the outside and tries to get the chair away from Reid but he is not successful. Dom gets up and goes after Reid. The ref is still trying to the chair but moves out of the way and gets back into the ring, after Reid gets the chair knocked into him, via a huge boot to the face by Dom.]



John- Damn, that had to hurt.

[Dom picks up Reid and gives him a few shots to the head before he throws him into the big steel ring steps. Reid crashes to the floor as Dom looks for objects under the ring. He finds a garbage can, but cannot use it because of a huge forearm that he receives from Reid.]

James- Dom should have paid more attention to Reid, cause Reid just made him regret that.

John- Oh hell yeah!



[Reid rolls Dom back into the ring, and then gets back in himself. The ref then stops the count. Reid picks up Dom and converts with a T-Bone Suplex. He then signals that he is going up top. He goes in the corner and gets on the second rope.]

John- This match is over....

[Reid jumps off and tries for a Leg Drop. Dom rolls out of the way at the last minute and Reid hits the mat hard.]

James- You spoke too soon Johnny.

[Now both men are down. Dom uses the ropes to his advantage and gets to his feet first. He is followed by Reid. Reid runs toward Dom but is hit with an Implant DDT. Reid is down. Natty then disracts the ref, and Dom grabs a chair. He lays it on top of Reid and signals for the top-rope. He gets up there, and then raises his arms in the air to liven up the crowd. He jumps off the top-rope, flying into the air with a huge Moonsault. You can here the crash of the chair as Dom lands on top of Reid. He slides the chair out of the ring, then Natty draws the refs attention back to the match. The ref then slides in for the pin.]

John- Now its over........




[Dom rolls out of the ring, and Natty is quickly there to console him. They walk out as the ref checks Garret Reid as he is still lying in the ring.]

{We fade in to the factories parking lot where Sebastian Crows’ Lamborghini Diablo has finally arrived.}

James: We are looking at the parking lot now where newcomer Sebastian Crow has just arrived.

John: Who is Sebastian Crow?

James: A newcomer - they say he is straight from the IWO. What he is doing here’ I will never know.

{Sebastian steps out of his Lamborghini Diablo’ and grabs his bag from the back seat. He wears black KIK pants’ a black shirt’ along with the boots’ and black shades to cover his eyes. A trench coat nearly hangs to the ground’ once again riding with the top down.}

John: I hate rookies.

James: You can love him or you can hate him, John. Sebastian Crow has a match tonight.

John: Against whom'

James: Brad James; another rookie trying to make his name in the Shoot Project’

John: Pathetic rookies’

James: Screw off John!

{Sebastian sniffles a tad’ continues to walk to the main entrance doors where construction sounds is in the background. A Shoot Project interviewer, David Rose’ around 26 with short blonde hair and blue eyes’ approaches Sebastian Crow with a microphone.}

David Rose: Sebastian Crow! Sebastian Crow’ a moment of your time pleases.

{Sebastian stops in his tracks’ with his gym bag over his head. He shakes back his hair’ blows out some air’ and nods his head.}

Sebastian Crow: Yeah’ sure’ what would you like to talk about?

David Rose: First off Sebastian Crow’ I would just like to mention that I was a tremendous fan of yours while you were in the IWO. You changed the excitement of everything… but since your release from the IWO’ are you ready for the Shoot Project?

Sebastian Crow: David, I was born more than ready. Tonight’ it is not about coming back… it is not about publicity… David tonight is simply about returning to the ring and supporting the spotlight. Tonight is about living the goal… feeding the dream, playing the game’ tonight David, tonight my friend, it is about redemption. Tonight David, I will most dominantly give Barf James the beating of his life and if that is not enough’ he can damn well come back for more because there is more from where that came from.

David Rose: One other question before you go - what is your concern toward the main event tonight? Do you have a prediction winner?

{Sebastian pauses’ shakes his head’ and smirks his face.}

Sebastian Crow: What do I care?

{Snapped Sebastian as he chuckled to himself and walked off’ leaving David Rose behind.}

Blazed Vs. Grizzly - Rising Star Championship

("Break Stuff" by limp Bizkit plays and Grizzly comes to the ring to a somewhat warm reception, mainly because the fans know it's time for the Ladder match which would decide the Rising Star Championship.)

John: It's time for the Rising Star Title to be decided!

Compare: Entering the ring first, the challenger! He weighs in at 345 lbs, and stands at a towering 7'1"! Grizzly!

("We're in this together" by NIN plays and Blazed enters to what are mostly cheers.)

Compare: And his opponent! HE IS, the Rising Star Champion! He weighs in at 231 lbs and stands at 6'2"! HE IS, BLAZED!

James: Well, I'm gonna go ahead and say it! We will have a new Rising Star Champion!

John: What makes you think that?

James: Well just look at the size difference! You heard the Compare! It's almost a foot!

John: Size isn't everything.

James: True, but when you have the size and your opponent is a twerp, well that just speaks for itself!

John: We'll just have to see.

(Blazed circles Grizzly and the bells rings. Blazed stops and goes in for a grapple, and Grizzly quickly shoves him down to the canvas. Blazed gets on his knees left to think of a different strategy of attacking him.)


(Blazed gets back on his feet and Grizzly comes at him with a clothesline but Blazed ducks and hits a standing side kick to Grizzly's face, which backs him into the ropes. Blazed whips him into the ropes and Blazed hits him with a dropkick on the rebound. Still on his feet, Grizzly wobbles back and forth as Blazed decides to go off the ropes. He tries a clothesline but to no avail, he remains on his feet. Blazed goes up top and crashes down on Grizzly with a flying cross body block which sends Grizzly to the ground causing a cheer from the crowd. Blazed goes up top again and goes for "Hazy Memories", perhaps pre-mature. This is evident when Grizzly moves out of the way.)

James: Well somebody sure is stupid!

Maurice: OOK!

James: Not you! Blazed! You're anything BUT stupid!

Maurice: OOK?

James: Yes, I love you too.

John: Oh god.

(Grizzly slides to the outside and retrieves the ladder and brings it into the ring. As you would expect, he's carrying the ladder around his face, and Blazed springs up and dropkicks the ladder. Grizzly falls and Blazed sets the ladder up in the center of the ring, and the camera looks up to get a glimpse of the Rising Star Title hanging above. Grizzly slowly gets up and Blazed goes outside the ropes and hits him with a springboard dropkick.)

James: Well somebody likes dropkicks a little too much!

(Grizzly once again tries to reach his feet as Blazed sizes him up. Grizzly gets up and walks slowly towards Blazed and Blazed goes for a hurricanrana only to receive a HUGE sit down powerbomb which shakes the ring. The crowd "OOHS and AHHS" of course.)

James: IT'S OVER!

John: What a tremendous powerbomb by Grizzly!

Maurice: OOK!

(Grizzly smiles, kinda sadistically and he grabs blazed, picking him up and sets him up for the Desert Ride... and nails it. Grizzly pauses momentarily and then slowly makes his way over to the ladder. Still slightly hurting, he starts climbing.)

James: Hate to say I told ya so!

John: It ain't over till it's over!

(Grizzly is about half way up and Blazed starts to move a bit. Grizzly sees this and goes up about a mile an hour faster. Blazed stumbles his way up to his feet and falls into the ropes. Grizzly is now within a hair's reach of the belt. Blazed bounces off the ropes and runs into the ladder, pushing it over. The ladder seems to fall almost in slow motion, as we can see it's going to reach beyond the boundaries of the ring. The Ladder actually wobbles back and forth, getting bigger each time. Then it falls in the direction of the announce tables.)




John: HOLD ME!

James: Only if you hold me!

(Now suspended in air, Grizzly flies through the air towards the announce table, as John and James hold each other tightly closing their eyes. After this, Grizzly crashes through the table, just short of John and James. They manage to open their eyes slowly.)


James: YES! YES! I mean... let go of me!

John: Yeah... you too. Sorry.

James: No problem.

John: Well Grizzly is seemingly unconsious here for obvious reasons!)

(The crowd is chanting "Holy Shit" and Grizzly, rolls over onto his back.)

John: All Blazed basically has to do is climb the ladder and he advances! I still can't believe we made it out of that alive! I mean---


(We see a monkey pancake lying on the remains of the table.)

Maurice: ook *cough cough* ook...

James: You're gonna be ok man!

(James picks up Maurice and Blazed picks up the ladder, sets it up and climbs. The crowd stops chanting and cheers as he gets closer to the top. Maurice starts to move around as well. It becomes evident that Grizzly isn't getting up as Blazed reaches the top and grabs the belt and the crowd cheers.)

Compare: Your winner, and still Rising Star Champion... BLAZED!

John: Well Blazed advances to the #1 contendership match!

James: And Maurice is OK!

Maurice: OOK!

Sebastian Crow Vs. Brad James

James: Ladies and Gentlemen’ we are about to welcome two newcomers in to the Shoot Project tonight. They will battle each other, hand-to-hand’ in full-front competition.

John: Hmm… that sounds more like a hand-job to me.

James: Shut up you queer!

John: Hey’ freedom of speech John’ that is one of the things George Bush is fighting for.

James: Pathetic’ let us get on with the match please?

Ring Announcer’ Compare: In this standard match’ we introduce two newcomers in to the Shoot Project…

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as the fans deliver a mixture of reactions.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first to the ring’ all the way from Los Angeles, California – he weighs in at 336 pounds’ standing at a complete height of 7’1… SEBASTIAN CROW!

{Sebastian Crow walks to the ring and brushes back his hair. He pops his neck and moves his arms around a bit’ working up on his way there.}

James: 7’1 – imagine that.

John: I can take him.

James: Oh, please…

John: I can!

James: Then let us see you get in the ring and start this match off then!

John: I cannot! I have… I have… in-ring disease.

James: What is in-ring disease?

John: It is where you cannot wrestle for a long period… like’ never.

James: Oh’ in other words’ you are afraid.

John: Me’ afraid – please, I am not afraid. I can fight that idiot any day!

James: Then let us see you do it then!

John: I cannot! My doctor said it would not be possible.


{“The Crystal Ship” by The Doors blares over the pa speakers as the fans deliver a mixture of reactions.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Second introducing – his manager, Mary Jane, accompanies him’ he weighs in at 205 pounds… BRAD JAMES!

John: Ha’ or Barf James in Sebastian Crows opinion’

{Brad James runs and slides in the ring.}

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: Brad charges for Sebastian but Sebastian clobbers him down with a hard slamming clothesline! Jack shit’ did you hear that crash fall, John?

John: Huh’ what’ sorry’ I am still hurting from the bombing in New York City… that impact shot was incredible!

James: Sebastian brings Brad back to his feet and whips him off the ropes. Brad comes back and Sebastian Crow sends him back down with a sidewalk slam. Sebastian Crow goes for a cover…

One’ Kick out’

James: Nothing major the first time around… John’ is you still with us.

John: I refuse to call this match.

James: Finally’ my wrestling fantasy has come true!

John: {Silence}

James: I figure this match is all up to me now. Sebastian Crow’ bringing Brad James back to his feet and whipping him back in to a turnbuckle. Sebastian charges at him but Brad James jumps to the second turn and dropkicks Sebastian to the mat. That ring shook! Did you see that, John?

John: {Silence}

James: Oh’ right’ you refused to call this match… I forgot, ha! Brad James is going back up top… I think the only way for anybody to defeat this monster of a man’ is to keep him off his feet and Brad knows that! Brad is up top now and he comes back with a smashing elbow to the heart of Sebastian Crow. Brad James goes for a cover…

One’ Kick out!

James: A huge kick out’ Sebastian Crow tossed Brad James off him. Sebastian back to his feet now… he appears to have yelled something at Brad…

John: I think Sebastian just told Brad to go fuck himself.

James: I thought you decided not to call this match.

John: {Silence}

James: That is what I thought! Brad James brings Sebastian back to his feet’ but Sebastian grabs Brad by the throat and slings him in to the corner. RIGHT FIST’ RIGHT FIST’ RIGHT FIST’ Sebastian Crow is going crazy on Brad James’ hitting him with every right fist he has got! Sebastian grabs hold of the hair tightly now… he slings Brad on to the mat! Brad lands hard’ his back in pain!

{We can hear Sebastian Crow yelling, “I told you I would teach you the true meaning of the Shoot Project!}

James: Brad James is back up now… he charges for Sebastian Crow but Sebastian Crow sends him flying over the ropes! Brad James lands hard on the concrete! Sebastian follows… Brad James gets to his feet but Sebastian makes sure he does not get too far. Sebastian’ sending follow-up and follow-up shots’ to Brads’ head. Sebastian, Irish whip to Brad in to the guardrail!

John: Jesus’ that has to be painful’

James: Are you talking now?

John: I might as well. I am getting sick of hearing you call this thing. Sebastian Crow brings Brad back to his feet and chops him hard across the chest!

James: There is nowhere for Brad to run in this match any longer! Unless he can get an advantage somewhere’ Sebastian Crow has Brad James cornered almost five men to one.

John: Sebastian Crow rolls Brad back in to the ring… Sebastian Crow climbs over the top… Brad getting back up, he faces Crow but Crow hits him with an uppercut jaw…

James: Brad coming back and…



John: Sebastian Crow places his foot on Brads’ chest…

One’ Two’ Three’

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as the fans deliver a hot reaction.}

John: Brad James is out of it! He desperately needs a paramedic out here… my God’ he never had a chance against this 7’1 monster!

James: Sebastian Crow is moving on in the Shoot Project!

{Sebastian’ with an angry, devious look on his face exits the ring. Watching the audience, “I told you I would send him directly to Hell!” shouted Sebastian Crow. Brad James manager’ Mary Jane slides in the ring and checks out Brad’ trying to wake him up. She watches Sebastian leave’ nearly with a tear in her eye.}

[ Azrael is seen pacing back and forth in the snow right next to a burning barrel. Keeping him warm somewhat warm, as he gets ready for a bignight ahead of him. Both belts; his tag team championship and his SHOOTchampionship on both shoulders. There’s a lot on his mind as he watches thesnow around his feet, taking a drag off his cigarette. Hearing someone approach, he turns and looksupon his very own tag team partner, Massicrist. ]

Massicrist: Hey partner! You ready for our title defensetonight? Say… um… is Garcelle around?

Azrael: Bastard, do you know how selfish you sound?

Massicrist: Hey, I’m not selfish. It’s cold out and I wantedto make sure Garcelle was nice and warm you know, and…

Azrael: I have to defend my SHOOT championship tonightagainst Taurus, and you’re worrying about these tag team belts?

Massicrist: Well, yeah… I mean… yeah… um… huh?… What.. uh… I mean, what?…

Garcelle: Oh come now Donimicci, you sound so harsh… all your dear and loyaltag team partner in his little life are these tag team titles. Isn’t thatright, darling?

Garcelle appears from behind Massicrist, wearing a nice long warm coat. Sheplaces her hand on the top of Massicrist’s head, and snuggles against him alittle. Massicrist grins and tries to look a little smug.

Massicrist: Well, you know I did work hard for these belts!Hard work and sacrifice, that’s me!

Garcelle: Sweetheart, I know you can impress me tonight.Just like our good friend Azrael has a tough road ahead of him against Taurus,he will no doubt prevail. Just like I know you want to follow in his footsteps andmake the team proud by defending those titles solo tonight. Ooh, just like areal man - I would be so impressed…

Garcelle twirls her finger around the top of Massicrist’s head and licks at hisear a little. Massicrist nearly melts, and giggles like a school girl.

Massicrist: You can count on me Garcelle! I’ll make the teamproud, you’ll see!

And with that, Massicrist speeds off. Garcelle smirks and looks over at Azrael.

Garcelle: Oh dearest Donimicci, what would you do without me?

[ Azrael watches Garcelle silently for a moment as he takes one finally drag off his cigarette, flicks it into the burning barrel and heads off the oppositedirection with his prized belts. ]

Ravage Vs. Afwa Kilmanjaro - Rule of Surrender Championship

John: This match should be interesting. Ravage has been very dominate when since the debut of SHOOT, but can he overcome The Power today.

James: Well, in the past Ravage won those matches by luck. Tonight the big man wins the Rule of Surrender title and goes on to the triple threat match later on.

Compare: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Its for the Rule Of Surrender Title and a spot in the Triple Threat number one contender match later on tonight. Introducing first the challenger… Standing at 6 feet 10 inches and weighing in at 465 pounds… “The Power” Afwa Kilmanjaro.

(“I’ve got the power” starts to play and the fans boo as Afwa comes from behind the curtain. He slowly walks towards the ring while heckling the fans. He climbs in the ring tries to intimidate the ref then poses. The fans start to boo louder. He shrugs them off then stands in the corner waiting for Ravage to come out.)

Compare: His opponent… standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 262… The champion and master of the Alabama Crossface… Ravage.

(The fans erupt as “Back in black” starts to play. Ravage steps out into the arena and stand at the entryway looking out at the fans. He smiles and acknowledges them. He continues walking to the ring shaking the fan’s hands on the way. He slides under the bottom rope and walks to the corner opposite the one Awfa is standing in, climbs the turnbuckle and poses for the fans. As he’s posing Afwa comes charging at him and knocks him over the top rope to the floor.)

James: Yes! Can you feel the POWER!

John: No but I bet Ravage can after that cheep shot.

James: Hey this is a wrestling match not a photo shoot. Ravage disserved that.

(Awfa is now on the outside stomping away at Ravage. Afwa picks Ravage up and whips him into the guardrail. Afwa picks Ravage up on his shoulder and send him face first into the ring post. Afwa after posing for the displeased crowd picks Ravage up above his head with a Gorilla Press and throws him into the ring.)

John: The bell rings and the match ahs been officially started.

James: Now Afwa can offiacially win the Rule of Surrender title.

John: We’ll see about that… the match isn’t over yet.

James: OK if you say so.

(Ravage tries to pull himself up with the ropes but Afwa punches him in the face and knocks him back down. Ravage lies on his back and Afwa stomps in his chest. He bounces off the ropes and connects with a leg drop. He picks Ravage up… puts his head between his legs setting him up for a piledriver or a powerbomb… he hoists him up and powerbombs him back down hard.)

James: Are you sure you don’t want to change your pick? It doesn’t look like Ravage is even gonna be able to wrestle after that move.

John: You don’t worry. Ravage is a tough kid. He’ll bounce back from that.

James: Well he already bounced off the mat after that powerbomb. And by the looks of it Afwa is set to bounce off of Ravage.

John: Afwa is signaling that he’s gonna climb the ropes.

James: Yes and if he hits this it’s over for Ravage.

John: For once I’ll have to agree with you. He’s climbing to the tope rope now. But he’s spending too much time arguing with the fans… he’s at the top… He goes for the Kil-a Man Splash… but Ravage moves out the way and Afwa goes crashing into the mat.

James: No! Dammit! It’s OK though. Ravage is to beat up to capitalize on Afwa mistake.

(Both men stagger to their feet. Afwa rushes towards Ravage with a clothesline but Ravage ducks it and hit Afwa with a dropkick to the knee. Ravage with another dropkick to the knee that sends Afwa down.

John: Ravage has the big man down, stomping away at hi right knee.

James: He can really injure him like that. This Ravage guy is no good.

John: But it was OK when Afwa was destroying Ravage.

James: You talk too much.

(Ravage continues to work on the knee of Afwa when Krazee comes out with a steel chair in hand.)

John: What is Krazee doing here.

James: He sees the total disregard for Afwa’s well being and he’s gonna do something about it.

(Ravage sees Krazee and turns his attention to him. Krazee gets into the ring and pushes the ref out of the way. He starts arguing with Ravage while Afwa gets up. Krazee then acts as if he’s walking but turns around and wings the chair at Ravage. He ducks and Krazee hits Afwa in the arm. Ravage gets up and dropkicks the chair into Krazee’s face. Krazee falls out of the ring and Ravage locks the Alabama Crossface on Afwa.)

John: Ravage has got the crossface on Afwa.

James: Come on Afwa, show him you have THE POWER!

John: Afwa is tapping out. This match is over. Your winner and still champion Ravage!

(Ravage releases the hold and starts to celebrate… but his celebration is cut short by a chair shot to the back by Krazee. Ravage falls to the mat and Krazee repeatedly hits Ravage with the chair. Officials come out and make Krazee leave the ring.)

John: That was a cowardly act by Krazee.

James: Call it what you want but I for one am grateful he did that. Ravage had that coming.

John: Well folks, Ravage retains the Rule of Surrender title but the story here is the attack on Ravage by Krazee and the affect it will have on the Triple Threat number one contenders match.

Shaolin Vs. Voodoo

Compare: Our next match up is scheduled for one fall. Making his way down to the ring at this time the master of the Yukinagi Driver Beta, Voodoo.

[Voodoo makes his way down to the ring with Paint it Black by the Rolling Stones playing in the background.]

Compare: Now making his way down to the ring. Standing at 6'2 inches and weighing in at 225 pounds. He is one of the true legends in the sport of wrestling, a former champion the world round, the son of the Dragons, Shaolin.

[Ready or Not by the Fugees plays over the P.A. system. The neutral Shaolin receives a good pop by the crowd. Shaolin wearing his normal monk rope and black pants with red belt. Both men are in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.]

James: This should be a great match up. We have the martial arts style of Shaolin vs. the unorthodox style of Voodoo.

John: My money is on Shaolin. The guy has what it takes to win, and has proved it many times over.

James: I would tend to agree.

[Shaolin and Voodoo lock up and Shoalin throws Voodoo into the ropes nailing him with a huge spinning heel kick.]

James: Great start to the match by Shaolin.

[Shaolin and Voodoo are back to their feet. Shaolin with some stiff kicks to the mid section of Voodoo. Voodoo bends over and Shaolin nails him with a DDT. Shoalin goes behind Voodoo and puts him in a Dragon Sleeper. Voodoo is wreathing in pain. Shaolin begins to pick him up and as he does Voodoo counters with a nice modified stunner.]

James: Great counter to that move.

John: Yeah it looked like Shaolin was going to go for the Way of the Sage early on here. Maybe to early.

[Both men are up. Shaolin goes for another one of his vicious kicks and Voodoo grabs it and nails him with a Mandara Hineri.]

James: I’ve never seen a move like that before. It was a modified dragon screw, but he used Shaolin’s head instead of his leg. I”m very impressed.

[Voodoo picks up Shaolin and throws him into the ropes... Voodoo nails a rolling leg lock as Shaolin comes running back. Voodoo tightens the hold and the referee moves in to see if Shaolin wants to continue. Shaolin fighting the hold reaches the ropes finally and the referee makes Voodoo release the hold. Voodoo is back to his feet and nails a great guillotine leg drop to the neck of Shaolin. Shaolin rolls to the floor after the move to catch his breathe. The fans in the arena begin to applaud the performance. Shoalin back to his feet rolls back into the ring and locks back up with Voodoo. Shaolin out of no where nails a nice brainbuster suplex. Both men lay on the mat. Finally Shaolin gets up and he awaits the fallen Voodoo. Shaolin nails him with a superkick to the chin as soon as he makes it to his feet.]

John: There we go, nice move. Reminded me of Shawn Michaels there.

[Shoalin picks him up and nails him with a fisherman’s suplex. The referee goes down for the count 1....2.... kickout. Shaolin slams his hands to the mat in disgust. Shaolin grabs Voodoo and throws him into the ropes. He nails him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Voodoo falls hard against the knee of Shaolin and to the mat. Shaolin sensing he has control of the match goes to the top rope. As Shaolin gets to the top rope, Voodoo has gotten to his feet and nails him hard in the midsection. Voodoo grabs his head and nails him with a tornado DDT from the top rope. Both men have fallen to the mat, and the referee begins the 10 count.]

James: That was an incredible move, but who did it take more out of Voodoo or Shaolin.

John: Voodoo is back to his feet first, so it looks like you have your answer.

[Voodoo and Shaolin go toe to toe. Voodoo with a hard punch, Shoalin follows. Both men continue this for a few moments, Shaolin goes for a roundhouse kick, but Voodoo stops his momentum and nails him with a Fisherman’s DDT. Voodoo senses he has the momentum now. Voodoo nails russian leg sweep on him, and then follows it with an amazing Chris Benoit type snap suplex.]

James: Great chain wrestling there.

John: Don’t count Shaolin out yet.

James: I wasn’t!!!

[Voodoo rolls Shaolin over on his back and puts him into a variation of the crossface. Shaolin is yelling in pain. The referee comes over to check and see if it’s a choke hold. The referee notices it is, and begins to pull Voodoo off him. He begins to administer a five count, but Voodoo breaks at 4. Voodoo moves back on top of Shaolin but Shaolin pushes him into the turnbuckle. Shoalin follows with a huge reverse german suplex. Shaolin starting to comeback, picks Voodoo up and nails him with a front release suplex.]

John: Great combination of suplexs there.

{Shaolin gets back up and grabs Voodoo. He throws him into the ropes and nails him with the second tilt-a-whirl backbreaker of the match. Shaolin realizes its time to end the match. He places Voodoo close to the corner, and moves to the top rope. Shaolin climbs to the top and goes for a Muta style Moonsault. Shaolin flies off the ropes and lands firmly on the knees of Voodoo. Voodoo grabs Shaolin’s neck and puts him in an inside cradle. The referee jumps to make the count 1....2.......3. The referee rings the bell.]

John: I can’t believe it. Shaolin lost!

James: What a great match. That was incredible. This has been a great night of action so far. I can’t wait till our next match.

Azrael/Massicrist Vs. Blake O'Reily/Josh Johnson - Tag Team Championship

("After Me" by Saliva hits and The Real Deal, Josh Johnson enters the ring. He gets a pretty good pop from the crowd as he is well recognized. They slowly die down as he isn't too well liked.)

Compare: Entering the ring first, he stands at 6'3" and weighs 235 lbs. He is the Real Deal, JOSH JOHNSON!

("The End is the Beginning is the End" by Smashing Pumpkins plays and Blake O'Reily comes down also to a good pop which sticks around. On a side note, what the hell is a tweener???)

Compare: And his partner! Standing at 6'2 and a 1/2", he weighs 228 lbs, he is UNTOUCHABLE, Blake O'Reily!

John: Well they are the challengers for the SHOOT Project's Tag Team Titles! We now await their opponents.

("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine plays, and a chorus of boos is heard as The Massicrist enters. He has a mic on hand.)

Massicrist: Hello everyone!

(The crowd boos him even louder.)

Massicrist: Parlez-vous Anglais?

(The booing continues.)

Massicrist: Well unfortunately, I don't speak your homosexual language, so you'll have to bare with me here. My partner, Azrael... you might have heard of him, he's the World Champion and Tag Champion. Well, it is obvious that we would beat these nobodies here, but the Staff here at SHOOT, are seemingly determined to screw him over! They're hoping that by giving him two matches, he will be too tired to defend it successfully against Taurus. Well I'm here to ruin their plans. I'm here to announce that, I will courageously go into this match solo, in order to give Azrael the rest he deserves.

(Crowd boos... etc.)

Massicrist: O'Reily, D'Lo... Prepare to be MASSACRED!

(O'Reily and Johnson look at eachother and laugh as Massicrist runs into the ring. The bell rings as he is beaten down by the challengers.)

John: Ha Ha Ha! Well it looks like Massicrist is flyin solo tonight!

James: You sure are observant!

(O'Reily continues kicking Massicrist in the corner while the ref has Johnson go to his respective corner. Blake whips him into his team's corner and follows in with a running Muay Thai kick to the face, nearly taking Massicrist’s head off.O’Reily backs off a bit to let Massicrsit stagger forward a few steps, then knocking him back into the corner with a series of devastating Muay Thai combo strikes.)

James:Boooooyyy…this Massicrist fella is really getting the cornbread and greens kicked out of him tonight…

John:What the HELL?

James:Oh quit being so uptight.It so happens that I saw Massicrist with a bucket of fried chicken, a pan of cornbread and some blackeyed peas right before this match!!

(O’Reily makes a tag to Josh Johnson who jumps over the top rope and hits Massicrist in the back of the neck with a dropick. Massicrist shrugs it off and head butts Johnson sending him flying over the top rope to the floor.O’Reily launches himself into the ring with a cross body block but is caught by Massicrist and thrown over the top into the arms of Johnson. Josh and Blake whisper in each others’ ear trying to work out a strategy while Massicrist paces the ring.)

John:Its amazing that Massicrist singlehandedly is able to frustrate both of these men James.He very well may be just too much for them to handle,even as a team.

James:Are you on crack yet again John?These guys know what they’re doing,every move they make in that ring is planned out and has meaning to it.Just keep watching.They know what they’re doing.

(Massicrist holds down the middle rope and Johnson takes him up on the offer.Johnson steps in and yanks up on the middle rope,crotching Massicrist in the process.Johnson Manhattan drops Massicrist and goes for the cover.)

John:1.…2...Massicrist out on 2!!

(O’Reily tags in and…)

James”O’REILY FACTOR!!!! O’Reily just locked it in!!This is it!!

John:Im not so sure about that…here comes Azrael!!!……

James:Yeah that’s Azrael alright…but why is he walking??

John:Shut up,he;s….yeah….Why IS he walking to the ring?? (Azrael takes his time walking to the ring,tagging the hands of some young women in the crowd while Massicrist suffers at the hands of Blake O’Reily. Azrael walks up to Johnson and hits him in the lower back with a folding chair.He then jabs the same chair into the spine of O’Reily as the ref forces him to leave the ring,threatening to throw the match out.Both Massicrist and O’Reily struggle to be the first man to make it to their respective corners….O’Reily makes it to his corner first only to find that Johnson himself is laid out on the apron from the chair shot.Massicrist finally makes the tag to Azrael who storms the ring,Axe kicking O’Reily and hitting his finisher….)

John:SNAKE EYES by Azrael!!!!1.…2.….WHAT THE HELL?????

James:Whats going on here??!!Massicrist just pulled Azrael off of O’Reily!!The fuck did he do that for??

John:I don’t think Massicrist cares about the match or the titles right now James.It looks like he wants some answers from Azrael.

James:Don’t ask questions now you idiot!!Wait until the match is over and work it out in the back!!!

John:Waitaminute!!!! O’Reily just rolled up Azrael from behind with a small package!!!!1.…2.…NO!!!Massicrist stomped on the head of Blake to break up the count!I guess he still DOES care about the titles!

(Massicrist gives Azrael a disgusted look and walks away from the ring.Azrael glares at Massicrist for a second before landing a Mafia kick to the side of O’Reily’s head.Azrael pulls O’Reily to his feet again…)

John:SNAKE EYES AGAIN!!!!!That has to be it James!!1...2.…3!!!Massicrist and Azrael retain the tag titles!

Phoenix Vs. Renegade

Compare: Ladies and Gentlemen the next match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way down to the ring area first, standing in at 6'10 inches and weighing in at 310 pounds. The Master of the Phoenix-Bomb.... Phoenix.

[Seek and Destroy by Metallica plays over the public address system. The neutral Phoenix doesn’t gather much reaction from the fans.]

Compare: And his opponent. Standing in at 6'5 inches and weighing in at a slender 229 pounds. From the Rivera wrestling family, ladies and gentlemen Renegade.

[War is Coming by Six Feet Under plays over the P.A. The crowd automatically stands to their feet. Many booing and yelling profanities at the remarkable power wrestler in Renegade. Both men are in the ring and the referee calls for the bell.]

James: Looks like this will be a good match up. It will be interesting to see if the power wrestler in Renegade can over power someone that has five inches and almost a 100 pounds on him.

John: Well its always funny how the small wrestlers think they are big, and the giants want to be luchadores.

[Collar and elbow tie up by both men. Renegade gets the advantage and nails Phoenix with a hard scoop slam to the mat. Renegade falls the move with a hard elbow drop to the mat leaving Phoenix gasping for air. Renegade back to his feet motions to the crowd that he has the match won already. Phoenix gets to his feet and nails Renegade from behind with a hard elbow smash to the neck. Phoenix with a flurry of right hands nails each of them flat on Renegade’s glass jaw. Renegade backs into the corner. Phoenix follows him and uses and irish whip to throw Renegade across the ring into the other corner. However, Renegade reverses the move and whips Phoenix into the corner. Renegade runs towards Phoenix and nails him with a hard lariat knocking Phoenix over the ring ropes and down to the floor.]

James: What a clothesline by Renegade.

John: Yeah looks like Phoenix may have landed awkwardly on the floor with that one.

James: Can you not land on the floor awkwardly?

[Phoenix is laying on the ground holding his ankle. Renegade slides outside the ring and begins to attack the injured ankle. Renegade walks over to the announcer and grabs his chair from him. Renegade walks over to Phoenix and gives him a couple stiff kicks in the head. He places Phoenix’s ankle in between the chair. He walks back over to the announcer’s position and grabs another chair.}

John: Looks like we are going to see a one man con-chairto smashing the ankle of Phoenix.

[Renegade pulls the chair over his head and as he goes to smash it on Phoenix’s leg, Phoenix raises his hand up and smash the chair onto Renegade’s face.]

James: What a great counter move by the big man.

[Phoenix gets back to his feet and grabs Renegade throwing him into the ring. Phoenix whips Renegade into the ropes and nails him with the big boot. Phoenix starting to gather some momentum picks up Renegade and nails him with a stiff piledriver drawing the approval of the fans in attendance. Phoenix notices he has Renegade on the ropes signals for the PowerBomb. Phoenix with ease picks up Renegade and nails a snap PowerBomb on him.]

John: It looks like Phoenix is in total control of this one. That is the setup for his finisher the Phoenix-Bomb.

[Phoenix bounces off the ropes and nails Renegade with a running leg drop ala.. Hogan. Phoenix once again picks up Renegade this time for the Phoenix-Bomb. Renegade laying motionless between the legs of Phoenix is picked up and elevated for the Phoenix-Bomb!!!]

James: God Almighty, this match is over. What a devastating move!!!

John: I agree, but it looks like Phoenix has some other idea.

[Phoenix motions to the crowd for the hurricanrana!!! Phoenix grabs Renegade and pulls him over to the far corner of the ring. He picks him up and places him on the top rope sitting. Phoenix with a big smile on his face begins to climb the ropes. Phoenix makes it to the top rope to begin the move, but Renegade nails him with a stiff shot to the groin. Before Phoenix could fall off the ropes Renegade grabs him by the throat and stand upright. Renegade nails him with a choke slam off the top rope. Renegade falls on top. The referee goes down for the count 1...2....3. He rings the bell.]

John: That was the 1945, the powerful Choke slam off the top rope. I would of never thought he would pull that one off against Phoenix. What an impressive win.

Compare: The winner of the match by pinfall.... Renegade.

Ok, Blazed, no pressure…just go out there and do what you gotta do, and the win will come naturally. Ravage is a tough guy, so is Krazee…you’re tougher. If you go out there tonight and give it one hundred and ten percent, like you always do…you’ll be fine.

Is this a shot at the grandest prize in the business today? No, there are many more prestigious federations out there. But that’s because the people know about them.

No one knows about SHOOT.

Remember that. Remember that you winning this match and the next one and the next one have absolutely no bearing on weather or not anyone finds you.

Who cares if they do anyway?

You’ll knock them down, one by one, Blazed.

You won one match tonight.

You’ll win another one.

You will be the man.

You will be golden.

You will be the champ.

[ As the voice of Blazed, probably prepping himself up for the match ahead fades out, a door to a shoddy trailer is opened, almost falling off of it’s hinges. Blazed, clad in his normal wrestling attire steps out of the small confinements and walks towards the area where the ring is being held. There are men in business suits walking around all over the place, most with cheap looking girls on their arms, wearing skirts about eight sizes too small. As Blazed walks over the field he spots one woman, who is still pretty scantily clad, that practically knocks him on his ass. ]

[ Garcelle ]

[ As the two cross paths, Blazed stares unabashedly, and Garcelle bites her lip, winking one of her big, brown, beautiful eyes at him. Blazed stops for a moment, as if the moment had happened in slow motion. She smiles and keeps walking…Blazed smiles to himself…and follows suit. ]

Blazed Vs. Ravage Vs. Krazee - SHOOT Championship #1 Contendership

Ring Announcer’ Compare: This next match is a submission-only “Rules of Surrender Match”. It can only be one by submission!

John: Duh’ we sort of all ready figured that from the start, dumb ass.

James: Hush you blabbering idiot! Quiet’ the match is about to start.

John: It has not even begun yet’ what are you talking?

James: I figured the five-year-old routine would work. I guess not.

{“We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails, blares over the pa speakers as some fans boo’ some fans cheer.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first – he weighs in at 231 pounds. He is the Rising Star Champion of the Shoot Project… BLAZED'

{Blazed runs in to the ring and bounces off the ropes.}

John: Now the match is about to start!

James: Shut up’ you dumb ass!

John: Make me!

{James reaches over and smacks John across the head.}


James: That is what you get for making Mister Ed fall in love with a sleeping turtle.

John: What the fuck are you talking about?

James: Never mind.

{“The Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers as some fans boo’ some fans cheer.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second – he weighs in at 235 pounds. He is the Iron Fist Champion of the Shoot Project… KRAZEE'

{Krazee runs out to the ring and slides in the ring. While Blazed is coming back off the rope’ Krazee strikes Blazed down with a football tackle.}

John: AND’ A LOUD KNOCKDOWN BY KRAZEE! That will show Blazed a thing or two…

**Ding’ Ding’ Ding**

John: Wait a second’ are we missing somebody?

James: Yes we are! We are missing Ravage – our surrender champion. He is supposed to be out here right now!

John: Where is he?

James: Beats me. Anyways’ on with the match – Krazee brings Blazed back to his feet… he bounces him off the ropes but wait’ Blazed grabs hold… kicks Krazee in the stomach and hits him with a double arm DDT’ impressive start for Blazed in this contest.

John: Blazed goes up top now’ he has Krazee on the mat…

{“Back in Black” by AC/DC blares over the pa speakers as the fans cheer.}

John: Wait a minute! That idiot’ Ravage is coming out now! Blazed is still up top… here comes Ravage’ he jumps on the apron’ on the ropes and missile drop kicks Blazed off the turnbuckle, landing hard on the guardrail. Jesus! What a shot by Ravage…

James: An impressive move by Ravage’ sending Blazed straight off the top turnbuckle. I am not sure if Blazed can even move now. Ravage is now battling it out with Krazee in the center of the ring. They are throwing fist to fist with one another…

John: It is a two-way brawl, James!

James: Actually’ it is a three-way brawl but Blazed is out of it… or is he! Blazed is back up and he has a steel chair! Blazed slides back in the ring with the chair… he strikes for Ravage but Ravage ducks… and OH! HE KNOCKED OUT KRAZEE!

John: James’ Krazee' knocked out in the center of the ring. How are we going to have a three-way brawl now? I do not know but Ravage grabs the steel chair from Blazed and…


John: …he just bashed it over Blazed head! Blazed is out of it.

{The fans cheer as Ravage holds up the chair for audience approval.}

James: Yeah’ they just love him here’ don’t they?

John: Yeah’ but wait… Krazee is back up and WATCH OUT RAVAGE!

James: Damn’ Ravage was just speared out of his boots by Krazee. Damn John, this is crazy! Not all three of these men are going to stay down! One of them each wants a world title shot.

John: I say give it to them all! Let these guys’ fight it out again but watch Krazee now. He is steamed! He is throwing punches and punches to Ravages’ face. Ravage is trying to cover up… but Blazed is back up… Blazed brings Krazee to his feet and back-to-belly! Blazed goes for a cover…

One’ Two’ Kick out!

James: Krazee slowly moves out of the ring and on to the floor out here. Ravage is helping himself up using the ropes… Blazed goes back to Ravage and sends hard fist shots to his face. Blazed’ with a knee to the gut’ bounces Ravage off the ropes and sends him down with a sidewalk slam.

John: Fuck the match, James! I am more interested at seeing what Krazee is doing. Check it out!

{On the outside, Krazee has lifted up the ring bringing out all sorts of weapons. From a steel chair, a trashcan, and a wrapping of barb wire.}

James: Oh my God’

John: Is this even legal? These guys’ are going to kill each other!

James: I do not see the referee calling for the bell yet! Krazee slides back in to the ring’ he has the steel chair and…


James: Down goes Blazed! Ravage is back up now and…


James: Down goes Ravage! Ravage grabs the barbwire now… what do you suppose. Oh’ he would not…

John: HA’ he would baby! He would! Krazee is wrapping that barbwire around the throat of Ravage!

James: Ravage is choking for dear life’ trying to not let it go too deep.

John: Thank God Krazee let’s go! But Blazed is at top and’ MISSILE DROP KICK! Blazed goes for another cover…


John: Blazed did not get the pin’ thanks to Ravage for butting in… Ravage kicks Blazed in the stomach and sets him up… FLATLINER’ Ravage goes for the cover…

One’ Two’ Three’

**Ding’ Ding’ Ding**

{“Back in Black” by AC/DC blares over the pa speakers again as Ravage makes his way out of the ring applauded by thousands in attendance.}

James: Ravage has won this thing! Ravage is the number 1 contender for the Shoot Project World Heavyweight Title… my God’ what else can happen tonight?

John: THERE IS WHAT IS HAPPENING, JAMES! Krazee’ from behind’ attacks Ravage… they are battling like crazy… Krazee is pissed!

[ After the match, now over and done with, sustaining a number one contender to the SHOOT Championship, Blazed walks back to his trailer to collect his things and go home. As he walks up the steps to the trailer, with the Rising Star Title hanging over his shoulder, a soft hand comes across the small of his back. He turns around and sees her standing there. ]

Blazed- Garcelle?

[ The incredibly beautiful woman smiles, brushing the hair out of her face. She looks back for a moment at Azrael who is prepping himself for the upcoming match. ]

Garcelle- You know my name? I’m flattered that such Excellency would take the time to notice just who I am.

[ Blazed shakes his head, knowing fully well what she’s trying to do. He plays along. ]

Blazed- there’s no possibly way to *not* notice you, beautiful.

[ Garcelle smiles and blushes a little before turning and walking away, leaving Blazed to ponder just what happened… ]

Azrael Vs. Taurus - SHOOT Championship

James: Well, here we go. Main event time. This is a big match for both men. Not only because the SHOOT Championship is on the line, but for the fact that both of these men consider themselves the true Champion. There is a lot of bragging rights on the line here, and I doubt either man wants to be outdone by the other.

John: Tonight Azrael has the opportunity to prove to the world that he is indeed the rightful owner of that Championship. On the other side, Taurus has the opportunity to show the world that he never really lost that Championship, and has a good many more months of his reign to go. This should be a great match.

Compare: The following match is a standard match, set for one fall and it is for the SHOOT Championship. Coming to the ring first, he is the challenger. He stands at 6'3" and weighs in at 245lbs... Ladies and gentlemen... Taurus!!!

[ "#1" by Nelly is heard throughout the building as Taurus makes his way out from the back. He makes his way down to the ring and climbs in, awaiting his opponent. ]

Compare: And his opponent... Standing at 6'1" and weighing in at 210lbs... Ladies and gentlemen, he is the SHOOT Champion... Azrael!!!

[ "That's amore" by Dean Martin plays throughout the building as The SHOOT Champion makes his way out to the ring area. Wearing the SHOOT Championship around his waist, he slowly makes his way down toward the ring, looking back and forth at either side of the crowd, unimpressed. Finally reaching the ring, he removes the SHOOT Title from around his waist and hands it to Compare. ]

James: And there's the bell.

[ Both men immediately lock up. Taurus is first to gain the advantage, as he knees Azrael in the midsection. He follows up with a double ax-handle smash across the back of Azrael, knocking him down to one knee. Continuing with the offense, Taurus sends a knee directly into the face of Azrael, knocking him backward. Without a pause, Taurus quickly lies atop Azrael, and the referee hits the mat. Azrael out on one. ]

John: Taurus is really set on winning this match here. He just went for a very early pin.

[ Taurus swiftly lifts Azrael to his feet and whips him to the ropes. Grabbing ahold of them, Azrael stops the momentum, causing Taurus to rush toward him with a clothesline. However, Azrael ducks and pulls down on the top rope, sending Taurus toppling out onto the floor. ]

James: Very nice counter by the SHOOT Champion.

[ As Taurus makes his way to his feet, he proceeds to shake the cobwebs from his head. Not noticing Azrael dive over the top rope and land atop him, knocking him to the floor again. Grabbing a hold of the guardrail, Azrael proceeds to stomp down upon Taurus' chest. ]

John: Quite a show of rage by the Champion. Taurus isn't the only one who is set on winning this thing, James.

[ Satisfied with his assault, Azrael pauses to lift Taurus to his feet. Lifting him up, Azrael tosses Taurus over his right shoulder, and swiftly brings his opponent down onto the guardrail, shoulder first. ]

James: What a move by Azrael! He just drove Taurus' shoulder into that steel guardrail, and you know that had to hurt!

[ Again lifting Taurus to his feet, Azrael rolls him into the ring and follows closely behind. Whipping Taurus into one of the corners, Azrael rishes forward and delivers a clothesline, forcing Taurus to stumble forward toward the center of the ring. Following, Azrael grabs Taurus from behind and delivers a nicely executed double underhook backbreaker. ]

John: Azrael is showing why he is the Champion. He's really brought the intensity with him tonight.

[ Pressing his body against that of Taurus', the referee prepares to make the count when suddenly Taurus reverses the pin with a roll up. The referee hits the mat... 1.. 2. kick out on two! ]

James: There is that elusiveness that Taurus always brings with him. He almost had the match there.

[ Both men scramble to their feet. Taurus, favoring that shoulder, rushes forward in an attempt to hit his patented swinging neck breaker, only to have the swiftness of Azrael defeat him as Azrael counters with a dropkick, knocking Taurus to the mat once again. ]

John: Taurus has the size advantage here, but Azrael has the speed advantage. What this is going to come down to is strength versus speed.

[ Lifting Taurus to his feet once again, Azrael locks up and drops Taurus to the mat with a belly to back suplex. Hopping back to his feet, he locks on what appears to be a scissors hold. ]

James: I don't think Azrael is looking for Taurus to submit... It's too early for that. This is a mere attempt to wear the former champion down.

[ As the referee hits the mat to check on the hold, Azrael adds to the hold by applying more pressure, forcing Taurus to fall backward and try to absorb the pain. Holding the move in tightly, Azrael stares at Taurus with a grin about his face. ]

John: Azrael appears to be wearing Taurus down pretty well now. That hold appears to be so successful that he might even tap out...

[ Riving in pain, Taurus proceeds to pound the mat with both fists, in an attempt to send the message that he will not submit. Obviously hearing that message loud and clear, Azrael releases the hold in order to attempt a potentially more successful approach. Nonschelantly, Azrael lifts Taurus to his feet and delivers a stiff knife-edge chop across Taurus' chest. As Taurus stumbles backward, Azrael delivers another. Going for a third, Taurus dodges and locks Azrael. He then drops him to the mat hard with an jumping side kick. Taurus falls to the mat along with Azrael. ]

James: Very nice counter by Taurus. He just stunned the hell out of Azrael. Unfortunately, Taurus is still pretty worn out. A little too winded to continue the momentum he just started.

[ Making his way to his feet, Taurus takes a few steps back and goes into a stance, awaiting Azrael to get to his feet. As he does, Taurus clobbers Azrael with a super thrust kick that knocks Azrael off his feet and sends him to the mat, stunned. Lifting Azrael up, Taurus hits what he calls the Taurus-Plex, ending it with a pin. As the referee hits the mat to make the count, he stops, noticing that Azrael's foot is in the ropes. ]

John: So close! Taurus hit his finisher, but the ring positioning was all wrong and the pin was forced to be broken. Taurus could have had this one in the books.

[ Dragging Azrael toward the center of the ring, Taurus quickly drops down and covers Azrael. The referee drops to the mat. 1... 2... kick out on two! ]

James: That was just a matter of timing. There was way too much time between Taurus' finisher and that second pin. Azrael had too much time to catch his breath.

[ Hopping to his feet, Taurus allows Azrael to get to his feet. Quickly, Taurus plants Azrael with a guillotine face driver, a move he calls "8 seconds". Without wasting any time, Taurus locks Azrael in a high angle boston crab, or as he calls it, "The Hornlock". ]

John: Taurus has won many matches with this hold, James. He might just have Azrael here!

[ Fighting the hold, Azrael realizes there is no way out of it. Laying back, he covers his eyes with his hands, trying to block the pain out of his mind. ]

James: Hey... Who do we have here?

[ Walking out from the back, Ravage slowly makes his way down toward the ring, the Rule of Surrender title draped across his shoulder. Stopping just beside the ring, Ravage simply stares into the eyes of Taurus, who still has Azrael locked in The Hornlock. ]

John: Well, he is the #1 Contender to the SHOOT Championship, James. So you suppose he is out here to scout who his competition will be?

James: I don't know about that... I mean, Ravage has been hyping this "big surprise" he has all week, and so far we haven't seen it. I think he may be ready to drop this bombshell...

[ Hopping up onto the ring apron, Ravage attempts to climb into the ring only to be stopped by the referee. ]

John: I think you're right! Ravage is trying to get into the ring, but he's letting that referee stop him... What's with that?

James: Look! That's what's up with that! It's only a diversion!!

[ Sliding into the ring from the other side, Mike Angle stands behind Taurus, a steel chair in hand. With all the force he can muster, Angel drops the chair down across the skull of Taurus, forcing him to break the hold and rendering him unconscious. ]

John: Mike Angel!!! Mike Angel?? I thought he severed all negotiations with The SHOOT Project weeks ago?!?

James: Perhaps it was all a scheme... All I know is he just split Taurus' wig with that chair shot!

[ Looking around himself, obviously confused, Azrael scrambles toward Taurus and locks him in a pinhold. Just as he does, Angel slides out of the ring and Ravage hops down to the floor. As the referee turns back and notices the pin, he drops to the mat. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen... The winner of the match and still SHOOT Champion... Azrael!!!

[ Rolling out of the ring, Azrael swipes his title from Compare and makes his way out of the ring area. Ravage, still standing ringside, sends a righthand fist into the face of Compare, knocking him to the floor. He then grabs his microphone and slides into the ring, followed by Mike Angel. ]

Ravage: Ladies and gentlemen... I bring you my surprise... I bring you... Mike Angel!!!

[ The two men stand above the body of Taurus, who is still out cold and bleeding from a wound on his head. As Ravage holds his Rule of Surrender title over his head, Angel proceeds to pound away at the face of Taurus, much to Ravage's delight. ]

John: I can't believe this... All week Ravage has been talking about a surprise that would rock The SHOOT Project, and by the end of the night, Taurus is decimated.

[ Satisfied with their work, both Ravage and Angel exit the ring. Making their way up toward the exit, Ravage is first to leave. Angel, on the other hand, stops to look back toward the ring, and at the chaos he left behind. Laughing to himself, Angel turns away toward the back, to suddenly come eye to eye with Jim Helsley. ]

James: Jim Helsley?? The former President of The SHOOT Project... JIM HELSLEY?!?? What's he doing here??

John: I don't know, James, but we're out of time!!

[ The show fades away with the scene of Mike Angel and Jim Helsley standing in front of each other. Their eyes locked on each other, their faces blank. ]