Static… Fade in… Black and white.

Room 308 somewhere in Tokyo. The man inside this room has been shrouded in controversy ever since the beginning of The SHOOT Project. His name is Meioh and he is the President of said fledging promotion. His bad looks as if it hasn’t been made since he woke up. Then again, thats how a lot of people work, especially wrestlers. They’re used to the fact that a maid would normally make their bed for them. Meioh probably just doesn’t care at all. He’s just going to go back to bed eight hours after he wakes up so whats the point? None really.

As Meioh paces back and forth in his room, obviously waiting for someone, he takes a quick peek at the man in a bed directly across from him. His name is one recognized to most in SHOOT. Shaolin. He is in a coma and that can be credited to good ole’ Meioh. Footsteps! Meioh’s eyes darted toward the entrance to find Eric Wolfson standing in the doorway with a stonecold countenance. The tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Then suddenly...

All Smiles! What the...

Eric and Meioh began exchanging words when a very familiar man passes by without their knowledge. Cronos Diamante. A lonely tear running down his cheek. He stopped at the corner to the hall and stood there waiting. He could still hear what was being said but he had to play this with tact and not with an anger filled head.

"Good to see you, Eric," Meioh said with a sinister grin attached to his countenance.

"You too, Meioh," Eric said kinda half-hearted but enough to mask his disapproval. "So why’d you ask me here man? Setting Cronos up not enough?"

Meioh laughed. "It’s not like that," He said flatly.

Wolfson was intrigued. He didn’t know what to say so he just asked his question.

"So what is it?"

"I’m stepping down as president," Meioh said with a sigh.

Whoa... Eric took a step back. The shock was evident in Eric’s voice when he continued.

"So why are you doing that?"

"I’m a defeated man," Meioh stated. "I’ve done what I set out to do and I’m just sick of the game right now. What we did Cronos is going to come back and haunt us. You knew that when we did it. You, however, will have to deal with it and I won’t. I know you didn’t care from the beginning so thats why I asked you here. I’ve named you as acting president. You have papers to sign and you’ll be given them by tomorrow but as of right now I’m done."

Wolfson attempted to speak but Meioh cut him off.

"Say nothing, Eric," Meioh said. "Just go sign those papers. I need rest now."

Meioh climbed into his bed and almost instantly fell asleep upon impact with the sheets. Wolfson walked out of the room and began walking down the hall to where Cronos was without him knowing it until he poked his head out from behind the wall. Wolfson saw it but didn’t believe it.

"You betrayed me, Eric," Cronos roared. "Your time will come. Here is wisdom. He who has understanding, let him calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. His number is six hundred sixty-six."

And Cronos was off. Eric stood there shaking his head and the scene ended.

[ Fort McMurray, British Columbia, Canada. The guard twisted the pebbles below his black, steel-tip boots as he systematically turned around and started walking back the way in which he came. Years of discipline and focus have made him this way. A rifle over his right shoulder, his dark eyes stared coldly forward as he kept watch over the entrance to the military bunker in which he was ordered to protect for the evening. After all, big things were happening tonight. ]

[ The SHOOT Project. A shady franchise at best. Only those men and women who are reguarded as worthy enough have gained access to it's event tonight. Although this bunker was highly guarded this evening, Oblivion still took place within it's parimeters. Afterall, no matter who you are, you always have a price. Anyone can be bought. No matter what that price may be. And it's quite obvious that whoever is behind The SHOOT Project, they've got a lot of money to play with. ]

[ The large building was rather darkened from the outside view. The only stirring that could be seen by the naked eye was that of the few weeds that rustled in the cool, evening air. Quite a small observation, considering everything else that lurked in the shadows of these grounds. The snipers on the roof, for instance. Not even noticable. That is, unless someone unauthorized would happen to stumble into the grounds. One bullet later, all would be quiet. ]

[ The calm of the night air was a far cry from that of the atmosphere inside the building. It was well lit and overly loud for this Sunday evening. Stands were set up all around the walls inside, with a square ring directly in the center. The logo of The SHOOT Project embedded on it's mat. Near the back of the room, a large, black curtain blocks the view of the many trailers outside, playing the part of the locker rooms for the men who make this promotion what it is. ]

[ Just outside the ring, two individuals are seated patiently behind a wooden table, anxiously awaiting the show to begin. Having been signed to call the action, our cameras focus in on them. ]

John Law: Welcome to Oblivion, everyone! Tonight, thanks to whomever it is that is forking out the money, we come to you from a military base somewhere in Fort McMurray, British Columbia.

James Edward Richard Kensington: Yeah, somewhere... Good luck finding us.

John: As usual, we have a packed show just about ready to begin. Each of he SHOOT Project Champions will be in action tonight, as well as the very first crowning of a Dojo Champion.

James: This Dojo Championship makes it's debut tonight. It is being said that this Championship shall be reserved for those individuals on the SHOOT roster who haven't been able to really get a good start just yet. This gives them something to work with.

John: In the main event tonight, The SHOOT World Champion steps into the ring with Massicrist to defend the Tag Team titles against The #1 Contender to the SHOOT Championship and one of the newest additions to the "heavy hitters club" in Mike Angel. This match should prove quite interesting. On one side, we have Azrael and Massicrist, the SHOOT Tag Team Champions. When these two first won the titles, for the weeks following they made a very strong team. However, over the past few weeks that team appears to have fallen apart a bit, as it looks as if being the SHOOT Champion has gone to Azrael's head.

James: On the other side, we have Ravage, The Rule of Surrender Champion and #1 Contender to The SHOOT Championship, and Mike Angel, a team that looks to be very strong in the beginning. Both of these men are known for their big egos, so it should prove interesting to see if they will be able to co-exist as a team or not. It's apparent that Ravage will want to pin Azrael tonight, should he have the opportunity, but there is without a doubt a lot of past between Azrael and Angel.


[ Taking one last drag from his cigarette, Jim Helsley tosses the butt to the ground. Exhaling a large amount of smoke into the night air, Helsley slowly makes his way through the lot where all of the SHOOT wrestlers' trailers are located. Stopping near one of them, a smile forms on his face as he proceeds to knock on the one in front of him. The door slowly opens, casting a bright white light across the body of the man standing outside in the dark light of night. ]

Helsley: Ah... Greetings, Champ.

[ Looking down the few wooden steps at the face of his visitor, Azrael's eyes narrow. ]

Azrael: Helsley... Good to see you again.

[ Nodding, Helsley replies. ]

Helsley: Same to you... Say, have a few moments to talk? I'm sure you want to hear what I have to say...

[ Taking a moment to think it over, Azrael simply nods and steps out of the way allowing Helsley to enter the trailer. After Helsley enters, Azrael pokes his head out the door looking to his left, then his right. Finally, he pulls the door shut. ]


John: What was that all about?

James: Not sure... Ever since Helsley showed up last week, a lot of rumors have flown about reguarding his intentions. What is he all about? Where does Helsley's alliance lie? Questions left unanswered. However, seeing him enter Azrael's trailer could mean that Helsley might very well be aligned with the SHOOT Champion.

John: If that is the case, I'll tell you one thing. Azrael's chances of remaining SHOOT Champion for a very long time have most certainly risen. I guess only time will tell...

{{The cameras cut to outside of where Oblivion is taking place in British Columbia. A figure lies face down on the snow covered ground, just within earshot of the sounds of the ring. The figure slowly raises his head to look towards the action. From our viewpoint, it's easy to tell that what we're seeing is a snowcovered Krazee. As we get closer, we can hear him mumbling to himself.}}

Krazee-"Damned old country people couldn't buy a freakin'car.......longest 20 miles of my life...."

{{Krazee stands up and begins trudging over to his bag some 10 yards away. He picks it up and begins walking towards the trailer area, all the while mumbling to himself.}}

*Voice Over*

They say that once you become a Yakuza, you're always a Yakuza......that ain't happenin' to me...nope. Not happenin'...

{{Little does Krazee that there are Yakuza's in the building at this very moment, all of them awaiting his arrival.}}

{Ravage is seen walking around the backstage area, shining his Rule of Surrender Title belt as he walks. He sees the door to Azrael's dressing room is opened, and walks over to it, stopping just outside, and out of site to anyone in the room. Sounds of an argument are heard inside, and the Shoot camera gets a view of what's happening.

Massicrist: This is bullshit! You always get all the credit, no matter how much of the work you put on me! I damn near kill myself for this team, and still people just think of me as 'Azreal's tag team partner'. And you do NOTHING but soak up all the attention!!

Azrael: Hey, it's not my fault that everyone flocks to my magnetic personality. I have alot on my plate right now, buddy. We got this match, an' i got all kinds of guys breathing down my neck, like Mike Angel. So, gimme some slack, okay?

Ravage hears that last statement, and takes the title belt off his shoulder. He bursts through the door, and hits Massicrist in the back of the head with the belt, laying him out. Rage etched on his face, he moves onto Azrael, hitting him in the face with the title,opening a gash in his forehead.

Azrael staggers backwards, and Ravage is on him before he has a chance to stabilize himself. Ravage pounds his fist into Azrael's face, spattering the flowing blood all over the man's head.

Azrael appears to be unconscious, and Ravage gets up. He places the Rule of Surrender title back on his shoulder, and looks down at Azrael. He notices in one of the unused lockers a roll of duct tape. A smile crosses his face, and he grabs the tape. The camera shot returns to the arena, where the next match is about ready to begin…..

Voodoo v. Josh Johnson

{“Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares over the pa speakers as a mixed reaction comes from the audience.} Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first to the ring… he weighs in at 147 pounds… VOODOO!!!

{Voodoo makes his entrance’ by running to the ring.}

John: At first’ I thought this person was some sort of an Undertaker rip-off, but I had him figured wrong.

James: Voodoo came from a slightly famous wrestling family – the same as many other names like Sebastian Crow, Bret, and Owen Hart…

John: Those, Canadian geeks’

James: Hey’ they are legends in the wrestling business’ you know.

John: Yes’ but they are not some of the Shoot Project’s finest. I do believe that if you matched Voodoo and Sebastian Crow up against Bret and Owen Hart – then the Shoot Project would have won.

James: Owen Hart is dead.

John: Exactly my point’ which brings me to my next logical answer; somebody got to them before I did.

James: Oh, quit bragging about yourself. You could not fight a pigeon!

John: I could so fight a pigeon! You are just jealous James’ to the fact that I could bang a pigeon anytime I wanted and you could not.

James: You bang pigeons.

John: What’ no’ that is not what I meant and you know it.

James: With the wimp dick, you own’ you have at least to find something to slip it.

John: SHUT UP!

James: Wimp dick’ wimp dick’

John: I refuse to call this match!

James: Good’ peace and quiet for a second time’

John: Do you believe this person is only 147 pounds?

James: I thought you refused to call this match.

John: I changed my mind. Now’ can you believe it? It makes me feel as if I am about to watch Josh Johnson pick on the school nerd of Middle School again.

James: You are terrible.

John: What’

{“I say the F word too much” by the Shoot Project blares over the pa speakers.}

Ring Announcer: Introducing second… the man with no available well-kept-secret profile… Josh Johnson!

{Josh Johnson walks out to the ring. John stands up from his seat and claps’ cheering on Josh Johnson.}

John: Yeah’ Josh Johnson is the bomb! Go Josher’ go Josher’ go Josher!

James: Would you sit down? You are embarrassing me.

John: {sitting down} Frog Shaped Onions!

James: What’

John: Nothing’ let us hurry up and call this match.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

John: Josh Johnson and Voodoo tie up… yeah’ go Josher’ go Josher’ go Josher…

James: JOHN’

John: Yikes’ sorry’ Josh Johnson sends Voodoo to the ropes’ Voodoo hangs on. Josh Johnson charges for Voodoo – he misses’ Voodoo hits Josh with a boot to the face. Oh no’ this is not good’ Voodoo jumps on top the rope and drop-kicks Josh to the mat. Damn that Voodoo – I always hated black magic! It scared me.

James: Voodoo quickly brings Josh Johnson back to his feet. He hits him with a hard chop to the chest… followed by another one… and another one… Voodoo backs Josh up against the ropes’ he bounces him off, Josh Johnson reverses the Irish whip and comes at Voodoo with a clothesline. Voodoo ducks… Josh Johnson backs off the ropes again and sends Voodoo down with a hurricuranna. Josh Johnson goes for an early cover… One’ Two’

John: Well’ at least he had a two count.

James: Josh Johnson brings Voodoo back up but Voodoo jumps in mid-air and drop kicks himself off Josh’ straight in to the chest. Josh falls to the mat… Voodoo brings Josh back to his feet now. Voodoo sends Josh to the ropes Voodoo lowers… Josh was too smart’ he hits Voodoo with a kick to the chin’ but this does not knock Voodoo down… Voodoo is stumbling, Josh comes back for one more shot but Voodoo hits him with a power slam. Voodoo goes for a cover now. One’ Two’

James: A two count for Voodoo also.

John: Let me call this match, James! Come on’ let me call this match! I have to earn a living too!

James: Okay’ call the fucking match.

John: Yes’ thank you James’ I will not disappoint you man’ well, there was that one time…

James: John’

John: Wow, would you look at that? All the best action is happening outside now. I will be damn! James, how did they get all the way over there?

James: You should have been calling the fucking match instead of running your mouth you fudge packing idiot!

John: I am sorry. Look’ I will call the match now. Do not worry James. I will not fuck this up’ not this time.

James: Idiot’

John: Voodoo and Josh Johnson are on the outside now. They are taking this match a little extreme from my viewpoint. Voodoo has Josh Johnson leaned against the guardrail. Voodoo slides back inside the ring… I wonder what he has planned here… Josh Johnson is coming back to fighting ability now and… HOLY SHIT’ Voodoo just jumped the turnbuckle and landed an elbow straight in to the face of Josh Johnson. Both men are down James, what do we do? What do we do?

James: We call the match’ like usual.

John: Oh’ that is right. Voodoo is the only one to be standing. Oh no, Josh is checking to see if he is bleeding. It looks like he is not’ which is a good thing. Voodoo reaches under the ring and grabs a steel chair and…


John: He just cracked it over the head of Josh Johnson! I should go help him.

James: Go ahead.

John: No’ thank you’ I think I am safer where I am at for the moment.

James: Wimp dick’ Voodoo slides Josh Johnson back in the ring and climbs in as well. Josh Johnson is trying to gain strength back up… he does’ he charges for Voodoo but wait a minute… they both charge and… there is The Curse! Voodoo has delivered The Curse… Voodoo goes for a cover…

One’ Two’ Three

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares over the pa speakers as a mixed reaction comes from the audience.}

James: Wow’ this match was short.


(Ravage is seen putting the finishing touches on his work. Azrael is hanging from the wall, his arms, legs, torso, and head duct taped to the wall in the form of a crucifix. He is still unconscious,but appears to be waking up slowly. Massicrist has awakened, but is sitting there, doing nothing.

Ravage turns to Massicrist,and speaks.

Ravage: Do you really think he would care if it were you up here? I would think hard about letting him down if i were you.

Ravage then turns to Azrael, and slaps him in the face.

Ravage: Wake up, you stupid bastard!! Good, you're awake now. Now that i have your attention, I want to let you know, you do NOT look past me to another wrestler!! I AM the number one contender, an' that's all about me now!!! This is my time, an' godammit, you better not think you can just sweep me aside like some old piece of trash!!! Now you think about how easily i put you up here, and think about what i can do to you in the ring. Your time has come and gone,'s my time now!!! There's a reason i put you up there like that, an' it's symbolic of the way i'm gonna crucify your ass for that title when i get my shot!! You can live with the knowledge that there's not a godamm thing you can to stop me from taking that belt,an' hey..ya might wanna get that cut looked at.

Ravage turns to leave, but pauses in front of Massicrist.

Ravage: Do you think he'd let you down from that? He's a self comsumed, arrogant prick, an' if i were you, i'd let him rot up there. Massicrist looks at Azrael in anger as Ravage exits the room.)


(We now see Blazed, who is exiting his trailer, beginning to prep himself for his upcoming match with Afwa Kilimanjaro. He knows it’s going to be a physical match, since the only way to win is through knockout or submission, so he’s been training thoroughly all week. Well training as much as Blazed trains…

He doesn’t think it fits his style.

Blazed begins to circle around, psyching himself up, but at the same time he notices that there is quite a commotion going on around him. He thinks to himself that for an underground federation there is a whole lot of behind the scenes work going on. A lot of Japanese guys in business suits with woman wearing next to nothing on each arm.

He can’t concentrate.

He decides he needs to go for a walk. And as he turns to walk away, he is met with one of the most beautiful sites that SHOOT has to offer.


She smiles, and bats solely her left eyelashes resembling something close to a wink. She sizes him up with her big brown eyes as she bites down on her lower lip seductively. Blazed is obviously stunned by her beauty, as he tries with all his might to say something, anything, that might get him in her good graces…or even better graces.

He can’t even manage a hello.

She pouts her lips a bit as she continues to walk on by, keeping her eyes locked behind her on Blazed, before she kisses the air and turns her head, walking further and further out of sight.

~ “Damn it…”

Now he really can’t concentrate.)

John-Well folks, it's time for the next match!

{{ James starts to speak, but Krazee and Strayt Jakit come into the both and kick the commentators out}}

Strayt Jakit-Shut up John. I want to see this match due to the incredible amouts of stupidity involved. I mean look, we've got KillaCrowe, a guy who watches football all day, and wrestles his friends in his garage! Then there's Blake OReily who has large "pecks"! But we all know what he's really got udner that shirt!



Strayt Jakit-Yeah, he is pretty stupid.

Krazee-Let's goto Comapre.....

{{The fans stop their talking as Compare walks into the ring hold a micorphone. He adjusts it slightly and begins to speak.}}

Compare-Our next match is set for one fall! Coming to the ring first, standing at a TALL 6'9" inches, and weighing in at 269 lbs......he is the master of the Crowe Call.....he is the one they call KillaCrooooooooowe!!!!

{{The fans give a mild reaction as the indy wrestler from America makes his way hrough the makeshift curtains to the opening riffs of "Chop Suey!" by System of a Down. KillaCrowe stands tall with his hands in the air, sucking up the enrgy he gets from the crowd. From there, he rushs to the ring and slides in, never passing up the chance to taunt all the way.}}

Compare-And his opponent, wighing in at an arguably slim 228 lbs., and standing at 6'2" and 1/2 inches! His finisher holds the same name of a popular American TV show! He is "Untouchable" Blake O'Reiiiiiilyyyyyy!!!!

{{"The End is the Beginning of the End" by the Smashing Pumpkins hits the small PA as the fans give "The Untouchable" a smaller reaction that they gave KillaCrowe. Nevertheless, Blake slowly makes his way down to the ring, never looking towards the crowd. Once at the squared circle, he climbs up onto the apron, and is about to climb in when Crowe runs over and nails a hard (REALLY hard) kick to O'Reily's nose. Now remember, this ain't no WWF, one kick will do you REAL harm. This is such for o'reily, who's nose is instantly busted open from Crowe's assault.}}

Krazee-Crowe nails the opening hit and this match is underway!

Strayt Jakit- Did you see the way that Crowe strutted to the ring, like he was a hippo with a lisp??

Krazee- Just call the match...

{{ Crowe picks Blake up to his knees, were Blake delivers a low blow. Crowe jumps and lands face first on the canvas, and Blake starts to kick Crowe's mid section, leaving foot prints.}}

Maurice- Oooooook

Strayt Jakit- Good observation Maurice, Blake's theme is from the 4th Batman movie.

Krazee- Oh goodness...

{{Blake pulls Crowe up, and does a collar and elbow tie up. He gets him in a rough hammer lock and pokes Crowe's left eye. Krowe goes to one knee, and Blake taunts the crowd, still applying the headlock. Krowe gets on both feet, and delivers a high angle back drop too Blake O' Rielly}}

Strayt Jakit- Oh my, maurice did you see that back drop delivered by Crowe?

Krazee- That was nothing. My grandma can sell a backdrop better than O' Rielly just did

{{O'Reily (being a no-seller) pops back up and begins delevering rapid punches to crowe's midsection until he's back him up into a cover. A quick whip later and crowe is flattened into the other corner with a hard clothesline.}}

Krazee-Killacrowe must have little to no balls to not be fighintg back!


Strayt Jakit-Yeah he's kinda like Brian

Strayt Jakit-I have dick....



{{O' Reily starts slapping the chest of Crowe, who remains in the turnbuckle. Crowe's chest turns red, and he grabs O' Reily by the head, and throws him into the turnbuckle. KillaCrowe grabs the ropes, and as the WWF would call it "Stomps a mudhole in Blake". Leaving him holdin his ribs in pain}}

Krazee- Your a retard Brandon, anyway, Crowe is stomping O' Reily like he has dog shit on his boot or something, looks kinda like a hillbilly.

Strayt Jakit- This is an awfully nce Monkey, I want it.


{{ Crowe let's off of Blake, and gives him time to get up, and bounces off of the ropes towards him. Crowe runs at Blake, and Blake catches him and does a releasing belly-to-belly suplex, sending Crowe outside.}}

Krazee- Look at the little bastard fly...

Strayt Jakit(playing with maurice)- Yeah, nice monkey. Can you do a trick for daddy?


Strayt Jakit- Hold your horses!

{{Blake goes outside, and picks Crowe up by the hair, and throws him in the ring. He rolls into the ring, and Crowe gets up. He smiles at O' Reily, and hits the Crowe Kill}}


{The ref gets down and counts... 1...2...3!}


Krazee- Are you going to steal that??


{{Krazee and Strayt Jakit see security coming with James and John following, and they bolt out of the boothe. But before Jakit goes, he grabs Maurice, and stuffs it into his trench coat.}}

I finally got out of there. After travelling through what seemed like a maze of trailers and crooked security guards, I finally got out of the little makeshift complex the SHOOT Project hooked up for us. I just began to walk away from it all. My match wasn’t until a lot later that evening, so I figured I could kill a little time before hand. Even so, if I don’t make it back in time…I don’t really care.

Man…Garcelle is fucking hot, I thought as I walked down the street. Well, that’s what I thought about up until I heard it the first time.


I abruptly stopped walking and whisked around, eyes darting every which way, hoping to catch the man or woman who had faintly whispered my name. After looking around for a good moment or two, I resolved that I was just hearing things. Besides, no one had seen me come out here…

Had they?


It was louder this time, deeper, and a little bit scarier. I began to walk around in circles, trying to see around various big objects that one might be able to hide behind. Why would someone call my name and suddenly disappear? I began to walk again, this time, a little bit faster…


It was almost a yell this time, and I almost recognized the voice…but I really couldn’t put my finger on it. I yelled out…

~ “Who’s there?!”

There was no answer. I decided that it would be in my best interest now for me to turn back and begin to get ready. Things were getting a little weird out here. I gave one last look ahead and quickly turned around, only to bump into something very solid, which knocked me back on my ass. I looked up, and saw Cronos Diamante towering above, wearing a big, seemingly genuine smile. Then again, a genuine smile from Cronos still looks utterly evil…

~ “Cronos?”

His grin widened…

"You expected the Holy Ghost?"

He was always a smart-ass like that, at least from what I remember of him during his last tenure with me.

~ "Well I wasn't expecting you, Cronos, that’s for sure.”

He looked down at me and began to speak in a very intrigued voice…

"The night was black, was no use holding back, cause I just had to see was someone watching me, In the mist dark figures move and twist, was all this for real or some kind of hell, 666 the Number of the Beast, Hell and fire was spawned to be... released!"

He was trying to freak me out...and he succeeded. Cronos is notorious for this, as he will spout off endless quotes that only he knows the meaning to, leaving you to scratch your head and ponder why he said it to you specifically...

~ "Uh...that's great, Cronos...but I really gotta get back, my match starts soon."

Cronos bowed as if to show some kind of appreciation for the way Blazed reacted. His right foot far behind his left, his pointer and bird fingers pointing in a Hardy-esque fashion, he rolled them in circles and lunged his upper body almost to the ground. Uh-Oh. He raised his head while leaving his body in this contorted situation of misplaced diversion.

"What’s the matter, Blazed? Big bad Cwonos scehwing ooo?"

He knew how to piss you off, I think you could probably gather that by now. I climbed to my feet, and dusted my pants off a bit as I replied…

~ “No, you didn’t really scare me, I just lost my balance…that’s all, man.”

I tried to push past him, but he wouldn’t let up…not just yet anyway.

He stiffened up, stood erect, and executed a military about face before walking forward and intejecting his body within my desired path.

"You walk away so easily, Blazed,” Cronos blasted off. "Something you're afraid of?"

He had to know something, talking like that. But I figure the best way to avoid that situation is to play it cool. You hear that, Blazed? Play it cool.

~ "Not really...being late for my match, maybe, but that's about it, dude."

His' eyes darted to a passer by with a rather unpleasant countenance attached to his already growling voice.


The man quickly pushed off. Cronos watched him go. He was obviously oblivious to the fact that I was growing very impatient and irritable. Albeit, more than likely, he just didn’t care.

"Dude is a word I have trouble understanding the meaning of, Blazed. Care to enlighten?"

I hated every minute of this. Was there really any point of me being there? I mean, did I actually do something to deserve the torture being bestowed upon me now? Is there some kind of penitence I can carry out quickly and be on my way? Doubt it.

~ "'s another word for "man." It's slang, and I'm sure you've heard it before. If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to the complex...I have a match to wrestle."

Cronos let his muscles ease as if to let me walk past.

"Fine, fine...” He let his words trail off.

That’s it? That’s all I got? For something that started out so unbearable, that ended quite speedily. Pleased, I began to walk past him, towards the fort, not wanting to spend another moment in his presence. Cronos stood staring at the floor. He crushed the toe of his right boot into the floor like a man putting out a cigarette would do. Then he spoke... oh I knew it wasn't going to be that easy.

"Ohhhhh Blaaaaazed!" He sang it to me.

Jesus Christ...I wanted to keep walking. I figured if I could just act as if I didn't hear him, and picked up the pace, that I could avoid him. But something inside of me, perhaps my inner antagonist, made me stop and answer...

~ "...What?"

Cronos saw the inner struggle within me and couldn't help but smile. This time, however, a more sinister one. A sadistic one.

"The Shades of Gray will not be kept at bay."

Cronos turned around singing, unlike VooDoo, very on key. He sung what he just said waving his hands in the air back and forth like some kind of psychotic madman as he walked away.

I walked away too…about five minutes later, when I could move again.)

****(Inside a locker room, Krazee sits on the bench drinking a bottle of water. He sighs’ at the taste of water, preparing to strengthen every muscle in his body for the Iron Fist championship tonight. Suddenly, there is a loud crash in the locker’ as we see the locker room door being burst open and Sebastian Crow charging in the room. Krazee stands up to defend himself but it is too late. Sebastian Crow tackles down Krazee but in a split second’ he brings him back to his feet and tosses him against a wall. Sebastian smiles’ evilly in to the face of Krazee'

Sebastian Crow: I will see you in the ring.

Sebastian left’ watching Krazee’ not saying a word')

Hardcore Hoefel v. Will Schmidt

Compare- This match is a Standard Match. On his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at 218 lbs, Will Schmidt!!!

[The lights dim and "Come and Die" by Fatal and Therapy plays as Will Schmidt emerges from the back. The crowd boos as he walks down to the ring.]

Compare- and his opponent, weighing in at 255 pounds,Hardcore Hoefel!!!

[The lights dim and "Fight Song" by D-12 plays. Hardcore Hoefel walks down to the ramp to the ring and gets in.The crowd pops slightly as he raises his arms in the ring.]

[Will Schmidt checks his boots. The ref checks Hardcore Hoefel's boots and knee pads. The bell then rings DING DING DING.]

John- This match is underway.

[Hoefel starts the match off by running at Schmidt and hitting a short-arm clothesline. He picks Will up and whips him into the turnbukle. He tries for a superplex, but it is blocked by Schmidt. With a fury of punches Schmidt sends Hoefel down to the mat. Schmidt picks Hoefel up and hits a fallaway slam on Hoefel. This sends Hoefel to the matt, Schmidt quickly applies a half-boston crab on him. The ref checks for a tap out but Hoefel makes it to the ropes. Schmidt breaks the hold. He then picks up Hoefel but is quickly on his knees after a low blow. Hoefel then hits a full-nelson slam on Schmidt, this sends him to the matt hard.]

John - That was weak.

James- Hell yeah it was.

[Hoefel with the pickup on Schmidt. He then hits a swinging neckbreaker. He applies an armbar to Schmidt who is down on the matt. Hoefel picks him up and then they lockup. Schmidt off the ropes. He grabs on for dear life and holds the ropes. Hoefel comes running but Schmidt ducks and flips him over the ropes and to the floor at ringside. Hoefel gets up but is quickly sent down as Schmidt hits a baseball slide. Both men are on the ground outside as the ref starts the count.]

1.... 2.... 3....

[Schmidt picks Hoefel up and throws him into the steel steps at ringside. He then picks Hoefel up and throws him back in the ring, this stops the refs count.]

James - Schmidt is taking the advatange.

John - Could he win the match right here?

[Schmidt goes to the top-rope, he jumps into the air and hits a flying legdrop. The crowd goes nuts. The pin, 1...2... kick out by Hoefel. Schmidt goes for a pickup on Hoefel. He fights back with punches. Then Hoefel hits a suplex sending Schmidt down to the matt. Schmidt is now on his feet but is knocked down again by a downward spiral from Hoefel. Hoefel tries for the quick pin. 1...2..kick out.]

James- Hoefel was close to winning the match.

[Hoefel bangs on the matt in frustration. He then grabs Schmidt by the hair and picks him up. He throws him off the ropes and hits a clothesline. It sends Schmidt down. Hoefel then runs off the ropes and hits an elbow. Followed by a leg drop. He picks Schmidt up and whips him into the corner. Hoefel tries again for a superplex. It is blocked and out of desperation he hits his own superplex. Schmidt takes the fall just as bad as Hoefel does. Both men are down as the ref starts the ten count. Hoefel moves at about 3 and picks up Schmidt. He scoop slams Schmidt, then picks him up and quickly hits a snap suplex. Hoefel goes for a pin. kick out by Schmidt. Hoefel gets up angry and starts stomping away on Schmidt. Pick up by Hoefel, into a lock up. Hoefel with the advantage throws Schmidt into the ropes and hits a back elbow. He goes for the pickup but Schmidt reverses it into an inside cradle, pin attempt 1...2.. kick out Hoefel.]

John - Wow this match was almost over.

James- I know. Schmidt almost pulled this one out of his ass.

[Hoefel is to his feet first and grabs Schmidt. He sets him up for a piledriver, but Schmidt flips him over and Hoefel hits the matt. Schmidt quickly picks Hoefel up and hits a Russian Legsweep on Hoefel. Hoefel gets up and is then hit by a running dropkick from Schmidt. This sends him down to the matt. Schmidt picksup Hoefel. He throws him into the ropes. Schimdt telegraphed it and Hoefel flips over his back for a pinning attempt. It is stopped by Schmidt who reverses Hoefel and locks on The Revolution. It is in the middle of the ring. Hoefel has no hope. The ref checks for the tap. Hoefel fights all he can. The ref asks again. Hoefel will not tap out. He check the hold and then backs away waiting for the tap out. Hoefel tries desperatly to go towards the ropes. He is close now. His hand reaches out, but Schmidt adjusts himself back out into the center of the ring. The ref checks again. Hoefel is................tapping out.]

John - It's over Hoefel tapped out.

[The ref makes Schmidt break the hold. Hoefel lays on the matt as Schmidt's hand is raised. He then walks to the back as the ref helps Hoefel up.]

James- What a match John.

John - I can't believe Schmidt pulled out the win over Hoefel. So many times during the match it looked like Hoefel was going to win.

James- Will Schmidt took advantage of the mistakes though, and when that Revolution is hooked, ain't no one getting out.

(Backstage, David Rose stands with Sebastian Crow appears to be looking at the heavens’ smiling evilly.

David Rose: Shoot Project, I am here with Sebastian Crow and Sebastian’ what was the meaning of attacking Krazee like that earlier tonight? On the other note, you suddenly left without finishing the job. What is the deal, Sebastian? Are you even sane? Sebastian Crow: Ah’ mad’ yes’ I have heard that word before in so many ways. David Rose, matches like these’ no individual is sane from him own self. Tonight David, tonight is about the Iron Fist championship’ and if Krazee even knew how to handle the Iron Fist title in the first place’ he would have recognized how to handle such a dreadful pain like that. Instead’ he backs here somewhere. Running his mouth’ I hurt’ I hurt’ I hate Crow’ I need an ambulance. My words’ ah shut up you pathetic woos! Tonight David, the tides are about to change’ and there is no stopping the carnage of Hell. This Christmas Krazee’ Heaven Can Wait.

Sebastian walks out of camera focus so he can enter the match….)

Blazed v. Afwa Kilmanjaro

{“I’ve got the Power” by whoever blares over the pa speakers as the fans boo} Ring Announcer’ Compare: Coming to the ring at this time… weighing in at 468 pounds… he is “THE POWER” AFWA KILMANJARO!

{Afwa Kilmanjaro comes to the ring’ enters}

John: Damn’ this dude is fat!

James: P-H-A-T?

John: No’ F-A-T’ you know… fat.

{“We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails blares over the pa speakers as the fans erupt in a mixed reaction}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Second’ he comes to the ring weighing 231 pounds… he is The SHOOT Project Rising Star Champion... BLAZED!!!

John: He is going to squash out of this match like a sweet potato pie.

{Blazed runs in the ring and they lock up and Afwa shoves Blazed to the floor. Blazed gets up and rushes towards Afwa. Afwa goes for a clothesline but Blazed ducks it. Blazed comes bouncing off the ropes and hits Afwa with a spinning heel kick.)

John: Nice Spinning Heel Kick by Blazed but Afwa just shakes it off.

James: I don't know how in the world Blazed is gonna manage to knock the big man out.

John: I will have to agree with you on that one. But remember last week no one thought that Ravage could make The Power tap but he did.

(Blazed dropkicks Afwa… but he just brushes it away. Afwa takes a swing at Blazed but he ducks it and starts laying in some right hands of his own. Afwa is staggering a little. Blazed runs towards the ropes… he comes bouncing back but gets Samoan Drop courtesy of Afwa. Afwa picks him up and puts him back down with a Death Valley Driver.)

James: This could be it.

John: Yes it could be as the ref starts the count

(Blazed rolls over to his stomach and starts crawling to the ropes. Afwa cuts him off with a leg drop. Afwa starts to stomp away at Blazed. He picks him up and whips him into the ropes. Afwa follows him in with a splash. Afwa pulls Blazed out of the corner and sets him up for a Powerbomb. He lifts him up… and Blazed reverses it with a Hurricanrana.)

John: Both men are on the floor Afwa is the first to his feet. He goes over to pick Blazed up. But Blazed hits him with a desperation Jaw Breaker.

James: He should take his desperate ass and run.

John: That sounds like something you would do.

James: You damn right I would run. Unlike Blazed I have a little something called a brain.

James: You could’ve fooled me.

(Blazed rolls to the outside of the ring. He gets a chair and throws it into the ring. He then looks under the ring and pulls out a bat and a garbage can full of other weapons. As Afwa is getting up he throws the bat in the ring hitting Afwa in the back with it. Blazed throws the garbage can of weapons in the ring & slides back in the ring.)

John: I have a feeling that this one is about to get really ugly.

James: Yeah that’s because Blazed doesn’t have enough skill to beat Afwa.

(Blazed has the garbage an lid in his hand and is measuring Afwa as he gets up Afwa is on one knee when Blazed bashes him on the head with the trash can lid. He hits Afwa twice more before he falls on the garbage can. Blazed starts climbing to the top rope. Blazed comes off the top with a Moonsault. However, Afwa moves out of the way & Blazed comes crashing down on the trashcan……..)

John: Ouch! That HAD to hurt! Face first and all... (Lifting Afwa to his feet, Blazed whips him to the ropes. As Afwa comes back, Blazed uses Afwa's own momentum as leverage, and powers the huge samoan over the top rope, sending him crashing down across the guard rail.)

James: God damn!! Afwa just landed directly on top of that guard rail, and appears to be out.

(Although Afwa took a hell of a landing, he appears to be close to unconsciousness, yet not fully out. Therefore Blazed is fast to scramble up to the top rope, and dive off with a leg drop, connecting with the back of Afwa's head, knocking him down to the floor.)

John: Afwa has got to be out! That's it... He's got to be out...

(The referee, noticing Afwa lying on the floor motionless, begins his count. 1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9... 10!!!)

James: And Blazed did it! He defeated the big samoan in an Iron Fist match!!

(Blazed climbs back into the ring and begins posing on each of the four turnbuckles. Meanwhile, Afwa is finally coming to on the outside.)

John: Uh-oh... Kilmanjaro is back up and he's back in the ring!

(Kilmanjaro nails Blazed from behind and starts pounding him down to the ground)

John: Look at this big sore loser, he couldn't stand the fact he lost huh?

(Down With The Sickness by Disturbed starts blasting over the P.A. System, and Kilmanjaro stops and faces the entrance way as the crowd is just as stunned as he is.)

James: Who's coming?

John: I dunno.... wait, look!

(The crowd starts to errupt as a masked man with the letters "SC" on his mask appears from the crowd and leaps to the top rope. Kilmanjaro turns around and gets met with a missile dropkick from the top.)

John: Actually, I think I know who that is! I think that is Blazed’s old partner from when he was in Toryumon! I took it upon myself to read up on that young man, and if this is Stoned Cold…we’re in for a helluva ride!

James: Well I don’t know who the hell he is, John, but whoever he is, he’s kicking ass!

(Blazed is back up and now Blazed and Stoned Cold are double-teaming Kilmanjaro. They throw Kilmanjaro into the ropes, double drop kick sends Kilmanjaro down)

John: I believe these two were called High Treason back in Toryumon, Ultimo had them slated to be in the tag division until Blazed left to seek out a less high profile federation, like SHOOT.

James: Well whatever they're called, look at them! They’re flying all around Kilimanjaro!

(Stoned Cold heads to the top, Kilmanjaro tries to make his way back to his feet, but stumbles straight into a standing half nelson, applied by Blazed. Blazed throws Afwa backwards and hits a HUGE head dropping half nelson suplex…)


(Just after Afwa impacts the mat, Stoned Cold lands straight on top of him with a swanton bomb!)

John: if my memory serves me correctly, I believe he called that "The Burnout!"

(Kilmanjaro is pushed out of the ring by the high-flying duo while the crowd rise to their collective feet, the referee and Stoned Cold raise Blazed's arm in victory…)

James: Looks like High Treason is back together, and could be a dangerous force to be reckoned with.

John: You can say that again.

Krazee v. Sebastian Crow
Iron Fist Championship

{"The Ecstasy of Gold" by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as some fans boo' some fans cheer for the big man, Sebastian Crow}

Ring Announcer' Compare: Introducing to the ring' the challenger… weighing in at 330 pounds and standing at 7'1… he is' SEBASTIAN CROW'

{Sebastian walks to the ring in full concentration}

James: Sebastian Crow has quite made an impact on some Shoot Project members and fans lately… ever since his brutal battle with Brad James' last Sunday' people have quite yet feared the big man. I wonder who will stand out tonight though… will Krazee retain or will we be seeing a new Iron Fist champion?

John: I have to agree with you James. Tonight will be a hard thought battle' but I think Sebastian will just have to do to Krazee what he nearly done to Brad James… that was kill him in order to beat him.

{"The Swarm" by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers as some fans boo' some fans cheer. Krazee walks down to the ring and stares up at Crow.}

Ring Announcer' Compare: Introducing now… he is the Iron Fist Champion… KRAZEE!

{Krazee finally enters the ring' not taking eye contact off Crow' Crow, doing the same. Crow' standing there acting as if he was a man possessed just waiting for Krazee to connect with the first move. Krazee & Sebastian stare each other down in the middle of the ring. Krazee takes a swing & connects with a right hand. Krazee punches Sebastian 2 more times and he has Crow reeling. Krazee bounces off the ropes and hits Crow with a dropkick to the knee. Crow falls to the mat holding his knee. Krazee with a leg drop on Sebastian. Krazee is now going to the top rope.)

John: Krazee has an early advantage here James, but I don't think it's a good idea to go for a high-risk move here.

James: That's your problem. Always playing it safe. It's a new age get with the times John.

(Krazee comes of the top with a Flying Head butt and misses as Crow moves out of the way.)

John: Get with the times rights James?

James: Well its called high risk for a reason.

(Crow picks Krazee up and whips him into the corner. He chokes Krazee with his boot. The ref starts counting Crow releases the hold. Crow picks Krazee up above his head with a Gorilla Press Slam.)

John: The momentum of this match has changed drastically. Crow is now stalking Krazze as he tries to make it to his feet. Krazee gets to his feet and Crow connects with a Charging Clothesline.

James: Damn: Krazee got his clock cleaned on that one. The big man has gained the advantage and shows no sign of giving it up.

(Crow goes to the outside and gets a chiar. He comes back into the ring and outs the chair on the mat. He picks Krazee up and Piledrives him on the chair.)

John: Krazee is busted open after that vicious Piledriver on the steel chair.

James: Yeah I think this one is over brothaaa.

(Krazee rolls to the outside of the ring and breaks the count. Crow follows him out. Crow with a Big Boot to the face of Krazee. Blood is pouring out of Krazee's head as Crow throws him back into the ring. Crow picks Krazee up & whips him into the ropes and hits him with a Sidewalk Slam…. He bounces off the ropes with a big leg drop)

John: Krazee is takin one hell of a beatin. I've never seen Krazee dominated like he is being tonight.

James: Sebastain is just toyin with the champ..

(Sebastain Crow lifts up Krazee by his head, he twirls him around like a flying saucer. He flattens him on his back. A lateral cover. 1, 2, 9999)

John: Holy Mary!!!! Krazee just kicked out. How the hell can any man take a beating like this and still be ticking.

James: He is one tough Mamma Jamma… Sebastian needs to put the Champion away.

(Crow lifts up Krazee in a fireman's carry. He twirls him around into a DVD DRIVER!!! Krazee is flattening on his back, and is crunching his neck, in a great deal of pain. Crow lifts him up again for a scoop slam. Krazee is rollin over on his back.)

James: Krazee needs to find some kind of offense or this one is gonna be over quick John.

John: You gotcha realize why kinda of cat that Krazee is. He is fearless and a different type of animal. A little pain isn't going to hurt his approach.

(Crow picks up Krazee by his head and lifts him up vertically like a rag dog. He throws Krazee into the rope and attempts a thunderous left arm lariat, but Krazee ducks out of the way. He dropkicks Sebastian on his right knee. The big man goes down to one knee. Krazee bounces off the ropes for a dropkick to the face of Sebaastian. Crow goes down and his back bounces on the mat. Krazee hops onto the third turnbuckle, he waits for Sebastian to get on his feet. A missile dropkick that hits on the numbers, Krazee follows up with a snapping elbow drop. He goes for a cover. 1, 2, KICKOUT!)

John: What power by Sebastian. He almost threw Krazee outside of the ring.

James: The kid just won't give up. He is giving it everything that he has. This is what has and still makes Krazee a dangerous man between the ropes.

John: Yea, but he is floating between the lines of stupidity and insanity!

John: That's how he lives his life.

(Krazee is standing in the corner, with his eyes glanced on Sebastian Crow. Crow shakes the cobwebs out of his heads, and slowly makes his way to his feet. Krazee trots out of the corner and attempts a Super kick, but Sebastian ducks out of the way. He grips Krazze's choke with one hand, and delivers a chokeslam. Krazee limp and bodily functions hits hard. His head jerks right onto the canvas. He is laying on unconscious still covered with his own blood. )

James: Krazee is out of this one. He's gonna loose his title. Look at the kid, he's not even moving. All Sebastian has to due is just pin him, and we're going to have a new Champion!

John: Maybe Krazee is playing possum. Y'know A rope a dope. Ali Fraiser…

James: I seriously doubt that. He was shivering after that devasting slam on the canvas. I could have sworn that I heard is body parts explode like a silver bullet.

(Sebastian Crow lifts up Krazze and lifts him up between his legs, and drops him with a devasting Power bomb that trembles the mat!!!! Krazee is out as Sebastian Crow pins him, and hooks the legs 1, 2, 3…)

James: We have a new champion, in one sick Mo FO. Sebastian Crow.

John: He maybe sick, but he has won over the fans…

{{Krazee sits in his trailer contemplating and reminiscing over the match that he had just been invloved in with Sebastion crow. It had it's fair share of twists and turns, but overall, Krazee had to say that it was a good match. The outcome was irrelevant, the crowd had gotten their money's worth. Suddenly, Krazee is jarred into reality from a knock on his door. More like a bang on his door. He gets up and looks out through one of the side windows. Darkness...wait, something moved! A shadow was moving slightly in the Krazee starting moving to the door, the shadow stopped moving suddenly.}}

{{Krazee slowly opens the door to a surprising sight. A shotgun barrel. In his mouth. On the other end of the barrel was indeed a shotgun. And on the other end of the shotgun were about 15 Yakuzas. Not good. The frontman yells something in Japanese when Krazee tries to reach for the switchblade in his pocket. Two automatic pistols are now pointed straight at his heart. The next few words that come from the Yakuza's mouth are easily recognized by Krazee. The words are in Japanese, but translated to English they can only mean one thing....}}

1... 2...

{{Krazee doesn't wait to see if the count would get higher than 3. He quickly hits one his signature high kicks to the shotgun, jarring it and 1 tooth from his mouth. The pistolmen don't even have time to react as the Yakuzas from the back let loose with gunfire, directed at Krazee, but all bullets nail the two unlucky assasins in their backs and heads. Krazee ducks down and begins crawling swiftly from his trailer. Once a few yards away, he breaks into a sprint, the Yakuzas not to far behind.}}

Dom v. Alpo v. FrantiK v. Brad James v. Phoenix v. Renegade v. Garrett Reid v. Kevin Sleeper
Dojo Championship

(Three spotlights shine going around the ceiling and into the crowd like searchlights looking for an escaped prisoner. “The nobodies” by Marilyn Manson plays over the sound system as a roar begins to slowly rise from the crowd. Dom walks out from behind the curtain and the drunks and goth kids in the crowd stand and begin screaming. Dom has a sly smile on his face as he looks out to the audience, looking into the camera and flipping it off. An old man with a half drunk Heineken in his hand offers some to Dom who pushes the man by the face onto the floor. Dom rolls into the ring ,walks over to the nearest corner, slumps down in the corner and waits…

James: Well there is no doubt in my mind that Dom certainly brings in the drunken slob and teenage slacker-drug user demographic John.

John: Indeed he does James. He has always been a plus in that area but tonight I think is the time for him to take home some gold. He can be the first Dojo champion in the history of SHOOT, but he has to get pass seven other men to do it!

(“Blaze of glory” starts to play over the stereo system, leading to an uproar of laughter from the crowd as the track begins to skip. Alpo reluctantly makes his way down the aisle, looking a bit redfaced embarrassed about the quality of his entrance. Maurice begins to jump in the air howling as James cracks up in his seat, holding on to John to stay upright. Even John begins to snicker a bit)

James: Well fans here comes hehehe…Alpo making his entrance to the sounds of heh heh…B-b-blaze of g-glor-r-y..heh heh heh…HAHAAAA!!

(Alpo charges the ring feeling a combination of anger and frustration, charges at Dom who takes him down with a drop toehold, followed by a knee drop to the back of the head and several short elbow drops. Dom picks up Alpo and goes for a pulling Piledriver which Alpo fights off with ease, tossing Dom over his back to the apron, almost sending him to the floor. Alpo hits Dom in the jaw with a Jumping spin kick, reeling Dom and leaving him hanging on to the top strand of rope by one hand. Alpo measures Dom, takes a few steps back getting momentum by launching himself from the far ropes and coming back at Dom with an Axekick. Dom ducks out of the way and pulls down the ropes. Alpo crotches himself on the top rope, almost going over in the process as “Dead bodies everywhere” begins to play…. Followed by the entrance of Franktik)

John: An nice fast paced battle royal so far James. Dom didn’t seem so confident to me when he first came out here, but he’s having his way with Alpo and looking good while doing so.

James: I don’t know about “having his way” there John. Alpo is doing a decent job of keeping up with the more experienced Dom, but now FrantiK is out here, which will add another dimension to this match.

(Dom leaves Alpo dangling on the top rope and goes to cut off FrantiK before he can get in the ring, punching him out with right hands, his left holding FrantiK by the back of his head. Alpo disconnects himself from the ropes, charges in with a dropkick to the back, sending Dom to his knees)

John: It looks like these guys are going to team up to take out Dom. Neither man seems to be able to do it alone so they’re gonna take him out two on one!

(Alpo holds Dom’s arms behind his back as FrantiK kicks away at his face. Both men pull him to his feet and try to throw him over the top. FrantiK tries to push the top portion of his body over as Alpo pulls up on his legs trying to throw him over. They manage to throw him over to the apron. Dom kicks off Alpo and pulls FrantiK down to the mat by both legs. Dom takes a few seconds to catch his breath on the outside as both men in the ring make it to their feet by pulling up on the ropes. As both men make it to their feet.Dom does a sudden push-pull yank on the top rope, slingshoting both men over the top and to the floor.)

John: Whoa!! Nice move by Dom, eliminating two men at once! I think he may walk home with the gold after all James!

James: Lets not get your pantyhose all caught up your ass crack John! There are still 5 other men that have yet to enter the ring…and here comes one of them now!

(“Seek and Destroy” plays as Phoenix power walks to the ring, staring Dom in the eye the entire time. Dom crouches down, both taking a breather and taking a ready attack stance. Phoenix makes his way up the steps and enters the ring by stepping over the top rope. While Phoenix is still standing between the ropes, Dom charges in with a leaping forearm to the face, followed by a series of stomps to the knee of Phoenix. Phoenix halts the attack by grabbing Dom by the face and head butting him. Dom is sent forcefully flying to his back, holding his head, looking a bit starry eyed as Phoenix eases himself from between the ropes and making his way over to Dom, obviously pissed at Dom trying to cheap shot him. Phoenix hits Dom with a large forearm to the small of the back, pulls him to his feet and sends him back down with a short clothesline. Phoenix whips Dom into the ropes and attempts a Big Boot as Dom ducks it by rolling under the legs of Phoenix. Phoenix turns around in time to receive a kick to the gut and a “Dude Effect” DDT.)

John: Ab-so-lutly incredible!!!! Dom is fighting like a caged animal in that ring James Phoenix is a formidable challenge but Dom looks to be too hungry to be taken out by him tonight. (Dom gets back to his feet and sprints to the turnbuckle, executing a swift Moonsault to Phoenix….”War is Coming” by 6 foot under plays as much of the crowd stands to its feet as Renegade makes his way to the ring taking his time with a bit of a smirk on his face. Dom drags Phoenix over to the ropes as Renegade continues slowly making his way to the ring. Dom grabs Phoenix by the legs, trying to force him over. Renegade rolls under to bottom ropes and stands looking at Dom with a smirk on his face, his arms folded, amused at his attempt to push the much larger Phoenix over the top rope. As Dom continues trying, he looks back at Renegade, whose smirk has turned into a wide grin. Dom gives Renegade a look as if to say “wanna help me get this big mofo over the top so we can go at it?” Renegade acknowledges Dom and walks over, grabbing Phoenix by a foot and pretending to make an effort to send him over the top. Dom continues pushing as Phoenix slowly goes over, Dom beginning to lose his balance. Renegade sees his opportunity and grabs Dom by his waist, sending him over the top along with Phoenix. A mixture of uproarious cheers and boos go up from the crowd as Renegade turns around and begins slapping his knees in laughter.)

James: HAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!! That was tight as f*ck!! All of that hard work from Dom and look what it got him!! Renegade used his head, took the smart route and now he’s the only guy in the ring!

John: Shut the hell up James! Renegade took the easy route and if anything Dom has shown me tonight that he’s here to make an impact, he gave it his all and there will be more chances to make his mark in the future.

(“The Crystal Ship” by The Doors plays as Brad James runs to the ring. Renegade sits on the nearest middle rope, holding it down and mockingly inviting James in the ring. James stops short of the ring, looking at Renegade, shaking his head and pointing at his brain, signaling that he’s to smart for that one. James shows his agility, jumping to the top turnbuckle from the apron. James looks out to the crowd, giving them a big “thumbs up”. James slips on a wet spot on the top turnbuckle, probably someone’s sweat from earlier in the match. James tries to regain his balance but is met by a roundhouse kick to the face by Renegade, sending him flying from the top to the floor, landing on his forehead. Renegade holds his stomach and falls down to the mat on his ass in laughter, tears flowing from his eyes)

James: HAAAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That was crazy!!

(John takes off his headset and begins to chuckle for a few minutes to himself)

(Renegade’s laughter soon comes to a halt as “Walk” by Pantera plays and Garret Reid comes out. Renegade gets up to his feet, takes a few steps back analyzing Reid and trying to come up with a quick strategy. Reid carefully rolls under the ropes into the ring. Both men run in at each other for the lockup. Reid forces Renegade to the corner and pounds away with shoulder rams to the midsection of Renegade. Reid beals Renegade out of the corner. Renegade jumps back to his feet but is once again taken down by a clothesline. Reid locks in a triangle hold as Renegade seems to slow down and try to map a comeback…)

John: Garrett Reid is one of the hot new prospects here in SHOOT, fans. He’s a submission style fighter and it will be very interesting to see how he approaches this match where the goal isn’t to make your opponent submit but to send the other guys over the top rope. Lets see how he does.

James: Yeah whatever, I pick Renegade.

(Renegade fights out of the hold, with elbows to the gut of Reid. Renegade runs to the ropes and charges back with a running Yakuza(!) kick, which is ducked by Reid. Reid catches Renegade from behind in a half nelson, and executes a Half Nelson suplex, dropping Renegade directly on his head. The eyes of Renegade roll to the back of his head. He lifelessly makes it to his feet like a snake trying to get up after having his head chopped off. Reid goes after him again and follows up with another Half Nelson suplex as tension begins to rise in the small but energetic crowd as they sense the end….)

John: Renegade is fading James!! He’s almost out of it!

James: Get up man! Up! I got money on joooooooo!!!!

(Garrett signals to the audience that “its over” as he brings Renegade to the ropes,leans his back against them and looks out to the crowd, holding up one arm as they grow louder. He reels back and nails Renegade with a powerful clothesline which sends Renegades legs flying in the air, almost over his head. Reid ties Renegade’s arms to the ropes and begins to pummel him with a combination of punches and kicks. Reid explosively fires himself to the far ropes, coming back with a jumping high knee to the face, sending Renegade over the tope rope and to the apron. Renegade holds on to the bottom rope and rolls back under as Reid is attacked from behind!)

John: What the hell??? Oh wait that’s Kevin Sleeper!

James: Haha! Yeah! Kevin told me before the show that he was gonna bribe the production guys to not play his music when it was his time to come out, that way he could sneak in the ring and make an attack like he;s making now. I thought it was a nice strategy and it’s paying off as he looks like he’s gonna take Reid out of here!

(Sleeper begins working over Reid with knees to the back. Renegade lies on the mat pretending to be hurt as Sleeper fights Reid. Reid fights back with an eye gouge and a Enzuguri kick, sending Sleeper over the top and to the floor…….

John: It's come down to Garrett Reid and Renegade now... Both men have been very outspoken throughout the week, and both men have guaranteed a victory tonight.

(Both Renegade and Reid lock up now, both men fighting for an opening and an advantage. Finally, it is Renegade with the advantage. He whips Reid to the ropes, and follows up with a clothesline that knocks Reid over the top rope.)

James: Reid isn't out! He caught onto the top rope!

(As Reid stands on the apron outside the ring, Renegade stands in the ring and the two lock up. Reid quickly goes to lift Renegade over the top rope with a suplex, only for it to be blocked and countered by Renegade. Renegade tries one of his own, only for Reid to counter, and lift Renegade up.)

John: Ha! Neither man can suplex the other!

(Finally, Reid gets Renegade up, only for Renegade to break the hold and land on the apron just beside Reid. The two immediately begin trading punches.)

James: They can't go like this forever... One of them is going to lose their grip on that rope...

(Reid delivers an elbow into the traps of Renegade, finally forcing him to lose his grip. As he falls backward, Renegade grabs a hold of Reid and pulls him down with him.)

John: Both men just fell to the floor!! Who is the winner here??

(Looking down toward the floor, the referee calls for the bell, and immediately converses with Compare.)

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen... The winner of this match and the very first Dojo Champion.... Garrett Reid!!!

James: Reid did it! Apparently when he fell to the floor, Renegade hit first and therefore Reid was the last to hit.

{{As Renegade walks back to his trailer with Hayana in tow, he can't help but think to himself that his status in SHOOT is rising. He's being put in matches high up on the card and people were finnaly recognizing his name. Hopefully, his performance back there had pleased the Canadians that he and Krazee had pissed off from earlier in the week.}}

Hayana-" you hear something?"

Renegade-"Now that you mention it.....yeah, I do. Somebody's....."


Renegade-"And there's....."


Renegade-"You think it's Meioh and Shaolin?"

Hayana-"Doubt it. Do you think it's that new kid, Strayt Jakit?"

Renegade-"Maybe. He gets into trouble alot."

{{Suddenly, a familiar yell can be heard from the same direction that the running and gunshots are coming from.}}

Hayana and Renegade-"KRAZEE!"

{{Almost as if he had heard them, Krazee comes running to them like a bat out of hell. behind him, strange shadows dance along, but once lit up by the gunfire, it's obvious that these are Yakuza assasins. Krazee runs to Rnegade's side.}}

Krazee-"Let's get out of here!!!"


{{Hayana cuffs Renegade on the back of the head.}}

Renegade-"OH YEAH! The Yakuza! Let's go!"

Hayana-"In case you didn't notice smartass, we have no vehicles! We both caught rides from some drunk pickup truck driver, and Krazee walked!"

Renegade-"SO WHATTA WE DO?!"

{{After a breif moment of silence broken by a bullet narrowly catching Renegade's shoulder and Krazee's ear, The Xtreme Serial Killer comes up with an idea.}}

Krazee-"Well we can't goto the ring! Too many people there! The only other way is..."

{{Krazee nods to a nice Hundai Tiburon, which can ONLY belong to SHOOT Project announcer James, judging by all the monkey doll and the license plate that reads "MAURICE".}}

Hayana-"You mean..."

Krazee-"Uh huh."

{{Without further talk, the Terrible 3 run to the Tiburon. A broken window and a quick hotwiring later and the car is started. And not a moment too soon. As Krazee tunes the radio to "13 Years of Greif" by the Black Label Society, a bullet is fired, going straigh through the face of one of the monkey stickers on the back window, and implanting into the back of Krazee's seat, inches away from his head. The car rips out of its space into the unfortunate Yakuza who fired at it, and pulls away from Oblivion area, being lost into the night, probably heading back to the old country home where those nice Jewish folk live......}}

Ravage/Mike Angel v. Massicrist/Azrael
Tag Team Championships

John: Coming up next fans is tonight’s main event. A tag team match for the SHOOT tag team titles. Four of the top talents in the SHOOT world will battle it out two on two James.

James: This should be very nice John. Very nice. I actually cant find anything bad to say about any man in this match.

John: Wow James, I’m impressed…

James: Not yet anyway.

(Dean Martin’s “That’s amore” begins to softly play from the ghetto blaster as he glides out wearing his title belt over his shoulder. Massicrist walks out behind him looking rather disgusted at the idea of sharing Azrael’s “That’s amore” theme music instead of his own much cooler *in his mind anyway* “Wake up” by Rage Against the machine.

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen making their way to the ring at this time…first from Messina Italy, he stands 6’1 and weighs in at a trim 210 pounds…he is also the SHOOT heavyweight champion along with being one half of the SHOOT tag teeaaam champions…AAAAAZZZRAAAAEEELLL!!!!

James: That’s a helluva man right there John. He’s managed to hold on to the SHOOT heavyweight title along with being a tag champion as well.

John: I don’t know about that. In fact he seems to be being protected of you ask me.He should have to defend both titles on every show in my opinion.

James: Those grapes taste a bit sour don’t they John?

Compare: His partner stands 6’5 and weights 275 pounds. To this day he refuses to tell us where he’s from!

John: Ha ha!


John: That’s funny, he didn’t even mention that Massicrist is also one half of the world tag team champions.

James: Maybe that’s because a certain SHOOT champion with a lot of stroke in the back, paid off the compare earlier in the evening.

(John gives James the stink-eye)

James: I have my sources, John.

(“Bodies hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool plays as Mike Angel saunters down the aisle along with Ravage)

Compare: Their opponents…first from Cincinnati, Ohio…Mike AAAAAAAANNNGEEEEELLL!! His partner from Brewton Alabama….RAAAAAVAAAAGGEEEE!!!!

(Azrael and Massicrist appear to talk things over in the corner. Azrael gives a Massicrist a pat on the back and a phony looking smile as he settles on the apron and Massicrist enters the ring looking over to Mike Angel with scorn in his eyes. Angel spits into his right hand and then slaps Massicrist in the face with it, getting a big “Oooohhh” from the bloodthirsty crowd)

James: I’ll tell you one thing, John. Mike Angel doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of respect for Massicrist.

John: Why should he James? Azrael and his manager Garcelle use him as a tool!

(Massicrist shoves Angel into the corner, and attacks with short knees to the stomach. Azrael trips Angel by his feet and drags him outside, whipping him to the railing and nailing some vicious elbows to the back of his head. T-Bone Suplex on the floor by Azrael, followed by a baseball slide dropkick to the ribs of Angel. Azrael sends Angel back in, and Massicrist covers for 2 at the five minute mark. Tag to Azrael, who nails Angel with a series of elbows to the head and a kick in the back. Azrael rams Angel’s head into the turnbuckle, but Angel angrily shakes it off, then gets Azrael in the corner and chops the shit out of him. Azrael’s chest turns red,right before Angel drives him to the mat with a Neckbreaker, followed by a Bear hug on the mat.)

James: Outstanding teamwork by the tag champions. Simply outstanding.

John: Here on planet earth that’s called cheating John. Cheating.

(Azrael gets right back up and starts chopping at Angel, sending him down. Elbow drop gets two, and Azrael tags Massicrist. Azrael with a hip toss to Angel, Massicrist with an elbow, and Massicrist covers for two. Massicrist with a vice grip chinlock, but Angle quickly powers out. Angel whips Massicrist into the ropes and follows up with a…. JUMPING KNEE! Massicrist bails out to the floor. Ravage jumps from his spot on the apron, follows him out and DDT’s him on the mat outside. Ravage throws Massicrist back in, drops a knee to his back, and tags Angel in. Angel with an elbow and more chops in the corner. Massicrist is whipped into the corner….Flying Clothesline by Angel! Angel with the Chokeslam!)

John: Just when you thought they were down and out, they’re on their feet and making a comeback!

(Angel with backfists to the neck of Massicrist, but Massicrist ducks a wild one. Kick by Massicrist, Angel grabs the leg... enzuigiri by Massicrist!Massicrist makes a tag to Azrael, who runs over knocks Ravage off the apron and nails Angel with a DDT for two. Azrael tries for a piledriver, but Ravage goes for the save. Azrael goes after Ravage with a dropkick to the knee, then nails Angel with an elbow. Azrael sets up for the lariat, but Ravage grabs him from behind. Angel with a standing legdrop to the back of Azrael’s head, and the hot tag to Ravage. Ravage heads to the top and comes down with a flying elbow smash, but Azrael recovers and rolls out of the way. Azrael gets to his feet and takes Ravage down with a Chickenwing Suplex. Hurranrana by Azrael, and a tag to Massicrist. Missile dropkick off the top by Massicrist and a lariat only get a two-count. Massicrist sends Ravage to the corner and charges, but Ravage gets a boot into Massicrist’s face. Ravage charges again, but Massicrist hooks the sleeper, then turns it into a Dragon Sleeper! Angel tries to save, but Azrael catches him in an Scissors hold! Ravage makes the ropes, and the ref forces the break. While the ref sends Angle out, Massicrist nails a spiked cradle piledriver on Ravage for two!)

John: Massicrist goes for a German suplex, Ravage goes behind with a waistlock, ducks a Massicrist elbow.. NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX by Ravage!!!

(It only gets two but Ravage is able to tag out. Angel charges in... POWER SLAM BY MASSICRIST! And it only gets two. Massicrist with a scoop slam and he goes up top, but Ravage tries to stop him. Angel follows Massicrist up, and while Ravage and Azrael brawl….Angel with the superplex! Cover gets 2.5 at the 20-minute mark! Angel goes for the short clothesline, but Azrael grabs him from the outside………………….

James: Looks like we have an all out brawl on the outside, as both Azrael and Angel are exchanging blows!

[ Meanwhile, in the ring, Ravage whips Massicrist into the closest turnbuckle. As Massicrist shakes the cobwebs in his head from the impact, Ravage takes a few steps back and barrels across the ring toward Massicrist. Diving forward with a spear, Ravage puts all his weight into the dive, only for Massicrist to miss, and send Ravage head first into the steel turnbuckle. ]

John: Man, if Ravage would have connected with that move, this one would be over… Very nice counter by Massicrist.

[ As Ravage stumbles out of the corner, Massicrist is quick to grapple him. A second later, Massicrist drops Ravage to the mat with his finisher, The Massacre.

James: That’s it!! That was Massicrist’s finisher! He’s got this one in the bag.

[ Massicrist, still quite worn out, drops to his knees, then drapes his body across that of Ravage. The referee hits the mat and begins the count. 1… 2… ]

John: What??? Azrael just pulled Massicrist off of Ravage!

[ Quickly jumping to his feet, Massicrist begins to throw a punch at Azrael, thinking it is Angel. Staring into Azrael’s eyes, Massicrist tilts his head in confusion as Azrael drapes his body across Ravage’s. Enraged, Massicrist pulls Azrael off of Ravage. As Azrael stands up, he and Massicrist begin arguing. Finally, Azrael motions for Massicrist to make the pin. As Massicrist turns, he is met with a Mafia Kick to the temple, from Azrael. ]

James: Wha? What? Azrael just knocked out his own partner! Now he, himself, is going for the pin… That arrogant prick!

[ Azrael scrambles to make the pin, only for Ravage to kick out. Both men scramble to their feet and lock up. The lock-up is broken, however, as Mike Angel returns to the ring and clobbers Azrael from behind with a double ax-handle smash. Both Angel and Ravage then lift him up, and drop him to the mat with a double powerbomb. ]

John: Man… Bad move by Azrael kicking Massicrist the way he did… He’s outnumbered two to one now.

[ As Ravage and Angel continue to attack Azrael, Massicrist, who had rolled out to the floor moments after being hit with Azrael’s Mafia Kick, stands by, watching. ]

James: That’s it… Massicrist has had enough. Azrael’s on his own here.

[ Having been beaten down by the challengers, Azrael stumbles into the corner, where Ravage is standing on the top rope. Without a pause, Ravage hits The Ravager. Stepping aside, Ravage poses for the crowd as Mike Angel covers Azrael. 1… 2… 3!! ]

John: That’s it! We have new Tag Team Champions!!

[ Shaking his head, Massicrist slowly turns, and makes his way up the ramp. Afterward, Angel lifts the dazed body of Azrael to his feet, and holds him open for Ravage’s attacks. Suddenly, a man slides into the ring. ]

James: It’s Taurus! Taurus is back!!

[ Taurus immediately attacks Mike Angel, forcing him to release Azrrael, who falls back down to the mat. As Taurus pummels away at the face of Angel on the mat, Ravage wastes no time in attempting to pull Taurus off. Suddenly, from his blind side, Ravage is speared to the mat. ]

John: Hey… Isn’t that…

James: Master Molde!!

[ Both Taurus and Molde proceed to attack Angel and Ravage, until the two roll out of the ring. Stumbling up the ramp, the two men yell back toward the ring, where both Taurus and Molde stand, challenging them to come back in. ]

John: Taurus and Molde not only back… But back as a team??

[ As Ravage and Angel near the exit, just like last week, Jim Helsley makes his way out onto the stage. A smile upon his face, he looks both men over, then looks toward the ring. Meanwhile, Azrael makes his way to his feet, and extends his hand to Taurus who has no doubt saved him from a beating. Instead of a handshake, however, Taurus levels Azrael with The Taurus-Plex, not bothering to keep the pin. ]

James: Well, we can rule out the possibility of Taurus showing up to save Azrael… It’s apparent he was here for what Angel and Ravage did to him last week, and it’s obvious there is still no love between Taurus and Azrael.

John: But what the hell is the deal with Helsley?? Last week he comes out just after Taurus was decimated, then earlier tonight he is seen walking into Azrael’s trailer… Now he’s out here with a grin on his face after Angel and Ravage become the Tag Team Champions… Where does this man’s alliance lie???