Opening Segment

In the world of Professional Wrestling, anything and almost everything can and likely will happen during your career. With the diversity in the business nowadays, it is nearly impossible to predict future occurrences - It doesn't matter who you are. However, those in posession of true power know how to manipulate the people around them in order to reach a desired end. Few know how but those who do are most definately the ones that will no doubt soon be touted legends. One golden rule, therefore, will always stand true - those who strive to survive and live to excel will not be denied the goals they've established.

The anticipation in the air was almost mind numbing as Prometheus sauntered down the hallway of the Shoot Project. His gaze shifting from side to side like that of a deer in an open field enjoying it's surroundings. Relishing in the happiness that being alive brings you in all it's glory. Odd for a man showcasing heel behaviour in his first appearance.

At the turn of one corner, he found himself smack dab in the middle of the locker room area. Competitors rushing up and down the halls with seemingly, a plan in mind, like they always seem to do before the events they pour their hearts and souls into. It made them look busy and interested in the product they made happen. Especially now with the Shoot Project going legit. It gave them a certain sense of pride now that the Yakuza influence had vanished seemingly into thin air. It gave them a reason to try harder.

Some competitors paid special attention to the man they saw before them and some didn't. Everyone, however, did know what he had done to Paul "The Hitman" Hook. Most of the roster, knowing what kind of competitor The Hitman was/is, knew Prometheus had to be tough in some form. Despite the classic sneak attack. But he was a rookie to them and caring for an incident such as that wasn't par for the course. The new face in the crowd, he was. Nothing more. Not at this juncture. Not yet.

As he surveyed the bulletin board before him for any type of information that might be useful, he noticed the presence of the owner of the Shoot Project, Jason Johnson. Making his way through the locker room talking to a select few about the upcoming event. Doing what owners do. Pump their workers up. His window of opportunity, if you could call it that, had opened.

He lowered his head and turned on his heel, now facing Jasons' fast approaching position, with a grin. A quick spring of the legs forward resulted in the one and only owner finally noticing the man before him. A man in his locker room he knew from the past but hadn't expected to see ever again, especially this man, was a particular unnerving endeavour. The anticipation of the two butting heads, meeting one another or whatever it was they would do, mounted. Quickly.

Footstep after footstep reverberated throughout the hallway. The competitors stopped what they were doing feeling what was in the air. Even William Tell who had just entered the locker room seconds after Prometheus left the bulletin board. Waiting for the entire situation to explode into one big kaleidoscope of emotion. Jason's mouth opened, a sound barely moving from his lips, when the man before him looked up with a grin complementing his already annoyed features. This was enough to prevent a word to come from Jason's mouth. Not even a peep came.

"Long is the way," Prometheus chuckled slightly. "And hard, that out of hell leads up to light. Do you know who said that Jason?"

Jason's annoyed features only heightened at the apparent mind game this man was playing on him.

"Other than you?" He shot back quickly. "No, but I'm sure you're about to tell me."

Prometheus chuckled again. This entire exchange not only served purpose to make contact with old "friend" Jason Johnson but it had appeared to serve as a way to annoy him as well. Prometheus obviously found this funny.

"Nobody said it, per se," He grinned. "But it was written once. In an old book. I'm sure you haven't read it, seeing as Josh is the intellectual in the family, heh. John Milton is his name, writing is his game. Do think about the clue I've given you. Toodles."

Prometheus turned around, heading in the direction he came, Jason slowly following him. Prometheus knew this and he had actually counted on it. When he saw William Tell he simply nodded to the man and repeated the words he had spoke last Sunday.

"You owe me one."

Prometheus chuckled again, continuing on his way. When he reached his desired location he saw what he had expected. Erik Boyer was giving a statement to a reporter when Prometheus interjected himself in the conversation.

"You Erik Boyer?"

Erik turned around looking at the man before him, slightly offended. You could see him wondering who this guy was. His eyes told all.

"Who wants to know?"

Prometheus simply looked down, kicked at the cement a bit, then looked up grinning.


As this was said, the reporter moved out of the way knowing full-well what was about to happen. Erik Boyer knew the name and not the guy. He knew that he had taken out Paul Hook last week. And judging by the circumstances of Hook's demise, Boyer could be on some sort of list for being taken out. He thought so anyway. He didn't expect it to be true.

"You took out Paul Hook, right?"

Prometheus simply nodded, still grinning, mind you.

"Now I'm going to take you out, Erik," He said calmy and seriously, almost too seriously. "Don't you realize when it's time to walk away? Don't feel bad though. You're just a message to the Johnson brothers. Just like Hook was."

Jason heard this and shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't believe this was happening. Hell, he couldn't believe Prometheus was here, and he knew what it meant if Josh heard before Jason told him. Or even saw him. He fled the scene leaving Erik Boyer, Prometheus, and William Tell behind. Tell simply was an observer. Watching the acts unfold. And with that, it began.

Erik nodded for Prometheus to start his fight just a little too cockily but Prometheus wouldn't budge. Standing there with the same wretched grin plastered to his face. After a few moments of a mexican stand-off, Boyer sprung into action, annoyed. Which seemed to be the popular consensus of this man.

Boyer threw a right punch at the jaw of Prometheus but it didn't connect. Prometheus simply swayed backward and watched it swiftly hit nothing but air. Prometheus moved to the side and lifted a knee into the gut of one Erik Boyer. As Boyer dropped, out of breath, Prometheus picked up one of those rubber hammers from a concealed space like it was planted there earlier by him.

When Boyer stood to his feet, Prometheus swung and caught him on the side of the jaw. As a direct result of this action, blood squirted from his mouth, hitting the wall to the side and some on Prometheus' shirt. Boyer went down like a ton of bricks as Prometheus looked at his soiled shirt in disgust.

He simply dropped the hammer and walked calmly to a forklift nearby. He drove the piece of mechanical equipment over to the fallen Boyer and dropped the fork to the lowered position. A coffin spread across the fork and chains dangling from the coffin. He jumped out of the forklift and kicked Boyer in the gut a couple times before he locked in a move not many knew. A Goku-Raku stretch. And he spoke in Boyer's ear, softly. A deadly whisper.

"It's ok, Erik, we all fall victim to the Chains that Bind," Prometheus said with a hint of compassion in his voice. "It's not something we can avoid."

Boyer, in all his pain, and all the blood coming from his mouth simply mouth the imfamous words everyone in this world speaks. Such heart and determination from a man with no natural born talent.

"Fuck you."

Prometheus chuckled yet again. Laughing at the stupidity of the man before him. He couldn't help it. A man about to be taken out of the game forever still has the audacity to mouth the words "Fuck You" to the man with the advantage.

"Such heart and spirit," Prometheus said in admiration. "I used to be like you once, Erik. I really was. But all good things come to an end at one time or another. It is a natural order. I've accepted this and so shall you." He laughed again at his own words. "God I love this human race. Ignorance truly is bliss. And like loving the human race, I too, love you, Erik. Do you know why? Because you are the epitome of what makes us at the top stay at the top. The stagnant support the progressive."

Prometheus let go of the hold knowing he was reaching his breaking point and threw him into the coffin with a grin. As he held the coffin lid open he spoke his final words.

"In Greek Mythology, Prometheus was the Titan that created mankind for Zues, did you know that?" He waited for an answer from Boyer but it never came and he knew it wouldn't. He was teasing him. "Oh I'm sorry, you can't talk. But yes, he was. He created you talking monkey's. And I chose my name to be as such because of that fact. You wouldn't understand why as I no longer fit the profile so much. But in time everybody will realize, much like you have, I am the man to beat. Hook and Boyer in two weeks? Gone. Finally. What a message, yes? Congratulations, Erik. You're my special creature."

Prometheus slammed the lid on the coffin shut powerfully.


Prometheus then wrapped the chains around the wooden creation so that he couldn't get out. He put a lock on the chains to keep them in place and drove the forklift over to a already running pickup truck lifting the forks to a position just above the truck from behind. He pushed the coffin into the back of the pick-up and took one look over his shoulders at William Tell who was in a bit of shock at what had just happened, winked, and entered the vehicle. He sped off with Boyer locked in a coffin never to return that night.

(London England has never seen such action, until tonight. Thousands of fans fill the Royal Albert Hall as SHOOT Project makes its first stop on its World tour. The Fans go wild as a series of pyro technics go off from within the Hall, signalling the start of the show.)

Jeff: Greetings to everyone from London England. I’m Jeff Hansen and along side me is the President of SHOOT himself, Jason Johnson.

Jason: As always, It’s going to be one hell of a night, and we’re not going to keep you from the entertainment you so sorely need. We’ve got triple threat action right as we speak, and we don’t want to miss a single thing!

DEATHKORE MATCH: Kyle Ortego v. William Tell v. Kid Wikkid

(The camera goes to the ring…where we see all three of the competitors in the Triple Threat match already in the ring. Each fighter stands in one corner, warming up…Samantha stands in the remaining corner…the spotlight hits her…)

Samantha: “This is a TRIPLE THREAT Match, to be fought under DEATHKORE RULES!!!”

(The fans cheer wildly…)

Samantha: “Introducing FIRST …in the ring to my right…from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighing in at 203 pounds…he is your Shoot Project DEATHKORE DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!”

(The crowd cheers as Kid Wikkid raises his Title Belt over his head to the roar of the crowd…)

Samantha: “In the NEXT corner, to the right of the champion…hailing from New Orleans Louisiana, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds…KYLE ORTEGO!”

(Kyle Ortego continues to stretch as the fans applaud…)

Samantha: “And finally in the FAR corner…hailing from Detroit Michigan, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 236 pounds…The BEAST…WILLIAM TELL!”

(As William Tell jumps up and down on the spot, limbering up, the bell rings…)

Jason: “The bell rings to start this three way Deathkore match and HERE GOES KID WIKKID!”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid rushing across the ring to meet Kyle Ortego…and Wikkid starts pounding on Ortego!”

Jason: “I think Wikkid knows that if he wants to win this match, he’s going to have to sting hard and fast, as both Tell and Ortego outweigh him by a substantial amount…”

Jeff: “WHAM…Wikkid grabs Ortego by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS a fist right into his face.”

Jason: “I think that broke his nose! He's bleeding a gusher!”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid has just started off this match by taking Kyle Ortego down!”

Jason: “Now Kid Wikkid and William Tell exchanging words…and Kid Wikkid nails William Tell with a series of knife edge chops…”

Jeff: “Meanwhile Kyle Ortego staggers outside and starts looking under the ring for weapons…”

Jason: “William Tell nails Wikkid with a neckbreaker!”

Jeff: “If you know anything about William Tell, you know that he SPECIALISES in working on his opponents NECK. He has a wide variety of crippling neck snapping manoeuvres!”

Jason: “Tell is a former CWA Intercontinental champion, and he’ll hurt you.”

Jeff: “Kyle Ortego has pulled out a couple of steel chairs and a table, and now he charges in…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid sends Tell into the corner with a HIGH spinning heel kick!”

Jeff: “Ortego goes after Tell in the corner with a steel chair…William Tell gets his leg up…”

Jason: “Chair to the face of Kyle Ortego! Kid Wikkid chokes the fallen Kyle Ortego with his foot…”

Jeff: “Wikkid turns and TOSSES William Tell with a nice belly to belly suplex!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid really the aggressor here…he feels that this DEATHKORE DOJO division is HIS world…”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid knows that Kyle Ortego is a HIGLY decorated former Hardcore Champion, from both the COIWA AND the CEWF! As a TWO time DOJO Champion, Wikkid doesn’t like Hardcore newcomers on HIS turf!”

Jason: “True. William Tell is more of a straight ahead technical wrestler with some brawling experience, but Kyle Ortego could really take this DEATHKORE DOJO Division by storm and make it his own. I assume that Tell wants to go after the Rising Sun title or something of a more wrestling’ nature…”

Jason: “Back to the match…Kid Wikkid with a slam on Kyle Ortego…slam on William Tell!”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid heads to the top…both Ortego and Tell are down temporarily…”

Jason: “The Champion looks to be aiming for Kyle Ortego…and comes off with a SHOOTING STAR PRESS…”

Jeff: “NO! Ortego rolls out of the way and Wikkid misses!”

Jason: “Ortego starting to get up…William Tell comes off the ropes...”

Jeff: “Tell floors Ortego with a nice shoulderblock…now he picks him up…”

Jason: “NECK SNAP! William Tell does what he does best and hits a neck snap on Kyle Ortego!”

Jeff: “Tell picking Ortego up again as Wikkid lays motionless after missing that Shooting Star Press…”


Jeff: “William Tell was picking up Kyle Ortego up after that neck snap, when suddenly Ortego UNLOADED on Tell with a SPINNING BACK FIST! WOW!”

Jason: “That sure turned the tide in Ortego’s favor! His extensive Martial Arts background showing itself there!”

Jeff: “Kyle Ortego now GOES TO TOWN on William Tell! HIGH SPEED COMBANATION: A Headbutt…followed by ANOTHER backfist…another spinning back fist…spinning sidekick to the gut…and FINALLY a spinning hook kick to the face!”

Jason: “HOLY SHIT! The fans come alive and give the AMAZING Kyle Ortego a STANDING OVATION after witnessing his lightening quick Martial Arts onslaught on THE BEAST!”

Jeff: “William Tell is stunned and falls in a heap!”

Jason: “As William Tell hits the canvas, Kid Wikkid finally staggers to his feet…”

Jeff: “And gets met with a Japanese Armdrag! Wikkid goes down!”

Jason: “Now Kyle Ortego goes up top, as William Tell recovers from the Martial Arts Combo by Ortego, and Wikkid is getting up from that armdrag!”

Jeff: “FROG SPLASH on Kid Wikkid by Kyle Ortego!”

Jason: “The ref slides in for the count as Ortego hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Wikkid!”

Jeff: “William Tell is back up…”

Jason: “Tell drops a double axe-handle across the back of Kyle Ortego before he can get up from covering Kid Wikkid!”

Jeff: “Now William Tell throws Ortego over his shoulder…”

Jason: “BANG! Shoulder breaker!”

Jeff: “Cover on Ortego by Tell: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Ortego!”

Jason: “Wikkid sneaks up behind Tell…”

Jeff: “GERMAN SUPLEX! Wikkid hits Tell from behind with a German Suplex right after Tell tried to pin Ortego…”

Jason: “Ortego is up…”

Jeff: “Spinning Crescent Kick on Kid Wikkid by Kyle Ortego!”

Jason: “COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Kid Wikkid!”

Jeff: “William Tell grabs one of the chairs that Kyle Ortego slid into the ring earlier…”

Jason: “WHAM! Tell clobbers Kyle Ortego with that chair…”

Jeff: “BAM! Kid Wikkid gets a chair shot too!”

Jason: “William Tell covers Kyle Ortego: ONE…TWO…NO! Ortego kicks out!”

Jeff: “William Tell stays on Ortego…”

Jason: “No! As William Tell grabs Kyle Ortego’s leg, Ortego comes back with a SUPERKICK!”

Jeff: “Ortego now covers Tell…NO! WHAM!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid nails Ortego in the back with that steel chair as Ortego was covering Tell!”

Jeff: “Ha! Kid Wikkid throws Ortego off, and covers Tell HIMSELF!”

Jason: “ONE…TWO…NO! Tell kicks out!”

Jeff: “Wikkid stays on Tell as Ortego tries to get up from that chairshot!”

Jason: “How the hell the ref is supposed to maintain control with these three guys, I’ll never know!”

Jeff: “By the way, it looks like Kid Wikkid has been busted open from when Tell hit him with that chair earlier…”

Jason: “Kyle Ortego got his nose opened up right after the match, and now Wikkid is bleeding…Tell is the only one so far who isn’t spilling blood…”

Jeff: “With great effort…Wikkid hoists William Tell UP…”

Jason: “Then comes DOWN! Brainbuster!”

Jeff: “Wikkid covers: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason: “Ortego breaks it up!”

Jeff: “Kyle Ortego unloads on Kid Wikkid! Jab…Jab…Straight punch…spinning sidekick to the gut…snap front kick to the face…spinning hook…and a kick to the face!”

Jason: “Wikkid goes down! ANOTHER amazing Martial Arts Combination by Kyle Ortego sends Kid Wikkid to the mat!”

Jeff: “The fans really go nuts for those high speed kung fu moves by Kyle Ortego…listen to them cheer!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid is down and out, and William Tell is still trying to get up from that brainbuster that Wikkid nailed him with…”

Jeff: “As William Tell finally gets to his feet, Kyle Ortego hits him with a Russian Leg Sweep into the turnbuckle!”

Jason: “Tell is stunned…and now Ortego THROWS The Beast OVER the top rope to the outside!”

Jeff: “William Tell landing in a heap outside after that Russian Leg Sweep into the turnbuckle and throw over the top…”

Jason: “Kyle Ortego goes to the top rope and turns to the outside…”

Jeff: “Ortego seems to be WAITING for Tell to get up…”

Jason: “Well, after that combo on Kid Wikkid he doesn’t have to worry about HIM getting up for a bit, so he can afford to take a quick breather…”

Jeff: “William Tell slowly getting to his feet on the outside…”


Jeff: “WOW!”


Jeff: “Kyle Ortego just performed a 450 off the top turnbuckle…to the outside! He landed in the powerbomb position on William Tell…and then hit him with a Frankensteiner! ON THE OUTSIDE!”

Jason: “Take a look at this replay! Look at the grace with which Kyle Ortego leaps from the top…and then TWISTS William Tell in the air on the outside!”

Jeff: “William Tell hit that concrete and spun…as the fans here in Royal Albert Hall give Kyle Ortego a HUGE ovation!”

Jason: “That was one for the highlight reel! Kyle Ortego is obviously flying on pure adrenaline now!”

Jeff: “Ortego back up on the apron…now back to the top rope…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid is still down from that earlier flurry of punches and kicks…but now he starts to get up…”

Jeff: “Here comes Kyle Ortego…”

Jason: “High Cross Body on Kid Wikkid by Kyle Ortego!”

Jeff: “The ref slides in for the count as Ortego hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Wikkid!”

Jason: “WOW! I think just about EVERYBODY though that was over there! What GUTS by Kid Wikkid!”

Jeff: “Both men up…BANG!”

Jason: “Kyle Ortego hits Kid Wikkid with a flying neckbreaker!”

Jeff: “Some people call that the ‘Diamond Cutter’…but don’t tell Del Carver that!”

Jason: “Following that neckbreaker…Kyle Ortego pulls a stunned Kid Wikkid to his feet…”

Jeff: “HARD whip into the corner…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid hits the turnbuckle and bounces out to the center of the ring due to the impact…”

Jeff: “WHAM! WOW!”

Jason: “Thrusting side kick to the jaw of Kid Wikkid by Kyle Ortego…”


(The bell rings…Kid Wikkid lays flat on his back in the middle of the ring…the exhausted Kyle Ortego raises his hands over his head as 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem starts to play over the sound system and the fans cheer wildly…)


(William Tell crawls back into the ring and begins to trade rights and lefts with Kyle Ortego…Tell The Beast is obviously irate that Ortego took advantage of the situation to score the pin…a crowd of referees storm the ring to separate the two men and help Wikkid to his feet…)

Jason: “As William Tell and Kyle Ortego are broken up…lets look at the replay…MAN…Ortego really NAILED Kid Wikkid with that kick…”

Jeff: “Kid Wikkid is being helped back to the dressing room…Kyle Ortego and William Tell still shove each other as the refs try to break it up…”

Jason: “I hear Kyle Ortego calls that move the “West Nile Theory” and MAN did he ever just make a HUGE impact here this week in front of these British fans, by scoring a BIG victory over the DOJO Champion in a non-title match!”

Jeff: “No kidding! Kid Wikkid got hardcore, and William Tell did his neck breaking best, but tonight it was the KYLE ORTEGO SHOW here! I think we just saw the birth of Shoot Projects NEWEST superstar!”

In-Ring Segment

Jason: Indeed we have, Jeff, but speaking of births… here we are on SHOOT’s first ever world tour and Man, look at these fans, Jeff! They are excited to see SHOOT here in London!

(The cameras look over the fans, but spot someone trying to get to their seat in the third row.)

Jeff: Hey, doesn't that guy look familiar?

Jason: Yeah, it does...wait a second. That's Mac!

(Security guys are all around the former wrestling superstar, who is taking his seat. Sitting beside him are two bodyguards, and despite the fans wishing to touch him, they are unable to thanks to the bodyguards.)

Jeff: You know what? I'm going to go have a few words with him, see why he's here...

Jason: You do that, Jeff.

(Jeff walks over to the guardrail and then hops over it, mic in hand. He walks to Mac and one bodyguard moves so Jeff can sit beside him. Mac looks over at him, annoyed.)

Jeff: Mac, you're a former superstar of the squared circle, just why are you here tonight?

(Mac looks even more annoyed.)

Mac: I get it. A football player or actor scores a good ticket to a wrestling card but a wrestler can't?

Jeff: Well, normally it means they're here to take part in some angle or to wres--

Mac: Let me make one thing clear to you, Jeff. Can I call you Jeff? You know what? I can call you Jeff. Now, Jeff, I bought this ticket with a twenty dollar bill off of Ticketmaster and if it's just the same with you, I'd like to get my money's worth of SHOOT action instead of get hassled by some commentator, got it?

(Jeff is as annoyed by this point as Mac.)

Jeff: Whatever, man. Alright, Jason, I'll get over there in a moment, back to you.

Jason: Well next up we have a first Round Road to K.O. tournament match. For those of you viewers who are confused about what this tournament is for… well it’s to see who will get a shot at Ben Jackman after Impulse!

Jeff: That’s right, at Impulse the Road to K.O. finals will be held, and a number one contender to that highly desired Iron Fist title will be declared.

Jason: Let’s take it into the ring with the always lovely Samantha

Upcoming Match
Evan Douglas vs. Alex Harmston

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as 'Champion' by Grinspoon begins to play over the speakers…)

Samantha: “This is a one fall contest with a twenty minute time limit…introducing first…making his way to the ring, hailing from Toronto, Canada…standing 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighing in at 227 pounds: ‘Canada’s Favorite Son’…EVAN DOUGLAS!!!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas on his way to the ring…he looks all business…”

(Evan Douglas’s music stops playing as he climbs on to the ring apron…and turns to the crowd and raises both his arms over his head as ‘The Vampire Song’ by Concrete Blonde starts to play…)

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent…on his way to the ring, he hails from Mesa, Arizona, stands 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs in at 212 pounds. He is ‘The Glory Hound’…ALEX HARMSTON!”

(Alex Harmston jogs to the ring and rolls under the bottom rope. The bell rings as Samantha exits the ring and the ref enters…)

Jason: “Harmston getting right up in the face of Evan Douglas…Stare down as the bell rings…

Jeff: “Alex Harmston FLATTENS Evan Douglas with a right hand…”

Jason: “Now he STOMPS on the face of the prone Evan Douglas who is laying on his back…Alex Harmston grinding his boot into the face of Evan Douglas…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas staggers back into the corner…I think Harmston kind of suckered him in there…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston drives a shoulder into Evan Douglas…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Evan Douglas!”

Jeff: “REBOUND by Evan Douglas…”

Jason: “Evan Douglas drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Alex Harmston.”

Jeff: “Both men up…smash to the jaw of Evan Douglas from Alex Harmston! Evan Douglas collapses to the mat again…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Evan Douglas!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas is fighting back…”

Jason: “Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Alex Harmston from Evan Douglas…Alex Harmston doubled over but comes back with a HUGE lariat!”

Jeff: “Cover by Alex Harmston…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Evan Douglas!…Side headlock on Evan Douglas by Alex Harmston…”

Jason: “Evan Douglas lifts Alex Harmston and drops him…ATOMIC DROP…”

Jeff: “COVER by EVAN DOUGLAS! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Harmston! WOW!”

Jason: “What great back and forth action! I thought these guys would match up nicely!”

Jeff: “Alex Harmston struggles to his feet…Evan Douglas scoops him up…a HIGH PICTURE PERFECT Body Slam outside the ring to the floor!”

Jason: “WOW! Evan Douglas getting Harmston up for the slam, then he dropped him unceremoniously outside the ring!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas out after him…Evan Douglas hammers a punch into the head of Alex Harmston…”

Jason: “Now he scoops up Alex Harmston …looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Jeff: “This is gonna HURT!”

Jason: “NO! Alex Harmston slips off and pushes Evan Douglas shoulder first to the steel ring post! The crowd erupts!”

Jeff: “Alex Harmston now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Evan Douglas over the security barrier...”

Jason: “Alex Harmston goes after him…Evan Douglas dragging Alex Harmston through the crowd now…”

Jeff: “Alex Harmston gets sent into the wall head first! Evan Douglas grabs a sound cable and chokes Alex Harmston with it…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston elbows Evan Douglas in the gut…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas throws Alex Harmston back over the security barrier! This has turned into a WILD brawl…”

Jason: “Evan Douglas pulls Alex Harmston up by the hair…Alex Harmston fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Evan Douglas…”

Jeff: “Now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle! Good thing our camera guys can follow them…”

Jason: “The two fighters are evenly trading lefts and rights in the aisle now they are over by the entrance…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas lands a couple of uppercuts and gains the advantage…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston is violently shoved into the security barrier in the aisle…Alex Harmston is handed into the crowd behind him and reaches a STEEL CHAIR out from underneath one of the fans…”

Jeff: “WHAM! Alex Harmston just rung Evan Douglas’s bell there…he smashed Evan Douglas over the head with that chair!”

Jason: “Alex Harmston grabbing Evan Douglas by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring area…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas has been run head first into that apron…he bounced back and landed butt first on the floor…he’s holding his head…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston rolls Evan Douglas back into the ring…now he drops a leg and covers!”

Jeff: “ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and Evan Douglas is up…Alex Harmston rolls outside the ring and grabs that damn chair again…”

Jason: “The fans are cheering madly as Alex Harmston rolls back in the ring…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston SMASHES Evan Douglas over the back with that chair!”

Jeff: “NO!”

Jason: “Alex Harmston gets SPEARED in the midsection by Evan Douglas who was bent over from that chair shot!”

Jeff: “Now Evan Douglas lifts Harmston up…holds him HIGH in the air with a beautiful vertical Suplex…and DROPS him on the top of his head! BRAINBUSTER!”

Jason: “Brutal! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Alex Harmston kicks out!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas grabs Harmston again...SNAP SUPLEX!”

Jason: “Evan Douglas covers: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas stays on him…pulls Alex Harmston back to his feet…FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!”

Jason: “Evan Douglas nails Alex Harmston again and covers!”

Jeff: “ONE…TWO…Harmston’s shoulder up again…Alex Harmston rolls over…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston fighting for his life here…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas to his feet…Alex Harmston tries a drop-kick…but Evan Douglas side-steps and Alex Harmston falls…”

Jason: “Evan Douglas picks the chair up and cracks it over Alex Harmston’s head!”

Jeff: “Shoot Project head referee Scott Kamura admonishing both men and trying to get in close enough to get the chair out of the way…”

Jason: “Alex Harmston is staggered…Evan Douglas hoists him up…back Suplex!”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Alex Harmston!”

Jason: “Evan Douglas argues with the ref…he feels that should have been a three count…”

Jeff: “Evan Douglas now turns back to Alex Harmston who is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jason: “Swinging neck breaker by Evan Douglas on Alex Harmston! WHAM!”

Jeff: “COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Alex Harmston! Evan Douglas right back on the offensive…DDT!”

Jason: “COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Alex Harmston! Evan Douglas is getting frustrated!”

Jeff: “He pulls Alex Harmston to his feet again… Alex Harmston getting to his feet and looking around…disoriented…Alex Harmston sees that chair and grabs it…”

Jason: “WHAMO! Alex Harmston just cracked that chair over Evan Douglas’s head again!”

Jeff: “The bell rings…”

Jason: “Disqualification?”

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I have been informed by the time-keeper that the 20 minute time limit for this match has EXPIRED…therefore the referee has no choice but to declare this match A TIME LIMIT DRAW!

Jason: “The crowd is BOOING…and Harmston and Evan Douglas are PISSED…they are up in the ref’s face…”

Jeff: “Now they’re back to jawing at each other!”

Jason: “Referee Scott Kamura high tailing it out of the ring…HERE WE GO AGAIN!”

Jeff: “Here come a BUNCH of referee’s to break it up…”

Jason: “This wasn’t exactly the scientific exhibition of the year…but it was exciting. As the officials hustle Alex Harmston and Evan Douglas up the aisle under protest, the crowd cheers in appreciation for the draw they just witnessed!”

Backstage Segment

The place sure looked different from what it did earlier this morning. From the outside, no one could tell what was going on inside. The select crowd, the noise, the lights, the fights... All of it hidden cleverly from the outside world.

*[ Both Natasha and Epik looked about the room they found themselves standing in. Men and women alike scurried about what must have been the congregation room for those employed by The Project. Many of them had their gear on, some dressed in street clothes. Epik got the first glance of the men he'd be fighting to reach the top of the mountain. ]*

What do you think?

*[ Having asked the question, Natasha looked back to the crowd as she awaited her answer. ]*

I don't think they're that bad. I've seen a rougher looking bunch. Honestly, I'm not all that worried... C'mon, supposedly we've got a locker room.

*[ Epik started down the nearby hall. The sign just next to the entrance pointed that way, reading "locker rooms". Looking down the hall before her, Natasha groaned at the sight of the hallway. ]*

If the locker room is this bad, I'm hiring a weekly maid. I don't care what kind of rules they have.

*[ Humored, Epik snickered as he found his room. Opening the door, he went to walk inside. Suddenly stopping, he placed his arm in Natasha's way to keep her from entering. In the corner of the locker room, a man sat. His upper body cloaked in darkness. ]*

I see you've made it, Epik. C'mon in.

*[ Looking at Natasha, Epik searched her for an answer. Shrugging, she motioned that she didn't have one to offer. ]*


*[ Epik made his way into the room after realizing who his guest was. ]*

Yes, me. Does it surprise you that I'm here?

Frankly, yes. Yes it does.

*[ The man chuckled a bit. ]*

Come on, Epik. I couldn't let you leave Miami and come all the way into the syndicate like that. You have no experience what so ever. They'll eat you up in a day's time. As I told you a few days ago... I'll help you get started here. I'll help you get your foot in the door. A few good wins. As I said, I owe you that much. After that, you're on your own.

*[ Smiling, Epik dropped his bag on the floor. he seated himself in front of the man in the corner. ]*

What makes you think I want you here? You got my foot in the door. I can handle myself.

*[ The man laughed loudly at Epik's words. Calming himself, he continued. ]*

I never said you wanted my help, kid. I said you needed my help. The gym is in the hands of Jim and I took a few weeks off. Trust me, you'd be wise to accept my help. I know the inside of this syndicate well and trust me, I know it's secrets. Stand with me, I can take you to the top in no time.

*[ Epik looked at Natasha, an arrogant smirk on his face. Shaking his head, he extended his arm. ]* Jeff: Hey Jason, you recently signed this man, Epik, what is his deal anyway? Jason: I just sign the talent, I don’t bother delving into their personal lives. As always, I’m sure things will play out.. and what better place to have them play out than here in my SHOOT Project. Jeff: Nice plug for your company… right on your own show, very classy. Jason: What can I say, I know business. Jeff: Well it’s everything but business in just a few moments, as the next tag team match seems to be all personal.

Upcoming Match
The MadMen vs. Roland The Dark & Lone Wolf

Jason: “I’ll say.”

Jeff: “You’ve got The MadMen, who are in the middle of a HUGE rivalry and Best of Five Series with Hardcore Style. One of the MEMBERS of Hardcore Style is the REFEREE in this match!”

Jason: “That’s not it either! The referee’s tag team partner is ALSO a rival of Roland The Dark, who is on the opposite team!”

Jeff: “Oh yeah. Did we forget to mention that Roland’s partner is Lone Wolf, the guy who LAST week won the right to fight for Roland’s Rising Sun Championship Title at our next PPV?”

Jason: “This match is going to be a lesson in dysfunction.”

Jeff: “Normally, I would have said that fighting a team of two men who are scheduled to face one another soon would give an ADVANTGE to The MadMen…”

Jason: “Yeah NORMALLY, but not with THIS referee!”

(The house lights go down again and the bell rings as Samantha steps into the spotlight. “Revolution Man” by Union Underground hits.)

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…this next bout is a TAG TEAM match scheduled for ONE FALL with a 20 MINUTE TIME LIMIT…”

(Ben Jackman emerges from the entranceway and begins to walk calmly to the ring. Blackout is wearing a tight stripped referee’s shirt with the sleeves cut off, and has a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. There is a noticeable red welt across the face of Ben Jackman from where he was viciously whipped with a leather belt last week by The Fist. Blackout exchanges high fives with the fans as he makes his way down the aisle, and then climbs into the ring and winks at Samantha, who blushes…)

Samantha: “Before I introduce the participants, please allow me to introduce your SPECIAL REFEREE for this match…he is the Shoot Project IRON FIST CHAMPION: BLACKOUT…BEN JACKMAN!”

(The fans erupt into cheers as Ben Jackman holds his hands over his head in recognition… “Click Click Boom” by Saliva explodes over the sound system…and Lone Wolf steps into the spotlight at the head of the runway. The fans continue to cheer as Lone Wolf confidently strides towards the ring…)

Samantha: “AND NOW THE PARTICIPANTS! Firstly, now making his way to the ring, he hails from Charlotte, North Carolina. Standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 252 pounds, here is the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SHOOT PROJECT RISING SUN CHAMPIONSHIP: LONE WOLF!”

(Lone Wolf slides into the ring and ignores the presence of Ben Jackman…Lone Wolf’s music fades as “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine begins to play. Roland The Dark starts stalking down the runway, his Rising Sun Title over his shoulder. Roland looks in disdain at the fans who are booing lustily at him. Roland jumps to the apron, steps over the top rope and walks over to Ben Jackman, who is casually leaning against the corner turnbuckles, smoking. Ben Jackman looks at Roland questioningly, as Roland stares at him. Finally Roland turns and stares at Lone Wolf, who stares back…)

Jeff: “It’s already getting tense in here. Roland is giving Lone Wolf quite a glare, and he was looking at Ben Jackman before in a challenging way.”

Jason: “Have you noticed that Ben Jackman’s fists are all taped up, as if he has a FIGHT tonight?”

Jeff: “I have, and I bet Lone Wolf and Roland have too. I imagine that’s Blackout’s way of telling the fighters to stay out of his face…”

(“They Came In” by the Butthole Surfers starts to play. The booing from the fans intensifies as The MadMen step into the aisle. The fans actually begin to throw debris at The Flying Dutchman as he arrogantly struts out into the aisle, with a Tag Team Title Belt over his shoulder. The Fist calmly walks behind him, stone faced. The Fist also has a Tag Title over his shoulder. The MadMen climb into the ring together, as Ben Jackman stares a hole through them. The Flying Dutchman hands a long sheet of paper to Samantha. Samantha shakes her head, but The Fist points at her menacingly.)

Samantha: “And NOW…here is…”

(Samantha shakes her head…but the Flying Dutchman yells something at her. A mobile cameraman is in the ring and zooms in on The Flying Dutchman as he barks orders at Samantha…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, here is the GREATEST Tag Team in the History of Shoot Project, and the rightful, yet unfairly unrecognised Tag Team Champions of the WORLD. Firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are THE MADMEN!

(The MadMen hold their Title Belts over their heads as the crowd boos lustily and pelts them with debris. Samantha quickly exits the ring with a look of disgust on her face from being forced to read the theatrical introduction of The Flying Dutchman. The cameraman remains in the ring as Lone Wolf and The Fist step onto the apron and Roland The Dark and The Flying Dutchman prepare to start the match. Ben Jackman makes a quick hand motion for the cameraman to leave the ring. The cameraman stands stock still in the dead center of the ring, the huge camera over his shoulder as he focuses on Ben Jackman.)

Jason: “The bell rings and we’re ready to go here.”

Jeff: “Looks like our camera guy doesn’t want to go out onto the apron here. Ben Jackman is up in his face…pointing outside the ring and shouting.”

(The cameraman slowly lowers the camera…and pulls off a baseball cap and wig. It is Del Carver. Del Carver grins at Ben Jackman as he pulls off the windbreaker marked ‘CREW’ and slowly turns and looks at The Flying Dutchman and The Fist. Hardcore Style stand with WIDE grins on their faces as The Flying Dutchman looks at his two enemies standing in his face with total SHOCK.)>

Jason: “OH SHIT!”

Jeff: “Del Carver hoisting that huge mobile T.V. camera over his head…and then brings it SMASHING down…right over the cranium of The Flying Dutchman!”

Jason: “The fans explode into rapturous cheers as the massive camera shatters into countless pieces over the head of the obviously shocked and unprepared Flying Dutchman!”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman collapses into unconsciousness as blood streams down his head!”

Jason: “The Fist has regained his composure and is starting to climb into the ring…”

Jeff: “Ben Jackman has pulled the leather belt off his jeans, and is there to meet The Fist!”

Jason: “As The Fist climbs into the ring, Ben Jackman starts LASHING him repeatedly with his leather belt! The Fist is defenceless to the frantic onslaught by Ben Jackman!”

Jeff: “The fans continue to stand on their seats and cheer as Ben Jackman wildly whips The Fist with that leather belt!”

Jason: “Meanwhile, Del Carver is sadistically stomping the bloody head of the already unconscious Flying Dutchman!”

Jeff: “Meanwhile, Lone Wolf and Roland The Dark stand across the ring and watch in shock.”

Jason: “Roland looks at Lone Wolf…”

Jeff: “Lone Wolf laughs and shrugs! I guess since none of this affects him, he really doesn’t care!”

Jason: “Lone Wolf looks content to let Diamond Del Carver stomp The Flying Dutchman into the mat while Ben Jackman continues to thrash The Fist with that belt like a wild maniac!”

Jeff: “The Fist just jumped out of the ring!”

Jason: “The Fist puts his hands over his head and jumps out of the ring to try and protect himself from the merciless hiding he is getting from the insanely angry Ben Jackman!”

Jeff: “The Fist is running up the aisle, stinging from those repeated lashes from Ben Jackman…”

Jason: “Jackman isn’t letting him get away though…Ben Jackman just took off after The Fist!”

Jeff: “The Fist runs up the aisle and into the back, but Ben Jackman is hot on his heels with that now bloody belt…”

Jason: “Look, Lone Wolf has thrown up his hands and is heading up the aisle himself.”

Jeff: “Roland is still in the ring, leaning against the ropes, watching Del Carver, who is now choking The Flying Dutchman with a camera cord…”

Jason: “Uh Oh! Roland is walking up to Carver…”

Jeff: “Roland pulls Carver to his feet by the hair…Carver whirls around, enraged…”

Jason: “Roland buries a KNEE right into the midsection of Carver! Carver is doubled over…”

Jeff: “Roland violently RAKES the eyes of Del Carver…and now he hoists him up…”

Jason: “BACKBREAKER! Roland The Dark just DROVE Del Carver into spasms with a POWERFULL BACKBREAKER!”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman remains in a bloody heap, not moving. The Fist has fled the ring area and left his employer alone, as Ben Jackman pursues him. Lone Wolf is almost at the entranceway…and now Del Carver has been ANHILITATED by a backbreaker from Roland The Dark!”

Jason: “Roland starts STOMPING the proverbial MUD HOLE in Del Carver!”

Jeff: “Look at the top of the aisle! Lone Wolf has stopped, and has turned around and is watching the ring with interest on his face…”

Jason: “As Roland continues to stomp the now prone Del Carver, Lone Wolf grabs a mic…”

Lone Wolf: “Hey Roland!

Jeff: “Roland stops stomping Del Carver and turns his attention to Lone Wolf…”

Lone Wolf: “Hey Roland. Why don’t you mind your fucking business? This shit with The MadMen and Carver has nothing to do with ME and nothing to do with YOU. Why don’t you just leave it be, and worry about your OWN problems, like ME kicking your ass and taking your belt at IMPLUSE?

Jason: “The fans cheer wildly as Roland grabs the mic from Samantha.”

Roland: “ Silence. You will get your beating soon enough.

Lone Wolf: “Is that right? Well, no time like the PRESENT!”


Jason: “Both Roland and Lone Wolf dropping their respective microphones as Lone Wolf rushes the ring!”

Jeff: “Lone Wolf slides under the bottom rope and leaps to his feet to throw a WILD haymaker at Roland!”

Jason: “Roland answers with a right hand of his own!”

Jeff: “Now Lone Wolf!”

Jason: “As Del Carver and The Flying Dutchman lay sprawled in the ring…Lone Wolf and Roland The Dark trade punishing lefts and rights in the center of the ring!”

Jeff: “The bell is ringing repeatedly! Lone Wolf and Roland are just decimating each other as they exchange hammer-like fists back and forth!”

Jason: “It’s an all out war! Blood is now flying everywhere as Roland and Lone Wolf continue to clobber one another.”

Jeff: “What a SLUGFEST! Neither man is backing off, neither man is letting up. Bang bang bang!”

Jason: “The two fighters continue to go at each other as the bell rings crazily!”

Jeff: “The fans still on their seats as now a huge herd of refs rush the ring…”

Jason: “They can’t break up Roland and Lone Wolf! The two men are too intent on proving their superiority!”

Jeff: “Both these men match up so well, they are so close in weight and height that neither one can gain an advantage in this pier 6 brawl…and the refs are having a HELL of a time breaking them up!”

Jason: “OH NO! Here comes Ben Jackman back to the ring, swinging that blood soaked belt! He must have seen what happened to his partner while he was chasing The Fist backstage…and now he’s out!”

Jeff: “The referees are TRYING to keep Ben Jackman from storming the ring, where Lone Wolf and Roland continue to pound one another into a bloody pulp…”

Jason: “OH NO! Here comes THE FIST…and he’s swinging a CHAIR!”

Jeff: “The bell continues to ring over and over again as MORE refs and officials from the back rush the ring…”

Jason: “Del Carver has staggered to his feet…he’s trying to get at Roland The Dark…but there too many officials in the way now!”

Jeff: “Meanwhile, The Fist has pulled the lifeless Flying Dutchman from the ring, and thrown him over his shoulder! He’s trying to head up the runway…but Ben Jackman is there!’

Jason: “THIS IS A MADHOUSE! Between the bell ringing over and over and the fans screaming, I can barely hear myself!”

Jeff: “HERE COMES SECURITY! A stampede of security men rush the ringside area!”

Jason: “The MadMen are finally escorted to the back, as Ben Jackman has given up trying to crawl in the ring…and he and Del Carver are being forced to the back themselves!”

Jeff: “Meanwhile, in the ring, the referees have finally succeeded in breaking up Lone Wolf and Roland The Dark!”

Jason: “I don’t know if the refs broke them up or they just tired of beating each other senseless! Look at both of their faces!”

Jeff: “They both look like they have been through a meat grinder!”

Jason: “Security has escorted The MadMen away, and more security has herded Hardcore Style out of the ring, into the backstage area.”

Jeff: “Meanwhile the officials have restored order out here…Lone Wolf and Roland The Dark are both separated and corralled into the back!”

Jason: “The ring is finally cleared…and I’m exhausted!”

Samantha: “Um…Ladies and Gentlemen…I have been informed that this match has been THROWN OUT! NO CONTEST!

Jeff: “Yeah, no kidding!”

(After clearing the ring, the action continues back stage, as officials carry off Lonewolf in one direction and Roland the Dark in the other. However, both men break free slightly and try to go after each other. As they do so, Ed Raymond rushes onto the scene and separates the two of them.)

Ed Raymond: Alright, Alright! Enough. Listen, you two… from this point on, you cannot touch each other until Impulse, you got that? If either one of you even touches the other one, the title will be stripped from you Roland, and the match cancelled! Got that?

(This announcement from Ed Raymond silences both men, and causes them to stop in their struggle to attack each other.)

Ed Raymond: Now as for next week, to allow all the heat to cool down, Roland… we’re giving you the week off. Lonewolf, you have a lot of aggression on your hands… so for next week you get to fight the winner of the next match. That’s the final decision, now both of you go home for the night!

(Raymond walks off down the hall, seemingly very frustrated as the officials walk Lonewolf and Roland the Dark off in opposite directions.)

Jeff: Well Ed Raymond has laid down the law… and it’s a good thing, or there might not have been anyone to fight for the Rising Sun title at Impulse.

Jason: Well, its decisions like that that Ed and I have to make, for the good of this company

Jeff: So Roland the Dark will have the week off next week.. and Lonewolf will end up fighting… either Beorn… or OutKast!? In either case Lonewolf is going to have a heck of a fight on his hands next week.

Jason: Well let’s not waste anymore time in finding out who Lonewolf is going to fight. Let’s get this next one started.

OutKast Vs. Beorn

"Swordsman" by GZA hits and the fans respond in kind. Amazingly, the heat is half for and against the SHOOT superstar. Beorn steps out, holding his arms high. He makes no attempt to look to the sides of the rampway, ignoring the fans for the most part.

Jason Johnson: There goes Beorn...

Jeff Hansen: The biggest waste of your money this side of Erik Boyer.

Jason Johnson: How can you say such a thing? Whether you think so or not, Beorn's held his opponents these past three weeks down. Even the mighty ring general OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah yeah yeah...

Beorn steps into the ring, stretching against the ropes. He looks to the back, popping his neck. Slowly the lights dim.

Jeff Hansen: Now here's one of the new franchise players!

Jason Johnson: I can't deny this guy's done his part for the sport, but he's been held against the ropes this week, you gotta wonder if he's got what it takes against Beorn.

Jeff Hansen: That's borderline blasphemy, Jason.

"We Did It Again" by Ja Rule and Metallica hits, and the fans again respond in kind. By booing. As Ja Rule begins his first verse, OutKast steps out. He is wearing a navy singlet, his hair cut short and his face is clean shaven. On his navy singlet is his tattoo "«Ø»" in silver. He also has on a pair of navy kneepads and navy elbowpads, all with the same tattoo symbol in silver. His boots are navy with "OutKast" written down the sides in silver. The fans booing even more as he seems shocked that they receive him this way. He walks to the ring, seemingly taken aback by the boos. He rolls into the ring and Beorn reaches back for a punch, but OutKast holds his arms up, asking for peace. OutKast takes the microphone from the ring announcer. "We Did It Again" dies down, as do the boos. OutKast looks around at the fans, shaking his head.

Jeff Hansen: Alright, Jason, be quiet, OutKast is about to speak!

OutKast: You know...I expected more from you London fans.

The fans boo.

OutKast: No, no, let me say something. For one, I'm sorry that SHOOT didn't have the foresight to book Wembley Stadium up the road so all my fans could make it in here, but you know what? All you need not fret, though, as I--

OutKast stops, locking eyes with someone in the crowd.

Jason Johnson: I wonder what made him stop...

Jeff Hansen: Don't you remember who I talked to earlier?

OutKast: Maaaaaaaaac!

The fans cheer as Mac stands up, screaming "What?!"

OutKast: Nice to see you, Mac. How's the Oregon life?

Mac remains silent.

OutKast: Ah, what's the matter? Kast got your tongue?

Mac goes to head to the ring, but SHOOT officials stop him. OutKast smirks, but is met with a shot from behind by Beorn. The ref calls for the bell.

Jeff Hansen: And we are underway!

Beorn whips OutKast into the ropes, but OutKast counters, swinging Beorn right back into a tie up. He ducks underneath Beorn's arm and gets behind Beorn, lifting Beorn into the air and dropping him to the mat with a behind takedown. Beorn scrambles to his senses and spins over to his back, using OutKast to force both competitors to their feet. Beorn turns back around to face OutKast and attempts a punch, but OutKast blocks it and throws one of his own, which is blocked. Beorn punches, and this one hits. Then another. And another. And another. OutKast flails back into the corner and Beorn punches away at OutKast until OutKast grabs Beorn's head and throws him into the corner. He responds with a knee to the midsection, followed by another and yet another. Beorn, winded, attempts to shake off the cobwebs, but OutKast does what comes naturally, he capitalizes. Taking a step back, he slaps his thigh and then NAILS Beorn in the chin with a superkick.

Jeff Hansen: That's to you, Mac!

OutKast turns and looks at Mac, who merely looks on in the crowd. OutKast smirks and flips him off, getting a HUGE amount of boos from the fans. OutKast seems shocked still, upset. However, the boos to cheers as Beorn is back up, and he is fuming. OutKast stops and turns to face Beorn, who is standing there, breathing heavily. Not out of fatigue, but of anger. OutKast, for some reason, seems actually intimidated, his head cocked to the side. He looks at Beorn and starts to talk to him. A grin on his face, he holds his hand out, offering a fair fight. Beorn looks down at the hand and then back up at OutKast. Beorn nods his head "yes" and takes OutKast's hand. The fans boo. OutKast looks over to the fans, laughing. However, Beorn snaps OutKast right into a Soviet Suplex, dropping both men to the mat. Not so much a power move, OutKast rolls away from Beorn and is on his feet at the same time. Both men are fuming at this point. OutKast and Beorn lock eyes yet again.

Jason Johnson: I'd just like to point out at this point in time, neither OutKast nor Beorn are tired or hurt. Thus far they are giving it their all and I for one have to say it's some of the best in-ring work I've seen in quite some time. Not only is OutKast performing at the level we expect from him, Beorn is really taking it to the long time veteran without any sign of slowing down.

Jeff Hansen: You're right, Jason... this is definately the kind of match these fans in London paid to see. It is, however, quite unexpected. I expected Beorn to get squashed to tell you the truth. But he's come out here full blast and taking it to OutKast with his best.

Beorn and OutKast are both on their feet engaging in a long stare down of sorts. Eyes of steel piercing through one another like a dagger stabbing flesh. OutKast is the man to make the first move lifting his knee into Beorn's mid-section, dropping him to the mat like a ton of bricks. OutKast showing his more cocky side circles the downed Beorn once with a maniacal grin attached to his face, before picking him up by the hair. Obviously the knee to the midsection took enough out of Beorn to act as a sort of temporary paralasis of sorts.

Jason Johnson: What a shot to the mid-section. OutKast really showing The SHOOT Project and Beorn just why he is considered a legend in this dance we call professional wrestling.

Jeff Hansen: I personally think Beorn is to blame on that one. He wasn't ready for the knee and any competitor should know better than to leave yourself open to such a move. And just look at the way he's letting a simple move hinder him so bad.

As that was said, Beorn reacted quickly returning the generosity OutKast so kindly showed him, with a knee to the mid-section of his own. But OutKast wasn't so hurt by the same move Beorn was. Beorn, knowing this, quickly threw OutKast into the ropes with all he had and took one step up from the final position he was in. As OutKast returned to Beorn, he wrapped his arms around him going for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex but it wasn't executed quite how he wanted it. OutKast slowing down before he hit Beorn, stomped his feet down, and countered with a Belly to Belly Suplex of his own, throwing Beorn out of the ring.

Jason Johnson: OutKast really taking it to Beorn now. His veteran know how is really coming in handy against Beorn.

Jeff Hansen: I'd have to say it is, Jason. Beorn is really looking bad out there.

As Beorn rolls around on the floor outside, grasping the small of his back, OutKast slowly walks toward the ropes with a grin the size of North Carolina on his face. As Beorn slowly regains his composure and begins to rise to a standing position, OutKast steps through the ropes and onto the apron, waiting for Beorn to fix his eyes on him. When he does so he goes for a Spinning Heel Kick from the apron, wanting to add that extra pain to the move, but Beorn telegraphed the move and sidestepped it.

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit!!! Beorn side-stepped OutKast's Spinning Heel Kick and pushed him into the guard rail, sending him OVER it into the crowd.

Jason Johnson: And Beorn is now going on the offensive, Jeff.

Beorn jumps over the guardrail, knwing full-well that OutKast has got to be hurting from the crash into the guardrail. Beorn takes one glance at the hurting OutKast and weighs his options. Beorn figures he's got time to set up a pretty wicked move coming up so he ignores OutKast and moves a few people out of the way. He sets up four chairs together, in a square with the seated portion exposed, then turns around to pick up OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: What is he going to do now? This is gonna get ugly and I definately like it. I wanna see some some action here.

Jason Johnson: This is, no doubt, going to get ugly.

OutKast, however, has other plans when he throws a vicious haymaker connecting with the right side of Beorn's jaw. When he goes for another one Beorn ducks under the punch and comes up with another knee to the midsection then a kick to the midsection as well. He reaches up, locking in a front chancery and grips the side of OutKast's tights. In one fluid motion, Beorn lifts OutKast up and just lets him go in mid-air letting him drop on his back over the four chairs and Beorn falls forward in the process.

Jason Johnson: An outstanding manuever from Beorn. These two competitors are definately taking it to each other. OutKast gained the offensive at first but now Beorn is really taking it to OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: HaHa. Look at him... he's on the ground rolling around like a rollie-pollie.

Beorn quickly picked OutKast up knowing that if you let up on a guy like OutKast you're going to end up paying for it later. He landed one of his own haymakers at the jaw of OutKast buying time to figure out just what he was going to do from this point. As OutKast came forward, Beorn grabbed him from the back of the neck basically dragging him toward the ramp area.

Jason Johnson: I wonder what Beorn has in store for OutKast now, Jeff. This seems to be getting uglier and uglier.

Jeff Hansen: I don't know but Beorn is definately doing his best against stacked odds.

When Beorn and OutKast arrived at the side of the ramp, Beorn slammed OutKast's head into the back of the ramp then went for a kick to the stomach. But OutKast, finally getting his bearings again, turned the tide with a Dragon Screw Legwhip. As a result of this both men go down.

Jason Johnson: OutKast with a desperation move.

Jeff Hansen: You can say that again. He was getting his ass kicked and now in a desperation move by OutKast, BOTH men are down.

OutKast and Beorn, both about 10 feet apart from one another, begin getting to their feet. As they do so, you can tell both men are just beginning to show signs of tiring and it would seem both men are beginning to hurt. And rightfully so, after the amount of pain each man has dished out toward one another. As the two get to their feet they take one look at each other and as unlikely as it seems, they execute superkicks at the same time, both of them connecting. Knocking each other to the ground.

Jason Johnson: That goes to show you the resiliant nature in both of these men. Both trying to gain the upper hand at all costs. And both men kicked each other at the same damn time.

Jeff Hansen: Idiots.

Jason simply shakes his head at Jeff's statement and watches on as OutKast and Beorn are slow to get to their feet. Both men groggily take their time to get up, knowing each other's kicks both hurt like hell. It's like taking an 8 count even though there's no count due to the No DQ rules. As luck would have it, OutKast gets to his feet first and shakes out the cobwebs as he turns to face a just standing up Beorn. As Beorn turns to face an already standing OutKast, a look of shock comes over his face when OutKast simply waves and executes a mean lariat, subsequently sending Beorn to the ground hard with a bounce.

Jason Johnson: Oooo, that had to hurt.

Jeff Hansen: Ya think, Jason? Beorn bounced off the ground from the impact of that lariat. I'm sure he's in never neverland right now.

OutKast merely bends over and drags Beorn toward the ring, showcasing just a bit more of his cocky nature. It's like he's totally disrespecting Beorn's abilities by doing this. In fact, he didn't expect the kick to the ass, slightly sending him toward the ring further. Beorn then jumped to his feet and went at OutKast, both of them exchanging powerful left's and right's. When one was knocked back, the other came charging in, ready to beat the shit out of each other.

Jason Johnson: Jeff, these two are really starting to kick it up a notch. They're wanting to kill each other now, judging by the way this punching exchange is going.

Jeff Hansen: I'd have to agree with you on that one. Everytime one of them got pushed back just a bit, even an inch, the other came charging right in. You have to wonder what's gonna happen next.

OutKast slightly got the advantage now but instead of taking to more out of ring action he simply threw Beorn into the ring. Changing the pace of the match at this point was probably a good idea for both men. They couldn't take it at it's current pace for too long or one of them was gonna get injured. When OutKast slid under the bottom rope he was quickly attacked with a flurry of kicks to the side and back. When Beorn was done he went toward the top rope.

Jeff Hansen: Beorn going to the top rope!?!

Jason Johnson: I guess when you go up against a legend like OutKast you can't hold anything back, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: True enough, Jason. Let's see how this goes, it could be interesting.

When Beorn reached the top rope, OutKast quickly stood up and dived for the ropes. As he hit the ropes, Beorn came crashing down holding his damaged parts. You could say... he would be less of a man after this encounter. OutKast quickly climbed the ropes from the front and jumped up on Beorns shoulders, executing a Top Rope Hurracanrana to the already hurting Beorn. As a result of this action, Beorn was sent all the way across the ring and his head hit the bottom turnbuckle knocking him a little silly.

Jason Johnson: Beorn's top rope risk managed to not pay off in the way he liked. But OutKast took advantage of it by sending Beorn clear across the ring.

Jeff Hansen: You can say that again. Did you see his head bounce off the bottom turnbuckle?

Jason nodded as the action continued. OutKast executed a quick legdrop to the back of Beorn's head as he was trying to gain his footing yet again. OutKast now, after all the action among himself and Beorn, went for a pin. And it wasn't much of a pin at that. It was more of an arrogant pin as he set his foot on Beorn's chest with a sly grin attached to his face like he knew he was insulting the downed man. But OutKast didn't even get a one count as Beorn quickly swiped the foot away before the referee got down to count.

Jason Johnson: Pure insulting going on right there, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Yes, yes it is. And I love it.

OutKast dropped a couple knees to the knee of Beorn and locked in a Figure-Four Leg Lock. Beorn lay back on his back trying to suck up the pain until the referee started counting. 1... 2... sit up. Beorn leaned back on his elbows as OutKast began tightening the hold. The referee checking on Beorn but he wouldn't give. OutKast seeing this as the perfect opportunity to reach back and keep hold of the ropes.

Jason Johnson: Really taking advantage of those ropes. And the referee not even seeing it. That's cheap.

Jeff Hansen: Your point?

Jason didn't answer. He watched on as Beorn kept taking the punishment. The same routine happening. OutKast grabbing the ropes until the referee started to look in his direction. Each time not getting caught. Beorn leaning back a few times and a couple 2 counts. Until now when Beorn began pulling OutKast to the middle of the ring and flipped the leg lock over causing immense pain back to OutKast.

Jason Johnson: Beorn now returning the favor on OutKast. No matter how many times OutKast gets the advantage, Beorn just keeps coming back, refusing to give up. It takes a lot of determination and heart to do that.

Jeff Hansen: OutKast is just gonna knock him back down again. Why's he even trying?

When OutKast reached the ropes, Beorn quickly released his hold on OutKast and stood up waiting for him to do the same. When OutKast again gained his footing he came charging in at Beorn only to receive a T-Bone Suplex sending OutKast across the ring. Beorn instantly jumped up and ran over to him running him into the corner with a massive clothesline almost sending him over the top rope. He then quickly grabbed hold of his arm and executed a Irish Whip into the other side of the ring. When he came flying back he was sent right back down with a Powerslam.

Jason Johnson: Beorn is starting to get a second wind of sorts. Really punishing OutKast right now.

Beorn drops to the ground and hooks OutKast's leg. The ref slides into position. 1.....2....KICKOUT!!! The fans all pop that OutKast was able to kick out of that. Beorn lays beside OutKast breathing heavily. Beorn rolls over to his stomach, as does OutKast. OutKast, however, rolls to the outside. He manages to look under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. The fans boo, but OutKast ignores them. He slides the chair into the ring and then climbs the apron. However, Beorn gets up and the two begin to exchange punches. Dazing OutKast, Beorn hooks his head underneath OutKast's arm and he hooks his arm over OutKast's head. He lifts OutKast into the air and holds him there, only to release him into a powerbomb.

Jason Johnson: My GOD, what a move!

Beorn and OutKast are both out. The fans are going insane at such a move. Beorn grabs the bottom rope, forcing himself up, rope by rope. OutKast, meanwhile, rolls over to his stomach, trying to force himself up. Beorn is finally up, and he's calling for OutKast to get up, waving his free arm in the air while the other one holds him up. OutKast finally gets to his feet, with help from the ropes on the other side. He locks eyes with Beorn yet again, and the two men are receiving a gigantic applause from the fans. Both men walk to the center of the ring, tired. They begin to share a few words with one another, yelling. The fans are cheering their heads off as OutKast attempts a punch and it's blocked by Beorn, who OutKast grabs the arm of and sends into the ropes. As Beorn is coming back, OutKast ducks down and lifts Beorn onto his shoulders. Spinning around, OutKast snaps Beorn off of his shoulders and into a Michinoku Driver.

Jeff Hansen: Oh my God!!! OutKast NAILED the Devastator to Beorn!

The fans boo as loudly as possible as OutKast lands right beside Beorn, both men nearly gone. OutKast manages to sling a single arm over onto Beorn, and the referee slides in to make the count. The fans count along with him: 1..........2.......BEORN GETS AN ARM UP!!! The fans go absolutely insane that Beorn managed to throw one arm into the air to kick out. OutKast rolls to his stomach and slaps his hands against the mat, cursing. He takes this newfound anger and forces himself to his feet. He grabs Beorn, holding him by his hair. He screams at his face, and he whips Beorn to the ropes, but Beorn reverses! Beorn wraps OutKast's arm across OutKast's chest and hooks OutKast!

Jason Johnson: Oh man...that's the Greetings From Peggy's Cove!!!!!

Beorn has it locked in, but loosely. OutKast headbutts Beorn repeatedly, but Beorn keeps it held. OutKast puts a foot on the turnbuckle and he headbutts Beorn one more time. He takes another step to the next turnbuckle, and then the other. However, as he does so, Beorn, almost instinctively, forces OutKast the rest of the way over his body, the fans going, quite simply, ballistic.

Jason Johnson: He turned it into the Canadian Cold!!! OutKast is OUT!!!!

Beorn looks up at OutKast, who is all the way across the ring, out cold. Beorn collapses trying to crawl over to OutKast. The fans are going crazy, begging him to get up. He crawls another bit, but collapses again. The fans are going insane still, and Beorn makes it halfway across the ring to OutKast. OutKast begins to stir, but barely there still. Beorn crawls until he is right beside OutKast, but he drops, unable to go further. The fans are seemingly ready to riot. Beorn makes one final attempt and manages to get an arm draped over OutKast. The ref slides into position: 1......2......NO!!!!! Somehow, OutKast managed to thrust one arm into the air before collapsing totally again. Beorn lays beside him, and OutKast gets up, just barely. He glares back to the audience, and the fans boo him. Out of breath, he find Mac's face and once again taunts him. Beorn gets up himself, and hooks OutKast's head again. However, OutKast locks Beorn's head into a DDT position! He hooks Beorn's arms and the fans know what's coming. He drops Beorn to the mat, and Beorn is most definitely OUT COLD.

Jeff Hansen: Ah, man! OutKast NAILED the Alienator!!

Jason Johnson: Only OutKast's brother and Crash have ever gotten out of that move!!!

OutKast smirks, knowing there's no way Beorn is getting up after that move. However, the sounds of a guitar on the PA system stops him.

Jason Johnson: What's that?

OutKast stands up, lording over Beorn's knocked out body, glaring at the entryway. "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana pumps through the stereo system of the arena. There seems to be a big disturbance in the crowd as Mac emerges from the crowd!!! He slides into the ring and gets face to face with his long time nemesis, OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: How did that man get past the security?!

Mac and OutKast exchange words and then Mac spots Beorn behind OutKast starting to stir. He continues to jaw at OutKast and the referee gets in between the two men. Mac shoves the referee, who bumps into OutKast, who gets hooked into a schoolboy by Beorn!! The fans chant 1......2.......3!!!! However, the referee is busy trying to get Mac out of the ring! The fans are booing as Mac seems to be costing Beorn his victory. Beorn lets OutKast go and starts to yell at the referee. Mac steps back and heads to exit the ring and the referee begins to yell at Beorn, who yells back. However, Mac spots OutKast and takes a step back, slapping his thigh. He leaps forward, and connects with his devastating CLUTCH KICK....on Beorn?!? Beorn staggers backwards, out on his feet, and walks into a kick the midsection by OutKast, followed up by an Alienator! The fans boo their heads off as the referee chastises Mac. Mac holds his arms in the air, smirking. The referee turns around and sees OutKast hooking Beorn's limp leg.

Jason Johnson: No, damn it! Not like this!

The referee slides into position and Mac looks to the fans holding his hand in the air, counting along with the referee....1..............2...............3!!! The fans boo as loudly as they can as OutKast sits up on his knees looking down at the out cold Beorn. He grins, and his grin turns into laughter as he is helped to his feet by Mac. The two men embrace and OutKast calls for the microphone.

Jason Johnson: I hope he has a good explanation for this...

OutKast: L....ladies...and

OutKast attempts to catch his breath.

OutKast: ...MAC!!!

The fans boo extremely loudly, very hyped from this match.

OutKast: words...?

OutKast hands Mac the microphone and collapses against the ropes. Mac grins from ear to ear.

Mac: I think what my esteemed colleague was trying to tell you all...was....I am Mac.

The fans boo.

Mac: Former World Champion and an icon in this business. This man...

Mac points to OutKast.

Mac: an icon in this business. And he is also one of my best friends. I guess you could say this is my way of giving back to that friendship. You can consider me OutKast's new business partner!!!

Jason Johnson: OutKast's business partner?!

Jeff Hansen: I believe that's the PC term for "manager", Jason.

Jason Johnson: Oh my God. Mac and OutKast together again, causing havoc in The SHOOT Project...

OutKast and Mac are at the entryway at this point, and Beorn rises to his feet. He holds his arms out, and orders the referee to put the mic to his mouth.

Beorn: ....hey OutKast...don't you....ever...forget....I'M STILL STANDING!!!

The fans pop EXTREMELY loudly as OutKast and Mac wave Beorn off, heading to the back. Beorn rolls out of the ring, the fans applauding this man for what he has just accomplished in this ring. "Swordsman" by GZA hits as he heads to the back.

(Just before we go to our next match, we fade into the back, in some anonymous locker room. X-Calibur can be seen in front of us, sitting down on a steel chair, with his arms folded on the cold steel. His eyes remain closed, and his long brown hair, drips with dampness. Without opening his eyes, he speaks softly.)

“This is my time.”

(X exhales, and you can almost hear his nostrils beginning to flare.)

“This is my match.”

(Once again, X-Calibur exhales. This time however, his left eg begins to shake up and down, as he is obviously pumping himself up for this incredible match.)

“This is my pain.”

(All of the sudden, X-Calibur stands up from the cold steel, giving us a look at his incredible physique. X cracks his neck, and then smiles.)

“This is my victory.”

(With that said, X-Calibur picks up the cold steel chair, and folds it. With the chair in hand, he pats it, and the exits his locker room. Directly following, we fade to black.)

X-Calbur vs. Diamond Del Carver

(The heavy punk rock sound of “ANARCHY IN THE U.K.” by THE SEX PISTOLS starts to rock throughout Royal Albert Hall…)

Samantha: “This next match is scheduled for one fall with a thirty minute time limit! Firstly…now coming to the ring…hailing from Jackson Mississippi, he stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 266 pounds. Here is THE HARDCORE OUTLAW…DIAMOND DEL CARVER!”

(Del Carver emerges and begins to walk to the ring. Del is soaked from his pre-match warm ups…his hair is slicked back, and he is wearing a T-shirt made out of The Union Jack with the sleeves cut off …the British fans roar in recognition…)

Jason: “Here comes Del, he looks good and relaxed, he seems to have fully recovered from his recent injuries…but unfortunately he has also got that infamous black gym bag of his slung over his shoulder…and we all know what THAT means…Del throws the bag on the mat as he climbs into the ring …”

(Del goes to the top rope and holds his hands over his head to the enthusiastic response of the fans. The sound of The Sex Pistols fades. “Last Resort” by Papa Roach begins to echo throughout the hall…)

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent! Coming to the ring, hailing from Lost River Pennsylvania, he stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 238 pounds he is THE X MAN: X-CALIBUR!”

(X-Calibur emerges from the dressing room to a warm reception from the fans.)

Jason: “As X-Calibur strides down to the ring, Del Carver throwing all sorts of objects from his bag into the ring now…there goes a hammer…a small length of chain…a pool cue…I think that is a staple gun…now Carver goes under the ring…he tosses a SNOW SHOVEL in the ring…there’s a steel chair…a trashcan…ANOTHER steel chair…a STOP SIGN…the fans are cheering madly as Carver rolls back in the ring…”

Jeff: “Ha! The ref is holding his hands over his head as he gets inundated by the GARBAGE that Carver is tossing into the ring…”

Jason: “WHOA! As he climbs into the ring…Del Carver SMASHES X-Calibur over the back with a trashcan lid! The bell rings…and HERE WE GO!”

Jeff: “HA! Carver bent that trashcan lid over X-Calibur’s back!”

Jason: “Carver now smiling and laughing as he STOMPS on the face of the prone X-Calibur who is laying on his back…with his hands over his face…Carver grinding his boot into the face of X-Calibur…”

Jeff: “X-Calibur staggers to his feet…he is PISSED…and he DROPS Del Carver with a WICKED SUPERKICK! Early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Carver.”

Jason: “Too early for that! Both men up…”

Jeff: “This match is going to be a very interesting clash of styles. X-Calibur is a superb TECHNICAL wrestler with unlimited credentials. Del Carver is HARDCORE, and is most famous for being very difficult to knock out.”

Jason: “X-Calibur is a Main Event Level competitor, no doubt about it. We are very lucky to have him here is Shoot Project.”

Jeff: “I should mention, X-Calibur is no stranger to hardcore matches either! He still holds the NWW Hardcore Title, they are a small but tough independent promotion.”

Jason: “Good point. X-Calibur can wrestle hardcore is he wants to. Brutal smash to head of X-Calibur from Del Carver, with that trash can lid! X-Calibur collapses to the mat, clutching his head.”

Jeff: “Del Carver quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP! ONE…TWO…Kickout by X-Calibur!”

Jason: “Both men up…big boot to the midsection X-Calibur, he is doubled over and Del Carver follows up comes back with a HUGE lariat! Cover by Del Carver…ONE…TWO…Kickout by X-Calibur!”

Jeff: “Oh no. Del Carver has reached into his back pocket and he’s got that black glove wrapped in barbed wire…and he’s putting it on!”

Jason: “WHAM…Carver grabs X-Calibur by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS that gloved fist right into his head.”

Jeff: “One punch from that infamous black glove and X-Calibur is bleeding a gusher!”

Jason: “As it always happens when Carver pulls out this glove, the victim is covered in blood in seconds and there's more just pouring down from his forehead.”

Jeff: “Del Carver has knocked X-Calibur to his ass, courtesy of the Tokyo kiss!”

Jason: “X-Calibur is shaking his head, trying to clear it as he stumbles to his feet…Carver is ready…”

Jeff: “Side headlock on X-Calibur by Del Carver…oh boy…X-Calibur lifts Carver and NAILS HIM with a RELEASE TIGER SUPLEX!”

Jeff: “WOW!”

Jason: “Del collapses to the mat in obvious pain…X-Calibur begins to brutally stomp him as hard as he can…Carver reaches over…grabs that pool cue…and swings it across…nailing X-Calibur across the back of his knees!”

Jeff: “Well, that wasn’t very scientific, but it worked.”

Jason: “Win or Lose, X-Calibur is going to need an ice pack tonight…”

Jeff: “Del Carver up…and now SMASHES X-Calibur with that SHOVEL he threw into the ring earlier! Another legdrop. Cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! X-Calibur up….”

Jason: “X-Calibur ducks a wild swing by Carver…and NAILS Carver with a Belly to Belly Suplex…ON TOP OF THAT GARBAGE CAN!”

Jason: “Del Carver is pulled up to his feet by X-Calibur…X-Calibur lifts Del up…holds him HIGH in the air…Spinning Delta-Plex…and DROPS him on the top of his head!”

Jeff: “Brutal! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Carver kicks out!”

Jason: “X-Calibur covers again: ONE…TWO…NO! X-Calibur stays on him…pulls Del Carver back to his feet… X-Calibur nails Carver again with a CRADLE SUPLEX and covers! ONE…TWO…Del’s shoulder up again…Del Carver rolls over…he looks frazzled and dazed!”

Jeff: “Carver’s out of it…but he won’t stay down!”

Jason: “What a technical wrestling CLINIC X-Calibur is putting on!”

Jeff: “X-Calibur is really gaining the upper hand on Del Carver…this man is a SWA Triple Crown Winner and he’s showing us WHY.”

Jason: “Carver is staggered…X-Calibur hoists him up…another quick release back Suplex! X-Calibur goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Carver!”

Jeff: “X-Calibur argues with the ref…he feels that should have been a three count…X-Calibur now turns back to Carver who is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jason: “As X-Calibur and the ref continue to argue, Del Carver crawls through the trash that he threw in the ring…and grabs that pool cue. Now Del is climbing up to the top…”

Jeff: “Del Carver comes off the top rope swinging that pool cue…but X-Calibur grabs the STOP SIGN and DEMOLISHES Del as he leaps from the top rope!”

Jason: “Del took WAY too long going up there. X-Calibur is a smart veteran, and saw Del coming! You can’t fool a great fighter like X-Calibur!”

Jeff: “Del Carver took that shot from the stop sign right across the top of the head…and he lands on the garbage can again…crushing it!”

Jason: “X-Calibur goes for the cover…this has to be it, COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Del Carver kicks out! Holy CRAP!”

Jeff: “I don’t know how the hell Carver managed to kick out of that, but now HE is busted open from that shot with the Stop Sign!”

Jason: “We’ve heard Del Carver say before that he’s not much of a wrestler, but the one thing he CAN do better than anybody else here in Shoot Project is take a beating and get up from it. He’s proving that here tonight.”

Jeff: “X-Calibur grabs a trash can, sets a steel chair up in the upright position…what the hell is he planning?”

Jason: “X-Calibur lunging at Del Carver…but Diamond Del gives X-Calibur a drop toehold into the trashcan on the chair…COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! X-Calibur gets the shoulder up!”

Jeff: “Whatever it was that X-Calibur was planning there, it backfired on him and Del manages to trip him face first into the steel!”

Jason: “Del Carver back to his feet, nails X-Calibur with an uppercut…and another…”

Jeff: “At least Carver is hitting him with LEFT hands and not the right, which has that evil barbed wire glove on it!”

Jason: “Good point.”

Jeff: “A whip into the opposite corner is reversed, and Del Carver smashes into the corner back first…”

Jason: “X-Calibur follows through with a running clothesline!”

Jeff: “X-Calibur has a handful of hair…he pulls Carver to his feet and Del Carver sits him on top rope…”

Jason: “Now X-Calibur pulls the trashcan over, he places it on top of the folding steel chair. Now X-Calibur deliberately places the can and the chair it in front of the corner.”

Jeff: “X-Calibur climbs up to well Del Carver is slumped on the top rope. I think X-Calibur wants to superplex Del off the tope rope onto the can and chair!”

Jason: “Del Carver grabs the ropes and blocks the attempt!”

Jeff: “X-Calibur is trying with all his strength to superplex Carver off the rope onto the chair and can, but Carver is holding on for dear life, and having none of that.”

Jason: “Carver lets go of the ropes and swings a wild desperation roundhouse at X-Calibur, with that spiked glove!”

Jeff: “It connects! WHAM! Carver staggered X-Calibur with that wild roundhouse! Now he hits him with another!”

Jason: “X-Calibur looks woozy…”

Jeff: “Now Del Carver SHOVES X-Calibur as HARD as he can!”

Jason: “X-Calibur flies off the top rope BACKWARDS, from where he was TRYING to perform that superplex! X-Calibur lands on his BACK…right over top of that can and chair!”

Jeff: “Del sees his opportunity, and climbs back up to the top rope! Del comes off with a flying LEG DROP off the top rope!”

Jason: “X-Calibur rolls out of the way!”

Jeff: “Del Carver lands awkwardly on top of that crumpled garbage can and chair! OUCH! X-Calibur dodged the bullet!”

Jason: “X-Calibur lifts Del Carver in the air, and slaps on a full nelson…”

Jeff: “I guess he’s going for a submission, X-Calibur is a noted submission wrestler.”

Jason: “NO! X-Calibur setting up a full-nelson slam…he hoists Carver up…what the…X-Calibur releases half of the full nelson with one arm…and with the other still on Carver's neck, X-Calibur spins Carver around and into a front face lock…DDT!”


Jason: “The fans cheer madly as X-Calibur drops Del Carver with that impressive move. Now he’s climbing back up to the top…”


Jeff: “X-Calibur covers and hooks the leg, the ref slides in for the count…”

Jason: “ONE…TWO…THREE! X-Calibur wins! The bell rings!


Jeff: “You could see Carver’s legs kicking frantically, trying to force his way out of that pinning predicament, but he just couldn’t do it.”

Jason: “No he couldn’t. Del Carver was STUNNED by that AMAZING Full Nelson into a DDT…X-Calibur followed that up with the impact of a top rope elbow smash. That combined with the hooked leg, was enough to get the quick three count.”

Jeff: “X-Calibur arrived BIG TIME in Shoot Project tonight. He controlled the majority of that fight, and took it right to Del Carver for more than 20 minutes, and then beat him, and Del Carver is no slouch.”

(“Last Resort” is playing as X-Calibur helps Del Carver to his feet and then extends his hand in a gesture of sportsmanship. Del Carver is holding his neck in pain, and stares at X-Calibur for a moment. Finally he slaps X-Calibur’s outstretched hand in a friendly manner. Del Carver raises X-Calibur’s hand as the fans cheer wildly. The two fighters make their way up the aisle. Both are obviously in considerable pain.)

Jeff: A display of good sportsmanship? I thought I’d never see that day come here in SHOOT.

Jason: I actually agree with you on that comment Jeff… I’ve been running this place a lot longer than you’ve been working with us. The way X-Calibur and Del Carver went about things in the end. Well that was a surprise to me.

Jeff: It certainly has been one hell of a night thus far, but we’ve got two matches left to go, with both matches being title matches.

Jason: I’m sure London is loving every moment of tonight’s Oblivion. I know I am.

(The cameras get a shot of the excited London crowd, before picking up on X-Calibur and Del Carver. Both men are in conversation as they head down the hall and to the locker room area to clean themselves up. Both are smiling for the most part, despite the obvious pain both men are in. As they continue to walk, Creative Genius Ed Raymond approaches from the other way, a sarcastic smirk on his face.)

Ed Raymond: Oh how cute is this. X-Calibur and Del Carver walking hand in hand.

(He begins to laugh and his comment brings X-Calibur and Del Carver to a dead halt. Raymond looks up from his laughing and sees both men just staring at him.)

Ed Raymond: Don’t try to cover up the sentimental moment you two were obviously sharing after the match. Those angry stares, they just don’t cut it. But anyway, you two aren’t even my concern… well not right now anyway… I have some other things to take care of, you guys seen Jonny Johnson or Enigma?

(Both X-Calibur and Del Carver simply shake their heads no and head off down the hall yet again, but Raymond just can’t leave well enough alone as he watches the two head off.)

Ed Raymond: Man, X, I remember back when you were in my C.O.I.W.A., and you were ruthless…. Guess old man Carver caused you to go soft after all you did this week to destroy him in that ring.

(Del continues to walk, but at this point in time, X-Calibur has turned around and glares at Ed Raymond who just smiles.)

Ed Raymond: Anyway, best of luck in the Road to K.O. tournament.

(Raymond then heads off leaving X-Calibur to re-evaluate the situation. X-Calibur stares off towards Del as he heads into the locker room area. X-Calibur shakes his head and continues that way as well.)

Jeff: Raymond up to his old tricks as usual…

Jason: Ed seems to have an odd way of working, which is exactly why I hired him to begin with.

Jeff: Yeah but why is he looking for the tag team champions? Doesn’t he know that they have a tag team title match coming up right now?

(Sure enough “Orion” by Metallica plays up over the P.A. system which instantly gets the fans attention.)

The Beautiful People vs. Orion Bane/Lunnatik Crippler

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is for the SHOOT Project Tag Team titles!

(A nice sized pop follows the announcement of the match. As Samantha continues on Orion Bane’s music continues to play.)

Samantha: First making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and fifty four pounds… Here is Orion Bane!!

Jeff: This will be Orion Bane’s debut, and what a match he has before him.

Jason: You know, this guy has been silent ever since showing up on Oblivion last week, and now his music is playing, and I don’t see him anywhere, seems to me like a no show.

(Eventually the music dies, but the interest of the fans rises suddenly as the SHOOT big screen suddenly turns on to reveal a man, laid out on the ground, his face bloodied almost beyond recognition. Orion Bane himself then appears in the scene, a wicked expression on his face. He looks down at the bloodied body and shakes his head.)

Orion Bane: I work alone… I’ve always worked alone. (Orion then walks off, leaving his opponent out cold. Upon walking off, the scene itself cuts away from the attack to the locker room of Jonny Johnson and Enigma who both watch what just occurred on a small television screen.)

Jonny Johnson: Damn….

Enigma: Double damn….

(Enigma and Jonny look to each other for a moment, trying to maintain seriousness, but they can’t… as usual, and begin to chuckle.)

Jonny Johnson: Guess that means we’re still the champions, eh?

(Enigma nods his head.)

Enigma: Was there any doubt, man?

(Again the two smile and laugh, enjoying their victory thanks to Orion Bane. That’s about the time the door swings open. Ed Raymond walks into the room… a little hesitant and for good reason. Both Jonny and Enigma look to him the second he steps into the locker room.)

Jonny Johnson: Eddie, what brings you here…. Pal?

Ed Raymond: Listen Jonny I’m just as enthused to be here as you are about having me be here… so let’s just cut all the sass and sarcasm alright? I’ll make this quick and you guys can be on your way.

(Raymond pauses, expecting some smarmy remark from the tag champs, but oddly enough they remain silent.)

Ed Raymond: Okay… well, first of all… (Ed Raymond swallows his pride and begins.) We from the Creative team of SHOOT Project apologise for the decision we made in booking you two against two opponents who’s work ethic was fairly unknown to us. To compensate for the obvious lack of opponents this week it has been decided that we would give both you Jonny Johnson and you Enigma… the week off next week. Again, we are terribly sorry.

(He sighs with relief having said what he was sent here to say. He now stands in silence as Jonny and Enigma just look at him, blinking. Finally Enigma speaks up.)

Enigma: Well, god, Raymond that was so nice of you. Your sincerity was amazing. Now do us a favor…. Don’t ever feed us that bull shit again.

Jonny Johnson: yeah, Eddie, I don’t think you understand our way of thinking. We’ll work hard every week, if given the right reason to. Otherwise, we’ll gladly hold these titles and beat Joe Schmoe and Ron Schmuck without breaking a sweat. You want to give us the week off that’s hardly a reward… this week for us was basically a week off.

(Raymond stands there, trying to understand.)

Ed Raymond: So you guys want a match next week?

(Jonny and Enigma both laugh, simply because they are amused with Raymond’s obvious stupidity.)

Enigma: Yeah…

Jonny Johnson: Duh!

(Before Raymond can respond, he feels a hand press on his shoulder. Raymond turns around, ready to give it to whoever is touching him.. that is until he finds himself looking into the face of Vince Mallows. Mallows smiles at Raymond and then looks to Jonny and Enigma)

Vince Mallows: I just happened to be in the area, and couldn’t help but hear you two ask for a match when you were granted a week off. Seems like a lot has changed over the months, especially your attitude towards work.

(The three men share a laugh, while Raymond just stands there, rather nervous. Mallows picks up on Raymond’s feeling and turns to him.)

Vince Mallows: Now, Ed, there is no reason to be worried or nervous. In fact, I just came by to convince Jonny and Enigma that a week off is a good thing. After all, rumor has it someone has just scored a nice week long vacation package for three in Paris, France.

(Jonny looks to Enigma, who looks to Jonny, and then both men look to Vince who is all smiles.)

Enigma: Well Vinnie, you got me sold.

Jonny Johnson: Yeah, Paris… haven’t been there for some time.

(The three men head out the door suddenly, leaving Raymond standing there, unscathed, unharmed, untouched. He sighs with relief and turns around to leave the locker room.)

Ed Raymond: Those guys make me nervous….

“Remember” by Disturbed hits the Public Address system, and the fans come to their feet in a unanimous display of booing for their SHOOT Project Champion. He walks out, which only serves to intensify said booing. He’s holding a microphone in his hand, and has the SHOOT Project Championship slung over his shoulder. He swaggers down to the ring, and climbs in.

Samantha Coil: Making his way to the ring, at a weight of 235 pounds, he is the-

Samantha gets cut off.

Real Deal: Yes, I am the SHOOT Project Champion. And, I’ve been doing some thinking lately. Yeah, I gave old Willmott the run around this week, and basically made him look afool. That being said, I’ve been questioned immensely about the supposed involvement of Ed Raymond’s little syndicate.

Real Deal pauses for the reaction, the booing, that ensues.

Real Deal: Right, that’s to be expected. Well, the answer to this question. The question as to whether or not Ed Raymond will get involved here tonight, is simply… No.

The fans pop.

Real Deal: After running Willmott around so much, it’d only be fair that I come out here and beat him myself. So, I’ve given instructions to Raymond and company to just stay in the back for the duration of the match. Eddie Ray assured me that no such injustice would happen, and that I would be allowed to go and beat Ray Willmott on my own. Now, with that, let’s bring out the superstar himself…

“Liberate” by Disturbed hits the PA, and Ray Willmott explodes from out of the back, charging the ring, and sliding in, taking Real Deal almost by surprise.

The Real Deal vs. Ray Willmott

[The bell sounds as a hungry Ray Willmott instantly rushes at The Real Deal with all guns blazing. The two men instantly lock up and Real Deal comes up with the advantage. Real Deal swings Willmott into the ropes and goes for a clothesline. However, as Willmott bounces off the ropes he comes flying back and nails The Real Deal with a strong forearm across the head. The Real Deal falls to the mat and the fans let loose a wild cheer. Willmott stands looking down at The Real Deal motioning and screaming for him to get back up. The Real Deal is quick to his feet, and the expression on his face is priceless.]

Jeff: Look at the Real Deal! He’s shocked! This is great.

Jason: There is no doubt that Ray Willmott is going to be one hell of a star in the future of the SHOOT Project.

[The Real Deal shakes his head with some disbelief and again locks up with Willmott. Again, Real Deal comes up with the advantage and rolls around behind Willmott. The Real Deal quickly locks his arms around Willmott’s waist and goes to take him down with a belly to back suplex. However, Willmott holds his own and rolls forward and gets The Real Deal in a pin manoeuvre! The referee makes the Count. One… Two… The Real deal reverses and pins Willmott. Again the referee counts. One… Two… Willmott reverses the pin with a back slide. The count.. One… Real Deal kicks out and rolls over Willmott to get him into another pinning situation. The referee counts.. One.. Two…. Willmott juts his legs up and over The Real Deal, pinning him around with a rolling school boy. The referee counts again. One… Two… Real Deal kicks out and rolls up under Willmott for yet another pin. One… Two.. Willmott kicks out and both men leap to their feet and look at each other. The fans applaud both men’s impressive display of pins.]

Jason: what a show down that was…. Ray Willmott isn’t letting down against the champion.

Jeff: And The Real Deal is actually showing some skill in the ring.. this is history in the making.

[Willmott approaches The Real Deal and goes for a hand shake. Real Deal shakes his hand, but then decks Willmott across the face, causing the once cheering fans to begin to boo. The Real Deal lands another hard hit to Willmott and then scoops him up and holds him vertically in the air. Seconds later he drops Willmott with a brainbuster. Willmott hits the mat hard and holds his head in pain. The Real Deal lets loose with a series of stomps and kicks, bombarding Willmott with a load of pain. Willmott makes it to the ropes however and the referee tells The Real Deal to back off. However, The Real Deal doesn’t let up on Willmott, and yanks him from the ropes. The Real Deal then lifts Willmott to his feet and this time takes him down with a German Suplex bridge pin. The referee hits the mat to make the count, but Willmott is up just barely after the ref counts one! The Real Deal quickly gets to his feet and pulls Willmott up as well. The Real Deal twists Willmott’s arm around his back. Willmott struggles to break free and lands a back elbow into Real Deal’s gut. The Real Deal wrenches up on Willmott’s arm causing him to wince in pain. However, Willmott reaches up with his free arm and manages to hit Real Deal with a jaw breaker. The Real Deal bounces backward and lands on the mat. Willmott rotates his arm a bit, trying to get some feeling back into it. Then, seeing The Real Deal on the ground, Willmott takes the opportunity to gain some offense on Real Deal. He walks over and quickly brings The Real Deal to his feet and whips him into the corner. He then follows up and hits The Real Deal with a rib buster to keep him in place. Willmott lifts The Real Deal up onto the top turnbuckle and then ascends to the top as well.]

Jason: What on earth is he going to do from up there, A suplex?

Jeff: Who knows, this Ray Willmott guy seems to have an entire arsenal of moves, and being new to SHOOT, he’s probably going to pull out all the stops and show these people who he is.

[Willmott grabs hold of The Real Deal and gets him into a DDT position. He then raises one arm and Leaps backward off the top rope driving the Real Deal into the mat with a top rope DDT!! The fans pop loudly, impressed with this move. Willmott however, seemed to have slightly injured his back doing the move, and both men roll around on the mat in pain. The Real Deal rolls towards the rope, trying to get himself up, while Willmott slowly stands on his own. Willmott is up first as Real Deal grabs onto the rope. Willmott seizes the opportunity and rams his knee into the back of Real Deal, which sends him spilling to the outside. Willmott follows in hot pursuit as he lifts the World Champion up to his feet and whips him towards the corner post. The Real Deal manages to reverse it and Willmott crashes into the post and falls directly backward.]

Jason: Hard hit for Willmott, and it looks like that pole shot might have busted him open..

[The Real Deal slowly walks over to the fallen Willmott and then climbs up onto the ring apron. He looks down at Willmott and leaps off the apron landing an elbow across Willmott’s chest. The Real Deal lays across him, but the referee shouts that the pin must be made in the ring. The Real Deal gets up to his feet and brings Willmott up as well. He rolls Willmott back into the ring and slides in the ring himself. The Real Deal then ascends the top rope.]

Jeff: The Real Deal is going to the top now? This is unusual for him, but the champion seems to be in a different mind set tonight… maybe he’s realized that he’s not exactly the most respected champion right now.

Jason: Everyone recognises the error of their ways sometimes.. and I think The Real Deal could really turn around in this match tonight. He expected a cakewalk, but Willmott is giving him one hell of a match.

[The Real Deal situates himself on the top turnbuckle and lands a nicely executed Frog Splash on Willmott. Real Deal quickly hooks the leg and the referee hits the mat for the count. One.. Two… Willmott gets the shoulder up and the match continues. The Real Deal begins to show signs of frustration as he gets to his feet and lands a few hard stomps on Willmott. He then picks Willmott up and whips him across the ring and into the ropes. Willmott comes bouncing back and this time The Real Deal connects with a vicious clothesline. Willmott falls right back down to the mat, but The Real Deal continues his assault. Again, The Real Deal lifts Willmott up off the mat and grabs him around the waist and around his right leg and quickly takes him down with a leg capture suplex. The Real Deal however does not let go of his grip and slowly stands back up, still holding Willmott in the leg capture position. Once to his feet, The Real Deal takes Willmott down again with the leg capture suplex. Each one takes more and more out of both men, but The Real Deal continues on to a third, and a fourth leg capture suplex before releasing his hold on Willmott. Willmott lays on the mat nearly motionless and Real Deal seems to be somewhat winded from his four leg capture suplexes.]

Jeff: I have to give credit again, The Real Deal is really showing some technical superiority over Willmott right now… and there has been no interference or anything!

Jason: My brother does have his moments, Jeff.

Jeff: Not often though.

[Back inside the ring, The Real Deal slowly gets to his feet, while Willmott tries to gain his composure back. The Real Deal is up and looks to be waiting for Willmott. As he does so, The Real Deal gets into a stance, that can only mean one thing…. Reality Check time. Willmott slowly gets up to his feet and as he turns around, The Real Deal lunges at Willmott in hopes to nail him with his version of the super kick. However, Willmott with surprising speed grabs Real Deal’s foot and pushes it back down toward the mat. Then Willmott wraps his arm around The Real Deal’s neck and shoulder, lifts him up, and takes him down hard onto the mat!! The fans respond with surprise, as Willmott executed that Rock Bottom like move with lightning speed! Willmott stands up over the fallen Real Deal, and starts to get pumped, obviously feeling his second wind. Willmott grabs Real Deal by the head and pulls him up to his feet. He then quickly scoops up Real Deal and shouts out to the fans, albeit incoherently, and then drops The Real Deal with a reverse Death Valley Driver!]

Jason: I know a little about this guy, and that was his old school finisher, the Crucifix! This one could be over for The Real Deal, and we could have a major upset right here tonight!!!

Jeff: Ray Willmott the new world champion, what a blow to Real Deal and his goons that would be!

[Willmott makes the cover over Real Deal and the referee hits the mat to make the count. One… Two… Thr… No! The Real Deal kicks out, and despite how much the fans dislike this man, they cheer him out of respect and out of shock that the Real Deal kicked out. Willmott is shocked as well and gets up from the pin. He watches as The Real Deal rolls towards the ropes. Willmott sizes him up and simply waits. The Real Deal reaches the ropes and pulls himself up to his feet. He leans on the ropes for a moment, seemingly buying some time. Willmott isn’t going to let this happen and quickly runs toward The Real Deal. At the last possible second, The Real Deal ducks down and pulls the ropes down with him thus sending Willmott over the ropes and down onto the ground outside of the ring. The Real Deal gains his bearings back and sends himself flying over the top rope, landing a cross body splash on Willmott. Both men fall, Willmott landing on his back and The Real Deal landing on top of him. The Real Deal then holds Willmott’s head up with his left hand, and starts driving closed fist after closed fist into Willmott’s face. After awhile, the referee shouts for both men to bring it back inside the ring, and The Real Deal does so, but leaves Willmott outside who is now definitely busted open.]

Jeff: He’s sure bleeding now!

Jason: This world title match is getting pretty intense, and Real Deal could be ready to end this thing.

[The Real Deal paces about the ring now, taunting the fans and Willmott in the process. The fans respond with boos as he does so, watching as Real Deal converts back to his usual ways. Willmott struggles to get to his feet and crawls towards the ring apron. However, instead of pulling himself up to get back in the ring, Willmott reaches under the ring and begins to look for something. The Real Deal doesn’t notice this as he has his back turned to Willmott. Moments later the fans pick up with a wild pop as Willmott emerges with a sledgehammer in hand!!!]

Jeff: What the? Willmott has a sledgehammer!

Jason: Well this just can’t be good for The Real Deal!

Jeff: You think?

[Willmott, obviously wanting to make a name for himself, slides into the ring with the sledgehammer, with every hope to destroy the world champion and win the title in his debut match. The Real Deal turns around and is suddenly met with a sickening shot from the sledgehammer, that instantly busts The Real Deal wide open. The referee does not disqualify Willmott, but shouts at him to get rid of the sledgehammer. Willmott, although annoyed, listens to the referee and puts the sledgehammer down. He looks to The Real Deal, who’s blood is now streaming down his face, nearly covering him in a crimson mask. Willmott raises a hand and motions for his finisher. Willmott walks slowly over to The Real Deal and pulls him up to his feet. He then basically walks The Real Deal towards the center, holding him by the head. He looks into The Real Deal’s eyes before locking him into the set up for his signature The Echoes of Eternity. The fans find themselves actually torn for whom to cheer for at this point in time. Willmott sets up and drives The Real Deal down into the mat.]

Jeff: This looks to be the end of Real Deal’s title reign!

Jason: The referee is making the count!

Jeff: One… Two….

Jason: OH MY! Real Deal kicked out!!!

[The fans are amazed and stunned as they see The Real Deal with his shoulder and arm raised. Willmott looks out into nowhere with eyes wide with shock. He gets up and brings the Real Deal up with him. Willmott motions for his finisher for a second time, but as he does so Real Deal backs away from him and before Willmott knows it, Real Deal nails him with the Reality Check. Willmott staggers backward and the Real Deal calls for it….. and he hits it. The Final Judgement!!!]

Jason: The Real Deal nails Final Judgement, Willmott is out!!

Jeff: I’m at a loss for words here, I never liked The Real Deal’s smug attitude , but yet… tonight he’s showed quite a bit of hard work and skill.

Jason: The Real Deal makes the cover now, One…. Two… Three!!! The Real Deal is victorious!

(“Remember” By Disturbed hits the P.A. System as The Real Deal rises to his feet with his arms held high! The fans, oddly enough, are cheering The Real Deal, if only out of respect. Samantha hands The Real Deal the world title as she announces him the winner.)

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and still The SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion, The Real Deal!!!!!

Jason: What a night it’s been, and quite the action packed week.

Jeff: You couldn’t be anymore right, it has been another Oblivion for the books…. But wait… its not over.

(Jeff points to the entry way where Ed Raymond, Blake O’Reily, OutKast, and Mac are all coming down to the ring, smiles on their faces. The Real Deal raises his belt towards them and Raymond gives The Real Deal a proud thumbs up. The four men enter the ring and join The Real Deal in celebration. The fans at this point in time respond with mixed reactions…..)

Jason: Well folks, this is SHOOT from London and I’m Jason…

Jeff: OH MY GOD!!!!

(Jeff’s interruption causes Jason Johnson to look around and see just what the shout was for. Inside the ring, O’Reily just clubbed The Real Deal in the back of the head with a hard right which sent him right into the clutches of OutKast!! OutKast then looks out to the fans while Raymond and Mac shout “Do it!! Take care of him!!” OutKast then without second thought drops The Real Deal with The Alienator!!!!)

Jeff: What the hell was that!?

(The Four men stand over the now out cold Real Deal and look at him, OutKast laughs as Raymond grabs a mic from Samantha.)

Ed Raymond: Real Deal, that was your reality check. This week was all about Proving yourself… and Josh, you proved to be nothing but a weak man! Nobody finds a guy like you entertaining….. nobody wants to see a clean match….

(Raymond pauses and smiles as he hands the mic to Mac.)

Mac: what they want to see… what they all want to see is OutKast take you out of the picture for good!

(Mac throws the mic down onto the mat and all four men begin to lay a beating down on The Real Deal. Ray Willmott springs to his feet now, witnessing the attack, and attempts to save The Real Deal. However, O’Reily intercepts the save, and nails Willmott with the O’Reily Factor!! Willmott is out…. The Real Deal is out….

And Oblivion is out of time…