**Earlier Today**

Jason Johnson sits at a desk located somewhere inside London’s National Indoor Arena. He’s not doing anything exciting, just sorting through some papers and drinking a cup of coffee. Just then, the door opens and Ed Raymond walks in smiling broadly.

Ed Raymond: Hey there, Jason. How are you?

Jason Johnson looks up from his work with a slight tone of irritation in his voice.

Jason Johnson: What do you need, Ed?

Ed Raymond:(still smiling) Oh, I don’t need anything. I was just wondering did you bother to catch the end of the main event last week? Oh, wait, of course you did, you were sitting ringside when it all went down.

Raymond chuckles but Jason finds nothing funny.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, Raymond that’s was genius how you hired OutKast to help The Real Deal, but really were doing it to harm him. Nice job.

Raymond sense the obvious sarcasm in Jason Johnson’s voice and his mood changes slightly angrier.

Ed Raymond: Well obviously someone is not too happy. Does somebody want to back down from the bet?

Jason Johnson sighs and stands up from his desk now.

Jason Johnson: Back down from the bet? Why, The Real Deal is still champion, which means I’m winning the bet. You’ve thrown odds against him at this point in time, and he still came out in top. As a matter of fact, I know for sure that my brother will be here tonight. So yeah, I’m sticking to the bet: The Real Deal is going to be a long reigning and perfectly acceptable SHOOT World Champion.

Raymond simply smirks at Jason Johnson

Ed Raymond: Well I know they say blood is thicker than water, so it only seems understandable that you would be so confident in your brother. But I just have one name for you: OutKast…

Raymond pauses and laughs softly as Jason Johnson gives him a confused look.

Ed Raymond: Yeah, you know… another word for better than The Real Deal.

Now Jason Johnson chuckles, which brings Ed Raymond to a semi uneasy state.

Jason Johnson: Right, you got OutKast, he hit the alienator on my brother, what’s your point? Real Deal is still champion.

Ed Raymond: Yes, Real Deal is champion… for now. But come Impulse, OutKast has his number…and I hardly consider two months a “long reign”. Which means… guess I’ll be winning the bet. Have a great show tonight, El Presidente!

Raymond flashes that smarmy grin of his and exits Jason Johnson’s temporary office. Jason sighs and looks back to his paper work, but cannot concentrate after that conversation… Oblivion is now!

The Jam packed National Indoor Arena in England plays host to Oblivion tonight. A set of pyrotechnics start the show up as tons of screaming fans watch in anticipation, eager to see their favorite superstars, and boo the most hated ones. Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen are seated ring side ready to kick off tonight’s show.

Jeff Hansen: The SHOOT Project is bringing you round two of Oblivion in England, and as always we have great wrestling action in store for all of you tonight.

Jason Johnson: We have round one tournament matches, a DOJO title match, and the second match in the best of five series between the Madmen and Hardcore Style.. should be one hell of a night.

Jeff Hansen: But before we get to any of that, Jason.. I just have to ask, is it true? Is this whole thing between OutKast and The Real Deal a result of a bet you and Raymond made back in September when The Real Deal won the world title?

Jason Johnson hesitates to answer that.. but then speaks out.

Jason Johnson: As a matter of fact, yes to an extent it is. But I have the utmost confidence in The Real Deal, and as I told Raymond, despite the injury he suffered at the hands of OutKast, he is here tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Well you have to wonder what OutKast thinks about that, of course he’ll be in action later tonight against Lonewolf.. so let’s start this thing up.

Kyle Ortego vs. Mark Chicone

Road to K.O. (Round 1)

(The Camera goes to the ring, where we see Mark Chicone warming up, as his theme music plays. Samantha stands in the center of the ring, waiting patiently. Suddenly, the lights go down…'Lose Yourself' by Eminem starts to play as the fans leave their seats and look toward the entranceway…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next contest is a one fall contest with a 20 minute time limit. Now making his way towards the ring, hailing from New Orleans, Louisiana, he stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 225 pounds…here is KYLE ORTEGO!”

(Kyle Ortego jogs down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope to the cheers of the fans…)

Samantha: “His opponent, standing in the ring to my right, hails from…”

Jeff Hansen: “WHOA! Kyle Ortego cuts off Samantha’s introduction, when he NAILS Mark Chicone with a DROPKICK!”

Jason Johnson: “Samantha scurries out of the ring in a panic as the bell rings! Kyle Ortego on the attack!”

Jeff Hansen: “The ref is in, and we’re underway, with Kyle Ortego not wasting any time against Mark Chicone!”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego pulls Chicone to his feet and throws him into the ropes…”

Jeff Hansen: “Flying Head-scissors on Chicone by Kyle Ortego! Chicone spins through the air and lands on his back!”

Jason Johnson: “Now as Chicone lies on the mat dazed from that perfectly executed spinning flying head-scissors, Kyle Ortego goes up top!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego on the tope rope…Diving Head Butt!”

Jason Johnson: “He stays on Chicone for the cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone kicks out at the last minute!”

Jason Johnson: “Chicone unable to get anything going since the initial onslaught by Ortego!”

Jeff Hansen: “I heard Kyle Ortego say this week that he thought it was an INSULT that he had to fight Mark Chicone this week, when LAST week he pinned the DOJO Champion, Kid Wikkid…he seems to be taking that displeasure out on Chicone tonight!”

Jason Johnson: “It does look like Kyle Ortego is trying to send a message to the Office by coming out here super-aggressive…”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, YOU’RE the president Johnson, are you getting his message?”

Jason Johnson: “I am well aware of the credentials of Kyle Ortego, and if he continues winning, there will be Championship chances coming his way.”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego laying the boots to Chicone now…pulls him to his feet…”

Jason Johnson: “Sudden SPINNING LEG KICK on Kyle Ortego by Mark Chicone! Chicone finally fights back and puts some offense together!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Chicone going to the top rope as Ortego is stunned from that leg kick…”

Jason Johnson: “Split legged moonsault on Kyle Ortego by Mark Chicone!”

Jeff Hansen: “Into the cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Ortego kicks out!”

Jason Johnson: “Chicone laying in kicks to the prone Ortego…Ortego struggling to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone is trying desperately to maintain the advantage now that he has it…”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego up now, and Chicone laying in sharp knife edge chops to his chest…now Chicone whips Ortego into the ropes…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego SLIDES between Chicone’s legs and comes up…”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego up with a Jab to the face of Chicone, another Jab, a Roundhouse to the face, and a leg sweep takes Chicone down…as the fans cheer wildly!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego back in control as he ROCKS Mark Chicone with some of his patented martial arts combinations…”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone swings back wildly and misses…I don’t think you’re going to win a punch up with Kyle Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego answers back with a headbutt! Now a backfist, spinning back fist, spinning sidekick to the gut, and finally a spinning hook kick to the face!”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone goes down in a heap to the mad cheers of the fans!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego grabs Mark Chicone to pull him…NO!”


Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(Mark Chicone jumps to his feet and pumps his hand in the air in victory as his theme music hits. The fans sit in shocked silence for a moment…the ref raises Mark Chicone’s hand over his head…)

Samantha: “Here is your WINNER, in a time of 11 minutes and 13 seconds…MARK CHICONE!!!”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone makes his way up the aisle towards the dressing room, as Kyle Ortego sits in a heap in the ring…he’s in SHOCK!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego never saw that small package coming…and neither did we! Let’s look at the replay…you see Ortego DROP Chicone here with another amazing combination of fists and kicks…now Ortego reaches down to pull him to his feet…”

Jason Johnson: “Chicone grabs Ortego by the neck and rolls him up into a small package…you can see Ortego’s legs kicking like mad, but by the time he really knew what was going on, it was over!”

Jeff Hansen: “That goes to show, you can get beat at any time if you don’t keep your guard up…you see Kyle Ortego heading up the aisle, shaking his head in disgust. A bit of an upset there, but anything can happen!”

as Ortego heads up the rampway, the cameras cut away to the parking lot/loading dock portion of the arena. There, Beorn is seen walking into the arena, his duffel bag slung over his shoulder. The fans let out a nice pop for the arrival of Beorn, who seems focused about his Road to K.O. tournament match tonight. As he heads to the locker room area, Kyle Ortego spots him and laughs as Beorn walks by.

Kyle Ortego: Hey there, Boner.

Ortego laughs again and continues down the hall. Beorn, however stops dead in his tracks, drops the duffel bag and turns around ready to beat the living hell out of Kyle Ortego. However he doesn’t, and continues towards the locker room, picking up his duffel bag. As his anger dies down, he smiles.

Beorn: Looks like someone is suffering from “like Platinum” envy.

Beorn smiles and nods content with the reasoning as the cameras bring the action back to ringside.

Prometheus vs. X-Calibur

Jeff Hansen: Well this next match could be an all out brawl, but no one has heard or seen X-Calibur since last Sunday.

Jason Johnson: I made numerous phone calls to X this week, and none of them have been received. I guess we’ll see for ourselves tonight if he’s here or not.

Samantha gets into the ring and raises the mic to her lips.

Samantha: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqualification match up. Announcing down to the ring first…

Before Samantha can even utter another word, the SHOOT Big screen turns on revealing X-Calibur laid out on the ground, a shattered cinder block scattered around him. Blood runs from his forehead covering his face as he just lies there motionless. The fans begin to boo suddenly as Prometheus reveals himself standing close by, a grin plastered on his face.

Prometheus: I have no need to deal with you X-Calibur. I will take my win by a count out, and that will be all she wrote between the two of us.

Prometheus chuckles slightly and waves to X-Calibur.

Prometheus: Toodles.

With that the big screen shuts off. Moments later as the fans sit in silent, Prometheus shows up in the entryway, walking ever so slowly towards the ring, that grin still plastered on his face. After a good couple of minutes, Prometheus finally enters the ring and tells the referee to make the ten count.




Jeff Hansen: This Prometheus guy… I just can’t stand his actions. First Hook, then Boyer, and now he’s temporarily injured X-Calibur to avoid a match it seems.






Jason Johnson: Wait a minute? Who is that in the entry way? I can’t make anyone out, but I can tell for certain there is someone there.

Jason Johnson is not the only one who sees the shadowy figure in the entry way, the fans, the referee, and even Prometheus look in that direction. Prometheus seems somewhat perturbed by this, but remains in the ring as the referee reaches the ten count.

Samantha: The winner of the match by Count Out…. Prometheus!!!

Prometheus raises his hands in the air and looks back to the entryway, the shadowy figure is no longer there and Prometheus once again smiles broadly, despite all the boos directed towards him.

Jeff Hansen: When is someone going to actually put this Prometheus guy in his place? He’s just running a muck around here, thinking he can do whatever he wants.

Jason Johnson: Well, a win is a win I guess in Prometheus’ book. You can bet though that when X-Calibur regains consciousness, he’s going to be one angry man.

Jeff Hansen: At least there are more great matches to come that will overshadow this shameful win Prometheus received.

Cutting away from the ring to the “backstage area”, a cameraman follows two SHOOT staff members down a long narrow hall.

Staff Member #1: Hey, are Jonny Johnson, Enigma, and Vince Mallows still in Paris?

Staff Member #2: I think so, but I’m not absolutely sure. Why do you ask?

The first staff member looks a bit concerned, obviously needing a sure answer.

Staff Member #1: I need to know because this air time was for them, they were supposed to cut some backstage promo or something.

The second staff member shrugs his shoulder and then snaps his fingers moments later.Staff Member #2: Well why don’t we just ask Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie.

the camera pans over to find Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie standing by a table, both men drinking a cup of coffee. The two men approach the seasoned veterans of this sport.

Staff Member #1: Hey, Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie, do you guys know if Jonny Johnson, Enigma, and Vince Mallows are still in Paris?

Both Richtor and Dhomie turn to the two staff members and nod their heads.

Steve Richtor: Yeah, that’s what I heard.

Ty Dhomie: Yeah, me too.

The first staff member smiles with relief. And heads off down the hall.

Staff Member #1: Thanks a lot guys.

Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie nod their heads as if to say “no problem.” They go back to drinking their coffee as the second staff member remains standing there with them. Just standing.

Jeff Hansen: Steve Richtor!? Ty Dhomie!!? What, when? Huh?

Jason Johnson laughs, amused with Jeff Hansen’s fumbling of words.

Jason Johnson: Yep signed both of them to make the roster cap here in SHOOT official. Fans will be seeing the two in action next week, as Richtor and Dhomie have asked to fight against each other in their return to wrestling match one week from tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Oh, fair enough.

Jason Johnson: Richtor and Dhomie signed with SHOOT, and we’ve got another Road to K.O. round one match coming up in a few seconds. This is turning out to be a great night.

Orion Bane vs. Beorn
Road to K.O. (Round 1)

Jeff Hansen: “This is going to be a total war. We are about to witness a fight between two men who are both well over 6 feet tall, and are both well over 250 pounds.”

Jason Johnson: “Both men are also relative newcomers to Shoot Project, and are looking to make as big of an impact here as they have elsewhere in their careers.”

(“Orion” by Metallica begins to play over the sound system, as the fans cheer. Samantha steps into the spotlight and raises the microphone…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first, now making his way towards the ring: he hails from Parts Unknown, stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 254 pounds…here is: ORION BANE!”

(The fans applaud as the massive Orion Bane begins to methodically stride down the aisle towards the ring…Bane is obviously indifferent to the reaction of the crowd. Bane jumps to the apron, and steps over the top rope, as his music fades. “Swordsman” by gza begins to play…)

Samantha: “And now his opponent! Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs in at 265 pounds…here is ‘The Bear’…BEORN!”

(Beorn emerges into the spotlight as the fans cheer surprisingly loudly…Beorn casually trots down the aisle and slides under the bottom rope. Samantha wastes no time in exiting the ring. The ref enters the ring and signals for the bell…)

Jason Johnson: “Here we…WHOA!”

Jeff Hansen: “The MINUTE the bell rings, Beorn flattens Orion Bane with a HUGE LARIAT!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn starting this match off strong…”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn is a former SWA World Champion…and he doesn’t mess around!”

Jason Johnson: “Let’s not forget he’s also a former SWA T.V. Champion, a co-holder of the SWA Tag Team Champions…in fact, he’s in the SWA HALL OF FAME! This man is going to make some BIG waves here in Shoot Project…I guarantee it!”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn staying on Bane, pulls him to his feet, now whips him into the ropes…”

Jason Johnson: “BIG Belly to Belly Suplex!”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane lands HARD, and let me tell you, nailing a man who is 250 pounds with a Bell to Belly is NOT easy!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn goes for the cover…”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Orion Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Both men to their feet now…”

Jeff Hansen: “HARD Clothesline on Beorn by Orion Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Apparently the big brawler Orion didn’t like the quick offense by Beorn, and he comes back with a FORCEFULL CLOTHESLINE…and a cover of his own!”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…kickout by Beorn!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane starts stomping Beorn on the back and head…he IS a brawler, this is your classic match up of a brawler vs. a wrestler, although both men can go either way…”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn fights his way to his feet…Bane slaps on a headlock!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn fighting it hard…”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane really has that headlock cinched in there tightly…”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn now firing sharp elbows to the midsection of Bane…struggling to break that hold…”

Jeff Hansen: “He does it! Beorn breaks out of the headlock…now he throws Bane into the ropes…”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn grabs Orion Bane…T-bone Suplex!”

Jeff Hansen: “The crowd goes nuts! They seem to be cheering for Beorn in this match up!”

Jason Johnson: “I would guess that’s because Beorn is from Canada, which was at one point a British colony…I know there are some strong familial ties between Canadians and the British…”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn opts not to go for a cover, and instead follows his picturesque Suplex up with some elbow smashes…one…two…three…”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn down now…and locks on a HEAD-SCISSORS SUBMISSION!”

Jeff Hansen: “He’s really got it locked in…the ref slides in to check Bane’s arm…”

Jason Johnson: “Bane is putting up a hell of a fight…he’s not just lying there taking this submission attempt…he’s rolling one way…rolls the other…”

Jeff Hansen: “HE ROLLED OUT!”

Jason Johnson: “The fans now giving Orion Bane a hand as he manages to roll out of the head-scissors submission attempt by Beorn.”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane rears back…MULE KICK!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane comes up from that submission attempt and fires back in desperation with a mule kick, which hits Beorn in the breadbasket! Boom!”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn goes down and Bane is back in control!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane pulls Beorn up…HIGH VERTICAL SUPLEX!”

Jeff Hansen: “LOOK AT THAT! Bane has Beorn hoisted up for a Suplex…but he’s just holding him up in the upright position…what power!”

Jason Johnson: “Shades of the late British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith, which elicits a round of applause from these British fans…Orion Bane is holding Beorn up in a vertical Suplex…WOW!”

Jeff Hansen: “BAM! WOW! Now Bane drops him down…into a BRAINBUSTER!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane goes for the cover…”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO! Beorn kicks out!”

Jason Johnson: “WOW! What resiliency by Beorn!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane looks a bit peeved at that, but he stays on him…”

Jason Johnson: “Bane has Beorn up again…”

Jeff Hansen: “Belly to Back Suplex…INTO A BRIDGE!”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…TWO…NO! Beorn gets the shoulder up!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane looks REALLY pissed now! That’s the second two count in a row, and it looks like he thinks that was a slow count…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane SHOVING Shoot Project referee Yoshi Kyu…”

Jeff Hansen: “Big Mistake…you don’t turn your back on a former World Champion…Beorn is behind Orion Bane…and locks him up in THE CANADIAN COLD!!!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane was incensed that he only got a two count on that beautiful Belly To Back Bridge Suplex, he turns his back on Beorn to shove the ref, and Beorn shoots up with a SLEEPER HOLD on the unsuspecting Orion Bane…and he ain’t letting go!”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn has pulled Orion Bane into the dead center of the ring, where Bane is thrashing around with all of his might…fighting to the left…swinging to the right…but Beorn has that hold locked in good and tight!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane starting to fade…”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane’s arms starting to droop, his swings becoming less strong…”

Jason Johnson: “His arm DROPS!”

Jeff Hansen: “Referee Yoshi Kyu checking Bane’s arm ONCE…TWICE…and THREE TIMES! HE’S OUT!”

(The bell rings as the fans come to their feet, and “Swordsman” by gza begins to play. Beorn releases the CANADIAN COLD Sleeper Hold and Orion Bane collapses to the mat. The referee raises Beorn’s hand over his head…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…HERE is your WINNER, at a time of 17 minutes and 13 seconds… ‘The BEAR’: BEORN!!!”

Jason Johnson: “After a hard fought match, Beorn exits the ring and makes his way up the aisle to the cheers of the fans, as Orion Bane gets to his knees and shakes his head.”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane is double tough Johnson, but he didn’t see that move coming…let’s look at the replay as Orion Bane shakes his head in anger and heads back to the dressing room…here you see Beorn locking that ‘Million Dollar Dream’ type sleeper in…and that’s all she wrote for Mr. Bane.”

Jason Johnson: “Big win for the former SWA World Champion.”

Jeff Hansen: Beorn is on the rise here in SHOOT, and this Road to K.O. tournament could be the big thing he needs.

Jason Johnson: Well before we get to our upcoming DOJO title match I’ve received word that we’ve got more happenings in the back.

as the cameras bring us to where the action is, a bunch of shouting can be heard and as things unfold, Roland the Dark and Del Carver are in the midst of a heated discussion, being kept back from destroying each other by security.

Del Carver: I’m going to get you in that ring, Roland. I don’t care who is protecting you from it!

Roland the Dark: It will be my pleasure beating you down yet again!

The two men struggle to break free of the security, and almost do so, but Ed Raymond arrives on the scene, annoyed beyond belief.

Ed Raymond: God Damn it, can’t you people control yourselves!? Listen, shut up and stop yelling at each other!

Raymond turns to Roland and shakes his head.

Ed Raymond: I gave you a week off for a reason, Roland… because this can’t keep happening. You need to concentrate on the big picture, you need to concentrate on Lonewolf. However, since you can’t seem to do that with this guy (points to Del) constantly on your mind, I’m just going to have to get it over and done with.

Raymond turns to Del Carver and then back to Roland.

Ed Raymond: Next week, Del Carver you will face Roland the Dark in a non title match… but it’s not going to be just a regular match. It’s going to be a lumberjack match. Now Roland take yourself and your title out of this arena for the night, and Del you have a main event match tonight, so do what you have to do to prepare.

Raymond shakes his head, calming down a bit and heads back to the office area of the arena. Security takes Del Carver and Roland the Dark off in different directions as the camera returns to ringside.

Jeff Hansen: Back stage anger is heating up, and that confrontation was just chaotic!

Jason Johnson: Well, it will be tame in comparison to the chaos that this upcoming DOJO title match will surely bring.

Deathkore Dojo Title Match
Kid Wikkid © vs. William Tell

Jeff Hansen: “I am really stoked for this next match, Johnson. This fight has the potential to be a classic.”

Jason Johnson: “I can’t argue with you at all about that.”

(Samantha steps into the spotlight, in the center of the ring…the fans quiet down in anticipation…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next bout is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit… it has been deemed a Round one Road to K.O. match and is for the SHOOT PROJECT DEATHKORE DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(The crowd erupts into cheers as the spotlight moves entrance area at the head of the runway. “Strong As I Am” By the Prime Movers starts to play and the fans rush to their feet…)

Samantha: “Introducing firstly, THE CHALLENGER. He hails from The Motor City: Detroit Michigan, stands 6 feet 2 inches tall, and weighs in at 236 pounds. He is the #1 Contender to the DOJO Championship, Ladies and Gentlemen here is THE BEAST…WILLIAM…TELL!”

(William Tell emerges into the spotlight, and begins calmly walking down the aisle to the ring. He looks totally focused as he calmly climbs into the ring, to an enthusiastic reaction from the fans. William’s music slowly fades, and “More Human Than Human” starts to pound over the arena sound system. The spotlight shoots back to the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…hailing from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, he stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at 203 pounds…Ladies and Gentlemen HERE is your SHOOT PROJECT DEATHKORE DOJO CHAMPION: KID…WIKKID!”

(Kid Wikkid jogs down the aisle slapping the hands of the fans as they cheer loudly. Kid Wikkid has the DOJO Championship Belt secure around his waist as he leaps to the apron and vaults himself over the top rope. Kid Wikkid and Willam Tell stand face to face as Samantha exits the ring, the ref enters and the bell rings…)

Jason Johnson: “The two competitors stand face to face now…who will be the first to…WHOA!”

Jeff Hansen: “HURACANRANA on William Tell by Kid Wikkid!”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell is wrenched through the air by that lightening fast aerial move by the champion!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid is a notoriously FAST starter, and he proves that here! William Tell grabs the back of his neck, and slides out of the ring.”

Jason Johnson: “Smart move. William Tell is a highly intelligent ring tactician, and he wants to break up Kid Wikkid’s momentum before he can put together a string of high flying moves and maintain an unbeatable advantage…”



Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid has come out full blast this week!”

Jason Johnson: “Now Kid Wikkid outside after William Tell, who is obviously staggered after being on the receiving end of that beautiful high flying manoeuvre!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid throwing up the skirt surrounding the ring apron, and now he’s pulling out a garbage can full of stuff…”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid empties the steel garbage can…holds it over his head…”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! He nails Tell with it! Tell goes down!”

Jason Johnson: “It looks like Kid Wikkid has decided to work on the head and neck area of William Tell…”

Jeff Hansen: “Wikkid rolling Tell back into the ring now.”

Jason Johnson: “While Tell is in the ring, Wikkid goes back to that pile of junk outside the ring that he dumped out, and pulls out what looks like a hammer…”

Jeff Hansen: “Wikkid has the hammer, and now he’s rolling back inside…but WILLIAM TELL IS UP…”

Jason Johnson: “And he’s waiting! BANG!”

Jeff Hansen: “Beautiful! Just as Wikkid stuck his head under the bottom rope to roll back into the ring, William Tell is UP, and grabs him by the back of the neck…rests Wikkid’s head on his shoulder, and SITS OUT! NECKBREAKER!”

Jason Johnson: “Wikkid goes down like he’s been SHOT.”

Jeff Hansen: “Looks like Wikkid didn’t have Tell stunned enough when he rolled him back in, and when Wikkid turned around to get that hammer, it gave Tell time enough to get his wits back together. That corkscrew moonsault looked great, but I guess it didn’t have the impact we thought it did!”

Jason Johnson: “Maybe not, but the garbage can to the top of the head should have!”

Jeff Hansen: “Point taken.”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell in the drivers seat now, and he’s staying in control, he twists Kid Wikkid around…and BANG!”

Jeff Hansen: “Swinging neck breaker!”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell goes for the cover: ONE…NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Too soon! Kid Wikkid kicks out!”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell stays on the attack, as Kid Wikkid struggles to get up, Tell drives a knee right into this midsection!”

Jeff Hansen: “OW! That will knock the wind out of you for sure!”

Jason Johnson: “That’s what makes William Tell the master wrestler that he is! He’s a thinking man’s wrestler, he knows enough about Kid Wikkid that in order to BEAT HIM, you first have to GROUND HIM, and NOTHING grounds a high flyer more than driving the wind out of them.”

Jeff Hansen: “Now William Tell hoists Kid Wikkid up…body slam!”

Jason Johnson: “Tell staying right on him…grabbing the legs of Kid Wikkid…SLINGSHOT into the corner!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans respond to that, as Kid Wikkid flies through the air and meets the turnbuckle FACE FIRST!”

Jason Johnson: “Now he’s slumped up against the corner…William Tell grabs Kid Wikkid…presses him over his head…WOW!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at that! I don’t think I’ve ever SEEN that move before!”

Jason Johnson: “Tell bringing Wikkid down as if he was going for a BACKBREAKER…but instead, he DRIVES his KNEE into the back of Kid Wikkid’s NECK!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now William Tell pulls Kid Wikkid to his feet…and locks him up for a Russian Leg Sweep…but NO!”

Jason Johnson: “I’ve heard that move called ‘The Stroke’ before…instead of snapping backwards with that leg sweep, William Tell drives Kid Wikkid FACE FIRST…into the mat!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look! Now Kid Wikkid is lying on his face, sprawled out on the mat, and William Tell kneels beside him on one knee, and DRIVES the other knee right into the back of that neck!”

Jason Johnson: “And again! And again!”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell is absolutely METICULOUS! Every move he executes leads perfectly into his NEXT move. William Tell always thinks TWO moves ahead, he fired off that front Russian leg sweep into a face first stroke, specifically so he could have Wikkid prone, and start working the back of the neck!”

Jason Johnson: “Now William Tell drops a big elbow smash on the back of the neck of Kid Wikkid! And another!”

Jeff Hansen: “Boy, never mind the BEAST, they should call this guy the CRIPPLER! He’s just merciless in the way he’s working on that neck of Kid Wikkid!”

Jason Johnson: “After dropping three elbows across the back of the neck of Kid Wikkid, William Tell rolls him over, and goes for the cover…”

Jeff Hansen: “This is going to be it, after all the punishment William Tell has laid on the neck of Kid Wikkid…”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…TWO…THR…NO! NO! NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “HOLY SHIT! Kid Wikkid got his shoulder up at the last minute! The crowd goes NUTS!”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell argues with the ref, he thinks that should have been a THREE count…HEY LOOK!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid grabs William Tell from behind while he is arguing with the ref, and ROLLS HIM UP! Schoolboy small package!”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!”

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! That was CLOSE!”

Jason Johnson: “You DON’T turn your back on Kid Wikkid!”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell almost learned that lesson the HARD way!”

Jason Johnson: “Now both men up…Kid Wikkid grabs William Tell by the back of the head…WHAM!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid leaps up in what some have called ‘The X Factor’…he grabs William Tell by the head and drives him face first to the mat!”

Jason Johnson: “Tell starting to get up…Kid Wikkid bouncing off the far rope and shooting in…”

Jeff Hansen: “DROP KICK! Kid Wikkid nails William Tell right in the FACE with a precision drop kick, right as Tell is on his knees! He goes for a cover…”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by William Tell!”

Jeff Hansen: “Wikkid stays on him…pulls Tell to his feet…”

Jason Johnson: “Release German Suplex! Wham!”

Jeff Hansen: “Another cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Tell gets the shoulder up!”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid drops a HIGH elbow smash across the chest of William Tell…another cover…”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Beast!”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid going outside…he’s climbing up top…”

Jeff Hansen: “450 SPLASH! WHAM! HE NAILED IT!”

Jason Johnson: “That’s it! He WON this title with that move! COVER!”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “FOOT ON THE ROPES! William Tell draped his foot over the bottom rope, just in time!”

Jeff Hansen: “What great ring presence by William Tell! Kid Wikkid can’t believe it!”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid back to the top rope…”

Jeff Hansen: “Shooting Star press!”

Jason Johnson: “NO! William Tell MOVES! Kid Wikkid hits the canvas!”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell securing Kid Wikkid’s head between his knees…oh boy…he’s got him up…”

Jason Johnson: “PILEDRIVER! William Tell DRIVES Kid Wikkid into the mat with his infamous PILEDRIVER!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now HE goes for the cover…”


Jeff Hansen: “The fans giving both fighters a standing ovation! This fight has turned out to be everything we hoped it would!”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid has been all HEART tonight, and William Tell has wrestled brilliantly! But both these men have been going at it full tilt now for over twenty minutes!”

Jeff Hansen: “That’s right! Twenty minutes with NO rest holds either! The first fighter to make a mistake here will probably be the one to LOSE.”

Jason Johnson: “That’s if we don’t go to the time limit! Don’t forget, Kid Wikkid is famous for his amazing cardiovascular conditioning…he went to a couple of CLASSIC time limit draws this past year.”

Jeff Hansen: “Good point…now William Tell is rolling Kid Wikkid over on his front…and standing over top of him…AW GEEZ!”

Jason Johnson; “Good LORD THAT’S GRUESOME! William Tell is standing over top of Kid Wikkid and CRANKING his NECK! He is executing a STANDING NECK CRANK!”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell must be the chiropractor’s best friend! He knows MORE ways to hurt the human neck and spine than any man I have ever seen!”

Jason Johnson: “Kid Wikkid is trashing around, trying to break this hold, his neck is being twisted into unnatural positions…”

Jeff Hansen: “This is normally a Martial Arts hold Johnson, but it doesn’t surprise me that William Tell knows it…after all, it’s a painful neck crippling manoeuvre.”

Jason Johnson: “The referee down on one knee, checking on Kid Wikkid…Wikkid thrashing around, fighting as hard as he can…”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell keeping on the pressure…now he leans back!”

Jason Johnson: “Oh GROSS, I can’t stand to see another person’s anatomy twisted like that…the human head was NOT meant to STRETCH that far back…”

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid has slid one of his hands under his body…what the hell is he doing, reaching into his tights?”

Jason Johnson: “It looks like he…HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!”


Jason Johnson: “As if the fans here weren’t cheering loudly ENOUGH for Kid Wikkid to break that Neck Crank…”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at this replay fans! Kid Wikkid, you can see he is laying face down…William Tell is standing OVER him, he has one knee buried in the small of Wikkid’s back, and has his hands locked under Wikkid’s chin…he’s pulling BACK in a brutal neck crank…you can see Kid Wikkid slowly slides his hand underneath his own pinned body…I have to assume he reached into his pants or something…and then over his own shoulder…right over his BACK…he throws a huge FIREBALL!”

Jason Johnson: “He must have flash paper soaked in lighter fluid in his pants or SOMETHING…anyway, he throws it right back into the face of William Tell!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, I’ll say this much…it got Tell to release that neck crank!”

Jason Johnson: “But look, despite the obvious burns William Tell has suffered from that fireball, he’s still fighting. Oh my god, he locks it…. He hit THE HEAVENS!!

Jeff Hansen: “Kid Wikkid falls to the mat face first and he’s out…”

Jason Johnson: “William Tell stands over him, his hands STILL over his face…he collapses! Right on top of Kid Wikkid!”

Jeff Hansen: “William Tell knows EXACTLY where he is…he just can’t SEE!”

Jason Johnson: “Meanwhile, Kid Wikkid is in so much neck pain, he can’t get up!”

Jeff Hansen: “Looks like the ref has got over the shock of seeing that massive fireball, he slides in for the count…ONE…TWO…THREE!”

(The crowd erupts as “Strong As I Am” By the Prime Movers starts to play and the fans rush to their feet…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…at a time of 25 minutes and 13 seconds…HERE is your WINNER…and your NEW SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…THE BEAST…WILLIAM TELL!!!”

Jason Johnson: “The referee helping William Tell to his feet…and handing him his newly won title belt…”

Jeff Hansen: “Tell finally moves his hands from his face…he looks okay…a bit singed, but I don’t think he was too badly burned…”

Jason Johnson: Look now, here comes Hardcore Style down to the ring, passing by the new DOJO champion in the process.

Jeff Hansen: Hardcore Style and Kid Wikkid are good friends, so I think they’re going down to help him out.

Jason Johnson: Well it was a hell of a match, and both members took a lot of damage.

Jeff Hansen: But William Tell dished the most out and walked away as new DOJO champion, an impressive victory. Personally I was surprised Kid Wikkid lasted as long as he did in this match.

Jason Johnson: And now Wikkid being propped up between Ben Jackman and Del Carver as the two help Wikkid to the back.

Jeff Hansen: What an odd match, and the fireball…well I just can’t get over that one.

The cameras pick up backstage just moments after the DOJO title match. SHOOT medical staff is attending to William Tell as he is seated on a stool.

William Tell: The burn isn’t that bad, I’ll be fine.

The man attending to William Tell nods his head, but treats the minor burns anyway. As William Tell sits there, Head of the Creative Staff, Ed Raymond approaches him, a look of concern on his face.

Ed Raymond: William, are you alright?

William Tell turns to Raymond with a slight look of surprise on his face, not expecting concern coming from Raymond.

William Tell: Yeah, I’m okay, but thanks for caring…

Raymond chuckles and shakes his head.

Ed Raymond: Oh you thought I was concerned because I care about you? No, you have me all wrong William… I was concerned because you have advanced in the Road to K.O. tournament and you’re also the DOJO champion. I’m concerned with what’s best for this company.

William Tell raises an eye brow of confusion as he looks over to Raymond, part of his face wrapped in gauze now.

William Tell: Alright… so what are you saying?

Ed Raymond: What I’m saying, William, is this: You have to make a choice, right here and right now. You either keep the DOJO title and forfeit your place in the Road to K.O. tournament….

Raymond pauses as he looks to William Tell…

William Tell: Or?

Ed Raymond: Or you drop the DOJO title and advance in the Road to K.O. tournament. Basically, since the Evan Douglas and Alexander Harmston match of last week ended in a draw, neither man advanced. Therefore, you would be automatically sent to the Semi Finals of the tournament…. So what’s it going to be, William?

William scratches his chin deep in thought, pondering what choice to make.

William Tell: So let me get this straight, my choice is between a title of little to no value: the DOJO title.. Or an automatic spot in the semi finals for a belt that could be considered even more valuable than the world title itself. Raymond, who do you take me for?

Raymond smiles as he takes the DOJO title off of a nearby table. He shakes William Tell’s hand.

Ed Raymond: William, you’ve got the talent and the right mind frame to make it big in this business. Good luck in the semi finals.

William Tell nods his head and grabs a bottle of water that was given to him after the match and takes a swig from it as Ed Raymond walks off down the hall with the DOJO title.

Jeff Hansen: So William Tell won the title, but went on to bigger and better things it seems.

Jason Johnson: That looks to be what happened. It was an impulse decision, and I think it’s safe to say that we can all agree that William Tell made the right choice.

Jeff Hansen: I agree, but speaking of right choices and Impulse, was it so right for you to bet on your own brother?

Jason looks to Jeff and then back to the ring area, ignoring Jeff.

Jason Johnson: More Road to K.O. up next as Blake O’Reily will be going up against upstart newcomer Ray Willmott.

Jeff Hansen: Oh… I see how it is. Well, in any case, Willmott has done a lot in his career and he’s on the right track to building himself a name here in SHOOT as well, almost beating The Real Deal last week for the SHOOT world title. Let’s take it into the ring and get this one started.

Blake O’Reily Vs. Ray Willmott

Road to K.O. (Round 1)

Samantha: This next match is scheduled for one fall and is a Road to K.O. round one match up. First coming down to the ring at this time, Ray Willmott!!!

“Liberate” by disturbed hits the P.A. system now, as a moderate reaction goes out for new comer Ray Willmott. He doesn’t have anything fancy intro wise as he just heads to the ring, awaiting his opponent, Blake O’Reily.

Jeff Hansen: There is bad blood in this match up, as last week on Oblivion, Blake O’Reily laid Ray Willmott out with the O’Reily factor. I think its safe to say Ray Willmott will be looking for some sweet revenge.

Jason Johnson: There is no doubt in my mind.

Samantha: And his opponent, “Untouchable” Blake O’Reily!!

The boos rings out now as “Words are weapons” by D-12 now picks up. Blake O’Reily makes his way to the ring, taunting the fans here and there, and basically putting himself up on a higher pedestal. O’Reily walks directly towards Willmott and the two men stare each other down.

Jeff Hansen: The tension is mounting, the second that bell rings these two are going to go at it.

The ref rings the bell and Willmott and O’Reily lock up into grapple. Willmott pushes O’Reily back a bit but O’Reily comes right back and gets into grapple with Willmott. The two men attempt to overpower the other, until O’Reily comes up with the advantage and swings Willmott into the ropes. Willmott comes bouncing back and O’Reily hits him with an elbow shot to the face. Willmott stumbles backward and O’Reily bounces off the opposite rope and takes Willmott down with a powerful clothesline.

Jason Johnson: Nice clothesline from O’Reily, he does his best work when his opponent is unable to move.

O’Reily grabs Willmott by the feet and drags him toward the center of the ring. Turning him over on his stomach, O’Reily locks him in a Boston crab. Willmott shouts out in pain as O’Reily pulls back farther on his legs, causing his back to bend inward slightly. The ref goes down to the mat and checks if Willmott wants to give up. Willmott shakes his head no and begins to fight for the rope. O’Reily breaks the hold, however, and delivers a hard stomp to Willmott’s back. Willmott stops moving and O’Reily lifts him up to his feet. With a hard punch to the face, O’Reily nails Willmott and then sets him up for a brain buster. As O’Reily hoists him up into the air, Willmott flips down behind him, and takes him to a mat with a belly to back suplex pin.

Jeff Hansen: Early cover now with a nice reversal by Willmott!

Jason Johnson: But will it be enough?

The ref quickly goes down to make the count. 1….tw… kick out by O’Reily. Willmott gets to his feet swiftly, not wanting to lose his momentum. Willmott drives his knee into the gut of O’Reily multiple times trying to wind him. Willmott lifts O’Reily to his feet and whips him into the corner, following that up with a double arm side smash to O’Reily’s head. O’Reily stumbles away from the turnbuckle and Willmott drop kicks him down to the mat, O’Reily’s head hitting the bottom turnbuckle. Taking advantage of the dazed O’Reily, Willmott heads outside of the ring and grabs a chair.

Jason Johnson: the heel tendencies of Willmott now are showing through, but the fans seem to have taken a slight liking to this guy. I know I have.

Willmott slides back into the ring under the bottom rope, chair in hand, and sizes up the fallen O’Reily. He hits the chair on the mat a few times and then runs at O’Reily with the chair heading for his skull. Seconds before the chair connects with O’Reily’s head, O’Reily sticks his foot up nailing Willmott in the gut. Willmott staggers backward and O’Reily pulls himself to his feet. Willmott regains his footing and as he does so, O’Reily rips the chair out of Willmott’s hand and smashes it across his face. Willmott falls down to the mat and O’Reily goes for the cover.

Jeff Hansen: I’ll give O’Reily credit where it’s due. He’s a quick thinker in the ring and can turn any situation into a beneficial one for himself.

The ref goes and makes the count for O’Reily. 1….2… thr…. Willmott manages to get his arm up in the nick of time and O’Reily jumps to his feet, and grabs the chair again. Meanwhile, Willmott rolls out of the ring in secret and drops to the ground below, out of O’Reily’s sight. O’Reily turns around to hit Willmott with the chair, but only comes in contact with the mat. Shocked, O’Reily looks around but Willmott is no where to be seen. O’Reily walks to the each side of the ring, looking over the ropes to see if he can spot Willmott. Willmott grabs a chair from under the ring, and waits for O’Reily to come to his side. As O’Reily approaches, Willmott jumps up on the apron and nails O’Reily with the chair, causing O’Reily’s chair to smash into his face as well. O’Reily falls over backwards and Willmott drops his chair and climbs to the top rope.

Jason Johnson: Willmott going for an Aerial move now it seems… should be interesting.

Jeff Hansen: They can be deadly if hit, but can be very painful if you miss, because that ring mat isn’t exactly soft.

Willmott reaches the top rope and looks to set up for a moonsault of some sort. However before Willmott can take the leap, O’Reily kicks the ropes knocking Willmott down. Willmott slumps down, his legs straddling the corner post. O’Reily climbs to the top now and takes Willmott down with a superplex!

Jason Johnson: O’Reily showing his impressive moves in this match up tonight. I know for a fact O’Reily isn’t a knock out punch sort of guy, but his suplexes and submissions can knock people out just as well.

Jeff Hansen: My money is still on Willmott to walk away and win this one.

O’Reily gets on top of Willmott and locks him into a scissors leg choke hold of some sort. The referee begins to see if Willmott is out, but Willmott shouts out no. The referee continues observing the match, as Willmott begins to pass out from O’Reily’s choke. Eventually, O’Reily breaks the choke and decides to end this one now. He covers Willmott and the referee makes the count.

One… Two…

Jason Johnson: Willmott kicked out, and O’Reily thought he had this one in the bag.

O’Reily leaps to his feet, angered that Willmott kicked out. Willmott gasps for breath and pulls himself back up to his feet. O’Reily rushes at him, but Willmott turns around in time and checks O’Reily in the gut with a shoulder. O’Reily slumps forward and Willmott quickly takes O’Reily down with a DDT. Willmott makes the cover, but O’Reily swings his foot up on the rope before the referee can even make a count. This upsets Willmott who quickly pulls O’Reily back up to his feet. He then proceeds to land a series of closed fist punches to O’Reily’s chest knocking him up against the ropes. Willmott swings O’Reily across the ring and as he comes bouncing back Willmott kicks him in the stomach. Willmott then calls for his finisher!

Jeff Hansen: Here it comes. Echoes in Eternity!!

Jason Johnson: He sets Blake up, there is nowhere Blake can go now.

Just as Willmott is about to nail his finisher, Blake sweeps his legs out from under him, knocking Willmott off balance. With a couple of turns, O’Reily manages to reverse the situation towards his favor, and Willmott finds himself in a set up for the O’Reily factor. The fans chant for Willmott hoping he will break free. However, O’Reily hits the move and just as both men hit the mat, Willmott manages to roll over on top of O’Reily grabbing his leg and covering him!!!

O’Reily flails his legs madly, as the referee makes the count. One, Two, Three!!!

Jeff Hansen: Willmott did it! What a major upset!

Jason Johnson: I think Willmott realizes that just as much as we all do, he’s leaving the ring now at a pretty quick pace.

“Liberate” picks up over the P.A. system but Ray Willmott doesn’t spend anytime around the ring celebrating. Inside the ring, Blake O’Reily looks on with complete shock and anger while Samantha announces the winner.

Samantha: Your winner of this match, Ray Willmott!!!

Willmott is completely gone out of sight now and O’Reily remains in the ring, on the verge of throwing a temper tantrum.

Jeff Hansen: Willmott pulled one over on Blake O’Reily, but you know O’Reily isn’t going to let that sit. Willmott may have advanced, but he has also put himself in a very dangerous situation.

Jason Johnson: Speaking of the tournament, next week ends the round one matches, and then we will be in the quarter finals. As we heard earlier, William Tell will move past the quarter Finals and directly to the semi finals.

Jeff Hansen: Its turning out to be a heavy competition, and speaking of heavy competition, up next we have Lonewolf going up against OutKast in what could be the heaviest competition Lonewolf has ever faced.

Backstage OutKast walks down a long corridor with his manager, Mac. The two are all smiles as they are engaged in witty small talk, most likely filled with arrogance. As they continue down the hall, The Rising Sun Champion, Roland the Dark rounds a corner, nearly bumping right into OutKast.

OutKast: Woah there, you’re treading on legend territory, buddy.

Roland looks at OutKast with a stern expression.

Roland the Dark: Really? I wasn’t aware. But your status is not the point. The point is, I was given the night off, where as you have been given Lonewolf in a match. Do you see where I am going with this?

OutKast smirks slightly, and nods his head.

OutKast: Yeah, alright man. I cripple Lonewolf in tonight’s match much like I kicked Beorn’s ass last week, and then you have an easier time at Impulse defending that title of yours. Sure, whatever.

Roland nods his head in appreciation and walks off down the hall while OutKast turns to Mac as he points towards Roland

OutKast: You see that, Mac. Another superstar using me to get a push… I think he was even inching in closer to me while he was talking, man that’s taking sharing the spotlight a little too far.

both men chuckle and continue towards the ring area, where Samantha stands in waiting.

OutKast Vs. Lonewolf

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall. First making his way to the ring at this time….

Samantha’s words are interrupted as “Orchids” by Stone Sour hits the P.A. system sending the fans into a chorus of boos. Moments later OutKast steps out from behind the back curtain accompanied by Mac. The two slowly make their way to the ring, Mac stopping along the way to taunt the fans. OutKast gets into the ring and stands there, allowing the fans to soak him in and all his self-proclaimed glory.

Samantha: Here is OutKast!!

Jeff Hansen: I remember a time when OutKast didn’t have all this excessive ego.

Jason Johnson: A time like that existed?

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, I think so.

Jason Johnson: Well in any case, the OutKast of today is an ego freak and as it was announced earlier today, he will be fighting The Real Deal at Impulse for the SHOOT world title.

OutKast’s music dies down, and suddenly the fans let out a roaring cheer as “Click Click Boom” becomes the song that echoes through the arena. Lonewolf, the underdog of this match, steps out, showing little nervousness and a whole hell of a lot of determination.

Samantha: And his opponent, coming down to the ring, here is Lonewolf!!

Lonewolf wastes no time coming down to the ring and makes a B-line for OutKast. Lonewolf slides into the ring and stands staring down the “legend” in this sport. The two jaw jack before the referee breaks them apart.

Jeff Hansen: The bell has sound, Lonewolf has a lot on his plate in front of him.

Jason Johnson: Not to mention he has to look over his shoulder every so often to make sure Mac doesn’t show up in this match as well.

OutKast locks up into grapple with Lonewolf, barely even putting any effort into what he is doing. OutKast breaks his own grapple and gives a hard shove to Lonewolf. OutKast smirks egotistically, which angers the fans and Lonewolf. Lonewolf lunges at OutKast and the two get into grapple again. This time, Lonewolf purposely breaks the grapple and returns a harder shove to OutKast in mockery of him. OutKast shakes his head and decks Lonewolf across the face with a hard right hand. Lonewolf reels to the side and OutKast drives his knee into Lonewolf’s gut. Lonewolf slumps down to the mat on one-knee and OutKast just slams the back of his head down towards the mat. OutKast isn’t too quick to capitalize on the fallen Lonewolf, but instead takes some time to walk around the ring and stretch out a bit. The fans respond to this with anger, as OutKast is hardly even considering Lonewolf a real opponent.

Jeff Hansen: Look at this! OutKast is just being lazy in this match.. Lonewolf is a serious competitor and OutKast is just making a joke of it.

Lonewolf gets up to his feet now as OutKast stretches his arms. He stares down Lonewolf basically taunting him non-verbally. Lonewolf shakes his head and advances towards OutKast with caution. The two lock into grapple for a third time, and this time Lonewolf wins the grapple and swings OutKast into the ropes. OutKast comes bouncing back and Lonewolf goes to nail a clothesline. OutKast ducks the clothesline and bounces off the opposite ropes. Lonewolf turns around and as OutKast goes for a shoulder smash, Lonewolf side steps him and takes OutKast down with a jaw buster. OutKast stumbles backward rubbing his jaw in pain. Lonewolf gets up to his feet quickly and lands a left, then a right, then a left, then a right. The fans start to get behind Lonewolf who pummels OutKast towards the edge of the ring. Lonewolf winds up and knocks OutKast over the top ropes and to the outside with a right handed uppercut.

The Fans cheer wildly as they support Lonewolf. Meanwhile, outside the ring OutKast recooperates with Mac the two get into a small huddle. Lonewolf doesn’t waste a single moment and launches himself through the ropes nailing both men with a suicide dive!!!

Jason Johnson: A risky move paid off for Lonewolf, and the fans are pleased. Lonewolf now landing more punches to the now fallen OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: Mac is down too, but Lonewolf being smart now as he rolls OutKast back into the ring.

Back inside the ring now, Lonewolf brings OutKast up to his feet and whips him into the corner. OutKast hits the turnbuckles hard and staggers right back toward Lonewolf. Lonewolf nails a drop kick which takes OutKast down all the way. Lonewolf makes the first cover of the night. The referee hits the mat and makes the count.

One, Two… OutKast grabs the rope with a free hand, upsetting Lonewolf greatly. Lonewolf gets up from pinning OutKast and waits for OutKast to get up. OutKast holds onto the ropes as he pulls himself up, thus allowing him some time. Lonewolf gets fed up and rushes OutKast, as he does so, OutKast scoops up Lonewolf and takes him down with a forceful sidewalk slam. OutKast gets to his feet and begins to stomp the hell out of Lonewolf, now showing a much angrier, and much more focused OutKast. OutKast lifts Lonewolf to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As Lonewolf comes bouncing back, OutKast lifts him up and takes him back down with a quick power slam. OutKast hooks Lonewolf’s leg and makes the pin.

Jeff Hansen: One… Two… No, Lonewolf kicks out, but seems to be favoring the back of his head and neck.

Jason Johnson: Could be from his head hitting the mat from that power slam.

Jeff Hansen: It very well could be.

OutKast doesn’t seem to be concerned with the fact that Lonewolf kicked out and he continues to go to work on Lonewolf. OutKast grabs Lonewolf and pulls him up to his feet, landing a series of hits to the back of Lonewolf’s head and neck, working on the injured spots. Lonewolf stumbles about as OutKast throws punch after punch. Lonewolf heads for the ropes but it does him no good. OutKast spins Lonewolf around and drives him back down to the mat with a DDT. Lonewolf rolls around on the mat in pain, but OutKast doesn’t let up. He pins Lonewolf down and just smacks him around with open palm shots to the sides of the face. The fans begin to boo, but OutKast doesn’t seem to care. He brings Lonewolf up to his feet again and this time just glares at him.

OutKast: You’re nothing Lonewolf!

OutKast winds up and slaps Lonewolf right across the face. Suddenly, Lonewolf’s eyes go wide as if he had caught a second wind. He then nails OutKast right back with a hard right hand hook. OutKast goes to respond, but Lonewolf blocks and nails him again with another right hook. OutKast stumbles as he tries to counter, but Lonewolf swings him into the ropes and as he comes back, Lonewolf nails a cross running bulldog, driving OutKast down to the mat. The fans once again cheer, as Lonewolf takes it to OutKast.

Jason Johnson: the tables have turned yet again. I really think OutKast’s underestimate of Lonewolf’s talent is what is really hurting him.

Jeff Hansen: No doubt about that, arrogance in this sport is more often a downfall than a blessing.

Jason Johnson: Well if you can use arrogance effectively, it can be a good tool to get under your opponent’s skin.

Jeff Hansen: That is true, but the only thing OutKast is under right now are Lonewolf’s fists. Look at him go.

Jason Johnson: Lonewolf seems to be throwing out a lot of his technical moves and general wrestling approach, and seems to be going all out brawler tonight. Now he drives those hard knees into OutKast’s ribs.

Lonewolf drives a series of knees into OutKast’s ribs and OutKast winces in slight pain. Lonewolf gets up to his feet and goes to drop an elevated knee but as he jumps, OutKast rolls out of the way and Lonewolf’s knee hits the mat hard. Lonewolf grabs his knee in pain and OutKast slowly gets back up to his feet. OutKast sees Lonewolf’s knee is hurting and so he capitalizes on that. OutKast grabs Lonewolf by the legs and drags him into the corner. He then goes to the outside and pulls Lonewolf’s legs around the ring post and smashes the knee repeatedly into the side of the ring post. Lonewolf screams out in pain. The referee yells at OutKast to bring it back into the ring, and he does so. However, before he does, he pulls on both of Lonewolf’s leg, smashing his groin area into the steel post. OutKast then rolls back into the ring, wiping a bit of sweat from his forehead. He pulls Lonewolf out of the corner and then locks him into a half crab, working on that injured knee.

Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf in a load of pain right now, and it might make him tap.

Jason Johnson: I don’t think he will, Jeff. Lonewolf is struggling with all his might for the ropes…. And he’s got the ropes!

Jeff Hansen: OutKast is not breaking the hold though.

The referee shouts at OutKast to break the hold, and eventually he does so, leaving Lonewolf by the ropes, trying to get to his feet. As Lonewolf pulls himself up by the ropes, OutKast nails him from behind with a knee, wedging his throat into the ropes, choking him. Lonewolf gasps for breath as OutKast pulls up on the rope now, furthering the choke. Mac stands on the outside laughing at Lonewolf as OutKast wears him down to nothing. OutKast backs away from Lonewolf now, and Lonewolf lays on the mat, barely moving. OutKast paces about the ring now, smiling yet again, feeling a great amount of self worth. As OutKast taunts the crowd, the referee checks on Lonewolf who begins to move more now, slowly but surely pulling himself up rope by rope.

Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf is getting up, If I was him, I would just stay down at this point.

Jason Johnson: And give OutKast the satisfaction?

Jeff Hansen: The cards are stacked against Lonewolf in every way, why send your body through excessive pain?

Despite Jeff’s feelings, Lonewolf manages to pull himself up to his feet and slowly turns in OutKast’s direction. OutKast laughs as he sees Lonewolf staggering toward him, his vision blurred from nearly being choked to death. OutKast casually struts around now, inching towards Lonewolf, not too concerned with his dazed and confused opponent. Suddenly as OutKast is within arms reach of Lonewolf, Lonewolf snaps out of his dizzy state and nails a CODE BLUE out of nowhere!!!

Jason Johnson: Lonewolf tricked OutKast!!

Jeff Hansen: And OutKast is down and out! Smart move by Lonewolf!

Jason Johnson: Lonewolf could possibly win this thing right here…. But wait, look who’s heading down to the ring now!

Jason Johnson points to the ramp that leads to the ring, and sure enough Roland the Dark is seen walking, his belt slung over his shoulder. Lonewolf is about to make the cover on OutKast when he sees Roland heading to the ring. He stares him down as Roland approaches.

Lonewolf: Get the hell out of here Roland, you can’t touch me.

Roland ignores Lonewolf’s words and continues down the rampway, eventually getting right next to the ring. Roland jumps up onto the ring apron and just stares right back at Lonewolf, a slight grin on his face. Lonewolf knows Roland is taunting him to hit him, but Lonewolf refrains from doing so. Meanwhile, Mac slides into the ring from the other side sneaking up behind Lonewolf. The fans begin to boo loudly, some even shouting for Lonewolf to turn around. Mac sets up to nail Lonewolf with the clutch kick. However, as he lunges towards Lonewolf, Lonewolf quickly glances out of the corner of his eye and ducks down!

Jeff Hansen: The Clutch kick backfired and Mac nailed Roland the Dark square in the chest! Roland is down on the mat and Mac is in shock!

Mac looks down at Roland with wide eyes. He turns around and Lonewolf nails him with a powerful clothesline that dumps Mac to the outside of the ring. He shouts down at the two fallen men, as the fans get behind him with crazy cheers. However, behind Lonewolf now, OutKast quickly gets up to his feet. Lonewolf turns around now, only to be met with The Devestator from OutKast. Lonewolf falls directly backward from being nailed by that super kick. OutKast covers Lonewolf and the referee hits the mat to make the count.

One… Two… Three!

The bell sounds as OutKast gets up to his feet and Samantha gets into the ring.

Samantha: Here is your winner of the match, OutKast!!

“Orchids” begins to play again as boos ring out for OutKast. OutKast does not bother celebrating his win, but instead goes outside of the ring and grabs a steel chair from ringside. He then slides into the ring, and walks back towards the fallen Lonewolf. The referee attempts to prevent the attack, but OutKast pushes him out of the way and pulls Lonewolf up to his feet. OutKast cracks the chair over Lonewolf’s head, which makes it hard for him to stand. OutKast nails another chair shot and this time Lonewolf falls to the mat. OutKast does not stop there however. He places the chair on the mat and picks Lonewolf back up again, and this time sets him up for the Alienator!

Jason Johnson: This is too much now. OutKast got his win, what else does he want?

Jeff Hansen: He seems to be wanting to take Lonewolf out!

OutKast raises a middle finger to the fans who are booing him and with that, drops Lonewolf with the Alienator! The boos and “asshole” chants ring out as OutKast stomps on Lonewolf now to add some insult to injury.

Jeff Hansen: The damage has been done, and yet OutKast won’t quit!!!

Jason Johnson: Wait just a minute!!! Listen!!!

“Remember” by Disturbed has hit the PA and the fans are on their feet. Fifteen thousand people, in Birmingham, England have come to their feet for the man who is about to make his way to the ring. Roland is the first to turn, awaiting. The Real Deal emerges from the back and the fans erupt in a unanimous cheer.

Jason Johnson: The savior of the SHOOT Project, YOUR SHOOT PROJECT CHAMPION, He is The Real Deal, and he’s on his way.

The walk starts casually to the ring, and Roland tenses up. Real Deal breaks into a run. Roland intercepts him, but is flattened with a massive clothesline. Mac is next to take charge. He and Real Deal exchange blows. Mac with right hand after right hand… BLOCK. Real Deal blocks the next right hand and boots Mac in the stomach…

Jeff Hansen: FINAL JUDGMENT!!!

The Real Deal spits on the fallen Mac. Josh looks up at OutKast who is waiting for him in the ring.

OutKast: So you want a piece of the history books, eh?

Real Deal just smirks and hops up onto the ring apron. He puts one foot in, as OutKast stands and watches. They are engaged in a bit of a stare down as Josh leans into the ring. Finally, with both feet in, he just stands, looking at OutKast. The fans are going NUTS!!! OutKast shakes his head. Real Deal smirks.

Jeff Hansen: This is really something else… The legend of the famed circle and the legend of the SHOOT Project, standing here, face to face, feeling each other out. OutKast takes credit for Real Deal’s successes in the circle, in that he brought him to the dance.

Jason Johnson: And Real Deal hasn’t said much at all, about OutKast. He’s biding his time, waiting for the correct moment. That one opportunity.

OutKast charges at Real Deal with an attempt at a clothesline… Real Deal ducks and goes behind Kast. Kast bounces off the ropes and is met with a massive super kick that sets the fans into a frenzy… Jason Johnson is particularly excited…

Jason Johnson: REALITY CHECK!!! Are you ready to lose your BET Raymond?!?! Your legend absolutely CANNOT compete with what is in the here and now!!!

”Remember” by Disturbed is still playing, the fans are going absolutely ballistic and Real Deal is standing over at the fallen OutKast who is left to look up to the here and the now, the Real Deal. Real Deal, all he can do is smirk as he exits the ring. Walking to the top rope, he looks back to the ring, and raises a single arm, eliciting an even higher decibel level than previously imagined.

Jeff Hansen: That was quite a message, but I think it’s safe to say that OutKast won’t be lying down after that. He’s going to be pissed when he gets up.

Jason Johnson: Like Ed Raymond, that little shitstain OutKast isn’t JUST going to be beaten and embarrassed tonight, but at Impulse, he’ll be wishing he didn’t have to face the SHOOT Project Champion, The Real Deal.

Jeff Hansen: Kast was certainly caught off guard, but don’t count them out, at all. They are all resourceful people, and rest assured that it isn’t over. By far.

Jason Johnson: Well, you might be right, but it’ll be a test for all parties involved come Impulse time. But, Jeff, we must go on…

Jeff Hansen: We’ve reached tonight’s main event, and the continuing saga that is the personal feud between Hardcore Style and The Madmen.

Jason Johnson: This will be the second in the series of possibly five matches to determine who will remain a tag team and who will not.

Jeff Hansen: Madmen took the victory last week, and I totally see some Hardcore Style Revenge in tonight’s main event Tag team strap match.

“BEST OF 5 TO STAY ALIVE: MATCH #2 – STRAP MATCH” Hardcore Style vs. The MadMen

(The Camera goes to the ring…HARDCORE STYLE are already in mid ring, as “Anarchy in the U.K.” by The Sex Pistols blasts over the speakers and Del Carver and Ben Jackman patiently wait for the arrival of the MadMen. Del is once again decked out in a Union Jack T-shirt with the sleeves cut off, and Ben Jackman sports identically designed Union Jack Tights and Boots. Ben appears to be flirting with Samantha, who is blushing…the sound of The Sex Pistols slowly fades…and ‘They Came In’ by The Butthole Surfers starts to play…the fans BOO loudly as The MadMen make their way down the aisle…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…the following contest is the SECOND match in the BEST OF 5 SERIES between The MadMen and Hardcore Style. As per the stipulations dictated by Shoot Project President Jason Johnson, and agreed upon by BOTH teams…the WINNER of this best of 5 Series will receive a TITLE SHOT against the Shoot Project Tag Team Champions…and the LOSING team will be forced via contractual agreement to DISBAND…and will NEVER be permitted to wrestle AGAIN as a TAG TEAM in SHOOT PROJECT! As an added special stipulation for this match…this is a STRAP MATCH!”

(The fans erupt in cheers…)

Samantha: “Now heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are THE MADMEN!!!”

(The MadMen enter the ring, but surprisingly, the two teams do NOT rush at one another, but instead engage in a stare-down…)

Samantha: “Their opponents standing in the ring to my rights…firstly, hailing from Tampa Florida, standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN! His partner…from Jackson Mississippi, standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 266 pounds…the Hardcore Outlaw…“Diamond” Del Carver! Together they are…HARDCORE STYLE!”

Jason Johnson: “Samantha exits the ring, as Shoot Project Head Referee Scott Kamura enters with TWO long leather straps.”

Jeff Hansen: “You want to explain the rules of this deal to me and the fans, Johnson?”

Jason Johnson: “It’s very simple. This match is being held under Texas Tornado rules…no tagging in or out…all four men will be in the ring at the same time. Ben Jackman will be attached to The Fist, by the 7 foot leather strap, and Del Carver will be attached to The Flying Dutchman. The fighters will be attached by the RIGHT wrists.”

Jeff Hansen: “Now how the hell do you win?”

Jason Johnson: “The same way you win a normal Shoot Project match, pin-fall, tap out, or referee stoppage. But in THIS match, Scott Kamura will make NO effort to prevent the usage of the leather straps, obviously…and the wrestlers are free to use them in whatever means they see fit to win this match.”

Jeff Hansen: “Well…the straps are attached…the bell has rung…here we go YEEOUCH!!!”

Jason Johnson: “The Flying Dutchman going to work right away!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Dutchman has his portion of the strap bunched up…and he’s thrashing Del Carver all about the upper body and face with it…SMACK SMACK SMACK…”

Jason Johnson: “Meanwhile, The Fist and Ben Jackman appear to be uninterested in the straps at ALL, and are just having a good old fashioned SLUGFEST!”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver has had to drop to his knees and raise his hands over his face to protect himself from the onslaught on The Flying Dutchman…”

Jason Johnson: “And The Fist and Blackout continue to ignore their straps and pound away at each other’s heads like there is no tomorrow…”

Jeff Hansen: “These British fans are cheering wildly as the second match in this Best of 5 series is now underway in a BIG way!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver now rolls out of the ring in an effort to break up the vicious whipping assault by The Flying Dutchman…”

Jeff Hansen: “HA! Del Carver PULLS as hard as he can from outside the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “The Flying Dutchman falls on his ass and slides out of the ring thanks to the mighty yank on the strap by The Hardcore Outlaw!”

Jeff Hansen: “MAN! Look at Jackman and Fist…they are still trading punches…although they have slowed down.”

Jason Johnson: “Outside the ring, Del Carver has finally gained control! He is POUNDING the Flying Dutchman’s HEAD off the ring post!”

Jeff Hansen: “In mid ring…The Fist and Ben Jackman are both bloody…and they haven’t even used the strap yet!”

Jason Johnson: “The two sluggers have really slowed down now due to the punishment they have inflicted on one another…roundhouse from The Fist on Jackman connects…stiff jab returned by Blackout…backhand by The Fist…left cross by Jackman…followed by another left jab…and another in succession…”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman gaining the upper hand now…firing off a rapid succession of left hands, like a trip hammer…bam bam bam bam bam…and DOWN GOES THE FIST!”

Jason Johnson: “It doesn’t matter to Ben Jackman that his RIGHT HAND has a STRAP attached to it…he’s a SOUTHPAW, and has the BEST Left Hand Shot in Shoot Project…THAT’S why he’s the IRON FIST CHAMP…and HAS BEEN for LONGER THAN ANYBODY!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans give Ben Jackman a standing ovation as he gets the better of The Fist after that elongated back and forth punch-up.”

Jason Johnson: “Here we see a replay of that amazing flurry of left hand shots to the jaw of The Fist by Ben Jackman…and we see The Fist collapse…out-punched…and punched OUT!”

Jeff Hansen: “Meanwhile, outside the ring, Del Carver has bounced The Flying Dutchman off the ring post and is now sliding back into the ring…he exchanges a high five with Ben Jackman…”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman returns his attention to The Fist…Blackout starts whipping the prone behemoth with that leather strap…and now…what the hell is Carver doing?”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, The Flying Dutchman collapsed to the concrete after Carver bashed his head off the steel post…Carver is back in the ring…and very slowly PULLING THE FLYING DUTCHMAN IN…BY THE STRAP!”

Jason Johnson: “Although I am no big fan of The Flying Dutchman, I do feel bad that he will undoubtedly end up with a dislocated shoulder from the way that Del Carver is pulling him back into the ring, by that strap around his arm…OVER THE TOP ROPE!”

Jeff Hansen: “The semi-conscious Flying Dutchman collapses in a heap after being methodically winched over the top rope by Del Carver via the strap…Del now laying the boots to The Flying Dutchman on one side of the ring while Ben Jackman does the same to The Fist on the other side…”

Jason Johnson: “Now Del Carver has gathered up his strap with both hands and is methodically swinging it back and forth…lashing the back of The Flying Dutchman repeatedly, over and over and over again.”

Jeff Hansen: “Man…the fans are cheering themselves hoarse but that sound of a leather strap repeatedly hitting bare flesh is kind of sickening…The Flying Dutchman’s skin is going to look like a patch work quilt tomorrow I think!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver staying on The Flying Dutchman…he seems to be wrapping the strap around The Dutchman’s arm over and over again…”

Jeff Hansen: “DIAMOND DISLOCATION! Del Carver wraps up The Flying Dutchman’s arm, and locks in the Fujiwara arm bar!”

Jason Johnson: “The Flying Dutchman was semi-conscious, but THIS woke him up! He’s flapping around on the canvas, trying madly to get out of this armbar submission, but how can he? He’s wrapped up!”

Jeff Hansen: “While Del Carver keeps that armbar locked in, Ben Jackman starts laying his boots to the head of The Flying Dutchman…”

Jason Johnson: “The Fist is up…”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! The Fist clubs Ben Jackman across the back of the head and neck with a brutal forearm smash, which drops the Iron Fist champion to his knees!”

Jason Johnson: “OH LORD! After The Fist flattened Ben Jackman with that clubbing forearm, he circled around and BLASTED Del Carver with a MASSIVE soccer type side kick, right to the MOUTH of Del Carver!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, that broke the old armbar huh? Del Carver falls backwards, lifeless as blood spurts from his mouth…ewww.”

Jason Johnson: “Well, for those of you keeping score at home, all 4 of the men in this fight are now bleeding. The Fist and Jackman busted each other open across the forehead the hard way when they were taking turns pounding each other in the head earlier, The Flying Dutchman was cracked open when Del Carver rammed his head repeatedly into the ringpost…and now The Fist has side kicked Del Carver right in the FACE, and he is bleeding from the mouth area…”

Jeff Hansen: “Yeah, we got ourselves a nice bonafide bloodbath here tonight for our English fans!”

Jason Johnson: “It looks like a train wreck. The Flying Dutchman is laying on the mat clutching his arm, Del Carver is laying on his side, blood pouring from his mouth, and Ben Jackman is laying on his face, after being clobbered across the back of the neck…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Fist gathering up his strap now…and starts LASHING Ben Jackman across the back! Those sick sounding smacks are resounding throughout this hall, even though the fans are screaming…you can STILL hear it!”

Jason Johnson: “The Fist pulling Ben Jackman to his feet now…and throws him into the ropes…”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman comes off the ropes…BUT SLIDES under the clothesline attempt of The Fist, and right between his knees…the strap follows…”

Jason Johnson: “OH GOD! OW! OUCH!”

Jeff Hansen: “Did you SEE that? The crowd screams as Ben Jackman ducks the clothesline attempt from The Fist…slides under his legs…and then LEAPS over the TOP ROPE!”

Jason Johnson: “YEAH, but since the two men are ATTACHED by that STRAP…the strap went WITH Ben Jackman…between The Fist’s LEGS…OVER THE TOP ROPE…and UP IN THE AIR…NAILING THE FIST RIGHT IN THE CROTCH!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at The Fist! His EYES crossed when that strap snapped up in the air and nailed him right in the BALLS! The Fist has collapsed, cross-legged in the ring…I think the PAIN of that groin shot with the leather strap literally made him pass out from the PAIN!”

Jason Johnson: “The fans are on their seats cheering as Ben Jackman slides back into the ring! Del Carver now staggers to his feet, spitting blood…UH OH!”

Jeff Hansen: Hardcore Style are both standing over The Flying Dutchman…SMILING! The Flying Dutchman looks up…he looks at Carver…he looks at Jackman…now he sees the Fist unconscious in a heap…”

Jason Johnson: “The Flying Dutchman trying to get away! He’s trying to scramble away…but Hardcore Style have his legs! They aren’t letting him get away!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Flying Dutchman trying in vain to crawl away…but he’s being pulled by his legs back into the middle of the ring…as the fans scream for his BLOOD!”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman has pulled the strap that attaches The Dutchman and Carver OFF of The Dutchman’s wrist…now he and Carver are wrapping it over and over and over again around the NECK of The Flying Dutchman…”

Jeff Hansen: “OH MY GOD!”

Jason Johnson: “They’re CHOKING HIM! Ben Jackman and Del Carver have wrapped that strap around The Flying Dutchman’s neck multiple times…and now they have both grabbed it from behind…and are PULLING on it as HARD AS THEY CAN!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “MY LORD…LOOK AT THE DUTCHMAN! He’s fighting for his life…thrashing around…his EYES are BULGING OUT…his face is turning BLUE…meanwhile Hardcore Style are LAUGHING…like…well…LIKE MADMEN!”

Jason Johnson: “Referee Scott Kamura goes in close for a look at The Flying Dutchman…who has now changed color about five times…and he calls for the BELL!”

(The Bell rings as “ANARCHY IN THE U.K.” starts to play…Hardcore Style release The Flying Dutchman finally, who collapses to the mat next to the unconscious Fist, with the strap still wrapped around his neck. The ref holds Del Carver and Ben Jackman’s hands in the air to the thunderous approval of the fans…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen: Your WINNERS at a time of 22 minutes and 13 seconds…and now TIED at one match a piece in THE BEST OF 5 TO STAY ALIVE SERIES…HARDCORE STYLE!!!

Jason Johnson: “Well, this series is tied up one all, and what a bloodbath it was! Hardcore Style make their way up the aisle and exchange high fives with these great British fans…as The MadMen lay in the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Flying Dutchman has rolled over and has one hand over his throat…he is GLARING at Hardcore Style as the exit into the back…and look at THE LOOK on his face! Pure EVIL! Not FEAR, Not ANGER…just EVIL! This Series is FAR from over Johnson!”