(The camera opens on a packed house…almost 1000 fans are seated in the darkened hall…as a spotlight slowly scans the noisy crowd…the camera goes to the broadcast position…where Jeff and Ryu sit…)

Jeff: “Ladies and gentlemen…WELCOME…TO OBLIVION!”

(The fans erupt as music plays, pyro explodes, and the lights flash…)

Jeff: “That’s right fans…SHOOT PROJECT is PROUD to present another night of unbelievable action…coming off an amazing UNDER SIEGE!”

Ryu: “That’s right! And don’t forget…in the main event…we have The Real Deal in his first match since winning the title, taking on Jonny Johnson!”

Jason: “We’d like to thank all you fans who are watching us on Video or through our Webcast. Before we get to the action, we’d like to take you to a special interview with Diamond Del Carver which was taped EARLIER THIS WEEK from the Kosaka Medical Center, where Del is still recovering from his match last week. Can we roll that footage please?”

(The camera goes to Del Carver’s hospital room, where Del is sitting up in bed. Next to him stands Yoshi Tysu, a Shoot Project employee.

Yoshi: “This is Yoshi, with Del Carver. Carver-san, you could tell us please how you are feeling?”

Del: “I’m feeling pissed off, that’s how I’m feeling. I’ve been sitting on my ass for the past week, and meanwhile my partner is stepping into the ring with the damn Madmen, and I’m not there. I…oh, shit.”

(The door swings open, and in walks THE FLYING DUTCHMAN. THE FIST is standing behind him, holding a bouquet of flowers.)

The Flying Dutchman: “Well, MR. CARVER! The Fist and I just thought we’d come and see how you are doing.”

Del: “Get the fuck out of here.”

The Flying Dutchman: “See what I mean Fist? No manners at all. No wonder the only friend he has are street trash like Kid Wikkid and goons like Ben Jackman. No class. Say, where IS Jackman anyhow, Carver? I thought you two BOYS went EVERYWHERE together, if you know what I mean…”

Del: “He’s at your momma’s house Dutchman. You KNOW how hard it is to get an appointment there…and where are your Tag Belts. Oh that’s right…you LOST them.”

The Flying Dutchman: “You’re funny Carver. People don’t give you enough credit. Sure, they say you’re old and stupid…but they never mention how FUNNY you are. Fist, why don’t we show Mr. Carver what happens to funny guys?”

(The Fist pulls out the bouquet of flowers and reaches in and extracts a long steel pipe from the midst of the flowers…)

The Flying Dutchman: “I’m sure you recognise this steel pipe. Oh wait, no…the last time it was used, you never saw it coming. The Fist bashed you in the head and left you laying in a pool of your own blood, in the middle of the ring. You remember that, don’t you? The week after you lost your title? At Oblivion? You…”

Del: “Shut the fuck up Dutchman. I’ll…”

(Del Carver starts to rise out of his hospital bed…but the Fist swings the Steel Pipe in a vicious downward motion, and smashes Del Carver across the midsection. Del Carver shouts in pain and doubles over violently. The Flying Dutchman pulls Del Carver up by the hair…)

“How are those injured ribs Carver? Hurt a bit? Now Fist, let’s do some work on the concussion…”

(The Fist SLAMS the Steel Pipe over Del Carver’s head, knocking him unconscious. Suddenly, the door bursts open and security rushes into the room and begins shouting orders at The Madmen in Japanese…The Flying Dutchman stands over the unconscious Del Carver and laughs…he then turns to the camera…)

“You see that Jackman? You see what we did to your partner? That’s TWICE The Fist has laid him out…and this Sunday at Oblivion, you’re next. By the time The Madmen are done with Hardcore Style, WE will be known as the best Tag Team in Shoot Project…and you two will be living in this hospital permanently. On our way out, we’ll reserve you a room.”

(The Madmen leave the room, as the Security and Doctors rush to the aid of the fallen Del Carver…the camera returns to Jeff and Ryu in the broadcast position…)

Jeff: “Well, obviously that interview that was filmed this past week didn’t go as planned.”

Ryu: “I hear Del Carver is going nuts. Like The Flying Dutchman said, that is now the SECOND time that The Madmen have knocked out Del Carver with a lead pipe. PLUS…they interfered in Ben Jackman’s match with Strayt Jakit a couple of weeks ago, and then they had the big six man brawl the week before the Pay Per View. These two teams are headed for an explosion…soon.”

Jeff: “I agree. Well, let’s get to our first match…”

[The cameras cut backstage and we see a huge black limo pulling into the arena. It stops next to one of the elevators to the large executive suites upstairs in the middle levels of Korakuen Hall. The driver gets out and walks around to the back door, only to stand at the door, on guard, with no one getting out as of yet.]

Ryu: “Ok, we WERE going to go to the first match, but production has decided that they’re going to have some fun, and they decided to cut to the back so that we can see some limousine pulling up to the building.”

Jeff: “Well, you’ve got to wonder who is in that limo? I mean, it could be anyone, based on the people we’ve had showing up lately. It could be ANYONE.”

Ryu: “You’re right, it could be, but as it stands, no one has gotten out of that limousine, and so, we don’t know what the hell is going on. Now, we will attempt to get on with our first match…”

Paul “The Hitman” Hook vs. The Lyger Kid

Samantha: “This next match is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 Minute Time Limit…”

(The crowd cheers politely as "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera is heard over the arena sound system…)

Samantha: “Firstly…making his SHOOT PROJECT DEBUT…now on his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighing in at 234 pounds…PAUL “THE HITMAN” HOOK!”

(The Hitman strides towards the ring…he looks focused and determined as he climbs onto the apron and raises his arms over his head…"Loser" by 3 Doors Down begins to play…)

Samantha: “And NOW his opponent…standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing in at 185 pounds…here is…THE LYGER KID!”

(The Lyger Kid jogs to the ring, vaults over the top rope, and raises his arms as the bell rings…)

Jason: “We’re ready to go here...the two competitors lockup…side headlock by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…The Lyger Kid backs him up…whip into the ropes…shoulder block by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…off the ropes leapfrog by The Lyger Kid…Paul “The Hitman” Hook catches the rope and charges right into a high dropkick! Smart move by The Kid, going with an air attack...”

Ryu: “Air attack is the way to go…The Hitman outweighs him by 50 pounds. ”

Jason: “Paul “The Hitman” Hook backs into the corner …now a vicious kick to the midsection of The Lyger Kid…forearm smash…another forearm smash…whip to the opposite corner and The Hitman follows through with a brutal running elbow smash…The Hitman backing up…charging in for an avalanche looks like…The Hitman charges…whoa! The Kid is up in the air…he misses completely…Drop-kick by The Kid…The Hitman is stunned…high spinning kick sends Paul “The Hitman” Hook to the outside!”

Ryu: “The crowd enjoyed that...”

Jason: “Summersault over the top rope lands The Kid right on top of Paul “The Hitman” Hook! The Lyger Kid rolls The Hitman back in…but he's back on his feet already and delivers several stomps to The Lyger Kid as he crawls back into the ring after him.”

Ryu: “He shouldn’t have done that…he only stunned him with the plancha, and rolling him back into the ring gave The Hitman the chance to stomp him on her way back in…”

Jason: “The Hitman pulling The Kid to his feet and clobbering him back down with a forearm smash to the back. The Kid staggers back to his feet…spinning heel kick by The Lyger Kid! Clothesline attempt…misses…German suplex by Paul “The Hitman” Hook! He pulls The Kid back to his feet, throws him into the corner and now he’s punishing him with repeated kicks to the midsection and European uppercuts. Now a big chop by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…and another.”

Ryu: “Man…Paul “The Hitman” Hook is taking his time…he’s got The Kid trapped in the corner and he’s methodically punishing him and taking him apart piece by piece.”

Jason: “The Kid has unleashed some amazing aerial moves in this match but if he doesn’t get out of there, this one will be over soon…The Hitman is whipping The Kid to the opposite corner…this is going to be quite an impact when he hits the turnbuckles…NO…whip is reversed, Paul “The Hitman” Hook is driven face first into the turnbuckle! The Lyger Kid charges…right into a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex! Cover by The Hitman…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Paul “The Hitman” Hook. Right when it looks like The Kid escaped the corner and was ready to mount an offence…he gets the upper hand again.”

Jason: “Clothesline by The Hitman floors The Lyger Kid…Paul “The Hitman” Hook pulls The Kid back up…HIGH vertical suplex lands nicely…and he rolls into a cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Tight headlock by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…he’s really applying the pressure and grinding it in…The Kid starting to fade…ref checks the arm…it drops once…twice…but not the third time! The Lyger Kid works his way out of the side headlock with out elbows to the side of The Hitman…he’s out…clothesline by The Lyger Kid misses…ANOTHER high German Suplex by Paul “The Hitman” Hook! Both competitors are down…now Paul “The Hitman” Hook is up….Stiff right by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…answered by a knife edge chop from The Lyger Kid…Paul “The Hitman” Hook Irish whipped into the ropes…clothesline misses…flying forearm to The Hitman from The Lyger Kid! Followed by a HIGH drop-kick! Paul “The Hitman” Hook comes back…but his clothesline is ducked…DDT by The Lyger Kid! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Paul “The Hitman” Hook…he’s got The Kid up…back suplex attempt but The Lyger Kid lands on his feet!”

Ryu: “Listen to this crowd! The Hitman tried to back suplex The Kid but he landed right side up!”

Jason: “Paul “The Hitman” Hook charges in for another clothesline…but is caught…facebuster! cover: ONE…TWO…NO! The Lyger Kid is going up to the top rope! Paul “The Hitman” Hook gets nailed with a 450 SPLASH!!! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! This match has really heated up and has turned into a HUGE see saw battle!”

Jason: “Paul “The Hitman” Hook back up and is clubbing The Kid with brutal him forearms to the back…trying to German suplex him again…but The Lyger Kid is holding on to the rope …The Kid fires off a sharp elbow into the face of The Hitman, clothesline attempt misses…NOW The Hitman back suplexes him and keeps holding on for the pin! cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Paul “The Hitman” Hook is getting frustrated…clothesline attempt by Paul “The Hitman” Hook misses…HIGH drop kick by The Lyger Kid HITS and The Hitman lands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Both competitors are down…”

Jason: “That one move could be the difference maker in this match for The Lyger Kid…The Hitman really landed hard on the top of his head from that kick… Paul “The Hitman” Hook is up…groggy…charges at The Lyger Kid but gets back body-dropped over the top rope! Now The Lyger Kid is climbing the ropes…HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE! Paul “The Hitman” Hook took it full-force…The Lyger Kid rolls Paul “The Hitman” Hook back in, climbs the top rope…and comes off with ANOTHER HIGH CROSS BODY!”

Ryu: “NO! NO! NO! The Hitman CAUGHT him in mid-air…and now he has thrown him over his shoulder…”



(“Cemetery Gates” by Pantera is heard over the arena sound system. Paul “The Hitman” Hook pulls The Kid up by the hair and casually throws him over the top rope to the floor. The Hitman steps over the top rope and strides confidently up the ramp with a sneer on his face.)

Jeff: To win your debut match is always big, but to do it against the Lyger Kid is impressive considering how Lyger has been wrestling lately.

Ryu: Paul Hook really showed what he was made of. Lyger Kid is having trouble getting up.

*"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine hits, and Roland the Dark walks out. His face is that of concern. His walk is urgent.

Jeff: Here's Lyger Kid's tag team partner Roland the Dark.

Ryu: I've been hearing that there are people who would want Roland to drop Lyger.

Jeff: I sure hope that doesn't happen, I see them as a contender for the tag titles.

*Roland climbs into the ring. His music continues to play and he helps Lyger Kid to his feet. Lyger pats Roland on the shoulder, and Roland returns the favor by twisting Lyger's left arm behind and locking on a the Widowmaker. Roland's music abruptly stops.*

Jeff: A cross-faced chicken-wing!

Ryu: Look at Roland lifting Lyger into the air while in his submission hold!

*Lyger screams in pain and Roland tosses him into the ropes. Lyger hangs, groaning in agony. Roland picks Lyger up.*

Jeff: Here it is, no don't, please. Roland is going for The Pillar of Darkness.

Ryu: Look at the impact of the modified Michinoku Driver.

*Lyger lays motionless. Roland jumps from the ring and rips the microphone from Samantha's hands. The fans begin to boo loudly now that Roland has a microphone. Roland reaches under the right and pulls out a Singapore Cane. Roland enters the ring.*

Jeff: What now?

*Roland starts to speak, but he never turned the microphone on. He turns it on. The fans start to chant 'You suck' Roland laughs.*

Roland: Oh I suck? I learned from your geisha bitch of a mother.

*Roland points directly at a fat Japanese man in his 40s in the front row. The fans boo louder.*

Roland: Oh be quiet. I know you're not used to me talking, but it's time for a change. I am Roland the Dark, and I have made my decision. My choices, if you paid attention to me you would know them, but since Management would like to hide me, I doubt anyone did. My decision was this: Stay with Lyger Kid as a tag team-

*a small cheer goes up*

Roland : Or remain with Toshiro Mifune and my unnamed Financier. Hmm, let's see, midget with a dumb gimmick, or men with lots of money who want me to win the Shoot Project Championship? After a little thought, I decided.

*Roland points to the unmoving form of Lyger Kid. He laughs*

Roland: But I haven't quite put the exclamation point on this yet.

*He twirls the Singapore Cane in his hand. He then slams it into the back of Lyger Kid.*

Roland: You see, I will use Lyger Kid as my whipping boy. He will take a hit with this for every wrong I've met in Shoot.

Jeff: Will someone stop this?

Roland: This is for getting buried right after the Training Day Supercard where I beat Cronos!

*Lyger's back opens up from the cane*

Roland: This is for main eventing Oblivion one week with Skull, then having an opening match with a nobody the next.

*The can comes down onto Lyger and Lyger's motionless body bounces. The fans are getting worried and restless. The announcer are dumbfounded.*

Ryu: Roland's never been the most even-keeled individual... but this?

Roland: This is for the people in the back laughing at me and calling me a jobber!

*The cane slams into Lyger's body again. A mix of security personnel and referees runs down to the ring.*

Roland: If you dare enter this ring I will do to you what Lyger Kid is getting now!

*The referees and security back off cautiously. Roland turns back to Lyger's body. He looks at the cane and tosses it aside. Roland walks over to a turnbuckle.*

Jeff: What is this now? Roland's not a cruiserweight.

Ryu: He will go high-risk once in awhile though.

*Roland climbs to the top.*

Roland: And this ladies and gentlemen is a tribute to a very special person to me. That person is my Financier. He has made me what I am today. He found me focus, and he has shown me the light. Whomever he may be, I will never doubt him again. This is for you! And Ed Raymond, eat your hear out.

*Roland drops the microphone and leaps from the top rope. He lands knee first onto the back of Lyger Kid.*

Jeff: (hushed) A flying kneedrop. What a psycho.

*Roland rolls from the ring as paramedics runs down and begin to tend to Lyger Kid. Roland laughs as the audience looks on in shock and his music begins to play.

Ryu: I just don't know what to say...

Jeff: I do. Let’s clean this mess up and get to the next match. Beorn Versus Erik Boyer, in what should be a pretty decent match.

Ryu: That’s right. So let’s get to this.

Jeff: Well with one match down and six to go, we still have a lot in store. But I for one was happy to see Paul Hook back in action.

Ryu: What’s up with all these guys I don’t know coming back and everyone else knowing them.

Jeff: Well it’s funny you should mention that Ryu, because in a few moments Erik Boyer will be taking on Beorn… both men coming from a long and storied past.

Ryu: Yeah but at least I’m more familiar with…

Before Ryu can finish his retort, the lights go black. Again, the fans sit in a state of confusion as the soft sound of “Save me” by Remy Zero plays eerily in the background.

Jeff: Not this again…

Ryu: What is it this time?

Again the SHOOT Big Screen turns on, but no longer is it the usual static screen, but actually it is right from within Korakuen Hall. The music picks up louder as focus comes on a single door, marked with a nameplate. The nameplate reads: Hellion Youngblood… the music suddenly stops…

Voice: Good Evening, did you miss me? I thought so. Tonight, I bring you a special performance piece. A live rendition of faded memories, if you will. Please, follow me.

The door slowly opens, now revealing the inside of Hellion’s locker room. The room itself isn’t very big, or fancy. A chair, a locker, a cold cement floor, basic needs for a wrestler and not much else. The fans had expected to see Hellion within his locker room, but there is no one there.

Voice: Emptiness. Not a single soul here…

The sound of a door closing is heard, but the focus remains on the single chair within the room. Footsteps…

Voice: Mr. Youngblood is quite used to it, I know of this. He is used to nobody being there. But he has been so naïve. He is no superstar, simply a tool used to help “the other guy”… nobody is really there for him… he is simply here for everyone else.

More footsteps, and the sound of the doorknob turning. Quickly it goes dark in the room as the door opens. “Save Me” Plays extremely loud now out in the ring side area, almost to the point where it could seriously injure the ears of anyone listening. Hellion’s voice can barely be made out…

Hellion Youngblood: What the….

The Door suddenly slams within the room, causing it to once again be completely dark, dark everywhere. The music plays on a bit.. until.. nothing.

Voice: Good luck tonight Youngblood, you’ll need it.

And with that, the lights flash up and the screen goes blank.

Jeff: Okay what just happened there?

Ryu: Is Hellion okay? Was he attacked?

Jeff: Your guess is as good as mine, but that video footage… that means that whoever is behind all of this is in the arena tonight. I think Jason Johnson should get security on this issue ASAP.

Ryu: I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m starting to wonder if anyone is safe from this guy!

Jeff: Well, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll ever get to start matches when we say we will. Anyway, let’s try this again…

Erik Boyer Vs. Beorn

[“Civil War” by Guns N’ Roses hits the PA, and the man known as Beorn walks out to a less than frivolous reaction. He shows off to the crowd a bit, and continues his walk down the ramp. Stopping at the stairs, he turns around and show boats again, garnishing less than his desired reaction.]

Ryu: Well, Beorn’s here, and he’s showing off…

Jeff: As usual…

[The crowd anxiously awaits the entrance of Erik Boyer. His music plays over the loud speakers, but no one comes out. The crowd is getting restless, and they start booing. Beorn is looking towards the entrance ramp, but seeing nothing. Then, “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera hits, and Beorn’s face goes colorless. He looks towards the entrance way, around the arena, seeing nothing.]

Ryu: Cemetery Gates=Paul Hook

Jeff: Paul Hook=Bad news for Beorn…

[Beorn is looking around, rather confusedly, as Cemetery Gates continues to play. Paul Hook walks out on the ramp to a massive cheer. He stands at the top, starting Beorn down, and infuriating the Quality Platinum superstar, and causing him to throw a small tantrum in the ring.]

Ryu: Well, this is certainly interesting…

[Paul Hook stands at the top of the ramp, just pointing and laughing. Beorn gestures to Hook to quit his laughing and to come down and fight. Hook stops. He looks suddenly serious, and begins a slow walk down the ramp.]

Jeff: Oh, here we go…

Ryu: Or not…

[Paul Hook stops in the middle of the ramp, and starts laughing again. He turns back around, as Cemetery Gates continues playing and walks out of the ring area, and back to the back.]

[We see the replay of the end of the Beorn/Hook exchange on a television screen. Zooming out we find ourselves in an executive suite, darkly lit. A figure sits in a leather executive's chair. From what we can tell, he is well dressed, wearing a suit and tie, finely polished Italian shoes. His face is covered in shadows, so his identity is still unknown. He moves slightly, and now we can see that he has a beard, trimmed close. His visage is stoic, obviously deep in thought. The door opens at the back of the room and through the only light on in the room we can see a very attractive japanese woman walks in with a tub of popcorn and a soda and walks over to the man sitting in the dark. She hands him the popcorn, then the soda]

Japanese Woman: Dr. Pepper, just as you requested, sir.

[The man reaches out, eats a few kernels of popcorn, then taking a sip of his soda through the straw, then as he sets them both down on the table next to him, he leans forward and looks into the camera, the light now falling in such a way that we see that the man is none other than former World Champion and owner of the SWA, AWA, and CEWF, Rob Belote. After a few seconds the camera cuts back to a scene of the ring, as we get ready for our next match of the night]

Jeff: Well well well… I was wondering when/if he would show up. You’ve got to wonder what he’s here for. Is he wanting the World Championship? Or maybe… He wants to buy SHOOT Project…

Ryu: Well, all of that is quite possible, but perhaps he just has someone that he has a bone to pick with.

Jeff: I guess only time will tell, won’t it?

Ryu: Yep, and as for now, we go to Samantha Coil…

William Tell Vs. Strayt Jakit

(Samantha steps into the ring as the lights and music go out…and a now familiar OMINOUS VOICE booms across the arena…)


(The crowd buzzes in anticipation as "Coma Tell" by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…The lights go up…to show STRAYT JAKIT standing on the top rope the crowd cheers as Strayt Jakit performs a 360 flip in mid-air and lands directly in the middle of the ring…)

Samantha: “This next bout is to help determine the new NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP…now standing in the center of the ring…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pound…STRAYT JAKIT!”

("Strong as I am" by Primemovers begins to play…as William Tell steps into the spotlight and starts to confidently make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 236 pounds…WILLIAM TELL!”

(William Tell climbs into the ring and casts a stony glare at Strayt Jakit…)

Jeff: “The bell rings…and HERE WE GO! William Tell smacking Strayt Jakit with a right hand…Jakit staggers backwards…Tell backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Strayt Jakit looks a bit dazed...”

Ryu: “William Tell off to a fast start…”

Jeff: “Lockup…side headlock by Strayt Jakit, wrenching it in…William Tell powers out…shoulder-block by Strayt Jakit. William Tell up…ducks a punch attempt by Strayt Jakit and answers with a nice left hook of his own. Strayt Jakit connects with a jab in response…William Tell back with a smashing roundhouse to take control! Irish Whip…and into the ropes goes Strayt Jakit ... up and over leapfrog…Strayt Jakit lands on his feet...runs at William Tell but William Tell gives him a hot shot!”

Ryu: “William Tell just grabbed Strayt Jakit in a belly to belly and threw him throat first across the top rope!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit struggles to his feet…but a BIG clothesline by William Tell puts Strayt Jakit down…”

Ryu: “William Tell on a tear so far in this match…”

Jeff: “William Tell with a knife edge chop into the chest of Strayt Jakit, who is still trying to regain his composure after that hot shot and clothesline…another vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...now an Irish Whip by William Tell on Strayt Jakit…into the ropes is reversed…Strayt Jakit gets his head down, looking for a back bodydrop…head down…but no…BIG kick by William Tell…”

Ryu: “William Tell caught him there…Strayt Jakit put his head down too early! Strayt Jakit stumbles back…William Tell coming in…WHOA!”

Jeff: “Beautiful! Strayt Jakit was playing possum somewhat, and suckered William Tell in…he was acting like that kick to the chest hurt him more than it did…and when William Tell went in to follow it up, Strayt Jakit snaps off PERFECT belly to belly Suplex! Both men down now…”

Ryu: “Did you see the HEIGHT that Strayt Jakit got on that Belly to Belly?”

Jeff: “Both men getting to their feet…Strayt Jakit with a short clothesline…Strayt Jakit stays on him, pulls William Tell to his feet and SMASHES him head first to the buckle. William Tell snaps back…Strayt Jakit slips on a waistlock and hits the German Suplex!”

Ryu: “Damn, Strayt Jakit has thrown a couple of textbook suplexes tonight Johnson!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit has rebounded nicely…Strayt Jakit stays on William Tell...Strayt Jakit steps behind William Tell…and clamps on a sleeper!”

Ryu: “William Tell's fading fast...the ref checks the hold…then checks the arm...arm falls once, arm falls twice…WHAM!”

Jeff: “William Tell fires a sharp elbow backwards into the midsection of Strayt Jakit…which doubles him over…William Tell jumping on Strayt Jakit... right to the gut…another right and now William Tell shoves him into the ropes, and grabs a sleeper of his own!”

Ryu: “Turnaround!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit flails around a bit but no…he reaches under…grabs William Tell’s leg and STANDS STRAIGHT UP…MODIFIED BACK SUPLEX! Both men down…and the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…”

Ryu: “We’re at 3…Strayt Jakit rolls to his back…4…now at 5, William Tell gets to his knees. Both men up to their feet at 7...Strayt Jakit charges, and runs into a big boot. Strayt Jakit tries again... William Tell is outta there and Strayt Jakit crashes into the corner!”

Jeff: “William Tell ducks a swing by Strayt Jakit and throws a nice right...Strayt Jakit is dazed…Irish Whip into the ropes…BIG back body drop on Strayt Jakit by William Tell...running clothesline...Strayt Jakit staggers up and his by another clothesline...Irish Whip into the ropes, Strayt Jakit comes off…RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM!”

Ryu: “What a see-saw back and forth fight…”

Jeff: “William Tell going out and going up to the top rope...but took too long as Strayt Jakit leaps onto the ropes and throws off William Tell with the belly to belly SUPERPLEX! Strayt Jakit going for a cover…ONE…TWO…William Tell fights it off!”

Ryu: “I cannot believe that he managed to fight his way out of that!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit starts arguing with the ref…”

Ryu: “This arguing gives William Tell the chance to stagger to his feet…what guts…most guys would have been down for the count after being tossed from the top rope like that!”

Jeff: “I agree…William Tell has shown some real fight here tonight! HEY…William Tell hits a schoolboy roll up from behind on Strayt Jakit while he had his back turned and is arguing with the ref! William Tell going for a cover but Strayt Jakit reverses…”

Ryu: “HA! William Tell didn’t expect that!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit firing a desperation elbow BACKWARDS which NAILS William Tell right in the GUT! William Tell totally didn’t see that one coming…and because that back elbow was a surprise it really folded him up like an accordion! Look like William Tell really has the wind knocked out of him!”

Ryu: “While William Tell is writhing around in pain, Strayt Jakit shoots in…SMALL PACKAGE…”

Jeff: “ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! William Tell powers out AGAIN!”

Jeff: “William Tell is back on his feet...Strayt Jakit grabs his leg…enzuigiri! SMACK! Strayt Jakit had one of William Tell’s legs…so William Tell NAILED Strayt Jakit upside the head with a high kick. Strayt Jakit drops to the mat like a bag of cement! William Tell wastes no time…he’s out to the apron and up on the top rope…he’s going to go for a top rope splash I think…

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit sees this and slowly gets to his feet…William Tell comes off with a high cross body…NO! STRAYT JAKIT MOVES…WHAM!”

Jeff: “Strayt Jakit catching William Tell going too slowly as he comes off the top rope with a high cross body…and moves! Strayt Jakit pulling William Tell to his feet…what the…SMALL PACKAGE BY WILLIAM TELL…”


("Strong as I am" by Primemovers hits as the bell rings. Strayt Jakit stumbles to his feet and begins looking around wildly…the ref grabs William Tell’s hand and raises it…Strayt Jakit rolls out of the ring and shakes his head disgustedly as he trudges up the aisle …)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…here is YOUR WINNER…WILLIAM TELL !”

Ryu: “WHAT A SHOCK! Let’s look at this replay…Tell comes off the top rope and totally MISSES a flying bodypress…Strayt Jakit moves in after Tell lands face first on the mat…Tell is PLAYING POSSUM and as soon as Jakit leans over to pull William Tell to his feet, William Tell reaches up, pulls the SHOCKED Strayt Jakit to the mat and cradles him for the surprise pin! What AMAZING ring presence by William Tell! What a move!”

Jeff: “Very true…William Tell nailed Strayt Jakit TOTALLY by surprise! He was obviously WINDED but still had the presence of mind to put Jakit in a SMALL PACKAGE and WINS the match! William Tell showing us all that he is a HIGHLY intelligent wrestler!”

Trey Willett & Chris Lee vs. Roland The Dark, Eryk Masters & Kid Wikkid

("South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground starts to play….Trey Willett emerges from the dressing room and walks to the ring, his face expressionless…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall with a 15 minute time limit. Firstly…approaching the ring…standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 236 pounds…here is …TREY WILLETT!”

(Trey Willett’s music fades and "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine is heard over the arena sound system…the impressive Roland The Dark stalks to the ring…Roland slowly pulls himself on to the apron, steps over the top rope and raises his arms over his head as the crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 258 pounds…here is ROLAND THE DARK!”

(‘HASHPIPE’ by Weezer begins to play…)

Samantha: “Now approaching the ring, standing 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 203 pounds…here is the SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!”

(The crowd explodes as Kid Wikkid emerges from the runway, jogs down the aisle and does an impressive summersault over the top rope…the fans continue to give him an impressive ovation…"Soldier" by Eminem begins to play…Eryk Masters emerges from the dressing room and begins to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Now on his way to ring…your SHOOT PROJECT RISING SUN CHAMPION…standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 245 pounds…Eryk Masters!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett standing in the ring…now staring across at his opponents, and waiting I assume for a substitute partner…”


Jeff: “Good point…Trey Willett is standing there looking at three men…now as you know fans, Trey Willett’s partner was originally scheduled to be Chris Lee, but if you checked in at the Shoot Project website this week, you will know that The Boss has had to temporarily leave Shoot Project for personal reasons…”

Ryu: “I’ve been waiting all night for somebody to name some substitute partners for Willett, but we’ve heard nothing so far…”

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…I have just been informed that this match will be a HANDICAP match!”

Ryu: “OH SHIT! I wouldn’t want to be Trey Willett!”

Jeff: “WOW! Trey Willett must have stolen Jason Johnson’s parking space or something! LOOK! Roland The Dark and Kid Wikkid are both shaking their heads…they’re leaving! I guess they don’t want any part of a 3 on 1 MUGGING. No sport in that…uh oh.”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark and Kid Wikkid were about to exit the ring…and just as Roland was stepping over the top rope, Trey Willett said SOMETHING to them…they both turned around…and Roland looks PISSED!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark grabbing Trey Willett by the neck…CHOKESLAM! Kid Wikkid and Eryk Masters are both laughing their asses off in the ring! Now Roland is pulling Willett to his feet….POWERBOMB!”

Ryu: “The fans are cheering madly as the egomaniac Trey Willett gets his ass kicked by Roland The Dark. We’ve all heard Willett’s promos before…he thinks he’s something. Well he must have said something stupid to Roland and Wikkid…ROLAND HAS TREY WILLETT PRESSED OVER HIS HEAD!”

Jeff: “BAM! PRESS SLAM! Roland just picked Trey Willett up over his head and then walked out from underneath him! Willett drops to the mat FACE FIRST! SPLAT!”

Ryu: “Roland looking at Willett and shaking his head…now he steps over the top rope and slowly walks to the back as the crowd cheers…Kid Wikkid looks at the prone Trey Willett…now he’s looking out to the fans…Wikkid SHRUGS…and jumps to the top rope!”

Jeff: “SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Kid Wikkid just hit a BEAUTIFUL Shooting Star Press on Trey Willett! Look at Willett! He’s OUT!”

Ryu: “Wikkid kips up, gives a thumbs up to the fans…and now HE leaves…he vaults over the top rope and heads back to the dressing room, high fiving fans…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett lays motionless in the ring…now Eryk Masters walking over to him and nudging him with his boot…and again…no movement from Willett…”

Ryu: “HA! Masters just rolled Willett over with his foot…and Willett STILL isn’t moving! Masters grins, shrugs…and puts his FOOT on Willett’s chest!”

Jeff: “Here’s the ref…ONE…TWO…THREE!”

(The bell rings as “Soldier” by Eminem begins to play…Eryk Masters takes his title belt and begins posing comically…)

Samantha: “HERE are your WINNERS: The team of Roland The Dark, Kid Wikkid, and The Shoot Project RISING SUN Champion…Eryk MASTERS!!!

Jeff: “Well…that match will not go down as one of our classics…I hope Ed Raymond was in the washroom or getting a soda during that, because I don’t want to see what he has to say about THAT in his newsletter on Monday.”

Ryu: “HA! A five star classic it wasn’t…but I suppose it goes to show, you’d better be able to PERFORM in Shoot Project, because if you can’t, you end up like Trey Willett! One day you’re a champ…the next day you’re a CHUMP.”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters is on his way back to the dressing room…Trey Willett has not moved since that initial choke slam from Roland. The ref picks him up and with the help of our time keeper, drags him out of the ring.”

The packed “arena” is filled with fans that sit in anticipation as each match goes by. They are highly entertained, but many are waiting for tonight’s main event. As a pan view of the audience in attendance is taken, their reactions are captured as “Are you Ready?” By Creed starts up over the SHOOT Sound system.

Jeff: I think everyone knows this music now…

Ryu: Here he comes, Inside Scoop writer, and creative Genius, Edward Raymond..

Jeff: He has good ideas, I’ll admit, but I don’t know about creative genius.

The two commentators get into a bit of quiet discussion as Ed Raymond, cocky grin and all walks to the ring, the fans showing their general distaste for him. He seems to care little about their reaction, in fact he seems to be feeding positively off the negative energy filling the ring side area.

Jeff: You know, I’ve worked with this guy for a long time, but I’ve seen some drastic changes in him ever since he has come to SHOOT.

Ryu: Yeah, well from what I heard he was a sap before, and now he’s strong and to the point… that’s good writing.

Raymond finally makes it into the ring, and asks for the mic from Samantha. Samantha hands her mic over and Raymond basically pushes her out of the spotlight. He confidently brings the mic up to his lips.

Ed Raymond: Kani… Kanichi… ah fuck it, you all should speak English anyway. Hello to all of my loyal readers and fans of Inside Scoop. I’m Ed Raymond, and tonight I bring you a very special speech that I’ve appropriately entitled, “The Inside Scoop on why I did what I did at Under Siege.”

He smirks.

Ed Raymond: Catchy title eh? But that’s not the point. The point is, after Under Siege my mailbox was filled with letters from concerned readers and SHOOT fans from around the globe. That’s right, this thing might not be televised everywhere, but news travels fast. I received “why, Raymond, why?” letters as well as verbal pats on the back. However, whether it was approval or disappointment, one question was in every single one of those letters, “What exactly made you do it?”

Raymond pauses now and scratches his chin, thinking hard about the possible answer.

Ed Raymond: Well, let’s examine the situation. A chair shot is as common in wrestling now as a hip toss. A chair shot to determine the winner of a title, well that often goes hand in hand with being a “bad guy.” But the way I see it, I’m not a bad guy, I’m a smart guy. You people booed me, you people thought I screwed Lonewolf, but I was really helping the company.

The fans don’t buy it, but Raymond doesn’t care, he continues on anyway pacing about the ring as he starts to really get into it.

Ed Raymond: Ah just shut up and face the facts. If Lonewolf were your World champion, you would not want to watch this program anymore. I, I publicized, I predicted, and I promised that Under Siege was going to be a turning point for this place, and I believed it was my job to make sure that it was. That world title needed to go to THE man who could make it huge, make this company that much better. It had to go to THE man who would give up his comfy retirement, just to save this place. The Real Deal is THE man. The Real Deal is dedicated to this place like no other, and that’s why I did what I did…

He stops pacing and cracks a quick grin.

Ed Raymond: Of course the money involved was pretty nice too… but again, that’s not the point. The second point is that you people don’t seem to understand the good I did. The Real Deal is the ideal World Champion. He’s dedicated and willing to do whatever it takes for this business… unlike a guy like Jonny Johnson.

The fans suddenly go wild with cheers at the mention of the name Jonny Johnson. Raymond shakes his head with a slight smile on his face.

Ed Raymond: Yeah, yeah, give it up for Jonny. He’s good, yeah I’ll give him that. The guy has got skill, he’s been called the De-filer, the De-moralizer, but if you ask me… he’s De-finitely not The Real Deal. There’s just no question about it. So just face the facts people, I’m not the bad guy, The Real Deal is not a bad guy, what was done was simply for the best of this federation…

Trust me, I know these things.

Raymond chuckles, and wraps it up with is classic end smile. The toothy grin, and the thumbs up.

Ed Raymond: As always, I’m Ed Raymond, and all of you have a fantastic night.

“Are you Ready?” plays up once again, and Ed Raymond takes his leave of the ring. The fans again booing and shouting insults towards him. He smiles and actually blows kisses to some of the fans as he heads to the backstage area, eventually disappearing from the view of the fans.

Jeff: Well an explanation had been asked for, and I guess that’s what it comes down to.

Ryu: Ed Raymond is a very logical man, and he had nothing but true to fact points in his little speech. I for one understand and accept his actions completely.

Jeff: Please, spare the obvious ass kissing. He is still just a writer, you know.

Ryu: Yes, but he’s a writer who works side by side with The Real Deal, who is the brother of the President. See how that works…

Jeff: Whatever, Ryu. Folks coming up next we have exciting tag action as Ben Jackman and Hellion Youngblood team up against The Madmen.

Ryu: I wonder how that one is going to work out… can you say three on one against Jackman. I know I can.

The Madmen vs. Ben Jackman & Hellion Youngblood

Samantha: “This next match is a TAG TEAM contest…scheduled for ONE FALL to a FINISH!”

(The crowd erupts in cheers as “Revolution Man” by Union Underground begins to play…)

Samantha: “Firstly:…standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighing in at 265 pounds, here is your SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPION: ‘Blackout’…BEN JACKMAN!”

(Ben Jackman strides down the aisle, jumps on the ring apron, and holds his arms over his head to the thunderous approval of the fans…his theme music fades…and "Evil Walks" by AC/DC starts to play…)

Samantha: “And his partner…standing 6 feet 1 inches and weighing in at 231 pounds: HELLION YOUNGBLOOD!”

(Hellion Youngblood emerges from the entrance and slowly walks down the aisle and climbs into the ring. He stoically looks at Ben Jackman, and then turns and faces the aisle...“They Came In” by The Butthole Surfers begins to play. A spotlight swings to the entrance at the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “Now heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 6 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are…THE MADMEN!”

(The Flying Dutchman strides confidently to the ring, a smug look on his face…he raises his arms over his head as his name is announced…then climbs into the ring. He is followed by The Fist, whose face is inscrutable…as always…)

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood and The Flying Dutchman start off this tag team match!”

Ryu: “This should be…interesting…Youngblood and Jackman aren’t exactly partners, last week they were kicking the hell out of each other!”

Jeff: “You ain’t fooling! A kick by Hellion Youngblood to the midsection of The Flying Dutchman…head to the buckle and The Flying Dutchman is staggered. Another head to the buckle by Hellion Youngblood…Irish Whip into the ropes, The Flying Dutchman ducks…comes off the ropes with a flying clothesline! Cover: ONE…and Hellion Youngblood kicks out!”

Ryu: “Youngblood doesn’t go down that easy!”

Jeff: “Knife Edge chop by The Flying Dutchman…Irish Whip into the ropes….reversal…Hellion Youngblood fires The Flying Dutchman over the top rope…but he landed on the apron! The Flying Dutchman to the top rope…springboard drop-kick!”

Ryu: “Caught him nicely with that one!”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman now working an arm wringer on Hellion Youngblood…working the arm…wrenching it…Hellion Youngblood rakes the eyes….knee in the gut, which puts down The Flying Dutchman. Hellion Youngblood tags out to Ben Jackman...who runs right into a Knife Edge chop…tag…now The Flying Dutchman and The Fist double team stomping on Ben Jackman…”

Ryu: “They’ve got him trapped in that corner…”

Jeff: “The Fist with a hammer-like shot to the head of Blackout…now the Fist in…and he smashes Blackout’s head to the buckle and shoves him into his corner!”

Ryu: “Tag by Hellion Youngblood…”

Jeff: “Youngblood in with a boot to the midsection of The Fist…attempted Irish Whip…The Fist reverses…HE answers with some absolutely BRUTAL knife edge chops…throws Hellion Youngblood into the ropes…Hellion Youngblood comes back with a shoulder-block….he’s staggered, but The Fist buries a knee in the gut of Hellion Youngblood!”

Ryu: “Both of these guys are clobbering each other…”

Jeff: “High vertical suplex by The Fist on Hellion Youngblood…followed up with a stomp to the back of the head. The Fist picks Hellion Youngblood up and puts him on the top rope…right hand by The Fist, climbing to the second rope…top rope…SUPERPLEX!! Cover: ONE…TWO…Youngblood kicks out!”

Ryu: “I can’t help but notice that Jackman did NOT come in to try and break that up…”

Jeff: “The Fist is getting angry that he couldn’t put Youngblood away on that one…he clotheslines Blackout out of the ring, and DROPS Hellion Youngblood with a PRESS SLAM! Now The Fist drops down and applies a nerve hold on the neck of Hellion Youngblood! Blackout jumps back up onto the apron…with a chair…”

Ryu: “WHACK! Jackman just whacked The Fist with that chair, but not because he has Youngblood in that nerve hold…I think he’s angrier that The Fist clotheslined him!!”

Jeff: “Hellion Youngblood taking advantage of the Fist being stunned…he’s laying in brutal kicks to the prone Fist…off the ropes with a leg drop…now Blackout pulls The Fist out and throws him into the STEEL steps!”

Ryu: “That chair shot helped change the momentum of this match!”

Jeff: “The Fist rolled back in for Hellion Youngblood's cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by The Fist! Tag to Ben Jackman…there's a knee to the head…quickly followed by a sharp Knee-lift. Now a right by Blackout…answered by a right by The Fist…The Fist whips Blackout into the ropes…but he comes right back with a forearm smash! COVER: Leg is hooked: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Fist!”

Ryu: “Man, The Fist is hanging tough but he needs to tag out…”

Jeff: “Blackout tags to Hellion Youngblood…stomp by Hellion Youngblood to The Fist as Blackout returns to his corner…and Hellion Youngblood fires a shot at The Flying Dutchman.”

Ryu: “Tag back in by Ben Jackman…”

Jeff: “Shoulder to the gut of The Fist by Ben Jackman…and another shoulder…now going to the abdominal stretch…”

Ryu: “I don’t think he’s going to get the Fist to submit…”

Jeff: “The Fist a powers out with a hip toss on Blackout! The Fist off the ropes, shoulder-block! Off the ropes again…but Blackout puts on a sleeper! The Fist fights it but is fading, and fading fast. The ref checks…arm falls once…arm does NOT fall twice …The Fist rares back with an elbow in the gut…another breaks the sleeper…waistlock…German suplex! Both men are down and the count is on…both men are down…Blackout is up first and tosses The Fist out of the ring, where Hellion Youngblood NAILS him again with that chair and rolls him back in …”

Ryu: “The Flying Dutchman climbing up top: missile dropkick to Ben Jackman! The Flying Dutchman back to his corner…”

Jeff: “The ref back in the ring with The Fist and Ben Jackman both out of it. Jackman makes his way to the corner…TAG…Hellion Youngblood comes in…but the Fist is up to meet him…”


Jeff: “The Fist makes the cover: ONE…TWO…WHAT THE?”

Ryu: “IT’S DEL CARVER! Del Carver just JUMPED the barrier and rushes into the ring! He came in through the crowd! HE’S GOT A STEEL PIPE!”

Jeff: “HOLY SHIT! WHAM! Carver just smashed The Fist across the back of the head with that Steel Pipe! WHAM! He hit him again! The Fist is OUT! The Flying Dutchman rushes in and WHAM! Del Carver swings that Pipe like a baseball bat and DROPS The Flying Dutchman! WHAM! He hit him again! The referee tries to grab Carver from behind…WHAM! Carver spins around and NAILS the ref…he cracked the ref right over the head with that Steel Pipe!”

Ryu: “The fans are cheering madly as Del Carver goes apeshit! Carver has laid out The Flying Dutchman, The Fist, and The Ref with that pipe! Hellion Youngblood gets to his feet and is staring at Del Carver…”

Jeff: “Youngblood is saying something to Carver…Carver tosses the pipe to Ben Jackman who has just entered the ring…”

Ryu: “WHAM! Ben Jackman just flattened Hellion Youngblood with that pipe!”

Jeff: “I guess Ben wasn’t happy with Youngblood’s performance as his partner!”

(The Flying Dutchman, The Fist, Hellion Youngblood, and the referee are all laying in the ring as the fans give Hardcore Style a standing ovation… “Trip Like I Do” by Crystal Method starts to play over sound system…Del Carver and Ben Jackman slap each other on the back, and exit the ring. They start to make their way up the aisle when SUDDENLY…the music stops and the lights go up. A spotlight hits the head of the runway, and SHOOT PROJECT PRESIDENT JASON JOHNSON stands there…a mic in his hand…)

“Hold it right there you two. How many more weeks is this going to go on? This is the FOURTH Oblivion Show in a ROW that either The Madmen have attacked Hardcore Style, or Hardcore Style have attacked The Madmen.

We gave you a chance to settle it in that six man tag a couple of weeks ago…but all that did was make it worse.

Well this has to end.

Now in a NORMAL league, it would have to end because there was too much violence. Not here. Not in Shoot Project.

I don’t care about the violence, as a matter of fact, maybe MORE violence is what this situation calls for. I LIKE the violence.

No, my problem with this situation is that you four are just going to keep interfering in each other’s matches and causing SCREWJOB endings…and I don’t LIKE screwjob endings, and neither do the fans.

If you four want to beat the holy hell out of each other, I’m all FOR it, but you’re not going to drag anybody else into it with you.

So here’s what we’re going to do. Starting NEXT week, there will be a BEST OUT OF FIVE series starting between The Madmen, and Hardcore Style. You heard me. Whoever wins the most matches out of the FIVE, wins the series.”

(The fans cheer…)

“Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself…what do we get if we WIN? Simple. A shot at the Shoot Project Tag Team Champions…whoever that might be when the series is over.

There’s a FLIP side. The team that LOSES…are not a team anymore.”

Jeff: “WHAT?”

Ryu: “Holy SHIT! You can see The Flying Dutchman and The Fist are up in the ring…both of them holding the back of their heads…but they are listening to The President…”

Jason: “You heard me. The team that WINS the best of FIVE series gets a Tag Team Title Shot, and the team that loses MUST DISBAND as a tag team, and will NEVER be allowed to team up AGAIN in Shoot Project.”

Jeff: “What a SHOCK!”

Jason: “And just to make things interesting…whoever wins the FIRST match, gets to name the KIND of match the SECOND match will be. Cage, Submission, Ladder, I don’t care. So there you go. Knock yourselves out…but if you want to STAY ALIVE as a TEAM…you’d better worry about the BEST OF FIVE.”

(The fans explode with cheers as The President calmly walks back to the dressing room…)

Jeff: “What an announcement from Jason Johnson, president of SHOOT PROEJCT. He’s tired of these two teams interfering in each others matches…so he’s give them a BEST OF FIVE SERIES to settle their differences…and whoever LOSES has to BREAK UP!”

Ryu: “YEAH, and whoever WINS gets a shot a the tag titles and…LOOK OUT!”

Jeff: “Hardcore Style were still standing in the aisle, and as soon as Jason Johnson finished his announcement…The Madmen jumped them from behind! The Fist is pounding away at the back of the head of Del Carver…and just threw him into the crowd! The Flying Dutchman is laying wicked knife edge chops into the chest of Ben Jackman…who is answering back with stiff right jabs…Now The Dutchman falls backwards into the crowd and Jackman goes after him…meanwhile Carver has come up with a Steel Chair in the crowd and is swinging it madly over his head…The Fist backing up…Jackman chasing The Dutchman…these two teams brawling their way through this crowd as the fans scatter…security is after them…all four men are disappearing from sight…what a mess!”

Ryu: “You know what? Jason is right…Shoot Project isn’t big enough for these two teams…and pretty soon…one won’t be a team anymore! WOW!”

As we come back from a break we notice that we are backstage with Lonewolf who is stretching out in his locker room as we see him stand up with a look of total concentration as he stares at the cameras and speaks.

Lonewolf: Here in a few moments time Enigma you and I will walk down the aisle and see just who is the better man in this epic feud we have been having over the years. One final time we will do battle against one another and to prove who is the more dominant wrestler. Do you remember the people that we’ve been associated with during these matches or tag team matches between the two of us? I sat back the other day and was thinking what an incredible list it is I mean there is Judge, Paul Hook, Peter Champion, Eric Wolfson, Skull to name only a few among many more. Tonight is going to be the closure on this chapter for the both of us. We have been at this feud between the two of us for what seems like forever and I can’t believe it has lasted this long but it has since we are such good draws at the box office. Now I think you might remember this.

Lonewolf then reaches down and looks at something that he has lying on his couch in his locker room where lies none other than the EWA world title. Lonewolf picks it up and looks at it for a moment then places it back down on the couch as his wife Rebecca who is already dressed in her black leather outfit as she places the title back into her husbands bag. Lonewolf finishes lacing up his boots as he speaks.

Lonewolf: Enigma you might be saying what does that EWA World title have to do with anything that is going to happen here tonight at Oblivion? I think it has loads of significance as it was over that very title that our feud with one another started because you knew that you couldn’t beat me then. And here in a couple of moments you will have the same fate as you had many times before back in the EWA and then you can say Lonewolf you’re the better man and we all will know it to be nothing short of the truth. Good luck Enigma the only problem for you is that isn’t going to be enough as this is just a forgone conclusion and you’ll know first hand what I mean when I say this will be the final encounter.

Lonewolf and Rebecca head out of the locker room and begin to walk down the hallway away from the cameras as they fade back into the arena.

Enigma Vs. Lonewolf

Ryu: We’ve reached that point in time of Oblivion, where there is no looking back. The first of what I would like to call a double main event for tonight is going to take place in a few short moments.

Jeff: That’s right and tonight’s final grudge match between Enigma and Lonewolf will end their feud once and for all. However, oddly enough Enigma has been silent all week.

Ryu: Who knows what that’s all about, and who knows maybe he just doesn’t care. Let’s take it to the ring now with Samantha.

The focus turns to the center of the ring where Samantha stands, ready to announce the next competition.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen coming down to the ring first, here is Lonewolf!!

“Click Click Boom” By Salvia hits up as Lonewolf, not accompanied by Rebecca makes his way down to the ring. The fans show mixed reaction to this man, some cheer him for his efforts at Under Siege, others boo him as they find him much too cocky.

Samantha: And his opponent, one half of the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, here is Enigma!!

Lonewolf’s music is quickly interrupted as “Crawling” by Linkin Park picks up and the fans do as well. Enigma strolls out to the ring a bored look on his face. Lonewolf glares at him with anger as he approaches the ring area. Enigma slides into the ring and finally notices Lonewolf staring right at him.

Jeff: This one is going to be a hellacious battle if you ask me.

Ryu: Indeed.

Enigma stares into the eyes of Lonewolf as the ref signals for the match to start. The bell rings and Enigma goes straight to work, locking up with Lonewolf and taking him down to the mat with a power slam. Lonewolf gets back up but is met with a swift kick to the jaw from Enigma, sending him right back down. Lonewolf rubs his jaw as he staggers to his feet while Enigma goes outside and begins to search under the ring for weapons. Lonewolf gets to his feet as Enigma pulls various objects out from under the ring. Lonewolf spots Enigma and takes a running leap over the ropes and lands on top of Enigma, both men crashing to the ground.

Jeff: A suicide dive executed by Lonewolf, pretty risky…

Ryu: But pretty damn exciting too!

Lonewolf is quick to get up to his feet and sees a trash can lying near by. Lonewolf picks up the chair while Enigma slowly gets to his feet as Lonewolf sizes him up. Lonewolf runs at Enigma with the trash can, but Enigma ducks down and elevates Lonewolf up into the air via a back body drop. Lonewolf crashes to the ground, the trash can falling out of his hands in the process. Enigma grabs the trashcan out of mid air and drives it into the back of Lonewolf. Lonewolf grabs his back in pain as Enigma continues to hit him with the trashcan until he finally tosses the trashcan to the side and picks Lonewolf up to his feet. Enigma lifts Lonewolf high into the air and tosses him over the guard railing, sending him into the crowds.

Jeff: often time during these types of matches, I’m without word.

Ryu: That can only be a good thing.. means more air time for me.

Jeff: Shut up.

Enigma climbs over the guard railing and follows close behind the now retreating Lonewolf. The fans scream wildly as the two men battle it out amongst them. Enigma nails Lonewolf with a hard right hand, but Lonewolf responds with a left hand to the side of Enigma’s face. The two men continue to exchange blows left and right as they battle towards the doors leading out of the ring area. Enigma knocks Lonewolf against the door and runs at him with a powerful clothesline. Lonewolf side steps Enigma and sends him crashing through the door with a bulldog. The ref follows behind as the two men now head down a long hallway that appears to be the concession area. Some fans are seen buying food and souvenirs while Enigma and Lonewolf continue to fight. Lonewolf grabs a nearby steel tray and jabs it into Enigma’s ribs. Enigma stumbles backwards and Lonewolf hits him with a cross body splash, sending both men falling over the counter of one of the souvenir stands. Lonewolf gets up to his feet first and grabs a SHOOT wall clock off the shelf and waits as Enigma pulls himself up. Just as Enigma gets to his feet, Lonewolf smashes the clock over Enigma’s head, shattering it into tiny pieces. Enigma falls over on top of the counter and Lonewolf makes the cover. The ref comes out from the side and makes the count. 1…2… Close but no cigar.

Jeff: Enigma was CLOCKED by the CLOCK!

Not wasting a second, Lonewolf jumps up onto the counter and picks Enigma up to his feet. Lonewolf sets up Enigma for a powerbomb off the counter, but Enigma counters with a Hurricane-rana flip taking both men down to the cold cement ground. Enigma covers Lonewolf and the ref makes the count. 1…2…. Lonewolf gets his shoulder up and the ref motions for the match to keep going. Enigma grabs Lonewolf by the back of the neck and pushes him down the hall, running him into the side walls periodically as he does so. Lonewolf staggers about now, unsure of his bearings, while Enigma picks up a steel pipe lying off to the side. Enigma lunges at Lonewolf with the steel pipe but Lonewolf manages to get out of the way causing Enigma to dent the wall instead. Enigma turns around to go for Lonewolf again, only to be met with a high flipping drop kick executed by Lonewolf. Enigma falls against the wall and Lonewolf grabs the steel pipe out of his hand. With a forceful swing, Lonewolf smashes the pipe over Enigma’s skull, knocking him out cold. Enigma begins to bleed from the forehead as the steel pipe shot busted him wide open. Lonewolf falls on top of Enigma to once more make the cover. 1.….2….. Enigma kicks out!

Ryu: These guys are fighting all over the place. There really is no limitation on where they will fight.

Jeff: Well when the hatred is there, it’s there… and these two just want to end it once and for all.

Lonewolf goes to pull Enigma to his feet, and as he does so Enigma reaches for the steel pipe near by him and swings it up, connecting with Lonewolf. Lonewolf stumbles backwards and Enigma looks to hit his finisher, but Lonewolf tosses the fire extinguisher at him, giving Lonewolf some time to regain his composure. Enigma throws the fire extinguisher down and goes after Lonewolf who heads back for the door that leads out into the hallway. Just as Lonewolf opens the door, Enigma slams it right on his head, knocking Lonewolf to the ground. Enigma opens the door now and drags Lonewolf down the hallway by his arm. Enigma looks to return back to the ring as he picks up Lonewolf and runs him into the door. Lonewolf quickly slides behind Enigma and pushes him into the doors. Enigma bounces off the steel beam that runs in the middle of the two doors and falls backwards landing hard on the cement. Lonewolf opens the doors and heads toward the ring now, leaving the unconscious Enigma out in the hallway. The fans watch on as Lonewolf climbs back over the railway and heads toward the ring.

Jeff: Finally the action has come back to ringside, my neck got stiff having to look up and over at the SHOOT Big Screen.

Ryu: It’s like two feet away from us, Jeff.

Jeff: Yeah… but still.

Lonewolf waits while Enigma slowly climbs over the guard railing. Enigma walks about the outside purposely not getting into the ring, angering Lonewolf to no extent. Lonewolf shakes his head and heads out of the ring and right for Enigma. Enigma walks right toward Lonewolf and the two men get in an all out fistfight. Each man throwing the next punch harder than the first. Enigma gains the upper hand and starts knocking Lonewolf back toward the ring. With a devastating punch, Enigma sends Lonewolf down to the ground and quickly begins to choke him out. The ref looks on checking the condition of Lonewolf. Struggling, Lonewolf brings his arm up in the air and brings it down on the back of Enigma, causing Enigma to break the chokehold. Lonewolf rolls to the side, but does not make it far as Enigma quickly grabs him and goes for the pin. The ref hits the ground and begins the count, 1…2… Lonewolf kicks out.

Ryu: I don’t think Enigma really cares about winning this match, I think he just wants to hurt Lonewolf.

Jeff: I’ll agree with that.

With a surprising amount of strength, Lonewolf flips Enigma up, sending him crashing into the steel steps. Enigma’s jaw hits the steel steps and he bounces backward. Lonewolf comes up from behind with the cradle roll pin, and the ref makes the count again. 1…..2….thr…. Enigma gets his arm up just in the nick of time. Lonewolf stomps Enigma in the chest and goes under the ring once more, this time coming out with two Kendal sticks.

Ryu: Kendal sticks? We keep everything under there don’t we!

Jeff: I guess so.

Lonewolf waves both sticks back and forth while he waits for Enigma to get to his feet. Not knowing what is about to happen, Enigma slowly gets to his feet but facing the wrong way. As Enigma turns around, Lonewolf whacks Enigma with both sticks, attempting to sandwich his head between the two, but Enigma ducks and cradle rolls up Lonewolf for a pin. The count is made, but Lonewolf kicks out before he can be pinned for the three count. Lonewolf gets to his feet and the two men lock up but Enigma gains the advantage. Enigma throws Lonewolf back into the ring and tosses a steel chair into the ring as well. Lonewolf is quick to his feet and as he turns around he is met by a hard right hand from Enigma… then another… then another. Lonewolf is sent into the corner and Enigma looks down at the steel chair. A slight smile spreads across his face.

Jeff: This could be the decisive moment…. Lonewolf trapped in the corner and Enigma has a steel chair!

Ryu: Is this the final chair shot exchanged between these two? I think Enigma is calling it that way!

Enigma picks up the chair and rushes at Lonewolf with it, just wanting to crack his head so far open it wouldn’t be funny. However, at the last possible second Lonewolf pushes himself up and over Enigma, and just as Enigma spins around to face him, Lonewolf nails the Final Encounter basically out of nowhere! Enigma crashes down onto the mat, and more specifically onto the chair he held in his hands. Lonewolf drops on top of Enigma, knowing this is it.

The referee makes the count… 1..2..3!!

Samantha: Your winner of the match, Lonewolf!!

Jeff: It’s all over, never again will these two have to face each other unless it is agreed by both men. This feud has carried on over years of wrestling, and it finally ended here tonight.

Ryu: Lonewolf was the winner in this one, and that surprised me… but Lonewolf obviously wanted it more.

“Click Click Boom” Starts up once again as a beaten, but victorious Lonewolf walks to the back, ready to retire for the evening. Inside the ring, Enigma scampers to his feet holding onto the rope for some support. Samantha comes up to him with microphone still in hand.

Samantha: Enigma, tonight marked the end of a long running feud, and you found yourself on the losing end of things… your words on all of it?

Enigma with some blood running down the side of his face looks at Samantha and smirks.

Enigma: Words? You want words? Listen, doll, I have a lot more to deal with than a petty feud with LW that has gone on for way too long. The way I saw it, this thing could only really end one way, with Lonewolf getting the win, otherwise he just wouldn’t ever be satisifed.

Enigma turns to the entryway as if looking out to Lonewolf, but Lonewolf is no longer there. He starts clapping, and oddly enough the entire arena starts clapping with him.

Enigma: Congratulations Lonewolf, you got the final win. Personally, I don’t give a damn, I’ve got a bright future ahead of me defending the tag team straps with my numero uno partner, Jonny Johnson.

He wipes his hair from his eyes and starts to head out of the ring.

Enigma: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some supporting to do.

Enigma leaves the ring as his music “Crawling” plays. The fans cheer him loudly and the ring is cleared of the various weapons that were used throughout the match.

Jonny Johnson Vs. The Real Deal

(The house lights dim as the intro of "Slow Burn" reaches a crescendo. As the music gets more sweet, soft, and at a easy base, soft red lights come up, and flood the arena. It is at this time Jonny Johnson steps out into the aisle. Jonny comes out wearing a black robe with white trim, along with his usual black boots and knee pad around his ankle. He continues his journey to the ring, walking down the aisle as if he cannot be beaten. Jonny uses the steel steps to reach the ring apron, and eventually steps through after starring down the crowd. He steps through, and paces around the ring before settling in the center of the ring and tossing his robe to the mat, and stands there with his arms apart, absolutely loving the hate he receives from the crowd. After this occurrence, he chuckles, then walks around the ring, and awaits his battle.)

Coil: And his opponent, Real Deal!!

("Remember" is heard over the PA System in the distinct sounds of Disturbed. "Real Deal, Real Deal, Real Deal" is then heard in a whispering tone of a female. Real Deal makes his way out from the back with a nice pop from the crowd. He walks down the aisle and pulls on the middle rope giving him enough force to hop onto the apron, he then turns to face the crowd before turning his attention back to the ring and slingshot front flips himself into the ring and runs and leaps onto the middle rope in the far right corner opposite the aisle and stares out into the crowd before dropping off and resting against the turnbuckle.)

Jeff: And before we get going here... Real Deal leaves the ring...

Ryu: Jonny exits the ring too now... he goes right after Real Deal on the outside with a right hand... now another... and once more... Jonny tosses Real Deal into the apron... but Real Deal comes CHARGING back with his own STRONG clothesline to Jonny!!

Jeff: Real Deal puts Jonny into the ring... and now he's heading up the ramp!! He is leaving again!!

Ryu: I guess Real Deal just doesn't want to wrestle in this type of Match...

Jeff: Jonny out of the ring... he gets behind Real Deal and turns him around... DDT on the ramp!!

Ryu: Man what a thud!

Jeff: Jonny kicks at Real Deal now as he rolls down the ramp and right at the ring. Jonny puts the boots to Josh some more... and now puts him into the ring...

Ryu: Jonny follows... he whips Real Deal into the turnbuckle... following that up with a CLOTHESLINE!! Real Deal falls to the mat as Jonny laughs it up. Real Deal holding onto Jonny' tights as he gets to one knee... LOW BLOW!!

Jeff: Real Deal was going to hit the ropes... but then remembered they are ring ropes... and that in turn gives Jonny enough time to hit a BELLY TO BELLY on REAL DEAL!


Jeff: Real Deal would have this totally under control, if he had remembered that the ropes are ring ropes and NOT normal!

Ryu: Real Deal is up quicker though than Jonny!

Jeff: Jonny runs at Real Deal... and Real Deal MOVES! Jonny goes into the ring ropes!! Real Deal from behind... GERMAN SUPLEX!!




Jeff: NO NO NO NO NO!! Jonny kicked up!! It still goes on fast pace here... Real Deal into the turnbuckle... he waits... SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE TO JONNY!! JOSH CAME EXPLODDING OUT OF THE TURNBUCKLE WITH THAT MOVE!! Jonny up again... HIP TOSS!! Though again this Jonny is up... but this time a drop toe hold... into a CROSS FACE!! A CROSS FACE!!

Ryu: Jonny is hurting...

Jeff: HOLD ON... Jonny was able to roll over and get out... that tells you Real Deal isn't the greatest with that hold...

Ryu: Both to their feet... Jonny hits Real Deal with a right hand.... another...

Jeff: Real Deal comes flying off the rope though with a SPEAR to Jonny!! BOTH are down for the second time here! Jonny is bleeding a bit above his head, not sure how he got that... and now Real Deal is busted open just a little bit!

Ryu: Jonny up... he takes Real Deal... PILE DRIVER!! Jonny going to the ropes now... he's on the first... second... and Jonny is going all the way up!!

Jeff: Jonny waiting for the right time... Real Deal is on his feet now. Jonny jumps... axe handle smash to the head of Real Deal!! Jonny takes Josh here... and into the ring ropes again!! This time Jonny is actually tying up Real Deal in the ropes!! THIS IS SICK!


Jeff: Jonny exits the ring... and he's got himself a chair!! Now back in the ring goes Jonny... LOOK OUT!!



Jeff: TWO SHOTS TO THE HEAD OF REAL DEAL!! Jonny to the ropes with the chair... BUT JOSH MOVED!! HE GOT OUT OF THE WIRE... I DON'T KNOW HOW THOUGH!! Jonny went right into the ring ropes here dropping the chair to the outside as he holds his gut. Real Deal waits... Jonny turns... Real Deal with a MASSIVE right hand!! Josh heads to the top now...

Ryu: Talk about a punch... I thought Jonny' head was gonna fly to the moon... LITERALLY!!

Jeff: Missile dropkick to Jonny!! Real Deal going to the top rope again...


Jeff: Here we go...

Ryu: It's time for the "Reality Check"!! Wait... wait!! It's Blake O’Reily!! It's Blake O’Reily!! What's he doing out here?

Jeff: I don't know... but Josh just hit the "Reality Check" on Jonny! O’Reily enters the ring now... he's telling Real Deal something. Real Deal I guess agrees. He picks up Jonny... O’Reily comes charging at Jonny... JONNY MOVED!! HE MOVED OUT OF THE WAY!! REAL DEAL GETS NAILED WITH A BIG BOOT!! REAL DEAL IS DOWN!! JONNY HITS BLAKE WITH A KICK TO THE MID-SECTION... NOW A DDT!! ENIGMA IS OUT!!!

Ryu: This is CRAZY! We’ve got 4 men out here brutalizing each other!! Josh on Jonny and Blake on Enigma!! Scott Kamura is signaling for the bell!!!

Samantha Coil: This match has been deemed a NO CONTEST!!!

[The scene fades out with the four men still fighting. Jeff and Ryu are yelling at the top of their lungs, and the crowd is going crazy. Enigma and O’Reily are brawling in the ring, and Jonny and Real Deal are battling out of the ring, going back to the back. The scene cuts.]