Paris, France. The City of Romance, the Artist’s Inspiration, The most beautiful city in all of Europe…

About to become The City of Hate, The Fighter’s Inspiration, The Bloodiest city in all of Europe. Welcome to Oblivion!!!

The Bercy Arena is jam packed with Fans from all over France. A series of Red and white pyros shoot up into the air signaling the show is starting. A wild cheer rises up from the fans, just being there is exciting enough, not to mention getting to see some great action. Cameras take a pan around the arena, before cutting to the backstage area where X-Calibur, a well-known athlete throughout the wrestling world, is seen walking down the corridors of the arena. In his hand he carries a piece of paper and he is looking directly at it. Eventually he comes to a stop and as he looks from the paper his eyes focus on the door in front of him… The nameplate reads: Ed Raymond – Creative Genius. X-Calibur sighs and knocks on the door.

Adam Weitz vs. Epik

Road to K.O. Round One Match

Jeff Hansen: Well X-Calibur is in the building tonight, but he’s not scheduled to be here.. and just what does he need/want with Ed Raymond?

Jason Johnson: I don’t know, Jeff but our first match is ready to start and it’s yet another match of the Road to K.O. tournament. I know for a fact Ben Jackman has been watching each and every competitor. He is readying himself for anyone who he will have to face later on down the line.

Jeff Hansen: Well both Epik and Adam Weitz are already in the ring, so let’s get this one started!

The bell sounds and we are underway. Both men circle around the ring, looking into each other as if they were about to kill each other. Then, they lock up right in the center of the ring. Epik has the weight and power advantage so, Weitz is backed up into the right corner. The ref calls for the break, but Epik puts Weitz into a headlock and pulls Weitz to the center of the ring. Weitz pushes Epik off, and he is sent into the ropes. Epik comes back, and Weitz is waiting for him. Weitz leapfrogs Epik, and then brings Epik to the mat head first with a devastating Hurricanrana. Weitz stays on top of Epik and tries for a cover.

Jason Johnson: Quick mounted offense from Adam Weitz… catching Epik off his guard.

Jeff Hansen: Well Epik has been silent all week, but there is rumor that Epik has a lot more on his hands and that a tournament is the least of his concerns right now.

The ref drops for the count, but Epik reaches up with his feet and pulls Weitz down to the mat in a sunset flip position. The ref scrambles over for the count, but Weitz reverses and puts Epik back on the mat. Before the ref can even start, Epik rolls out, hooks both of Weitz’s legs and jumps over, catching him in another pinning situation. The ref again tries to get in position for the count, but Weitz kicks out before he can even count one. Both men jump to their feet and stare each other down. The fans applaud, and the ref gets up, trying to catch his breath.

Jeff Hansen: Some textbook wrestling going on right now, both men trying to one up the other.

Weitz and Epik again go for a lockup, but Weitz quickly snatches Epik up in a headlock. Epik twists out, and reverses with a headlock of his own. Weitz quickly counters out, and reverses with a hammerlock. Epik winches a bit, but ducks out and reverses the hammerlock. Weitz reaches back and taps Epik with an elbow to the side of the head and reverses the hammerlock with an arm bar. Weitz wrenches it in, and drops Epik to a knee after a hard elbow across the shoulder. Weitz again wrenches the arm, and pulls Epik back up to his feet. Epik quickly reverses the arm bar, and grabs Weitz in another headlock. Thinking quick, Weitz reaches down and grabs Epik, and tries to send him over for a back suplex. Epik floats over, and reverses by landing on his feet right behind Weitz. He grabs both of Weitz’s arms behind him, and takes Weitz over in a double chicken wing suplex. Epik bridges, and Weitz is trapped with his back on the mat! The ref slides into position, and starts the first count of the match.

1… 2…

Weitz muscles his way out. Epik gets up and pulls Weitz up and sends him to the ropes. Epik goes for a clothesline, but Weitz ducks. Weitz bounces off the opposite ropes and leapfrogs Epik. Weitz again rebounds off the ropes and comes off, and drills Epik with a cross body block. Weitz hooks the leg and goes for the cover.

1… 2…

Jeff Hansen: Not quite… another close count there.

Jason Johnson: These two are going like a million miles per second, it’s a wonder how the referee can keep up.

There is a quick kick out by Epik. Weitz gets to his feet as Epik gets to one knee. Epik goes for a quick leg sweep, but Weitz jumps over Epik’s leg, and drills Epik right between the eyes with a drop kick. Weitz gets up and pulls Epik to his feet. He sends Epik to the ropes, and runs right along with him. As Epik comes off the ropes, Weitz catches Epik with a knee to the midsection, flipping him over. Weitz reaches down to pull Epik up, but Epik wraps him up into a small package. Weitz kicks out quicker than the ref can get in position to count. Both men get to their feet, and Weitz charges Epik. Epik locks Weitz into a headlock looking to go for his finisher: Vindication. However, Weitz is thinking quick, and reverses with a scoop up back slam which brings Epik down onto the mat.

Jason Johnson: That could have been all she wrote there, but Weitz was quick on his feet and got out of a possible loss.

Jeff Hansen: Weitz now waiting for Epik as he stares him down.

Weitz and Epik again both get to their feet, and Weitz goes for a kick to the midsection. Epik catches Weitz’s foot, and now Weitz is hobbling around on one foot. Weitz gives Epik a quick poke to the eye, then leaps and drills Epik with an inzuguri. The clap of Weitz’s boot slapping the side of the head of Epik echoes through the arena, and sends Epik right to the mat. Weitz quickly ducks to the outside, and ascends to the top turnbuckle he then signals for his finisher: Adam Bomb! He leaps off the turnbuckle and executes a perfected 450 splash and hooks Epik’s leg.

Jeff Hansen: I’d say this one is over. The referee is down to make the count.

Jason Johnson: One… Two… Three. Indeed, Adam Weitz has won this opening bout of tonight’s Oblivion.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match and advancing on in the Road to K.O. tournament… Adam Weitz!!!

The fans applaud this new face, as he impressed them with his in ring skills this week. Adam Weitz makes his way out of the ring, leaving Epik laid out and defeated.

Jeff Hansen: A good showing for Adam Weitz, and you just have to wonder where Epik’s head was this week.

Jason Johnson: Something tells me there was a lot going on, and Epik is certainly not going to let this loss bother him.

Jeff Hansen: Jason, I’ve just received word from Ed Raymond that he wants the cameras to cut to the back right now…. What do you think this is all about?

Jason Johnson: I have no clue, Raymond tends to put a lot of things past me… I am starting to regret hiring him.

The cameras at ringside quickly switch to the backstage area of the arena, where Ed Raymond sits at his desk, a smug look on his face. X-Calibur walks into the room, led by a female secretary. Raymond motions to the chair and X-Calibur takes a seat.

Ed Raymond: X-Calibur, glad you could make some time to come see me today. I hope you don’t mind if we discuss business on air tonight? I figured whatever you have to say to me, you can basically say in front of anyone right?

X-Calibur nods his head.

X-Calibur: Yeah, I don’t see why not. I just figured I’d let you know my current situation. I’ve already talked to Jason and everything is okay in his book…

X-Calibur pauses for a moment as he looks to Raymond. Raymond has a smug grin on his face, which makes X-Calibur feel slightly uneasy about all of this.

X-Calibur: Well, I know I’m in this Road to K.O. tournament, and next week I’ll be having a quarter finals match….. but the thing is, well I just need to step away from all of this for the time being. So if you could just find someone to replace me… that would be best.

The room is silent for a moment. X-Calibur looks to Raymond who just sits there nodding his head, as if he completely understands.

Ed Raymond: I see… so basically you’re placing yourself on the inactive list, and telling me what’s best? Am I getting this straight, X? You’re telling me, what’s best?

X-Calibur hesitates now, getting a bit flustered in this situation. He goes to speak, but Raymond lifts his hand to X-Calibur silencing him before he can utter a word.

Ed Raymond: No, don’t say a damn thing. Don’t even try to justify your thought process in all of this. Because no matter how you look at it, you’re leaving the federation and throwing a big wrench into the Road to K.O. tournament. So in other words…

Raymond suddenly slams his hand down on his desk, his face showing an expression of pure frustration and anger.

Ed Raymond: You’re screwing me over!!!

Raymond gets up from his seat and stares down at X-Calibur who sits there, anger building up inside of him as well.

X-Calibur: You know what, Ed… I talked to Jason and he said he’d give me some time off, I don’t see what your problem is…

Ed Raymond: Shut up, Eryk… shut up right now. I don’t care if you talked to Jason, the Road to K.O. tournament is a creative issue, thus making it my issue, thus making you my issue. And now you’re going to try to get smart with me? No, that’s not going to happen. I don’t have the power to fire you, so yeah, you take your little leave of absence, but I’m the head booker, and head of the creative staff and well…..

Raymond leans right up close to X-Calibur’s face.

Ed Raymond: It’s kind of hard to make a living wrestling, when each and every week you’re jobbing in insignificant matches. Enjoy your time off, if you’re smart, you won’t come back. Now get out of my sight, Eryk!

Raymond points to the door and turns his back on X-Calibur. X-Calibur balls up his fists, but realizes it won’t do him any good to attack Raymond. So he just pushes his chair down to the ground and storms out of the office. Raymond shakes his head and then looks directly towards the camera shooting him.

Ed Raymond: The moral of today’s story: Defying me gets you no where. So be smart, don’t do it. Trust me, I know these things.

Raymond flashes an obviously fake grin and the camera instantly cuts off returning the action of tonight’s event back to ringside.

Jeff Hansen: Can someone say… Power trip? Why don’t you just fire Raymond, Jason?

Jason Johnson: Because despite the shit he’s pulling now, he has done great things for SHOOT.

Jeff Hansen: Ah one of those “necessary evil” things eh?

Jason Johnson: Yeah, something like that.

Steve Richtor vs. Ty Dhomie

Returning Veteran Match

Samantha enters the ring as the fans once more perk up as they await the upcoming match.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring…

Before Samantha can finish, the SHOOT Big screen turns on revealing a Paris Café, and more specifically Ty Dhomie and Steve Richtor sitting at a table at this café. Both have a bunch of empty glasses in front of them.

Steve Richtor: This is some fine wine, Ty…. You said you’ve been here before?

Ty Dhomie shakes his head as he finishes off a little bit of wine in a glass he had in front of him.

Ty Dhomie: No, but I have had this type of wine before. Isn’t this great? The SHOOT Project pays for us to travel all around the world and all we have to do is fight a match here or there…

At the exact same time, Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie look at each other with wide eyes.

Steve Richtor: We had a match tonight didn’t we?

Ty Dhomie: Yeah… we did… how did we forget?

Both Dhomie and Richtor look at all the glasses around them and both crack up with laughter.

Steve Richtor: I bet the boss is going to be pretty mad, and Raymond… boy that guy has a pole so far up his ass, he’s probably going to suspend us or something.

Dhomie nods his head and then shrugs his shoulder.

Ty Dhomie: There’s always next week, right? I mean we didn’t come in and say we were going to make a huge impact… it’ll just take some time for us to get back in the mind frame is all.

Steve Richtor: I’ll drink to that, Ty.

Both men call for the waiter to bring them another glass of wine as the scene eventually cuts out with both men raising fresh glasses into the air.

Temujin vs. Steven Arwich

Road to K.O. Round One Match

Jeff Hansen: Well, we are set for yet another Road to K.O. match which is coming slightly earlier than we had expected… as well… you all saw what happened.

Jason Johnson: I guess we know where Richtor’s and Dhomie’s priorities lie. With…

The house lights dim before Jason Johnson can finish, and the fans come to their feet. It’s a packed crowd tonight in Paris, France. Samantha Coil steps into the spotlight, microphone in hand…

Samantha Coil: And now… a Road to K.O. match, round number one… Introducing first, from London, England, he stands at 6’3”, 243 pounds… He is a former NWW Television Champion, and is a technician in the ring… The SHOOT Project brings to you… STEVEN ARWICH!!!

“Diamonds and Guns” by the Transplants hits the SHOOT Project PA system, and Steven Arwich emerges from the gorilla position. The fans are mixed about him, as he is recognizable, but not necessarily well liked. He is smug in his walk to the ring, and the fans don’t appreciate that. He steps into the ring and awaits his opponent.

Jason Johnson: Well, this is Steven Arwich. He’s one of SHOOT’s newer signees from the past couple of weeks, and this is his debut. He’s all about perfection, and being kosher.

Jeff Hansen: He certainly seems to be confident, but against an opponent like Temujin, one can never be too confident.

Jason: Temujin, who is returning after a bit of an absence from the SHOOT Project. His last match here was against Chris Lee, for the now defunct Rising Star Championship.

Jeff: Well, that’s all well and good, and not really the best way to go out, so we’ll see how he does here.

The lights go completely out, and darkness has taken over the arena. The fans in attendance begin to scream and yell at the top of their lungs. One minute passes, and the lights are still out, and the fans are getting restless. Rachmaninov’s First Piano Concerto begins to pan out over the speakers as the lights are still out. The fans are still yelling, but the noise is dying down, due to the piano music.

Jeff: The fans are getting a bit restless…

Jason: I’m getting a bit restless…

The lights flash, and Temujin has appeared in the ring, right in front of Steven Arwich. Arwich throws a punch, only to have it blocked by Temujin. He throws another. It’s blocked. Arwich gets frustrated, and turns his back. Turning back around, he’s met with a stiff clothesline from the right arm of Temujin.

Jason: OUCH.

Jeff: Yeah, Arwich is going to be feeling that one for awhile. He’s down.

Temujin picks Arwich up by the head, and stares him right in the face. Arwich isn’t quite conscious at the moment, so he doesn’t respond. Temujin whips Arwich into the ropes and boots him in the stomach on the return. He takes his right elbow, and drives it straight into Arwich’s neck, sending Steven Arwich down to the mat. Temujin hits Arwich with a leg drop following the rough elbow to the neck.

Jeff Hansen: Arwich has got to be in some kind of pain right now, and what’s worse, Temujin doesn’t seem to be letting up. This is the Temujin that I remember.

Jason Johnson: Definitely. This is the guy that Eric Wolfson signed to shake things up, and this is the guy that I was looking for when I re-signed him.

Temujin smiles a cold, calculating smile. He picks Arwich up once more.

Jason Johnson: Uh oh…

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, this doesn’t look good.

Lifting Arwich up, Temujin slams Steven Arwich down with a chokeslam and covers him. The pin is academic… 1….2…3. The bell rings, and the fans come to their feet. The lights go out once more, and the fans go nuts again. Rachmaninov plays once more, and when the lights show up again, Temujin has vanished.

Jeff Hansen: Talk about a squash in that one.

Jason Johnson: Temujin is talented and mysterious, double trouble if you ask me.

With the disappearance of Temujin, the cameras have cut to the back in hopes to find him, but instead all that is found is Ben Jackman warming up. With his hands taped up he punches the air in quick succession, getting himself loose for his match later in the evening. As he continues his warm up, William Tell walks by, donned in street clothes as he doesn’t have a match this week. He spots Ben Jackman, but Ben Jackman does not spot him.

William Tell: The Iron Fist Champion, nice to meet you.

Jackman brings his warm up to an abrupt halt and turns to face William Tell.

Ben Jackman: Yeah, that’s me.

The two men just sort of look at each other and then William Tell smiles.

William Tell: I’ll look forward to facing you after I win this Road to K.O. tournament.

William Tell pats Ben Jackman on the shoulder. Ben Jackman smiles in return, and pats William Tell on the opposite shoulder.

Ben Jackman: Yep, well if that’s the case, then I’ll look forward to knocking you out after you win the tournament.

Both Jackman’s and Tell’s smiles quickly fade as they engage in a stare down. As the two stare each other down, Beorn arrives on the scene looking over both of them.

Beorn: Is the Iron Fist title about knocking people out, or who can stare the longest. Because you two shouldn’t count me out of this either.

Both Tell and Jackman look towards Beorn, and Beorn stares right back at them. For a few minutes all three men are locked in a triple staredown. Until Ben Jackman cracks a smirk.

Ben Jackman: I have some more warming up to do. Best of luck to you two in the tournament.

Jackman walks off down the hall, leaving Tell and Beorn standing there, still staring basically. Finally Beorn just mouths the words “Like Platinum” to William Tell and walks off, leaving William Tell to just shake his head and smile slightly. The cameras then go back to ring side with Jeff and Jason.

Jason Johnson: Arrogance and confidence is really building up in this Road to K.O. tournament.

Jeff Hansen: True, indeed, but right now we’ve got a DOJO title match coming up next, which is a result from William Tell winning the title, only to give it up to move on for said Iron Fist title. Therefore, Prometheus, who is already in the ring after taunting the crowd, will be going head to head against Orion Bane for the….

Jason Johnson’s eyes suddenly go wide as he points to the walk way.

Jason Johnson: God.

(Just as the words leave Jason’s mouth, the entire audience notices a man quietly walking down the entrance ramp toward the ring, with no music, no glitz or glamor. The fans and the announcers are not the only ones to notice, as Prometheus turns toward the ramp way he looks on with disbelief)

Jeff Hansen: WOAH, my God, my friend...what the hell is he doing here?!

Jason Johnson: Of all people...Marcus Mirage. I actually hope that son of a bitch knocks Prometheus' teeth out.

(Prometheus, finally recognizing who the man is, smiles--shaking his head--not really knowing what the expect over next few minutes. Grabbing a mic from ringside, Mirage walks up the stairs and steps through the ropes. Holding his arms out for a few seconds, Mirage turns around looking out across the audience--who appear very happy to see him back.)

Jason Johnson: Something seems very wrong about hearing the fans cheer for this guy.

Jeff Hansen: Apparently they forgot who he really is. Watch yourself Prometheus--you have no idea my friend, you really don't.

(Finally lifting the mic to his mouth, Mirage open his mouth--as the fans cheer his return to the ring--only Mirage never talks, and simply lowers the mic. Prometheus, standing behind Mirage, has a confused look on his face, although seems to be going with the moment--smiling, even if confused. Cracking a smile, Mirage turns toward Prometheus, and again lifts the mic to his mouth--which again prompts an instant reaction from the audience.)

Jason Johnson: Jesus--all you have to do is dissapear for a while and return and the stupid fans apparantly forget EVERYTHING you ever did and cheer you on.

Jeff Hansen: People change, Jason--besides, Mirage seems to be enjoying this reaction, lord knows he milking the moment.

(Finally turning his attention back to Prometheus, Mirage begins to lift the mic again, only this time he drops it--smiles, and hugs Prometheus--who stands still, wondering what the hell is going on. Letting Prometheus out of his grasp, Mirage pats him on the shoulder and turns away, stepping through the ropes, he jumps off the ring apron--pointing up at Prometheus as he walks back up the entrance ramp.)

Jeff Hansen: What the hell was that?!

Jason Johnson: Hah...I knew something had to be up. I think I'll enjoy this one--the mind games of Mirage begin again. Prometheus better run back to OutKast for help on this one because the kid has no idea--look at him.

Jeff Hansen: Well, even I was expecting him to say something, but he simply hugs him and walks away--I tell ya, Prometheus went from smiling with the moment to wondering what the hell that moment was all about.

Jason Johnson: Welcome to the world of Mirage--now Prometheus gets to think about this for a week...

Jeff Hansen: Not to mention he’s going to have it on his mind during this Vacant DOJO title match… good luck to Prometheus, he’s going to need it.

Orion Bane vs. Prometheus: For The Vacant Shoot Project DOJO Championship

Jeff Hansen: “What a fight this next match should be…these guys match up almost the exact same!”

Jason Johnson: “You’ve got that right. Both of these guys are well over 6 feet tall and both weigh in around the 250 pound mark. This is going to be a great battle…”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as 'Forsaken' by Disturbed begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “This is a one fall contest with a twenty minute time limit and will determine WHO will be the NEW Shoot Project DOJO Champion! Introducing first… Already in the ring at this time, Prometheus!!!

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus looks scary as all hell...”

(Orion' by Metallica begins to echo throughout the arena…)

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent…coming to the ring from Monterey, California…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 254 pounds he is ORION BANE!”

(Orion Bane emerges and begins to walk to the ring…if he is intimidated it does not show on his face.)

Jason Johnson: “Bane looks good…you know, usually Prometheus would intimidate his opponent…but not tonight. Bane confidently climbs into the ring…Bane getting right up in the face of Prometheus…Stare down as the bell rings…”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane now smiling and laughing as he FLATTENS Prometheus with a right hand…now he STOMPS on the face of the prone Prometheus who is laying on his back…Orion Bane grinding his boot into the face of Prometheus…”

Jason Johnson: “We’ve seen Prometheus as the AGGRESSOR since his arrival in Shoot Project…but Orion Bane is having NONE of that!”

Jeff Hansen: “The shocked Prometheus staggers back into the corner…I think Bane kind of suckered him in there…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane drives a shoulder into Prometheus…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Prometheus!”

Jeff Hansen: “What a REBOUND by Prometheus…”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Orion Bane.”

Jeff Hansen: “Both men up…Brutal smash to jaw of Prometheus from Orion Bane! Prometheus collapses to the mat again…Orion Bane quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP!”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…TWO…Kickout by Prometheus!”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus is fighting back…but can you imagine getting nailed with a leg drop off the top rope from a 260 pound guy?”

Jason Johnson: “Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Orion Bane from Prometheus…Orion Bane doubled over but comes back with a HUGE lariat!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover by Orion Bane…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Prometheus!”

Jason Johnson: “Side headlock on Prometheus by Orion Bane…oh boy…Prometheus lifts Orion Bane and drops him…ATOMIC DROP…COVER by PROMETHEUS!”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…Kickout by Bane! WOW! What great back and forth action! I thought these guys would match up nicely!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane struggles to his feet…Prometheus scoops him up…a HIGH PICTURE PERFECT Body Slam outside the ring to the floor!”

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! I don’t know what impressed me more…Prometheus getting Bane up for the slam, or the way he dropped him unceremoniously outside the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus out after him…Prometheus hammers a punch into the head of Orion Bane…now he scoops up Orion Bane …looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “This is gonna HURT!”

Jason Johnson: “NO! Orion Bane slips off and pushes Prometheus shoulder first to the steel ring post! The crowd erupts!”

Jeff Hansen: “This is a BRAWL, and BRAWLING is Orion Bane’s forte! Orion Bane now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…”

Jason Johnson: “True, Prometheus is more of a wrestler…”

Jeff Hansen: “Clothesline drives Prometheus over the security barrier...Orion Bane goes after him…Prometheus dragging Orion Bane through the crowd now…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane gets sent into the wall head first! Prometheus grabs a sound cable and chokes Orion Bane with it…Orion Bane elbows Prometheus in the gut…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus throws Orion Bane back over the security barrier. He’s showing that HE can brawl too!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus pulls Orion Bane up by the hair…Orion Bane fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Prometheus…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Jeff Hansen: “The action is all over the place as the two fighters are evenly trading lefts and rights in the aisle now they are over by the entrance…”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus lands a couple of uppercuts and gains the advantage…Orion Bane is violently shoved into the security barrier in the aisle…”

Jeff Hansen: “Look! Orion Bane reaches a STEEL CHAIR out from underneath one of the fans…WHAM! Orion Bane just rung Prometheus’s bell there…he smashed Prometheus over the head with that chair!”


Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane grabbing Prometheus by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring area…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus has been run head first into that apron…he bounced back and landed butt first on the floor…he’s holding his head…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane rolls Prometheus back into the ring…now he drops a leg!”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and Prometheus's up…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane rolls outside the ring and grabs that damn chair again…the fans are cheering as Orion Bane rolls back in the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane SMASHES Prometheus over the back with that chair!”

Jeff Hansen: “YOW!”

Jason Johnson: “Whoa! Orion Bane gets SPEARED in the midsection by Prometheus who was bent over from that chair shot!”

Jeff Hansen: “Even after a chair shot, Prometheus pulls off a counter move! Nicely done!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus lifts Bane up…holds him HIGH in the air with a beautiful vertical Suplex…and DROPS him on the top of his head! BRAINBUSTER!”

Jeff Hansen: “Brutal! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Orion Bane kicks out! Prometheus grabs Bane again...SNAP SUPLEX! Great moves for such a big guy!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus covers: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus stays on him…pulls Orion Bane back to his feet…FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus covers! ONE…TWO…Bane’s shoulder up again…Orion Bane rolls over…Orion Bane won’t stay down!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus to his feet…Prometheus picks the chair up and cracks it over Orion Bane’s head!”

Jeff Hansen: “If Orion Bane wants to be DOJO champion, he’d better get used to chair shots, because I know you and Ed Raymond make MOST of these DOJO matches DEATHKORE rules!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane is staggered…Prometheus hoists him up…Back Suplex!”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Orion Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus argues with the ref…he feels that should have been a three count…Prometheus now turns back to Orion Bane who is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “Swinging neck breaker by Prometheus on Orion Bane! WHAM! COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Orion Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Prometheus right back on the offensive…he pulls Bane to his feet and throws him into the ropes…Bane comes off…”

Jeff Hansen: “FLYING NECKBREAKER! Prometheus grabbed Bane when he came off the ropes…and hit him with a flying neckbreaker…he calls that ‘The God Complex’…”

Jason Johnson: “COVER! ONE…TWO…THREE! Prometheus got him!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…YOUR WINNER: at a Time of 19 minutes and 13 seconds…your NEW SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION: PROMETHEUS!!!”

Jason Johnson: “The ref raises Prometheus’s hand and gives him the belt…”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane is PISSED…he gets up in the ref’s face…I guess he thinks he got the shoulder up…now Prometheus and Bane are back to jawing at each other!”

Jason Johnson: “HERE WE GO AGAIN! The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverising rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punishing smashes…”

Jeff Hansen: “What a total WAR this was…here come a BUNCH of referee’s to break it up…the bell rings over and over…like THAT is going to stop them!”

Jason Johnson: “This wasn’t exactly the scientific exhibition of the year…but it was exciting. As the officials hustle Orion Bane and Prometheus up the aisle under protest, the crowd cheers in appreciation for the pier 6 brawl they just witnessed!”

The Security continues to escort both men away from the ring and down the halls. As the mass of security and the two wrestlers are finally detained in separate rooms, it is seen that walking around the backstage area are none other than Lonewolf and Rebecca. The two are looking around the locker room doors. They come up to the door with Roland the Dark’s name across it and Lonewolf stops in front of it staring at the name. He runs his hand on the label underneath it that says Rising Sun champion. Standing there for a moment he stares at it he speaks.

Lonewolf: Ah Roland The Dark the Rising Sun Champion of Shoot Project. A champion that hasn't faced me yet. He hasn't truly had a legit challenger come his way. He hasn't shown me anything that impresses me. I know I have to beat him to win the title that he has around his waist not that it will be a huge challenge to me. Even though he certainly wasn't going to be my partner a couple of weeks back. You know the worst part about it all is I can't touch him until Impulse because the powers that be have decided that is the best thing to happen for all involved.

Rebecca simply shrugs her shoulder and then smiles.

Rebecca: Well, since you’re not supposed to be anywhere near Roland the Dark, why don’t we just see how he does in action tonight?

Lonewolf smiles and nods in agreement. He then pushes Roland’s door open and the two walk in, sit down on a nice couch and prepare to watch the match for the monitor in the room.

Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf is in the building tonight afterall, despite him getting the week off this week.

Jason Johnson: Well Roland is not going to be a very happy camper after this match if he finds Lonewolf lounging about in his locker room.

Jeff Hansen: Not to mention if he loses!

Jason Johnson: Well the lumberjacks are heading to the ring as we speak, so let’s keep rolling.

Diamond Del Carver vs. Roland The Dark: LUMBERJACK MATCH

(The camera goes to the ring…which is now surrounded by 10 of the toughest men in Shoot Project. The spotlight clicks on Samantha…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for ONE FALL with a 20 Minute Time Limit…and is a LUMBERJACK MATCH!”

(The Parisian fans cheer enthusiastically…the camera slowly pans the ring as we see the far side of the ring in front of the announce position, being covered by Orion Bane and William Tell. On the left side of the ring stands Prometheus, Mac, and OutKast. To the right side stands, Kyle Ortego, Mark Chicone, and Blake O’Reily. Covering the entrance area to the ring, at the end of the aisle are The MadMen, The Flying Dutchman and The Fist. Suddenly, the rough guitar riff of “IT’S A LONG WAY TO THE TOP” by AC/DC starts to echo throughout Bercy Arena. The fans get to their feet and look towards the entrance. Del Carver steps into the spotlight. He is wearing a LYGER KID T-shirt, and his normal ring attire of jeans and biker boots. Del is soaked from his pre-match warm-ups, and looks very serious… )

Samantha: “Now making his way towards the ring…hailing from Jackson, Mississippi: he stands 6 feet tall and weighs 266 pounds, here is ‘The Hardcore Outlaw’…DIAMOND DEL CARVER!”

(Del Carver begins to slowly walk down the aisle. He is carrying his infamous wooden folding chair, wrapped in Barbed Wire. The MadMen stand in front of the ring, beckoning Del. Del stops, and stares at them…)

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver stops in the aisle…he is staring at The MadMen…”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver knows damn well that as soon as he gets down there, he’s a DEAD MAN. That ring is surrounded by guys who either HATE him ALREADY, or are being PAID to beat his ass. Uh oh…”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver reaching into his pocket…he’s pulling out a zippo lighter!”

Jeff Hansen: “We’ve seen Carver do this many times before…this is how he beat Skull, and he also used this weapon on Jeff Cross…Del Carver has obviously soaked this wooden folding chair with lighter fluid…and here he goes…”


Jeff Hansen: “Listen to the fans Johnson, they’re going absolutely NUTS!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver now holding that flaming chair in front of him, and walking down the aisle…the MadMen are in front of him…”

Jeff Hansen: “Del swings the chair at The Flying Dutchman! The Dutchman leaps backwards!”

Jason Johnson: “Del pushes that flaming chair into the ring, and now he quickly slides under the bottom rope himself…the fans are cheering their hearts out!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, Carver made it into the ring…whoa! OutKast and Mac both jump up on the apron and start yelling at Carver…”

Jason Johnson: “Carver grabs that chair and SWINGS it at OutKast and Mac! They both jump off the apron and go back to their lumberjack positions…Del holds the flaming chair over his head as the fans go nuts…”

(Del Carver’s music fades…“Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine starts to play…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…on his way to the ring, he hails from Boston Massachusetts and stands 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs in at 262 pounds…here is The Shoot Project RISING SUN CHAMPION: ROLAND THE DARK!”

(Roland The Dark stalks down the aisle, his face expressionless. He has the Rising Sun Title Belt over his shoulder, and raises it over his head as his name is announced. Roland completely ignores the Lumberjacks as he climbs into the ring…Roland stares a hole in Del Carver, as Del throws his now smoldering chair in the corner. “Living Dead Girl” by Rob Zombie starts to play…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…please allow me to introduce your SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE for this contest…here is former Shoot Project Superstar and former Rising Star Champion: DARK KRYSTAL!”

(The crowd applauds politely as the attractive Dark Krystal makes her way to the ring…she is wearing a tight striped referee’s shirt. Krystal climbs into the ring and waves to the fans…she looks at Del Carver and laughs. Del Carver gives her the finger, as Samantha exits the ring and the bell sounds to start the match…)

Jason Johnson: “HERE WE GO! Del Carver taking a run at Roland as soon as the bell rings…but Roland FLATTENS Del with a WICKED LARIAT!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans here oohing at the impact as Del Carver folds up in the air from the force of that shot, and lands on his back…”

Jason Johnson: “Roland now stomping the proverbial mudhole in Del Carver, as the ring literally shakes with the impact of each stomp!”

Jeff Hansen: “The lumberjacks supporting Roland by pounding their hands on the apron…Dark Krystal looks on as Roland continues to stomp Del Carver…”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver rolls to the ropes…and uses them to slowly pull himself to his feet as Roland goes to town on him with those boots…”

Jeff Hansen: “Uh OH! BIG boot from Roland sends Del Carver to the OUTSIDE!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver landing at the feet of OutKast and Mac! OutKast pulls Carver to his feet by the HAIR, and holds him up…Mac starts pounding away at the midsection of Del Carver…”

Jeff Hansen: “Hmmm. Our special guest referee doesn’t seem to be too concerned…”

Jason Johnson: “OutKast now RAMMING Del Carver’s head into the steel ring post! WHAM!”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver staggers backwards, he’s stunned, but before he can fall, OutKast grabs him and rolls him into the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “Roland right on him, and pulls Carver up…setting him up…POWERSLAM!”

Jeff Hansen: “Roland makes the cover: ONE, TWO, NO! Carver lifts his shoulder. By gawd, that was a QUICK count!”

Jason Johnson: “Between getting thrown into the ring post, powerslammed, and then that quick count, I’m amazed Del Carver didn’t just lose this match.”

Jeff Hansen: “Roland staying on Del Carver…he pulls him to his feet, RAKES his eyes…throws on a headlock…running BULLDOG!”

Jason Johnson: “Roland makes the cover: ONE, TWO, NO! Carver lifts his shoulder. Another QUICK count, but Carver stays alive!”

Jeff Hansen: “This match has been all Roland The Dark. If Carver doesn’t do something soon, he’s done.”

Jason Johnson: “Roland now picking Del Carver up…WHOA!”

Jeff Hansen: “Roland The Dark has Del Carver PRESSED OVER HIS HEAD…and now he drops him OUTSIDE THE RING…right in front of The MadMen!”

Jason Johnson: “The MadMen jumping on Del Carver like a pack of wild dogs! The Fist and The Flying Dutchman both kicking away at Del Carver a mile a minute!”

Jeff Hansen: “Meanwhile our referee doesn’t seem to be too concerned. She’s looking out into the crowd! Roland leans over the rope and is LAUGHING at Del Carver as The MadMen stomp the hell out of him!”


Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman tearing down the aisle at top speed…what does he have there…that’s a wooden AXE-HANDLE!”

Jason Johnson: “WHAM! Jackman CLOBBERS THE FIST! BAM! Blackout nails The Flying Dutchman right in between the EYES with that big piece of wood!”

Jeff Hansen: “Here come the other lumberjacks, as The MadMen have both fallen at the hands of Ben Jackman!”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman flattens Mark Chicone and Kyle Ortego with that axe handle, he’s swinging it around like mad! The other lumberjacks back off…they don’t seem to want any of Ben Jackman!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman helping Del Carver to his feet…Del seems to be telling Jackman that he’ll be okay…”

Jason Johnson: “Dark Krystal has rolled out of the ring, and she is SCREAMING at Ben Jackman!”

Jeff Hansen: “Man, she is right up in his face! What’s her deal?”

Jason Johnson: “I’ll tell you, on his way to making it to the Final Four in the Master of The Mat Tournament last spring, Ben Jackman fought Dark Krystal, and not only did he BEAT her, but he drove her OUT of Shoot Project when he injured her knee! He almost crippled her!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, it looks like she hasn’t forgotten that!”

Jason Johnson: “Dark Krystal pointing at Ben Jackman, now she’s jabbing her finger in his chest!”

Jeff Hansen: “DAMN! She just slapped him!”

Jason Johnson: “UH OH! Looks like Ben Jackman has had enough of THAT! Boot to the gut of Dark Krystal by BEN JACKMAN…now he lifts her up…”


Jason Johnson: “The fans cheering themselves coarse! Here comes a bunch of referees, security and officials from the back!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman being dragged to the back by security…no doubt under orders from Ed Raymond!”

Jason Johnson: “Meanwhile, Shoot Project officials are helping Dark Krystal to the back, and the referees are helping The MadMen, Kyle Ortego and Mac to the back…all of them VICTIMS of Ben Jackman!”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver was on one knee trying to catch a breather, as all this action was going on…but the massive Roland The Dark just reached over the top rope, and pulled Carver back into the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “We’ve got no referee, and we just lost four lumberjacks!”

Jeff Hansen: “Damn Skippy, but the Lumberjacks we have left are climbing into the ring…”

Jason Johnson: “Blake O’Reily, Mac and OutKast all climb into the ring and rush Del Carver! Roland has already gone back to stomping Carver, and now they join in! Now William Tell starts laying some sharp kicks to the HEAD of Del Carver!”

Jeff Hansen: “Prometheus and Orion Bane are outside the ring, but instead of going in to beat up on CARVER, they’re arguing with each OTHER! Holy Shit! Now they’re fighting!”

Jason Johnson: “Well, we knew there was no love lost here, these guys already mixed up earlier!”

Jeff Hansen: “This is a NUTHOUSE! We’ve got Ben Jackman who came out here on a rampage, and took out The MadMen, Chicone, Ortego, AND our guest referee…and now we’ve got two of our lumberjacks beating the crap out of each other on the outside while the other remaining four all team up and stomp the CRAP out of Carver!”

Jason Johnson: “THANK GOD, here comes Shoot Project Head Referee Scott Kamura! He slides under the bottom rope and immediately orders the other Lumberjacks out of the ring!”

Jeff Hansen: “After some arguing, OutKast, Blake O’Reily, Mac and William Tell exit the ring and head outside…but the damage has been done. Look at Del Carver!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver is a bloody mess! After that five man beat down, he is laying a crumpled heap, he’s been busted open on his forehead, and it looks like his nose might be broken too, there’s blood streaming from his nose, and his mouth!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, Carver was bleeding from the mouth after that strap match last week with the MadMen, and he ain’t getting any prettier! Hey, looks like the Lumberjacks have resumed their positions, and broken up that little scuffle between Prometheus and Bane.”

Jason Johnson: “With order restored…Roland The Dark goes in for a cover, and THIS is going to be academic! Scott Kamura in for the count: ONE…TWO…WHAT THE?”

Jeff Hansen: “Foot on the ropes! Foot on the ropes! Del Carver just slung his foot over the bottom rope to break the count! Unreal!”

Jason Johnson: “This man has been beaten within an inch of his night tonight, but he does NOT want to stay down! Incredible!”

Jason Johnson: “Referee Scott Kamura ordering Tell to keep his hands out of the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “Carver reaching into the back pocket of his jeans as Roland watches Kamura argue with Tell…”

Jason Johnson: “UH OH! Del Carver is pulling that infamous BLACK GLOVE OF HIS…the one WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE…”

Jeff Hansen: “Roland turns his attention back to Del Carver…BOOM! Del Carver just NAILED Roland The Dark in the midsection with that spiked glove!”

Jason Johnson: “Del calls it the TOKYO KISS…and Roland just took it right in the GUT! Roland The Dark is doubled over in pain!”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! Del Carver just creamed Roland with an uppercut to the JAW with that glove! Roland is staggering!”

Jason Johnson: “LOOK AT DEL CARVER’S FACE! He looks INSANE with RAGE! He’s totally SOAKED in blood after that five man beat down, and now he’s shaking like a maniac, and laughing!”

Jeff Hansen: “I can hear him cussing from HERE too! Del Carver now going NUTS on Roland The Dark! BANG BANG BANG!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver starts to hammer repeated rights and lefts into the forehead of Roland The Dark, with that evil glove all wrapped up in barbed wire! Del is pounding the face of Roland OVER and OVER with those barbs…”

Jeff Hansen: “ROLAND GOES DOWN! Del Carver has knocked Roland down!”

Jason Johnson: “Blood now flying everywhere as Del Carver kneels on the chest of Roland The Dark and continues to smash away at the face of Roland, over and over again, rights and lefts, a flurry of punches, each one extracting a splash of blood from the now tattered face of Roland The Dark…”

Jeff Hansen: “I think I’m gonna barf…I’ve never seen this much blood at once in my life. Between Del bleeding like a stuck pig after getting beat down, and now Del is tearing Roland The Dark apart…”

Jason Johnson: “Roland The Dark is trying to get his arms up but Del Carver has Roland arms pinned with his knees and Roland keeps taking those shots right to the face…you can barely see Roland’s face for the blood…”

Jeff Hansen: “And you can barely see Del Carver’s hands, they’re pounding so fast at Roland’s face! WAIT! OutKast just jumped on the apron…”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver gets off Roland The Dark…thank gawd…and heads over to OutKast!”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! Del Carver flattens OutKast with a roundhouse, and he falls back outside…BAM! Mac jumps up and gets one for HIS trouble too!”

Jason Johnson: “Meanwhile…referee Scott Kamura has gone to check on Roland…Roland isn’t moving…he checks the arm…”

Jeff Hansen: “He’s calling for the bell!”

(The bell rings and Del Carver’s theme music hits as the fans explode…Del Carver points at the Lumberjacks and beckons them into the ring, as he stands over the beaten and bloody Roland The Dark and then raises his hands over his head. The Lumberjacks attempt to re-enter the ring, but the referee orders them to the back…after some arguing, the Lumberjacks slowly file down the aisle and into the back…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…the referee has determined that Roland The Dark is UNABLE TO CONTINUE…therefore at a time of 21 minutes and 13 seconds, here is your winner, THE HARDCORE OUTLAW: DIAMOND DEL CARVER!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver didn’t get ONE offensive move in during this match until he put that glove on…and then he LOST IT, and started tearing Roland to shreds with that glove…that was one of the most disgusting displays I have ever seen!”

Jason Johnson: “Look at Roland The Dark, he is STILL out! Del Carver stands on the second turnbuckle and holds his hands over his head in celebration…he is still freely dripping blood…”

Jeff Hansen: “Roland being helped up by the ref…now Roland shoving the ref away…

Jason Johnson: “As Del Carver disappears into the back and the referee escorts Roland stumbling up the aisle, dripping blood, let’s look at the replay…”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver managed to get the mount position on Roland and pin his arms to the mat with his knees, and that combined with The Tokyo Kiss spelled the END of this match for Roland, DESPITE the odds being stacked against Del Carver…”

Jason Johnson: “I can’t help but wonder what Ed Raymond’s reaction is going to be to this…is he going to let the issue drop with The Hardcore Outlaw, or is this just the first battle in a new WAR here in Shoot Project?”

The aftermath of a match is once more followed all the way to the back, as a beaten and bloodied Roland walks towards his locker room, ready to get cleaned up and get out of the arena for tonight. As he swings the door open, he instantly spots Lonewolf and Rebecca relaxing in his room. The fans can’t help but pop for Lonewolf’s look of amusement and Roland’s obvious fury.

Lonewolf: Tough match out there, Roland. But, I can only assume you’ll get used to that.

Lonewolf chuckles and Roland storms towards him. Lonewolf gets up from the couch and shakes his head.

Lonewolf: Roland, remember, you can’t touch me. I was going anyway though, so you get yourself cleaned up, and I’ll see you around.

Lonewolf and Rebecca give a slight friendly wave to Roland as both leave the room. Roland slams the door shut and lets out his anger by throwing a chair across the room!

Jeff Hansen: Well looks like Lonewolf is trying to get under Roland’s skin… talk about turning the tables on this one.

Jason Johnson: Lonewolf refuses to let up, and Roland refuses to lose that Rising Sun title… when those two finally get in the ring, its going to be all out hell.

Jeff Hansen: Indeed, both men are determined, much like in this next match in line during this already amazing evening.

Ben “Blackout” Jackman vs. “The Elite” Ray Willmott

Samantha: “This next bout is a NON-TITLE contest, scheduled for one fall with a 20 Minute Time Limit!”

('Liberate' by Disturbed begins to play over the arena sound system…fans rush to their feet as the spotlight swings to the head of the aisle…)

Samantha: “Now on his way to the ring, hailing from Miami, Florida, he stands 6 feet tall and weighs 220 pounds…here is “The Elite” RAY WILLMOTT!”

(The fans cheer as Ray Willmott emerges from the dressing room and make his way down the aisle…Ray exchanges high fives with a variety of fans and then climbs into the ring…Ray’s music fades and The Rock Remix of ‘Awnaw’ by Nappy Roots and P.O.D. starts to play…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…his opponent! He hails from Tampa Florida, stands 6 feet 5 inches and weighs in at 265 pounds…here is your Shoot Project Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN!

(The fans continue to cheer as Ben Jackman jogs down the aisle and jumps into the ring…Samantha exits the ring as the referee climbs in…the bell rings.)

Jason Johnson: “We’re ready to go now, with a battle of two residents of Tampa Florida, and two fan favorites here in Shoot Project…”

Jeff Hansen: “That’s right, both guys from Florida, both guys popular with the fans, and both guys very good all around wrestlers. This should be good.”

Jason Johnson: “Both men slowly circling each other…tentatively feeling each other out…”

Jeff Hansen: “Lockup…and Ben Jackman secures Ray Willmott’s right arm with his…and puts on a nice arm wringer.”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman lifting Ray Willmott’s arm in the air…and now CINCHING it nice and tight…really twisting it good…”

Jeff Hansen: “You can tell by the look on his face that Ray Willmott is in discomfort from the look on his face…”

Jason Johnson: “BANG! Ben Jackman starts pounding on the upper arm of Ray Willmott with that heavily taped left hand of his…one…two…three…four…and five times!”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman softening up that arm, he keeps that arm wringer locked on, and also pounds on the lower shoulder with the fist…”

Jason Johnson: “Willmott reaches over a grabs the rope…and the ref orders a clean break!”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman complies and backs off…Willmott is rubbing his shoulder gingerly…”

Jason Johnson: “The two men lock up again…test of strength…”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman wins the test of strength…Willmott fired backwards…he lands on his back…”

Jason Johnson: “OW! Ben Jackman drops a KNEE right across the ARM of Ray Willmott!”

Jeff Hansen: “The same arm that Ben Jackman was working on with that arm ringer…Willmott shouts in pain and grabs his right arm.”

Jason Johnson: “Now Ben Jackman applies a textbook armbar…nicely done…”

Jeff Hansen: “This may not be the best decision by Jackman…Willmott is a master of submission holds himself…and if you put him on the mat, he’s likely to reverse whatever hold it is you’ve got him in…”

Jason Johnson: “Kip up by Ray Willmott…now a go behind…”

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! NICE release German Suplex by Ray Willmott…he folded Jackman up there!”

Jason Johnson: “Roll up: ONE…NO! Jackman kicks out!”

Jeff Hansen: “What a GREAT turnaround by Ray Willmott. For you fans that don’t know, Ray Willmott is a seasoned veteran of such leagues as the CWA, NWW, and the HWF, along with many more. He’s toured all over the world, and has decided that he wants one thing…to win the Shoot Project World Heavyweight Championship.”

Jason Johnson: “That’s true. Ray Willmott came in here and nearly upset our World Champion in his DEBUT match!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott is an established superstar, and he wants that World Title in the worst way…he doesn’t feel complete without it. A win over Ben Jackman would be a HUGE coup for Willmott, and help him earn another World Title Shot. He knows this, and that’s why he’s fighting so hard here tonight.”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott grabs Ben Jackman after the release German Suplex…SNAP SUPLEX!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover by Willmott: ONE…TWO…Jackman kicks out.”

Jason Johnson: “Willmott pulls Jackman up…hoists him in the air…”

Jeff Hansen: “HIGH VERTICAL Suplex…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is holding Ben Jackman up…and now he comes DOWN!”

Jeff Hansen: “BRAINBUSTER! Willmott drops Ben Jackman from the high vertical position right on top of his HEAD!”

Jason Johnson: “Cover by Willmott: ONE…TWO…NO! NO! Jackman kicks out, but BARELY!”

Jeff Hansen: “Damn, that was CLOSE!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott has been working on the neck and head of Ben Jackman relentlessly…now he pulls Jackman to his feet and throws him into the ropes…”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman comes off…DUCKS a clothesline attempt by Willmott…comes off the other side…spins around…BAM!”

Jason Johnson: “DISCUS PUNCH! Ben Jackman spins around and FLATTENS Ray Willmott with a variation of the ‘Roaring Elbow’ a spinning punch…which floors the shocked Ray Willmott!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover by Jackman: ONE…TWO…Willmott kicks out.”

Jason Johnson: “The tide has turned folks! Ben Jackman seizing the opportunity and dropping a BIG elbow on Ray Willmott…now another…and one more! Three sharp successive elbow smashes to the sternum of Ray Willmott!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover by Jackman: ONE…TWO…Willmott kicks out.”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman comes off the ropes…KNEE DROP to the chest of Ray Willmott…”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover by Willmott: ONE…TWO…NO! Willmott gets the shoulder up.”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman goes up top…he’s climbing to the top rope as these French fans cheer their hearts out…”

Jeff Hansen: “We don’t see Jackman go up here often…”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman comes off the top…FROG SPLASH attempt, but Ray Willmott MOVES!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman hits the mat HARD! Willmott is still laying on the mat, but now Ben Jackman is too!”

Jason Johnson: “Willmott to his feet, but he’s still feeling the effects of all those smashes to his chest…”

Jeff Hansen: “Willmott cinches Jackman up…BAM! DDT!”

Jason Johnson: “That HAS to be it after Jackman missed that Frog Splash…COVER: ONE…TWO…”

Jeff Hansen: “NO! NO! Jackman got the shoulder up! AMAZING!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is finding out the hard way why Ben Jackman is the longest reigning Iron Fist Champion in Shoot Project History…he’s resilient!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott pulls Ben Jackman to his feet…go behind…”

Jason Johnson: “Looks like Willmott is going for another German Suplex…NO! Ben Jackman REVERSES…reaches over…WHOA!”

Jeff Hansen: “T-BONE SUPLEX on Ray Willmott by Ben Jackman! NICE REVERSAL by JACKMAN!”

Jason Johnson: “Jackman is fired up now! He grabs Willmott again…locks him up…SLINGSHOT SUPLEX!”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman down for the cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “HOLY SHIT! Jackman AND the fans are shocked that Ray Willmott managed to kick out of those two Suplexes!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman on his knees, breathing heavily…he looks at ref accusingly, but I think that count was fair. Jackman is just being pushed harder than he is used to by The Elite One!”

Jason Johnson: “I agree. This is the hardest challenge Jackman has faced in some time. Jackman pulls Willmott to his feet…and throws him into the ropes…”

Jeff Hansen: “Willmott comes off the ropes…and DUCKS a wild roundhouse swing by Jackman…now Willmott comes off the opposite rope…”

Jason Johnson: “Willmott SPEARS Jackman…but what the hell is Jackman doing?”

Jeff Hansen: “Even though Willmott hit Jackman in the midsection and took both of them to the mat…Jackman has reached around and cinched Ray Willmott in a front face lock!”

Jason Johnson: “Now Ben Jackman gets to his knees…what is he doing? He’s keeping Ray Willmott locked in that front face lock…but rolling him OVER…”

Jeff Hansen: “DRAGON SLEEPER! Ben Jackman has reversed that front face lock into a dragon sleeper…and he REALLY has it hooked in!”

Jason Johnson: “He sure does…he now is back on the mat and has his legs hooked around…and he is leaning BACK!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at Willmott! He’s fighting it HARD…his arms are thrashing around and his legs are kicking…but he’s fading! Why doesn’t he just TAP?”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is a fighter, and a proud man…he doesn’t go down without a fight…but he IS fading…the ref is in to check his arm…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman is NOT letting up the pressure…he’s got Ray Willmott’s head cinched in…Willmott’s arm drops…”

Jason Johnson: “The ref calling for the bell!”

(The fans explode in cheers as Ben Jackman gets to his feet as the bell rings...)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…HERE IS YOUR WINNER at a time of 19 Minutes and 5 seconds…BLACKOUT BEN JACKMAN!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman drops down to one knee…he is tired…and he is checking on Ray Willmott…”

Jason Johnson: “Classy move on the part of The Iron Fist Champion. He obviously respects the fight that Ray Willmott put up…and the fact that Willmott fought a CLEAN match…”

(Ray Willmott groggily gets to his feet…he stares at Ben Jackman for a moment, and then extends his hand. Ben Jackman smiles and slaps the outstretched hand of Ray Willmott affectionately. The fans cheer loudly as the two fighters raise each others arms…)

Jeff Hansen: “Ed Raymond isn’t going to like this!”

Jason Johnson: “Well, mutual respect isn’t the end of the world…I’m sure he’ll live…”

Jeff Hansen: “I guess…but remember how pissed he got when X-Calibur and Carver shook hands? And Jackman and Willmott just committed the unpardonable sin…they actually put on a SCIENTIFIC WRESTLING match!”

Jason Johnson: “Speaking of which, we see a replay of the dragon sleeper as the two fighters make their way up the aisle…”

With the night almost over, there is one more match to take place… the cameras find contestants of that said match somewhere in the back. OutKast is standing in his locker room with Mark Chicone, and Kyle Ortego. The fans boo.

OutKast: Okay you two, it's this simple. Tonight we got three of the best SHOOT has to offer...and Beorn.

The three chuckle. Mac looks to the door, puzzled.

Kyle Ortego: Where's Blake?

OutKast remains silent.

OutKast: You know what? It doesn't matter. Blake's a son of a bitch if he can't help us.

The fans pop.

Mark Chicone: Wait wait wait. You're tellin' me we're gonna go in three on four and fight four top guys?

OutKast: Don't think we can do it?

Mark Chicone: We don't even know each other, man. Least of all you, the so-called leader!

OutKast takes a step to Chicone.

OutKast: I lead this team because I know the guys we face. That and I have done this all before. Now I'm sorry if you two don't like it, and if either of you think you got what it takes to do so against these idiots, feel free.

Kyle looks at Mark.

Kyle Ortego: OutKast isn't an idiot, Mark.

OutKast looks over to Mark.

Mark Chicone: Fine. Let's do it, then.

Mac: You guys done?

OutKast: What's up, Mac?

Mac: There's been somebody at the door the whole time.

OutKast walks over to the door and opens it to reveal Ed Raymond. The fans really boo.

Ed Raymond: OutKaaast! What a pleasant surprise, pal! You psyched about the match tonight?

OutKast: Don't give me that, Raymond.

Ed Raymond: I just came here to give you fo...

Ed looks past OutKast at the three competitors and smirks.

Ed Raymond: I mean...three good luck tonight.

OutKast slams his hand against the door, blocking Raymond, the fans popping slightly.

OutKast: You know what? I'm glad you're here, Ed. I hear this thing with me and Josh? That's some kind of bet between you and that fool of a President Jason.

Ed Raymond: Well, I--

OutKast places his other hand in Raymond's face.

OutKast: Let me make something damn clear to you, Ed.

OutKast gets face to face with Ed, nearly bumping foreheads.

OutKast: I. Am. No. One's. Puppet.

OutKast storms past Ed Raymond. Raymond looks at Kyle and Mark, who shrug and walk past him, smirking. Ed then turns to Mac.

Mac: I'll go talk to him, Ed.

Ed Raymond: You do that.

Mac walks past Ed and follows the others. Ed chuckles and shrugs, walking down the hall in the opposite direction. Back at ringside, Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen check out what’s happening on their monitors.

Jason Johnson: Oh, looks like OutKast is angry… three on four tonight, I’d say the odds are in favor for the Real Deal’s team.

Jeff Hansen: They seem to be more unified as well. Sure there is still some problems between Jonny Johnson and The Real Deal, but… well, It all comes down to how the two teams work in the ring together.

Jason Johnson: Samantha’s in the ring, the fans are waiting in anticipation, let’s get this one started.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen the next match is tonight’s eight man tag main event!!!

A loud pop goes out for the mere mention of the event.

Samatha: Making his way to the ring first, a self proclaimed Hardcore Legend… Here is Kyle Ortego!

“Lose Yourself” by Eminem blasts over the P.A. system as the fans in attendance let out loud boos towards the man. He blows them off completely and walks towards the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and immediately turns his attention back to the entryway. Seconds later, Mark Chicone appears from behind the back curtain his arms raised up. Oretego points towards Chicone and nods his head.

Samanatha: And his partner, Mark Chicone!!

More boos ring out as Chicone struts down towards the ring to join his good friend Kyle Ortego. The music dies down, but for only a moment. Then “Orchids” by Stone Sour hits, sending the fans into a frenzy of boos (thought oddly enough a couple of cheers can be heard) OutKast makes his presence known as he slowly but surely walks down the rampway.

Samantha: And the team captain for tonight’s…. seven man tag, the number one contender for the SHOOT World Title… here is OutKast!!!

As the fans continue to boo a series of quick gold flashes go off behind OutKast. OutKast looks to his partners and they all lock eyes. OutKast enters the ring through the second ropes and the three men look to the entrway, waiting for their opponents.

Jeff Hansen: This place is going to erupt in just a few seconds.

Jason Johnson: Some of the top and most liked talent all on one team, of course this place is going to erupt!

“Swordsman” by Gza suddenly picks up as the feisty Beorn makes his way out to the ring area. The fans cheer for this once underdog turned fan favorite. Beorn looks to the men in the ring, and stops halfway on the rampway. He then turns his head slightly over his shoulder as “Crawling” by Likin Park fills the arena. Again, the cheers ring up as Enigma now shows up, a confident grin on his face. He looks to the three men in the ring and starts shouting some insult, and jaw jacking with OutKast. OutKast shrugs his shoulders and motions for him to bring it into the ring. However, Enigma stops next to Beorn.

Jason Johnson: The force is building on the outside of the ring, talk about team unity.

Jeff Hansen: Definitely smarter, as there is a slight advantage in the “good guys” favor.

“Crawling” fades away only to be replaced by “Lakini’s Juice” by Live. The Defiler himself steps out into the love light of the fans now, spinning around with his arms outstretched to his sides. The cheer is near deafening as Jonny comes up beside Enigma and Beorn, all three men slapping hands… and then… “Remember” by Disturbed hits the P.A. system and The World Champion himself, The Real Deal steps out from behind the back curtain, his eyes glaring towards OutKast and only OutKast. He stands still with his teammates as they size up their opponents.

Samantha: And their opponents: the Team of The Real Deal, Jonny Johnson, Enigma, and Beorn!!!

The second Samantha finishes announcing she quickly flees the ring as all four men make a rush at their opponents. The Real Deal and Beorn go for OutKast, while Jonny locks up with Ortego, and Enigma takes it to Chicone. Real Deal and Beorn quickly take OutKast out of the ring with a double clothesline. Beorn follows while The Real Deal turns his attention elsewhere. Jonny and Ortego are locked into grapple, with both men trying to overpower the other guy. Over in the far right corner, Enigma has Chicone pushed up against the turnbuckle, nearly choking him with his force. The referee looks about in mass panic, trying to get some sort of organization to this match. The referee tells Real Deal to go to his corner, and he does so. The referee then breaks up Jonny and Ortego as both men are locked dead in their grapple position. Both are sent to their corner, making Enigma and Chicone the legal men starting this one out.

Jeff Hansen: Tempers were ready to flare, but looks like the referee has it under control.

Jason Johnson: Not all of it, Beorn and OutKast are throwing fists back and forth right out here in front of us.

Sure enough the battle still goes strong outside of the ring, as OutKast nails Beorn with a sudden right hook that sends Beorn reeling back. OutKast follows up with a devastating lariat. Beorn falls down to the ground, and OutKast turns away from him and joins Ortego in his corner. Back inside the ring, Enigma swings Chicone into the rope and as Chicone comes bouncing back, Enigma lifts him up high with a back body drop. Chicone comes crashing down hard, grabbing his back in pain. Enigma lays a couple of stomps down across Chicone’s chest, before once again lifting him to his feet. He whips Chicone into the opposing corner and makes a quick tag to Jonny Johnson. Enigma drops Chicone onto the ground, while Jonny slings himself over the rope landing a knee on Chicone. Jonny makes the early cover and the referee goes to make the count.

One… Chicone is too close to the ropes and he grabs a hold of them with his hand.

Jeff Hansen: Way too early for a cover in this one. But Jonny still on the offense here.

Jonny backs away from Chicone, as he slowly creeps up to his feet. The referee checks on Chicone, therefore not seeing Ortego quickly enter the ring. Ortego lands a double axe handle smash to Jonny sending him stumbling forward a bit. Jonny quickly turns around and goes after Ortego, and as he does so Chicone gets to his feet and pulls Jonny straight down to the mat by the back of his head. Jonny hits his head hard, and the fans show their anger towards Chicone and Ortego for their cheap tricks. Chicone begins to land a series of elbow smashes to Jonny, keeping him down on the mat. Chicone hooks the leg of Jonny and the referee makes the count.

One… not enough to keep Jonny down. Chicone quickly rises to his feet and again starts dropping the elbows. Chicone winds up and leaps into the air, but instead of coming down on top of Jonny, he connects with nothing but mat.

Jason Johnson: Quick move there by Jonny Johnson. This will give him some time to gain control of the match.

Jeff Hansen: Not if Ortego or OutKast have anything to say about it.

Jeff points towards OutKast and Ortego who look to be planning another cheap attack on Jonny. However, Beorn from the outside pulls Ortego down off the apron, causing him to hit his jaw on the side of the ring. Ortego turns around and Beorn levels him with a hard right hand. OutKast looks to him, and as he does so Jonny rushes the corner nailing OutKast with a forearm smash. OutKast falls down onto the ground outside, and chases after Beorn. Beorn heads to his corner, and as he does so The Real Deal steps in and locks eyes with OutKast. Both men stand completely still just staring at each other.

Jeff Hansen: A glimpse of Impulse as we speak!

Then, as if someone shot off a gun or shouted “go!” OutKast and the Real Deal go at each other like there was no tomorrow. OutKast throws a left, The Real Deal counters with a right. OutKast throws a right, The Real Deal fires back with a left. Both men engage in an all out fist fight, while inside the ring Jonny has Chicone held high in a brainbuster position. Seconds later he drops Chicone right on his head. Jonny makes the cover.

One.. Two… Ortego lunges into the ring and manages to knock Jonny off of Chicone. Enigma hits up the ring now and goes for Ortego with Jonny. Jonny and Enigma swing Ortego into the ropes and as he comes bouncing back, Jonny leg sweeps Ortego that sends him right into Enigma. Enigma then locks him up and takes him down swiftly with a DDT. Chicone is up to his feet now and rolls out of the ring and begins searching under it. On the other side, OutKast has gained an advantage over The Real Deal and slams him down across the guard railing. Beorn comes from behind, but OutKast sees him and nails him right in the nose with a back elbow. Beorn reels backwards, and OutKast nails Beorn with the Devestator, sending him right to the ground.

Jason Johnson: The Devestator on Beorn, this match could very well have been brought to an even playing field right now.

Jeff Hansen: I wouldn’t count Beorn out of this one, Jason.. he’s a tough cookie.

OutKast, having taken care of both the Real Deal and Beorn for the time being, goes into the ring, but the referee quickly shouts at him to go to his corner, as he is not the legal man. In the meantime, Jonny goes to work on Ortego while Enigma starts to go towards his corner. Chicone emerges from under the ring with a steel chair in hand, and OutKast begins to argue further with the referee thus distracting him. Chicone comes up behind Jonny and Enigma catches sight of this. Quickly Enigma gets back into the ring but is cut off by the referee now, who shifts focus from OutKast to Enigma. This allows Chicone to nail Jonny with the chair square in the back. Jonny staggers forward right into OutKast’s grip. OutKast locks his arms around Jonny’s waist and quickly brings him down with a belly to belly suplex. OutKast then helps Ortego get back into the corner, while Chicone ditches the chair. The referee turns back to check on the action and sees as Chicone makes the tag to OutKast. Ortego still recuperates from getting the beat down from Jonny and Enigma. OutKast walks around the fallen Jonny, a smarmy grin on his face.

Jason Johnson: Look at him, thinking he’s some sort of hot shot because he cheated.

Jeff Hansen: That’s OutKast for you, taking credit for just about everything involved with this sport.

OutKast slowly brings Jonny to his feet, almost laughing as Jonny has trouble standing. OutKast simply shoves Jonny back down to the mat, and turns his attention to the corner where The Real Deal has gotten back up to his feet, still winded however. OutKast points to The Real Deal and the two get into a verbal fight. Again the referee gets involved and now Ortego slinks back into the ring, seeking some vengeance. As he comes within just a few steps of Jonny Johnson, Jonny suddenly flips up onto his feet and stares right into Ortego’s eyes. Ortego shakes his head with some bit of shock, but then lunges at Jonny anyway. Jonny blocks the attack and decks Ortego. Just as he does so OutKast turns around, thinking he’s going to nail Jonny, but instead nails Ortego with a hard right closed fist. Ortego falls down and OutKast is surprised. He then looks to Jonny with an expression of anger. OutKast goes for Jonny, but Jonny side steps OutKast and comes up from behind with a quick swinging neck breaker. The fans cheer wildly as Jonny takes the advantage over OutKast. OutKast gets to his feet, and Jonny takes him down with a running clothesline. Ortego gets back up to his feet and Jonny is there to nail him with a drop kick. Ortego spills to the outside of the ring. Jonny turns back to OutKast who is getting up to his feet and locks into grapple with him. Jonny gets the quick advantage and swings OutKast into the rope. OutKast comes bouncing back and Jonny goes to take him down with a clothesline again. This time though, OutKast ducks but before he can turn around, Jonny locks him into a cross face chicken wing!!

Jason Johnson: Phase one of the Demoralization Process!!

As Jonny locks the hold in tighter, Mark Chicone tries to sneak into the ring but the referee finally catches sight of the sneaky action, and yells at Chicone to stay in his corner. Jonny takes the time and drops OutKast with a quick roll of the dice to complete the Demoralization Process. The fans are going absolutely wild now. OutKast rolls around the ring in pain. Jonny looks up towards Enigma and Enigma begins to nod his head wildly. Then, Enigma turns to his left and looks wide eyed at Beorn. The fans continue to cheer loudly and Beorn nods his head wildly as well. However, he then turns to his left and looks wide eyed toward The Real Deal who goes all out crazy as he nods his head. Then The Real Deal looks back toward Jonny and all four men look at each other with smiles on their faces.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think it matter who kicks OutKast’s ass… as long as somebody does it!!

Jason Johnson: Amen, Jeff!

Jonny nods his head and walks into his corner, he then makes the tag to beorn. However, as Beorn gets into the ring, The Real Deal, Enigma, and Jonny Johnson spread out to three of the Four Corners of the ring. They all climb to the top turnbuckles and wait for Beorn. Beorn hoists OutKast up to his feet and quickly brings him back down with a forceful snap suplex. Beorn then rolls out of the way, and Jonny, The Real Deal, and Enigma leap from their perched spots. Jonny and Enigma both land leg drops while The Real Deal connects with a solid high flying elbow smash. The fans instantly rise to their feet and everyone is going insane with cheers. Chicone and Ortego hit the ring now, not letting this go down this way. Beorn makes a cover on OutKast, but the referee doesn’t see it as he is caught up in the battles going on in the ring. The fans count the one two three that Beorn obviously has, but it is of no use. Beorn gets to his feet and shouts for the referee.

Jeff Hansen: Wait a minute, who’s coming down to the ring now!?

Jason Johnson: What the hell? Why is Prometheus down here?

Prometheus walks towards the ring now, a steel baseball bat in hand. His eyes are locked on Beorn, whose back is turned towards him. Prometheus slides into the ring, winds up, and cracks the bat right into Beorn’s spine. Beorn falls down in immense pain and Prometheus pushes him out of the ring. Jonny and Enigma are concerned with Ortego and Chicone as the men brawl all over the ring. The referee tries to break them up, but it is of no use. However, Prometheus stalks towards The Real Deal now as well, who is working on Ortego with Jonny. Prometheus winds up yet again, and the referee catches him. Prometheus has little to no concern and pushes the referee out of the way. This causes The Real Deal to turn around and catch Prometheus in the ring. The Real Deal rushes him, catching Prometheus off guard. The Real Deal decks Prometheus, which causes him to drop the bat. The Real Deal swings Prometheus into the ropes and as Prometheus comes bouncing back The Real Deal nails him with a spinning roundhouse kick. Enigma clears Chicone out of the ring, and both Jonny and Ortego fall to the outside as well.

Jeff Hansen: Well it looks to me like Prometheus is the fourth member of OutKast’s team. And the referee appears to be letting it stand at that.

Jason Johnson: I don’t like this situation much anymore… but as we go into what feels like round three of this match, The Real Deal and Prometheus are fighting, despite the fact that OutKast and Beorn are the legal men.

Jeff Hansen: Well judging by the fact that Beorn is currently not moving, I’d say Real Deal and OutKast are the legal men.

The Real Deal and Prometheus continue to brawl inside the ring, the referee shouting at Prometheus to get out of the ring and into his corner. Meanwhile, OutKast slowly gets to his feet, shaky still from the massive four on one assault he received. The referee eventually comes between Prometheus and The Real Deal, just as OutKast gets to his feet. Prometheus goes to his corner and The Real Deal turns toward OutKast just as OutKast swings at him with a powerful forearm. The Real Deal blocks the forearm however and stares right into the eyes of OutKast!

Jason Johnson: Here we go! The ring has been cleared, and its just The Real Deal and OutKast standing one on one.

Jeff Hansen: Things have seem to turned as now OutKast has a team of four, while The Real Deal’s team seems to only have three now.

Jason Johnson: Wait a minute, Beorn is grabbing the ring apron, he is getting up. It’s dead even, folks this could be the climax of tonight’s main event right here, right now!

The Real Deal and OutKast continue to stare at one another, both men jaw jacking as they go up against each other inside the ring in this match for the first time tonight. The two back away from each other for a moment and then OutKast signals for the challenge. He raises his right hand high up into the air, the dreaded game of mercy. The Real hesitates for a moment, but then he to steps up to OutKast, raising his opposite hand. Both men lock hands and then, slowly but surely The Real Deal raises his right hand. OutKast looks somewhat surprised but agrees to the double hand challenge. Both men lock in now, and instantly begin to apply pressure, hoping to win the strength challenge. OutKast begins to push The Real Deal down to on knee, but The Real Deal suddenly comes pushing back, once more evening the stance. The Real Deal continues pushing, and soon OutKast begins to fall to one knee. The Real Deal keeps pushing and pulling on OutKast’s hand, causing him to wince in pain. The fans really start getting behind The Real Deal as he bores down on OutKast, shouting at him.

The Real Deal: Come on, OutKast, where is your strength now?

The fans let out a loud pop for The Real Deal and more so because OutKast is down on one knee. Ortego, Chicone, and Prometheus all stand shouting for OutKast to break free and make a tag. However, The Real Deal continues to apply pressure, and suddenly OutKast inches in closer to The Real Deal, and suddenly brings his one knee up and deliberately delivers a groin shot to the Real Deal. The shot automatically causes The Real Deal to release his mercy hold on OutKast. OutKast shakes out his hands and then grabs The Real Deal by the head. He smirks and pulls The Real Deal’s head far back and smashes his elbow into Real Deal’s throat. The Real Deal falls to the mat gasping for air as he holds his neck. OutKast arrogantly walks to his corner now and stretches his hand toward the ruthless Prometheus. Prometheus gladly tags himself in and moves towards The Real Deal. The Real Deal heads to the corner, and Prometheus grabs his foot in hopes to stop him from making a tag. However, The Real Deal makes the tag and manages to get Enigma into the ring. Enigma comes in on fire and him and Prometheus fight back and forth, throwing fists and low kicks. Prometheus works Enigma into the corner now, and wedges his boot into Enigma’s neck choking him. The referee shouts at Prometheus to stop the choke, but Prometheus doesn’t listen. Beorn’s anger rises and he suddenly rushes into the ring and nails Prometheus from behind. Prometheus drops his leg from choking Enigma and turns towards Beorn.

Jason Johnson: Beorn with the save for Enigma, but at what cost here?

Jeff Hansen: Well Beorn is a tough SOB, but there is no way he has recovered so quickly from that vicious attack Prometheus had on him earlier with the baseball bat.

Jason Johnson: and now Prometheus is walking towards Beorn, and Beorn isn’t letting down. He swings… Prometheus blocked the second punch.

Prometheus grabs Beorn’s arm and twists it around behind his back. Then Prometheus begins to lift up, trying to get Beorn off the ground. He is just barely able to, causing Beorn to scream in a lot of pain. Prometheus drops Beorn to the mat. The referee tends to Beorn now while Prometheus goes back to Enigma. However, Enigma comes fighting back now sending a series of successful punches. Prometheus staggers backwards and Enigma works him into the corner. Enigma then ascends to the second turnbuckle and begins to land more punches to Prometheus. The fans begin to count each punch. One… Two… Three… Four… Five… Six… Seven… Eight…. Nine…

Enigma pauses and looks out to the fans who in response let out a cheer. He then hits the final punch… TEN! Enigma jumps off the turnbuckle and Prometheus slumps down to the ground. Enigma pulls him away from the rope and into the center of the ring, setting up for his finisher, The Abyss!

Jason Johnson: This could be over right here, Prometheus is being sent down with the Abyss.

Jeff Hansen: Isn’t there something related in Greek Mythology with Prometheus and the Abyss?

Jason Johnson: Who knows, and frankly who cares?

Jeff Hansen: Well The duo of Chicone and Ortego do, they’re rushing the ring as we speak!!

Kyle Ortego and Mark Chicone come in from the sides now, causing anarchy to ensue yet again. Enigma goes after Chicone, but is quiclky double-teamed by Ortego from behind. The two men go to work on Enigma, which brings Jonny Johnson into the action. Jonny runs around the ring apron and grabs a hold of Mark Chicone and pulls him down to the outside. Jonny then climbs to the top rope and signals for it, The Star Performance. Jonny leaps off with charisma and lands the high flying leg drop across Mark Chicone’s chest. Inside the ring Ortego continues to work on Enigma, pushing him into the corner. Prometheus staggers slightly and before he can turn around, Beorn locks his arms around him from behind him.

Jeff Hansen: Greetings from Peggy’s Cove!! Beorn has Prometheus locked in.

Jason Johnson: Unfortunately Beorn isn’t the legal man though.

Jeff Hansen: The referee has no control of this match any longer, legal men don’t seem to matter!

OutKast simply watches as the chaos builds in this eight man tag disaster. The Real Deal stands in the opposite corner, watching OutKast like a hawk. Ortego winds up to nail the West Nile Theory, and sends Enigma outside of the ring with it. Ortego goes out of the ring as well and begins to beat on Enigma, while nearby Jonny pummels Chicone. Inside the ring Prometheus begins to falter as Beorn slowly wears him down. However, OutKast now intervenes and nails Beorn from behind. Beorn releases his hold and OutKast throws him out of the ring. Beorn crashes to the ground close to Ortego. Ortego gets up off of Enigma and heads towards Beorn now. However, Jonny comes running around the corner and takes Ortego down with a clothesline. Jonny then helps Enigma to his feet and both of them move towards Ortego. Prometheus and OutKast stand in the ring, staring directly at The Real Deal. But then Prometheus turns and stares directly at Jason Johnson sitting ring side.

Jeff Hansen: Why is he staring at you, Jason?

Jason Johnson: ….. Long story.

The two men just continue to stare while OutKast glares at Real Deal. However, before the two once again get into a battle, Jonny and Enigma roll Ortego and Chicone back into the ring and Beorn makes a B-Line for OutKast. OutKast turns around now and The Real Deal springs into action nailing OutKast from behind. Prometheus then turns swiftly towards the Real Deal and locks him into the Chains that bind!! Meanwhile OutKast and Beorn duke it out. And then at the far end of the ring Jonny Johnson holds Ortego upside down, while Enigma winds up with a low soccer kick. The kick connects with Ortego’s head and then Jonny drops him right on the back of his neck!

Jeff Hansen: I believe what Ortego just went through was the Pretty Ugly Headache!!

Jason doesn’t respond to Jeff’s comments, instead he simply watches the match now, completely concerned with Prometheus and his hold on The Real Deal. Prometheus wrenches the hold tighter, wearing down the Real Deal completely. Jonny and Enigma go to save The Real Deal but Mark Chicone grabs both of them and spins them around. Jonny looks to Enigma and Enigma looks back to him, they both shake their heads and land a double boot to Chicone which knocks him right on top of Ortego. Meanwhile now, the referee checks on the Real Deal’s condition, and whether or not he wants to give up. OutKast shoves Beorn into a corner now and drives his fist directly into Beorn’s temple. Beorn slumps into the corner, out cold from that lethal hit. Jonny and Enigma turn back to The Real Deal now to save him, but now OutKast steps into the picture. He points to Jonny at this point in time, wanting a one on one fight with the Defiler himself. Jonny moves closer towards OutKast, with Enigma watching Jonny’s back. OutKast simply smirks at the situation and suddenly Mac comes running down from the back and hits the ring!

Jeff Hansen: Mac is in now, Jason Johnson is a zombie… this match is insane!

Enigma sees Mac and quickly intercepts his attack. At that precise moment OutKast and Jonny Johnson go at it now for the first time in this match, and for the first time in some while. Jonny nails OutKast with a hard right, OutKast reels back but nails a hard right of his own as well. Mac in the meantime, attempts a clutch kick on Enigma, but Enigma counters and drops Mac with The Abyss!! The fans let up a wild cheer. Prometheus still has The Real Deal locked in the Chains that Bind, Real Deal struggling to survive, but weakening greatly. OutKast gains the slight advantage on Jonny and whips him into the ropes. Jonny comes bouncing back and OutKast attempts to take him down, but Jonny nails him with a leaping forearm. OutKast stumbles backward and Jonny locks him into Destiny’s Calling. The referee catches this, and doesn’t know what to do know as two men are locked into submission holds, both from opposite teams. Enigma goes for the save for Real Deal, and Ortego gets to his feet and slowly makes his way to make the save for OutKast. As they do so, both The Real Deal and OutKast tap, basically at the same time, while Prometheus and Jonny are nailed from behind to break the hold!

Jeff Hansen: WHAT THE HELL!? I have never seen something like that happen before? What’s the call ref!?

The referee looks around in mass confusion as all hell has broken loose. Everyone is fighting everyone else, Prometheus thinks he got The Real Deal to tap, while Jonny things victory goes to his team for making OutKast tap. Prometheus and Enigma go at it while Ortego and Jonny brawl it out. Chicone and Beorn are on their feet, and Real Deal and OutKast are on the ground. It is complete chaos!!!

Chicone grabs Enigma from behind and both men end up spilling to the outside of the ring, continuing the fight outside. On the opposite end of the ring, Ortego and Jonny fight there way to the outside as well, sending fists, chops, and whatever else they can at each other. Prometheus ascends the top turnbuckle, and Beorn, out of seemingly no where runs up the turnbuckle behind him and drives himself and Prometheus to the outside with a bulldog that ended up injuring both men. And all this time, The referee is signaling for the bell like a madman!

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, this match has been ruled a no contest, as the match has gone completely out of control!

Jeff Hansen: A no contest, well that seems to mean jack shit to anyone in this match right now as they still continue to beat on one another… with The Real Deal and OutKast laying out in the ring, both men struggling to get to their feet.

The fighting continues all around the ring, and as it does, the SHOOT Big Screen suddenly turns on revealing Ed Raymond sitting happily at his desk. His eyes looking at a small monitor on his screen.

Ed Raymond: What an action packed match… I would have liked to see the Real Deal and OutKast go at it more, but hey, can’t win them all.

Raymond chuckles and as he goes on the fighting slowly makes its way to the back, being lead by the Beautiful People who take Chicone and Ortego up the rampway, dishing out the hurt like never before. Prometheus and Beorn have basically knocked each other out and lay motionless outside of the ring. Raymond scans the area one more time and then looks directly at the camera, making it appear like he was looking directly at Jason Johnson.

Ed Raymond: Hey Jason, Impulse is only three weeks away, and this bet gets more interesting every week that passes. Now, what we just saw tonight… well it proves that there is a lot of bad blood going around, which could very well interfere with the fairness of this competition, and of our bet.

Jason Johnson looks on intensely as Ed Raymond continues. Inside the ring, OutKast and The Real Deal are slowly starting to pull themselves to their feet now, both men unaware of the other man still being in the ring. This causes Raymond to chuckle.

Ed Raymond: Anyway, see, you’re a very smart man for hiring me as head booker and head of the Creative Staff, Jason… because I know entertainment, and I know what the fans want to see…

Raymond pauses and becomes stone faced as he looks on. At this point in time Real Deal and OutKast are to their feet and both see Raymond on the SHOOT Big Screen.

Ed Raymond: What the fans want to see, is these two go all out, with nothing and no one standing in their way. What the fans want to see is The Real Deal and OutKast fight until there is nothing left of one or the other, with no interference or tainted victories.

What these fans want to see is The SHOOT World Champion, The Real Deal, and the Wrestling Icon…. The Wrestling Legend OutKast completely cut off from the rest of this federation… IN AN AlieNation MATCH!!

The fans react with cheers, yet boos for what this means for the Real Deal. The Big Screen shuts off leaving Jason Johnson looks on with eyes wide with shock. The Real Deal, on his knees shakes his head, and even OutKast himself seems quite pissed off at this announcement.

Jeff Hansen: An Alienation Match…. Folks this match has only been seen on three occasions…. And it’s not a match to be taken lightly.

The fans cannot believe what they just heard and now OutKast and The Real Deal finally lock eyes and are engaged in a complete and total stare down…

Feel your heart beating, Feel your sweat pouring, Feel the tension Mounting…

Impulse: Only Three Weeks away.