Jason Johnson: We are live in the Netherlands, and boy what a week it has been. With Impulse just two weeks away the action becomes more heated, the action becomes more intense, and Oblivion becomes wilder than ever!

Jeff Hansen: It is a madhouse in the locker room area that's for sure, and with news that the finalized Impulse show will be released this Monday night people are just going insane!

Jason Johnson: Let's not waste a minute more talking, let's get to our opening bout of the evening, a road to K.O. quarter final match!!

Adam Weitz Vs. Temujin
Road to K.O. (Quarter Finals)

The crowd is buzzing in anticipation of the first match of the evening. It's been quite a week in the SHOOT Project, and these fans in Eindhoven are pumped and ready for action. "Get Inside" by Stonesour hits the PA, and the crowd exerts a mild reaction for Adam Weitz, who walks out casually, acknowledging the fans.

Samantha: Introducing first… From Lanham, Maryland… He stands at six feet, four inches, and he weighs in at 231 pounds… He is a former NWW Television Champion and a former RLW Euro-Continental Champion… He is… ADAM WEITZ!!!

The crowd pops at the name, but no sooner than their pop did "Symphony of Silence" begin to leak out over the Public Address system. The crowd comes to their feet as the lights dim, and a pale gray light beams out into the arena. It hits Adam Weitz face, and the 6'4" 231 pound Weitz takes a step back, grinning. Out from the gorilla position, Temujin appears, and the crowd raises the decibel level.

Samantha: And now… Standing at Six feet, four inches tall, weighing in at 260 pounds, From parts unknown, he is… TEMUJIN!!!

With a very, very slow saunter down to the ring, Temujin is slow to approach. He is virtually emotionless as he is just keeping his eyes focused on Adam Weitz, and the match ahead. The callous walk continues, and Temujin has arrived at the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Temujin has quite a presence. Quite a demanding presence, actually.

Jason Johnson: Yes he does. The man is a SHOOT Project veteran. Additionally, he's no stranger to the sport as well. And that's what this is, Jeff. A sport.

Jeff Hansen: You mean, it's not Sports Entertainment?

Jason Johnson: This is the SHOOT Project. There's nothing entertaining about getting your girlfriend kidnapped, or nearly being murdered by a madman. No pun intended.

Temujin climbs into the ring. He and Adam Weitz stand eye to eye, nose to nose. Temujin, who is the heavier of the two, is a more physical presence than Weitz. Weitz doesn't back down though, even in the event of the physical shortcomings that he has. Temujin is just smiling, not saying anything, not feeling anything. Referee Scott Kamura comes into view as the house lights illuminate, showing the packed outdoor arena, in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Jeff Hansen: Scott Kamura, informing the two combatants of the rules, or lack thereof, here in SHOOT. I'd imagine he would pat them down for foreign objects if you know, there were a DQ rule in place.

Jason Johnson: But, since there's not, he won't. And he'll let this match commence.

Scott Kamura calls for the bell, and the fight is underway. The two competitors lock up, and are struggling for an advantage. Temujin pushes Weitz all the way into the turnbuckle, and the struggle continues. Kamura rushes over to break them up, throwing out the mandatory five count. The two break apart, and as soon as Weitz gets out of the corner, Tem lunges after him. Weitz ducks and goes behind, landing a dropkick into Temujin's back, sending Tem into the turnbuckle.

Jason Johnson: Temujin's extra weight may prove to be a disadvantage here, with Weitz being faster.

Jeff Hansen: That was definitely a smart move from a guy like Weitz. He utilized his speed and Temujin has found himself in the chest first in the turnbuckle.

Temujin bounced off of the turnbuckle, and Weitz tried a quick roll up for a 2 count. This shocked Temujin, who stood up as quickly as he could, as did Weitz.

Jeff Hansen: Almost had quite an upset there. It would have been a shame if Temujin had lost like that.

Jason Johnson: It would have been impressive on Weitz part though.

Temujin and Weitz lock up again, this time with Temujin playing the part of the aggressor. Temujin hits Weitz with a big knee to the gut, doubling Weitz over. Temujin slams his elbow into the back of Weitz neck, sending Weitz straight to the ground with a thud. Temujin follows up by applying a modified camel clutch, the modification being a knee to Weitz's back. Weitz is screaming in pain, as Scott Kamura rushes over to check on Weitz, for the possible submission.

Weitz doesn't relent, he's still wincing in pain, but he's making a diligent effort to get to the ropes, and Temujin isn't letting up. Slowly, Weitz is dragging himself towards the ropes, and after about 45 seconds of camel clutch, Weitz reaches for and grabs the ropes. Immediately, Scott Kamura begins yelling for Temujin to get off of Weitz. And he does. Slowly.

Jason Johnson: Talk about milking Kamrua's leniency for all that it's worth.

Jeff Hansen: I never figured Temujin to be like THAT. So much for that theory. He's really dominating here though, regardless.

Jason Johnson: He knows what he's doing. Usually, I sign guys for some reason, you know? His was that he knows what he's doing, and well, he does a good job of doing it. Nothing more than that.

Temujin has Weitz up against the rope now, Weitz is still woozy from the camel clutch. Tem presses into Weitz's chest, and sends him across the ring. Weitz bounces off the ropes, and on his return, he's met with a clothesline that sends him straight to the ground. Temujin doesn't follow up this time, and just stands, looking down at Weitz.

Jason Johnson: Tem is wasting some time here. Might be a mistake.

Jeff Hansen: You never know though, that clothesline could have hurt more than we realize.

Deciding that he's had enough of wasting time, Temujin picks Weitz up and repeats the process, sending Weitz into the ropes. This time though, Tem is met with a flying cross body block and now Temujin is down on the ground. Weitz ascends the turnbuckles, and waits for Temujin to get up.

Jeff Hansen: Weitz is looking like he's going to try a high risk move here. He's somewhat known for that, so it should be interesting.

Jason Johnson: Definitely. Weitz is good for this kind of thing. It should definitely be something to see.

Temujin turns around, and Weitz flies off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick that connects, and sends Temujin to the ground again. The crowd pops loud for the missile dropkick, and Weitz jumps to his feet and raises his arms. The crowd cheers for Weitz who is building momentum. Weitz grabs Temujin by the hair, and proceeds to bring him to a standing position. When in the standing position, Weitz delivers a kick to the midsection, and follows up with a massive side suplex that puts Temujin down again.

Jason Johnson: OUCH. That looked like it didn't feel too good. Adam Weitz is definitely proving his worth here, especially against a guy like Temujin.

Jeff Hansen: And it looks like he's going to ascend the top rope again. Weitz is showing what he's made of here.

Weitz is now a resident of the top turnbuckle, and appears to be waiting for Temujin to stumble to his feet. He makes a signal, to show that he's getting ready to attempt a twisting suicide planca. The fans cheer loudly in anticipation. Temujin has just gotten to his feet, and the noise gets louder. He turns to see Weitz coming off the turnbuckle, but he catches Weitz!!!

Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen: DRAGON'S VEIN!!! NO!!!

Weitz breaks free of the chokeslam, and this startles Temujin, who takes a step back. Weitz sees the opportunity, and delivers a massive standing side kick to Temujin's jaw that sends Tem down to the mat.

Jason Johnson: Weitz likes to call that move "Knocked Out" and I think that that's deservingly so, as he's seemingly put Temujin OUT.

Adam Weitz hops up to the top turnbuckle and rolls his arms, signaling the "Adam Bomb" a 450 splash. The fans erupt for this, and Weitz comes off the top turnbuckle, and lands squarely onto Temujin. Scott Kamura is down for the count… The arena counts with him…




NO! Temujin kicks out at the very LAST second, and the crowd goes BALLISTIC. Weitz is in utter disbelief, and Temujin is crawling to the ropes in an effort to stand up. Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen are in sheer disbelief as well.

Jeff Hansen: Wow. Just wow. I never, ever thought that Temujin would kick out of that. He's quite a competitor, and he doesn't want this match to end like this, I'd say. In fact, if I know Temujin, he's about to get a second wind.

Jason Johnson: Maybe so, maybe so. Adam Weitz has sure impressed the hell out of me tonight though. And he's not done, he's waiting, motioning for Temujin to bring it on.

Temujin stands wearily, and Weitz is ready, waiting for the advance. Temujin makes a half hearted rush at Weitz, but is caught. Weitz sets Temujin up for the Small Package DDT, known to him as the Hiroshima, but Temujin elbows Weitz, causing him to drop the move. Temujin tries for a quick foot to the gut, but his foot is caught… Weitz sets him up… HIROSHIMA!!!

Jason Johnson: Now, if I were Weitz, I would go for a cover…

Jeff Hansen: You aren't Weitz though, he's going to the top.

Weitz signals for the 450 splash once more, and delivers, popping the crowd to the high heavens. Kamura is in. Weitz covers.




Scott Kamura calls for the bell, and the fans go nuts. Adam Weitz and Temujin have put on a hell of a show for them tonight, and he's receiving their appreciation and gratitude as such. Temujin is up, and shaking his head.

Jason Johnson: Wuh oh… Tem is up… I wonder what'll happen here…

Jeff Hansen: Intriguing… There's no attack.

The two adversaries look at each other, and they shake hands, which completely ignites the crowd as never before.

Samantha: Your winner, and going on in the Road to K.O. Tournament… he is, ADAM WEITZ!!!

"Get Inside" by Stonesour hits the Public Address System, and Weitz stands on the second rope, and poses for the crowd. Flash bulbs go off for the hot SHOOT Project crowd in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Jeff Hansen: What a great way to start out Oblivion, an unexpected victory ends in an unexpected way. A solid match if I ever saw one.

As clips of the previous match play on the SHOOT big screen, the action cuts to backstage where Orion Bane is seen in his locker room, preparing for the Ten Man Mixer. He is alone in the locker room, trying to pump himself up for the next match. Orion Bane finishes a hurdle strecth and gets up.

Orion Bane: It's gonna be my first win tonight, I can feel it. I know I lost my last two matches, but those were formidible opponents, tonight is a match against a bunch of rookies.

Orion Bane grabs his trench coat and puts it on.

Orion Bane: It's time to go to work.

He then steps out of the locker room, and heads to the ring.

Ten Man Mixer: Contract Challenge

Jason Johnson: I still can't get over the Adam Weitz victory against Temujin. Pretty unexpected if you ask me.

Jeff Hansen: It was some solid action indeed.

Jason Johnson: That we can, and speaking of action, here comes ten man battle royal action. The ten contestants of Ed Raymond's Contract Challenge are heading down to the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Is it just me, or do some of them seem a bit disgruntled?

Jason Johnson: Their jobs are on the line tonight, wouldn't you be a bit disgruntled?

Samantha enters the ring with microphone in hand. The ten men slowly enter the ring, some staring at each other, while others just wait in readiness.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is scheduled for three rounds and is the first ever Ten Man Mixer: Contract Challenge match up. The rules have been explained. Round One first four men must be eliminated over the top rope. Round two, the next three men are eliminated by submission. And finally in round three, of the last three men in the ring, one man must make a pinfall!

The wrestlers in the ring look ready to fight, some more ready than others. Samantha is about to announce the names, when some trash talking between The Boss and Orion Bane leads to a punch being thrown. This single punch starts a wave of fighting, and soon all ten men are swinging every which way. Samantha retreats from the ring as quick as possible, not wishing to be harmed by the angry talent. Orion Bane and The Boss lock up in grapple and Orion Bane works him into the corner. On the other side of the ring, Steve Richtor and Ty Dhomie are going up against Steven Arwich and Alexander Harmston. Richtor and Dhomie do some nice double teamwork, and both men take Arwich down with a double snap suplex. Harmston tries to take advantage and goes after Dhomie but is quickly intercepted by Sky High. Sky High nails Harmston with a drop kick, which knocks him into the corner. Sky High then rushes towards him, going to nail and avalanche splash but is instantly clotheslined by Ander Carvetti. Richtor and Dhomie get back up to their feet and Dhomie goes to work on Arwich while Richtor now goes after the fiery Ander Carvetti!

Jason Johnson: You know, this match is absolutely silly… look at these men bouncing all over the ring for their contracts.

Jeff Hansen: I don't know, Raymond seems to be onto something here…. It's a good way to see who is really dedicated to this place, and who is here just for the hell of it.

Jason Johnson: This is true, and with the talent the SHOOT Project has been seeing, we have to know who can stand strong, and who is to weak to be in the Project.

The action is almost hard to follow as the ten men in the ring swing at anything and everything that moves. Orion Bane and The Boss have drifted and now seem to be working on other people. Orion Bane chokes Lestat down on the mat and The Boss is nailing closed right hand after closed right hand on Evan Douglas who is teetering on the edge of being eliminated. Richtor and Ander Carvetti are locked into grapple, and Carvetti gets the upper hand. Carvetti swings Richtor into the ropes, but Richtor falls to his feet and slides under the ring rope. Carvetti looks on with annoyance, allowing Ty Dhomie to come up from behind and drop kick him from the back. Carvetti flies over the top rope and spills out onto the mat. Eliminated: Ander Carvetti!

Jason Johnson: Tough break for Carvetti… maybe next time around when SHOOT Project is recruiting he'll show better talent.

Dhomie smiles and looks to Richtor and the two men nod their head. With Dhomie's back turn, The Boss notices him just standing there. Slowly The Boss creeps up on Dhomie but is intercepted by Orion Bane who basically pummeled Lestat for all he was worth. Bane lands a shoulder check into The Boss' gut, knocking him into the corner. Dhomie turns around now, seeing The Boss near by and he just shakes his head. The Boss and Orion Bane engage in an all out fist fight, while Dhomie looks to take another man out of this thing. However, as Dhomie turns around, Alexander Harmston catches him with a forearm shot to the side of his face. Dhomie staggers back a bit and now Steve Richtor hits the ring. Richtor comes up behind Harmston and locks his arms around Harmston's waist. Instantly Harmston is brought down onto the mat via a belly to back suplex. As Richtor gets up from his feet Arwich comes back into the fray and cheap shots Richtor from behind. Richtor stumbles forward and Arwich follows up with a bulldog take down. However, as he attempts to do so, Richtor uses his power to bring Arwich up into the air and over the top rope. Arwich falls to the outside and, realizing he has been eliminated, begins to stomps his feet in anger. Richtor laughs at him and quickly goes back into the match. Eliminated: Steven Arwich

Not even seconds after Richtor turns from Arwich, does Arwich jump up on the apron and grab a hold of Steve Richtor's arm. Richtor turns around with anger and decks Arwich who tumbles back to the outside. Richtor shakes his head with slight frustration and turns around. Just as he turns around he is nailed with a big boot from from none other than his own friend Ty Dhomie. Richtor falls up against the ropes and looks on toward Dhomie. Dhomie cracks a sly grin and the two engage in grapple.

Jeff Hansen: Looks like we'll be seeing what we should have saw last week.

Jason Johnson: But is this wise of the two wrestling veterans? I mean, they are the only ones who are really friends in this match up and that is a valuable advantage for these two if they want to survive.

Dhomie gains advantage in the grapple and swings Richtor into the corner. Dhomie goes to follow up with an avalanche splash, but Richtor is quick to get out of the way and Dhomie nails the post. Dhomie staggers back from the ring corner, his chest in slight pain, he turns around expecting to see Richtor standing there waiting, but finds that Harmston and Douglas have taken Richtor down and are now double teaming him. Meanwhile Lestat has now gotten to his feet again, but Orion Bane makes short work of that. Out of no where, Orion Bane cleans Lestat's clock with a massive Lariat. Lestat falls directly back to the mat, and Orion Bane hoists him up off his feet and holds him high into a gorilla position. Orion Bane doesn't waste time show boating his strength and just tosses Lestat out of the ring with little effort. Lestat lands hard on the outside and stays there for a moment, his head hung in shame. Eliminated: Lestat

Jeff Hansen: So long Lestat, try harder next time buddy.

Jason Johnson: One more man to be eliminated and then this one goes into the submission round. Evan Douglas is now in battle with Ty Dhomie, while Harmston continues to go to work on Richtor. Harmston brings Richtor to his feet now and looks over to Douglas. Douglas has advantage over Dhomie as well and both men connect. They swing Dhomie and Richtor towards each other, but Dhomie and Richtor reverse sending Douglas and Harmston right into each other. The two men collide and fall directly onto the mat after knocking heads. Dhomie and Richtor quickly bring Harmston and Douglas back up to their feet. Dhomie works Douglas towards one side of the ring, and Richtor works Harmston towards another end. Both Dhomie and Richtor are trying hard to eliminate Douglas and Harmston, but Harmston and Douglas put up a resistance. Sky High scouts the ring and sees The Boss and Orion Bane in one corner, Richtor and Harmston up against the ropes, and Dhomie and Douglas moving towards the other end of the ring. Sky High shrugs his shoulders and rushes at Richtor and Harmston. Sky High launches himself up in the air and lands a splash that sends all three men over the top rope and to the outside.

Jason Johnson: Sky High with an impressive move, but he took himself out in the process… and everyone landed roughly at the same time… I assume everyone is eliminated there?

Jeff Hansen: Not only that but Ty Dhomie eliminated Evan Douglas on the other side of the ring just as Sky High, Steve Richtor, and Alexander Harmston landed on the outside on the oposite end of the ring!

Jason Johnson: Looks like the referee is taking this match straight to round three, and counting everyone who went over the top as eliminated.

Jeff Hansen: We are down to Ty Dhomie, Orion Bane, and The Boss. This could be a pretty solid three-way match.

Jason Johnson: And they are not wasting anytime, The Boss is going right after Ty Dhomie, but Orion Bane is right there on The Boss.

Ty Dhomie and the Boss go at it first, Dhomie swinging at The Boss with a series of hard right hands. The Boss gets worked into the corner now, and Orion Bane comes running out of no where and nearly beheads The Boss with a powerful clothesline. The Boss falls to the mat and Dhomie goes to capitalize but Orion Bane takes Dhomie down as well. Both Dhomie and The Boss lie on the mat while Orion Bane stands over them, just staring down towards them with a wicked grin on his face. Orion Bane then goes to Ty Dhomie and lifts him up to his feet. He looks into Dhomie's slightly glazed eyes and then hoists him up onto his shoulders.

Jeff Hansen: This could be it….

Jason Johnson: Dhomie is driven into the mat with that devestating DDT like move that Bane calls the Apex Shadow! Dhomie is out cold.

Orion Bane looks down at Dhomie and then looks towards The Boss. The Boss is getting up to his feet and Orion Bane doesn't pin Dhomie. Instead he walks towards The Boss, staring him down as he gets to his feet. The Boss sees Orion Bane and quickly lunges at him, catching him in the stomach. Orion Bane slumps down a bit, but The Boss doesn't capitalize. Instead he walks past Orion Bane right to Ty Dhomie. The Boss stands over Dhomie and just laughs in his face. Then The Boss lifts Dhomie back up to his feet and lifts him up and just holds him in a vertical position. Orion Bane looks on and The Boss looks back at him before dropping Ty Dhomie with a vicious brain buster.

Jason Johnson: well we know The Boss isn't a big fan of Ty Dhomie, and he just showed that.

Jeff Hansen: Does he not want to win this match then, or what's the deal?

The Boss then turns to Orion Bane and the two engage in a stare down. Seconds later, The Boss points to Orion Bane and then points to himself. Orion Bane looks on with a dead stare, and he sees the Boss mouth the words "one on one." The Boss then takes leave of the ring, a smug grin on his face. Orion Bane makes the cover and the referee counts.

One, Two, Three.

The bell sounds and Orion Bane is victorious. The referee goes to raise Orion Bane's hand but Orion Bane refuses and simply walks out of the ring, raising his arms alone. The fans give the man a mixed reaction as "Orion" by Metallica starts to play.

Jeff Hansen: Well folks it seems in one match alone The SHOOT Project has eliminated seven guys from its roster for the time being. Talk about clearing out the junk, eh Jason?

Jason Johnson: It's a tough business, the last thing we need is a bunch of no shows and slackers in that very ring….

Before Jason can finish speaking, the P.A. system picks up with some familiar music.

I'm over it
You see I'm falling in the black obyss
Clouded by memories of the past
At last, I see

Jeff Hansen: "Well, we know what that theme music means, Jason. Here comes your good friend, Prometheus. I wonder what he has to say."

Jason Johnson: "Who cares? He's a pawn."

I hear it fading
I can't speak it
Unless you will dig my grave
We fear them finding
Always winding
Take my hand now
Be alive

"Forsaken" by Disturbed blared over the Public Address system with a sound of purpose within the lyrics. The boos rang out in the crowd as Prometheus stepped out from behind the curtain with the Dojo Championship slung over his right shoulder. He stood there with a menacing grin complimenting his already serious demeanour. He was amused at the crowd's reaction toward him. He couldn't help but chuckle and look down as if to show his dislike for the crowd in a subtle fashion. This action resulted in Prometheus receiving a louder chorus of boo's that almost topped the decibles of the music playing.

Jeff Hansen: "The fans really hate this guy. The boos seem to get louder and louder at every action."

Jason Johnson: "Can you blame them? He's taken out two legends, avoided a match with a tough competitor, and attacked the World Champion. I'd say that's grounds for hating."

Jeff Hansen: "Some pawn."

You see I cannot be forsaken
Because I'm not the only one
We walk amongst you
Feeding, raping
Must we hide from everyone

I'm over it
Why can't we be together
Erase it
Sleeping so long
Taking up the mass
At last, I see

Prometheus walked down the ramp just grinning at the display of hate being sent in his direction. A display fascilitated by the throwing of crumpled up paper, empty cumps and even a couple Inside Scoop magazines. Probably being thrown at him from the religious Ed Raymond fans. He didn't care though. Why should he? Ed Raymond was no better than Jason Johnson and because of that and his comments thrown his way over a stupid word he cared little for his opinions.
Jason Johnson: "Keep throwing trash at him. That's all he deserves. He just got back from the can. Trash can, that is."

Jeff Hansen: "Lame, Jason. So lame."

I hear it fading
I can't speak it
Unless you will dig my grave
We fear them finding
Always winding
Take my hand now
Be alive

Prometheus made a quick circle around the ring and ascended the stairs to the ring and hung off the ring post with a taunting grin in the direction of Jason Johnson. Jason didn't like it one bit. Prometheus then sauntered across the ring apron and jumped inside, making the motion to cut his music as he took the microphone from the ring announcer. He looked over the still booing crowd, still amused, waiting patiently for them to cease. When he realized they wouldn't stop, he just yelled out.

Prometheus: "Oh bloody hell!"

The fans immediately stopped booing at the sudden outburst of emotion from the usually stone cold Prometheus. He nodded in some kind of thanks and turned to face Jason Johnson.

Jeff Hansen: "Looks like he wants you, partner."

Jason Johnson: "I see that."

Jason stood up and started yelling at Prometheus. Expressing his dislike for him wasting valuable television time and not only tv time but his time as well. Prometheus just chuckled and grinned yet again in response.

Jeff Hansen: "Jason Johnson and Prometheus getting into it here folks. Very funny. Jason has now dropped his head set and walked into the ring, grabbing a microphone of his own from the ring announce. The back-up one that is. This looks to be an all out war on the way. I think I'll just watch."

Jason Johnson slid under the bottom rope, frustrated and angry. He stood up and got about two inches from Prometheus who shoved him in response. The shove sent him across the ring and down to his ass which got a mixed reaction from the crowd. Some laughter and some boo's.

Prometheus: "Sit down, little man. And listen to what I have to say!"

Jason then stood slightly and leaned against the turnbuckle motioning with his free hand to let him know he could talk. Without his interuption, mind you.

Prometheus: "Now that I have you're attention, Jason, you would do well to listen to my words. You see... I'm the new Dojo Champion. And with that comes some form of pull. Even if it's only a little bit. So I have something that I want you to change about this title. Because, well, the current rules are so painstakingly pathetic that even the WWE wouldn't put this title into effect."

Prometheus chuckled at the now interested Jason Johnson. Obviously he didn't like the current creative direction with the title either.

Prometheus: "Oh, you're interested? I thought you might be. Well, see, I've been doing some research on this little title and by far I'm the most talented fella to even take this title. So what do you see wrong with that? Too much to go into right now. So from now on, the Dojo Championship will be defended weekly. EVERY WEEK! It will bring a prestigious aura to this title and we might just make this thing a bit more wanted. Unlike this stupid Deathkore tippy tap horseshit."

Jason chuckled at the good idea and because of Prometheus' good idea, one of his own formulated in him.

Jason Johnson: "I agree. It's a good idea. AND! When you defend your title succesfully six times in a row you have the opportunity to drop your championship belt to have a chance at any other belt with the exception of the World Championship and Tag Team Championship. This will then pit the number one and two contenders against each other for the vacant Dojo Championship and allow you to drop without losing."

Prometheus was impressed at this add-on to his initial idea and nodded his head in acknowledgement then swiftly patted Jason on the back. Just when Jason relaxed, however, he was thrown over the top rope onto his ass yet again.

Jeff Hansen: "HAHAHAHAHA! Prometheus has managed to not only get Jason to agree to his terms but he's been thrown out of the ring for his troubles. Jason is pissed. And here he comes."

Jason Johnson: "The nerve of that sonofabitch!"

Prometheus stood in the ring chuckling at the angered Jason Johnson and turned his attention to the entrance way as if he was awaiting somebodies arrival. The whole of the arena and the announcers looked up as if somebody was coming as well. Then he spoke to break everybodies concentration. Soon thereafter getting boo's.

Prometheus: "Hahaha! You thought somebody was coming, didn't you? Yeah, you did. Oh quit booing you infidels. It's really quite pathetic that you boo the man that just gave some more credit to the Dojo Championship and keeps pissing off that ingrate bastard of a president of The Shoot Project. Anyway. Marcus Mirage. I'm waiting on you, fella. So without any further adieu. Come on out here. 'Cuz I know you're watching. I have something for you."

Just then Marcus Mirage appeared from out of the crowd and jumped the guard rail, sliding under the bottom rope and leaned against the ropes sort of non-chalantly. Amused. Grinning a grin along with Prometheus.

Prometheus: "So glad you could make it, old guard. Wait. Silent old guard. Since you don't feel like talking. Which is fine. You don't need to talk. Because I have a gift for you."

Considering the history of Prometheus' legend eliminating, Mirage and the crowd was not only excited but nervous. They didn't know what to expect as Prometheus put his hands in his pockets. Mirage expected a bird flipping and an attempt to damge him personally but it didn't come. All that happened was Prometheus taking out a small signed picture of himself and a card, about the size of a membership card, and handed them over.

Prometheus: "You see, Marcus... can I call you Marcus? Of course I can. Hehe. You see, Marcus... I have arranged a signed photograph of me for you to put in your collection. Considering you're a huge fan and all. Cute and everything. Heh."

Prometheus grinned at the slightly confused Mirage.

Prometheus: "And I have also arranged a membership card for you. A membership to the Prometheus fan club. You've been made into the honorary first member and also... head member. You're the one they'll all come to. All my fan mail will come to you. It is up to you to pass it on to me or not. I hope you enjoy!"

Prometheus turned to leave but stopped at the ropes and spoke into the mic.

Prometheus: "Oh yes. I almost forgot."

Mirage went on alert real quick thinking he was gonna attack him.

Prometheus: "When do you plan on swerving me Mirage!?"

Prometheus' music hit as the camera zoomed in on the autographed picture with one word written across it. Heh. Go figure. "Toodles!" Mirage stood there shaking his head with a small smile across his face.

"Road To K.O." - Mark Chicone vs. Beorn

Jeff Hansen: "Time for quarter-final Action…on the ROAD TO K.O.!"

Jason Johnson: "Thank god Prometheus finally left the ring too, as this has the potential to be quite a solid contest… and we don't need Prometheus around screwing things up."

( 'Halo' by Soil begins to play over the sound system, as Samantha steps into the spotlight and raises the microphone…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for one fall, with a 20 minute time limit. Introducing first, making his way towards the ring: he hails from HOLLYWOOD, stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 260 pounds…here is: MARK "The Shooter" CHICONE!"

(The fans applaud politely as Mark Chicone begins to confidently strut down the aisle towards the ring…Chicone jumps to the apron, and gracefully vaults over the top rope, as his music fades… The house lights go out, the strobe lights go on, and a rolling gray storm is shown on the ObliviTron. The intro to "Swordsman" by Gza begins...)

When a motherfucker steps out his place And gets slapped in his motherfuckin face Just because the motherfucker tried to base The G.O.D., the G.O.D.

And while I see his whole click passes by Motherfuckers think they qualify And for those niggaz want to try The G.O.D., the G.O.D.

(The fans are absolutely livid by the time Beorn finally steps out, hooded, in his black boxing parka, "Beorn" in plat colored block letters on the back. Beorn doesn't high five anyone but allows the fans to slap his hands and back. He walks up to the steps and through as the lights go on and the song continues. He unties and drops his parka, revealing his usual all black singlet, straps down. He pulls the straps to his shoulders and is ready to go.)

Samantha: "And now his opponent! Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, he stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs in at 265 pounds…here is 'The Bear'…BEORN!"

Jason Johnson: "Here we go!"

Jeff Hansen: "WOW! The MINUTE the bell rings, Beorn flattens Mark Chicone with a one-legged takedown into anklelock!"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn starting this match off strong…from what we've seen of him he seems to be a fast starter…"

Jeff Hansen: "As we've stated in the past, Beorn is a former SWA World Champion…and don't let the fact that he isn't the most popular guy in Shoot Project fool you…he can wrestle!"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn working that ankle lock on the obviously shell shocked Mark Chicone…"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone reaching for the ropes…and he makes it…"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn staying on Chicone…he pulls him back into the center of the ring and slaps on a rear chin lock."

Jeff Hansen: "From an immediate ankle lock and now a tightly cinched rear chin lock, Beorn is dictating the pace of this match…"

Jason Johnson: "Mark Chicone fights his way to his feet…but Beorn still has that chin lock…whoa!"

Jeff Hansen: "Nicely done! Mark Chicone struggles to his feet…leans his head back under Beorn's jaw…and then SITS OUT! JAWBREAKER!"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn falls backwards, stunned from that jawbreaker by Mark Chicone…"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone darts behind Beorn…waiting patiently…Beorn starts to get up…"

Jason Johnson: "Chicone grabs Beorn as he starts to rise…into a BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX!"

Jeff Hansen: "Nice! Chicone drops down for the cover…"

Jason Johnson: "One…Two…Kickout by Beorn!"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone cinches him up again…OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY!"

Jason Johnson: "Whoa! Look at the HEIGHT he got on that overhead release! Beorn landed right on the top of his HEAD! PURO STYLE!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans go nuts as Chicone goes in for the cover…"

Jason Johnson: "One…Two…NO! Beorn gets the shoulder up!"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone was hoping that brutal head bump was enough to put Beorn away…but the tough veteran managed to get the shoulder up…"

Jason Johnson: "The tenacious Chicone stays on Beorn…cinches his up again…GERMAN SUPLEX…into a bridge pin attempt!"

Jeff Hansen: "ONE…TWO…NO! Beorn gets the shoulder up AGAIN!"

Jason Johnson: "Chicone looks frustrated…like what do I have to do to beat this guy?"

Jeff Hansen: "Hey, let's face facts Jason, look a Beorn's history, this guy has done it all! He's a former SWA T.V., Tag, and World Champion…a Hall of Famer!"

Jason Johnson: "I agree…if you want to beat The Bear, you're going to have to EARN it!"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone pulls Beorn to his feet, and whips him into the ropes…"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn ducks under the clothesline attempt from Chicone…comes off the opposite rope…and answers back with a LARIAT of his own!"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone hits the canvas and Beorn immediately goes in for the cover!"

Jason Johnson: "One…Two…Kickout by Chicone!"

Jeff Hansen: "Beorn in the driver's seat now, he pulls Mark Chicone to his feet…"

Jason Johnson: "T-Bone Suplex on Mark 'The Shooter' Chicone by Beorn!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd really approving of that! Beorn opts not to go for the cover…and cinches up Chicone…"

Jason Johnson: "Cradle Suplex! One…Two…NO! Chicone twists out!"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone fights to his feet…Beorn and Chicone face off…right hand by Chicone to Beorn!"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn staggered…but returns a right hand of his own!"

Jeff Hansen: "Here we go! The two men stand toe to toe and start brawling in the middle of the ring!"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn and Chicone trading lefts and rights back and forth…the fans coming to their feet as the two competitors slug it out! Both men are rocking from the impact of the shots…but neither is willing to take a backwards step!"

Jeff Hansen: "Beorn seems to be taking the upper hand…he's firing in rapid fire shots to the jaw of Mark Chicone…Chicone is staggering…"

Jason Johnson: "Beorn grabs Chicone…whips him into the ropes…"

Jeff Hansen: "CANADIAN COLD! Beorn just grabbed Chicone as he came off the ropes…and locked him up in that SLEEPER HOLD that Beorn calls the Canadian Cold!"

Jason Johnson: "The Shooter fighting like a demon…but Beorn has this hold clamped on TIGHT…this is one cold that is almost impossible to shake!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans oohing, as Mark Chicone tries to sit out…but Beorn has it locked in and drops down with him…Chicone is fading…"

Jason Johnson: "The ref checking Chicone's arm…Chicone just won't die…he gets his arm up…"

Jeff Hansen: "Chicone fights his way back to his feet now…what the hell is he doing Johnson?"

Jason Johnson: "Mark Chicone has made his way to the corner…and now he walks up the turnbuckles while Beorn still has him locked up in that sleeper…"

Jeff Hansen: This takes a lot of resistance on Chicone's part, he has to overcome the sleeper hold while walking to the top turnbuckle… I applaud that.

Jason Johnson: It looks like Chicone is going to try to go for a top rope move of some sort as he now desperately to get Beorn off of his back.

Jeff Hansen: Wait a minute, Enigma is heading down to the ring now. What's this about?

Jason Johnson: Well Chicone and Ortego were talking some "smack" about him and Jonny just before this match, could mean trouble for Mark Chicone.

Jeff Hansen: Chicone sees Enigma walking towards him and has momentarily stopped his attempts at breaking free from the sleeper. Chicone is weakening.

Jason Johnson: and Enigma is smiling as he comes closer to the ring. He totally has Chicone distracted.

Jeff Hansen: Beorn now tightening the hold… and he spins Chicone around and drives him to the mat with a sleeper bomb of some sort!

Jason Johnson: What a move by Beorn, and Mark Chicone was completely off his guard. Beorn now hooks the leg!!

Jeff Hansen: The referee down for the count, One… Two… Three!!! Beorn takes the win and advances on to the semi finals!

Jason Johnson: And look at Enigma, applauding Beorn, or is he mocking Chicone?

Beorn raises his hands in victory now as he looks out to see Enigma standing ringside. Beorn smiles and quickly heads out of the ring and pats Enigma on the back as he walks up the ramp way, the fans cheering for the Canadian superstar. Enigma stands ringside just looking at where Chicone lays in the ring. A smug grin on his face.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma seems to be overly amused with Chicone's loss tonight, and the best thing is, Enigma didn't cheapen Beorn's victory either.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, but how is this going to effect Jonny Johnson' match coming up against Kyle Ortego?

The image of Enigma standing and smiling towards Chicone feeds into the television monitors that are set up in the various locker rooms in the arena. Kyle Ortego stands there his face expressionless.

Kyle Ortego: So that's how its going to be huh?

Ortego suddenly slams his fist against a nearby locker, but not in anger as seen by a sick twisted grin on his face. The locker, now being damaged swings crookedly on its hinges revealing two kendo sticks inside. Ortego glances over to the sticks and chuckles softly.

Kyle Ortego: Okay, Enigma costs Chicone a match, I'll cost Enigma a partner.

Ortego grabs the kendo sticks and walks quickly out of his locker room. As he walks out of the room, Ortego doesn't see Jonny Johnson non-shalantly leaning against the wall outside of his locker room. Jonny looks at Ortego as he walks off towards the ring and smiles.

Jonny Johnson: Looks like somebody has their hardcore panties in a bunch. Man Ortego is…

Jonny pauses and just smirks, refraining from finishing that sentence. Jonny the starts stretching his arms back and forth as he also heads toward the ring area.

Jonny Johnson vs. Kyle Ortego
(No Disqualification)

Samantha: Ladies and gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fall and is set for no disqualification. Introducing to the ring first, a self proclaimed hardcore legend, here is Kyle Ortego!!

"Lose Yourself" by Eminem begins to play, as the fans begin to boo. However, there are some Ortego fans out there, albeit a few of them. Ortego with kendo sticks in hand walks swiftly to the ring, wanting nothing more than to cause Jonny Johnson a hell of a lot of pain. As Ortego enters the ring, he raises his kendo sticks high into the air. The fans respond with more boos and Ortego just ignores them. He puts the Kendo sticks outside of the ring, saving them for later as he waits for Jonny.

Jason Johnson: Well this next one is a no disqualification match, which means hardcore rules, hardcore wrestling, and hardcore weapons.

Jeff Hansen: Some might think Jonny Johnson is out of his element here, but as Jonny stated earlier in the week, he started out in the indy scene, where it was hardcore week after week. So I wouldn't be surprised if we saw Jonny go hit for hit with Ortego here tonight.

"Lakini's Juice" by Live suddenly picks up sending the fans into a wild cheering frenzy. The lights in the arena begin to flash as Jonny Johnson makes his way out towards the arena, looking out towards the crowd and basically blowing off Ortego. Jonny gets up onto the ring apron, turns his back on Ortego and poses for the fans. Surprisingly enough, Ortego doesn't attack him. Jonny finally enters the ring and now stare directly at Kyle.

Samantha: And his opponent, one half of the SHOOT Project Tag Team champions. Here is Jonny Johnson!!

Jason Johnson: These two have had an unspoken hatred for each other for quite some time, and for the first time in awhile, its coming to life.

Jeff Hansen: How profound of you, Jason. No wonder you're the president.

Jason Johnson: I'll ignore your obvious sarcasm. The bell has sounded and Jonny and Ortego are ready to go at it.

Jonny and Kyle move to lock-up but the ring savvy Johnson gives Ortego a low one, dropping him to a knee. Jonny reels back and fires a right hand to Ortego's face, and another one, before grabbing Kyle by the hair and tossing him to the turnbuckle. Jonny runs and hits a knee on Kyle, looks at the crowd, and lands an absolutely devestating knife edge.

Jason Johnson: What a chop!

Jeff Hansen: That hurt my ears!

Jonny looks at the crowd and signals for another but Ortego with an elbow to the side of Jonny's face. Ortego ascends to the second turnbuckle and comes down on Jonny with a hard double axehandle to the back. Jonny reels back towards the ropes and gets clotheslined to the outside. Ortego waits for Jonny to stand then springboards HIGH over the top rope and comes crashing down on Jonny!

Jeff Hansen: There's one of those high risk manuevers that Ortego has been known for.

Jason Johnson: Jonny can't be feeling too good after that.

Ortego slowly stands and gets his balance. Jonny is on a knee but Ortego lands a knee to Jonny's ribs, dropping him. Kyle picks Jonny up and swings him, hard, into the guardrail. With Jonny caught on the rail, Ortego gets a running start and goes for a wall, but misses and lands, sternum first, on the guard rail. Both men are hurting and both rise, slowly, around the same time. It's Jonny with the first strike, booting Kyle in the stomach and then BOOM, lands a devastating DDT!

Jason Johnson: Kyle better thank his lucky stars that he isn't in the ring!

Jonny rolls and stands, and grabs a fan's chair, much to the fans' approval. As Kyle slowly begins to stand, Jonny sits in waiting. Kyle, finally, gets to his feet but gets smashed back to the floor with a chair shot heard round the arena!

Jeff Hansen: My God what a hit!

Kyle's down and Jonny lays the, now dented, chair on his head. Jonny hops up on the apron, measures, and comes down stomping the chair to Kyle's face! At this Jonny reaches and pulls the now bleeding Kyle to his feet.

Jason Johnson: Kyle's been busted wide open.

Jeff Hansen: And we mean WIDE!

In an instant Kyle's forehead is red with blood as Jonny hits him with a European uppercut... IN EUROPE! Kyle falls back against the guard rail and then gets clotheslined against it. Kyle falls to the floor and Jonny, quickly, goes under the ring and pulls out a table. The fans go nuts at this and Jonny feeds off it. Instead of putting down the legs Jonny props the table up on the apron and the guard rail. Booting Kyle a few times for good measure Jonny then picks him up and rolls him onto the table like a 200-pound slab of meat. Jonny hops the apron, then the top turnbuckle. He leans forward, checks between his legs, and leaps, spinning, landing a forceful spinning splash!

Jason Johnson: Both men are out and the fans are loving Jonny's every move.

Jeff Hansen: It's only the first few minutes and this thing is brutal!

Jonny slowly rises and the bloody Kyle has yet to move. As Jonny stands he stumbles forward, still shaken from the impact. As Kyle starts to move, Jonny gets his balance and walks towards Ortego. He grabs him from behind and starts to pull him up, but Kyle in desperation grabs a piece of the table and cracks Jonny in the head with it, buying a small amount of time. Jonny shakes it off and comes back at Kyle, who is on a knee, but Kyle shoulders him in the stomach, grabs his tights, and falls backwards sending Jonny to the ring post head first!

Jason Johnson: Did you hear that smack?!

Jeff Hansen: Jonny hit that thing at full speed.

Both men are on the floor now, Kyle getting a rest and Jonny struggling to recover. Kyle stands and wipes the blood out of his eyes. Kyle grabs the guardrail and shakes it loose from the rest. He holds it over his head and drops it, hard, on Jonny's back. Jonny rolls and winces in pain, trying to grab something for support. Kyle uses the apron for support, quite exhausted. He stomps on Jonny's back, and then again. Kyle is a bloody mess but he fights through it and pulls Jonny to his feet. Kyle quickly lands a hard lariat and drops Jonny again.

Jason Johnson: Kyle is just buying some time here, he needs rest after the beating he's been receiving.

Kyle grabs a chair from the timekeeper and just throws it down on the back of Jonny's head. Kyle follows up by kicking the chair again and again as the fans admit their disapproval, but not too much. Kyle reaches down and grabs Jonny, bringing him to his feet. He rolls Jonny into the ring, grabs the chair, and follows. Kyle gets Jonny back to his feet and tosses him to the ropes. On the return Kyle runs a chair into him and drops him in the middle of the ring. Kyle looks as though to go for a pin but stops and goes to the corner. He ascends to the top turnbuckle, chair tucked under his shoulder. He checks and then leaps and lands a flying chair shot to Jonny's DOME! Kyle goes for a pin this time... 1... 2... 3 NO! Jonny kicks out at the very last moment and the fans go nuts!

Jeff Hansen: That man has some resilience, I'll say that much.

Jason Johnson: He doesn't know the word quit, Jeff.

Kyle stands and jaws at the ref, sure that it was a three count. However, it wasn't. Kyle goes back to Jonny's legs and slaps on the Texas Cloverleaf!

Jeff Hansen: Kyle's bringing the pain now!

Jonny pushes himself up with a terrible grimace on his face. Kyle keeps the pressure applied, but Jonny starts to crawl towards the ropes. Kyle stomps in the Cloverleaf and Jonny drops, obviously in tons of pain. The ref checks but Jonny will not submit. Kyle tries to move back to the center of the ring but Jonny pushes himself up again and lunges at the ropes, barely grabbing the bottom one! The ref calls for the break but Kyle shakes his head no.

Jason Johnson: The ref cannot do anything about it, it's legal folks!

Jonny starts to rise further and further, climbing the ropes. He pulls on the second and gets both hands on the top rope and Kyle falls forward, breaking the hold.

Jason Johnson: A good veteran manuever by Jonny.

Jonny pulls himself to his feet, using the ropes as support. Kyle pops back up and comes at Jonny, reaching for his legs again, but this time Jonny gives him a kick in the face and Kyle starts to reel, face masked in blood. Jonny takes advantage and drills him to the floor with a lariat! Jonny, however, falls as well. Both men are on the floor and the Eindhoven fans begin chanting for one half of the tag team champions. Jonny uses the cheers to fuel his adrenaline and rises, as does Kyle. Kyle can't see, blood in his face, but he lunges towards Jonny anyway and Jonny moves behind him and locks him from behind. Jonny picks him up and then drops him down with a good amatuer style takedown. Jonny swings around and locks on a headlock, both men lying down.

Jeff Hansen: Jonny's getting a breather here.

Jason Johnson: And boy does he need one.

Jonny keeps the hold applied, hard, and the ref checks but Kyle isn't out. After a few seconds Kyle starts to get desperate, punching Jonny in the kidneys. Jonny stands, and we see a huge puddle of blood from Ortego on the mat, as soon as Kyle is on his feet Jonny DDT's Kyle for the second time of the evening. Quick as cat Jonny gets to the top rope, but waits. Eyeing Ortego and letting the fans get pumped up. And then…

Jason Johnson: Jonny with a leg drop from the top!

Jeff Hansen: One of his favourite moves, but it looks as though this match has taken its toll as both men are down.

Kyle is bleeding terribly from his head and looks to be out cold. Jonny is rolling, but not getting up. The fans are going nuts over the offensive array that Jonny is displaying. After a bit Jonny is at his feet and Kyle is moving, wiping the blood from his eyes. Jonny, slowly, grabs the chair that was used on him earlier and turns around only to get the chair kicked in his face by Kyle Ortego!

Jeff Hansen: Out of nowhere!

Jonny and Kyle are both down again and Jonny has been busted wide open, gushing from above his nose. Kyle, bleeding even worse, stands and uses the ropes for support. He helps himself over to Jonny and pulls him up. He gives him a knee to the midsection, stands back, and drop kicks Jonny in the side of the head sending him down, once again. However, the veteran Jonny Johnson rolls himself to the outside and falls off the apron to the floor.

Jason Johnson: Though it probably hurt, Jonny dodged a bullet with that one.

Kyle gets to the top turnbuckle and waits for Jonny, VERY slowly to rise. Kyle leaps and flips as Jonny faces him...

Jeff Hansen: Dragonrana!

Jason Johnson: But NO!! Holy Shit! Jonny just reversed it and turned all that momentum into a devastating power bomb to the floor!!!!!

Kyle is out cold, probably injured, and Jonny falls backwards absolutely exhausted!

Jeff Hansen: Both these men are out, but how could Kyle ever recover from that devastating counter from Jonny Johnson?!

Jason Johnson: Kyle just got schooled there, plain and simple.

Jeff Hansen: This one has been a brutal brawl, one that I haven't seen out of Jonny in a long time.

Jason Johnson: Well Jonny hasn't been the same Jonny really. Ever since winning those tag team titles he has shed his past self and has become a true top talent here.

Jeff Hansen: It's true, even on week's off Jonny is working hard, hell we even saw him training in the gym the other day. He definitely has his head on straight this time around.

Jason Johnson: Both men are still out in the ring though, and the referee is checking the situation to see if this match is even possible to continue.

Both men show signs of life however, and the referee makes the motion for the match to continue and the fans are relieved. Jonny starts slowly moving towards the edge of the ring struggling for the ropes, Oretego on the other end does the same, both men getting further away from each other. Jonny manages to get a hold of the ropes first, but due to the blood covering his face, and his blurred vision, Jonny doesn't see Mark Chicone coming down to the ring with a chair of his own in hand.

Jason Johnson: Just as I thought, here comes Chicone now, Jonny could be in for a lot of trouble.

Chicone sprints down to the ring, but as he does so, Enigma is not far behind. The fans erupt as Enigma gains on Chicone. Jonny pulls himself up to the second rope and Mark Chicone winds up with the chair. However before he can hit Jonny with it, Enigma grabs the chair from Chicone, much to his shock. Chicone turns around and Enigma plants him with the chair Chicone falls down to the ground and Enigma starts to pummel him with rights and lefts. Inside the ring, Ortego has managed to grab one of his kendo sticks from the outside that he brought in at the beginning of the match. Jonny still struggles to gain his bearings back and slowly but surely gets to his feet.

Jeff Hansen: Listen to the fans Jason, they're shouting for Jonny to watch out, but I don't think Jonny can hear them.

Jason Johnson: Well the Kendo stick is legal, so if Ortego can get the one up on Jonny, then that's just how it goes in this kind of match.

Ortego, also somewhat dizzy, winds up to the best of his ability as Jonny staggers towards him. Mere seconds before Ortego hits with the kendo stick, Jonny suddenly with quick reflexes ducks out of the way and comes up behind Ortego. Ortego has no time to react and Jonny nails him in the right arm, causing him to drop the kendo stick. Jonny then locks Ortego into a cross faced chicken wing!!

Jeff Hansen: Phase one of the Demoralization Process locked in!

Jason Johnson: Chicone is being held at bay outside by Enigma…. I think this one is all she wrote.

Jonny signals for it with a simple expression on his face that is enough for the fans to go nuts. Jonny quickly drops Ortego with a roll of the dice with get a deafening roar from the fans. Jonny hooks the leg as Enigma enters the ring to celebrate with his tag team partner and good friend. The referee makes the count.

Jeff Hansen: One… Two… that's it folks, Jonny Johnson has beaten Kyle Ortego!

Jason Johnson: What a brutal match though, these two men just went all out right off the bat… I'm surprised either of them could even stand at the end.

Jeff Hansen: I don't think they really could, Jason.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, you're winner of the match Jonny Johnson!!!

"Lakini's Juice" blasts over the P.A. system as Enigma raises Jonny's hand in victory. Jonny wipes some blood from his face, and flashes a smile to the best of his ability to the fans. However, the celebration is ended early as Mark Chicone sneaks up behind Jonny and Enigma with the other Kendo stick that was brought down. Chicone winds up with the Kendo stick and cracks it across Enigma's back. Enigma falls to the ground in pain, causing Jonny to turn around. As he does so, Chicone cracks the kendo stick right over Jonny's cranium. Jonny falls to the mat instantly and Chicone tends to Ortego. Enigma starts to get to his feet now and gets Chicone from behind. However, Chicone manuevers his body so that he ducks down in front of Enigma. As he does so, Oretego gets off the West Nile Theory to the best of his ability sending Enigma to the mat as well. The fans boo loudly as Ortego and Chicone flick off the fans and flick off Jonny and Enigma. The two men lay a series of stomps into the sides of Jonny and Enigma and before they can do anymore damage, SHOOT staff and security hits the ring and escorts Kyle Ortego and Mark Chicone away from the ring.

Jason Johnson: the win goes to Jonny in this one, but Mark Chicone and Kyle Ortego weren't about to let it die with that.

Jeff Hansen: Some pretty hard shots delivered to the tag team champions, but I think it's safe to say that they will recover, and will be gunning for Ortego and Chicone….

The security and staff continue to escort Ortego and Chicone through the back halls, and as they do so, the mob of people happens to pass the temporary office of Ed Raymond. Voices can be heard from within and soon enough the door opens as Ed Raymond is revealed, a phone up to his ear. He looks around outside of his office, after hearing all the commotion. Seeing no one he shrugs and stands in the doorway

Ed Raymond: Trust me on this one, man. I know how you feel, but I don't think there is any truth to that. Of course you would be a warm welcome to the SHOOT Project…..

Raymond pauses and lets out a long sigh, shaking his head in the process.

Ed Raymond: The past is the past, alright? Sure there was some shit that happened, but three fourth of these guys don't know about any of that. Look if there was a problem, why would I be calling you man? Hell you and I had enough problems in the past as is, and if I'm willing to forgive and forget, then the mass majority should be more than willing. What do you say?

Raymond waits for a response, his fingers crossed and hoping. A smile begins to spread across his face slowly

Ed Raymond: A few terms? Sure, I can work anything out for you man. Only will wrestle when you want to? Well I do the bookings mostly…. Okay, no that's fine, you only wrestle when you want to…. Is that the only term you have?…

Raymond again listens as someone talks on the other end…. Suddenly he become very excited as his eyes grow wide with joy.

Ed Raymond: Are you serious? Man that would be amazing. Of course Steve can be apart of the deal. Are you two going to do tag team wrestling then for a change? Excellent, man this is truly amazing. What does Jason think? What do I care, all it matters is that I, Ed Raymond creative Genius, signed two of the hottest free agents on the market… of all time. Nobody is going to believe it….

Yes man, of course it's going to be huge. After all you're the reason this sport is the way it is today. Yeah, okay I understand. We'll talk more next week. Okay, yeah you take care too Mike.

Raymond hangs up the phone, grinning from ear to ear. He's about to close the door and return to his office, when Ray Willmott suddenly comes from down the hall. Raymond can tell Willmott wants to talk, which causes Raymond to roll his eyes.

Ed Raymond: Ray Willmott, just what brings you to my office?

Willmott goes to shake Raymond's hand but Ed pulls his hand away and just motions for Willmott to come into his office. Willmott does so and Raymond closes the door behind them.

Ed Raymond: Listen, I understand you've been trying to get a hold of me for a couple of weeks, so you can cut through formalities, you have my attention at this precise moment, and I'm not sure how long its going to last, so just make it quick.

Ray Willmott: Alright. Basically I think I've been busting my ass off here in the SHOOT Project and I just feel that I should be pushed into a position where I can be more involved.

Raymond looks to Willmott with a raised eyebrow.

Ed Raymond: I see, and you think because you've wrestled Ben Jackman and beat that jobber to the stars Blake O'Reily, that you deserve a push of that nature?

Ray Willmott: To be honest, Ed… yeah. My love has tested me time and time again, and I know If I'm given the right opportunity I will pass the final test that my love gives to me. For you see…

Raymond shakes his head in mass confusion and stares blankly at Ray Willmott.

Ed Raymond: Woah there, loony tune. Your love? Tests? Listen, Willmott, I don't know what your story is, but I really don't care. Fact is what I say is important, not your fabricated love. But you brought up the idea of a test. I like that idea. And so, Ray…. You think you deserve a push, alright, well prove it to me next week.

I'll be testing you. Good luck and get out of my office, you have a match coming up next.

Raymond motions to the door and Ray Willmott gets up from his seat, a somewhat uneasy look on his face. After Willmott leaves Raymond sits back down at his desk, looking over some papers, apparently contracts. He collects a whole bunch of them looks them over and chuckles.

Ed Raymond: This was a waste of ink.

With that said, Raymond tosses all the contracts into a nearby contract, a satisfied smile on his face.

Jeff Hansen: Alright, first question, who was Raymond on the phone with? Second question, how will he be testing Ray Willmott. And those contracts…

Jason Johnson: Probably belonging to all the loser of the Contract Challenge.

Jeff Hansen: Well the loser of this next match won't suffer as worse a fate, but the winner will be advancing to the Finals in the Road to K.O. tournament which will be held at Impulse on November twenty fourth.

"Road To K.O." Semi-final Match: William "The Beast" Tell vs. "The Elite" Ray Willmott

Samantha: "This next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit…and is a Semi-Final Match on 'The Road to K.O.'…to determine which fighter in Shoot Project most deserves a shot at the IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!"

(The crowd cheers madly… "Strong As I Am" by Prime Movers begins to play from the stadium sound system…)

Samantha: "On his way to the ring…hailing from Detroit Michigan, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing 236 pounds…here is THE BEAST: William Tell!"

(The crowd gives William Tell a warm reception as he emerges from the long concrete tunnel at the far end of the stadium…some pyro goes off and William Tell jogs down the fenced aisle and rolls into the ring. "Liberate" by Disturbed begins to play once Tell is in the ring…)

Samantha: "And now…his opponent…hailing from Cardiff, Wales, England, he stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 220 pounds…here is THE ELITE: Ray Willmott!"

(The crowd's cheering intensifies as Ray Willmott emerges from the concrete tunnel at the far end of the stadium…Ray Willmott holds out both his hands and exchanges high fives with all of the fans as he runs down the fenced aisle and climbs into the ring. Samantha exits the ring as the ref enters and the bell sounds…)

Jeff Hansen: "I'm going on record right now and saying this could be the match of the night right here. Both of these guys are top level wrestlers."

Jason Johnson: "No argument here. The two men cautiously circle one another…"

Jeff Hansen: "Whoa! There goes Ray Willmott with a double leg shoot!"

Jason Johnson: "Willmott starting off quickly, as he takes William Tell to the mat with a lightening quick double leg takedown…now he deftly slides around back and applies a hammerlock on William Tell…"

Jeff Hansen: "Normally I'd say Ray Willmott could outwrestle just about anybody in Shoot Project, but William Tell is one of the exceptions. The only thing is, Tell is specialist at working the head and neck area with crippling manoeuvres…whereas Willmott is more of a mat wrestler…"

Jason Johnson: "Good point. Willmott really working that hammer-lock on William Tell…The Beast is trying to reach backwards and unlock the hold, but he can't…"

Jeff Hansen: "Look at Tell, he's really in pain and discomfort…Willmott is now kneeling overtop of him and WRENCHING that hammer-lock…Tell is gritting his teeth and grimacing…"

Jason Johnson: "He's reaching…reaching…he got the rope!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans applaud as the ref instructs Willmott to break that hold…which he does…"

Jason Johnson: "William Tell to his feet now, but he's rubbing that shoulder in pain…now he and Willmott are warily circling each other again…"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell fires a lightening quick boot to the midsection of Ray Willmott! The Elite One is doubled over!"

Jason Johnson: "BANG! Tell follows up with a quick swinging neckbreaker, and drops down for the cover…"

Jeff Hansen: "ONE…TW…NO! Willmott kicks out…"

Jason Johnson: "Tell stays on the move…he grabs Ray Willmott by the back of the neck and runs with him…SNAP!"

Jeff Hansen: "WOW! William Tell just ran to the ropes…and jumped OVER, while he had Ray Willmott by the beck of the NECK…causing Willmott's head to snap over the top rope NECK FIRST…and then BOUNCE BACKWARDS!"

Jason Johnson: "Classic HOT SHOT! Now as Willmott lies prone in the ring…Tell jumps back on the apron and goes up to the top rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell comes off the top with a flying elbow drop…BAM!"

Jason Johnson: "Tell stays on him for the cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Willmott gets the shoulder up!"

Jeff Hansen: "You can tell Willmott definitely felt the effects of that neck breaker followed by the hot shot neck first across the top rope though…he's holding his throat and is still disoriented…"

Jason Johnson: "Tell is up, and starts laying the boots to Ray Willmott, he's firing sharp boots to the midsection and sternum area of The Elite One…he's obviously softening him up…"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell always thinks two or three moves ahead…so you can tell that he started to work the NECK, and now he's about to start on the upper body. The Beast pulls Ray Willmott to his feet…now he throws him into the ropes…"

Jason Johnson: "Ray Willmott comes off…but DUCKS the Lariat attempt by William Tell! He bounces off the far rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "DROPKICK! Ray Willmott ducks the clothesline attempt from William Tell and comes off with a perfect dropkick on William Tell! You could see that Tell was going for a big lariat to follow up on the damage that he had already done to the upper body of Ray Willmott…but Willmott got out of that!"

Jason Johnson: "Comeback by Ray Willmott…he stays on William Tell…cinches him up…SNAP SUPLEX!"

Jeff Hansen: "He grabs his again…ANOTHER Snap Suplex! What the hell…he grabs Tell by the neck again…ANOTHER Snap Suplex! The crowd goes NUTS!"

Jason Johnson: "Cover by Ray Willmott: ONE…TWO…NO! NO! William Tell manages to KICK OUT after three super fast Snap Suplexes from The Elite Ray Willmott! Unreal!"

Jeff Hansen: "I don't know if I should be more impressed that Ray Willmott almost Suplexed William Tell out of his boots, or that William Tell managed to kick out of it!"

Jason Johnson: "As William Tell holds his neck, and Ray Willmott leans on the ropes and takes a breather, the crowd gives these two fighters a GREAT round of applause! Just as we had hoped, this has turned out to be a GREAT technical wrestling match!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott turning back to William Tell…but Tell nails Willmott with a DROP TOE HOLD and Willmott crashes to the mat!"

Jason Johnson: "William Tell kneeling over the fallen Ray Willmott…and applies a NECK CRANK! NECK CRANK!"

Jason Johnson: "Ray Willmott bucking and kicking his legs furiously…grasping at hands of William Tell who has his fingers LOCKED around the neck of The Elite One…Tell is PULLING on Ray Willmott's head with all of his might, Willmott's chin is being forced down into his chest…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott fires a knee up and catches William Tell right in the small of the back! Tell releases the hold and collapses to the mat next to Willmott!"

Jason Johnson: "William Tell was straddled over Ray Willmott, kneeling as he applied that crippling manoeuvre…as soon as Willmott found that he couldn't pry Tell's fingers from being locked around the back of his neck, he forced a knee up, and may have nailed The Beast in the kidneys…both men are now laying on the mat, soaked in sweat as the crowd cheer, clap and stamp their feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott seizes the opportunity and lays an arm across the chest of William Tell: ONE…TWO…Shoulder up by William Tell."

Jason Johnson: "That wasn't much of a cover, but it was worth a try. Ray Willmott slowly gets to his feet…goes back…off the ropes…and drops a leg!"

Jeff Hansen: "COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! William Tell gets the shoulder up again!"

Jason Johnson: "Ray Willmott looking a little frustrated…he shoots a dirty look at referee Atu Shinita…now The Elite One grabs William Tell…and HOISTS him up…HIGH VERTICAL SUPLEX!"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell comes crashing to the canvas from that beautiful Suplex from Ray Willmott! Now Ray Willmott heads outside…he's going to the top rope…"

Jason Johnson: "The fans are on their seats as it looks like Ray Willmott is going for a FLYING BODY PRESS…"

Jeff Hansen: "NO! The Beast MOVES IN TIME! William Tell rolls out of the way and Ray Willmott crashes to the canvas!"

Jason Johnson: "Tell wearily rolls over and lays his arm across the chest of the winded Ray Willmott…ONE…TWO…OH!"

Jeff Hansen: "Foot on the ropes! Foot on the ropes! Ray Willmott has the presence of mind to drape his foot over the ropes and save himself!"

Jason Johnson: "Now it's William Tell's turn to look frustrated! He pulls Willmott to his feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "BANG! Cradle Neck Breaker on Ray Willmott by William Tell! Now he goes for the cover again!"

Jason Johnson: "ONE…TWO…NO! Ray Willmott just barely lifts his shoulder up in time!"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell starts to violently STOMP on the midsection of the prone Ray Willmott…hey…wait…Willmott just grabbed William Tell's foot…"

Jason Johnson: "OH! Willmott grabbed William Tell by the foot and then he violently TWISTS IT…DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP!"

Jeff Hansen: "William Tell spins through the air and lands on the canvas! His hands immediately go to the back of his knee as he fell victim to a vicious leg whip!"

Jason Johnson: "Ray Willmott crawls over and makes the cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by William Tell!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd continues to cheer the brilliant match they are witnessing. No brawling, no chairs, no fire, just good old fashioned WRESTLING, and these fans are eating it up!"

Jason Johnson: "Both fighters are now laying in the dead center of the ring exhausted…they have been going at it hold for hold for the past 18 minutes, and are getting worn down."

Jeff Hansen: "Both fighters slowly getting to their feet…"

Jason Johnson: "William Tell takes a wild roundhouse swing at Ray Willmott and misses…Willmott DUCKS…and spears William Tell in the midsection with a shoulderblock!"

Jeff Hansen: "That really drove the air out of The Beast in a big hurry…now The Elite One hooks William Tell into Suplex position…and HOSITS HIM IN THE AIR…"

Jason Johnson: "WOW! Instead of dropping backwards and Suplexing William Tell the conventional way…he walks forward and drops him on the top rope in sitting position! Now he climbs up top…"

Jeff Hansen: "I think Ray Willmott might be going for the SUPERPLEX…UH OH! As Ray Willmott climbs up there, William Tell starts firing stiff jabs to the head of Ray Willmott! Willmott is rocked…"

Jason Johnson: "NO! Ray Willmott answers back with an ELBOW SMASH to the top of the head of William Tell…which STUNS him! Now he locks him in the front face lock again, and STANDS UP! What the…"

Jeff Hansen: "WHOA! TOP ROPE DDT ON WILLIAM TELL BY RAY WILLMOTT! He REALLY nailed him with that! William Tell landed RIGHT on top of his HEAD, with all the weight of Ray Willmott on TOP of it! Willmott goes for the cover!"

Jason Johnson: "ONE! TWO! THREE! HE GOT HIM!"

(The bell rings as the fans explode in cheers. Ray Willmott gets to his knees and then slowly stands up wearily, allowing the referee to raise his hand…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen, HERE is your WINNER, at a time of 19 Minutes and 45 Seconds…The ELITE RAY WILLMOTT!!!"

Jason Johnson: "The fans here giving Ray Willmott a HUGE hand as he manages to beat William Tell in what could very well end up being a candidate for Shoot Project Match of the Year!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ray Willmott staggers out of the ring with his hands raised in Victory! You know Johnson, we were only 15 SECONDS away from that match going to a time limit draw!"

Jason Johnson: "You can see William Tell looking dejected as he rolls out of the ring and slowly trudges up the aisle. He has NOTHING to be embarrassed about here…like you said, he was 15 seconds away from going to a time limit draw!"

Jeff Hansen: "Well, nevertheless, Ray Willmott comes out on top and advances to the next round in 'The Road to K.O.'…as we see a replay of that brilliant top rope DDT that won the match for The Elite One. He calls that move "Likin' This?" and the fans sure are!"

Moment before his Rising Sun title defense, Roland is seen walking around looking at a couple of people who are just making their way to their locker rooms and whatever else. Roland looks like he is searching for something continuing down the hallway. A few moments later he sees a female standing down towards the end of the hall he yells at the female.

Roland The Dark: Hey you down there aren't you….

The female turns around to reveal herself to be Lonewolf's wife Rebecca.She turns around having a look of shock on her face noticing Roland coming towards her. Roland walks menacingly towards her reaching down along the way picking up a steel chair. Rebecca starts to walk backwards scared of what might happen.

Roland The Dark: Your little husband Lonewolf is messing with the wrong man this time little lady. Now someone must pay and since I can't hit your husband until Impulse or risk losing the title. So I thought why not take the next best thing and take and hit you.

Rebecca: Roland no don't do that.

Roland The Dark: I am past talking…

Roland closes in on Rebecca and rears back with the steel chair and goes to hit her, but a person behind him catches the chair ripping it from his hands. We turn towards the figure to reveal that it is none other than Lonewolf.

Lonewolf: You want to hit my wife you bastard. Really big, you pathetic piece of shit. Now let me show you how it feels to eat steel.

Lonewolf rears back and is just about to nail Roland with the chair as someone stops him that being Shoot Project Champion Real Deal. Lonewolf looks at Real Deal with a confused look on his face.

Lonewolf: What are you doing?

Real Deal walks close enough to Lonewolf whispering something into his ear which brings a huge smile to his face. Rebecca runs over beside her husband as Lonewolf speaks with Roland not sure what is going on.

Lonewolf: Roland your not worth wasting a perfectly good chair to bust you open with no reward. I'll just wait for my time.

Lonewolf smirks spits at Roland almost hitting him. Roland charges at Lonewolf while security run in to break it up.

Jason Johnson: The heat is rising as we are only two weeks away from Impulse, and Lonewolf and Roland have been basically at it since Lonewolf won that chance to fight Roland at Impulse way back when.

Jeff Hansen: But that might all change tonight, if Kid Wikkid can come up with an upset victory against Roland the Dark.

Jason Johnson: Lonewolf made his way down to the ring during the little Impulse plug, so let's get this one under way.

For The Shoot Project Rising Sun Championship:
Roland The Dark © vs. Kid Wikkid

(The Camera goes to the ring, and we see Lone Wolf standing next to Samantha as 'Click Click Boom' by Saliva echoes over the stadium sound system…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match is for the Shoot Project RISING SUN CHAMPIONSHIP! Your special referee for this contest will be LONE WOLF"

(The fans cheer loudly as Lone Wolf raises his arms and acknowledges his ovation…his music fades and 'More Human Than Human' by White Zombie starts to play…)

Samantha: "The CHALLENGER hails from Philadelphia Pennsylvania, stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 210 pounds…now making his way towards the ring, here is KID WIKKID!"

(Kid Wikkid emerges from the concrete tunnel at the far end of the stadium and raises his hands over his head to the thunderous ovation of the fans…he runs down the fenced off aisle, slapping the outstretched hands of the fans as he comes to the ring…'Wake Up' by Rage Against The Machine starts to play…)

Samantha: "And NOW, making his way to the ring, he hails from Boston Massachusetts, stands 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs 262 pounds…here is your Shoot Project RISING SUN Champion…ROLAND THE DARK!"

(Roland The Dark emerges from behind a cloud of smoke and pyro, and slowly stalks to the ring. His face is oblivious to the boos and jeers of the fans. Roland has the Rising Sun Championship belt over his shoulder. He finally steps over the top rope and hands his belt to Samantha. As Samantha exits the ring, Roland stands in front of Lone Wolf, locked in a stare down…)

Jason Johnson: "Our Rising Sun Champion seems more concerned with the special referee tonight than he is with the challenger!"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland would be wise to pay Kid Wikkid his respect. Wikkid has beaten Roland before, and although that was a long time ago, both men have improved tremendously and he could do it again…"

Jason Johnson: "The bell rings, and here we go!"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland and Lone Wolf continue to stare at one another…Lone Wolf is smirking at Roland!"

Jason Johnson: "Kid Wikkid shrugs…and then rolls Roland up from behind in a school boy roll up!"

Jeff Hansen: "Whoa! One…Two…NO! Roland powers out…and is he ever PISSED!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland gets up and turns on Kid Wikkid with murder in his eyes! I guess he didn't appreciate Wikkid's attempt to surprise him!"

Jeff Hansen: "Yeah, well I guess Wikkid didn't appreciate Roland turning his back on him and paying more attention to the ref than he was his opponent!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland swings madly at Kid Wikkid, but Wikkid dodges it, and then ducks another mighty roundhouse attempt by Roland…"

Jeff Hansen: "Well, Wikkid definitely has the advantage in the SPEED department here, but if Roland CONNECTS with one of those punches, he'll blast Wikkid into the atmosphere!"

Jason Johnson: "Wikkid continues to dodge and weave the punch attempts by Roland the Dark…"

Jeff Hansen: "Wikkid grabs the arm of Roland after one of those WILD swings…and THROWS him across the ring with a flying arm drag!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland is up…and charges at Kid Wikkid in RAGE…"

Jeff Hansen: "Wikkid ducks down nicely and THROWS Roland AGAIN with another deep arm drag!"

Jason Johnson: "Wikkid really using his speed to his advantage here…he keeps Roland's arm locked up in an armbar…"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland getting up on his knees…"

Jason Johnson: "HOLY CRAP…Roland is LIFTING KID WIKKID OVER HIS HEAD…while Wikkid has him in that arm bar!"

Jeff Hansen: "HOLY SHIT! Wikkid is still holding on to Roland's arm…but Roland has him up over his head…"

Jason Johnson: "AND DOWN HE GOES! Roland just used his power to DRIVE Kid Wikkid into the mat!"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland now pulls Kid Wikkid up by the hair…picks him up…OH! BRUTAL BACKBREAKER!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland The Dark drops Kid Wikkid across his knee for the backbreaker and goes in for the cover…"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf in for the count…One……Two……Wikkid kicks out."

Jason Johnson: "Roland immediately gets up and gets right in the face of Lone Wolf. He thinks that count was SLOW, and he's telling Lone Wolf off!"

Jeff Hansen: "I hope these two remember they aren't allowed to touch each other!"

Jason Johnson: "I don't know…it LOOKS like they do, because although they are nose-to-nose, they aren't touching each other…"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland turns his attention back to Kid Wikkid…but Kid Wikkid NAILS him in the face with a spinning heel kick!"

Jason Johnson: "Whoa! Roland goes down in a heap…and now a standing corkscrew moonsault on Roland by Kid Wikkid!"

Jeff Hansen: "Kid Wikkid taking advantage of Roland having his back turned…knocking him down with a spinning heel kick followed by a standing corkscrew moonsault…and NOW he's heading up to the top rope!"

Jason Johnson: "As the fans cheer their approval, Kid Wikkid comes off the tope rope…with a corkscrew 450 splash!"

Jeff Hansen: "Cover by Kid Wikkid! Lone Wolf in for the count…"

Jason Johnson: "ONE…TWO…NO! Roland gets his shoulder up…JUST in time!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans groan…they thought that one was over!"

Jason Johnson: "So did I! Kid Wikkid shoots Lone Wolf a dirty look…and heads to the opposite corner turnbuckle…"


Jason Johnson: "NO! Roland moves! Kid Wikkid crashes to the canvas as Roland manages to move at the last minute…"

Jeff Hansen: "If Wikkid had nailed that, it would have been IT for Roland!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland using the ropes to pull himself to his feet…and starts brutally stomping the prone Kid Wikkid…"

Jeff Hansen: "Now Roland pulls Kid Wikkid to his feet by the back of the pants…and starts laying in some totally BRUTAL Kidney Shots to Kid Wikkid!"

Jason Johnson: "OUCH! Every time Roland lands one of those Kidney Shots, Kid Wikkid goes into back spasms! Roland is just POUNDING Kid Wikkid!"

Jeff Hansen: "Now Roland is grabbing Kid Wikkid around the waist…and he THROWS him in the air backwards with a BEAUTIFUL Release German Suplex!"

Jason Johnson: "The crowd oohing and aahing at that one! Man did Roland ever get some height on that one, when he threw Wikkid in the air!"

Jeff Hansen: "And he's not done either! Roland opts not go for the cover, and pulls Wikkid back to his feet…"

Jason Johnson: "Roland holding Kid Wikkid upright by the hair, and burying continuous knees into his midsection…"

Jeff Hansen: "Kid Wikkid looks like he's almost out on his feet…"

Jason Johnson: "Now Roland DRIVES Wikkid to the mat with a BRUTAL clothesline!"

Jeff Hansen: "WHOA! That was awesome…he almost decapitated Wikkid with that clothesline…"

Jason Johnson: "Now Roland is going outside…what the hell is he doing?"

Jeff Hansen: "I don't know…he is not really a top rope kind of guy…"

Jason Johnson: "UNREAL! Roland The Dark just came blasting off the top rope and just DROVE a Top-rope Knee-drop into the midsection of Kid Wikkid!"

Jeff Hansen: "OH MAN! That's IT! 260 pounds off the top rope…Roland goes for the cover…"


Jeff Hansen: "Well, I'll be damned! Kid Wikkid managed to drape his foot over the rope there!"

Jason Johnson: "Ooh…look at Roland…he is NOT a happy man! Everybody figured he had Wikkid there…he is up into Lone Wolf's face AGAIN!"

Jeff Hansen: "Hey, it's not Lone Wolf's fault that Wikkid got a foot on the ropes!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland goes up top AGAIN!"

Jeff Hansen: "HERE COMES ROLAND AGAIN…going for ANOTHER knee drop…"

Jason Johnson: "WIKKID MOVES! Roland crashes to the mat knee first!"

Jeff Hansen: "Kid Wikkid manages to do to Roland what Roland did to him, and move out of the way of a potentially match ending manoeuvre!"

Jason Johnson: "Kid Wikkid staggers to his feet, as Roland lays face first on the canvas, clutching his knee…Wikkid is…WHAT THE HELL?"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf just gave Kid Wikkid a HUGE boot to the midsection…and now he has him up over his shoulders in a fireman's carry!"

Jason Johnson: "Why the hell is Lone Wolf doing this? As Roland lays on the mat clutching his knee, Lone Wolf climbs to the top rope with Kid Wikkid draped over his shoulders…"


Jason Johnson: "Why? Why? Why would Lone Wolf do that?"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland rolls over finally…he's still clutching his knee…he sees Wikkid laying on the mat…"

Jason Johnson: "I don't think Roland saw what just happened…Lone Wolf pulled that off so quickly, and Roland was half out of it after hitting the mat from the top rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland reaches over…and locks Kid Wikkid in THE WIDOWMAKER!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland has Kid Wikkid locked up in a CROSS FACE CHICKEN WING…and Wikkid is OUT!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf checks the arm…like he HAS to…HE'S the one who knocked Wikkid OUT!"

Jason Johnson: "Lone Wolf calls for the bell…and jumps out of the ring and walks away!"

Jeff Hansen: "Lone Wolf has a TOTAL 'poker face' on…his face is totally expressionless as he heads up the aisle and the fans pelt him with debris! I want to know WHY he would HELP Roland? Are they allies now?"

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen…at a time of 18 minutes and 7 seconds and a result of a referee stoppage…HERE IS YOUR WINNER: and STILL YOUR SHOOT PROJECT RISING SUN CHAMPION…ROLAND THE DARK!!!"

Jason Johnson: "Roland looks at the unconscious Kid Wikkid, and now he looks down the aisle after the retreating Lone Wolf…and he has a look of mystification on his face…"

Jeff Hansen: "Roland exits the ring and heads up the aisle looking perplexed. He obviously doesn't know what the hell is going on here any more than we do…"

Jason Johnson: "This is BULLSHIT! Kid Wikkid was fighting one HELL of a match, and was about to regain the upper hand on Roland who had just hurt his knee…when Lone Wolf cost him that match!"

Jeff Hansen: "A couple of the crew help Kid Wikkid to the back…as we see that replay of Lone Wolf nailing Kid Wikkid with 'The Final Encounter'…this was a great match, marred by a WEIRD turn of events…"

"Words Are Weapons" by D12 suddenly hits and the fans rise to their feet, booing. Out from the back steps Blake O'Reily, his head down, and obviously saddened. He walks to the ring without making any attempt at bravado. The fans boo him, but the ones who see his face are quiet, as sad as he is. He steps into the ring and looks over the fans, who soon get quiet as the sounds of D12 dies away. He stands there, in the center of the ring, nodding.

Blake O'Reily: Thank you for giving me the chance to speak tonight.

Blake clears his throat.

Blake: Last week I was booked, main event. Something some guys will never experience. However, I choked. No, I more than choked…I simply didn't show up.

The fans grow silent.

Blake: And the fact is, I can't even possibly begin to explain myself. To be honest, I don't think a single explanation will ever be enough. I don't know if I'll be able to actually look my partners in the face, but to Kyle Ortego and Mark Chicone, I'd like to humbly apologize.

The fans are mixed in boos and cheers, overly silent not knowing what to do.

Blake: However, there is one man who I need to face. He's my partner in crime, my brother in this, and I need to ask for his forgiveness. OutKast, please come down.

With that name, the fans erupt into boos, with some cheers evident. Blake watches the aisle way and awaits his partner. Suddenly, "You Know You're Right" by Nirvana hits, and the fans boo. Mac emerges from the back, microphone in hand. He stands at the entryway, annoyed with Blake. "You Know You're Right" dies down, and Mac speaks.

Mac: Blake…man…why are you out here right now?

Blake and Mac's eyes are locked on one another.

Mac: I don't even think YOU know, do you?

Mac walks to the ring and slides in. As he rises to his feet, he chuckles.

Mac: But, you know something, bro? I don't even think OutKast is mad at you. I think OutKast just needs to have time to himself, rethink things, you know? Ed Raymond and I both agree that OutKast needed this week off to heal after busting mega ass last week…twice the ass since his most needed partner lost his sac on the way to the arena.

The fans boo.

Mac: Oh yeah, boo me if you guys want to, but I know this much. Blake O'Reily here? He's about as sorry as they come, folks.

Blake glares at Mac.

Mac: Blake, you bitch and moan about some wrong done to you outside the wrestling ring, and hopes to let it bring you hope in a new gimmick? Boy, hearts are broken EVERYDAY in the world and everyday in this business. What makes you think you're any better? Do you honestly think you're better than the other guys in the back? Do you think you're better than me?!

Mac gets nose to nose with Blake, who slowly raises the mic to his lips.

Blake O'Reily: You're damn right I am.

The fans amazingly cheer for the man allied with OutKast and Raymond. Mac laughs at Blake, who is standing tall against the legend. Mac raises the mic to his lips.

Mac: You know something? It's never-will-be talent like you that made me retire from active competition. Too much spitting, not enough biting. You never had what it took to beat me, Blake, you can't even beat your own meat anymore, what makes you think you can beat me!?

Blake snorts and then spits beside Mac. Mac looks down at it instinctively, and Blake punches Mac in the head, forcing Mac to fall back into the ropes, Blake whips him into the ropes and then, on the comeback, Mac tackles Blake and the two wrestle on the ground until "Orchids" by Stone Sour hits and the fans explode into boos with a few cheers audible. Blake, who's on top, gets off of Mac and pulls himself together. Mac rolls over to the turnbuckle and rests himself, winded. OutKast steps out, dressed in a shiny silver singlet with black Wolverine-like tiger stripes on the abdomen region, along with black kneepads and black elbow pads, as well as silver boots with the signature "O" that signifies OutKast, along with black tape wrapping his hands and wrists. He walks to the ring and slides underneath the bottom rope, eyeing Blake as he walks over to the turnbuckle and jumps to the middle turnbuckle, holding himself up with his right hand and thrusting his left fist into the air. The fans erupt into boos, but several cameras go off for a chance to see this legend. He jumps down and grabs the mic from Mac and stands in the center of the ring with Blake, chest to chest.

Jeff Hansen: I guess things are definitely about to get crazy tonight!

OutKast: Blake O'Reily…let's talk.

The fans boo.

OutKast: It's high time we had the chance to talk, you know? Since…in the three weeks we've been allied I've seen you all of TWICE. Careful, man, these smarks may sense dissention in the ranks, you know what I mean? Mac, get up, man, get over here.

Mac saunters over to OutKast's side.

OutKast: I don't care why you felt the need to fight with Blake, but squash it right now, okay? Blake? Mac?

Blake and Mac lock eyes, and Blake extends his hand. Reluctantly, Mac takes it and the fans erupt into boos. OutKast grins.

Jeff Hansen: I'll be damned…

OutKast: That's good, that's good. You see, Blake and Mac, I can't have you guys fighting…

OutKast takes a step away from Blake, looking the other direction.

OutKast: …because Blake is my brother in this…and you're my best friend. But, Blake…

OutKast takes a thrusting step, almost nailing noses with Blake.

OutKast: …even brothers have quarrels!

Jeff Hansen: Oh my Go--

With that, OutKast RAMS the microphone into Blake's forehead, dropping him to the mat. His mic busted, OutKast picks up Blake's, since he obviously doesn't need it. He stands over Blake, smirking. The fans, though, boo loudly.

OutKast: I don't work with men I can't trust to work with me, Blake. Mac…take your shirt off, bro.

Jason Johnson: What?

Mac removes his first shirt to reveal a referee's shirt. OutKast grins.

OutKast: You know…for being an asshole and trying to undermine and use me…Ed Raymond sure knows how to give. Consider this impromptu, bro. Blake O'Reily versus OutKast with special guest referee MAC! Ring the bell!

The bell ringer reluctantly rings the bell.

Jeff Hansen: Wait a second, a MATCH?!?

Jason Johnson: I don't know, Jeff, I honestly don't know…

OutKast drops the microphone and drops down, hooking the leg. Mac drops down and then smacks the mat 1.…2...KICKOUT!?!? OutKast looks down at Blake, resting on his calves. He stands up and lifts up Blake's legs. He steps through with his right leg and locks the legs around said leg, and locks his right arm around the feet. He snaps over and Blake finds himself in the Sharpshooter! Screaming in pain, Blake rams his fists into the mat trying to fight the pain. OutKast shifts his legs and forces his knee into Blake's back, and Blake screams again. OutKast then leans back as far as he can without losing balance and palms Blake's forehead, arching it as high as he can, locking in the Total Pain.

Jeff Hansen: Good God, Jase! That's the Total Pain! I don't think I've ever seen it live before! I've heard about one of OutKast's mentors, Wayne Jeffries that move in AWWF, but that was YEARS ago!

OutKast releases Blake, smirking. Blake grasps at his back and neck, clenching his teeth and screaming through the intense and, of course, Total Pain. OutKast looked at the entryway as the fans boo even louder.

Jeff Hansen: Wait a second…that's…that's..Prometheus and…Roland the Dark!!

Roland and Prometheus slide into the ring and stand at the ropes as OutKast lifts Blake onto his shoulders, spins him around, and NAILS the Devastator. Blake is out. OutKast picks him up again, hooks the arms, and rams Blake's head into the mat with the Alienator. OutKast stands over Blake, turning Blake's head with his boot and then placing his boot on Blake's face. Mac slides onto his stomach, face to face with Blake. Mac counts 1.…2.….3. The bell rings and the fans boo loudly. OutKast points at the body of Blake O'Reily and then to Prometheus. Prometheus wraps him into the painful Chains That Bind. Roland whips into the ropes and nails a front dropkick to Blake's face, Blake going limp. Suddenly, "Remember" by Disturbed hits and the fans erupt into cheers. OutKast stops the assault and glares at the entryway as The Real Deal steps out onto the ramp and the fans cheer even more. OutKast smirks, but the cheers grow further, although OutKast doesn't know why. OutKast turns around to see Prometheus and Roland locked in battle with Mirage and Lonewolf, respectively. OutKast clotheslines Lonewolf, and Real Deal runs to the ring. OutKast goes to hit Mirage, but the two long-time allies/enemies simply lock eyes and do nothing to each other. OutKast turns from Mirage, and Mirage turns from OutKast. OutKast turns into a spear from Real Deal and the two exchange punches. Real Deal gets off of OutKast and lifts him up, whipping him to the ropes. As OutKast comes back, Real Deal prepares a super kick like last time. However, OutKast ducks it and as Real Deal turns around, he gets sMACked with a Clutch Kick. Real Deal drops, holding his jaw. He rolls around on the mat, and before OutKast can capitalize, Lonewolf is on him. However, the numbers prove too great for Lonewolf, since Roland is on him. OutKast finally turns to face Real Deal, who is on his feet. The two men hold their arms out. On one side, Mirage and Prometheus trade punches. On the other, Roland and Lonewolf. Real Deal spins around to punch the attacking Mac, but he can't block both OutKast and Mac, who overwhelm him. Real Deal finally shoves Mac and OutKast back to get a good stance, and OutKast stops Mac from attacking again. He points to Roland, and Mac gets Roland off of Lonewolf. OutKast pulls Prometheus and Mirage apart and shakes his head at Prometheus, who protests. Prometheus grins, and OutKast smirks. The four men all slide out of the ring and up the ramp. Mac grins, slapping hands with Roland the Dark. The four men hold their arms in the air in a show of victory. Real Deal, Lonewolf, and Mirage all tend to Blake, who lays limp on the side of the ring. Blake musters the rest of his energy to look at the four attackers, grimacing in pain. The four in the ring lock eyes with their enemies in the other respective four at the ramp.

Jeff Hansen: I guess going into Impulse, the battle lines are drawn!

OutKast, Roland the Dark, Prometheus, and Mac head to the back, while the fans applaud as Real Deal helps Blake up, nursing his damaged neck. Lonewolf and Mirage call for the other four to come to the ring, but to no avail.

Jeff Hansen: If you ask me, that seems to be the last straw for The Real Deal and the men who joined him in that ring. These guys are ready for Impulse and they want it now.

Jason Johnson: There is still two weeks to go, let's just hope the roster can make it until then.

Jeff Hansen: Well, at the rate these next two tag teams have been going, I am really starting to wonder if they will make it. The personal rivalry between the Madmen and Hardcore Style continues to grow, and both teams just want to kill each other.

Hardcore Style vs. The MadMen: "Best of 5 to Stay Alive" Match 3 - Handcuff Match

(The Camera goes to the ring, where we see The MadMen on one side, and Hardcore Style on the other. Shoot Project Head Referee Scott Kamura stands in the center of the ring, and is holding two large sets of manacle handcuffs. The two teams are staring a hole into each other as Samantha steps into the spotlight with the microphone in her hand…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen…THIS is your MAIN EVENT for the evening!"

(The crowd cheers loudly…)

Samantha: "This is a one fall bout with a 30 minute time limit, and is the THIRD match in the 'BEST OF 5 TO STAY ALIVE SERIES', which is currently tied at ONE MATCH a piece. The winner of the Best of 5 Series will receive a Title Shot at the Shoot Project Tag Team Champions! As an added stipulation for this match, the members of both teams will be HANDCUFFED to their respective partners!"

(The crowd cheers as the referee holds the manacles high in the air as this announcement is made…)

Samantha: "…and now the participants! Standing in the ring to my right, from PARTS UNKNOWN, he stands 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighs in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner is from Hollywood California, stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…together they are THE MADMEN!!!"

(The crowd boos and tosses debris as The Flying Dutchman bows dramatically when his name is announced, he appears not to notice that the crowd is booing…The Fist stands stoically staring at Hardcore Style and does not acknowledge his announcement…)

Samantha: "Their opponents to my left… hailing from Tampa Florida, standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN "Blackout" JACKMAN! His partner…from Jackson Mississippi, standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 266 pounds…the Hardcore Outlaw…"Diamond" Del Carver! Together they are known as…HARDCORE STYLE!"

(The crowd explodes into cheers as Ben Jackman leaps to the top rope and poses, meanwhile Del Carver grins and gives the camera a thumbs up…Samantha exits the ring…)

Jason Johnson: "I've seen all kinds of matches in my day, but I've NEVER seen a match where the partners are HANDCUFFED to one another!"

Jeff Hansen: "I haven't either…the two teams standing face to face in mid-ring now, as Scott Kamura prepares to shackle the partners together…UH OH! The Fist just SPAT at Ben Jackman!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman throws a huge left hook at The Fist, which connects…and The Fist answers with a right hand of his own!"

Jeff Hansen: "Referee Scott Kamura trying to get control here, but The Fist and Ben Jackman are punching and shoving at each other as he stands between them…finally they back off…"

Jason Johnson: "Looks like The Flying Dutchman is saying something to Ben Jackman…now Ben Jackman is after him!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ben Jackman grabs The Flying Dutchman around the THROAT, and beal tosses him over the top rope to the outside! Ben Jackman goes out after him…"

Jason Johnson: "Meanwhile, Del Carver has fired a boot to the sternum of The Fist which doubles him over, and he follows it up with a clubbing forearm to the back…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ben Jackman just threw The Flying Dutchman head first into the stairs…BANG!"

Jason Johnson: "In the ring, Del Carver has The Fist backed up into the corner and is alternating with booting him in the gut and clobbering him over the back with those swinging forearm smashes…The Fist is really rocked by the onslaught by Del Carver!"

Jeff Hansen: "Look at outside the ring…Ben Jackman has The Flying Dutchman set up for a Piledriver…but look what he's doing!"

Jason Johnson: "Oh my LORD! Blackout just piledrove The Flying Dutchman on top of the steel ring steps!"

Jeff Hansen: "In the ring Del Carver is still pounding away at The Fist with those alternating boots to the chest and clubbing forearms to the back…The Fist is getting the odd shot in here and there but Carver definitely has the upper hand!"

(A spotlight clicks on and ED RAYMOND starts to walk down the aisle, with four HUGE security guards. Mr. Raymond has the microphone in his hand…)


Jeff Hansen: "What the hell? What is he doing out here?"

Jason Johnson: "The head of the Shoot Project creative team has made his way to the ring, flanked by four massive body-builder types…their shirts say SECURITY but they don't work for US!"

Jeff Hansen: "Yeah? Well they sure work for him! Look at Carver and Jackman…they are both standing in the middle of the ring glaring at Ed Raymond…The Fist is propped up in the corner looking at him warily too…"

Jason Johnson: "The Flying Dutchman doesn't know that Ed Raymond is even here…he's still on his back, sprawled over those steel steps from where Ben Jackman piledrove him!"

Ed Raymond: "Maybe you IDIOTS can't READ the bookings, or maybe you're all too STUPID to UNDERSTAND, but this is supposed a HANDCUFF MATCH! Well I'm sitting back there watching…and I don't see anybody wearing HANDCUFFS. I see The Fist and Old Man Carver brawling away in the corner, and I see Ben Jackman pounding the piss out of The Flying Dutchman out there…but I don't see anybody handcuffed!"

(The crowd boos loudly as Ed Raymond talks, while one of the security guards rolls the unconscious Flying Dutchman back into the ring. Ed Raymond turns to the referee…)

Ed Raymond: "And YOU, you MORON, can't you do your damn job? Walking around holding the shackles and POINTING is not going to get the job done! I guess it's like they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself!"

Jeff Hansen: What the hell pissed Raymond off tonight? He was seemingly calm just a while ago when he was in that meeting, but now… now he is livid!

Jason Johnson: "Ed Raymond's hired goons are advancing towards Hardcore Style…they've got those cuffs from the referee…Jackman and Carver shove the security men…uh oh…"

Jeff Hansen: "Looks like we're going to have us another scuffle on our hands…"

Ed Raymond: "THAT'S IT! Carver! Jackman! BACK OFF! The next one of you who lays a finger on any of these men is SUSPENDED! That's right…you heard me! Now you listen and you listen GOOD you two clowns. I booked this as a HANDCUFF MATCH…and that's exactly what I'm going to get! If you don't cuff yourselves together and I mean RIGHT NOW, you are both going to automatically FOREFIT the entire SERIES! You can say goodbye to the winner's share of the pay, your title shot, and you can say goodbye to Hardcore Style!"

Jeff Hansen: "Damn! He's not kidding around!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver and Ben Jackman are still looking daggers at Ed Raymond, but at least they are putting on the shackles. One of Ed Raymond's huge associates cuff's Del Carver's left arm to Ben Jackman's right."

Ed Raymond: "Now it's your turn Fist. Same Deal! You drag what's left of The Flying Dutchman over here and cuff yourself to him, or you're FINISHED!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Fist pulls the semiconscious Dutchman to his feet and compliantly slaps the cuffs on his right hand…and secures his own left."

Ed Raymond: "Now that's better! One last little piece of business. Since The MadMen are all beat up and this match hasn't even really STARTED…fair is fair. I'll see you."

Jason Johnson: "OH NO! As Ed Raymond exits the ring…those four huge bodyguards of his lay in to Hardcore Style! Look at them stomping and punching away at Del Carver and Ben Jackman!"

Jeff Hansen: "The crowd booing the hell out of Ed Raymond as he makes he way up the aisle…Carver and Jackman can barely defend themselves as these four beasts beat the hell out of them!"

Jason Johnson: "The Fist is trying to get some signs of life out of The Flying Dutchman, who is sort of slumped up against him…"

Jeff Hansen: "Those four goons are leaving now at least…but Hardcore Style are both laying on the mat in a heap after that brutal assault by Ed Raymond's hired thugs."

Jason Johnson: "The Fist gives up and drags his partner over to where Carver and Jackman are…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Fist makes the cover! The Fist lays across Del Carver! ONE…TWO…NO!"

Jason Johnson: "Del Carver kicks out…which also shakes Ben Jackman, since they are clasped together! Jackman and Carver start to get up…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Fist starts kicking away at Carver and Jackman as they start to get up…Carver and Jackman back off…"


Jeff Hansen: "The crowd explodes as Hardcore Style pull off a double dropkick even though they are cuffed together! I didn't know Del Carver knew HOW to throw a dropkick!"

Jason Johnson: "To be honest, I'm not so sure he does…that was probably more Jackman than Carver!"

Jeff Hansen: "Hardcore Style awkwardly get to their feet again…now Ben Jackman drops down for a cover on The Fist!"

Jason Johnson: "ONE…TWO…The Fist kicks out!"

Jeff Hansen: "Jackman gets up and backs off…man, both these teams are going to have dislocated shoulders after this match, since even the slightest move by one man causes the other to get his arm violently wrenched half out of it's socket!"

Jason Johnson: "The MadMen are up…The Flying Dutchman actually seems awake now…they take a run at Hardcore Style!"

Jeff Hansen: "DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE on Hardcore Style by The MadMen! The Fist and Dutchman managed to spread themselves far enough apart that they mowed down both Carver and Jackman with that move!"

Jason Johnson: "The Flying Dutchman covers Ben Jackman…ONE…TWO…NO!"

Jeff Hansen: "Kickout by Jackman! What is The Flying Dutchman doing NOW?"

Jason Johnson: "Uh…he's reaching into his tights…and WHOA!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Fist just BLINDSIDED the referee! What the hell would he do that for?"

Jason Johnson: "I'll tell you why…LOOK! The Flying Dutchman has a handcuff KEY! He had a handcuff key in his TIGHTS…and he's UNLOCKING himself and The Fist!"

Jeff Hansen: "Oh MAN! The Flying Dutchman pulls off those handcuffs and immediately goes to work on Ben Jackman! The Flying Dutchman is GRINDING the sharp edge of the cuffs into the forehead of Blackout!"

Jason Johnson: "Ben Jackman is busted WIDE open as The Flying Dutchman just RAKES the forehead of the Iron Fist Champion over and over again with that handcuff!"

Jeff Hansen: "Del Carver was about to come to his partners aid when The Fist started pounding away at him! The Hardcore Outlaw is getting THRASHED by The Fist, and he can't get up because he's cuffed to Jackman!"

Jason Johnson: "This is turning into a bloodbath…both Carver and Jackman are busted wide open as The Dutchman slashes away at Ben Jackman and The Fist hammers the forehead of Del Carver…"

Jeff Hansen: "Now The MadMen carefully pick up Hardcore Style in unison…BIG POWERSLAM!"

Jason Johnson: "The Flying Dutchman slaps the cuff back on his wrist and looks to be ordering The Fist to do the same…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Dutchman is now shaking the referee…Scott Kamura slowly gets to his knees…"

Jason Johnson: "Oh give me a break…the fans boo as The Flying Dutchman points to Hardcore Style and then points at the ref…he's obviously trying to blame them for knocking him out…"

Jeff Hansen: "The MadMen has successfully roused the official…now they drop in for a double cover on Hardcore Style…"

Jason Johnson: "ONE…TWO…NO! NO! Oh my gawd…Hardcore Style BOTH kicked out at the count of TWO!"

Jeff Hansen: "Look at The Flying Dutchman…he's absolutely LIVID! He's jumped to his feet and dragged The Fist with him over while he screams at the referee!"

Jason Johnson: "Don't look now…but Hardcore Style are getting up!"

Jason Johnson: "The Fist looks shocked…he tries to warn the Dutchman but…WHAM! HOLY SHIT!"

Jeff Hansen: "Both Del Carver and Ben Jackman got to their feet and simultaneously SPEARED The MadMen…and they go FLYING through the ropes and land on the outside as the referee looks on in shock!"

Jason Johnson: "Now Carver and Jackman delicately slide under the rope…and start laying the boots to The MadMen!"

Jeff Hansen: "IT'S A SWARMING! MAN these teams hate each other! Look at Carver and Jackman literally stomping on The MadMen outside the ring…over and over again the boots are just FLYING as Hardcore Style brutally kick the MadMen repeatedly!"

Jason Johnson: "Now Carver and Jackman are pulling the MadMen to their feet…and each man grabs one by the hair…they seem to be herding them over here…"

Jeff Hansen: "Hardcore Style have managed to drag The MadMen over here in front of our broadcast position…and now as The Flying Dutchman and The Fist sway back and forth, Carver and Jackman start pounding them with punches!"

Jason Johnson: "Something important to note here Jeff…Jackman is LEFT HANDED and Carver is a RIGHTY…so both these men have their WEAK arms cuffed but have their STRONG ARMS free to punch with…and they are doing a hell of a job at that!"

Jeff Hansen: "I had never thought of that…good point. Uh…Carver…what the fuck are you doing?"

Jason Johnson: "CARVER! GET AWAY…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ladies and Gentlemen…as you can see, Del Carver is grabbing all of our notes and papers here and bunching them up on the broadcast table while Ben Jackman continues to stomp away at The MadMen…what do you mean GET AWAY?"

Jason Johnson: "Hey, we're trying to work here! OH NO! NO! CARVER NO…DON'T DO THAT…"


Jason Johnson: "Back up Jeff, back up…these headset cords stretch back a good ten feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "HEY! My PLANE TICKET WAS ON THERE! Look at our table burn…the flames are climbing it must be five feet in the air…The MadMen have collapsed from the onslaught of fisticuffs from Hardcore Style…what the hell are they…"

Jason Johnson: "Hardcore Style are cinching up The MadMen…they can't be thinking…"


Jason Johnson: "The fans here are screaming at the top of their LUNGS as Hardcore Style has just TORCHED the Broadcast Position and DOUBLE Suplexed The MadMen THROUGH IT!"

Jeff Hansen: "Well…thankfully the impact of The Fist and The Flying Dutchman's bodies on the table seems to have extinguished the flames…but those two men remain handcuffed and are laying amongst the smashed T.V. monitors and burned table…"

Jason Johnson: "DOUBLE KIP UP! Hardcore Style kips up and calmly walk back to the ring and climb under the ropes as The MadMen lay motionless amongst the smoking wreckage of what was once the Broadcast Position…"

Jeff Hansen: "Referee Scott Kamura stands in shock as he stares at the motionless MadMen…Hardcore Style are both laughing and grinning…the ref shakes his head and starts to administer the count…"

Jason Johnson: "These fans are still on their feet after witnessing that double suplex into the inferno of a flaming table…Scott Kamura is up to 5 now…"

Jeff Hansen: "He can count to a million, they ain't getting up…they are laying maybe two feet in front of us…and they are both OUT…he's at eight…nine…."


("Trip Like I Do" by Crystal Method starts to blast over the stadium sound system as the bell rings…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen! HERE ARE YOUR WINNERS, now ahead TWO matches to ONE in the BEST OF 5 TO STAY ALIVE SERIES…Ben "Blackout" Jackman…"Diamond" Del Carver…HARDCORE STYLE!!!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans are bringing the house down as Scott Kamura uncuffs Carver and Jackman…each man stretches his arm and rubs his wrist…and now they head to opposite corners and stand on the top rope…holding their hands over their heads in victory to the THUNDEROUS applause of these fans!"

Jason Johnson: "We've got a couple of EMT's out here tending to The MadMen…let's look at a replay of that insane double suplex into a the flaming broadcast table as Hardcore Style makes their way up the aisle, exchanging high fives with the fans…"

Jeff Hansen: "What a move…"

Jason Johnson: "Fans, don't forget that IMPULSE is going to be coming to you live from…HOLY SHIT!"

Jeff Hansen: "Ed Raymond's four huge thugs are back…and they clobbered Hardcore Style from behind as they got to the head of the aisle and turned to raise their arms in victory…the music stops as Ed Raymond comes out and stands over the fallen Hardcore Style…his goons are still stomping them…"

Ed Raymond: "Well congratulations are in order! You two boys actually managed to win this one, even though I had you handcuffed together! How wonderful! The problem is, you didn't actually think I was going to FORGET or FORGIVE all the things you jerks said about me this week…DID YOU?

Raymond looks right into Del Carver's eyes and then into Ben Jackman's.

Ed Raymond: Next week, match four in the best of five series. The Madmen against Hardcore Style…. Locked away in a Boiler Room Brawl!!

As Ed Raymond stands over the fallen Hardcore Style laughing with a huge grin on his face, OBLIVION FADES…)

"Can you feel your heart beating?"

"Can you taste the sweat dripping down your face?"

"Each and every one of your nerves is on end."

"There is no time to think, what are you going to do?"

"Can you feel the pressure? Can you taste blood?"

"Do you dream of victory, or fear defeat?"

"In a split second its all over…. But that moment seems like an eternity."

* Live or Die, no time for planning. Impulse is only two weeks away. *