1 Week.

7 Days

168 Hours

10,080 minutes

604,800 seconds

It doesn’t matter what way you look at it, Impulse is coming… very soon.

The Northlands Coliseum is alive and jam packed with thousands of screaming fans in attendance to catch the SHOOT Project live!! As the SP continues on its World Tour its popularity grows and spreads like wild fire. Tonight is especially electric as this is the last Oblivion before The SHOOT Project goes into Impulse. There is tension in the backstage locker rooms, and excitement at ringside where Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen sit ready for tonight’s show!

Jason Johnson: Good Evening everyone to the Oblivion before Impulse. Tonight a massive six man tag event, brought down to only five men will headline the show, but the action before it should be just as intense.

Jeff Hansen: No doubt about that, and throughout the evening we should be getting a more in depth look at what matches will be going down at Impulse! It’s going to be huge.

Jason Johnson: Speaking of huge, Ed Raymond apparently has some huge news to make in regards to recent happenings. So coming live via satellite right now from Las Vegas Nevada, here is Ed Raymond.

The SHOOT Big screen clicks on revealing Ed Raymond sitting in chair with flashing neon lights behind him faintly showing through a SHOOT Project backdrop. Raymond is all smiles as he looks directly into a camera.

Ed Raymond: Fans and friends of the SHOOT Project, I’d very much like to be in attendance tonight, but being the creative Genius that I am, I thought it would best if I scouted Las Vegas out ahead of time, making sure everything would be set for Impulse!

The fans boo slightly, but show interest all the same.

Jason Johnson: That’s great Raymond, but how about you just get on with your “huge” annoucement.

Raymond chuckles slightly but nods his head as well.

Ed Raymond: Okay El Presidente, don’t get those panties of yours in a twist. Now, in regards to my huge announcement…. As everyone I’m sure knows by now, Prometheus was our current reigning DOJO champion. However, do to is firing, the DOJO title has once more became vacant. Now, from day one I believed that this title was losing status, and the idea of scrapping it all together was seemingly the only thing the staff could come up with.

The fans boo this as the DOJO title is a part of SHOOT Project history, but Raymond really can’t hear the booing all that much and just continues.

Ed Raymond: But, then I thought about the whole triad thing, and how the DOJO title is like a tradition in this federation… so being the Creative Genius that I am I decided to do the DOJO title a favor. So, at Impulse the current number one Contender Marcus Mirage will enter a steel cage against three other opponents, and the four men will battle it out for the DOJO Title!!

The fans let out a pretty large sized cheer, not for Ed Raymond but for the cage match.

Jeff Hansen: Who are the other three men going into that cage!!

Raymond responds to Jeff’s quick jump in with a slight tone of annoyance.

Ed Raymond: I’m getting to that, Jeff… you didn’t let me finish. Mirage will be going up against two rising stars, Orion Bane and the Boss, and in addition to that William Tell will get a shot at capturing the DOJO title since he was unsuccessful in making it to the finals of the Road to K.O. Tournament.

Again the fans let out a cheer, already getting excited about the upcoming SHOOT Pay Per View. Raymond simply smiles as he sits in his chair rather smugly.

Jason Johnson: That is huge news, and quite frankly that’s going to be one hell of a brawl. Of course we’ll be seeing The Boss and Orion Bane in action a bit later tonight as well.

Ed Raymond: Uh, Jason, one more thing before I go. If you see Hardcore Style tonight, tell them I wish them good luck in their attempts to end the Madmen once and for all.

Raymond flashes a sly grin and the satellite feed clicks off. Jason and Jeff turn their attention to the ring as Samantha gets ready to announce the first match.

Jeff Hansen: Well what a way to start tonight off.. but what is Raymond’s deal with Hardcore Style?

Jason Johnson: I think both of them rubbed off on each other the wrong way… which happens a lot in this business.

Jeff Hansen: That is does. But now, we’ve got to put Hardcore Style’s and Raymond’s differences aside and get to our first match of the night.

“Road To K.O.” Semi-final Match: Adam Weitz vs. Beorn

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, this next bout is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit, and is a semi-final match on “The Road To K.O.” – to determine the new number one contender to the Shoot Project Iron Fist Championship!”

(The crowd buzzes in excitement as 'Get Inside' by Stonesour starts to play over the arena’s sound system…)

Samantha: “Introducing first, hailing from Lanham, Maryland, he stands 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighs in at 231 pounds…here is the man who calls himself “Just Another Pawn”…ADAM WEITZ!”

(Some reserved cheers come from the crowd as Adam Weitz makes his way from the entranceway and down the aisle to the ring. As Adam Weitz climbs through the ropes, 'Swordsman' by Gza starts to play, and the crowd explodes into cheers…)

Samantha: “And now, his opponent…hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing 265 pounds…here is “THE BEAR”…BEORN!”

Jeff Hansen: “Holy CRAP! This crowd is blowing the roof off the Northlands! These Canadians really support their countrymen!”

Jason Johnson: “It’s true, Canadian wrestling fans are notoriously biased towards their own Jeff. Even though the Bear hails from the East Coast and we’re in the Western Heartland here, these fans are still going to support their countryman!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at Beorn! He looks mildly surprised by the vocal reaction he is getting from these Albertans! Beorn is being cheered madly as he strides down the aisle-way and slides under the bottom rope…”

Jason Johnson: “Okay, well our referee for this match will be Ken Takagi, and he signals for the bell as we get ready for action, on the Road to K.O.!”

Jeff Hansen: “Both of these guys coming off big wins last week…and both want to make it to the finals of The Road to K.O. Tournament…”

Jason Johnson: “The fighters slowly circling each other…both men looking tentative…neither one wanting to make the first move…”

Jeff Hansen: “That’s probably because both these guys are so good…and to have made to the semi-finals you have to be…and they know that all it’s going to take is one mistake and whoever makes it might lose this match…and lose their chance to fight Ben Jackman.”

Jason Johnson: “The two fighters finally lock up…test of strength…”

Jeff Hansen: “Beorn getting the upper hand…Weitz is buckling…WHOA!”

Jason Johnson: “Adam Weitz has his hands locked with The Bear…but runs up the FRONT of Beorn, and then flips! DROPKICK to the STUNNED Beorn!”

Jeff Hansen: “Amazing aerial move! The crowd was impressed with that!”

Jason Johnson: “Adam Weitz follows up with a DOUBLE FOOT STOMP to the midsection of Beorn…folds him up like a suitcase!”

Jeff Hansen: “Weitz now taking advantage of The Bear being winded, and goes to the top rope…”

Jason Johnson: “SWANTON BOMB! Right on the MONEY!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover! One…Two…NO! Big kickout by Beorn!”

Jason Johnson: “He gave it his all, but that wasn’t enough to keep Beorn down…too early!”

Jeff Hansen: “Adam Weitz stays on the attack, and drops an elbow…he’s right up…and drops another!”

Jason Johnson: “Adam Weitz working on the midsection of Beorn here…no…now he’s rolling him over…”

Jeff Hansen: “What the hell is he…WHOA! BOW AND ARROW! Adam Weitz has The Bear locked up in a BOW AND ARROW!”

Jason Johnson: “Now Weitz will have to be careful here…he’s stretching Beorn out…but he also leaves himself prone for a pin when he leans on his back and stretches him out…”

Jeff Hansen: “Looks like that won’t be a problem! Beorn just snapped out of the hold…and he’s PISSED!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn falls back onto Adam Weitz and locks his hands around the windpipe of the man who calls himself ‘Just Another Pawn”…”

Jeff Hansen: “The ref frantically motioning and trying to get Beorn to break that vice-like choke hold…and he finally does, to the thunderous cheers of the fans!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn pulls the winded Adam Weitz to his feet…CRADLE SUPLEX!”

Jeff Hansen: “One…Two…No! Kickout by Weitz…but Beorn stays on him…and throws him into the ropes…”

Jason Johnson: “Clothesline! Adam Weitz folds up like a cheap suitcase in mid-air as the BEAR hammers him with a HUGE clothesline!”

Jeff Hansen: “Man, these fans are just digging Beorn here tonight…”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn laying the boots to Weitz now…”

Jeff Hansen: “Fan Favorite or no…Beorn hasn’t had any problem bending the rules tonight…”

Jason Johnson: “They don’t seem to care!”

Jeff Hansen: “True. Beorn throws Adam Weitz into the ropes again…”

Jason Johnson: “WHAMO! Beorn catches Weitz with a BIG POWERSLAM off the ropes!”

Jeff Hansen: “Into the COVER: One…Two…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “Man, that was 2 and ¾ there! That powerslam really knocked the stuffing out of Weitz!”

Jeff Hansen: “Yeah, you have to give big props to Weitz for managing to kick out of it! He’s fighting a guy who outweighs him by 30 pounds…in front of his countrymen…and he’s still hanging tough!”

Jason Johnson: “There doesn’t seem to be a lot of quit in Adam Weitz. Beorn pulls Weitz to his feet now…”

Jeff Hansen: “Adam Weitz fighting back…he hits Beorn with a quick right jab…another jab…a straight punch to the jaw of the staggered Beorn…now a spinning sidekick to the gut…a quick snap front kick to the face…and a spinning hook kick to the face! BEORN GOES DOWN!”

Jason Johnson: “WOW! What a lightening quick FLURRY of punches and kicks by Adam Weitz to the shell-shocked Beorn! AMAZING!”

Jeff Hansen: “Let’s look at this replay…man! Adam Weitz just unloads with a beautiful combination of snap punches and spinning kicks on Beorn! Beorn is STILL down on the mat, shaking his head!”

Jason Johnson: “Adam Weitz taking the opportunity to go upstairs…Adam Weitz to the top rope…”

Jeff Hansen: “Corkscrew Moonsault! Right on the money!”

Jason Johnson: “Cover: One…Two…NO! NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Weitz can’t believe it…but Beorn got the shoulder up!”

Jason Johnson: “Weitz isn’t giving up…he pulls Beorn to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “Adam Weitz charges back…bounces off the ropes…”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn catches him coming off the ropes…and THROWS him…off the ropes, overhead belly-to-belly…HOLY SHIT!”

Jeff Hansen: “OH MY GAWD! Adam Weitz landed RIGHT ON TOP OF HIS HEAD!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn covers: ONE! TWO! THREE!”

(The ref signals for the bell as the fans explode in cheers…Beorn gets to his feet as the ref holds his arm over his head in Victory…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…HERE is your winner…at a time of 17 minutes and 6 seconds…THE BEAR…BEORN!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “What a MOVE! There’s one for the highlight reel! Beorn catching Adam Weitz coming off the ropes…and tosses Adam Weitz overhead in a belly to belly suplex…and poor Weitz lands right on top of his head!”

Jason Johnson: “Beorn makes his way up the aisle to the cheers of the fans as EMT’s rush to the ring to check on Adam Weitz…

As the clip footage of the previous match is shown, the cameras cut to the Backstage where OutKast is casually walking down the hall, taping his wrists for his fight later on. Suddenly, a door opens, and Del Carver steps out of his dressing room, directly into the path of OutKast. OutKast’s head snaps up, and he freezes in his tracks and glares at Carver.

For a long moment, OutKast and Carver just stare at each other…

OutKast: “You’re in my way, Carver.”

Del Carver: “Am I?”

OutKast: “Yeah.”

Carver and OutKast stare at each other for a long moment…neither one blinking.

Del Carver slowly smiles, and takes a step backwards…

Del Carver: “Well, it’s your world man. You’re in the Main Event tonight. You’re the #1 Contender. You’re in the Main Event of our biggest Pay Per View ever. I guess I had better get out of your way.”

OutKast walks away, but just as he is about to exit the hall, Del Carver says one last thing…

“For now.”

OutKast whirls around, and stares intently at the back of Del Carver, who walks the opposite way down the hall…and disappears from view.

Jeff Hansen: Tensions as you can see are mounting greatly, and looks like Del Carver wanted to have a few words with the number one contender.

Jason Johnson: Well I think its about time people started standing up to that guy… and I’ll tell you one thing, Real Deal is going to stand up to him next Sunday and retain the World title.

Jeff Hansen: In an Alienation match to boot, it’s going to be a tough battle.

Jason Johnson: That it will, and our next match is going to be a battle in its own nature.

Orion Bane vs. The Boss

Jeff Hansen: That’s right a BATTLE OF THE BIG MEN!”

Jason Johnson: “I hope they reinforced the ring…both of these guys are well over six and a half feet tall and both weigh over 250 pounds…”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as “We Will Survive” By Warp Brothers begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “This is a one fall contest with a twenty minute time limit and will determine Introducing first…making his way to the ring…he hails from London, England, stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 275 pounds, here is: THE BOSS!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss on his way to the ring…”

(The Boss’s music stops playing as he is on the ring apron…and turns to the crowd and raises both his arms over his head. His music fades out…and 'Orion' by Metallica begins to echo throughout the arena…)

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent…coming to the ring from Monterey, California…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 254 pounds he is ORION BANE!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane storming the ring and starts pounding on The Boss right away as the bell rings!”

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! Bane not wasting any time here…he’s all business throwing HAMMER-LIKE right hands repeatedly…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss in the corner as Orion Bane POUNDS away at him as the crowd goes NUTS!””

Jeff Hansen: “Bane pulls The Boss to his feet in the corner…Bane backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss looks a bit dazed and bails out of the ring…Orion Bane on fire here…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane is in the ring pacing back and forth as The Boss is outside stalling…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss back up on the apron…a clothesline from Bane sends The Boss and Bane both out!”

Jason Johnson: “The momentum of that clothesline took BOTH those guys onto the floor!”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane grabs a chair! Orion Bane slams The Boss with a chair shot…right to the BACK…Bane raises the chair to hit him with another…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss sticks one of his boots up…and kicks the steel chair right into Bane’s face!”

Jeff Hansen: “Did you hear that crack? Bane backs up…he’s dazed!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss picking Orion Bane up…”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! The Boss just POWERSLAMMED Orion Bane on the CONCRETE!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane has his hands over his back…The Boss grabs him and rolls him back into the ring…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss pulls Bane to his feet…and now he buries an uppercut to the midsection of Bane…”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane, doubled over in mid-ring…now he’s sent over the top with a clothesline and The Boss follows him out.”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane is staggering away from The Boss…but The Boss is right behind him…Bane whirls around… …he slams The Boss’s face into the steel steps! Wham!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane charges after The Boss…but The Boss grabs him…Irish Whip into the security barrier!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss pulls Bane to his feet…throws him into the barrier again! Now The Boss picks up Bane…VERTICAL SUPLEX on the concrete…”

Jason Johnson: “Now The Boss ramming Bane back first into the ring post! Orion Bane’s back is really being given a beating…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss begins STOMPING Bane on his back! The Boss drops the knee on the back…and again! Now The Boss throws Orion Bane headfirst into the steel steps…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss rolls Bane over…and stomps away on the back. Huge kneedrop on Orion Bane's back…”

Jeff Hansen: “Look like he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to punish Bane’s back some more…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss walks over to the steel chair that Bane used on him earlier…OH NO…CHAIRSHOT…right into Bane’s back!”

Jeff Hansen: “Man…look at Bane…he’s in PAIN!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss pulling Bane to his feet…and gets an abdominal stretch locked on! He’s pounding on Orion Bane’s back while the abdominal stretch is applied…NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane hip tosses The Boss! Orion Bane up, with a number of BRUTAL rights…The Boss staggered…Bane secures Will’s head…!”

Jason Johnson: “PILEDRIVER!”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane just PILEDROVE Orion Bane OUTSIDE the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane HOISTING The Boss up…ANOTHER Pile Driver…oh my god…WAIT…he hasn’t released it…he’s pulling him up again…ANOTHER!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss has got a dazed look on his face, completely knocked silly…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss scoops Bane up for the slam…and DOWN goes BANE! BODY SLAMMED right over top a folding steel chair! The ref signals for the bell…”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane staggers to his feet… The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”


Jeff Hansen: “What a total WAR this was…here come a BUNCH of referee’s to break it up…the bell rings over and over…like THAT is going to stop them!”

Jason Johnson: “It looks like if we want to see a match with these two men, it’s going to have to be NO COUNT OUT, or NO DQ! That wasn’t even a MATCH…it was just a BRAWL OUTSIDE THE RING!”

Jeff Hansen: Well that steel cage at Impulse should be enough to hold them, and this time there is a bigger prize than just a victory.

Before getting back to inside the ring action, the SHOOT cameras catch Ray Willmott in his locker room swinging a broom stick back and forth repeatedly. Eventually finishing his “warm up” Willmott tosses the broomstick onto the ground and heads for the door.

Ray Willmott: I’m doing this for you Samantha.

Willmott looks off into the distance for a moment, and then continues on his trek to the ring.

Jeff Hansen: That Willmott is certainly an odd one.

Jason Johnson: Odd he might be, but he’s been one hell of an addition to the SHOOT roster.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t disagree with you there.

KENDO STICK MATCH: “The Elite” Ray Willmott v. Kyle Ortego

Samantha: “This next match is a Kendo Stick Match!”

( 'Liberate' by Disturbed is heard over the arena sound system…the impressive Ray Willmott strides to the ring…The Elite One slowly pulls himself on to the apron, steps over the top rope and raises his arms over his head as the crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “Introducing first…in the ring to my left…hailing from Tampa Florida…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 220 pounds…here is THE ELITE…RAY WILLMOTT!”

( 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem starts to play….Kyle Ortego emerges from the dressing room and walks to the ring, his face expressionless…)

Samantha: “And NOW…approaching the ring…hailing from New Orleans Louisiana…standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds…here is KYLE ORTEGO!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego looks pretty calm…”

Jason Johnson: “I bet both these men are more nervous than they are letting on…they could get injured badly in this match…”

Jeff Hansen: “Very true.”

Samantha: “AND NOW…THE RULES: As you can see…there is a 15 FOOT LADDER set up in the center of the ring…which has a KENDO STICK suspended above it. The first man to reach that Kendo Stick…will be legally allowed to use it!

Jason Johnson: “Both men now facing each other…while that ominous 15 foot ladder towers over them…which has the Kendo Stick hanging above the ring …”

Jeff Hansen: “The bell rings… HERE WE GO!”

Jason Johnson: “Brawl right after the bell to start us off…”

Jeff Hansen: “Elbow smash by Ray Willmott, right hand by Kyle Ortego, elbow by Ray Willmott, right by Kyle Ortego, elbow by Ray Willmott, right by Kyle Ortego…”

Jason Johnson: “Another elbow by Ray Willmott is cut short by a knee from Kyle Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Willmott throws Ortego into the ropes…reversal…Kyle Ortego rolls under Ray Willmott's kick…”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego grabs a waist lock…standing switch by Ray Willmott…back elbow out by Kyle Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego comes off the ropes but into a FLYING CLOTHESLINE from Ray Willmott! Kyle Ortego rolls outside! Ortego was making a half decent account of himself in that slugfest with The Elite One…but that nice clothesline from The Elite One put an end to that!”

Jason Johnson: “The crowd comes to their feet in appreciation for that exchange…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Elite One has had enough waiting for Kyle Ortego…so he slides under the bottom rope and goes after him…”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott fires a big roundhouse…Ortego side steps and throws a rabbit punch to the back of The Elite One’s head…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Elite One staggered momentarily…Kyle Ortego pulls Ray Willmott…a whip is reversed and Kyle Ortego collides with the ring post!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott with a stabbing right cross to the jaw of the dazed Kyle Ortego…now smacking his head to the apron…”

Jeff Hansen: “Willmott going for the suplex…and drops Ortego gut first on the security barrier! Ray Willmott just left him hanging over the barricade! He’s done that before…he gets a guy up in the air for what you THINK is going to be a suplex…but then he just DROPS the guy!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott with a clubbing forearm to the back of Kyle Ortego…now climbing up on the apron…jumps and drops the leg on Kyle Ortego's back!”

Jeff Hansen: “I bet Ortego is wishing he hadn’t bailed outside the ring now…this is old hat for The Elite One!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott grabs Kyle Ortego and rolls him into the ring…picks him up…”

Jeff Hansen: “An Irish whip is reversed…and Ray Willmott runs RIGHT into the ladder HEAD FIRST! Ha Ha Ha! The LADDER gets in it’s first offensive move of the night! The Elite One cracks his head right on the ladder!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego takes charge now…kicking Ray Willmott with precision like karate kicks to the midsection! Now Kyle Ortego locks on a front chancery and BEAL TOSSES Ray Willmott over the top rope out onto the floor!”

Jeff Hansen: “VERY impressive…but also kind of dumb. Kyle didn’t do so well with The Elite One LAST time they went out there!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego takes the ladder now…fires it DOWN from inside the ring onto the prone Ray Willmott!…Kyle Ortego unfolds up the ladder…climbs up…”

Jeff Hansen: “HOLY SHIT! Kyle jumped off the ladder…over the top rope…down to the floor and landed a legdrop across the BACK of Ray Willmott!”

Jason Johnson: “The crowd on their feet in admiration as we check out the replay of that amazing aerial move by Kyle Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego now rolls the stunned Ray Willmott back in the ring…Kyle Ortego in control…”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego shoves Ray Willmott back into the corner…and starts laying in some sharp knife edge chops to the chest…”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Ortego throws Ray Willmott into the ropes…HIGH dropkick by Ortego sends The Elite One snapping back to the mat!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle climbing the ladder…now JUMPING off and landing a flying elbow to the back of the head of The Elite One…from the TOP OF THE LADDER!”


Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego collects the ladder now…lifts it over his head…and DRIVES it into Ray Willmott's leg!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Elite One grabbing his knee in pain…”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego staying on the attack…he starts stomping away on Ray Willmott’s leg....”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego pulls him up…Ray Willmott limping badly…Kyle Ortego grabs him by the leg and SPIKES his knee into the canvas…”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott fires back with a wild roundhouse…answered with a right jab by Kyle Ortego, right cross by Ray Willmott…another right jab by Kyle Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Ortego grabs Ray Willmott and whips him into the opposite corner…reversed…Ray Willmott lifts Kyle Ortego over his head…PRESS SLAM! Nice comeback by Ray Willmott! Awesome!”

Jason Johnson: “On the canvas…Kyle Ortego delivers a sharp kick to the back of The Elite One’s knee and Ray Willmott's is down again…”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Kyle Ortego pulls him to his feet…vertical suplex! You can tell that Ortego is aware the only way he’s going to be able to counterbalance The Elite One’s attack is by taking his legs out from underneath him!”

Jason Johnson: “That’s a smart strategy…The Elite One looks a bit winded after that vertical suplex from Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego takes advantage of the opportunity to get the ladder…”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego taking too long! Ray Willmott is back up…and kicks the ladder right into Kyle Ortego’s face!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego quickly springs into the ladder and runs it into Ray Willmott's head! These guys are really using the ladder as a weapon now!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego has the ladder set up underneath the Kendo Stick...but Ray Willmott quickly grabs it and shakes it…sending Kyle Ortego sprawling to the mat!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott pulls Kyle Ortego to his feet and throws him into the ropes…backbreaker!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott placed Kyle Ortego’s body on the ladder…and Ray Willmott comes off the ropes with a HIGH elbow smash onto Kyle Ortego…driving his back into the ladder!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott sets up the ladder for HIS try at the Kendo Stick…”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego climbs the other side of that ladder…right by Ray Willmott…right by Kyle Ortego…right by Ray Willmott…”

Jason Johnson: “Both men slugging it out on top of that ladder! They both want that Kendo Stick!”

Jeff Hansen: “I think I’m going to get motion sickness just from watching this! That ladder rocking wildly back and forth while both guys hang on and try to gain the advantage without falling off…”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego starting to reel from the massive shots to the head from The Elite One…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Elite One is firing off repeated jack-hammer like shots to the head of Kyle Ortego, and Kyle is no longer able to answer back! DOWN GOES KYLE ORTEGO…with a vengeance! The Elite One just pounded the snot right out of him!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott climbing up to the top of the ladder…looks like this one is OVER…NO! OH MY GAWD! The Elite One comes off the TOP OF THE LADDER with a FLYING LEG DROP!”

Jeff Hansen: “HOLY CRAP! Ortego just took a leg drop off a 15 foot ladder! BUT WHY DIDN’T ORTEGO GO FOR THE DAMN KENDO STICK?”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is slowly back up...and now the ladder is as well. Ray Willmott slowly climbs…Kyle Ortego up from behind…pulling him back to the mat!”

Jeff Hansen: “This Ortego doesn’t have any quit in him! I figured after that leg drop off the top he’d be done for! What is Kyle Ortego doing?”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego folds the ladder up and puts it into the corner…grabs Ray Willmott…he’s going to whip him back first into that ladder…but the whip is reversed and it's KYLE ORTEGO hitting the ladder!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott pulls Kyle Ortego out and puts the ladder on top of him Ray Willmott stomps on the ladder…runs…and drops ANOTHER BIG legdrop on that ladder while Kyle Ortego is underneath!”

Jason Johnson: “Both men are down once again…Ray Willmott is the first one up…but now Ortego to his feet and manages to drop Ray Willmott with a running clothesline!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego crawls back to the ladder…sets it up and climbs up…but Ray Willmott makes it up the other side! Both men meeting atop the ladder exchanging lefts and rights…AGAIN!”

Jeff Hansen: “Here we go again! Ortego AGAIN getting staggered by punches from Ray Willmott…looks like he’s ready to fall…Ray Willmott stands up on the top of the ladder…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego just fired a knife edge chop across the back of the knees of Ray Willmott! RAY WILLMOTT FALLS HEAD OVER HEELS FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER…15 FEET TO THE MAT!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego sees his shot and takes it…reaching…pulling himself up by the Kendo Stick for support…and undoing it!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott stands up at the base of the ladder…Kyle Ortego JUMPS OFF with that KENDO STICK…BOOM! Kyle Ortego just NAILED Ray Willmott in the HEAD with that Kendo Stick!”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott just took it right in the HEAD! Ray Willmott is doubled over in pain!”

Jeff Hansen: “WHAM! Kyle Ortego just creamed Ray Willmott with an uppercut to the JAW with that Kendo Stick! Ray Willmott is staggering!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego now going NUTS on Ray Willmott! BANG BANG BANG!”

Jason Johnson: “Kyle Ortego starts to hammer repeated shots into the head of Ray Willmott, with that Kendo Stick! Kyle is pounding the face of Ray Willmott OVER and OVER and poor Ray Willmott is DEFENSELESS…”

Jeff Hansen: “RAY WILLMOTT GOES DOWN! Kyle Ortego has knocked Ray Willmott down!”

Jason Johnson: “Blood now flying everywhere as Kyle Ortego continues to smash away at the Ray Willmott, over and over again, each shot from that Kendo Stick extracting a splash of blood…”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego is beating Ray Willmott DOWN and it’s ALL LEGAL…”

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is trying to get his arms up but he keeps taking those shots right to the head…you can barely see his face for the blood…”

Jeff Hansen: “And you can barely see the Kendo Stick it’ swinging so fast …”

Jason Johnson: “Referee Scott Kamura steps in FINALLY… Ray Willmott isn’t moving…”

Jeff Hansen: “He’s calling for the bell!”

(The bell rings and Kyle Ortego’s theme music hits as the fans explode…Kyle Ortego stands over the beaten and bloody Ray Willmott and then raises the Kendo Stick over his head…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…the referee has determined that Ray Willmott is UNABLE TO CONTINUE…therefore at a time of 31 minutes and 13 seconds, here is your winner: KYLE ORTEGO!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ray Willmott being helped up by the ref…now Ray Willmott shoving the ref away…

As Willmott gets up on his own, refusing help from the referee, Kyle Ortego sees this on the SHOOT Big Screen and turns around, kendo stick still in hand. He shakes his head and then heads back towards the ring. As he goes for the staggering Ray Willmott, Beorn comes running out from the back heading directly for Ortego. The fans start cheering loudly.

Jeff Hansen: Here comes Beorn, and thank god for that.

Jason Johnson: But is he coming out to help Ray Willmott, or is he just making sure Willmott will be healthy enough to compete against him in the finals next Sunday!

Beorn hits the ring and comes up right behind Ortego and spins him around. Ortego looks right into the eyes of Beorn and Beorn decks him with a right-handed uppercut. Ortego reels backwards and Beorn nails him again, and again. Eventually Ortego rolls out of the ring leaving Beorn raising Ray Willmott’s hand.

Jeff Hansen: Some good sportsmanship on Beorn and Willmott’s behalf. Ortego might have won the match, but Willmott is still standing.

Ortego looks on as the fans cheer and just shakes his head as if to say “whatever.” Beorn stands in the ring with Willmott and as he goes to leave, Willmott holds onto his hand and pulls him in close to his body.

Ray Willmott: Bring your “A” game, Beorn, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Beorn stares Willmott right in the eyes and cracks a slight smile.

Beorn: Of course I will Ray. After all don’t forget… I’m like Platinum.

The exchange of words ends in a stare down of straight up competition. Beorn slowly backs out of the ring one way, while Ray Willmott heads out the other way. Suddenly both men turn back to the other with closed fists swinging. They both see each other’s punch coming and hold instead of swinging through. The fans respond with a cheer for both men, and finally both Beorn and Willmott exit the ring from opposite sides.

Jeff Hansen: That is going to be one hell of a match if you ask me.

Jason Johnson: Beorn and Ray Willmott in a straight up boxing match what more could we ask more?

Jeff Hansen: A boiler room brawl between The Madmen and Hardcore Style!

Hardcore Style vs. The MadMen “Best of 5 To Stay Alive” Match # 4: BOILER ROOM BRAWL

Jason Johnson: “Indeed and fans…as you can see, we have a camera set up here in the Boiler Room of The Northlands Coliseum. This match is not going to be your standard match, as the entire contest will be taking place HERE.”

Jeff Hansen: “Yeah, this is going to be unique. It’s anything goes…there are all sorts of weapons in there, and it’s all fair…the rules are, the first team to have both members walk out the door into the hall, WIN.”

Jason Johnson: “Here come the MadMen, down the hall. The Fist never shows any kind of facial expression, but The Flying Dutchman looks uncharacteristically somber as well.”

Jeff Hansen: “He ought to be. If the MadMen lose this match, they are OUT of Shoot Project!”

Jason Johnson: “The MadMen standing in the middle of the room, waiting patiently…here come Hardcore Style. Del Carver and Ben Jackman walking down the hallway, and they look ANGRY!”

Jeff Hansen: “They’re in the door, and here we go! The ref closes the door and Hardcore Style tear into The MadMen!”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman grabs The Fist by the back of the neck…and runs him towards the back of the room…right into the BOILER!”

Jeff Hansen: “Jackman rams The Fist’s head off the Boiler…ONCE…TWICE…THREE TIMES!”

Jason Johnson: “The Fist collapses in a heap…he’s busted open!”

Jeff Hansen: “Meanwhile, Del Carver has that infamous Black Glove of his on! A black glove wrapped up in barbed wire!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver boots The Flying Dutchman in the gut…and then grabs The Dutchman by the back of the head with his left hand…and starts laying in those shots that he calls THE TOKYO KISS! …ONCE…TWICE…THREE TIMES!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ben Jackman has pulled The Fist into the center of the room, and laid him out with his arms folded across his chest, like he’s DEAD!”

Jason Johnson: “Del Carver just did the same thing to The Flying Dutchman!”

Jeff Hansen: “Both MadMen are laying in the center of the Boiler Room, laid out like dead men…and now Hardcore Style heads for the door!”

Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman kicks the door open…and he and Del Carver walk out!”


Jason Johnson: “Ben Jackman is pulling the door closed behind him…and what is Carver doing?”

Jeff Hansen: “Del Carver has just pulled a folded piece of paper out of his pocket and taped it to the door!”

Del Carver and Ben Jackman silently shake hands and wordlessly head down the hallway. The Camera slowly pans back to the door, where the sign that Del Carver pasted hangs…


Jason Johnson: “I’m speechless Jeff. Just like that, the match…the Best of 5 Series…and the career of The MadMen here in Shoot Project…is OVER!”

Jeff Hansen: “Well, looks like Hardcore Style were serious about this…and that’s all there is to it! Now they’re going to be going after the Tag Team Champions!”

Del Carver and Ben Jackman was triumphantly down the hallway with the fans in attendance cheering wildly. “It’s a long way to the top” begins to play as both men emerge from the back curtain and join the screaming fans at the ring area.

Jason Johnson: Listen to this ovation for Hardcore Style!

Just as they emerge however, two impressive sized men suddenly nail them from behind. Del Carver and Ben Jackman fall to the ground and the two men hoist Del Carver and Ben Jackman off the ground and drag them inside the ring. Both men are dressed identically, black shoes, khaki pants, and navy blue polo shirts with the letters SC monogrammed on the front breast pocket. They both wear black beanies over their heads as well. One of the men wedges Del Carver between his legs and lifts him high up in the air and looks to take him down with a power bomb but before having Del fall against the mat the man whips him back up and ends up dropping Del Carver over his back face first!!!

Jeff Hansen: Who the hell are these men!? What do they have against Hardcore Style?

The man that just took Del Carver out stands solemnly over the out cold while the other man holds Ben Jackman in a tight grasp.

Man: If you do not follow proper precautions when involved in a car crash, you may experience Whiplash as was demonstrated. Remember: Safety First!

The man points to himself and then looks to his obvious partner. His partner then elevates Jackman high into the air in a vertical position holding him around the neck with one arm and supporting his body with another. The fans are booing loudly as the other man just holds Jackman there for what seems like forever. Finally with vicious force the other man drops Jackman directly on the top of his head in a guided Brain buster like move. The other man than stands solemnly by the fallen Ben Jackman.

Other Man: If you do not wear proper equipment when involved in a potentially dangerous situation, you could suffer severe Head trauma as was demonstrated. Remember: Safety First!

The Other man then points to himself and looks back over to his partner who is standing by Del Carver.

Man: This has been a message of awareness from: Mike Safety.

Other Man: And a message of responsibility from: Steven Safety.

Both Men look to each other and then back out to the crowd who are livid and booing loudly.

Mike and Steven Safety: We are the Safety Committee and we are here for your benefit!

Both Mike and Steven point to the crowd and pan their finger across them. The boos continue to grow louder.

Jason Johnson: Those two must have been the Mike and Steve Ed Raymond was talking on the phone with a week ago. There was speculation as to who Mike and Steve could be, and the answer was finally revealed.

Jeff Hansen: Raymond has recruited a rather impressive looking tag team, and you can bet this won’t be it for them, and Hardcore Style will definitely be looking for revenge.

Jason Johnson: Well, word was just received that Raymond called here during the vicious attack that Mike and Steven carried out, and said he booked a match at Impulse between the Safety Committee and Hardcore Style for number one contendership for the Tag Team Titles. That sneak got one by me!

Jeff Hansen: Well they don’t call him a “creative genius” for nothing.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, more like creative jack ass. Well I’ll deal with him later, right now we got Del Carver and Ben Jackman being escorted away from the ring by Medical staff and we’ve got Enigma and Mark Chicone up in just a few moments!

As the fans cheer Jackman and Carver, the cameras once again cut to the back stage area. There Enigma walks down the long hallway leading to the ring. He seems pretty relaxed, but at the same time you can tell he’s thinking about his match against Mark Chicone. He stretches his arms back and forth as he continues to walk. From the opposite direction, Kyle Ortego heads towards him, a kendo stick in hand and a smile on his face. Enigma narrows his eyes towards Ortego as the two men get closer.

Kyle Ortego: Hey, Enigma…. Jonny might have beaten me last week, but who is the one standing here in this arena tonight. Certainly not your partner the Defiler.

Enigma shakes his head and just stands there for a moment.

Enigma: Kyle, you can talk a big game, and carry a big stick… but when it comes down to it, those are just your ways of covering up the fact that you have a very tiny….

Enigma pauses and just looks at Ortego, the fans cheering and laughing out at ringside. This causes Enigma to smirk

Enigma: Well… you know. Take it easy Kyle.

With that Enigma continues off down the hall, unfazed by his encounter with Ortego. However not seconds before turning away from Ortego is he suddenly ambushed from the side by Mark Chicone who nails him with a double axe handle smash. Enigma staggers to the side a bit and Chicone grabs him around the head and walks him down the hall way, delivering a series of punches to his forehead in the process. Chicone reaches the curtains leading out to the ring area and he throws Enigma through them, sending him falling onto the rampway on the other side. The fans boo loudly as Mark Chicone emerges seconds later landing a hard stomp to Enigma, basically kicking him further down the ramp.

Jeff Hansen: Well this one has started before the referee has rang for the bell!

Jason Johnson: Mark Chicone was not a happy man after losing last week in the Road to K.O. quarter finals. Looks like he’s taking out that aggression right now on Enigma.

Jeff Hansen: Now Chicone is rolling Enigma into the ring, and it looks like the referee is actually going to start this one now.

Enigma vs. Mark Chicone.

The Bell sounds, but it matters little to Chicone who continues his assault on Enigma. Chicone lifts Enigma to his feet and swings him into the ropes, Enigma comes bouncing back and Chicone takes him down with a quick shoulderblock. Enigma falls down to the mat and Chicone begins to drive his knee into the side of Enigma’s ribs. Chicone elevates his body high into the air and then comes crashing down for one final shot, that connects with Enigma’s chest. Chicone gets up to his feet and paces about the ring, a sly grin on his face. The fans respond with a series of boos for the weasel of a man, but this doesn’t phase Chicone at all. Enigma rolls around on the mat and heads for the ropes, slowly pulling himself back up to his feet. Chicone sees this and rushes at Enigma driving his knee into the back of Enigma’s head. Enigma spills through the ropes and lands on the ground outside of the ring.

Jason Johnson: Mark Chicone is just not letting up, and his ambush on Enigma totally caught Enigma off guard.

Jeff Hansen: Cheap, but smart, that’s my take on Chicone’s plan of action.

Jason Johnson: Well now Chicone wasting no time inside the ring, he’s heading right out for Enigma who once again staggers slowly to his feet.

Jeff Hansen: Chicone now has his hands wrapped around the back of Enigma’s neck, pulling him back towards him. This can’t be good for Enigma.

Outside of the ring, Chicone spins Enigma around to face him and begins to choke him with both hands. Enigma struggles to break free of the chokehold, and as he does so, Chicone begins to elevate him up off the ground. Enigma flails in attempts to counter the move, and before Chicone can slam him down, Enigma lands a swift side kick to Chicone’s leg. Chicone slumps slightly and Enigma follows up with yet another kick, then another. Chicone falls to one knee and Enigma takes his arm and brings his elbow down across Chicone’s arm. Chicone winces in slight pain and releases one of his hands from the two handed chokehold. Enigma continues to break free, the fans chanting his name in the process. Enigma finally breaks free of the hold, but is gasping for breath as he regroups himself. Chicone gets back up to his feet quickly and once again goes after Enigma. This time though, Enigma is ready and spins around and lands a hard right hand to the side of Chicone’s face. Chicone goes for a counter punch, but Enigma blocks it and decks him again, this time sending Chicone up against the guard railing. Enigma gets up on the ring apron and leaps off of it, landing a standing elbow smash on Chicone. Chicone falls to the ground and Enigma is quick to get him back up on his feet and roll him inside of the ring.

Once back inside Enigma begins to go to work on Chicone’s leg, landing a few hard stomps to soften it up. Enigma then grabs a hold of Chicone’s leg and locks him into a half crab. Chicone shouts out in pain, but refuses to submit. Enigma wrenches back tighter on the leg, but Chicone fights for the rope and eventually gets his hand on it. The referee tells Enigma to release the hold, and Enigma hesitantly does so.

Jason Johnson: This has been a pretty solid wrestling match, which differs greatly from the match we saw last week against the partners of both these men.

Jeff Hansen: Well Kyle Ortego is a hardcore wrestler and Jonny wanted to prove to him that he could wrestle in that element as well. Both these men in the ring are very sound wrestlers who don’t really go for the whole hardcore thing.

Jason Johnson: I guess that’s what makes Ortego and Chicone such a well executing pair….

Jeff Hansen: Chicone is up to his feet again now, but this time he is hobbling slightly. Enigma scouts out Chicone waiting for him to turn around…

As Chicone turns around, Enigma rushes at him in hopes to hit a clothesline, however Chicone manages to counter and brings Enigma down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Once down on the ground Chicone begins to gain the advantage again, looking to lock Enigma into a figure four leg lock.

Jeff Hansen: And now Chicone turning the tables on Enigma showing off some technical wrestling of his own.

The referee checks out the situation, but just like Chicone, Enigma refuses to give up. Enigma begins to inch towards the rope, and as he grabs a hold of them, Chicone instantly releases the hold but lands a vicious stomp to Enigma’s back. The fans boo this cheap shot and Chicone just shouts out to them to shut up. This gets Chicone more heat but it simply fuels him to continue his attack on Enigma. Chicone gets Enigma up to his feet and whips him into the corner. As Enigma comes staggering back, Chicone wraps his arms around Enigma’s waist and takes him down swiftly with a belly to belly suplex. Chicone makes the first cover of the match and the referee hits the mat to make the count.

Jason Johnson: One… tw… not quite a two count, Enigma is up.

Jeff Hansen: Chicone seems a bit upset but continues to go to work regardless.

Chicone once again brings Enigma to his feet and again goes to whip him into the corner. However, this time Enigma reverses and sends Chicone into the opposite corner. Enigma follows up with an avalanche splash that causes the fans to cheer greatly. Chicone staggers away from the corner walking right back into Enigma. Enigma quickly drives him down with a DDT! Now Enigma makes the cover and the referee counts. One… Chicone is up after one. Enigma gets to his feet quickly and brings Chicone up as well. Now the two men lock into grapple and Enigma comes away with the advantage. Enigma grabs a hold of Chicone’s arm and wraps it around his back. Chicone tries to nail Enigma with a back elbow, but Enigma evades it and wrenches up on Chicone’s arm, causing a sharp pain to shoot through it. Chicone shakes his head trying to fend off the pain. Eventually Chicone manages to get himself out of the painful situation and turns the table on Enigma, getting him in the arm bar lock. Enigma lands a couple of elbows into Chicone’s gut and the hold is broken entirely. Both men then turn towards each other and once again are quick to get into grapple.

This time, Chicone gains the advantage, but uses power instead of technical maneuvering. Chicone lands a kick to Enigma’s gut, which causes him to slump forward. Chicone then heads to the other side of Enigma and sets him up for a pump handle slam. Chicone gets Enigma up and takes him down with a massive amount of power. The fans let out an “ohh” as they could almost feel the pain that Enigma must have felt. Chicone forcefully hooks the leg of Enigma and shouts at the referee to count.

Jeff Hansen: One, Two….. Enigma manages to kick out and now Chicone seems frustrated.

Jason Johnson: Well there is a lot of anger in Chicone, his words this past week towards Enigma proved just that.

Jeff Hansen: And he’s proving it in the ring right now, look at him pummeling Enigma with those quick fists…. The referee shouting at Chicone to break it up.

Jason Johnson: Though I don’t know what good that’s going to do.

After thoroughly nailing Enigma with a series of closed fists, Chicone finally gets to his feet and looks down at Enigma who lays there almost motionless. Chicone smiles now, enjoying this beating he’s unleashing on Enigma. This time, Chicone allows Enigma to get to his feet on his own. Enigma holds onto the ropes for support and slowly brings himself up rope by rope. Chicone rushes at Enigma now, and Enigma catches him out of the corner of his eyes. Enigma quickly falls back down onto the mat, pulling the ropes down with him. Chicone goes over Enigma and the ropes falling outside of the ring. Enigma then slowly crawls toward the corner getting his bearings back. Chicone lies flat out on the outside and Enigma actually heads to the top turnbuckle once in the corner.

Jason Johnson: Enigma now heading to the top… this is rarely seen from Enigma.

Jeff Hansen: Well he’s going to the top, lets just hope he is successful.

Enigma raises his hands up in the air and shouts out to the fans “This one’s for Jonny!” The fans respond with a wild cheer as Enigma leaps from the top rope and lands a leg drop on the fallen Chicone. The fans are loving it as Enigma gets to his feet and really starts jaw jacking at Chicone and then looking out to the fans with hands raised. Enigma brings Chicone to his feet and whips him into the ring post. Chicone hits it head first and falls nearly out cold back down onto the ground below. Enigma slides back into the ring now, walking off the rest of his dizziness from the beating and the excitement mixed together. As Enigma paces about the ring, Ortego suddenly emerges from the back, causing the fans to cry out with boos and insults toward Ortego. Ortego quietly lifts his middle finger to all of them as he continues to slowly walk to the ring, looking at Enigma. The reaction of the fans eventually causes Enigma to turn around and spot Kyle Ortego heading toward the ring. Enigma glares towards him and shakes his head. Enigma then looks back towards Chicone who is still out cold outside of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Ortego is inching closer to the ring, and this one is a no disqualification match. Enigma definitely has the odds against him.

Jason Johnson: Especially since we haven’t heard from Jonny all week, and he isn’t here tonight in the arena.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma is probably praying for a pair of eyes in the back of his head right now.

Ortego is up on the ring apron now and Enigma still looks back and forth cautiously. Then Enigma just shrugs his shoulder and launches himself at Ortego. He knocks Ortego to the outside with a forearm smash and then goes to the outside as well. Ortego runs around the ring as Enigma follows in hot pursuit. However, as Enigma rounds the corner Chicone comes from nearly out of no where and takes Enigma down with a clothesline from hell!! Enigma’s head bounces off the ground and the impact was enough to take Enigma out. Chicone lifts Enigma up to his feet and rolls him back into the ring now. Ortego remains on the outside, becoming an official factor in this match it seems. Chicone walks a circle around Enigma now really playing into the fact that the fans are booing uncontrollably. Chicone finally grabs Enigma by the back of the neck and brings him up to his feet. He then looks Enigma dead in his glazed over eyes and grabs him around his throat with both hands. Quickly and powerfully Chicone drives Enigma down with a two-handed choke slam. Chicone covers Enigma.

Jason Johnson: This could be all she wrote for Enigma tonight!

Jeff Hansen: The referee making the count… One… Two...Thre… Enigma kicked out!! The match continues!!

The fans pleasantly shocked responded with a massive cheer for Enigma, where as Chicone begins to shout angrily. Ortego shakes his head in frustration as well and goes to the commentary table. He pushes Samantha Coil out of her chair and grabs it. He folds up the chair and slides it into the ring. Chicone sees the chair and heads for it, while Enigma lies in the center of the ring Motionless. Chicone wedges the chair into the corner and then goes back to Enigma. He brings Enigma back up to his feet and eyes the chair in the corner. Chicone whips Enigma towards the ring post, but Enigma stops and holds his ground, coming back with a sudden second wind. Enigma pulls Chicone into him and stares him directly in the eyes. Enigma then kicks Chicone in the gut and quickly gets him into the Abyss. He drops Chicone flat out and the fans go near wild! Enigma with the last bit of his strength covers Chicone. The referee hits the mat and begins to count while Ortego is livid on the outside.

One… Two… Thr… Chicone kicks out and the fans let out a large sigh of disappointment.

Jason Johnson: Enigma came out of no where and almost scored the pinfall, but Chicone kicked out of the Abyss, and I’m not sure how much left either man has in him.

Chicone looks wide eyed up to the ceiling and slowly sits up. Enigma rolls towards the ring ropes again, bringing himself up to his feet as well. Enigma shakes his head and turns back to get Chicone and nails him in the gut again.

Jeff Hansen: Are we going to see a double feature of the Abyss here tonight?

Enigma once again sets up Chicone for the Abyss, but Chicone counters this time and whips Enigma into the corner, sending him right into the chair he set up earlier. Chicone quickly heads to the top turnbuckle as well, looming over Enigma. He then leaps off the top rope, holding onto Enigma’s head and drives him down hard into the mat!

Jason Johnson: The Drive Bye! Enigma is out cold!

Chicone hooks the leg, confident that this one is now officially over. The referee quickly hits the mat and makes the count. One… Two… Three! The referee sounds for the bell to call an end to this one. Kyle Ortego gets into the ring now to congratulate his friend Mark Chicone and the two celebrate as “Halo” by Soil begins to play.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match, Mark Chicone!!

The fans boo loudly as the two men celebrate in the ring, but their celebration ends as Chicone motions for the tech crew to cut his music. Ortego suddenly heads out of the ring and pulls a table out from under it. The fans are livid now and throwing trash as Ortego sets up the table. Chicone in the meantime grabs the chair he wedged into the corner and slams it down repeatedly on Enigma!

Jeff Hansen: This is terrible! Chicone won the match, what more does he want!

Jason Johnson: He obviously doesn’t think the win is enough payback to cover Enigma costing him in the Road to K.O. tournament.

Jeff Hansen: Chicone now lifting Enigma up onto that table…. This is too much!

As Chicone sets Enigma up on the table, suddenly the fans burst out with wild excitement and near deafening cheers. Both Chicone and Ortego turn their heads in the direction of the ramp way, and there, Jonny Johnson, taped up ribs and all rushes down to the ring to save his partner and friend, Enigma. Chicone goes for Jonny and the two engage in an all out fist fight. Jonny throws a left, then Chicone responds with a right, then a left, then a right. The battling goes back and forth, Jonny eventually gaining the upper hand. However, Ortego comes around from the side and takes Jonny down from behind. Ortego stomps on his bruised ribs while Chicone once again picks up the chair and begins to slam it down on Jonny Johnson. Ortego then looks back to Enigma who is motionless on the table. Ortego quickly ascends to the top rope and looks down to Enigma he smiles sadistically and Ortego flies landing a Swanton bomb on Enigma rolling off as Enigma crashes through the table!

Jason Johnson: Its like a car wreck in that ring right now, with Jonny and Enigma the definite victims…

Chicone and Ortego look at the carnage they caused inside the ring, and as “Lose yourself” by Eminem picks up the two men leave the ring a chorus of boos filling the entire arena. Referees head to the ring as the two men leave, going to check on Jonny Johnson’s and Enigma’s condition.

Jeff Hansen: Jonny made a valiant attempt, but ultimately it doesn’t seem to have been worth it. Let’s just hope the champions will be able to fight come Impulse.

Jason Johnson: I’m sure they’ll be able to, and judging by what we saw here tonight, it’s obvious that Jonny Johnson and Enigma will be taking on Mark Chicone and Kyle Ortego in a tag team title match!!

Jeff Hansen: What a match that will be indeed. Both teams have a lot of hatred for each other it seems, and now they’ll have the opportune chance to get it all out at Impulse!!

OutKast/Roland Vs. Real Deal/Lonewolf/Mirage

OutKast looks at Roland the Dark, his tag partner for the night, shaking his head. Roland is lacing up his boots, and then soon turns his head to face OutKast s. OutKast stops what he s doing, stretches, and looks at Roland puzzled.

OutKast: What is it?

Roland sighs.

Roland the Dark: Hey, no offense or anything, because I don t doubt we can do this, but we re facing some top names tonight. Some of the biggest, this time, in the history of our sport, not just in SHOOT. Granted, Lonewolf s name isn t exactly what I d call main event, but still.

OutKast chuckles.

OutKast: Believe me, Real Deal s not a big name outside of SHOOT. He s like Lonewolf. Outside of WPW, he s a midcarder. Outside of SHOOT, Real Deal s nothing but a midcarder. They just go to their home federations to make themselves feel good about themselves. Their stars will never shine past what they push for themselves and get booked. Nothing s worse than the friend of a President, no matter how boring he is, getting the main event slot.

Roland the Dark: Amen. I think. What about Mirage?

OutKast smiles.

OutKast: In honor of a fallen friend leave Mirage to me.

OutKast stands up, finished stretching. Roland finishes lacing his boots and the two men slap hands.

OutKast: God of SHOOT.

Roland the Dark: God of wrestling.

OutKast and Roland chuckle.

Roland the Dark: Let s kick their asses.

The scene shifts, to a three way split screen, revealing Mirage on one side, Lonewolf on the other, and Real Deal in the middle. Real Deal slaps his SHOOT Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder as he walks. Lonewolf kisses his wife and leaves her in the locker room. Mirage smirks, talking to someone whom we cannot see. Mirage walks away and the camera is left on the man, the same man who spoke to Mirage in Mirage s first promo. The scene again shifts to the ringside area as Jeff Hansen and Jason Johnson are, joined this time by none other than Mac, OutKast s best friend and business associate.

Mac: Annnnnnnnnd welcome back SHOOT fans!

Jason Johnson: As you can tell, we re joined by none other than Mac, OutKast s partner in crime.

Mac: What s happening, fellas?!

Jeff Hansen: Tell me something, Mac, why aren t you tagging up with OutKast and Roland to substitute, since this IS a handicap match now.

Mac: Hey, man, Real Deal may need all the help he can get, but did Real Deal go toe to toe and defeat the Punisher? No! Did Real Deal bring the SWA to dominance, only to see it fold upon his departure? No! Did Real Deal define the AODWF into something of brilliance? No! I could go on and on, but Real Deal has done nothing to earn himself the title of legend. He s nothing compared to me OR my boy OutKast. HCW, CEWF, HCEWF, NAFWA, all of those back in the day feds were made famous by us two! Who could forget--

Jason Johnson: That s quite alright, Mac, we got your point.

Mac: Well, I mean, Jason, you enjoy stacking the deck, I can tell. All because of some bet made by you and Eddie Ray?

Jason Johnson: I just don t think that OutKast has what it takes to defeat my brother, that s all.

Mac: That why you book OutKast against Real Deal in tag matches with insurmountable odds stacked AGAINST OutKast, only to pull a draw out of your ass when OutKast destroys your shitty little brother?

Jason Johnson: How d--

Superstar II by Saliva hits and the fans rise to their feet, cheering. The cheers turn to boos as out steps Roland the Dark, but the cheers heighten when OutKast steps out, dressed in his black and silver Wolverine singlet.

Mac: Even the fans can t help but love us, man!

OutKast and Roland step into the ring and begin to stretch as Remember by Disturbed hits and the fans pop like mad for Real Deal as he steps out, Mirage and Lonewolf beside him. Real Deal raises his SHOOT title into the air and then drops it to the ground, all three sprinting into the ring. Lonewolf slides in first, and Roland immediately starts to pound away at him. Real Deal and Mirage are next, but OutKast is already at the turnbuckle, and the match begins. Real Deal and Mirage both point and yell at OutKast, but the referee blocks them. As the referee is taken up with them, Roland low blows Lonewolf to put Lonewolf down to the ground in pain. Roland grabs Lonewolf s legs and looks at the crowd for approval. As he knew, he receives none. Roland slingshots Lonewolf into the turnbuckle, right into Real Deal s unsuspecting tag. Real Deal smirks, pointing at Roland, who laughs at Real Deal. OutKast merely stands at the turnbuckle, slowly holding his arm out for Roland to tag. The fans go insane as Roland slaps OutKast s hand. OutKast steps into the ring, popping his neck and then his fingers. Real Deal holds his arm up for a test of strength. OutKast grabs the hand. Real Deal calls for the other hand, and OutKast does the same. They lock up, shoulder to shoulder, pushing with all of their might. OutKast slowly begins to overpower Real Deal, but Real Deal then begins to overpower OutKast, bringing OutKast down to a knee. OutKast rises again, however, the kicks Real Deal in the stomach, the fans booing at his cheap move. OutKast keeps his hands locked with Real Deal, tucks his head underneath the left arm of Real Deal, and then takes Real Deal over for a suplex.

Jeff Hansen: An amazing wristlock suplex by OutKast!

Mac: Now tell me something. You guys even SEEN a wristlock suplex in SHOOT?

Jeff Hansen: I don t kn--

Mac: Exactly! That s why OutKast is a legend, man! He s a damn genius in that ring! A true god of wrestling!

OutKast gets back up, Real Deal trying to shake off the effects. OutKast points to Mirage, the fans going insane at the prospect of the two enemies locking up again. Mirage continues to glare at OutKast. Real Deal gets back up, but before he can attack OutKast, OutKast whips him into the corner with Roland. He slaps Roland s hand, and Roland kicks Real Deal in the stomach. Real Deal staggers, and is hooked by Roland into a full nelson. OutKast steadies Real Deal and punches him with that powerful right hook. It was, however, way too powerful, as Real Deal s lip is busted.

Jason Johnson: What the hell is OutKast doing?!

Mac: I guess OutKast is punching Real Deal in such a way that would make even Ben Jackman proud.

Real Deal gets, how can one say this PISSED. Real Deal starts screaming at OutKast, punching at him, through the referee as OutKast simply flips him off, the fans enjoying every second of it. Roland, however, is right behind Real Deal, and hooks the leg, rolling Real Deal in a schoolboy. The referee drops down, counting: 1. .2...KICKOUT. Real Deal shoves off of Roland and begins to punch the hell out of Roland, whipping Roland into the corner with Lonewolf and Mirage, and the two men begin to pound away at Roland until he slumps down in the corner. Real Deal charges, and rams his knee into Roland s face. Real Deal slaps Lonewolf s hand and Lonewolf steps into the ring, throwing his hands into the air as the fans approve, popping loudly.

Jeff Hansen: This is something the fans have wanted to see for a very long time!

Mac: Lonewolf? Dude, he s nothing like what the fans want to see.

Jason Johnson: Are you listening to the fans? I beg to differ!

Lonewolf helps Roland up, making sure Roland s okay, the fans puzzled, as is Roland. However, as soon as Lonewolf finds out that Roland is okay, then the hell begins. Lonewolf pounds away at Roland savagely, lefts, rights, lefts, rights, over and over again. Roland staggers forward, right into a swinging neck breaker. Lonewolf drops Roland savagely, but instead of pinning him, continues to wail away. Roland hugs the rope, hoping to get Lonewolf off of him, and it does, as the referee forces himself into the fray, pulling Lonewolf off of Roland. Roland makes it to his feet, only to face a Real Deal who runs the apron, clothes lining him on the inside. The fans explode into cheers as Roland, simply put, is getting his ass beat. Lonewolf goes to pick Roland up, but Roland uses his arms in a form of a drop toe hold. Lonewolf bounces against the ropes and to the mat, and Roland hooks Lonewolf into a leg grapevine. Lonewolf cringes, but ignores the pain, punching away at Roland s locked arms. Roland releases Lonewolf and Lonewolf gets to his feet, greeted by a kick to the midsection, followed by a gut wrench suplex. With Lonewolf down, Roland walks over to OutKast yelling at him for not helping. OutKast, however, ignores.

Jeff Hansen: So much for brotherhood!

Jason Johnson: I thought Roland and OutKast were tight, Mac?

Mac is silent, watching the fray intently.

Jeff Hansen: I wonder what s on his mind.

Roland shakes his head, only to stop in his tracks, looking up an the entryway.

Jeff Hansen: That s that s Lonewolf s wife, Rebecca!

Rebecca makes her way down to the ring, eyes locked on Roland. Roland grins and blows her a kiss. She gets up on the apron and her and Roland begin to yell at one another. She goes to slap him, but Roland blocks it, grabs her by her hair and moves in to kiss her. However, before he can do that, his head is grabbed from behind by Lonewolf, the fans popping for the #1 Contender for the Rising Sun Championship. Roland staggers back, and Lonewolf nails an inverted jawbreaker, Roland and Lonewolf both collapsing to the mat. Mirage and Real Deal both have their arms out for a tag. As does OutKast, and the fans are loving every minute of it. Rebecca cheers her husband on as he gets to his hands and knees, as does Roland.

Jason Johnson: Roland and Lonewolf are down! Who can make the tag faster? Lonewolf has a fresh partner in Mirage and an angry partner in Real Deal!

Jeff Hansen: But Roland has a determined partner in OutKast! This is going to be interesting to see how this match goes!

Lonewolf pounces and tags in Mirage. The fans go insane as Mirage steps into the ring, looking down at Roland who is still crawling over to OutKast.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage is going to let OutKast get into the ring!! This is one thing I personally have waited to see for a long time!

Roland tags OutKast and he steps into the ring, the two finally having the chance to meet. However, Mirage slaps Real Deal s hand and the fight is on! Real Deal scrambles into the ring and the two men, OutKast and Real Deal, go at it! Real Deal nails OutKast in the face with a left hook, followed by a devastating neck breaker! Real Deal drops into a leg drop, hooks the leg around OutKast s head, and then locks it with the other!

Jeff Hansen: Triangle lock!

Real Deal holds it and sinks it in tightly, OutKast squirming for freedom, for air. The referee asks OutKast if he quits, and he shakes his head NO! The fans go insane as these two are locked. OutKast s body fights, but slowly gets weaker. Then he goes limp. Real Deal holds the move in, and the referee goes to check OutKast s arm. ONE .OutKast s arm drops. TWO .OutKast s arm drops. THR--OutKast suddenly bridges his legs and curls Real Deal up onto himself!!! The referee counts his unorthodox pin! 1. .2. KICKOUT!!! Real Deal slides himself away from OutKast, shaking his head at OutKast s ability to stay going. OutKast, though, brings himself to his feet and then Real Deal charges him!! OutKast ducks down and counters, putting Real Deal on his shoulders!!

Jason Johnson: DEVASTATOR!!

Real Deal slides off the back of OutKast, kicks him in the back and then sets him up for

Jeff Hansen: WAIT!! NO!! ART OF THE DEAL!!!

OutKast throws Real Deal away from him, kicks Real Deal in the midsection, and hooks the Real Deal s head into a DDT, hooking the arms!!!

Jason Johnson: ALIENATOR!!!

Real Deal uses all of his might to throw OutKast off of him in a backdrop. Both men crumble out of breath. The fans applaud the exchange as the two men get to their feet again. Real Deal falls back to his corner, and Mirage slaps his back, tagging himself in. Real Deal, annoyed, steps back as Mirage gets into the ring with OutKast, the fans going insane as the two face one another. OutKast and Mirage circle one another and then OutKast lunges with a punch, but Mirage ducks, and the punch NAILS Roland!! Roland falls off the apron, dazed. OutKast stops, realizing he s alone against three men who obviously hate him. The fans, though, pop as Real Deal and Lonewolf step into the ring.

Jason Johnson: This is what I ve been waiting for!

OutKast turns to face Real Deal and Lonewolf, and Mirage hooks him up, readying for a Lonewolf clothesline. Lonewolf charges in, but OutKast ducks!! However, before Lonewolf can even connect with OutKast, Mirage hooks Lonewolf s arms into a full nelson!!! OutKast turns around and punches Lonewolf HARD in the stomach, knocking the wind out of him.

Jeff Hansen: W-wait a second!

Mac: That s my cue!

Mac gets Roland up and rolls him into the ring. Mac gets in the ring himself, and Real Deal finds himself alone now. OutKast walks over to Real Deal and bumps chests with him. The two exchange words but OutKast points to the entryway. Roland at this point kicks and stomps away at Lonewolf. Real Deal yells for Roland to stop, but it s too late. Mac and Mirage begin to wail on Roland, the fans puzzled as to who to cheer for.

Jason Johnson: What the hell s going on?! Goddamn it! OutKast was supposed to get his team disqualified for hitting Josh with a chair wh--

Jeff Hansen: This isn t what you booked?

Real Deal goes to help Roland, but OutKast steps into his way. Mirage and Mac step out of the ring and OutKast smirks, following them. The three men stand in front of the announce table, grinning. Real Deal goes to help Lonewolf to his feet, and Lonewolf slides out of the ring along with Real Deal, who stays at the entry ramp. OutKast takes a microphone and points to Real Deal.

OutKast: See you at Impulse, brother.

OutKast then turns to Jason Johnson, and all three men glare down at him.

OutKast: You wanna fire Prometheus, you son of a bitch?!

The fans are silent.

OutKast: You wanna get rid of a friend of mine because he stood UP to you!? Aaron was a good kid and you want to fuck with him?! YOU WANNA FUCK WITH ME!?!?

OutKast gets into Jason s face, screaming.

OutKast: I AM NO ONE S FUCKING PUPPET!!! NOT ME NOT MIRAGE .NOT MAC, NONE OF US ARE!!! As far as I m concerned, Jason SHOOT can kiss my ass, this is OUR show now. As of right now, Johnson we don t do a mother fucking thing you tell us to.

Jason glares right back at this blatant disrespect.

OutKast: Fire me, you son of a bitch. Maybe we can see Jonny Johnson and Real Deal in what was most definitely a money making feud! Or maybe Impulse can be main evented by another stellar Hardcore Style tag team match!

Mac, Mirage, and OutKast laugh.

OutKast: Dude, face facts. SHOOT may be your in name, but it s NOTHING without OutKast, Mirage, and Mac around. Your main event is BUILT on me. Without me, what the fuck have you got .Jonny? We saw how quickly you shoved him to mid card upon my arrival, huh?! Your brother?! I ll tell you what, Jason we ll see you at Impulse when I take your federation s title, alright? Two more things, chief. One at Impulse there s one more surprise we ve got coming your way. And two?

OutKast, Mirage, and Mac huddle up close to the mic, all of them grinning.

OutKast, Mirage, and Mac: TOODLES!!!!!

Superstar II by Saliva hits as the three men stand there, glaring down at Jason Johnson.

Jeff Hansen: Um this is Jeff Hansen for Jason Johnson see you all at Las Vegas for Impulse!

The scene fades to black.