Oblivion on this day of December 15th, 2002 opens with a backstage view on two men in the middle of a conversation. The hooded man that has been causing so much trouble to Vincent Mallows' mental well-being and... Prometheus? Wasn't the hooded man Prometheus? Uh oh! The mere fact that Prometheus is caught speaking to this man shows us all that the hooded man was only moonlighting as Prometheus as a sort of misdirection tactic.

So the questions begin running through the minds of the fans. Questions like: Who is he? What does he want with Vincent? Why did he pick now? And why is he speaking to Prometheus? As the camera man gets a bit closer to the two men the speech is starting to be heard but still a bit muffled. Prometheus' countenance then turned bad. You could tell he isn't liking what he's being told. And now the camera was close enough to make the speech out perfect and still not be seen.

Hooded Man: "...want no questions, ok? Your time here with The Shoot Project is at an end. It took you this long just to get past the initial problem which is pretty pathetic. And you haven't done anything since being signed as a franchise player. To say that is satisfactory in any way is blasphemy." Prometheus looks around as if somebody is around to hear their conversation. Probably a case of feeling like he's being watched. He shrugs it off not knowing how wrong he is to not look behind the couple crates just to the side of him.

Prometheus: "Why? I mean, I came in here and fought with Jason and Josh in Cronos' honor then got signed as the franchise player, and now I'm being ejected from the game? Just after I've finally gotten to the point where I can do something about it. It doesn't make any sense. Why am I no longer needed?" The sigh of the hooded man made Prometheus uneasy. Prometheus looks down at the ground and kicks the cement not knowing what to do as he waits for the answer.

Hooded Man: "Look, Roth... this isn't how it was planned. I agree. But I'm just a messenger. I do what I'm told. I've been told to tell you to take this money and walk. Don't ever come back and forget you ever worked for The Shoot Project. Jason doesn't need you as bad as he thought he did."

Prometheus grins and chuckles.

Prometheus: "Excuse me? Jason practically begged me to come back. He needs me more than you're saying. But for whatever reason he wants me gone I'll leave. Against my better judgement. But to get down to specifics. How much money are we talking?"

The hooded man picks up the bag and throws it to Prometheues without a single thought and speaks quickly.

Hooded Man: "A cool million."

Prometheus opens his eyes wide in a shocking manner and stops playing his arrogant persona. He looks at the man before him and plays his real self. The real Aaron Roth comes out for the first time.

Prometheus: "Ok, wait a second. I'm being paid off with a cool million, which is far more than my contract, and I'm supposed to just walk away without asking why? Forget that, brother. Why am I being paid this much? And I better be told why. Because frankly I'm quite curious now."

The hooded man wastes no time in grabbing Prometheus by the collar, pulling him close and whispering in a deadly tone into his ear.

Hooded Man: "They say curiosity killed the cat, Roth. Do you want to find out for yourself why that's true?"

The hooded man pushes Prometheus away and watches as he almost falls to the ground. The usual Prometheus would jump up and fight this man back but he doesn't. He stands up and looks ahead, weighing his options, thinking hard.

Prometheus: "Ok, fine. I get the message. I know too much and unless I want to go back to prison or end up dead I'll take the money and run. I'm better off this way anyway. I don't have to take bumps week in and week out and I don't have to worry about satisfying some agenda that isn't even mine. The objective changes yet again."

Hooded Man: "Wise man, Roth. Besides, you didn't accomplish the real objective, brother. And you know this. You're lucky to be paid off right now. Aren't you?"

The two men pause together. Neither saying anything. Prometheus is about to say something when the hooded man breaks the silence first, beating him to it.

Hooded Man: "Now scram! If you're needed again you'll be found. And I do mean scram. If you come back anytime soon you're bound to be in big trouble, Roth. Consider this your second firing though. Goodbye, Roth."

Prometheus simply walks away from the scene with his bag of a million dollars in hand without a care in the world. Afterall he's a million dollars richer. The hooded man, on the other hand, stands there laughing as he watches the only man that could have done anything about the current situation walk away. What an interesting situation it could have been. He sighs, shakes his head and walks off in the opposite direction.

Camera Man: "I have to find Vincent. Something isn't right with this."

The camera man rushes off toward the locker room with his camera held in his right hand. As the tron shuts off we see Jeff Hansen and Eryk Masters sitting at the announcers table, both a little bit shocked, but Jason quickly recovers to the stare of Jeff Hansen.

Jeff Hansen: "Well Jason, is there something you'd like to tell us? Seems like Prometheus has been fired a second time. You've got to have something to do with this even though you said you saw the light."

Jason Johnson: "Honestly I don't have any clue what just happened there nor do I know who the hooded figure is. I just wish I knew his business with Prometheus, The Shoot Project, and Vincent Mallows."

Jeff Hansen: Well in either case, something is definitely up, and folks its all happening here live from Viking Arena in good old Philly! Ladies and Gentlemen this is Oblivion!!!

The fans erupt in cheers but the cheers are suddenly replaced with silence as a familiar but long since unheard song plays over the P.A. system.

"The Time for Change has arrived…"

The fans are completely quiet now, the lights are dim, "Soldier" by Eminem hits the PA system, and the fans come to their feet. It plays for good amount of time… No one appears.

Jeff Hansen: That's Eryk Masters' music, but where is he? We haven't seen him in months. What's this all about?

Jason Johnson: Don't worry about it.

Jason removes his headset, and stands up. He walks towards the timekeeper and gets a microphone. He slowly walks into the ring, as the music is playing. The crowd is alive and roaring at Masters' music. Masters, a man who was injured many months ago at the hands of Roland.

Eryk Masters appears on the stage, dressed in blue jeans and a black SHOOT Project hoodie. His hair is black with its red tips, and his physique is all the better from where it was when he got taken out. He has a microphone in his hand, and is seemingly ready to make whatever it is that he's here to make.

Masters makes his way down to the ring, walking up the steps and then climbing in. He walks right up to Jason, standing eye to eye with him, and extends his hand. Jason returns the favor.

Eryk Masters: All right Eryk. I think I may be the only one who knows why you're here. Fact of the matter, is that I don't need to be behind the announce table anymore. Everything is getting too hectic around the offices, and my place is behind the executive desk of the SHOOT Project. It was fun, SHOOT Project, but here's your new color commentator, Eryk Masters.

Masters nods to Jason as Jason steps off to the side.

Eryk Masters: Thank you, Jason. To say that I'm honored to be back in the SHOOT Project would be a daft understatement. I got put out prematurely by Roland the Dark, right when I was about to start making waves. Now, it's not a big deal to me anymore. In fact, I think I'm going to like my new job. I'm sure Jeff will LOVE having me around. Nothing like working with a loose cannon, right?

Jason laughs at this, and then tosses his microphone out to the time keeper.

Eryk Masters: So, Jason, you can return to your executive duties, and I'll just be taking your seat here at this table.

"Only the Strong" by FLAW hits the PA, and Eryk Masters, full executive wear on, walks to the back amidst an intense fervor of cheers. He stands at the top of the ramp, and turns around, raising an arm up to the SHOOT Project fans, and then slowly walking back. Masters climbs out of the ring, and walks over to the announcer's table, much to the dismay of Jeff Hansen.

Eryk Masters: Good to see you again, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah… right.

Kyle Ortego Vs. Mirage ©
DOJO Championship

Jeff Hansen: Mirage and Ortego hardcore rules. No DQ. This one should be extra special.

Eryk Masters: I think this is going to be Chaos versus Order.

Jeff Hansen: I cannot believe that Mirage would dare disrespect of the legacy that others have laid down in SHOOT, a legacy that is represented by the DOJO title.

Jeff Hansen: This has to be a match that both men have been looking forward to.

Eryk Masters: Kyle and Mirage circle the ring talking smack back and forth.

Jeff Hansen: I would love to hear what they are saying in the ring.

Eryk Masters: You're not the only one damn it get a mic up there.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage ties up with Ortego getting an arm drag take down sending Ortego down to the mat. Ortego is back up to his feet pushing Mirage in the chest sending him back slightly. Mirage gets up in the face delivering a forearm shot to the chin of Ortego sending him back against the ropes. Ortego comes off the ropes with a stiff right hand followed by another. Mirage goes down to one knee.

Eryk Masters: This is getting heated as both men really are looking to show up the other. Mirage catches Ortego coming in with a monkey flip sending Ortego back over onto the mat and on his back. Mirage goes in for the early cover but Ortego kicks out easily at a 1 count.

Jeff Hansen: That is way too early to keep someone the likes of Kyle Ortego. I know he isn't going to be easy to keep down. Ortego is up going for a roundhouse punch Mirage catches him and hooks both his arms into a pinning attempt, but once again Ortego gets out rather quickly.

Eryk Masters: Mirage is trying to keep this match technical to this point. But remember Hardcore rules are in effect in this one. I am wondering how long it will be until one of them begins to take advantage of that aspect? Mirage gets up first sending a knee smash right into the side of Ortego's head. Mirage goes up looking towards the middle turnbuckle climbing coming off with an elbow drop nailing Ortego in the chest. Mirage reaches down catching Ortego in a figure four leg lock causing Ortego to yell out in pain.

Jeff Hansen: That is a move that you don't see used very much anymore. Ortego makes his way to the ropes causing the referee to call for the break. Finally after the count of 4 Mirage breaks the hold due to the referee pulling him off of Ortego. The referee and Mirage get into an argument. Ortego is slowly getting to his feet and moving into position behind Mirage as Mirage shoves the referee. The referee shoves him back and straight into the awaiting Kyle's arms. Kyle catches Mirage in a release German suplex sending Mirage out to the outside of the ring and down to the floor.

Eryk Masters: Kyle likes to be called the Messiah and now he is in his realm the hardcore realm that is. Kyle comes off the far side ropes nailing a flying head butt going over the top ring rope. Mirage is back down as Kyle is back up climbing up the ring apron climbing up the turnbuckle coming off with a 450 and catches Mirage in a Franken steiner.

Jeff Hansen: Damn that was a high risk move their by Ortego. Lucky for him he connected with that as Mirage wasn't able to make it out of the way in time. Unlucky for him in the same aspect. I can't believe that Ortego would take a chance like that this early in the match up. Ortego gets up picking Mirage up by the hair and tosses him back inside the ring. He reaches down under the ring apron pulling out a steel chair sliding it under the ring rope.

Eryk Masters: Kyle gets up grabbing the chair and moves towards Mirage who is staggering on his feet. Kyle rears back nailing Mirage in the head sending him back down to the mat. Kyle catches the legs of Mirage hooking him in the sharp shooter.

Jeff Hansen: Now that is sort of unexpected there by Ortego as he is more known as a hardcore specialist. A change of pace that is certainly taking Mirage by surprise.

Eryk Masters: I don't know what to say after seeing this from Ortego. Kyle sits down on the lower back of Mirage. The referee is checking in on Mirage to see if he wants to submit. Finally after a few moments pass Ortego releases the hold frustrated that he didn't get Mirage to submit to the move he had him in. Ortego picks up Mirage sending him into the ropes and catches him coming off with a Japanese arm drag.

Jeff Hansen: A great move their by Ortego. Mirage gets back up moving with a slight limp. Ortego nails Mirage with a standing drop kick. Mirage goes over backwards into the corner. Ortego catches Mirage in the corner with a split legged moonsault landing on Mirage hooking the leg as the referee gets into position to make the pin fall.

Eryk Masters: 1..2.. no Mirage kicks out of the pinning predicament. Kyle goes back over to the chair that is lying in the center of the ring. He grabs it in his hand climbing up the turnbuckle.

Jeff Hansen: Where is he going now Jason?

Eryk Masters: I think he is too far away from Mirage. Kyle comes off dropkicking the chair into the face of Mirage busting him wide open.

Jeff Hansen: He had to go well over ¾ of the ring. The crowd is on their feet cheering for the action they have just witnessed. It is going to be interesting to see if Kyle can take advantage of the opportunity that is before him as both men are down on the mat and hardly moving. Who is going to get up first as even though Mirage took the blunt of that blow from the chair, but Kyle the Messiah of Hardcore had the wind knocked out of him.

Eryk Masters: I think the person that gets to their feet first will definitely be in the drivers seat as it pertains to winning this important match up. Kyle starts getting to his feet reaching down pulling Mirage out of the corner in which he was slumped over in a bloody heap. Kyle reaches down to pick Mirage up and is caught in an inside cradle as the referee hops over top both men and gets into position to make the cover.



Jeff Hansen: Damn I thought Mirage had it there. Kyle is back up to his feet catching Mirage with a dragon screw leg whip. Kyle goes over picking up what is left of the chair he hit Mirage with earlier. Looking at it for a moment then he places it on top of Mirage's chest then begins to make his ascent to the top turnbuckle.

Eryk Masters: Kyle comes off with a Swanton bomb onto the chair. I don't believe he took that much of a risk this late in the match up.

Jeff Hansen: You know Kyle he is one for the high risk and putting his body on the line. That had to hurt him as well as Mirage. Both men are truly showing that they are two of the best in the Shoot Project.

Eryk Masters: I know that is the truth without a doubt. Kyle is slowly getting to his feet as is Mirage. Mirage catches Kyle on the way in with a European upper cut sending Kyle down to one knee. Mirage comes in catching Kyle with a vertical suplex.

Jeff Hansen: It looks like Mirage might be getting his second wind. Not a bad time to get it either Jason. Mirage looks at the damage he has caused playing to the crowd who gives him a very loud chorus of boo's.

Eryk Masters: I don't think Mirage is going to win any popularity contests tonight.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage paint brushes the back of Kyle's head just to irritate him some. Kyle is pulled up to his feet Mirage tries to go for a belly to belly suplex, but Kyle blocks it, Mirage tries once more but yet again Kyle blocks it nailing Mirage with a belly to belly suplex of his own.

Eryk Masters: A great reversal there by Kyle. Ceasing the advantage Kyle comes off the opposite side ropes nailing Mirage with the rolling thunder. Kyle rolls over on his stomach hooking the leg of Mirage.



Jeff Hansen: No, I thought it was over there Jason. Mirage showed a lot of heart kicking out of that. How much fight is left in these men? I know any normal wrestler would be done well before now.

Eryk Masters: Kyle gets back up and heads towards the outside the ring reaching under the ring apron pulling out a table.

Jeff Hansen: I don't like the looks of this Jason.

Eryk Masters: I love it. Kyle is tossing the table into the ring through the ropes. He positions the table in the ring. Kyle sets it where he wants then goes over and hits and atomic drop on Mirage followed by a stiff clothesline.

Jeff Hansen: He takes Mirage hoisting him over his shoulder coming off with an X-factor through the table.

Eryk Masters: I can't believe the action we have seen in this one neither of these men will be able to walk out of this one.

Jeff Hansen: Kyle goes back outside the ring pulling out two more tables. Kyle sets one up then goes over towards the second table setting it up on top of the first table over the ring steps.

Eryk Masters: You've got to be kidding me he isn't going to try what I think he is setting up to do. Kyle slides back into the ring catching Mirage with a kick to the midsection and follows it up with a front Russian leg sweep otherwise known as the Stroke.

Jeff Hansen: Kyle looks to be in the driver's seat now. Kyle goes over picking up Mirage as both men are standing on the top turnbuckle. Under both of them are two tables and a very unforgiving steel steps.

Eryk Masters: Kyle positions Mirage and comes off and down through both tables and onto the steps with a hangmen's tiger bomb. My god both men are seriously hurt after that move. Kyle is letting it all out of the bag. Kyle is busted open now as well.

Jeff Hansen: I love the competitive fire that both these men posses. Neither one giving in no matter the amount of pain they may be feeling. Kyle is the first man up as he reaches down picking the almost lifeless Mirage and tosses him back inside the ring following him back inside. Kyle goes over positioning Mirage in the corner. He comes off with a split legged moonsault.

Eryk Masters: That has got to be it. Kyle goes to hook the leg while the referee is in position to render the count.



Jeff Hansen: I don't believe it damn Mirage still had enough sense about him to put his foot on the bottom rope. A veteran always knows his position inside the ring I guess.

Eryk Masters: I can't believe the look of frustration on the face of Kyle. He looks like he is going to explode.

Jeff Hansen: He looks on the verge of snapping.

Eryk Masters: Well I think this is going to be something he must control or it could cost him the match. Even though it is no DQ, he could make a fatal mistake that could make all his efforts go to waste.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage sets him up in the corner, goes to the opposite corner, gets a running start and flies in the air, eating the post, as Kyle ducks out of the way.

Eryk Masters: Wow, he just ate the post, Kyle is getting to his feet now, he picks Mirage up and does a belly to back suplex, tossing Mirage outside the ring.

Mark Chicone is making his way to the ring, as he gets to the ring, Mirage is starting to get up, Mark grabs Mirage and throws him back inside the ring, Mark walks over to the announcers table and has a seat next to Jeff and Jason....

Jeff Hansen: Well, this is a surprise, we have a guest here with us, it's been since the Tag-Team Title match since we seen you, where have you been hiding these past couple weeks?

Mark Chicone: You know, after that loss to Chris and Jonny, I started questioning myself, wondering what the hell I need to do to become something special here, and I think I know exactly what it is that I have to do.

Eryk Masters: And what would that be?

Mark takes the headset off and grabs a chair, as he circles the ring, he sets and stares at Mirage as if he's planning something big here...

Jeff Hansen: I don't know what Mark's doing right now, but back in the ring, it looks as though Mirage has got the upper hand. He's gotten Kyle in somewhat of a Boston Crab, Kyle is reaching for the ropes, he's almost got them, and finally he's reached the ropes.

As Kyle grabs the bottom rope, Mark drills Klye with the chair, knocking him out a little stupid, allowing Mirage to pull Kyle away from the ropes...

Eryk Masters: What the hell? I thought Kyle was his friend?

Mark Chicone: That's what I had to do, time to get rid of the baggage that I have been carrying around here, Kyle's been holding me down, he cost me the Tag-titles and he won't cost me anymore, I can promise that.

Mark throws the chair down and heads up the ramp...

Jeff Hansen: Mark Chicone just leveled Kyle with that chair, and might have cost Ortego his chance at being the DOJO champion!

Eryk Masters: I've seen stuff like that go down a thousand times. People rub off on each other the wrong way and then people hold grudges.

Jeff Hansen: Well Mirage now dragging Ortego into the center of the ring. Looks like he's putting an end to this one.

Eryk Masters: He makes the cover. The referee counts. One… Two… Thre… NO!!! My god! Ortego kicked out despite that vicious chair shot he took at the hands of Mark Chicone. And look at Mirage, he's simply livid.

Jeff Hansen: And listen to these fans, they're backing Ortego one hundred percent. Funny how this business works, only a few weeks ago the people hated this guy, now they love him.

Eryk Masters: Because he is representing a dying breed, and he's trying to save something that is a part of history. That's worthy of cheering.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage pulling Ortego to his feet now and whips him into the corner. However, as Mirage rushes at him, Ortego pulls one last thing off… he nails Mirage square in the jaw with the WEST NILE THEORY!! The fans begin to chant "Or-te-go! Or-te-go!"

Eryk Masters: With his last ounce of strength he's making the cover on Mirage.

Jeff Hansen: One… Two….

Eryk Masters: Three!!! We have a new DOJO champion!!!

Jeff Hansen: What a match, and Ortego fought through it all!

Eryk Masters: the DOJO era is now being headed by Kyle Ortego, and you can bet he's gonna make Mark Chicone his first target…

The fans continue to buzz as Ortego hoists his newly won DOJO title high above his head as he celebrates in the ring, the cameras head somewhere else in the arena…

With a focused expression, Vincent Mallows makes his way through Viking Hall and towards the ring area. However, as he walks his eyes dart back and forth, seemingly on his guard. Suddenly Lonewolf approaches from around the corner, startling Vincent.

Vincent Mallows: Jesus…. Oh, Lonewolf it's just you.

Lonewolf cracks a slight smile.

Lonewolf: Who did you think it was the boogey man or something?

Vincent Mallows: Of course not. Besides I believe Jonny got rid of that gimmick months ago.

The two men share a laugh to ease Vincent's minor bout of anxiety.

Lonewolf: Listen, I just came by to see if you still wanted me down at ringside. Personally I'd love to punch Daniel Jones right in the face a couple of times.

Vincent Mallows: Actually, I think I'll be all right. The more I thought it over, the more I decided that I should take care of matters on my own. Besides, looks like you've already got troubles of your own to worry about.

Vincent leans up against the wall with his palms placed flat on it and begins to stretch out his legs.

Lonewolf: Yeah, well if you need the help, you know I'm here. Good luck, Vincent, but it's not like you're going to need it.

Again both men laugh and Lonewolf heads off down the hall back in the direction of the locker rooms. Vincent finishes his stretching and once more heads down the hallway towards the ring area.

Vincent Mallows: It's go time.

The cameras cut to ringside now where Samantha Coil stands ready to announce the next contest.

Jeff Hansen: It looks like the superstars are taking matters into their own hands and bonds are being made.

Eryk Masters: Alliances can always be useful, especially in this sport. With all the bad blood that circulates, your best bet is to find someone you can trust.

Jeff Hansen: Well, Eryk, maybe you and I can form an announcer alliance of sorts, in case this whole power struggle gets completely out of hand.

Eryk Masters: Jeff, the day I form an alliance with you is the day the doctors proclaim me completely sane. I'm not here to be buddy buddy with you, I'm here to bring a wrestlers view point to the commentary table.


Mercy, Severity by Mudvaye hits and a Simon Kain makes his way out into the arena. Simon stands at 6'4" and 265 pounds. He has short brown hair and is very chiseled. Simon is wearing his trademark "The Main Event" t-shirt with the sleves off exposing the tribal art on both arms. Simon makes his way to the ring, occasionaly being awestruck that he has finally made it back to the big-time. He has finally ariived to the Shoot Project. Simon snaps out of it and addresses the crowd and The Shoot Project for the first time.

Simon:"It has been way to long, almost a year and a half to long. Not since my days in SWA have I been around the talent that I am with today. After the unfortunate closing I bounced around from Indy to Indy not knowing where I was going to be the next month, the next week or the next day. I managed to be successful in some of the smaller feds. Hell I even captured some big time gold. But nothing ever felt the same as the SWA. The recognition you got. The fans that adored you. I was missing that. When I wasnt picked up by any other big time companies, I hit a depression. Rage was no longer, I was reborn as Simon Kain. I then decided to start all over from the bottom and work my way back up to the major leauges. I recently got a call from the man that took me under his wing in SWA, the same man that help me get a deal here at SHOOT, he knows who he is, all I wanna do is say thanks. Now to the rest of you here in SHOOT. Watch your ass. Some of you may know me some may not, but with in time you will all know and respect Simon Kain. I am not to be taken lightly. There is a "Sickness" brewing in SHOOT and it is about to be unleashed to all that steps in my way to my rise back to the top. I dont care if your a curtain jerker or the top guy on the ladder. Im gunning for you all. I may get my ass kicked, but just remember I will always leave my mark."

Jeff Hansen: Well, it would appear that Jason has made yet another signing.

Eryk Masters: As always, lots of new faces here in the SHOOT Project. It's all a matter of whether or not they stick around.

Jeff Hansen: Well folks, up next... it's Roland versus Vincent Mallows, in what should be quite an interesting match.

Roland the Dark vs. Vincent Mallows (No Disqualification)

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, this next match is scheduled for one fall and is a no disqualification match!!!

The fans begin to stir in slight anticipation and seconds later "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine picks up over the P.A. system. The anticipation turns to boos as Roland the Dark emerges from the back accompanied by a cocky and smug looking Daniel Jones. The two men walk down to the ring side by side, Roland remaining silent while Daniel Jones jaw jacks back to the fans that are insulting him.

Samantha Coil: First making his way down to the ring standing at the height of six feet and five inches, and weighing in at two hundred and sixty two pounds, here is Roland the Dark!!

More boos ring out as Roland slides into the ring now, Daniel Jones still right by his side. Roland stands center of the ring with his hands outstretched and pointing to himself.

Jeff Hansen: Roland the Dark… or should we say just Roland, is really oozing with confidence tonight…

Eryk Masters: Yeah, well I don't see how in the hell he can have any confidence. I mean the guy is a fluke in this sport. He got lucky when he beat me for the Rising Sun title… and hell it's not like he did anything with the belt anyway.

Jeff Hansen: Is that your personal "wrestler's point of view?" Eryk. Because some would say that his feud with Lonewolf was one of the more highly anticipated feuds that the SHOOT Project has seen.

Eryk Masters: All a bunch of smoke being blown up Roland's ass. Now that he has Daniel Jones, the SP doesn't have to do that for him anymore.

"Wake Up" cuts off now only to be replaced by an uplifting song and a chorus of loud cheers. As "One Time" by Stroke 9 plays throughout the arena. After a few seconds Vincent Mallows appears from the back, and the cheers grow a bit louder. Mallows walks to the ring slowly and cautiously as he eyes both Roland and Daniel Jones. The referee motions for Daniel Jones to exit the ring and keeps Roland away from Mallows as he enters the ring. Vincent walks up the steel steps and through the second ropes. He glares at Roland and then turns and ascends the top rope. He holds one arm high with his index finger pointing up. The fans respond with cheers, but the cheers quickly die as Mallows is knocked from behind by a clubbing axe handle smash from Roland.

Jeff Hansen: Roland catches Mallows off guard before the match even officially started.

Eryk Masters: No surprise there.

The bell sounds, but not like that matters any. Samantha quickly hurries out of the ring as Roland pulls Mallows off of the top turnbuckle and pushes him down to the mat. Keeping Vincent pinned down with his arms, Roland delivers a series of continuous knees into the Vincent's ribs, hoping to get a quick advantage. Roland swiftly hooks Vincent's leg already making a pin. The referee hits the mat to make the count, but Vincent gets his shoulder up before the ref can barely reach one. Roland is quick to his feet and brings Vincent up as well. Roland whips Vincent into the ropes and as he comes bouncing back Roland takes him down with a fireman's carry, but goes right into a sleeper hold. Daniel Jones shouts at Roland from the outside in support of his client.

Daniel Jones: Wretch the hold on tight, Roland!!!

Eryk Masters: Listen to that loud mouth bastard. God, the last thing this place needed was Daniel Jones.

Jeff Hansen: Well it looks like we finally see eye to eye on something, Eryk.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, well don't get any ideas…. Vincent now trying to break free of the sit down sleeper hold that Roland has him in, but he doesn't look to be in good position to grab the ropes.

Vincent stretches his hand out as far as he can, but he is too far from the ropes. Roland continues to hold the sleeper in place, and Vincent begins to drop his arm. As Vincent tires out, the fans start to get more energetic, stomping their feet hoping to get Vincent back into this thing. Roland shakes his head no, believing that this is it right here right now. Vincent's arms slump down to the mat and the referee comes in to check the situation. He grabs Vincent's hand and lifts it up into the air. Upon letting go of it, it comes slumping back down onto the mat. A smile begins to spread across Roland's face. The referee raises Vincent's hand again, and Roland's eyes automatically go to follow it down, however, Vincent keeps it up signalling his ability to continue the match!

Jeff Hansen: Vincent is still in this one, and now he's battling back.

Eryk Masters: Nice use of the elbow to the gut, always a classic way to get out of a sleeper hold.

While Roland attempts to keep the sleeper hold locked on, Vincent slowly but surely weakens Roland's hold as he throws elbow after elbow into Roland's gut. Vincent gets up to one knee, then he's on both feet. The fans start cheering now as Vincent gets out of the sleeper completely and sends Roland into the ropes now. Roland comes bouncing back and Vincent lands a back elbow to Roland's jaw, sending him staggering backwards. Vincent bounces off the opposite ropes and sends Roland tumbling to the outside of the ring with a flying lariat. The fans pop loudly as Roland staggers to his feet on the outside and regroups with Daniel Jones. Vincent paces back and forth in the ring now, shouting towards Roland.

Vincent Mallows: You going to finish this one or not, Roland?

Roland shakes his head with fury and rushes back into the ring, despite Daniel Jones' restraint on him. The two men instantly lock into grapple and Vincent gets the upper hand. Vincent grabs Roland's right arm and brings it locked around his back. Vincent then wrenches up on the arm, causing Roland to wince in pain. Roland swats at Vincent, but Vincent manages to avoid Roland's attack. Vincent swings back around in front of Roland now, still holding onto his right arm and takes him down with an arm drag, and from there takes him down stomach first onto the mat. The fans watch as Vincent technically breaks down Roland and suddenly gets him into his crippler cross face type move called the painful reminder! Roland screams out in pain as Vincent locks in the hold tightly.

Eryk Masters: This Vincent Mallows has some great in ring work ability. Wish he was around when I was still fighting.

Jeff Hansen: Well Vincent is no stranger to the wrestling world, but for all the time he's been around, I've seen his best wrestling work done right here in the SHOOT Project. The man is certainly on a mission.

Eryk Masters: Yeah, I'm thinking maybe Roland should focus on a mission too, like not sucking. Jeff Hansen: Eryk, you can't have your personal biases interfere with the commentary…

Eryk Masters: Shut up Jeff, we've got Roland scrambling for the ropes and your talking about biases?

Inside the ring Roland slowly inches towards the ropes, Vincent doing everything in his power to prevent Roland from reaching the ropes. Vincent pulls back on Roland, but with a series of quick tiny moves, Roland gets himself out of the cross face and rolls out of the ring yet again. This time Roland walks around the ring for a moment as Vincent gets to his feet, shaking his head. Roland walks back up the steel steps and into the ring now, his left hand raised high into the air.

Jeff Hansen: The class test of strength… will Mallows accept the challenge?

Vincent walks right up to Roland and stares him directly into the eyes, and then he to raises his hand into the air. However, before they can even lock the first hands together, Roland delivers a swift closed fist to Vincent's right kidney causing him to slump to the side. Roland then sends another punch this time to Vincent's left side. Roland takes the advantage and whips Vincent into the corner. Vincent hits so hard that he comes stumbling back forward and Roland takes him down with a running bulldog. Roland doesn't let up now and sends stomp after stomp into the back of Vincent, keeping him down on the mat and basically rendering him useless. The fans boo as Roland holds onto the ropes and slingshots his legs repeatedly into Vincent's side. Vincent grabs onto the ropes but Roland sends a hard soccer kick up under both his arms causing him to let go immediately. Roland grabs Vincent by the back and hoists him up to his feet. Roland nails him in the back of the head once and then locks his arms around Vincent, getting him into a T-Bone suplex position.

Daniel Jones: Drive him down, Roland! Drive him down hard!

Roland nods his head towards Daniel Jones and takes Vincent down with a T-Bone Suplex! Vincent's head hits the mat hard almost directly crushing his neck. With Vincent laid out, Roland walks around a bit just staring at the fallen Vincent. He then stops and raises one hand into the air, exactly as Vincent does, but instead of raising his index finger, Roland raises his middle finger, sending a loud and clear message to Vincent and everyone watching. The fans show their hatred with boos and shouts of "asshole". Roland, however cares very little and brings his hand down to his chin and runs his thumb across his neck… Signalling for an end in his eyes. Roland slowly brings Vincent to his feet, pulling at his hair while he brings him up. Roland than lifts Vincent up off his feet and holds him as if he was going to take him down with a body slam…

Eryk Masters: This isn't looking good for Vincent.

Jeff Hansen: While Vincent proved this week that he still has a way with words, it appears as if Roland's true talents are inside the ring, and Vincent might have spoken some words he's going to regret saying later.

Roland starts to spin around with Vincent held in the body slam position, and then drives him down with a modified sit down powerslam! The Pillar of Darkness!! Roland drapes an arm over Vincent to make the cover. The fans sit on the edge of their seat as the referee makes the count.

One… Two… NO! Vincent kicks out and Roland the Dark is just pissed. He pushes Vincent's shoulder down and makes the pin again. One.. Two… again Vincent kicks out. Roland gets to his feet now, fuming with anger as he goes for Vincent. He starts to pull Vincent to his feet, but as he does so, Vincent starts to build a come back. Vincent nails Roland with knife edge chop after knife edge chop as he gets up off the mat. Vincent works Roland into the corner, each chop more vicious sounding than the other. Vincent whips Roland into the corner chest first and Roland hits hard falling directly backward into Vincent who stayed close behind him. Vincent locks his arms around Roland's waist and takes him down with a quick release German suplex. Vincent doesn't let up at all now and he quickly gets on top of Roland and starts to send fist after fist into Roland's face.

Jeff Hansen: Shades of Vincent Cash here, going more relentless and less technical!

Eryk Masters: Well whatever it is a shade of, its good to see Roland get pummelled like this!

Vincent gets up off of Roland and lets him roll around the ring a bit trying to get his bearings back. As Roland moves towards the rope, Vincent stalks behind him, the fans cheering loudly as Vincent looks to be calling for The One Time Knock down! Roland pulls himself up rope by rope, not even knowing where Vincent is in relation to him. Daniel Jones is screaming on the outside, but his shouts seem to do little good.

Jeff Hansen: Here we go!

Eryk Masters: Wait, no! Daniel Jones is up on the apron!! Damn it!

Sure enough, Daniel Jones has jumped up on the apron and the referee has turned his attention in his direction. As Roland turns around Vincent nails him with his patented standing spinning vertical split leg round house kick, otherwise known as the One time Knock down! The fans go nearly nuts as Roland falls to the mat and Vincent hooks the leg. The fans count ONE… TWO… THREE… FOUR… FIVE… SIX… but the referee is being distracted by Daniel Jones himself. Vincent Mallows realizes what's going on and gets up off of Roland. He turns around and glares at Daniel Jones and points to him. Without a second thought, Vincent rushes at Daniel Jones, and as he does so Daniel Jones pulls the referee in the way and Vincent nails the referee with a clothesline. The referee spills to the outside, and Vincent quickly grabs Daniel Jones and flips him over the rope and into the ring. Daniel Jones quickly scampers up to his feet as he begs Vincent Mallows not to do anything to him. Vincent disregards his plea and corners Daniel Jones. Meanwhile, Roland gets to his feet now, and spies Vincent in the corner and the fans begin to boo.

Jeff Hansen: I never thought I'd see the day when Vincent Mallows falls victim to a ref bump screw job… the two on one odds do not bode well for Vincent.

Roland quickly rushes Vincent from behind, but at the last second Vincent spins around and nails Roland with a swift left handed European uppercut! Roland reels back and as he does so Vincent follows up with a flowing DDT driving Roland right down into the mat!

Eryk Masters: That's it! That's that Justifier move I saw him do last week while I was hanging out backstage. This one is over!

Daniel Jones quickly rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from under the ring apron. Vincent Mallows turns around to find Daniel Jones missing and then looks back to Roland who is out cold in the ring. Vincent then heads towards the side of the ring the referee is on, unknowing of Daniel Jones hiding in wait with a chair. As Vincent bends over to wake up the referee, Daniel Jones winds up and nails Vincent Mallows with the chair, cracking him directly in the skull. Vincent instantly reels backwards, and oddly enough he lands on top of Roland! Daniel Jones however doesn't see this and hurriedly wakes up the referee up and gets him back into the ring. Daniel Jones begins to celebrate as the referee hits the mat and makes the count.

One… Two… Three!!!

Daniel Jones jumps up and down for joy as the bell sounds and runs into the ring… and that's when he realizes it. "One Time" begins to play and the referee helps Vincent Mallows up to his feet, even though Vincent isn't really quite all together at the moment.

Eryk Masters: Vincent Mallows wins this one despite cheating ways. Daniel Jones' plan backfired, that's just hilarious!!

Jeff Hansen: Daniel Jones is not too happy now, even though seconds ago he was jumping for joy. When Roland gets up, you can bet he's not going to be happy about this one bit.

Vincent Mallows, with help from the referee makes his way out of the ring. As he walks up the ramp way, he raises his left arm high into the air, with his index finger extended. The fans shout out in unison "One time!" Mallows nods his head and disappears behind the back curtain.

Jeff Hansen: What a match that one was. The struggle for Roland continues, and you have to wonder how much more of Daniel Jones he's going to take.

Eryk Masters: Well I'm just glad that cheating asshole, Daniel Jones didn't succeed here tonight… and if Roland has any brains left, he'll have a long sit down chat with good old Jones.


Fade in to a most familiar setting, an empty gym, it is dark and we can barely see, we make our ways past the weights, exercise machines and other equipment to see one man throwing strikes in the dark, he seems to be shadow boxing but also raising his knees and feet. We don't seem to get a good look at the man but from the faint lighting we can see the scars all over his body, a red knee brace provides us another clue. The man's voice is heard, it seems familiar for some reason.

"The Shoot Project."

The voice stops momentarily.

"I'm sure this is the part where I drop names of the guys that I've beat, big shots that I've wrestle inside the squared circle with. Or perhaps I should start off with the ever so popular trophy-room promo where you see a bunch of letters from a federation that I've worked in hopes of getting myself famous. I know the empty gym is a tad trite but hey, this is my most comfortable environment. This place where I turn flesh and bone into weapons of destruction."

More strikes are being thrown, this time at a much faster velocity.

"I'm not here about to recapture past glories. I didn't come here in hopes of turning back the hands of Father Time…I signed on the dotted line for this promotion for the one thing that I crave the most…"

BAM! BAM! The shots heard come from no firearm or weapon, it is the man's feet striking the bag, and we see a larger man dressed in workout clothing holding it for him.

"Not money. Not for the pursuit of tin wrapped in cowhide. Not for the escapades of women and not for the fake smiles of the fans. I came here for…competition. That is what drives me…. The desire to become better…. That is what led me here to the Project."

"I've been in this game a long time, I've had my wars and as you can see, my body is the evidence of that. I don't really mind, besides you know that old saying 'Chics dig scars' I can verify that."

A slight smirk can be seen over the man's face but we still can't quite make out his face (damn, that lighting guy is doing a damn good job isn't he?)

"Everyone seems to have a character around here whether it's calling title belts with ladies names or rapping rhymes or preaching about safety. Me?"

The training stops momentarily.

"I'm all about the art of war. So I'm going to drop a little knowledge about this sport that we all love."

Clears throat.

"The skillful fighter puts himself into a position which makes defeat impossible, and does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy."

Yet another pause, this time the man's voice grows sterner.

"What the ancients called a clever fighter is one who not only wins, but excels in winning with ease. Hence his victories bring him neither reputation for wisdom nor credit for courage."

The man takes a step closer.

"Who am I?"

The man steps into the light, it is a man known in the wrestling world as 'The Machine' Jun Kenshin.

"I'm Kenshin. Some of you know what I'm all about. The rest of you will find it out with a quickness what I'm all about."

We fade out of the gym as Kenshin continues his training. The last thing we see is a half USA flag and half Japan flag with the words "Perfecting the Art of War" on the screen. Fade out.

Eryk Masters: My oh my… I knew that Jason had been doing some key recruiting lately, but I had no idea that it was Jun Kenshin that he was bringing in. This guy is an amazing talent. I watched him in many different federations, and this man is amazing.

Jeff Hansen: It will definitely be quite a spectacle to behold once Kenshin gets into the ring, no matter who he's up against. But, speaking of spectacle's to behold, we have Rocky Stellar going up against The Real Deal, right now.

Eryk Masters: This is Stellar's return match, against a Real Deal who has been on FIRE lately. Will the old veteran Stellar be able to douse the passion that Real Deal works with? Or will the wonderful OutKast, Mirage, and Mac trio make their way down to this match, and if they do, will they have an impact?

Rocky Stellar vs. The Real Deal

Samantha: "This next match is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit…"

(The crowd cheers madly… "Where you at, Rock" from Kid Rock begins to pound over the Viking Hall sound system…)

Samantha: "On his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing 285 pounds …here is ROCKY STELLAR!"

(The crowd gives Rocky Stellar a deafening reception as he emerges from the dressing room and jogs down the aisle to the ring. 'Remember' by Disturbed begins to play once Stellar is in the ring…)

Samantha: "And now…his opponent…hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, he stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighs in at 235 pounds…here is THE REAL DEAL!"

(The crowd's cheering turns to jeers as the once popular Real Deal emerges from the dressing room…The Real Deal holds out both his hands as if he expects to be cheered, with a huge smirk on his face as he strides down the aisle and climbs into the ring. Samantha exits the ring as the ref enters and the bell sounds…)

Jeff Hansen: "This could be the match of the YEAR! This is a Pay Per View quality match, right here!!

Eryk Masters: "I agree. Stellar is certainly jumping right into top flight competition with his comeback!"

Jeff Hansen: "Whoa! There goes The Real Deal with a chop block!"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal starting off quickly, as he takes Rocky Stellar to the mat with a quick leg takedown…now he deftly slides around back and applies an armbar on Rocky Stellar…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal can outwrestle just about anybody in Shoot Project…but Stellar is no slouch either"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal working that arm bar on Rocky Stellar…Rocky is trying to reach backwards and break the hold …"

Jeff Hansen: "Look at Stellar, he's not just lying there…he's working to break it…"

Eryk Masters: "He did it! Rocky Stellar performs a forward summersault roll and breaks out of that arm bar!"

Jeff Hansen: "The fans applaud as the ref instructs The Real Deal to back off …"

Eryk Masters: "Rocky Stellar to his feet now as he and The Real Deal are warily circling each other…"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar fires a lightening quick boot to the midsection of The Real Deal! The Hall Of Famer is doubled over!"

Eryk Masters: "BANG! Stellar follows up with a HUGE knee lift which drives the former champion back to the canvas…Stellar grabs The Real Deal by the back of the neck and pulls him to his feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "TEXTBOOK standing dropkick! The crowd oohing as Stellar gets incredible height on that dropkick…from a STANDING position!"

Eryk Masters: "As The Real Deal lies prone Stellar goes up to the top rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar comes off the top with a NICE flying elbow drop…BAM!"

Eryk Masters: "Stellar stays on him for the cover: ONE…TWO…NO! The Real Deal gets the shoulder up!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal is still disoriented…"

Eryk Masters: "Stellar is up, and starts laying the boots to The Real Deal, he's firing sharp boots to the midsection and sternum area of The Hall Of Famer… softening him up…"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar pulls The Real Deal to his feet…now he throws him into the ropes…"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal comes off…but DUCKS the short clothesline attempt by Rocky Stellar! He bounces off the far rope…"

Jeff Hansen: "Spinning Belly to Back Slam! The Real Deal ducks the clothesline attempt from Rocky Stellar and comes off with a Spinning Belly to Back Slam!"

Eryk Masters: "Comeback by The Real Deal…he stays on Rocky Stellar…cinches him up…Belly to Back Hammerlock Suplex!"

Jeff Hansen: "He grabs him again…ANOTHER Suplex! Belly to Belly Overhead Suplex!"

Eryk Masters: "Cover by The Real Deal: ONE…TWO…NO! NO! Rocky Stellar manages to KICK OUT after three super Suplexes from The Real Deal! Unreal!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal almost Suplexed Rocky Stellar out of the damn ring!"

Eryk Masters: "As Rocky Stellar holds his neck, The Real Deal circles around him like a hunter circling his prey…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal pulling Rocky Stellar up…but Stellar nails The Real Deal with a desperation elbow to the midsection!"

Eryk Masters: "Rocky Stellar grabs the staggered Real Deal…and hits a back suplex of his own…into a bridging pin combination!"

Eryk Masters: "One! Two! NO! The Real Deal lifts his shoulder!"

Jeff Hansen: "In desperation, The Real Deal reaches up and rakes Rocky Stellar right in the eyes! Stellar collapses to the mat next to The Real Deal!"

Eryk Masters: "Both men are now laying on the mat, soaked in sweat as the crowd cheer, clap and stamp their feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal seizes the opportunity and staggers to his feet…and immediately drops an elbow across the chest of Rocky Stellar! COVER: ONE…TWO…Shoulder up by Rocky Stellar."

Eryk Masters: "That wasn't much of a cover, but it was worth a try. The Real Deal slowly gets to his feet…goes back…off the ropes…and drops a leg!"

Jeff Hansen: "COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Rocky Stellar gets the shoulder up again!"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal looking a little frustrated…he shoots a dirty look at the referee…now The Hall Of Famer grabs Rocky Stellar…and HOISTS him up…HIGH FRONT SUPLEX!"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar comes crashing to the canvas from that beautiful Suplex from The Real Deal! Now The Real Deal is up again…MAN this guy is such a technician in there!"

Eryk Masters: "It looks like The Real Deal is setting up for a press slam…no…he's going for a running powerslam…"

Jeff Hansen: "NO! Rocky Stellar slides off the shoulder of The Real Deal and shoves him violently from behind…face first into the turnbuckle. The Real Deal crashes backwards to the canvas!"

Eryk Masters: "Stellar covers the winded Real Deal…ONE…TWO…NO!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal was stunned by that, but not enough to take the pinfall!"

Eryk Masters: "Now Rocky Stellar pulls The Real Deal to his feet…"

Jeff Hansen: "BANG! Swinging Neck Breaker on The Real Deal by Rocky Stellar! Now he goes for the cover again!"

Eryk Masters: "ONE…TWO…NO! The Real Deal just barely lifts his shoulder up in time!"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar starts to violently STOMP on the midsection of the prone The Real Deal…hey…wait…The Real Deal just grabbed Rocky Stellar's foot…"

Eryk Masters: "OH! The Real Deal grabbed Rocky Stellar by the foot and then he violently TWISTS IT…DRAGON SCREW LEG WHIP!"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky Stellar spins through the air and lands on the canvas! His hands immediately go to the back of his knee as he fell victim to a vicious leg whip!"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal crawls over and makes the cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Rocky Stellar!"

Jeff Hansen: "The Real Deal slowly getting to his feet…"

Eryk Masters: "The Real Deal applying a one legged Boston Crab…but he's putting his FOOT on Rocky Stellar's HEAD! The Real Deal is adding INSULT to INJURY here!"

Jeff Hansen: "Rocky holds on though…he's hanging tough! Rocky Stellar is in agonising pain…but he's shaking his head…the ref is right up in his face…but Stellar will NOT tap!"

Eryk Masters: "The fans are screaming for Stellar, but he can't make it to the ropes…and with the angle Johnson has that Elevated Half Crab on, Stellar can't fight his way out…"

Jeff Hansen: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the human leg was NOT meant to bend in that fashion…The Real Deal is showing an evil SADISTIC side to him that I had personally never seen before! I've seen him MEAN, but this is just SICK!"

Eryk Masters: "It doesn't matter! Stellar will NOT quit! He's hanging on, and…what the…?"

Jeff Hansen: "Referee Keith Scott just called for the BELL…but Rocky never tapped!"

(The bell rings and referee Keith Scott raises The Real Deal's hand as the fans explode in boos. Rocky Stellar gets to his knees and then slowly stands up wearily, shooting daggers at the ref…)

Samantha: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has STOPPED this match to prevent any serious injury to Rocky Stellar! HERE is your WINNER, at a time of 17 Minutes and 13 Seconds…THE REAL DEAL!!!"

Eryk Masters: "The fans here giving Rocky a HUGE hand as he takes a limping run at the ref and The Real Deal…both of whom run out of the ring and up the aisle!"

Jeff Hansen: "BULLSHIT BULLSHIT BULLSHIT! What is this…BOXING? Rocky Stellar did NOT tap, and he did not pass out from the pain and fail to answer a three count! Since WHEN do our refs stop the match like that? I smell a RAT!"

Eryk Masters: "Rocky Stellar staggers out of the ring with his head down to the floor, looking dejected as he rolls out of the ring and slowly trudges up the aisle. He has NOTHING to be embarrassed about here…"

Jeff Hansen: "Well, nevertheless, The Real Deal comes out on top…as we see a replay of that Elevated Half Crab that won the match for The Real Deal…"

A loud cheer from the fans rise up as the cameras cut to the backstage where everyone's favorite tag team champions, The Beautiful People, are seen walking down the hall chit chatting with various ring crew members and what have you. With them, as always, their tag team belts are wrapped around their waists. Both men, despite their growing concern with being attacked from behind, seem to be in a fairly jovial mood. Scott Richardson, SHOOT Project interviewer, comes up to them, with questions a plenty for the champions.

Scott Richardson: Jonny Johnson, Enigma. Can I get a moment of your time?

Jonny and Enigma turn around and shake their heads.

Enigma: You just never go away do you?

Scott Richardson: Well actually, Mr. Raymond signed me to the SHOOT Project so they would actually have some one to do backstage interviews.

Enigma looks to Jonny and Jonny just smiles.

Jonny Johnson: Why would he do that? I mean who else, aside from the best tag team champions ever, would the fans want to even bother listening to. But ya see, Scotty, I understand why you are here. You want to express your concern about our being jumped last week. And you probably want to ask questions about it….

Enigma: Fact is, we have no clue who jumped us or why they wanted to jump us. Fact is, it was a stupid thing to do, and if anyone decides to come forward, well we will take care of the matter then. Right now though…

Before Enigma can finish his eyes suddenly lock into a glare further down the hall. Scott Richardson turns around and standing close behind him are Mike and Steven Safety, The Safety Committee.

Steven Safety: It has come to our understanding that you, Jonny Johnson.

Mike Safety: And you, Enigma. Are in an unsafe situation.

Steven Safety: Not only do two teams confront you tonight. But as it was seen last week you are also unsafe being anywhere in the arena.

Jonny Johnson and Enigma just kind of look back and forth to one another as The Committee continues to speak.

Mike Safety: It is for this reason that it can be considered a Safety Hazard for you two individuals to be here at this time.

Steven Safety: We have reason to believe that the reckless team of Katsudo and Onslaught were in fact the perpetrators who carried out such a hazardous act on you two last week.

Mike Safety: It would be in your best interest to vacate this arena immediately and allow us to remove the hazard before it causes anymore harm.

Steven Safety: It is a matter of safety, and Remember: Safety always comes first!

The two men point to themselves while Jonny and Enigma simply try hard to keep a straight face.

Jonny Johnson: Are you guys for real?

Mike Safety is about to speak up, but Enigma cuts him off.

Enigma: Listen, don't sweat answering that question. We're just going to do our thing… and you do your…. Thing…. Or whatever it is you do… and we'll see how things play out.

The Tag Team champions head off down the hall towards the ring area and as they do so Jonny sends one more comment their way.

Jonny Johnson: You boy scouts give us a good match tonight, all right. Good.

Jonny and Enigma chuckle leaving the stone faced Safety Committee standing with Scott Richardson. Richardson is laughing at Jonny's boy scout comment, which causes Steven Safety's once expressionless face to fill with anger. He turns toward Scott Richardson and grabs him by the collar of his shirt and throws him down the hall.

Steven Safety: Let us continue with our mission then, Brother.

Mike Safety: Indeed, brother, let's.

The Beautiful People vs. The Safety Committee vs. Katsudo and Onslaught (Tag Team triple threat match)

Eryk Masters: Now I caught this Safety Committee last week, and they're just weird people.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, though I'm not sure weird even covers it all. Should be interesting to see how these three teams go at it tonight, as both the Safety Committee and Katsudo and Onslaught are relatively new tag teams, and well The Beautiful People…what can ya say, they're the tag team champions.

On that note, "Breathless" by the Corrs begins to play. The fans go into a near wild frenzy as the charismatic duo of Jonny Johnson and Enigma burst onto the scene, robes and all. The two men take as much time as possible to play up to the screaming fans. While their entrance isn't anything new this time around, there is one different element. Li is accompanying Jonny Johnson. The two men and Li parade towards the ring at a slow, but confident pace as Jonny and Enigma take turns high fiving the fans.

Eryk Masters: Who's the Asian chick?

Jeff Hansen: Well that would be Jonny Johnson's fiancée and now official valet, Li. They're SHOOT's most sexual couple.

Eryk Masters: Oh, I remember hearing about them.

Jeff Hansen: Li looks well trained now, and has been officially signed to a SHOOT Project contract. It will be interesting to see how she comes to play in this match, if she does at all.

The three finally enter the ring and Enigma does a little checking out of Samantha Coil.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is a triple threat tag team match. The first team now in the ring are the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, they are Jonny Johnson, Enigma… The Beautiful People!!

Wild cheers ring up for the flashiest men in the SP. Jonny Johnson gives a kiss to Li before she takes the robes and head out of the ring. Li places the robes on a table near the commentary table and stands outside but close to Jonny and Enigma. The two men talk amongst themselves, that is until "Pure Massacre" by Silverchair picks up sending the fans into a chorus of boos. Methodically, as usual, Mike and Steven Safety step into the spotlight, marching in unison as they stare at the tag team champions in the ring. Both Mike and Steven point to Jonny and Enigma as they walk.

Samantha Coil: And their opponents, hailing from Phoenix Arizona, they are the Safety Committee!!

More boos ring out, but suddenly some cheers pick up as Katsudo and Onslaught coming running out from behind The Safety Committee, both men ready to fight! Katsudo nails Steven Safety in the back of the head with a running thrust kick, while Onslaught spins Mike Safety around and the two break into an all out fist fight! Inside the ring, Jonny and Enigma watch the spectacle at hand, and smile. Jonny turns to Enigma and the two men begin to discuss something, all the while two battles occur outside the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Has this one started yet? The referee is trying to get control but I don't think this thing is even official yet.

Eryk Masters: Well if you remember last week, Katsudo and Onslaught got the victory over the Safety Committee, but Mike and Steven laid some serious hurt on them in return. It's pay back time if you ask me.

Steven Safety runs Katsudo into the ring post while Onslaught takes advantage of the guard railing and begins to slam Mike Safety's head into the railing repeatedly. The fans though begin to laugh as Jonny, Enigma, and Li all make their way into the crowd now, and take three seats right in the front row. Jonny leans back in his chair with his arm around Li, while Enigma looks around for something to snack on.

Enigma: Where's the damn peanut guy?

The fans break out into laughter again and the referee finally gains control of the match and looks like Onslaught and Steven Safety are starting inside the ring. Jeff Hansen: Well it looks like we're going to be having Katsudo and Onslaught versus the Safety Committee, round number two.

Eryk Masters: Well both teams seem to be brawlers, and I for one love a good brawl!

Onslaught and Steven Safety lock up into grapple inside the ring, with Steven Safety easily overpowering Onslaught based on size alone. Steven Safety lifts Onslaught high up into the air and drops him like he was nothing with a gorilla press slam. Steven Safety looks at Onslaught and then turns his attention directly to the crowd where Jonny, Enigma, and Li are sitting. He points directly at Jonny but Jonny just chills ringside. Meanwhile Mike Safety and Katsudo make their way to their respected corners thus solidifying this match as a tag team match.

Jeff Hansen: I guess this is why the champions deemed this match a tag team tryout match. They're just watching these two teams fight… and the fans are loving it!

Eryk Masters: Personally I would like to see Jonny and Enigma just get into the ring and destroy these two teams. I've seen them in action, and I know they could do it.

Jeff Hansen: Well Steven Safety is just man handling Onslaught now, pummelling him with those closed fists.

Steven Safety gets to his feet and tags in his brother, Mike Safety. Mike quickly charges the ring and as Onslaught gets to his feet, Safety clobbers him from behind with a running clothesline. The fans let out boos as Mike Safety relentless goes to work on Onslaught, keeping him from tagging in Katsudo. Outside the ring, Jonny and Enigma shake their heads and get up from their seats. The fans begin to cheer wildly as Jonny and Enigma jump over the guard railing and inch towards the ring. Steven and Mike Safety see Jonny and Enigma and drop everything they are doing and motion for Jonny and Enigma to get into the ring. Jonny and Enigma take their time, enough time that Katsudo and Onslaught begin to gain their bearings back. Before Steven and Mike know it, Katsudo and Onslaught are on their second wind and ready to unleash their fury on The Safety Committee.

Eryk Masters: Here we go yet again!

Katsudo lands a series of swift kicks and judo like chops that brings Steven Safety down to his knee. Katsudo then swings Onslaught into the ropes and Onslaught bounces off of them and flies into Steven Safety, which causes Steven to fall down back first onto the mat. The fans begin to cheer even louder now as Jonny and Enigma get up on the ring apron. Katsudo and Onslaught however pay little to no attention to them as they focus on The Safety Committee. Mike Safety now comes up behind Katsudo and cracks him in the back of the head with a hard hitting fist. Katsudo stumbles forward and Onslaught rushes at Mike Safety. As he does so Mike Safety lifts Onslaught high up into the air and just whips him down onto the mat!

Jeff Hansen: Onslaught just expierenced some Whiplash!!

Mike Safety heads out of the ring now to grab a steel chair and as he does so, Jonny and Enigma quickly rush into the ring. Enigma pins Steven Safety while Jonny pins Onslaught. The referee turns around to see the double pin being made and hits the mat to make the count!

Eryk Masters: I can't believe it!

Jeff Hansen: One… Two… Three!!! The Tag Team Champions take this one!

Eryk Masters: But look, they're not staying around to celebrate, it's unsafe for them around here.

As Samantha steps into the ring to announce the winner, Li grabs the tag team titles and runs off with Jonny and Enigma. "Breathless" plays as the fans aren't exactly sure what just happened, but because The Beautiful People won, they cheer anyway! Mike Safety storms about the ring in anger and helps his partner Steven up to his feet. The two men look at the fallen katsudo and Onslaught, but instead of attacking them, they simply leave them laying in the ring, and turn towards the ramp way, where Jonny and Enigma quickly run up. The Safety Committee shakes their heads in unison as they realized they have just been screwed… and the fans are loving it all.

Jeff Hansen: Well that was the most bizarre match I've seen in quite some time. Hell, I'm not sure I could even call it a match.

Eryk Masters: It was just craziness, and a little craziness never hurt no one. I should know.

Jeff Hansen: That you should…well I've received word that Jonny and Enigma have left the arena for tonight, and in quite a bit of haste.

Eryk Masters: Well they probably don't want to get jumped again in the backstage halls. I wouldn't blame them for leaving.

As the excitement and confusion at ringside dies down, the cameras cut back to the locker room area, where Vincent Mallows sits alone on a single stool. He shakes his head obviously concerned with something. There is a sudden knock on his door.

Vincent Mallows: Come in.

The door swings open, and the cameraman from earlier in the day heads into his locker room.

Cameraman: Mr. Mallows… I think you should know something.

Vincent looks up towards him with a raised eyebrow.

Vincent Mallows: What do you mean?

Cameraman: I mean about your problem, with the letter and what not.

Vincent sighs and gets up from his seat on the stool.

Vincent Mallows: Listen, I've been in this business with guys who loved to play mind games. I cannot let Prometheus get under my skin. It's quite obvious that…

The Cameraman shows a look of serious concern on his face which causes Mallows to stop.

Vincent Mallows: Yes? What is it?

Cameraman: Prometheus… well he was fired today, Mr. Mallows. He's no longer with the SHOOT Project.

Vincent stares at the cameraman, a look of severe worry comes across his face…

Vincent Mallows: I see…. Would you excuse me please…

With that said, Vincent Mallows heads out of the locker room, his mood completely changed from how he felt from his victory earlier.

Jeff Hansen: Something is definitely going on around here… but the question still remains, what?

Eryk Masters: Whatever it is, it's got Vincent Mallows extremely worried.

Jeff Hansen: Well, we've reached the zero hour yet again, and tonight's main event should prove to be a hell of a bout. Ben Jackman and Ray Willmott going at it for the Iron Fist title.

Eryk Masters: This is a no brainer, Ben Jackman is going to beat the hell out of Willmott, hands down… no questions asked.

Ray Willmott Vs. Ben Jackman ©
Iron Fist Championship

"Poem" by Taproot breaks over the PA. The lights dim, and a spotlight shines in the curtain area. Willmott is now seen in the gorilla position. He wipes his brow and makes his way to the curtain. He appears in front of the crowd, who cheers him avidly. He casually makes his way to the ring, soaking in the cheers as he goes.

Eryk Masters: Willmott's been on quite a tear here recently, despite picking up a couple of losses. He's been silent this week, which will only serve to heighten Jackman's animosities.

Jeff Hansen: Can't count him out though, Masters. The man can, in a word, go.

Willmott climbs in the ring, as "Poem" dies down. Finally, no more music is heard, and the fans noise level begins to build for the next entrant. "Awnaw" by P.O.D/Nappy Roots hits the PA, and the roof flies off the Viking Hall. The fans go into complete and total frenzy for Jackman as he steps out onto the ramp, Iron Fist Championship held high over his head.

Jeff Hansen: Fans know who THIS man is. He's only been the Iron Fist Champion for seven months!!

Eryk Masters: And he has certainly been the most fighting champion the SHOOT Project has seen. What an ovation here for Ben Jackman.

Jackman tosses the belt over his right shoulder, covering his pectoral. He removes the sunglasses from his face and his walk picks up into a dead run. Soon, the Iron Fist Championship has fallen completely off the shoulder of Jackman and now it resides on the floor.

Jeff Hansen: HERE WE GO!!

Eryk Masters: Jackman's in FAST!!

With a rapid motion, Jackman tears into Willmott, kicking and punching him for all Jackman is worth. He's faster than normal on this night, and the crowd is popping for every movement he makes. One knee after the other into the gut of Willmott before Jackman sends him into the ropes. On his rebound, Jackman plasters Willmott with a kitchen sink, sending Willmott onto the mat in agony.

Eryk Masters: My my… Jackman sure is taking it to Willmott quickly here.

Jeff Hansen: I kind of get the feeling Jackman wants to get this over and done with. He's been on a rampage backstage tonight about what happened with Del.

Jackman lifts Willmott up by the hair, and talks some smack right in Willmott's face. This doesn't serve to please Willmott at all as he tries to throw a right hand at Jackman. Jackman blocks and laughs in Willmott's face who attempts another right hand at Jackman. Jackman ducks this time and goes behind Willmott. He locks Ray in a rear waistlock and follows through with a German suplex.

Jeff Hansen: Hot DAMN! Jackman is on FIRE tonight. He's let Willmott have NOTHING so far.

Eryk Masters: Well? What do you expect? The man has been Iron Fist Champion for over seven months… you know, for a reason.

Willmott crawls over to the ropes, Jackman showboats a little before kicking at Willmott's head. Willmott hits the mat hard, spitting blood. Jackman smirks. He picks Willmott up and places him against the turnbuckle, and just lays into him with lefts and rights, over and over again. The crowd is in a frenzy. Jackman puts Willmott on the top turnbuckle, Willmott is dazed. Jackman winds up and delivers a massive left hand to the jaw of Willmott, sending Willmott reeling. Jackman, like a cat, ascends the turnbuckle, and hooks Ray in a belly to belly, sending the deranged belt lover over his head and onto the mat.

Eryk Masters: I'm not entirely sure that Jackman isn't about done with this match. He's been on Willmott like stink on shit this night. And he's not letting up, either. Jackman's just crazy tonight.

Jeff Hansen: I think I might be right. He wants to get out of here. He keeps looking towards the entryway.

Eryk Masters: I'm inclined to believe you, Jeff.

Willmott is up now, and swinging wildly. Jackman is just ducking and laughing. Finally… Jackman gets fed up, and catches Willmott's right hand and turns it into a Capture Suplex. Willmott is down. Jackman gets out to the ring area, and pulls out a table.

Eryk Masters: Uncharacteristic Jackman here…

He slides the table into the ring, and quickly follows, setting the table up. He picks Willmott up and rolls him onto the table. He signals for the Blackout Bomb.

Jeff Hansen: This is it… this has got to be it. If Jackman hits this, Willmott is done.

Jackman lifts Willmott up, and brings him down on his neck with a sitout Powerbomb!!

Eryk Masters & Jeff Hansen: BLACKOUT BOMB!!!

Willmott is unmoving as the bell rings. The fans are hushed, and the paramedics rush out to check on Willmott, and Jackman takes off for the back, leaving the Iron Fist Championship laying in the ring.

Eryk Masters: The way Willmott landed… He may be seriously injured here. I mean, seriously. He's not moving, nothing at all.

Jeff Hansen: The way his neck hit the table… and then the mat… Just sick.

"Only the Strong" by FLAW hits the PA, and Jason Johnson walks out to the ramp. He's amidst a mixed reaction for the once prominent figure who is trying to regain control. He's shaking his head as he begins a slow walk down the ramp.

Eryk Masters: It was just tonight that Jason Johnson relinquished his duties as an announcer, in order to take a bigger role as executive and owner of this company.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah, but did he have to give it to you?

Eryk Masters: Don't make me come over there. Paramedics are still in the ring, tending to Ray Willmott who still hasn't moved. He's really, really injured here. Jackman did more than just a number on him. And then of course, he ran off.

Jeff Hansen: Wait, Jason's picked up the Iron Fist Championship, and he's getting in the ring… This should be very interesting.

Johnson, with the Iron Fist Championship over his shoulder is now in the ring, standing over the progress or lack thereof of the paramedics in the building. He has a microphone tossed to him, and he secures the Iron Fist title on his shoulder.

Jason Johnson: Someone needs to clean this mess up. Get Willmott out of here and to a hospital, now. Stop playing with him, just get him on a stretcher and go.

The crowd cheers at this quick, direct order. The paramedics do as they're told, and Willmott is wheeled out, carefully.

Jason Johnson: Now, I bet that you're wondering why on Earth I'm out here, especially after I said that I was taking a more behind the scenes type of role. It's pretty simple, really.

Jason pauses.

Jason Johnson: I'm fucking sick of the disrespect around here.

The crowd roars.

JJ: Every week, we have four or five people get contracts signed. The next week, they're booked, and I presume that they will make appearances that week. For the past three weeks or so, each wrestler that has been hired, has found themselves fired just a week after their signing. Why is this? Because they fucking no-show. It's a plague, I swear. The SHOOT Project is the best federation standing today, and it's due to the dedication of the roster. That dedication is what keeps people here, and when people sign on, I expect the exact same kind of dedication that a guy like Del Carver or Jonny Johnson or Enigma give.

The fans cheer for these names.

JJ: So when I get people who come in, collect a weeks salary and then leave, it pisses me off.

Jason pauses for a moment, and then taps the Iron Fist Championship.

JJ: But, that's enough of that. I have on my shoulder, the Iron Fist Championship. A belt that's been held by Ben Jackman for seven months. He is, without a doubt, a record setter. Only one person held the belt for a good long time like this, and Jackman has passed that, two fold. However, Jackman has chosen to disrespect not only himself, but the Iron Fist Championship, Ed Raymond, Myself, and the SHOOT Project. And that is just something that cannot be.

The fans cheering is coming to a halt. They fear for something.

JJ: As of this moment… Benjamin Jackman is your former Iron Fist Championship. I do not take disrespect lightly, folks. Jackman is being stripped of his belt, and the Iron Fist Championship is being held up.

Boooooo. The fans are letting their opinion be known. Jason, on the other hand, is steadfast.

JJ: Now, of course, I couldn't let this belt go unworn, oh, not at all. The creative department, that being myself and Edward Raymond, who unfortunately could not be here tonight, have come up with a brilliant, brilliant way to decide a champion. That's right… The best part, is that it will involve everyone on the SHOOT Project Roster. That's right, everyone. At Redemption, there is going to be a battle royal. Not only is it any normal battle royal, but it's a battle royal for number one contendership for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship for the following super card, Reckoning Day '03, but the runners up… they'll battle it out for the Iron Fist Championship in the main event, at the following Oblivion.

The fans go NUTS.

JJ: How's that for incentive? Ohh… And rumour has been going around that I've been doing some major recruiting, and well… that's true. I think that you fans will be interested in seeing who I have to bring to Oblivion next week. Some of you might remember him… Some of you might not…

His name… is… SCAR

If you thought the fans were loud before, the mere mention of one of SHOOT Project's original members sent them into insane noise. The scene, and Oblivion, fade to black… Jason Johnson stands holding the Iron Fist Championship into the air.