(As the show opens a stream of red and silver pyro technics shoot off inside the Gund Arena.  the screaming fans sit in great anticipation for yet another Oblivion.  Seconds after the craziness dies down, a certain song picks up over the P.A. system.)

I wanna be everybody, I wish that I wasn’t me…

The voice echoes.

The guitar riff plays and the fans rise to their feet. “Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 blasts the PA system as out from the back steps the four most lethal men in the SHOOT Project today, perhaps in its history. Mac is out first, though, and the fans respond. By booing their heads off.

Jeff Hansen: What the hell is he wearing?

Mac is wearing, to answer his question, a black t- shirt with CEWF in dark gold. Over the banner, though, is a red X, painted over, and looking rather jagged. On his waist is the CEWF World Heavyweight Championship belt, and it’s holding up a pair of black jogging pants. Behind him comes Mirage, wearing a black AODWF t-shirt with the banner “X”ed out in red. On his waist is the AODWF World Heavyweight Championship, underneath which is the DOJO Championship. The two men stand there, wearing practically the same ensemble, save for the names of the federations on their chests. Next out is none other than The Real Deal, wearing the same suit as the others, save for the fact that his shirt bears the name SWA/AWA in blue, with the same red X, and his “newly won” SWA/AWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship belt on his waist. Finally, out of the back is OutKast, to a round of boos and cheers, wearing a black t-shirt with SHOOT on it, also “X”ed out, the fans booing loudly. On his waist is The SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship, and all four men stand there, on the entryway, arms up in the air in triumph, and the fans boo.

Jeff Hansen: What disrespect for the SHOOT Project and its fans! Wearing those titles and those federations’ colors… it’s just wrong!

The four men swagger to the ring, loving every moment of the attention they are getting. The four men finally enter the ring, and Mac takes the microphone. “Operate, Annihilate” cuts off.

Mac: Ladies and gentlemen…I stand before you the former CEWF World Heavyweight Champion…

Mirage takes the microphone.

Mirage: …and I stand before you the former AODWF World Heavyweight Champion…

The Real Deal takes the microphone.

The Real Deal: …and I stand before you the CURRENT SWA/AWA Unified World Heavyweight Champion…

The Real Deal hands the microphone to OutKast.

OutKast: …and I am standing here before you, the former AODWF World Heavyweight Champion…the former CEWF World Heavyweight Champion… and the former SWA/AWA World Heavyweight Champion…as well as YOUR SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion!!

By this point, Mac has gotten Mirage and The Real Deal mics for themselves, as well as himself.

OutKast: And look at this, would you? Real Deal here has my former belt…isn’t that funny? You know, Real Deal, I’m regarded as the greatest SWA/AWA Unified Heavyweight Champ.

The Real Deal bumps chests with OutKast.

Real Deal: And I’M regarded as the best SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champ!!!

The two men glare at one another.

Jeff Hansen: This could be it! This could be the end of this faction as we know it!! I KNEW their egos couldn’t last together!

OutKast removes his belt and slaps it on Real Deal’s shoulder, the belt landing and resting there. Mac steps out of the ring and takes a few backwards steps until he disappears to the back. The fans are popping as The Real Deal unbuckles his Unified belt and slides the SHOOT belt off of his waist, and the fans are going insane.

Real Deal: So…you wanna go, big man?

Mirage unbuckles his AODWF belt and the fans are going insane as Mac reappears with a duffel bag in hand. He walks to the ring and steps in, unbuckling his own CEWF World title. As Real Deal and OutKast are nose to nose, he unzips the bag to reveal a new, extremely shiny new title.

Jason Johnson: What the hell is that?

Mac: Guys, guys, guys…why do you fight? Don’t you guy think maybe you should just talk this out? Like…see this shiny new title here?

OutKast and Real Deal turn and look, both of them suddenly enamored with the new belt.

Mac: Oooh…you like that, fellas?

Mac waves the title back and forth, and OutKast and Real Deal both follow it with their heads.

Mac: This is the NEW SHOOT Project WORLD Heavyweight Championship belt!

Jason Johnson: What the-- !! I DIDN’T AUTHORIZE THAT!!!

Mirage turns, obviously hearing him.

Mirage: Hey, Jason, why don’t you shut the hell up before I go down there and beat the living crap out of you with a chair…A-GAIN.

Jason glares at Mirage.

Real Deal: I want that title!

OutKast: Nooooo….I want it!!!

OutKast grabs a strap, and then Real Deal grabs the other. The two men start to struggle with it until Mac pulls out another belt, this one with “The Real Deal” plastered on it in HUGE letters, and SWA/AWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship” written in small font below his name. Real Deal releases the new SHOOT World title and eyes the “Real Deal Championship”.

Real Deal: OOOOOOOOH!!

Real Deal snatches the Real Deal Unified World Heavyweight Championship belt from Mac and holds it high, alongside OutKast who holds HIS SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt high as well. The fans, of course, boo and cheer loudly.

OutKast: What the hell do we do with these old belts here?

OutKast points to the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship, the SWA/AWA Unified World Heavyweight Championship, CEWF World Heavyweight Championship, and AODWF World Heavyweight Championship. Mirage picks up the AODWF belt, Mac picks up the CEWF belt, and then Real Deal grabs the SWA/AWA belt, and OutKast grabs the SHOOT Project title.

OutKast: Guys?

Mac: I say we piss on them.

OutKast: What?

Mac: Fuck it. Let’s whip our dicks out and piss on these things!

The fans pop.

Jason Johnson: Oh…my…God.

Mirage: Yeah, I gotta go anyway, let’s!

Mac and Mirage grab their waist bands and prepare to pull out, but OutKast stops them.

OutKast: Whoa, fellas, whoa… I don’t think you guys got enough urine to cover all the belts and I don’t have to go.

Mirage: Damn it. But, Kaaaast…

Real Deal: No, Mirage…so… what CAN we do with them? My vote’s for burning them, melting them down, and making us some nice necklaces, maybe some bracelets for our wives and girlfriends…

Mac: No no no…can’t. I’m a single man. But we can still burn ‘em!

OutKast: Jesus, fellas, we’re the four best in the sport, PERIOD. How can we come up with such crappy ideas?

Real Deal: Dude, they’re titles, it’s not like they mean anything, and we can’t just…do anything great with these tacky sons of bitches.

OutKast: WRONG, bro! These titles? They represent much much more, my friend. They represent our conquered ground!

Real Deal nods, understanding.

Real Deal: Oh, I gotcha. These are where we have ruled, correct?

OutKast: That IS right, man. See, they have been damn scared of having Mirage, Mac, OutKast, and The Real Deal ALL together! And now…in SHOOT…WE ARE UNITED!!

The fans boo and cheer.

OutKast: Boo…cheer, what’s it matter? Standing before you are your new masters, SHOOT Project. How does that make you feel?!

OutKast laughs.

OutKast: Well, what the hell does it matter, anyway? Fact of the matter is, whether you boys in SHOOT like it or not WE OWN YOU. From Del Carver to Adam Weitz, I OWN YOU. As your champion, I AM THE MAN TO BEAT. And furthermore… there is NO man who can challenge me now…NO MAN!!! These men who I stand beside are the ONLY ones strong enough, the ONLY ONES!!! Can any of YOU SHOOT?!

OutKast awaits, but receives no answer.

OutKast: What I figured.

OutKast buckles the new SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship belt onto his waist.

OutKast: This belt is the new World Heavyweight Championship. See, before, the SHOOT title was just that, The SHOOT Project Heavyweight Championship. Now, it is my WORLD title, where it should be. The only problem with that was that I came up with the idea before the proper first World Champion, Real Deal, did. As such, I don’t give a damn what these people may think or say, Real Deal, the time the title is considered “World” in my eyes was when you held it.

Real Deal slaps hands with OutKast.

OutKast: So my challenge goes out to SHOOT. I want Del Carver, I want Roland the Dark, I want Ray Willmott, I want Lonewolf, I want Paul Hook, Ben Jackman, Enigma, Jonny Johnson, ALL men on the roster who have been here long enough to EARN this title…to challenge me.

The fans pop.

Jeff Hansen: What a challenge!! His mouth may be overloading his rear!

OutKast: And I will decimate any man that stands in my way. Starting next week. My first challenger for the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship shall be…well…hmm….you know what? I know who I can challenge. The man SHOOT has left. The only one left on the roster who stands for the bullshit SHOOT stood for before I came. Next week, on Oblivion…I am going to challenge “DIAMOND” DEL CARVER!

The fans go absolutely, fucking, nuts.

Jeff Hansen: Oh my GOD!!!

OutKast: Don’t stress, Del. It’s just the beginning of a new age, my friend. A new age heralded by four men who are simply…

OutKast (over the PA system): BETTER…THAN…YOU.

“Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 hits as the men pick up their belts and look down at them, smirking. OutKast spins around like a discus thrower, and launches the former SHOOT title into the crowd, the fans going nuts for it. Real Deal tosses the SWA/AWA belt, followed by Mirage throwing the AODWF belt. Mac laughs and hands the CEWF belt to Jeff, laughing.

Jeff Hansen: What an amazing display of pure ego and power! Mac, Mirage, OutKast, and The Real Deal certainly made a HUGE statement tonight!

Jason Johnson: Those sons of bitches…I PAID FOR THAT BELT OUT OF MY OWN WALLET!!!

The Real Deal, Mirage, and Mac one by one exit the ring heading up the ramp way, leaving OutKast standing solo in the ring.  As the crowd boos the Shoot Project Champion loudly, Kast's face grows into a smirk. He raises the microphone to his lips to retort, but the lights suddenly grow dim in the arena, - then flash on and off with an incredible "electrocution" sound registering over the public address system. Kast and the crowd looks around at the sight, thinking that something has screwed up and the arena is accidentally discharging electricity. Kast turns to the ring announcer to yell about the audio problem, when the overhead jumbotron turns on and flashes the name "Stellar" in tune with the dimming lights. The ring announcer points at it and Kast's head turns to see it...when five large flashes of light and explosions erupt from the stage area. Then, the song "Where you at, Rock" from Kid Rock blares through the public address system and , standing at 6 feet 6 inches and 285 pounds, wearing blue jeans and an open Armani shirt, former AWA and SWA Champion Rocky Stellar walks out onto the stage as the crowd erupts along with him. He holds a microphone in his left hand, while he stalks the top of the stage back and forth. He throws his right arm up in the air, while the crowd erupts again.

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit...

Jason Johnson: I thought he retired for good...

Jeff Hansen: Holy shit...no one saw this coming, not me, not you...not even the Champion himself.

Kast stares up the ramp like he's seen a ghost. However, after a second, he regains his composure and smiles at the sight of his old friend.

Jason Johnson: Look, OutKast is smiling...

Jeff Hansen: Well, if you remember wrestling history correctly, Stellar and Kast go way back...back to the days when they wrestled in the SWA. They watched each others backs through the AODWF, the COIWA and a few others in between. These two are old friends...and it seems like the champion's already solid stable has just become stronger!!!

Stellar, after a few seconds of showing off for the crowd, walks down the ramp, up the ring steps, and climbs through the ropes to get into the ring. Kast walks over to shake his hand, but Stellar has other business to attend to. He walks over to the nearest turnbuckle, climbs it, and raises both arms into the air. The crowd erupts behind him.

Jason Johnson: I'm still stunned by what is going on. I never thought I would ever see Rocky Stellar enter a wrestling ring again.

Jeff Hansen: It's almost surreal, if you ask me.

Stellar climbs off the turnbuckle, waits for the crowd to calm down, then raises the microphone to his lips while pointing at the gold strap that OutKast brought with him to the ring.

Stellar: Well, check you out. You're doing pretty good for yourself. The Shoot Project champion...you got your gold belt here, and are barking out orders to all of the wrestlers...talking about how you are the best this place has to offer. And, you know what, Sean, you may be right.

Stellar nods his head right along with OutKast.

Stellar: I mean, who are they to argue with you. After all, you got the belt...and they don't. Hell, in every federation we've ever been in, you were always the man. You were the man in the SWA, in the COIWA...hell, you were the man in the AODWF. You were the guy out there, fighting off all those ass holes that were trying to bring you down, one way or another. Speaking of the AODWF, remember when I busted my ass to save your life? Remember when Cronos and Boyer strung you to a cross high above the Toronto Sky Dome - you remember that night, dont you Sean...it was the same night that Cronos and Boyer smacked Julie's stomach with a chair all but killing your unborn son? Do you also remember how I spent the next three months kicking the hell out of those two for what they did? Oh, wait, that's right. You wouldn't remember that. You wouldn't remember because after you got crucified, you disappeared from view - never left a "see ya" note and, you know, I never got a thank you for backing your ass up.

Stellar turns and walks back to the ropes and looks across the crowd and simply smiles. He then turns back to his old friend and continues talking.

Stellar: Hey, how about the time when you dropped me a call all but begging me to come and help you in a new federation - the COIWA if I remember correctly. Seemed Vincent Cash, Erik Boyer, and Jonny Johnson were just some of the guys giving you a hard time and you said you could use some help fighting them off. I said "Sure, Sean, I'll be there for you." and rushed off to help my old pal in need. But, once again, the kitchen got to hot for you and you took off, leaving me stranded to pick up the battles you left behind. 

Stellar smiles at him.

Stellar: And, above all else, do you remember that pact we made back in the SWA, the one where we vowed we would never screw each other over? Do you remember that? The pact that I always stuck to despite your constant leaving and me being forced to clean up your messes?

Kast nods his head...and Stellar smiles at him.

Stellar: Yea, I remember it too. Well, let me tell you about another phone call I received recently. It was from a guy named Edward Raymond and you know what he said...

Jason Johhnson: Raymond brought Stellar to SHOOT?

Jeff Hansen: You say it like you're surprised.

Jason Johnson: Well, to be honest I am!

The fans are now buzzing, wondering just what is going on here.  Stellar looks directly into the eyes of OutKast for a moment, before continuing on.

Stellar:...He simply said "I need a hand." Now, at first, I explained to him that I was - indeed - retired, but he relayed a little known fact to me. See, Sean, he simply said "Kast is the champion..." Right then and there, I had to pack my clothes THAT NIGHT to come out here and remind you of the pact that we have. The pact that I have never broken, the pact that I have honored - even when you turned your back on me and left me to clean up your messes. Then, I come here, I walk into the building and I notice that you - old buddy - make this speech where you basically piss on everything that you have ever stood up for in the past...pissed on the past that got you to this point... pissed on everyone who was ever there for you...Tonight, I saw the true Sean Kygon...

The crowd roars again as Stellar points a large finger in the face of the world champion.

Stellar: Do you remember that pact, Sean? Remember the pact that we agreed to - the one where I would never stab you in the back? Well, old buddy, lets just say that when the stabbing comes from the Stellar One, it wont be behind your back. My promise to you is that it'll be right in front of your face....that pact, you son of a bitch, is history!!!

Stellar whips the mic to the ground, and still pointing  finger at Kast, jaws a few more times in his face before slowly edging back out of the ring.  OutKast, on the other hand, begins to jaw back at Stellar, causing Rocky to stop moving. He walks back to Kast and starts yelling in his face. The two continue yelling...

Jeff Hansen: It's going to go down right here, right now!!!

Jason Johnson: Question is, who's going to throw the first punch!?

The two men are nose to nose now and it looks like all hell is going to break loose.  However, OutKast suddenly takes a step back, then another... then yet another.  He looks to Stellar and just smiles as he flips over the top ropes backwards and exits the ring area.  Stellar stands looking at him, a expression of intense focus on his face.  The fans chant "Stellar! Stellar!" as OutKast leaves, and once OutKast disappears from view, Stellar exits the ring and heads towards the back as well.

Jeff Hansen: What a way to kick off Oblivion, OutKast's disrespect and ego trip followed directly by the return of Rocky Stellar.

Jason Johnson: All this excitement and we haven't even had one match.  What a night this is going to be.

Adam Weitz Vs. Vince Mallows 

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Sunday Night Oblivion!!

The fans cheer loud and hard as Samantha Coil gets things started.  As she stands in the center of the ring, "Get Inside" by Stonesour begins to play. The music receives a mixed reaction from the crowd.  Adam Weitz steps out from behind the back curtain and heads towards the ring.

Samantha: First making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two hundred and thirty one pounds, here is Adam Weitz!!

Again mixed reactions from the fans.

Jeff Hansen: Adam Weitz is definitely a man with potential and tonight a victory for him could be worth a lot.

Jason Johnson: A true assessment of Adam, it just seems like the guy needs a bit more focus to really get over that hump.

As "Get Inside" fades away, "One Time" By Stroke 9 picks up and along with it so does the fans.  Vincent Mallows now comes out from the back, donned in a pair of dark green wrestling pants with Mallows written down the side in white lettering.  He plays up to the fans a bit as he walks down the ramp way towards the ring.

Samantha: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and thirty five pounds, here is Vincent Mallows!

Another loud cheer goes out for the well known Vincent as he reaches the ring and gets up on the apron.  He lifts one arm high into the air and holds up his index finger.  Quickly then he hops into the ring and looks into the eyes of Adam Weitz.

Jeff Hansen: Vincent Mallows starting out from scratch and his first official match since returning to this line of work.

Jason Johnson: I'm interested to see if he's worked off his ring rust.

Jeff Hansen: Well knowing Vincent, I'm sure he's kept in great shape during his time off.

Jason Johnson: The bell sounding now, we've got a match up underway... and oddly enough Monique is not ring side.

Jeff Hansen: Well earlier tonight Vincent had told me that with all the turmoil in SHOOT right now, he didn't feel it would be safe for her.

Jason Johnson: Ah, well then Vincent is a smart man.  Adam Weitz and Vincent Mallows now going at it.  This will be a match with two very gifted wrestlers involved in it.

Jeff Hansen: A shame only one of them can walk out of this match with the win.

Jason Johnson: A great point there Jeff. Now let's watch this great action we have coming our way.

Jeff Hansen: A tie up in the center with Vincent getting the advantage with an arm drag take down. Adam back up to his feet quickly, but Vincent catches Adam in a drop toe hold. Floating over top of him and into a front chancery.

Jason Johnson: Adam seems to be one step behind so far in this one. The referee checks in to see if it is a choke hold. Adam fights his way up to his feet delivering a northern lights suplex.

Jeff Hansen: Adam holds on as the referee gets into position and begins to make the count, but Vincent kicks out of the pinning predicament at 2.

Jason Johnson: That was close, but it will take a lot more than that to keep Vincent down. Adam is first up to his feet picking Vincent up by the hair and lifting him up in a vertical suplex then into a brain buster.

Jeff Hansen: Adam goes over to the ropes making his way up to the top turnbuckle. He plays to the crowd briefly then he comes off the turnbuckle attempting to nail a cross body block but Vincent catches him with a fall away slam sending Adam crashing down to the mat.

Jason Johnson: Great counter move there by Vincent. Vincent gets back up to his feet and goes over towards Adam nailing him with a baseball slide drop kick sending Adam outside the ring.

Jeff Hansen: This could get brutal now Jason. I really can't imagine what Vincent might do in these surroundings. Vincent picks up Adam Irish whipping him into the ring steps head first. Adam looks to be busted open. Vincent goes over near the announce table picking up a steel chair.

Jason Johnson: Just as Vincent goes to nail Adam with the chair Adam drop kicks the chair right into the face of Vincent sending him crashing down.

Jeff Hansen: That is going to leave a mark. Vincent is rolling on the mat trying to shake off the effects of the blow to his head. Adam gets up taking his hand to his head realizing that he is bleeding he wipes his hand on the ring apron. Going over towards Vincent who is pulling himself up using the announce table.

Jason Johnson: Vincent still looks as though he hasn’t gotten his bearings yet. Adam goes up the ring steps and goes off them running towards Vincent who is standing in front of the table. Vincent ducks just in time holy shit there goes Adam crashing against the safety rail behind us did you hear that impact?

Jeff Hansen: Hear it? I’m glad I didn’t feel it I know that for sure. Vincent comes behind the table picking up Adam hip tossing him up and over the announce table and down to the mat with a thud.

Jason Johnson: Vincent goes around the table and picks up Adam tossing him back inside the ring. He follows him inside and begins laying the kicks to him following it up with a pin fall attempt.



Jeff Hansen: No Adam kicks out just before the count of 3. A close call there for Adam.

Jason Johnson: Vincent gets up to his feet reaching down grabbing the leg of Adam rearing back grabbing the head pulling it back putting strain on both the head and legs of Adam.

Jeff Hansen: That is what he likes to call The Waterbury Crab. A variation of a Boston Crab. The referee is in position to see if Adam is wanting to give it up.

Jason Johnson: I don’t think he will, but who knows that certainly does look painful. What an effort there by Adam as he makes it to the ropes causing the referee to call for the break.

Jeff Hansen: I can’t believe he didn’t give it up. I mean I think it is simply a matter of time until Vincent puts him away.

Jason Johnson: I will for a change have to agree with you there Jeff. Vincent goes for and connects with a standing Vertical split leg round house kick sending Adam down to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: He calls that One Time Knock Down. An impressive move there from Vincent. Vincent goes up to the middle turnbuckle coming off with a crushing elbow to the almost motionless Adam. Then he does yet another of his patented moves in the form of Going for the Top. This could be all she wrote as we all know what is next.

Jason Johnson: The Justifier is going to be soon. Vincent plays briefly to the crowd as he reaches down catching Adam in a crippler cross face.

Jeff Hansen: Damn Vincent is putting a hell of a show on tonight catching all his signature moves the most recent one being Painful Reminder. Luckily Adam was close enough to the ropes to cause the break.

Jason Johnson: Vincent has been in firm control. Picking up Adam nailing him with a European upper cut into a flowing DDT sending Adam’s head crashing to the mat.

Jeff Hansen: That has to be it. Adam is out cold. Vincent hooks the far leg while the referee’s hand hits the mat for the 1,2,3!

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match, Vincent Mallows!

"One Time" Blasts across the P.A. system and the fans cheer for Vincent as he stands tall in the ring.

Jason Johnson: What a high impact match this was. A good win for Vincent Mallows.

Jeff Hansen: He certainly put on a clinic out here.

Jason Johnson: Indeed he did, and I think he proved that he's serious about working his way back up to the top of the ladder rung by rung.

Jeff Hansen: I still find it hard to believe sometimes, but it really looks like Vincent Mallows has gone completely legit.

Jason Johnson: I'm skeptical about it myself sometimes, but he's a great talent inside the ring and on the mic, so I had to take the chance and sign him.

Vincent makes his way out of the ring while Jason Johnson and Jeff Hansen talk amongst themselves.  As Vincent leaves a replay of the match ending plays on the SHOOT Big Screen and then the cameras cut to the inter workings of the Gund Arena...

Backstage standing by is Shoot reporter Scott Richardson. Beside him is the current Shoot Project Rising Sun champion Lonewolf with his wrestling gear on already in preparation for his match later on in the main event of the evening.

Scott Richardson: Lonewolf thanks for giving us some of your time here tonight.

Lonewolf: No problem Scott.

Scott Richardson: Here, tonight, starts a sort of mini tournament to determine the number one contender to your Rising Sun title. Any thoughts on who you might want to take on?

Lonewolf: Scott in all reality I would love to face any of them. I mean I plan on being a fighting champion and defend this title against any and all comers. I think all the people in this tournament are going to be all worthy of a chance. It's just of them to take advantage of the opportunity given to them.

Scott Richardson: Of course that's all in the future, but now is the time for you to be thinking about something else.  Do you think tonight that you'll be able to depend on your partners in this big six-man tag?

Lonewolf: Well I would certainly hope so, but I don't really know.  However, I do know something though, even if we don't like one another we still have to work together if we want to win. Even it is myself getting the pin fall or Roland, or for that matter Ray pins any of the three opponents we have. Either way it is a win for us as a team.

Scott Richardson: You pulled the wool over most of the people in this company earlier this week when you made it seem like you were retiring. What was the reasoning behind that?

Lonewolf: Scott I always love to keep people on their toes. I mean I had everyone eating out of my hand. I could have walked into that conference room and said anything and they would believe it. None the less Lonewolf fans out there and wrestling fans alike I am not leaving the business any time soon. I hope you enjoy it because I know that tonight I am going to be on the winning side.

Scott Richardson: Well thanks for the time Lonewolf. Back to you Jeff and Jason.

Jason Johnson: That massive six man tag of course coming up later tonight.  Should be one hell of a closer for the evening.

Jeff Hansen: well look at the talent you have going into that match, some of the best SHOOT has to offer.

Jason Johnson: Needless to say there's going to be an exciting main event tonight, but that's later on.  Let's take it to the ring now with Samantha Coil for our next bout of the evening.

The Safety Committee vs. Katsudo and Onslaught

Samantha Coil: The next contest is scheduled for one fall and is a tag team match....

Samantha pauses in her announcing as "Push it" by Static-X begins to play.  The fans look to the entryway as they are unfamilar with the music.  Two men step out from behind the back curtain and suddenly "Push It" changes into "It's On" By Korn.  The two men take in the atmosphere before slowly heading toward the ring.

Samantha Coil: Making their debut tonight, at a combined weight of four hundred and fifty three pounds... Here is the team of Katsudo and Onslaught!!

Both men at the same time run and slide into the ring and head to the direct center of it.  Katsudo stands stiffly bowing down at his waist, while Onslaught goes absolutely nuts stomping around him getting the fans all pumped up.

Jeff Hansen: Certainly an unusual pairing... but I think Katsudo said it himself, these two are like the Yin and the Yang.

Jason Johnson: Both these men signed with SHOOT prior to Impulse and worked a couple of dark matches to get used to the SHOOT feeling.  They are some pretty impressive talent.

Jeff Hansen: Well let's see what type of impact they make tonight.

"Pure Massacre" by Silverchair suddenly picks up, sending the fans into a chorus of boos.  Like robots, Mike and Steven Safety step out from the back, completely expressionless and dressed exactly alike.  They look wide eyed at everyone around them, eventually staring directly at Katsudo and Onslaught.  Both men remain standing completely straight up at the top of the ramp way.  Samantha is about to introduce them both, but she is suddenly cut off by Steven Safety.

Steven Safety: Understand this, Ohio.  We are a Committee that thrives for the safety and well being of the citizens of the United States.  The men before us are safety hazards and will be eliminated with the proper procedures.

The boos grow louder as Steven turns to his brother Mike.  Mike Safety takes a step forward.

Mike Safety: Understand that if you support these two men, then you too are considered hazards.  And, as stated by the Safety handbook, you as well will be taken care of.

At this point in time the fans have had enough and begin to throw garbage towards The Safety Committee.  The two men remain expressionless as they look at Katsudo and Onslaught.

Mike and Steven Safety: Remember, Safety First!

The two men then quickly storm towards the ring as if something triggered inside of them.  Katsudo and Onslaught intercept them as they get up on the ring apron.  Katsudo lands a roundhouse kick to the side of Steven Safety's shoulder and Onslaught slides to the outside not allowing Mike Safety to even get into the ring.  Katsudo and Steven Safety lock up into grapple with Steven Safety overpowering the smaller Katsudo.  Steven Safety whips Katsudo into the corner with such force that Katsudo comes bouncing right back.  Steven Safety follows through with a devastating clothesline.  Katsudo hits the mat instantly and Steven Safety pushes his foot down across Katsudo's throat!

Jason Johnson: He's choking Katsudo but the referee is still trying to get Onslaught and Mike Safety to their appropriate sides.

The referee shouts at Mike Safety and Onslaught who continue to pummel each other with closed fists.  Onslaught gains the slight advantage and gets a kick to the mid section on Mike Safety.  Mike Safety slumps forward slightly and Onslaught goes to take him down with a DDT, however Mike Safety stands his ground and just shoves Onslaught down.  Mike Safety then heads to his corner of the ring where Steven Safety makes the tag.  The referee returns to the action as Mike Safety lifts Katsudo off of the mat.  Mike Safety swings Katsudo into the ropes and scoops him off his feet high into the gorilla press position.  Mike Safety then turns towards Steven Safety who nods his head.  Mike Safety quickly responds by dropping Katsudo from way up via a gorilla press slam.  Katsudo grabs his back in pain and heads towards his corner of the ring.  Onslaught reaches with an outstretched hand for the tag, but Mike Safety grabs Katsudo around the waist and locks them around his waist tightly.  Mike Safety goes to execute a quick release German suplex, but as he does so, Katsudo flips out of his grasp and lands on his feet.  Mike Safety turns around and as he does so Katsudo comes bouncing off the ropes and nails Mike Safety with a spring back elbow smash.  Mike Safety staggers backward and as Katsudo advances, Steven Safety nails him behind with a straight closed fist punch that connects directly with the back of Katsudo's head.  Katsudo falls down to the mat and the referee shouts at Steven Safety to get out of the ring.

Jeff Hansen: A cheap shot there by Steven Safety, and I was really getting into Katsudo too.  These two new comers are going to have trouble with The Safety Committee if they keep double teaming like this.

Jason Johnson: It seems to be their method of choice, we saw that at Impulse when they took on Hardcore Style.

Mike Safety grabs Katsudo now and scoops him up and takes him down with a pump handle slam.  Mike Safety makes the cover and the referee hits the mat to make the Count.  One... Two... Thr... Katsudo manages to get his shoulder up thus breaking the count.  Mike Safety shows no concern and gets up to his feet, bringing Katsudo up with him.  In the corner, Onslaught goes crazy stomping and reaching his hand out for a tag.  the fans start to get behind Onslaught and soon the whole arena is stomping their feet.  Mike Safety whips Katsudo into the corner now and rushes at him.  Katsudo elevates himself up onto the top rope and leaps off landing on the shoulders of Mike Safety.  Katsudo whips him around and sends Mike Safety to the mat with a huricanrana!

Jeff Hansen: Katsudo took the big Mike Safety down, that's impressive!!

Katsudo makes no attempt to get a pin and quickly tags in Onslaught.  Onslaught rushes the fallen Mike Safety and goes to work instantly.  Onslaught drops knee after knee into the side of Mike Safety hoping to keep him down.  Onslaught continues his fast pace momentum and looks to the corner.  He nods his head and quickly climbs to the top turnbuckle.  However, as he does so Steven Safety moves to the corner and grabs Onslaught by the neck.  Onslaught struggles to break free, but Steven Safety sends him down onto the mat with a choke slam from the ring apron!  Onslaught's head bounces off the mat and the fans react with "ohh."  Mike Safety holds his side in slight pain as he gets up to his feet.  He slowly walks towards Onslaught, looming over him as he grabs him by the top of his head.  As he pulls him up to his feet Onslaught tucks under and rolls Mike Safety up into a school boy pin.  The referee hits the mat and makes the count.

One... Two... Mike Safety launches Onslaught off of him and quickly gets up to his feet now.  The look in Mike Safety's eye becomes one of pure anger.  Without stopping he stomps down on Onslaught repeatedly, each time bringing his foot down with more and more force.  Mike Safety marches into his corner and tags in Steven Safety.  Steven Safety comes in and brings Onslaught up to his feet.  He holds his left arm tightly and then begins to clothesline Onslaught.  As Onslaught falls backwards, Steven Safety pulls him forcefully back up to a standing position only to clothesline him again.  Steven Safety does this again and again, each time quicker than the last.  Finally Steven Safety lets go of Onslaught's arm and boots him down to the mat.  Steven Safety now walks back and forth around Onslaught, causing the fans to really get into the booing.  Steven Safety turns to his partner and brother, Mike Safety and tags him in.  Both men then get Onslaught up to his feet.  Steven Safety pauses as he hoists Onslaught high up onto his shoulders.  As he does so, Katsudo launches himself into the ring and comes up behind Mike Safety nailing him in the back of the head with a spinning heel kick.  Mike Safety stumbles forward and as he turns around he's met with a series of throat chops from Katsudo.  Steven Safety drops Onslaught onto the mat and goes directly for Katsudo.  Katsudo tries to defend against both men, but eventually their power overtakes him.  Steven Safety brings a double axe handle smash blow across the back of Katsudo that drops him to one knee.  Mike Safety then lays him down flat with a boot to the face.  The referee yells for order in this match, but The Safety Committee doesn't even pay attention.

Jeff Hansen: I have a feeling that Katsudo and Onslaught are in for a load of hurt right now.

Jason Johnson: The referee has apparently lost all control of this match..

Steven and Mike Safety then turn towards Onslaught who is pulling himself up by using the ropes.  Both men stalk towards him, and the referee gets in the way shouting at them to stop.  Mike Safety turns to his brother who once again nods his head.  Mike Safety then grabs the referee's neck with both hands and just chucks him into the corner.  The Safety Committee both grab a hold of Onslaught and swing him into the ropes.  As he comes bouncing back, the referee signals wildly for the bell.  The bell begins to ring as Steven Safety raises Onslaught high into the air and takes him down with an electric chair drop.  However, Steven Safety quickly hoists Onslaught off the mat and and onto his feet just in time for Mike Safety to connect with a clothesline from hell!  Onslaught falls to the mat out cold and Steven Safety makes the cover.

Jeff Hansen: The referee is not making the count..

Jason Johnson: The bell is still ringing, I think he's thrown this whole thing out.

Jeff Hansen: Uh-Oh.  Mike Safety is glaring down the referee, this can't be good.

Mike Safety takes notice to the fact that the referee isn't counting and approaches him.  The referee quickly runs out of the ring as Samantha makes the announcement from her spot at ringside.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of your match as a result of a disqualification, the team of Katsudo and Onslaught!!

The referee books it down the ramp way as Mike and Steven Safety stand in the ring now, not exactly happy with the decision made.  However, that doesn't stop them from carrying out their "mission."  Steven Safety turns to Mike Safety and then both men turn to Katsudo.  Katsudo staggers about trying to get his bearings back and Steven sends Mike towards him.  Mike Safety grabs him from behind and turns him around.  Quickly then he raises him high into the air as if to do a power bomb!

Jeff Hansen: Here comes a load of security and SHOOT officials to hopefully break this thing up.

Jason Johnson: Well the debuting team of Katsudo and Onslaught got the victory, but at what cost?

Security swarms the ring attempting to bring Mike Safety to a controlled state.  However, Steven Safety begins throwing punches left and right clearing everyone out of the ring.  Mike Safety then drops Katsudo only half way with the power bomb, and then suddenly whips him back up and over his shoulder sending him face first to the mat!  Katsudo's face smashes with vicious force into the mat and both men have been knocked out cold.

Jason Johnson: Good god, the Safety Committee has just taken all their anger out on Katsudo and Onslaught.

Jeff Hansen: Well it must have been brooding inside them since their loss at Impulse.  Thing is, The Safety Committee has lost again tonight, but I suppose in their own mind this match has been justified as a win.

Jason Johnson: Finally now, those two brutes are leaving the ring, and the damage has been done.

Jeff Hansen: You got to hand it to Katsudo and Onslaught for taking as much pain as they did... they are going to be a great edition to the SHOOT roster once they recover from this beating.

"Pure Massacre" plays over the P.A. system as The Safety Committee, now calm and expressionless like they were before, walk away from the ring; away from the carnage they just caused.  The cameras continue to follow The Safety Committee through the back halls and as they do so Ed Raymond comes around the corner furious!

Ed Raymond: What the hell was that!?  I bring you guys into this federation with the understanding that stuff like that would never happen again... and what did I just witness!!  Can you tell me what I just witnessed!?

Steven Safety and Mike Safety push Ed Raymond up against the wall and continue walking without saying a word.  Ed Raymond looks towards them as they walk off down the hall.  Raymond shakes his head.

Ed Raymond: Just what I needed...

Raymond sighs and walks off down the hall in the opposite direction... as he does so, he passes by the deranged Miracle Man who heads towards the ring area with a smirk on his face.  He approaches a referee who stands nearby looking over the shows bookings.  The referee notices the Miracle Man staring at him and turns to face him.

Ref: Can I help you?

Miracle Man: No... Not at all! That's why you have to go!

He punches the ref in the face and the ref falls down.

Miracle Man: You'll be much too hard to corrupt. I need this win!

He kicks the ref a couple more times and then picks him up and throws him against the wall. He takes out a rope and a gag. He gags the ref and then picks the ref up and walks into a closet. He ties the ref up, shuts the closet door, and then locks it.

Miracle Man: Now, to go find his replacement.

He laughs and walks away.

Jason Johnson: That guy is just weird, and there is nothing else to it.

Jeff Hansen: Maybe he should align himself with the Safety Committee... something tells me they would get along really well.

Jason Johnson: Well The Miracle Man heading this way as we have a Triple Threat match coming up for the number one contender to the DOJO title!

Jeff Hansen: This night continues to get even more interesting.

Triple Threat Match: Kyle Ortego v. Orion Bane v. Miracle Man 
(To Determine The #1 Contender To The DOJO Championship)

('Orion' by Metallica is playing over the sound system in the Gund Arena, as the camera goes to the ring…we see all three of the competitors in the Triple Threat match already in the ring. Each fighter stands in one corner, warming up…Samantha stands in the remaining corner with the microphone…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this is a TRIPLE THREAT Match to determine the #1 Contender to the DOJO Championship!”

(The fans cheer, as the music fades…)

Samantha: “Introducing FIRST…in the ring to my right…hailing from New Orleans Louisiana, standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 225 pounds…KYLE ORTEGO!”

(Kyle Ortego continues to warm up as the fans applaud…)

Samantha: “In the corner to his right…hailing from PARTS UNKNOWN, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 254 pounds…ORION BANE!”

(Orion Bane stands with his arms folded across his chest and an unbelievably intense look on his face…)

Samantha: “Finally, in the far corner… at a height of 6 feet 3 inches tall, he weighs 240 pounds and hails from New York, New York…MIRACLE MAN!”

Jason Johnson: “WHOA! Orion Bane RUSHES Miracle Man and starts POUNDING on him! Samantha barely finishes getting the introduction out…as she escapes the ring while the bell rings to start this three way match!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look at Bane! He’s pounding Miracle Man to the mat with repeated forearms to the back! He’s beating him down, as Kyle Ortego watches…and LAUGHS!”

Jason Johnson: “As long as Bane doesn’t go for a pin, it benefits Ortego to sit back and watch as Bane takes Miracle Man out of this fight!”

Jeff Hansen: “Look here! Bane lifts Miracle Man over his head…and PRESSES him! Now he drops him unceremoniously to the outside!”

Jason Johnson: “That will take Miracle Man out of this match for a while I bet…this newcomer is getting a TOUGH introduction into his first match here in Shoot Project!”

Jeff Hansen: “I’ll say! Orion Bane has just started off this match by taking Miracle Man OUT of the equation!” Jason Johnson: “Now Kyle Ortego and Orion Bane exchanging words…and Ortego sends Bane into the corner with a HIGH spinning heel kick …”

Jeff Hansen: “Meanwhile Miracle Man staggers around outside the ring…trying to get his bearings…man I can’t believe he’s up already after being dumped outside on his head by Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man showing some toughness here! Meanwhile, Kyle Ortego working Bane over in the corner with some BEAUTIFUL reverse knife edge chops!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ha! The fans giving us a ‘WHOO!’ with every chop!”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego backs up…and starts firing away at Bane…a jab, a jab, a roundhouse to the face…and a sweep...Bane to the mat!”

Jeff Hansen: “Bane hits the mat from the sweep…meanwhile outside the ring, Miracle Man has pulled out a steel chair, and now he charges in…”

Jason Johnson: “WHOA! Ortego dropkicks the steel chair into Miracle Man’s face!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego grabs the steel chair and goes after Bane in the corner…the ref grabs it away and throws it outside the ring!”

Jason Johnson: “This is NOT a no DQ match! While the ref takes the chair away from Ortego Bane takes the opportunity to recover…he’s UP! Orion Bane BOOTS the face of Kyle Ortego! Now Orion Bane chokes the fallen Kyle Ortego with his foot…”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man sneaks up behind Orion Bane…schoolboy roll up!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man cover! One! Two…no! Bane powers out!”

Jeff Hansen: “Nice move by Miracle Man, he shows some ring presence there! Now he follows up the roll up with a high elbow smash!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man goes for the cover again…but Kyle Ortego shoots in with a low dropkick and hits him right upside the head!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Ortego tries to cover Bane, but Bane grabs Ortego around the throat…and throws him off!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane clubs Ortego to his knees…grabs Ortego and secures his head between his knees…hoists him up…Jack-knife Powerbomb!”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man heads to the top as Bane covers Ortego…”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man hits Bane in the back of the head with a flying elbow drop, stunning him…and breaking the count!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Miracle Man rolls Bane out of the way and covers Ortego himself! One! Two! NO! Ortego kicks out!”

Jason Johnson: “Nice try by Miracle Man! Now Ortego is pulled to his feet by Miracle Man …WHOA MOMMA!”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man was picking up Kyle Ortego up when suddenly Ortego UNLOADED on him with his patented SPINNING BACK FIST!”

Jason Johnson: “The crowd comes alive for the flying fists of Kyle Ortego!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego keeps up the onslaught on Miracle Man…a headbutt…followed by ANOTHER backfist…another spinning back fist…spinning sidekick to the gut…and FINALLY a spinning hook kick to the face!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man is ROCKED as Orion Bane starts to stir…still feeling the after effects of that elbow from the top rope that hit him right in the back of the head…”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man is stunned by the fists of fury from Kyle Ortego, and falls in a heap!”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego can’t go for a cover though, because just as Miracle Man hits the canvas, Orion Bane finally staggers to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “And gets met with a Tornado Underhook DDT from Ortego! Bane goes down!”

Jason Johnson: “Now Kyle Ortego goes up top…Ortego is rocking this place!”

Jeff Hansen: “FROG SPLASH on Orion Bane by Kyle Ortego!”

Jason Johnson: “The ref slides in for the count as Ortego hooks the leg: ONE…TWO…NO! Miracle Man breaks the count up this time…as the crowd groans!”

Jeff Hansen: “They thought that was it…and so did I!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man drops a leg across the back of Kyle Ortego…before he can get up from covering Bane!”

Jeff Hansen: “Another smart move by Miracle Man! This guy is no rookie! Now Miracle Man picks up Ortego…”

Jason Johnson: “High Vertical Suplex!”

Jeff Hansen: “Cover on Ortego by Miracle Man: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Ortego!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane sneaks up behind Miracle Man…”

Jeff Hansen: “GERMAN SUPLEX! Bane hits Miracle Man from behind with a Release German Suplex…man he folded him up on that one! Miracle Man landed right on the back of his head and neck.”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego is up…”

Jeff Hansen: “Spinning Crescent Kick on Orion Bane by Kyle Ortego!”

Jason Johnson: “COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Bane!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane powers out…and grabs Kyle Ortego…THROWING him backwards into the corner…”

Jason Johnson: “WHAM! Bane clobbers Kyle Ortego…he’s SNAPPED and starts pounding away at Kyle Ortego with repeated fists to the face…”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man takes the chance to regroup…he’s still feeling the after effects of that release German Suplex by Bane.”

Jason Johnson: “Bane hammers Kyle Ortego away at Ortego…he has got to get out of the corner! Orion Bane throws the visibly stunned Kyle Ortego over his shoulder…RUNNING POWERSLAM! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Ortego kicks out!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane stays on Ortego…”

Jason Johnson: “No! As Orion Bane grabs Kyle Ortego’s leg, Ortego rolls him up in a SMALL PACKAGE!”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE! TWO! NO!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man nails Ortego in the back with a double axe handle as Ortego was covering Bane!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ha! Miracle Man throws Bane off, and covers Ortego HIMSELF!”

Jason Johnson: “ONE…Bane grabs Miracle Man by the back of the head…and lifts him to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “Miracle Man pounded into the mat by an ATOMIC DROP by Orion Bane…and then gets DRIVEN over the top rope to the outside…by a LARIAT from Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man takes a rough bounce out there from the awesome POWER of that brutal clothesline from Bane!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego comes up behind Bane…Bane turns around…Jab…Jab…Straight punch…spinning sidekick to the gut…snap front kick to the face…spinning hook…and a kick to the face!”

Jason Johnson: “Bane goes down! ANOTHER patented Lightning Fast Martial Arts Combination by Kyle Ortego!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans really go for those high speed kung fu moves by Kyle Ortego…listen to the cheers!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man is down outside the ring, and Orion Bane is trying to get up from that attack by Ortego…”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego is crouched…ready for Bane as he gets up…”

Jason Johnson: “Bane is up…shaking his head to clear the cobwebs…Ortego takes a run towards Orion Bane…chop block, and takes his legs out from underneath him!”

Jeff Hansen: “Kyle Ortego grabs the leg of Orion Bane…twists over…into a Texas Cloverleaf! Kyle Ortego has the Texas Cloverleaf on Orion Bane!”

Jason Johnson: “Orion Bane is thrashing around…he’s in agony as Kyle Ortego leans back and applies torque to that knee! Ortego has it locked in tight…”

Jeff Hansen: “Look…Miracle Man is up on the top rope…and comes off with a MISSILE DROPKICK, and hits Kyle Ortego RIGHT in the back of the head!”

Jason Johnson: “As Orion Bane lays on the canvas clutching his injured leg, Miracle Man whips Kyle Ortego into the ropes…and nails him with a back elbow!”

Jeff Hansen: “Ortego hits the mat…Miracle Man darts over and buries a boot to the midsection of Orion Bane…and then STOMPS on the back of that injured knee!”

Jason Johnson: “Miracle Man wanting to ensure that Bane stays down…now he turns back to Kyle Ortego, who has risen to his feet and…HOLY SHIT! POW!”

Jeff Hansen: “As Miracle Man turns his attention back to Kyle Ortego…he walks RIGHT into a thrusting side kick to the jaw! WEST NILE THEORY and Miracle Man goes down like he’s been SHOT, after that PERFECT kick by Ortego…hit him right on the BUTTON!”

Jason Johnson: “Ortego shoots in for the cover! One! Two! Three! HE GOT HIM!”

(The bell rings…Miracle Man and Kyle Ortego lay flat in the middle of the ring…Orion Bane still lies on his side, clutching his knee. The ref raises Ortego’s hand over his head as 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem starts to play…)


Jason Johnson: “As the exhausted Kyle Ortego heads up the aisle, and Miracle Man gets to his feet…lets look at the replay…MAN… Miracle Man got hit right in the face with that kick from Ortego…and that was IT!”

Jeff Hansen: “Orion Bane is being helped back to the dressing room…what a great three way war THAT was!”

Jason Johnson: That it was, and Ortego proved why he is still considerably one of the best hardcore wrestlers out there...

As Jason is about to continue on, "Are you Ready?" by Creed begins to play and the fans turn their attention to see Ed Raymond walking down to the ring.  There is a mixed reaction for this man, though most of the reactions are boos.  Raymond seems to care little, nor is he bothering to play into the crowd today.  He simply walks to the ring with a clipboard with papers in hand.

Jeff Hansen: Well this must be it then, the official contract signing for the Iron Fist Title match.

Raymond motions for a microphone and Samantha hands him one through the ropes.  Raymond takes hold of the mic and more boos follow.  He simply shakes his head.

Ed Raymond: Listen, I'm not out here to be an asshole or anything alright.  So just shut up and let me conduct business accordingly.

Of course this statement brings more boos but Raymond just continues on.

Ed Raymond: With Impulse being over, an end came to the Road to K.O. Tournament.  The talent that competed was solid, but only one man could win the chance to take that Iron Fist title away from Ben Jackman....  because let's face it folks, he's had it way too long.

Again boos ring out since Ben Jackman is a huge fan favorite.  Ed Raymond lifts the clipboard up for everyone to see.

Ed Raymond: What I have hear is the official contract for the Iron Fist title Match which will take place next week.  All that this contract needs now is the signature of Ray "Elite" Willmott, and the Iron Fist champion himself Ben Jackman.

Cheers ring out for both competitors who have proved to be some of the best SHOOT has to offer.  Raymond turns his attention to the entryway as "Poem" by Taproot picks up over the P.A. System.  Ray Willmott walks down to the ring, already in his ring gear for his main event match up for tonight.  The fans pop for the "not always there in the head" fan favorite.  He walks into the ring and greets Ed Raymond with a handshake.  Seconds later his music fades and is replaced by "Awnaw- Rock Remix" by Nappy Roots hits.  The fans go absolutely wild as Ben Jackman steps out from behind the back curtain.  He walks down to the ring stopping every so often to chat with a fan or give a high five.  Raymond taps his foot impatiently waiting for Ben Jackman.

Ed Raymond: Can we get on with this, Ben.  I'm a busy man.

Ben Jackman turns to Raymond and just flashes a smarmy grin.  However, Jackman does get into the ring and looks to Raymond.  Raymond goes to shake Jackman's hand, but Jackman quickly shifts his body toward Willmott and shakes hands with Ray instead.  Ed Raymond holds back his anger as the fans laugh and cheer Jackman.  The two men then look towards Raymond and the contract in his hands.

Ed Raymond: Alright both of you need to sign on the bottom two lines and then this match will be made official.

Ben Jackman grabs the pen out of Raymond's hand and goes to sign. However, as he does so, Ray Willmott suddenly gets in front of Jackman and down onto one knee!

Jason Johnson: What on earth!

Jeff Hansen: Your guess is as good as mine, Jason.

Raymond looks at Willmott with confusion as he grabs one end of the Iron Fist title which hangs over Jackman's shoulder.

Ray Willmott: Irene, I just want to let you know that fighting is the only way I can truly express my love for you.  After next week you and I can be together, and we will be a beautiful couple.

Jackman holds back his laughter while all the fans are cracking up in their seats.  Ray Willmott rises to his feet and then motions to Jackman to sign the contract.  Ben Jackman places his signature on the dotted line and then hands the pen to Ray Willmott.  Willmott then signs the contract, all the while glancing back at the Iron Fist title he adoringly calls "Irene".  Once signed, Raymond grabs the pen and pockets it and takes the clipboard from Ray Willmott.

Ed Raymond: It's official.  As of next week the Iron Fist title will be on the line between Ray Willmott and Ben Jackman.  Best of luck to the both of you.

Raymond exits the ring as Jackman and Willmott shake hands.  Willmott goes to leave the ring next, but Jackman still has a grip on his hand.  Willmott turns back to Jackman who is all smiles.

Ben Jackman: Ray, I'd like to say good luck as well.  But you see, you and "Irene" won't ever be together.

Without warning, Jackman winds up and decks Ray Willmott sending him down to the mat.  The fans aren't sure how to react as Ben Jackman looks down at Willmott.

Ben Jackman: It's all about who wants it more, pal.

With that said, Ben Jackman leaves the ring with "Awnaw" once again picking up over the P.A. system.

Jason Johnson: What a match that is going to be.  Willmott has the potential to win that title, but I don't think Jackman intends on letting it go.

Jeff Hansen: Well he's had it for god knows how long now, six months or something?  It's going to be a memorable moment if Willmott can manage to walk away with the victory.

Jason Johnson: But it's just like Jackman said, it's all about who wants it more.

Jeff Hansen: Speaking about who wants it more, let's take it to the ring as Mark Chicone is set to take on The Boss!

Mark  Chicone vs. The Boss
(To Determine the first #2 Contender to the Rising Sun Title)

(The crowd buzzes in excitement as “Halo” by Soil begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match is to determine the number TWO contender to the Shoot Project Rising Sun Championship! FIRSTLY, making his way to the ring from Hollywood California…standing at 6 Feet 6 Inches Tall, weighing in at 260 pounds…here is your “The Shooter”…MARK CHICONE!”

Jason Johnson: “Man…look at the look of concentration on Mark Chicone’s face.”

Jeff Hansen: “He is totally focused on this fight...he doesn’t even acknowledge these fans as he walks down the aisle and climbs into the ring…”

Samantha: “His opponent, standing in the ring to my right…he hails from London England, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, and weighing in at 275 pounds…THE BOSS!”

Jason Johnson: “A very warm reception for the popular fan favorite from England, as the two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Jeff Hansen: “He’s pretty popular, at least more popular than the Shooter!”

Jason Johnson: “Lockup right out of the gate…side headlock by The Boss, wrenching it in…”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone powers out and throws Boss into the ropes!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss comes off…shoulder block! Mark Chicone up…ducks a punch attempt by The Boss and answers with a nice left hook of his own!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss connects with a jab in response…Mark Chicone back with a smashing roundhouse to take control!”

Jason Johnson: “A bit of a brawl to start off here! Irish Whip…and into the ropes goes The Boss ... up and over leapfrog…The Boss lands on his feet...runs at Mark Chicone but Mark Chicone gives him a hot shot!”

Jeff Hansen: “ACK! Mark Chicone just grabbed The Boss in a belly to belly and threw him throat first across the top rope! That’s going to obstruct the airway!”

Jason Johnson: “I’d say…The Boss struggles to his feet…but a BIG clothesline by Mark Chicone puts The Boss down…”

Jeff Hansen: “Both of these guys are examples of the BIG BOYS we have here in Shoot Project! Both guys are OVER six and a half feet tall, and both weigh around 270 pounds! That’s a lot of power in that ring right now!”

Jason Johnson: “Speaking of power…The Shooter goes down and Mark Chicone looking to apply a hammerlock…but The Boss powers out…”

Jeff Hansen: “Even though that hotshot was very impressive, and was followed up by that nice clothesline…it’s probably too soon to go for a tap out…you probably aren’t going to beat a fighter like The Boss that way…”

Jason Johnson: “I agree. Mark Chicone with a brutal knife edge chop into the chest of The Boss, who is still trying to regain his composure after that hot shot and clothesline…you can see that Mark Chicone is working on the sternum area of The Boss…”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone is a very intelligent fighter, there’s no doubt about it…”

Jason Johnson: “ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...just listen to the SMACK noise and look at The Boss’s chest to see the effect those shots are having.”

Jeff Hansen: “Yeah…The Boss’s chest is getting red from the force of impact…Mark Chicone’s probably broken some blood vessels there…”

Jason Johnson: “An Irish Whip by Mark Chicone on The Boss…into the ropes is reversed…The Boss gets hiss head down, looking for a back bodydrop…head down…but no…BIG kick by Mark Chicone…”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone caught him there…The Boss put his head down too early! The Boss stumbles back…Mark Chicone coming in…WHOA!”

Jason Johnson: “Beautiful! The Boss was playing possum somewhat, and suckered Mark Chicone in…he was acting like that kick to the chest hurt him more than it did…and when Mark Chicone went in to follow it up, The Boss snaps off PERFECT belly to belly Suplex! Both men down now…”

Jeff Hansen: “Did you see the HEIGHT that The Boss got on that Belly to Belly? Let’s look at a replay…WOW!”

Jason Johnson: “Both men getting to their feet…The Boss with a short clothesline…He’s going for a DDT…but Mark Chicone fights it off!”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss stays on him, pulls Mark Chicone to his feet and SMASHES him head first to the buckle. Mark Chicone snaps back…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss slaps on a waist lock…and hits the Back Suplex!”

Jeff Hansen: “Damn, The Boss has thrown a couple of textbook suplexes tonight Johnson!”

Jason Johnson: “Despite the beating he took to his upper body earlier on in this match, The Boss has rebounded nicely…The Boss stays on Mark Chicone...”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss steps behind Mark Chicone…and clamps on a sleeper!”

Jason Johnson: “When you’re as big as the Boss, a sleeper can really be effective too!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone's fading fast...the ref checks the hold…then checks the arm...arm falls once, arm falls twice…WHAM!”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone fires a sharp elbow backwards into the midsection of The Boss…which doubles him over…Mark Chicone jumping on the chance to work on the midsection of The Boss... right to the gut…another right…”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Mark Chicone shoves him into the ropes, and grabs a sleeper of his own!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss flails around a bit but no…he reaches under…grabs Mark Chicone’s leg and STANDS STRAIGHT UP…MODIFIED BACK SUPLEX! Both men down…and the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…”

Jeff Hansen: “We’re at 3…The Boss rolls to his back…4…now at 5, Mark Chicone gets to his knees. Both men up to their feet at 7...”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss charges, and runs into a big boot. The Boss tries again... Mark Chicone is outta there and The Boss crashes into the corner!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone ducks a swing by The Boss and throws a nice right...The Boss is dazed…”

Jason Johnson: “Irish Whip into the ropes…BIG back body drop on The Boss by Mark Chicone...running clothesline...The Boss staggers up and his by another clothesline...”

Jeff Hansen: “Irish Whip into the ropes, The Boss comes off…RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM!”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone going out and going up to the top rope...high sign to the crowd, who responds ... up on the top rope...”

Jeff Hansen: “He took too long as The Boss leaps onto the ropes…and throws off Mark Chicone with the belly to belly SUPERPLEX! HOLY CRAP! That may have been the difference maker right there Johnson…”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss leans against the ropes...he’s tired…”

Jeff Hansen: “All this arguing gives Mark Chicone the chance to stagger to his feet…what guts…most guys would have been down for the count after being tossed from the top rope like that!”

Jason Johnson: “I agree…Mark Chicone has shown some real fight here tonight! HEY…Mark Chicone hits a schoolboy roll up from behind on The Boss while he had his back turned!”

Jeff Hansen: “One! Two! No!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss firing a desperation forearm UPWARDS which NAILS Mark Chicone right in the GUT! Mark Chicone totally didn’t see that one coming…and because that was a surprise it really folded him up like an accordion! Look like Mark Chicone really has the wind knocked out of him!”

Jeff Hansen: “While Mark Chicone is writhing around in pain, The Boss crawls over and grabs a leg…wait a minute…SCORPION DEATH LOCK!”

Jason Johnson: “YES! The Boss has a sharpshooter type leg lock on Mark Chicone and he REALLY has it cinched in! Mark Chicone reaches for the ropes...The Boss pulls him back to the center! Mark Chicone makes the slow crawl once again...so close to the ropes…reaches...MAKES IT!”

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! Mark Chicone withstood the pain and broke that hold…”

Jason Johnson: “Mark Chicone is back on his feet...The Boss grabs his leg again…you can tell he wants to go back to that hold…enzuigiri! SMACK! The Boss had one of Mark Chicone’s legs…so Mark Chicone NAILED The Boss upside the head with a high kick. The Boss drops to the mat like a bag of cement! Mark Chicone wastes no time…he’s out to the apron and up on the top rope…he’s going to go for a top rope splash I think…”

Jeff Hansen: “The Boss sees this and slowly gets to his feet…Mark Chicone comes off with a high cross body…NO! NO! NO! THE BOSS CAUGHT HIM! WHAM!”

Jason Johnson: “The Boss catching Mark Chicone as he comes off the top rope with a high cross body…and uses the momentum of the impact to spin him over into a CRUNCHING POWERSLAM!!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now Chicone is OUT…He got him! The Boss managed to get to his feet right as Mark Chicone came off the top rope…and when Mark Chicone hit him with the high cross body…The Boss used Mark Chicone’s own momentum to spin around and land a BRUTAL powerslam! The impact was so hard that BOTH men bounced off the canvas when it hit!”

Jason Johnson: “Boss is crawling over… he’s got an arm over Chicone…




Jeff Hansen: What a win for The Boss!! He’s moved on in this little mini-tournament that you’ve concocted. It’ll be fun to see who he’s got to face next!

Jason Johnson: Yeah what a win, but it was against doctor's orders.

Jeff Hansen: Wait what?

Before Jeff can get an answer, Jason Johnson leaves the commentary table and heads into the ring.  The Boss staggers to his feet and as he does so he sees Jason Johnson standing beside him in the ring, a microphone in hand.

Jason Johnson: Robbie, I don't know who you think you are that you can just lie to the owner of this federation.  I specifically said you could only wrestle if you were fit, and then I receive word from your doctor that he didn't clear you... that your head is still injured!  What were you thinking, Rob!

The Boss looks at Jason Johnson unsure of what to say.  Jason realizes he has nothing and continues on.

Jason Johnson: Do you realize how much trouble you could get this place in wrestling injured like that?  There are lawsuits that would have this place shut down immediately.  You went against my very order though, Rob.  You lied to me and defied me...

The Boss goes to speak but Jason Johnson doesn't allow him.

Jason Johnson: Don't say a word!  Alright.  Maybe you happen to be the wrong person at the wrong time, but with all this lack of control and order in the SHOOT Project right now, I have got to make an example and I have to start brining some order around here...

Jason Johnson pauses for a moment, and then brings his thoughts together.

Jason Johnson: This might be something I regret later, but It needs to be done.  Rob, for your violation of my orders I'm going to suspend you until you are completely healthy to wrestle.

The Boss looks to Jason Johnson as if he was sentencing him to death.  Jason Johnson turns away from The Boss and leaves the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Well looks like Jason Johnson is taking the first steps to regaining control of this place...laying his foot down and using The Boss as an example.

Jason rejoins Jeff at the announce table and puts his headset back on.

Jason Johnson: Before you say anything, Jeff.  It just had to be done.  That's that.

Jeff Hansen: Alright... well... let's just keep the ball rolling then...

The Beautiful People vs. Hardcore Style
(Tag Team Title Match)

A certain intensity builds within the Gund Arena, the fans seemingly giddy with anticipation. The SHOOT Project always delivers, and tonight has been no different, but right now… At this moment, emotions seemed to be heightened if only by just a little bit.

Jason Johnson: Well, against the staff’s better wishes, we are just about ready for what many are calling a true "SHOOT Project dream match."

Jeff Hansen: Absolutely, Jason… When you think of tag team wrestling here in SHOOT, you have to think of two teams right off the bat… the Beautiful People and Hardcore Style.

Jason Johnson: Both teams, while at completely different ends of the "spectrum" attack this game with the same intensity and same aggression. The Beautiful People are arrogant as hell, but one thing you can’t deny is that when it comes down to it, they are ready each and every Sunday here on Oblivion.

Jeff Hansen: And as are Hardcore Style, Jason, which makes this match the huge affair that is. These teams both have an incredible work effort, and neither team is ever going to quit on you.

Jason Johnson: Well, let’s not waste anymore time talking… The show is ready to begin!

There is a brief moment of silence, before "It’s a Long Way to the Top" by ACDC suddenly BLARES over the public address system, the fans quickly coming to their feet, erupting in an enormous cheer! The noise grows even louder, when the combination of Del Carver and Ben Jackman arrive through curtain.

Del, fired up, raises his hands in the air, and begins stalking to the ring, occasionally shaking the hand of an excited fan. His partner, on the other hand, one Mr. Ben Jackman, remains entirely focused on the ring ahead of him, paying no heed to the noise or intensity the crowd is producing.


Jeff Hansen: They’re making quite a ruckus, and why the hell not? They are getting a match of the year candidate tonight on free TV.

Del slides into the ring, as does Jackman, and both men climb to the top rope, the fire visually burning in their eyes as they look out to the sea of people around ringside. Del shouts something at the audience, pumping them up, as does the usually docile Jackman, both men ready and raring to go!

Samatha: Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing first the undisputed number one contenders to the Tag Team Titles, Here are "The Hardcore Outlaw" Del Carver and Ben "Blackout" Jackman.  They are Hardcore Style!!!

The Fans pop wildly once again as both Carver and Jackman raise their hands into the air.  Eventually the music dies down, and Carver and Jackman, pace back and forth, looking down the aisle, awaiting the arrival of the tag team champions.

Jeff Hansen: It’s about to get really loud, in here Jason… Brace yourself.

"Go On, Go On… Leave Me Breathless!"

The lights go off and the fans ABSOLUTELY ROAR with excitement! A stream of fireworks goes off, bringing another pop from the hot crowd.

Jason Johnson: Here we go!

"Breathless" by the Corrs continues to play, while the fans remain standing, not an ass in their seat.

Jeff Hansen: (Chuckling) You have to wonder what Enigma and Jonny have up their sleeves here tonight… They are known for being "creative"

As the familiar upbeat tune keeps playing, the fans begin to feel that perhaps this isn't a build up and Jonny and Enigma are not coming down to the ring.  Fans who were once standing now begin to sit down slowly, a look of confusion on their faces.  Del Carver and Ben Jackman have the same looks on their faces as they keep their focus on the entryway to the ring.

Jason Johnson: Wow, such an incredible entrance.... like none.

Jeff Hansen: This isn't right.  I've known these guys for a long time, Jason, and they have never not shown up to a match... especially to one of this caliber.

The music eventually fades and there is no sign of The Beautiful People.  Referee Scott Kamura shrugs his shoulder and slowly he begins to make the ten count.  The fans begin to boo and Del Carver and Ben Jackman shake their heads in frustration.

One... Two... Three... Four... Five...

The boos grow louder, out of complete disappointment and Kamura continues to count.

Six.. Seven... Eight... Nine... Ten!

Scott Kamura motions for this one to be called.  The bell sounds and Samatha not even having left the ring yet raises the microphone to her lips.

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen the winners of this tag team contest as a result of a count out, Hardcore Style!!

"It's a long way to the top" begins to play once again, but Del Carver and Ben Jackman aren't leaving the ring.  Both men argue with the referee's decision, but Kamura stands his ground.  As the two men continue to show their frustration, the SHOOT Big Screen turns on which quickly captures the attention of everyone watching.  There, seen on the screen is Jonny Johnson and Enigma laid out on the ground, both men barely moving.  Del Carver's and Ben Jackman's once frustrated looks now turn to looks of slight concern.  Both men soon leave the ring and head to the back as the fans show concern as well.

Jason Johnson: Well I think we all owe The Beautiful People an apology... as I know many probably thought this was a no show on their behalf.

Jeff Hansen: Somebody or multiple people have taken out the tag team champions, and what do you want to bet that it was that ego trip of a stable that OutKast runs.

Jason Johnson: They would certainly be prime candidates, but we can't make any outright assumptions just yet.  In either case, our tag champions are out and who knows how badly they've been hurt.  Let's hope the paramedics get down there as soon as possible!

Jeff Hansen: And here the whole world was ready for what undoubtedly was going to be a huge match up... what a shame.

Back in the back, the camera catches up with OutKast, Mirage, Real Deal, and Mac. They’re laughing about, just sort of strolling around backstage. They’re all pretty much acting goofy. Real Deal eyes a locker room door and points it out to the rest of the group. Eyes go wide as the realization that it’s the Hardcore Style locker room hits. Real Deal assures Kast that everything will be fine, and that he’s not needed. So, OutKast walks off, presumably to go to his locker room. Real Deal opens the door, and Mirage and Mac follow. They walk in on Del Carver, sitting on his bench, without Jackman in tow.

Real Deal: Well well, old man. Such a crying shame that you two fucks didn’t get your shot at the tag belts, is it?

Mirage, Mac, and Real Deal snicker. Del just looks up.

Mac: What, you got somethin’ to say?

Real Deal: Yeah old man? You got something you want to get off your chest?

Del bows his head down, staring at the floor.

Del Carver: You know… You four… You’re all going to get it. I’m going to start with OutKast, and just work my way through.

Mirage: And then what? You’ll do what you have to do to survive?

After that statement, Mac runs smack into Del with a version of the shining wizard, sending Del to the floor. Mirage and Mac lay boots into Del, who is on the floor, spitting blood from the knee to the head. Real Deal just stands back, watching. Mac and Mirage are ruthless in their assault on the Hardcore Outlaw.

Jason Johnson: THIS is a TRAVESTY! How could those three just attack him like that?!

Jeff Hansen: This is how they operate, Jason.

Real Deal hands Mirage a steel chair, but before Mirage begins further assault on Del, he nods to the camera. Real Deal turns, and smiles. He walks straight up to the camera, and allows his face to take up the majority of the camera. The only thing visible is Mirage standing by, waiting. Real Deal smirks into the camera, knowing that this is being displayed on the ObliviTron.

Real Deal: I think it’s time we ended our little show.

And with that, Real Deal pulls the camera cord, ending the live feed.

Jason Johnson: NO! Those BASTARDS. Del Carver is the essence of the SHOOT Project!! How could they do this?!

Jeff Hansen: They’re out for blood, Jason. They respect no one. Not me, not SHOOT Project, not you, and especially not Del Carver.

Jason Johnson: And OutKast is supposed to have a match with him next week!! This is utter bullshit!!

The Real Deal/OutKast/Mirage Vs. Lonewolf/Roland the Dark/Ray Willmott

Jason Johnson: I just can’t believe this. And now they’re going to come out here and wrestle? I’m not sure I can stand to look at these three. Their new title belts, cash out of my pocket, beating up Del Carver. It’s just sickening.

Jeff Hansen: Be that as it may, we do have to get this main event rolling. These two teams have been at each other from the very beginning of the week, and it’s been a cut throat battle. Everyone’s been mudslinging, and all of that good stuff we have here in SHOOT.

Jason Johnson: I hope that the team of Lonewolf, Willmott, and Roland put these three motherfuckers right out of their misery. I can’t stand this.

OutKast catches up with Mirage, Mac, and Real Deal, coming out of the Hardcore Style locker room. Everyone’s in good spirits, all with just that little hint of sadism in their smiles. OutKast returns the grin, and they make their way to the gorilla position.

Lonewolf, Willmott, and Roland are all in one locker room, going over match strategy. They make their exit, all too wearily of one another.

“Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 hits the PA, and out walk the tandem of Real Deal, OutKast, and Mirage accompanied by none other than Mac. They walk out amidst cheers and amidst boos. OutKast has the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship draped over his shoulder. Real Deal carries the “Real Deal Championship” formerly known as the SWA/AWA Unified Championship around his waist, and Mirage has the DOJO Championship on his shoulder. They calmly step into the ring, and wait for their opponents.

Samantha Coil: Introducing, the team of--

She gets cut off by Mac with a microphone.

Mac: Shut up you stupid whore, I’ll make the announcement. Introducing first, the finest trio, a part of the finest stable EVER to grace this industry… we have the SWA/AWA Unified Champion, the SHOOT Project DOJO Champion, and of course… the SHOOT Project World HEAVYWEIGHT Champion.. Real Deal… Mirage… and OutKast.

Roland, Lonewolf, and Ray Willmott all burst out from behind the curtain and run full steam ahead into the arena and ring area.

Mac: And their opponents… LameWolf, Roland the Dork, and Random Gimmick Ray Gaymott!!

Mac rushes to get out of the way as the three rush the ring.

Jeff Hansen: “The bell rings and we’re ready to go…”

Shoot Project Head Referee Scott Kamura orders both teams to their corners…but look at The Real Deal…he’s taunting the other team…Ray Willmott lunges at him as Roland The Dark and Lone Wolf hold him back…the team does some strategizing…looks like Ray Willmott is going to start this one off against The Real Deal…

Jason Johnson: “Nope…after taunting Ray Willmott, The Real Deal gives The Elite One the FINGER and tags in OUTKAST!”

“Ray Willmott grins…and tags in ROLAND THE DARK!”

Jeff Hansen: “HA!”

Jason Johnson: “Here we GO!”

OutKast shoves Roland The Dark backwards violently into the neutral corner and follows him in with a brutal clothesline…OutKast floors Roland with a stiff jab and stomps him in the gut… OutKast pulls Roland to his feet…goes for a whip to the opposite corner…Roland The Dark rebounds…ducks a BIG clothesline attempt from OutKast…and begins firing punches at OutKast…stiff shots to the head of OutKast by Roland The Dark!

Jeff Hansen: “Roland The Dark and Ray Willmott would LOVE to get their hands around The Real Deal’s neck…”

Jason Johnson: “Roland and OutKast now trading big right hands back and forth in the center of the ring…”

Roland shot to OutKast’s jaw…OutKast fires back at Roland…OutKast…Roland….OutKast…Boot to the midsection of Roland The Dark! Roland is doubled over…whip into the ropes by OutKast…and it is reversed by Roland…and Roland The Dark comes back with a flying clothesline…and a cover: ONE…TWO… OutKast powers out with authority!

Jeff Hansen: “Amazing. You know Roland looks GREAT!”

Jason Johnson: “He sure does…”

OutKast back to his feet now, holding his neck…Roland laying in some sharp knife edge chops…OutKast responding with a forearm to the back… Lonewolf is tagged in!!

Jeff Hansen: “OutKast throws Lone Wolf into the ropes…Lone Wolf comes off the other side with a kick! Lone Wolf got some serious hang time on that one…right to the face of OutKast…”

Jason Johnson: “OutKast staggers backwards…and a TAG out to The Real Deal!”

The two men lock up mid ring… Lone Wolf gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes…Lone Wolf gets hit with a back elbow…The Real Deal pulls him up to his feet…and sends him off the ropes again…The Real Deal hits a big back bodydrop!

Jeff Hansen: “Nice!”

Jason Johnson: “BIG flying clothesline sends both men over the top rope...Lone Wolf tries to come after The Real Deal who shoves him back first into the guard-rail…The Real Deal picks up the mat around the ring to expose the concrete…but Lone Wolf drop-kicks him in the process and sends him under the mat to the concrete floor!”

Jeff Hansen: “Lone Wolf gets up to the top turnbuckle and crossbodies The Real Deal on the floor as the fans go nuts!”

Jason Johnson: “OutKast jumps down…he’s followed by Mirage…OutKast and Mirage turn on Lone Wolf and begin stomping him out side viciously…but here comes the other team!”

Jeff Hansen: “Willmott and Roland rushing over to the outside where all three members of the opposite team are now ganging up on Lone Wolf…”

Jason Johnson: “Roland The Dark clobbering OutKast from behind with a clothesline…Ray Willmott SPEARS Mirage and now the odds are EVEN…”

Lone Wolf starts trading shots with The Real Deal…Referee Scott Kamura is in the ring gesturing wildly for the fighters to get back in the ring…

Jeff Hansen: “What’s he gonna do?”

Jason Johnson: “WHAM! Roland The Dark just rammed OutKast’s head into the ringpost and now he’s driving his knee into Kast…”

Mirage BLOCKS a suplex attempt by Ray Willmott outside the ring…now Mirage reverses it…Ray Willmott suplexed on the concrete by Mirage! OUCH! Roland The Dark bounces OutKast’s head off the steel rings steps…OutKast is busted open…now he takes a swing at Willmott…meanwhile The Real Deal and Lone Wolf are back in the ring going at it…

Jeff Hansen: “This is great! What a brawl!”

Jason Johnson: “Lone Wolf now kicks away at the back of the knee of The Real Deal…looks like he wants to take his wheels out from underneath him…” The Real Deal gets up and levels Lone Wolf with a right…The Real Deal's knee is in pain but he still manages to kick Lone Wolf…and tries a second time only to get legdragged!

Jeff Hansen: “Looks like you’re right…he’s working that leg…Lone Wolf leans over to put on the figure four!”

Jason Johnson: “Small package by The Real Deal! ONE…TWO…NO! Lone Wolf manages to work his way out at the last possible minute!”

Jeff Hansen: “OutKast is laying on the concrete busted open…”

Ray Willmott is also laying out there holding his back after that suplex by Mirage…now Roland and Mirage are brawling outside the ring…the two men are standing toe to toe exchanging pulverising rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is now flying as both men take turns hammering each other in the face…

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott is up!”

Willmott taking advantage of the prone Kast…elbowdrop on the chest of OutKast…up again and make that two! Ray Willmott now climbs into the ring and turns towards the outside…and comes off the ropes, and connects with a HIGH third elbow smash.

Jeff Hansen: “WOW! Ray Willmott just sacrificed his own body to drive a HUGE flying elbow into OutKast!”

Meanwhile…Lone Wolf and Johnson are exchanging knife edge chops and Mirage and Roland The Dark have rolled back into the ring…

Jason Johnson: “Ray Willmott heads back to his corner and leaves OutKast laying outside the ring...”

Roland and Mirage are split up by referee Scott Kamura and ordered back to their corners…we’re back to some kind of normalcy here…Lone Wolf and Real Deal are your legal men…but OutKast may be the main casualty of that melee!

Jeff Hansen: “Yeah…Roland and Willmott are in their corner waiting a tag from Lone Wolf, but Mirage is the only guy in the corner…OutKast may be OUT!”

Jason Johnson: “Meanwhile in the ring…Lone Wolf charges towards The Real Deal…but gets dropped neck first onto the ropes!…HOT SHOT! The Real Deal now chokes Lone Wolf on the ropes…The Real Deal drags him up and Lone Wolf is set in the corner…and The Real Deal charges running a knee right into Lone Wolf' face!”

Jeff Hansen: “Knee right to the face!”

The Real Deal now goes behind with a modified Russian Leg Sweep and DRIVES Lone Wolf face first to the mat…

Jason Johnson: “Real Deal in control now…”

Belly to back suplex…and both men are down. Lone Wolf and The Real Deal are up and Lone Wolf hammers with a couple of punches until The Real Deal boots him in the stomach and gets control and sends him off the ropes…Lone Wolf slides between The Real Deal's legs and trips him from behind…Lone Wolf blocks Johnson’s knife edge chops and delivers a few of his own. Lone Wolf attempts a whip…The Real Deal reverses and Lone Wolf bumps hard and winds up landing on the top of his head!

Jeff Hansen: “YOW! Look at this replay…The Real Deal back body dropping Lone Wolf right on top of his head!”

Jason Johnson: “The Real Deal runs at Lone Wolf and drops an elbow on his face…right on the mark…and does it again…Dutchman rolls Lone Wolf over and drops a leg on the back of his head. COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Lone Wolf!”

Jeff Hansen: “Lone Wolf is still stunned though…”

Jason Johnson: “Lone Wolf pulled to his feet now…The Real Deal suplexes Lone Wolf with authority!“

COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…The Real Deal pulls Lone Wolf back to his feet and sends him off the ropes…Lone Wolf takes a NICE back elbow…Lone Wolf reverses another whip attempt by Johnson into the corner…comes at The Real Deal in the corner…but takes ANOTHER back elbow…The Real Deal then powerslams Lone Wolf! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!

Jeff Hansen: “Johnson has control of this one…hey look! OutKast is finally up and back in his corner! Boy…he doesn’t look so hot.”

Jason Johnson: “The Real Deal pulls Lone Wolf to his feet and goes for a whip…reversal…DROPKICK right on the mark! Lone Wolf just nailed The Real Deal with a textbook drop-kick! Both men flat on their backs…”

Jeff Hansen: “Now both guys crawling for their corners…Both guys going nuts…reaching their hands out for the tag!”

Jason Johnson: “WILLMOTT TAGS IN! Ray Willmott on fire…clotheslines for everyone! Brutal running clothesline for Johnson…OutKast staggers in and is whipped into the corner, and met with a running clothesline. The Real Deal walks right into a HUGE back bodydrop from Willmott! COVER: ONE…TWO…OutKast makes the save! Willmott sends OutKast over the top to the floor with a textbook drop-kick…Willmott is really on a roll here! The fans are going nuts!”

Mirage runs in…but Roland The Dark meets him with a forearm smash to the side of the head…Ray Willmott grabs The Real Deal…running powerslam! What an impact! COVER: ONE…TWO…The Real Deal kicks out!

Jeff Hansen: “Man, Willmott is taking out all of his frustration from being kept out of this match! Meanwhile look at Lone Wolf…once he made the tag, he collapsed on the apron!”

Jason Johnson: “The way Willmott is going right now he won’t need any help…”

Willmott pulls The Real Deal to his feet…NAILS him with a spinning leg kick! OutKast crawls back into the ring…but Roland The Dark there to meet him…and he nails OutKast with a boot to the midsection…The crowd continues to go nuts as Ray Willmott takes apart Real Deal!

Jeff Hansen: “SNAP SUPLEX on Johnson by Ray Willmott…Ray Willmott covers…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason Johnson: “OutKast back to his feet as he and Roland The Dark begin brawling…Roland The Dark slugging it out in the middle of the ring with OutKast…Willmott ducks a swing by Johnson…and hits a clothesline! The Real Deal stunned…Mirage running in to break up any pin attempt…and Ray Willmott meets him…they start slugging it out as Roland The Dark stomps OutKast and Johnson lays in the ring exhausted…”

Jeff Hansen: “WHOA! Mirage just nailed Ray Willmott with a DDT! OutKast clotheslines Roland The Dark over the top rope…and now he goes out after him…”

Jason Johnson: “Now The Real Deal is up…he goes over to the fallen Ray Willmott and grabs his leg…he’s locking it in…FIGURE FOUR! The Real Deal has Ray Willmott in the Figure Four Leg Lock…meanwhile outside the ring…Roland The Dark is on his knees…OutKast has a camera cable and he’s wrapping it around Roland’s neck…he’s choking him out with the camera cable!”

OutKast releases Roland and slides into the ring, Roland gasping for air. Lonewolf puts a leg into the ring, but he is tugged back and out by Mac. Lonewolf falls to the mat and gets to his feet, angered. However, he is dropped by none other than...

Jeff Hansen: CLUTCH KICK!!!! Lonewolf is down!!!

Real Deal keeps the Figure Four on Willmott, as Mirage and OutKast all stand around him. Real Deal releases the leglock and stands up as Willmott grabs his knee in pain.

Jason Johnson: Look at these three...vultures!

Then, what happens next is pure old school. OutKast, The Real Deal, and Mirage all put the boots to Willmott. OutKast lifts Willmott, grinning. He hooks the arms and NAILS the Alienator. Mirage picks Willmott up and knees him in the gut. He scoops Willmott's legs down to the ground, holding him as if he were planning a Boston Crab. Suddenly, he snaps him back in a slingshot, which Real Deal SPEARS Willmott out of. Willmott, of course, is out. Lonewolf gets Roland up and the two slide into the ring, only to be met with Mirage and OutKast. Real Deal hooks Willmott's leg and the referee counts.

Jeff Hansen: What a devastating double team move by Mirage and The Real Deal!

Jason Johnson: NO! This isn't fair!!!

The referee counts 1......2.....3! The bell rings as Mac slides into the ring and helps OutKast overpower Lonewolf with a painful chairshot that dents the chair! Lonewolf falls to the mat, clutching his head in pain. Real Deal, Mirage, OutKast, and Mac throw Roland into the corner, all glaring at him with intense barbaric stares. Roland drops down and rolls out of the ring, and the fans boo their heads off. Suddenly, as the four men celebrate, Roland appears behind them, dented chair in hand. Mac is the first to turn, and is NAILED with a chair shot. Roland rolls back out of the ring and tosses the chair at the four men, which is punched away by OutKast. Mac is laid out, as is Lonewolf, who is being helped out by Ray Willmott.

Jason Johnson: What carnage!

OutKast drops out of the ring, having grabbed the dented chair. Standing behind Willmott and Lonewolf.

Jason Johnson: What is that son of a bitch up to now?!

OutKast NAILS Willmott and then NAILS Lonewolf again. However, he picks Willmott up and rolls him into the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Damn it, that's enough!

OutKast walks over to Jason Johnson and yanks Jason's sharpie from his shirt pocket.

OutKast: You don't need this, do you?

OutKast smirks and walks over to the ring announcer and grabs his SHOOT World title, Real Deal's Real Deal Championship, and Mirage's DOJO Championship. He tosses Mirage his belt and hands Real Deal his. Mac, by this time, has regained his senses and is holding Willmott down on the canvas, stomach first.

Jeff Hansen: What are they doing?!

OutKast stands over Willmott and hands the sharpie to Mirage, who begins to write. He then hands the marker to OutKast, who writes as well.

Jeff Hansen: Shades of nWo here, Jason.

Jason remains silent, perturbed at this scene. Real Deal takes the marker and writes on Willmott's back as well. The camera focuses in on Willmott's back as the SHOOT logo appears on the bottom of the screen.

You just got your ass stomped by:

Mirage, your SHOOT DOJO Champion

OutKast, your SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion and...

The Real Deal, current reigning Real Deal Champion.