[ A knock was heard on my trailor door this evening. Standing up from my desk, I slowly made my way over toward it and flung it open, to see two tall men standing down on the concrete of the parking lot below. Both of them wearing black shades, they stared right back at me. ]

"I believe you know who we are?"

[ Shaking my head, I replied. ]

"Yeah, I know. Look, I told your boss that I have everything under control here and I meant it. I don't need you guys here checking up on me."

[ Looking at each other, they shared a chuckle before the other man replied to my statements. ]

"We're not here to check up on you, Mr. Wolfson. We are here to deliver some news."

[ Even though I really didn't want to associate with these men, I was still a part of their organization and I had no choice but to hear what they had to say. Taking a few steps back, I moved deeper into my trailor and allowed them access. ]

"Let's hear it."

[ The first man removed his shades and had a seat behind my desk. Placing his black shoes up on the desk, he began. ]

"There has been a change. One of your men have been employed by us, and therefore he will not be available to your promotion from this night forward."

[ Obviously he was talking about one of my wrestlers on the SHOOT roster. Curiously, I inquired as to who that man is. ]

"Which guy are you taking?"

[ The man sitting behind my desk merely nodded in the direction of his partner. As he did, the other man poked his head out the opened door. Returning to the trailor, his eyes met with the eyes of the other man as they stared at the third man who now stepped into the trailor. None other than Stoned Cold. ]

"Really hate to do it, but it looks like I won't be working tonight. I've been promoted, if you will."

[ Smiling, I replied. ]

"Really hate to do it, but yes you will be working tonight."

[ Upon hearing my words, the man behind my desk stood, and made his way around the desk toward me. Stopping just in front of me, he placed his right hand on my shoulder. ]

"Look, Wolfson. You know how it works. The boss handed down the orders for us to pick this guy up, and that's what we're doing. As far as the boss goes, this guy isn't a competitor anymore. He works for us."

[ Looking down at the man's hand on my shoulder, I replied. ]

"Yeah, and I have a show to put on tonight. I promised Stoned Cold v. Nick Claffey and I'm a man of my word. A lot of people have busted their asses to make it in this place tonight, and I'm not depriving them of one of my promised matches. End of story."

[ Stoned Cold appeared to be agitated by this point. Apparently, he was set on starting in his new position tonight, and not having to finish his previous job. ]

"This is bullshit, Wolfson. Bullshit. I'm not taking orders from you anymore, I'm taking orders from the man over your head. I can always go make that phone call right now."

[ Stepping closer to Stoned Cold, I stared at his masked face for a moment before replying to his statements. ]

"Let me ask you... Who does he need more? Me or you? I run the company that makes him money. You run what? His Japanese operations? I'm international, kid. So yeah, go ahead and make that call."

[ Throwing his hands in the air, he turned to the men who had accompanied him for a little huddle. Finally, the first man approached me once again. ]

"Ok, you have your match for tonight. Stoned Cold will enter your ring. Will that be all?"

[ Looking Stoned Cold over once more, I replied. ]

"Yeah, that's all. After tonight I could care less what you do with the guy."

[ The three men turned, and exited the trailor. ]


[ One thing is for sure... It's by no means an easy task sneaking into these things. Security is tighter than a virgin and it's not your ordinary security. No rent-a-cops at these events. The men they have guarding the doors are trained killers. Then again, when you have a background that goes all the way through the United States military, you always have those reflexes that allow you to be a bit more flexible than the untrained American. ]

[ I was able to slip through the main entrance and make my way into the building. Unfortunately, security was even tighter than I initially expected. ]

"You... Yeah, I know who you are. We both know you aren't supposed to be at these events, yet you always seem to show up and disrupt something. Not this time, pal."

[ The man made one motion with his hand and was immediately joined by five other individuals. Each of which were packing heat in their belts. ]

"So you leave me with a choice... Do I go easy on you, or do I just pop your ass right here?"

[ I wasn't going easy because I know Wolfson wouldn't allow them to pop me, as he so chose to say it, and that's all there was to it. ]

"Pop me," I said laughing the whole time. "Wolfson finds out you popped Cronos Diamante and you'll be fired on the spot. Restrain me would be better for you. 5 on 1? I can take you all."

[ The men chuckled a bit before all five of them rushed me. I was able to fight them off initially, but eventually it was the numbers game that took over. Each of my arms were held by a different man, while one of them stood in front of me. ]

"You Americans... Always have to do things the hard way."

[ He pulled his gun from his belt and held it in front of my face. I simply laughed at the situation as I stared into the man's eyes. ]

"Put that thing away."

[ Everyone's attention turned to the right as Eric Wolfson entered the scene. ]

"He was trying to sneak into the building again, sir."

[ Walking over to the man who held the gun, Wolfson simply took the gun from the man's hand and emptied the bullets onto the floor. Handing the gun back, Wolfson replied. ]

"I don't know what kind of orders your boss gave you guys, but there is no need for guns."

[ I couldn't help but snicker at Eric. He never did like guns very much and I used to call him weak for it but now I found part of me thanking him for it. ]

"Yeah, no need for guns, ya fucking japs."

[ It was apparent the man standing in front of me wasn't too fond of my last comment. You could hear it in his voice. ]

"So what the hell do you want us to do with this guy?"

[ This guy is definately nothing but a hired goon. Following orders when they are given. Not what I was used to by far. ]

"Yeah, Eric, what should he do with big bad Cronos?"

[ Eric turned around and ran his hands through his hair. After a few seconds, he turned back and stared directly at me. I could tell by the tone of his voice that he didn't like having to say what he had to say. ]

"Throw him out."

"Throw me out? WHAT THE FUCK? First, you fucking back stab me. Now, you're throwing me out and hiding from the problem and throwing me out like a little bitch! I don't even want in for you. I'm taking down Ravage in a match and I dont care about what you did man. Because in some sick and twisted way, you actually thought you were being caring, and being a good friend. NOW LET ME IN!"

[ Lowering his head, Eric sighed before replying. ]

"You were released, Cronos. You are no longer on the active roster therefore you can not compete, especially for a #1 Contendership to the SHOOT Title. I'll admit, what Ravage did last week was uncalled for, but the same can be said for your attack on him. You have been barred from all SHOOT events and that's the end of it."

[ I was getting rather annoyed at this bullshit. ]

"I was released huh? After all the years, that's all you can say? You're the president now and you could hire me back right now if you wanted. Meioh isn't involved anymore. YOU are the head guy. So hire me back dammit."

[ Eric shot a look at me. I could see in his eyes that there was something he wanted to say, but could not because of the men standing around us. ]

"There is more to this than you know, Cronos. Just trust me and leave. Get out of this while you still can."

"Get out of it while I still can? Our mentor dies because of EXPRESS and Meioh had a small part in it and you have the audacity to say get out of it? YOU BROUGHT ME HERE! I'M NOT LEAVING!"

[ Eric merely shook his head. ]

"Throw him out."

[ Just like the hired guns they were, they immediately began to drag me away as he ordered. ]


[ I kicked the jaws off 3 of the man dragging me and knocked out the other with my fist but left the last one standing scared. I turned around and walked out of the building leaving Wolfson wondering why I hadn't attacked the last guard and took him out while I was at it. ]

"The Shades of Grey, eh? Just what is it you're planning, Diamante?"

[ Wolfson stood there staring at me as I walked out of the building. Although he asked the question in a very low tone, I still heard it. ]

"A murder of Crows, Wolfson... a murder of crows."


James: It's about that time again...

John: About that time when we kick off Oblivion.

James: Tonight, straight out of Akureyri Iceland, we bring you a double main event. In the first, Azrael faces off with his former Tag Team partner in Massicrist.

John: This contest was brought forth because of Massicrist's interferance in Azrael's match last week. From what we're told, Azrael stormed into the executive offices just after the show's completion last week, demanding this match with Massicrist. Thanks to his status in the promotion, he was granted his request.

James: Following that match, the Rising Star Title is on the line as Blazed takes on the #1 Contender to that said title in Master Molde.

John: It was Master Molde that last week clinched this title match by defeating Voodoo in one of the best ladder matches we've seen thus far. Blazed will have to be on the top of his game to defeat Molde, who had an excellent outing just one week ago.

Will Schmidt v. Garrett Reid

James: Our first match of the evening pits the current Dojo Champion, Garrett Reid, against Will Schmidt, who has been very impressive since his arrival in The SHOOT Project only a few weeks ago.

Compare: Coming to the ring first... He is the first and current SHOOT Project Dojo Champion... Weighing in at 219lbs and standing at 5'9"... Garrett Reid!!

[ Walk by Pantera is heard as Reid steps out from the back. The Dojo title wrapped around his waist, he makes his way down the ramp to a good ovation from those in attendance. Once he is down at ringside, Reid hands the Dojo title to a ring hand and climbs into the ring. ]

Compare: And his opponent... Weighing in at 218lbs... Will Schmidt!!!

[ "Come and Die" by Fatal and Therapy is heard as Will Schmidt emerges from the back. He walks down to the ring and slides in. ]

[ As the bell is rung, Schmidt rushes forward and knocks Reid down to the mat with a lariat. Both men scramble to their feet immediately after and lock up. Reid is the man to gain the first advantage, as he locks Schmidt in a headlock. The advantage doesn't last for long, however, as Schmidt pushes him off, sending Reid toward the ropes. ]

James: Both men are showing their technical side here, as neither man seems able to get a definate advantage early on.

[ As Reid rushes back, he is sent to the mat with a spinning heel kick by Schmidt. Schmidt then drops an elbow across Reid's chest, followed by a roll-up pin. ]

John: Schmidt with a quick pin! Looks like he's trying to end this one fast...

[ Swiftly, Reid reverses the pin and rolls Schmidt up. ]

James: Reversal!

[ The referee hits the mat to make the count. 1... 2... Schmidt out! ]

John: This match has been pretty fast paced thus far.

[ Reid scrambles to his feet once again and sends a kick into Schmidt's mid-section. Grabbing Schmidt, Reid lifts him up and drops him across his knee with a back breaker. He lifts him up again. A whip to the ropes. Boot to the face. ]

James: Schmidt is down. Now Reid is climbing to the top... He dives off with a knee! No one home!! Schmidt rolls out of the way!

[ Schmidt is slow to his feet. He gets up and lifts up Reid. Side slam! A pin. 1--2 Kick out!! The ref breaks the two apart. ]

John: What is this? Looks like Reid is calling for a test of strength.

James: Well that doesn't make sense... Schmidt has the definate weight advantage in this one...

[ Looking at Reid's right hand, Schmidt takes it, followed by the other. After a bit of struggling on the part of both men, Reid goes to one knee. The other is slowly dropping. Suddenly, it comes back up. ]

John: Reid is back up!

[ Reid sends a knee to Schmidt's mid section, then flips Schmidt over his head. He lifts Schmidt to his feet. A whip to the ropes. As Schmidt rushes back, Reid drives him to the mat with a suplex!

James: I can't believe that! Reid used Schmidt's own strength advantage against him.

[ Reid locks Schmidt in with a leg submssion. The ref is checking in. Finally, the ref calls for the break when he sees Schmidt's foot on the ropes. ]

John: Reid is calling for his finisher now... He's got Schmidt worn down.

[ As the crowd stands in anticipation of Reid's finisher, they suddenly gasp as Schmidt brings Reid to the mat with a sweep kick. ]

James: Very nice move by Schmidt... He just bought himself some time, and it looks like he's measuring Reid up for something.

[ Hunched down, Schmidt waits for Reid to make it to his feet. As he does, Schmidt levels him with a super kick, that sends Reid off his feet, back across the ring and down on his back. Schmidt scrambles to make the pin. ]

John: Talk about a super kick!

[ The referee hits the mat and makes the count. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

James: Reid had a hell of an outing tonight, but that Super Kick came out of nowhere and stunned the hell out of him. Good match by both men, but Schmidt is your winner.

*The ring falls dead silent. Small voices of children linger over the PA system, gentle whispers of "He has Come"..."The Shadow Walks", and "Death rides angelic wings" are the hearkening to his coming. He treads slowly down the ramp, fear gripping the room like a vice. He enters the ring, as the lights turn to a dark dim gray...a wry smile etches across his face, as a mic descends from the raftors. He grabs it, and begins his speech*

We move in silence, in the darkness.
We are your brothers, your sons, your husbands,
Your wives, your sisters, your daughters.
We wear your face, we live under your roof,
we move among you, but you do not see us.

We have no name.
We have no creed.
We are not a group.
A name imposes limits, where there are none.
A creed leads to factions, where we are one.
A group would mean you could join, that cannot be.

We move in the silent places,
We meet in the darkness,
Away from you.
We come together to Speak,
To Remember the Past,
To Prophecy the Future,
To Ponder the Moment.

We live among you, but make no mistake
We are not like you.
We were born of you, but we shall die
More than you.
You ask who we are, suffice it to say,
We are not you.

*He pauses to allow the words to take their proper grasp, and then continues once more...*

We are the Assassins of Earth
We are...the spectres of the night
We are..


*As the words finish, the lights vanish, and all at once a gray glow with the emblem of the dead one arises. The arena is dumbfounded*

Chris Lee v. Frosty
Compare: Coming to the ring first... He weighs in at 265lbs and stands at 6'5"... Frosty!!!

[ The Kids aren't alright by The Offspring is heard throughout the building as Frosty makes his way out onto the stage. He slowly makes his way down to the ring and slides in. ]

Compare: And his partner... Weighing in at 251lbs and standing at 6'4"... "The Boss" Chris Lee!!!

[ Fuel My Fire by Prodigy is heard as Chris Lee, along with "Miss Esctasy" Maria Enriguez-Lee, emerge from the back. The two of them walk down toward the ring, which is where they split. Lee climbs up the ring steps and climbs in. ]

[ As the bell is rung, Frosty rushes Lee, only for Lee to side-step him and send him through the ropes to the outside area. ]

James: Heh. So much for that attack.

[ As Frosty makes it to his feet, he stares up into the ring at Lee who merely crosses his arms. Agitated by his being tossed out of the ring, Frosty makes his way over to where Maria is standing, and begins trash talking. Having none of it, Maria swiftly slaps him across the ring. ]

John: Hehe... Maria just bitch slapped Frosty.

[ Enraged, Frosty rubs his cheek before grabbing Maria by the hair. Upon seeing this, Lee slides out of the ring and sends a right forearm across the back of Frosty's neck. ]

James: Frosty shouldn't have put his hands on Chris Lee's wife, as that seems to have set him off.

[ As Frosty begins to lift himself from the mat, Lee knocks him back down by stomping on his back. Lee then lifts Frosty to his feet, and whips him into the steel ring steps. ]

John: God damn... Lee whipped Frosty into those steps so hard, he damn near sent them across the arena!

[ Lifting Frosty to his feet once again, Lee lifts him up over his shoulder and sends his body crashing down over the steel guardrail. ]

James: Frosty's out... He's got to be. I don't know what the deal is, but when Frosty put his hands on Maria, Lee turned into an animal...

[ Lee picks Frosty up once again, this time tossing him into the ring. Sliding in behind him, Lee lays his body across that of Frosty. The referee hits the mat. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

John: Brutal beating by Lee, and a dominating win. Word of advice... Never touch his woman.

[ The SHOOT Championship Title draped over his right shoulder, Azrael makes his way through the area designated for the trailors. The sound of a rattling is heard in the not too far distance, prompting Azrael to stop and look around. ]

"Nice night, wouldn't you say?"

[ Turning his attention toward the direction of the vioce, Azrael squints his eyes in an effort to look through the darkness and identify the voice. ]

"And you are?"

[ Upon hearing Azrael's question, Cronos Diamante steps out of the shadows and walks toward Azrael. Stopping just before him, Diamante smiles. ]

"Got a little message for ya."

[ Suddenly, Diamante cracks Azrael upside the head with what appears to be a can of spray paint. As Azrael hits the concrete, Diamante kneels down next to him. The same rattling is heard as Diamante shakes the can up, just before spraying Azrael's chest. Satisfied with his work, Diamante returns to his feet and slowly walks off from the way in which he came. Azrael, lying unconscious on the ground, sports what appears to be a crow on his chest in grey paint. ]

Temujin v. Voodoo

[ “Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares over the pa speakers as Voodoo comes to the ring. ]

Compare: Introducing first, he weighs in at 247 pounds – Voodoo!

Compare: And the first of their opponents... Weighing in at 256lbs and standing at 6'3"... Temujin!!!

[ Ghostly Silence is heard as Temujin emerges from the back. He walks down toward the ring and slides in. ]

James: Both of these men are said to be valuable assets to The SHOOT Project. This should be an excellent match.

[ The bell is rung and both men begin circling each other. A lock-up ensues, with neither man able to make the break or gain an advantage. Voodoo muscles Temujin into a corner, where, still unable to make the break, both men are still locked up. Finally, the referee breaks the hold and Voodoo slowly takes a step back. Suddenly, he hammers Temujin in the corner with an elbow. ]

John: Voodoo has finally gained the advantage. He's really laying those knees in.

[ Having Temujin pinned in the corner, Voodoo continues to send his right knee into Temujin's stomach, before following up with a right-handed fist that rocks Temujin. Taking another step back, Voodoo measures Temujin up, who is now lying up agianst the turnbuckles. Rushing forward, Voodoo sends yet another knee into the stomach of Temujin, this time forcing him to fall forward to the mat. ]

James: Voodoo is showing a side of strength here tonight. Usually, we are witness to his high flying techniques. However, he has obviously done his homework and knows he'll have to wear Temujin down a great deal before his usual attacks will have any effect. ]

[ Lifting Temujin to his feet, Voodoo proceeds to kick him in the kneecap, followed by a round-house kick that sends Temujin back down to the mat. Dropping down, Voodoo covers Temujin. 1... 2. Temujin out! ]

John: It's pretty apparent that it's going to take a lot more wearing down to get a pin.

[ Lifting Temujin to his feet once again, Voodoo attempts to whip him to the corner, only for Temujin to reverse the whip. Voodoo is sent rushing to the corner, where he is met by Temujin who knocks the wind out of him with a clothesline. As Voodoo stumbles out of the corner, Temujin hops up onto the top of the turnbuckle and dives off, connecting with a bulldog. ]

James: Power moves. Both men need to hit some pretty spectacular moves in order to win this one.

[ Hopping up onto the turnbuckle once again, Temujin kneels down a bit allowing Voodoo to make it to his feet. Suddenly, Temujin is knocked to the mat as he is hit from behind by what appears to be a black bat. ]

John: Who in the hell... Oh... Not again...

[ Hopping up onto the apron, Ravage yells out toward Voodoo to make the pin. Instead, Voodoo rushes Ravage and knocks him down to the floor. ]

James: He could have had the pin right there!

John: Doesn't matter. Some people around here still do have a little bit of honor, ya know...

[ Turning back toward the ring, Voodoo stares down at the unconscious body of Temujin for a moment, almost as if he's unsure of what to do. Finally, he drapes his body across that of Temujin's and makes the pin. The referee hits the mat... 1... 2... The pin is broken as Ravage sends his bat down across the back of Voodoo. As Voodoo rolls off, Ravage continues his assault. ]

James: This match had the making of a great one... And this... Ass... Had to ruin it. What the hell was the purpose of that, anyway?

John: I guess we're about to find out... He's brought a microphone with him, apparently.

Ravage: Word on the street is that you, Voodoo, are Cronos Diamante's asshole buddy. Now, see, since Diamante obviously can't even get by security in order to face me, I can't beat his ass tonight. So, I'll just take the next best thing. Give that message to your buddy the next time ya see him, would ya? As for you... You, Temujin, just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Take it for what it's worth, and don't get it fucked up in the future, ya hear me?

[ Dropping his mic, Ravage simply climbs through the ropes and exits the building. ]

James: I'll tell ya... I'm getting so damn sick and tired of both Ravage and Mike Angel... I hope someone whips their asses!

Stoned Cold v. Nick Claffey

Compare: Coming to the ring first... Weighing in at 234lbs and standing at 6'1"... Stoned Cold!!!

[ "Down with the Sickness" by Disturbed is heard as Stoned Cold makes his way out onto the stage. Having won over a majority of those in attendance with his high flying moves, he receives a good ovation from the men and women watching him. Making his way down to the ring, he slides in and makes his way to the other side, where he hops up on top of the turnbuckle and sits, awaiting his opponent. ]

Compare: And his opponent... Weighing in at 270lbs and standing at 6'5"... Nick Claffey!!!

[ "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is heard as we await the entrance of Nick Claffey. The song continues to play through, without the arrival of Stoned Cold's opponent. ]

James: Uhm... What's the deal?

John: Who knows... Cold feet, maybe?

[ Our scene cuts to the backstage area where we see those same two shady individuals attacking Nick Claffey. The two of them grab a hold of the man and toss him into the concrete wall of the hallway. Finally, one of them tosses the unconscious body of Claffey over his shoulder, and heads toward the ring. ]

James: What in the hell?

John: Hey, Stoned Cold said he didn't want to compete tonight, and I think we all know what kind of backup he's got. Looks like Claffey was dealt with.

[ Claffey finally makes his appearance in front of those in attendance as he is carried down to the ring and tossed in. Grinning, Stoned Cold hops down to the mat and immediately makes the cover. The referee hits the mat. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

James: Talk about an easy win. Geez...

John: These guys don't play, James. You should know that.

[ Hopping to his feet, Stoned Cold throws his hands into the air in victory. Finally, he rolls out of the ring and meets with the two men. The three of them simply walk toward the back. ]

James: Well, I guess this one's over. Pity, really. Both of these men are entertaining.

John: Oh well. Some things are more important than competing. I guess Stoned Cold has other business to attend to tonight.

The Real Deal/Sebastian Crow v. KillaCrowe/D Dawg

James: Next up is a regular Tag Team match. On one side, we have an odd pairing in KillaCrowe and D Dawg. On the other side, an equally od pairing in The Real Deal and Sebastian Crow, who seem to have some issues.

John: I'd say. The Real Deal is the #1 Contender to Sebastian Crow's Iron Fist title. Now, normally you'd think that by now, these two would be at each other's throats. So why would Sebastian Crow help The Real Deal become the #1 Contender last week?

James: Beats me... All I know is that it's not like these two have some sort of alliance. At least, not that I know of. Apparently this match was booked in an effort to give both Crow and Real Deal the opportunity to size each other up before they meet for the Iron Fist Championship. This match was not requested.

Compare: Introducing first, weighing in at 269 pounds... KillaCrowe!

[ "Chop Suey" by System of a Down hits the speakers as KillaCrowe makes his way down to the ring. ]

Compare: And his partner... Weighing in at 269lbs... D Dawg!!!

[ Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube is heard as D Dawg walks out into view. Raising his arms into the air, he begins to pump the crowd up all the way down to the ring, where he climbs in just as the referee calls for the bell. ]

Compare: And the first of their two opponents... Coming to the ring first, he weighs in at 235lbs... "The Real Deal" Josh Johnson!!!

[ The audience pops as "After Me" by Saliva is heard. Making his way out from the back. The Real Deal slowly walks down toward the ring as he awaits his partner. ]

Compare: And his partner... Weighing in at 330lbs... He is the current Iron Fist Champion... Sebastian Crow!!

[ "The Esctasy of Gold" by Metallica is heard as Sebastian Crow enters. The Iron Fist Championship around his waist, Crow walks down toward the ring where he removes his belt and tosses it to the side. Both Real Deal and Crow enter the ring and the bell is sounded. ]

James: Kinda makes ya wonder if Sebastian Crow and The Real Deal will be able to co-exist here.

John: I guess we'll find out, as The Real Deal is going to be the first man to start for his team, as D Dawg is starting for his.

[ D Dawg is first to attack, as he rushes Real Deal, who simply backs up allowing Crow to grab a hold of D Dawg. Pinned in the corner, D Dawg is victim to a double-team by Crow and Real Deal. ]

James: Looks like they're working as a team to me... A good team, at that.

[ Taking a step back, The Real Deal allows Crow to hit one last move on D Dawg, as he sends D Dawg's face into the turnbuckle. As D Dawg stumbles backward, The Real Deal lifts him up and drops him to the mat with a side suplex. ]

John: Maybe there is more to these two... They sure seem to have a gameplan here tonight...

[ Lifting D Dawg to his feet, Real Deal whips him to the ropes, and follows up with a clothesline that sends D Dawg over the top rope to the floor below. Real Deal then tags in Sebastian Crow. ]

James: Real Deal is taunting the hell out of KillaCrowe, John. That did it, KillaCrowe is in the ring!

[ KillaCrowe rushes forward, but is victim to a double-team effort by Crow and Real Deal. The two begin swinging fists at KillaCrowe, before lifting him up and dropping him to the mat with a double powerbomb. Real Deal lifts KillaCrowe to his feet once again, and both men again attemp a double grapple, before D Dawg comes from behind spearing Sebastian Crow forward. ]

John: Good thing D Dawg made it back in the ring... It was about to get real ugly for KillaCrowe.

[ The referee finally works Real Deal out of the ring, as D Dawg lifts Sebastian Crow to his feet. Sending a knee into the mid-section of Crow, D Dawg follows up with a knee to Crow's face, which sends him stumbling backward. Wasting no time, D Dawg whips Crow to the ropes, and drops him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. ]

James: D Dawg is on fire!

[ D Dawg quickly makes a pin attempt. However, it is broken up at two as Real Deal makes the save. D Dawg tags in KillaCrowe. Still feeling the effects of that double-team, KillaCrowe slowly makes his way over to Sebastian Crow and whips him to the ropes. Holding on, Crow dives toward his corner and tags Real Deal back in, who in turn whips Crow toward the corner, using his own partner to knock D Dawg off the turnbuckle. ]

John: Was that planned?

[ Rushing back, The Real Deal kicks KillaCrowe in the stomach and locks in a front face-lock. Finally, he drops KillaCrowe to the mat with what he calls The Art of the Deal. ]

James: That's his finisher!

[ Real Deal makes the pin as Sebastian Crow holds D Dawg up on the outside. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

John: That's it! Real Deal and Sebastian Crow pulled it off!

Our father in shangri-la....

Such are the words that begin Krazee's prayer before he heads out tongith to fight with Mike Angel and Ravage.

hallowed be thy name...
if the world turns over,
save me from the fire rain

Tonight will be a fight, so bloody, so tiring, so wicked, no man involved will come out the same as their shells of bodies once were...

keep me pure, keep me clean, as the Lotus grows...

Angel and Ravage can't hide. The Yakuza troubles are at bay, there's nothing distracting the Syko Ward now....

I ask for your forgiveness....
keep me from the crows.

[ The prayer of Krazee is finished and it is time for battle. Pulling his hatchet charm from his neck, and throwing an ICP Riddlebox sleeveless on, Krazee walks out of his trailer to the awaiting Strayt Jakit. ]

Ravage/Mike Angel v. Krazee/Strayt Jakit
Tag Team Championships

Compare: Coming to the ring first, he is one half of the #1 Contenders to the Tag Team Titles... Weighing in at 235lbs... Strayt Jakit!

[ As "The Swarm" by Dark Lotus hits, Strayt Jakit emerges from the back, where he awaits the arrival of Krazee. ]

Compare: And his partner... Krazee!!

[ The music continues to play as both men walk down to the ring and slide in. ]

Compare: And their opponents... Entering together, they are the SHOOT Tag Team Champions... Ravage and Mike Angel!!

[ "Back in Black" by AC/DC hits as Ravage and Mike Angel enter. Each man holding one of the two Tag Titles, they slowly make their way down to the ring. ]

James: Well, here we go. Again we're forced to watch these two. Man, I can't wait until someone beats their asses!

John: Ya know, they hear you keep talking smack and they're going to be beating your ass.

[ Strayt Jakit locks up with Mike Angel, and both men begin pushing eachother around the ring. Mike Angel, with his devastating strength, begins to pull Jakit up by the arms for a belly to back suplex, but Jakit halts it with a kick to the groin as he is being lifted. Angel doubles over in pain and is leveled by another swift kick from Jakit to the jaw. Blood trickles from Angel's mouth as Jakit begins to taunt. Suddenly, from his corner, Krazee begins to do a funny dance... Jakit joins in... all the while, they are mouthing strange words... ]

John-What the hell?

James-Is that like voodoo....what're they saying dammit?!

John-Go.....ninja....go....what the?


[ Truth be told, Krazee and Strayt Jakit are doing the famed "Ninja Rap" by Vanilla Ice, off the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. Krazee stands facing the corner, pumping his fist up and down, screaming "GO NINJA GO NINJA GO!" while Strayt "raises the roof" yelling "NINJA, NINJA RAP!". Finally, after they see that none of the foreign crowd is following their dance, Krazee slowly lowers his arms to a dangle, and Jakit returns to the now standing Mike Angel. ]

John: Ok... That had to be one of the sorriest displays I have ever seen...

[ Mike Angel circles Strayt Jakit. The two lock up, and Angel easily muscles out and tosses Jakit to the mat. Hopping back to his feet, Jakit again locks up, only to receive the same thing. ]

James: Angel just has the huge strength advantage here. He's just overwhelming the challenger.

[ Having found that a direct on technique is getting him nowhere, Jakit changes his attack by running to the ropes in order to gain momentum, and diving forward with a crossbody. Angel merely catches him in mid air, and drops him behind with a fallaway slam. ]

John: No matter how much of an ass this guy is, you have to admit that he's a hell of a competitor.

[ Grabbing Jakit by the arm, Angel drags him toward his corner where he tags Ravage in. After climbing into the ring, Ravage begins to send boots down onto the chest of Jakit, knocking the wind out of his lungs. Lifting him to his feet, Angel holds Jakit in a full nelson and then drops him to the mat with a full nelson slam before climbing out of the ring. ]

James: This is a serious mis-match... The Tag Champions are just too powerful.

John: Hey, Krazee and Strayt Jakit asked for this match. They're the ones who became the #1 Contenders last week.

[ Lifting Jakit to his feet, Ravage lifts him above his head, and gorilla presses him up. Stepping forward, he lets Jakit's body plummet to the mat. One boot on Jakit's shoulder, Ravage demands the referee make the count. The referee does so, but is forced to stop as Krazee dives off the top rope connecting with a dropkick to the head of Ravage, which sends him flying into his corner. ]

James: Ravage never saw that one coming!!

[ Quickly, Krazee drags the body of Strayt Jakit to their corner where he tags himself in. Rushing toward the ropes, Krazee hops up to the second turnbuckle and dives off, splashing his body across Ravage's as Ravage shakes off the effects of the dropkick. ]

John: Krazee has Ravage rocking!

[ Lifting Ravage to his feet, Krazee whips him to the ropes and follows up with a hip toss, using Ravage's own momentum to muscle him over. Krazee then drops a leg across Ravage's chest, followed by a pin attempt. The referee hits the mat... 1... 2... Ravage muscles out. ]

James: Krazee *almost* had Ravage there.

[ Rushing back to the ropes, Krazee bounces off of them with momentum, only to be stopped in his tracks by Mike Angel from the outside, who clotheslines him to the mat. Shaking the cobwebs from his head, Ravage gives one last stomp to Krazee before tagging Angel back in. ]

John: Man... Krazee almost scored the upset there before Angel used that Tag advantage and stopped Krazee's momentum.

[ Lifting Krazee over his shoulder, Angel drops Krazee's shoulder across his knee, with a devistating shoulder breaker. He then lifts Krazee back to his feet, and drops him with what appears to be a front russian leg drop into a neck breaker. ]

James: That's the Angel of Death!

[ Mike Angel pins Krazee. As Jakit rushes in to make the save, he is leveled by Ravage who knocks him to the mat with a flying lariat. The referee counts the fall. 1... 2... 3!! ]

John: That's it... The Tag Team Champions retain.

James: Damn... They just over-powered the challengers...

[ Walking around the trailor area outside, Esctasy and Alli stand side by side. ]

Esctasy: Where is this guy's trailor? There's like fifty of them out here.

Alli: It's got to be here somewhere, let's just keep looking.

James: Hey, look at that! It's Esctasy and Alli!

John: I thought they were released months ago?

[ As the two continue to make their way through the maze of trailors, they continue to converse. ]

Esctasy: I've got to find this Wolfson character. I need work. I mean, Meioh hired me in the past, so why would Wolfson turn me away?

James: Ah, I see... They're here looking to get their jobs back.

[ Staring up at the nametag next to the door, Alli motions to Esctasy that they've found the trailor they have been loooking for. As Esctasy makes his way toward her, he is halted as two men come into view, standing in his way. ]

John: Hey, it's Stoned Cold's boys! I thought they were gone?

[ Holding his hands out to his sides, Esctasy takes a step back. ]

Esctasy: Can I help you fellas?

[ Looking at each other, they smile, and rush Esctasy. Beating him down to the ground, they continue to pummell him as Stoned Cold comes into view. He observes the beating his men are handing to Esctasy for a moment, before turning his attention to Alli. ]

Stoned Cold: All right, let's get out of here. Oh, and by the way, you're late.

Alli: Hey, he's slow. What can I say? Not to mention that it's a bitch finding your way through here.

James: Wait a second... Was that a set up?

John: Looks that way to me. Alli set Esctasy up. Looks like she's leaving with Stoned Cold...

[ As the two men make it to their feet, they are the first to head toward the waiting car a few feet away. Stoned Cold and Alli follow closely behind, stopping just next to the fallen Esctasy before continuing on. ]

Stoned Cold: No wonder why you didn't get any exposure... Look at this guy.

Alli: Hey, he seemed like a good prospect at the time.

Stoned Cold: Oh well. You're with money now, baby.

Alli: That's what I'm talking about!

[ The two continue on their way toward the car and climb in the back. The vehicle pulls away. ]

James: Finally... They're finally leaving for real this time. Can you believe what we just saw?

John: In this place, I'll believe anything...

Azrael v. Massicrist

Compare: Coming to the ring first... He weighs in at 265lbs and stands at 6'5" tall... Massicrist!!

[ "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine hits as Massicrist makes his way from the back. He walks down to the ring and looks the cage over for a moment, before walking toward the door. ]

James: This one is going to be brutal... Hey, it's Azrael!

[ Running out from the crowd, Azrael slams the cage door shut on Massicrist as he was making his way into the ring. The door slams him in the back of the head, forcing him to stumble through the ropes and onto the mat. Azrael follows him into the ring and the cage door is shut. ]

John: Azrael pulled a slick one there. He didn't even bother to wait for his introduction... He came to fight.

[ Lifting Massicrist to his feet, Azrael whips him into the cage wall. As Massicrist stumbles back, Azrael again whips him into the wall of the cage. ]

James: Azrael is really having his way with Massicrist here early on. And as we all know, those steel cage walls are unforgiving.

[ Azrael grabs ahold of Massicrist once again, and this time t-bone suplexes him to the mat. ]

John: Heh... Look at Azrael's chest... That grey crow is still there...

James: That could very well be one of the factors to Azrael's obvious rage here...

[ Kneeling down over the body of Massicrist, Azrael Massicrist's head up with one hand, and begins punching him in the face with the other. Standing back up, Azrael stares down at the winded Massicrist for a moment, before spitting at him and turning away. ]

John: Looks like Azrael's heading for the exit... I guess he's done what he came to do.

[ Pausing, Azrael looks down at his right boot, to see Massicrist's hand tightly gripping it. Yanking his foot away, Azrael turns around only for Massicrist to crack him between the legs with a low blow. ]

James: As they said so many times... The great equalizer.

[ Slowly climbing to his feet, Massicrist clocks Azrael across the face with a right fist, backed by what looks to be everything he has. Azrael stumbles back, prompting Massicrist to grab him and whip him into the cage wall. ]

John: A little bit of payback?

[ Again lifting Azrael to his feet, Azrael walks him toward the cage exit and pops the door open. He begins to push Azrael out. ]

James: What the hell's Massicrist doing? He's trying to hand Azrael the win??

[ As Azrael hangs through the ropes, his head hanging out the cage door, Massicrist grabs the door in the center and slams it shut on Azrael's head. ]

John: GOD DAMN!!

James: Oh my god... Azrael is busted open big time...

[ Dangling between the ropes, Azrael appears to be clinching onto consciousness as Massicrist pulls him back into the ring. Lifting him up over his shoulder, Massicrist runs Azrael head first into the cage door. Azrael flies backward, landing on his back on the mat. ]

John: I think he's out... I think Azrael is out.

James: He's still moving, John... He's not out yet.

(Massicrist picks up Azrael, who lies on the mat, bloodied and battered staring up at the man towering above him with glazed eyes, and slaps him across the face…)

John- man, you can really tell that Massicrist was hurt pretty badly after what happened to him with Garcelle.

(Azrael absorbs the slap and crumples to his side, still positioned on his knees, but not purposely…he can’t muster enough energy or inertia to do anything else. Massicrist backs up and kicks Azrael SQUARE in the mouth, knocking him backwards, his head spewing a river of blood…)

James- this is getting brutal!

(Massicrist lifts Azrael to his feet, with blood beginning to flow all over his hands, he wraps a hand around Azrael’s throat. He lifts him high into the air and sends him crashing back down to the mat…)

I’ve become
Holding on to when
To when everything seemed matter more
The two of us
All used and beaten up
Watching fate
As it flows
Down the path
We have Chose

(The few fans in attendance come to their feet to show whatever kind of support they want to the man who is about to come to the ring, be it positive or negative. “We’re In This Together” blasts throughout the arena as Blazed, the man with the mask aflame, steps out from the back and hauls ass to the ring. He rips open the cage and seems to pass directly through the three ropes that align the ring inside the cage. He dives directly at Massicrist, while Azrael lies in the corner, fighting for consciousness…)


James- just when we thought the match was coming to a close, when the champion was about to be beaten once and for all, this has to happen!

(Blazed throws a barrage of kicks and punches into Massicrist’s direction, knocking the man back further and further into the opposite corner of the cage. Blazed rushes forward and jumps into the air, landing a massive side kick to Massicrist’s jaw, knocking him to the ground in a heap…)

John- Blazed is just stomping the hell out of Massicrist, who is curled up on the mat in a fetal position.

James- Azrael is the luckiest bastard in the world.

(Blazed jumps to the top rope, the crowd throwing out hatred or love, depending on who they had bet on winning the match earlier in the evening. Blazed stands up straight, looking around at those who surround him, taking in the effect…or allowing them to do the same, whichever explanation you prefer…)

John- he’s going to go for his old finisher!

James- Hazy Memories?!

John- Hazy Memories part one!

(Blazed jumps off the top and stretches out fully, contracting, and then stretching again…a frog splash worthy of five stars…)


(Blazed bounces off the chest of Massicrist, and just as quickly gets to his feet. Massicrist is reeling, as just that quickly he is in the same denomination as Azrael.)

James- figures…Blazed leaves now, just as Azrael begins to come to his feet, and just in time for Azrael to win the match!

(Blazed steps one foot through the door, but before he could get two out, he is pushed from behind, knocking him face first out of the cage entirely!)

John- Azrael just pushed Blazed out of the cage! Blazed just saved Azrael! I don’t understand!

(Azrael screams out, in Italian, what seems like thousands of curse words at Blazed, who stares up at the world’s champion in disbelief. Azrael throws his arms around, flailing them about, and carries on with his fit. Meanwhile, Massicrist begins to get to his feet…)

James- what the hell did Azrael push Blazed away for?! AND WHY is he not taking advantage of the situation!? Look, Massicrist is getting up! He’s got a shot, still!

(Azrael turns around, and walks towards Massicrist, who is stumbling around in his own dream like state. Azrael comes up behind him, shakes his head, and wraps him up in a full nelson…)

John- he’s about to go for Snake Eyes! It’s about to be over anyway!

James- damn…

(Just as Azrael begins to fall forward, two arms come from behind, one around his head, and the other grabbing his wrist. A half nelson. Azrael is lifted and dropped on his neck and head area, knocking him out completely.)



John- we’ve seen BOTH installments here tonight! And it looks like bad news for Azrael!



(No, he’s not lightening quick, however, he was still locked in Azrael’s grasp. When Azrael was flipped backwards, so was Massicrist, and since they were so close to the door…well…)


John- Massicrist has BEATEN the champion of the SHOOT Project!

(Blazed looks at Azrael, who is not likely going to be getting up any time soon, and then looks at Massicrist, who is on the outside, also not likely to be moving in the next few minutes. He shakes his head in disgust, and begins to walk to the back, about to get ready for his match coming up…)

John- I can’t believe this! Massicrist won…by accident! Azrael lost…by his own body guard’s conscious doing!

James- ohhh there’s going to be a whole helluva lot of fallout from this one…

Blazed v. Master Molde
Rising Star Championship

John: Main event time... The Rising Star Title is dangling above the ring, and that steel ladder is already set up.

Compare: Coming to the ring first... He is the challenger and the #1 Contender to the Rising Star Title... Master Molde!!

James: Well, here we go. This is what being a #1 Contender is all about. A shot at the gold.

[ As Molde's music hits, he makes his way down to the ring and climbs in. ]

John: He looks ready, James. He looks real ready. Look at that look of determination on his face.

Compare: And his opponent... He is the current and reigning Rising Star Champion... Blazed!!!

James: The master of the ladder match here in SHOOT, right there.

[ "We're in this Together" by Nine Inch Nails hits as Blazed makes his way down to the ring. Tossing the Rising Star title toward Compare, Blazed climbs into the ring and the bell is rung. ]

John: This should be a tough challenge for both individuals. Blazed has shown on numerous occasions that he is amongst the best in the world in this type of match, and Master Molde has definately shown that he too can hang in this sort of match by his outing last week.

[ Master Molde rushes Blazed to begin the contest, only for Blazed to dropkick the ladder and send it crashing toward Molde. The ladder continues to stand, however, allowing Blazed to hop up onto the fourth rung and dive off, connecting with a tornado DDT on Molde. ]

James: The speed of Blazed is what makes his so successful, in my oppinion. His opponents rarely see the end coming.

[ As Molde lies on the mat, Blazed folds the ladder up and lifts it from the mat. Holding it above his head, he brings the legs down onto Molde's chest. ]

John: Ouch...

James: Damn right.

[ Tossing the ladder away, Blazed lifts the dazed Molde to his feet and whips him to the ropes. As Molde comes rushing back, Blazed hops into the air and sends him back to the mat with a perfectly executed dropkick. ]

John: Blazed is working the challenger over perfectly here tonight. Molde better get on his game and fast, else this one will be over before he even sees the stars...

[ Lying on the mat, Molde rolls over to his stomach as Blazed hops up onto the top of the closest turnbuckle. As he positions himself, Molde swiftly tosses the ladder toward the ropes, which forces Blazed to lose his footing and topple to the mat. Dazed, Molde gets to his feet and shakes his head as he heads toward Blazed. Rolling Blazed between the legs of the ladder, Molde hops into the air and brings his body down on top, using all his weight to sandwich Blazed between the legs of the ladder. ]

James: That'll put your fire out...

[ Lifting Blazed to his feet once again, Molde locks him in what appears to be a DDT position, and DDTs him face first into the steel ladder lying on the mat. Quickly, Molde goes into a cover. The referee hits the mat... 1... 2... The referee stops his count as Blazed tosses his foot on the bottom rope. ]

John: That was a close one... No doubt Blazed was messed up from that DDT, that was a desperation maneuver.

[ Making his way to his feet, Molde takes a few steps back and allows Blazed to his feet. Rushing forward, Molde sends a boot toward Blazed face. However, Blazed throws a stiff kick to Molde’s midsection, sending him to look straight down at the mat. Blazed bounces off the ropes and jumps into the air, bringing his leg down on top of Molde’s head with an axe kick… ]

John- that could be it for Molde, he’s taken some punishment from Blazed tonight. Man, this has really be an uncharacteristic night for Blazed…he normally just does what has to be done and then goes home, but tonight he’s been dishing it out pretty good.

James- definitely, what with the entire Azrael-Massicrist debacle that just went down about ten or twenty minutes ago.

(Blazed begins to climb the ladder, as the crowd rises to their feet, again rooting for or against him, depending on their wagers. As he climbs each rung, taking his time, Molde uses his incredibly long reach to grab the bottom of the ladder. He uses his mammoth strength to pull the ladder out from underneath of Blazed, sending him down to the mat in a hurry!)

John- Master Molde pulled that one out there! He’s still alive in this contest for the Rising Star Championship!

(Molde crawls over to wear Blazed is located and steps over him with his knee, straddling the Rising Star Champion. He cradles Blazed’s head in his left arm, and with his right he begins to lay into Blazed’s face, over and over again…with his elbow…)

James- listen to that sound! Every time Molde connects it makes the sickest noise…

John- that’s what an elbow’ll do to you…

(Molde stops the deadly assault and gets to his feet, bringing Blazed with him. He backs him up against the ropes, and tosses him the other way, sending Blazed over to the other side of the ring, only to have him bounce back in his direction. As Molde rushes forward with what would be a huge clothesline, Blazed ducks, cocks himself, waits for Molde to turn around, and then dives forward, foot first, connecting with Molde’s chest…)

John- that’s the second time he’s used the standing sidekick to knock the snot out of someone here tonight.

(Molde staggers backwards, finally falling directly onto his ass and then to his back. Blazed jumps over the ladder that sits on it’s side in the middle of the ring, and hops atop the turnbuckle…)

James- this might be the same exact thing that he did to Massicrist! That might be his new set up to Hazy Memories Part One!

(As Blazed sets himself on the top rope, from behind comes a golden blur, knocking Blazed clear off of the turnbuckle and onto the ladder set up in the middle of the ring…face first…)



John- but Blazed didn’t intentionally make Azrael lose the match! He was just retaliating!

James- but he lost nonetheless, and it was of Blazed’s doing!

(Blazed, having been knocked out by the blow to the head from the belt, if not, the cold, hard, steel ladder that laid smack dab in his path, lies motionless in the middle of the ring. Meanwhile, Master Molde has risen to his feet...)

John- Molde is staring down at Azrael, who is simply walking back to where he came from, taking absolutely no regard as to who wins this match!

(Molde shifts his attention from Azrael back down to Blazed, who lies unconscious directly at his feet. Molde nudges him in the side a bit, to make sure he’s out cold…)

John- Molde doesn’t look to pleased with the situation!

(He shakes his head, and looks to the ladder that lies underneath of Blazed’s head. He picks it up, allowing the masked man’s head to hit the mat with a “thud.” He unfolds the ladder and begins to climb, with the crowd screaming their heads off, as he’s either winning them a lot of money, or losing them a lot of money. SHOOT’s pro-wrestling, yeah, but it’s pretty damn extreme…)

James- Molde is going to win it! Molde is going to be the RISING STAR CHAMPION!

(He climbs the ladder, rung by rung, slowly as if to allow Blazed to come to, so he can end it a little bit more fairly…)

John- there’s nothing you can do, Molde!

(Molde finally reaches the top, looks down, looks out to the crowd, and allows a tiny bit of a smile to come across his lips as he reaches up for the gold…)

James- THIS IS IT!

(He unhooks the studs that hold the belt in its natural position, and takes the title out from the rope that holds it’s grasp. And Master Molde is the new Rising Star Champion…)



John- I can’t BELIEVE THIS!

(Molde steps down from the ladder and holds the title to his chest, raising a fist high into the air, as the crowd responds with cheers, boos, or whatever they want to…)

John- Molde has won the Rising Star Championship!

James- ohhh, there’s going to be hell to pay next week! Blazed causes Azrael to lose his cage match against Massicrist, Azrael causes Blazed to lose his Rising Star Championship! Ravage is number one contender, but Blazed will no doubt want a shot at Azrael, and for his title no less! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING TO HAPPEN?!?

John- that’s all the time we have this week, fans, we hope your purchase was worth it!

James- make sure you pick up the next installment to see just WHAT THE HELL happens here!!

*Transmission Cuts*