The door to Eric Wolfson's office is slung open, and the man known as Dominion stands up behind his desk to see that his office has been invaded by none other than the Number One Contender to the Shoot Projects World Title, Ravage.

Wolfson looks on in surprise, but not shock. More of a "what now?" type of countenance is on his face as he speaks.

Wolfson: Shit...what can i-

Ravage: Sit down!

Wolfson: Wha-?

Ravage: I said sit yer ass down! Now!

For a moment, a look of anger crosses Wolfson's face. Not really feeling the desire to throw down in his own office with this redneck, he opts for the diplomatic solution, and sits. Ravage moves over in front of the desk, leaning over it. Pointing a finger closer to Wolfsons face than most men get to, he speaks again.

Ravage: I don't know what kind of outfit yer runnin' here, Wolfson, but in case you don't remember, i am THE number one contender to the Shoot Project World Title, and i've been waiting for a long damn time to get my match!! Instead, i get to wrestle in tag team matches, and on ladders, an' other bullshit like that! An to top it off, ya put some no name chump in the ring with me for MY Rule of Surrender Title, like he deserved it!!

Wolfson: I seem to recall you losing to that "chump", as you put it.

Ravage: Shut up!! I'm not done yet! Now, yeah, Lee caught me on a bad night, got lucky, and beat me. The fact that he's paid no dues in this fed didn't register in your mind when you booked that match? I worked my ASS off for that belt, just like i did for my number one contendership, and you go and give some rookie a title shot? But nevermind, that ain't why i'm in here!!

Wolfson: Then, please enighten me. Why ARE you here?

Ravage walks around the desk, and Wolfson stands up as he nears. Ravage gets up in Wolfson's face, and in a low, but menacing tone, says his piece.

Ravage: What i came in here for, was to make you understand why you shouldn't fuck with me, Wolfson. You think you got some big things goin' on here that people don't know about, but this is one Alabama boy that plays by a different set of rules. Mine.

The tension in the room grows thicker, as Ravagte continues.

Ravage: You may think you have all the strings pulled just the way you want them around here, but you keep pullin' mine, an' you might find out that the even the Master of Puppets has a string.

Wolfson: I'd be lying if i said i knew what the hell you're talking about, Ravage.

Ravage: Yeah, Wolfson, keep up the charade. You got secrets, an' just because you've been able to hide them from these other bozo's don't mean you got me fooled. you just remember, boy, there's many a slip twixt a cup an a lip, an' when you slip, i'll be there.

Wolfson looks a little less comfortable now.

Wolfson: I think this meeting is adjourned. Close the door on your way out.

Ravage leans in slightly closer to Wolfson for a moment.

Ravage: You've already made one mistake, "boss". Don't make a second by pissin' me off.

With that, Ravage returns to the doorway, but turns before leaving.

Ravage: And oh yeah, get a tic-tac, or somethin' dude, that is some foul shit goin on in yer mouth.

Wolfson breathes into his hand, checking his breath. He shrugs as the camera shot switches to the ringside area

Renegade v. Flying Magnum

["War is Coming" - 6 ft. Under starts playing over the P.A. system as Renegade makes his way to the ring not in a good mood. He badmouths a fan and continues his way to the ring. He rolls into the ring and waits for his opponent to come out. ]

James: Renegade should have a rather easy match here. This Flying Magnum character is new to The SHOOT Project, and hasn't been heard from all week.

[Flying Magnum comes out completely reading to take on Renegade while his music blares over the P.A music. He climbs the apron and hops over the top rope. Meanwhile, Renegade never takes his eyes off Magnum. The referee checks Magnum’s boots then walks over to Renegade and does the same with Renegade’s boots. The referee motions towards the time keeper and the bell rings three times. ]

John: It makes you wonder if he's focused enough to take on Renegade, who has been with us from the very start. He's definately got the experience advantage.


[Renegade, quite pissed off, storms towards Magnum and sends him to the mat with a hard clothesline giving the match an exciting start. Renegade follows up with some big right hands that Magnum desperately tries to block. The referee pulls Renegade off Magnum and Magnum gets up. Renegade storms towards Flying Magnum again but this time Magnum ducks and Renegade hits the ring post. Magnum lays in some chops to the neck and the upper-back. Magnum continues the assault by hitting a big kick to Renegade’s neck. Renegade then hits an elbow to the chest of Flying Magnum and walks towards the turnbuckle closest to him holding his neck. ]

James: Renegade is in control now. He's showing his advantage here.

[ Flying Magnum is coughing a bit but is ok otherwise. Renegade is resting in the corner while Magnum carefully approaches him, knowing how dangerous Renegade can be. Renegade moves out of the corner as Flying Magnum follows him. Both men are standing in the middle of the ring, ready to attack. They lock up, Renegade having the obvious strength advantage. Renegade scoops Magnum up and slams him down, Magnum gets up right away only to be slammed down again. Renegade drops an elbow on Magnum to make sure he doesn’t get up again. Renegade goes for a cover. ]



John: Flying Magnum isn't going out just yet...

[Renegade picks Magnum up and puts him in a standing headscissors hold. He tries to lift Magnum up for a powerbomb but Flying Magnum blocks and starts headbutting Renegade in the stomach. Renegade let’s go of the hold and Magnum capitalises with a chop to the throat that sends Renegade to one knee. Magnum chops Renegade in the face and Renegade is obviously in pain. Magnum takes Renegade down with an armbar to the right arm. Flying Magnum brings the pain with some elbows to the shoulder while he still has the armbar locked in tightly. Renegade manages to reach the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Magnum runs into the ropes and appears to be going for a dive but does the Tiger Mask plancha fake obviously taunting Renegade. ]

John: Nice move by the newcomer.

[ Renegade enters the ring again, even more pissed off then he was at the start of the match. He runs towards Magnum going for a lariat and again Magnum ducks but Renegade has learned as well and he jumps on the second rope and jumps backwards with an elbow to the back of Magnum. Renegade follows up with a legdrop to the back of Flying Magnum’s neck. He hits another one and then lifts Magnum from the mat. Renegade lariats Magnum into the corner and hits 4 kicks to the chest, he chops Flying Magnum once, then DDT’s him out of the corner and goes for the pin.]


[ Renegade lifts Magnum from the mat and whips him into the ropes and as Magnum comes of the ropes Renegade lifts his leg going for a big boot but Magnum counters with a beautiful Dragon Screw Leg Whip sending Renegade to the mat Magnum immediately follows up with some kicks to the back and then drags Renegade to the middle of the ring and locks on an arm wringer, hurting the arm and getting some rest. He then changes the hold into a Strangle Hold Beta! Renegade is fighting to get to the ropes but Magnum keeps pulling him back. After 20 seconds of pain Renegade makes it to the ropes but his right arm is severely hurt. Magnum immediately locks on a chickenwing hold but Renegade manages to hit Flying Magnum with his left elbow knocking him silly. Renegade clutches his right arm, still hurt while Magnum tries to shake off the cobwebs. Renegade, knowing that he has an opportunity goes over to Flying Magnum and throws some jabs with his left arm. He locks on a one-armed front facelock and DDT’s Magnum who flips over onto his back. Renegade tries to shake off the pain in his right arm but it’s not really working. Magnum gets up rather quickly and kicks Renegade in the right shoulder and Renegade is in serious pain. Magnum runs into the ropes and hits Renegade with a spinning heel kick sending him down. Magnum pulls Renegade to the corner and Magnum climbs the top rope, he signals to the crowd and goes for a moonsault but Renegade pulls up his knees and Flying Magnum bounces Renegade’s knees clutching his ribs. Renegade manages to get up without using his right arm. Flying Magnum gets up as well but he is still in pain. The situation: One man with a right arm he can’t use and one man with bruised ribs. Both Renegade and Magnum run at each other and Magnum swings into a crucifix hold.]

James: Magnum's going for something big!

John: Renegade with the reversal! MAN he just clobbered Magnum with a reverse DDT!

[ Renegade whips Magnum into the nearby corner and begins to climb the turnbuckle with Magnum in tow. From the top, Renegade brings Magnum crashing to the canvas with a choke slam. ]

James: The 1945!!

[ Renegade makes the cover. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

John: And we have us a winner. Renegade by pin-fall.

(Backstage in the SHOOT Project, all you should be able to see are competitors and technicians working on filming and getting the show taped. No make-up dressers, no stylists, nothing of the sort. However, when backstage at a SHOOT Project event, there's one thing you wouldn't see at any ordinary wrestling show, and that's big, freaky Japanese men in business suits... okay, maybe in Japan, but I'm not talking about executives. I'm talking about organized crime, the Japanese Mafia, the Yakuza.)

(Chris Lee just experienced this tonight. He had no problems with them before; they never really bothered him until now. We see Chris Lee, and his manager/wife Maria Enriquez-Lee enter the complex the SHOOT Project set up for the event. This is what takes place.)

Maria: Do you think they have a bathroom here?

Lee: Maybe... check around. There might be a porto-potty around here somewhere.

Maria: I hate those things... they smell.

Lee: Well, I told you to go before we left the inn. Now look what happens. If you don't like porto-potties, then I'm sure you can just walk around, find some private spot, and start doing your business there.

Maria: Oh, that's gross, Chris.

Lee: It's either that or the portopotties. Make your choice.

Maria: *frowns* Okay, okay... but if there's no porto-potty, I'm holding it until we get back.

Lee: Suit yourself... I'll meet you wherever they keep the locker rooms around here.

Maria: Okay.

(As Maria was out of site, Chris spotted someone watching him. He got that same creepy feeling he got whenever he felt he was being spied upon. He recognized the hairdo. It was the same black spiky hair with red highlights that he saw in Iceland. This had to be the guy. It would be too much of a coincidence if it wasn't. He looked at the man that had been following him all this time as he leaned against the wall with hands in pocket. He looked pretty tall, but not as tall as Chris, and he looked like he was in shape. Chris didn't really want to take the chance of tackling him and beating him down before his match. He could very well surprise him with a deadly assault of submissions and kicks... or he could just have a gun. Chris was told stories of the Yakuza by technicians in the back, the cameramen who have shot his promos, and by his friends back home. However, he never really met one up this close. He cautiously walked over to him.)

Lee: You're the guy following me around, huh?

(The man just nodded, smiling. The Japanese man was freaking Chris out. He heard about crazy nuts working for the Yakuza simply for the love of killing another human being. Chris really didn't want to be killed tonight, especially in the middle of nowhere in Greenland.)

Lee: You work for... uhhh... SHOOT?

(The man once again nodded. Chris did not like this at all. Him not saying anything really freaked Chris out.)

Lee: So... what do you do here?

(He just looked at him, smiling.)

Lee: I see you don't like talking...

(Chris laughed lightly, trying to bring some life into this one-way conversation. The man just looked back.)

Lee: Okay... well... it's really nice meeting my stalker and all, but I got to get ready for the show, so if you don't mind.

(Chris cautiously turned around and started walking away with a quicker pace.)

Man: I remember you.

(Chris was shocked. Not only did he speak, but he spoke with a pretty good American accent. Sure, there was a hint of Japanese in his accent, but he was understandable. Chris turned around to face him.)

Lee: Excuse me?

Man: I remember you.

Lee: From Iceland? Yeah... Unfortunately, I remember you, too.

Man: No... I remember you... way back. You are the son of Tatsuhiro Mifune, correct?

(Chris Lee's father's wrestling name... he couldn't believe anyone remembered, let alone remembering Chris Lee from his times in Japan.)

Lee: Yes. You're a wrestling fan or something?

Man: Puroresu... yes, I am. You were okay back then. You weren't great, but you were good.

Lee: Thanks for the critique... I guess.

Man: The name's Kosai.

(Funny. Chris Lee didn't remember asking for his name, but as long as he knew his stalker's name, it made him feel a bit better.)

Lee: Well, I all ready assume you know my name if you work for the company. What do you want?

Kosai: The higher-ups see something in you. They want you to work for them, to make sure things run the way we like them.

(Straight to the point, Chris thought.)

Lee: Wait... you want me to work for... you guys?

Kosai: Yes.

Lee: Listen, I'm not a suit... I quit being a suit long ago, and...

Kosai: Not a suit... just... an Ace up our sleeve, if you know what I mean.

Lee: Yeah, I get what you're saying, but why me?

Kosai: Like I said, they like you. They respect someone who went through the training of the Japanese style of wrestling. They know you have history in Japan, and they like that.

Lee: Well, listen, I'm flattered, but I don't talk and do business without my manager.

Kosai: This is of no concern with Maria. She doesn't have to know.

Lee: I guess you don't know me all too well after all then. You see, my wife and I talk over our business. Since she's my manager, this is her business as well.

Kosai: *shaking his head* The higher-ups don't like rejections.

(Chris's eyes widened. He had hoped he didn't truly piss him off.)

Lee: I'm not rejecting you... I just have to think it over and talk it over with my manager. So, if you don't mind, I must get ready for tonight's show. I'll talk it over with my manager after I'm done with tonight. So good evening.

(Chris turned around and began to walk away, trying to get out of there before Kosai had anything more to say.)

Kosai: We'll meet again.

(Chris stopped and nodded his head.)

Lee: I know.

(Chris walked off as Kosai just leaned against the wall, smiling.)

Blake O'Reilyv. Temujin

[End is the Beginning is The End by the Smashing Pumpkins plays as Blake O’Reily walks down to the ring. Joking around a bit with some fans. He rolls into the ring and shakes the ropes a bit. O’Reily stands there with a grin on his face waiting for his opponent, Temujin, to come out.]

James: Here's a face we haven't seen in a while. Apparently, Blake O'Reily asked for some time away from the Project a few months ago. Feeling that he was ready to come back, he was granted a match for tonight.

[The lights are turned off and everyone watching is completely silent as Temujin slowly makes his way to the ring virtually ignoring the fans, knowing that he has a challenge in O’Reily. He slowly rolls into the ring and the referee walks over to him, checks his boots, does the same with O’Reily’s and motions to the time keeper.]

John: Unfortunately, his opponent is Temujin, a man who has been on a role as of late, including a tag team win over Blazed and Azrael.


[Temujin and O’Reily move towards each other and try to get into a positon where they can execute a move on their opponent. Before O’Reily can do something Temujin rolls out of the ring. Mere seconds later Temujin rolls in again. And he rolls out again, obviously playing mindgames with O’Reily who gives Temujin a weird look. Temujin stands up and locks up with O’Reily who immediately takes him down with a drop toe hold. He tries to lock on a STF but Temujin manages to roll out of the ring before the hold can be applied. O’Reily follows him out and throws a kick but misses. Both men lock up again and this time Temujin drop toe holds O’Reily sending “Untouchable” face first to the concrete. He lifts O’Reily from the mat and whips him into the ringpost. O’Reily is a bit groggy and Temujin takes advantage hitting him with a lariat to the back of the head. He rolls him into the ring and follows. Temujin locks on a half crab but O’Reily is close to the ropes and gets a rope break after 6 seconds. ]

James: Temujin is once again showing that speed we've all come to expect from him.

[ Temujin stomps O’Reily’s left leg, the same leg Temujin locked the half crab on. He lifts O’Reily to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As “Untouchable” comes of the ropes Temujin dropkicks the knee sending O’Reily to the mat again. Temujin locks on a half crab. This time O’Reily has some trouble making it to the ropes, getting a rope break after 17 seconds. O’Reily rolls out of the ring obviously in pain. Temujin rolls out of the ring but as O’Reily moves towards him Temujin rolls into the ring again. O’Reily rolls back in as well, angry at Temujin because of the things he’s doing. ]

John: O'Reily appears to be getting a little agitated now. This guy is in actuality a very outstanding talent, he's just yet to get the right mindset to do a whole lot of damage.

[ O’Reily tries for a kick but Temujin sweeps his left leg sending O’Reily to the mat again. “Untouchable” rolls out of the ring again, being careful. Temujin follows and this time stays at ringside and doesn’t roll back in. O’Reily tries to throw a punch but Temujin dodges and grabs O’Reily arm but as tries for an ipponzei O’Reily counters into a reverse DDT sending Temujin headfirst into the concrete. O’Reily brings Temujin to his feet and hits a kneebreaker, starting his own attack on Temujin’s left leg. He kicks Temujin in the leg and then DDT’s him onto the concrete again. Temujin is brought to his feet and thrown into the ring. O’Reily rolls into the ring and goes for a pin.]


James: Temujin out on two! He's still got a whole lot of fight in him.

[O’Reily locks on an Achilles tendon hold to Temujin’s left leg and Temujin tries to counter but can’t. After he realises that he tries to reach the ropes. He does so after 12 seconds but O’Reily refuses to break the hold. The referee warns him and O’Reily releases the hold arguing with the ref. This gives Temujin time to get up and kick O’Reily in the leg sending “Untouchable” to one knee. Temujin tries to lock on a rear naked choke but O’Reily blocks desperately and manages to get Temujin into an ankle lock but Temujin immediately reaches the ropes but again O’Reily refuses to let go. Temujin manages to kick O’Reily in the arm forcing “Untouchable” to release the hold. Temujin gets up slowly and so does O’Reily. O’Reily is up first and runs at Temujin hitting him square in the face with a running knee. He brings Temujin to his feet and snap mares him, but Temujin gets right back up and kicks O’Reily in the leg. O’Reily does the same to Temujin, who responds with another kick. O’Reily fires of another kick to the leg and Temujin again responds with a kick to the leg.]

John: Right there, in those legs, are where Temujin has the most strength. O'Reily's going to have to find a way to keep Temujin off his feet.

[ O’Reily finally takes Temujin down with a kick to the head. “Untouchable” follows up by locking on a Sharpshooter continuing the attack on Temujin’s leg. Temujin, in great agony, tries desperately to reach the ropes and finally does so after 17 seconds. He rolls out of the ring having his legs stretched quite badly. Blake O’Reily follows, sensing an opportunity. He throws some punches to the face of Temujin that give him time to jump over the railing to get a chair. He throws the chair against Temujin’s leg which causes Temujin to fall down. O’Reily picks up the chair and hits Temujin in the leg once. Again. Again. Again. Temujin, meanwhile, is rolling around in serious pain while O’Reily just grins. He lifts Temujin to his feet and puts him against the railing. He swings the chair in the air before landing it on Temujin’s leg, sandwiching it between the chair and the railing. O’Reily prepares to do it again but Temujin manages to kick the chair into his face with his right leg. Temujin falls down because of when he kicked the chair all his weight was on his weakened left leg. Temujin slowly climbs into the ring and O’Reily follows, still dizzy. Both men stand up and Temujin continues his comeback by hitting an enzuigiri. He goes for a pin.]

Thr.. KICKOUT!!!

James: So... SO Close!

[O’Reily is still lying on the mat and Temujin gets in a mount position throwing some mounted punches that O’Reily desperately tries to block. “Untouchable” can’t really block the punches so he decides to pick another strategy as he monkey flips Temujin over the top rope. Temujin lands back first and hard. O’Reily rests for a bit as Temujin tries to regain some air and power. O’Reily rolls onto the apron and stands using the ropes. He points at Temujin and drops an elbow onto Temujin’s leg. O’Reily elbows Temujin’s leg from a sitting position and then stands up. He picks up the chair again and beats Temujin over the head and then follows up with some shots to the leg again. 5 shots to be exact. He finally gets bored of the chair usage and lifts Temujin from the concrete and throws him into the ring. O’Reily rests for a bit, knowing Temujin isn’t going anywhere soon. He enters the ring while Temujin grabs the bottom rope to get himself up. O’Reily allows him to get up before yanking his head back and signalling for the O’Reily Factor. Temujin manages to fight out of the reverse facelock with some elbows to the stomach and he follows up with a stunner. ]

James: Nice work by Temujin there. O'Reily was looking to finish him off, and that speed got Temujin out of what would have been the end of this thing.

[ Temujin goes back to attacking O’Reily’s leg which isn’t nearly as bad as his own. He drops some elbows to the leg before putting O’Reily into a Figure 4 Leg Lock. O’Reily tries to reach the ropes but can’t so he tries an alternative strategy:he gets up in a seated position and hits Temujin in the groin. Temujin rolls around in pain while O’Reily gets another warning from the referee. O’Reily drags Temujin to the middle of the rin and tries to lock on a Figure 4 of his own but Temujin blocks and O’Reily can’t lock on the hold. O’Reily tries to hit an elbow drop but Temujin rolls out of the way and gets up. So does “Untouchable” and both men are looking at one another anticipating their next move. O’Reily makes the mistake of attacking first and his punch gets countered into a STO! Temujin follows up with a half crab but O’Reily is near the ropes and gets a rope break after 4 seconds. Temujin continues the assault by stomping O’Reily’s leg. He drags O’Reily to the middle of the ring by his leg and locks on a STF, a move often used by O’Reily himself.

John: O'Reily is reaching for the ropes, but to no avail. Temujin has got him in great ring positioning.

[ Fighting the pain, O'Reily again reaches out for the ropes. Through blurry view, O'Reily finally realizing how far away from the ropes he actually is, O'Reily closes his eyes and taps the mat. ]

John: That's it, the referee just handed Temujin the win via submission!!

James: Wow, we have an explosive night, tonight. We have two exciting matches prepared tonight. First, we have Sebastian Crow defending his Iron Fist championship against the Real Deal Josh Johnson. Second, we have a tag team square off between Blazed and Shaolin verses Chris Lee and Voodoo. John, what a night we will have tonight- this, will be something.

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers, as the fans erupt in a mixed reaction.}

John: Speaking of Sebastian Crow James, here he comes now. Hey, do you know he is coming to the ring, to explain his actions toward the Real Deal, as of late?

James: That could be interesting, John. We just have to wait, and see, now do we not?

John: That we do, James’ that we do.

{Sebastian Crow approaches the ring, with the Iron Fist title hanging over his shoulder. His stern-face does not look pleased about something, as Tammy Lee walks his side. She looks beautiful tonight. However, she looks beautiful any other night as well- but tonight, she is marvelous.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing to the ring at this time- accompanied by the lovely, and gorgeous Tammy Lee, he is the Shoot Project Iron Fist champion – Sebastian Crow!

James: Sebastian Crow does not look his usual-self, tonight. I wonder what –is- exactly, on his mind.

John: Tammy Lee reminds me of an everyday, yet teen housewife.

James: -But, Tammy Lee is not married.

John: Okay, then she reminds me of a sexy, seductive schoolgirl.

James: -But, Tammy Lee is not a schoolchild.

John: God damn it, James! Would you stop correcting me?

James: I am just speaking the correct facts, John.

John: Fine, then- she reminds me of a sexy, seductive bitch, who I would enjoy seeing in a schoolgirl outfit' while fucking the man next door, while the husband is on a business-trip away. Is that better?

James: John, you really are a sick, deranged individual. Has guidance counsel ever occurred to you?

John: -What?

James: Have you ever thought about seeing a counselor, about your sexual urges? I think you might need to see a doctor.

John: James, I am perfectly stating that Tammy turns me. That sexy bitch, I would like to ram her with my 4-inch cock.

James: *Cough* Okay then, let us go on with the program.

{In the ring, Sebastian Crow has the microphone, all ready to his mouth. The music has faded, after a few minutes, and he talks slow, and brief.}

Sebastian Crow: I will make this slow and easily heard for some of you ball-lickers in the crowd, tonight.

{The audience boos.}

James: Whoa, that came sudden.

Sebastian Crow: People of the Shoot Project, please’ lend me your ears and allow me to tell a story.

Audience: -What?

Sebastian Crow: Please, do not start that shit. That may work in the World Wrestling Federation, but that is only because Vince McMahon cannot afford anything better, while his hands are free from Internet adult-rated society.

{Sebastian Crow pauses.}

Sebastian Crow: For the second time, allow me to tell you a story. This is a story about a child, who grew to be a man. So listen up you batch of bitches and nerds, because this is a story about me, Sebastian Crow; the once defeated Iron Fist champion of the Shoot Project. I walked in the Shoot Project many weeks a-go, and I defeated newcomer Brad James’ I sent Brad James literally to Hell. The following week, I defeated Krazee, and not only did I gain a defeat but I gained something greater. That night, I gained, the Iron Fist championship, and where the man to take it away is, he is nowhere to be, found.

{A smirk, of a smile crosses the face of Sebastian Crow.}

Sebastian Crow: However, last week, I was defeated. I, and my fellow tag-team bag of shit partner, was defeated. And’ who best to pick to tag with me- none other than the very man I defeated some-time a-go; Krazee.

James: You would not have been defeated, if you had not left, Sebastian.

John: Shut up, James’ Sebastian Crow is making sense for once.

James: Shut your trap, kiss-ass.

{A look of anger crosses the face of Sebastian Crow.}

Sebastian Crow: Well, that will not happen again. In fact, that will never happen again. Especially not tonight, and you see, tonight’ I actually have to defend my Iron Fist championship against the man who put himself in pain to get here. That man is, the Real Deal Josh Johnson-

{The audience applauses,}

Sebastian Crow: Oh shut the hell up, you people, honestly, you sicken me. You idiot’s are always cheering for this person, and that person, but do you really know how they feel about you? Do you’ heck, every-time I come out here, I feel as if I am entertaining smelly-pant ego-nerd’s who believe anything, and everything on television is reality. Heck, I am entertaining a bunch of weak cock-blockers, not counting the women, who watch wrestling because they cannot fight for themselves. Therefore, they watch wrestling to imagine themselves, kicking the shit out of people like the Real Deal, or Krazee, or even Sebastian Crow’ like that would ever happen. The bottom line is people, tonight, do not have your hopes up too quick. This Iron Fist championship is –not- leaving my shoulder, and as for the Real Deal Josh Johnson. He will end up like everybody else; destroyed, and buried alive, deep in Hell itself, and that is a fact.

{Sebastian Crow lowers the microphone, and Tammy smiles. She wraps her arms around Sebastian, and laughs.}

James: Stern words from Sebastian Crow.

John: And’ a new attitude, toward the Shoot Project.

James: I wonder what the Real Deal Josh Johnson feels about all this.

{As Crow finishes that sentence, the words "The World is After Me" are, heard. They repeat, repeatedly. "After Me" by Saliva hits the PA and the crowd comes alive, for The Real Deal is on his way out to the ring. He walks down the ramp, high fiving fans along the way. The Real Deal slowly climbs into the ring, holding a microphone in his hand. He begins to speak...}

Real Deal: You know, your ass has a lot of nerve to do what you're doing out here. You haven't figured it out yet, Crow? Have you simply lost it in the past couple of weeks? Are you not paying attention? Are you stupid? You think it's going to be that easy... So easy, you think you can just walk out here, talk shit about me, to my people, and expect to get something accomplished. Are you under the ridiculous impression that this match is going to be walk-in, walkout for Crow?

{A "Real Deal, Real Deal" chant breaks out. The Real Deal raises his hand and the crowd comes to a hush. There is complete silence, except for the feedback of the secondhand mic. The Deal lifts his hand to the mouthpiece, and snaps his fingers. The crowd ROARS!}

John: Wow, I think we are going to find out, eh’

{Sebastian Crow brings the microphone to his mouth again. A’ smile crosses his face, as he looks straight to the Real Deal. Tammy frees herself, and watches too.}

Sebastian Crow: Well, look at who decided to show up. I did not send you a party invitation, Real Deal’ how on Earth did you get past the height boards. Did you not recognize this is a no-pest zone?

{Sebastian Crow laughs, awaiting the Real Deal’s response.}

Real Deal: Boy, are you ever stupid. Big, tall Sebastian Crow is talking "down" to me. Man, you just don't get it do you?

{"Kick his ass, Kick his ass" can be heard.}

Real Deal: Have you not checked the record books? Bigger isn't always better, especially when you face The Real Deal. It's truly that simple. Have you realized that you really can't win tonight, so you're going to try to play the height game with me? Is that what this is? Are you THAT insecure? Figures, man, I don't get you. What the fuck is up with these past two weeks?

{The Real Deal drops his hand to his side, waiting for a response. Sebastian Crow smiles- as if, something is going through the head, misunderstood to others. He brings the microphone to his mouth again, and leans against the ropes. He chuckles slightly to himself, softly scratches his nose, and speaks.}

Sebastian Crow: Josh Johnson, you speak in the most profaned manner. Have you no soul, my dear friend? Have you no heart? Wait a second- perhaps you do, or else you would not be living. Oh gosh, how stupid can I be? In addition, how stupid could you be? Josh, the question is; have –you- checked the Shoot Project record books. Size does matter in this game. It is all about size, and power. Your speed, and intelligence yet-to-be-found does not count, when the tide is, turned against Sebastian Crow. I am an undefeated champion, in the Shoot Project and I plan to stay that way. Josh, let me ask you a question-

{A look of evil strikes the face of Sebastian Crow. He narrows his eyes, then glares back up and smiles.}

Sebastian Crow: How is Tara, doing these days?

James: Oh my God-

John: Okay, this is going too far-

Real Deal: You fucker, how DARE you even speak of that now. You have a lot of fucking nerve even mentioning that situation now. What business is it of yours how my girlfriend is doing? You don't have a fucking clue, Crow. Stay out of that.

{The crowd is FUMING for Real Deal to knock the taste out of Crow's mouth. He simply shakes his head, and continues, obviously furious.}

Real Deal: As for the way you came back at me... I would expect something like that. Someone of your *laughs* caliber should know better than to reply with such trite words. Size and power you say. Yeah, that works if you can't think. If you are a moron, then yeah, you're right, size and power is the way to go... I'm beginning to see where you are fitting in, Crow. You want to insult my intelligence, so you resort to some kind of lame fifth grade insult that makes the idiots in the back look like fucking Albert Einstein. You sir, have no clue what you are getting yourself into. Have you not paid attention? Do you not watch TV? While you are busy brooding, or whatever it is that you Crow's do, lord knows I've been involved with enough of them, I was winning championships, destroying lives, and ending careers. That is something that you will never have, because after tonight, the Iron Fist Championship, your "heart and soul" or whatever gothic bullshit you want to call it, will be gone, and around my waist.

James: Those are some very strong words from Josh-

John: Wow...

{Sebastian Crow laughs again, and looks at Tammy. She smirks, and nods her head. Sebastian Crow looks back at the Real Deal and smiles evilly.}

Sebastian Crow: Wow Josh, it has appeared I have hit a touchy spot, have I not? Josh, I would just like to mention a few things that might bring something to thought. You see, I want you to think about your odds against myself, here tonight. I want you to think about winning. I want you to think about- no, I want you to put your full effort in to this match. In addition, I want you to think about Tara. You see, the reason I ask about your lovely woman, is to see what love you have for the scandalous bitch. And’ while Will Schmidt holds her in his grace-land-

{Sebastian Crow begins pacing, edging it on.}

Sebastian Crow: And’ while Will Schmidt is having numerous gangbang’s – fucking her. I want you to think about how much she enjoys it, and she does.

James: Okay, this is getting out of hand.

John: Look at the Real Deal’s face - he is boiling.

{Sebastian Crow smiles, and softly laughs.}

Sebastian Crow: Is she really a girl, you would enjoy being with, Josh? Is she really worth your trouble? I mean, while you are in the center of Shoot Project’s globe – she is elsewhere, having more than ten cocks’ stuff her holes, and getting around faster than Jenna Jameson could ever do for the porn-industry. My God, she has had her share with the Shoot Project roster, I will tell you-

{Sebastian Crow has another laugh, and narrows his head, keeping his eyes on the Real Deal.}

Real Deal: I hope you fucking burn in hell. How, fucking dare you?

{Sebastian Crow has an evil, stern-look on his face. He glares through the Real Deal.}

Sebastian Crow: Oh Josh, there is one thing you forgot. You are all ready in hell.

{From behind, Randy Long slams a steel chair in the back of the Real Deal.}

James: Oh my God, and from behind, a steel chair to the back of the Real Deal, and Randy Long is stomping away on the Real Deal.

{A large heat reaction comes from the fans as Sebastian Crow and Tammy Lee exit the ring. Sebastian Crow has the microphone. Randy backs off from the Real Deal, and Sebastian crouches beside him.}

Sebastian Crow: Think about what I said, Josh, and you might just succeed tonight.

{Sebastian Crow laughs, and stands up. He looks around at the fans, as they boo insanely. He growls, but a grin comes across his face. He looks at the Real Deal, as the Real Deal attempts to climb back up. Sebastian sends a large boot to the Real Deal’s side, sending him to the steel ramp.}

Sebastian Crow: We have finished our duty, for the night. Leave this fucker to rest.

{Sebastian Crow looks in the camera, and smiles.}

Sebastian Crow: I hope Tara has enjoyed the show, this evening.

{Sebastian Crow laughs, as “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers, as the fans erupt in the largest heat reaction.}

James: My God, this is hideous-

{Sebastian Crow, Tammy Lee, and Randy Long leave behind the curtains.}

James: “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson, has been left broken. It was a set-up from the start.

John: James, do you think Sebastian Crow is in on the conspiracy?

James: John, I do not want to think about that now. This is terrible- we need a medic.

Will Schmidt v. Mike Angel

Compare: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall. Introducing first… standing at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing in at 218 lbs… Will “The Anarchist” Schmidt.

(Come and Die by Fatal and Therapy starts playing on the boom box. Will Schmidt comes out to a chorus of boos. He takes his time getting to the ring stopping a few times along the way to the ring to heckle the fans. He climbs in the ring and starts posing on the turnbuckle.)

John: We have another good match on our hands here James.

James: Yes we do. Two great wrestlers but I got my money on the man about to come out now.

Compare: His opponent….

(Mike Angle attacking Schmidt from behind cuts off Compare.)

John: The bell rings and this match has started.

(Angel is putting the boots to Schmidt. Angel picks him up and whips him into the ropes but its reversed. Schmidt hits Angel with a Standing Dropkick. He picks him up and hits a Russian Leg Sweep and rolls over into the pin…1…2… NO Angel kicks out.)

James: Schmidt is trying to end this one early.

John: Yea. I think he knows that the longer this match goes the worse are his chances of winning.

(Will slaps on a Sleeper hold and Angel looks to be in trouble. He’s trying to get to the ropes but Schmidt has the hold on tightly. Angel drops to one knee after about 30 seconds of being in the Sleeper. Then he drops to both knees. The ref comes in to check on Angel. He lifts his hand and it goes right back down. The ref lifts his hand a second time and for a second time it goes back down. The ref lifts Angle’s hand again … but this time he keeps it up.)

John: The fight is not out of Mike yet.

James: Of course not this guy is tough as hell.

(Mike makes his way to he feet but Schmidt refuses to let the hold go. Angel still can’t make it to the ropes so he hits a desperation Jawbreaker on Schmidt. Both men go down and the ref starts to count. 1…2…)

James: Gut check time. I wonder who’s gonna make it to there feet first.

4… John: Whoever gets to their feet first will have an advantage.

(6…. Both men start squirming on the mat trying to get to their feet.

7… Schmidt makes it to one knee while Angel lies on his stomach. 8…

Schmidt is on his feet now walking towards Angel. He tries to pick him up but gets a low blow for his troubles. Schmidt starts stumbling around the ring and stumbles into a T-Bone Suplex from Mike Angel.

John: Angel with the pin... What??

[ The lights mysteriously go out. The entire warehouse is engulfed with a thick coat of darkness, the only sources of light coming from that of the grey "D's" that seem to swirl about. When the lights come back on, Angel is lying on the mat, seemingly unconscious, with Schmidt standing above him. A grin about his face. ]

James: What in the hell was that?? Angel was about to take this win, and all of a sudden he's out cold!

[ Dropping to his knees, Schmidt sprawls his body across that of Angel's. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

John: Well, we have a winner... I guess.

[ Eric Wolfson slowly paced around his trailor. Running his right hand through his hair, he glared down at the watch on his left. Showing a look of relief on his face upon hearing a knock on his door, Wolfson rushed toward the entrance of this trailor and swung the door open. Standing out in the parking lot, the man known only as KnightMare stared back. ]

Wolfson: Ah, Kensington... Come on in.

[ KnightMare made his way into the trailor, and dropped his black duffel bag onto the sofa next to him. Looking down at the bag, Wolfson continued. ]

Wolfson: Ah... I see you've brought your gear just as I requested.

[ Sitting down next to his bag, KnightMare tapped it gently as he nodded. ]

Wolfson: Good... Because tonight is the night, Kensington. Tonight is the night that marks the return of KnightMare.

[ KnightMare appeared surprised, upon hearing the revelation that he'd be competing this early after not having been in the ring on years. ]

KnightMare: You didn't say anything about a match, Wolfson. I mean, I haven't even gotten the chance to get my timing back down... This is too abrupt... This is too sudden...

[ Smiling, Wolfson walked closer to where KnightMare sat and replied. ]

Wolfson: Kensington... You're KnightMare, man. KnightMare! You're the same KnightMare I remember. And that KnightMare could and would run over anyone I put him up against... Any place any time. You're my main man, Kensington. This is why I went to all the trouble of finding you and making the trek to pick you up. You're the man, Kensington. You *are* the future of this business.

[ Looking down at the floor, KnightMare slowly nodded his head. ]

KnightMare: You're right... You're right! I'm KnightMare! I was punking guys like The Express and Shaolin for years! If I can own those boys, I can take anything you want to throw at me tonight.

Wolfson: That's what I like to hear. Go on, Kensington... I've got a trailor reserved for you just south of here. Go get ready. The SHOOT Project views it's worst KnightMare tonight.

Strayt Jakit v. Garrett Reid v. KillaCrowe
Dojo Championship

Compare: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and is for the SHOOT Project. Dojo Championship. Introducing first weighing in at 219 lbs and standing at 5 feet 9 inches…. The Natural Born Killer… Garrett Reid!

(“Walk” by Pantera starts playing on the boom box. After a few seconds of the song playing, Garrett Reid comes out from behind the curtain. He welcomed by a mixed reaction form the fans. He walks at a moderate pace towards the ring.)

John: This match should be a good one. Garrett Reid is coming in this one with something to prove after last week’s loss.

[The lights suddenly go out in the building. An eerie silence falls over the crowd as they try to figure out what happened to the power.]

James: God damn it not again. Didn't we have enough of this crap last week?

John: This is going to get very old, very fast.

James: Yeah it is, especialy if we don't at least get to see who this man is.

[The crowd's silence soon turns to anger as they remember this from last week. Then suddenly a dark forest green light shows on the far wall, so bright that it casts a matching tint throughout the building.]

John: This better not be the same damn video, that's all I have to say.

[Everyone's heads, including the two combatants in the ring, are pointed towards the light's end on the wall.]

[As sudden as the lights turned out, a video begins playing on the wall.]

James: Good, this is at least a different video.

[You see a large man, most likely the same man from the video last week but you can't tell for sure since once again you can not see his face. This man is walking out of a police station's double glass doors and heading down the cement steps leading to the street. Parked infront of the station is a yellow taxi cab. The man gets into the cab, looking as though he hardly fits. The man is so large in scale to the cab it resembles circus clowns climbing into a riducoulsy small vehicle. The cab speeds off as the video fades out...]

John: Well let's see here. Last week we saw this unkown asailant get arested for beating up who we presume to be a president of some top leage federation.

James: And this week we get interupted yet again, seeing him get out of jail...So what is this a continuing story?

John: It apears to be, but what's the point?

[The scene fades back in showing the giant storming down a long hallway. He passes several doors and framed pictures, not taking his glare from the end of the hall.]

James: You know I'm getting tired of not being able to see his face.

John: That makes two of us there James.

[The long black hair hangs infront of his face like a curtain of darkness. Then the angle of the camera switches to behind the storming monster...]

[You now see at the end of the hallway is a set of large double doors, made of solid oak, with matching potted plants on each side of the door that stand a good four feet tall. To the right of the door is a black desk with a beutiful looking receptionist talking away on a phone's headset as she types on the computer infront of her. The bluish tint from the screen radiating off her young face. She happens to look up as she notices the storming mad man and stands up at once, causing her headset to fall from her head. She's shouting at the man and pointing.]

John: What the hell is she saying? Can't we at least get sound with these intrusions?

James: It looks like she's telling him he can't enter the doors. At least that'd be my guess. Sound would help though.

[Seemingly as though the video projection heard the words of the comentators, sound opens up.]

John: Woa that's weird timing.

[You now hear the secretary yelling.

Secretary: You can't be up here sir without an apointment! I'll have to call security if you don't leave..

The charging intruder keeps coming closer to her.

Secretary: I mean, I'll call security and have you thrown out of here!

The man stops right infront of her desk and speaks for the first time.

The Stranger: I do have an apointment.]

John: Damn did you hear that voice?

James: Yeah I did, that is one hell of a deep voice. Is that his REAL voice?

[Secretary: Oh you do sir? Forgive me. What is...]

James and John unamously: OH SHIT!

[The crowd let's an out a loud "ooh" as they see the large man throw his mamoth sized fist into the lady's face, causing her to crash to the wall behind and collapse.]

James: What kind of monster would hit a lady like that?

[The man then steps infront of the large doors and kicks the left one in. He walks through in a shower of splintering wood. You see a large crescent shaped desk with a brown leather chair back behind it. The room is a large office. The chair swings around instantly at the sound of the door crashing in and you see it's the man that was brutalized last week on the previous video clip. The man stands up and has his hand held out in a stop fashion.


The suited man backs up against the waist high bookshelf behind the desk as this large man keeps coming closer to him.

Suited Man: you want to arested again?]

John: He looks scared shitless.

James: Wouldn't you be?

[The large man leaps the desk, wich is no small desk, with ease. More ease then you would expect from such a large man. With no hesitation he grabs the suited man's neck and chokeslams him through the desk, causing it to fold in on his battered body.]

John: Damn he's gonna paralize this man if keeps this up.

James: This is interesting but can't we get back to the match already?

[The large man begins to walk out of the office, but stops and looks back at the suited man laying in a heap of shattered wood from the collapsed desk. He turns around and walks up to the man, heaving him up to a sitting position. He slaps the aparent president causing him to come back to his senses. The hatred fumes in his face, a glare of pure disgust in his eyes as he looks into his asailant's eyes. You hear the unkown man speak for the first time.

Stranger: Look into my eyes, I want to be the last thing you see in this life.

Suited Man: What?]


John: I can't believe what we just saw! That's unbelievable, and it's being prodcasted like this?

[The giant snaps the suited man's neck almost as soon as his last word, "what" escaped his lips. The now dead man's body falls to the floor as the deranged man lets out a harty laugh and walks out. As he leaves the office, the secretary is coming through and crawls into the office. Seeing the sight of her dead boss causes a scream that easily matches any banje's scream. She hurries to the phone and you see her dial 9-1-1. She cowards under her desk as the man walks past her still laughing. He gets into the elevator at the end of the hall as she stands back up, talking to the police as the scene fades out.

The scene fades back in, showing the large man walk out of the large building. He barely gets out of the front door when four cops, one on each side of two squad cars, have their guns pointed at him. You hear them yell for the man to freeze.]

John: Damn they got him now. He may be huge, but he's no match for bullets.

[One of the officers comands to him to put his hands behind his head. He reluctantly does so to be followed by an order to get to both kness. The man kneels down to one knee, and as he looks to be bringing the other knee to the ground...]

James: Damn that man can run! Especialy for being so large.

[...he gets up and sprints to the side of the building, ducking behind the five feet row of hedges that line the complete front of this building. The police open fire, causing many bullet holes in the building's walls, but missing their target. The man runs at full speed behind the line of bushes as the police continue firing at his head, as it is visable above the hedges. Suddenly the head ducks behind the bushes, looking as though he was shot at last.

The police stop firing and one of them moves in closer to check on their presumidly fallen asailant, as the other three cover him.]

John: Damn he was playing possum!

James: This guy's good.

[Suddenly the large man barrels through the hedges some ten feet down from the nearest squad car. He sprints across the street and ducks into an alley, followed shortly by the police officers on foot. Then the scene fades out...]

James: Well now this was interesting, still don't see what it has to do with us.

[The lights return to normal and all is right again in the building.]

John: Well at least now we can continue the night.

James: I wonder if he got away.

John: Who cares man? We got a job to do.

**KillaCrowe is seen on his way to his match and a lot is on his mind. He begins wwalking towards the area where his match is and thinks aloud.**

KillaCrowe: Damn…if whoever it is in Shoot that is trying to kill me interferes in my match and forces me to lose…I’m going to be pissed. If he’s gonna come down he better send those men he hired or I’m gonna kill him. And if he does send the guys it better be after the match because I’m not going to take this any longer. After this match I’m going to get to the bottom of whoever it is trying to have me killed.

**All of a sudden two large men jump on KillaCrowe but he tosses them both off and grabs a nearby chair. He hits both of them over the head and starts to walk a little faster. Two more men then begin to follow him but his name was announced and he started heading dwown to the ring. Before he goes out one man says a last thing for KillaCrowe to keep in mind while he’s in his match.**

Man: We’ll be waiting. As soon as the match is over we’re going to make our way down to the ring and finish you off once and for all. Whether you’re the Dojo Champion or not. If it was up to me we’d follow you to the ring now…but the boss told us not to.

*KillaCrowe thinking again while he walks down to the ring as his name is announced.** Well at least I know they aren’t gonna interrupt my match and I won’t have to worry about that the whole time. Ok, time to fight and forget about them for now…all I have to remember is to leave right away after my match…who knows how many men will be coming after me. Carnage better have the car running like I told him to.

James: I don’t like these Triple Threat Matches. The champ could lose his title without getting beat. I don’t think that’s fair at all to Strayt Jakit.

John: Fair or not it doesn’t matter. Jakit better bring his “A” game if he wants to leave here the champ.

Compare: His oppoinent standing at 6 feet 9 inches and weighing in at 269 lbs…KillaCrowe!

(“Chop Suey” by System of a Down blares over the boom box. The fans pop as he appears from behind the curtains. As he is walking towards the ring he stops a few times to shake the hands of some of the fans. As Crowe makes it to ringside Reid hits him with a Baseball Slide. He picks Crowe up and whips him into the guardrail. Crowe drops to the floor holding his back as Garrett continues his onslaught with some boots to Crowe’s back.)

John: Garrett Reid is wasting no time here tonight. He’s so hungry he can almost taste the title.

James: I don’t care how hungry he is… he still has to beat this man running down the aisle.

(Strayt Jakit is running down to the ring with his Dojo Championship belt in hand. Reid is still stomping away oblivious to Jakit coming full speed towards him. Jakit hits Reid in the back of the head with his title belt and Reid goes down like a ton of bricks. Jakit drops the belt and goes after KillaCrowe. He picks him up and throws him in the ring.)

John: Finally this match is officially under way. Jakit is wasting no time going for the pin. 1…2… NO! Crowe kicks out.

James: That was a slow count if you ask me.

John: But no one asked you.

James: I hate you.

John: Thanks

(Jakit whips Crowe into the ropes and hits a Spinebuster. Crowe rolls onto his stomach and holds his back as Jakit stalks him. Jakit picks Crowe up and hits a Scoop Slam. Jakit goes bouncing off the ropes and hits a leg drop. He goes for another pin…1…2… Crowe kicks out. Jakit with another Scoop Slam on Crowe then goes up to the top rope. Reid is getting up on the apron and pulls Jakit’s leg. Jakit straddles the top rope. Reid comes in the ring and hits a Dropkick that sends Jakit to the outside.)

John: That was a nasty fall.

James: What’s wrong with Garrett? I understand that he got beat by Jakit last week but that doesn’t mean he has to try to injure him.

(Garrett whips Crowe into the ropes… he drops his head for the Back Body Drop but Crowe pulls a Neck Breaker. Jakit makes his way back into the ring but is met with a knee to the head by Crowe. He picks Jakit up and goes for a Vertical Suplex. He holds him up for about 10 seconds and out of nowhere comes Garrett Reid with a Cross Body Block on Jakit as he’s in the air.)

James: WOW! What a move!

John: Jakit is not moving.

(Crowe and Reid slowly get to their feet as Jakit lays motionless on the mat. Crowe is the first to his feet. He runs towards Reid but Reid rolls him through and hooks a Half Crab on Crowe. The ref is checking in on Crowe who is screaming in pain. Jakit is slowly making it to his feet. He’s stumbling towards Garrett… Reid lets the hold go and hits Jakit with a drop toehold into a STF. Now Reid has Jakit screaming in pain reaching for the ropes. Jakit looks as if he’s about to tap but the hold is broken up by an elbow to the back of Reid from Crowe.)

James: All three of them are now battling it out with punches of fury!

(Reid lifts Jakit above his head, and to the pleasure of the crowd, tosses him over the top rope. As Reid turns back around, he's hit by KillaCrowe, who swiftly locks him into the Crowe Kill.)

John: Reid's tappin'! He's tappin'! We've got a new Dojo Champion!!

[ KillaCrowe slides out of the ring and snatches his Dojo title from Compare. Backing up the ramp, his eyes remain focused on Jakit lying on the floor, who merely stares back, watching his Championship reign slip away into the past. ]

**Five men come walking down toward the ring and KillaCrowe runs forward to greet the first two. He hands out a double clothesline But then KillaCrowe realized ten more guys in masks and black were also on their way after him. So he began to run backwards. He turned around and began sprinting towards the nearest exit. Once he made it there he slowed to a jog as he made his way to the parking lot. Kid Carnage was there waiting for him in the corvette rental. KillaCrowe hopped in and Kid Carnage reversed a little and waited. The ten men in black came out of the same exit KillaCrowe did and as soon as they ran into sight Kid Carnage stepped on the gas. He managed to hit eight of them and continued driving away. Scenes switched to the next match as KillaCrowe and Kid Carnage do not plan on stopping until they get to the next city for KillaCrowe’s next match.**

Master Molde v. Ravage
Rising Star Championship

(We open to a ceiling shot of the building , the camera focusing on a Japanese flag hanging from the ceiling as a mixture of cheers and boos go up from the barely patriotic Greenland crowd. “Back in Black” by AC/DC plays as the split crowd begin to unanimously stomp their feet and clap their hands in time with the beat of the music awaiting the redneck power fighter. The camera now goes to a wide shot, in the middle of the scene is the ring, giving us a birds eye view of the arena. We go backstage as Ravage is seen pacing back and forth in front of his dressing room door, punching the air and slightly kicking his feet in order to loosen up the joints a bit. Every few moments he looks over to an unseen part of the backstage area with a mixture of anxiousness and trepidation in his face. He shakes his head from side to side a few times and begins to jog in place a bit, looking to get rid of some of the built up tension. One more time Ravage looks over to a part of the area not seen by the camera and walks over in that direction. The camera follows him as he picks up a ladder that looks to be approximately 12- 15 feet long, puts it over his shoulders and heads to the ring. As he comes into view of the audience they hail him with more applause, some reaching out in an attempt to touch him or to snag a piece of hair, others attempting to grab at the ladder. He makes it to the apron and carefully leans the ladder inside the ring against the near turnbuckle.)

James: The man with the can looks to be focused, John. That upset last week by Chris Lee, who walked away with the Rule of Surrender Championship has definately left a sour taste in his mouth.

(The bell rings and both men prepare to go into battle. Ravage crouches down and slaps himself stiffly enough to produce two red handprints on his face. Molde glances over at the ladder, walking around Ravage in a circle, standing straight up and looking for an opening. After pacing the ring a few times the impatient crowd begins to start a “Ravage” chant, getting a bit of a rise out of Molde as he loses his composure a bit, taking his eyes off of Ravage a few times. Ravage uses this opportunity to his advantage, springing off the far ropes and coming back at Molde with a shoulder block. Molde however stands his ground, altogether no-selling the manuver. Molde invites Ravage to try the move again and Ravage obliges by launching himself into the far ropes and charging back at Molde, Molde however drops his body to the mat leading to Ravage to leap over to the other side of Moldes body and instead of running the ropes again, he takes advantage of the situation by dropping an elbow into the small of Molde’s back. Molde’s neck snaps back as his torso flinches in pain, Ravage grabbing on to the head of Molde applying a crossface type of move.)

John: There's that power by Ravage that we've all come to expect.

It appears to be too soon for it to do any good though, as Molde begins to power his way over to the nearest ropes, dragging a clinging Ravage along with him. Molde smartly hops up to his feet, looking a bit pissed at Ravage’s attempt to dupe him for an early win. Both men lock up in a collar-elbow stance and Molde forces a headlock onto the neck of Ravage, squeezing tightly enough to be considered a chokehold. The ref notices this and taps on the shoulder for Molde to loosen his grip. Molde refuses and there isn’t much the ref can do since technically the headlock is a perfectly legal hold. Ravage begins to feel the effect of the choking as he drops to one knee and begins to lose more and more oxygen, as well as the pressure of the lock on Ravage’s main artery taking its toll. Molde leans forward to apply more pressure and grinds on the neck, getting Ravage to reach with two fingers to try to make some space between Moldes forearm and his own breathing passage. Molde is not moved until finally before losing all conciousness, Ravage begins to strike at Molde with elbows to the ribs.)

James: Ravage is fighting this one, but Molde has got him locked in pretty tightly.

(Molde beginning to losen up his grip a bit…Ravage fires Molde off into the corner where the ladder is stationed but Molde reverses Ravage,sending him flying head first into the tenth step of the ladder. Ravages staggers backwards from the blow, right into the arms of Molde who applies a waistlock, a roar going up from the fans as they fear a head dropping manuver from Molde early in the match. Ravage holds his ground the best he can, trying to hold down his weight while hitting Molde in the temple with short elbow strikes.) (This goes on for a few moments until finally Ravage breaks the grip, spinning around and catching Molde with a stiff backfist followed by a flurry of punches to the face. Ravage quickly spins Molde around, locking *him* in a waistlock and German Suplexing the back of Moldes head into the ladder!! Molde lays face down on the mat with his right hand holding the back of his head, Ravage laying down on the mat as well trying to catch his breath and taking a few seconds to map out a comeback. Ravage makes it to his feet first and walks over to Molde who has now made it to one knee. Ravage begins to stomp a mudhole into the back of Moldes head,the crowd cheering on in approval as the sweat from the back of Moldes head splashes off. Molde makes his way over to the corner on his hands and knees, makes it to the corner that contains the ladder. Ravage follows him over and Molde grabs onto the ladder looking like he is trying to pull himself up,but instead pulling the ladder down onto the head of Ravage. Ravage falls to his side in a heap as Molde stands up, grabbing the ladder and begins to set it up in the middle of the ring. )

John: Molde is going for his title, James. He's going for the win!

(As soon as the ladder is in place Molde begins to climb it,taking it slowly step by step as he is still a bit woozy from the head dropping minutes ago. Ravage starts to get a sense of what is going on and uses the first few steps of the ladder to make it to his feet as well. Ravage tries to pull Molde down from the ladder by his trunks, creating laughter from the crowd as the shorts of Molde are pulled down halfway. Molde kicks at the face of Ravage trying to loosen his grip but Ravage wont budge. Finally Molde stomps down hard on the top of Ravage’s head, stunning him and breaking his grip. Molde turns around and kicks again at Ravage but the foot is caught. Ravage himself climbs a couple of feet up the ladder and executes a Dragon Screw Legwhip from the ladder to the canvas! Ravage gets back up to a standing postion, folds the ladder in half and brings it down on the head of Molde so that his head ends up stuck between the rungs of ladder steps. Ravage pounds away at the head of Molde, and executes an Enzuguri kick, sending Molde rolling to the floor, peeling the ladder from around his head in the process. The way the ladder comes off, it sits right on the edge of the ring laying on its side. )

James: Molde is busted open... That ladder has done it's damage.

(Molde staggers to his feet and grabs a hold of the ladder, still standing on the outside of the ring. Ravage uses this opening to his advantage, firing himself once again into the opposite ropes and coming back with a baseball slide dropkick, sending the ladder into the skull of Molde. Molde drops down to one knee and by sheer loss of balance, pops back up to both feet. Ravage hops over the top rope and joins him on the outside. Ravage grabs Molde by one hand and shoots him into the guard railing, sending him over the top of the railing and into the crowd. Ravage walks over to Molde and drags him back towards the ringside area and finally into the ring. Ravage stands over the fallen body of Molde, looking out to the crowd and pointing towards the ladder getting a solid pop from the audience. Ravage bends over to pick up Molde but is halted by a boot to the head. Ravage shows his spirit by no-selling and returning fire with a series of stomps to the chest of Molde. )

John: Once again, there's that force Ravage brings with him every time.

(In a quick burst of energy, Ravage pulls Molde to his feet in one swoop, locks on a facelock and executes the Flatliner!! Ravage once again goes over to the ladder to set it up. As Ravage gets the lader fully set up, Molde crawls over to him and head butts his opponent in the back a few times, leading to Ravage returning fire with right hand to Molde who is on his knees at this point. As it appears Ravage has one the battle of fisticuffs, Molde sneaks in a low blow to Ravage, leading to Ravage being doubled over in pain. With a short adrenaline burst, Molde makes it to his feet, hammers away at the back of Ravage’s neck and cataches him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb!!! Molde makes it to his feet, wipes the sweat from his brow and looks up to the top of the ladder, the bright lights over the ring causing him to squint. Molde lets out a deep sigh and begins to make his way up the ladder. Step by step getting closer to the top….Ravage looks up and sees Molde climbing the ladder. He grabs the foot of the ladder as Molde gets closer to the top.)

James: Molde's almost got it! Ravage has him stopped just two rungs from the win!

( Ravage begins to shake the ladder back and forth trying to shake Molde off. The ladder begins to tip back and forth as Molde’s fingers barely begin to touch the title. Ravage finally tips the ladder over sending Molde flying from the top of the ladder and crashing down hard to the top turnbuckle! Ravage hurries over to the ladder and begins to set it up, having a bit of trouble doingso because of the ladder having become slightly bent from the bumps earlier in the match. Ravage climbs the ladder step by step as the sweat drips down from his forehead dropping into his eyes. Ravage gets closer and closer to the top as Molde makes his way over to the ladder, looking as if he is about to faint. Molde getting his second wind, charges at the ladder and beginning to climb it along with Ravage, Ravage however moving much slower. Molde reaches the top and grabs a hold of the title with both hands, Ravage begins to deliver right hands into the abdomen of Molde, loosening his grip on the belt and grabbing a part of it himself. Both men secure the title in one hand while throwing punches to the face of the other. The ladder begins to tilt…)

John: Both men are reaching out for the title... Ravage appears to be the closer of the two, but Molde is reaching further and further....

James: Mike Angel from the crowd!!

(Sliding into the ring, Angel brings his steel chair down onto the back of Molde, sending him down to the mat and causing the referee to call for the bell. The match has been thrown out and Ravage has been disqualified. Looking up toward Ravage standing at the top of the ladder, Angel looks on as Ravage holds the Rising Star Title in his hands.)

John: It's no good, James. The match was thrown out just before Ravage grabbed the title, and had it not been for Angel's interferance, Ravage would be walking away with the title.

(Hopping down to the ring, enraged, Ravage sends both his hands into Angel's chest, forcing him to stumble backward. Holding his hands out to his sides, Angel looks directly at Ravage in confusion, who begins screaming wildly.)

James: This is about to blow up. Ravage is furious, and is right up into Angel's face, who seems to be getting pretty pissed himself.

(Finally, Angel turns to leave, only for Ravage to grab him by the shoulder and turn him back around. Immediately, Angel sends a fist into Ravage's fact that rocks him. Ravage returns the punch, and both men begin laying them in.)

John: That's it... This thing just broke down.

(Angel sends yet another punch at Ravage stumbling him backward, and swiftly levels him with the chair. Dropping the chair to his side, Angel looks down at the man standing at his feet, his face emotionless. However, a grin slowly forms on his face.)

James: Looks like the alliance between these two just broke away. They have been having their differences for the past few weeks, and tonight was the straw that broke the camel's back, as it were.

[ Entering the warehouse from the trailor area, both Eric Wolfson and KnightMare make their way through the initial hallway. ]

Wolfson: I'm tellin' ya, KnightMare... Tonight is your night. Not only are you getting the best damn introduction SHOOT has ever seen, but you're also getting a crash course in "Welcome Back 101".

[ Walking right alongside Wolfson, KnightMare, draped in his wrestling gear, nodds. ]

KnightMare: I'm ready, boss... I'm ready. Bring on the competition.

Wolfson: That's what I'm talking about. Let's go show these people what you're made of.

KnightMare v. Un-Named #1, Un-Named #2 and Un-Named #3

James: This guy is going to wrestle here right now? Who the hell is he, anyway?

John: Apparently a guy who used to be in the same circle as such names as Wolfson, The Express, Shaolin and Meioh... Apparently he's a monster...

[ "Click Click Boom" by Saliva is heard as Eric Wolfson makes his way out onto the stage-area. ]

James: Hey, there's a tune we haven't heard around here in quite a while. And there's a face we haven't seen in the ring area in just as long...

[ Holding a microphone in his hand, Wolfson looks around the room slowly, before bringing the mic to his face. ]

Wolfson: The SHOOT Project... Apparently each and everyone of you went to a lot of trouble to gain access to this show, and I know it wasn't cheap... Therefore, I bring a sort of "thank you" to you tonight, to show our gratitude. I bring you... KnightMare.

[ Walking from the back, KnightMare steps out before the crowd. Since it's been so long since he's stepped out in front of a crowd such as this, KnightMare seems a bit over-whelmed. However, since Wolfson is pumping the crowd up in the way he is, KnightMare seems to gain confidence, and raises his hands above his head as he walks down to the ring. ]

Wolfson: In order to show you just what kind of man we've got here, I'm not putting him up against anyone on the SHOOT roster. That's not dangerous enough. No, instead, I went out this week and gathered three of the most dangerous individuals I could find. Each of these individuals have been in and out of the slammer all their lives, all of them being released for this one time appearance, thanks to my connections. Let's give a warm welcome to the three of KnightMare's opponents!

[ Three rather large men appear from the back, and slowly make their way down to the ring. ]

John: Damn, he wasn't kidding... Look at those guys, they're huge!

[ The first man slides into the ring, to immediately be met by KnightMare who rushes him and begins sending rights and lefts at him, pinning him against the ropes. The other two individuals rush to the aid of their partner, all three men surrounding KnightMare, and beating him down to one knee. ]

James: I don't know too much about this KnightMare fella, but I think Wolfson put him in a little over his head here.

[ The three men continue to pummel the man down on one knee, until KnightMare, with a burst of strength, stands tall, throwing his arms into the air. All three men miraculously fly off him, landing across the ring. ]

John: Uhm... Ok. I've never seen anything like that....

[ KnightMare makes his way toward on of the men and lifts him to his feet. Grabbing him by the neck, he looks to be going for a choak slam. Un-Named #2 rushes to his partner's aid, only to catch a big boot to the face knocking him to the mat. Un-Named #3 rushes in as KnightMare lifts Un-Named #1 into the air by his throat. Un-Named #3 begins throwing punches toward KnightMare's back, which appear to be barely connecting. ]

James: What the hell is that? This third guy is barely connecting...

[ KnightMare finishes his choak slam and turns around to face Un-Named #3. Kneeing him in the mid-section, KnightMare locks this man into a powerbomb position and slams him to the canvas. ]

John: That's two down... But look at the second guy there... He's fully conscious but he's not even bothering to save his partner... Something about this match doesn't seem right, James. Something is a little fishy about this one.

[ Both Un-Named #1, who took the choak slam, and Un-Named #3, who took the powerbomb lie motionless on the mat right next to each other. Un-Named #2, however, appears tonext victim. KnightMare locks him in, and drops him to the mat right next to the other two with the Sweet Dreams. ]

James: Oh, give me a break! That guy didn't even fight back!

[ KnightMare drops down to his knees and places his body across all three men. The referee drops down. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

John: This guy was just handed a match, James! That's what was going on. Why in the hell?

[ Jumping to his feet, KnightMare throws his hands into the air in victory, a huge smile across his face. ]

James: I'll tell ya what that is, John. That's Wolfson building this guy's confidence. If there's one thing that Wolfson has built throughout his career, it's the reputation of a mind manipulator. Wolfson has always had a way of making people believe what he wants them to believe, and apparently he wants KnightMare to believe he's an unstoppable beast.

John: Well, he is pretty big... Maybe he is...

[ KnightMare slides out of the ring, and begins walking toward Wolfson. ]

Wolfson: Your winner.... In a complete and utter demolition... KnightMare!!!

[ Wolfson holds KnightMare's right hand into the air for a few moments before both men disappear out of view. ]

James: Ingenious tactic by the President.

John: Ingenious or not, it was still bullshit. No one deserves their first match handed to them on a silver platter.

“The Real Deal” Josh Johnson vs. Sebastian Crow
Iron Fist Championship

John: Wow people, it is time, finally.

James: Folks, in recent weeks, we have seen some strange act’s from Sebastian Crow. However, nothing more strange and sadistic, than what occurred earlier tonight. Let us look, at the climax of what transpired.


Sebastian Crow: Is she really a girl, you would enjoy being with, Josh? Is she really worth your trouble? I mean, while you are in the center of Shoot Project’s globe – she is elsewhere, having more than ten cocks’ stuff her holes, and getting around faster than Jenna Jameson could ever do for the porn-industry. My God, she has had her share with the Shoot Project roster, I will tell you-

{Sebastian Crow has another laugh, and narrows his head, keeping his eyes on the Real Deal.}

Real Deal: I hope you fucking burn in hell. How, fucking dare you?

{Sebastian Crow has an evil, stern-look on his face. He glares through the Real Deal.}

Sebastian Crow: Oh Josh, there is one thing you forgot. You are all ready in hell.

{From behind, Randy Long slams a steel chair in the back of the Real Deal.}

James: Oh my God, and from behind, a steel chair to the back of the Real Deal, and Randy Long is stomping away on the Real Deal.

{A large heat reaction comes from the fans as Sebastian Crow and Tammy Lee exit the ring. Sebastian Crow has the microphone. Randy backs off from the Real Deal, and Sebastian crouches beside him.}

Sebastian Crow: Think about what I said, Josh, and you might just succeed tonight.

{Sebastian Crow laughs, and stands up. He looks around at the fans, as they boo insanely. He growls, but a grin comes across his face. He looks at the Real Deal, as the Real Deal attempts to climb back up. Sebastian sends a large boot to the Real Deal’s side, sending him to the steel ramp.}

Sebastian Crow: We have finished our duty, for the night. Leave this fucker to rest.

{Sebastian Crow looks in the camera, and smiles.}

Sebastian Crow: I hope Tara has enjoyed the show, this evening.

{Sebastian Crow laughs, as “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers, as the fans erupt in the largest heat reaction.}

James: My God, this is hideous-

{Sebastian Crow, Tammy Lee, and Randy Long leave behind the curtains.}


James: And’ finally, we are here tonight’ in what should be the classic match of the evening. John, let me say; when this match starts, there will be hell to pay, from the Real Deal Josh Johnson.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Our next match is under Shoot Project rules, and is for the Iron Fist championship.

{“We are the champions” by Queen, blares over the pa speakers, as balloons fall from the rafters.}

James: Wait a second, what is this?

{Randy Long comes down the entrance ramp-way, with a steel chair in hand, showing it off. He smiles insanely, as the people in the audience boo at Josh’s attacker.}

James: Sebastian Crow, Randy Long, and Tammy Lee really do take pride in their work, don't they?

John: Hey, I find it amusing.

James: You would-

John: I am beginning to think; maybe Tara is having sexual pleasures with other men behind Josh Johnson’s back.

James: John, how could you ever say such a thing? Tara would never do anything like that.

{After the balloons fell to the concrete floor, surrounding the ring- Randy folded out his chair, and had a seat beside the commentator’s table.}

James: Randy Long has joined us, next to the commentator’s table. This cannot be good.

{The words "The World is After Me" are, heard. They repeat, repeatedly. "After Me" by Saliva hits the PA and the crowd comes alive, for The Real Deal is on his way out to the ring. He walks down the steel ramp-way, with a black baseball bat in hand, and slides in the ring. He looks down at Randy Long and trash-talks him.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, he is the challenger- weighing in at 235 pounds – “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson!

John: Jesus James, I have a feeling this night will be off the hook!


{A person in a brown-trench coat stands in the parking lot outside, with their hands in his or her pockets. There is no sign of who this person is, because their head is, covered with a brown-hat, and the shadow of blackness covers their face.}

James: Wait a second, what is this?

{Two police car’s pull up, with their headlights on, in front of the trench-coated individual. Four, police officer’s open their doors, and step out of the cars, slamming the doors back. They approach the trench-coated individual, as the person speaks in a machined voice-toned, vocal.}

Trench-Coated Person: It is beginning now. He is here, but waits for my signal. He shall not escape, this time.

{The police officer’s nod their heads in agreement, as the scene fades.}


John: What was that all about?

James: John, do you suppose our mystery man was Sebastian Crow?

John: Of course, not, Sebastian Crow has a match to compete, in.

{The audience pumps in to a “Real Deal” chant, as The Real Deal awaits his victim. “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers, as the fans go from a loud cheer, to a dark boo.}

John: Speaking of which, here he comes now.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, accompanied by the lovely, Tammy Lee- he weighs in at 330 pounds, standing at a height of 7’1. He is the current Shoot Project, Iron Fist champion – Sebastian Crow!

{Sebastian Crow walks down the ramp-way, smiling evilly at Josh Johnson. The Iron Fist championship rests over his shoulder, as Tammy holds on to his arm.}

James: Hold up a second, Josh Johnson starts off early. He hits Sebastian Crow with a baseball slide, followed by a large uppercut to the jaw. He grabs a-hold of Sebastian Crow, and Irish whips him in to the ring. Josh charges for Sebastian Crow, and scores the hit with a spear, but look at him- Josh is still tearing this match up, pounding numerous shots to the face of Sebastian Crow.

John: Josh Johnson is fired up, James. He stands Sebastian Crow to his feet, and hits a hard uppercut.

James: John, not yet have I seen Sebastian Crow manhandled, this way. Sebastian Crow finally avoids the punishment, and rolls in the ring. Sebastian is on his feet, and the Real Deal goes for another right hand. Sebastian Crow blocks it, and sends the Real Deal in to the corner. Sebastian Crow is sending his hard-pounding shots to the face of Josh Johnson.

John: Sebastian Crow lets the Real Deal go, but not for long, as he knocks him down with a hard-slamming clothesline.

{Sebastian Crow laughs.}

John: Sebastian Crow brings the Real Deal back to his feet, and bulldogs him across the ring. Shit, I have to give Sebastian Crow credit. He is an excellent athlete. A man of his power, and height, can do moves like that.

James: I agree, John. Sebastian Crow goes for a cover, and he lifts the leg.



Kick out’

{Sebastian Crow shakes his head, standing up.}

James: Sebastian Crow must have thought this would be a go-in and dominate, match. I have three words for Sebastian Crow. You-are-wrong,

John: Sebastian Crow brings the Real Deal to his feet, and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. Sebastian Crow charges after the Real Deal, but the Real Deal leaps to the top, and flies off with a diving moonsault. The Real Deal, he hooks the leg on Sebastian Crow-



Kick out’

John: It was a hard kick-out, as well. Sebastian Crow tossed the Real Deal in the air, on that one.

James: Sebastian Crow is back to his feet, but so is the Real Deal. The Real Deal leaps up, and drop kicks Sebastian Crow over the top rope. Sebastian Crow is on the concrete floor, and he is back up, but here comes the Real Deal flying over with a 450-moonsault.

John: Holy shit, this kid will not give up.

James: As long as he keeps Sebastian Crow down to the floor, it should be all over.

John: James, do not say anything like that!

James: The Real Deal brings Sebastian Crow to his feet, but Sebastian slams the Real Deal’s face in to the steel guardrail. Sebastian Crow lifts the Real Deal in the air, and drops his throat over the guardrail. Jesus Christ, that has to hurt. Sebastian goes to one knee, and grabs a-hold of Real Deal’s head, slamming his face in to the guardrail, repeatable.

Sebastian Crow: (Yelling at the audience) How is this, for the Real Deal?

James: Sebastian Crow slams the Real Deal’s face in to the guardrail again, and lets him drop. Blood is starting to drip from the Real Deal’s nose, as Sebastian stands to his feet. He lifts up the apron to the ring, and pulls out a steel chair.

John: This is it, James. It is all over for the Real Deal. Sebastian Crow is taunting him, and soon, we will see a retaining Shoot Project Iron Fist champion.

James: The Real Deal stands to his feet, and Sebastian Crow-


James: He strikes the Real Deal back down, with the steel chair. Sebastian Crow goes for a cover-



James: What the' hang on a second, John. A longhaired man just reached through the audience, and pulled Sebastian Crow off the Real Deal.

John: Indeed, Sebastian Crow stands up and attacks the longhaired man. He pulls him over the guardrail, and tosses him in the ring.

James: Damn it, Sebastian, do not do this.

John: The longhaired man is pleading for mercy and-


James: What the’ a person in a black-suit charged in the ring and cracked a steel chair over Sebastian Crow’s head. Now, he is putting the Real Deal back in the ring, and Randy Long charges after him.

John: The longhaired man, he covers Sebastian Crow with the Real Deal, and-




**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{"After Me" by Saliva hits the PA and the crowd comes alive, popping insanely for their new Iron Fist champion – “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson.}


John: What are you saying, James. This is terrible. Sebastian Crow was, screwed, tonight.

James: Yes, but the question is’ by whom?

John: “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson, has been helped clear the ring. Sebastian Crow is finally coming to, and he does not look happy.

James: I would not imagine. Look at what is coming down the ramp-way, James.

{Sebastian Crow is sitting up, while Tammy rubs his back, in the center of the ring.}


{The four police officers walk down the ramp-way, and enter the ring. Sebastian Crow and Tammy Lee stand up, to greet them.}

Sebastian Crow: What is this?

Police Officer #1: Sebastian Crow, I am afraid you have to come with us.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah, on what charges,

Police Officer #1: For the procession of crack cocaine, and un-authorized weapon handling-

Sebastian Crow: -What?

Police Officer #3: Please, come with us sir. It will hurt worse.

Sebastian Crow: But, I have not done anything.

{The police officer’s handcuff Sebastian Crow, and lead him over the ropes. Tammy Lee follows, as Sebastian trash-talks the police officer’s up the ramp-way.}

Sebastian Crow: I have not done shit. I want a fucking lawyer, you bastards!


James: What was that all about?

John: I do not know. Folks, we are going to keep cameras on this. This is weird. The audience has fallen, silent. I am not sure what they are thinking.


John: Finally, we have coverage backstage.

{Sebastian Crow is being, walked to the opened door, on the police car.}

Sebastian Crow: I want a fucking lawyer.

Police Officer #2: You will have a lawyer, Sebastian. I promise you.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah, you had better make it soon, you son of a bitch.

Tammy Lee: Sebastian, what is going on?

Sebastian Crow: Tammy, I will be back. Do not worry. Go find Randy, and come to the police department.

Tammy Lee: Okay Sebastian-

{Sebastian Crow is, pushed in the back of the police car, as they shut the door. Tammy steps aside, as the trench-coated figure appears in front of Crow’s window. Sebastian looks up, and a long-stared look crosses his face. He goes in to a mad frenzy, and becomes angry.}

Sebastian Crow: (Shouting) You son of a bitch, you done this’ did you not? I will be back, and when I do, your ass is next! You fucking-

{Sebastian Crow continues to curse, as the police car drives off. Tammy approaches the trench-coated figure, and sighs.}

Tammy Lee: -You bastard.

Trench-Coated Person: Tell Sebastian, he should have been more careful next time.

{The trench-coated person laughs, and walks away slowly. A tear drops from the eye of Tammy.}

Blazed/Shaolin v. Chris Lee/Voodoo

John: Well we are quickly approching tonight's main event! A Tag Team Match with Chris Lee and Voodoo, and Blazed, who will team up with the returning former SHOOT Project champion, Shaolin!

James: The question everyone is asking is, can Shaolin match up to the form he showed before leaving the Project. If you remember, he received a gunshot wound, potentially career ending. He will try to rebound tonight.

John: Here comes the compare.

Compare: Coming to the ring first, weighing in at 147 lbs, he is VOODOO!

("Paint it Black" by the Rolling Stones plays as Voodoo comes down the aisle. He enters the ring and bounces off the ropes a couple times to warm up.)

Compare: And his partner. Weighing in at (Blank) lbs, CHRIS LEE!

(Chris Lee comes out to join his partner.)

Compare: And the first of their opponents. Weighing in at 231 lbs, he is... BLAZED!

("We're in this together" plays, by Nine inch Nails. Blazed runs down to the ring and gets into the action right away. He goes right after Voodoo and Chris Lee who quickly double team him. Everyone is awaiting the entrance of Shaolin, who appears to be doing one of those over-dramatic obviously late entrances. Blazed get whipped into the ropes by both opponents and they double shoulder block him to the mat. As soon as the sounds hits, "Ready or Not" by the Fuggees plays and Shaolin runs down to the ring.)

John: He's back!

(Shaolin clotheslines Chris Lee to the ground, and then ducks a clothesline from Voodoo, and immediately hits a spinning roundhouse kick on Voodoo, sending him down. Chris Lee gets back up but Blazed and Lee face off to a punching duel. Voodoo reaches his feet and Shaolin runs off the ropes and hits a flying crossbody block on Voodoo and holds on for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... and Voodoo kicks out.)

James: Well we talked about this earlier. Does Shaolin still have "IT". He's off to a great start! But come 15, 20 minutes into a match, will he still have "IT". That's questionable.

(Blazed has Lee in the ropes and Blazed runs at him, but Lee ducks and back body drops him over the ropes. Lee takes this time to go after Shaolin, who has his back turned. He hits him from behind, and whips him into the ropes. Shaolin rebounds and ducks a big swinging punch from from Lee, but on the rebound, Shaolin gets nailed with a big back elbow. The ref then has Voodoo go to his respective corner, and he leads Blazed to his.)

John: Well the ref finally has some order in the ring, so it looks like Chris Lee will starts things off with Shaolin. Shaolin is down and Lee goes down and applies a reverse chinlock. Could be a choke there James.

James: Ah who cares.

(The hold lasts a short time as Shaolin gets to his feet until Lee is only applying a headlock. Shaolin lifts Lee up for a back suplex, but Lee flips over and lands on his feet. Shaolin turns around and receives a kick to the gut. Lee backs up a few steps and gives Shaoin a running knee to the face which sends him to the mat. Lee tags in Voodoo and Voodoo takes off right where Lee left off, applying a reverse chinlock to Shaolin. Once again, Shaolin reaches his feet, but this time, he elbows Voodoo in the gut. Voodoo releases the hold and Shaolin hits a superkick on Voodoo which sends Voodoo into the ropes and gets tied up in them. Shaolin notices this and sizes him up for what would seem to be a swift kick to the face. However, Lee acts on this and he comes in the ring and tackles Shaolin from the side, right in the ribs.)

James: that was a fierce tackle by Chris Lee!

John: Shaolin needs to make a tag, he's being worn down.

James: This time, just dont apply a reverse chinlock. Whata useless hold.

John: ...

James: Well it is! You ever see anyone give up to a reverse chinlock? Never!

(Lee gets Voodoo out of the ropes and Lee goes back to his corner. Blazed is reaching over the ropes yelling for a tag. Shaolin begins to crawl over, but Voodoo grabs his leg and pulls him away. He drops an elbow on the leg, and then maneuvers it into a leg lock, twisting it sideways. Shaolin screams, but this is another one of those moves no one taps out to. Just a wear down move, so Shaolin makes his way over to the ropes.)

John: He almost has a hold of the ropes...

James: Voodoo releases the hold and pulls him away. He drops a knee on Shaolin's knee. Ouch, that hurts.

John: Ya think?

(Voodoo holds the pressure and and wreches Shaolin's leg upwards. He reaches, while applying this, and tags in Lee again. Lee gets in and stomps Shaolin in the chestand leads him towards his team's corner. He chokes him out with his foot.)

James: Right now, Shaolin isn't performing the way he used to. It could be because it's his first match, or perhaps Lee and Voodoo are just too much for him.

John: Not many can say they were too much for Shaolin to handle, that's for sure.

(Lee makes another quick tag and Voodoo joins Lee in stomping Shaolin in the corner. This prompts Blazed to come in the ring and he attacks Lee with few shots. The ref intervenes and sendsBlazed back to his corner, while Lee does the same willingly. Voodoo picks up Shaolin and sets him up for a Dragon Suplex and he nails it, holdng on for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... 2 3/4!)

James: What a move by VOODOO! Shaolin narrowly escaping that pinning combination.

(Voodoo slaps the mats and gets up. This time he waits for Shaolin to reach his feet. Shaolin slowly gets up, kinda dazed. When he finally turns to face Voodoo, Voodoo locks him in a suplex position, and yells out "Brainbuster". He goes to lift Shaolin, but he blocks it with his leg. A second attempt is also blocked. Shaolin then snap suplexes Voodoo. Voodoo get up first, and Shaolin gets up shortly after and dropkicks Voodoo to the canvas.)

John: Now is the time to make a tag! Shaolin isn't on his feet yet, but you can tell he wants to make a tag to Blazed at this point!

(Voodoo is also going for the tag, and reaches Lee first. Lee goes to stop Shaolin, and he does. He grabs Shaolin's leg, but Shaolin gets up and starts hopping on one leg. You guessed it. He hits an enziguri to the back of Lee's head and he goes down. Shaolin then lunges forward and makes the tag to Blazed. Blazed waits on the outside of the ropes for Lee to get up. When he gets up, Blazed hits him with a springboard dropkick. Blazed then goes straight up top, and goes for Hazy Memories, and he hits it, staying on for the pin. 1 ... 2 ... but Voodoo is quick to react, breaking up the pin attempt. Shaolin re-enters and goes after Voodoo hitting a martial arts kicks to the gut. He DDT's him swiftly and Voodoo bounces off the canvas. Blazed and Lee both reaches their feet, and Blazed goes to hit him, but Lee blocks it and hits a belly to belly suplex on Blazed.)

James: Hey John... Dig the entrance up there... Look who it is.

John: Oh great... Our SHOOT Champion Azrael.

(The SHOOT Title draped over his shoulder, Azrael slowly walks down to the ring and begins pacing behind the Shaolin/Blazed corner.)

James: Azrael's mere appearance out here is enough to throw Blazed off his game greatly. Blazed seems to feel that he's got no choice but to keep one eye on Azrael.

(Chris Lee immediately goes for the pin and the referee makes the count. 1... 2...)

John: Azrael just pulled the ref out of the ring! What, he's helping Blazed now???

(Shooting a look down at Azrael, Shaolin warns him not to get involved again. Grinning, Azrael merely shrugs at Shaolin.)

James: Apparently, Azrael's not taking Shaolin seriously in the least.

(Azrael simply laughs at Shaolin's warnings, causing Shaolin to drop down to the floor and get in his face.)

John: Shaolin is a man of great discipline, James. He doesn't take kindly to anyone not giving him the respect he feels he deserves.

(Back in the ring, Blazed is the victim of a brutal double team by Chris Lee and Voodoo. Since Shaolin is unavailable to make the tag, Blazed is left on his own, and greatly over-powered.)

James: Voodoo is now the legal man.

(Back outside, Shaolin and Azrael have apparently gone close to their breaking point, finally breaking down and attacking each other.)

John: Shaolin is battling it out with the SHOOT Champion now! But Blazed is still in there alone...

(Lee hits Blazed with a full-nelson slam and lifts him to his feet. Voodoo grabs him, and drops him to the mat with The Curse.)

James: Shaolin better get in there and fast! Voodoo just hit his finisher, and he's making the pinfall!

(Voodoo rolls Blazed up and the referee makes the count. 1... 2... 3!!!!)

John: Blazed just couldn't handle both of their opponents, and it was The Curse that finally put the nail in the coffin. Voodoo and Chris Lee walk away with the win.

(Azrael has long since clobbered Shaolin with the SHOOT Title, and Shaolin now lies on the floor. Azrael, standing above him, sends his boot down upon Shaolin repeatedly. Pausing to allow Voodoo and Chris Lee to exit, Azrael returns to his assault.)

James: Blazed is coming to back in the ring... Although he's wearing that mask, I can just imagine the look on his face...

(Rolling out of the ring, Blazed and Azrael meet face to face.)

John: That's it... There's about to be a war out here.

(Just as it appears as if Blazed is going to attack Azrael, Garcelle rushes out from the back and gets between the two. Pushing Blazed away from the SHOOT Champion, Garcelle appears to be talking him out of attacking Azrael. Finally, Blazed walks back toward Azrael. Instead of attacking him, however, he begins to stomp away at Shaolin.)

James: Well... Garcelle and Blazed *do* have an agreement, John. That is, until Reckoning Day.

John: And when February 10th does roll around, you better believe Blazed is going to remember these past few weeks.

(Both Azrael and Blazed continue to pummel Shaolin. Suddenly, "Hate Me Now" by Nas fills the room.)

James: Isn't that...

John: MEIOH!!

(Meioh rushes out into view, leveling Azrael with a stiff standing side-kick. Swiftly, he grabs the SHOOT Title and levels Blazed, who nearly never saw it coming.)

James: Meioh is BACK!! But HELPING Shaolin?

John: I thought Meioh wanted to kill Shaolin, why would he save him?

James: I don't know... This is really strange, because Meioh is just leaving now. He's not even bothering to help Shaolin up.

John: Whatever the case may be, we're drastically out of time. Hopefully we'll get some answers and soon.

Fade out.