[ It was particularly warm in the trailor I had reserved to be my make-shift office for this evening. I found myself sitting behind the table in a muscle shirt, which felt kinda odd at this moment. Normally, a person in my position would be partial to three-piece suits and what have you. But not me. I've always been real and true to myself and that whole picture just wasn't me. ]

[ While Oblivion was taking place just a few hundred feet away in the main building, I sat at this particular table looking through some of the paper-work I had to take care of this evening. The first thing I noticed was the volume of the pile of papers on this table waiting for me. The only thing that went through my mind as I paged through them was how I would much rather be out there in the ring with the boys, than back here doing this. But this was something I had gotten myself into, and this was something I would have to do. Wait a second, what is this? ]

[ A long, white envelope rested in the middle of the stack of papers. Apparently, this letter had been left for me earlier in the evening, and just got lost in the sea of my work as it mounted. The only thing written on the front was: "Wolfson - Read Immediately." I looked the envelope over curiously at first, before running my finger under the deal and pulling out the letter inside. Just then a knock at the door. ]

Come in.

[ Stepping into my office, The SHOOT Project Rising Star Champion, Blazed, greeted me with a nod. As he made his way toward me, I stood from my seat at the table and shook his hand. ]

What can I do for you?

[ Looking down at the table, I could see Blazed's eyes focus on the opened envelope. ]

What's that?

[ Shaking my head I replied. ]

A letter someone sent me, apparently. Haven't gotten the chance to read it yet, though. Tell me, is there something I can do for you?

[Blazed stepped back a bit, and had it not been for his mask, he'd have been visibly disappointed...]

No, uh...no not really.

[ Blazed turns to go as Wolfson looks on suspiciously, but suddenly stops and turns around... ]

You haven't noticed anything wierd going on... have you?

Weird... In The SHOOT Project? That's the understatement of the year.

[ Blazed fakes a smile, though Wolfson couldn't even see it...the rules of society have molded him well, though. ]

That's true...but I mean...anything out of the ordinary even for SHOOT...well...like...do you get a wierd feeling...about anything going on here, I mean.?

[ Pausing the conversation, Wolfson looked Blazed over, before staring at his eyes, the only part of his face he could see. ]

Let me tell you a little something, Blazed. Now, I know you like to keep that mysterious aura with you, and hey, I respect that. Hell, I've always had a little bit of mystery about me too. That said, I don't know where you have been or how long you've been in this profession, but this is from someone who has been around a while. No matter how successful you get or how popular you turn out to be, you can't ever escape that weird feeling. Every damn night you take that long walk to the ring, that feeling is always there. And even when you retire, like me, it never leaves you. You're going to have to be a little more clear with me here.

[Blazed was incredibly uncomfortable now. Like Wolfson said, he liked to keep his mysterious aura, and a conversation of this length was not good for such an aura. As he fidgeted his arms and neck around, he tried to come up with an explanation...and a way out...]

Look, I just have a wierd feeling that some crazy shit is about to go down, that's all. I know you know Cronos...he said some crazy shit and just...beware, man. Don't let it happen, Wolfson.

They will ruin everything you've worked for, and strangle anything that you love about this sport...

[ Blazed straightened up a bit...]

I've got to go.

[ Picking up the opened envelope, Wolfson held it in his hands and began looking it over once again. ]

Thanks for the heads up, Blazed. But I think I'll be alright. I know Cronos, and like I said, I've been around a while. Cronos is just angry right now. But he's still my friend. There's no way he'd unleash anything that big... Not on me.

[ Blazed stares at Wolfson, letting all the words seep through his skin, into his brain so they can be processed. It was a hard thing to process for him, since he almost knew something bad was going down... ]

Listen, Wolfson, you may know Cronos a little better than me personally, but from what I've heard, Cronos doesn't act rationally. He does drastic things at drastic times. This is a drastic time, and if I were you, I'd be prepared for some drastic measures. I've seen three or four guys from the United States pop up, with shady ass backgrounds, and shady ass excuses for being involved in the SHOOT project. And guess what? THIS IS ALL AFTER CRONOS GOT FIRED! This is all after YOU took the spot as president, and this is all after CRONOS starts stalking me and telling me about some big shit that's going to happen in a few days.

[Blazed steps away from Wolfson, almost out the door, as he's had enough of this conversation already...]

Do what you want, Eric, because I know you will. But realize that when your world comes crashing down around you that Blazed told you it would happen, and you did nothing to stop it!

[ Nodding, Wolfson took a moment to allow himself to understand everything said completely. Looking back to Blazed, he replied. ]

Again, thank you for the heads up. Good luck in your match tonight.

[ Staring back, Blazed merely shook his head before turning, and heading toward the door. Meanwhile, Wolfson stood calmly near the table, observing the man as he walked away. ]

Ya know... Even with that mask, I can't help get this feeling. You know as well as I do that in this profession, gut instincts are what we thrive on. What's going on under that mask, huh? Because if you ask me, our paths have crossed even before SHOOT was conceived...

[Blazed stopped and shook his head from left to right as he stood directly underneath the threshold of the trailor...]


James: And here we are. The very first Oblivion of the year 2002.

John: And what a way to start off the new year, eh? Our main event features a hell of a six-man tag, which should prove to be quite entertaining. On one side, we have the SHOOT Champion and his new "bodyguards" in High Treason, and on the other side we have the SHOOT Tag Team Champions, along with Taurus.

James: There are quite a few interesting aspects of that team. First of all, Ravage is also the #1 Contender to Azrael's SHOOT Title, aside from being one half of the Tag Team Champions. Then we have Taurus, who as we all know is in no way affiliated or associated with Ravage and Angel.

John: It should prove interesting to see the way Taurus works with his partners tonight. If you remember correctly, Mike Angel made his debut in The SHOOT Project by decimating none other than Taurus with a steel chair, and it was Ravage who helped him do that. There is no doubt in my mind that Taurus is looking for revenge.

James: Then again, Taurus has always seemed to be obsessed with proving that not only was he screwed out of the SHOOT Title by Azrael, but that he is better than Azrael all together. I think he will have to choose between getting the win over Azrael tonight, or getting revenge on the men who screwed him just a few weeks ago. Should be good stuff.

John: Our first match of the night is a sort of "Debut Match" so to speak. Two newcomers to The SHOOT Project are given a shot to show the world what they are made of, and only one will walk away having made their point.

James: It is a well known fact that every Monday, the SHOOT roster is evaluated. Those individuals who have not been pulling their weight are let go, and whatever the number of people let go, those many new individuals are brought in and given a shot. Obviously both Frosty and D Dawg were impressive enough in their trial runs that they were given this opportunity.

Frosty v. D Dawg

Compare: Coming to the ring first... He weighs in at 265lbs and stands at 6'5"... Frosty!!!

[ The Kids aren't alright by The Offspring is heard throughout the building as Frosty makes his way out onto the stage. He slowly makes his way down to the ring and slides in. ]

Compare: And his opponent... He weighs in at 269lbs and stands at 6'9"... Ladies and gentlemen, D Dawg!!!

[ Natural Born Killaz by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube is heard as D Dawg walks out into view. Raising his arms into the air, he begins to pump the crowd up all the way down to the ring, where he climbs in just as the referee calls for the bell. ]

[ Frosty wastes no time in rushing toward D Dawg, only for D Dawg to side step him. As Frosty turns back around, he is met with a standing side kick by D Dawg, which sends Frosty to the mat. Quickly, Frosty is back to his feet, only to meet a knee to his face by D Dawg. ]

John: Wow, D Dawg is definately showing the offensive very early on here.

[ Lifting Frosty to his feet, D Dawg whips him to the ropes and as he comes back, D Dawg hits a jumping spinning side thrust kick to the chin of Frosty. ]

James: D Dawg calls that move right there the Ego Whip. And what a move it was!

[ As Frosty lies on the mat clutching his chin, D Dawg rushes to the closest turnbuckle and hops up top. After pausing for a moment to pose for the crowd, dives off with a double front flip into a leg drop. ]

John: Frosty rolled out of the way!! He scouted that move the whole time and moved at just the right time.

[ As D Dawg sits in the middle of the ring, Frosty bounces off the ropes and sends his right boot into the center of D Dawg's back, sending him down to his side. After the kick, Frosty drops a knee across the face of D Dawg. ]

James: At the beginning it looked as if D Dawg had this thing completely under control but it was that one mistake coming off the top that shifted the momentum over to Frosty.

[ Pausing for a moment, Frosty poses over the body of D Dawg, to a roar of boos from the crowd. Obviously surprised by this reaction, he flips them off and continues on his assault. Down on one knee, Frosty begins visciously punching at the face of D Dawg. ]

John: I guess Frosty expected a little better reaction from the crowd than what he got. And it seems as if their boos have pissed him off.

[ Frosty sends another right fist down toward D Dawg's face, only for D Dawg to grab it. Frosty tries a left, only to receive the same result. With all his might, D Dawg pushes Frosty backward, back enough to where D Dawg can connect with a knee to the back of Frosty's head. ]

James: Very nice escape there... That was impressive.

[ Hopping back to his feet, D Dawg catches Frosty as he climbs to his feet and whips him to the corner. D Dawg then rushes forward and hits Frosty with a stiff clothesline, which forces Frosty to stumble forward. Finally, D Dawg hits a nicely executed bulldog, which plants Frosty's face into the mat. ]

John: Looks like D Dawg is on fire again!

[ Again, D Dawg lifts Frosty to his feet and this time, whips him to the ropes. A dazed Frosty runs back, only to be hit with a hellacious downward spiral. ]

James: That's the move D Dawg calls The Dawg Line!

[ Rolling Frosty up, D Dawg places all of his weight into the pin as the referee hits the mat. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

John: And that's it, we have a winner!!

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen... The winner of this match... D Dawg!!!


(Static is now seen on the screen. Whether you're at home watching it or you're in the audience watching it on the big screen up above, it's very apparent the static is there. The loud noise is getting rather annoying. Fortunately, the noise decreases. In its place, a computer-altered voice starts to speak.)

"I was once your loyal knight, your fan favorite, your crowd pleaser. Everything I did was for the fans. My catchphrase received fanfare everytime I said it. You had signs for me, foam hands, action figures, and all that merchandising crap the commercials try to get you to buy. I won titles, broke bones, had my own bones broken, even risked injury just for the fans."

"Then what happened? You see, it turns out that I'm more of a wrestler than an entertainer. I've always been too 'old school', especially in this day and age. I always focused more on my wrestling than any of those catch phrases, cheap pops, and merchandise that get other 'wrestlers' their fame and fortune. The more time progressed, the more my 'style' didn't fit to your liking. The more I changed to fit your mode, the more you forgot about the people before me. The greatest names of wrestling were forgotten, names I can't mention because... well... they never worked for SHOOT, so you'd probably wouldn't even know their name. By the time I changed everything to suit to your needs, you all ready forgot me. I asked myself day in and day out, 'what did I do to the fans to make them forget me.' You see, I did everything you asked me to do. Everything I saw on TV, I emulated and tried to be just like them. Was it worth it, you ask? Then, I said it was worth it. Whatever the fans wanted, I would do just to please them."

"Things changed, though. You see, I went back to my roots... I went back to the Far East. There, I gained back my style, my technique, my old ways again. It was there, that I realized that the typical American wrestling program we see now on TV isn't real wrestling. It's considered 'sports entertainment.' I'm not hating on the wrestlers, mind you. I still have friends in the business and they're just doing their jobs. Of course, most of them are wrestlers in a 'sports entertainment' business. Besides, it's not the wrestlers I'm talking about. The main difference between wrestling and sports entertainment is the fans. In sports entertainment, the fans have little respect. They only share their cheers and jeers for those who are more popular. The others, to them, don't even matter. No respect at all... a true wrestling fan shows his support based on his performance and technique, not because of some stupid catchphrase or some stupid t-shirt that wrestler's pushing."

"It's not only the fans who screwed up this sport. It's the suits who feed the fans this bullshit. Look at your beloved, or should I say hated, President Meioh. He's pushing this unique idea to his fans and look at what he's doing. He's acting like all the other so-called owners of other federations and becoming a 'character'. If he were a true president, he would stay out of the public eye and deal with his wrestlers behind the curtain. But no, his ego is just as big as a 'sports entertainer.' That's why I'm here... that's why I'm going to put an end to this merchandising bullcrap, this 'sports entertainment' bullshit. This company will finally be a wrestling organization, with or without you sniveling fans. So, when you see me, don't ask what's up my ass. Instead, you should be asking yourself, 'What did I do to piss him off?' As of now, all I have for you stupid fans is disdain."

(Just then, from the static pops out the letter "D" in a shade of dark-gray. Whispers of "disdain" can now be heard. The static slowly turns into a black screen with the "D" still showing.)

"I'm ashamed of all of you."

(Suddenly, the "D" disappears as everything returns to normal.)

James: Uhm...

John: Disdain? And what was with that huge D?

James: I don't know... Something is going down, though. I can feel it.

Garrett Reid/Renegade v. Temujin/Chris Lee

John: Our next match pits the team of Garrett Reid, our Dojo Champion, and Renegade, against two new-comers to The SHOOT Project.

James: From what I hear, these two individuals came into The SHOOT Project as a team. It's apparent that, although they are both singles wrestlers, there is an alliance between Temujin and Chris Lee.

John: Not only that, but these names are known throughout the wrestling world. Unlike Frosty and D Dawg, these men are established competitors with quite the many accolades.

Compare: Coming to the ring first... Weighing in at 229lbs and standing at 6'5"... Renegade!!

[ War is Coming by 6 ft. Under is heard as Renegade makes his way from the back and down to the ring. ]

Compare: And his partner... He is the first and current SHOOT Project Dojo Champion... Weighing in at 219lbs and standing at 5'9"... Garrett Reid!!

[ Walk by Pantera is heard as Reid steps out from the back. The Dojo title wrapped around his waist, he makes his way down the ramp to a good ovation from those in attendance. Once he is down at ringside, Reid hands the Dojo title to a ring hand and climbs into the ring. ]

Compare: And the first of their opponents... Weighing in at 256lbs and standing at 6'3"... Temujin!!!

[ Ghostly Silence is heard as Temujin emerges from the back. Walking about halfway down toward the ring he stops and begins looking over his opponents. ]

Compare: And his partner... Weighing in at 251lbs and standing at 6'4"... "The Boss" Chris Lee!!!

[ Fuel My Fire by Prodigy is heard as Chris Lee, along with "Miss Esctasy" Maria Enriguez-Lee, emerge from the back. The two of them walk down to where Temujin is standing, and immediately both Lee and Temujin rush the ring. Temujin begins attacking Reid as Lee begins attacking Renegade. Before anyone can make anything of the situation, Reid and Renegade find themselves dumped out to the floor. ]

John: People said that these guys make a hell of a team, but damn, they already cleared the ring. And before the bell!

[ The referee orders both Lee and Temujin to their corner as Renegade and Reid make their way back into the ring and into their corner. The bell is rung and Chris Lee and Renegade are the ones chosen to begin the match. ]

James: This is another odd pairing, if you ask me. It has become pretty obvious over the past few weeks that Renegade and Reid aren't exactly on the best of terms, especially after the way Reid narrowly won the Dojo title last week over Renegade.

[ Renegade and Lee lock up in the center of the ring. Chris Lee is the first man to gain the offensive as he whipe Renegade to the ropes, only for Renegade to pull him back toward him and drive a knee into the mid-section of Lee. As Lee is bent over, Renegade knocks him face first down on the mat with a double ax-handle smash to the upper back. ]

John: Nice reversal there by Renegade.

[ As Renegade lifts his boot in an effort to stomp down on Lee, he is knocked to his back as Lee pulls his foot out from under him and locks in an ankle lock. Before Lee can really get a good lock in, Reid is in the ring and breaks up the hold. ]

James: Very fact execution there by Chris Lee. Unfortunately for him, Reid was in there before he could make good of that hold.

[ Shooting a look at Reid, who has now made his way back out to the apron, Lee lifts Renegade to his feet and drops him back to the mat with a gutwrench suplex. Staring at Reid once again, a smile crosses Lee's face as he drops to his knees and applies a Cobra Clutch. Again trying to make the save, Reid climbs through the ropes only for Temujin to grab his foot and yank him to the outside. Reid is then whipped to the guardrail. ]

John: Looks like Lee and Temujin had that one planned. And Renegade is still in the cobra clutch.

[ Since it is still very early in the match, Renegade is able to make his way to the ropes where the referee calls for the break. Stepping back, Lee allows Renegade to get to his feet before locking up again. This time, Renegade sends a knee into Lee's stomach and flips him over his back. Diving to the corner, Renegade tags in Reid. Both men then begin to double-team Lee. ]

James: This is what these two men will have to do. Like each other or don't like each other, if they want to win this match, they will have to work as a team.

[ Stomping away at Lee, neither man notices Temujin back in the ring. From behind, he spears Renegade sending him over the top rope. He then begins punching at Reid, allowing Lee to get back to his feet. Lee swiftly whips Reid to the ropes and as he runs back, Lee and Temujin level him with a double clothesline. ]

John: Nice double-team by Temujin and Chris Lee.

[ Both Lee and Temujin make their way back to the corner now, and Lee tags Temujin in. By this time, Reid is back to his feet and both he and Temujin begin to circle each other. The men lock up, both man trying to find an opening to gain the offensive. Breaking the hold, Temujin sends a right hand at Reid, only for it to be ducked and Reid grapples Temujin from behing and muscles him over backward with a german suplex, into a pin. ]

James: Reid with the pin!! Temujin out at two!

[ Both men scramble to their feet now, and Temujin rushes Reid. Quickly, Reid catches Temujin and drops him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Reid then rolls Temujin up. The referee hits the mat and counts one, just as Temujin reverses the hold and rolls Reid up! ]

John: Temujin with the reversal! He's got the leverage...

[ The referee's count hits two as Renegade dives in to make the save. He makes his way back out to the apron extending his hand out toward Reid dives to make the tag only to see Renegade's hand fall backward as Chris Lee brings Renegade down off the apron, and down onto his knee out on the floor. ]

James: Chris Lee damn near broke Renegade in two with that backbreaker!

[ As Reid turns back around to face his opponent, he is met with Fa-Jing from Temujin. ]

John: There it is! That is Temujin's finisher. He calls it Fa-Jing, which means Explosive Energy, and I didn't even see it happen!

[ Temujin quickly rolls up the unconscious Reid and the referee makes the count. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

James: We have winners! Chris Lee and Temujin defeat Garrett Reid and Renegade!!

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen.. Your winners, the team of Temujin and Chris Lee!!

We fade in to Sebastian Crow’s locker room where Sebastian sits in a metal folding chair, watching the television monitor. He appears to be watching Oblivion VI – the night when he won the Iron Fist Championship title.

~~Oblivion VI Recap~~

Strayt Jakit-Shut up John. I want to see this match due to the incredible amounts of stupidity involved. I mean look, we've got KillaCrowe, a guy who watches football all day, and wrestles his friends in his garage! Then there's Blake O Reily who has large "pecks"! But we all know what he's really got under that shirt!



Strayt Jakit-Yeah, he is pretty stupid.

Krazee-Let's goto Compare.....

~~Fade Off~~

Sebastian Crow: What, the fuck is this shit?

Randy Long: Was they trying to be funny, or just ignorant.

Randy Long, who is also in the room, sits in a metal folding chair next to Sebastian. He has his arm held over his leg, watching the television monitor.

Sebastian Crow: In my opinion, they were both ignorant – even to their own mothers. I bet your luck they are an incest family.

Randy Long: How do you say?

Sebastian Crow: Well’

The door opens and Tammy Lee walks in with a Mountain Dew before Sebastian could finish his lecture.

Tammy Lee: Jack’ you have to hear this.

Sebastian Crow: (sitting up) What is bothering you, Tammy.

Tammy Lee: Jack, do you remember when Krazee said he would kill me if I were around the Shoot Project?

Sebastian Crow: Yes’

Tammy Lee: What if he tries doing that tonight’

Sebastian Crow: Oh please, Tammy’ you do not honestly think the dumb fuck, Krazee, could pull off a murder scheme to take you out, do you?

Tammy Lee: Well’ not really but’

Sebastian Crow: Krazee is too stupid for any of that. Besides, I doubt he will be around me any longer. I showed him a thing or more at Oblivion VI. I done exactly what I said I was going to do. I walked in – I beat his school nerd body down’ and I won over his Iron Fist championship. Like it actually worth anything in his arms’ the dumb hound did not even knew how to defend it’ yet keep it. Now with me’

Sebastian pulls out a rag and begins wiping the plate of Iron Fist gold that rests over his leg.

Sebastian Crow: I know how to take care of my piece’ and’ I know how to defend my piece.

Randy Long: Damn straight’ I cannot wait until we go in for the Tag Team gold.

Sebastian Crow: That is going to rock. This federation does not know what we are setting it up to be.

The three share a laugh as the scene fades.

Master Molde v. Voodoo
Rising Star #1 Contendership

James: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is something I really enjoy seeing.

John: Oh yes’ I do not agree with you more there, John. Our next match is Voodoo vs. Master Molde in a ladder match – better yet, it is for a shot at the Rising Star title. This match will be great.

{“Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares over the pa speakers as Voodoo comes to the ring. Some fans cheer’ some fans boo.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, he weighs in at 147 pounds – Voodoo!

John: Oh no’ it is the nerd. Does this man work out? I hardly remember Voodoo being over 147 pounds.

James: Slim Fast worked for me.

John: That is interesting, James.

{“File Not Found” by the SP Server blares over the pa speakers. The audience stays silent’ more silent than a cricket as Master Molde comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second - *Cricket, Cricket, and Cricket* - Master Molde.

John: Super’ another rookie,

James: How delightful.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: And’ this match begins – Master Molde with a hit on Voodoo. Another strike to the face by Master Molde’ the rookie is starting well here. Master Molde backs Voodoo up against the ropes – he Irish whips, then scoring big with a tuff scoop slam. Master Molde follows it up with an elbow to the gut.

John: This is a nice starting match here.

{We see a camera-shot angle of a piece of paper above the ring.}

James: There is what these two men are fighting, for. On that sheet of paper, it has permission to fight against the Rising Star champion.

John: Master Molde brings Voodoo to his feet. He Irish whips him to the turnbuckle. Master charges for Voodoo but Voodoo gets a boot up. He jumps on the turnbuckle padding’ and delivers his dropkick. Master is back up’ and Voodoo delivers another dropkick, and another. Voodoo brings Master back up’ and scores a vertical suplex. Voodoo is on a row.

James: Voodoo goes through the ropes. He is going for the ladder, now. Voodoo folds up the ladder’ but here comes Master. Master flies over the ropes with a flying leap’ sending Voodoo down – the ladder falling on him. Master stands back up’ he grabs the ladder, lifts it above Voodoo, and smashes it over his body.

John: Oh’ it is time for this match to be brutal.

James: Master stands the ladder up again. He brings Voodoo to his feet, he grabs hold of Voodoo – Master slamming Voodoo in to the ladder’ no, Voodoo blocks the shot and slams Master’s face instead.

John: There is another shot’ ouch. Master is taking some punishment now. Voodoo lifts Master to his feet and floors him with a, DDT.

James: This is a high advantage for Voodoo. Voodoo grabs the ladder and slides it in the ring. Master is going back to his feet. Voodoo comes along’ and sends a boot to the face of Master, sending him back down. Voodoo brings Master back up – he goes for an Irish whip’ but Master reverses it and sends Voodoo in to the steel steps.

John: Master charges for Voodoo’ but Voodoo scurries out of the way, and Master slams his own knee instead. Hey dumb ass, you are supposed to slam your opponent’ not hurt yourself.

James: You have to hand it to both men, John. They are fighting their way through this thing.

John: Yes, I know. But’ they both suck.

James: Who is your pick for winning tonight?

John: Still, my prediction pick is Master Molde. At least he is not some 147-pound nerd.

James: We will have to find out. This match is intense – well, in a way’ sort of. Voodoo has hold of Master Molde and slams his face in the guardrail – followed by a shot to the face. Voodoo, with a knee to the gut’ he tosses Master Molde over the guardrail’ in to the audience.

John: The audience is going haywire, James. Can you hear it’ can you feel, it? It always happens. Once somebody is thrown in to the audience’ the fan(s) go nuts.

James: I do know what you mean, John. Voodoo’ he only done this for one reason. He slides back in the ring and takes act with the ladder. Meanwhile, Master has been handed a steel trash can lid. He climbs over the guardrail and slides in the ring. Voodoo turns around’ unexpected and-


James: Voodoo bashes him in the head with the object.


James: Does it matter, John? This match –is- a ladder match’ and, weapons have been popular lately.

John: Weapons are always popular, James’, what are you talking about? Master drags Voodoo back up by his hair. He tosses him in the corner and begins pounding his foot in to his chest. Master is going haywire here.

James: Master pushes Voodoo up the turnbuckle and climbs up’, what is Master going to do, here? Master has hold of Voodoo and he vertical suplexes Voodoo from the top. They slam hard.

John: Master is back up. He has the ladder’ but does not use it. He folds it up and hangs on to it. Voodoo stands up and ‘OUCH’, Master charges the ladder in to his chest. Voodoo almost down – Master takes the ladder’ and he strikes it over Voodoo’s back. This match is un-real.

James: You have not yet seen un-real yet, John. Wait until the main event. Then, we will talk about un-real. This night is going to be extremely crazy.

John: I can believe it. Master sets up the ladder. He angles it just right before climbing. However, Voodoo is back up and he pulls Master from the ladder. Voodoo with a blow to the head of Master, followed by another shot. Voodoo kicks in Master’s gut and sets him up, putting his head under his arm’ beginning to climb the ladder.

James: This is going to be horrible. Nothing good can be on Voodoo’s mind.

John: They climb up; Voodoo is up and slams Master back off with a mid-air bulldog.

James: Ouch’ see’, what did I tell you?

John: Voodoo slides out of the ring. He reaches under the ring apron and grabs a steel chair. He slides back in. Master is back to his feet – Voodoo swings the chair, Master ducks, and Voodoo hits the ladder instead. Master, with a kick to the gut’ followed by a DDT on the steel chair.

James: Too bad there cover counts are not allowed in this match’ or else, this match would have been over a long time ago, probably.

John: I agree, James. Master brings Voodoo back up his feet and hits a belly to back suplex. He brings him back to his feet and hits another belly to back suplex – followed by, another.

James: Master is swinging Voodoo from left to right here. Master stands Voodoo to his feet – Master bounces off the ropes and strikes Voodoo with a swinging neck breaker.

John: Master is back to his feet. He angles the ladder right again and begins climbing, up.

{Master is three steps up and all ready, he is reaching for it.}

John: Voodoo comes up on the other side though. Voodoo climbs the other half of the ladder. They are both nearly to the top, exchanging blows now. Both men are at top’ one reaches for the ladder, but the other one battles that person away. Voodoo somehow gains the advantage and sets Master up for a vertical suplex, scoring the move. The ring shook as the two landed.

James: Ouch, that must have hurt. The two men – Voodoo and Master lay there, not moving now.

[ As the two man lie in the ring not moving, the referee begins his mandatory ten count. At about five, Molde is the first to stir. He slowly makes his way to the ladder and begins to climb it. Voodoo, now back to his feet, climbs up after him. From behind, Voodoo locks an arm around Molde's neck and begins to attempt to pull him backward, only for Molde to take another step upward. ]

John: Although Voodoo is desperately trying to pull Molde off the ladder, Molde is trudging on.

[ Finally one step from the top, Voodoo sends a knee into the back of Molde's knee forcing him to fall down a little. Straightening up once again, Molde climbs up the last step and reaches out for the paper hanging on the hook. From behind, Voodoo reaches up as well and grabs ahold on Molde's extended arm, pulling it back. Finally, Molde dives forward and grabs the paper with his other hand. Both men then fall down to the mat. ]

James: What a last effort move by Molde! He knew he was going to take that last fall, but he was able to grab that certificate and the right to be called the #1 Contender to the Rising Star Title!

{{Strayt Jakit, Massicrist, and Massi's brother are in Strayt Jakit's trailor. Greg (Massiscrist's brother) is sittin on the floor watching Jerry Springer, and Strayt Jakit is on the phone. You can obviously tell Strayt Jakit is not ready for his match in a mere few minutes. He's wearing a HypathermiA t-shirt, and some jeans.}}

Strayt Jakit-"Uh no, he's not here."

Strayt Jakit-"Who is this?"

Strayt Jakit-"I don't know a Mr. Yak Uza. I'll leave amessage tho"

Strayt Jakit-"No I don't know where he issleeping."

Strayt Jakit-"Okay, buh bye"

Greg-"Who was that"

Strayt Jakit-"A mister Uza"

{{As soon as Strayt Jakit finishes his sentance. Krazee bursts into the room with Lil' Mo Mo on his shoulder. Krazee is plaid in his face paint and wrestling tights. He says hi to Massi and his bro, and looks at Strayt Jakit who isnt in his wrestlinggear}}

Krazee-"Brandon, are you totally unaware that we have a match in a few seconds??"

Jakit-"DOO-DOO KNOCKER! Oh, by the way you had a phone call. A Mister Yak Uza."

{{Krazee turns around and helps Strayt Jakit find his wrestling stuff. Jakit finds his trench coat, along with some black jeans. Krazee stops looking for Jakit's mask and turns around}}

Krazee-"Did you say Yakuza??"

Strayt Jakit-"Not them again, and his name was Yak Uza.... waitaminute.... I guess I did say thatwhy?"

Krazee-"Brandon, you retard! Get your stuff on andlet's go."

{{Krazee drops Mo Mo on a orange couch, with burnholes in it, and goes outside. Strayt Jakit finds his mask, and goes into the bathroom. He gets changed and 10 mins. later, he comes out in his full wrestling attire. Ready for action. He walks out the door and Greg follows. With Lil' Mo Mo not farbehind...}}

~~~Back in the ring~~~

James: My Monkey....

Krazee/Strayt Jakit v. Afwa Kilmanjaro/Nick Claffey
Tag Titles #1 Contendership

James: Up next, we have two teams competing for the Tag Team #1 Contender ship gold.

John: There are so many tag team’s now-days’, so many new faces.

James: Let us get with the match.

{“The Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers. Some fans cheer’ some fans boo, as Krazee and Strayt Jacket walk to the ring}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, weighing in at a little over 235 pounds – Krazee and Strayt Jakit!

{“I’ve Got the Power” by Somebody I Do Not Know Of blares over the pa speakers, as the fans come to a, boo.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, weighing in at a little over 468 pounds – Alfwa Kilmanjaro and Nick Claffey.

John: Ah’ shit’, it is Team Fat Ass.

James: John, I would appreciate it if you did not talk about my wife in that manner.

John: What,

James: Oh, nothing,

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: Keep in mind – that the winner(s) for this match receive a title shot against the Tag Team Champions.

John: That sounds cool.

James: It is cool’ and, Krazee and Alfwa will start this thing off. Krazee with a shot in at Alfwa – followed by, another. Krazee grabs hold of Alfwa, sending him to the ropes. Krazee bounces off the ropes and he collides with a low drop kick to Alfwa’s knee. Krazee back up, he uppercuts Alfwa in the jaw’, followed by a DDT.

John: Krazee tags in his partner, Strayt Jakit – Strayt Jakit jumps the turnbuckle and hits a leg drop across Alfwa’s throat. Strayt Jakit goes for a cover.



Kick out’

James: Krazee and Strayt Jakit are double-teaming Alfwa Kilmanjaro, now. But’ here comes Nick Claffey in’ he attacks Krazee from behind and gives him a back to belly suplex. Nick Claffey goes for the same thing. He grabs hold of Strayt Jakit as he stands’ but from behind, Krazee with a steel chair to the back of Nick. Nick is down. Strayt Jakit covers Alfwa Kilmanjaro again.




**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“The Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers. Some fans cheer’ some fans boo.}

John: Okay, that match was, fucked up and way, too short. I could not tell what happened here.

James: Beats me. Anyways, Krazee and Strayt Jakit are our new Tag Team Contenders.

The camera shows Cronos Diamante walking outside the facility where Oblivion is taking place. Frozen breath escapes into the air as he exhales, dissipating into the night sky. Cronos notices a figure out of the corner of his eye, crouching in the shadows to his left, near some crates.

Cronos: Are you hiding from something, Mike?

In the shadows, the figure stands, and walks towards Cronos. Once the figure comes into a lighted area, we see it is Mike Angel.

Mike: I don't hide from anything, or anyone, Cronos. I was just waiting.

Cronos is surprised a little by this response, and questions Mike.

Cronos: For me, i presume?

Mike: Gee, you're smarter than you look.

Cronos: If you intend me harm, you are not as smart as i look.

Mike: Me? Harm you? Nah. Not now anyway. I'm just here to talk to ya.

Something in Cronos' mind said that was not true, but to find out the man's true intentions, he would have to play along.

Cronos: Why do you want to talk to me?

Mike: I thought you'd know, to be honest, Cronos. I'm talking to you so Ravage can sneak up behind you and knock you out with that really big metal pipe.

The blow from the pipe came just as Mike finished speaking. He'd succeeded in distracting Cronos, allowing Ravage to sneak up on Cronos.

Ravage is seen standing over Cronos' near unconscious body as the camera shot goes back to the arena, for the next match.

James: Talk about a dirty move! I don't know what Diamante was doing here tonight, but he just got laid out by a hell of a double team.

John: Ya know, I'm really starting to get sick of that damn Ravage and Mike Angel. Ever since Angel showed up in The SHOOT Project he's been nothing but a pain in the ass, and Ravage has been just as bad!

James: Don't let them hear you say that...

John: Tru.

Will Schmidt v. The Real Deal v. KillaCrowe
Iron Fist #1 Contendership

John: It is time for our next match. This next match is going to be so heart pounding. So entertaining – so widely explored, it will blow your fucking eye sockets out. This match is going to rule. James, tell me, what is our next match?

James: I was waiting for that question. People, our next match is to determine which individual will have a chance to fight against Sebastian Crow. Tonight, the #1 contender ship is on the line for the Iron Fist title. Three men will go at it. Let us go to ringside action.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Our next match…

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as the fans erupt in a mild pop. Sebastian Crow walks to the ring, followed by Randy Long and Tammy Lee. Sebastian holds on to the top rope and climbs over’ walking for Compare, grabbing the microphone from him. Randy climbs through the ropes’ while Tammy takes the stairs. The music chills.}

John: Sebastian Crow’ he is going for microphone work’ what is the deal here?

James: It appears the Iron Fist champion has a few things to say.

Sebastian Crow: Tonight is a proud night. Tonight, I have come from the locker’s to witness three men competing for a shot against me, the Iron Fist champion. Now’ Randy, Tammy – you know you are routine.

{Randy and Tammy smile. They exit in between the ropes and circle the ring. Sebastian Crow gives a hideous smile.}

Sebastian Crow: And’ I know mine.

{Sebastian Crow hands the microphone back to Compare and exits. He climbs over the top rope and watches Compare as the announcements begin. Randy and Tammy finally take a seat’ on both sides of the commentators desk.}

John: That was –weird-.

James: Tell me about it, John.

{Compare clears his throat’ then speaks again.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Our next match is to determine the #1 contender at the Iron Fist championship.

{The audience applauds. “After Me” by Saliva blares over the pa speakers. The audience boos as The Real Deal makes his way to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, he weighs in at 235 pounds – “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson!

{Sebastian makes his way to the commentators table and pulls up a chair.}

John: Hey James, I think Sebastian is going to have a chat with us’ what do you say?

James: Sure’ go right ahead, Sebastian’ just put that headset on.

{Sebastian grabs a headset and sits straight, fixing himself to watch the match.}

Sebastian Crow: Am I on?

James: Yes, you are fine.

Sebastian Crow: Good {looking at the Real Deal} the first of our competitors, tonight – “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson.

John: Sebastian, you should be hearing what James has been saying about you lately?

Sebastian Crow: I do not care, John. I am here to call a match so shut up.

James: Sebastian, while you help call this match’ mind if we ask you some questions?

Sebastian Crow: My friend, while –I- call this match and yes’ you may ask me some questions.

{“Come and Die” by Fatal and Therapy blares over the pa speakers’ the fans boo as Will Schmidt walks to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, he weighs in at 218 pounds – Will Schmidt!

Sebastian Crow: Will Schmidt’ what a name’ anyways, did you not have some questions?

James: Yes’ to start off with’ how does it feel being Iron Fist champion?

Sebastian Crow: It feels great, James. It feels very great. It reminds me back in the day when I won the IWO extreme title. I would have kept it too if script’s were not necessary’ damn shit.

James: Do you have a prediction winner tonight, Sebastian?

Sebastian Crow: I am not sure. It depends who else is in the match. This is a triple threat bout, is it not?

James: It is.

Sebastian Crow: Well’

{“Chop Suey” by System of a Down blares over the pa speakers as KillaCrowe walks to the ring. Some fans boo’ some fans cheer.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing third, weighing in at 269 pounds – KillaCrowe!

Sebastian Crow: Oh my God’ nobody told me KillaCrowe was going to wrestle this thing. I would have brought my X-Box to play with.

James: I see you are not a fan of KillaCrowe.

Sebastian Crow: Quite’ for one’ he cannot spell his name right. Two’ he cannot wrestle worth a damn. And three’ well, not only can he not spell or wrestle but also his taste in music is horrible. System of a Down’ it should be System of a Frown. Their music sucks!

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

{KillaCrowe reaches over and yells something at Sebastian.}

Sebastian Crow: {yelling back} You keep talking trash and you will lose this match. Otherwise, I will be up there any second and beat your ass myself!

James: The Real Deal goes for KillaCrowe’ a shot to the face. The Real Deal sends KillaCrowe to the ropes and knocks him down with a running clothesline. Will Schmidt throw himself at the Real Deal with a hard shot of his own? The Real Deal catches the block and knocks Will against the ropes. The Real Deal now’ he is pounding his foot in to the chest of Will Schmidt. KillaCrowe back up, he spins the Real Deal around and DDT! KillaCrowe goes for an early cover.


Kick out’

Sebastian Crow: What a dumb ass’ any idiot would know never go for an early cover – especially during a triple threat competition.

John: KillaCrowe brings the Real Deal back up. The Real Deal goes for a clothesline but KillaCrowe ducks and out goes Will Schmidt! Will Schmidt have been eliminated'!

Sebastian Crow: What are you talking? This is a triple threat match – not some blasted cheap shitted royal rumble. Get with the groove, John; I know you have it in you.

John: I am sorry.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah’ yeah’

James: KillaCrowe goes for the Real Deal and scores a sidewalk slam. KillaCrowe climbs on the Real Deal and pounds numerous shots to his face – pound, pound, and pound.

Sebastian Crow: Shut up, James’, you are turning on KillaCrowe.

John: That is bad.

Sebastian Crow: Yes, that is bad. James, let me handle this one. Spam bastard Crowe brings the Real Deal back to his feet. He sends him to the ropes and collides with a running clothesline. Spam bastard Crowe climbs the turnbuckle and throws back his fist – here is the count.








Sebastian Crow: And’ there is his mistake. Spam bastard Crowe poses for the crowd. Sorry friend, but nobody wants your autograph. The Real Deal retaliates and power bombs Spam bastard to the mat. The Real Deal goes for a pin.




Sebastian Crow: Will Schmidt is back in now. The Real Deal is back to his feet and Will Schmidt has a steel chair. This is the way to do it!


Sebastian Crow: Oh yeah’ that is what to do it, Will.

John: Will Schmidt with the steel chair. KillaCrowe stands to his feet, he turns around and-


John: KillaCrowe is back down. Will Schmidt go up top? He is climbing up top with the steel chair in hand’ what do you think he is going to do, James?

James: I am not sure but we are going to find out’ FROGSPLASH – STEEL CHAIR IN ARMS’ ON TO THE LEG OF THE REAL DEAL!

John: Will Schmidt go for a cover.




John: KillaCrowe was not about to allow Will Schmidt to win this one away. KillaCrowe has spoken’ he has said he is determined to win this fight. He wants that shot, Sebastian’ what would you think if KillaCrowe won here, tonight?

Sebastian Crow: What would I think’ John, let me just say I would be afraid to fight Spam bastard Crowe. He is the opposite of Mike Tyson’ you see, he will bite your dick off. I need my dick, John’ I need my dick.

John: Yes, I understand that Sebastian.

Sebastian Crow: Good’ just so we are to an understanding.

John: Yes, we are to an understanding Sebastian.

Sebastian Crow: We had better be. Spam bastard Crowe thinks he can beat Sebastian Crow – the Iron Fist champion. Please’ that is so pathetic John, it is hilarious’ yet sickening. You see John, Spam bastard Crowe does not have the ability or knowledge at defeating an awesome warrior like I. I am 7’1, 336 pounds – Spam bastard Crowe trots in to the Shoot Project, automatically thinking he is going to win over a championship title. Fuck that’ I have other news for him’ it does not work that way, especially if the gold belongs around my waist – Sebastian Crow.

James: I can understand that, Sebastian. The Real Deal tosses KillaCrowe over the ropes.

{Will Schmidt is all ready on the floor outside – apparently, the Real Deal tossed him over too.}

James: The Real Deal follows KillaCrowe’ Irish whip coming up’ KillaCrowe meets the steel steps. The Real Deal reaches under the ring apron and pulls out a trash can. He goes to slam it across KillaCrowe’ but here comes Will Schmidt. Will with a hard fist in to the back of the Real Deal. Will grabs the trashcan and smashes it across the Real Deal’s head. KillaCrowe is back up and his drop kicks the trash can in to Will’s face.

Sebastian Crow: Spam bastard Crowe lifts the Real Deal up’ rolling him in the ring. Spam bastard enters along – trotting his stuff, throwing his ass in Will Schmidt’s face’ did I hear a fart?

John: I am sorry.

Sebastian Crow: Damn’ I knew I heard something. Spam bastard Crowe brings the Real Deal to his feet but the Real Deal strikes Crowe with a fist to the stomach – followed by a hard chop. Slap’ there is another one. The Real Deal brings Crowe to his feet and sends him to the ropes – the Real Deal catches Crowe in running pace and vertical suplexes him to the mat! That is the way it is done’ great job, Real Deal’ you have just won a brand new car.

James: I remember KillaCrowe mentioning he would pay the Real Deal back for attacking his friend, Kid Carnage’ this past week.

Sebastian Crow: James that was not the Real Deal' Could you not tell’ are you honestly that blind?

James: What are you talking about, Sebastian?

Sebastian Crow: It is obvious KillaCrowe paid some homeless man to drive that car’ pretending to be the Real Deal because for one’ it did not look like him and two’ well, it was plain out stupid. That is all there needs to be.

James: Surely, Crowe would not have somebody attack his own friend, Kid Carnage.

Sebastian Crow: Kid Carnage’ Kid Carnage’ Kid Carnage. Jesus Christ’ I can never figure out their relationship. Spam bastard and Kid Molested are two of a kind’ who is the bitch of the relationship? Let me say this' if I have to fight Spam bastard for my Iron Fist championship. His ass could not get much redder because the pounding I will give him’ just does not work his way.

John: The Real Deal goes for a cover…



Kick out’

John: KillaCrowe kicks out.

Sebastian Crow: Randy, can we have a Kill Crowe chant?

James: What are Randy and Tammy doing out here anyways?

Sebastian Crow: Patience, my friend’ patience’

{Camera’s catch the entranceway’ watching Kid Carnage coming out with a steel chair in hand.}

Sebastian Crow: Why’ here comes Kid Molested now. Oyo’ Kid Molested!

{Sebastian signals something at Randy.}

James: I have no clue what Kid Carnage is doing out here. Wait a second; there goes Randy with a steel chair. Kid Carnage is in the ring and-


James: Randy just laid out Kid Carnage. Will Schmidt is entering the ring with a steel chair.

{Sebastian signals something at Tammy.}

James: Tammy slides in the ring with a steel chair and-


James: Tammy just laid out, Will Schmidt! Sebastian’ what is going on here?

Sebastian Crow: Just setting the mood, my friend’ just setting the mood.

James: Randy and Tammy slide out of the ring. Meanwhile, the Real Deal is kicking the shit out of KillaCrowe in the corner. The Real Deal whips KillaCrowe to the next corner’ but KillaCrowe turns around. The Real Deal catches KillaCrowe in a front face lock and –THE ART OF THE DEAL-. The Real Deal goes for a cover.




*Ding, Ding, Ding*

{“After Me” by Saliva blares over the pa speakers. The Real Deal looks at the two men laid out’ then pays his attention to Randy and Tammy, followed by Sebastian Crow.}

Sebastian Crow: James’ John’ it has been fun’ but now, it is time for my leave.

James: Wait a minute, Sebastian’ please explain, what is the meaning of this?

Sebastian Crow: James, shut up.

John: Yeah’ shut up, James!

{Sebastian Crow takes off the headset and walks away from the commentators table’ all around the ring. Tammy and Randy high five one another as Sebastian take the lead’ leading them back to the locker rooms.}

James: I cannot believe what just happened here.

John: James, I cannot believe anything period. Did Sebastian Crow just help the Real Deal score a win?

James: The Real Deal is as puzzled as we are. Look at his face. Anyways’ the Real Deal is the #1 Contender for the Iron Fist title.

Azrael/Blazed/Stoned Cold v. Ravage/Mike Angel/Taurus

John: And here we go! This is the big one.

James: We have an excellent match ready for tonight. Our main event is a six-man tag team match with Azrael, Blazed, and Stoned Cold competing against Ravage, Mike Angel, and Taurus. What an excellent match, this is going to be. Let us go to ringside.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Our last match is a six-man tag-team action match. Introducing first-

{“Number 1” by Nelly blares over the pa speakers. The fans cheer as Taurus comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: He weighs in at 245 pounds – Taurus!

{“I Say the F Word Too Much” by the Shoot Project blares over the pa speakers. The fans cheer as Mike Angel comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second – Mike Angel!

{“Back in Black” by AC/DC blares over the pa speakers. The fans cheer as Ravage comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing third, he weighs in at 262 pounds – Ravage!

{“File Not Found” by the SP Server blares over the pa speakers. The fans cheer’ the fans boo, as Stoned Cold comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing fourth – Stoned Cold!

John: I just would like to say, that Stoned Cold is a Steve Austin rip-off.

{“We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails, blares over the, pa speakers. The fans cheer’ the fans boo, as Blazed comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing fifth, he weighs in at 231 pounds – Blazed!

{“That’s Amore” by Dean Martin, blares over the pa speakers. The fans boo at the site of Azrael.}

John: What is this shit?

James: Dean Martin’ that is more my time.

John: Get with the music, James. Dean Martin music is dead. You have to listen to Nelly and DMX; Metallica and KISS; Three Doors Down and Rob Zombie. Now, that is music!

James: I will keep that in mind. Let us start the match.

John: I agree. I am ready to get out of here.

[ As the bell is rung, Blazed is chosen to begin for his team and Ravage is chosen to begin for his. As Ravage goes for a lock up, Blazed swiftly hits the mat and brings Ravage down with a Leg Scissors Take-Over. Now that he's got him down on the mat, he locks in an arm bar. Angel looks on cautiously, unlike Taurus, who merely leans over the top rope carelessly. ]

James: It doesn't look like Taurus is too into this match, John. Seems like he doesn't care Ravage is in that kind of pain...

[ Finally, since it is apparent Ravage can not break the hold, Angel storms the ring only to be knocked to the mat by Stoned Cold, who dove off the top with a dropkick. ]

John: They call themselves High Treason, James, and they are a hell of a team. That is teamwork at it's finest right there.

[ As Stoned Cold works Angel over in the far corner, Ravage struggles on the mat, still fighting the hold. Looking into his corner, Ravage meets eye to eye with Taurus, who is still leaning over the top rope. ]

James: Ravage is looking for the save from his team mate in Taurus, and I don't think he's going to find it...

[ The referee now finally forces Stoned Cold back to his corner, allowing Mike Angel to bring a boot down onto the head of Blazed, and thus breaking the hold. Rolling away, Ravage grips his arm in pain. Finally, he tags Angel in. Blazed gets back to his feet now, only to be knocked to the mat by Angel with a stiff clothesline. Angel wastes no time in lifting Blazed to his feet, over his shoulder, and sends him down to the mat with a pumphandle. ]

John: Perfect example, right there, of why Ravage wanted Angel on his side. That man is a powerhouse!

[ Rushing toward the corner, Angel knocks Stoned Cold down to the floor with an elbow, and then drops the other one across the chest of Blazed. Upon seeing this, Azrael attempts to climb into the ring, only to be stopped by the referee. Since the referee's back is turned, Ravage hops back into the ring and begins throwing the punches into Blazed's face as Angel holds him. ]

James: And there is the teamwork of Angel and Ravage. Gotta admit, they make a great team. And that is why they are the Tag Team Champions.

[ After having done his damage, Ravage goes back to his corner. Angel drops to the mat and covers Blazed. 1...2 Kick out! Lifting Blazed to his feet, Angel whips him to a neutral corner and begins sending shoulder thrusts into his stomach area. Finally, Blazed falls to the mat face first. ]

John: Blazed has got to make that tag...

[ Again lifting Blazed up, Angel sets him on the top of the turnbuckle and climbs up. Looking around the large room at the men and women in attendance, Angel locks Blazed in a suplex position. ]

James: Looks like a super-plex is on the horizon...

[ Suddenly, Blazed begins punching away at the ribs of Angel, forcing him to break the hold. As he does, Blazed pushes him off the top, and down back first onto the mat. Without hesitating, Blazed dives off the top with a senton splash. ]

John: That came out of nowhere! That is why Blazed has been so successful thus far in The SHOOT Project. His ability to make something out of nothing.

[ Having hurt himself in the process, Blazed lies next to Angel, but only for a moment. He slowly makes his way toward the corner and with one last dive, tags the extended hand of Stoned Cold. ]

James: Stoned Cold in!

[ Stoned Cold quickly drops a leg across the chest of Angel, and locks in a pin. 1...2.. Kick out! Despite the kick out, Stoned Cold gets right to his feet and as Angel follows in suit, drops him to the mat with a dropkick. ]

John: Like Blazed, the speed of Stoned Cold is something to be taken very seriously. Both of these men have a way of ending matches in the blink of an eye.

[ As Angel makes his way to his feet, he is met with a standing hurricanrana from Stoned Cold, which again, sends him to the mat. Quickly, Stoned Cold makes his way to a neutral corner and climbs to the top. ]

James: Here we go... Big move!

[ Rushing across the apron, Ravage pushes Stoned Cold off the top before he can execute his move. This allows Angel the time to crawl back to his corner and extend his hand for a tag. Looking down at Angel, Taurus smirks and grabs Ravage's arm, using it to slap Angel's hand. ]

John: Ha! Taurus just made Ravage tag himself in!

[ Looking at Taurus in confusion, Ravage and Angel begin yelling at their team mate who merely shrugs and goes back to his nonschelantly watching of the match. Finally, Ravage climbs back into the ring as Angel climbs out. ]

James: Looks to me like this thing is coming down to a three on two. Taurus doesn't seem to want any part of this thing.

[ Ravage begins his next series by seending boots down onto the fallen body of Stoned Cold. Lifting him to his feet, Ravage slaps Stoned Cold across the chest with a knife-edge chop, which sends him stumbling backward, toward his corner. Ravage with another. Stoned Cold stumbles back more. Ravage goes for yet another, only to meet a fist by Azrael, who tags himself in. ]

John: Fresh man in!!

[ Ravage stumbles back a few steps as Azrael rushes him. He knocks Ravage to the mat with a clothesline. Ravage hops to his feet and is met with another. Again, same result. Finally, Azrael finishes up with a rolling clothesline. ]

James: Azrael is on fire here. It's his first outing in this match, and Ravage and Angel have already been worn out. Unless Taurus gets in this thing, Azrael can win this thing right now.

[ As Ravage stumbles to his feet, he is met by Snake Eyes, Azrael's finisher. Upon seeing this, Angel storms the ring only to be met by both Stoned Cold and Blazed, who topple over the top rope with him and down to the floor. Azrael quickly goes for the pin, however the referee's attention is still directed at the scuffle out on the floor. ]

John: That's... Massicrist!! With a steel chair in hand!

[ Sliding into the ring, Massicrist brings the chair down on top of Azrael's head, breaking up the pin. Upon noticing what had happened, Ravage rolls Azrael up instead. Noticing the pin, the referee hits the mat to make the count. 1... 2... Blazed with the save! ]

James: Stoned Cold is still out there working Angel over. Whip to the guardrail, and that one HAD to hurt! Angel is riving in pain!

[ Azrael, dazed, crawls to the corner and tags in Blazed, who dives off the top with his finisher, Hazy Memories II. Just after Blazed hits, Stoned Cold dives off the top as well, connecting with the move he calls The Burnout. ]

John: HELL of a double team by High Treason!!

[ Blazed quickly makes the cover. 1... 2... 3!!! ]

James: They did it!

Compare: Ladies and gentlemen... Your winners... Azrael, Blazed and Stoned Cold!!!

[ Shaking his head, Taurus simply hops down to the floor and begins to walk toward the back. Not even noticing Angel who, in a rage, brings the steel chair Massicrist left behind down on his head. ]

John: Not again! Damn that Mike Angel!

[ Blazed and Stoned Cold help their dazed partner toward the back, as Ravage rolls out to the floor and joins Angel in the assult on Taurus. Just then, music starts. Monks with a low and dark organ in the background. The fans watch on in anticipation as they know anything else will be nothing short of amazing after this hurricane. 3 verses of “Sign of The Cross” by Iron Maiden play and soon thereafter starts in “Number One” by Nelly. It is at this time when the man known to many as Cronos Diamante steps from behind the curtains and walks down to the ring with a methodical way about him. He has no smile, he has no frown, he is dead as a zombie. The back of his head not even patched up from the previous attack. Ravage obviously didn’t do a good enough job. Blazed seems to be smiling but at the same time he is a bit nervous when Cronos slides under the bottom rope. He calls for the mic and picks Ravage up by the hair then throwing him into the corner so hard that his entire body falls to the ground. He begins talking....

Cronos Diamante: “Ravage.... did you really expect to get the one up on me?”

Just then, Mike Angel, the man guilty for diverting Cronos’ attention early charges in. He doesn’t make it anywhere, however, for he is met with a swift standing side kick that knocks him out. Cronos shifts his attention to Ravage once again.

Cronos Diamante: “As I was saying... do you think you can one up me? Hell, I don’t know why you even decided to attack me. You really have no reason. Well, there was that one time... I kicked your ass and threw you in the water, left you to drown. I guess that could be it. But, then again, why would you do that after the beating I gave you last time? You couldn’t hold a candle to me.. boy!”

Cronos punches Ravage quite hard but not enough to knock him out. Enough to draw blood. And blood there is.... blood profusely pouring out of his mouth and lip.

Cronos Diamante: “Aww does that hurt? The devil hurt you? Well, I’ll give you a chance for revenge. You and me, pal.... next week. Cronos vs. Ravage. Since you seem to be such the Submission fella I’ll make it a submission match just like last time. You show up and I’ll show up... we’ll fight. No interfearance clause. What can we do to make this interesting? How about making this thing for your #1 Contendership??? You gonna show up? We’ll see.

Cronos left the ring holding his finger up as “Number One” by Nelly played over the PA system. He walked to the back singing the song, knowing every word of it, leaving the entire arena in awe of what they’d just seen. Mike Angel was just getting up and Ravage couldn’t move... he hurt too much. </