Progress Report:
[A knock was heard at the trailer of one Eric Wolfson. Eric gets up from his desk and makes his way over to the door. He flings the door open to see one Stoned Cold, dressed in a black custom made Stoned Cold hoodie with the hood up, custom made baggy silver cargo nylon pants, gold plated Oakleys and a forest green bandana with a pot leaf on it, and Alli, who looks to be drugged up and carrying Stoned Cold's mask in her hand, staring right back at him]

"Sup Wolfson?"

[ Staring downward, Wolfson lets out a slow sigh. ]

"Look..." Wolfson began. "How many times do I have to tell you people that I have this place under control? I don't need you checking up on me."

[Looking at each other, Stoned Cold and Alli start to chuckle before Stoned Cold replies]

"Well you know how the boss is" Stoned Cold starts. "Besides I'm not allowed to show up and see how my old employer is doing?"

[ Turning around, Wolfson rolls his eyes and walks back deeper into his trailer. He left the door open, which allowed Stoned Cold and Alli to follow him inside. ]

"Oh what's the matter Wolfson? Don't wanna talk to me?"

[Stoned Cold takes a seat, crosses his arms and puts his legs up on the desk, as Alli gets on Stoned Cold's lap as they wait for Wolfson to take a seat at his desk]

"Listen..." Wolfson started, an annoyed tone in his voice. "There's a show going on tonight. There are no problems with my wrestlers, and the money is coming in. The SHOOT Project is a tight ship, thanks to me. So why don't you just go back to the boss and tell him what a good job I'm doing. I don't have time for this crap."

[A huge grin comes across the face of Stoned Cold, and as Alli starts to giggle, Stoned Cold replies.]

"Ooooh, don't we seem stressed? Stoned Cold continues. "What's the matter Wolfson? Work getting to ya?" Stoned Cold grins again. "So what's the deal with you and Express and Helsley? I hear things aren't all good on the home front..."

[ Shooting a look at Stoned Cold, it is apparent that his mention of those two men was far from what Wolfson wanted to discuss. ]

"I'll agree with you." Wolfson slowly began. "The return of Jacques LeFevre and Jim Helsley is an unexpected kink in my plans. But rest assured, I will handle this. I should have known the boss would send you because of that."

[Stoned Cold looks back to Alli and both start to chuckle as Alli starts rubbing her hand up and down Stoned Cold's chest and gives him a peck on the cheek as she seems to wisper something in his ear.]

"You think I'm here because of Helsley and Express?" Stoned Cold chuckles again. "Nah mang, I was just curious. I really could care less about it....well about them." Stoned Cold pauses. "And didn't I say earlier that, am I not allowed to show up and see how my old employer is doing?"

[ A puzzled look fell across Wolfson's face, but only for a moment before he shrugged it off. ]

"Sure." Wolfson answered back. "There's nothing wrong with checking in on... your old employer."

[ Pausing, Wolfson leaned backward onto the desk. A grin came across his face. ]

"What, you wanna wrestle tonight?"

[An even bigger grin comes across the face of Stoned Cold as Stoned Cold and Alli look at each other and start to chuckle]

"Wrestle tonight? Nah mang, do I look like I'm here to wrestle tonight?" Stoned Cold pauses and lets out a sigh. "If you only knew Wolfson, if you only knew..."

[Stoned Cold and Alli stand up from the seat as Wolfson replies]

"If I only knew what?"

[ Stoned Cold merely looked at Alli and shook his head. ]

"Listen, smartass..." Wolfson began, taking a step forward. "My suggestion to you, Stoned Cold, is this. You get the hell out of here before I make you wrestle tonight. Remember, just like that pain in the ass Kawada, you're below me in the chain. As long as you're here, you take orders from me, you understand?"

[Stoned Cold has a huge smile across his face, as Alli starts heading towards the door but stops and grabs onto Stoned Cold's arm]

"Oh yeah, I understand completely..." Stoned Cold replies sarcastically. "I was just on my way out anyway, I'm a busy man ya know, stuff to see, people to do...." Stoned Cold chuckles. "I mean stuff to do, people to see, or whatever works. Maybe a Rebellion or two... Who knows....Who cares... Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat but I gotta go, take it easy mang and I'm sure you'll see me again sometime. I'll show myself out..."

[ As Stoned Cold and Alli exit the trailer, Wolfson stands alone, watching them leave. Turning around, he raises an eyebrow. He slowly lips the word "Rebellion" in a confused manner.]


KillaCrowe v. Renegade
DOJO Championship

Last Sunday on “Reckoning Day”, Renegade issued a match to happen tonight, between him and KillaCrowe, for the Dojo Championship. This match happens tonight in a cage match - a match, specially requested by both competitors for the gold. Starting off, “Black and White” by Static X blares over the pa speakers as Renegade walks to the ring. Ring Announcer’ Compare, stands in the ring, bringing the microphone to his mouth to at least, make the in-ring announcements.

Renegade competed last Sunday for the Dojo Championship, only for a fatal four-way competition. He competed against High Flyer and Strayt Jakit, and of course, the Dojo Champion - KillaCrowe. However, nothing will be more brutal tonight, when the two compete again inside the steel cage, which stands above the ring now. Ever since the 1980’s, the steel cage has been, used as a partner, an opponent, a weapon, and an advantage. When matches like these are booked, it is hard telling what carnage could be, placed. At last, “Break Yaw Neck” by Busta Rhymes blares over the pa speakers, as the Dojo Champion himself, KillaCrowe, walks to the ring.

The fans give a mixed reaction at KillaCrowe’s name, the same as Renegade’s. Once KillaCrowe enters the ring, the bell sounds, and this match starts. Both men are good athlete’s, KillaCrowe is on a winning streak as of late, with his first ever championship - the Dojo Championship. The two go nose-to-nose, but Renegade breaks up the silence. He pushes KillaCrowe and KillaCrowe reacts back with a shot to the face, followed by another. He bounces Renegade off the ropes but Renegade reverses, sending KillaCrowe to the ropes. KillaCrowe comes back and strikes Renegade with a spinning heel kick. KillaCrowe brings Renegade to his feet again and slams his face in to the steel cage, my God! Renegades face bounces back; his head hits the mat, as KillaCrowe follows it up with an elbow to the chest. KillaCrowe goes for the cover. One’ Two’ Kick out’

Nothing, since it is too early in the match, KillaCrowe could not have a three-count. In the stands, we spot the trench-coated figure. A few people glance at this person, wondering the same question- why is he or she over-looking this match. Back to the match, KillaCrowe goes for a pile driver but Renegade hits a back flip, but KillaCrowe attempts another roll-up. How did he do it- KillaCrowe goes for the cover... One’ Two’ The- Kick out’

Oh’ that was so close. Even though it was KillaCrowe’s call last, Renegade is back to his feet, bringing KillaCrowe up. He, Irish whips KillaCrowe to the turnbuckle and charges for him like a cheetah. KillaCrowe gets a boot up, sending a boot to the face, KillaCrowe charges for Renegade, but Renegade catches KillaCrowe with a power slam. Renegade is picking up the pace again. He brings KillaCrowe to his feet and runs him across the ring, tossing his body in to the steel cage. KillaCrowe bounces off, Renegade lifts him back up, runs him across the other side, and tosses him in to the steel cage, once again. KillaCrowe is back to his feet, he charges for Renegade, and Renegade hits another power slam! Renegade is on fire here. He goes for the cover... One’ Two’ The- Kick out’

Wow, there is another narrow escape. Both men want the Dojo Championship and tonight, you can tell they are giving it everything they have. Renegade is back to his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle; waiting for KillaCrowe to stand, but KillaCrowe catches Renegade and shakes the ropes, crashing Renegade on his manhood! Jesus Christ, my question is, how did KillaCrowe know about a man’s manhood? Oh well, back to the match- Renegade is still on the turnbuckle, grabbing in pain, as KillaCrowe climbs up and hits a top-rope vertical suplex. KillaCrowe goes for the cover...

One’ Two’ The- Kick out’

This match is getting so close to the ending, I can feel it. In the stands, the trench-coated figure has disappeared. Apparently, this match had shown no importance to them anymore. In the ring, Renegade hits the 1945! There is the final cover! One’ Two’ Three’

Renagade captures the Dojo Championship, but wait a minute, the lights go out and smoke appears to have clouded the ring. The audience has fallen silent. The lights come back on and standing in the ring is the trench-coated figure. Holy shit, Renegade needs to turn around! Renegade is celebrating his victory win, but now notices nobody is cheering. The trench-coated figure straightens their glove, Renegade turns around, and the trench-coated figure- they wrap their hand around Renegade’s throat, taking him up and back down with a choke slam! My God, KillaCrowe is back up, and he charges for the trench-coated figure with furious shots. He backs the trench-coated figure off the ropes, he goes for a clothesline, the trench-coated figure ducks, and their hand lands itself around KillaCrowe's throat. Here comes another- CHOKESLAM! “The God that Failed” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers, as the trench-coated figure looks over their destruction. My God, this madness has to stop! Eric, give the trench-coated figure a damn match!

Revisited: Havoc's Disciples
Skull sat patiently on the black leather sofa Eric Wolfson kept in his trailor. Through the black shades he wore, he glanced at his watch for a moment, letting out an annoyed sigh upon reading the time. The fingers on his left hand began to slowly tap his left knee, while his right hand remained calmly resting on the arm of the sofa.

"C'mon, man." Skull whispered. "Move your ass."

Finally, the door to the trailor swung upen, flooding the once dark trailor with bright rays from the hot Mexican sun. Stepping into the trailor, Wolfson's eyes met those of Skull's. Wolfson appeared to have a relieved look on his face.

"Ah." Wolfson muttered. "You made it."

Shrugging, Skull replied.

"Of course."

Leaning backward against the oak wood desk his trailer supplied, Wolfson looked across at Skull.

"Look, Nick..." Wolfson began. "Firstly, let me tell you that it's good to see you back in the game. Especially here in The SHOOT Project."

Nodding, Skull replied.

"It's good to be back."

"The reason I asked you to stop by here is simple" Wolfson began. "I've got a job for you tonight."

Raising an eyebrow, Skull answered back.

"A job?"

A grin now began to form on Wolfson's face.

"I need you to take care of someone for me."

Upon hearing Wolfson's request, Skull paused for a moment and removed the shades from his eyes. After squeezing the portion of his face between his eyes, he looked back.

"I think I know what you're getting at." Skull replied, disappointed. "But do you remember what you said to me what we first started talking about The Real Deal?

Wolfson merely nodded.

"That works both ways, brother." Skull said. "We go way, way back, yes, but that's something you've got to handle on your own. I mean, sure, if the cards were completely down you know I'd be there for you. But you have control of this entire organization. You've got the whole deck."

Looking down toward the floor, Wolfson paused for a moment to allow Skull's words to sink in.

"Yes, we do go way back Nick." Wolfson replied. "Surely you remember Havoc's Desciples. We were the best, man. There wasn't a damn person who could touch us when we ran together. Five time Tag Team Champions in five different promotions. Surely you remember those days. I need that again, man. I need you to be my right hand."

Skull didn't say anything at first. He contemplated Wolfson's words for a moment, before looking back.

"Havoc's Desciples..." Skull whispered under his breath. "Yes, I remember those days. We were beaten what, a total of two times ever? Yes, we were a bad ass team. However, unfortunately, those days are gone. Or dormant, as it were. Right now, I have plans of my own. Plans that have been laid out diligently over the course of months. The Iron Fist Championship... Hell, The Triad... It's out there. And it isn't going to fall into my lap. With Tara and everything, I've got a lot going on right now. I've got my own problems and you've got yours. That's how it is, Eric. You handle your problems, I handle mine. I never was a hired gun, so to speak, and I am not such a thing now. And besides, isn't that what you have the likes of KnightMare for?"

Wolfson appeared quite disappointed by Skull's words. Pushing off the desk, he began to slowly pace the trailer, running his hands through his hair.

"LeFevre." Wolfson whispered. "I sent Azrael, he couldn't do it. I could send KnightMare, but he's too rusty right now for such a task. Then there's you. You've been away from the ring for too long anyway. Jacques would find a way to squeeze out of that one anyway."

Wolfson continued to pace his trailor. Stopping near the window at the immediate back, he rested his hands together behind his back.

"This is something I've got to do myself." Wolfson continued. "This son of a bitch... It's been going on for years now. Years, Nick. He goes after me, I go after him... Attepmt after attempt... Failure after failure... A never ending circle. This thing has got to come to an end. It's got to. One way or the other. Even if it means sacrificing myself in the process, The Express must be put down once and for all. No coming back this time."

Wolfson paused. He merely stood in front of the window, peering out into the late-afternoon sky. His breating was heavy by now, his body shook ever so slightly. Standing from his seat on the sofa, Skull headed toward the door. Stopping before exiting, he looked back at his once tag team partner.

"Do what you gotta do, brother." Skull said, confidently. "You're right, this is something you've got to do on your own. If not, the demons will never leave. That's coming from personal experience."

Wolfson did not offer a response. Skull exited the trailer, leaving Wolfson alone with the dead silence. Finally, he turned back around. His face red, anger in his eyes. Reaching his desk once again, Wolfson paused, his hands molding into fists. Quickly, he brought his fist down onto the top of the desk.

Sirius v. The Crock
Rule of Surrender #1 Contendership

The Crock slowly makes his way from the backstage area, stretching out his wrists in a last effort to get them used to the white tape he's taped them up with. As he makes his way toward the ring, the crowd at hand seems displeased with him, shouting chants of "poser" and "rip-off". Crock brushes them off, however, as he appears quite confident in himself and his abilities. As Crock reaches ringside, he grabs onto the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron. Once there, Crock looks out onto the crowd, smiling upon hearing their reaction. Finally, he climbs into the ring and reaches his corner.

Sirius is the next to arrive, gaining a mixed reaction from those in attendance. As he is new to The SHOOT Project, he is without a definate round of cheers, or a definate round of boos. Seeming satisfied with his reaction, Sirius stares deeply at Crock as he makes his way toward the ring. Once Sirius reaches ringside, Crock immediately rushes at him, only to be stopped by the referee. Sirius smiles, and rolls into the ring.

The bell is sounded and the referee unleashes The Crock. Crock rushes Sirius with a clothesline, only for Sirius to duck the attack and retaliate with a series of lefts and rights that rocks The Crock back. Suddenly, Crock sends a knee into Sirius' midsection, doubling him over. Crock follows up with a double ax-handle smash sending Sirius down to the mat. Crock raises his boot to stomp on Sirius' back, only for Sirius to roll out of the way and send Crock to the mat with a sweep kick.

As soon as Crock hits the mat, Sirius rolls onto him, locking in an arm bar submission. Knowing full well that this match can only be won via submission, Sirius is fast to go for the win. Crock fights the attempt, muscling out of the hold in mere seconds. Both men scramble to their feet now and immediately lock up. Crock whips Sirius to the ropes, and sends him to the mat with a back elbow. Crock then drops an elbow across Sirius' chest, and attempts a headlock. Sirius scrambles out of the attempt, however, and rises to his feet. Crock quickly follows, and is met with a grapple by Sirius.

Sirius lifts Crock up, and brings him down to the mat with a snap suplex. Crock rushes to his feet, and Sirius follows up with a kick to the mid-section, followed up with a fast DDT. Sirius immediately goes for an ankle lock. As Sirius has the hold locked in pretty tightly, Crock is unable to break it and is forced to fight toward the ropes. Crock reaches out toward the ropes, fighting the pain he is feeling. His reach is short, which forces him to fall backward once more and attempt to break the hold again. Finally, Crock notices a pattern in Sirius' attack. It appears to be "Tighten, twist, relax, tighten, twist relax" and so on and so forth. Crock waits for the next relax, and flips his body, breaking the hold. Catching Sirius off guard, Crock rolls out of harms way and hops to his feet. As Sirius makes it to his feet, he is dropped to the mat with a diving clothesline.

Crock lunges on Sirius, showering his face with lefts and rights. Sirius whips his arms around in a fury, attempting to fight back, but to no avail. Finally, Crock gets back to his feet and lifts Sirius to his. Crock grapples him, and grops him to the mat with a nicely executed neckbreaker. Sirius rolls back and forth on the mat, grasping his throat in pain, which only prompts Crock to execute a choke hold. Since the referees have been instructed to allow such things by Wolfson, the referee does not interferem as Crock chokes the life out of Sirius. Sirius once again whips his arms in fury, gasping for air as Crock stares down at him, grinning.

Sirius now takes his turn at reaching for the ropes, luckily finding himself close enough to grasp them. The referee calls for the break, and Crock does as instructed. Both men now stand in eye to eye. Sirius puts his hand in the air, trying to get Crock to lock fingers in a test of strength. Crock raises his hand as well, but lifts a boot into Sirius' gut, doubling him over. Crock raises his hands, locking them together, and smashes Sirius in the bacl with a double axe-handle. Sirius crashes to the mat with a resounding thud. Crock wastes no time in going for the kill, locking Sirius in a Boston Crab. Sirius yells in pain, but immediately starts moving toward the closest rope, moving very slowly. Crock wrenches back, causing Sirius to pause momentarily, but he makes it to the ropes, and the referee calls for the break.

Crock holds on a few extra seconds, really cranking on Sirius' back. Finally, he breaks the hold, and Sirius begins to climb to his feet. The ref calls for action to resume, and Crockimmediately moves in on Sirius. However, Sirius is ready, and grabs the oncoming Crock by the back of the head, slamming his face straight down into the mat. Sirius follows up on this by grabbing Crocks left leg in an ankle lock. Crock screams in pain, and tries desperately to get to the ropes. Sirius, however will have none of that, and pulls Crock away from the ropes, really cranking down on the ankle.

In a move that shows incredible strength, control, and ring presence, Crock lifts his upper body up with his arms as far as he can, then tucks his head down under him as he lets himself fall, rolling his legs over him, taking Sirius with them. Sirius goes into the maty hard, and Crock rubs his left ankle as he gets up. Sirius is still down, and Crock goes over to him, picking him up off the mat. Crock then grabs Sirius in a rear waistlock, and executes a German Suplex. Sirius goes crashing back, and hits the mat yet again. Crock once again lifts him up, and goes straight into a torture rack backbreaker.

Sirius is about out of it now, and Crock can sense victory. He begins to jump up and down a little, trying to add extra pressure to the hold. Sirius draws all of his remaining strength up for one last desperate move. He brings his left hand up in the air, and crashes it down on Crocks head as hard as he can, sending both men to the mat in a daze. The referee looks on momentarily, then begins to make his ten count, to see if either man could continue.

Crock begins to stir as the count reaches four, but Sirius does not move until the count gets up to eight. Slowly he gets to his feet as the referee intstructs Crock not to interfere with Sirius' progress. After a moment of the referee checking both men out, he calls for the action to resume. For a long moment both men look across the ring, perhaps having found some new respect for each other.

Diving forward, The Crock aims his body at Sirius, who, swiftly, knocks Crock to the mat and locks in a crossface chickenwing. The submission is dead center in the ring, therefore the ropes are out of Crock's stretch. Although trying to reach out toward them anyway, he eventually finds the feat as impossible, and slowly taps out. Sirius hops to his feet as his music hits, raising his arms into the air as the #1 Contender to Chris Lee's Rule of Surrender Championship.

The Tag Team Division Grows
**KillaCrowe has just lost the his Dojo Championship. KillaCrowe is walking backstage and is confronted by Renegade.**

KillaCrowe: What the hell do you want? I beat you and it was a one on one match this time…we both know I’m better now.

Renegade: You may have one, but you are not better. You just happened to come out on top this time.

KillaCrowe: You want me to prove I am better by kicking your ass again?

Renegade: No, I did not come here to challenge you…but I did come here to request a match with you.

KillaCrowe: What the hell are you talking about?

Renegade: Let me explain myself. You see we both put together a great match.

KillaCrowe: Yea, you were some good competition, but what about it?

Renegade: Let me finish! We both put together a great match! And it just so happens that Mike Angel was fired and Knightmare is nowhere to be found. Therefore, the tag team titles do not have any tag team champions holding them. Do you understand what I’m trying to lead to?

KillaCrowe: Hell yea! We could make a good tag team match if we each found partners so we could face each other!

Renegade: No you dumb ass. I meant we could be a team and we would be a great one!

KillaCrowe: I knew what you meant! I was kidding around…and yes we would make great Tag Team Champions. And we are also going to be the next Tag Team Champiosn.

Renegade: So I’ll take it you like my idea.

KillaCrowe: Yup, we’ll just have to put this controversy we had behind us.

Renegade: What controversy?

KillaCrowe: HAHA pretending you already forgot about it…let’s get out of here.

Renegade: No, I mean seriously…what controversy?

KillaCrowe: **sigh** Forget about it…let’s go.

**Scenes then switch to the next match as KillaCrowe and Renegade leave.**

Skull/Krazee/KnightMare v. The Real Deal/Will Schmidt/The Lyger Kid

Skull and Lyger Kid starts off the match for their respected teams. Skull and Lyger Kid ties up in a collar and elbow tie up; the much bigger Skull has a clear-cut advantage on Lyger Kid. Her tosses Lyger over in a throbbed hip toss which causes Lyger to go down in agony and pain. He is trying to make it back up to his feet, but he is decked with a steel-wrestling boot to the side of his chin. Skull yanks him up by his head, and hooks his waste for a go behind RELEASE German suplex. Lyger Kid head snaps off the mat like a pińata.

Skull tags in Krazee who hops over the tope rope. Krazee boast Lyger Kid into the ropes and he goes for a clothesline, but Lyger Kid forward rolls over, and mule kicks Krazzer right on numbers. He goes down hard to the mat, but pops right back up on all fours. Lyger Kid follows up with a springboard bulldog; he goes for a cover 1, 2, kickout by Krazee. Lyger Kid wrenches the arm of Krazee and he makes the tag to Real Deal.

Real Deal delivers a rippling rib shot to Krazee. Krazee starts to feel the pain and is holding the side of his right rib section. Real Deal scoops him up with the grace of ease and he slams him down to the mat with a thud like sounding. Real Deal follows up with a deep penetrating elbow smash right into the chore of Krazee's upper chest area. Real Deal makes the tag to Will Schmidt. Will steps between the ropes and picks up Krazee. He spins him around in an airplane spin and drops into a bridge Northern Like suplex. 1, 2, Saved by Knightmare. This brings in Real Deal who decks Knightmare with a ferocious football tackle. Real Deal lifts up Knightmare and throws over the top ropes. Knightmare'e head hits hard on the padded floor, as Real Deal is yapping down at Knightmare.

Real Deal goes back to his corer as Will has a headlock wrenched in and locked on Krazee whose eyes look like they are about to pop out. Will turns the side headlock into a fisherman buster. He cradles the head of Krazee dead center into the mat. Krazee is flat on his back looking up into the ceiling. Will Schmidt start to place the boots to the head and shoulder blade of Krazee in a reptitious motion? Krazee is covering up with his fist, as Will Schmidt takes his left foot and plants it deep into the spinal chord of him. Krazee is outta of it as Knightmare makes it back to his side of the ring.

Krazee reaches for the ropes as Will is lurking right behind him. He waits for Krazze to turn full fledge around. Boom---. Krazze is knocked silly on his ass with a devasting left hook right on his jaw. Will leave up back up and Irish whips him half way across the ring, Krazee comes flying back and is met with a overhead belly to belly suplex which leaves him on his back. Will tags in Lyger Kid. He drops Krazze in the center of the ring with a Snap mare take over. Lyger Kid is purched all the way on the top turnbuckle, and he delivers a Stardom Press right on top of Krazee. The crowd is going bonanza in the arena. Lyger Kid looks over Krazee as he is standing up and he lifts him up. Krazee is out on his feet and he is placed on the top ropes. Lyger Kid looks like he is going to try something Dangerous. Krazzee head is lowered and the limbs of his stalky body his hanging. Lyger Kid springboards onto the other rope onto Krazee for a HURRICARANNA… Krazee head snaps over in a hurry and Lyger Kid takes a bow. Ass he turns around Skull is standing right besides him and has a firm grip on the throat of Krazee. He slams him down hard to the mat, which makes a thuddish sounding that is echoed throughout the arena. And Lyger Kid is lying on the mat as Skull leaves the ring and stands on the apron. He's encouraging Krazee to make it back to his side of the corner.

Both men are now laying flat on their back siteamously in the middle of the ring. Krazee and Lyger Kid begin to crawl towards their respectful corner. Lyger Kid and Krazee both makes it to here corners. Real Deal and Knightmare enters the ring. Knightmare comes in SWINGING! He delivers a clustering birth control upper cut that rocks the jaw of Real Deal and sends the man half way across the ring.

Real Deal gets back up and he charges at Knightmare, but the bigger man delivers a power slam that sends him down to the mat. Knightmares begins to taunt Real Deal who is willing on his knees and looks at Knightmare. Knightmare comes in and he is kicked in the family jewels as he is on his fours. Real Deal rolls him over into a cross arm bar. He is wrenching pulling back on the socket. Knightmare is trying to find away out of the predicament. He puts his other hand and grabs a hold of the scrawny neck of Real Deal. He picks him up as Real Deal still has a firm grip on his arm. Knightmare throws him over and Real Deal neck bounces off the mat. He is holding the side of his neck, and Knightmare is shaking the cobwebs out of his left arm, which is stingering.

Real Deal is up and Knightmare is up also. Knightmare tries to kick the fucking head off of Real Deal. However, Real Deal leaps frogs into the far corner and tags in Will Schmidt. Schmidt clips the leg right out from under of Knightmare. He lefts him up into a backbreaker but drops it into Inverted Reverse DDT. Will follows up with an STF rest hold and he wrenches his forearm right under the chin of the bigman. Will is trying to break the neck of Knightmare whose eyes are beginning to fade. Krazee comes end and he drops kicks will right in the temple of his head which lays him out for a brief time. Lyger Kid enters and he delivers a Japanese arm drag on Krazee. He decks Krazee with a clothesline, which sends him over the top ropes. Knightmare tags in Skull. Skull looks at him, and he steps into the ring. He DECKS KNIGHTMARE. Knightmare head bounces off the mat, as Skull picks him for a POWERBOMB! He rolls outside of the ring as Will makes the cover 1, 2, 3.

On the outside Skull picks up a steel chair and re enters the ring as Real Deal, Will Schmidt, and Lyger Kid are standing in the ring. Skull charges at all three men. He cracks Lyger kid, and Will Schmidt with the chair. Both men's heads are hit hard with a malicious attempt. They hit the mat hard. Skull swings wildly at Real Deal. However, Real Deal ducks out of the way and he takes a swing at Skull who is jacked. He follows up with a clothesline, but the big man reverse him into a big foot witch lays Real Deal on the mat.

Skull places the chair right on the throat of Real Deal who is gasping for a breath of fresh air. With a sedated and psychotic look in his eyes, Skull leans back and releases the hold. He exits the ring as Real Deal is coughing and spitting. He waves his hand at Real Deal and Real Deal eyes are locked down on Skull.

The Offer of an Alliance:
Meioh paces the outside area of the building that is currently hosting tonight's Oblivion event. Staring down at the gravel below his boots, his hands are molded into fists and his face is as cold as stone. Entering the scene, Temujin stares at Meioh, who merely stares back, unsure.

Temujin: I'm not here as a threat, Meioh. Not at all. I just want to talk.

Meioh's eyes narrow as he stares emotionlessly at Temujin.

Temujin: Listen... I saw what happened at Reckoning Day, man. I'm sorry for your brother...

Meioh takes a deep breath, recollecting the events that happened last week, that led to the serious injuring of his brother.

Temujin: I know what it's like, Meioh. I really do. I know what it's like to have such a strong determination to your faith. I too share that faith, Meioh. I know how important it is and I can't even begin to comprehend how hard it must be to choose between that and your own blood brother...

Meioh remains silent, looking back down toward the ground.

Temujin: I know you've got it pretty bad with Wolfson right now... I knew him back before SHOOT, and I know how he thinks. He's always been a man with a very short fuse and ever since the Ariel ordeal, it's almost as if he's snapped. I know he took your power here in SHOOT, and I also know that you want it back. I can help you get it back, Meioh. I'm offering to stand beside you. I don't believe in Wolfson. I don't believe in Helsley either. I believe in you. I don't know what the rest of the roster thinks of this whole ordeal, and to tell you the truth, I don't much care. I may not have been here from the start, but trust me, I've seen the tapes and I know what kind of organization this place was before Wolfson was put into power. I want that place back. That's where I want to be. Not in this hell hole.

Looking up at Temujin, Meioh raises an eyebrow unsure of the man standing before him.

Temujin: I'm refereeing the main event tonight. That was my call. After seeing what Diamante and Boyer did last week, the last thing I want to see is a repeat of that. I'll make sure everything goes smoothly. I can understand you must be feeling pretty weird right now, and I can respect that. I just want you to know that not everyone in SHOOT is against you. No matter what, you've got backup.

Temujin turns and heads toward the building, leaving Meioh standing behind. Narrowing his eyes, Meioh stares at Temujin as he disappears into the building.

Chris Lee v. Master Molde
Rising Star #1 Contendership

Master Molde is first to appear, the former Rising Star Champion. Molde made a good Champion of the ladder. A lot of people will agree with that. He knows this. A lot of people feel that his reign was cut short too early, by one Temujin. Master Molde looks to regain the status of a Triad Champion tonight, as he faces Chris Lee, the current Rule of Surrender Champion, in a ladder match for the right to be called the #1 Contender to the Rising Star Championship. Molde makes his way down to the ring now, looking to his left, then to his right, using his facial gestures to assure those in attendance tonight that he will, indeed, leave this building successful. Molde hops up onto the ring apron, climbing through the ropes and pausing in the ring, looking up and down the shiny silver ladder that is currently standing in the center. Molde finally makes his way to his corner, as Lee's music hits.

"The Boss" Chris Lee steps out into view, the SHOOT Rule of Surrender Championship over his left shoulder. He pauses just after walking into view, to look the small crowd over. He remains silent, collected and still. Finally, Lee hoists his title up into the air, roaring out over the cheers of the crowd. They are pumped for this upcoming bout. He is pumped for this upcoming bout. Chris Lee has been the reigning Rule of Surrender Champion for weeks now and has defended it successfully each time he's had to. Tonight, Chris Lee looks to add to his Triad Title reign. He looks to become the Rising Star Champion, thus moving him one step closer to that Triad Championship. Lee is determined tonight, holding the Rule of Surrender Championship over his head as he makes his way toward the ring. Lee pauses at ring side, handing his title off to a ring hand. Hopping up onto the apron with one knee, he climbs through the ropes, pausing at the ladder where Molde meets him. The two exchange a fist punch, and the bell is rung.

The two men circle each other now, keeping the ladder between them. Looking through the rungs, both men size eachother up, trying to throw one another off by the looks in their eyes. Finally, Molde pushes the ladder forward, sending it flying toward Lee. Lee dodges the silver bullet, following up with a standing side kick, connecting with Molde's jaw and sending him rocking. Molde stumbles backward into the corner, where Lee, still fired up, begind stomping away at his chest, forcing him down to the mat. Lee backs up and delivers a hard right fist to Molde's jaw, before walking away. Molde lies in the corner, shaking his head in order to shake the cobwebs from it. He pulls himself up and heads toward Lee. The two lock up now, Lee breaking the hold and whipping Molde toward the ropes. Molde hops over the ladder upon running back, dodging Lee's clothesline. Lee rushes toward the ropes on the other side, both men crossing the ring in different directions. Molde attempts a clothesline, Lee ducks. Lee attempts another clothesline, Molde ducks. Molde attempts a clothesline, Lee ducks. Molde stops, and delivers a roundhouse kick, connecting with Lee and knocking him to the mat.

Molde lits Lee to his feet, who is a bit stunned by the roundhouse he was just hit with. Locking Lee, he lifts him into the air in a suplex position and holds him there. After a few seconds, Molde falls forward, planting Lee into the mat with a face-plant suplex. Lee shows signs of pain, rolling about the ring. Molde scoops him up once again, lifting him back to his feet. Molde once again locks Lee, lifting him up with the same hold and once again hitting the same exact move. Finally, Molde lifts him up again, locking him into the hold for a third time. Molde lifts Lee up and holds him there, smiling. Suddenly, Lee shifts his body and slides behind Molde, connecting with a reverse neck-breaker on the way down. Molde lands on the fallen ladder, holding the back of his head in pain. Lee slowly climbs to his feet, stumbling on the way up. He picks the ladder up now, bringing the upper-portion of it down onto Molde's chest. Finally, he sets it up over Molde's fallen body and begins to climb it's rungs.

Molde struggles below the ladder, staring up at Lee who is making his way toward the envelope hanging on the hook above. Lee glances downward at Molde, who stares right back up at him, struggling wildly to escape his metal prison. Lee takes another step, then another. Finally, Molde is able to squirm out of below the ladder, and wastes no time pushing the ladder over, and thus toppling Lee over the top rope to the floor below. In a rage, Molde lifts the ladder up over his head and tosses it out of the ring, the steel crashing over Lee's back. Lee falls down to the floor, leaving Molde in the ring alone. Looking up at the hook, Molde places his hand over his eyes in frustration. Had he not tossed the ladder out of the ring in his fit of rage, he'd be able to scurry up it right now to secure the win. Shaking his head, Molde slides out of the ring and walks over to Lee where he lifts him to his feet. On the way up, Lee counters with a thundering uppercut that rocks Molde back. Finally, Lee dives forward and spears Molde into the ring apron.

Molde stumbles forward, holding his lower back in pain. Lee grabs him by the head, tossing him into the crowd barrier. As Molde bounces backward, Lee catches him and scoops him up, dropping him down on his knee with a powerful backbreaker. Lee picks the ladder back up now, looking down at Molde on the floor. Favoring his back, Lee nods at Molde, almost if that backbreaker was retribution for the ladder into the back Lee felt just minutes earlier. Lee slides the ladder into the ring and follows closely behind, setting the ladder up once more. Lee places one boot on the bottom rung of the ladder, glancing out at Molde who is now making it to his feet. Knowing that he won't be able to get up the ladder before Molde reaches the ring again, Lee slowly climbs it anyway, keeping his eyes locked on Molde. Master Molde slides into the ring upon noticing Lee's presence on the ladder, which is when Lee shifts all his weight forward, bringing the ladder, as well as himself, crashing down onto Molde. Lee had planned this attack all along.

Lee, like a cat, lands on his feet. Molde, however, lies on the mat, holding his face which has been busted open when the ladder crashed into it. Tossing the ladder to the side, Lee lifts Molde to his feet and hoists him over his shoulder. Finally, he steps forward and drops Molde's shoulder across his knee. Molde rolls away, grasping his knee as Lee drops a leg across his chest. Lee steps away now, pacing the ring in an attempt to survey the situation and come up with an attack that will secure the win. After a few moments, he stops and turns back toward Molde. Lee walks over to the ladder and lifts it up. He carries it toward the closest corner and climbs up one rope as Molde slowly makes it to his feet. Molde is to his feet as Lee makes it to the second rope, the ladder still in his grasp. Lifting the ladder above his head, Lee dives off the ropes in an effort to bring the ladder crashing down onto Molde. Molde, however, quickly dropkicks the ladder, knocking it back into Lee's face.

Grasping his face with both hands, Lee stumbles about the ring. Stopping, he removes his hands from his face and looks at them, staring coldly at the blood staining them. Turning around in a fit of rage, Lee is met by Molde, who lifts him up and slams him to the mat with a sidewalk slam. Molde, in exhaustion, drops down to the mat along with Lee. Both men lie motionless on the mat, their chests being the only thing moving as they pound up and down. The referee begins his mandatory ten count, looking down at the two men on the mat. It's not until six when Lee starts to stir. He grabs a hold of the ropes, pulling himself up slowly. Noticing this, Molde follows in suit, not wanting Lee to get the advantage again. The envelope up above sways slightly from the wind blowing throughout the building as the two warriors below get to their feet. Both men race toward eachother now, exchanging blows to the head. They lock up, the bloody warriors do, with Lee sending a knee into Molde's midsection.

Lee quickly locks Molde up, flipping him backward with a double underhook suplex. Lee then lifts the ladder up, and places it in the corner furthest from Molde. Lifting him to his feet, Lee whips Molde into the ladder. Molde, having hit the ladder at a fast pace, leans up against it winded. Racing to the corner directly across from Molde, Lee pauses for a moment until he locks eyes with Molde. Finally, he races toward Molde, who dives out of the way. Hopping up, Lee races up the rungs of the ladder, diving off the top and turning around in the air. Extending his arms as far as they will go, Lee clips the envelope from the hook and clutches it into his chest. Since he is not known for such moves, Lee doesn't execute it as well as someone such as Erik Boyer would, so Lee misses his landing and topples over the top rope, landing on the floor below.

Down on one knee in the ring, Molde looks out at Lee on the floor, the envelope lying next to him. Shaking his head in disappointment, Molde rises to his feet as the bell is sounded. Slowly, Molde climbs out of the ring and drops down to the floor. Standing just beside Lee, who is apparently near unconsciousness from the fall, Molde reaches down and lifts him to his feet. Lee gains his balance and takes a step back, fighting to stay conscious. He gets into a defensive stance. Molde picks the envelope up from the floor and looks down at it in his hand. Finally, he slaps the envelope into Lee's chest, Lee grasping it. Nodding, Molde turns, and walks toward the back. Lee drops down to his knees staring at the envelope, as his Rule of Surrender Championship is placed over his right shoulder. Chris Lee is the #1 Condender to the SHOOT Rising Star Championship, and will move on to face Temujin.

Man For Hire:
A knock is heard at Wolfson's trailer door. Holding his hands on his head, Wolfson shoots a look at the door.

Wolfson: God DAMN it! NOW who???

The door swings open, and The SHOOT Project Champion Erik Boyer climbs up the steps and enters.

Boyer: Hey boss... Just talked to Skull. He said you were looking for someone to do a... job... for you.

Looking at Boyer in relief, Wolfson replied.

Wolfson: Oh... Finally someone I can trust. I thought it'd be that pain in the ass partner of yours Stoned Cold again.

Wolfson pauses for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

Wolfson: Actually, yes, I have been looking for someone to handle a job for me. What do you have in mind?

Grinning, Boyer looks down at the golden title on his shoulder, then back to Wolfson.

Boyer: For one... That's ex-partner. But to the point... I'll tell ya, boss... Azrael had no idea what he had going for him. Remember when I was, ya know, keeping the title around his waist for him? I'm the reason he was Champion for as long as he was, and I'm the reason he's no longer the Champion. I did my job just as I said I would. And I did it successfully.

Pausing, Boyer again looks down at the title on his shoulder.

Boyer: As you can plainly see.

Tilting his head, Wolfson replies.

Wolfson: What is it you're offering here, Erik?

Boyer: Pretty simple. It's no secret that The Express and yourself have had some sort of personal war that's raged on for years now. And while that's all fine and dandy as far as I'm concerned, I mean, that's your business... What I can offer you is not only an end to that war, but a win on your part to that war. You want The Express taken out, I'll do it. Not like Azrael, mind you. I'll do it successfully.

Pausing, Wolfson ponders the offer for a moment. Grinning, he extends his hand.

Wolfson: Handle it.

Smiling once again, Boyer takes Wolfson's hand.

Boyer: Consider it done.

The Express/Jim Helsley v. Erik Boyer/Cronos Diamante

Just after the match is announced, Cronos Diamante steps out from behind the curtain, followed by the SHOOT Champion, Erik Boyer. Diamante heads straight for the ring, as Boyer lags behind in order to shove the title over his shoulder into the face of every man and woman in attendance. Diamante is the first to climb through the ropes. He stands center ring, despite the orders from the special guest referee Temujin to arrive at his corner. Instead, Diamante awaits Boyer's ring entrance. Once Boyer climbs through the ropes, he places the SHOOT title on Temujin's shoulder, ordering him to take good care of it. Tossing it out of the ring Temujin again orders the two men to their corner. Boyer obviously doesn't appreciate the fact that his title has been tossed in such a fashion, and is immediately in Temujin's face. Temujin, however, merely smiles until Diamante lures his partner to their corner.

Next, The Express and Jim Helsley arrive. The Express gets a pretty good reaction from the small crowd as he makes his way down to the ring. He locks eyes with both Boyer and Diamante, who begin their round of pre-match taunting. Temujin warns both men to remain in their corner, as Express hops up onto the apron. The Express climbs through the ropes, alerting Temujin that he will be the man to start the match for his team. On the other side, Diamante volunteers to begin things. Boyer climbs out onto the apron.

Temujin calls for the bell, but just before it rings, Diamante is speared down to the mat by a man from the crowd. Diamante opens his eyes in shock, staring at the face of Taurus who has just made his return to The SHOOT Project. He appears extremely fired up, stomping down onto the chest of Diamante until Diamante rolls out of the ring where he is met by Boyer. Both men stare up into the ring in both confusion and rage. Temujin merely shrugs his shoulders as he looks to Helsley, who is currently holding a microphone.

Jim Helsley: Hey, what can I say? Wolfson was right, I'm too old for this crap. I'm no wrestler. Not anymore, anyway. What I am is a business man. I'm the kind of guy who makes his money running a place like this. And come hell or high water, I will be running this place again, eventually. But I must digress. The point of tonight's match is to not only teach the two of you a very valuable lesson, but to announce the return of Taurus, who will be taking my place in this match tonight. Heh... And you two thought you were going to have it easy.

Helsley drops his microphone onto the floor, turns and walks away toward the back. Diamante and Boyer appear quite irate at the news of the change in their match, unsure if they still want to compete in tonight. However, thanks to Temujin's warnings of a disqualification, Diamante once again climbs into the ring and rushes Taurus. Diamante's clothesline misses, however, and Taurus retaliates with a series of fists to Diamante's face that rocks him back. Taurus grabs Diamante by the arm and whips him to the ropes now, sending him to the mat with a back elbow. Diamante scrambles to his feet just as Taurus locks him in a suplex. Diamante blocks the suplex, and muscles Taurus toward the corner where Boyer drops an elbow across Taurus' traps.

Diamante follows up with a snapmare, flipping Taurus onto his back. Diamante then drops to his knees and puts a choke-hold onto Taurus. Temujin immediately breaks the hold, prompting Diamante to get into his face. Temujin merely turns his back to Diamante and Diamante turns him back around. Temujin then pushes Diamante back, and Taurus rolls him up. 1... 2... Kick out!

Diamante again scrambles to his feet, this time rolling to the corner and tagging Boyer in, who was waiting on the top of his turnbuckle and dives off, connecting with Taurus and sending him flying across the ring. Boyer then connects with a kick to the mid-section of Taurus as he hops to his feet, following up with a nicely executed DDT. Boyer lifts Taurus to his feet and whipe him to his corner, where Diamante has had his boot resting on the top rope. Taurus connects with Diamante's boot, snapping back onto the mat. Boyer hops over Taurus' body, running up the turnbuckle and backflips, connecting with a fast moon-sault into a pin. Temujin hits the mat to make the count. 1... 2... Kick out!

Boyer once again lifts Taurus to his feet, this time whipping him to the ropes across the ring. Taurus grabs onto the ropes to stop himself, and dives to the corner where he tags The Express in. Express rushes the ring, sending Boyer to the mat with a clothesline. As Boyer hops to his feet, he is sent down again until Diamante brings both fists down onto the back of The Express. Both Diamante and Boyer stomp down onto The Express. Temujin again intervenes, pulling Diamante back toward his corner. Meanwhile, Boyer drops an elbow across Express' chest and locks in a headlock. The Express muscles out of it after a few seconds, and both men scramble to their feet. They lock up and Express gains the advantage by sending a knee into Boyer's midsection. He then drops Boyer to the mat with a round-house kick.

The Express lifts Boyer to his feet and rocks him back with a knife-edge chop. Boyer retaliates with one of his own, rocking Express back. Express follows up with another, and Boyer continues with a second of his own. Boyer flexes his chest waiting for another, and The Express cracks him in the jaw with a right hook. He quickly grabs Boyer around the waist and flips him over and down to the mat with a belly-to-belly suplex. Lifting Boyer to his feet, The Express again locks up and this time, lifts Boyer and drops him to the mat with an atomic drop.

*****Meanwhile, Outside*****

Jim Helsley has just concluded gathering his things from The Express' trailer and closes the door behind him. Walking through the gravel of the parking lot, he stops abruptly as Eric Wolfson appears in front of him. The two men remain silent for a few seconds, before Wolfson begins.

Eric Wolfson: Jim Helsley.... You old, worthless, washed-up son of a bitch...

Helsley looks down at the ground for a moment, smiling. Looking back, he replies.

Jim Helsley: It's good to see you too, Eric.

Wolfson's eyes narrow now, not finding Helsley funny at all.

Wolfson: You had yourself a match this week, Helsley. Taurus didn't. First of all, I never authorized any substitution, and I sure as hell never hired Taurus back. Just who the hell do you think you are?

Helsley cracks his neck for a minute, staring right back at Wolfson.

Helsley: You'll know soon enough, Eric. Soon enough...

The two men become silent again, but only for a few seconds. Wolfson raises his right hand, molding it into a fist.

Wolfson: You got me pretty good last week. I'll admit, my jaw was ringing all night. However, tonight is a different night. You got lucky, old man. How about tonight I bust *your* ass?

Smiling, Helsley replies.

Helsley: Do what you gotta go.

Without warning, Helsley cracks Wolfson in the jaw with a right, the same way he did at Reckoning Day. Wolfson hits the stones of the parking lot, holding his jaw in shock. Hopping back to his feet, the last thing he sees is Helsley hopping into his car and speeding off.

Wolfson: He did it again!! The old bastard fucking hit me again!!!

*****Meanwhile, Back in the Ring*****

Diamante is in control of Taurus now. Whipping him to the ropes, Diamante drops Taurus' back onto his knee, shooting pain all the way up Taurus' spine. Diamante whips Taurus toward the corner, where Boyer grabs him by the head and pulls backward. Taurus sore back is exposed, and Diamante sends fist after fist into Taurus' spine. Finally, Boyer drops down to the floor, bringing Taurus' neck down across the top rope and causing his body to snap back, allowing Diamante to connect with a reverse neckbreaker. Diamante immediately goes for the cover. 1... 2... Temujin stops the count, noticing Taurus' foot under the bottom rope.

Diamante doesn't agree with the call, so again he hops to his feet and gets into Temujin's face. Despite Boyer's calls of warning, Diamante doesn't notice The Express rushing him, and becomes the victim of a flying knee. Diamante is knocked back into the ropes, hitting them and then the mat. Taurus slowly crawls toward his corner, where he tags The Express back in. Express walks over to Diamante and lifts him to his feet. Lifting him up, he drops Diamante to the mat with a faceplant. He immediately goes for the cover. 1... 2... Boyer with the save!

After breaking up the pinfall, Boyer sends his boot into Express ribcage, allowing Diamante time to get to his feet. Both men execute a nicely timed double DDT. Boyer stomps down onto The Express' ribs once more before going back to his corner. Winded, Diamante lifts The Express to his feet and lifts him up. He then drops The Express' shin down across his knee. As The Express hits the mat holding his shin in pain, Diamante follows up with the same maneuver. Again The Express rolls on the mat tightly grasping his lower leg.

Diamante, proud of himself for inflicting such pain, raises his arms into the air getting a roar of boos from the crowd. Walking back to his corner, Diamante tags Boyer back in. The two men walk back over to The Express, and Diamante lifts him up, holding him since his shin is too sore to support the weight of his body. Diamante holds Express's arm up, leaving his ribs exposed. Instead of kicking him in the ribs, Boyer instead sends his boot into The Express' already injured shin. As Express hits the mat, Boyer begins stomping on his shin. Taurus climbs through the ropes to help his partner, but is stopped by Temujin. He hasn't been tagged in yet. Boyer lifts Express to his feet, and hits a chin breaker.

The Express is seriously low on resources now, needing a tag pretty badly. Knowing this, Boyer makes a pin, locking the leg. 1... 2... Taurus with the diving save! Temujin walks Taurus back to his corner, and Boyer gets back to his feet, just looking down at Express. Looking toward Diamante, Boyer chuckles and shakes his head as if The Express is no kind of challenge. Slowly, and ever so arrogantly, Boyer lifts The Express to his feet. Slowly, he locks him into position to hit his finisher. Out of nowhere, The Express sends his shoulder into Boyer's stomack, breaking the hold. Express follows up with a quick DDT.

Diving to his corner, Express slides in and extends his hand. After a second of not being tagged, he looks up to see Taurus nowhere to be found. Back on the outside, Taurus is lying on the floor, Eric Wolfson standing above him. Wolfson slides into the ring, lifting The Express up and hitting The Rule of Dominion. Now out, Express lies on the mat emotionless as Boyer scrambles for the cover. Locking The Express leg, Boyer looks up at Temujin to make the count, who merely crosses his arms, despite Wolfson's orders to count the pin. Shaking his head, Temujin begins to walk toward the ropes to exit, until Wolfson stops him. Again, Wolfson orders Temujin to count the pin. Temujin once again heads toward the ropes, until Wolfson grabs him by the shoulder and turns him around. Almost as if my instinct, Temujin levels Wolfson with a super kick, knocking him on his ass.

Holding his jaw in pain for the second time of the night, Wolfson lies up against the ropes, staring up at Temujin in shock. Diamante lifts Temujin up from behind and lifts him over his shoulder in a gorilla press, until Meioh clips the back of Diamante's knee. Temujin falls down on top of Diamante, who scrambles out of the ring along with Wolfson and Boyer. Boyer grabs his SHOOT title from one of the ring hands and follows his two partners as they slowly back up toward the ramp. Meioh and Temujin stand in the ring together, daring Wolfson, Diamante and Boyer to come back.

The Express is coming to now, and climbs to his feet. Upon realizing what has happened, he goes to thank Meioh, but to no avail. Meioh slaps The Express extended hand away and climbs out of the ring along with Temujin. Standing alone in the ring, The Express stares out at Meioh, as Taurus climbs into the ring to meet his partner.