February 3rd, 2002
Ammasscus, Greenland


[ They worked hard today. All of them. Just as they do everyday. Good jobs aren't very easy to find here in Greenland, especially ones that regularly offer overtime as much as this one does. Which is what the men who worked all day in this factory worked for today. All day, this building held it's same old function. Manufacturing a wide variety of goods that were regularly in demand in this country. ]

[ However, when the sun falls on Sunday, the 3rd of February 2002, this building will be host to a whole other kind of work. ]

[ Eric Wolfson, the man who has, for the past two months or so, been the President of The SHOOT Project, stepped out of the vehicle he had rented. Looking about the empty parking lot, he assured himself that all of those individuals that were not supposed to be a part of the current happenings inside this building had gone home, and only those that were a part, were inside. ]

[ Upon exiting the parking lot, Wolfson headed through a normally locked gate, which had mysteriously been left open. Almost as if for him especially. There, he was greeted by a dark-suited man of Asian decent. ]

"Welcome, Mr. Wolfson."

[ Wolfson nodded, once again looking about the building from outside. ]

"What is the report?"

.:[ Upon hearing the question, the shady-looking individual turned, and faced the factory. ]:.

"It appears to be clean. No bugs. No spies. No nothing."

[ Once again nodding, Wolfson replied. ]

"Good. And it will suffice?"

"Definately." [ Noticably pleased with his report, Wolfson now headed toward the entrance of the factory. Followed by the Asian man, he entered the factory and took a look around. ]

"You were hired as the head of security by the boss, Keichi. You're the man. I expect everything to go down smootly tomorrow, with no slips. You hear me?"

[ Keichi Kawada. A senior member of whatever syndicate that owned SHOOT. A good soldier and a master killer, he did his job well. His only downsides were that of his quick decisions and his willingness to end the life of any individual that crossed his line. Upon hearing Wolfson's doubt, Keichi appeared annoyed. However, he kept his cool because he knew Wolfson was his superior. ]

[ Nodding in approval, Wolfson began toward the cat-walk just up ahead, that over-looked the rest of the factory below. ]

"I thought you'd never get here."

[ Keichi quickly unvails his loaded pistol, aiming it forward, toward the sound of the voice that was just heard. Slowly taking a step forward, Wolfson lowers Keichi's weapon, glaring forward toward the darkness of the cat-walk. ]

"Clean sweep, huh?"

[ Keichi's eyes narrow upon hearing Wolfson's sarcasm. Suddenly, from above the cat-walk, a body drops from the ceiling. ]

"Let me tell you, Eric. These boys don't know shit about security."

[ Stepping into the light, Cronos Diamante begins to slowly walk toward Wolfson, who heads forward. ]

"How many times do I have to tell you, Cronos? Huh? How many times? You are not a part of The SHOOT Project, and you are banned from all venues. Ya know, I'm going to *have* to let Keichi here finally put a cap in your ass."

[ Laughing, Diamante replies. ]

"Don't worry, Eric. These sudden arrivals of mine will stop soon. Sooner than you think."

[ Raising an eyebrow, Wolfson replies. ]

"Is that so? I assume you're referring to your little "war" that you intend on bringing to The SHOOT Project?"

[ Smiling, Diamante replies. ]

"You've seem wars, Eric. Hell, we've fought side by side many times. We were through the hardest war of our lives together. But let me assure you... You have never seen what I've put together. This is something far more powerful than anything you've ever seen. Next week is Reckoning Day, am I correct?"

[ Wolfson nods. ]

"Then next week is when it hits the fan. Prepare yourself, Eric. Prepare The SHOOT Project. Next week it begins."

[ Diamante begins to walk off, walking past Wolfson. Before he can pass fully, Wolfson extends an arm, stopping him. ]

"You'd be surprised, Cronos. Even you are not fully aware of where I've been and what I've seen. No matter what you may have planned, know this. I will be there. I will be there when the bomb drops, and you better believe I'll stop it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, if you want to hurt The SHOOT Project, you'll have to go through me."

[ Standing there quiet, Diamante stares into the eyes of Wolfson for a moment. In a whisper, he replies. ]

"So be it."

[ Again walking off, Diamante heads toward the exit of the empty factory. Keichi's hand tightens on his pistol, looking to Wolfson for allowance to shoot Diamante. Shaking his head, Wolfson denies Keichi of the kill. As Diamante walks off, both men stare motionless. ]

End Transmission.

James: Oblivion is officially underway!

John: Definately... We have a hell of a stacked card tonight.

James: One of the most interesting matches of the night is that of our Main Event. Shaolin will team up with Temujin, who has been very impressive since his arrival to the SHOOT Project. On the other side, we have Meioh, and the new-comer KnightMare, who is apparently an extemely good talent, from what Eric Wolfson says.

John: We all know about the war between Shaolin and Meioh, and hopefully tonight those two will be able to at the very least burn off some of the frustration they both have been feeling for the past few months.

{The scene fades in, and we see Eric Wolfson, who is on the phone, sits at his desk in an office.}

Eric Wolfson: Yes, I know how you feel. I would feel the exact same way, in your situation. (Pause) Yes, I understand that too. (Pause) Yes, that too- I will talk to you soon. I have a show to run. Yes, thank for clearing that up. Good-bye-

{Eric Wolfson hangs up the phone, growls, and shakes his head.}

Eric Wolfson: Damn insurance people, I cannot have a fucking break from them, anymore.

{The door slashes open, and Eric Wolfson stands up immediately, as if he has been, shot. He glares up, and through a person in curiosity, motionless to move. Approaching the desk slowly is the trench-coated figure. Their face, now covered by a white-opera mask, along with their hat tilted’ unable to see any sign of this person.}

Eric Wolfson: Oh, it is you. What do you want?

{The figure stands still, for a few seconds, before speaking in the same computer-generated voice.}

Trench-Coated Figure: You are Eric Wolfson, I presume.

Eric Wolfson: Yes, you are correct.

Trench-Coated Figure: Then, you should be able to help me.

Eric Wolfson: Help you out; help you out with what?

Trench-Coated Figure: I want you to help me, have a match.

Eric Wolfson: A match, forget it; you are not signed under Shoot Project contract legally, to have a match.

Trench-Coated Figure: Eric, you will give me a match, or there will be hell.

Eric Wolfson: Forget it, pal, your request is, denied. Now, get out of my office before I whip your ass.


Eric Wolfson: Damn it, did you hear me? I said; get out of my office before I beat your punk ass! Your request for a match has been, denied; now you leave.

Trench-Coated Figure: We shall see about that.

{The trench-coated figure backs away slowly, and exits. Eric Wolfson still stares, before shaking his head in a weird, humorous way.}

Eric Wolfson: God damn wino.

James: Uhh... What?

John: Apparently the guy wanted a job.

James: Yeah, and when he was denied he didn't seem to take that answer too happily.

John: Who cares...

The camera does a birds eye view scan of the arena as we begin to hear words coming from the ghetto blaster…”They’re plan was to knock me out the top of the game…but I over stand they’re truth is all lame. I hold cannons that shoot balls of flame, right in their fat mouths then I carve my name….”Hate me now” by Nas starts to play and immediately the crowd rises to their feet, the vast majority booing but a few actually cheering given the revelations from Shoaling a couple of weeks ago.

Meioh slowly makes his way from behind the curtain along with his new partner Knightmare who wears a black leather jacket and black slacks similar to Meioh. Meioh appears to be in a somber mood tonight, not his arrogant self this time. His head is held down and his shades remain on inside of the building like he is present at a funeral. He reaches into the pocket of his jacket and pulls out a microphone. The crowd is still roaring, having not stopped booing since he showed his face.

Meioh: Please…please guys just give me a chance. Show me a bit if respect and let me speak.

(the crowd begins booing louder)

Meioh :This morning a lot of things changed for me. Someone sent me a very interesting tape that revealed a few things. It was the Shaolin promo tape from a few weeks ago. I watched it and my eyes were opened. I found out that all of this time this hasn’t been a war between me and Shaolin. But it was that son of a bitch Wolfson who was using other people to do his dirty work in an attempt to drive us apart. Through him and that cheap thug Wong , they made me think that I should take you out of this buisiness, and I was wrong for that. But today is a different day. A day of changes.

(Meioh paces back and forth a few times, rubbing his hand through his hair back and forth swiftly. Knightmare stands in the background doing some very insincere looking clapping)

Meioh : You see for a few months now there has been this small renegade regional promotion that has done everything in their power to disrupt things here at SHOOT. Well a few days ago I received a phone call from a young man. He told me that he was sorry for disgracing my name and wanted to pay me pack in servitude. He told me that there was nothing more that he wanted than to work in my promotion and join me in my course to form the wrestling industry in my great image.

(the crowd begins booing even louder, not following Meioh’s line of self serving bullsh*t)

Meioh: That young man was an angry embittered young man but he has seen the true path. Well what’re you waiting for? Come on out kid

(Meioh’s own “Hate me now” theme music begins to play again as our commentators speculate on who the young man could be)

John: Well James today in the production meeting there were rumors flying about Meioh acquiring the services of a former heavyweight champion of this particular regional wrestling promotion and….well I’ll be a sumunabitch,,,there he is!

(Walking under the curtain and joining Knightmare and Meioh is Sirius. A few of the fans in the audience recognize him, some responding with cheers. Sirius gives the *stink-eye* to Meioh, probably somewhat annoyed at Meioh’s earlier comments.)

Meioh: Kid…whats your name again?

(Meioh puts the mic to Sirus’ face but quickly takes it away before he can utter a word. Sirius once again gives Meioh a bit of an annoyed look as Knightmare paces back and forth a bit covering his mouth to hide his snickering)

Meioh: Well names are not really important right now, what is important is that he has seen the wrong in his ways. Just like I have seen my wrong and hopefully you have seen the wrong in your ways my brother. Now kid…..

(turning back to Sirius again)

Meioh: I know what its like to be a young up and coming wrestler and you want some TV time.

(Sirius face sparks up a bit as he gets ready to finally get a word in and make a mark in the new promotion)

Meioh: Now kid, why don’t you tell all of these great fight fans out here, what is your purpose here in SHOOT.

(Meioh hands the mic to Sirius . Sirius looks out into the crowd with a smug look on his face, knowing that he has finally made it.)

Sirius: I know everyone out there wants to know how the hell did I end up in this place. Well despite what Meioh here is saying…

(Meioh quickly snatches the microphone from his hands)

Meioh: I’ll tell you why he’s here! He realized the error of his ways. Just like I realized the error of my own ways Shaolin. I want you to come out here and tell me that you forgive me. I want to shake your hand brother and let’s join together to form the force I know we can be. Together we can take back SHOOT from Wolfson. All I ask is that you…..

(“Ready or Not” by the Fugees plays as Shaolin makes his way out to the entranceway.)

John: Fans this is a moment that I know both men have been waiting for along with this crowd here tonight. From what we’ve seen it looks like maybe Mr. Wolfson was behind Meioh’s motivation to end the career of his own brother Shaolin. If all of this is true than our current boss is worse than Meioh ever was.

James: The thing is John, you cant place the blame on Wolfson without proof like that. But the fact is that Shaolin and Meioh have waged a bloody war already without even wrestling one match. It’s never a good thing to see a war between two brother but this one has certainly been an interesting one.

(Shaolin stands in front of Meioh, Sirius and Knightmare standing by his side. Shaolin looks with untrust at Meioh and to Knightmare and Sirius as well. Meioh motions with his hands for Knightmare and Sirius to back off and both men give Shaolin bit of space. Meioh hands Shaolin the mic. Shaolin drops the mic in a rush of emotion and hugs Meioh, Meioh overcome by shock stand with his arms by his sides with a surprised look on his face. A half smile comes over his face as he returns love to his blood brother with a pat on the back. Knightmare stands with his arms folded and a disgusted look on his face, having been upset regarding Meioh’s both Meioh’s apology to Shaolin and the current embrace of the two warriors. Knightmare walks back to the back area along with Sirius….)

John: James that was a moment I don’t that I’ll forget anytime soon *sniff* that was beautiful man.

James: Yeah whatever John. It doesn’t mean anything because in our main event tonight they’re still going to get in there and rip each other apart. You think Shaolin is going to forget Meioh having him shot?? He was trying to end Shaolins *LIFE* John. He’s never going to forgive him for that. You think Meioh is going to forget the 52 stitches that were put into his head as a result of Shaolin’s anger in the ring that one Oblivion? That hug was phony John and you know it.Both men are setting the other up by providing a false sense of security.

John: First of all James you have to realize that through thick and thin these guys are still blood brothers. As far as Meioh having Shaolin shot, we all know that was Wong’s doing. I don’t CARE what the police report says! And we don’t know whether Meioh sent Wong to do that or our controversial boss, Wolfson. As far as Shaolin sending Meioh to the hospital with a severe concussion… that sort of thing happens in this business all of the time. Both men have forgiven each other and hopefully they’ll make an effort to patch things up and move on in their lives.

James: If they can make it past tonights main event without killing each other…..

The Real Deal/Stonewolf v. Garrett Reid/Renegade

"After Me" by Saliva bursts through the meager P.A. system, and "Real Deal" Josh Johnson coes out from the backstage area, accompanied by his partner for the evening, Stone Wolf. They make their way to the ring amidst a chorus of boos, with very few cheers mixed in.

John: Well, these two certainly do look focused tonight James. It should be an interesting contest if Renegade and Garrett Reid can form a cohesive unit, as these to sem to have.

James: What makes you think Johnson and Stone Wolf are "cohesive"?

John: Well, for one they came out to the ring as a team, not as individuals, smart guy.

James: Point taken....jackass.

"Walk" by Pantera fills the ringside area...barely... as "Natural Born Killer" Garret Reid makes his way to the ring. He pauses outside and waits on the arrival of his partner.

"War is Coming" by 6 Feet Under plays as Renegade comes out to ringside.

James: Great song! i LOVE Six Feet Under!

John: Who?

James: Six Feet Under!

John: Oh...THOSE guys....never heard of em.

James: Jackass.

John: Well, both teams are in the ring now, so let's get this match under way. It appears as if Renegade will start against Stone Wolf.

Renegade and Stone Wolf move to lock up, but just as they are about to, Renegade lifts a knee into Stone Wolf's midsection, sending him reeling. Stone Wolf catches himself before he falls though, and answers with a kick to the groin of Renegade.

James: Well, i guess Renegade'll be using the complimentary ice bucket quite alot in his room tonight!

John: That had to hurt.

Renegade is doubled over, and Stone Wolf follows up on his advantage, leveling Renegade with an axe kick to the back of his head. Renegad ends up face down on the mat, and Stone Wolf immeditely begins to stomp him. His vicious stomps come down hard on Renegade, who cannot defend himself. The referee finally breaks it up as Renegade manges to reach the ropes. Stone Wolf uses this opportunity to tag his partner in. "Real Deal" Josh Johnson steps through the ropes, and the few females in the audience voice their approval.

James: The ladies LOVE this guy!!

John: I'm not sure i'd want a quarter ton gal with one tooth chanting my name, ya know?

Johnson wastes no time getting over to Renegade, and lifting him from the canvas. Backing off a bit, Johnson gets a running start, and nails a Tornado DDT. Renegade goes down, and Johnson cover him immediately. the referee's hand pounds the mat twice, but no more, as Garett Reid makes the save.

Johnson is stunned long enough for Renegade to recover slightly. Renegade crawls to his corner, where Reid has returned and is waiting for a tag. Tag made, and Reid enters the contest for the first time. Johnson makes it back to his feet, in time for a face full of fist from Reid. Reid pushed Johnson back into a corner, and Reid locks in and hits a Belly to Belly suplex. Johnson is sprawled out on the mat, and Reid climbs to the second turnbuckle, turns, and goes for his second rope legdrop. At the last instant, Johnson is able to move out of the way, and Reid finds nothing but mat on his way down.

John: Now THERE's a pain most folks don't have to put up with!

James: Really? I'm not a wrestler, and you're STILL a pain in MY ass!!

Johnson is up, and stomps Reid in the chest, as he lays there in pain. Johnson heads for his corner, and tags in a refreshed Stone Wolf.

Stone Wolf goes to work on Garrett's prone body, not allowing him to get up. Raining kick after kick down on his head, Stone Wolf is like a man possessed. Renegade has seen enough, and comes in to break it up. Before the referee can restore order, Johnson is in as well. The match has broken down into a brawl.

John: The referee must restore order here! This is becoming a back yard brawl!

Kicking Stonewolf in the mid-section, Renegade breaks his momentum and whips him into the corner.

James: The 1945!!!

Renegade swiftly makes the cover, as The Real Deal continues to pound Reid, oblivious of the pin. 1... 2... 3!!!!

John: Renegade scores the win!!

{The lights go out at the end of the match. Garrett Reid is still in the center of the ring, trying to recover from the tag team battle.}

James: Hold up’ what is going on now?

{After a few seconds, Garrett Reid is standing in the ring, still. Behind him - the trench-coated figure.}

James: Holy shit’ Garrett Reid, get out of there!

John: The trench-coated figure said there would be hell, if Eric did not give him a match, and-

{Garrett Reid turns around, and the trench-coated figure throws his black-gloved hand around his throat.}


James: The trench-coated figure, he takes Garrett Reid up, and slams him down with a gigantic choke slam.

John: Did you hear the shake of the ring?

James: Yes, I did. Renegade charges back in the ring, and he goes for the trench-coated figure, but- OH NO, ANOTHER CHOKE SLAM!

{“Bodies” by Drowning Pool blares over the pa speakers. The trench-coated figure stands straight. “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson, standing at the top of the stage, glares through the trench-coated figure. The trench-coated figure glares back, through the opera-mask.}

John: Well, it looks like the trench-coated figure got his match.

{The lights go out again, flicker a few times as Josh and the trench-coated figure stares through each other. The arena goes pitch black, and after a second, come back on to see the trench-figure disappeared.}

John: Okay, this is too strange.

James: Jesus-

Chris Lee v. Massicrist

John: Welcome back to Shoot Project. This next match up is one that I have really been waiting for a long, long time. It pits the older school versus the next generation. Massicrist, a guy that has been through the trenches and has fought more blood baths then possibly any man in Shoot Project, will be fighting in his last match of epic proportion, does he have one horary left in his body; because he will be going head to head with a young-shot rookie who is looking to make a quick name of himself in Chris Lee.

James: Dayumit John, do you have to bore da livin Shaaait out of the viewers. Nobody wants to hear about dat crap! Chris Lee is going to wip da living crap out of Old Man Massicrist. You might as well call this Black Sunday. There’s going to be a funeral!

John: I see the alcohol is starting to plod your brain cell, whichever one is left over.

James: HAHAHA. Really funny butt-licker, why can’t you use one sense of intelligence nerd-boy; you are too much of a goody tutee, to have an optimistic look, don’t cha? Massicrist is past his prime as a matter of fact he’s been past it for years. Let’s look at the future, and what I see in the future is Chris Lee proving all of the critics wrong; believe me Jameson he will. He better I have five hundred dollars waging on this match with a lone shark named Ronnie.

John: You know, sometimes you really do act like a turd.

((Chris Lee and Massicrist locks up in the middle of the ring, a collar and elbow tie up Chris Lee uses a slight leverage to gain a go behind wristlock; he wrenches into the hole trying to crack and Snapple the bodily functions of the more masculine Massicrist. Massicrist turns reverse the hold and delivers a reverse vertical supple. Chris goes down hard and thud like to the mat. A trembling sound can be echoed throughout the arena. Massicrist is up to his feet preying his opponent.))

John: Massicrist definitely is a fighter. This guy has had to fight for every single inch in society. Survival is everything that he knows about, he ain’t no pretty rassler, who went to college on a rasslin scholarship, but he will bust your head open.

James: CHATTUP. Massicrist is not a register weapon who is very violently like you are trying to make dat suck nut out to “b”.

John: All I am saying is this is his environment, he knows how to fight in tha streets. You have to admit though, Massicrist does look sharp tonight.

James: Lick my ass and eat horseshit!

((John waves off what James has just said. Massicrist stalks over to where Chris Lee is situated. Lee makes his way back up to his feet, but he receives a halation mafia boot to the side of his chin. He goes down hard to the mat holding his jaw, which is swollen up. Massicrist lifts him up by his ears and locks him into a double underhook, which he turns into a divested power bomb, and goes for the cover.))

John: Oneee



James: I told ya da kid has a lot left inside of him.

((Chris Lee pulls himself up from the mat onto the ropes but Massicrist is right behind him, he delivers a double axe handle to the back of Lee. Lee, trenches his back in pain, agony, and great distress, he Irish whips Chris over to the far corner, and comes charging in, but a big foot, by Lee; he follows up with a top rope bulldog on Massicrist. Massicrist is out on the mat. Chris turns him over and goes for the cover.))

John: One.

James: Powerout by Massicrist, he just should a great deal of strength.

((Chris Lee bounces off the ropes as Massicrist makes it to his feet, and delivers a dropkick to the side of Massicrist head. He follows up with a snapping elbow drop right on the pinpoint of the chest area. Massicrist is holding his chest in a great deal of pain; he is gasping for air.))

James: Heehaw, the old man looks like he needs an Oxygen kit!

John: That isn’t funny how would you like if someone nearly beats tha hell outta U. I beta you would be cryin and moaning like a puppy down Whor.

James: As long as I have my drink I will be perfectly fine.

John: What tha hell are you talking about?

James pulls out a freshly new bottle of Jimmy Beam. He polishes it up with his white, handkerchief!

James; AWWWW. Dis is my baby.

John: That is only trouble, and you need to put that thang away!

James: C’mon John you sound like you wanna have sum kind of freaking wet, and wild night out at Centerfold. I’m flatter, but I’m not your type,

John: Listen here you ho-

James: Anywayz back to the match. Look at how saweet Chris Lee is looking.

((Chris Lee picks up Massicrist and snap mares him over. He attempts a roundhouse kick, but Massicrist snatches the leg out of mid air and yanks, Chris Lee’s body out. He locks on an inverted ankle lock. Lee is screaming for help, as he is trying to reach for the ropes. Massicrist finally lets go))

James lifts up an opened bottle of Jimmy Beam, and pours it into his coffee. John looks on in full disgust and just shakes his head with full disapproval.

James: Whew that sure was a close one; I thought I was out three hundred buck. Hey, you want a sip Jamie boy?

John: There is a reason why Betty-ford Center was created, for Alcoholics like you.

James: Heck, I’m not allowed to have a good time. I guess you believe in the good morals of no drinking, no smoking. Live a clean, cut life. What fun would dat be? I need to go to the crazy horse ever week for my pleasure. I love to P-A-R-T-Y! I am not any square like you, I’m just a pimp daddy playa.

John: No, you need to seek professional help for your drinking problem. Shoot Project must be the only company where we allow drinking on the job.

James: Your just jealous. Like I said do you want a sip.

John rolls his eyes at James, who starts to poor more Jimmy Beam into his tall black coffee mug. He glances the cup to John, and slowly sips it down with enjoyment.

John: FORGET IT! This is a dead issue. You got some serious problems sunshine.

James starts humming” Take me out to the ball game,”

((Chris Lee is holding his left ankle, as Massicrist picks him up in a fireman’s carry. He plants him down into Diamond DDT. Chris Lee neck looks like it was snapped into a twig. Massicrist, locks on a Scorpion deathlock, he wrenches all the way back. Lee is in the middle of the ring, trying to push his way over to the ropes, but he is dragged back to the center of the ring. Chris Lee pushes himself up and reverses the hold into a variation of the STF. Massicrist is screaming an enormous amount of pain in his body. Lee drops the hold suddenly and kicks Massicrist Square in his ribs. He kicks Massicrist like a prostitute who is dead. Chris Lee lifts him up to his feet, and he delivers a brain buster that sends shockwaves through the body of Massicrist. He goes for a quick cover. 1, 2, 2/5. Massicrist kicks out))

John: That is one tough sunyabitch! This is stuff that legends do over a period of time. There is a never say die, or surrender in this mans body. Look at the hunger and strive he is showing to get up and go and fight for that extra length.

James: Stupidly more like it! ARGGGHHH

John: Dude, your breath smells like cheap booze. Lay back on the Alchy.

((Chris Lee is pondering to the referee; Massicrist lifts himself up one more time to the ropes. He see’s Chris Lee coming full speed ahead, Massicrist delivers a thunderous left clothesline, that sends Lee down to the mat. He begins to pummel Lee on the mat with a furious of fist to Lee’s face. He tries to cover up from the massacre that Massicrist is delivering, but he can’t. Massicrist lifts him up and tosses him head first into the ring post. Blood begin to shred and drip from his forehead. Lee is holding his face as the blood is flowing rapidly. Massicrist kicks Lee to the gut and delivers a malicious piledriver into the hardmat. He goes for the cover 1, 2, KICKOUT BY a bruised and bloody Chris Lee. Massicrist gives the end signal for Lee. He lifts up Chris Lee for a power bomb, but a lowblows by Lee, he chop blocks Massicrist, by his knee. Massicrist holds his left knee, and Lee goes for the cover. 1, 2, 3.)


John: My god! It is over.

James: Massicrist is history long live the king. WHEWWW.

((Chris Lee rolls to the outside, as Massicrist stands in the middle of the ring with his head bowed down and his fist is pumped up in the air. A roarous ovation of “Massicrist” breaks out in the crowd.))

John: We will miss you bro. You were one of the greatest wrestlers and fighters that I have ever seen. Good luck!!

KillaCrowe v. Will Schmidt
Dojo Championship

James: People, we are ready for our Dojo Championship, this evening.

John: Is it just me, or does the Dojo Championship not have the proper respect.

James: Wow John’, look at who holds the title. Yes, I agree, it deserves better respect.

{“Come and Die” by Fatal and Therapy, blares over the pa speakers. The fans boo, as Will Schmidt walks to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing the challenger - weighing in at 218 pounds - Will Schmidt!

{“Chop Suey” by System of a Down blares over the pa speakers. The fans stay quiet, as KillaCrowe walks to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing the champion - he holds the Dojo Championship, weighing in at 269 pounds - KillaCrowe!

John: In the words of Randy Long, “Kill Crowe, Kill Crowe, and Kill Crowe!”

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

James: Will Schmidt and Crowe square off. Will hits a knock on Crowe, followed by another. Will bounces off the ropes and charges Crowe down, with a clothesline. Will goes for an early cover.


Kick out’

John: Will brings Crowe back up; he bounces him off the ropes. Will goes for another clothesline, Crowe ducks, Will turns around, and Crowe sends continuous punches to Schmidt's face. One, Two, Three, Four, Five-

James: -and six, Will Schmidt is down. Crowe bounces off the ropes, again, and splashes Will Schmidt with a running elbow. Crowe goes for a cover-


James: Hold up’ Will Schmidt had his foot on the ropes. Crowe raises Will Schmidt’s head, and pounds his face furiously, again. Crowe brings Will to his feet, but Will pushes him away, and dives Crowe over the top-rope.

John: Kick ass, Crowe hits the floor like a splashed sausage. Crowe is on his feet’ but there goes Will Schmidt. Will Schmidt flew toward Crowe, knocking him back off his feet. Will brings Crowe back to his feet, and Irish whips him to the steel-step(s). Ouch, Crowe is being, killed out here. This is why, gay(s) are not, allowed in wrestling. Well, except for lesbians, lesbians fucking rule.

James: Damn right, John’ lesbians are cool! Will Schmidt rolls Crowe back in the ring, now. He pulls up the ring apron and digs for toys.

John: Toys’, like, lesbian toy(s)?

James: No James, I mean- oh never mind!

John: Ha-Ha, vibrators rule.

James: Will Schmidt have a pair of nun-chucks. It looks like Will Schmidt -is- sending Crowe to the dojo. Crowe stands up, he charges for Will, and Will strikes Crowe with the nun-chuck’ followed by a shot, to the back of the head. Will Schmidt climbs over Crowe, wrapping the nun-chuck around Crowe’s throat. The referee tries to break off the hold. My God, he is going to kill him.

John: That -is- the whole point. After a minute, Will Schmidt breaks the hold. He taunts Crowe to stand up, waiting for another shot. If Will Schmidt hits another nun-chuck shot, consider this match over, with.

James: Crowe stands up, Will Schmidt charges with the nun-chuck’ but Crowe catches the shot. Crowe kicks Will Schmidt in the stomach. He charges for the ropes, and comes back with a running bulldog. Crowe goes for a cover.



The- Kick out’

John: No way is Will Schmidt kicking out.

James: John that was a narrow escape,

John: I understand that, James. Crowe is back to his feet, he charges for the ropes, jumps on the second turnbuckle, and hits a Lion Sault. Crowe goes for another cover.



The- Kick out’

John: Shit, there is no way Will Schmidt is kicking out. Crowe might as well give up, on this match. However, Crowe will never give up. He thinks the Dojo Championship is such a big thing.

James: In the eyes of many, John, it is.

As Schmidt climbs back to his feet, he braces himself for the impact of the rushing KillaCrowe. However, the impact never arrives.

John: What the hell? The Real Deal just came out of nowhere and clobbered KillaCrowe with a steel chair.

The referee immediately calls for the bell and disqualifies Schmidt. Although he's angered by the fact that The Real Deal has gotten him disqualified, and killed his shot at the Dojo Championship, Schmidt rolls out of the ring, knowing The Real Deal has come for him. Immediately, he rushes toward the back.

James: The Real Deal isn't even going to bother to give chase. He's got something to say.

The Real Deal: Hold on a second, Will. I've got a little deal for you. Tonight, you had your shot at the Dojo Championship... And I'll admit, you were putting on a decent showing. However, I can't let you win that title. No, I think you would be a lot better off going for, oh, I don't know... My Iron Fist Championship!

John: What's he doing, offering Schmidt a shot at his title??

The Real Deal: C'mon, Will... Reckoning Day... I'm facing the winner of the Voodoo/Krazee match, so how about we make it a Triple Threat? Who knows, you could walk away a Champion...

Looking to his left, then his right, Schmidt looks back to the ring at Real Deal, a little unsure. Finally, he nods.

The Real Deal: Don't worry, it's already been cleared by the SHOOT higher-ups. You've been fucking with me for weeks. Weeks, Will. And it's got to stop. You have my woman. I want her back. Tell ya what. I'll bring the Iron Fist Championship, you bring my girl. Winner takes all.

At first, Schmidt shakes his head in dis-approval. However, once the "pussy" chants kick in, Schmidt agrees, reluctantly.

James: The Real Deal versus Will Schmidt versus Voodoo or Krazee for the Iron Fist Title at Reckoning Day??

John: Looks that way, James.

[ The outside trailer area. Lying on the gravel just next to his trailor, Chris Lee appears to be unconscious, his Rule of Surrender Title a few feet away on the ground.

[ Because of the darkness of the night, not much can be seen other than the silhouette of a man standing off in the shadows. Slowly, he turns and walks off, leaving Lee, his apparent victim, to the elements of the cold weather. ]

James: Who was that?

John: I don't know, but whoever it was, he laid Chris Lee out.

James: Odd... What kind of enemies does Lee have?

John: Who knows... In this place, it could have been anyone...

Krazee v. VooDoo
Iron Fist #1 Contendership


John: This is it, James. It is all over for the Real Deal. Sebastian Crow is taunting him, and soon, we will see a retaining Shoot Project Iron Fist champion.

James: The Real Deal stands to his feet, and Sebastian Crow-


James: He strikes the Real Deal back down, with the steel chair. Sebastian Crow goes for a cover-



James: What the' hang on a second, John. A longhaired man just reached through the audience, and pulled Sebastian Crow off the Real Deal.

John: Indeed, Sebastian Crow stands up and attacks the longhaired man. He pulls him over the guardrail, and tosses him in the ring.

James: Damn it, Sebastian, do not do this.

John: The longhaired man is pleading for mercy and-


James: What the’ a person in a black-suit charged in the ring and cracked a steel chair over Sebastian Crow’s head. Now, he is putting the Real Deal back in the ring, and Randy Long charges after him.

John: The longhaired man, he covers Sebastian Crow with the Real Deal, and-




**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{"After Me" by Saliva hits the PA and the crowd comes alive, popping insanely for their new Iron Fist champion - “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson.}


John: What are you saying, James. This is terrible. Sebastian Crow was, screwed, tonight.

James: Yes, but the question is’ by whom?

John: “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson, has been helped clear the ring. Sebastian Crow is finally coming to, and he does not look happy.

James: I would not imagine. Look at what is coming down the ramp-way, James.

{Sebastian Crow is sitting up, while Tammy rubs his back, in the center of the ring.}


{The four police officers walk down the ramp-way, and enter the ring. Sebastian Crow and Tammy Lee stand up, to greet them.}

Sebastian Crow: What is this?

Police Officer #1: Sebastian Crow, I am afraid you have to come with us.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah, on what charges,

Police Officer #1: For the procession of crack cocaine, and un-authorized weapon handling-

Sebastian Crow: -What?

Police Officer #3: Please, come with us sir. It will hurt worse.

Sebastian Crow: But, I have not done anything.

{The police officer’s handcuff Sebastian Crow, and lead him over the ropes. Tammy Lee follows, as Sebastian trash-talks the police officer’s up the ramp-way.}

Sebastian Crow: I have not done shit. I want a fucking lawyer, you bastards!


James: What was that all about?

John: I do not know. Folks, we are going to keep cameras on this. This is weird. The audience has fallen, silent. I am not sure what they are thinking.


John: Finally, we have coverage backstage.

{Sebastian Crow is being, walked to the opened door, on the police car.}

Sebastian Crow: I want a fucking lawyer.

Police Officer #2: You will have a lawyer, Sebastian. I promise you.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah, you had better make it soon, you son of a bitch.

Tammy Lee: Sebastian, what is going on?

Sebastian Crow: Tammy, I will be back. Do not worry. Go find Randy, and come to the police department.

Tammy Lee: Okay Sebastian-

{Sebastian Crow is, pushed in the back of the police car, as they shut the door. Tammy steps aside, as the trench-coated figure appears in front of Crow’s window. Sebastian looks up, and a long-stared look crosses his face. He goes in to a mad frenzy, and becomes angry.}

Sebastian Crow: (Shouting) You son of a bitch, you done this’ did you not? I will be back, and when I do, your ass is next! You fucking-

{Sebastian Crow continues to curse, as the police car drives off. Tammy approaches the trench-coated figure, and sighs.}

Tammy Lee: -You bastard.

Trench-Coated Person: Tell Sebastian, he should have been more careful next time.

{The trench-coated person laughs, and walks away slowly. A tear drops from the eye of Tammy.}


James: What you just seen, was a recap from last week’s Oblivion.

John: Interesting, now can we get on with the match?

James: Yes, sorry, I enjoy showing recent events.

John: So do I, but let us not are carried away here. What we seen last week' it is in the past.

James: John, have you not been paying attention to tonight’s show? Whoever that trench-coated figure is, the hell he or she will cause is only the beginning.

John: We will see to that. Now, let us go on with the match.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Audience of the Shoot Project- our next match is a Shoot Rules contest, and it is for the Iron Fist #1 Contender ship.

{“Swarm” by Dark Lotus blares over the pa speakers. The audience erupts in a mixed reaction, as Krazee approaches the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first- he is a former Iron Fist champion holder, weighing in at 235 pounds, standing at a height of 6’1 - Krazee!

James: Krazee was once an Iron Fist champion ship holder. He was the man; Sebastian Crow defeated sometime a-go, for the title.

John: Yes, however tonight, he has a chance at getting back to the Iron Fist title.

James: First, he has to defeat Voodoo, and that will be a task.

John: Not exactly, true, James. You see, Krazee is competing against a skinny-ass Street Fighter rip-off, who claims to be an actual voodoo doctor.

James: I have not seen voodoo done, by Voodoo.

John: Exactly,

{“Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones blares over the pa speakers. The audience erupts in a mixed reaction, as Voodoo approaches the ring.}

John: Speaking of which, here he comes now.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second- weighing in at 147 pounds, at a height of 6’3 - Voodoo!

John: I think this man has his stats screwed up.

James: Oh, how do you figure that?

John: In reality, there cannot be a man, “-weighing in at 147 pounds, at a height of 6’3”. It is not normal.

James: I agree with you there.

John: Voodoo, change your gimmick’, it is annoying!

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

John: The bell sounds, and this match is under-way. Before Voodoo could stand to his feet, Krazee attacks him with a large boot. Krazee brings Voodoo to his feet, and bounces him off the ropes. Voodoo is Irish-whipped to the ropes, but he hangs on, and slides underneath the bottom-rope. He tries to escape the battle. Krazee baseball slides under the rope, and he hits Voodoo, hard in the chest. Voodoo lands against our desk, and here comes Krazee, throwing fists of fury to Voodoo.

James: He knocks Voodoo on the table.

John: Oh, shit’ no. I hate it when our competitors are this close, to the commentators table.

James: Krazee climbs on the commentators table, too. He sets Voodoo up between his legs. He is going for a power bomb, but wait a second’ Voodoo back flips Krazee, and Krazee lands on the concrete floor.

John: Holy shit’, how, in the hell did Voodoo attempt that?

James: What are you saying, John?

John: Well John, a man of Voodoo’s weight could never accomplish that in reality. I was just curious.

James: So true, John, and Krazee is back to his feet. Voodoo is still on the commentator’s table, and he brings Krazee back up.

John: This cannot be good.

{James and John, stand up from their seats.}

James: You can say that again, James. Voodoo strikes Krazee with a shot to the face, followed by another one. He tries it one more time, but Krazee catches a-hold of Voodoo’s arm, and he hits a neck breaker!

John: Holy shit, from the impact’ our table broke!

James: No shit, Sherlock, our table has been demolished. And’ Krazee, he goes for a cover in front of us.



The- Kick out’

James: Voodoo kicked out. Krazee brings Voodoo to his feet, and slides him in the ring.

John: James, our table is gone! This is madness out here.

James: Krazee climbs the turnbuckle. Voodoo is still out of it. Krazee goes for a frog-splash, but he misses, as Voodoo rolls out of the way! Voodoo is back to his feet. He knees Krazee in the face, followed by a leg-drop to the throat. He tells the referee to count.




{James and John, sit down in their seats.}

John: This match is kicking ass. Voodoo slides out of the ring, and lifts up the apron. He pulls out a trashcan, followed by some brass knuckles. He puts the brass knuckles on and slides back in the ring. Krazee is on his feet, but not for long, as Voodoo hits the brass knuckles against Krazee’s forehead. Krazee lands against the ropes, and Voodoo charges for another shot, but is, struck with a boot to the face.

James: Krazee does not give up. He follows it up with a charging clothesline, knocking Voodoo on his ass. Krazee bounces off the ropes, and hits a low drop kick to Voodoo’s face.

John: Watch Krazee now; he lowers himself on his knees, takes Voodoo’s own hand, and digs those brass knuckles in to Voodoo’s forehead. Ouch, that has to hurt.

James: Voodoo is stomping away at the mat, fighting the pain, as blood rushes from his head. Krazee is showing a lot of aggression here, which is good, showing how bad he wants this match.

John: The referee finally gets Krazee to release the hold. Krazee pulls off the brass knuckles and puts it on his own hand. Voodoo is back to his feet, but Krazee knocks him to the mat. Krazee takes off the brass knuckles, and slams a running elbow to Voodoo’s chest. Krazee goes for a cover-



Kick out’

James: Voodoo does not want to give. Neither man does.

John: One of them has to, soon. This match cannot get anymore hardcore, than it is all ready.

James: I am not sure, John. You could be surprised.

John: Yes, you never know. Krazee stands to his feet, giving Voodoo a chance to sit up. Watch the blood drip from Voodoo’s forehead, James. This ring will have to be, cleaned, once this match is over.

James: Krazee stands in the distance. Voodoo is on his feet, and he charges at Krazee with a sphere, sending him off his feet. Voodoo is feeling the rush. Voodoo’s aggression is hitting the roof now, and he pounds away at Krazee’s face. Krazee is trying everything to get out of this aggression, covering up.

John: Voodoo brings Krazee to his feet, and tosses Krazee over the top-rope. Krazee lands on the concrete floor. He stands up, just in time for Voodoo to leap with a frog splash of his own, over the top-rope.

James: Voodoo is furious. Voodoo is, pumped. He brings Krazee to his feet, and slams him against the steel guardrail. The audience is going crazy, as Voodoo continues sending Krazee’s face in the guardrail. Voodoo stops the shots, and hits a head-butt to Krazee, sending him off his feet.

John: Voodoo pushes up the apron, and pulls out some barbwire. He climbs on Krazee’s back, and wraps the barbwire around his throat, pulling Krazee up, choking him. My God, this match has gone extreme!

James: And’ you said it could not become anymore extreme, than it was.

John: I thought it could not have. Voodoo is pulling back, choking the life out of Krazee, as Krazee loses air fast. The referee pleads with Voodoo, to release the hold, but Voodoo is not listening.

James: Hold up a second’, Krazee stands to his feet. Voodoo is still hanging on Krazee’s back, pulling back as hard as he can, and choking Krazee furiously. Krazee charges back and he sends Voodoo in the guardrail. It did not work. Krazee is trying every objective to get Voodoo off his back, and- HOLY CRAP!

John: Jesus James; Krazee got Voodoo off his back.

James: Yes, he done it the hard way too. Krazee just fell backwards, and landed on Voodoo. It appears the impact landing, has released the barbwire from Krazee’s throat. Krazee grabs the barbwire, now. And’ HE WRAPS IT AROUND VOODOO’S MOUTH! OH MY GOD, THAT IS SADISTIC!

John: Krazee hangs on to the barbwire, and tosses Voodoo in to the ring post. Voodoo falls back, but Krazee lifts him back up, sliding him in the ring. Now, Krazee slides back in the ring. Voodoo pulls out the barbwire from his mouth, and attempts to climb back to his feet. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Krazee grabs Voodoo from behind in a full nelson. Voodoo tries cinching his way out, but a quick kick to the victim's ganitilia secures the

hold on tight.

James: A full nelson, what, the hell can he possibly get with that old-ass move?

John: Calm down there James, here, let me comfort you-

James: Um-

John: Here, just lean back and-


John: Fine, see if I try comforting you, ever again. Back in the ring now, Voodoo hangs limp in Krazee's painful full nelson. Slowly, Krazee begins dragging Voodoo to the side of the ring, with the full nelson still intact. Once by the ropes, Krazee lets out a catcall and begins pulling off a devastating move.

James: OH MY GOD,


James: Shut up John.

John: I will if you let me hit that-

James: John-

John: Okay, never mind then. Krazee lifts Voodoo off the ground in a full nelson slam mish, type fashion. While in midair, however, he flings Voodoo over the ropes, over the floor, over the crowd barrier, and into the crowd. He lands back first on the ground. After observing Voodoo’s motionless body for a moment, Krazee begins running across the ring and bouncing off the ropes. After doing this five or six time, Krazee somersaults over the upper rope, over into the crowds, landing a leg drop on the back of the slowly rising Voodoo. The crowd begins that great chant of OH MY GOD’ OH MY GOD!

James: WHOAH,

John: Let us go help them and their big manly selves!

James: Um- no John, let us stay. The referee beats John to the job and begins checking on the wrestlers in the crowd. Motionless, believing it as a double knockout, the ref begins the count.







James: It cannot end like this!

John: Slowly, ever so slowly, Krazee makes his way to his feet at the count of nine. The ref stops the count and Krazee begins picking Voodoo up. Holding Voodoo by the hair, Krazee shoots his fist into the air, signaling the time for his serial killing' finisher, the Season of the Pumpkin. He is going to do it! He is going to try to end the match right here! I am scared James! Hold me!

{James, with his head on his desk, replies.}

James: Not going to happen-

John: Krazee grabs Voodoo in a Tazz mision, but steps to the side, in a headlocked way. Taking off at a run, with Voodoo being, pulled' behind, Krazee makes for the barrier.

James: He is going to hit the barrier!

John: NO, he will damage his- **Cuff from James** -head! He will injure his head! Krazee dives, like a leg drop, feet first at the barrier still holding Voodoo. Krazee makes it all the way over the barrier, but Voodoo slams forehead first on the top. Krazee stands up and looks back at Voodoo. Blood gushes from his forehead like a waterfall. A slight grin crosses Krazee's face, but he is back on the attack. Hoisting Voodoo up, he drags him over the barrier and throws him into the ring.

James: I do not think Voodoo will be able to take anymore John! Krazee walks around the ring until he reaches the eastern side. Reaching under, Krazee pulls out a steel fold up chair. Chucking it into the ring, it lands right in front of Voodoo’s limp form. Krazee looks out to the crowd and begins taunting.

John: Krazee cannot afford to do that right now! Krazee slides back into the ring. However, from deep inside his body, Voodoo finds the energy to stand up and pick up the chair right as Krazee is sliding into the ring. Timing everything correctly, just as Krazee rises from entering the ring, he is, nailed, hard as ever, with the top rim of the chair, right in the forehead. Falling back with a bloody face, Krazee lies motionless. Exhausted, Voodoo falls down to the ground, chair still in hand. The ref starts the count.









James: At the count of eight, Voodoo rises to his knees. He crawls over to Krazee, and covers him. We could have a number one contender, here.



The- Kick out’


John: James, this match is un-real! This will indeed, go down in the Shoot Project record books, as a classic.

James: Both men are bloodied and battered, and neither is giving up quite yet. Krazee rolls Voodoo over; he goes for the cover-



The- Kick out’

James: These men will not give up, James. They have to be tired.

Once again, the referee begins his mandatory ten count.





Voodoo begins to stir.



Krazee grabs a hold of the ropes and begins to pull himself up.



Voodoo follows in suit.


Krazee makes it to his feet.


James: Krazee got back to his feet before Voodoo did! Krazee has won this SHOOT Rules match, and he's going on to face Will Schmidt and The Real Deal next week at Reckoning Day, for the Iron Fist Championship!!

{After a hard fault battle over Voodoo, for the Iron Fist #1 Contender ship, Krazee is, ready to exit the factory for his hotel. He is wearing his normal, every-day clothes, carrying his gym bag to the parking lot. He stops in an area of the parking lot, setting down his gym-bag and pulling out a cigarette. He must be waiting for somebody before leaving, as he lights the cigarette and takes a short puff.}

{Behind Krazee, in the shadow, the trench-coated figure walks away from blending in. Krazee takes another puff of his cigarette, and as soon as he takes it down, the trench-coated figure throws an arm over Krazee’s throat. His other arm guides his hand to Krazee’s mouth, with an alcohol-towel. Krazee fights his way from the attacker, but does not accomplish as Krazee slowly fades. The trench-coated figure lets Krazee drop to the floor. He stoops next to him, gathering up evidence. He reaches for Krazee’s hair, until-}

Stage Manager: Hey, you there-

{The trench-coated figure looks back, stands up, and runs off, leaving Krazee on the floor. The stage manager runs to Krazee, stoops down, and checks his pulse.} Stage Manager: (He shouts) Oh shit, get the paramedics!


John: What the-

James: Do not ask me a thing, John. I am confused, as you are.

John: Who, the hell is this, person?

James: I do not know. Folks, our next match will be exciting.

[ Back outside in the trailer area once again. The bright white light illuminates the area around a sole trailer with it's door wide open. Suddenly, the same silhouette of the man who laid Lee out walks out of the trailor, his long golden hair covering his face. As he walks off, we move into the trailer. ]

James: Is that Will Schmidt??

[ Lying on the bench, Schmidt's body dangles off halfway on the floor, his head showing signs of a bleeding wound. ]

John: Yes it is. Who the hell is this guy, damn it? First he takes out Chris Lee, and now Will Schmidt? Where's the connection?

James: I don't know, John. But it wasn't The Real Deal. From what we could see of this guy, it was someone else...

Ravage v. Mike Angel
SHOOT Tag Team Championships

James: Our next match should be interesting. Shortly, our Shoot Project tag team champions will be fighting it out, to declare full rights to the gold.

John: Damn, I have that feeling; I have watched this match on television, somewhere.

James: Save it, John’ on with the match.

{“Back in Black” by AC/DC blares over the pa speakers. The fans mix their reactions, as one-half of the champions, Ravage, comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, he is one-half of the Shoot Project tag team champions - Ravage!

{“Let the Bodies hit the Floor” by Drowning Pool blares over the pa speakers. The fans erupt in cheers, as the second half of the champions, Mike Angel, comes to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, he is the second half of the Shoot Project tag team champions - Mike Angel!

John: I swear I have seen this match before.

James: John’

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: Okay, this should be interesting. The holders of the Tag Team Champion ship gold, squaring off here. They lock up; Mike Angel takes Ravage in a headlock, and sends him to the ropes. Ravage comes back with a spinning heel kick. Mike Angel is down; Ravage goes for an early cover-



Kick out’

John: Ravage brings Mike Angel to his feet. He hard chops his chest, followed by another hard chop. Ravage backs Mike Angel against the ropes, he bounces him off, but Ravage reverses the Irish whip and sends Ravage to the ropes. Ravage comes back, and Mike Angel hits a slam-hard sidewalk slam. Mike Angel, he hooks the leg.



Kick out’

James: Interesting match and Mike Angel brings Ravage to his feet. He hits him up with an Irish whip, sending Ravage to the turnbuckle. Mike Angel charges for Ravage, but Ravage gets a boot up, and Mike Angel is, struck in the face. Ravage climbs the turnbuckle, Mike Angel turns around, and Ravage hits a drop kick. Ravage is doing well, he charges to the opposite turnbuckle. He leaps, he goes for a moonsault, but Mike Angel rolls out of the way! Ravage misses the shot, Mike Angel brings Ravage to his feet, and he sits him up in a gorilla-press slam, and follows it up with a neck breaker, from mid-air!

John: Mike Angel goes for another cover-



The- Kick out’

James: Holy shit’ Ravage kicked out of that devastating move! Mike Angel brings Ravage to his feet, and throws a shot to the face, but Ravage blocks the shot and hits DDT. Wait a second’ there is Knightmare, on the ring apron. He has Ravage distracted, but wait, Mike Angel from behind with a steel chair-



James: Where, the hell did the steel chair come from, John?

John: I do not know, but Ravage is back up again, and-



James: Mike Angel goes for a cover-

1... 2... Kick out!

John: Angel almost had this one... Almost. But if there's one thing we know about that redneck Ravage, it's that he's got that "never say die" attitude.

James: I just can't believe Ravage kicked out after those chair shots... I can't believe it.

[ Enraged, Angel hops to his feet and stomps around the ring, allowing Ravage the time to get to his. As he does, Angel immediately locks him up, and begins to lift him. ]

John: Look! Angel is about to hit The Angel of Death... After two chair shots, there's no WAY Ravage is kicking out!

[ As Ravage is lifted up, he somehow manages to send his knee into Angel's face. Upon being freed of the ascent, Ravage sends Angel to the mat with The Rockworld Drop. ]

James: The Rock World Drop!!

[ The referee hits the mat... 1... 2... ]

John: Wha?

James: Someone just pulled the referee out of the ring...

[ Not able to see, the referee is clobbered by KnightMare, who then catches Ravage who has now gotten to his feet. Standing on the apron, KnightMare grabs a hold of Ravage's head, and brings his neck down across the top rope. ]

John: What the hell is KnightMare doing?

[ Ravage makes his way back to his feet, grasping his throat in pain. Looking down at Angel, still dazed on the mat, Ravage drapes his wounded body across him. ]

James: There's no referee... Damn it.

John: Ravage refuses to give up. Despite that attack, he's still trying to win this one...

[ Sliding into the ring, KnightMare lifts Ravage off of Angel. Ravage, still in noticable pain, retaliates, only to be hit by KnightMare's Sweet Dreams. ]

James: Ravage just didn't have it in him to break that one, John... He's been through too much thus far.

[ KnightMare is quick to roll out of the ring and toss the referee in. As the referee stares at the two fallen men through dazed eyes, he crawls toward them just as Angel tosses an arm across Ravage's chest. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

John: Oh come ON!

James: Damn that Mike Angel! I'm getting so sick of him. And what the hell is with KnightMare?

[ Sliding back into the ring, KnightMare helps Angel to his feet. Once he is able to stand on his own, Angel is handed both of his SHOOT Tag Team Titles. Grinning, he tosses one to KnightMare. ]

John: So THAT'S what the deal is!

James: KnightMare and Angel must have had this whole thing planned. The stipulation was that whoever won this match would be granted both SHOOT Tag Titles, and that person would have to hand one of his titles to a partner of his choosing... Apparently Angel had his partner chosen way beforehand...

[ Standing in the ring, both Angel and Ravage hold their Tag Titles high above their heads. Tossing his title out to the floor, Angel proceeds to lift Ravage to his feet. He locks him into the Angel of Death position once again. ]

John: The man has been through so much tonight... And Angel has already got this one won... There is no need for this!

[ From behind, Angel's back is bent forward as he is speared, forcing him to release Ravage, who falls back to the mat. Lunging onto the chest of Angel, Cronos Diamante begins pounding away at his face. ]

James: AGAIN! Again Diamante has managed to slip by security! Finally Mike Angel is getting the ass whipping he deserves!

[ Having already left the ring and started toward the back, KnightMare turns around toward the ring. Upon noticing the attack back in the ring, he begins rushing back, only for he too, to be speared, this time from the side. ]

John: Now who the hell is THAT?

James: I can't tell, he has that mask on... This man came from the crowd, and KnightMare never saw it coming.

John: Wait a second... That's the man from those video clips that have been popping up in matches for the past few weeks... I know that build anywhere...

[ Lifting KnightMare to his feet, who is still stunned from the sudden attack, the masked man whips him into the guardrail, and then once again spears him. This time in the stomach, sandwiching KnightMare between the steel guard rail and the human bullet. ]

James: Who IS that guy?

John: I don't know... But he's with Diamante. And with the things Diamante has been saying as of late... That can't be a good thing.

[ Satisfied with his attack, Diamante rolls out of the ring and meets with his masked partner. Both men return to the crowd from which they came. ]

James: Angel and KnightMare are the new Tag Team Champions, but their tainted victory did not come without a price...

In the stillness of the night, a sudden outburst of music breaks out over the house speakers.

In Napoli - where love is kind, when boy meets girl - they will siiing;
When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie,
That's amore.
When the world starts to shine like you've had too much wine;
That's amore!
Bells will ring tinga-linga-ling, and you'll sing vita bella...

The sound of Dean Martin’s “That’s Amore” fills the make shift arena and makes most in the audience cringe upon hitting their ears, as none other than your SHOOT Project World Champion steps out from behind the curtains, making a grand entrance here tonight! Standing at the entrance with a cigarette dangling between his lips, looking about the audience through the purple shaded sunglasses he wears on his smooth tan face as if standing before these people is the last thing he wants to do tonight. Definitely not dressed to wrestle as greasy loose strands of black hair hangover a bandana on his head that looks to be made out of an Italian flag. Dropping his cigarette to the ground, he stomps it out with his black leather dress shoes and begins to make his way to the ring, the world title hanging over his shoulder and the leather jacket that he wears. On the back of his jacket reads the words “The Sicilian Shark” with some dice underneath it. Rolling into the ring, he slowly gets to his feet and strolls around in a circle to get a good look of his people. Finally, he walks over to the ropes and snags a mic away from someone at ringside.

Azrael: Hey, how’s it going? You all right? You find the place okay? Didn’t get lost? Good, good, good. That’s what I like to see: people spend their hard-earned money to break the law just a little to come and see me! To allow me to grace all of your lives with my presence! I apologize that I am not on tonight’s card, though I know you bought these expensive tickets to at least hope to catch a glimpse of me! Because all your life you have been wondering what true class really looks like! Well, wonder no longer, for your World Heavyweight Champion now stands before you! One thing I’ve learned the whole time I’ve been in this business is not to take anything for granted! Look at this belt! Doesn’t it look good on me! Mwah!

(*He kisses the belt on his shoulder*)

I wake up each and every morning and I look up to the Heaven’s and I say to the old man up there; “Thank you, you have truly been a friend to me! You have graced me with good looks and class and superior physique which allows me to vanquish my enemies all on my own!” I am a true soldier! Because unlike most of the low lives waiting out back, I have something you all don’t have! Brains! Haha… I know most of those Neanderthals are sitting out back in the trailers, trying to keep themselves warm next to a burning barrel, watching me on a fuzzy monitor. Well, I got something that might warm you up! Yes, my friends just look at it! Here, bring the cameraman up in here. Zoom in on the beauty of the world title! Look at this wonderful belt! Doesn’t it heat you up? The desire of wanting something so precious! Well, I tell you all, my dear friends, is it’s even better to have it in your possession! To cuddle up to it at night along with the some fine female companions, because when you have a belt like this one, women line up around the corner just for the opportunity to kiss you on the foot!

Though indeed, being your World Champion is no easy task. It has definitely been a long road, with much more to come! But I tell you what; I better have more challenges then this, because I expected more excitement when I signed on for this nonsense! Massicrist! I snap my finger and he was gone like that! True, we were tag team champions for a short period, but the was really cramping my style, each time we were on television he would get in the way of my good side! What is that crap! I hate it! I was all too ready to give up those tag team titles to that maiale, Mike Angel! What is with that guy! He’s like some kind of sweaty goblin with a bad hairdo! All he does is sweat and growl and lift weights, no class at all!

(*He mocks Mike Angel as he begins to pretend to curl barbells*)

Garr! I’m Mike Angel and I’m gonna eat your babies! Garrr! I fed him my tag team title as a doggy treat to shut him up! I thought I could have gotten rid of the Massicrist in the deal, but oh no! Things just get worse for me and my pedicure! Last time I had him in a steel cage, he was at my mercy! My hands were covered in his blood as he cried like a little girly man! It was funny watching him stagger to the door, thinking he was going to win! It was a joke, like he was a clown! That’s when Blazed showed up! Hahahah… Blazed, Blazed, Blazed. I am asked on occasion, why do I kick around Blazed like that when he was hired by my lovely Garcelle to protect my belt. Where I say to them, “How dare you question the motives of a World Champion such as I! I need not explain myself to anyone!” but as long as I’m up here I’ll tell you now that Garcelle hired him to protect me, not I! I don’t need his help! I’m invincible! To Blazed I say; Siete niente ma un giocattolo! Vi non ho rispetto per! You don’t want to know what that means! Now if you’ll excuse me, my world title and I must….

*Guess who's back....
I used to be broke, confused, no joke.
Got used, smoke dope, paid dues.
Refuse to give up quick, now there's 10 million mothafuckas on my dick…*

(Azrael is cut off in mid sentence, as Kid Rock's "Cocky" erupts from the PA "system". No one is sure what, or who to expect, as this is not the regular theme for any of the Shoot Wrestlers. To the delight of some, and the dismay of others, out strolls the number one contender to the Shoot Project World Championship, Ravage. Dressed in his wrestling attire, his long hair pulled back in a pony tail, he lifts the mic he so thoughtfully brought along, and begins to speak. )

Ravage: Hold up right there, son. I heard you out here talkin' about bein' the champ, and facin' all kinds of tough challenges, an' how this guy, and that guy presents a problem for you, or whatever. What I DIDN'T hear was the name you should loathe hearing, the name that strikes fear into the heart of every opponent he has, the man who is YOUR number one contender, and dammit, the man that's gonna rip that title from your grasp as soon as I get my match. And if I have MY way about it, that'll be ALONE next week, you over rated under worked paper champion!!

Azrael: What in the HELL are you talking about, redneck?

Ravage: Oh, that "tough title defense schedule" got ya a little confused there, champ? Let's review: You won the title from Taurus, and since then you've defended it how many times? Is it once? Maybe twice? Well, pally...since I won the Rule of Surrender Title, I’ve had maybe two matches that WEREN'T Title matches. So, while you've had the easy road, taking the chicken shit way out, I have been pitted against the best this federation has to offer, with a title on the line nearly every time!! And what have I done? I have succeeded, punk!! I have risen above the rest, to claim the number one contendership, and still you have the unmitigated GALL to make no mention of the Man With the Can? I will not be cast aside as if I don't matter!! You WILL take heed when I speak, and if ya know what's good for ya, you will pay me respect!! Now, paper-champ-"

*I’ve become…Impossible…
Holding on to when everything seemed to matter more…
The two of us, all used and beaten up…
Watching fate, as it flows, down the path we have chose…
You and me, we’re in this together now! None of them can stop us now! We will make it through some how!*

(“We’re In This Together Now” by Nine Inch Nails blares throughout the arena as the man in the mask known as Blazed makes his entrance onto the scene. Like the two men who came before him in ringside area, he carries a microphone in his hand. He walks toward the fellows, but doesn’t get too close, so it’s obvious that he’s not out here to start trouble. Well, not any kind of trouble to cause a riot or anything. The crowd acknowledges his presence as he begins to speak…)

Blazed- I don’t usually do this, I don’t usually talk to you all straight up…to be honest, I don’t like talking to you all straight up. I don’t like to have to deal with your egos and flaring tempers. It’s just not me. However, I think that there are a few things that I have to say…or rather, a few things that have to be heard.

First off, Azrael, you need to get off whatever fuckin horse you’re riding so high on and look around you. Your big friends or your high roller supporters do not surround you here. The only reason why you are still walking on your own is because of me and what I’ve done for you. You’re invincible? You were getting your ass HANDED to you by Massicrist until I showed up knocking on the door. Face it, you get your ass handed to you every single time you wrestle, and I’m always there for the save! John over there at the broadcast booth is always saying…

“Wrestler A is really giving it to the SHOOT Champion, it doesn’t look good for Mr. Azrael, but oh wait, here’s Blazed! Blazed comes in, annihilates Azrael’s opponent and is then ungratefully pushed from the ring by Azrael! Azrael throws a hissy-fit, then picks up the scraps that Blazed left!”

Or something along those lines. You need to realize that you are not good at wrestling, Azrael. You need to realize that any one of your matches so far could have resulted in a loss, but they didn’t because of me and my agreement with your caretaker or caregiver or whatever, Garcelle. You need to realize that sooner or later, you’re gonna lose that title.

And you need to realize that it’s gonna be lost to me.

(As Azrael goes wild in the ring, kicking the ropes, and screaming out obscenities in his native language, Ravage angrily interjects his two cents…)

Ravage- to you? TO YOU?! Son, who out of me and you is the number one contender? WHO?! Me! Wait, did you hear that? I want to make sure you heard that Blazed, I want to make sure EVERYONE hears that once and for all…


If anyone is going to beat Azrael for his title, it’s gonna be me, son, not you.

(Azrael’s rampage against nothing in the ring is increased by ten fold after these comments. He wonders if they don’t realize that he’s standing right there?)

Blazed- Number one contender or not, Ravage, in a one on one match against Azrael, you wouldn’t win. You couldn’t win. Do you know…WHY…you couldn’t win that match SON?

I would not LET you win that match. I would do what I’ve been doing the last three or four fucking weeks! Keeping that belt around Azrael’s waist until I get a shot at it. And I’m thinking…yes…yeah, I’m thinking that that match…

Should be at Reckoning Day.

(Just then, as Ravage was about to reply, Azrael cuts in…)

Azrael- WHAAAOOOWWWWAOOOAOAOOOOAAAA!!!! What the hell do you two rodents think you’re doing?! SAYING?! What are you…what…WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?! You will beat me?! You talk as if I’m not in the same country, let alone venue! You idiots! I am the SHOOT World Champion! You two are just pawns! Pawns in a game that I INVENTED! I will decide when I fight you, and I WILL DECIDE WHO I WILL FIGHT! You two are nothing but bottom feeding-

*On those Saturdays
When kids go out and play
Yo I was up in my room I let the stereo blaze
Wasn’t faded, not jaded…*

(“Click, Click, Boom” by Saliva pumps throughout the ears of those in close proximity to the wrestling ring at the time as the SHOOT Project’s President, Eric Wolfson heads to the ring with his towering guardian Knightmare by his side… Staring directly toward the ring, where all three individuals are currently standing in or around, Wolfson holds his hands out to his sides. As the music fades away, we notice him glance to his right, at the face of KnightMare. He mouths the words "What the fuck?" toward KnightMare, who simply shrugs. Looking back toward the ring, Wolfson raises the microphone to his mouth.)

Wolfson: Ya know... I'm about five seconds from just unleashing KnightMare here on all of your asses, and giving him the Reckoning Day Main Event. Or hell, I'll do it myself. Just shut up with all this god damn bitching already!

(Pausing, Wolfson takes a few steps forward, to where Blazed is standing on the ramp-way. Walking around to the front of him, Wolfson glares into the eyes of Blazed, again raising the microphone to his mouth.)

Wolfson: Who the HELL do you think YOU are, Blazed? Everyone knows the main event next week is Azrael versus Ravage. What makes you think you'd be in that match?

(Before Blazed can answer, Wolfson turns away and heads further down the ramp, stopping near Ravage and approaching him in the same way he did Blazed.)

Wolfson: As for you, Mr. #1 Contender... I told you that you would receive your shot, and that you will. However, I do not appreciate you barging into my trailor telling me what I'm going to do. Meioh isn't in charge here anymore. And in case you've forgotten, I'm the man now. I'll tell YOU what you'll be doing.

(Once again, Wolfson turns away and heads toward the ring, still followed by KnightMare. Wolfson climbs through the ropes, in such a fashion that almost sends visions of memory of all the times he's climbed through the ropes throughout his career. He immediately approaches Azrael, staring into his eyes for a moment before looking down at the SHOOT Title draped across Azrael's shoulder.)

Wolfson: I'll admit it. This Championship is worth a lot. Even in a place like this, if you are the SHOOT Champion, you're the man. Throughout the world. I can understand the desire, trust me. However, most of you know me well enough to know that I don't take any shit. I just don't. That's just the way it is. If this thing is going to be done, it's going to be done on my terms.

(Looking back up at Azrael, Wolfson continues.)

Wolfson: As for you, Champ, you decide shit. You fight who I tell you to fight, where I tell you to fight them and when I tell you to fight them. Understand me? You're facing Ravage next week and that title is on the line. And to tell you the truth, I hope he kicks your ass. Come to think of it, I hope you kick his ass too. Just shut eachother up!

(Wolfson is forced to pause as Ravage makes his way into the ring.)

Wolfson: Whoa, whoa, whoa... Slow your role there, partner. I only retired a few months ago. Rest assured, I can still whip your ass.

(Knowing that attacking the President of his company can have a devistating effect on his career, Ravage merely smiles sarcastically. Slowly walking toward the two, Ravage immediately attacks Azrael.)

Wolfson: KnightMare! Break this up! Break it up!

(As KnightMare rushes toward the scuffle, he is knocked to the mat by Blazed, who dives off the top rope, hitting his finisher, before joining in on the fight currently taking place between Azrael and Ravage.)

Wolfson: Fine! God damn it fine! You three want to kill each other? Fine. Reckoning Day. Azrael versus Ravage versus Blazed. And I'm warning you... After that match, if this shit continues, I'm kicking all of your asses myself!

(Dropping the microphone to the mat, Wolfson turns away as the ring is flooded with the SHOOT security. All three men are restrained, leaving KnightMare alone in the ring, shaking his head as he comes to.)

Shaolin/Temujin v. Meioh/KnightMare

[Meioh makes his entrance, followed closely by Knightmare. They enter the ring, focused for what’s about to come at them. Temujin & Shaolin then show their presence, but don’t make their way to the ring as of yet. Shaolin has a microphone & prepares to speak.]

Shaolin: “Meioh…. Knightmare…. Has anyone ever seen a bigger collection of garbage in one ring at one time? Did you two have fun with those ‘ladies’?”

[Meioh & Knightmare looked a little puzzled, seeing as how Shaolin should’ve had no knowledge of their events of that night. Shaolin hands the mic over to Temujin.]

Temujin: “Sorry to inform you of this, boys… But those ‘ladies’ were hookers. Being drunk off your ass is a bad thing, you know. They picked you two up so easily. Picking things up easily…. That’s what you two did with those two diseased whores! You picked up a few STDs you probably wish you didn’t have now. Want proof? Here’s some pictures….”

{Temujin & Shaolin turn around toward the big screen. There, various pictures of Meioh & Knightmare naked, tied up to a bed. Their "secret parts" blurred. At this point, they’ve both had enough & run up the aisle to attack Shaolin & Temujin.]


James: Man, Meioh and KnightMare are PISSED!

: “The action has begun!”

[Meioh starts mercilessly pummeling Shaolin, while Knightmare is met with a dropkick from Temujin. Meioh has Shaolin by the head. He leads him back o the ring, rolling him in when they get there. Shaolin’s quick to recover, stomping on Meioh when he tries to slide back in. He picks Meioh up & Irish-whips him into the ropes. Meioh’s met with a stiff karate kick to the head. Shaolin then applies a side leglock, which is broken up by the now recovered Knightmare. Shaolin leads meioh by the head over to his corner, where he makes the tag to Temujin. Upon entrance into the ring, the hit Meioh with a double suplex. Temujin whips Meioh into the ropes once more, hitting a picture perfect powerslam.]



John: Temujin going for the quick cover, Meioh out before two.

[Temujin goes back to work after getting on his feet, hitting stiff kicks to the small of Meioh’s back. He picks Meioh up & goes for a suplex, but Meioh twists & lands on his feet. When Temujin turns around, he’s met with a Superkick to the face. Both men are down. Meioh starts crawling to the wrong corner, along with Temujin. They regain their wits & start crawling toward the right corners. But instead of making the tag, temujin slowly gets to his feet. He tries to break up the tag to Knightmare, but it’s too late. Knightmare starts throwing rights to Temujin’s face. Shaolin tries to come in, but is met with a boot to the face. Shaolin rolls out of the ring. Knightmare sets Temujin up, & hits a vicious powerbomb. He goes for the pin.]




James: Great show of strength by KnightMare

[Knightmare picks Temujin up & hits a DDT. At this point, Meioh & Shaolin are now fighting on the outside. Knightmare Goes for an overhead press slam, but Temujin wiggles out of it & behind Knightmare. He then hits a bridging German Suplex.]



[Temujin goes running & hits a diving shoulderblock. He goes running again, but both men go down with a double clothesline. Meioh & Shaolin are now making their way up the aisle, brawling the whole way. A camera follows backstage to see the two still beating the snot out of each other. Shaolin gains the upper hand after hitting a gutwrench suplex. He grabs a near by chair & blasts Meioh in the head. Next, he grabs a glass water pitcher full of water & smashes this over Meioh’s head. Meioh’s now bleeding.]

John: Meioh has taken a hell of a beating here on his first match back in The SHOOT Project. He's bleeding pretty badly.

Meanwhile, in the ring…

[Both men are now on their feet. They again start to brawl. That is, until Temujin buries a knee into the stomach of Knightmare. Knightmare clutches his stomach & goes down to a knee. Temujin climbs to the top with his timely advantage. After Knightmare slowly gets to his feet, he’s met with a missle dropkick. Temujin goes for the cover.]





[Shaolin starts to go for a DDT, but Meioh reverse it into a Northern Lights Suplex. Meioh staggers to his feet, leaning again w all with a window in the middle. Shaolin slowly gets to his feet, but makes a running charge when he does. Meioh side-steps him, & sends him flying through the window. Meioh enters the room through a near by door, not yet satisfied with what has been done to Shaolin. He grabs him by the hair, leaind him to a cement floor. Meioh grabs a near by chair, laying it flat. He then pulls Shaolin around it, & into position for a piledriver. He gets him up, & hits a vicious piledriver. Meioh gets to his feet & slowly starts walking to ringside.]

James: Looks like Meioh has had enough of Shaolin... He's heading back to the ring, no doubt with thoughts of ending this match in his head.

Shaolin: “Come back…. You coward.”

[Meioh’s obviously angry with this statement, so he makes his way back. He starts to pick Shaolin up, but Shaolin breaks away, throwing powder in Meioh’s eyes. Meioh blindly thrashes around while Shaolin fiddles with a small device. He then grabs Meioh by the hair, holding the device by his mouth. Shaolin then spits a fireball in Meioh’s face. By now, officals & medics are attending to & separating both men.]

Back in the ring…

[Temujin locks in a figure four. Unfortunately for him, he’s too close ot the ropes & Knightmare grabs a hold. He doesn’t break the count until 4, almost getting disqualified. He picks Knightmare up, but is met with a low blow. Knightmare’s up & recovered. He hits a standing clothesline on Temujin. Knightmare whips him into the ropes, only to be met with a back elbow. Temujin once again goes up top. He jumps off with a double ax handle, but ends up being grabbed by the throat. Knightmare then hits a huge chokeslam.]

John: Here comes Meioh!

[ Rushing from the back, Meioh races down toward the ring, Shaolin closely behind. Meioh slides into the ring followed by Shaolin, who is met by a stiff big boot to the face by KnightMare. ]

James: God DAMN! Did you see Shaolin's head rock back? He almost lost his dome there!

[ With Meioh and Temujin fighting back and forth, KnightMare lifts Shaolin to his feet, and over his shoulder. Rushing across the ring, KnightMare lunges the body of Shaolin through the first and second ropes, sending Shaolin crashing into the steel ring-post face first. ]

John: Oh my god... Shaolin is out... He's got to be.

[ Shaolin's body rocks back, falling down onto the mat. Once again, KnightMare lifts Shaolin to his feet. He locks him into the Sweet Dreams position. ]

James: I smell the Sweet Dreams!

[ Having seen the hit Shaolin took, Meioh rushes into the ring and oddly breaks KnightMare's hold. Shaolin's unconscious body falls to the mat. Meioh suddenly drops to the mat, checking in on his brother. ]

John: What the hell is he doing? KnightMare had this match won, and Meioh stopped KnightMare from hitting his finisher. Now, I know Meioh and Shaolin want each other dead... Why did Meioh break up that.... ROLL-UP!!

[ As KnightMare looked on in confusion, Temujin snuck up from behind and rolled KnightMare up. 1... 2... 3!!!! ]

James: Temujin with the pin-fall! Temujin took advantage of the moment and he's won the match!!

[ Temujin quickly rolls out of the ring, as KnightMare scrambles to his feet, shocked. Pissed off beyond all belief, he quickly rushes toward Meioh, still tending to an injured Shaolin. Tapping Meioh on the shoulder, KnightMare begins yelling at him, only for Meioh to tell him to fuck off. Upon hearing this, KnightMare brings his huge fist down onto the top of Meioh's head, knocking him to the mat. He then lifts him up, and tosses him out of the ring, sending Meioh into the steel ring barrier outside. ]

John: So much for that team...

[ Still noticably upset, KnightMare paces the ring for a moment, before suddenly stopping and focusing his eyes on the fallen Shaolin. ]

James: No...

[ Lifting Shaolin to his feet, KnightMare locks the unconscious man into his Sweet Dreams position. ]

John: Don't do it, KnightMare! He can't handle another devistating hit!

[ Without instance, KnightMare brings Shaolin down. ]

James: Someone get him the hell out of here! Shaolin just shattered after that move! He's hurt, John. Shaolin is hurt bad.

[ Climbing out of the ring, KnightMare backs away toward the exit, as Meioh crawls back into the ring, draping his pain-filled body across that of his broken brother's. ]

After his latest altercation with Azrael and Ravage, Blazed walks towards his rented vehicle. He has no interest in what happens in any of the matches the rest of the night, and since he doesn’t have a match this week, he must have figured that there was no reason for staying around. He wears a big Nordic-like fleece over his shoulders and around his upper body, fitting him rather loosely compared to the normal form fitting clothes he would usually don. The Greenland snow falls heavily around him. But as he reaches into his pocket to pull out the keys to his rented automobile, he passes by a lamppost, whose light is barely seen, as the snow is so thick. Blazed thinks about how he probably shouldn’t be driving in this weather, but being dead just might be better than being here.

As he stops in front of his car, found by locating that very lamppost, since he purposely parked next to it, he fumbles around in his pocket, and on the side of the car, trying to find the keyhole. Yes, it is snowing that heavily. That is when things took a turn for the worse for our protagonist, Blazed. As he looks down at the key he holds in his hand, trying to place it into the keyhole, his mask gives off a quick tugging feeling. Blazed stops and stiffens for a moment…

~ “It must have been the wind and snow slamming against it…”

Blazed goes back to fiddling with all his key activity when suddenly the tug hits again, this time much harder and faster…

~ “Alright you sons of bitches! Stop that! Get the fuck out of here!”

Blazed quickly looks around one more time before he hurriedly tries to open the door to his car. Just as he is about to slide into his vehicle, Cronos Diamante appears in front of him, smiling. He lunges at Blazed’s head and grabs a hold of his mask, ripping it from his head. Blazed’s head is now bare. But before Cronos can get a good look at who is the man behind the mask, Blazed shoves the car door as far open as possible and it collides swiftly with Cronos’ chest, knocking the wind out of him. Blazed quickly shuts the door and speeds off in his car, hoping that he doesn’t actually kill himself on the way home from the heavy snow.

Hoping that no one had seen who he was.

Cronos stares on from his sitting position on the ground with a keen smile on his face.


John- Blazed lost his mask! Blazed lost his mask!

James- yes, but he got away before any of us, or Cronos Diamante, could figure out who he was!

John- well hopefully we’ll find out next week, at Reckoning Day!!!

Next Week: Reckoning Day - 2-10-02