The show started with a bang. It was the largest turn out The SHOOT Project had ever had. The Yakuza syndicated show had been given the privilege of fireworks at the beginning. Nothing big, of course, but enough to work the lower class into a frenzy. You see, The SHOOT Project was mainly a betting federation, and not many had known that just yet. Not until the emergence of Jason Johnson last week. The rich class would always come to bet on what matches there were and paid quite the price for admittance. So you could imagine how it was for them to open up to a superstar the likes of Ravage walking to the ring with his patent arrogant smirk.

Ravage had walked down to the ring in an unusually slow manner. This was how you knew something big was about to go down. Not a soul in the world could stop it either. The whole locker room probably knew this too. Those who didn’t care would get involved and maybe even, in rare cases, the dumb ones. In any event, Ravage had entered the ring now, and called for a microphone. He had something on his mind. That much was clear. His smile gave it away. It wasn’t the normal one.

“You know,” He drew out his sentence enough to leave suspense. “I went out of my way last week to show Cronos Diamante that I wasn’t taking his shit any longer. And what happened? He ignored me. He’s only said a few things about me this week and I am offended. Wouldn’t you people be offended too? You Yakuza guys out there hate it when you’re ignored don’t you? Yeah, I thought so. The son of a bitch is flat out ignoring me even after I embarrassed him.”

Ravage looked around the arena with a look that couldn’t be described. Then a sneaky smirk surfaced and that was it. All of hell was about to break lose.

“I embarrassed that little puke,” He laughed. “I took his pride and his manhood in one swift swoop. And he ignores me out of fear. You know it. He’s afraid of me. He doesn’t want to deal with me. He doesn’t want to deal with anyone who is a challenge. Oh big deal, he has Chris Lee this week, so what. His first real challenge in a long time. And I know there are others in the locker room that agree with me....”

A voice came over the Public Address system as Ravage mouthed the words. It took seconds to realize who it was.

“You’re right,” The voice said lowly but confidently. Almost as if some cause was about to be started. “There are people in the locker room who agree with you, Ravage.”

The Express slowly walked out from the back, a microphone in his hand. Jacques LeFevre slowly made his way down to the ring, re-assuring Ravage that he comes in peace on his way into the ring. The Express walked right past Ravage, despite Ravage's noticable annoyance with his presence.

"Believe it or not, Ravage." The Express began. "I actually find myself agreeing with you. Things have gotten pretty bad around here since Wolfson was given power. He brought Diamante into SHOOT and since that day... It's all been downhill."

The Express paused now, slowly shaking his head while re-living the events that have taken place as of late in his mind.

"You and I..." The Express continued. "You and I, Ravage... We are The SHOOT Project. Not Cronos Diamante. Not even Eric Wolfson. You and I, Ravage, we've been here from the start. We GAVE this place it's start. Wolfson... He's always been about Wolfson. Do you really think he gives a damn about this place? Oh, sure, he says he does... But the truth is, his mind is so fucked he's in no position to be in power here. You have your problems with Diamante... I have mine with Wolfson. So what I propose is this..."

Pausing, The Express looked into Ravage's eyes. Noticing that he is staring up at the entrance of the room, The Express turned his focus there as well. Standing near the entrance silently, Wolfson stared down toward the ring. A blank, emotionless expression remained on his face as he walked toward the ring. As Wolfson entered the ring, Ravage slowly backed away, as he wanted no part of The SHOOT Project President. His problems are not with him. The Express, however, stands his ground.

"It's gotten so old, Jacques." Wolfson begins. "Ever since the first day we met, we were always competing. Sure, we might have been tight behind the scenes, but I think we both know that deep down inside... We've always hated one another. I know I have. Then there is The SHOOT Project. The end of the line, Jacques. This war between us... We end it."

Pausing, Wolfson slowly began to pace the ring.

"I'll admit, Jacques." Wolfson continues. "I've wanted you gone since day one. Azrael couldn't do it... Boyer couldn't do it... There's only one man who can. This war is between you and I, and it'll be you and I that settle it."

Suddenly, from the opposite side of the ring, Cronos Diamante rushed the ring and headed for Ravage. Unfortunately for Diamante, Ravage saw the attack coming and ducked the chairshot. The steel cracked across the back of The Express' head instead. Upon seeing this carnage, Ravage rolled out of the ring and took a few steps back.

Cronos stood there for a moment staring at the fallen Express in a state of utter shock. He hadn’t meant to hit Express with the chairshot. He took a slight glance at an equally shocked Wolfson but you could tell his anger was slowly boiling. Shit was about to hit the fan. Rather than say anything smart, however, Diamante decided to focus his attention toward Ravage on the outside. He threw the chair at him sideways and it barely whizzed over his head. Diamante was yelling so loud it could be heard throughout the entire arena.

“Come on, pussy,” Cronos yelled so loud that the anger in his voice almost caused him tolose his voice. “Get your ass in here!!! You talk your shit when I aint around and you cancheap shot like a mother fucker but when you really face me where are you!?!?! YOU FUCKIN’ LOW-LIFE LOSER! GET IN HERE!”

Ravage merely smirked outside the ring. He slowly started to back away toward the exit. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Wolfson proceeded to lift The Express' body from the mat. Although he was out cold, Wolfson appeared to be setting him up for the Rule of Dominion. Turning around, Diamante noticed Wolfson holding The Express up, and in an instant, brought the brass knuckles from his pants and put them on. He then punched Express so hard that any normal man would have been dead.

As The Express limp body fell to the mat once again, a look of sheer shock befell Wolfson's face. He merely stared down at the man at his feet, his face becoming red. Upon noticing the rather large gash across The Express' forehead, which had since started to bleed, Wolfson raised his eyes to that of Diamante. Suddenly, and without notice, Wolfson drove his knee into Diamante's abdomen, and proceeded to hit The Rule of Dominion. Diamante never expected it. He never saw it coming. In a fit of rage, Wolfson proceeded to stomp down onto Diamante's fallen body. Wolfson appeared as a man posessed. He stomped away at his close friend with such a rage, that it appeared is if it was a completely different man.

"Son of a bitch!!!" Wolfson screamed. "He's MINE! MINE! NOT YOURS!"

Wolfson proceeded to storm about the ring. His face and visable skin beet red.

"God DAMN it Diamante!" Wolfson continued, screaming into his microphone. "No one will stop me from being the man to end this... fucking... nightmare!!! Not you... Not Boyer... Not Azrael... Not the Pope... NO ONE!!!"

Ravage had stopped backtracking up the ramp after he saw this happen before his very eyes. He was in a state of disbelief. Cronos Diamante laid against the mat not totally knocked out thanks to his instincts. He at least tenses up when he noticed himself in the air. A look of betrayal upon his face as his long time friend Eric Wolfson stared down at him. Holding his right hand across his forehead, Wolfson remained silent. His eyes met those of Diamante's which were noticably heavy.

"He's mine, Cronos." Wolfson whispered. "All mine."

Wolfson walked away from the ring now, passing Ravage on the way, staring him in the eyes pretty much telling him “do what you want to him.” Ravage’s eyes lit up with ideas and he rushed down to the ring just as Diamante was getting to his feet. Ravage instantly clotheslined Diamante as Wolfson reached the top of the ramp and stood there with a blank look on his face.

As Ravage lifted Diamante to his feet again you could tell Cronos was letting Ravage do this to him. His heart had been ripped from his chest. His eyes hadn’t left Wolfson sincehe was turned on. Ravage had then DDTed Cronos down to the ground and beganstomping at him relentlessly. Cronos was really getting his ass handed to him.

And now... Boyer was out. He walked past Wolfson with a stare as cold as ice and Wolfson merely shrugged and moved his lips to the words “Its Whatever.” Boyer enteredthe ring and took it to Ravage hardcore. He was leaving a flurry of right and lefts into the body and head of Ravage. Ravage was paying for what he did. And now... Wolfson was smiling.

Cronos was now standing and he saw Boyer pounding Ravage. Cronos dragged in a steel chair and waited for Boyer to turn around to see his friend. When he did, Cronos laid him out with the steel chair, and down went Boyer. Wolfson was at the top of the ramp livid now. He was ready to come stomping down to the ring when Cronos turned to Ravage and began pounding at him. He wrapped Ravage’s leg inside the chair and went to the top rope.

He pointed at Wolfson as if to say "this is on you big boy." Cronos jumped off and landed on the flat part of the chair and you could hear a loud snap. Ravage’s leg had to be broken. Ravage rolled around on the mat holding his leg. He was in pain. And Cronos now had a very sadistic look on his face. He was looking at a downed Boyer and you could tell he was ready to rip his face off when Temujin came running from out of the crowd and with one swift movement pulled Cronos out of the ring.

Looking down toward the floor, Wolfson slowly turned, and disappeared into the back.


The Trench Coated Figure v. Renegade
DOJO Championship

The Trench Coated Figure was the first to arrive for the initial contest of Oblivion. Not much was known about this man at all, other than he had a point to prove in The SHOOT Project and he was damn well going to prove it. His first step: Becoming the #1 Contender to the SHOOT DOJO Championship. A step successfully accomplished by a win over the former Iron Fist Champion Krazee last week. Step #2: Winning the DOJO Championship. This dark, shadowy figure made his way down toward the ring with his usual swagger. He slid under the bottom ring rope and stood in the center of the ring. Looking back toward the entrance, he awaited the entrance of the Champion.

The Champion was the next to arrive. Renegade was a man well respected in The SHOOT Project. And he knew it. He'd been here from day one and has been loyal to his place of employment through and through. Not only was he the current DOJO Champion, but he was one third of the Triple Threat that made up the Tag Team Champions. Needless to say, Renegade was a very confident man tonight. He held his title proudly around his waist, until he reached ring side where he removed it and handed it away. Hopping up onto the ring arpon, Renegade climbed into the ring and the bell was rung.

The two began the contest by circling each other. Trench Coated Figure rushed in, but paused, noticing that Renegade was ready for him. Taking a step back, The Trench Coated Figure dared Renegade to attack him. Renegade obliged. Rushing forward, Renegade hit a nice dropkick that rocked the Trench Coated Figure. He fell up against the ropes, but managed to follow up with a punch to Renegade's temple. As Renegade backed off, holding his head, Trench leveled him with a standing side kick.

The Trench Coated figure immediately went for an early pin fall. He came here to win. The referee hit the mat, but Renegade was fast to kick out. And with authority. The Trench Coated Figure lifted Renegade from the mat, and sent him stumbling back a few steps with a knife edge chop. Again, he hit the same attack, forcing Renegade into a corner. Trench now began laying in the knees, into Renegade's mid-section. Despite Renegade's attempts to break the attack pattern, Trench was successful in knocking the wind from Renegade's lungs. Satisfied with his attack, Trench lifted Renegade to the top of the turnbuckle and followed him up. Once the two were at the top, The Trench Coated Figure locked his right arm around the back of Renegade's neck, locking him into a suplex hold. Muscling him back, Trench sent both himself and Renegade crashing to the mat with a beautiful super-plex.

The Trench Coated figure was winded from the maneuver, but managed to make yet another cover, locking Renegade's leg. The referee hit the mat and checked in. 1... 2... Renegade threw his shoulder up. The Trench Coated Figure made his way to his feet, allowing Renegade to do the same. Once both men were to their feet, The Trench Coated Figure grabbed Renegade by the wrist and whipped him toward the ropes. Renegade reversed the whip, and sent The Trench Coated Figure barrelling across the ring instead. Renegade followed up with a sidewalk slam, planting his opponent. It was Renegade who went for the pinfall this time. 1... 2... The Trench Coated Figure out!

Renegade rushed to his feet and dropped an elbow across Trench's chest. He then locked him into a seated headlock, tightly holding on. The Trench Coated Figure attempted to break the hold, but to no avail. Renegade held it in tightly. The referee was now checking in, asking Trench if he wanted to give up. The Trench Coated Figure denied the request, and instead reached out for the nearby ropes. Reaching with every centimeter of his stretch, he was able to grasp the bottom rope. The referee in turn tapped Renegade on the shoulder and demanded the break.

The Trench Coated Figure was without a doubt feeling the effects of that stiff headlock now. He was having a hard time breathing normally, which gave Renegade the continued advantage. Renegade muscled Trench into a side lock, flipping him over with a beautiful side suplex. Renegade then began raining a flurry of boots down onto The Trench Coated Figure's chest. Finally, Renegade backed off and took a few steps away. He allowed The Trench Coated Figure to get to his feet, which is when Renegade sent him back down to the mat with a thundering lariat.

Renegade quickly went for the pinfall. He locked The Trench Coated Figure's leg, using all of his own weight for the pin. The referee hit the mat. 1... 2... 3-NO! Trench Coated Figure was able to throw his shoulder up at the last second. Renegade was now feeling frustration. He lifted his opponent up off the mat, and began to lock him into what looked to be the set-up for his finisher, the 1945.

Renegade lifted The Trench Coated Figure up, but Trench was able to wiggle out of the hold and even gain the offensive. He hit Renegade with a brain buster that looked to come out of nowhere, and followed up with a lightning-fast small package pin. The referee quickly counted the pin. 1... 2... 3!!

The Trench Coated Figure released his opponent and quickly rolled out of the ring. Inside, Renegade had a look of sheer shock on his face. He couldn't believe he had just lost. Exiting the ring, he stormed his way up toward the entrance, leaving the new DOJO Champion standing back near the ring.

When the match ends, the lights flicker on and off, with a loud thumping over the speakers. “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the speakers and after a few seconds, the SHOOT Project screen turns on and we see Sebastian Crow turning around, from behind a black screen. The audience erupts insanely to see Sebastian Crow smiling down, from the screen, at the Trench-Coated Figure. From the glare on the Trench-Coated Figure’s mask, we can sense evil from it - anger, building up in a rage at Crow’s site. Crow smiles and slowly starts clapping his hands. He stops, just in time to begin talking.

Sebastian Crow: Yes, it is I - Sebastian Crow. Did you miss me? Oh, sure, you did, or else you would not be bitching with Daniel Jones to watch out for my ass. However, let us review how I got to this spot anyways. Now, let me think - oh yes - you had me arrested! And’ for what reason, may I ask? Was it because of my, long SHOOT Project winning streak? 'Or' perhaps, it was because I was the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion. Nah, they cannot be the answer. ‘Or’ perhaps, it was because I was banging your wife?

There is laughter from the audience.

Sebastian Crow: Oh, that is right; you do not have a wife, do you? How forgetful of me. To break the news shorter - you had me arrested for the lamest excuse I could ever imagine… my friend, you had me arrested for false charges on drugs and weaponry! However, I applaud you in succeeding. I mean, look at where you are now. You have a 2-match winning streak and all ready, you are the Dojo Champion! *Claps his hands* I applaud you, my friend! *Serious look* However, the stakes just got higher. Now, that you are the Dojo Champion, this does not mean the road to glory ends - oh no! Now, it is time you defend it. Prove what you are, made of. Prove to the world what you are, made of. Prove to me what you are, made of. And’ there could not be a much better spot than…*Long Pause*…Redemption. That is right my friend - Sunday, March 31, 2002 - just you and I, one-on-one for the Dojo Championship. The way I see it, I would want payback. I would not want to sit around, with big floppy dick ears hanging out, and laughing like Goofy. Hell no’, I want payback and I want it bad. 'So' what do you say Trench Coat? Do we have a deal? Come on, you seven-foot bastard; we both know you can talk, flooding my promo-waves and all - SAY SOMETHING!

The Trench-Coated Figure slowly, pulls a microphone from their trench coat and speaks slowly.

The Trench-Coated Figure: You - have - a - deal!

Sebastian Crow: What’, did you say something, friend? Even when you win the Dojo Championship, you are still a retard. You know what, speaking of which; I have another brilliant idea. Everybody wants to see who you are. And’ I, personally, am sick and tired of you hogging up my spotlight. ‘So’ how about we add a little stipulation to our match at “Redemption”. How about, if I win, you have to reveal yourself the following week on Oblivion. How about that - does that sound good?

The Trench-Coated Figure: Okay, you are saying - if I lose the Dojo Championship-

Sebastian Crow: Speak a little louder, you dumb fuck; you sound as if somebody jammed the American school flagpole up your ass, and you are barely breathing out your words.

There is laughter from the audience. The Trench-Coated Figure stares a look around, shakes his head, and talks again.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Sebastian Crow, if I lose the Dojo Championship', I will agree next week in writing, to reveal myself the following week on Oblivion. But’ this is only in-regards to my match at “Redemption”.

Sebastian Crow: Wow, you learn quick, fuck-nut. But’ there is one other thing I forgot to mention. Oh yeah, something I have had on my mind for an entire three-month’s since being under contract with the SHOOT Project. If I win our match at “Redemption”; not only do you have to reveal yourself the following week, but that same night on Oblivion, I am declared a #1 contender’s shot for the World Heavyweight Title.

The Trench-Coated Figure: You have a deal, Crow. But’ what if I win?

Sebastian Crow: If you win, then the deal is vice-versa. I have no arguments and I will pack my bags and leave the SHOOT Project forever! As of right now, I will sign a petition', that if I lose our match at “Redemption”, I will officially retire from professional wrestling, as I have planned many times before. How does that sound, Trench Coat? Do we have a deal?

The Trench-Coated Figure seems pleased with this deal.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Yes Crow, we have a deal. I will see you then.

Sebastian Crow: Good - now, there is one other thing I forgot to mention… *Smile*

The Trench-Coated Figure: Yes, and that would be?

Sebastian Crow throws out his arms and bows his head, smiling evilly.

Sebastian Crow: BREAK IT DOWN-

From behind Sebastian, the black screen begins moving and we see it was only a background scheme, conjured by two SHOOT Project personnel workers. Behind Sebastian, we can see his Lamborghini Diablo sitting in the Escuintla, Guatemala factory’s parking lot. “The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the speakers again, and the audience erupts, as the Trench-Coated Figure’s anger builds up in the ring. Sebastian Crow slowly glares up his eyes, now with an evil stare, and smiles.

Sebastian Crow: No Trench Coat, you will see me tonight.

The Trench-Coated Figure, growls at the sight of Sebastian Crow.

Sebastian Crow: I bet you cannot catch me before I catch you - peace out.


The black duffel bag was tossed from the trailer at such a force that when it hit the dusty ground, it's impact forced the bag to slide a good several feet. Wolfson stormed from his trailer, slamming the door shut behind him. His hair was a mess. His entire persona in disarray. Suddenly, he paused. Almost as if he didn't know where he was. Looking around the area, he found his duffel bag lying about five yards in front of him. The bright Guatemala sun beating down on all of the landscape, that is, except for the elongated shadow that covered the bag.

Looking upward, Wolfson stared blindly into the dark silhouette of the man who stood before him. Raising his right hand to shield his eyes from the sun, Keichi Kawada's appearance took form.

"Couldn't keep it buried forever, could you?" Keichi spoke aloud, with a trace of arrogance about him.

Wolfson didn't bother to return the comment. Instead, he proceeded to step closer to his bag. Leaning down just before it, he grasped it's handles and went to lift it from the ground. Just as Kawada placed his boot atop it.

"Run now, Wolfson?" Keichi laughed. "Run away now... The heat is on. Run away like the coward you are."

Wolfson remained silent as he kneeled down next to his bag. Ripping it from Kawada's grasp, he turned, and began to walk away. Kawada continued to chuckle and laugh as Wolfson walked toward his vehicle.

"No wonder why that bitch left you." Kawada continued. "You were too much of a coward... Even for that whore."

Stopping abruptly, Wolfson stood with his back to Kawada. He remained silent. Slowly, he turned around to face the man standing behind him.

"That's right." Kawada barked. "I know all about her. I know all about you. I know all about your obsession with The Express. We OWN you, Wolfson. We fucking own you and the truth is, when you conned Meioh into handing you power here, you took on more than you bargained for. You handed away your life. To us. The only reason we still allow you to breathe is because you bring the money in. Without that, I'd have personally taken you out long ago."

Wolfson took a few more steps closer to Kawada. His chest was pounding the same way it had not too earlier during the ordeal that opened Oblivion. Stopping just in front of Kawada, Wolfson stared into his eyes, remaining silent. Kawada just continued to smirk.

"Your war with The Express is so pointless." Kawada continued in his sarcastic manner. "You not only hold him responsible for her death, but you hold the rest of The SHOOT Project responsible as well when you KNOW you're the one to blame. YOU killed Ariel, Wolfson. YOU drove her away and it'll be YOU that burns in hell!"

Wolfson had again snapped. This time on Kawada. Wolfson sent his duffle bag across Kawada's face, then proceeded to drive him into the steel siding of the trailer, head first. Mere seconds after Kawada hit the ground, Wolfson proceeded to furiously drive his boot into Kawada's chest and face.

Then... Silence.

Wolfson calmed himself, picked up his bag, and slowly walked toward his vehicle. He was leaving the building for the duration of the evening.


Sirius/KillaCrowe v. Rancid/Thunder
Tag Team Championships

The bell rings as Sirius charges out of his corner and delivers a huge clothesline to Rancid, knocking him hard to the canvas.

Sirius quickly and viciously hauls up Rancid, Irish whipping him into the turnbuckle... another stiff clothesline in the turnbuckle.

Rancid now sitting on the mat, leaning against the turnbuckle, looking up at Sirius, almost not knowing what's hit him. Sirius reaches to haul Rancid to his feet once again.


Sirius crouching over, due to a low blow by Rancid. Rancid executes a bulldog.

KillaCrowe rescues Sirius from the three count, dropping an elbow to the back of Rancid's head.

KillaCrowe jumps over Sirius and Rancid, hitting a cross body block onto the advancing Thunder

Thunder and KillaCrowe are exchanging an arsenal of blows

Rancid gets to his feet and leans on the ropes, shaking off the elbow from KillaCrowe. On the other side of the ring, the ref is trying to separate Thunder and KillaCrowe.

Sirius pounding on Rancid who is still shaken up by that elbow to the back of the head... Sirius goes for the Irish whip, but it's reversed. Sirius bounces off the ropes, comes back and is met with a back-body drop from The Rancid.

KillaCrowe and Thunder continue to brawl, punching over the ref’s attempts at a break. Rancid picks up Sirius and delivers a quick body slam. Rancid follows up with an elbow drop, and the cover...

KillaCrowe and Thunder are keeping the ref busy!

Frustrated, Rancid stands up, he heads over to Thunder and KillaCrowe. He pulls KillaCrowe out of the fray with a neck breaker from behind. As Rancid begins to stand, Sirius is already up and the grabs Thunder in the mid-section and grabs hold of his head…

Sirius goes down for a lateral press. The Ref goes down, but realizes that Thunder isn't the legal man. Before he can even tell Sirius, Rancid dives across the ring, unnecessarily breaking the count. Both men get up; while behind them KillaCrowe also reaches his feet. Sirius whips Rancid to the ropes, ending up with KillaCrowe behind him. Rancid bounces off, and ducks a clothesline from Sirius. Sirius quickly spins around as Rancid continues to duck and KillaCrowe leaps forward with a spinning heel kick. Sirius isn't so lucky, catching the full brunt of KillaCrowe’s kick.

KillaCrowe just hit his partner!

Sirius is down!

KillaCrowe is up; the disbelief on his face is a picture he goes to apoligise to Sirius but feels a hand on his shoulder. Rancid spins KillaCrowe around and puts Crowe up onto his shoulders.

Rancid's got him set up... Crowe is slammed to the matt

Rancid heads over to Sirius as he is the legal man; Sirius is up to his knees. Rancid delivers a swift kick to the gut, putting Sirius back down to the ground. Rancid rolls him over...

One... Two...Sirius kicked out

Rancid picks him up and sets the Champion up for a suplex. Sirius gets a foot up and blocks the attempt. Rancid tries again, but Sirius blocks once more. Behind them, KillaCrowe uses the ropes to get to his feet, and Thunder is slowly getting to his knees.

The Ref has given up on trying to control these four! He's just going to let this go until there's a pin fall!

Rancid and Sirius continue to struggle for power as KillaCrowe and Thunder reach their feet. Sirius finally gets control, whipping Rancid toward the ropes. But Rancid manages a counter, and sends Sirius bouncing off of the ropes... Straight toward Thunder. Reacting on pure instinct, Thunder delivers a sidekick in the gut to Sirius. He sets Sirius up into powerbomb position, and lifts him into the air. He lets Sirius drop, and jumps into the air...

Rancid's not pinning Sirius because he's seen KillaCrowe. Rancid's focus has turned to KillaCrowe, who is still suffering some of the after-effects

Rancid comes up behind KillaCrowe, looking to try a reverse DDT. But KillaCrowe isn't as groggy as we might think. Reacting quickly, KillaCrowe spins and slips out of Rancid's grip. He unleashes with two right jabs... a powerful left hook... an even harder right uppercut... finishing off with a powerful knee to the gut. He bounces off the ropes and drives the head of Rancid into the mat…

By this time, Sirius has come to and scrambles to make the pin-fall. The referee hits the mat. 1... 2... Kick out by Rancid!! Noticing the kick out, KillaCrowe again goes to attack Rancid, but is speared by Thunder. The impact was so great, both men stumble out onto the floor. Meanwhile, back in the ring, both Rancid and Sirius have made it to their feet. The two begin trading punches as Thunder and KillaCrowe do the same. That is, until a steel chair is driven into Thunder's skull, rendering him unconscious. Renegade, still holding the chair, slaps KillaCrowe a high five before KillaCrowe slides back into the ring.

Renegade hops up onto the ring apron while still weilding his chair. Back in the ring, Sirius and KillaCrowe begin double teaming Rancid. KillaCrowe attempts an irish whip, attempting to send Rancid into the steel chair Renegade is holding. Instead, KillaCrowe is sent into the steel chair. He hits it dead on, head first, knocking himself back and Renegade back out onto the floor. Whipping around, Rancid clocks Sirius with his finisher and dives for the pin. 1... 2.... . . . Renegade brings his chair down onto the back of Rancid, forcing the referee to call for the bell. The third member of the Triple Threat that makes up the current SHOOT Tag Team Champions, Renegade, again brings the chair down onto Rancid. Thanks to a disqualification, The Elite walk away with the titles.


Kris Kobra v. The Lyger Kid
Rising Star #1 Contendership

Kris Kobra is ready. Lyger Kid is ready. The referee signals for the bell to ring and it goes. The two competitors prepare to make the first move as this match is now underway. They both leap forward in a tie-up position. Lyger Kid gets the better with an arm wrench. Kobra starts to reverse it, but Lyger Kid squeezes it on tighter. Kris reaches back and manages to rake the eyes of Lyger Kid. Lyger Kid spins around holding his eyes. As he turns back around, Kobra takes him down with a very impactful clothesline.

Kobra goes out the ring to get the ladder; Lyger closely follows him. Lyger hits Kobra in the back of the head. Kobra hits the railings hard. Lyger picks up the ladder and charges at Kobra. Kobra escapes by rolling back in the ring. Lyger slides the ladder into the ring. Kobra comes off the ropes and drop kicks Lyger into the railings. Kobra goes out to the floor and tosses Lyger back into the ring. Lyger catches Kobra with a low blow and both men fall to the mat.

Both men quickly get back to their feet and they lock up again. Kobra gets the better of Lyger Kid and backs him up against the ropes. With no further to go, Kobra Irish whips Lyger to the ropes on the other side of the ring. Lyger Kid bounces off the ropes as Kobra starts to run at him. Lyger Kid goes for a running clothesline but Kris wisely ducks it. Kobra follows through and grabs Lyger Kid by the neck as he keeps running and takes him down with an instant neckbreaker. They both lay on the mat.

Kobra is getting to his feet again and he brings Lyger Kid up with him. Kris Kobra grabs Lyger Kid's arm and tosses it over his head. Kobra then lifts Lyger Kid up, and holds him up in an apparent hanging vertical suplex. In the middle of it though, Lyger Kid head butts Kobra, forcing him to set Lyger Kid down. Lyger Kid takes advantage of the dazed Kobra by lifting him up now in somewhat of a powerslam position. Lyger Kid walks over to the ring ropes and just tosses Kobra out of the ring and onto the concrete floor. Kris Kobra lies on the concrete ground, groaning and holding the small of his lower back. Lyger Kid sets up the ladder to retrieve the contract…as he gets to the top he turns around and launches himself towards Kobra, hitting him hard with a five star frog splash both men are rolling in pain…

Lyger slowly gets to his feet, he is in obvious pain. Lyger Kid shows no mercy and picks Kobra back up. He whips him across the concrete floor and smashes him back first against the steel guardrail. Lyger Kid grabs a chair. He folds it up and runs at Kobra full speed. Lyger Kid smashes the chair into the face of the Kris Kobra at a high speed. Kris Kobra falls to his knees and Lyger Kid throws the chair into the ring, over the top rope. Lyger Kid walks over to the ring and flips up the ring curtain. He pulls out a table and slides it into the ring under the bottom rope. Lyger Kid turns around and walks back over to Kobra. Kris gives Lyger Kid a low blow but holds him up by his hair.

Kobra goes to smash Lyger Kid's head against the ring post, but Lyger Kid blocks it with his foot and smashes Kris's face against the steel post. Lyger Kid keeps Kobra from falling though and slides him into the ring. Lyger Kid lifts up the ring curtain again and pulls out another table and another chair. He slides the table into the ring and then enters with the chair in his hand. Lyger Kid places the chair on the mat and picks Kobra up. He tucks his head down for what appears to be a powerbomb on the chair. Kris Kobra regains his strength and backdrops Lyger Kid right onto that chair.

This ladder match just turned into a TLC match, with both men wanting to prove their worth

Kobra opens up one of the chairs and sets it down. He opens up the other chair and places it down too, its sat right against the seat of the other chair. Kris Kobra drags Lyger Kid around the chairs and pushes him up against the corner. He hits a couple of chops in the corner and then walks around the chairs and to the other side of the ring. Right when he turns around he starts to run. He leaps off the chairs and lands on Lyger Kid in the corner, both of his feet and both of his hands landing on the body of Lyger Kid. He floats backwards and tosses Lyger Kid up with a monkey flip. Lyger Kid lands back-first across the chairs.

Kobra finally sets up the ladder and begins to climb, he is three rungs from the top, Lyger looks up and in desperation kicks the ladder, it begins to wobble and finally falls over…Kobra falls onto the ropes and bounces back into the ring…The ref comes in to check on both men, they are breathing heavily…Kobra slowly gets to his feet he picks Lyger Kid up along with the chair. Lyger Kid kicks Kobra right in the mid-section, forcing him to drop the chair. Lyger Kid immediately picks it up and delivers a shuddering chair shot to the head of Kris Kobra. Lyger Kid turns the chair sideways now and goes on to choke Kris with it. Lyger Kid pulls the chair away, obviously taking a short break. Suddenly, without question, Lyger Kid runs at the ring ropes. He leaps up onto the top rope and then leaps across to the side right next to it. He uses this momentum into a fabulous moonsault with the chair.

Lyger Kid lifts Kobra up to his feet now and pulls his fist back. He swings forward but Kobra blocks the attempted punch. He tries again, but Kobra just blocks it again. Lyger Kid locks up with Kris Kobra now. The two of them struggle around the ring, trying to get an advantage. Lyger Kid gets backed against the ropes and looks to be in a bad situation. Out of nowhere, Lyger Kid hits a lightning fast snap suplex over the top rope to the outside. Lyger Kid rests on one knee as Kris Kobra is obviously in great pain after that move from his opponent.

Lyger Kid is done resting now and he exits the ring quickly and picks up the still unmoving Kris Kobra. Lyger Kid picks him up in a body slam position and drops him neck first across the ring apron. Kobra grabs his neck as he falls to his knees. Lyger Kid laughs and picks Kris up, followed by laughing again and slapping him across the face. He then rolls Kobra back into the ring. Lyger Kid rolls in too. He quickly picks Kris Kobra up and locks up behind him. He grabs him around the waist and lifts him up for some kind of suplex. Kobra blocks it though and gets back down to his feet. Right after, he elbows Lyger Kid in the temple. Kobra switches behind Lyger Kid and almost immediately delivers and snapping German suplex.

Kobra is up to his feet first and he stomps on the aching neck of Lyger Kid. Kobra picks Lyger Kid up now and back him up into the corner. Kris delivers a couple of chops to Lyger Kid, followed by a slap to the face, mocking his opponent. Kris grabs his arms around Lyger Kid's waist and lifts him up, setting him on the top turnbuckle. Kobra climbs the turnbuckles now and reaches the top. He picks Lyger Kid up too and puts his arms over his shoulder. He lifts up and delivers an enormous superplex with great impact. Kris Kobra floats over into the pin attempt. The ref signals to Kobra that it is a ladder match

Kris Kobra gets frustrated and picks Lyger Kid up. He backs him against the ropes and chops him once. Kobra whips Lyger Kid across the ring. As Lyger Kid runs back, Kobra runs right at Lyger Kid. He jumps up for the knee attack but Lyger Kid ducks down out of the way. Both men get back to their feet and turn around. Lyger Kid hits a spinning back kick out of completely nowhere and both are laid out. Lyger Kid drags himself to the corner and uses the ropes to lift himself up to his feet. He bends over to pick Kobra up. He does and then drags him over to the corner.

Lyger Kid pushes against Kris now and whips him across the ring into the other corner. Lyger Kid takes a deep breath and starts to run towards Kobra. He does one front springboard into a backward springboard, followed by a beautiful springboard back elbow to Kris Kobra in the corner. Kobra starts to slump down but Lyger Kid makes sure that it doesn't happen. He holds the Kobra up and then grabs him by the arm. Lyger Kid twists the arm around and climbs the turnbuckles. He reaches the top rope and uses his balance to stay atop it. He walks nearly across the entire length of that side of the ring ropes and then flies down with a clothesline to his opponent, Kris Kobra.

Lyger Kid doesn't waste any time. He walks over to the table on the other side of the ring. He lifts it up and sets it up. He walks back over to Kobra and stomps on him a few times. He then bends over and picks Kobra up. Lyger Kid takes Kris over to the corner closest to the set-up table and starts to climb the turnbuckle. Lyger Kid is bringing Kobra up with him too. He reaches the top and brings Kris all the way to the top turnbuckle with him. Lyger Kid spins him around so that he is now facing the table. Lyger Kid gets a headlock in behind Kris Kobra on the top turnbuckle.

Lyger Kid is apparently going for a bulldog from the top rope. Lyger Kid looks to be ready as he leaps off the top turnbuckle with Kobra in a side headlock. Kris Kobra somehow got some leverage and stayed on the top turnbuckle as Lyger Kid went crashing down through that table. He slowly gets back to his feet though, and he barely is up now, resting his arms against his knees. Suddenly, Kobra leaps off the top rope with an axe kick to the back of Lyger Kid's neck, driving him straight into the mat.

Lyger is out cold…Kobra sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring…all he has to do is climb; he is almost at the top; he grabs the contract and drops to the mat…Kobra has won the match and will go on to meet the winner of Temujin against Chris Lee for the Rising Star Championship…


The Trench-Coated Figure barges into Eric Wolfson’s office. Eric stands from his chair and watches the Trench-Coated Figure, carefully. The Trench-Coated Figure literally snaps off.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Sebastian Crow is back.

Eric Wolfson: I am aware of that.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Yeah and, are you not going to do something?

Eric Wolfson: Listen jack, this is entirely between you and him…

The Trench-Coated Figure: -even our match for “Redemption”. It still has to be, signed.

Eric Wolfson: I will draw up the papers this week. In the meantime, get the fuck out of my office, because your business is not, wanted here.

The Trench-Coated Figure: *Growls* Fuck you; I will take care of this, myself!

The Trench-Coated Figure storms out into the hallway, in full rage, not watching where he is going; he comes face-to-face with “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson. He glares down at Josh with a growl.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Get out of my way, boy.

Real Deal: Excuse me?

The Trench-Coated Figure: I said, get out of my way.

Real Deal: And I said excuse me. Who the fuck do you think you are?

The Trench-Coated Figure: My whereabouts are no importance to you. And’ if you were smart, you would step aside and let me through.

Real Deal: Okay, number one, you walked in MY way. Number two; you are some loser who is fighting for the DOJO Championship because you cannot hack it anywhere else. Number three, your whereabouts mean absolutely jack and shit to me. Number four, it is obvious that you are a little concerned that Crow is back. You are very pathetic. Now, if you will kindly get the fuck out of my way, I have a match.

The audience erupts. The Trench-Coated Figure stands there, glaring at Josh through evil eyes. He growls and steps aside, letting Josh walk through. He keeps an eye on Josh, as Josh walks on.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Watch your ass, boy.

Real Deal: Yeah, I will, I would not want anyone the likes of you anywhere near my ass, thanks.

The Trench-Coated Figure: *Growls; mumbles* Pathetic,

The Trench-Coated Figure walks on, continuing his search for Sebastian Crow. Now, we go in for “Rule of Surrender #1 Contendership” match.


The Real Deal v. Shaolin
Rule of Surrender #1 Contendership

The small audience in attendance erupts as the former SHOOT Champion makes his way out from the back. Shaolin, a man with a very rocky past in The SHOOT Project. Tonight, Shaolin looks to begin his climb back to the top. This time, having to go through one of The SHOOT Project's brightest talents, the current Iron Fist Champion, The Real Deal, Josh Johnson. Shaolin makes his way down to the ring, making sure to scan his surroundings every so often. Shaolin is a man on his own. One of the few remaining men who began it all, Shaolin stands alone this time, as Meioh has been banished from The SHOOT Project indefinately.

The next to enter is the reigning Iron Fist Champion, The Real Deal. He holds the SHOOT Iron Fist Championship over his left shoulder, making his way onto the stage. Tonight, The Real Deal will face a veteran of not only The SHOOT Project, but of the profession itself. And a shot at the Rule of Surrender Championship lies in the balance. The Real Deal makes his way down to ringside, handing his Iron Fist title off as he hops up onto the ring apron. Upon his entrance into the ring, the bell is rung, and Shaolin is already on the offensive.

Having leveled Real Deal with a clothesline, Shaolin begins laying in the boots. He's come to fight tonight. All the anger of the memories of all the drama himself and his brother have been put through the past few months is being relieved upon one Josh Johnson. Shaolin lifts Real Deal to his feet and whips him to the ropes, following up with a back elbow that connects with Real Deal's jaw, sending him to the mat instantly. Shaolin hops into the air, and drives a knee into Real Deal's chest.

Dropping down to his back, Shaolin locks in an arm extension, yanking back and trying to end this thing early. Real Deal does not tap however, and easily wiggles out of the hold. Both men hop to their feet now, and Shaolin attempts another clothesline. This time, Real Deal ducks the maneuver, and hammers Shaolin with a Super Kick, rocking Shaolin's head back. Real Deal quickly races up the turnbuckle in the corner, and dives off hitting a very impressive somersault plancha.

Upon connecting, Real Deal attempts a submission of his own. However, due to his reflexes, hardened over the years, Shaolin rolls Real Deal up. Unfortunately, this match can not be won via a pinfall, and Shaolin is forced to break the pin. The mixture of in-ring instinct and ring rust showed true right there. Real Deal is fist to his feet, and first to lock up. He sends a knee into Shaolin's mid-section, followed up by a knee to Shaolin's face. Locking up again, Real Deal hits a snap suplex, flipping Shaolin to the mat.

Again, the Real Deal attempts his submission. A half boston crab. He locks it in pretty tightly, forcing Shaolin to find his way to the ropes, rather than be able to muscle out of the hold. Easier said than done, however, as Shaolin finds a hard time making it to the ropes. Reaching out, his fingers barely touch the ropes, as his leg barely holds itself in it's socket. Still, Shaolin reaches out as far as he can. Pulling his arm back, he lies it beside his face. The ropes are JUST out of his reach. Squeezing his eyes shut, Shaolin makes one last reach out, this time grasping the bottom rope and forcing the referee to call for the break.

Shaolin flips over to his back, just as Real Deal is hovering above him. Real Deal reaches down to lift Shaolin to his feet, only for Shaolin to drive his boot into Real Deal's abdomen and flip him over. Shaolin hops to his feet, only for Real Deal to connect with a small package DDT. Dazed, Shaolin lies on the mat as Real Deal lifts Shaolin's leg up, and drops an elbow into Shaolin's thigh. Shaolin grasps his leg in pain, as Real Deal proceeds to hit the same maneuver on his other leg.

Lifting Shaolin to his feet, The Real Deal connects with a reverse gory special piledriver, sending Shaolin to the mat an alarming rate. Again, The Real Deal drops to the mat and locks Shaolin into the same submission hold as earlier. Already weak, Shaolin's leg sends pain up his back as The Real Deal arches his body back to apply pressure to the maneuver. Looking out toward the ropes, Shaolin lies his head down upon realizing they are FAR out of reach. Sensing victory, The Real Deal simply holds his ground, awaiting his opponent's submission. However, that submission does not come. Looking over his shoulder, The Real Deal checks in on his opponent, who merely holds his head in his hands, doing his best to close out the pain.

Now very frustrated, Real Deal releases Shaolin and lifts him to his feet. Swiftly, Real Deal locks Shaolin into a front face lock, and drops him to the mat with what he likes to call The Art of the Deal. Again, The Real Deal locks Shaolin into the half boston crab. Checking in, the referee senses that Shaolin might be out cold and lifts his right arm. Letting go, it drops to the mat. Again, he lifts Shaolin's arm to the same result. Lifting Shaolin's arm a third time, he releases it. It hits the mat and the referee calls for the bell. The Real Deal has defeated the former SHOOT Champion and is now the #1 Contender to the Rule of Surrender Championship.

As the match concludes, white-powdered smoke covers the ring. It stays there, until after a few moments, we see the Trench-Coated Figure bent down in a corner. They rise up and we see “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson - his wrists tied with chains around the ropes and barbwire tightly around his throat. His head dangles as blood pours. The Trench-Coated Figure growls and brings a microphone from his trench coat, and talks.

The Trench-Coated Figure: Sebastian Crow, I have had enough of your hiding. Do you see what happens when games are, played with me, Sebastian? Somebody else gets hurt. If I am certain, you and “The Real Deal” have had some confrontation in the past. Now, he and I have some confrontation. In an instant, I will end his life! Sebastian - BRINGS IT OUT HERE RIGHT NOW AND FIGHT LIKE A MAN!


The Trench-Coated Figure: Very well, I always knew you were bluffing. I will see you at “Redemption”.

Smoke covers the ring once more. After a second, the thumping sound we heard earlier plays over the speakers and a lightening bolt strikes the ring. The lights go out as smoke covers the factory. People are clueless at what is happening until - the lights re-appear, the smoke slightly clears, and we see Sebastian Crow, in the turnbuckle, kicking the guts of the Trench-Coated Figure. Sebastian Crow grabs hold of the Trench-Coated Figure, runs him across the ring, and bounces his mask into the turnbuckle padding. Sebastian follows it up with DDT. Sebastian storms the ring, waiting for the Trench-Coated Figure to rise again. The audience is going crazy in cheers. But’ before Sebastian can do anything else, the Trench-Coated Figure escapes the ring and starts walking up the ramp-way. Sebastian Crow picks up the microphone, lying in the ring, and yells out to the Trench-Coated Figure.


Paramedic’s climb in the ring and tend to “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson.

“The Ecstasy of Gold” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers…

Sebastian Crow: Cock-Sucking Tramp-

Sebastian throws the microphone to the mat and has his last staring glance at the Trench-Coated Figure, before the Trench-Coated Figure leaves. Sebastian raises his arm, this making the audiences cheer louder, as he smiles and takes a long-lasting glance at Josh Johnson before leaving.


The cameras cut to backstage where you see Skull. He's standing at the Pepsi vending machine. He places his money in and selects a Mountain Dew Red. He stands there leaning against the machine and drinking his soda. He spots Shaolin walking past him, down the hall. That twisted smile comes across Skull's face as he throws his soda down. He walks down the hall after Shaolin.

Skull turns the corner and sees Shaolin a few feet up ahead of him. Skull charges at full speed and spears him from behind. He knocks Shoalin down hard, knocking the wind out of him. Shaolin slowly rolls over to see who attacked him. When he does he sees Skull standing over him.

"Remember me?" asks Skull as he throws a straight punch down in Shaolin's solo-plexis. Further knocking what little breath he had out. Skull picks up Shaolin by the head and places Shaolin's head between his legs.

"You shouldn't have come back boy." states Skull as he lifts Shaolin up above his head. The ceiling is so low, and Skull is so tall that when he lifts him up Shaolin hits his head on the corner of the light fixture. Skull lifted him with such force that hitting the corner of the light cracks Shoalin's head open. The blood drips off of Shaolin's temple down onto Skull's head. Skull stands there for a minute laughing, as the blood drips on him. Finally Skull turns towards the wall and throws Shaolin against it in a Power Bomb type move. He's thrown with so much force that Shaolin goes flyign through the wood wall, crashing behind it in a pile of rubble.


Skull v. Taurus

Stepping out from the back, Taurus is greeted by a mixed reaction from the crowd. That's not all he's met with. Skull barrels down the ramp, sending his large arm across Taurus' upper back. Taurus falls forward, and Skull drives his boot down onto Taurus' back. Skull begins circling his opponent for this evening as Taurus makes his way up to one knee, then up to both of his feet. He quickly drives a fist into Skull's jaw, prompting Skull to do the same. Both men proceed trading punches, almost as if a punching contest.

Taurus clocks Skull across the jaw, as Skull allows him to take his shot. Once it's Skull's turn, Skull pulls back and drives his fist forward. However, this time, Taurus blocks the punch and drives his head into that of Skull's. Skull stumbles back toward the entrance to the backstage area, shaking his head. Taurus in turn rushes forward and spears Skull through the curtain.

Both men wrestle about on the floor as a small crowd of SHOOT security, no doubt of the Yakuza, begin to form around the scuffle. Obviously enjoying their "front row seats" none of them interfere and merely look on as Skull gets the advantage. Lifting Taurus to his feet, Skull whips him into the concrete wall to their side. Stumbling back, Taurus grasps his head in pain, as Skull proceeds to whip Taurus into the opposite wall. Taurus falls to the floor this time, as Skull drops to his knees and begins choaking the life from his opponent.

Taurus kicks his legs wildly, prompting Skull to merely laugh aloud. Finally, Skull releases Taurus and allows him to get back to his feet. Skull does the same, but is met with a double ax-handle smash from Taurus, knocking him to one knee. Taurus follows up with a knee to Skull's jaw, knocking him down onto his back. Walking off down the hallway, Taurus appears to be exiting this match-up. However, Skull hops to his feet and races after Taurus, only to run into a steel pipe that Taurus must have picked up. The pipe drives into Skull's ribcage, forcing him to double over. Taurus then drives the pipe down onto Skull's back, sending him to the floor.

As Skull rives in pain on the concrete floor, Taurus lifts him to his feet and hoists him up over his shoulder. Rushing forward, he launches Skull off of his shoulders and onto a nearby table, which smashes upon impact. Lying amidst the shattered pieces of wood, Skull looks up at Taurus through dazed eyes, who is now making his way toward him. Reaching down to grasp Skull, Taurus goes to lift him up. However, Skull reaches up with both hands and grasps Taurus by the throat. He then runs the top of Taurus' head into the wall.

Slowly making his way to his feet, Skull stretches his back out, grunting as the pain from the pipe-shot is felt. Enraged, Skull drives his boot into Taurus' ribs. Lifting him to his feet once again, Skull lifts Taurus up and races down the hallway, launching him through a large glass window.

Taurus is laying in a pile of broken glass from a window it looks like he was thrown through. Skull steps through the broken window.

"Oh I'm not done with you boy!"

Skull takes a large shard of glass and digs it into Taurus's forehead, just below his hair line. He's holding the shard with such a grip that it cuts into Skull's hand as well, but he doesn't seem to notice. After several minutes of cutting into his flesh, Skull picks up the unconsous Taurus and drags him towards the exit door. Skull throws Taurus through the door, causing it to swing open. He lands on the loading dock on the outside of the door. Skull walks over to a large wooden crate and lifts it up. Turning around, he slams the crate down on Taurus. In doing so the box explodes into several pieces. Skull digs through the ruble and picks up Taurus once more. By now he can barely stand. Skull grabs his neck with one massive hand lifts him high into the air. With ease Skull walks over towards the edge of the dock.

"Isn't this fun boy?"

With that being said, Skull choke-slams Taurus onto the cement floor some ten feet below the loading dock. When Taurus lands, he lands with such force it causes him to quiver as he lays there knocked out cold.

"Oh that had to hurt!", laughs Skull. Then he walks down the ramp and towards Eric Wolfson's trailer out back.


After his attack, Skull is celebrating. He is unaware of what's about to happen to him. While making his way through the parking lot, someone appears behind him. He is dressed in all black. The fans all know who this is, and they come to their feet. You can see nothing but black from this guy, who just strolls slowly behind Skull. Skull is unaware, he does not know that anyone is coming, he believes the cheers are for him.

The man in the hood, whom we all know as the Real Deal, pulls a black baseball bat from the inside of his jacket, and taps Skull on the shoulder.

Skull, unwittingly turns around...


Josh hits Skull in the ribs with the bat, doubling the big man over.


THe baseball bat makes a sickening thud, as Josh lands a shot across the back of the Prince of Pain. Johnson is in some kind of euphoric state. He gets on one knee, bat in his left hand, right by Skull's head. He puts the end of the bat in Skull's neck. Skull knows full well that Josh can break his neck right now if he wanted to.

Johnson calls for a microphone...

"Is that fear I smell Skull?"

Skull twitches.

"I can't hear you."

Skull says nothing, so Josh pushes the bat harder into his neck. The Prince of Pain is drenched in sweat from his last match. Josh stands up, not letting the bat go from Skull's neck.

"Fear, Skull. You're experiencing it right now. No 'inner flame' can save you from what you have done. You crossed the line. I asked you to. Isn't it amazing. I know you thought I would just stand by here and watch, and wait. Not this time. Not this Sunday. You killed the one person, and the one thing that meant the most to me in life. Now, is a time of healing for myself. And for you..."

Josh wrenches the bat down even harder. Skull's eyes are bulging out of his sockets.

"Tara Sexton's death..."

Josh pulls up.

"My heart, and my soul..."

Josh picks Skull up to look him in the face.

"The blood, and the demise of Cronos Diamante's sister, is on your hands..."

Josh hits him in the gut with the bat again, drops it, while Skull is doubled over, Josh locks in, and delivers the Art of the Deal, planting Skull's face into the baseball bat.

"I hope you enjoyed living, because that will be coming to an end, sooner rather than later."

Josh walks away to a tremendously silent crowd. He pauses at the end of the parking lot, and looks back, and a HUGE pop ensues.


Erik Boyer v. Master Molde

Master Molde, the former Rising Star Champion, slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain. On his way down to the ring, Molde is noticably flexing both wrists, in order to weaken his wrist tape and thus give his wrists added flexability. Making it down to the ring, he rolls in under the bottom rope.

Erik Boyer is the next to enter. Wearing the SHOOT Title around his waist, Boyer makes his way down the wooden ramp and to ring side. Pausing, Boyer glares up at Moldem who simply glares back. Removing his title from his waist, Boyer hands it off to a ring hand, while still keeping his eyes locked on his opponent. Hopping up onto the apron, Boyer places on leg in the ring, but yanks it back out as Molde rushes toward him.

The referee maneuvers Molde back toward his corner, prompting Boyer to once again attempt climbing into the ring. Again, Molde rushes toward him, this time pushing the referee out of his way. Again, Boyer drops down to the floor. This time, he shows signs of frustration as he's not able to enter the ring to begin his match. Once again, Molde is worked away from Boyer and back to his corner. And once again, Boyer hops up onto the ring apron. Just like the first two times, Molde rushes Boyer. However this time, Boyer grasps Molde's head and hops down to the floor, driving Molde's neck into the top rope.

Boyer instantly rolls into the ring, furiously stomping down onto Molde's chest. Lifting Molde to his feet, Boyer whips him to the nearby corner and rushes in, connecting with a corner splash. Molde stumbles out of the corner and is driven to the mat by Boyer, who executes a fast bulldog. Molde hops right back to his feet, but is met by Boyer once again who whips him to the ropes and then follows up with a springboard dropkick. Molde crashes to the mat once again, as Boyer rushes toward his fallen body and drops a leg across him.

Racing toward the ropes, Boyer hits them and races back toward Molde, flipping in mid-air and connecting with a standing moon-sault. He lifts Molde's leg for the pin attempt. 1... Molde kicks out. Boyer hops to his feet and lifts Molde to his. Taking a step back, Boyer drives a boot into Molde's right kneecap, forcing Molde to stumble back a few steps. Boyer then follows up with a boot to Molde's midsection, followed by a perfectly executed DDT.

Now that he has Molde on the mat again, Boyer races to the nearest corner and begins to climb to the top. The place where he has proven to be the most dangerous. Standing at the top, Boyer raises his hands into the air and then dives off with his patented senton splash. Seeing the attack coming, Molde hops to his feet and connects with a dropkick that sends Boyer back, and tumbling through the ropes. Grasping his chest, Boyer stumbles to his feet out on the floor, but Molde connects with a baseball slide that sends Boyer back first into the steel guard rail behind him.

Molde climbs out of the ring and scoops Boyer up. Lifting him up, Molde drops Boyer chest-first across the guard rail. Lifting Boyer to his feet, Molde locks in a bearhug. With his arms wrapped tightly around Boyer's ribs, Molde proceeds to squeeze with everything he has, squeezing harder every time Boyer takes a breath. Boyer sends fists into Molde's head, however because of their positioning, Boyer is unable to connect with anything that might be able to break the hold. Suddenly, Molde drops Boyer with a front slam.

Lying on the floor outside the ring, Boyer rolls over across the nearby mat in pain. Molde simply lifts him to his feet and whips him into the guardrail up at the other end of the ring area with an Irish Whip. Running forward, Molde brings both fists down onto Boyer's head, sending him crashing to the ground with a Overhead Ax-Handle Smash. Molde lifts Boyer to his feet again, and this time begins to lead him back toward the ring. Boyer, however, sendss an elbow into Molde's abdomen, followed by an uppercut and ending with a leg-scissor take down.

Molde scrambles to his feet, but is met with a Standing Side Kick from Boyer. As Molde stumbles back, Boyer follows up with a reverse DDT. The referee's count is now to five. Boyer notices the referee making his mandatory count and begins walking toward the ring. Slowly getting to his feet, Molde rushes toward Boyer from behind and drops him with a bulldog. Molde now heads for the ring, but Boyer grabs his leg from behind and brings him down to the floor. Molde in turn pushes Boyer head first into the guard rail, prompting Boyer to return the same exact attack.

The referee's count is now up to seven. Both men are lying on the floor outside just feet from the ring, dazed. The referee yells out his eighth warning. Boyer begins to crawl slowly toward the ring, with Molde in chase doing the same thing. The referee hits nine. Boyer reaches up to the apron and climbs up. With one quick boost of speed, Boyer dives under the bottom rope just as the referee's count hits ten. Molde dives in almost immediately after. The referee calls for the bell. Boyer has won this match via count out by a mere split second, and Molde has lost via countout by the same amount of time.


Cronos Diamante v. Chris Lee

The first to enter the ring area is "The Boss" Chris Lee. Entering the scene with him is Maria, weilding her famous bamboo stick. One of the only women in The SHOOT Project who is able to hold her own with just about anyone, Maria holds her weapon over her left shoulder, winking at her husband as he hops up onto the ring apron and climbs in. Walking to the farthest corner, Lee leans against the top turnbuckle, crossing his arms in anticipation of his main event match-up.

The next to enter is the Gray Dog himself, Cronos Diamante. Definately one of the most controvercial warriors The SHOOT Project has to offer, Diamante shows a determination and confidence about him tonight as he steps out from behind the curtain. Slowly making his way down the wooden ramp toward the ring, Diamante glares at Maria, warning her to make way. Smiling, Maria merely taps her bamboo stick in her left hand, reminding Diamante just what she is capable of. Diamante walks right by Maria, hopping up onto the ring apron and climbing into the ring. The referee calls for the bell and the match is started.

Both men rush at each other early on and lock up. Diamante forces Lee into the corner and sends a knee into Lee's abdomen. Taking a step back, Diamante begins to lay a flurry of rights and lefts into the Rule of Surrender Champion's abdomen, until he is led back by the referee. Now getting a moment to catch his breath, Lee shakes the cob webs from his head just as Diamante rushes back in and sandwiches Lee with a clothesline that sends him to the mat, up against the turnbuckle.

Walking away from the corner, Diamante allows Lee the chance to get to his feet. Walking all the way to the opposite corner, Diamante turns back and rushes at Lee again. This time, Lee rushes forward as well and knocks Diamante to the mat with a flip-once dropkick. Both men scramble to their feet and Lee is able to grab onto Diamante and crack a DDT. Dropping to the mat, Lee covers his opponent. 1... Diamante kicks out. Dropping an elbow across Diamante's upper-chest, Lee again covers Diamante, this time locking the leg. 1... Another kick out by Cronos Diamante.

This time, Lee gets to his feet and allows Diamante to do the same. Lee with an Irish Whip, reversed by Diamante and followed up with a whip-back clothesline. Diamante with the pin-attmpt. 1... Lee with the shoulder up. Diamante crawls up to one knee, before Lee grasps him by the shirt and rolls him up witha small package. 1... Diamante breaks the pin. Both men scramble to their feet and Lee sends a boot into Diamante's midsection, followed up by a swinging DDT. Instead of making the cover, Lee lifts Diamante to his feet, but Diamante quickly sends Lee to his back with a knee sweep and drops an elbow across Lee's chest.

As Lee hits the mat, Diamante quickly locks in his Bow and Arrow lock. This is a very tough maneuver to break or reach the ropes when applied, even for the reigning Rule of Surrender Champion. Lee has become a professional at this type of maneuver, so he is well aware of the fact that he won't be able to break it. So, instead, Lee goes into his mindset to block out the pain. That's been his best defense in his title defenses. Diamante leans back and applies more pressure, but Lee simply squeezes his eyes shut to block out the pain. Diamante has studied Lee's matches, and knows that it's not easy to make this man tap out. Releasing his opponent, Diamante climbs to his feet and lifts Lee to his.

Lee races to the ropes behind him and dives at Diamante with a splash, only for Diamante to connect with a Recliner Pin. The referee is right on time, and slides in to make the count. 1... 2... Lee breaks the hold! Diamante climbs back to his feet just as Lee drives a shoulder into his chest. Lee then hits his AncientBuster. Diamante is rocked to his back, but hops back up. Lee drives a boot into Diamante's abdomen, but Diamante blocks the kick and attempts to execute his Capture Suplex. Lee, having scouted the move, rocks Diamante to the mat with an Inziguiri.

Both men lying on the mat now, Lee scrambles toward Diamante and positions him for an execution of his patented submission maneuver, The Only Way to Die. Lee grasps Diamante in the first part of the maneuver, the cobra clutch and goes to hit the second part, the face slam, but Diamante is able to muscle out of the maneuver and flips Lee over his back. Racing toward Lee, Diamante sends a boot into his ribs, sending him a few feet across the ring. Lifting Lee to his feet, Diamante whips him into the corner and races in just behind him. Dazed from the impact his back took up against the turnbuckle, Lee slumps down as Diamante grabs Lee in a reverse DDT position and hops up to the top rope. Jumping off, Diamante connects with a Stunner, a maneuver he calls The Diamond Dust.

Lee lies motionless on the mat as Diamante, now covered in sweat, drops to his knees and then lies his upper body across that of Lee's. The referee hits the mat for the count. 1... 2... Lee with the shoulder up! Diamante has a look of shock on his face upon realizing the match will continue. His shock melts away, however, and is replaced with a look of anger. Diamante lifts Lee to his feet now and cracks Lee with a Full Nelson Front Slam. Again, Lee lies motionless on the mat but Diamante does not go for the pin. Instead, he races to the closest turnbuckle and hops up to the top rope. Diving off, Diamante executes his Praying MoonSault, but Lee rolls out of the way and Diamante meets the mat.

Lee slowly climbs to one knee, then to his feet. Wiping the sweat from his brow, Lee lifts Diamante to his feet and then whips him to the ropes. When Diamante comes barrelling back, Lee executes a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, followed by a fast pin. 1... 2... Diamante breaks the pin attempt! Racing toward the corner, Lee climbs to the top turnbuckle and dives off, connecting with a Shooting Star Press. Upon impact, Lee rolls off and scrambles to his feet. he lifts Diamante to his, and connects with a German Suplex Pin. The referee once agian slides in and begins to count the fall. 1... 2... Diamante breaks the pin!

Lee hops back to his feet and Diamante slowly follows. As Diamante reaches his full height, Lee quickly sends another boot into Diamante's abdomen and hooks him in a powerbomb position. Lifting Diamante up, Lee cracks him with his patented Bayani Bomb, but instead of letting go, he holds him in the seated position and goes for yet another pinfall... 1... 2... Diamante breaks the hold yet again! Rolling backward, Lee rolls to his feet and shakes his head in frustration. Rushing back in, he allows Diamante to climb back to his feet before Lee hits a nicely executed gut wrench suplex.

Lifting Diamante back to his feet, Lee grasps him and connects with his Belly-to-Belly Suplex Whip, rocking Diamante. Throwing his arms out to his side, Lee motions that the end is near and lifts Diamante to his once again. This time, Lee whips Diamante to the ropes and runs after him with a clothesline. Diamante ducks it and returns with one of his own, which Lee, in turn, ducks as well. Stopping and turning around, Lee grasps Diamante in a Fisherman's Neckbreaker position, no doubt setting Diamante up for Lee's finisher, The Ego Killer.

Flipping Lee over his back, Diamante scrambles around and quickly hits Lee with a kick, followed by another. Diamante executes his patented combo of Rapid Fire kicks, until Lee is knocked to the mat, face down. Dropping down to the mat beside Lee, Diamante locks him in a full nelson camel clutch, into the maneuver Diamante calls Ne-Han. Lee fights the hold as much as he can, but once the pain sets in to it's fullest extent, Lee is forced to, for the first time in his SHOOT career, tap out.

Immediately upon hearing the bell, Diamante releases his opponent and climbs out of the ring. Lying in the ring, no doubt still feeling the after effects of the move that was just applied to him, Lee is handed his Rule of Surrender Title. Holding it in his hands while lying on his stomach in the ring, Lee looks down at it, shaking his head. He is met by Maria in the ring, who helps him to his feet.


Lee and Maria make their way through the trailer area on their way to pick their things up and head out. Lee holds his Rule of Surrender Championship over his right shoulder, still in his ring gear. It's obvious that Lee is quite disappointed in himself and Maria is attempting to calm him with her words.

"Tough loss tonight." Echoes a deep voice.

Turning around, Lee's eyes meet with those of Temujin's, who leans up against a nearby trailer.

"Too bad you'll have to go through this again next week." Temujin continues, shaking his head.

Lee now begins to walk toward Temujin, but Maria grabs his arm to stop him. Yanking his arm back, Lee storms toward Temujin, who puts his hands up.

"Hey, I'm not here to fight, Lee." Temujin begins. "We'll save that for next week. Just wanted to let you know beforehand. If you want this title..."

Temujin pauses, tapping the Rising Star Championship that lies over his left shoulder.

"You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands."

Lee steps up toward Temujin, stopping just a few inches from him.

"If that's what you want..." Lee begins. "That's what you'll get."

Lee turns away and heads back toward Maria standing up ahead. Unfortunately, Lee never makes it to her, as Temujin brings his title across the back of Lee's skull. Backing away as Maria rushes to her husband's side, Temujin laughs.

"Tell your man that I'll be seeing him next week."

Maria glares up at Temujin as he walks off. Narrowing her eyes, she slowly shakes her head.