{The scene fades in on the parking lot. A black stretched limo sits around the cricking sounds of night-insects. A shoulder-length brown hair, mid-50’s man dressed in a black dress suit approaches the last door and opens it. He appears to be the limo-driver, without the hat. He looks in the limo and smiles.}

Limo Driver: Here you are, sirs. Your public waits.

{A younger man, looking about early 30's gets out of the door. He stands at 6 feet, 6 inches and is very, well built. He is, recognized as Jason Johnson, brother to the Real Deal, and new Vice President of the SHOOT Project. The audience in Los Angeles erupts to see Jason Johnson as he adjusts his jacket. He eyes back in the limo to see Daniel Jones, the new Owner and President of the SHOOT Project step out. He eyes around the parking lot, smiles, and nods his head looking at Jason. The audience goes crazy, seeing the new executive board finally arriving in SHOOT.}

Daniel Jones: Is this the place?

Limo Driver: Yes sir, this is the place.

Daniel Jones: Good, where is the toilet?

Limo Driver: (Question) What,

Daniel Jones: Where is the toilet? I have to take a piss! Damn, I hate long trips!

{Jason shakes his head, laughing at his partner. He smiles.}

Jason Johnson: Yeah, the man needs to take a piss. Who are you to deprive him?

Limo Driver: I am sorry sirs; um- you could ask the security up front.

Daniel Jones: Forget it, I will find the piss-hole myself! *Smells the air* Jason, do you smell that? Nothing like being back in the United States, would you not say?

Jason Johnson: I tell you what; I never thought we would be able to get SHOOT on American soil. I could have sworn we would have more trouble than we did, would you not say.

Daniel Jones: I quite agree. We did not want to end up on Osama country, now did we?

Jason Johnson: Funnily enough, that is where the Yakuza had us heading next. I am glad that we could, we will call it; secure the company away from them.

Daniel Jones: Ha-Ha; nothing like being back in the United States. (Thinks) Hmm- nothing like being in Los Angeles, California either.

{The audience erupts.}

Daniel Jones: Jason, you have to love this place. The Land of Hollywood; I tell you Jason, we made an excellent choice coming here. I can feel this night will be something to remember.

Jason Johnson: I hope so. There is nothing like being here in Los Angeles, California. (Thumbs up, Cheap Pop!), Man, I love that. Heh; this should definitely be something; a new SHOOT Champion.

Daniel Jones: Yes, new SHOOT Champ- holy shit, speaking of which! We had better get inside our office. I must piss and write a few things before my fan-introduction starts. And’ I keep it you have something in mind tonight, as well?

{They start walking to the entrance. Still talking, they discuss tonight’s plans.}

Jason Johnson: I have to speak with my brother that is one thing.

Daniel Jones: (Smiles) Ah yes, “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson; I have heard he is quite an impact.

Jason Johnson: He is definitely something. I understand that he has quite a few opportunities coming his way. It is a definite that I speak with him soon.

Daniel Jones: Nice idea', he and a few others are impressive here. What is his name – Sebastian Blow- (Stops himself) –ah, you know whom I am talking, about.

Jason Johnson: I really hope that these guys do well here. This could be a major stepping-stone for them in their wrestling careers.

Daniel Jones: Aye, I agree with you on that.

{They continue walking, now reaching the backstage area and through the hallways. Daniel looks back to see how far Jason is behind, as he stops for a second to stop to talk with personnel. Daniel comes to the executive-door that once belonged to Eric Wolfson. He turns his back to the front and is, confronted by; the Trench-Coated Figure. Jason catches up as well and stares up at the 7-footer.}

The Trench-Coated Figure: (Looking at Daniel Jones) I need to talk to you.

Daniel Jones: Who, the fuck are you?

Jason Johnson: My', my, quite the large one, are you not. You are the person who likes to run his mouth. What is your business?

The Trench-Coated Figure: (Looks at Jason) My business is with Daniel, not you!

{Suddenly, a stage-manager for SHOOT runs up behind Daniel and Jason. He has a headset on his head and papers in his hand.}

Stage-Manager: (Out of breath) Sirs, this is a Trench-Coated Figure. He has a match against Sebastian Crow next Sunday for the pay per view. Tonight, you were supposed to draw up the papers to make every stipulation legal.

Daniel Jones: (Looking back at the Trench-Coated Figure; Question), The Trench-Coated Figure, eh, Oh, a sideshow freak?

Stage-Manager: Easy Mister Jones, easy,

Daniel Jones: Take a number, Mafia Man; we have work, to do.

Jason Johnson: I love how people try to push the bosses around.

Daniel Jones: (Sarcastic) Yes, so do I; Trench Float, I will settle with you later. Let us get to work, Jason.

{Daniel Jones steps past the Trench-Coated Figure, turns the knob on the door, and enters. The Trench-Coated Figure keeps his eyes on the door, growls. Jason Johnson looks the Trench Coat man in the eye, before following Daniel Jones into the office.}

Backstage Exclusive #2
{The camera fades over to the Crock and Joe Schmoe in the back of the arena. The Crock has his wrestling attire on and he is holding a tape in his hand. They are standing in front of a small TV on a table with a VCR hooked up to it.}

The Crock: Who, the hell put this video tape on the steps to my trailer? I walked out to come in here to get ready for my first match and I almost step on this tape.

Joe: Well, put it in.

Crock: Okay,

{The Crock puts the tape in the VCR and presses play. It shows The Crock's house, it is dark out, with only the moon shining light, and some lights coming from inside The Crock's large house. The camera moves forward, shaking badly, so this person is obviously not a trained camera operator. The camera moves forward until it comes up to a window, the camera is, put up on the sill of the open window, and the Crock and Joe Schmoe are, seen talking. From what the camera can see, which is a big kitchen and part of a living room with a big screen TV and pool table, the house has been, ransacked. The kitchen is demolished, broken plates all over the floor, the refrigerator tipped over. In the living room the big screen TV has a huge crack running through the middle, the pool table is, knocked over, and the leather couch is, ripped to shreds.}

Crock (watching tape): Ah come on, I do not want to see this again.

Joe: No, do not shut it, maybe we will find out who is taping it.

{The camera goes back to the tape, and The Crock and Joe Schmoe are standing in the middle of the destroyed living room.}

Crock (in video): I cannot believe this, the WHOLE house is destroyed, everything!
Joe: Look in the kitchen, a note is on the counter.

{They go into the kitchen, stepping on broken dishes and glasses, and the Crock picks up the piece of paper.}

Crock (reading): You were not home, so we decided to fix the place up, but do not worry, we will be back, at eleven o'clock sharp. Your friends, signed, Johnny V. and Michael A.

Joe: Eleven o'clock, it is ten forty-six now!

Crock: I come home, thinking I can get some rest, and this happens, but that is not what worries me, what does is that they know where I live. HOW DID THEY FIND OUT?

Joe: Someone had to have told them.

{The Crock then gets in Joe's face and grabs his shirt with his fist and the Crock is livid.}


Joe: Whoa, calm down, I'm with you ALL the time, you know I wouldn't do anything, if I tried to make a deal with them, they'd kill me, then come for you on their own.

{The Crock lets go of Joe.}

Crock: I guess so, but someone is telling them where I am, where I live, what I do. And it is not any random person; it has to be someone in the Shoot Project. They would know where every Shoot event is, they could find out from the records where I live. They could find out what I do at all times.

Joe: Exactly, But we can figure this out later, we have about ten minutes to get the hell out of dodge.

Crock: Okay, let us go.

{They run to the left out of the camera's view, and the camera is, taken down from the sill and focuses on the moon.}

Man (from behind camera): They wish they knew.

{The screen then goes fuzzy as the camera turns to the Crock as he shuts the tape.}

Crock: I cannot believe someone was taping us at my own house and we did not even know!

Joe: We still do not know who it was.

Crock: Well, The Crock can worry about this after his two matches; he cannot afford to let this get in his way.

Ringside Footage
{“Set It Off” by POD blares over the pa speakers as we fade inside the factory. The audience is going crazy. The rush is outrageous, coming off an explosive show as we witness one-week ago. Camera’s spam over the audience, seeing signs as, “FUCK THE POLICE: THIS IS CROW-COUNTRY!” and “We Want Blood!” in smeared red blood letters.}

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2002

James: Coming off a show so hot, as sizzling as Oblivion last Sunday', we welcome you back to OBLIVION! Fans, my name is Jason What My Name, accompanied by Josh What His Name and tonight, we have yet ANOTHER explosive show. Tell them about it, John!

John: Oh, you had better believe it James! Tonight, the Trench-Coated Figure defends his DOJO Championship against Thunder. Sebastian Crow goes head-to-head against Skull, with special guest referee, Josh Johnson! Tonight, we see the debut of SHOOT rookie Amorphis.

James: Not only that, but our battle royal happens tonight to declare a NEW SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. Two battle royal(s) actually’, John, this will be something!

John: James, this night will kick so much ass. We have a night where two battle royals will occur, to declare who will fight in the most gruesome matches of wrestling show time – the 3-Cell Mountain Match! Not only this, but our new Executive Board has arrived! God James, I am excited!

James: Only to imagine what Daniel Jones has planned for our World Title, tonight. We will have to wait and see.

John: Let us get going to our first match.

The Crock v. The Lyger Kid v. Amorphis

{"If You Smell What the Crock Is Cooking'" Plays as The Crock walks down the ramp.}

{"Some Weird Shit” plays as Amorphis walks down the ramp.}

James: Are you seeing this Crock and Amorphis are going at it before Kid Lyger comes down.

John: That is Lyger Kid James damn.

*Ding, Ding, Ding*

James: Here we go. Wait here walks Lyger Kid.

{"Lyger Kid's Music" blasts as Lyger Kid is running down the ramp.}

James: No now, here it is for sure.

John: The Crock and Amorphis begin slapping each other on the chest left and right. While Lyger watches, his two Adversaries beat the hell out of each other. The Crock goes for a clothesline but Amorphis counters with an Arm Drag. Amorphis gets up and taunts the crowd. Then Lyger gets Amorphis in a headlock. Lyger will not let go and the ref raises Amorphis’ arm once then Amorphis begins to stand up. The Crock hits Lyger with his fists.

James: Phew, that was close!

John: Would you shut up?

James: (Question) Why', wait the Crock executes a suplex.

John: Do not make me kick your ass!

James: The Crock suplexes the Lyger Kid; followed by Amorphis, this match is sizzling hot! Crock gets out of the ring and grabs a chair and the ref blocks him. Lyger rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. Then he gets back in and hits Amorphis as he is getting up. Lyger throws the chair out of the ring and pins Amorphis.

Kick out’

James: Amorphis kick outs as The Crock is, still distracted by the ref. Lyger executes a perfect Spinning DDT Lyger pins. And The Crock breaks up the three counts. The Crock picks up Lyger and nails Crock Bottom.

John: The pin-

Kick out’

John: Amorphis breaks the pin up this time', another narrow escape.

James: Amorphis then picks Crock up and throws him straight out of the ring but as he was going over his feet hit the referee and dragged him over the ropes with him! Now Amorphis hopped out of the ring fast and got a chair! He went to swing it at Lyger but Lyger ducked then kicked Amorphis forcing him to drop it!

John: Crock is back in the ring! The referee is slowly getting in!

James: Crock walked right into Amorphis who gave him DDT straight into the steel chair! Now Lyger picked the chair up and hit Amorphis over the head with it then threw it out of the ring! He then pinned Amorphis and the referee started counting after just getting into the ring!

Kick out’

John: How, the hell did The Crock manage to break it up that time?

James: I do not know’, but he did and now he has just thrown Lyger into the ropes and Amorphis into the other ropes then when they came back, he lifted them both with one arm fast and gave them an extra push into each other knocking them both out!

John: He climbed to the top turnbuckle and jumped at them both; a frog splash over both of their chests! The count on both of them-

Kick out’

James: They both kick out how in the hell did they do that. They all are up Amorphis starts off by punching Lyger repeatedly right in his nasal, trying to take him down. Crock simply backs off into a corner and watches. Amorphis finally has Lyger on one knee as the chairs and The Crock is throwing in tables. And he gets in behind Amorphis.

John: Amorphis tries hitting Lyger again but his hand is, caught behind his head by Crock, who pulls back on it making Amorphis do a back flip and land painfully on his head. OUCH!

James: As Amorphis lays limp on the ground, Crock begins pummeling Lyger, finally bringing him down do his stomach. Crock picks up the half unconscious Amorphis and begins dragging him by the legs over to one side of the ring. He props him in a sitting position up against one of the tables.

John: Oh and Amorphis just leg swept Crock threw the table! Amorphis then picked Crock up and when he was about to hit him Lyger gave Amorphis a back suplex. Then Crock punched Lyger to the face and it knocked him all the way across the ring. How, the hell did that happen!

James: Oh, Crock has brass knuckles on; where, the hell did him get them?

John: I do not know. He sent a low-blow to Amorphis and covered him up-

Kick out’

John: Amorphis kicked out how in the green acres he kicked out of that.

James: -Green Acres, where did that come from?

John: I heard it on the streets.

James: Crock and Lyger were trading punches until Amorphis interfered and threw Crock to the other side of the ring. Then when Amorphis turned around to face Lyger, Lyger was already there and he kneed Amorphis then picked Amorphis up for a vertical suplex. However, Amorphis dropped down behind Lyger and gave him a back suplex!

John: And following the back suplex Amorphis was, hit in the back of the head by a 20-foot ladder carried by Crock. Wait how this match is going to end if there is no title on the line.

James: Well do you not see that weapon hanging, that 20-foot ladder is the key of getting that barbwire bat, that is a legal weapon, and the first one to pin an opponent wins the match. Now back to the match since Amorphis is, knocked out and he will not be able to stop Crock, Crock put the ladder over Lyger in the middle of the ring making it so he cannot move.

John: Crock is trying to end this early! He has begun to climb.

James: He is now half way up the ladder and Amorphis is showing signs of movement. Crock realizes this and does not want to risk getting, pushed off the ladder so he climbs down a few steps.

John: Oh My God', Crock has decided to climb back up and is going to jump at Amorphis from 16 feet up. Wait maybe he is trying to grab the belt fast!

James: Well whatever he was trying to do is not going to work because. Oh My God’, he must be dead. Crock was paying so much attention to Amorphis that he did not realize Lyger was trying to push the ladder over. That is exactly what he did!

John: The Crock is lying on the outside of the ring with the ladder on top of him after falling from 16 feet in the air!

James: Amorphis and Lyger are both up again and both charge at each other! However, this time Lyger gets the better deal and speared Amorphis.

John: Paramedics have just rushed down to The Crock and are taking him out on a stretcher!

{The Crock is, seen being put into an ambulance. However, before the paramedics could get back in the ambulance it started to drive and when it turned left Rancid was, seen in the driver’s seat as it sped away!}

James: That man needs special attention!

John: Which one are you talking about - Rancid -or- the Crock?

James: Both of them,

John: While we were watching that Lyger started to smile before Amorphis tripped him sending him face first into the ring mat.

James: Amorphis is up now and he picked Lyger up as well. He then gave Lyger a pile driver straight into the ring mat!

John: Amorphis is, not done yet! He threw Lyger into the corner. He then picked him up to then second rope of the turnbuckle-

James: Face first into the mats went Lyger. Lyger must have broken his nose because there is blood all over his face!

John: Amorphis now has the ladder set up. He was half way up the ladder when Lyger managed to push it over. Both men are down. They are not moving.

{Scenes switch to the SHOOT parking lot where Rancid is seen standing next to the ambulance.}

James: Where is The Crock? I hope Rancid did not and does not do anything he is going to regret.

Rancid: Come on Crock, you need some medical attention. I am here to help.

{Rancid starts tapping a bat in his hand.}

John: What is he going to do with that?

James: What do you think?

{Rancid was then about to swing the bat at the ambulance to get Crock to come out, when all of a sudden he was stabbed in the back by The Crock with a shot from the ambulance. The Crock then started limping towards the ring. Crock finally arrived at ringside when both the other wrestlers began to move slowly again.}

John: Now, Lyger is moving.

James: Amorphis is moving too.

John: Amorphis got up only to be, knocked, back down by a few kicks from Lyger and rolled out of the ring.

James: And Lyger is now climbing. However, Crock is also climbing on the other side!

John: They are both all the way at the top and Amorphis still is not moving. He is gone through a lot tonight!

James: They are trading punches at the top!

John: Crock punches Lyger off and he lands on the outside of the ring. The Crock has the bat! The Crock has the barbwire bat!

James: Lyger is up now and he pushed the Crock off the ladder, but Crock was not very high anyways because he already had climbed most of the way down, so Crock lands on his feet.

James: Crock charges at Lyger and nails him with the barbwire bat. Crock hits him in the back of the head with the bat and Lyger falls. Crock locks in the Crock Bite. Lyger is trying to fight the pain but he taps just as Amorphis slides in the ring to break up the submission move.


James: In other words The Crock wins the match that looked like a war.

Backstage Exclusive

{The door to the board’s office opens and out steps Daniel Jones with a sheet of paper in his hand, along with a grin on his face; two security guards confront him.}

Daniel Jones: What do you want?

Security Officer #1: Sir, we have been, asked to escort you to the curtain.

Daniel Jones: Nice’, okay midgets, get walking, I do not have all day.

Security Officer #1: Yes sir,

{The security officers, one on each side, escort Daniel Jones down the hallway. Meanwhile, the cameras fade into the door – once was, used for Eric Wolfson, is, now used for the new SHOOT owner and president, Daniel Jones', along his comrade VP, Jason Johnson. We immediately fade back to ringside, to see our next match.}

Backstage Exclusive #2

{Josh Johnson is in his locker room, preparing for tonight’s match-up. All the sudden, the door opens and in steps Sebastian Crow. Josh turns around to face him. Sebastian holds out his hand to shake Joshes hand.}

Sebastian Crow: Hey Josh, man, I just want to thank you for what you did last week. Tammy and I really appreciate it.

Real Deal: It was nothing. Truly, think nothing of it.

Sebastian Crow: Yeah, well, I still appreciate it. I do not think anybody else would have done what you did. I just want you to know, I have your back tonight if you need it and I want to wish you good-luck.

Real Deal: I am sure you will understand, when I say thanks, but no thanks. I want to go out and do things on my own.

Sebastian Crow: Ha, very understandable; it is everybody’s ballgame out there. You watch over yourself.

{Skull walks in the room and stands in the doorway.}

Skull: Well, look what we have here. A blessed union of souls', you two planning how to keep me from winning our match tonight Sebastian?

{Sebastian turns around, hearing the voice of Skull. He snickers.}

Sebastian Crow: There is no planning to it, Skull. It is all ready won.

Skull: You know it is a lot easier to say you will beat me, and then it is to actually, beat me. You can throw around all the empty threats and idle promises you want. But it when all boils down it is a lot harder to get rid of me then you care to admit. Maybe I should feel honored; you have to gang up to take care of me. Josh has proven he cannot do it on his own. Needs his big brother or a baseball bat', But you Sebastian? I expected better from you.

Real Deal: Now hold on just a minute, you little bitch.

Sebastian Crow: Annoying flies as you always find a fly swatter sometime, Skull. You had better watch your ass.

{Skull laughs at the annoying fly-comment.}

Skull: Oh Sebastian, I always watch my ass. You will find like all the others, that I am not as easy to get rid of as a simple fly. I am like the cockroach. No matter what you do, I just seem to keep coming back. Hmm The Shoot's Cockroach has a nice ring do you not think.

Sebastian Crow: (Mumbles), Damn house-pests,

{Sebastian Crow shakes his head and walks to the mirror, combing his hair.}

Real Deal: Yeah, you are repulsive, stupid, and you do not know when to quit. It fits your bill quite nicely.

{Skull begins to blush – a fake blush.}

Skull: Why thank you', I must not be that stupid though if I have gotten the best of you though Johnson. I was smart enough to take your girlfriend, kill her, and get away with it at that.

Real Deal: Is she dead Skull? Are you sure about that? How am I to believe that you did not have some other bitch in there? Eh?

Skull: Oh, I am quite positive. I was there remember? Did you not see it? Did you not see her taking her last breath in that tank?

Real Deal: Oh yeah, there was some woman in there. However, it was not Tara. Trust me.

Skull: Now why would I do a think like that? How do you know it was not Tara?

Real Deal: Easy, to try to get to me, Well, Skull, to be frank, and to the point, those breasts that you mulled over when you were killing that poor, innocent person, were not Tara's. Other than that, her legs were misshapen - and her face, just was not her.

{Skull stares at Josh Johnson for a moment before continuing. He lets loose an evil laugh.}

Skull: Very good Johnson, You have been paying attention. I was wondering if you would ever stop to notice. I am proud of you. I would not kill her that fast. It would ruin my artwork. She is still alive. However, you will never find her.

Real Deal: Well, you just proved it. You just proved that you were bluffing. I mean, was it that hard to come up the fact that you would not let things end so easily?

Skull: Poor Johnson, so close to realizing yet you just cannot get that last grasp cans you. This entire thing has been about fun and artwork. MY fun and MY artwork', It will end when I decide to end it, and not before.

Real Deal: You have Tara that much has been, established, and what has to say you do not put her up at Redemption? I mean, if I beat you, then you let her go’, simple as that.

Skull: Why would I put her on the line? For the measly Iron Fist Championship’, that title is not worth ending my game. You have to up the anti a bit boy.

Real Deal: Fine, you want my contender ships too. You got them. If I win the title tonight, you get that, instead.

Skull: Now you are talking. I will put Tara on the line, and you put your contender ships or you are World Title and your Iron Fist Championship.

Real Deal: Fine, you got it.

{Sebastian Crow pauses. He quenches his eyes and looks out the door. The Trench-Coated Figure slowly walks to the door. An evil smile lurks behind the mask. Sebastian turns around and steps beside Josh, growling.}

The Trench-Coated Figure: Let us kill these punks and get it over with, Skull.

{Skull's evil grin returns to his face.}

Skull: Sounds good to me. Let us rock!

{The four clash with each other. Sebastian Crow attacking the Trench-Coated Figure’, Skull attacking Josh Johnson – they pound away, trying to take each other out. They make their way to the hallways, still fighting. The Trench-Coated Figure Irish whips Sebastian Crow onto a table. Meanwhile, Skull and Josh are tearing each other apart. All the sudden, Jason Johnson runs in the scene and breaks apart Josh and Skull, pushing them back. Once he does, he separates Sebastian and the Trench-Coated Figure – Sebastian and Josh joins up next to each other again.}

Jason Johnson: (Shouts) Hey, what, the hell is going on here?

Real Deal: These two sawed off little fuckers decided they wanted a piece of Sebastian Crow and me.

{Jason looks over at Skull and the Trench-Coated Figure.}

Jason Johnson: Oh, if it is not the Trench-Coated freak! I thought Daniel took care of you earlier. You and Skull, get out of here – NOW!

{The Trench-Coated Figure and Skull look at each other, growl, and turn around to leave. Skull turns back around to take a last glance at Johnson, shaking his head, before leaving with the Figure.}

Sebastian Crow: Fudge packing bastards.

{Real Deal, who is a little pissed off. Rightfully so, speaks.}

Real Deal: You know’, there is never a moments rest with those two.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, just make sure you two take care of them at the pay per view. Josh, I need to speak with you. Josh, do you mind walking with me?

Real Deal: Sure thing, what is up Jason?

Jason Johnson: Excuse us, Sebastian.

{Jason Johnson steps down the hall a little with Josh, leaving Sebastian standing; staring in the direction Skull and Trench Coat left.}

Jason Johnson: Josh, the LAPD have Skull on their most-wanted list. And’ his actions toward Chris Lee’s gym topped it off. He burned the place down, little brother. He burned it as if it never existed. One of Chris’s friends almost died. (Sigh) I had no choice but to call the LAPD up. They are on their way over.

Real Deal: That is great, but what does that have to do with me?

{Jason Johnson sighs and glances back to see Sebastian Crow, fixing a cup of coffee.}

Jason Johnson: (Quietly) Nothing really; I just wanted to wish you good luck and if there was anything Daniel and I could do for you tonight – just ask us.

Real Deal: Nah, thank you though’, I think I will be all right.

Jason Johnson: Okay. Keep it real, little brother. I am not sure what sort of traps Daniel put in that cell.

{Jason Johnson smiles and walks off.}

KillaCrowe v. Renegade

{“Break Yaw Neck” by Busta Rhymes is, heard as KillaCrowe appears on the ramp. He stands on the ramp waiting for his opponent and his tag team partner.}

John: This should be interesting.

James: Yeah, I want to see who the better half of the tag champion is.

{“War is Coming” by Six Feet Under is heard as Renegade comes out to the ramp. He begins to question KillaCrowe.}

Renegade: I do not care if we are a tag team. We have been signed a match against each other, you should not be waiting for me.

KillaCrowe: Fine, I will not.

John: Oh, did you just see that? KillaCrowe knocked Renegade to the ground with a hard knee to the head.

James: KillaCrowe continued walking down the ramp now and slid into the ring.

John: Renegade is up and sprinting towards the ring. He slides in and the referee calls for the bells to signal the start of the match.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: And we are off. KillaCrowe and Renegade are circling the ring. It seems like they are having a staring contest.

John: Renegade ended it though when he broke KillaCrowe to the mat with a Russian leg sweep.

James: Renegade was landing some kicks on KillaCrowe when KillaCrowe flipped him over into in a quick inside cradle.

Kick out’

John: That was not even close.

James: KillaCrowe and Renegade are both on their feet. They both charged at each other and put each other on the mat with a clothesline.

John: This shows how much they think alike as a tag team. They both put each other out with the same move. Renegade brings Crowe back up and delivers a Vertical Suplex. He goes for the pin.

Kick out’

{While Renegade was pinning his tag team partner, neither one-noticed Skull hop over the guardrail and duck beside the ring apron. The fans are trying to warn the two wrestlers, but they are paying no attention. Renegade lifts KillaCrowe up and whips him into the ropes. Skull quickly reaches up and pulls the top rope down, which causes KillaCrowe to fly over the top to the outside.}

John: Hold up a second – it is SKULL!

James: Renegade finally sees what has happened. It comes to him what happened when Skull stands up, with KillaCrowe's throat in his massive hand. Skull stares directly into Renegade's eyes as he Choke-slams KillaCrowe on the thin ringside mat. However, wait a minute, Renegade shakes his head and steps through the ropes. HE IS LEAVING THE RINGSIDE AREA – WHAT, THE HELL?

John: Skull proceeds to beat the living hell out of Crowe! Skull grabs KillaCrowe's leg and drags him around the ring, making sure to hit his head on the ring steps as they pass them. Skull continues dragging him over to the announcer’s table where he stands him up.

James: Oh no, this is not good! Skull places KillaCrowe's head in-between his legs and lifts him above his head. It looks like the Jack-knife Power bomb set up, however when Skull throws KillaCrowe down, he throws him down on the back of his neck. His back of the neck hits the anouncer's table with such force it causes the table to collapse.

John: Ah, that poop-pant just stole my headset!

Skull: What happened to guaranteeing you would personally put me down KillaCrowe? I thought you were going to kick my ass to prove yourself boy. Some motherfucker is always trying to ice-skate up hill! Did you think I would allow a piss-ant like you to talk to me that way? You still have to make it through the Blood Sweat and Tears 2 match later KillaCrowe, good luck.

James: Skull spits on KillaCrowe's face and walks away laughing.

{As he walks, “Mastermind” by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers.}

Backstage Exclusive #1

{The scene fades over to see Chris Lee and one Maria Enriquez-Lee walk side by side. Chris holds his trademark barbed wire bat as her favorite bamboo pole ready and armed. Chris and Maria walk until they unexpectedly bump into Lyger Kid and his manager Mercy NT. For some strange reason, Lyger Kid backs up and holds his fist up, getting ready to fight Chris Lee. Chris backs off and shakes his head.}

Lee: I have no beef with you, Kid. Do not worry.

{The Lyger Kid reluctantly drops his guard as he looks at Chris and Maria, still with some distrust.}

Lee: Hello, Nakoko,

Mercy: (She nods her head) Hello, Chris- hello, Maria.

Maria: Hey, Mercy,

Lee: Listen, I am glad you are safe. John was worried more about you and... The Kid here (Pause), than himself. We are just glad you were not in the building when it was set on fire.

Mercy: Yes, I am glad we were not in the building as well.

Lee: Kid, I do not know what your connection with Kaisha, Incorporated is, but I got your back if you need it.

{Lee extends his hand for a handshake, but Lyger Kid swats the hand away, shaking his head.}

Mercy: Please, Chris. He is, just psyched up for his match. Thank you for your concern, though.

Lee: Whatever; I just hope this Kid knows what he is up against tonight.

Mercy: He does. He will be fine, Chris, trust me. As for John; thanks for being there for him when he was taken to the hospital. I appreciate it a lot.

Lee: No problem, He is my friend. I look out for my friends.

Mercy: (She smiles) I know. Thanks.

{Chris nods his head as he hugs Mercy. Mercy and the Lyger Kid walk off, getting ready for their match.}

Maria: What was up with that Kid?

Lee: (Shakes his head) I have no idea.

In-Ring Microphone Work

James: Jesus Christ, our table has been demolished thanks to our last contest. We should have something up again shortly.

John: Fuck, I hope so. This night is madness, James! Where did this carnage come from?

{“Anywhere I Roam” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as the fans raise from their seat', stepping out from the curtain is Daniel Jones, walking quite smoothly down the ramp-way. He looks around at the audience and smiles; takes his finger and scratches under his nose, before stepping up the steps and entering the ring. The ring announcer, Compare, hands over the microphone before exiting.}

John: There he is, James’, our new boss. Hey, do you think maybe we should go say hello?

James: (Sarcastic) Sure John; how about we roll out the red carpet and give away a dozen roses while we are at it, huh?

John: What; I am just being nice.

James: You are being a kiss ass, like always. Now, shut the fuck up and let the man speak.

John: But-

James: Shut-

John: But-

James: The-

John: James-

James: Fuck-

John: Damn it,

James: -UP,

John: Fuck you James; you ruin all the fun.

James: I am here to work; not play around.

John: (Mumbles), Party pooper.

James: (Question) What,

John: Nothing,

{Daniel Jones smiles, takes a long lasting glance around the audience as they chant “SPEECH! SPEECH, SPEECH!” Daniel smiles, with papers under his arm, and slightly laughs.}

Daniel Jones: (Laughs) –Oh my God. HELLO LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA,

{The audience erupts loudly at the sound of their state. Daniel laughs to himself again and shakes his head, still smiling around at the audience.}

Daniel Jones: Holy shit, it feels so good to be in Los Angeles, California again. There is nothing better than the good old USA, is there?

{The audience continues to erupt madly.}

Daniel Jones: Of course not', I mean, for a few weeks, I have been hanging around SHOOT backstage, taking notes about certain superstars and I approach Eric and I ask him, “Eric, why not step into the USA? It would be a hell lot better than Stinky Town.” He looked up at me and said, “Moo?” Interesting enough, I nodded my head and went on. I soon found out he was calling Crowe’s mother.

{The audience erupts loudly with laughter.}

Daniel Jones: Anyways, cheap joke, nice pop – on with the diagram for tonight. Up next, we have two battle royals declaring for a shot in the main event. My best advice to you people is – good-luck. (Watches the weapons being laid around the ring) You are going to need it. As for the main event, what we have hanging above this ring is three cells attached to one another. And’ even though this idea may seem like something from a Brian Robbins film, we still consider it entertaining – with a few least expected surprises. The SHOOT Project is going into a new reign of terror, aboard Jason and myself working it, let me just say to everybody tonight – you are ALL going to hell. As for me, I will be watching from backstage. You do not honestly THINK I will watch the action from ringside’, do you? Hell no, that is suicidal – even on my part; good luck to everybody competing tonight as I congratulate the one who wins.

{A heavy toned voice speaks over the pa speakers saying, “A CHANGE IS YET TO COME!” before “Anywhere I Roam” by Metallica blares over the pa speakers as Daniel Jones exits down the stairs and back up the ramp-way; he pauses, a grin crosses his face, before he exits through the curtains.}

James: A change is yet to come’, what, the hell is that all about?

John: Shit’, the hell if I know.

{We take a short break to see the Redemption promo, before continuing.}

Battle Royal #1: Blood, Sweat, and Tears

James: Man, what we have got for you up next is sure to be something for the record books. This is a first here for the SHOOT Project, especially because I do not think we have ever had a champion walk out!

John: Well, you are right. Tonight, the Blood, Sweat, and Tears Battle Royal are to determine the contenders to the championship are! You will be seeing two of these battle royals tonight, and later on, the Main Event! We will crown a NEW SHOOT Project Champion! Are you all ready for this?

James: Dude, this is not some kind of pop/rock song, it is the SHOOT Project. Jesus. Oh look, they are bringing us a new table – SUPER!

John: Oh, just get on with the match already.

{"N.I.B." by Black Sabbath comes over the PA system, which seems to have improved after last week, and the fans give a sympathetic face reaction to Rancid, who makes his way out with a smile on his face. He is a heavy favorite for this battle royal, and everyone looks to him to be somewhat of a steadfast competitor, with possibly the biggest opportunity he has ever had in his whole career.}

James: The crowd seems lukewarm here tonight.

John: I would have to agree, although, Rancid is getting quite a reaction.

James: (Whispers to John), It is because his dad died.

John: Oh,

{The fans are readily awaiting the next competitor, as is Rancid. Anticipation is building as "Loser" by Three Doors Down hits, and The Lyger Kid appears on the entryway. He gets a larger reaction than Rancid does, as he seems to be more, known. He starts walking down to the ring, and then breaks into a sprint. Rancid stands ready, as Lyger Kid slides into the ring.}

James: Rancid immediately lays the boots down on the Kid, who does not quite know where to go from here. Rancid stops to do a small pose, giving the Kid enough time to stand up. Rancid turns around. He is, met with a chop right across the chest!

James: DAMN, that had to hurt. Lyger Kid is back into this.

John: Rancid feels the effects of ANOTHER chop, and his chest has turned a pleasant purple type color. The Kid follows up with a boot to the stomach, doubling Rancid over; he follows through with a stiff swinging neck breaker! Lyger Kid goes for the pin!


John: NO, Rancid kicks out at what seemed like the very last second! Lyger Kid pulls Rancid up, and he makes a meeting with Rancid's knuckles.



{"Song 2" by Song Writer hits and Amorphis come out to no reaction. In the meantime, Rancid and Lyger Kid have a punch out, Rancid getting the better of the exchange.}

James: Amorphis, who is still garnering no reaction, slides in, and goes after Rancid. Punch, no, reversal, kick to the midsection, DOUBLE ARM DDT!

John: Rancid is putting on quite the showing here, is he not?

James: Does Amorphis seem a bit out of shape to you?

John: Well, he did not exactly put forth too much effort this week, so who knows what else he was doing.

James: Rancid stands over Amophis, waiting; He allows the Lyger Kid to regain semi balance in this thing. He chop blocks Rancid's knee, sending the man down in pain. The Kid begins to work over Rancid's knee, as Amorphis SLOWLY gets to his feet. The Kid applies a leg lock, seemingly doubling the pressure that Rancid has on that right knee. Lyger Kid sees Amorphis on his feet, and he sees that Amorphis is rushing at him. He ducks what could have been a monstrous clothesline, and he follows up by hopping onto Amorphis’ back and coming down with a victory roll!


Eliminated #1: Amorphis

John: And Amorphis has been, eliminated!

James: Man- what a shitty way, to leave a battle royal.

John: He probably could not muster up enough strength to kick out of a freaking victory roll.



{"Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne hits the system, and the fans come to their feet for Thunder. Wielding a steel chair, Thunder makes his way down to the ring. He slides in, on an unsuspecting Lyger Kid who is thrilled with having eliminated Amorphis, does not see the chair shot coming. Rancid is smirking at this, and just lets it happen. Lyger Kid falls, mercilessly to the mat, and Thunder, turns on Rancid.}

James: FUCK! What a chair shot! Lyger Kid rolls out of the ring, in obvious pain!

John: Is he EVER going to feel that one for a long time.

James: Most definitely, Jesus Christ, I can feel that.



{“Do you smell what the Crock is cooking’?” The fans unceremoniously boo the Crock as the seeming longest running joke in the SHOOT Project makes his way to the ring, sporting his fake eyebrow. He stands outside the ring, evidently on the same side as the Lyger Kid. Crock begins laying the boots into the prone Lyger Kid, causing the Kid to scream out in pain.}

John: Well, that is certainly not necessary-

James: Oh, it is too! Look! The Crock is just gaining an advantage before actually getting in the ring! Meanwhile, Rancid and Thunder are going at it, as Rancid has gotten the chair out of Thunder’s hands. They are brawling, it seems, and Rancid sends Thunder in the ropes, he bounces off the ropes himself, and nails a massive clothesline that sends Thunder down. Rancid immediately follows up, and puts an elbow lock on Thunder, intent on immobilizing his right arm. Rancid helps Thunder to his feet before dropping him AGAIN with DDT! The crowd is going CRAZY! Crock on the outside, picks up a two-by-four and smacks Lyger Kid in the back! The fans boo him mercilessly, as he continues to lay into the Kid with his boots. The Kid is busted open at the forehead, as the Crock spins his foot onto the face of the Lyger Kid.

John: Man, someone get this kid a towel!

James: Wow, Crock is really taking it to the Lyger Kid.



{“Stink fist” by TOOL hits the PA, and the Limey runs out, with a dangerous expression on his face. He runs down, and immediately hits the Crock, and sends him into the ring, seemingly helping the Lyger Kid. The Limey looks back on the Kid, and nods, before going after the Crock in the ring.}

James: John, what do you have on this “The Limey” character?

John: Well, he is not the Crock, and that is always a good thing. He is a dangerous man, from the looks of him.

James: Well, he arrived in the SHOOT Project at just the right time, as he is already getting a chance to make it big, in just his first week!

John: That is right; the winner goes on later to fight for the illustrious SHOOT Project title! And even for a spot in the main event at Redemption! The Limey, who has been beating the Crock all over the ring, just begins to punch the daylights out of Crock’s right arm, which brings screams of agony from the Crock’s voice. Limey gets up off the arm, and proceeds to kick Crock in the face, repeatedly. Crock is immobile. Limey picks Rock up, and sends him into the ropes. Crock is barely able to bounce off the ropes, only to be, met by a spear, into mounted punches to the head. Limey lifts up Crock again, and sets him up into the pulling pile driver! OUCH! Rancid sees Limey putting a merciless beating on the Crock, and he comes over to intervene.

James: Limey sees Rancid coming, and as Rancid is dropping an elbow, intended for Limey, Limey rolls out of the way, and Rancid drops the elbow onto Crock. Limey, standing, kicks Rancid in the head, stunning him enough to get a pin fall.


Eliminated #2: The Crock

James: And the Crock has been, sent home!

John: It figures the Crock would be, put out of this match quick.

James: Now, you have to be fair. He was actually on the outside for quite some time getting into it with the Lyger Kid.

John: Oh PISH POSH; Lyger Kid is seen crawling back into the ring, and getting to his feet. Thunder is also rising to his feet. Rancid is the slowest of those three, as the Limey is already ON his feet. He goes after Thunder first, runs at him, and sends him down with a STIFF Clothesline! Thunder looks to be out, yet still moving, and still trying to get to his feet. Limey winds up. However, Rancid’s club cuts him off to the back of the head! Rancid lays into Limey with some stiff kicks to the side, and Lyger Kid grabs Rancid, and hits a bulldog! Thunder is up now, but Limey is quick to his feet. Limey kicks Thunder in the gut and hits the TWIST OF LIME! Thunder is out COLD!


Eliminated #3: Thunder


James: (In awe), That- umm- kind of like an Ace Crusher, maybe, but EW he hit it on the side of the neck… that was gross.

John: Forgive me, but… OH, MY GOD THAT WAS FUCKING CRAZY!

James: While John marks out, we will go back to the action. The Limey has an evil, sadistic grin on his face, and he is sitting up, just staring into the crowd. Lyger Kid and Rancid are punching it out.



{“The God that Failed" by METALLICA hits the PA as a HUGE seven foot man comes out and stops everything that is going to the ring. He breaks into a run, and slides into the ring.}

James: The Trench-Coated Figure is out here! Immediately, Rancid and Lyger Kid break off from each other, and attack the Trench Coat Figure, who tosses them aside like little children. The Limey is standing now, smirking. He stands about a head shorter than the Trench Coat Figure, but in a way, he is looking him right in the eye.

John: Trench Coat punches Limey in the gut, and throws him clear out of the ring, without any hesitation. Lyger Kid and Rancid try the double team again, this time, with some more effectiveness. They land a chop to the back of Trench Coat’s knees, sending the massive man to well, his knees.

James: The Trench Coat figure is my pick to win. Just so you know.

John: Yeah, but who the fuck is he?

James: Limey crawls back into the ring, and immediately attacks the Trench Coat Figure, who is still down on his knees, thanks to the Lyger Kid and Rancid, who are now going at each other once again. Limey follows up, with a barrage of punches to the back of Trench Coat’s head, but the 7-foot tall monster begins to STAND UP! He is on his feet NOW! The Limey is just hanging on for dear life, as Trench Coat stands tall. Lyger Kid and Rancid take notice, grab Limey’s legs, and pull him off the Trench Coat Figure, sending him face first into the mat, and consequently bloodying his nose.

John: I am not sure what I make of what is going on in the ring-

James: I will just say this; I think that Lyger Kid and Rancid are making a mistake by not double-teaming the Trench Coat figure.

John: I agree. The Trench-Coated figure, smiling, turns around, and clotheslines Lyger Kid and Rancid straight to the mat. He picks up the Limey, who is holding his nose in pain, wraps a hand around Limey’s throat. DEATH OF DESTRUCTION; there is the cover! There is a cover!


Eliminated #4: The Limey


John: And Limey is gone. Damn, I thought he would win.

James: No way does someone come in here, and main event after a week. Lyger Kid and Rancid are still dazed, even now. Trench Coat Figure picks them up, to their feet, and slams them into each other, head first. He lets Rancid fall, but keeps Lyger Kid, who is very prone. He is rather tired from his first match. Trench Coat wraps a hand around Lyger Kid’s throat, DEATH OF DESTRUCTION! He waits a bit, letting Rancid see that he is going to pin Lyger Kid, and he does.


James: Well, it is down to Rancid and Trench Coat Figure. I have already given you my opinion on this.

John: It seems rather elementary now.

James: Rancid is up, as the Trench Coat Figure is recovering. Rancid runs, and hits the 7-foot monster in the face, with a running knee, sending the big man back down, for a while, it seems. Rancid quickly makes his way to the outside, and grabs a chair that was conveniently, left out there for him. He slides into the ring, as the Figure is standing, and he begins killing him with chair shots. He goes on, on, and on, one, two, three, four times! Trench Coat Figure is down! He is OUT! Rancid Covers-


Eliminated #5: The Trench-Coated Figure


John: How brutal! The Trench Coated Figure is out cold, but when he gets up, he will be LIVID!

James: How could he have lost!

Battle Royal #2: Blood, Sweat, and Tears 2

James: Fuck what a match that was! Shit, we are still cleaning up. John, are you still with us?

John: Yeah James, I am still here. This night has been fantastic! Rancid are one-half of our competitors here tonight. I wonder who our second competitor will be.

James: There is only one way to find out.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{The ring announcer, Compare, stands in the ring with a microphone.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: We return to our BST competition for part 2. Again, in the second battle royal, weapons may be, used when and if necessary.

John: That is nothing new.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Two; the match cannot be, won until one last person is, left standing in the ring. Our bout consists of six of the top competitors from SHOOT with a two-minute time limit per entry. Now, let us see who was, picked as number 1!

{“War Is Coming” by Six Feet Under blares over the pa speakers as Renegade walks to the ring. He steps through the ropes and starts folding his arms, preparing for the match.}

James: Well, we have our number 1 drawer – now, who is number two?

{“Break Yaw Neck” by Busta Rhymes blares over the pa speakers as Crowe charges in the ring. He immediately jumps in Renegades face, trashing him out.}

John: Hold up a second, James; our tag team champions appear to collide first. They continue trashing each other, but Crowe breaks this apart with a fist to the face. Renegade, he hits a fist to the face and we have a huge brawl here! They continue striking each other with hard-hitting blows. Crowe grabs a-hold of Renegade and head-butts him, he brings him back up and Irish whips him to the turnbuckle, followed by a backdrop. Renegade stands to his feet, Crowe charges, and Renegade scores with a power slam. Renegade brings Crowe to his feet and hits a Vertical suplex to the mat. Renegade brings Crowe to his feet and charges him for the ropes, Crowe blocks it, and he hangs on the ropes and squares Renegade in the face with a shot.

James: Crowe goes and picks up a trashcan from earlier. He turns around and ouch’, Crowe was hit in the gut with a spinning trash can lid from Renegade. Renegade charges for Crowe and hits a scissors kick, sending Crowe’s face into the trashcan! Renegade grabs the back of Crowe’s head and pounds him furiously into it. He brings Crowe slowly back to his feet and hits a German suplex – but wait, Crowe flips out of it, and Renegade hits him back down with a boot to the face. And’ the countdown is on.



{“Fuel by Fire” by Prodigy blares over the pa speakers', Chris Lee runs to the ring, he charges inside and immediately attacks Renegade with a barbwire bat.}


Eliminated #1: Renegade

John: Chris Lee brings Crowe back to his feet. He sets him up in the turnbuckle, sending hard chops to the chest. He Irish whips him; Crowe reverses it, and sends Lee into the turnbuckle. Chris Lee charges out with a clothesline, Crowe blocks, and charges Chris Lee’s face into the turnbuckle padding; to continue it up, he runs Chris Lee’s face against the top-rope.

James: Crowe bounces Chris Lee’s throat off the top-rope and watches Lee bounce to the mat. Crowe climbs through the ropes and digs under the ring for toys.

John: Whoa’, do you mean as vibrators and strap-on dildos?

James: No, Dildo-Nut; I am talking about weapons.

John: They can be, used as weapons. Have you never heard of fetish-sex?

James: Okay, I have heard enough! Crowe pulls out a brown bag and slides it in the ring. Chris Lee is back up and starts searching through the bag. Crowe is unaware this is happening and Chris Lee – Chris Lee pulls out a – A COMPUTER MONITOR! No way, this cannot be happening!

John: James, God works in mysterious ways. Crowe steps back on the apron and WATCH OUT – CHRIS LEE JUST SMASHED THE COMPUTER MONITOR OVER CROWE’S HEAD! CROWE IS DAZED! HE FALLS OFF THE APRON! Christ James, did you see that shot?

James: BOLTS AND SCREWS FLEW EVERYWHERE! PARTS OF THAT COMPUTER MONITOR ARE SCATTERED! CROWE IS BLEEDING AND HE IS OUT OF IT! Chris Lee now steps through the ropes. He reaches under the ring and pulls out a – the KEYBOARD! He pulls out the keyboard to the computer monitor. He brings Crowe back to his feet and smashes the keyboard into his face! Jesus Christ, Crowe is bleeding helplessly here.

John: Thanks to that impact shot, it woke Crowe up a little and he wobbles to his feet. Chris Lee charges at Crowe again with the keyboard but Crowe blocks the shot, he pushes the keyboard back into Lee’s face. Crowe has control of the keyboard now and he smashes it over Chris Lee’s back! Crowe sets Chris Lee up now- oh my God’, NO! CROWE JUST PILE DRIVED CHRIS LEE’S HEAD ONTO THAT KEYBOARD! JESUS CHRIST, THIS IS WIRE MADNESS HERE! Hey James, do you think Office Depot would allow this to happen?

James: Shit, I think Bill Gates is going to sue somebody!

John: Both men must have a splitting headache now’, after terrorizing each other with computer equipment! I have never seen this happen, before! The clock is about to sound again.


{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as Sebastian Crow walks to the ring.}

James: Sebastian Crow is our next contestant to enter this battle royal! He reaches under the front of the apron and grabs a fire extinguisher! He whistles while on his way to the fight-scene. What is this? He taps Crowe on the shoulder, Crowe turns around, and Sebastian sprays him down! Crowe tries blocking the smoke but Sebastian comes through and decks CROWE RIGHT IN THE FOREHEAD! CROWE’S PULSE MUST BE GOING CRAZY AFTER THAT SHOT!

John: Ha, I am glad I carry Excedrin. Chris Lee brings himself back to his feet and slides in the ring. He grabs the barbwire bat. He stands up and reaches over the ropes, placing the barbwire bat against the throat of Sebastian Crow. Sebastian Crow is gagging, trying to release from the hold. Chris Lee tightens more, growling in the process. Finally though, Sebastian pulls up and – HOLY SHIT! HE JUST GRABBED HOLD OF CHRIS LEE AND TOSSED HIM OVER THE ROPES AND THROUGH THE GUARDRAIL! Chris Lee is fucking zoned out after that shot! Sebastian has the barbwire bat now and he strikes Crowe with it, as Crowe attempts a shot. Sebastian Crow brings Crowe back to his feet and slides him in the ring.

James: It appears we have re-entered our battle royal! Sebastian brings Crowe to his feet and Irish whips him HARD into the turnbuckle! Crowe falls flat on his face. Here comes Chris Lee though, he puts the barbwire bat back against Sebastian’s throat and hangs on to the big man! Chris Lee releases, just enough for Crowe to get back up and run Sebastian across the ring. However, Sebastian intercepts the plot and tosses Crowe over the top-rope instead! Crowe has been, eliminated!

Eliminated #2: KillaCrowe

John: Sebastian turns back around and Chris Lee decks him with that barbwire bat. He hovers in Sebastian’s face, warning him, yelling at him, telling him nothing is going to stand in his way tonight! However, enough talk and no fight, James! Sebastian is like Frankenstein – he cannot be, kept down forever! He grabs a-hold of Chris Lee’s throat with both hands and slowly makes his way up. He proceeds by tossing Lee in the corner and strikes away with numerous shots to the face. He has Chris Lee trapped and stomps a mud-hole in his gut!

James: Sebastian tends back to the brown bag that lies in the center of the ring, now. After succeeding with nothing in the bag, Sebastian climbs through the ropes and goes for a broomstick underneath the apron. He climbs back in the ring. Chris Lee charges for Sebastian and Sebastian jabs the end into Chris Lee’s stomach! Sebastian Crow follows it up with a knee to the face and a strike, sending Lee back into the corner! Sebastian stands on two turnbuckles and, waits a second, what is he doing John?

John: James, Sebastian is going to attempt to shove a broomstick down Chris Lee’s mouth! This is crazy! Hannibal Lector, eat your liver out – Sebastian Crow has you beat!

James: Jesus John, Sebastian does not have ALL of the broom in Chris Lee’s throat but enough to make him gag! Finally, Sebastian releases the broomstick, brings Chris Lee fourth, and breaks it over his back. This is not enough for Sebastian Crow! He reaches back for the bag and smiles – something has caught his eyes!

John: What, the hell do you expect James; Sebastian Crow is literally crazy. We have ALL learnt that.

James: Yes and- oh my God, look at what is pouring from that bag John.


James: Sebastian Crow is pouring out thumbtacks! Dozens of them too’, I know Crowe should have never brought that bag!

John: Hey, anything can happen here James. This is the SHOOT Project – not the World Wrestling Federation.

James: Ah, yes’, you do have a point there, John. But’ God, come on – Sebastian Crow sets Chris Lee up for a power bomb, he takes Chris Lee in mid-air, BUT WAIT A MINUTE! SOMEHOW, CHRIS LEE TOOK HIS OWN WEIGHT AND PRESSED IT ON SEBASTIAN CROW, SENDING SEBASTIAN’S FRONT-SIDE STRAIGHT INTO THE THUMBTACK!

John: Holy shit; Chris Lee landed right on top of Sebastian’s back too! Sebastian is hollering in pain! Chris Lee has Sebastian Crow wounded – now, he must take the advantage and toss the big man out!



{“After Me” by Saliva, blares over the pa speakers, as the fans rise to their feet – coming down the aisle is “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson.}

James: Here comes a man highly respected in this business, John!

{Chris Lee takes his eye away from Sebastian Crow and pays attention to Josh Johnson.}


James: What, the hell-

John: It is not Skull’s turn yet.

James: I think Skull will do whatever he wants. He just took “The Real Deal” out of the ballgame here – no world title shot for Josh Johnson.

John: Watch him, James; Skull is sick and sadistic! He continues to strike Josh Johnson with continuous shots of steel! And’ finally, here comes the referees to break the madness apart. Meanwhile, in the ring, Chris Lee turns around and - *SMACK* - HERE WE GO, PEOPLE! SEBASTIAN CROW HAS CHRIS LEE AND – HEAVEN CAN WAIT, RIGHT ON THE THUMBTACKS!

James: That entire ring shook, John! Look at Sebastian’s body. It is, battered with blood! Now, Chris Lee knows what it feels like. Referee’s have finally separated Skull from Josh Johnson and sent him to the backstage area. They put Josh Johnson on a stretcher – John, I do not think he can compete tonight.

John: Bummer; the kid was starting to get good too!

James: Chris Lee is still down from Sebastian Crow’s enormous choke slam from hell!

John: Sebastian Crow can do one of the two things, now. He cans either 1) Pin Chris Lee or 2) Throw him over the top-rope.

James: It all depends to Sebastian Crow but wait a second-

{The lights start flickering on and off. The arena goes pitch black, before seeing the Trench-Coated Figure standing in the ring with Sebastian Crow. The lights continue flickering.}

John: Wait a second, James; was that the Trench-Coated Figure?

{The lights continue flickering. We keep seeing Sebastian and Trench Coat go eye to eye. One second, Trench Coat is on the left side and Sebastian is on the right side. The next, they switch opposite sides, followed by the next second done the same way. The lights go completely dark again. After a few moments, Sebastian Crow stands in the center of the ring shaking his head.}

James: What, the hell just happened here?

John: I do not know. Look at Sebastian; he looks as if he was in some sort of a trance!

James: A trance he was; now, he is looking for the Trench-Coated Figure! Where did they go?

John: Not a clue; Sebastian had better watch out; Chris Lee is back up and HE SUPERKICKS SEBASTIAN CROW OVER THE TOP ROPE! SEBASTIAN CROW HAS BEEN, ELIMINATED!

Eliminated #3: Sebastian Crow



{“Mastermind” by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers as Skull runs to the ring.}

James: And’ here comes Skull! He immediately charges for Chris Lee, pounding away.

John: James, we are now down to two competitors in this thing. One of these two men will go off in the main event to face Rancid.

James: Yeah, what about Josh Johnson though?

John: I do not think he will return. It will be either Skull or Chris Lee.

James: Ha, I am sure our executive-board is taking bets backstage now! Skull runs Chris Lee across the ring and tosses him through the ropes. Damn, we are on the outside a lot tonight. Skull brings Lee back to his feet and slams his face repeatable against the steel railing. Chris Lee sets Skull up, Irish whip to the stairs! Now, Skull charges at Chris Lee with a knee but Chris Lee moves! Skull charges right into the steel steps. Chris Lee is back up and he brings Skull to his feet. He walks him over to our commentators table – no, get away from here! Chris Lee just slammed Skull’s face on the commentators table!

John: Chris Lee leans Skull against the table and hits him with a hard chop to the chest! Skull, however, grabs a-hold of Chris Lee with both hands and tosses him on the table. Skull starts hitting away! Skull walks off to find a steel chair. Chris Lee is off the table though, he charges for Skull, and drop kicks the chair in Skull’s face! Skull falls backward and Chris Lee rolls back in the ring. Skull slowly stands to his feet. Chris Lee turns around and he is, hit with a steel chair – my God, what a shot! Skull threw that steel chair from ringside! His target worked correctly.

James: Skull slides back in the ring. Wait a second- here come Maria Enriquez-Lee! She slides in the ring and drops a bamboo pole. She jumps on the back of Skull, trying to get his attention from her husband Chris Lee! Chris Lee is still down from that chair shot! And’ Skull elbows Maria, dropping her off his back. He turns around, spots her, and looks at that grin!

John: Oh no, what is this mad man thinking about? Maria picks up the bamboo pole and strikes Skull, but Skull blocks the shot; and kicks Maria in the stomach. Skull pulls the bamboo stick from her, drops it, and lifts her up above him!

James: Oh my God – no, do not do this!



John: Look at Skull. He is proud for what he done! Chris Lee is back up and he has just seen his wife. He is stunned. He ATTACKS SKULL WITH GREAT POWER. No, Skull is too tough and he grabs a-hold of Chris Lee’s head – HEAD BUTT!

James: Now, Skull slides out of the ring. He pulls a table from under the ring. Chris Lee is back to the outside and he strikes Skull with that barbwire bat! Chris Lee Irish whips Skull to the ring post and rolls him back in the ring, followed by the table. Chris Lee climbs the top-turnbuckle. He is setting Skull up! Wait a second; Skull is back to his feet! Skull flies off and Skull catches him in mid-air with a power slam! Now, Skull proceeds to set up the table. Once he does, he brings Chris Lee back to his feet and hits him with a hard shot to the head. I am not sure how much more of this Chris Lee can take!

John: Skull follows it up – WHU-OH! HERE IT COMES, JAMES! Skull sets Chris Lee up for the Skull-Bomb! He takes Chris Lee up, but hangs on; Chris Lee stays up there and tries fighting his way out of it! He sends furious punches to the face of Skull – NO LUCK, SKULL HITS THE SKULL-BOMB STRAIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!

James: Skull climbs to the outside now. He grabs another steel chair and slides in the ring. Chris Lee is standing up; his drop kicks the steel chair in Skull’s face! Skull almost went over the top-rope with that one! Chris Lee charges for Skull now, he goes for a clothesline, but Skull blocks it and back drops Chris Lee over the top-rope! We have a winner!

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

{“Mastermind” by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers as the audience boos in ceremony to our second contender for the main event.}

John: James, there is blood everywhere! This is madness! People will now remember this night as March 24.

James: Shit, this is outrageous!

Thunder v. The Trench-Coated Figure

James: The men have already been called down to the ring and the match is about to get underway.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

John: Is that really, why the bells ring?

James: Shut-up!

John: Trench Coated Figure starts taking it out on Thunder already. A few vicious rights followed by an uppercut.

James: Thunder tries to throw a punch but it was, caught and then The Trench-Coated Figure spun his arm around before flipping him over to land on his back and on the mat. Trench Coat then began kicking the fallen down Thunder.

John: That is going to leave a mark! He will be, bruised in the morning.

James: Shut-up and stop saying stupid things or you will be, bruised in the morning.

John: (Question) What, I did not even say anything stupid - can we call the match?

James: That is what we are, hired to do and that is what I am trying to do.

John: I will do it then. The Trench-Coated Figure is picking up Thunder. Thunder stands a little-

James: Dizzy. Thunder is still dizzy.

John: And he will stay dizzy because he just received a clothesline that could behead a man.

James: The Trench-Coated Figure throws Thunder into the corner. He stands on the second rope and begins to land some fists in the head and face of Thunder. After 10 hits, the referee pulls him off but Trench Coat shoves him away. The referee is back. He is pointing at his stripes.

Referee: Do you see those stripes? That makes me the official of this match. Do not shove me or I will make sure you lose that title.

John: TCF is not going to take this from any referee. He shoves the referee again before turning his attention back to Thunder who is charging at him.

James: Oh, Thunder took him down with a spear. It was perfect timing for TCF to turn around.

John: Thunder makes a cover and the referee is counting faster then I think I ever saw him count before-

Kick out’

John: The Trench-Coated Figure kicks out!

James: Trench Coat knows the referee was counting faster then he should have been but he does not let it get to him. He gets up to fight Thunder.

John: Thunder and Trench Coat are trading punches in the middle of the ring but Trench Coat takes the lead and eventually becomes the only one throwing the punches. Thunder is moving backwards, getting closer and closer to the ropes.

James: And now he is on the other side of the ropes.

John: Yeah, that last punch flipped him over. That shows the strength of just one of Trench Coat's punches.

James: Maybe he will whack you a good one that knocks some sense into your head.

John: Shut-up and call the match!

James: Thunder is slowly getting to his feet and the Trench-Coated Figure just slid out of the ring right as Thunder made it to his feet but was a little wobbly.

John: Trench Coat get away from our announce table, get the hell away.

James: 'Hopefully' it will be you, he slams through the table, but I doubt it.

John: Thunder is fully conscious now and he realizes what Trench Coat is doing.

James: Yeah, but Trench Coat does not realize what he is doing. Thunder grabbed Trench Coat’s head and slammed it against the table. He repeated this three times before rolling Trench Coat onto the table.

John: I do not know if this table is going to hold both their weight!

James: Thunder gets on the table and puts Trench Coat’s head between his legs. He then lifts him onto his shoulders for a power bomb but Trench Coat begins to punch him in the neck and head.

John: Thunder is still trying to get Trench Coat to let go so he can slam him down, but look!

James: The Trench-Coated Figure slid himself down the other side of Thunder and locked his head between his arms.

John: It is show time! Trench Coated Figure slammed Thunder threw the table with a reverse DDT.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: The referee called for the bells. This match is over, Trench Coated Figure retains by Disqualification.

John: Are we supposed to have disqualifications these days?

James: John, I think you are right. People do whatever they want to do anymore. Let them go ahead and fight it out!

John: There is no need for that, James – look!

{The Trench-Coated Figure puts his foot on the fallen Thunder. The referee counts.}


**Ding, Ding, Ding**

John: Now, it is over.

{“The God that Failed” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as the Trench-Coated Figure grabs the DOJO Title and walks away.}

James: Thunder is down and we need- (Pause), another new table! God damn it!

John: Yes and can we have the tit-bar to go with it?

James: Shut up.

John: James, you hog all the fun.

Backstage Exclusive #1

{Backstage, two LAPD police officers are walking in the hallway. Sebastian Crow walks their direction drinking a blue-flavored PowerAde.}

LAPD Office #1: Hey there, have you seen a fellow by the name of Skull?

Sebastian Crow: Yes, I am competing against him – next.

LAPD Officer #1: Oh yes, finally we have him. We have been after his ass forever! Could you-

{The scene fades before we hear anything else.}

Sebastian Crow v. Skull

John: I wonder what that was all, about.

James: I do not know. Sebastian Crow will be on his way out here in a few though.

John: All three of these men in our next contest went through hell earlier – yes, even Josh Johnson. Sebastian Crow goes one-on-one with Skull, the master of pain – with special guest Referee “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson. Let us see how this turns out.

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, the special guest referee!

{“After Me” by Saliva blares over the pa speakers as Josh Johnson walks to the ring in a SHOOT Project referee shirt. He rubs his head and yawns, still feeling the affect from earlier.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Now, introducing our competitors for this contest!

{“The Ecstasy of Gold” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as Sebastian Crow walks to the ring gaining a huge pop.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, all the way from his home state – Los Angeles, California – at a height of 7’1, weighing in at 336 pounds – he is a former SHOOT Project Iron Fist champion – SEBASTIAN CROW!

James: Jesus Christ, this match will be something. Two huge monsters like these men squaring off against each other. In addition, Josh Johnson – the special guest referee.

{“Mastermind” MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers as the fans boo loudly. Skull walks to the ring from the back, grinning from ear to ear.}

James: Look at that sick psycho! I still cannot get the image of him tossing Maria out of the ring.

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, he weighs in at 375 pounds – at a height of 7-feet, he is from La Grande, Oregon – he is the second contender in tonight’s main event line-up – SKULL!

James: And’ this match begins. Skull and Josh Johnson have an eye-down first. However, he also has to watch out for Sebastian Crow! From what I have learned, Sebastian and Josh are on the same page now days.

John: And’ the match starts with a boot to the gut from Sebastian Crow. Sebastian Crow charges at Skull like a ravaged animal! He pounds away in the corner, but Skull reverses it and pounds away at Sebastian! Sebastian reverses it now – he hits Skull with lefts and rights, Skull is trying to cover up. Sebastian goes for an Irish whip. Skull reverses it, he sends Sebastian to the corner! Sebastian charges out and they both collide with a double clothesline! Sebastian Crow goes for an early cover.

Kick out’

John: That was a fast count! Sebastian brings Skull to his feet and backs him off the ropes. He Irish whips Skull, Skull comes back and Sebastian catches him with a vertical suplex, well- almost- he takes him up but Skull reverses it and lands back on his feet, leveling Sebastian with DDT. Skull goes for a cover. And’ the reason there is no pin yet, Josh Johnson is checking to see if Sebastian’s shoulders are down. By this time is over, Sebastian kicks out of the cover – he rolls Skull over and-

Kick out’

John: There is ANOTHER fast count!

James: Sebastian brings Skull to his feet and tosses him over the ropes! Skull lands hard on the concrete floor as both, Sebastian and Josh follow. Skull picks up a steel chair lying around and-


James: He cracks it over Sebastian’s head!


James: Followed by another!


James: Followed by another! Sebastian Crow will not go down! Finally, Skull takes the steel chair and guts it into Sebastian’s stomach, followed by a chair shot to the back! Skull goes down and Skull goes for a pin – or not. He decided not to, knowing Josh would not count it! He glares up at Josh evilly and starts trashing him out! Josh and Skull are up in each other’s faces!

John: Wait a second – Sebastian Crow is back to his feet, he grabs the steel chair from Skull, and cracks it over his head! He brings Skull back to his feet and runs him up the ramp-way and through the curtain. We need to get some camera’s back there!

James: Your wish is your command, John. The cameras are now backstage.

John: Great’, Sebastian tosses Skull into the wall. He starts to walk off. Where is Sebastian Crow going? I do not know – matter of fact, where, the hell is Josh Johnson?

James: Josh Johnson is missing from the fight-scene! Skull is following Sebastian Crow. We are now in the parking lot area.


James: What the-

{All the sudden, an LAPD police cruiser immediately stops in front of Skull from the side – the lights flashing.}

Skull: Oh shit-


LAPD Police Officers: (Speaking through the receiver) This is the LAPD! Put your hands behind your head!

James: And’ Skull takes off running! He jumps in a nearby mustang and speeds off! The chase is on! My God, Skull is on the run from the LAPD! What else can happen tonight?

John: Wait a second – Skull is on the run from the LAPD? Who is our contender into night’s match-up?

James: That IS a good question.

Backstage Exclusive #2

{Scenes open up to Rancid in the back where The Crock was before. He sees the same tape that Crock put in the T.V He then takes the tape and puts it in the VCR; he fast-forwards more to the end. The camera is, pointed towards the ground. It then comes up and passes over The Crocks house. Then the camera is set on his brick wall. It shows Rancid, talking.}

Rancid: Why hello, Crock; this is Rancid if you did not notice. Yeah your house looks good, well from looking from the outside in, ha. I guess you are going to miss my two friends, as you are leaving, but you cannot hide forever.

{The camera then shuts to black.}

Rancid: Yeah you see Crock it was I', all along. I never mentioned this before but before I joined SHOOT, I worked for the boys that were after you. Then when I joined SHOOT, they asked if I knew anyone and whom did I say? The Crock; after being with them a few months they get somewhat annoying. 'So, since I need a few bucks they paid me to tell them everything I knew about you. Well I guess what I told them was enough. I will see you later Crocky.

{Rancid then throws the tape in the barrel, as the Crock comes out of nowhere and lays Rancid out with a right hand.}

Crock: You sorry son of a bitch, you will regret this forever!

{The Crock was standing over Rancid, but then Rancid kicked Crock right in the balls and Rancid gets up and Crock falls to his knees.}

Rancid: Hey Crock, you are not in the position to be making threats.

{As Rancid says that Johnny V., the tall mobster, and Michael A., the short one, come out from around the corner.}

Mike: Finally, there he is.

{Rancid has his back turned to the Crock looking at Mike and Johnny, and the Crock gets up and grabs a nearby steel chair.}

Mike: Watch out!

{Rancid turns around. He is, clocked in the forehead with the chair. Then, the Crock stares at the two mobsters and drops the chair and runs away out an exit to the lost outside.}

Mike: We can catch him still!

{The two mobsters then run out the exit also, but they are too late, The Crock is in the passenger seat of his Corvette rent-a-car, and Joe Schmoe is driving, as the speed away. Johnny and Mike stop running and stand in the middle of the lot.}

Mike: Again, again he gets away. Rancid screwed it up this time.

Johnny: There will be more chances to get him.

Rancid then comes walking out the exit holding his head, and he stands next to Johnny and Mike.

Rancid: Do not worry, at the PPV, it will be me versus The Crock. And after I beat him, and he is, worn out – he is all yours.

Mike: If you do that, you will be a very rich man.

Rancid: Oh do not worry it will be, done.

{The scene fades as they continue talking and walk back toward the building.}

SHOOT Heavyweight Title
Rancid v. Mystery Contestant

{The three-cell structure slowly lowers to the ring. We watch as the lights in the factory flicker.}

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2002

James: Folks, you are about to witness history. Tonight’s entire show will go down in history. We have had an excellent card, if I say so myself.

John: I quite agree with you, James.

{We fade over to the announcer’s table – yes, they finally have a new table.}

James: John, tonight we have seen the SHOOT Project roster sacrifice their lives for one thing. And’ up next, we will see that one thing – a match to declare our new SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion. Let us go to our match.

{The lights fade back on; our ring announcer stands around the ringside area.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Fans, it is now time for our SHOOT Project MAIN EVENT! Here are the rules: Our structured cell that has been, lowered is, and called a 3-Cell Mountain. There are three cells stacked on another. At the very top of the third cell’s roof, you will find a ladder standing. At most, you will be standing at an equal measurement of 90-feet. Try a dare to climb the ladder, 100-feet off ground, and capture the SHOOT World Heavyweight Title. Other than the rooftop, there are many obstacles. In this match, you will find numerous styles of weapons as chairs, barbwire, rope, and many other surprises leading you to victory. You have 60-minutes to gain the prize. Good luck to the competitors.

{“N.I.B.” by Black Sabbath blares over the pa speakers as Rancid walks to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing first, the winner of the first BST battle royal – RANCID! And’ his opponent-

{“After Me” by Saliva blares over the pa speakers as “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson walks to the ring.}

Ring Announcer’ Compare: Introducing second, a former Iron Fist champion and the contender from the second BST battle royal – “THE REAL DEAL” JOSH JOHNSON!

{The audience erupts madly, hearing Johnson’s name called. He enters the cell and stares down Rancid, as they work their arms preparing for the match.}

John: Jesus Christ John, this match will be something.

James: This is surely a first for the SHOOT Project!

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: And’ the match begins. Rancid and Johnson tie up. Johnson places Rancid in a headlock; Rancid escapes and sends Johnson to the ropes. Johnson comes back with a shoulder tackle. This sends Rancid off his feet; Johnson brings Rancid back to his feet and hits a vertical suplex. Johnson leaves the ring and lifts up the apron – shit, I wonder if there is anything left! He pulls out a huge black bag. He slides back in the center of the thing and reaches into the bag – a stereo. Johnson pushes –play- on the stereo as we hear “Cowboy” by Eve and Fat-boy slim play.

John: Rancid is back to his feet and Johnson, out of desperation, smashes the stereo in Rancid’ face! Rancid is, taken off his feet from the impact and Josh starts pounding away at his face. He brings Rancid back to his feet, runs him across the ring, and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Josh kicks the gut of Rancid, followed by a hard shot to the chest. Josh starts climbing the turnbuckle, he throws back his hand and the count begins.


John: Josh Johnson is really taking it to Rancid! Josh follows it up with a top-rope hurricurrana!

{Josh looks up at the first cell’s roof and looks around curious.}

James: Ha, I think Josh Johnson is as curious as we are. How, the hell do you get to the second level?

John: I do not know but Rancid is back up and he hits Josh with a German suplex! Rancid brings Johnson back to his feet and hits a snap mare takedown followed by a kick to the back. Rancid goes to the black bag and digs inside. He smiles, apparently; he has found something. He puts something on and Johnson is back to his feet. Rancid charges for Johnson and takes him down with a shot! Johnson is back up repeatedly, Rancid takes him down with a hard shot.

James: John, look at Rancid’s hand. He is wearing a pair of brass knuckles.

John: Interesting enough, he brings Johnson to his feet and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Johnson gets back to his feet, here comes Rancid; he leaps over the top-rope and collides with Johnson!

James: Rancid brings Johnson back to his feet, there is the Irish whip; but Johnson reverses and he sends Rancid into the steel steps! Rancid’s lower spine lands in the steel steps! Josh Johnson lifts up the apron and to his surprise; he pulls out a ladder and slides it in the ring.

John: Josh Johnson walks toward Rancid and brings him to his feet. He slams him into the steel wall, followed by another shot. He grabs a-hold of Rancid, runs him across the grounds, and literally tosses him into the steel wall! Josh Johnson proceeds to roll in the ring and tend to the ladder. He starts slowly standing it up and positions it under the trapdoor that leads to the second level.

James: Here comes Rancid back again – he has Maria’s bamboo stick and he strikes Josh in the center of his legs! Josh goes down and Rancid cracks it over Josh’s head. Rancid grabs a-hold of Johnson now. He slowly climbs up the ladder with Johnson, only to deliver a hurricurrana! Jesus Christ, the ring shook!

John: Why is it, you always going crazy when the ring shakes?

James: I do not know.

John: Paranoid bastard,

James: Whatever; Rancid brings down the ladder and sets it on top of Josh Johnson’s face. Rancid climbs the turnbuckle, he is going for a high-risk move here, and he flies off! WAIT A SECOND – JOSH JOHNSON HOLDS THE LADDER UP AND RANCID LANDS, BOUNCING OFF!

John: Shit, Rancid must have a headache!>br>
James: Duh’, you know, I watch everybody tonight and I wonder – how, the hell can they do all this and survive?

John: Hmm- they are super athletes!

James: They must be. Josh brings himself back up with ladder in hand. Rancid stands up slowly and Josh slams the end into Rancid’s gut. Josh follows it up with a shot to the face. Rancid is down and bleeding.

John: Josh stands the ladder back up and tosses Rancid out. Slowly, Josh starts climbing the ladder again; he reaches for the trapdoor, he has it open, and here comes Rancid.


John: Rancid picks up the bamboo stick from earlier and tosses it at Josh Johnson! It hits Josh’s leg but he still goes on! Josh Johnson climbs to the second level and tries levering himself to stand up.

James: There is a ladder on the second level, going to the third. A tall one, but Josh has to climb it to enter the third cell. Here comes Rancid now, he climbs the first ladder and enters the second cell with Josh – only to be caught with a boot to the face, Rancid is knocked backwards.

John: James, check out those walls in the second level. There are weapons all around. There are whips, chains, ladders – EVERYTHING POSSIBLE! Josh grabs a piece of barbwire and wraps it around Rancid’s throat. He pulls back as much as possible, there is no referee there, and Josh literally chokes Rancid. Rancid is straining to pull the barbwire off.

James: Josh pulls back and slams Rancid against the wall. Josh grabs a-hold of Rancid again and tosses him head first into the cell wall. My God, Rancid is bleeding out-of-control! Sitting in a far corner is another black bag. Josh grabs it and reaches in – he pauses and stops, quickly pulling out his hand. He glares up at Rancid and smiles, dropping the bag in front of Rancid – what, the hell is in that bag John?


James: Oh my God, that is a python! I hope that thing is non-poison!

John: Who cares, Rancid is freaking out! He scurries up the wall and keeps all eyes on the python! In the meantime, Josh Johnson makes his way to the ladder in the middle. He slowly starts climbing up! Jesus James, this is the three-cell to hell!

James: Rancid jumps out of the snakes direction and scurries onto the other side of the ladder; Josh and Rancid start fighting it out, trying to knock each other off the ladder.

John: Rancid swings back and put his feet through the ladder, kicking into Johnson’s stomach! Johnson looses his grip and falls down the ladder but catches a-hold of the ladder again with one-hand. He comes face-to-face with the snake as it rises up, slithering. Josh Johnson has to be careful upon his movement here. The python is looking Josh straight in the eyes!

James: Goddamn, this must take a lot of talent. This however, is not Josh Johnson’s territory. He does not know how to handle the wildlife – especially the dangerous creatures.

John: The sight of this snake from here freaks me out, James!

James: Finally, the snake turns away and Josh Johnson can be, free! Let us remind you folks that this snake is not a trained animal. It is an obstacle set up by our executive board.

John: Ha, some obstacle; it seems as if Daniel Jones is trying to kill our roster more than lead them.

James: Josh Johnson climbs up again; he reaches for Rancid, he grabs his shirt collar, and he pushes him off and onto the cell’s floor! Jesus Christ, this is not good. I thought we had seen the last of the python but he comes back for Rancid!


James: My God, I was afraid this would happen! The python is leveling Rancid up again as Rancid tries to scurry away.

John: Watch Josh, he continues up the ladder! This is everyman’s ballgame, no matter what the obstacle is!

James: Rancid needs to get out of there and find some medical attention; instead, he climbs the ladder and follows Josh. Josh has now entered Cell #3. Let us look around in this one. There is a television-screen on a backside with two lasers on the end sides. On the backside as well, there is a clock-

John: I do not get it.

James: Neither do I. On the screen, it shows Josh Johnson. Rancid slowly makes his way up there as all trapdoors automatically close! Rancid charges for Josh and hits him with a sphere, slamming against the cell wall next to the laser.



{Josh Johnson and Rancid automatically pause. Their eyes on what just happened.}

John: What, the fuck was that?

James: John that was a laser; the countdown struck one and went it off. Josh Johnson and Rancid automatically agree the same thing, as they start moving up to the third rooftop of the third cell.

John: James, they are right above us now! They have now reached 90-feet!

James: Josh Johnson and Rancid immediately go at it again. Josh Johnson slips on some brass knuckles and strikes Rancid a few times, backing Rancid to the edge. My God John, what would happen if one of these men fell off?

John: James, I do not want to think that right now! We are talking about Life and Death here.

James: Rancid is wobbling on-edge but Johnson catches him and sets him up – PILE DRIVER! Johnson proceeds climbing slowly up the ladder on the roof.

John: Unbelievably, if he gets there, he will be 100-feet above ground. I do not think ANYBODY in wrestling history would allow such a match to take place. This is un-real, James.

James: Josh Johnson continues to climb the ladder. Rancid is back up. He goes on the other side and they are both challenging each other for the gold – the World Heavyweight Championship is, moments away from declared, John. Tonight, we will have a NEW World Heavyweight Champion for the SHOOT Project.

John: Josh Johnson is on the last step. He hits away at Rancid, who is a couple steps below him. Josh is trying his hardest to keep steady. Josh sends a boot to Rancid’s face, followed by another one and – OH MY GOD, RANCID JUST FELL FROM THE LADDER! HE ALMOST WENT OVER THE EDGE! JOSH JOHNSON, HE REACHES FOR THE WORLD TITLE AND – HE HAS IT! “THE REAL DEAL” JOSH JOHNSON IS THE NEW SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

James: THE FANS ARE GOING WILD! WE HAVE A NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Rancid is backing up now. He shakes the ladder and pushes it over and Josh hangs onto the belt. OH MY GOD, JOSH JOHNSON IS STUCK IN MID-AIR!

John: How, the hell is he going to get down?


{Rancid lays on the top of the roof, battered and bloody. Paramedics and referee’s rush to the site; meanwhile, Josh Johnson slowly stands to his knees, breathing heavily.}

James: These two men have nothing to be ashamed’, of! They came, they fought, and they went through hell to get here! Now, Josh Johnson is the new SHOOT Champion. And’ wait a second-

{“Anywhere I Roam” by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers’, Daniel Jones and Jason Johnson step onto the steel ramp-way, clapping and smiling. They have microphones in their hands. The music slowly fades as animal trainers fight the snake back in the bag. Josh slowly makes his way down the ladders and into the main ring.}

Daniel Jones: Congratulations men, you put on a nice show. I am proud of you. I enjoyed tonight’s edition of Oblivion; I hope the audience did too. I enjoyed the battle royal(s) as well. In fact, do they HAVE to stop there? Hmm- Jason, what do you think we should do?

Jason Johnson: Congrats Real Deal; I know you wanted it; at any rate, Daniel, I do believe that we have a marquee event coming up, what about you.

{Jason looks to Josh, then to Rancid, and then to Daniel Jones.}

Daniel Jones: Hmm- oh yes, I do remember mentions about a pay per view coming up. Redemption, if I am correct. As a matter of fact Jason, I had so much fun watching Oblivion tonight – I wonder what would happen if we put EVERYBODY in a battle royal.

Jason Johnson: Now hold on a minute, we just about killed these men tonight, if we put them all in a battle royal, we would certainly finish them off! I LOVE IT! Wait though, are we bestowing an honor here. I mean, could this be for a No. 1 contender ship?

{Daniel Jones thinks long and hard, stroking his chin.}

Daniel Jones: Hmm- a Number 1 contender shot as we had here tonight. Again, for the World Heavyweight Title – I do not know Jason – umm- I LIKE YOUR THINKING!

{Jason smiles, and then continues.}

Jason Johnson: But what does that leave for our new World Champion?

{As Jason finishes his sentence, a bloody, beaten, and torn Real Deal gets on the microphone.}

Real Deal: (Out of Breath), Hold up a sec, bro.

{Daniel Jones almost begins a sentence. “The Real Deal” Josh Johnson interrupts him though with his own brilliant idea.}

Real Deal: (Still out of Breath) I have your main event for Redemption. Skull, who blesses his heart, could not be here for this. (He takes a deep breath, and exhales.) He challenged me to a Ring of Fire match at Redemption. I am taking it; next Sunday, at Redemption, Skull vs. The Real Deal in a Ring of Fire match; for the SHOOT Project Title. What do you boys think? (Exhales)

{Daniel Jones thinks long and hard. He smiles before bringing the microphone to his mouth.}

Daniel Jones: Hmm- Ring of Fire match – I have never heard of such a thing. This should be interesting, eh Jason. I say; Real Deal, you have YOURSELF a deal! Next Sunday at Redemption, you and Skull will square off in this burning sensation and we will see who EXACTLY walks away the SHOOT Project Heavyweight Champion.

Real Deal: Jason, I know what I am doing. I am going to prove to all of these people, and to myself, that Skull is just a punk bitch who does not quite understand what it is that he got himself, into.

{“After Me” by Saliva blares over the pa speakers as Daniel gives Josh Johnson a quick smile, shakes his head, and turns around to leave.}

James: My God, the Real Deal verses Skull next Sunday for the World Heavyweight Title! Another battle royal to determine a new #1 Contender for the gold – and much, much more; fans, my name is James uh- whatever!

John: And’ of course, my name is John!

James: We will see you NEXT WEEK at Redemption!

{The show slowly comes to a fade-out.}

2001. SHOOT-Project-Entertainment
A Daniel Jones/Jason Johnson Production
Sunday, March 24, 2002