Rallying The Troops:
Eric Wolfson took one last drag of the finished smoke in his hand. He tossed the butt to the gravel of the parking lot below his boots, before turning away from his trailor and looking out across the nearby sealine, which seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see. Exhaling his smoke in a thick, white cloud, Wolfson turned back around and faced the closed trailer door. Stepping forward, he opened the door and climbed up the three wooden steps until disappearing inside. Slamming the door shut, he remained silent while staring into the eyes of Cronos Diamante.

"Why the long face, Eric?" Diamante asked.

Looking to his right, Wolfson focused his view on that of Erik Boyer sitting on the sofa. His arms stretched along the back, the SHOOT Championship draped across his shoulder and down his chest, Boyer replied to Wolfson's stare with a mere shrug of his shoulders.

"Why the long face?" Wolfson asked back, rethorically. "Why do you think, Cronos? Look around you, man. The SHOOT Project is in disarray. This is NOT the way we planned it. The Express is back... AGAIN. AGAIN, Cronos! Can we NEVER get rid of this guy? And what's worse, he's brought Helsley back, and guess what... Helsley is STILL breathing. Then we've got Meioh. Didn't we finish him at Reckoning Day? That fool saw his only brother fall and he's too god damn stubborn to realize that he's beaten... Too stubborn to finally walk away. Do you see a problem here, Cronos? Erik? For a couple of guys who come so highly reguarded, I don't see a whole lot of progress."

Looking at Boyer, Diamante held his hands out to his side. Again, Boyer merely shrugged his shoulders.

"Did you forget Reckoning Day?" Diamante asked. "That night, my friend, was a success. Shaolin is gone. Let me put it this way, Eric. You had an agenda, am I correct? Three guys... Put down. One has been put down already. Two remain. No one ever said this would be fast or easy. Your mind is so clouded right now you fail to see the reality of the situation. Despite how strong Meioh might appear, he is a broken man. His outer strength a mere front. He is a tortured sould and sooner rather than later he will fall as well. Maybe you should shake off whatever the hell is going on with you and return to that man we once knew. If I didn't think you were capable of pulling this off, I wouldn't be backing you in the first place. Just relax and let me handle this. Progress will be made tonight."

Slowly nodding, Wolfson turned his head back to Boyer.

"And what about you?" Wolfson began, directed at Boyer. "Mr. 'I'll handle Express'? A lot of handling you did last week, eh? You came to me, Erik. You offered to take care of Jacques last week and guess what... He's got Molde tonight. What does that tell us? THAT HE'S STILL HERE!!!"

Rolling his eyes, Boyer tapped the SHOOT Title over his shoulder.

"It's whateve--" Boyer began, before being cut off by Wolfson.

"Oh no..." Wolfson interjected. "I want an explanation, Erik. Not some god damn 'It's whatever' catch phrase. If I didn't have to run this damn place I'd take him out myself. But since I'm so busy, I recruit the SHOOT Champion to handle this small job, and he can't even get that right. Well I'll tell ya one thing, Erik. If you want to keep that title around your waist, you better wake the hell up and start reminding people why you are the SHOOT Champion. Perhaps you haven't noticed that the Triad Division is heating up. Take a look at the show tonight, for instance. Chris Lee... Temujin... The Real Deal... Sirius... Skull... Count them. There's a handful of guys busting their asses out there, any one of them potential SHOOT Title candidates. You've got all these guys gunning for you. I think one in your position would want someone like me on their side."

Standing up, Boyer allows the SHOOT Title to slide off his shoulder, down his arm, and into his hand. Lifting it a few inches, Boyer looks down at it, then back at Wolfson.

"Take a look at it, Eric." Boyer begins. "A long, hard look. Surely you understand it's importance. Becoming a World Champion is one thing. But the Champion of a place like SHOOT? That's a whole other thing. Did you forget what I did to and for Azrael while he was Champion? I'm the man who kept that title on him so that I could take it away from him. I get what I want. I want to help you. You want The Express taken care of? I'm the man you come to. You want progress? I'll deliver you progress."

Remaining silent, Wolfson stared into the eyes of Erik Boyer as the seconds ticked away into the past. Looking over his shoulder, Wolfson's eyes met those of Diamante's. Finally, Wolfson stormed out of the trailer, slamming the door shut behind him.

"What's his deal, anyway?" Boyer asked, annoyed.

Shaking his head, Diamante replied.

"He's hurting, Erik." Diamante whispered. "Something is still eating away at him."

Looking back down toward his title, Boyer smiled.

"It's whatever."


The Crock v. Kris Kobra

The Crock is first to arrive on the scene this evening. He arrogantly struts through the curtain, tossing it to the side and hopping out into the view of the spectators. Raising his hands into the air, the crowd boos The Crock, prompting him to flip them off. Storming down toward the ring, Crock slides under the bottom rope and walks toward his corner. Upon reaching his destination, Crock hops up onto the turnbuckle, in waiting of his opponent for this evening.

Kris Kobra, making his debut in The SHOOT Project, is the next to arrive. Since those in attendance are not familiar with him, their reaction is quite mixed. Kobra appears focused tonight, as his eyes have been focused on Crock since he walked out, and remain that way as he makes his way toward the ring. Kobra hops up onto the apron and climbs through the top two ropes. He is met at the center of the ring by both The Crock and the referee. Signaling for the bell, the referee begins the match.

Both men stand in front of each other, a mere two feet of air seperating them. Both men stare into the eyes of the other motionlessly. Crock is the first to move, as he looks his opponent over fully. Smiling sarcastically, The Crock turns his back to Kobra, as if he's not worth his time. Big mistake by Crock, as Kobra levels him with a lariat, knocking Crock down on his face. Kobra immediately begins stomping of Crock's back, before lifting him up and whipping him into the corner. Kobra follows up with a corner splash, which sends Crock stumbling out where Kobra finishes with a standing side kick, knocking Crock down on his back.

Kobra continues with the assault, whipping Crock to the ropes. Crock ducks the initial back elbow, and dives into the air with a splash. However, Kobra is ready for such an attack, and levels Crock with a powerslam. Kobra immediately goes for the cover. 1... 2... Crock throws a shoulder up.

Kobra rises to his feet and allows Crock to do the same. The men lock up. Crock sends a knee into Kobra's midsection, following up with a double underhook suplex. He drops an elbow across Kobra's chest and executes a lightning fast pinfall, only for Kobra to kick out almost instantly. Kobra scrambles to his feet, catching Crock with a sweep kick as he tries to get to his. As Crock falls backward, Kobra reaches in and locks in a figure four leg lock. Unable to break the hold, Crock reaches out for the ropes, only to find they are too far away. Laying back, Crock fights the pain for a few seconds before attempting to fight the hold again. It's locked in too tight.

Crock covers his face with his hands, hiding the expressions of pain from the SHOOT world. He refuses to tap out. The pain is rising up from his legs to his abdomen area, but he still refuses to tap the mat. He's come here to win tonight. Crock has got two losses under his belt already, and does not look to make that a trifecta. On the other hand, Kobra is new to The Project, and is determined to start off on the right foot as well as send a message to the rest of the backstage boys.

Finally realizing that The Crockis not about to tap, Kobra releases his hold and climbs to his feet. Favoring his now weak legs, Crock follows in suit. Almost instantly, Kobra levels Crock with his finisher and rolls him up. 1... 2... 3!!! Kris Kobra has won the match. Crock has been knocked unconscious from the maneuver. Kobra, on the other hand, stands tall in the ring, staring down at his defeated opponent. Turning toward the back, Kobra exits the SHOOT ring for the first time... And for the first time... Victorious.


**KillaCrowe and Renegade are seen walking backstage.**

Renegade: So, here we go. Our first match together as a tag team and it’s for those Tag Team Titles. I can smell em already. Crowe, you listening to me?

KillaCrowe: Yea, yea, sure. I got something I need to do I’ll be back.

Renegade: Where are you going, our match is next?

KillaCrowe: Don’t worry, I’ll be at ringside before you will be.

Renegade: You better be!

**KillaCrowe then turns around and walks the opposite way. He is looking around as if he is in search of somebody. Then after he turns a corner and comes across Krazee.**

KillaCrowe: Hey, your just the man I wanted to see.

Krazee: What do you want, Crowe?

KillaCrowe: You saw what that damn trench coated figure did to me last Sunday, right?

Krazee: What about it?

KillaCrowe: He choke slammed me for no god damn reason. Well I want payback. So, when I come down to the ring in the middle of your match you better stay outta the way, understood.

Krazee: No, you see that’s not the way it works around here. If your gonna interfere, you stay outta my way because I am not going to have my match end with a Disqualification, is that understood?

KillaCrowe: You better hope the referee’s blind then because nothing is going to stop me from getting in that ring and getting my payback.

Krazee: Why don’t you just come down after I’ve won the mach?

KillaCrowe: Cuz then what I do to him doesn’t matter as much. I want to screw him of a win. And that’s what I will do!

**Krazee then walks away as his name is about to be announced for his match**

**KillaCrowe walks towards the entrance to the ring after Krazee has already left and is approached by Renegade.**

Renegade: I knew you were going to be trying to get payback. And the truth is, I want it to. So let’s kick his ass together.

KillaCrowe: Fine, you watch my back and I’ll watch yours.

**Scenes then switch as the match between Krazee and Trench Coated Figure is about to start**


The Trench Coated Figure v. Krazee
DOJO #1 Contendership

Krazee was the first to enter the ring area. He appeared quite confident this evening, despite the threat of this Trench Coated Figure, who has no doubt proved himself a dangerous force within his few weeks in The SHOOT Project. None the less, Krazee made his way down to the ring in the same fashion that he has since the very first Oblivion card. He's one of the SHOOT faithfuls and knows what he's doing in this underground, dangerous promotion for which he lives. Krazee slides under the ring ropes as usual, and hops to his feet. Leaning against the far ropes, he stares off toward the entrance, in await of his opponent.

The Trench Coated Figure is the next to appear. Quietly, he walks out from the back and races down to the ring, sliding under the bottom rope. Krazee immediately rushes in, sending a boot down toward Trench. Trench quickly rolls out of the way, and brings Krazee down with a leg scissors take down. Both men scramble to their feet and lock up. Krazee whips Trench to the ropes, and follows up by flipping him up over his body, and down to the mat hard.

**After Krazee and Trench Coated Figure come out KillaCrowe and Renegade make their way to ringside. They are stalking the Trench Coated Figure like he did during their match last week.**

Trench hops to his feet, and drops Krazee to the mat with a drop toe hold as Krazee races toward him. They again scramble to their feet and Krazee sends a right fist toward Trench. Trench dodges the attack, and locks Krazee in an armbar. The hold doesn't last too long, however, as Krazee breaks it. The initial shock did have it's effect on Krazee's right arm, however, apparent by the way Krazee is favoring it. Trench notices this, and whips Krazee to the ropes by his right arm, keeping a hold of Krazee's right arm and yanks him back, leveling him with a clothesline. Trench attempts a pinfall. 1... 2. Krazee throws the shoulder up.

Trench doesn't allow Krazee to get to his feet. He lifts him up instead, and hoists him over his shoulder. Dropping him down, Trench executes a nice shoulder breaker. Trench lifts Krazee to his feet again, and rocks him back with a knife edge chop. Grasping his chest, Krazee rushes forward in rage, only to be leveled with a sidewalk slam by Trench. The Trench Coated Figure lifts Krazee to his feet, and slams him to the mat with a thundering full-nelson slam.

Again, The Trench Coated Figure covers Krazee. 1... 2... 3!!! Wait a second, the referee reverses his call, thanks to Krazee putting his left foot on the bottom rope. Trench shows signs of frustration now, hopping to his feet and stomping down on Krazee's chest. Trench now lifts Krazee to his feet, driving an elbow into his right trap. Trench lifts Krazee up into a suplex position, but Krazee reverses the maneuver and connects with a reverse neck breaker, stunning The Trench Coated Figure. Krazee goes for a fast pin. 1.. Trench kicks out with authority.

The Trench Coated figure covers Krazee for the pin. 1….2…..KillaCrowe pulled the referee out of the ring as Renegade slid in the ring. KillaCrowe knocked the referee out cold and also slid in the ring. Krazee is just sitting back while Renegade and KillaCrowe began the assault on the trench-coated figure. KillaCrowe gives him a punch to the jaw and he spins around to receive a punch from Renegade. This goes on a few times before KillaCrowe puts a stop to it by planting the trench coated figure on the mat with a sidewalk slam. Renegade then kicks the chest of the trench-coated figure rapidly, any harder and he’d put a hole in his chest.

KillaCrowe stops Renegade. He picks Trench Coated Figure up and locks in a Crowe Call. He holds it a while before letting go because Renegade wants to give him a chokeslam of his own. KillaCrowe and Renegade then slide out of the other side of the ring because a new official is on his way to the ring.

KillaCrowe and Renegade leave ringside as Krazee drops on the Trench Coated Figure as he waits for the count. 1……2…..a desperate kickout, who knows how the hell he kicked out.

Krazee hops to his feet, only for The Trench Coated Figure to roll him up out of nowhere with a cradle. 1... 2... 3!!!! The Trench Coated Figure slides out of the ring and to the back, before the bell even sounds. The Trench Coated Figure, whoever the hell he is, is the #1 Contender to the DOJO Championship.


Preliminary Smack:
Backstage you see Cronos Diamante and Skull talking about something, though their conversation can not be heard. Whenever two men such the likes of these are conversing, it can't be good. Cronos points behind Skull and he turns around to see a stage hand walking off down the hall carying a referee shirt. With this patented evil smile, Skull turns and follows the stage hand. Once Skull gets behind the stage hand, he grabs the back of his neck and lifts him off the ground. Skull tosses the small man to the wall with ease, knocking him out. He picks up the shirt and continues down the hallway.

Skull doesn't stop until he reaches a door with a sign that reads "Real Deal" on it. Skull lightly knocks on the door.

"Who is it" is heard from the other side of the closed door.

"Mr. Johnson, it's Mike. I have your referee shirt for tonight." Skull responds while masking his voice to sound like that of the stage hand.

The door swings open and you see a look of pure hate on the face of Josh Johnson. He goes to swing for Skull, but he steps back laughing slightly.

"What the hell do YOU want?" asks Johnson.

"You better call the damn match right down the middle tonight Johnson. Don't think I'd hesitate to knock your bitchass out if you don't!" replied Skull.

Johnson continues, "You knock me out? Man please I'm the official tonight. If you touch me I'll have you disqualifed on the spot."

Skull lets out a slight chuckle before continuing, "Like I've never been disqualifed for knocking out a ref? It'd be worth it if you try and help Temujin win.

"Why the hell should I let him win over you? Besides the obvious reason that is." asked Johnson. Skull answers his question with "Well it's another obvious reason to me bitch."

The anger in Johnson's face grows as Skull continues.

"You have a third of the Triad, Temujin owns another third. If he wins the chance to face you, it's all to easy to talk him into a title for title match isn't it? Winner takes all and has two thirds of the Triad. You don't mean to tell me you haven't though of that have you?"

Johnson is obviously trying to curb his anger. No matter how hot he gets, he knows this is neither the time nor place for the fight that has been brewing between the two men.

Johnson asks,"Yeah...it crosses my mind. And I could do that if I want. Or maybe I want you to win so we can face and finaly get this shit over. Ever think of that?"

"Yeah, maybe you would want that. But I doubt it. I don't see you of that kind of man. I see you as a man who would do anything to keep me away as long as possible. Buy your time so to speak. Try to have me come at you when YOUR ready. But I have news for you Johnson, I'm coming for you weather your ready or not!... Just remember this piece of advice, I still have your bitch and can do what I will, when I will."

Skull laughs as drops the referee shirt and walks away.. The anger on Real Deal's face aparent as he slams his door shut.


Will Schmidt/The Lyger Kid v. KillaCrowe/Renegade
Tag Team Championships

KillaCrowe and Renegade make their way to the ring.

Will Schmidt and Lyger Kid make their way to the ring.

Two of the newest Tag Teams in the Shoot Project, Renegade and KillaCrowe and Will Schmidt and Lyger Kid in their debut match up. Not only their debut tag-team match but for the Shoot Project Tag-Team belts, a step up in class for either of these men. Bookies favourites were Killa and Renegade but the dark horse in this match was Lyger Kid.

And we're getting underway. Will Schmidt and Renegade are starting this match off with a bang as Will Schmidt slams a hard right into the back of Renegade. A barrage of right hands! Renegade is reeling! The referee is calling for the bell. This match has officially begun.

Will Schmidt is pummelling Renegade in the corner, and he tags out to Lyger Kid. Lyger Kid's doing some jukin' and jivin'! Renegade just blocked the hard right that Lyger Kid was about to throw, and now he's doing some jukin' of his own! And a one! And a two! And a...oh, my God! What a shot across the forehead of Lyger Kid. Now, Renegade's going to attempt the infamous Knee Drop! This is a page right out of Lyger Kid's playbook, but Lyger Kid saw it coming as he rolls out of the way. What a close call!

Renegade's recovering from the failed knee drop. He's getting up, and here comes Lyger Kid with a DDT! Renegade just got planted!

Lyger Kid's tagging in Will Schmidt again, and the Schmidt is plugging hard boots into Renegade's stomach. I'm not sure that this young man is ready for the competition that the Project has to offer, but I would be quite impressed if they pulled off a win tonight. Will Schmidt's got a drop kick for Renegade, who finally gets to his feet. Renegade's down again, and getting up slowly now. Will Schmidt fires Renegade into the ropes, and hits a huge clothesline on his return. Schmidt stands over Renegade smiling at him, he bends down Renegade seizes his chance and puts his fingers in the mouth of Schmidt. He's got that Mandible Claw locked in deep, and Will Schmidt is reeling. He's tying to dig Renegade's hand out of his mouth, and Renegade looks like he's straining to put pressure on that nerve.

KillaCrowe is distracting the referee. Low blow by Renegade. Renegade’s low blow just elevated Schmidt! Renegade's firing punches at Will Schmidt like there's no tomorrow! Will Schmidt's all over the place, being hammered by Renegade! Will Schmidt's down in the corner, and Renegade's going cross-country! Renegade's pounding hard on Schmidt’s shoulders.

Spinebuster slam by Will Schmidt right out of the corner. Both men are down now. KillaCrowe and Lyger Kid are inciting the punters to their feet as Renegade and Will Schmidt try to get to their feet. A female in the crowd distracts Lyger Kid…

Will Schmidt's diving for a tag, but Lyger Kid's hand is not present.

That's all the time Renegade needs! Tag made, and KillaCrowe is in the ring. Schmidt has made the tag, but it's too late! KillaCrowe is waffling both men with stiff rights and lefts! Look at this amazing offence by KillaCrowe, who is pounding Lyger Kid in the corner. He just turned to Will Schmidt, and now he's dropping some boots in his abdomen too! Spare no expense, that's KillaCrowe's motto today! He whips Lyger Kid into the corner now, and here he goes with a huge body splash! Both Lyger and Schmidt are down, and KillaCrowe tags in Renegade. KillaCrowe's holding Lyger Kid in the corner, and Renegade's going up the turnbuckle! KillaCrowe lifts Lyger up in a Tombstone position and Renegade comes off the turnbuckle spiking Lyger Kid into the mat. A gasp comes from the crowd

Will Schmidt's breaks the pin attempt with a huge cross body block. KillaCrowe took exception to that, and he's dragging Will Schmidt out of the ring! There's a brawl on the outside! Huge offence being traded by KillaCrowe and Will Schmidt. KillaCrowe's just laid out Will Schmidt outside of the ring, and now he's coaxing Will Schmidt to his feet, stalking him. He's going for a huge clothesline, but wait! Will Schmidt reversed his advance! Gorilla Press by Will Schmidt on KillaCrowe! And KillaCrowe gets dropped right on the guardrail! What a move! Renegade and Lyger Kid are having it out inside the ring, now. Lyger Kid whips Renegade into the ropes, and Renegade's going to come back with a huge lariat... Lyger Kid countered the clothesline, and now he's going for that Pump Handle Slam

Lyger Kid connects with the Stiff fist! Renegade is driven to the mat! The Lyger Kid's going for a cover, but the referee's occupied on the outside with the brawl between Will Schmidt and KillaCrowe. Lyger Kid's taking his time to...Lyger Kid just did a running boot to Renegade's nether regions!

KillaCrowe's lifting Schmidt onto his shoulders! And around and around he goes, and an Airplane Spin Toss, right on to a table. Will Schmidt's down and out, now! KillaCrowe just dropped an elbow on Will Schmidt for good measure. KillaCrowe's back on the apron. Lyger Kid is working on Renegade in the ring, now, and Lyger Kid dropping Renegade with a fierce Powerslam on the mat. Lyger Kid is smokin'! He's going for a pin, now, 1...2...and a break out by Renegade! Lyger Kid's picking Renegade back up, and a whip to the ropes. Lyger Kid's going to Back Body Drop Renegade, but Renegade counters with a boot to the front side of Lyger Kid. He follows it up with a huge Single Arm DDT to the Lyger Kid!

Renegade's tagging KillaCrowe in again, who goes up to the turnbuckle. He hits a moonsault on LygerKid.

KillaCrowe's going for the pin on Lyger Kid after dropping a moonsault on him. 1...2...3! Shoot Tag Team Champions KillaCrowe and Renegade, what an impressive pairing…

The lights go out, murmurs are heard around the crowd. Two silhouettes are seen running down to the ring. KillaCrowe and Renegade are pummelled to the ground…The two men pick up the belts and throw them on top of The unconscious tag team champions…the two men exit the ring and out threw the crowd…The lights come back on and the howl of a Hound is heard.


A Leader Falls:
As Jim Helsley began his walk outside this evening, he thought about how well things were going for him in SHOOT…or at least how much better for him they’re going, rather than Wolfson. He hadn’t taken a walk on the beach in god knows how long, so he figured that he’d do that in an attempt to help clear his mind, after all, a lot of shit is supposed to go down tonight. He took his shoes off, and rolled up his pant legs so that the water could only rush upon his ankles, and not his expensive suit. The ocean sprayed it’s contents over his face, but was thin enough to give no moistness to his clothing.

Soon after he breathed in a deep breath of the salty sea air around him, he exhaled heavily, as none other than Mr. Louisville Slugger’s aluminum cousin bashed his lungs in, causing him to fall face first in the sand.

He had been hit…hard…

He struggled as hard as he could to get to his feet, but the first blow was enough to knock his equilibrium out of order…he couldn’t even stay on his knees. The bat came down again, this time across his upper back/lower neck region…this one knocked him completely senseless…

All he could think of was the fact that he had a show to do, and that whoever was attacking him was definitely going to pay for it later…

But it’s pretty obvious that the attacker had a different point of view, as they felt that Jim Helsley shouldn’t be around later…or ever again, for that matter. The bat crashed down again, this time in his rib area, since the assailant decided to practice his golf swing.

Helsley began to spit up blood…but not before he could choke on it.

The bat flew into his face, or mouth to be more precise, probably knocking his entire bottom row of teeth backwards, if not, than off their roots allowing themselves to be swallowed at any time by the reeling Helsley.

As Helsley was brought to his feet, his only instinct left was to find out who was hurting him, to find out who the hell was going to end his career, if not, his life…every man at least has that right. His vision, probably the only working sense left in his body, picked up the sight of a man who had hurt people all his life, but never really knew why…

It was Erik Boyer, or “Blazed” for the old time fans. But for experts, and those who actually picked up The SHOOT Projects videotapes…it was The SHOOT World’s Champion.

And he was about to end Helsley’s life. As his knees began to falter, Helsley’s mind pondered the question of why…why would this man want to hurt him so badly? When the bat came crashing across his face…

His Jaw…

The words rang out like the bells of hell after a murderer has been put to death…

~ “There’s your fucking progress.”

Helsley landed in the ocean water, about a foot or two deep, face down…no one knows if he washed up in time for him to breath, or if he could breath at all, and no one knows if anyone would ever find him before he bled to death…one thing is for sure…

He wouldn’t be around any longer.


Temujin v. Skull
Iron Fist #1 Contendership

Immediately after the Tag Team Championship match between: Killa Crowe, Renegade, Will Schmidt, and The Lyger Kid; a man wearing a hooded overcoat wheeled out an ebony piano. He took a seat in front of the piano after releasing the brakes to the floor so that the piano won’t soar off the ramp. This mysterious man began playing "Ride of the Valkyries" by Richard Wagner furiously. A dark song by all rights. This unexpected exhibition by this mystery man has certainly managed to freak out the small crowd of rich people and even managed to procure a weary look from Josh Johnson as he walked to the ring with his referee shirt.

Josh Johnson, however, wasn’t all the freaked out as he does in fact know his classical music. Probably better than most people in The SHOOT Project. Josh leaned against the turnbuckle with his eyes closed enjoying the music until he felt the eerie feeling that Skull was now on his way to the ring. Skull took it slow up the steel steps never taking his intense eyes off Josh Johnson. Skull stepped over the top rope ala Kevin Nash and stood in his neutral corner now watching this mysterious man play a song he had never heard. He knew Josh wouldn’t attack him for he was the referee of this contest.

If Josh had decided to attack Skull he would be in some pretty deep trouble. Being a special guest referee meant that he had been doing something right so he had been given a week off. This would never happen again, however, if Josh fucked it up. No matter if his brother Jason was working for the Yakuza or not. Jason couldn’t pull strings forever now could he? And now the music had stopped. Skull and Josh Johnson, in unity, stared directly at the man who was now standing at the top of the ramp. And now, his mystery, in a manor of speaking.... was gone.

Temujin stood staring into the eyes of Skull and Skull only. What little fans were actually in the building, sat in their seats speechless, not knowing what to make of the situation. It was obvious that most of the people in the arena were scared witless of this man. Temujin stood there as if he was awaiting a feast. He challenged Skull to come down to the ramp but Mr. Johnson, being the referee, stopped him from leaving the ring. He then, in record time, forced Temujin to enter the ring.

The bell rang.

Temujin and Skull circled around the ring with that hungry demeanor so many wrestlers possess when they know their involved in an important match. This was probably one of the most important, if not the most important, matches of the entire evening. This was for the number one contendership to the Iron Fist Championship. One out of three pieces of the coveted Triad Championship. Temujin himself already held one piece of the triad in The Rising Star Championship. If he won tonight he would be the closest wrestler to uniting the triad per hard work and determination.

Skull, however, definately had to want it more. The special guest referee, Josh Johnson, was the object of Skull’s desire as of late and he was the man who held the Iron Fist Championship. He ruled that division with, ironically enough, an iron fist. This would no doubt be an interesting match-up tonight with these three men in the ring all at the same time. Especially knowing that Temujin and Josh Johnson knew each other way back from a federation known as SWA. That fact could very well be a large factor in tonight’s match-up. All that is known for certain is that the match was now underway and had all the makings of a main event match-up. Both men were good enough, both men had the experience, and both men damn well wanted it bad enough.

And here we go... Skull and Temujin finally tied it up. They wrestled with each other for just a small moment of time, each one looking to gain the upper hand, and it had seemed a winner of the proverbial fighting had been found. The much larger Skull seemed to have the upper hand but Temujin, using his vast martial arts background, grabbed Skull by the shoulder and under the armpit as he used his right foot to sweep Skull off his feet which as a direct result of said action forced the big man to land on his side (Ashi Guruma or Leg Wheel). Temujin still had hold of Skull’s arm, therefore wasting no time, Temujin was able to step over the awkwardly positioned body of Skull and lock in a Reverse Armbar.

In an amazing show of strength, Skull was able to use his weight to his advantage, and shuffle Temujin over his back to the mat with ease. Skull stood to his feet rather hastily, shaking his arm out, and waited for Temujin to regain his footing. When Temujin did in fact reach his feet and some of his composure to boot, Skull, knowing a grapple would be blocked at this stage in the match, took off at a dead run toward his opponent. Temujin noticed it coming but couldn’t get out of the way in time to block the spear and Temujin went down like a ton of bricks. Before hitting the mat, however, Temujin’s head had smashed into the turnbuckle rendering him a bit dizzy.

Skull knew this was a very rare chance when it came to a wrestling match in general but even rarer when it came to this particular opponent. Skull then took the initiative with the aggressive nature he had acquired over his years in the wrestling business. He had decided to grind his knee into the chest of Temujin. This from a big man hurt more than a trained professional simply because of the weight one could administer when being so big. Skull then dropped down, near the ropes mind you, and went for a pin. This wasn’t his way of trying to win the match though. Skull was showing Temujin that he didn’t care how many credentials this man had from previous federations. He showed Temujin that he was ready and willing to fight but it didn’t show him dis-respect. From some other wrestler, maybe, but from Skull it didn’t mean that.

1... 2...

Temujin’s foot was on the ropes. This Skull smiled at. Had Temujin kicked out of such an easy predicament, and it was easy for the thinker, he’d have taken it to him without respect. Temujin had taken the road that showed Skull he wasn’t just any old wrestler. Temujin was indeed an experienced wrestler. Only the experienced wrestlers would use a foot on the ropes to conserve energy. The greenhorns would almost always kick out of this predicament. Skull knew now what exactly he was facing. He could respect this man.

Skull and Temujin made it to their feet almost simultaneously. Skull offered his opponent a sadistic grin in the show of respect while Temujin offered a slight bow of the head with his eyes never straying from Skull’s. The show of respect from both men, at the same time, was what made this sport great. Both of these men were old school. You could tell. The newer guys didn’t give a damn about such things as honor, respect, and ability. They wanted to win and it didn’t matter what they had to do to achieve victory. These two thought differently. They had their moments when straying from the path was necessary but the very core that bred these men into the old school would remain forever unchanged.

Temujin advanced toward Skull dead set for sparring rather than grappling this time around. Skull being a powerhouse wrestler wasn’t exactly trained for a sparring fight with a martial artist but he tried anyway. Skull threw some massive right hands at Temujin, only one connecting, but enough to stagger the man. When Skull decided to go for the gusto and land a knockout punch, he paid for it, and Temujin moved out of the way quickly. He landed a variety of shin kicks, backhand blows, palm strikes, and kung fu punches staggering the big man. Skull threw a wild punch only for Temujin to move out of the way and execute a backflip kick sending Skull to the ground.

Temujin bent down to bring Skull back to his feet when, out of nowhere, Skull’s massive right hand shot up grabbing the throat of Temujin. Skull stood up, fire burning in his eyes, and picked Temujin up from the ground quickly. He held him there for a few seconds, choking him for good measure, and slammed him to the mat with such force that the ring almost fell apart. Skull had obviously been annoyed by the kicking demonstration by Temujin earlier so he didn’t go for the pin like he should have. He picked the man up again and Choke Slammed him a second time. This time he had went for the pin but not before giving Josh Johnson a look that told him "Count this right or you’re next."

Josh Johnson dropped down with Skull and began the three count. 1... Josh’s hand hit the mat. 2... Josh’s hand hit the mat again. Thr... Josh’s hand came two inches from hitting the mat again as Temujin’s shoulder turned to the left and his hand shot up at the heavens telling the entire crowd that this battle was far from over. Skull, however, was furious. Not at himself, mind you, which was a huge mistake. Skull was in Josh’s face accusing him of a slow count.

The animosity between Josh and Skull would not go unnoticed in this match-up like many had hoped it would. Animosity between the referee and the wrestler always did make for a rather messed up match. Not because it didn’t entertain, rather, it showed lack of wrestling skill within said match. Skull pushed Josh into the turnbuckle and then Josh pushed Skull right back only to be rolled up by Temujin.

1... 2... Thre... ALMOST!

Skull kicked out and was up to his feet. Temujin was in his face and pushing him against the ropes as if to let the crowd know he was going for some kind if Irish Whip Maneuver. This, however, was too early and Skull reversed the move on Temujin. However, Temujin, had a reversal of his own. When Skull was at Temujin’s side he swept Skull’s right leg from under him (Yoko Gake or Side Hook) which resulted in Skull’s tripping to the mat. Temujin then locks in a Shi-me Lock Choke completing the Cobra Shi-me Lock Hold.

Skull was pinned to the mat with the ability to move limited. Josh kept on checking on the big man for the first minute until he finally didn’t care. When Temujin and Josh were both one-hundred percent positive Skull had passed out from the pain Josh knelt down to lift the arm. He did so once, no response. He did so twice, no response. The third time, Skull’s arm reached only a centimeter from the mat when he lifted it up, and threw, literally, threw Temujin to the other side of the ring. As a result of this Temujin’s head hit the turnbuckle and he seemingly was knocked out.

Skull stood to his feet and saw his opponent’s body seemingly lifeless so he figured he had the match won. He, however, didn’t go after his opponent. He went straight for Josh, jaw-jacking at the man, and didn’t expect anything to come of it. When Skull turned his back to go at Temujin, now moving mind you, he was clotheslined from behind. Josh Johnson was stomping at Skull furiously even after Temujin had stood up from the mat.

Josh picked Skull up and whipped him into the ropes quickly. He jumped in the air for a jumping clothesline and did take him down. Josh yelled for Temujin to go for the pin but he did not. He simply stared at Josh in a very un-kind manner and proceeded to pick the big man off the ground. Josh, however, was upset by this and now decided to clothesline Temujin to the ground too. Hot Italian tempers were a force to be reckoned with.

This left Skull standing, staring at an almost helpless Josh Johnson, and a Temujin down on all fours. Skull didn’t even care about Temujin at this point so he went straight for Josh. Skull threw Josh into the corner and began unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts into the face and body of Josh Johnson. Temujin was still down but obviously playing possum. He knew what was about to happen.

Skull stood in front of Josh whispering in a low voice. He had obviously said something about Tara. Josh reared back and let Skull have a right hand so vicious, so painful, so vile that it sent the big man staggering backward. That is where Temujin rolled Skull up in a school boy pin.

Three seconds later, Temujin, was victorious over Skull. With the help of Josh Johnson, however. Temujin left the ring alone. Never taking his eyes of Josh Johnson. Somehow Temujin would get some kind of revenge on the man. Josh knew this and refused to meet Temujin’s eyes. Instead, he waited for Skull to reach his feet, and clotheslined him down once again. Josh rolled out of the ring and left for the locker room area walking backwards. Skull kneeling on both knees watched him leave with his hands held high and his title in one hand knowing full well what he had just cost his adversary Skull.


Progress Made:
The door to the largest trailer on the compound swung open furiously, with a gust of wind following close behind. The two men, who sat engulfed in conversation in the office type setting, looked up from their discussion at a man carrying an aluminum bat, stained with blood, and a cold-hearted look of disdain plastered across his face. He threw the bat into the room, rolling directly to the president of SHOOT, Eric Wolfson's feet. Cronos Diamante looked at the bat and smiled, as did Wolfson.

~ "There's your fuckin progress."

Wolfson stared down at the bat silently for a good ten seconds. His eyes scanning the blood stained upon it's silvery exterior.

"I suppose this means..." Wolfson whispered, his eyes still fixed on the bat at his feet.

"Express has been put out to pasture?" Wolfson stared at Cronos intently as his long time friend inquired more than he should have.

The SHOOT Champion took a step forward and slammed the door behind him, rattling the walls that surround the three men. He snorts an abundance of oxygen into his lungs and exhales deeply, the scowl still stuck surely over his face. He curls his lips into his mouth, biting down a bit until he finally releases his grip and takes another step toward his boss…

~ "…No. No…Express has not been put out to pasture, Eric. But Jim Helsley is out…for good. I saw him out on the beach, smacked him with that thing that you behold with your eyes right now, spattering his blood across the sand, and if all goes right, making him a regular ingredient to the ocean water."

Wolfson stared up into the eyes of Erik Boyer. Silently. His eyes narrowed. Looking back down at the bat, he closed his eyes fully.

"Jim Helsley..." Wolfson began in a deep whisper. "Jim Helsley is down and out. Finally. However, our deal had nothing to do with Helsley, Erik. Nothing at all."

Cronos couldn't help but notice the edgy tone of voice his friend Wolfson had directed at his brother of sin. He had to stick up for him a bit.

"Oh lay off him, Eric," Cronos said arrogantly. "You got one guy taken out so it makes taking out Express all the easier. Quit sticking to that bullshit deal making you crazy asshole. It'll be the death of you if you don't quit it."

Boyer, lifting his jaw from it's lowered position, allowed a small wave of anger to come over him, his body began to tighten up…

~ "Listen to your boy, Wolfson…I just did a huge favor for your ass, I took out the guy who has not only gotten the best of you for the last three weeks, but has been a thorn in your side for most of your professional career. I'm not asking you to say thank you, all I'm asking you to do is not try and inflict some type of scorn on me for not making Jim, Jacques."

"It's amazing." Wolfson began, shaking his head. "Week in and week out I bust my ass for this place... Put my ass on the line for this place. For those individuals who prove loyal to me... I return the favor every time. But when it comes to getting something done... And done right... It's do it yourself or don't get it done."

Wolfson took a deep breath. Taking his eyes from the floor, he looked up at Boyer once again.

"What did I request of you, Erik?" Wolfson whispered. "What exactly did I ask of you? Remove Jacques LeFevre... The Express... From The SHOOT Project. What do I get? Jim Helsley. An old, washed up son of a bitch who I could have ended like that."

Pausing, Wolfson snaps his fingers.

"Like that." Glancing at Diamante, he continues. "Look at Cronos here. I request that Shaolin be taken out... Reckoning Day comes and he's taken out. There is no room for error here, Erik. I thought you were better than that."

Boyer lets out a bellowing laugh as he snaps his fingers a couple of times in a row, motioning them up and down, as if it was a dance…

~ "Like…THAT…Wolfson? Just like THAT? Cousant, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the man who knocked you on your ass two or three weeks in a row? Isn't that the guy who has constantly gotten the best of you? Just like that, eh? Fuck that, Wolfson, if I hadn't taken him out a few minutes ago, you'd have gotten punked again, and if you keep it up with this whole punk ass tangent about Express, I'll make sure that you get punked again."

Taking a step forward, Wolfson smirked. His eyes still fixed on Boyer.

"You gonna punk me, Blazed?" Wolfson asked in a retorical fashion. "C'mon, Blazed... You gonna knock me on my ass? Huh, Blazed? Go ahead, Blazed... Take your shot. But before you do... Remember who the fuck I am and where the fuck you'll be five seconds after you take that swing."

Boyer returns Wolfson's smirk, and his step forward, so that the men are now only an inch or two away from each other…

~ "Probably in the same place I was when we fought the last time in AODWF…standing over top of you, with your shoulders flat on the ground, Dominion. I know who you are, Wolfson, and I remember who you used to be…and I swear to god, it's like comparing apples and oranges…you're getting to be a real dickhead, you know that?"

Cronos had had enough of this petty dick measuring competition between his two friends so he decided to interject himself at this time. Cronos stood up and pushed Eric and Erik back into their seats and stood there looking at both men from left to right.

"Both of you shut your dick suckers," Cronos said quickly. To Cronos this was a term of endearment. "Look at you two fighting over stupid shit. Do I have to kick BOTH of your asses? I swear to God I'll do it."

Cronos began dancing around like Ali.

"I'm too fast for both ya," Cronos said laughing. "And I damn well be sexier than ya both as well. So I'm too pretty for you two fucks to beat me up. Can't hurt the face."

Looking to Diamante, then Boyer, Wolfson shrugged his shoulders and exited the trailor.

"Express is up next." Wolfson began, under his breath. "I guess I have to do the job..."

Diamante looked to Boyer, shrugging his shoulders. Boyer's eyes remained focused on the exit. Finally, he too headed for the doorway.

"Fine..." Boyer began. "I'll give him his progress."


The Express v. Master Molde

the "Chosen One", Master Molde makes his way to the ring, and climbs in. His large frame makes the ring seem smaller than usual,and he climbs the turnbuckle to jaw with the fans as he awaits the arrival of the "Baby Faced Bad Guy" himself, The Express. He doesn't have to wait long, as Express enters through the crowd, with no music. Molde does not see this however, and also does not see the man approach him from behind. Molde is still jawing with some fat guy in the second row when Express takes advantage of the situation, and waistlocks him. Express goes immmediately into a belly to back suplex, and drops Molde on his back and head.

To everyone's surrise Molde is up almost immediately, pushing Express back into a corner. Once there, he laces the Canadian's chest with reverse knife edge chops, and reddens a large area of his torso. Express was evidently not as prepared for this big man as he probably should have been. Molde relents with the chops, and nails Express with a forearm to the face. Blood immediately pours from the mouth and nose of Canada's favorite son. Express looks a little shell shocked, and Molde gives a smile to show his satisfaction at the proceedings thus far.

Molde charges Express with an attempted clothesline, but Express ducks it, and answers with a left forearm, followed by a dropkick to the knee. Molde goes down hard, and Express is on him like stink on shit. Express pounds his opponents head furiously, opening a gash in Molde's forehead.

The referee calls for a break as Express is using closed fists, but Express manages to get a few extra shots in before letting Molde up. Express' face is a mask of crimson rage as he walks away from Molde, and he gives Molde a kick as he walks away. Express wipes his face, taking much blood with the swipe, and flicks his hand to clean it. Looking at the blood on his hand, Express flies into a rage, and tears into Molde as he is getting up. Swinging like a madman, Express drives the larger Molde back into the ropes. Molde finally gets his defenses up, and shoves Express back hard. The referee steps in, attempting to keep the match from becoming a pier six brawl. After Express gets to his feet, the match continues.

The two men lock up in the middle of the ring after Express wipes the blood from his face, and Molde immediately gains the advantage. Molde drives Express down to the mat, but Express, being the mat strategist that he is, drives his head into Molde's gut. Molde doubles over in pain, and Express, from his kneeled position, uppercuts Molde in the face. Before Molde can recover, Express is up, and tosses him into the ropes. Following Molde closely, Express executes a clothesline just as Molde reaches the ropes, sending the big man over the top rope, and down to the floor. Despite the referee's warnings, Express follows the big man outside.

The referee gets to Molde first, checking on him, as he took a nasty spill, and remains between Molde and Express.

Express is still attempting to get to Molde, and doesn't notice the arrival of the Shoot Project World Champion, one mister Erik Boyer who comes up behind him. A tap on the shoulder got Express' attention, and Express whirls around right into a right cross from the champion.

Express reels, but does not fall, and the look of rage on his face pretty much says it all. He runs at Boyer, and swings a sweeping right that manages to connect, even though Boyer partially blocked it. Boyer's head snaps to the side, and he is momentarily dazed. That is more time than Express needs. He follows the punch with a kick to the gut,doubling the artist formerly known as Blazed over, then an elbow to the back of Boyer's head sends him to the floor. As Boyer struggles to get to his feet, Express finds a choice weapon at ringside, the ringbell. If the referee had been oblivious to the interference of Boyer earlier, he was made well aware if it now, as the bell made a resounding *DING* every time Express smashed it into Boyer's back and head.

The referee leaves the side of Molde, and calls for...the bell, which Express happily rings on Boyer's head one final time. Molde is finally back up on his feet, and is visibly pissed off with the referee's decision. As Express tosses the ringbell away, Molde picks the referee up by the collar, hoisting the much smaller man up into the air a good foot,bringing him to eye level.

Molde: I had nothing to do with that interference, now restart the damn match, or i swear to God i'll make you wish you were never born!!

The referee had gone pale at being lifted up by Molde, but now the man looked as if he would pass out. Molde puts him down, and the referee calls for a restart.

Express is livid at this, but complies as the refere orders both men back into the ring. Once again, both men meet in the middle of the ring, in a stare down of sorts. Express says something inaudible to all but Molde. A look of anger momentarily crosses Molde's face, but is quickly replaced by a smile. Molde bends down slightly, still smiling, and says something to Express. This sends Express into a fury, and He swings a right, but Molde blocks it, and responds with a kick to Express' gut. Express backs up and doubles over all at once, trying to avoid another shot from the "Chosen One."

Molde will have none of that, and follows Express in an attempt to make good on his advantage. Express drops to a knee, however, and delivers a low blow to the oncoming Molde, stopping the big man in his tracks. Express slowly gets up, as Molde tries to recover. He goes for a spear, but Molde simply grabs him in mid-move, flips him up, runs across the ring, and nails the Master Blaster! Express makes no move as the referee counts 1,2,3.

Master Molde has defeated The Express, and even though Express is still motionless as Molde heads for the back, the action is not over. Boyer, a bloody mess from Express' earlier attack with the ring bell, rises from his prone position at ringside, and manages to retrieve a metal folding chair from ringside. He slides under the bottom rope and gets up, standing over the still prone Express. Looking down at the fallen Canadian, Boyer smiles the smile of the truly wicked. He drops the chair, and leaves the ring. He looks around ringside for a moment, looking for something in particular.

Coming across a glass bottle of water, he picks it up. It's one of the large one liter bottles, and Boyer empties it of it's contents, and returns to the ring with it. He retrieves the chair he had, and places the bottle on Express' head in a position so it won't fall off. Then, with a maniacle grin on his face, Boyer raises the chair high above his head for a moment, then brings it down with evil delight on Express' head. Shards of glass scatter from beneath the chair as it makes contact, and Express gives a violent shudder, then moves no more. Boyer discards the chair, revealing the mess that used to be the face of Express. A look of horror is on Boyer's face for a moment, but the evil grin returns as he looks on in morbid glee at his work.

Boyer turns and leaves Express lying in his own blood, unconscious in the middle of the ring.


Chris Lee v. Sirius
Rising Star #1 Contendership

The first to enter the scene was Sirius. He walked proudly through the curtain and down toward the ring. His focus was on the ring before him so much that he never saw Chris Lee come barrelling down toward him. He never saw it coming until it was too late. Not until after Lee had driven his knee into the small of Sirius' back, and Sirius found himself face down on the mat. Lee needed no introduction. He was here for one thing and one thing only. To retain his Rule of Surrender Championship and nothing more.

Lee lifted Sirius to his feet, and sent a fist into his abdomen. Following up with a knee to Sirius face, Lee sent him stumbling backward into the ring. Lee barreled forward now, sending yet another knee into Sirius' abdomen, then leveling him with a DDT as he doubled over. Lee left Sirius to fall to the mat now. He rolled into the ring and removed his Rule of Surrender title from around his waist, molding his body into that of a defensive stance in await of his opponent's arrival to the ring.

Sirius threw one arm up onto the ring apron, followed by the second. Looking up at Lee, he waited until Lee granted him access to the ring before climbing in. Both men stood before one another now. Their eyes burned into one another's. Finally, they locked up for the first time this evening. Sirius was able to get the advantage, locking Lee into a headlock and then dropping his body to the mat, hitting a powerful impaler DDT. Lee held his neck tightly as Sirius locked in a crossface. He wanted to end this swiftly.

Lee fought the hold with all he had, and was able to slip out of it. He'd always been quite good at the actual mat wrestling side of his profession. Added the pressure laid upon him each week because of the title he holds, he became the best submissionist The SHOOT Project had to offer. And he planned to show that here tonight. It didn't take him long to counter the move, locking in a chicken wing on Sirius. Sirius was a young, determined fighter, however he lacked the amount of experience that his opponent had in the mat game. Sirius knew he had to defeat Chris Lee at his own game. And he'd have to find a way to make the master make a futile mistake.

Sirius reached out for the ropes, which was his first line of defense. Upon finding out this was not going to work, he resorted to shaking his body in order to free an arm. This proved successful, and Sirius used this to his advantage. He slammed a fist down onto Lee's head, which forced him to break the hold. Sirius scrambled to his feet and kicked Lee in the shoulder as he tried to get to his. This sent Lee back down to the mat, before Sirius stomped on his chest, knocking the wind out of his lungs. Lifting Lee to his feet, Sirius hoisted him over his shoulder and took a running start toward the corner. Here, he launched Lee into the turnbuckle, sending him flying down to the mat and onto his back.

Lee lied on the mat dazed, as Sirius climbed the nearby turnbuckle. He made it to the top rope and dove off, bringing his right leg down across the chest of Lee. Lee held his chest tightly, rolling over onto it. Sirius swung around to the other side of Lee's body and locked in an ankle lock. He had it locked in very tightly, not even the veteran submissionist was able to muscle out of it. Lifting his head, Lee focused on the ropes just before him, and just out of reach. Reaching as far as he could, Lee stretched out to the ropes but to no avail. There was no way he was reaching the ropes, and at that angle, there was no way he was pulling Sirius' body that far. Especially not with the stance Sirius was in. He meant business.

Sirius twisted as hard as he could, and Lee was forced to scream out in pain. Still, he refused to tap. Thoughts of his career possibly ending entered his mind. Thoughts of how much rehab a broken ankle would take entered his mind. Thoughts of giving up never did. Finally, frustration set in. Sirius dropped Lee's foot and immediately stomped down onto his ankle, forcing Lee to grasp it in pain. Sirius lifted him to his feet and flipped him over onto his back with a snap suplex. Sirius again lifted Lee to his feet. Even though Lee's right ankle was down to about twenty percent, he was able to hold his weight all the way to the corner as Sirius whipped him across the ring.

Now that Lee was slouched in the corner, Sirius proceeded to climb up to the second turnbuckle, and begin raining lefts and rights down onto the head of one Chris Lee. After about four, Lee has had enough. He muscles Sirius up and drops him face first into the turnbuckle behind him. Sirius stumbles backward, before Lee lifts him up and drops him with a back breaker. Quickly, Lee locks in an ankle lock. Pounding his fists onto the mat wildly, Sirius obviously can't stand the fact that he's been locked into the very same maneuver that almost won him the match just minutes ago. Lee, still favoring his sore ankle, stares down at the challenger, grinning.

Sirius reaches out for the ropes once again. Unable to reach them, he attempts to flip his body over. But to no avail. Looking into the eyes of the referee just before him, Sirius closes his eyes and silently taps. Immediately Chris Lee breaks the hold and turns away. However, he stops. Standing just outside the ring: KillaCrowe and Renegade.

Chris Lee backed away, only to be leveled from behind by Sirius. Killacrowe is rushin to Sirius, jarring him to get a grip. Standing now Sirius made his way over to Chris Lee's lifeless body on the mat. Dragging him to the middle of the ring Sirius strapped in the Sharpshooter.

The two men forced the referee to check in on Lee, who, having been through a rough match already and refused to tap out once again, was now unconscious. Sirius started kicking chris lee, soon after Killacrowe and Renegade joined. Content with their attack, they rolled Lee out of the ring.

"Now that we've established ourselves in less then two minutes, let me explain what are purpose is exactly" Sirius said, loudly enough that it echoed thorought the factory. The on lookers obviously captivated Sirius continued," Renegade, Killacrowe, and myself, have aligned to make the best damned tag team this Project has ever seen!" Sirius yelled gripping his fist.

"Three people make a tag team you say?" Killacrowe said, baiting the onlookers, "Yes you've heard right, will be a unit. One movement working for the same goal."

"The Elite" Renegade finished; like a final blow. Renegade had a sly grin, feeling their plans coming full swing.

"You see, we'll do something that hasn't been done. The three of us our the tag team The Elite, any three of us can team up and in pairs of two of course while the other person watches on the outside of the ring. Not a stable mind you, but a unit." Sirius said in a tone that was fast paced and kept the fans imagination.

"Inventive, and clever, backed with the ability to break bones, The Elite will make it's mark within the ranks of the Project. You've been warned." Renegade finished, with the same cocky grin in which he had from the get-go. The three left from the ring, as a unit, The Elite.


Erik Boyer/Ravage v. Meioh/Taurus

Meioh and Taurus were first to enter for the main event. Neither of these men liked each other too much, and it was apparent that Taurus was worried about the condition of his boss, one Helsley. Meioh led the way, sliding under the bottom rope as Taurus hopped up onto the apron and climbed through the upper two ropes.

Ravage was next. He walked from the back, looking over his shoulder. It was pretty obvious that he was not too fond of his partner for this evening. And he trusted him even less. Either way, Ravage was a SHOOT faithful and would do whatever it takes to do what he's got to do. Reaching just about ring-side, Ravage paused, and awaited the arrival of the SHOOT Champion. His eyes fixed on those of Taurus'.

The SHOOT Champion made his entrance last. The SHOOT Title over his right shoulder, he walked intently down to the ring, smirking at Ravage as he went by. Finally, he handed his title to a ring hand and slid into the ring. The bell rung.

It is decided that Boyer will begin the match. However, once Ravage learns that Taurus is beginning for his side, Ravage screams out for Boyer to allow him to begin. At first, Boyer refuses. That is, until he sees the rage in Taurus' eyes. Boyer shrugs. It's whatever.

Boyer makes it to the corner, and tags in Ravage. Taurus motions for Ravage to bring it on, and the redneck complies, connecting with several punches to the head of Taurus, rocking him backwards into the nearest corner. Ravage continues to pound away despite the referee's orders to stop. Taurus is slumped in the corner, and Ravage breaks out an old favorite move of his, the Mudhole Stompin', stomping Taurus all the way down to the mat, then adding in some colorful finger gestures for good measure. Taurus is down, and nearly out, and Ravage signals that it's time for Taurus feel the Alabama Crossface.

Dragging Taurus to the center of the ring, Ravage pauses long enough to look at Meioh, and flip him off. Then he drops down, and grabs Taurus' arms in a Rings of Saturn type move. he then moves his legs up to hold Taurus' arms in place, and grabs his head in a crossface, and yanks back with a viciousness rarely seen, even in Shoot.

Taurus looks to the ropes, and sees that they are very far away. He signals to Meioh to come in, but as Meioh enters, he's met with a flying forearm from the SHOOT Champion, Boyer. Boyer pushes Meioh's fallen body out of the ring, and gets back to his corner. Taurus, finally realizing he is out of options, closes his eyes, and taps out. The referee calls for the bell.

Immediately, Ravage is up and out of the ring. He grabs the ring bell, and returns to the still down Taurus. Meioh slips in unseen, and undeterred, as Boyer has exited the ring, and is heading for the back. Meioh, grabs Ravage's arm as he goes to swing the bell at Taurus. Ravage turns, and is met with a punch that rocks him. He drops the bell, and grabs his mouth, from which fresh blood is flowing. He looks at Meioh as he rubs his jaw.......and laughs.

Ravage: Is that all you got, son?

Before Meioh can respond, Ravage clotheslines him out of the ring. Meioh flips over the top rope and falls down to the floor. Behind Ravage however, Taurus has risen, and grabbed the ring bell. Ravage turns, and Taurus swings the bell, narrowly missing Ravage, who just manages to duck out of the way. Before Taurus can recover from the force of his swing, he is nailed from behind by a metal folding chair. The crowd is stunned at the appearance of this newcomer. His long brown hair flows down over a black leather trenchcoat, and he looks to be slightly larger than Ravage. Ravage smiles at his presence, and high fives the man as he enters the ring. Ravage and the man pick Taurus up off the mat, and Ravage screams at him.

Ravage:Taurus, i don't know why you brought your bitch ass back here, but i intend to make sure you regret it! I know you think things still run like they did in IWE, but this ain't IWE, Jackass!! I know you think that you were higher on the "food chain" back then, and probably still do, but back the truck up there, junior, cuz it's a whole other world here, an ME, not you, is the predator here. You're just another feeding frenzy to us. That's right, us. You may not remember this guy from IWE, but you'll damn sure remember him now!! Animal, reintroduce yourself to Taurus here, and show em what's goin' on, bro!

At this, Animal removes his trenchcoat, and reveals a shirt that made IWE alot of money, in it's day. It was black, and the four red letter across the front read D.D.P.A. Taurus half opened his eyes, and a look of recollection came to him. Animal then takes Taurus, turns him around, and sets him up on the top rope, facing away from the ring. Animal climbs up on the second rope with his back to Taurus. Grabbing Taurus under the arms, he lifts him up as high as he will go, and slams him down in a variation of a "Cross DDT", or as it is more commonly known, an "Outsider's Edge". Taurus crumples to the mat, and lies motionless.

Ravage then picks Taurus up, and nails him with a "Rockworld Drop" , making sure no retaliation would come from the Former Shoot World Champion. Ravage then stands over Taurus, and talks even more shit.

Ravage: The DDPA is back, motherfucker, and from now on, Dirty deeds is the order of the day!

As Ravage spoke though, a figure darted under the ropes behind him. The Express had returned to ringside to help Taurus, it would appear. He nailed Ravage from behins with a vicious forearm, but Aniaml had already grabbed his little metal friend again, and before Express even turned to face him, metal was smacking off his previously battered head. Express fell to the mat, and Animal went to help Ravage up. After making sure Ravage was okay, The brother exited the ring and began ot head to the back.

As Ravage and his brother Animal walk up the ramp to the locker room area “Superstar” by Saliva suddenly plays over the Public Address system. Ravage and Animal stop dead in their tracks wondering just who the hell is coming out to interrupt this exit from a huge announcement. Meioh, and Express are equally interested in who this might be. The song has never been played in SHOOT before.

Cronos Diamante walks out with a microphone in his hand and a maniacal grin upon his face. Erik Boyer follows him out with his SHOOT Title over his shoulder. Thats where Boyer went after the shit broke out. He went to the back to find Cronos. Cronos looks around at the crowd as they begin booing him out of the building but he doesn’t care at the current moment in time. He’s here for something else.

“Ravage,” Cronos said intensely.

Ravage stood there with his eyes burning a hole through one Cronos Diamante. The men in the ring seemed to relax as they saw this. Perhaps Cronos wasn’t after them this time and after Ravage.

“Looks like you and I, we have a common enemy, don’t we?” Cronos asked in rhetorical fashion. “You got two choices right now. You can either stand by me at the current moment or you can walk to the locker room.”

Ravage didn’t know exactly how to react. He stood looking from one side of the crowd to the other. Cronos held out his hand waiting for Ravage to take it. The crowd’s reaction was a mix of boo’s and cheers. Much to the dismay of the men in the ring, Ravage took Cronos’ hand in friendship, and joined him at his side.

“Gentlemen,” Cronos grinned. “It would appear as if you have a minor problem on your hands. Ravage and Animal already beat the living shit out of you once tonight. It seems as if they get another chance at that but with the assistance of one Cronos Diamante and Erik Boyer. Doesn’t that just make you a bit nervous?”

Meioh began jumping on the ropes yelling for Cronos to get his ass down to the ring. Taurus waited patiently. Express was a little irate.

“Pipe down meow,” Cronos laughed. “I’ll get to you soon enough. Well... fuck that... let’s get ‘em.”

Meioh was the first one out of the ring and he was met by Cronos. Erik Boyer took Express into the crowd. Ravage and Animal began taking it to Taurus. They were all battling it out like it was some kind of united war and they were all in the same group. We all knew better than that, however.

Express and Boyer battled in the crowd. They threw right hands at each other over and over again while holding each others collar. Both men wanted to kill each other and that was apparent. Express was the first one to go down but Boyer was quick to jump on top of him and continually slam his head into the concrete. Express, however, countered that and flipped Boyer over onto his back. Express then began punching Boyer himself. The two battled until they exited the building into the parking lot where nobody could see them any longer.

Ravage and Animal beat Taurus with the viciousness a pack of wild dogs would exhibit on some unsuspecting prey. Steel ring steps and guard rails were just a touch of what got used on the former champion. Finally, They beat Taurus into the backstage area, leaving a trail of broken equipment, and blood in their wake.

This left Cronos and Meioh in the ring battling it out with suplex’s. Both men matched each other suplex for suplex. The two men stood in the ring starting each other in the eyes when Temujin came running down to the ring and joined Meioh at his side. Cronos stood down a bit and Meioh looked at him like “You still want to do this?” Cronos nodded at Temujin and Meioh was confused.

Suddenly Temujin turned and knocked Meioh on his ass. Temujin and Cronos now went to work with a barrage of double team maneuvers. Mostly throwing and high flying double teams. Meioh was reeling and seemed to be injured by the two men, the brothers of time, they were once called.

Just when Cronos was about to let Temujin execute his Shadowless Kick, Keichi Kawada, came running from the crowd with a gun pointed at both of the enemies head. He was fuming and Cronos saw this. Cronos nodded for Temujin to begin back peddling slowly. As they did this Cronos noticed Keichi start to kneel next to his friend which caused him to take his eyes off the men before him. Cronos then quickly pulled a gun from his back and shot Keichi’s gun out of his hands. Keichi jumped up and down in pain and looked at Cronos with extreme hate. He looked down again and thats just when Temujin executed his Shadowless Kick sending Keichi out of the ring and into the guardrail knocking him out.

Meioh had been betrayed by Temujin now. This was all getting too weird. Cronos was beginning to become untouchable and a man with that much hate behind him with power isn’t going to be anything but dangerous. Temujin picked up Meioh and was about to lock on his finisher when a man from the crowd wearing a hooded sweatshirt speared Cronos from behind. Temujin turned to notice him on top of Cronos pounding him into hell. Temujin picked the man up and threw him into the turnbuckle which subsequently dropped his hood. THE MAN WAS SHAOLIN! SHAOLIN IS BACK! Temujin rolled out of the ring dragging Cronos with him.

Cronos stood looking at Meioh’s brother Shaolin with burning eyes. He wanted to kill him but each time he went to enter the ring again there was Temujin to pull him back. As the two men backed up the ramp, though, Animal and Ravage reappeared. both men sported metal folding chairs, and Boyer felt the first blow from Animal. Boyer fell face first to the ramp, prompting Cronos to turn, right into another shot from Ravage. Cronos did not fall immediately, but blood poured from his head, and he staggered backwards. Animal grabbed him, and Ravage spoke.

Ravage: I ain't yer fuckin pal, jackass, an' i damn sure ain't yer henchman! Next time, i'll let em tear you a new asshole, and oh yeah, i got a little somethin for ya. C'mon, bro bring that jackass out here! As Ravage left the arena with Animal, and Cronos close behind, Meioh was being tended to by his brother, Shaolin.

The camera man did his best to keep up, and followed Ravage and Animal all the way to a rather long pier. Ravage spotted a length of coaxial cable, and tied one end of it around Cronos' neck, then drug him to the end of the pier with it. Cronos was gasping for air as Ravage slapped him a few times, and then kicked him in the gut.

Ravage: Say Cronos, you remember that little incident in Hong Kong? Or was it Tokyo? Hell it don't matter, because now it's time you got reminded why i am the baddest motherfucker walkin SHOOT, and the LAST person you ever want to fuck with!! Toss me into a harbor willya? Have a nice swim, hope the water here is even more polluted than everybody thinks! Consider us even, because if ya don't, it'll only get worse!

With that, Ravage tossed Cronos Diamante into the Mexican water, and he and his brother headed off into the darkness. The DDPA, at least what remained of it, had been reborn in the Shoot Project. Don't Trust Anybody, indeed. Then, static.