The mask

Is to cover in order to conceal, protect, or disguise

It is to cover one s personality, character, or intentions


To quote, If ever I saw misery under a mask, it was on her face Erskine Childers


Tonight, misery will be, known

Tonight, their indistinct shape shall be, revealed

-This is Oblivion-


Fade In


{We fade into Los Angeles, California, into the home of Sebastian Crow where we see Sebastian Crow sitting side-by-side on the couch with SHOOT Project interviewer, Amanda Blade.}


Amanda Blade: I am sitting here with the new SHOOT Project DOJO Champion Sebastian Crow. Sebastian Crow, you gone head-to-head against the Trench-Coated Figure last night and tonight, that certain individual will finally be, revealed. You Sebastian are finally putting this whole misery to rest. What are your thoughts?


Sebastian Crow: Amanda, all I have to say is that it was a great match. I went in and I got what I wanted the most payback. I got payback for what that miserable fuck done to me several weeks ago and in addition, not only did I win their precious DOJO Championship, but I also won a #1 Contenders shot to fight for the World Heavyweight Title. This brings me to my next statement when I say Josh Johnson, I congratulate you. My friend, you done the unthinkable at defeating Skull last Sunday and I are proud of you. But that does not concern the future oh no, at the next upcoming SHOOT pay per view you and I will square off, friends or not, it is all for the gold and we will see who the better man is. I assure you there. But tonight, there has been a favor answered by Mister Johnson. As I cannot attend Oblivion tonight, you see, Josh Johnson will take my place in unmasking that idiotic freak, the Trench-Coated Figure. That is right and- I will be watching from my home state, right here, and right in front of my 50 television set. Thanks again, Josh you are a good friend.



Chicago, Illinois

SD: 04.07.02



{ Set It Off by POD blares over the pa speakers as the cameras spam the floors, through the audience, and to the balconies. The audiences in attendance go crazy as the music continues to blast. They hold signs, some say, Josh Johnson held Redemption and We live in an OC-Land .}


James: Welcome back everyone to Sunday Night Oblivion! We are live from Chicago, Illinois and what a night we have, coming off one of the most explosive pay per view events of SHOOT history-


John: Uh James, it was only our second pay per view.


James: Oh (Pause), fans of the SHOOT Project, we are coming off an excellent Sunday card called Redemption and what a GREAT pay per view we had. We declared ourselves a NEW #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Title. Renegade lost to Crowe in a Loser Leaves SHOOT contest. Sebastian Crow defeated the Trench-Coated Figure in a Mask for Glory competition.


John: And of course, who could forget the main-event square off where The Real Deal Josh Johnson defeated the Prince of Pain himself, Skull in Skull s very own specialty Ring of Fire match.


James: We have four-matches signed for your enjoyment tonight.


John: Wow, the SHOOT Project has really started cutting down, huh!


{ I Stand Alone by GODSMACK blares over the pa speakers as the SHOOT Project champion, Josh Johnson comes to the ring, the World Heavyweight Title hanging over his shoulder. The audience goes crazy at the sight of Josh Johnson, the one whom put up one hell of a fight last Sunday against Skull for the gold.}


James: There he is, John. The Real Deal Josh Johnson and last Sunday, he proved himself the real deal against Skull. What an excellent match that turned out to be.


John: Yeah, that is quite exciting. But I am more overly excited about finding out WHO exactly is the Trench-Coated Figure? We will find out in a matter of moments.


{The new ring announcer, Catherine Lee hands the microphone to The Real Deal Josh Johnson. The fans continue to cheer loudly for their SHOOT Project champion. He smiles around the audience before speaking.}


James: It appears Josh has some things to say.


John: Of course, he unmasks the Trench-Coated Figure in a few minutes. What else is there to say?


Real Deal:  Well, look whose promises came true


{The audience erupts louder than ever. The Real Deal Josh Johnson smiles again as the cameras fade into the sign that reads, Josh Johnson held Redemption once more before returning to the ring.}


Real Deal: Just one week ago, today, I accomplished something NO ONE thought possible. For years, Skull has been an extreme master, and one week ago, I took that. I retained my championship, and most importantly, I got the one thing that I wanted most, Tara.


James: That is right! He fought for his true love folks. He put his body on the line for that woman! Now they may live happily ever after.


Real Deal: Tonight, however, tonight is a new challenge. A righteous challenge', Chris Lee and I are not enemies we are exactly the opposite. And in that respect, may the best man win. A few other things tonight are of note... One of them, in fact, is the unmasking of the Trench Coat Figure.  I tell you what folks, this man has been a thorn in my side, and a thorn in EVERY one of the SHOOT roster's side since he showed up. And I thank Sebastian Crow for giving me the opportunity to unmask this one, and reveal who he is, for the last time.


{The fans continue to go wild. A split screen is, shown of the Trench-Coated Figure, standing in a dark corner watching the monitors. We go back to Josh Johnson.}


Real Deal: There, you see a broken, defeated, sack of shit for a man. This is the kind of person that you do not want your kids to learn from , he is simply a fucking loser who tried and tried to get over, and just could not do it.  He reached all of what, the DOJO Championship in his "tenure" here, which pretty much amounts to shit.


{On the split screen, The Trench-Coated Figure s body temperature rises with steam. He stands there, watching the monitors, trying to ignore Josh Johnson s comments. In a matter of seconds, however, Skull, Crowe, and Rancid approach the Trench-Coated Figure with a couple factory security officers.}


The Trench-Coated Figure: (Growling), What, the hell do you want?


Security Officer #1: Come on Trench, it is time.


{The Trench-Coated Figure looks around at the five men, shakes his head growling, and follows them to the curtains. The cameras fade back to the Real Deal Josh Johnson.}


Real Deal: And here he comes now, everyone's favorite freak the Trench-Coated Figure!


{The lights dim fast and fire bursts from the stage, surrounding the stage in a straight line. The Trench-Coated Figure slowly steps out of cold, white powdered smoke to the beat of The God that Failed by METALLICA. They walk down the ramp-way with Crowe and Rancid in front, Skull in the back, behind Skull there are the security guards.}


James: This is a weird combination. Why, the hell would Daniel Jones pick Skull to be escorting the Trench-Coated Figure to ringside.


John: Hey, this is to make sure the Trench-Coated Freak does not scurry off! Daniel Jones needs the best men he can find.


{Rancid and Crowe go on one-side of the ring while Skull goes on the other. The Trench-Coated Figure steps over the top-rope as Skull and Josh glare at each other with an evil look. Josh brings the microphone back to his mouth as the lights rise. The Trench-Coated Figure stands still, glaring through Josh s eyes.}


Real Deal: Okay, let us see who you are.




John: What wait, what is going on here?


James: Now, Crowe and Rancid are kicking down Josh Johnson Skull, Crowe, Rancid they are attacking Johnson! The security guards run in and Skull takes them out! What, the hell is going on here?


John: The Trench-Coated Figure he goes to the turnbuckle, he removes the mask WHO IS IT?


James: The Trench-Coated Figure hides his face Skull, Crowe, and Rancid have Josh Johnson Johnson is bleeding from the lip and the Trench-Coated Figure, they approach Josh, they take off the hood AND IT IS SEBASTIAN CROW!


John: (Question) WHAT,






James: The audience is as shocked as we are! Sebastian Crow, he was the Trench-Coated Figure! But, how, in HELL did he do it?


{Sebastian Crow picks up the microphone from the mat, laughs, and speaks as Josh Johnson lies on the mat beaten and broken.}


Sebastian Crow: Men and women, fans of the SHOOT Project lend me your ears!


Audience: BOO; BOO; BOO!


Sebastian Crow: Ah yes, music to my ears. (Laughs) Oh my God, this is the greatest night ha-ha. So now, you are probably asking yourself, Sebastian, how did you do it? Quite simple really Randy, will you come down here please?


{From behind the curtain, Randy Long and Tammy Lee walk down the ramp-way. Randy is in another Trench Coat outfit the hood off, smiling and clapping his hands. Tammy blows her lover, Sebastian, a kiss.}


Sebastian Crow: My friends, as you can tell, I hope, it was a plan orchestrated simply by optical illusions. And being the incredible LA-man I am, I was able to act my way through things keeping me separated from my comrade cousin, Randy. At times, HE was the Trench-Coated Figure at times, *I* was the Trench-Coated Figure. And together, we set-up one huge plot to fool everybody in this company; we fooled the roster, we fooled the fans, we fooled ERIC WOLFSON; fuck, we even fooled that understanding idiot Josh Johnson. But why why you ask, would we attempt a thing like this? I will tell you why money, fame, fortune, and a plot to conquer the very existence now, Daniel Jones and Jason Johnson walk on.


{Sebastian Crow steps over Josh Johnson.}


Sebastian Crow: Josh, you of all people should have known it was I all along. I mean, do you HONESTLY think I would be defeated for the Iron Fist Championship by you? HELL NO Josh, I was unstoppable! I was unbeatable I was the strongest force IN the SHOOT Project and now, with my fellow conspirators we are 40 xs stronger than the normal man is. Just look at who we have here your old friend Skull, Mister Canary Crowe, and of course, the awesome ranking Rancid! And Josh, I promise you, whatever you think or attempt in regards to us we will always come back and come back for more we shall, because we WILL grow stronger than ever before and that my friend IS a fact! Let us get out of here.


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as Sebastian, Tammy, Randy, Skull, Crowe, and Rancid exit the ring and up the ramp-way, being booed by the fans.}


Jason: I still cannot believe this. This is crazy. Somebody get Josh Johnson a paramedic!


**Promo for Oblivion**



Amorphous v. the Crock v. Simon Stone


{ Original Prankster by Offspring plays as Joking' John Jinx, formerly known as The Crock, comes down to the ring. He has no wig on; there is no disguise at all. He is wearing a very expensive black and white suit, with dress shoes. You would think he was going to get married. He gets in the ring and there is an old-style stand up microphone in the ring.)


Joking John Jinx: Hello women and man, welcome to a Joking' John comedy special!


{Some boos are, heard from the crowd as there are even less cheers.}


Joking John Jinx: Just a little warning, some of these jokes may not be appropriate for youngsters if there are any here. So, who wants to hear me ramble on about how great it is to be here, OR who wants to hear some jokes?


{A mix reaction of light boos and cheers.}


Joking John Jinx: Jokes it is! You know, Chicago sports teams, and a certain word that starts with C, are, and very linked together. The teams I am talking about are mainly the Chicago Bears, and Chicago Cubs.


{The crowd cheers.}


Joking John Jinx: And I am talking about one C-word Choke. When playoff time comes around, the Bears and Cubs always choke. The Cubs are always fighting for a playoff spot, but when the time comes, COUGH, THEY CHOKE!


{The crowd explodes with an insane number of boos.}


Joking John Jinx: That has been going on since 1908; you people should be used to it. The Bears are a little better though', they actually make the playoffs once and a while. Then they choke on something, much as you people choking on each other's dicks every night!


{This makes the crowd livid, as beer, bottles and cans are being, thrown into the ring at John Jinx, and other beverages.}


Joking John Jinx: Okay, okay, I will lay off making fun of your horrible sports teams for a little bit. Listen closely now. What is a WHITE baby delivered by... come on men; you know this one, a bird... A stork delivers a white baby. What is, a BLACK baby delivered by; a raven. Now, what is NO baby delivered by', a stork!


{Joking John Jinx bursts out laughing. This gets about half of the crowd laughing.}


Joking John Jinx: That one is too good. Now this one is kind of like a story, so listen up. Two rednecks are walking in the woods. One of them starts having a heart attack and falls to the ground and he is struggling asking for help. 'So, his redneck friend calls 911. He tells the 911 operator his friend is dying he thinks. His friend on the ground has stopped moving, but he is still breathing. 'So he tells the 911 operator he thinks his friend is dead. And the 911 operator says "Are you sure he is dead?" 'So, the redneck takes out his gun and shoots his friend on the ground right and the head and says, "Yep, I'm sure he is dead."


{Joking John Jinx bursts out laughing again. A little more of the crowd begins laughing after this joke.}


Joking John Jinx: Now, that is what I call a joke! Before my next joke, I would like to talk about my match tonight first. I may be joking around now, but in this ring when the bell rings, joking is, not allowed. I am going to be serious, because there are a few things I find not funny. Number one is bad jokes. Number two are people stealing my jokes. And number three is getting beat. So later on, I am going to have to beat someone, and these assholes will gain the title Loser of the Month. Now THAT will be funny! To prevent that title from being, given to me, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure I get the LAST LAUGH. And I will. And Rancid, I am still going to get the last laugh at YOUR expense, whenever you are ready. So anyway, on to my next joke', a one armed, blonde lesbian was walking down the street...


{He is, cut off when Rancid runs into the ring and knocks John Jinx right in the forehead with a large wrench. Rancid then talks into the stand-up microphone.}


Rancid: Crock, Joking' John Jinx, whatever you want to call yourself, I do not care. Because I beat, you once already, and I can again; but I did not finish you off yet. I had a deal to take you out of action, and that is what I am going to do.


{Rancid starts to walk away but then stops and has something else to say.}


Rancid: And your jokes suck too.


{Rancid then exits the ring. Get the Party Started by Pink plays as Amorphous comes down to the ring. Amorphous is looking around like what, the hell is going on, that is not his theme music.}


James: Ha-Ha, nice entrance music.


{ From the Bottom of My Broken Heart by Britney Spears plays as Simon Stone comes down to the ring. Simon Stone is looking around pissed because of the song that is playing.}


James: (Sarcastic) Oh my God, that is a nice song Stone!


John: Ha, that is funny, but this match is about to start, and Amorphous and Stone are not happy about there suddenly new entrance music. Wait a second, John Jinx just came over here and grabbed a microphone.


Joking' John Jinx: Hey, how do you people like your new entrance music, courtesy of Joking' John Jinx?


{Joking John Jinx bursts out laughing.}


James: So HE set that up, ha-ha!


**Ding, Ding, Ding**


John: The bell has sounded as Jinx roles back into the ring. Amorphous and Stone are looking at each other, it seems they made a bit of a truce to get back at John Jinx, as they both charge at him and take turns whaling away with punches on him. Stone knocks Jinx down with a punch, Jinx gets up to be, met with a punch from Amorphous, and he is, knocked back down. Jinx gets up and Stone goes to punch him again but Jinx ducks and Stone gets Amorphous in the face with a punch. Amorphous is startled and Jinx lays into Amorphous with two punches and then gives him a clothesline over the tope rope.


James: Stone screwed up the little deal between him and Amorphous, and it allowed Jinx to get the upper hand on Amorphous.


John: Jinx turns around. He is, met by a clothesline from Simon Stone. Jinx is right back up and Stone gives him a hip toss. Jinx gets up again and Stone goes for a vertical suplex, but Jinx counters it and gives Stone the vertical suplex. Stone gets right up and Jinx gives him a few punches, whips him off the ropes, and Jinx gets Stone with a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Jinx goes for the quick cover-



Kick out


James: Jinx seems to have the early advantage, but he could not get the quick win.


John: as Jinx gets up, Amorphous is back in the ring, Jinx turns around, and Amorphous drops Jinx with a boot to the face.


James: I wonder how that tasted.


John: Amorphous then goes to cover Jinx-



Kick out


John: Stone then drops an elbow on the back of Amorphous' head as he gets up, and Amorphous is, knocked on his stomach. Stone then applies a camel clutch on Amorphous. Jinx gets up and he just leans up against the turnbuckle watching Stone try to make Amorphous submit with the camel clutch.


James: They are smack in the middle of the ring, Amorphous is trying but he cannot get to the ropes.


John: It looks like Amorphous is going to tap. But Jinx got enough rest and he kicks Stone right in the forehead and Amorphous' head just flops down, as he is barely conscious. Stone gets up and Jinx puts a waist lock on him and executes a perfect release German Suplex.


James: John Jinx likes joking for sure, but he sure is a great technician in the ring.


John: Jinx and Stone get up and Jinx hits Stone with an arm bar takedown. Jinx then locks a reverse arm bar on Stone. They are fairly close to the ropes and Stone is able to reach a little ways and get a hold of the bottom rope. As Stone and Jinx get up, Amorphous begins to stir and he slowly gets up. Stone and Amorphous then charge at Jinx at the same time and take him down with a double clothesline. Jinx gets up and then they get him with a double vertical suplex. Jinx then slowly gets up, staggering, and Amorphous gets Jinx to give him a power bomb, and he does it and Stone helps, giving the power bomb more force!


James: I guess they are working together again!


John: Look, They are both covering Jinx at the same time, hooking one leg each!



Kick out


John: So close! That would have worked since this match is to find a LOSER, not necessarily a winner.


Jinx slowly gets up, and Stone grabs him and goes to whip him off the ropes, but Jinx reverses it, whips Stone off the ropes, and gives him a back elbow and Stone is, knocked down. Amorphous then charges at Jinx but Jinx kicks him in the gut and gives him a double arm DDT!


James: Jinx is cooking right now.


John: Stone then gets up and Jinx gets him and gives him The Punch Line! That move was, formerly called the Crock Bottom.


Now Amorphous is up and Jinx gives HIM a Punch Line!


James: Stone and Amorphous are laying motionless side-by-side right in the middle of the ring, who will Jinx pin?


John: He is covering both of them! He is hooking one of their legs with one of his arms! It looks like Jinx has them-






James: Wait a minute that means there are TWO Losers of the Month, Amorphous AND Simon Stone!


John: Joking' John Jinx is the winner, and thanks to him, there are two Loser's of the Month.


James: People hate being sad alone, so Amorphous and Simon Stone get to be losers together!


{ Original Prankster by Offspring plays as Joking' John Jinx exits the ring.}


Commentators Table


James: Wow; what an exciting match,


John: I do not care what anybody says. Joking Crock whatever his name is he is still a loser in my opinion.


James: Yeah but anyways, wait, I have just been, handed something saying, Since there was no REAL loser of the month Amorphous and Simon Stone must compete against next Sunday in a Smelly Loser Match! What, the hell is a Smelly Loser Match?


John: Ha, it cannot be good. Let us go to our next match.



The Limey v. Ben The Blackout Jackman v. Rancid v. Big Poppa Cherry


{ Something by the SHOOT Project blares over the pa speakers as the Limey comes to the ring.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: -Introducing first in our 4-Corners Match for the evening the LIMEY!


{ Symphony of Destruction by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers as Ben The Blackout Jackman comes to the ring.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: Introducing second in our 4-Corners Match for the evening BEN THE BLACKOUT JACKMAN!


{ Something by the SHOOT Project blares over the pa speakers as Rancid comes to the ring.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: Introducing third, he is one-part of Sebastian Crow s Conspirators RANCID!


{ Something by the SHOOT Project blares over the pa speakers (again), as Big Poppa Cherry comes to the ring.}


**Ding, Ding, Ding**


James: And here we go - Ben Jackman immediately goes after Big Poppa Cherry and Limey and Rancid go after each other. All four men start pounding away on their respective foe back and forth. Rancid gets the upper hand over Limey to start and he knocks Limey to the mat. Limey gets up and Rancid knocks him back down to the mat with a clothesline. Limey rolls out of the ring, grabs Rancid s foot, and pulls him out under the bottom rope.


John: This match is going to be nothing less than hectic. All four men have reason to hate two of the other men in the ring, and that could make for some mayhem.


James: Big Poppa Cherry and Jackman slug it out, going back and forth on punches. Big Poppa Cherry gets the advantage and whips Jackman into the ropes, following him in and clothes lining Jackman up over the top rope and down to the outside. As Big Poppa Cherry looks proud of himself, he sees Rancid, who has just taken Limey down with an Irish whip into the steel guardrail, standing on the outside. Big Poppa Cherry signals at Rancid to get into the ring and as Rancid sees this, he slides on into the ring. Each man is about 3/4 of the ring away from each other, eyeing one another.


John: THIS is what we have wanted to see for some time.


James: When they lock up, this place is going to go nuts.


John: Just then X-Calibur jumps the steel guardrail, wearing just a pair of jeans and an X t-shirt on. He grabs a chair and slides right into the ring and before Big Poppa Cherry can even tell what's going on X NAILS Big Poppa Cherry with a chair, knocking Big Poppa Cherry out cold and the fans go nuts.


James: Wait, what is he doing here? He is not even on the roster!


John: Well he just nailed Big Poppa Cherry and I think we all know the reasoning behind that! Big Poppa Cherry tried to end X's career and X just repaid the favor!


James: Back in the ring X-Calibur drops the chair, exits the ring, and just hops the steel guardrail and starts exiting through the crowd from where he came. Rancid cannot believe what he has just witnessed and he stands in the corner watching X as he walks away. Ben Jackman saw what just happened, slides into the ring, and goes for the pin fall on Big Poppa Cherry.






Eliminated: Big Poppa Cherry


James: Rancid turns around to see that Ben Jackman has pinned Big Poppa Cherry; at that point, Rancid looks back through the crowd at where X went, still in awe, disbelief of what just happened. Jackman gets up and he and Rancid start jaw jacking back and forth from across half the distance of the ring. As all of Jackman' attention is on Rancid he does not notice Limey coming up into the ring behind him. Limey locks on his "Greetings from Peggy's Cove" Million Dollar Dream and Jackman fights to get out of it.


John: Rancid still looks confused as to what had just happened and does nothing to interfere in the move Limey has locked, on. As Limey realizes that Jackman is not going to go out he stops, leans forwards and then takes Jackman backwards over in a modified Belly to back suplex similar to that of belly to back gargoyle suplex, the Greetings from Peggy's Cove still locked on. Jackman hits the mat hard, the crowd goes OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH from the impact, and Limey goes for the cover.





James: As the ref goes to count the third, Rancid pulls Limey off Jackman and starts stomping him repeatedly. Ben Jackman barely wakes up and he rolls out of the ring. Rancid picks up Limey and whips him into the ropes and as Limey comes back at him Rancid goes for a clothesline but Limey ducks it and keeps running. Limey hits the ropes, comes back the other way, nails Rancid with a flying cross body, and holds on into a pinning combination and the ref counts-




Kick out'


James: As Rancid and Limey, get up Rancid nails him with a kick to the midsection then takes Limey down with a dropkick. Rancid goes to pick up Limey but Limey immediately picks up Rancid and nails an inverted atomic drop and then a belly-to-belly taking Rancid down to the mat. Limey picks up Rancid's legs, crosses them in a figure four and then jackknife s over into a bridge and the ref goes to count this pinning combination.






Eliminated: Rancid


John: As Limey gets up after pinning Rancid, he raises his hands into the air and as he turns around, he is, met by the Money Maker Super kick from Ben Jackman. As he connects on Limey, Limey hits the mat and is out cold. Jackman laughs and then crotch chops Limey before going for the cover-




Kick out'


James: Jackman looks at the referee in awe that Limey kicked out of the Money Maker. Jackman hits the mat three times as if to say that he thinks he should have gotten the three counts but the ref holds up two fingers. From there Jackman grabs Limey's legs and goes to lock on the Headliner sharpshooter but as he does Limey punches, Jackman in the face as Jackman is leaning forward to turn Limey over. Limey breaks the hold and gets to his feet.


John: Jackman punches Limey and Limey punches Jackman back. Jackman goes for a punch and swings wildly for his haymaker but Limey ducks and locks on the Greetings from Peggy's Cove onto Jackman who had spun around after missing the punch. Jackman starts to pass out but as he thinks quickly, he reaches back behind his head, grabs Limey, and connects with a STUNNER type maneuver, using Limey's own move against him. Both men are pretty much out cold on the mat but Jackman' arm is over Limey's chest and the ref counts.






Winner: Ben Jackman by pin fall


{ Symphony of Destruction by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers.}


John: Well Ben Jackman wins the match up but you have to admit that Limey put up one hell of a fight.


James: That he did, pinning Rancid in the process but I think the real story of the match is X-Calibur coming out. I mean he is not even on the roster anymore, what is he doing here in the SHOOT Project?


John: I do not know but damn it, someone needs to send him to jail! Security should be all over him as fat Mexican girls on Menu do! They had better be searching for X in the crowd as we speak because if they do not find him there is going to be hell to pay when Johnson finds out about this.



Skull v. KillaCrowe


James: Okay, our next match might be interesting. Two members from Sebastian Crow s evil Conspirators fight here next.


John: That will be weird. Crowe and Skull here we go.


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as Crowe and Skull walk out together. Skull carries a microphone in hand.}


James: It looks as if they have something to say first.


{Skull and Crowe enter the ring and call the cue for the music. Skull smiles and brings the microphone to his mouth.}


Skull: Sebastian Crow has informed us, due to severe straining injuries earlier tonight, we are unable to compete in this match-up. Therefore, we declare ourselves BOTH WINNERS!


{The audience boos.}


James: What, the hell is he talking about?


Skull: Thank you.


{Skull and Crowe exit the ring as Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers again.}


James: Damn, Daniel Jones is NOT going to like this.


John: Speaking of Daniel Jones, we have footage backstage!

Backstage Footage


{Daniel Jones stands there, watching the big-screen monitor questionably.}


Daniel Jones: What, the hell do those idiots think they are doing! (Growls) God, all of their asses are mine next Sunday then, they WILL wish they fought.



Chris Lee v. The Real Deal Josh Johnson


James: Well, we are ready for our world title match. Chris Lee won his shot against Josh Johnson tonight to fight for the SHOOT title and now, he gets it.


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as the fans erupt booing.}


James: Wait a second, what are they doing coming out here. Have they not caused enough mayhem all ready!


{From behind the curtain, Sebastian Crow and Skull walk down the ramp-way, side by side. Sebastian glares around at the audience and smiles, joking with Skull over the people s reaction toward tonight.}


James: God, I think these assholes are coming over here.


John: Oh, shut your trap James; these two men are the coolest around the SHOOT Project.


James: John, they organized this whole Trench Coat plan, not just to get Josh Johnson, but in the process, they fooled everybody the roster, the fans, EVERYBODY!


John: Calm down, James, it is not as if they killed anybody.


James: Eh (Stern), not yet , I cannot believe I actually had faith in Sebastian how could he!


John: James, you had better calm down. They are here.


{Sebastian and Skull pull up chairs on the opposite sides of James and John and sit down, placing on the headsets.}


John: Yeah, put those on.


Sebastian Crow: Uh- test; good, it works.


John: Sebastian, you should have been hearing what James has been saying about you.


Sebastian Crow: James, are you saying things about me?


John: Yes, he has been talking about Skull too.


Skull: -and me?


James: I just want to know what, the HELL you have been thinking Sebastian! Why, the hells organize a plot just to trick SHOOT and its champion. Why align yourself with Josh Johnson PRETEND to be his friend and then, screw him over in the process?


Sebastian Crow: Wow, those are many questions. Talk to my agent James, I do not have all night to answer stupid little questions like those.


James: But-


Skull: You should have been paying attention at the beginning of the show, James.


James: I was too shocked to pay attention!


Sebastian Crow: That is not our problem.


Skull: Say, is there a match going to happen tonight? If not, I might as well go back and play my X-Box because this is a waste of valuable time.


John: There will be something.


Skull: Yeah, there better be.


{ Fuel My Fire by Prodigy blares over the pa speakers as Chris Lee walks from behind the curtains, down the ramp-way.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: Introducing the challenger, he weighs in at 251-pounds, at a height of 6 4 he is the current Rising Star and Rule of Surrender champion CHRIS LEE!


{The fans are excited to see tonight s challenger. Sebastian Crow stands up from his seat and starts clapping, before looking around at a few Chris Lee haters and Skull.}


Sebastian Crow: Oh, was that not the cue? I had better sit down.


James: (Mumbles) God, you are such an asshole.


Sebastian Crow: (Pretending he did not hear it) What James did you say something?


James: Nothing; I said nothing.


Sebastian Crow: Yeah, that is right. Think about that next time before you call somebody an ASSHOLE!


{Sebastian slaps James in the back of the head. Sebastian stands up and over James, holding out his arms.}




{James shakes his head, sighs, and continues to watch the ring quietly.}




{Sebastian sits back down and watches Chris Lee as he eyes them. He shakes his head and waits for Josh.}


Skull: Yeah, you had better turn around.


Sebastian Crow: What is up with this person, Skull? He comes in SHOOT, acts like the big man immediately, and then he gains a World Title shot BEFORE me! God, I hate rookie-shit.


James: Get your facts straight, Crow; he is no rookie.


Sebastian Crow: (Mumbles; shaking his head) Oh, shut up.


{ I Stand Alone by GODSMACK blares over the pa speakers as the SHOOT champion, The Real Deal Josh Johnson walks from behind the curtain and down the ramp-way, trying not to hold on his ribs. The fans immediately stand up cheering from his music.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: Introducing the champion, he weighs in at 220-pounds, at a height of 6 3 he is the current Iron Fist and SHOOT Project World Heavyweight champion THE REAL DEAL JOSH JOHNSON!


{Sebastian Crow and Skull stand from their seats and start booing.}


James: We must remember Josh Johnson defeated Skull last Sunday to retain the SHOOT Championship.


{Sebastian Crow and Skull sit back down. Skull smiles, shakes his head, and grabs James shirt collar, pointing his finger.}


Skull: My friend, do not go there.


John: James, you better shut up. These men sound serious.


Sebastian Crow: Wow John, are you still here?


John: Yeah, sitting back and letting James make a fool out of himself like always.


Sebastian Crow: (Pleased) All right man, stick around, will you not.


John: Do not worry. I will.


Sebastian Crow: Good, now let us get this bitch underway.


**Ding, Ding, Ding**


Sebastian Crow: Okay, here we go. Bitch Flea and Short Johnson surround each other now, looking for a good grip. Skull, do I have to watch this? I am not quite interested in watching wimp dicks on dog hoes.


James: Josh and Chris tie up. Josh locks Chris s head and backs off the ropes. Chris pushes him forward however; Josh comes back and hits Chris with a shoulder. Josh bounces off the ropes again, a jump over Chris, Chris is back up and Chris hits Josh with a low blow!


Skull: That was a nice move for a female.


John: Oh, that was cold. Chris is back up, he scoops Josh in his arms, and slams him to the center of the mat. Chris Lee runs up the turnbuckle now, he is going for a high-risk move, but Josh is back up and hits Chris Lee with a blow to the gut. Josh connects with DDT!


Sebastian Crow: Josh Johnson goes for a cover!




Kick out


Sebastian Crow: Aw- Chris Lee kicked out, what a shame.


James: Josh stands Chris back to his feet. He runs him across the ring and slams his throat over the top-rope. He runs him again and slams his face into the turnbuckle. Josh follows it up with a boot to the throat; he holds it there as the referee starts the count, trying to have Josh release the hold.


John: Josh releases the hold and grabs a-hold of Chris. He Irish whips Chris across the ring, Chris reverses it, and he sends Josh Johnson in the turnbuckle. Chris charges for Josh Johnson but Josh ducks and he sends Chris Lee up and over the turnbuckle!


James: Chris Lee lands hard on the concrete padding!


Sebastian Crow: Wow; now, that was really, stupid!


Skull: Yeah, I hope his ribs are cracked.


Sebastian Crow: So do me. But wait a second watch Josh Johnson now, he climbs the turnbuckle, and he goes for a Moon Sault! He lands on Chris Lee, knocking him back to the floor. Jesus Christ, who would ever attempt that move!


{Sebastian Crow and Skull look at each other.}


Sebastian and Skull: We would.


Sebastian Crow: Well, we would if we could. We are powerhouse monsters you know.


Skull: Yes, that is true. But we are still the best SHOOT has to offer.


James: Oh, will you two quit bragging! You are making Amorphous look good!


Sebastian Crow: Now James that is the most intelligent thing you have said all night.


James: Why, thank you.


Sebastian Crow: You are welcome. Now, shut up!


John: Josh Johnson stands Chris Lee back up and leans him against the guardrail, sending hard chops to the chest. Josh lifts up the apron and goes for a trashcan lid. He goes for Chris, Chris blocks it, and knees Josh in the gut. Chris reaches under the apron and runs Johnson in the face.


Skull: Whoa, kick ass!


Sebastian Crow: Ha, this match may make BST2 look like BST3.


James: -or BST1.


Sebastian Crow: (Snaps) SHUT THE FUCK UP!


John: Chris Lee stands Josh Johnson up and walks him to the stairs, slamming his face. He reaches under the apron again and grabs a boa-stick. Josh Johnson turns around and Chris Lee cracks it over Josh Johnson s head!


James: God, that looks like it hurt.


John: Yes, it is a good thing I carry Excedrin.


James: Our champion is down and Chris Lee comes over beside us, folding up a steel chair. He spots Skull uh-oh.


Skull: (Standing up to Chris Lee) You do not want a part of me, boy! I will make you suffer your pain before I kill you!


Sebastian Crow: Yeah, that is telling him Skull!




{Sebastian Crow is standing up, being prepared for something else, watching the action.}


Sebastian Crow: God, does he EVER have some balls!


James: Chris Lee and Skull are exchanging shots, taking each other down! Skull s headset has been, pulled off from the fight! Oh my, Chris Lee takes Skull down on the table no, wait a second Skull reverses and head-butts Chris Lee on the table. This is carnage out here!


Sebastian Crow: Skull , watch your ass bro!


James: Skull turns around and-










{John starts to stand up, rubbing his head, dazed and confused.}


John: Where am I?




John: Oh well, I am going back to sleep.


{John falls back to sleep.}


James: God, you dumb ass, it was JUST a chair-shot! Meanwhile, Skull is back to his feet. He has hold of Chris Lee, he lifts him in a gorilla press slam, and




James: FUCK, OUR COMMENTATORS TABLE IS GONE COURTESY TO SKULL! Now, Skull slides in the ring. Josh Johnson swings the steel chair at Skull, he misses, and Skull wraps his hand around Johnson s throat CHOKE SLAM! Sebastian Crow slides to the outside; he lifts up the apron, and pulls out a table pushing it in the ring.


John: (Talking in his sleep) Yeah James, this should be interesting.


James: Ah fuck you dill hole, do not do that! It freaks me out when you do that. Sebastian and Skull are setting up the table now. Wait a second Josh Johnson is back up, he grabs a-hold of Skull, and knees him in the gut. Wait a second Sebastian Crow, he climbs the turnbuckle, Josh Johnson ducks, and A DROP KICK TO CHRIS LEE! CHRIS LEE IS BACK IN THE RING!


John: (Talking in his sleep) Yeah James, this should be interesting.


James: SHUT UP ASSHOLE! Josh Johnson hits a Vertical Suplex on Skull. Skull slides out of the ring and now, it is just Sebastian and Johnson! They stand there, glaring at each other this cannot be good! Wait a second though Chris Lee is back up and double-clotheslines the two! Sebastian slides out of the ring and it is now backing to Chris Lee and Josh Johnson!


{John wakes up again.}


John: Where am I?


James: Wake up and call the damn match, you idiot! This is carnage out here!


John: What, the fuck happened to our table?


James: I do not know, John. Why not talk to your boy, Skull.


John: No, that is okay. Okay, let me see what is going on. Whoa, cool, there is a table in the ring! Chris Lee grabs a-hold of Josh Johnson and bounces his head into the turnbuckle. Chris Lee climbs the turnbuckle and there is the count!














James: Josh Johnson has a huge advantage now! Wait a second; here come Tammy Lee through the audience. She has a barbwire bat! She levels up Josh Johnson!


John: Wait a second James, a woman just came from the audience! She jumps in the ring and attacks Tammy, punching at her face! Oh no, this is not good!


James: A SHOOT fan just jumped in the ring! This has not occurred to Josh Johnson he sets Chris Lee up, he power bombs him through the table, and there is the cover!






**Ding, Ding, Ding**


James: And this match is over!


{ I Stand Alone by GODSMACK blares over the pa speakers as the SHOOT champion, The Real Deal Josh Johnson sits to his knees and catches his breath.}


John: Who, the hell is that woman? I do not know but Tammy Lee has rejoined her boys and as for Skull and Sebastian, they are as shocked as we are!


James: Josh Johnson finally realizes what happened he sees the woman she grabs his arm and holds it up! The fans are going wild!


John: Look at Sebastian Crow s face he is furious!


James: Fans, my name is James.


John: My name is John!


James: We will see you next Sunday on OBLIVION! I have a feeling things are only starting to heat up!


{The show slowly fades out.}


2001. SHOOT-Project-Entertainment

A Daniel Jones/Jason Johnson Production

Sunday, April 07, 2002