Sebastian Crow: My friends, as you can tell, I hope, it was a plan orchestrated simply by optical illusions.


Skull: Sebastian Crow has informed us, due to severe straining injuries earlier tonight, we are unable to compete in this match-up. Therefore, we declare ourselves BOTH WINNERS!


Daniel Jones: What, the hell do those idiots think they are doing! (Growls) God, all of their asses are mine next Sunday then, they WILL wish they fought.


Fade In:


{ Set It Off by POD blares over the pa speakers as the cameras spam through the audience. We see numerous signs saying, Sebastian Crow Fuck the Conspirators! and New Management = A NEW SHOOT Project! the cameras then go overhead.}



New York City




James: Welcome everybody to SHOOT(s) Sunday Night Oblivion tonight; we have many great matches in store, including the debut of two new superstars X-Calibur and Danny Collins! We have Skull fighting against the mysterious Dark Krystal a street brawl match between Ben The Blackout Jackman and Joking John Jinx.


John: Hmm- Dark Krystal, I feel as if I have heard that name from a Jim Henson film once.


James: And nothing could be more interesting than our main event a tag team match betting three of the Conspirators Sebastian Crow, KillaCrowe, and Rancid against the SHOOT Champion Josh Johnson, Chris Lee, and the Limey!


John: James, this night will rock!


Backstage Exclusive #1:


{Backstage in the parking lot, we see Sebastian Crow, Skull, Crowe, Rancid, Tammy, and Randy standing around in a circle.}


Sebastian Crow: Okay people, last week was a nice success. We debuted as the Conspirators and now, it is time to take action.


Skull: Oh, yes


Sebastian Crow: Skull, you have the pleasure of beating that bitch Dark Krystal. Who does she think she is coming in the SHOOT Project and interfering in the World Title match? Who does she think she is? You take care of her man.


Skull: You got it.


Sebastian Crow: Crowe and Rancid, back me up tonight. You and I are in the main event so let us bring home this thing.


Rancid: Sebastian what about Daniel Jones? Do you remember what he said last week?


KillaCrowe: Yeah, he was going to take care of our asses, do you remember?


Sebastian Crow: Ha, do not worry about Danny Boy. If he even THINKS of interfering in our plot, he has another thing coming. Okay boys; let us go!


{The Conspirators walk off.}


Debut Match

X-Calibur v. Danny Collins


John:  Well, this first match should be an excellent one!


James:  We have two newcomers to the SHOOT Project, and they are in the form of Danny Collins and X-Calibur.


John:  Now, we know that X has a history with Josh Johnson, but things are virtually unknown when it comes to Danny Collins.  Where did this kid come from? 


James:  I will be damned if I know, John.


John:  Well, let us get this shindig underway


[ Last Resort by Papa Roach hits the PA system, and X-Calibur walks out.  For those who remember him, he gets a good amount of cheers.  For those who do not, he gets no reaction at all.  He gives high fives to the fans on his way down to ringside and pauses a moment before entering the ring.]


John:  Nothing fancy here, it seems. 


James:  Well, X did not exactly put up that much effort this week, so we will see what he WAS doing while he was not training.


{Danny Collins walks out to some SHOOT Project specially designed music until we fix his entrance music.}


John:  Listen to the reaction that he s getting!


James: The fans found someone they be behind, it seems.


John:  He sure is something, is it not?


[Danny, also giving fans high fives on his way down soaks in his cheers, yet in a very humble way.  He gets onto the ring apron, and climbs onto the second turnbuckle, relishing the cheers and staring down, intensely into X-Calibur.]


John:  I think X may be a little scared.


James:  John, please, it is freaking X-Calibur for goodness sakes.


John:  Oh well.


James:  They lock up, Danny Collins, with a quick headlock into a rollover.  X-Calibur, having been a wrestler for so long, quickly kips up, and locks a hammerlock onto Collins. 


John:  Things are getting technical


James:  Danny Collins works out of the hammerlock, going behind X-Calibur, and chopping his knee, sending X-Calibur down.


John: X goes down in a heap, and Collins continues by applying pressure to the back of the knee of X-Calibur.  X crying out in pain, reaches the ropes and the referee breaks the hold.  Both men up now, they lock up, X sends Collins into the ropes, but stumbles because of his knee. 


James: Collins capitalizes, and brings X back to one foot, basically, and back down again with a spinning back kick!


John: I will tell you what - this is some match!


James:  X has not gotten in much offense, has he?


John:  I guess that is what happens when you do not do anything all week, and then try to wrestle.


James: Collins, again with X-Calibur on his feet, both of them this time, sends X into the ropes, and bouncing off the opposing ropes himself, hits a jumping, swinging DDT, and lying X out.  Collins goes up to the second rope, and hits a moon Sault!


John: There is a cover.








James:  That was rather close.  In fact, I am somewhat surprised that X was able to kick out.


John:  I am not this man is world class.


James: Danny Collins, a little flabbergasted that X is up, is also standing.  X, seeing Collins distraction, kicks Danny in the person, and sends him face first into the mat.  He grabs a hold of Danny s legs, spreading them apart, and then punches Danny in the crotch, for good measure.  This draws several boos.  X, smiling, still has a hold of Collins legs, he sets up for a Boston crab, he turns him, Collins is fighting, X is still trying


John:  Wow, look at this,   Collins is about to fight out of the Boston Crab!


James:  After a crotch shot, even.  This kid has some gusto.


John: Collins is turned. He uses the strength of legs to flip X, over.  Collins now picks X up, kicks him in the stomach, and delivers a 180-degree turning double arm DDT! What the fuck was that?


James:  It is rumored to, be called, Fate.


John:  Well, whatever it is, it just put X-Calibur OUT!


James:  There is a cover!








John: And winner - Danny Collins, what an impressive win.


James:  Something is going on backstage, John!


In-Ring Microphone Work:


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as the Conspirators, led by Sebastian Crow walk to the ring.}


Ring Announcer Samantha Coil: Fans of the SHOOT Project, introducing to the ring at this time led by the former Iron Fist champion and #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Title, Sebastian Crow they are Skull, KillaCrowe, Rancid, Randy Long, and Tammy Lee they are, the CONSPIRATORS!


James: The Conspirators debuted last week on Oblivion. The damn Sebastian Crow set everybody up when he launched his new stable.


John: Eh, I thought it was pretty, cool.


James: Yeah, you would!


John: Oh James, where is the compassion huh? You were such a BIG Sebastian Crow fan before, what is wrong now.


James: He just lost my respect after what he done to Josh Johnson. He lost my respect for what he done to EVERYBODY! Damn him is all I have to say now damn him to hell!


{The Conspirators enter the ring. Tammy Lee grabs the microphone from the ring announcer, Samantha Coil, and orders her out of the ring. The Conspirators surround the inside of the ring as Tammy brings the microphone to her mouth.}


Tammy Lee: We told you all what would happen! My man, Sebastian Crow, God of Wrestling has grouped one of the MOST unbeatable groups in wrestling today the Conspirators! He tricked you all into thinking he was Josh Johnson s best friend and by how, pretending to be a trench-coated figure and taking Johnson s side against the prince of pain, Skull. And who would have thought Sebastian Crow, as good as he is, would team with Spam err- I am sorry, KillaCrowe and the uprising Rancid! Now, look where they are they are the hottest tag team in SHOOT(s) market the tag team champions at that! Take it away honey!


{Tammy hands the microphone to Sebastian Crow.}


Sebastian Crow: That is right. The hottest tag team in wrestling history now belongs to the Conspirators Crowe and Rancid, the tag team CHAMPIONS! Ha-ha, now, onto business , I do not know what Chris Lee and Josh Johnson were thinking last Sunday, attacking us during their match, but their mistake allowed us to control all odds in the contest. I mean, just look at what happened: We came to the ring to commentate, is that not right Skull. We came to the ring to commentate during their match, thought they would be happy enough to recognize a couple people from the SHOOT roster, being swelling enough to watch them compete they should thank us. But what did they do Chris Lee, a shot to Skull, Johnson, a shot to Sebastian Crow. And they paid for it, did they not! They paid for it big time! And what is worse is Chris Lee still did not get what he wanted! He had a shot to face Josh Johnson for the World Heavyweight Championship and HE FUCKED IT UP! So now, who is the World Heavyweight #1 Contender you are looking at him! Josh Johnson, it is going to be you and me at Training Day boy! Johnson, you and me one on one so prepare to have that belt ready for me, because I am coming.


{Sebastian hands the microphone to Skull.}


Skull: Oh yes, 1/4 title belts belong to the Conspirators. So far, we have the Tag Team Titles. But when we approach Training Day, not only will Sebastian Crow be the new SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Title but Chris Lee, I will have your beautiful Rising Star AND Rule of Surrender Championship let us say, we will fight in a 2 out of 3 falls match! How does THAT sound Chris Lee? I mean, not only do I have a chance at winning two of your belts, but I also have a chance to rearrange your body bones as I did with Maria.


{Sebastian Crow and Skull share a laugh. Anywhere I May Roam by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers as the fans stand from their seats, cheering', Daniel Jones walks out from behind the curtains with a microphone. The Conspirators immediately look at the stage, watching Daniel Jones in surprise.}


Daniel Jones: Okay, enough of this shit! Sebastian Crow, what makes you THINK you deserve a SHOOT Project title shot at Training Day? Huh, what makes you think you deserve the shot? Tell me that, Sebastian Crow! Is it just because you defeated the Trench-Coated Figure? Oh no, that will not work! You see Sebastian; I do not give World Title shots to people who masturbate with themselves in the ring. I give it to people who deserve it! I give it to people who fight with another to prove themselves worthy of a World Heavyweight Title shot. So Sebastian, here is what I am proposing. You see, since I THINK Chris Lee could have won the match last Sunday without interference how about we pair you two off in a Birdcage Match for Training Day! Then we will see who the rightful winner to the World Heavyweight Title really is!


{Sebastian nods to his group.}


Daniel Jones: And as for you Skull, your match sounds interesting. But I am sorry to inform you, I cannot book it. You see, Chris Lee is all ready, taken care of for Training Day so where does this leave you. I would say, another SHOT at the World Heavyweight Title against Josh Johnson. But how are we going to do this hmm you wanted two out of three falls, so how about a NO-HOLDS-BARRED MATCH for BOTH THE IRON FIST AND WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! How does that sound, Skull? Does that sound like a plan worthy for the Conspirators?


{Skull nods his head.}


Daniel Jones: Good, now, you are probably going over my comments from last week s Oblivion. Oh, do not worry; I am still sticking to my word! Something WILL happen tonight Crowe, it could happen to you. It could EVEN happy to you Rancid. It could happen to Skull, it could happen to Sebastian Crow, Tammy Lee, or Randy Wayne Long hell, it could happen to everybody but never test my luck with warnings guys, because SOMETHING and I do mean SOMETHING will come about tonight and THAT is a promise; good day.


{ Anywhere I May Roam by METALLICA blares over the pa speakers again as Daniel Jones heads backstage; the Conspirators start talking among one another.}


James: Oh my God, a promise is a promise John! But look at what we have Training Day has been announced! We have TWO great matches signed. Sebastian Crow and Chris Lee in a Birdcage Match Josh Johnson defends his titles against Skull in a 2 out of 3 falls! My God, that pay per view will be something!


Backstage Exclusive:


[Backstage, we see Simon Stone in his makeshift dressing room getting ready for the next match, when all of the sudden the REAL DEAL makes an appearance!  The crowd goes NUTS!]


Real Deal: Ha, well look at this; Simon Stone, I heard stories about you, but you have definitely fallen short of the hype


Simon Stone:  And you are?


Real Deal:  Please, you may cut the shit, any time now


Simon Stone:  Hey pal, why do you not just fuck off?


[With that, Real Deal takes a big right hand, and knocks the shit out of Simon Stone.  He picks him up, sets him up for a vertical suplex, carries him over to the table in which the 12 Coke cans is sitting, and drops him into it, with an ace crusher!]


Real Deal:  Consider that, the End Game, Mr. Stone.


[Then, Amorphous, looking for Simon Stone to discuss match strategy, mosies on back to the dressing room, except he sees Real Deal standing over an unconscious Simon Stone.]


Amorphous:  What the fuck just happened here?


Real Deal:  That is none of your fucking business, there rookie.


Amorphous: Well asshole, what IF I make it my business?


Real Deal:  Try me.


[Amorphous runs over, and begins giving Real Deal right hands, almost knocking the Deal down.  One more right hand, and the Real Deal blocks, and shaking his head and other finger, he nails Amorphous in the face, kick to the gut, ART OF THE DEAL!]


Real Deal:  You tried you failed


Ringside Footage:


John:  Well, Amorphous and Simon Stone are unconscious


James:  Good, then we will not have their match.


John:  Yeah, it would have sucked anyway.


James:  How about the Real Deal and his new move , what did he call it again?


John:  That was the End Game, it was quite impressive if I do say so myself.


Standard Match

Skull v. Dark Krystal


James: Okay, our next match is very interesting. The first woman to compete in our ring is here tonight and that woman is Dark Krystal.


John: Yeah, this should be something. I hope Skull tears that bitch up!


James: Eh, shut up John!


**Ding, Ding, Ding**


{ Mastermind by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers as Skull walks to the ring.}


John: Yeah, here comes Skull! He is going to win one for the Conspirators tonight; I can feel it!


{ Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie blares over the pa speakers as Dark KRYSTAL walks to the ring.}


John: Hey, she looks familiar!


James: Okay, on with our match', Skull glares around Dark, laughing at her because she is a woman. He reaches for a handshake but Dark slaps his hand away and hits him with a hard knockdown! Dark brings Skull back to his feet and Irish whips him off the ropes, Skull reverses the Irish whip, and sends Dark to the ropes. Skull goes for a clothesline but Dark slides to her knees and hits a direct-target low blow!


John: Shit that will bust a ball', Dark is back to her feet and she hits a power slam! She goes for the cover-



Kick out


John: That did not work. Dark should know in this game, you could not win a match in the first ten-seconds.


James: Dark is back to her feet and she lifts Skull up. Skull breaks loose and slaps Dark across the face, followed by a hard head-butt! Skull knocks Dark against the ropes and hits a Vertical suplex. Skull, he is in for the cover!




Kick out


John: Nah, again, that is another one-two counter. Something some people hate to read (Pause), err- I mean, hear.


James: What, the hell are you talking about John?


John: Nothing , okay, Skull lifts Dark back to her feet and sends her flying through the ropes. She hits the guardrail as Skull climbs out after her. He brings her back to her feet and hits her head on the guardrail followed by another shot. Skull now, he Irish whips Dark to the steel steps and she lands elbow-hard. This is not good for Dark!


James: Skull goes for a boot to Dark s face but Dark catches his boot, throws up her leg, and hits Skull AGAIN between the legs. Damn, Skull should be getting used to this by the night is over. Skull goes down a little. Dark lifts up the apron; she grabs a steel chair, and smacks it across Skull s head! Dark goes for an outside cover.




Kick out!


John: Again, Skull kicks out! Hmm- you have to admit though; Dark has a nice ass.




John: Okay, dude you have to give her credit though. Hmm- I must be horny to be thinking this stuff.


James: Damn it bitch, shut up! Now, Dark brings Skull back to his feet and slides him in the ring. She slides in with the steel-chair. Skull is back to her feet, she swings for Skull, but Skull blocks the shot and backslaps her across the face! She drops the chair and Skull HOLY SHIT, SKULL HITS A GRUESOME DDT ON THE CHAIR!


John: Fuck, Skull goes for a cover.















**Ding, Ding, Ding**


{ Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie blares over the pa speakers.}


James: We have a winner!


John: No way, this is impossible! The SHOOT Project CANNOT have a woman as their winner!


James: They can have whatever, the hell they want! And Cronos Diamante has returned! John, was this Daniel Jones big surprise?


Backstage Exclusive:


{Daniel Jones rises up from the couch fast, throws out his fist, and cheers.}




Back to Ringside:


James: Oh my God, that was amazing!

John: Okay, with on with our next match.


Street Brawl Match

Ben The Blackout Jackman v. Joking John Jinx


{ Original Prankster by Offspring blares over the pa speakers as Joking John Jinx walks to the ring, looking happy.}


John: Look at this idiot. I do not care what anybody says of him. To me, he is still an idiot.


James: Yes, I agree. How dare he try to tell jokes! Anyways, we must see him compete tonight against the Blackout in a Street Brawl match interesting.


{ Symphony of Destruction by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers. Joking John Jinx slides out of the ring and walks up the ramp-way as the Blackout comes out from the curtain.}


James: Wait, I think Jinx is going to meet the Blackout halfway. Jinx gets to his knees and waits the Blackout takes no time and swings at Jinx with a ball bat, wait a second, Jinx runs toward and spheres down the Blackout. Now, Jinx is clobbering at the Blackout, attacking him with lefts and rights.


John: Good thing though', Blackout gets Jinx off him and sends a hard right hand of his own. Blackout starts to walk Jinx to the back through the audience and sends him flying across one of our large televisions. Blackout picks up a jug of water from the table and hits it over Jinx, knocking Jinx into a bench.


James: Ha, I wonder if this match is EVER going to ring. Well Blackout is now walking to the ring Jinx climbs out of the bench and charges at the Blackout with a DVD PLAYER, HITTING IT OVER BLACKOUT S BACK! The Blackout goes down and Jinx brings him back up, hits him with another right hand, and starts walking him to the back. Intercepted halfway though, the Blackout hits the Jinx with a right hand; he wraps his arm around Jinx s head, and walks him up the ramp-way.


John: It looks as if the Blackout has the upper hand now. He walks Jinx to the back and hits him with a running bulldog, straight on the concrete grounds.


Ben The Blackout : There is your joke you idiot!


John: Yeah, you tell him Blackout!


James: The Blackout grabs a stop sign and smashes it across Jinx s back! He kicks Jinx in the side, flipping him over, and brings him to his feet. He tosses Jinx into the wall, followed by the opposite, and the opposite again! The Blackout scoops up Jinx and Vertical suplexes him through a table! That was a nice move!


John: Ha, Jinx is getting exactly what is coming to him an old-fashioned hardcore beating.


James: John that sounded gay. Do not say that again.


John: Whatever James , now the Blackout goes for Jinx again but Jinx throws out a shot to Blackout s stomach. Jinx gets to his fee and delivers a DDT to the Blackout, oh no.


James: Jinx is back to his feet. He grabs a a COFFEE MAKER! He walks to the Blackout and breaks it over the Blackout s head! Ouch, the Blackout is yelling in pain hot coffee!


John: The Blackout is back to his feet and he starts to walk away.


Joking John Jinx: Fuck that was hot!


James: Joking John Jinx picks up a steel chair and he charges for the Blackout. The Blackout is ready though, he picks up a board, Jinx swings and the Blackout ducks. The Blackout decks Jinx with the board. He brings Jinx back to his feet and walks him to the next hall.


John: The Blackout swings Jinx from wall to wall, going down the hallway. Ouch Ouch Ouch-


James: There is nowhere to run there! They are pretty much in a tight spot.


John: The Blackout tosses Jinx through the door. A lot of open space there; the Jinx charges for the Blackout and hits him with a sphere! The Jinx starts punching away at the Blackout! He stands up and, oh, looks at that idiot he is laughing!


James: The Jinx had his laugh. The Blackout charges for the Jinx and slams him against the door, now they are outside! The Blackout slams the Jinx on the concrete sidewalk! The Blackout follows it up with an elbow to the heart! The Blackout goes for a cover




Kick out


John: Wow, now this HAS turned into a Street Brawl Match!


James: The Blackout brings the Jinx back to his feet and tosses him in the street! WAIT A SECOND THE BLACKOUT JUST PUSHED THE JINX TOWARD A CAR, THE JINX DODGED IT HERE COMES A HUMMER AND IT TAKES THE BLACKOUT!


{The hummer stops to check on the Blackout, who is motionless. A man steps out and looks at the Jinx, who is walking toward the Blackout.}


Man: Oh my God, is he okay? I did not mean to do it.


Joking John Jinx: Shut the fuck up and get back in the hummer!


{The man does as told. He drives off.}


John: Fuck, I hate hit and runs!


James: The Blackout is fine. Joking John Jinx just went for the Blackout again, the Blackout hits Jinx with an uppercut to the jaw! The Blackout stands back up from that hummer s impact, still trying to fight through this thing.


John: The Blackout pulls out some brass knuckles from his pocket. He slides them on and hits Jinx again again!






John: The Blackout sends kicks to Jinx s gut and the Jinx cannot move! The electric fence is tearing him up! Oh my God, fry that idiot Ben, fry him!




James: Jinx falls from the electric fence he is not moving this is not good


John: Hmm we might need an ambulance out there.


James: Gee John, do you think?


{ Symphony of Destruction by MEGADETH blares over the pa speakers.}


3-Man Tag Team Main Event

Sebastian Crow/KillaCrowe/Rancid v. Josh Johnson/Chris Lee/The Limey


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as blue strobe lights flash all over the arena; a red beam of light shines down onto the entrance ramp as Sebastian Crow, KillaCrowe, and Rancid walk out from the back and make their way down the isle, the fans booing loudly for of the Conspirators.}


John: Look at this tandem coming out to the ring. These men could be a very powerful force, with the right leader of course , Sebastian Crow.


James: Listen to this reaction, or lack thereof. This a very similar reaction to the Undertaker back several years ago when he was dark and mysterious. They do not know what to think of them.


John: With the right leadership, these two could be an insane force to be, reckoned with.


James: If you had your way, Landon, these two would be hitting people with chairs from behind and cheating at all costs.


John: Please, just watch these two operate in the ring here tonight, they do not need to cheat, and they are talented enough.

{As Rancid and KillaCrowe are finally in the ring, "I Stand Alone" hits the speakers, Real Deal walks out from the back, and the fans go nuts. He walks out, stopping at the top of the ramp. He puts his arms in the air. The fans pop again as the Limey and Chris Lee walk out from the back. After the trio all high five each other, they make their way to the ring.}


John: One has to wonder just who has the edge in this match up.


John: Without a doubt KillaCrowe, Rancid, and Sebastian Crow have the advantage here. I mean look at the facts, KillaCrowe and Rancid are two of the fastest rising superstars in this federation, and The Limey and Chris Lee are all, washed up. There's no way either of those two could compete with any of the three men on the other team, so I think it is going to be Real Deal fighting three other men.


James: As Real Deal, Limey, and Chris get to the ring, the ref calls for the bell and each team does its own thing to select a representative to start the match. Rancid and Chris Lee are, picked and so the other four exit to the apron. The two men then lock up in the middle of the ring and immediately Rancid gets the advantage and he whips Chris into the ropes. On the return, Chris leaps into the air and takes Rancid down with a shoulder block. From there Chris grabs Rancid by the arm and tries to help him to his feet.

John: Chris then grabs Rancid and whips him into the ropes and on the return Chris looks for a back body drop but Rancid stops and takes Chris down with a spinning neck breaker. Rancid then grabs Chris by the head, whips him into the corner where KillaCrowe and Sebastian Crow are standing and Rancid runs in, and nails Chris with a running elbow. Rancid then looks to tag someone else in and instead of tagging in KillaCrowe, Rancid tags in Sebastian Crow.


James: This is a very interesting turn of events. Rancid chose to tag in Sebastian Crow instead of Crowe.


John: Duh you dumb ass! Sebastian Crow is the leader of the Conspirators, is he not? Put this together: Rancid and Crowe are in the Conspirators with Sebastian Crow. What do you have?

James: Uh whatever; Sebastian Crow gets into the ring and shoves Chris back up into the corner, then lays into him with a huge chop. From there Crow grabs Chris by the arm and hip tosses him into the middle of the ring. At that point, Crow gets up and stretches out his shoulder, showing that Chris weighs a bit and that the hip toss might have hurt his shoulder a little bit. Crow then helps Chris to his feet and then kicks him in the stomach. From there Crow runs into the ropes and on the return, Chris shows a measure of life as he grabs Crow and drops backwards, dropping Crow's neck across the top rope.


John: Right now, both men are on the mat and whichever team makes the tag in first is going to be in the best shape.


John: Come on Crow! Come on!


James: Chris Lee is the first of the two men to get to his feet, and he reaches over and tags in Real Deal. Josh gets into the ring, grabs Sebastian Crow by the leg and pulls him to the middle of the ring, then drops an elbow drop right to the side of Sebastian Crow's head. From there Real Deal picks Crow up to his feet, takes him down with a German Suplex, and holds on in a pin fall attempt.






James: Rancid gets into the ring just in time to break up the pin fall. As the referee starts yelling at Rancid, this prompts Real Deal to get to his feet and he starts going after Rancid as well. From there Sebastian Crow is able to get to his feet and he gets the tag in to KillaCrowe.


John: KillaCrowe gets into the ring and nails Real Deal in the side of the head. From here, KillaCrowe whips Real Deal into the ropes and on the return takes him down with a clothesline. Real Deal gets right back up and KillaCrowe grabs him by the arm and yanks down on his arm, trying to pull it out of socket. KillaCrowe then locks Real Deal into an arm twist and then heads for the corner.


James: KillaCrowe leaps to the top rope and starts walking across the top rope, but as it looks like KillaCrowe is going to leap off the top rope Real Deal drops to the mat, pulls KillaCrowe off the rope, and drops him to the mat. KillaCrowe cannot hold on to Real Deal's arm anymore and tries to use his arm in hopes of breaking his fall. As it goes, Real Deal is free, he leaps over, and tags in The Limey and the fans go nuts.


John: There was a nice reversal by the Real Deal. This allows a hot tag to the Limey!


John: Now we are going to see how out of shape Limey really is.

James: Real Deal, pressing on, runs Crowe into the ropes and follows with a knee to his gut.  He picks Crowe up again, and butts his head into the top turnbuckle, then the middle, then the bottom!  The fans are going nuts!  He picks Crowe up, sends him into the ropes, kick to the midsection, into a standing head scissors, following through with DDT!


John:  What kind of move was that?


James:  I believe he calls that the Final Judgment


John:  Crowe is down he may be out!


James: As Limey enters the ring, he grabs KillaCrowe, picks him up to his feet and punches him in the side of the head. Limey then grabs KillaCrowe by the head, picks him up in a hanging vertical suplex but KillaCrowe flips over the top, floating over Limey and taking him down in a reverse DDT. At this point the fans start booing as Skull comes out from the back.


John: As he gets part of the way down to the ring, he shoves a technician out of his chair and then grabs the steel chair, folds it up and continues over to the ring. Skull first tags Real Deal in the back, then nails Chris Lee in the head. While this is going on, KillaCrowe sets up the Limey for his choke slam but the Limey shoves off. The Limey hits Crowe in the eye with an eye gouge. He runs to the ropes, attempting to gain some momentum but Skull nails Limey in the back with the chair as he hits the ropes! The Limey stumbles towards the middle of the ring and Crowe nails him in the face with a Crowe Kill!


James: He drops to the mat to cover the Limey!








**Ding, Ding, Ding**


{ Dark Side by Crazy Town blares over the pa speakers as the fans boo the Conspirators.}


James: Those damn Conspirators have done it again! Fans of the SHOOT Project, we will see you next Sunday on Oblivion!


SHOOT Project Entertainment

A Daniel Jones/Jason Johnson Production

Date: 04.14.02