(The show begins backstage)

Daniel Jones:  I m fired?  What the fuck?  After all this work that I ve done,
you re firing me?  This is ridiculous.  You can tell your bosses that they can
eat shit.  I m not leaving.

(All of a sudden, a man in his mid-thirties walks in.  He stands at the same
height as Daniel Jones.)

Daniel Jones:  What the fuck do you want?

Man:  Time for you to go+

Daniel Jones:  Yeah, Aaron, and who s going to make me?

(The man is identified as Aaron Green.)

Aaron Green:  I m taking your place.  It s my job, with my employers, to get
the SHOOT Project onto television and back into the states.

Daniel Jones:  Wait, who re your employers?

Aaron Green:  That s unimportant now, what IS important, however, is that you
leave at once.  The Yakuza are coming for you.

(Daniel Jones, with a feeling of defeat.)

Daniel Jones:  All right, all right.  Just let me get my stuff.

Aaron Green:  No time.  I ll send it to you.

Daniel Jones:  How?

Aaron Green:  Never mind how.  Just get out of here.

(The scene cuts quickly.  The opening pyro shoots off, and the people in
attendance go nuts.   Jackman is a jack-OFF!  and  Del Carver needs to go to
the old folks home  are just an example of some signs in the crowd this night,
Sunday, May 12, 2002 in Rome, Italy, for the SHOOT Project s Oblivion.)

John:  Welcome to tonight s show!!  And what the fuck was that?!

James:  It looks like the SHOOT Project has some new management.  And his name
is Aaron Green.

John:  Yeah, but the way it sounds, he doesn t work for the Yakuza.  The
question is, if he doesn t work for the Yakuza, then how on earth is he in a
position of power?

James:  John, that s a very good question.  One, that I don t have the answer
to, however.

John:  Of course not, you NEVER have the answer.

James:  Oh shut your hole.  Let s go to Samantha Coil, for the introduction to
our first match.

Samantha Coil:  Introducing first, the challenger for the rising star
championship. weighing in at 250 pounds and standing 6' tall. ladies and
gentlemen, Del Carver.

( Bone Cracker  by Shocore begins to play as Del Carver walks out of the
curtain and out onto the entry ramp. he stands there a few seconds and then
walks down to the ring. he steps into the ring and runs against the ropes a few
times as his music dies.)

Samantha Coil:  And now the Shoot Project Rising Star  champion. she weighs in
at 150 pounds and stands at 5'8" tall. The reigning and defending Rising Star
champion, Dark Krystal.

( Living Dead Girl  by Rob Zombie blares through the arena as Dark Krystal
walks out through the curtain and holds her title up in the air. she then walks
down to the ring and steps through the ropes and hands the title to the
referee. Dark Krystal then tests the ropes as her music dies and the bell

James ~ Welcome to the Shoot Project Rising Star title match, this match should
be very exciting with Dark Krystal the reigning and defending champion facing
Del Carver.

John ~ Yeah this is gonna be awesome, a ladder match. Let s get to the action.

(The two combatants stand face to face as Del has to look down since Krystal is
a little bit smaller then he is. Krystal then points up to the title belt
hanging high above the ring, Del just looks and then punches Krystal in the
temple. he then whips her into the ropes and Krystal comes back with a
clothesline. Krystal then picks up Del and bodyslams him into the middle of the
mat, she then delivers a ebow drop to his neck. Del is holding his neck gasping
for air. he gets to his feet and Krystal rushes him and he backdrops her over
the top rope. Del then climbs out of the ring and picks up Krystal, he whips
her into the steel steps at ringside. Krystal hits with authority as Del poses
to the crowd.)

John ~ Del better pay more attention to Dark Krystal then posing to the crowd.

James ~ Yeah if he plans on walking out of here with the gold he better keep
his mind in the match.

(Krystal is back to her feet as Del turns around right into a dropkick. Krystal
then goes over and grabs the ladder and heads towards the ring with it. Del
sees this and rushes Krystal with a spear. he then tosses her back into the
ring and then picks up the ladder and slides it into the ring. Krystal gets up
and picks up the ladder as Del slides back into the ring under the bottom rope.
as Del stands up Krystal hits him with the steel ladder. he falls to the corner
and feels his head, he is busted open from one hit of the ladder. Krystal sees
this and takes advantage, she goes over to the corner and starts delivering jab
after jab right to the forehead of Del. Del is gushing blood now as Krystal
keeps jabbing on his forehead. she then backs off and goes for the ladder, she
sets it up right in the middle of the ring and starts to climb the ladder as
Del gets back to his feet. he runs over and dropkicks the ladder sending the
ladder crashing down and Krystal flying over the top rope and right into the
announcers table.)

James ~ OH MY GOD! That had to hurt. our table is destroyed by the force of the
fall Krystal just took.

John ~ Damn that was cool!! here comes Del.

(Del comes out and grabs Krystal and starts punching her in the forehead trying
to bust her open as well. Krystal slowly starts to fight back, she delivers a
low blow and Del drops to his knees. Krystal then gets under the ring and pulls
out a garbage can lid. she swings it at Del's forehead but he ducks it and
comes up with a european uppercut. Krystal drops the garbage can lid and Del
picks it up and starts smashing it against Krystal's head. she is now busted
open from the shot to the head. Del throws the lid in the ring and grabs
Krystal and rolls her back into the ring. he slides back in under the bottom
rope and looks down at Krystal. he then picks her up and whips her into the
corner, he then lifts her up to the top turnbuckle and climbs up after her. he
then gets ready to deliver a superplex but Krystal punches him in the forehead
and then delivers a bodyslam off the top rope. Del lands on the ladder and is
holding his back as Krystal gets off the top turnbuckle and rolls him off the
ladder. she then sets up the ladder and climbs it, she reaches up for the title
but is to low on the ladder to grab it. Del is getting back up as Krystal gets
closer to the title. Del the spears the ladder hurting his shoulder in the
process sending the ladder and Krystal crashing to the canvas. Del then grabs
the ladder and sets it up, before trying to climb the ladder he picks up
Krystal and whips her into the ropes but Krystal reverses and sends Del into
the ropes. as Del comes back Krystal lifts him up and tosses him in the air and
then delivers a diamond cutter.)

John ~ The Krystal Kutter it's over i tell you, she is gonna win this thing.
all she has to do is get up that ladder and grab that belt.

James ~ I don't know John, it looks as if Del is moving there.

(Krystal gets to the top of the ladder and touches the title as Del pushes the
ladder over and Krystal falls to the corner. Del goes over and grabs her by the
hair and points out to the crowd as he puts Krystal in the suplex position but
he picks her up and slingshots her over the top rope, Krystal bounces up off
the top rope and Del delivers a powerslam.)

John ~ I think it is over now, nobody gets up from the Alabama Slam.

James ~ I agree Krystal looks like she is pretty much out of it.

(Del picks up the ladder and quickly sets it up and starts climbing, feeling
the victory he starts to pose to the crowd when he gets to the top of the
ladder. as he is doing this Krystal is slowly getting back to her feet, she
begins climbing the other side of the ladder. she gets up to where Del is and
they begin slugging eachother. Krystal gets a good one in and Del is dazed, she
then superplexes him off the ladder and out of the ring. he lands out by the
enterance ramp and Krystal slides out of the ring and to the outside. she then
picks up Del and clotheslines him over the guardrail into the audience. she
then climbs over the guardrail into the fans, the fans are all trying to touch
these two superstars as Krystal grabs Del.)

(She delivers a kick to the ribs and then bodyslams him. Del is in alot of
pain, as he rolls out away from her and further into the backstage area.
Krystal is slowly following him, as Del runs through the backstage area. he
then stops and as she comes he grabs a two by four and swings it and breaks it
in half over her head. she falls to the ground and is out. Del then throws the
two by four at her and walks back out through the fans to the ring, he steps
over the guardrail and back into the ring. Krystal is getting up, however.
She s on a knee here+)

John:  Well, I for one am impressed.

(Krystal is up on the ring apron.  Del Carver doesn t notice this, so Krystal,
with an amazing burst of energy, hits a springboard missile dropkick to the
back of Del Carver s head!  She picks Del up, KRYSTAL KUTTER!)

James:  I think that this just might be the end of the match.

(Krystal, smirking, sees a prone Del Carver.  She picks up the ladder, and sets
it up.  She makes the climb and grabs her Rising Star title belt.)

James ~ Well we have our winner, Dark Krystal is STILL the Shoot Project Rising
Star Champion!

John ~ I wonder if Dark Krystal is alright, she took a good shot back there. i
wonder if Skull saw that my god what a beating she recieved.

(The scene cuts to the backstage area again.  This time, we see Jason Johnson
on a cell phone.)

Jason:  Yeah+..I know, this is ridiculous+..I ll have that taken care of
soon+..Master of the Mat++All right, that s cool.  I ll get to work on this
 Aaron Green  character, and run some background checks.  I have a feeling I
know who he works for, though++Yeah, I ll catch you later.  Bye.

(The phone clicks off.)

Jason:  Well, it looks like there s a new person that I have to deal with+
Daniel leaves, and this stranger walks right in, with a thick Russian accent.
I know what you all are thinking+   What to do about this, now?

(Pausing for a moment.)

Jason Johnson:  You know what, I ll be in my office.  Let s get on with the

(Back to the announcers table, with James and John.)

John:  This just keeps getting weirder and weirder.  And you STILL don t have a
clue as to who this Aaron Green is?

James:  Nope.  Do you?

John:  Of course I don t.  I wouldn t be asking YOUR sorry ass if I did.  Bitch.

James:  Yeah yeah yeah+

John: Well James it's time for our second match. Strayt Jakit versus Flying
Dutchman for the number one contendership, and the winner will fight the Rising
Star Champ next week at Oblivion.

James: And Strayt Jakit plans to make more impact than yo mama walking down the

John: Will you shut the fuck up?

James: Suck it John, suck it.

John: What of yours is there to suck?

James: Samantha, announce the wrestlers...

Samantha Coil: First coming to the ring, the dutch veteren, please welcome

(The lights go out, and "Creeping Death" by From The DePths starts. Red mist
starts falling from the ceiling, and Strayt Jakit walks down the ramp in his
trade mark clothing. He gets to the ring and the lights dim into a light red.
Strayt Jakit's mask has some blood looking stuff coming from the mouth and
covering the bottom and down his shirt. He gets in the ring, and grabs the

Strayt Jakit: Well people here you have it. The day that starts the ending. The
first time ever SHOOT has faced trouble. So, if you can just bring out my
opponent, I would be quite happy. You want me happy don't you...

(Strayt Jakit gets in Samantha Coil's face, and laughs.)

Strayt Jakit: Don't you Samantha?

Samantha: Yes...Yes sir I do.

(Flying Dutchman runs into the ring, and attacks Strayt Jakit.  Many punches
are thrown.  Dutch bounces off the ropes, and nails Jakit with a springboard
moonsault.  Jakit, is a little embarrassed by this, and he gets up in a hurry.
He chases after Dutch, who is a little bit faster than the insane one.)

James:  Well, I certainly thought this was going to be a slaughter.

John:  You and me both, man.

 (Strayt Jakit, in a bit of luck, kicks Dutchman in the gut, and european
uppercuts him. Dutchman drops to the ground, and Samantha runs out of the ring.
Dutchman is on the ground, and Strayt Jakit grabs his left leg. He kicks the
inside of Dutchman's knee, and walks to the turnbuckle.)

John: James, Strayt Jakit is gonna kick Dutchman's ass.

James: Eh, I don t know.

(Strayt Jakit allows Dutchman to get up, and Dutchman runs at him and hits him
with a closeline. It does nothing. Dutchman runs against the ropes, and hoping
that with that extra leverage from the steel cables, does it again. Still,
nothing. Strayt Jakit laughs and Dutchman attempts again, but Jakit hits a
closeline that sends Dutchman down hard.)

John: Is Strayt Jakit like....


John: He is definently tougher than he used to be.

James: Remember, he was hiding his energy.

(Strayt Jakit picks Dutchman up high above his head, and throws him outside
with a gorrila press. Dutchman rolls down the ramp, but Jakit follows him and
steps on his middle area. Strayt Jakit grabs Dutchman by the hair, and picks
him up. Duchmen hits Strayt Jakit with two useless elbows, and Strayt Jakit
rolls Dutchman into the ring.)

John: This is a pitiful match.

James: We might as well have made the rising star title match a three way.

(Dutchman rejuvenates in the ring, and Strayt Jakit pulls something out from
under the apron, and slips it into his trench coat pocket. Jakit slides into
the ring, and Dutchman goes for a DDT, but in the blink of an eye, Jakit
reverses it.  He sends Dutch down. Jakit jumps up and lands on his knees
dropping Dutchman on his head. Jakit hesitates a little then pins.)




John:  WHOA!

James:  Hey, I didn t think THAT would happen!

(Jakit picks Dutch up, onto his shoulder.  He begins to run into the corner.
Dutch slides off Jakit s back, and Strayt Jakit runs into the turnbuckle.  He
turns around, and Dutch DDT s him to the ground.  He floats over, and locks in


James:  I think that Dutch has it!


James: There you are people.

John: I just can't wait till next week.

James: Wait, what is Jakit is up!  What is he pulling out of his Trench coat?

(Jakit pulls a hammer out of his trench caot, and waits for Dutchman to get up.)

John: He's waiting?

James: Five hours later.

John: Shut up cocksucker.

(Dutchman gets up, and Strayt Jakit throws the hammer up. He catches it, and
brings it into Dutchman's stomach sending him into the ropes all tied up.
Strayt Jakit hits Dutchman with the hammer again, and Dutchman starts bleeding.
Strayt Jakit looks at the hammer and starts hitting Dutchman in the face with
the claw of the hammer.)


John: It can t be stopped.

(Strayt Jakit lifts the hammer HIGH above his head, and brings the claw down
and scrapes a layer of skin off of Dutchman's face and leaves laughing
hysterically and shouting "THE TIME WILL COME!")

James: That is so gross.

John: Yeah, maybe Strayt Jakit will bring an end to SHOOT...

James: Let's just start our next match..

("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine pours over the
SHOOT crowd as Roland the Dark walks out onto the
ramp. He is peppered with boos as he strides slowly
down the ramp toward the ring)

John: Well here we go with one of the most eagerly
awaited matchups of the night. Roland the Dark versus
"The Prodigal Son" Jeff Cross in a NO-DQ match.

James: This should be a bloodbath I can't wait.

John: There is a deep hatred between these two it
should be a fantastic match, and I wouldn't be the
least bit suprised to see some blood shed especially
with the No-Disqualification rules

James: Hell yes, lets get this thing started.

("Break Ya Neck" by Busta Rhymes pounds out of the
speakers signalling Jeff Cross's entrance, a few
seconds pass and Cross is nowhere to be seen)

John: Where is Cross? He hasn't come out onto the
stage yet.

James: I don't blame him for not coming out. Roland is
going to eat him alive.

John: Roland is leaning up against the ring ropes
facing the ramp, he steps back hands extended in the

Roland: Where the hell are you Cross?

(Cross jumps out of the crowd behind the announce
position and into the ring)

John: There he is, and Roland has no idea hes in the
ring with him.

James: Just as I suspected, he knows Roland is the
better man, he must be hoping the element of suprise
will help him

John: And here we go!

(Cross shoves Roland into the ropes, Roland turns
around directly into a hard right hand from Cross and
Roland goes down.)

James: Sneak attack! What a Bastard!

John: Roland has no idea what happened, he looks up
and sees Cross and my oh my is he pissed.

(Cross reaches down pulling Roland up by the hair and
whipping him into the ropes, Roland bounces off the
ropes and runs right into a thunderous spinebuster.)

James: Back fighter. BackFIGHTER!

John: Will you shut up.

(Cross bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow onto
the prone body of Roland. Oh but Roland isn't going to
lay down and take a beating like this he throws a
right hand into the side of Cross's head and leaps
back to his feet.)

James: Get him Roland.

John: Roland is all over Cross.

(Roland begins to pepper Cross with lefts and rights.
Cross is punch drunk. Roland notices the opening and
takes Cross down with a beautifully executed German
Suplex.  Cross is clutching his back in pain. Roland
leaps out of the ring and grabs a chair.)

James: Yeah, he smells blood. Lets see some blood!

John: Christ, James.

(Roland is back in the ring. Chair in hand and it
looks like hes ready to do some damage. Cross has
managed to regain his feet but he is still doubled
over in pain. Roland brings the chair down across
Cross's back, the smack echoes throughout the arena).

John: My God, what a shot.

James: Hell yes, it shouldn't be too much longer now.
Cross is shit out of  luck.

(Roland brings the chair down over Cross's head and
Cross hits the mat with a thud).

John: Heres Roland with the cover




John: That was close.

(Cross is slow getting to his feet, while Roland
recovers the chair. Hes got the chair back ready to
knock Cross down again , oh but Cross with the NUTSHOT
and Roland hits the ground clutching his groin and
bellowing in pain).

James: What a fucking cheater.

John: James, I don't know if you've noticed but this
is No-DQ.

James: He's still a fucking cheater

(Roland is still down and Cross has got the chair.
Cross brings the chair down on Roland's head with a
clap, lifts it up and lays it back across Rolands brow
again even harder. Blood starts to ooze from Roland's
forehead. Cross sees this and grabs Roland by the hair
and tosses him over top rope to the outside.)

John: Roland is busted open.

James: BLOOD!

John: Happy now, you sick bastard?

James: Very.

John: Cross is up on the turnbuckle, looks like hes
ready to deliver another huge elbow drop onto Roland.

(Cross leaps off the turnbuckle and Roland was waiting
for it and rolls out of the way. Cross hits the
outside of the ring with a thud. Roland struggles and
looks down at Cross with a smile, as blood pours down
his face. Roland licks his lips and reaches under the
ring pulling out a table.)

James: Hell yeah, its getting better every minute.

(Roland leans over and picks Cross up. Hes setting him
up for a powerbomb, Roland's got him up and drives him
through the table with a vicious powerbomb. Roland
peels Cross up from the remains of the table and
throws him back into the ring.)

John: Heres the cover.

James: Cross is out! This has got to be it.




John: Cross just barely kicked out. Roland cannot
believe it .

(Cross stumbles back to his feet as Roland looks on in
disbelief. Roland has the chair and he cracks it over
Cross's head again. Cross is down flat again and blood
is streaming from just under his hairline.)

James: Wooo. More Blood!

John: Jesus. Heres Roland with the cover.




John: Even closer that time, Cross is almost done.

(Roland jumps outside the ring and begins to set up
two tables next to one another between the ring and
announce position. Cross is laying near dead in the
center of the ring gasping for breath. Roland smiles
as he looks back into the ring at the body of Cross
laying limp on the mat).

John: I wonder what Roland has in mind for those

James: I don't know but I can't wait. Its right here
in front of us. Hell yeah

(Roland jumps back into the ring and walks over to
Cross's limp body, he reaches down to pick Cross up by
the hair, when Cross suddenly rolls him up into an
Inside Cradle.)

John: WoW, that came out of nowhere, I thought Cross
was done. Here's the count.




James: HOLY SHIT! That was close.

John: Roland is up and he is pissed.

James: And for good reason.

(Roland throws a right at Cross but misses barely,
Cross comes back with a left to Rolands chin, causing
Rolands knees to buckle. Cross sees the opening and
lays Roland out with a hellacious roundhouse right.
Roland hits the mat with a thud, and Cross is back on
him immeditaly. He pulls Roland off the mat and whips
him into the ropes, Roland bounces back off and Cross
takes him down with a drop kick  Cross hits the matt
and goes for the cover)



John: Oh, and Roland kicked out. Its not over yet.

James: What the hell is Roland's problem? This should
be long since over.

(Roland and Cross hit there feet at the exact same
time and start hammering on each other. Roland grabs
Cross and whips him into the ropes, follows him in and
delivers a nasty clothesline, that drives them both
over the top rope. They both land on the tables
outside but neither breaks.)

John: And there back outside and both men are down.

James: Yes, right here in front of us. I smell
something BIG!

(Both men stumble to there feet and begin to hammer on
each other again across the two tables. Roland throws
a right and then buries a knee into Cross's groin.
Cross doubles over in pain.)

John: Roland is calling for the Pillar of Darkness.

James: Here it comes!

(Roland puts Cross into position, backs up onto the
announce table and drives Cross through the nearest
table with a Pillar of Darkness (Spinning Falcon's

John: Holy SHIT!

James: Thats it. Game over. Roland wins.

(Roland gives a wicked smile as he surveys the damage
in front of him. He leaps off the announce table
scoops Cross up and delivers a vicious powerbomb
through the second table, before throwing Cross limp
body back into the ring and going for the cover.)

John: That was overkill. No need for that.

James: Bullshit. That was Entertainment.

John: Whatever. Heres the cover.




Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your Winner

(Boos rip through the crowd, as Roland poses mid ring
before spitting on Cross and walking back up the ramp)

John: What a great match.

James. Yes, Great Entertainment.

(As the wrestlers in the ring come away from the ring, the lights go out and
the ring and all around is dark.  The only noises are those from the fans,
lighting their lighters.  On the main view screen is a tunnel like picture
going round and round, and going deeper until there is nothing else, then a
lound bang is heard, and red fireworks are shown coming down from the top of
the building to the main screen,  the fireworks hit the floor, and standing
there, is a figure.  The figure stands there and then the lights come back on.
The man looks up, and starts to talk, he has a deep voice.)

Night Warrior:  I am called Night Warrior, and I have come here to stomp a new
hole in this fed.  I have been in other feds, but they were nothing, they all
went down, and when they went down, they all pointed there little fingers in my
direction, like I had something to do with it.  Well maybe they were right
maybe I did have a little something to do with it.  It doesn't matter now, now
I am here to show this Shoot Project what I am made of.

(Night Warrior drops the mic, and the lights go down again, and fire is seen
where Night Warrior is standing, and then as the smoke clears Night Warrior is

James:  Things just continue to get weirder and weirder around here.  I don t
get it.

John:  I got weird all over your mom last night!

James:  Ok, can we have our next match?!

("I Stand Alone" - Godsmack starts playing over the P.A. system as Real Deal
makes his way to the ring not in a good mood. He high fives a fan and continues
his way to the ring. He rolls into the ring and waits for his opponent to come
out. )

 (Jackman comes out completely read to take on Real Deal while his music blares
over the P.A music. He climbs the apron and hops over the top rope. Meanwhile,
Real Deal never takes his eyes off Ben Jackman. The referee checks Ben
Jackman s boots then walks over to Real Deal and does the same with Real Deal s
boots. The referee motions towards the time keeper and the bell rings three
times. )

John: It makes you wonder if he's focused enough to take on Real Deal, who has
been with us from the very start. He's definitely got the experience advantage.


(Real Deal, quite pissed off, storms towards Ben Jackman and sends him to the
mat with a hard clothesline giving the match an exciting start. Real Deal
follows up with some big right hands that Ben Jackman desperately tries to
block. The referee pulls Real Deal off Ben Jackman and Ben Jackman gets up.
Real Deal storms towards Jackman again but this time Ben Jackman ducks and Real
Deal hits the ring post. Ben Jackman lays in some chops to the neck and the
upper-back. Ben Jackman continues the assault by hitting a big kick to Real
Deal s neck. Real Deal then hits an elbow to the chest of Jackman and walks
towards the turnbuckle closest to him holding his neck.)

James: Real Deal is in control now. He's showing his advantage here.

( Jackman is coughing a bit but is ok otherwise. Real Deal is resting in the
corner while Ben Jackman carefully approaches him, knowing how dangerous Real
Deal can be. Real Deal moves out of the corner as Jackman follows him. Both men
are standing in the middle of the ring, ready to attack. They lock up, Real
Deal having the obvious strength advantage. Real Deal scoops Ben Jackman up and
slams him down, Ben Jackman gets up right away only to be slammed down again.
Real Deal drops an elbow on Ben Jackman to make sure he doesn t get up again.
Real Deal goes for a cover. )



John: Jackman isn't going out just yet...

(Real Deal picks Ben Jackman up and puts him in a standing headscissors hold.
He tries to lift Ben Jackman up for a powerbomb but Jackman blocks and starts
headbutting Real Deal in the stomach. Real Deal let s go of the hold and Ben
Jackman capitalises with a chop to the throat that sends Real Deal to one knee.
Ben Jackman chops Real Deal in the face and Real Deal is obviously in pain. Ben
Jackman takes Real Deal down with an armbar to the right arm. Jackman brings
the pain with some elbows to the shoulder while he still has the armbar locked
in tightly. Real Deal manages to reach the ropes and rolls out of the ring. Ben
Jackman runs into the ropes and appears to be going for a dive but does the
Tiger Mask plancha fake obviously taunting Real Deal. )
John: Nice move..

( Real Deal enters the ring again, even more pissed off then he was at the
start of the match. He runs towards Ben Jackman going for a lariat and again
Ben Jackman ducks but Real Deal has learned as well and he jumps on the second
rope and jumps backwards with an elbow to the back of Ben Jackman. Real Deal
follows up with a legdrop to the back of Jackman s neck. He hits another one
and then lifts Ben Jackman from the mat. Real Deal lariats Ben Jackman into the
corner and hits 4 kicks to the chest, he chops Jackman once, then DDT s him out
of the corner and goes for the pin.)


( Real Deal lifts Ben Jackman from the mat and whips him into the ropes and as
Ben Jackman comes of the ropes Real Deal lifts his leg going for a big boot but
Ben Jackman counters with a beautiful Dragon Screw Leg Whip sending Real Deal
to the mat Ben Jackman immediately follows up with some kicks to the back and
then drags Real Deal to the middle of the ring and locks on an arm wringer,
hurting the arm and getting some rest. He then changes the hold into a Strangle
Hold Beta! Real Deal is fighting to get to the ropes but Ben Jackman keeps
pulling him back. After 20 seconds of pain Real Deal makes it to the ropes but
his right arm is severely hurt. Ben Jackman immediately locks on a chickenwing
hold but Real Deal manages to hit Jackman with his left elbow knocking him
silly. Real Deal clutches his right arm, still hurt while Ben Jackman tries to
shake off the cobwebs. Real Deal, knowing that he has an opportunity goes over
to Jackman and throws some jabs with his left arm. He locks on a one-armed
front facelock and DDT s Ben Jackman who flips over onto his back. Real Deal
tries to shake off the pain in his right arm but it s not really working. Ben
Jackman gets up rather quickly and kicks Real Deal in the right shoulder and
Real Deal is in serious pain. Ben Jackman runs into the ropes and hits Real
Deal with a spinning heel kick sending him down. Ben Jackman pulls Real Deal to
the corner and Ben Jackman climbs the top rope, he signals to the crowd and
goes for a moonsault but Real Deal pulls up his knees and Jackman bounces Real
Deal s knees clutching his ribs. Real Deal manages to get up without using his
right arm. Jackman gets up as well but he is still in pain. The situation: One
man with a right arm he can t use and one man with bruised ribs. Both Real Deal
and Ben Jackman run at each other and Ben Jackman swings into a crucifix hold.)

James: Ben Jackman's going for something big!

John: Real Deal with the reversal! MAN he just clobbered Ben Jackman with a
reverse DDT!

( Real Deal whips Ben Jackman into the nearby corner and begins to climb the
turnbuckle with Ben Jackman in tow. From the top, Real Deal brings Ben Jackman
crashing to the canvas with a choke slam. )

James: The Final Judgment!!

( Real Deal makes the cover. 1... 2... 3!!!! )

John: And we have us a winner. Real Deal by pin-fall.

James:  But DAMN did Ben Jackman put on a great match.  I NEVER expected that.

John:  That really was a close one, for shizzle.


John:  What?

("Ecstacy of Gold" by Metallica starts to play on the PA system as Sebastian
Crow comes from the back.)

James: From the sound of that music, it sounds like it's time for the main
event, John.

John: Damn straight, James. There's gonna be nothing but chaos from here on

James: Well I wouldn't put it that way, John. No one can interfere unless
they don't mind being terminated from the SHOOT Project... and this is a
submission match, John. This is Chris Lee's specialty.

John: Boo hoo Chris Lee... he's not anymore. He lost his Rule of Surrender
title. He should just stop living in the past and stop crying.

James: Can you blame him, though? He earned those titles and he lost them not
even by submitting.

John: Not my problem.

Ring announcer: From Los Angeles, California, he weighs in at 336 pounds,
here is Sebastian Crow!

(The crowd boos profusely at the ringleader of the Conspirators as he walks
down the aisle with a cocky grin.)

James: What does he have to happy about? He's gotta go in the ring with Chris
Lee, and no one can interfere on his behalf... not even Tammy Lee is down at

John: He probably has something up his sleeve... like a metal vibrator or

James: WHAT!?

John: Those things can be heavy, ya know? Especially the big ones with the
size D batteries.

James: How would YOU know?

John: I... I... don't know.

James: Uh huh.

(The seven footer steps over the ropes and goes over to the corner as he puts
up both fists, trying to get a reaction from the crowd. They just boo at him
louder. He just shakes his head and goes into his corner, awaiting his

John: He's about to kick some ass, James.

James: Not if Lee has anything to do with it.

"Fuckin' posers."

(Suddenly, "Rock Star (Poser)" by The Neptunes plays as the audience
anticipates the next person to come out from the back.)

John: Wait a minute, that's not Lee's music.

James: No, it's not... could someone else be coming out?

(From out of the back comes Chris Lee, walking slowly with a bamboo cane
helping him down to ringside. The crowd starts to cheer as they see Sebastian
Crow's opponent for this main event.)

John: Awww... is he hurt? HA! Look at that gimp walking down... PATHETIC!

James: Well, we did see him with the cane in his earlier interview. We don't
know if it's serious, but if the suits book you into a match, there's nothing
you really can do about it.

John: He's gonna get crushed in there, James... he think he could go in there
with a bum leg? No go, James.

James: But Chris Lee has heart... even though he took several major falls at
Training Day, he'll go out there and put in whatever he's got to win the

John: I don't even think whatever he's got now is gonna be good enough to
defeat Sebastian Crow.

James: We'll just see.

(Chris walks slowly up the stairs at ringside as he steps onto the apron and
through the ropes. He stands at his corner with cane in hand as he stares at
Sebastian Crow with a cold stare. Sebastian Crow starts to laugh.)

James: I'm telling you, I'm beginning to find Sebastian Crow truly annoying.

John: What? He's a happy man... I would be, too, if I were wrestling a gimp.

James: Oh will you quit it with the gimp remarks.

(Chris Lee shakes his head at Sebastian who continues to laugh. Suddenly, a
cloud of fog starts to surround Chris Lee. The fog then surrounds the ring.)

James: What the hell is going on here?

John: You didn't know? Sebastian Crow is a master of the darkness.

James: I thought that was Roland's gimmick.

John: What?

James: Never mind.

(The fog finally starts to dissipate as the audience can finally see an
outline of the ring. As the fog finally disappears, we see Sebastian Crow's
widen as we see Chris Lee standing over a dead black panther. The bamboo cane
that we saw Chris Lee come out with is now inside the dead black panther as a
sharp blade is now attached to the cane. Sebastian Crow starts to flip out as
Chris Lee hops around in the ring, showing that his entrance was nothing but
a show.)

James: I can't believe it! Chris knew he was gonna use that black panther.

John: But how did he know? I mean, you would think that he would think no one
will come down due to that no interference clause.

James: Well, you really can't fire a black panther, John, especially a dead

(The referee kicks the black panther outside as the cleanup crew drag it away
toward the black. The referee starts the match.)

James: Sebastian has no tricks left as these two are set for battle.
Sebastian Crow charges at Chris, but gets kicked in the gut for his troubles.
Chris kicks him again in the midsection and follows it up with a European
uppercut, sending him down to the mat. Chris Lee takes Sebastian's leg and
executes a beautiful spinning leg crush.

(Chris holds Sebastian's leg into place as he jumps and kneedrops Sebastian's
right leg.)

James: He's working on his leg, John.

John: I'm not blind, idiot. I can clearly see Chris acting like a pansie and
jumping up and down on his leg.

James: What's so pansie about it, John? He's not like you, after all.

John: Well that's true... wait a minute, did you just call me a pansie?

James: Nevermind, John. Chris still has Sebastian's leg as he starts to
soccer kick Sebastian's thigh. Sebastian just kicked away Chris with his good
leg as he gets back up. Chris charges in but Sebastian nails him with a
clothesline. Sebastian gets down on one knee and puts a sleeper on Chris.

John: That's the ticket... make him submit!

James: Chris starts to fight his way up in a standing position... Sebastian
still has on that sleeper... Chris elbows him in the gut... again with the
elbow... a third elbow and Sebastian Crow finally lets go.

(Chris runs into the ropes, comes back, and nails Sebastian with a jumping
elbow to the head.)

James: And Chris knocks him down again. Chris jumps... ohmigod... vicious
kneedrop to the head. Chris runs into the ropes... jumping kneedrop to the

(The crowd cheers as Chris works up the crowd by giving the cutthroat sign.
Sebastian is holding his head, trying to get back up to his feet. Chris gets
behind Sebastian and tries to apply the Cobra Clutch.)

James: Here we go... this could be it... we could see The Only Way to Die

(Chris has a hard time going for it as Sebastian runs backward and slams
Chris Lee into the turnbuckle. Chris lets go of the hold as he falls down to
the mat. Sebastian stands back to gain some composure.)

John: HA! Sebastian countered it.

James: Wow... I have never known Sebastian Crow for ring presence... must
have been a fluke.

John: A FLUKE!? I don't think so, James. He's got the smarts, I tells ya.

James: Sebastian picks up Chris and throws him into the ropes... big boot by
Sebastian. He goes down and starts to pummel Chris with his fists.

John: Beat him, Sebastian! Beat him.

James: Why are you rooting for Sebastian, anyway?

John: Well I got bribed into rooting for the Conspirators tonight... I'm just
living up to my end of the bargain.

James: Oh gawd. Sebastian picks up Chris and throws him into the ropes.
Sebastian goes for another big boot, but Chris catches his leg... DRAGON
SCREW! Chris takes the right leg... spinning leg crush... and follows it up
with a leglock. Look how he's bending his body, John.

(Chris is off to the side of Sebastian's body as he's twisting his leg away
from his body.)

John: He's gonna have to do a lot more than that than to take out Sebastian.

James: Look at him... look at Chris intent on pulling off Sebastian's leg
from his body.

John: The ref better stop this.

James: Why? This is a submission match, after all. He's trying to get
Sebastian to submit.

John: I just don't like it, that's all.

(Chris lets go of the move and kneedrops the leg once more before he goes for
Terry Funk's trademark move, the Spinning Toe Hold.)

James: Old School Terry Funk here, John.

John: Terry who?

James: Terry Funk... you know... Funk.

John: I still don't know who you're talking about.

James: Oh nevermind, you incompetent bastard. Chris continues to work on that
leg as... Sebastian kicks Chris away as Chris falls back. Sebastian gets back
on his feet, favoring that leg.

(Chris stands up quickly and goes for a quick dropkick to the knee, sending
Sebastian down favoring his leg. Sebastian tries to get back up, but Chris
nails another dropkick to the knee. Chris picks up Sebastian and nails
another Dragon Screw, sending Sebastian spinning down to the ground, holding
his leg in pain.)

James: Chris is going after that leg some more... but what's this? He picks
up Sebastian to his feet. Chris runs into the ropes and... Sebastian just ran
into Chris with a spear... Chris didn't even see it coming!

John: That's it... get him!

James: Sebastian picks up Chris and... Chris goes for another knee
dropkick... Sebastian gets out of the way and dodges the move. Chris gets up
and goes for another one... Sebastian dodges it again. Chris gets up and...


James: Both men are on the mat now. Sebastian seemed to have aftereffects
from that move... must have put pressure to his leg.

John: But look at Chris... he looks like he's unconscious.

James: Sebastian finally gets up to his feet as he starts kicking Chris in
the chest. Sebastian picks Chris up...

(Sebastian puts him between his legs, lifts, and nails Chris with a

James: Powerbomb by Sebastian. He picks up Chris's legs... he's got him in a
Boston Crab.

John: He's gonna make him give up here, James.

(Sebastian pulls back, trying to get Chris, who's showing his pain through
his face, to tap out.)

James: The crowd is cheering on Chris, trying to get him to get back in this

John: But he won't, James. He'll make him tap.

James: Chris is beginning to crawl toward the rope as the fans cheer on.

(Sebastian is shaking his head as Chris continues to crawl over to the ring
ropes. Finally, he grabs on to the bottom rope as the referee forces
Sebastian Crow off of Chris Lee.)

James: Finally Chris gets out of the Boston Crab as Sebastian is waiting for
Chris to get up. Sebastian runs into the ropes and... CHRIS CATCHES HIM WITH

(Sebastian lands back first as his right leg lands on the bottom of the

James: Chris is getting back to his feet as he runs and nails a double
kneedrop onto Sebastian's leg! Chris gets up and works on that leg as it's
suspended by that rope. He's stomping at that leg. Chris picks up Sebastian
and nails him with a gutwrench suplex.

(Chris stands up and kicks Sebastian's head.)

John: Oh that was uncalled for. He kicked him in the head.

James: I don't see anything wrong with it.

John: You wouldn't, of all people.

James: Chris picks up Sebastian and nails him with a DDT.

(Sebastian tries desperately to get up fast, but Chris gets behind him and
nails him with a German Suplex Whip, tossing Sebastian onto his neck. The
crowd awes at the move.)

John: He's trying to kill him, James.

James: I wouldn't blame him. Sebastian took a vicious German Suplex. I don't
think he has any left in him.

John: I wouldn't be so sure, James. Sebastian can come back from this.

James: Sure he can. Chris has Sebastian up now...

(Chris hooks Sebastian's left leg and sets up a fisherman suplex. Chris lifts
up and nails him with a fisherman buster.)

James: OHMIGOD! Fisherman buster by Chris Lee... he's used that move in the
past to finish off his opponents. Just the impact alone can knock a guy out.

John: I guess.

James: Chris picks up Seb... Ohmigod. Sebastian just nailed him with a low
blow. That son of a bitch.

John: I guess Chris will be singing soprano for a while... ha ha ha ha.

James: Oh shut up. Sebastian gets up... he looks a little woozy, but he's up
on his feet. Sebastian picks up Chris... sideslam by Sebastian. He's going to
the top.

John: That's it... show your high-flying capabilities.

James: Sebastian goes to the top and... flying splash by Sebastian. He just
took the air out of Chris Lee's body with that move.

(Sebastian taunts Chris as the audience starts to boo. He picks up Chris and
puts him in a bear hug.)

James: Here we go... he could give up here.

John: Of course he will, James. Sebastian has this thing won.

(Chris immediately spits in his eyes and eye pokes Sebastian. He lets go of
the move as he tries to wipe away the spit in his eyes.)

John: That disgusting prick.

James: You know a lot about pricks, don't ya?

John: Well come to think of it, I think I... wait a minute.

James: Sebastian is blinded as he can't see where he's going. Chris savate
kicks him in the gut and...

(Chris gets back in the fisherman position, swings, and nails him with the
Ego Killer.)

James: EGO KILLER! EGO KILLER! It's the beginning of the end now.

John: What is he gonna do, pin him? This is a submission match, remember?

James: Sebastian is starting to get up, though.

John: You see... Sebastian's tough, I tell you.

James: Sebastian gets to his feet but gets a knee dropkick for his troubles.
He's on one knee, favoring that right leg. He slowly gets up and gets nailed
with a savate kick to the gut.

(Chris notices he's still standing, but keeled over, with his head sticking
out, holding his stomach as he stands there. Chris seizes the opportunity by
running into the ropes and nailing Sebastian Crow with a flying knee right at
the temple of his head. Sebastian goes down with a horrific thud to the mat.
The crowd awes.)

James: OHMIGOD! Did you see that? He almost took his head off with that move.
Sebastian is definitely out of it.

John: Get up, Sebastian! That was nothing!

James: Chris puts Sebastian to his side and begins to put on a Crippler
Crossface, but let's go.

John: Oh that's smart... he could have had missed an opportunity to beat
Sebastian there.

James: I don't know if that's what he wants to do right now. Chris steps
outside and looks underneath the ring... he has himself a steel chair.

(Chris throws it into the ring, slides back into the ring, and walks over.)

James: Well he's setting up that chair now.

John: What is he gonna do, sit?

James: Chris picks up the unconscious Sebastian and sits him down on the

(Chris sets up Sebastian so that he's keeled over, head sticking out again.)

James: John, you don't think he's going for it again?

John: Who knows?

(Chris runs into the ropes and nails him with the same knee to the side of
the head again that knocked out Sebastian the first time. This time,
Sebastian falls out of the chair, motionless.)

James: It's over. Sebastian is no more.

(Chris folds up the chair and places it in the middle of the ring.)

James: What is he gonna do now?

(Chris picks up Sebastian one more time and puts him in the Cobra Clutch.
From there, he faceslams Sebastian into the steel chair with the cobra clutch
still in tact. From there, he scoots up and wraps his legs around Sebastian's
arm, pulling back with the Cobra Clutch in place.)

James: It's The Only Way To Die! Chris has it locked in now... the ref checks
Sebastian and calls for the bell!

John: I can't believe it... let him go.

(Chris doesn't let go as he pulls back. The ref counts to four before Chris
lets go of the hold. The crowd cheers as he goes to the second rope and
points to the crowd.)

Ring announcer: Here is your winner... CHRIS LEE!

James: An amazing performance by Chris. Sebastian had several moments of
advantage in the match, but at the end, Sebastian couldn't beat Chris at his
own game.

John: Blah blah blah... stop kissing his ass.

James: You know a lot about kissing men's asses, don't ya?

John: Well, come to think about it... wait a minute, what was that?

James: That's the end of the night, folks. To those out there watching this
on tape, you should have been here live in Rome. Good night, SHOOT fans.

(The night ends with Chris Lee standing over Sebastian Crow, giving a cold
stare at his unconscious body. He finally starts to smile as he leaves the
ring, hi-fiving his fans at ringside.)

  SHOOT Project Entertainment 2002