The cameras open outside of the the abandoned Toyota factory that is housing
The Shoot Project this week. You see Skull standing outside smoking a
cigarette as he leans against the wall near the door. A limo pulls up and
Aaron Green steps out, then heads to the door. Skull eyeballs him as he
walks up in his expensive looking suit.

Aaron Green: Enjoy your freedom while you have it.

He says as he passes Skull and opens the door. Without hesitation Skull
drops his cigarette and spears Aaron Green, sending them both through the
open door. The cameras follow inside as Skull picks up the winded Aaron
Green and grabs his throat with his massive hand. Skull lifts him up with
ease and places Green's face directly infront of his.

Skull: First Daniels, now you? I'll be god damned if Shoot returns to the
states! When will you fools learn, the states offers nothing but the end of
The Project? You want to try and take away my freedom by returning home?
Well I just can't have that now can I?

Skull Choke-slams Aaron Green down onto the concrete floor with a loud
"thud". Skull leans over the knocked out Green.

Skull: Watch yourself Green, you don't want a war with me!

Skull spits in Green's face then walks off towards this make shift locker
room for the night.

James:  Well, Skull is showing about how he feels about Aaron Green.  And
who could blame him?  First, we had Danny Jones who was intent on vilifying
the SHOOT Project reputation, and now we have Aaron Green, who is seemingly

John:  The question here, though, is who the fuck IS Aaron Green and where
the fuck did he come from?

James:  That s a very good question, and one that I don t have the answer

John: Enough of your useless monkey babble, let's get on with the first

James: Monkey babble?

John: You heard me.

James: Well, whatever if Samantha could just announce the wrestlers.

John: Once she gets to the ring...


John: The useless whore.

James: Show some respect. Now, take it away Samantha.

Samantha Coil: First, coming to the ring.  The self proclaimed master of
mutilation, Amorphous!

(Amorphous' battery opperated boom box pumps out his Puff Daddy music, and
he walks to the ring to absolutely no applause. He gets in the ring and trys
to kiss Samantha but gets a knee in the groin, and the lights go out.)

James: Now, here is a man who needs no introduction.

John *points to James*: Now, here is a man who is a hermaphrodite.

James: I'm going to...HOLY SHIT!

(A line of fire goes through the middle of the "arena" and in between John
and James as Creeping Death by From the DePths starts. The lights dim to an
errie red, and Strayt Jakit runs through the crowd and into the ring behind
Amorphous. The music fades and the lights flash back on blinding nearly
everyone. Amorphous turns around and looks at the psychotic Strayt Jakit and
jumps while Samantha hurries out of the ring.)

John: Another unfair advantage. And he's attacking his opponent from behind.

James: He hasn't laid a hand on him yet.

(Amorphous regains himself and starts hitting Strayt Jakit with hard
forearms while yelling "No....One....Drowns," he then throws Jakit towards
the ropes and hits him with a hard closeline and yells "ME!" But Strayt
Jakit does nothing.)

John: Motherfucker's so stupid he doesn't even know how to fall down after
getting the shit beat out of him.

James: Or maybe that just didn't hurt...

(Amorhpous throws Strayt Jakit against the ropes again and hits him with
another hard closeline, and still....nothing. Amorphous throws Jakit into
the ropes again and this time Strayt Jakit closelines Amorphous, and turns
him inside out.)

John: Now Amorphous has rolled to the floor.

James: He's trying to recupperate out there but it won't help.

(Strayt Jakit runs and dives through the second and top rope only to be
grabbed and thrown into the guard rail by Amorphous, who slides back into
the ring while Jakit lays on the ground very still.)


James: Too bad it was reversed though.

John: I'm talking about the reversal you ass-munching crack baby.

James: Did your mom teach you those insults?

John: Boy no one insults my momma.

James: Oh yeah, what are you gonna do about it?

John: I'm about to be goin medieval on yo white ass!!

James: Your white too retard.

John: Just call the match.

(Amorphous gets his air, and Strayt Jakit gets up and walks into the ring
showing no sign of pain. He gets on the apron, and Amorphous runs at him
getting ready for a closeline. Amorphous extends his arm and hits with a
sickening thud that does nothing. He tries again. Nothing.)

James: Come on Amorphous!

John: Didn't this already happen in this match?

(Amorphous tries a third and final time and Strayt Jakit jumps over the
ropes and spears him hard into the mat. Strayt Jakit gets up and stumbles
around making his way to the turnbuckle. Strayt Jakit waits for Amorphous to
get up, and dives off of the top rope trying to spear Amorphous again.
Amorphous manages to turn it into a DDT, and it keeps Jakit down for a while
while Amorphous climbs on to the top turnbuckle. Jakit gets up and looks a
little weary.)

James: Now I think Jakit is starting to hurt.

John: Or he just discovered what pain was.

(Amorphous jumps off getting ready to hit Jakit with a double ax handle, but
while in mid air, Jakit pulls something out of the left side of his trench
coat and slashes it across the stomach of Amorphous as blood flys out.
Amorphous lands on his feet and he is bending over as blood pours out of his
stomach, and Jakit has already put the object in his pocket. Strayt Jakit
walks over to Amorphous and hits him with a move similar to Hurricane Helms'
Brain Buster, and pins the bloody Amorphous.)


James: No.


James: No.



John: Stop worrying about it. All we should care about is Strayt Jakit has

James:  Right, right, and we all know that that s SO very important and
everything.  He ll probably lose in the first round anyway.

(Suddenly, Wasting My Hate by Metallica cues up)

(Strayt stops and looks towards the entrance ramp.  The Fist comes in from
out of the crowd and enters the ring behind him.  The Fist clotheslines
Strayt down and then pummels him as he lies on the ground.  Strayt struggles
to his feet and return with powerful shots of his own.  The two exchange
blows in the center of the ring and Strayt gets the upper hand with a knee
shot to the gut.  He sets The Fist up for Satan s Therapy, but Fist pushes
him off into the ropes.  Strayt bounces off the ropes and Fist grabs him by
the throat.  He lifts Strayt Jakit in the air for a massive chokeslam and
slams him to the mat.  He cracks his neck and then leaves the ring.)

John:  Watch your mouth!  Strayt Jakit is great!  *checks his watch*  Time s
up.  Ok, you re right.  Jakit s going to lose in the first round.  And what
about the Fist, talk about impact!?

James:  Yeah, the Fist..  I mean, damn.  Just   Damn.

John:  Something tells me that that s just not over   yet.

James: Up next we have the first of two Master Of The Mat qualifying

Jon: Yes, this one is Danny Collins squaring off against the new comer,
Night Warrior.

James: Night Warrior is lucky, his first match and he gets a qualifing match
for the first ever Master Of The Mat.

Jon: We'll see what he has to offer here in the world of Shoot Project.

James: Danny Collins is already waiting in the ring, but where is this Night

Night Warrior slides in under the bottom rope, and Danny charges at him. He
catches Warrior off gaurd with a short arm clothesline. Danny picks him up
and whips him into the ropes. He comes running back and Danny atempts a hip
toss, but Warrior reverses its. In turn tossing Danny.

Jon: Nice counter.

James: Yeah it was, he just might be good after all.

Night Warrior begins kicking away at Danny Collins's rips. Danny grabs Night
Warrior's foot and pulls it out from under him. As Night Warrior falls to
the mat, Danny applies a headscissors. He squezes tightly on Night Warrior's
head while the ref checks for sign of submission.

James: I don't think he's gonna give that easily.

Jon: This Night Warrior is hungry, he won't give up.

The ref asks if Night Warrior gives up, and he shakes his head now. He tries
to pry Danny's legs apart, but to no avail. Night Warrior manages to squeeze
his hand inbetween Danny's thighs and takes a powerful grasp of his


...Causing Danny to let go.

James: The ref is gonna allow that?

Night Warrior gets back to his feet, as Danny Collins grabs his crotch in
pain. Night Warrior picks Danny Collins up to his feet and delivers a
Piledriver. He then goes for the pin.

1..2..Kick out

Jon: That was close.

James: Yeah it was.

Night Warrior mounts Danny Collins and begins punching way with a fury of
lefts and rights.

James: Danny's been busted open!

Danny Collins begins bleeding from the forehead as Night Warrior landed a
hard punch. Night Warrior picks up Danny Collins and whips him into the
ropes. Danny Collins comes running back and Night Warrior lifts him above
his head. While in the air Night Warrior grabs Danny's neck and pulls off a
modified neck breaker.

Jon: Damn that was sweet!

Night Warrior goes for the cover.


James: And the winner of this match, Night Warrior!
John:  Wow, Danny Collins just got the absolute SHIT kicked out of him by
Night Warrior.  Who is now qualified for Master of the Mat.

James:  We ll have an updated tournament bracket following Oblivion, as I
understand it.

John:  Yep, but next, we have a double jeopardy tag team match up going on.
It s for both the DOJO and the Iron Fist Championships!

James:  Yep, this should be a great one.

John:  Well, it looks like Rancid and Carver are going to be starting things
off here.  I think it s interesting to note here that Carver and his
partner, Hrenchuk are not exactly on the best of terms.

James:  Of course, they re not on the best of terms!  Carver s faced
Hrenchuk before and made him tap out to the Diamond Dislocation in 2

(Rancid  and Carver lock up.  Rancid overpowers Carver and gets him in a
headlock.  Carver pushes Rancid off into the ropes and hip tosses him to the
floor.  Carver runs over and tries to lock in the Diamond Dislocation, but
Rancid rolls away towards the ropes.)

John:  Carver looking to get this match over early.  Carver s been on a
losing streak since entering SHOOT and he seems intent on changing that.

James:  Wait, what's Skull doing out here?

(Rancid and Carver lock up again.  Rancid makes the go around and backdrops
Carver.  Carver gets up and is whipped towards the ropes.  Rancid
back-elbows Carver and goes for the cover.  Instant kick out.  Skull is looking on, yet, his eyes are on Ben Jackman.)

John:  Nothing apparently, just staring...  Rancid also appears to be looking for the quick win.

James:  And Hrenchuk s going to have trouble on both sides of this match
sooner or later.  On his own team, he has a man who hates him and on the
other side, the man he faces in a qualifying match for Master of the Mat!

(Carver gets up to his feet and grapples with Rancid.  Carver suplexes
Rancid and then picks him up again.  As Rancid comes up, he elbows Carver in
the gut.  Rancid irish whips Carver to the ropes, but Carver reverses the
whip with an arm dragon screw!)

John:  What a counter by Carver, using the arm dragon screw!  And now Carver
goes for the Diamond Dislocation again!  Rancid quickly gets his feet on the
ropes and that breaks that up.  Carver s definitely showing an aggressive
streak here tonight.

James:  Wouldn t you be aggressive if you lost to a woman 3 times?  I know I
d be pissed.

John:  I don t think you re giving Del enough credit there.  Dark Krystal is
a tough opponent.

James:  The bottom line is that Carver is a loser and he can t get the job

John:  You idiot

(Carver grabs Rancid and gives him an arm wrench.  He then whips Rancid to
his team s corner.)

James:  Carver is giving Hrenchuk a rather unpleasant look there.  Hard tag
to Hrenchuk by Carver.

(Carver puts Rancid in an abdominal stretch and Hrenchuk kicks him.  Carver
exits the ring as Hrenchuk german suplexes Rancid.  Hrenchuk lifts Rancid up
and snap suplexes him back to the mat.)

John:  Rancid looks to be in trouble here.  He needs to make a tag.

James:  I m sure that Jackman is more than willing to accommodate.

(Hrenchuk throws Rancid to the corner, but Rancid reverses and short arm
clotheslines Hrenchuk.  Hrenchuk pops back up but gets clotheslined down
again.  Rancid attempts to bounce off the ropes for another clothesline, but
Carver punches him in the back of the head.  Hrenchuk takes advantage and
gives Rancid a neckbreaker.)

John:  Rancid had some momentum going there, but that cheating bastard
Carver hit him illegally.

James:  It s not cheating if the ref doesn t see it.

(Hrenchuk tags in Carver as Rancid lies on the ground.  Carver picks up
Rancid and gives him a shoulder breaker.  Rancid grabs his arm as Carver
stomps it a few times.  Carver pulls Rancid up again and locks in a standing
armbar.  Rancid writhes in pain, but suddenly reverses the hold with a hip
toss.  Rancid pulls Carver up and suplexes him again.  He goes over top of
Carver and locks in a Camel Clutch.)

John:  Rancid trying to wear down Carver.  Carver s looking for the ropes
and he finds them.  Rancid breaks.

James:  Carver s got great presence of mind here tonight.  He s been working
the arm of Rancid and preventing him from tagging in Jackman.

(Rancid looks for an elbow to the head, but Carver stops him with a knee to
the gut.  Carver gives Rancid a backbreaker and looks to the turnbuckle.)

John:  Carver s climbing the turnbuckle what s he thinking?

James:  He s obviously about to make a high risk maneuver you idiot.  He s
not going up there for the scenery, that s for sure.

John:  Carver is up on top and he goes for a moonsault!  Would you look at
that?  Who d think Carver could do that?  But Rancid got the knees up!
Carver is writhing in pain on the mat.

(As Carver tries to catch his breath, Rancid struggles to his feet and makes
the tag.  Jackman calmly enters the ring.  Carver looks up and gets to his
feet, preparing to lock up.)

John:  Look at this, Jackman is pointing to Hrenchuk!

James:  Jackman wants a taste of the man that he meets in the Master of the
Mat qualifying rounds!  How brilliant is that, trying to scope out your
opponent before you face him?

(Carver shrugs and tags in Hrenchuk.  Hrenchuk enters the ring and locks up
with Jackman.  Jackman tries a suplex, but Hrenchuk slips out and nails the
reverse DDT.  Jackman gets to his feet and holds his head as Hrenchuk
punches him.  Hrenchuk whips Jackman to the ropes, but Jackman leap frogs
and comes back off the other side with a drop kick.  Hrenchuk falls to the
ground as Jackman pulls him up.  Jackman gives Hrenchuk a quick gut wrench
powerbomb and makes the cover.  1-2-Kick out.  Jackman goes for another
cover.  1-2-Kickout.  Jackman pulls Hrenchuk up to his feet and goes behind
him.  Jackman lifts Hrenchuk up onto his shoulders and grabs his arms.)

John:  Jackman going for the Electric Chair suplex here he got it!  He
bridges for the pin!  Ref counts, 1 2 and another kickout by Hrenchuk!
Where is he getting this energy from?

James:  Forget Hrenchuk!  Look at the skill of Jackman and his tenacity!  He
continues with the pinning combinations, slowly wearing down Hrenchuk.

(Jackman throws Hrenchuk to the corner and sholder thrusts him a few times.
He pulls Hrenchuk out and applies a sleeper hold.)

John:  Hrenchuk starting to fade Ref s got the hand.  1 2 It s up!  His hand
is up!  Hrenchuk countering with elbows to the gut.  He s gaining momentum!

(Hrenchuk whips Jackman to the ropes.  He clotheslines Jackman down and
lifts him up.  Hrenchuk delivers a textbook sidewalk slam and lifts Jackman
up again.  He whips Jackman to the ropes but Jackman reverses.  As Hrenchuk
reaches the ropes,  Jackman out of NO WHERE clotheslines Rancid, tagging him
in.  Jackman flips Rancid over the top, and calmly walks over to Hrenchuk.
Carver suddenly catches Hrenchuk s head and guillotines him off the top
rope.  Hrenchuk grasps his throat and turns around.  Carver, seeing Rancid
down goes over and boots him in the stomach.  He sits down   and applies the
James:  Del Carver with his FIRST WIN and it s for the DOJO title!!

John:  I don t know what the hell just happened, but Jackman s got Hrenchuk
in suplex position.  He lifts Hrenchuk into the air and bounces him off the
ropes.  BLACK OUT BOMB!  He just delivered the Black out bomb to Hrenchuk!
Hrenchuk in the pinned position, Jackman counts it!  1 2 3 !  Jackman just
beat the man he faces in the qualifying rounds of Master of the Mat with a
Blackout Bomb after Hrenchuk s own partner turned on him!  What a way to
snub Bill Hrenchuk!
James:  That wasn t a real win, it doesn t count!
John:  You heard the three!  It counts!  Haha!  This is a look at what s to

James:  Carver is a genius!  He s obviously allied himself with Jackman!
The two of them could be a dangerous combination here in SHOOT Project!

John:  The bastard Carver just sacrificed his own teammate to Jackman!

(Rancid enters the ring and looks questioningly at Jackman and Carver as
Hrenchuk rolls out of the ring to the floor.  Jackman and Carver look at
each other and nod )

John:  Oh my God!  Carver just bullrushed Rancid into the corner!  Several
shoulder thrusts to Rancid!  He pulls Rancid out by the arm!  Arm dragon
screw!  And another!  Diamond Dislocation!  Carver s got the Diamond
Dislocation locked in on Rancid!  Rancid is writhing in agony!  Jackman is
stomping Rancid as well!

James:  These two are great together!  Look at that teamwork!

John:  That s not teamwork, that s an atrocity!  Why the hell would these
two do this?!

James:  I don t know and I don t care!  This is awesome!

(Carver releases the Diamond Dislocation on Rancid and stands up.  Jackman
and Carver raise each other s hands in victory )

John:  Well well, already some major shit has gone down.  New DOJO champion,
Del Carver is just simply elated after his win.  Congratulations to him.

James:  Yes, but what is his affiliation with the Blackout, and why?  What s
the motive?  And what about Skull?  He just came out, and then left?

John:  Who cares?!  They re going to rule!  The Iron Fist and the DOJO
Champion fighting together!  What could be better?!

James:  Oh, I don t know, a Jokin  John Jinx match?


James:  Yeah yeah, I know.

["High" by Jimi's Chicken Shack blares out over the
speakers as The Flying Dutchman and The Fist walk out
onto the ramp. Dutch stops to pose at the top of the
ramp and look out into the crowd, The Fist nonchalanty
rolls his ever prsent sledgehammer back and forth
across his shoulder. Dutch begins to walk down to the
ring a smug look on his face as he motions around his
midsection, and mouths "That title is mine". The Fist
walks a few steps behind. Dutch leaps onto the apron
and then over the top rope before posing midring, The
Fist lays his slegde under the ring apron, and paces
around the ring like a caged tiger.]

John: Here we go. The Flying Dutchman v.s. Dark
Krystal for Krystal's Rising Star Title. This oughta
be one hell of a match

James: Piss on a good match, I hope he teaches that
fuckin bitch a lesson.

["Living Dead Girl" pounds out over the SHOOT Project
crowd as Dark Krystal walks out onto the stage. She
stops at the top of the ramp to hold her Rising Star
Title up above her head. She points down toward the
ring at the Dutchman, then back up at her title before
walking down to the ring and sliding under the bottom
rope. She walks across the ring until she is nose to
nose with Dutch before dropping her belt on the mat
between them. The ref walks over and picks up the
belt, and hangs it above the ring.*

John: Alright, for those of you that are new to the
SHOOT Project, this match is held under Rising Star
rules. That being a ladder match, first combatant to
the title wins.

James: Oh Jesus, why don't you hold their fuckin

John: Shut up, James


John: There's the ring bell and here we go.

[Dutch and Krystal meet midring with a flurry of
punches, both of them connecting several times before
Dutchman gets the upper hand and Krystal drops to one
knee. Dutch throws another right hand and Krystal hits
the mat flat on her back. Dutch sees his opportunity
and bounces off the ropes, flipping backward and
delivering a beautuiful Asai Moonsault onto Krystal's
prone body. Dutch then picks Krystal up and whips her
into the ropes, she bounces back off and Dutch takes
her back down to the mat with a beautifully executed
Dropkick to the face. Krystal hits the mat hard and
Dutch looks out over the top rope motioning for the
Fist to hand him the ladder.]

John: Looks like the Dutchman is out to a quick start.
He's really takin it to Krystal, and with The Fist on
the outside it doesn't look to be getting any easier
on her anytime soon.

James: That's the best news I've heard all week. Get
that bitch.

{Dutchman reaches over the rope to pull the ladder
into the ring, but Krystal is back on her feet, and
dropkicks him in the back. Dutchman smacks his head on
the ladder, both fall forward onto the ropes and
spring backward the ladder landing on the Dutchman
with a hard thud. Krystal sees her opportunity and
grabs the ladder off of Dutch stands it up and begins
to climb toward her title, Dutch struggles to his feet
and manages to catch Krystal just in time to deliver
one his patent moves, The F-Bomb (sitout Crucifix
bomb) , off of the ladder. Krystal is down again and
Dutch is almost immediatley back to his feet, he sets
the ladder over Krystals chest and begins to climb.
Krystal struggles to push the ladder off of her but
cant get it to budge. Dutch is at the top of the
ladder his hand grazes the belt, just as Krystal
manages to push the ladder over with a sharp kick from
her left leg. The ladder teeters over and falls over
onto the ropes sending Dutch flying over the top rope
and slamming directly into The Fist on the outside.)

John: What a great move, just managed to save her
title in the nick of time.

James. Ugh.

(Krystal crawls up the ladder leaning against the
ropes and dives off of the end crashing into the
downed Dutch and Fist just as they begin to struggle
to their feet outside the ring. She is immediatly back
to her feet and begins to lay the boots to Dutchman.
Dutchman has curled up into a ball to avoid the
onslaught, and Krystal sneers as she continues to lay
kicks into Dutch's head. Suddenly, The Fist grabs her
from behind and tosses her roughly against the ring
post, her head slamming against it with a dull thud.
She slumps onto the ring steps and The Fist picks
Dutch up off the mat, dusts him off, and tosses him
back into the ring.  Dutch lays in the middle of the
ring, unable to move as Krystal begins to stir on the
outside, she crawls back into the ring and sets up the
ladder. Dutch leaps to his feet and begins viciously
beating her head against the ladder.)






(With the fifth smack against the ladder, Dutch rubbed
her head agaisnt the rung and then let her go, she
fell to the mat hard, with blood running from her
forehead in torrents. Dutch picks up the ladder and
moves it closer to the ropes, and begins to climb. He
climbs all the way to the top of the ladder and looks
down at Krystal. He can't reach the  title from his
position but he has a smile on his face)

John: What's he doing? He can't reach the title from

James: Shhh. This is obviously a genius at work. He
knows exactly what hes doing.

(Dutchman steps up onto the top rung of the ladder
easily 12 feet above the ring he turns his back to
Krystal and leaps off the top of the ladder preparing
to crash onto Krystal with a perfectly excuted
Corkscrew moonsault.)

John: Holy Shit!

James: Told you so.

(Krystal manages to pull her knees up just before
Dutch lands with a thud. He rolls off with a bellow
and falls to the outside of the ring clutching his
ribs. The Fist runs over to attend to Dutch as Krystal
slowly climbs up the ladder and retrieves her title.)

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen! YOUR WINNER AND

(Krystal's music hits as she poses midring with her
successfully defended Rising Star Title, blood running
her down her face. Dutch and the Fist are standing
outside the ring their faces contorted with rage.)

Dutch: We'll get you yet, bitch.

Fist: Yeah, belive it.

(The scene cuts to backstage.  Jason Johnson, who gets a decent pop from the
250 fans in the audience, is sitting at his  desk .  The desk is covered in
papers that have come from manila envelopes.)

Jason:  It s got to be here somewhere

(He shuffles around for a bit)

Jason:  Dammit   I KNOW that one of these records is for him

(Panning, we see drawers that have been emptied an open.  Apparently, he s
been here for quite some time, looking through these files.  He smiles,
widely.  He s found his paper.)

Jason:  HA!  The Yakuza will be pleased to hear about this   the background
check is done.  Damn.  Looks like we re going to have some extra traffic
here in the next couple of weeks.

(We go back to the announce table)

James:  What the hell was that all about?

John:  I have no idea   so let s get on to the main event, I think that s a
good idea.

James:  Yes, the main event.  The main event is good.

[ Wake Up  by Rage Against the Machine plays.  The arena goes dark, as a
blue light stream seemingly cuts the crowd in half.  A white spotlight
appears on the entry way and Roland the Dark makes his way onto the ramp,
being booed the whole way.  He smirks, very arrogantly as he gets down to
the ring.  He climbs in, and goes to his corner, and sits down, waiting on

John:  This match should be something else.  Something that hasn t been seen
in wrestling in awhile.

James:  Darkness.

John:  That s right.  This should be a different kind of match up, that s
for sure.

[The crowd goes silent, awaiting the entrance of Nick  Skull  Davis.
 Mastermind  by Megadeth plays and Skull walks out to a bit of a mixed
reaction.  He embellishes in the reaction, be they negative or positive, and
he walks down to the ring.  He climbs onto the apron, and into the ring,
stepping over the top rope.  He stares down Roland who is still on the mat.]

James:  Interesting kind of feel we have going here.

John:  Still, this match should be something else.

James:  Yeah, it just happens like that when you have a match like this.

John:  The thing is though   what s different?  I mean, it s a normal SHOOT
Project match.  What s different between this match and every other match?

[Skull doesn t move.  His eyes, locked on Roland.  Roland, smirking, pulls
himself to his feet ala DDP, never taking his gaze from off of Skull.  He
gets as close to nose to nose with Skull as he can, being six feet five
inches.  They just stand there, never muttering a word.  The stare down is
continuing, neither competitor is flinching.]

James:  Do you think they ll actually do something, or are they going to
stare lovingly at each other all night?

John:  Dude, shut up.

[Skull, turns away.  He breaks the stare down, and Roland is puzzled.
Roland, doing the only thing he knows how to, and he attacks Skull.  Skull,
sees this attack coming, and promptly elbows Roland in the face, sending
Roland down to the mat.  Roland gets back to his feet, to Nick Davis with
his back still to him.  The fans are getting a kick out of this.  Roland
runs at Skull, who turns around very quickly and throttles Roland the Dark.]

John:  Well, this is interesting.

James:  And you re a fag.

John:  (ignoring the comment)  That s a pretty standard chokehold.  I wonder
where we go from here.

James:  I don t know about me, but I know that you ll be going down soon.

John:  Don t ruin this match, asshead.

[Skull with his hand firmly gripped around Roland s throat, backs him into
the turnbuckle.  He begins laying into him with severe punches to the
stomach.  Roland, surprised by this at first, quickly recovers and begins
smiling as Skull is at work.  Skull, noticing the smiling of Roland, just
stops.  But not before punching Roland right in the face, busting his nose.]

James:  Ouch, if I didn t know any better, I d say that Roland s nose may be
broken.  He ll have to have that checked out.

John:  But what about Skull?!  Isn t his arm still broken?!

James: That just occurred to me.

[Roland, who is grabbing his nose, intensity in his eyes, is taken back by
knees to the gut.  Skull is going to town on him, but Roland takes a bloody
hand and shoves Skull back.  He runs at Skull like bat out of hell, and
tries a clothesline that rocks the big man.  Roland sees the futility of
this measure, and kicks the back of Skull s knee, bringing him down to one.
He dropkicks the back of Skull s head, sending Davis face first into the

John:  This match has taken an interesting turn.  The energy that Skull, who
is on his feet again, and Roland are showing is quite amazing.

James:  It s what happens when  a match like this happens.  Kind of strange,

[Skull, who is back on his feet, is smirking.  Roland is puzzled by this,
but he goes in anyway.  Punches are thrown, and the scuffle ends with a knee
to the gut by Skull.  Roland s doubled over and Skull rears back and kicks
him in the side of the head, sending Roland crashing to the mat.  Skull
picks him up, SKULL PLEX!]

John:  We know what s next!

James:  Wait, what s this?!

[ Master of Puppets  by Metallica hits the PA and the match comes to a halt.  The crowd
turns excitedly, but they only see Aaron Green.  He s smirking as he walks
out, swagger abound.  He has a microphone in hand ]

Aaron Green:  So Skull, you want to fuck with me?  Well guess what
Voice:  I ll guess what!

[ I Stand Alone  by GODSMACK hits the PA and the fans go NUTS!  The Real
Deal runs out, and grabs Aaron Green by the jacket and talks him down.]

Real Deal:  You see, you don t do shit like this, especially in my
territory.  Aaron Green, you think you can just walk your ass right in here
and take over?  Just take up where Daniel Jones left off?  Fuck that, you
little bitch.  I m going to take you and your Russian ass and send you back
to Putin or whoever the fuck is running that waste of a country.

Voice:  Josh, wait

[Josh smirks as  Only the Strong  by FLAW hits the PA.  Jason Johnson walks
out, dressed in a pair of torn jeans, and a black SHOOT Project t-shirt.
The pop is huge for him too.]

Jason:  Josh, keep a hold of him for a second.

Josh:  Yeah, whatever.

[The action is frozen in the ring, as they re all watching what is
transpiring.  Jason goes and gets in Aaron s face.]

Aaron:  Fuck you, Johnson.  Both of you.

Jason:  Excuse me?  What was that?  Josh, pick him up just a bit so that
he s eye level with me.  I want to punch him in the face.

Josh:  All right, I can do that.

[Josh picks Aaron up and Jason looks at him, square in the eye.  He is
smirking, VERY arrogantly, as if he knows a deep secret about Aaron Green.]

Jason:  I m going to enjoy this.

[Jason punches Aaron Green HARD in the face, rocking even his brother Josh.
Josh drops Aaron, and Jason lays into him.   I Stand Alone  hits the PA and
Josh makes his way to the back, and the match continues.  Roland is back on
his feet, Skull is still turned around, ROLL UP!]



TH-  NO!

[Skull kicks out!  He s up in a fury!  Skull, knocks Roland for a loop and
practically out of his shoes.  He picks him up, SKULL PLEX!]


[Skull picks him up, and stalls.  Kick to the midsection, SKULL BOMB!




John:  This match is OVER.

James:  Damn, was that weird.  Aaron Green got owned this night, we ll see
if he has some retaliation next week.  As for Skull, he was just major
impressive coming off his injury.

John:  That he was.  It ll be interesting to see how this plays out with
Roland.  Skull and him seem to not be done, as Roland is back up, and
staring at Skull as Megadeth blares through the arena and Skull leaves.  He
kicks Aaron Green in the face on his way up for good measure, and glares at
Jason Johnson.

James:  Yep, it ll be an interesting thing to see when these two hook it up
again, but we re out of time this week.

  SHOOT Project Entertainment 2002