OBLIVION Edition 05.5.02

(The show opens up… In Memory Of Lou Thesz… we will miss you. The opening Oblivion pyro shoots off and the cameras pan through the crowd signs like “We want the Real Deal!” and “Roland the Dark is a NOBODY!” are shown throughout the audience. We pan around some more with pyro going off. We are brought to the announce table. John and James standing by…)

John: What a great show we have lined up for you! Some wonderful matches taking shape and some Triad belts being decided here tonight make for just a great show all around!

James: John, don’t sound TOO GAY now. Jeez…

John: Well, while James is off being a DICK Rancid and John Jinx are already in the ring, ready to go.

James: Heh, you… saying dick… kind of like… you… sucking dick…

John: Man, what do you have going on under that table? Oh, your Pocket Pussy.

[Jinx and Rancid lock up. Jinx takes control with a headlock takedown and tries to get a grounded headlock on but Rancid quickly gets to the ropes. Rancid gets up and kicks Jinx in the gut. He tries to DDT Jinx but JJJ manages to wrestle out of it and locks on a sleeper hold. Rancid fights to get out of the hold but can’t. He then decides to try an alternative method and blatantly low blows Jinx.]

James: Ref! That was a low blow!

John: So?

James: That’s illegal!

John: So?

James: You have a point...

[The referee warns him but Rancid ignores him and drops Jinx with a rolling koppou kick. Jinx rolls out of the ring to avoid further damage. Rancid goes for a baseball slide but JJJ avoids it, only to have Rancid dropkick him into the rail. Rancid throws Jinx into the ring post and assaults Jinx with a flurry of slaps, the last one causing JJJ’s head to hit the ring post knocking him out.]

James: Jinx is totally out of it.

John: Big deal. It’s only Jinx.

James: That’s true

[Rancid re-enters the ring at 6. Meanwhile the referee keeps counting while Jinx is still knocked out. 7..8..9 Jinx is slowly getting up. 10..11..12..13 Jinx gets to the apron and tries to get back into the ring but he’s still dizzy. 14..15..16..17 Jinx finally gets back into the ring, only to be jumped by Rancid right away.]

John: And Jinx gets back to the ring, just in time to absolutely no reaction whatsoever.

James: It’s sad…

John: Not really..just hilarious.

James: That too.

[ The high flyer stomps Jinx for a bit before whipping him into the ropes. JJJ tries to hit a lariat but Rancid twists the arm and takes him down into a wakigatame. Rancid locks it on even tighter and JJJ desperately tries to reach the ropes and after 14 seconds he does but the damage is done. Rancid slaps JJJ silly for a bit and sends Jinx down with a big chop. He tries to lift Jinx up for a brainbuster but JJJ drops to one knee, resisting the lift. Rancid decides to throw him down and gets a la magistral for 2.]

James: Only two. Just postponing the loss by Jinx.

John: Probably so, yes. He’s no match for Rancid.

[ Jinx rolls out, perhaps not expecting to be dominated like this. Rancid fakes a pescado, landing on the apron. He tries to hit a diving attack on JJJ but Jinx catches him and drops him with a powerslam to a pop. Jinx beats Rancid up and assaults him with kicks and punches. He tries for a piledriver, which gets the crowd buzzing, but Rancid manages to get out of it and they trade punches before Jinx runs away and gets back into the ring.]

John: Oh my…I think Jinx just got a reaction from the crowd *gasp*.

James: There must be a first time for everything.

John: That’s probably it.

James:Why did we hire Jinx anyway?

John: Filler.

James:Ah, ok.

[Moments later Rancid does the same. Jinx tries to hit a piledriver again but Rancid just headbutts him in the midsection and takes control with a facebuster. He goes up top but Jinx stops him. However Rancid kicks him square in the face and Jinx just falls down. Rancid hits a top rope splash and goes for the pin. ]



THRE..NO! Kickout!

[ Rancid waits for Jinx to get up and then tears his head off with a BIG lariat. He lifts Jinx up tries for a short-arm lariat which is ducked by Jinx who then punches and kicks Rancid. Jinx backs away and Rancid just brushes his hair.]

James: Oh come on. JJJ is a friggin’ joke. He doesn’t belong here.

John: Just..kill him and sell the tape or whatever so that he can make us some money Mr Johnson. We all know he isn’t going to make any money otherwise.

James: Truer words were never spoken, John.

John: Thank you. Haha.

[ He just walks over to Jinx and punches him down. He then goes for a Sharpshooter, but decides against it. Almost as if he were thinking “That’d be too easy.” He lifts Jinx up and laughs for a bit. Then he runs into the ropes and hits a rather weak running lariat. He still goes for the cover however.]




Samantha Coil: Your winner, and NEW DOJO Champion, Rancid!

John: Wow, he just beat JJJ with a really weak lariat.

James: That he did. I guess that’s what happens when you do just about nothing all week.

John: Well, we had to pre-record this match, due to its obvious limits live. So we’ll be showing you the end of that match now.

James: And let me tell you, it was a surprise to us all how this one ended.

(The Limey picks a soaking Amorphous up out of the water, and throws him onto the concrete. He then pulls himself out of the water, and he stands upright and shakes himself trying to dry off. Amorphous gets up and forearms The Limey and he goes flying into the pool and onto the ref. Amorphous jumps into the pull and tries to hit Limey with a closeline, but Limey dives under and punches Amorphous while underwater. Amorphous paddles to the edge and pulls himself up, and grabs Limey by the hair. He pulls him up and connects with a close line. Limey hits the ground with a sickening thud, and Amorphous stands there laughing)

John: That really had to hurt, I think Amorphous will still have the right to call himself a smelly loser tonight I'm afraid.

James: But who's that man? Is that the new ref coming in?

John: Refs don't were trench coats. But that guy looks familiar. Is that...

(A guy in a black trench coat walks up and punches Amorphous. Amorphous reels back, and runs at the guy and hits him with another hard close line, but the guy in the trench coat only barely moves.)

James: That's Strayt Jakit isn't it....

John: Uh oh...

(Strayt Jakit grabs Amorphous by the throat and throws him into the water. He picks up a barely awake Limey and throws him into the water also. Strayt Jakit takes off his trench coat, and gets in the water. He grabs both men by the head and shoves them into the side of the pool. He then brings them to the middle and grabs them both by the hair. He smiles underneath his mask and then brakes into a chilling laughter.)

James: What's he going to do?

John: I don't know...

Strayt Jakit: This one is for you SHOOT!

(Strayt Jakit shoves both wrestlers under the water, and starts to drown them. He doesn't bring them up, and people start to worry.)

John: Someone stop this.

James: It's horrible. A very pitiful thing.

(Officials come and dive into the pool, and Strayt lets go of the wrestlers and the float in the pool, but whenever the officials try to take Jakit away he fights back. Picking off each official one by one, Strayt Jakit finally gets out and looks into the camera.)

Strayt Jakit: I'm back, and I'm not going to waste time in destroying every piece of trash in this place. Once I finish. My master. The source of it all will come forth. You guys do not know him. But once he appears though, his name will forever be embedded in SHOOT, and its failure...

(The camera fades to static.)

James: What the hell...

John: That’s right folks, Strayt Jakit is BACK! And he looks like he means business this time around.

James: But why did he attack Limey and Amorphous?

John: My guess, is that he just wanted to make an impact, and almost drowning someone is a pretty damned good way to do that if you ask me

James: Maybe you’re right… Well, we have Jackman Vs. Roland the Dark for the Iron Fist title up next; this should be a great showing, as both competitors have showed great effort this week.

John: Jackman’s on his way out now…

James: Here we go.

(The crowd is mixed with cheers and boo's as Jackman slowly walks to the ring. Jackman, dressed in his usual combat gear, walks to the ring.)

James: Has this guy gone totally mental?

(Jackman walks to the opposite side of the ring of Roland. Jackman places his hat in the corner facing Roland, and Jackman rolls under the bottom ropes and backs himself into the corner. Jackman, checking his kneepads, glares over at Roland with a blank look. Jackman lifts his right hand and flips off Roland and then flips off the crowd.)

James: Hell yeah! That’s one way to piss a few hundred patrons off!

John: I don't think Jackman scored any brownie points with that move.

James: I can feel it John, I think we are going to see blood shed here tonight!

John: Both men, are in the ring so lets see them battle!

(Jackman and Roland lock up. Jackman drops to one knee and hit Roland with a punch to the abdomen. Roland stumbles back. Jackman kicks Roland with a boot to the stomach, and Roland hunches over. Jackman with a Scissors Kick to the back of the head of Roland. Roland drops to the mat and Jackman goes for a Dragon Sleeper!)

James: Jackman starts strong and looking to end this match early with that Dragon Sleeper.

John: He's got that Dragon Sleeper applied well too!

(The ref looks at the hold and checks Roland. He lifts Roland's arm and it falls once. He lifts Roland's arm again and it stays up.....Roland with reverse punches to the head of Jackman, and Jackman releases the hold. Roland back to his feet and he and Jackman lock up. Roland whips Jackman to the ropes and hits Jackman with a Power Clothesline. Jackman falls to the mat, but gets up quickly, and delivers an Eye Gouge to Roland. Roland stumbles back and Jackman grabs Roland and whips him to the corner. Roland slams hard and bounces out of the corner. Jackman runs towards Roland and hits the Spear!!!)

James: That’s it! That’s it! This match is done!!

John: Sit down smartass. This isn't over yet.

(Jackman pulls Roland up to his feet and turns Roland around. Jackman applies a Full Nelson, and Roland tries to wrestle out of it. The Ref checks the hold, and Jackman hits a Full Nelson Release Suplex onto Roland. Roland falls to the mat, and Jackman jumps on Roland and begins to punch him with stiff right hands. The ref warns Jackman, and Jackman stands up and walks around the ring, catching his breath. Roland gets to his feet, as Jackman looks the other way; and hits a Super Kick to the back of the head of Jackman.)

James: That was brutal! I heard the cob-webs get knocked out of Jackman's head on that one.

John: Roland may be getting his act together here fans.

(Jackman drops to the mat and Roland pulls him back up. Roland hits a Pump handle Slam to Jackman and Jackman falls to the mat again. Roland with some kicks to the head of Jackman, and Jackman reaches to cover his head. Roland steps back and waits for Jackman to get to his feet. Jackman starts to get up and Roland bounces off the opposite ropes and hits Jackman with a Flying Clothesline. both men fall to the mat.)

James: Roland, getting Medieval on his ass!

John: Both men down. I don’t think that was a great move by Roland. (Both men struggle to their feet. Jackman punches Roland with a stiff right, and Roland delivers a stiff right punch back to Jackman. Jackman drops down and hits Roland in the abdomen, and Roland steps back, and rocks forward with a Heart Punch to the chest of Jackman. Jackman stumbles back into the corner.)

John: Roland is pulling out the bag of dirty tricks for this one.

James: That's not dirty! That's smart!

(Roland stands in the middle of the ring waiting for Jackman. Jackman rushes at towards Roland but it leveled with a Super Kick to the jaw. Jackman drops back into the corner and sits there. )

James: Sweet Chin Music!!!

John: Oh god...

(Roland on the attack jumps onto Jackman and delivers closed fist punches to Jackman's head. Jackman forehead busts open and blood begins to flow.)

James: Well it's about damn time! Finally we get some juice!

John: Jackman looks to have a cut on his forehead.

James: When I said juice, did you think I was talking about Apple Juice? Jackass.

(Roland gets back to his feet and Jackman struggles to get up. Jackman delivers a Palm Thrust to the knee of Roland and Roland stumbles back. Jackman gets to his feet and delivers an elbow to the head of Roland, and he hunches over. Jackman steps to the back of Roland and applies the Torture Rack!! The Ref runs over to check out Roland, but Jackman drops Roland outside the ring. )

John: Jackman's looking to make this match a war!

James: Yeah! Let’s see some more blood!

(Roland drops to the floor outside the ring. Jackman runs to the corner and climbs the turnbuckle, and looks to Roland outside the ring. Jackman turns around and jumps, hitting a Top Rope MoonSault onto Roland!! Both men fall to the floor and the ref begins to count.....1.......2......)

James: now that’s what I'm talking about!

John: Textbook move by Jackman. Perfect execution.

(Jackman gets to his feet and begins to stomp on Roland. Roland's face is being driven into the concrete. Jackman pulls Roland up by his hair and throws him over his shoulder and begins to walk towards a docked ship.)

James: Whoo! Jackman is putting a hurting on Roland.

John: Can't win the match outside the ring.

James: Shut up! But you can have one hell of a war! And it looks like this is just starting to get interesting!

(Jackman drops Roland, who looks winded, to his feet and whips him into the side of the docked ship. Roland's face bounces off the hull of the ship and he drops to the pavement. Roland's head has been busted open and he's bleed quite well. Jackman on the attack rushes at Roland, but Roland counters with a Mule Kick to the gut of Jackman. The ref continues the count.....3........4........5......)

James: Oh hell yeah baby! Blood bath!

John: That mule kick looked a little low to me James, but who cares! This is an all out WAR now.

(Jackman drops to his knees on the ground and Roland returns to his feet. Roland proceeds to rapidly punch Jackman in the back of the head and Jackman falls face first into the concrete. Roland backs off and looks around the area. He spots a roll of thick steel cable and walks over and unravels it. He carries it over towards Jackman and wraps it around his neck and begins to choke Jackman with the steel cable!!!)

James: Yeah! Yeah! Choke him out!

(The ref continues the count ......6.......7.......Roland begins to drag Jackman around by the neck with the steel cable toward the ring. Jackman clinches his neck and finally gets to his feet. Jackman rushes towards Roland and hits him with a Clothesline. Roland falls to the concrete as does Jackman from lack of air. Both man lay there for a few seconds before trying to return to their feet. Roland up first as Jackman follows slowly afterwards. The exchange punches, and Jackman hits a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!! Roland flips over and lands on his back. The ref continues the count....8......9.....)

James: Ahhh damn it! Get back in the ring you fools!!

John: Yeah, this is getting insane! Finish someone off!

(Roland gets back to his feet and Jackman rolls into the ring. Roland follows Jackman into the ring, and they lock up. Roland applies an Arm Bar, but Jackman reverses and gets Roland into an Arm Bar. Roland begins to walk around the ring while in the arm bar, and suddenly elbows Jackman in the face. Jackman breaks the hold and Roland runs up the corner turnbuckle and hits a Drop Kick onto Jackman. Both men go to the mat.)

John: Nice move by Roland. Blood is covering the mat now John. Both of these men are bleeding heavily.

James: Hell of a way to get out of an Arm Bar by Roland. With all this blood dripping onto the mat, we may have to hire a few little Thai boys to scrub it after the match!

James: John, stay away from the little boys. Keep your fetishes to yourself you dirty bastard.

(Roland follows up on Jackman with a Tilt-A-Whirl Neck breaker. Jackman drops back to the mat, and Roland raises his hands in the air. )

John: He hasn't won the match yet, and he's already celebrating!

(“I Stand Alone” by GODSMACK hits the PA and the Real Deal runs out of the crowd, Championship in hand! He turns Roland around and spears him. He lifts Roland up and delivers the FINAL JUDGMENT! Jackman, who is up, sees this attack and runs over and attacks the Real Deal!)

John: What the fuck is Jackman doing!?!

James: He’s attacking the SHOOT Champion!

John: He’s biting the hand that feeds him is what he’s doing! What an ungrateful piece of shit!

(Jackman, who is now being booed profusely, lifts up Roland and hits the BLACKOUT BOMB! The ref lifts up Roland’s hand three times, and declares this match over. The timekeeper hands Ben Jackman the Iron Fist title. He is elated, and the fans are booing. The Real Deal is back on his feet, and he is MAD. The fans begin cheering very, very loudly. Jackman turns around and runs right into a kick to the midsection, followed by the END GAME! Jackman drops the Iron Fist title, and Real Deal picks Jackman up by the hair. He calls for a microphone…)

Real Deal: Jackman… respect this!

(The Real Deal moves Jackman over to where the SHOOT Project title is and drops him with an ART OF THE DEAL! Real Deal gets back on the mike…)

Real Deal: Welcome to the main event…

(“I Stand Alone” hits the PA, as Real Deal holds the title up for the fans to see, and he soaks in their cheers. He walks to the back, and we go back to the commentary desk.)

John: Wow, I never thought that Real Deal of all people would attack Jackman…

James: Well, I could see how he would attack Roland, seeing as how Roland attacked him, but Jackman? Man oh man…

John: We’ll see what next week has in store for Jackman and Josh Johnson.

James: Next, we have-

(The scene cuts and you see Del Carver and Danny Collins unconscious, lying in pools of blood. The camera pans out, and you see Sebastian Crow and Dark Krystal walking away.)

John: Wait, what does this mean? The Rising Star Title is hanging above the arena and there is a ladder in the middle of the ring and everything…

(At that moment, Sebastian Crow and Dark Krystal make their way to the ring. Sebastian has a microphone…)

Sebastian Crow: Start the match…

John: What? Can he say that?

James: It looks like he just did.

(The referee looks around, and motions to ring the bell. The bell rings, and Dark Krystal gets into the ring, looks around and slowly climbs up the ladder. She reaches the top and looks around again, crowd booing her at every step. She smirks, as does Sebastian Crow.)

Crow: Krystal, go on. It’s yours for the taking.

(Krystal smiles, takes the final step and grabs the Rising Star title. The referee rings the bell.)

Samantha Coil: Your winner, and NEW Rising Star Champion, Dark Krystal!

-Samantha Coil is interrupted-

The Oblivitron hits static, and then we see this:

[You see a small section of the latest PPV, Training Day.


James: Jesus Christ, Skull has a shot now the ladder is tilting back and fourth

John: he reaches for the gold HE HAS IT!

**Ding, Ding, Ding**

The scene goes into slow mode.


In slow mode you see Skull falling towards the carnage in the ring. You see him bounce off of the mat, with the ladder's legs caught around his arm.



...The world watched as Skull broke his right arm...

The video now cuts to a nearly empty room. The only thing in the room besides paintings hanging on the wall is two leather recliner style chairs. It resembles an interview room you'd see at a wrestling event. Skull walks into view and sits on one of the leather chairs, his right arm in a cast. Skull is drinking a bottle of Red Dog Beer and has a light cigarette placed between his index finger and middle finger around the bottle. He looks directly into the camera as he speaks.

Skull: Who the hell do these guys think they are? Flying Dutchman and the Fist? Well Dutchman thanks to your clumsiness I am sitting here with a broken arm. When it heals I will be back, and you will pay. Make no mistake about it. But that can wait, I sent in this video tape for a reason.

Skull takes a long sip of his beer before continuing.

Skull: Now let's start off with why I left the Conspirators, as there seems to be some confusion. Shoot Project was an underground federation. As many of you remember. Eric Wolfson, the then President approached me and told me about the fed. Now I've been banned from professional wrestling by the Profesional Wrestling Commission and Control board. They didn't like the fact that I went crazy and killed the president of my last professional fed. I was forced to fight in underground fighting circuits. Fighting in drained out pools, in old factories and shit like that. Well Eric got a hold of me and told me about Shoot, how it was underground and hence out of the PWCC Board's reaches. So I gladly joined. Finally I was able to step back in the ring. Everything was going great. I was back in the ring, where I loved being. The PWCC Board had no idea. But all good things must come to an end.

The Shoot Project had a President change, and the new President for some odd reason decided to bring the Shoot back to the states. Back to main stream. Thus killing everything Shoot Project was all about. We still operate out side the PWCC Board's reaches, but just barely. Of course being back in the states, meant I was on the run again. Seeing as how the FBI is still after me for that murder. Now add the Conspirators into that mix. Now we have a very dangerous situation for yours truly. So I decided to officially leave Conspirators, for my own safety. Not because I couldn't hang, not because people forced me out. Because they brought to much heat to an already hot situation. But I did not turn my back on them. Oh no, I am simply a silent partner if you will. I will help them out from time to time, help tear shit up as only we can. But officially I am not apart of them, hence officially the cops will not place my name with their actions. There is also a connection between The Conspirators and I....Come here hun...

Suddenly Dark Krystal walks into view, kisses Skull and sits in the other chair. They look at each other and begin laughing.

Skull: You're probably wondering what the hell is she doing here, right? Well it was all an elaborate set up. Yet again another game by The Master Mind.

Skull let's out his evil laugh.

Dark Krystal: You see Nick did have a lot of run ins with my brother. That part was real. My brother was an ass. He constantly abused me mentally and physically. Tearing me down day and night. I left home and met up with Skull. We had an unbreakable plan of murder, to put an end to my brother. I poisoned him. Skull came to use me as an inside weapon against my brother. He helped me realize the truth. The truth about my situation, the truth about life, the truth about death. For years I sat there taking my brother's abuse, well I finally stroke back. I slipped some poison into his drink.

Skull takes another drag of his cigarette as Dark Krystal carries on.

Dark Krystal: That was 7 years ago. In those 7 years Nick has been training me. Training me in the ways of fighting, and the ways of killing. Killing mentally that is. When I was finally ready to make my debut, we decided to have a little fun with it. So we set up you all up. And every single one of you fools fell for it. But now you all know the truth! Now I am part of the Conspirators. I am The Prophet and will lead them into a new future. With the teachings Skull has show me over these past 7 years, I will show The Conspirators. There is but one problem...Rolland the Dark...

With the mentioning of his name Skull's smile turns to a sneer. His voice turns angry.

Skull: Rolland The Dark you have done something you shouldn't have. You DARED to say I do not know of darkness? You DARED to say you will show me the darkness? Boy you have NO idea who you were talking to! You think you know dark? You do not know shit.

Skull turns to Dark Krystal.

Skull: I think it's time, do you?

Dark Krystal: Most definitely!

Skull turns back to the camera.

Skull: You all have seen a side of me that does not exist. You have seen a softer side of me. A side that I do not really have. Allow me to explain. I am as dark as the cold night sky. You think you have seen some dark antics from me? You haven't seen shit yet. Now is the time. The REAL Skull shall be unleashed, and none shall be safe. It starts with you Rolland. You wanted to say I do not know of darkness? Well when I come back you will find out how wrong you were! Now you all will see the Skull every other place has had the misfortune of seeing! Get ready for an all new kind of game!

With that the tape shuts off.

John: Oh… my…

James: Who would have ever thought?

John: I would have.

James: You’re an awful liar. A horrible, horrible liar.

John: Yeah yeah… well, now we have Sebastian Crow Vs. Jeff Cross for a bit of revenge from Training Day, which saw Jeff Cross and Skull walk away from the Conspirators.

James: Hold up a sec, listen…

(”Only the Strong” by FLAW hits the PA and Jason Johnson walks out, by himself, to a thunderous round of applause. He looks like he has quite a bit on his mind, as he makes his way to the ring. He takes his time circling the ring area, as he appears to be delaying this as much as possible. He has a very troubled look on face as he grabs a microphone and makes his way into the ring area. He speaks…)

Jason Johnson: You won’t be seeing Jeff Cross against Sebastian Crow tonight, I barred Crow from the building, and gave Cross the night off. That being said, we’ve got some time to fill up, and I have a few things that I would like to say.

(Jason clears his throat and begins speak.)

Jason Johnson: You know, there have been a lot of changes since Daniel Jones took over and I became more than the “big Yakuza guy” in SHOOT. Maybe there are some things that I don’t exactly like, actually, there are a lot of things that I don’t like going on around here. We’ll start with the obvious…

(The fans, who are eagerly awaiting what the man has to say, begin cheering loudly…)

Jason Johnson: Now, when I first signed on with the Yakuza and learned of the little SHOOT Project operation, I was impressed. I have seen the AODWF the COIWA and the COWO, and all that just seemed to be generic to me. With SHOOT, I saw something that stuck out, kind of like a diamond in the rough. SHOOT, the place where truly anything can and does happen. I mean, we had a kidnapping, mafia men, murder, we had it all!

(Jason gets a major pop for this, as the fans like to remember the way things were.)

Jason Johnson: When Wolfson was in power, everyone was satisfied, no one was griping and complaining, and that made my job so much easier. Now, under Daniel Jones’ people are getting angry and the bookings around here, are well, they are shit.

James: John, did you hear what he just said??

John: Well, whether anyone likes it or not, Jason is the real MAN around here, seeing as how he’s in with the Yakuza, and from a personal standpoint, the matches have been lacking, to say the very least.

Jason Johnson: We’re getting Barnyard Brawl matches, Swimming Pool matches, and Birdcage matches for Christ’s sake. What are we, the WWF?

(The fans boo at the mention of that name. They appear to be in agreemence with Jason.)

Jason Johnson: Daniel Jones is turning the SHOOT Project into a wasteland, and I am not about to sit around and watch it happen. To be truthful, I hold the cards around here, and it’s about time I quit giving that worthless sack of shit chances. You know when the last meeting I had with him was? Redemption.

James: Man, that was almost two months ago!

John: I have noticed a decline in match quality, and for that matter, outcome to the shows.

James: Oh, me too. I just was afraid to say anything about it.

Jason Johnson: Now, onto some other things… The Yakuza are very unhappy, and who the fuck could blame them? What once was a thriving UNDERGROUND wrestling company is now a pit of endless despair. Here’s a question, what the FUCK are we doing in America?! America DOES NOT LIKE THE SHOOT PROJECT! The Yakuza have been ringing my cell phone to crazy extremes trying to get SHOOT out of the States. It’s simply a bad idea, as it could EASILY be traced back. So, for my first order of business, our next card will be in Rome, Italy. This means pack your bags, boys we’re leaving the States for a VERY long time. I refuse to subject my workers to police investigation that they didn’t sign on for.

(The fans are going absolutely crazy as of this point. This has been all good news so far.)

Jason Johnson: People around here are getting mistreated, misused, or whatever other things that are just absolutely fucking ridiculous around here. First off, Sebastian Crow does not deserve to be the number one contender to The Real Deal’s title, plain and simple. My opinion, is that it should be Chris Lee, but in the interest that I don’t want to play political games, I’m booking the main event for next week’s show. Hell, I think I’ll book the whole show, I have that much damned power. So for next week’s main event, you will be seeing Chris Lee against Sebastian Crow in a submission match, for the number one contendership. In addition, if ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE tries to interfere during the match they will be fired on the spot, and that goes for EVERYBODY.

(The crowd pops huge for this.)

John: HA! There will have to be a winner! We’ll crown a number one contender next Sunday!

James: Well how about that, there will be no controversy. It’s about damned time.

Jason Johnson: Now, what the Real Deal was thinking in attacking Ben Jackman, I shall never know. However, he IS the World Champion, so he must have motive. As a result of the attack earlier in the week, we will be seeing, next week, on Oblivion, The Real Deal, Josh Johnson taking on Ben “The Blackout” Jackman, in a non-title, no disqualification match. Anything goes here, boys, so have your fun.

James: My my, Jason is certainly laying down the law right here, right now.

John: One has to wonder what Daniel Jones must be thinking right now…

James: To tell you the truth, John, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Jones is ruining the SHOOT Project, and it looks like Jason is going to fix that.

Jason Johnson: So, Daniel Jones, suck my dick, capiche? I’m running the show now. We’re in Italy next week, and there’s nothing that you or anyone else can do about it. So, you can just stay your ass in Tennessee for all I care, while I’ll be touring with the Project OUT of the United States. That is all, good evening. Oh, Chris Lee, Skull, and Josh Johnson, get in touch with me as SOON as possible.

(The scene fades to black…)

SHOOT Project Entertainment © 2002