Ryu: And here we are, right on the heels of another great SHOOT Project Oblivion, we start with Eddie E. Vs. Lyger Kid in a First Round Master of the Mat match up!

Jason: That’s right, and tonight, we reveal the ??? and word has it that the replacement for the Real Deal is here tonight!

Ryu: This should be another fantastic show, so stick around.

Samantha Coil: The following contest, scheduled for one fall, is a first round match in the Master of the Mat tournament. Introducing first...

("So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast plays as Eddie E., escorted by several of his lovely ladies, exit from back stage and walk down to ringside.)

Coil: Walking down the aisle, weighing in at 253 pounds, Eddie E.

(The crowd gives their share of boos and minor applause as Eddie E. walks down toward ringside with a cocky strut. He escorts his ladies up the steps as he jumps on the apron to hold the middle and bottom rope open for them. He steps through the ropes and plays the crowd. From out of nowhere, he grabs Samantha Coil's microphone and begins to talk in the direction of the main entranceway.)

Eddie: Now Kid, don't take me wrong now. I wasn't tryin' to... "bribe" you or anything. I just thought that it would be easier for you if you didn't take such a beating from me than I had planned to give out, so I gave you an easy way out. I mean, come on, Kid. I saw your promo. You're a small fry compared to me. You don't obviously think you could beat me with that body, do you? I mean, look at me... so handsome, so strong, so built. You're none of the three, boy.

(The crowd starts to boo as Eddie E. gives a "What did I say?" gesture.)

Jason: This guy really talks too much.

Ryu: He's a professional wrestler. What do you expect?

Jason: True.

Eddie: That's why there might be some money for you... to buy you some food and some weights so you could gain some weight and muscle. Now, the deal is still up if you don't even show, because quite frankly I...

("Loser" by 3 Doors Down interrupts Eddie E. and leaves his mouth wide open. The Lyger Kid, alongside Mercy NT, come out from the curtain and stand at the entranceway, staring at Eddie E. At this point, Samantha grabs the mic when Eddie E. was distracted.)

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, coming to the ring with his manager Mercy NT, he weighs in at 185 pounds... here is the LYGER KID!

(At this point, Mercy gives the go as they walk down to ringside. The crowd begins to cheer as they see a familiar face walk down to ringside.)

Jason: Now tell me, Ryu, is this "kid" the son of Jyushin Lyger or what?

Ryu: Sources haven't been confirmed, but all I know is that the Kid idolizes Japanese great Jushin "Thunder" Liger from New Japan fame.

(The Lyger Kid runs up the stairs and jumps over the ropes. He goes in and is about to attack Eddie E. until he uses his girls as shields. His girls hold up their arms as he backs away. Eddie E. grins and grabs the mic from Samantha Coil.)

Eddie: Now... now... don't get me wrong, Kid, I know I can beat you in the ring, but I really don't want to do that to you, since you're a nice guy and all.

(Lyger Kid runs in, but Eddie shakes his head.)

Eddie: Hold up, I'm not done yet! Now it looks like you don't want the money. But uh... how about this? I've got my ladies. You like ladies, right? Well I got this hotel room that's not so far away from this... this... whatever this place is. Now I'm sure my ladies would love to show you a "good time" and all and go on a "date" with you. That is, of course, if you want to do this thing the easy way or the hard way. The choice is up to you.

(At this time, Mercy NT grabs the mic from Eddie E. The second time the mic has been taken away from him from a woman.)

Mercy: Kid, just get him.

(Lyger Kid rushes forward. This time, Eddie's girls run out of the way, leaving Eddie defenseless as Lyger Kid starts chopping him. The referee starts the match as Samantha Coil, Mercy NT, and anyone who's not the wrestlers and referee, leave the ring.)

Jason: Finally someone shut him up.

Ryu: Lyger Kid chops Eddie with force. Look at the face on Eddie... he's really in pain. Eddie grabs the Kid and throws him back into the corner. He goes for a chop of his own, but he ducks and gets a palmstrike to the forehead.

(Eddie E goes down on his rear, sitting against the turnbuckles. Lyger Kid backs up to the middle of the ring and plays up the crowd as he jumps up and down, gesturing Eddie E to bring it on.)

Jason: He's ready for this match, Ryu.

Ryu: No question, Jason.

(Eddie's valets start to wave at Lyger Kid, winking at them. Kid hesitates for a moment as Eddie gets up. Eddie points to his women, telling the Kid that his ladies could be the Kid's for the night.)

Jason: He's still using the women as a bribe... doesn't he get the picture?

Ryu: Well what would you do, Jason?

Jason: If I was in there, I'd beat the holy hell out of Eddie E. and take his women afterwards. It's a two-for-one deal, Ryu.

Ryu: I bet.

(Lyger Kid kicks Eddie E. in the gut and puts him in a twisting armlock then into a hammerlock. Eddie E. manages to reverse it and twist Kid's arm, making the Kid spin and tumble down to the mat. Eddie E. puts Lyger Kid in a wristlock. Lyger Kid contemplates for a second or two until he finally taps out. The referee, baffled, calls for the bell.)

Jason & Ryu: WHAT THE FUCK!?

Samantha Coil: *in saddened voice* Here is your winner and moving on to the second round... Eddie E.

(The crowd begins to boo as Lyger Kid rolls out of the ring and into the lovely ladies at ringside. They hug him and give him kisses as he escorts them to the backstage arena. Mercy is confused and mad, as she confronts Kid. Kid mouths out sorry to Mercy as he continues on.)

Jason: I don't think that was in Mercy's gameplan, Ryu.

Ryu: I bet.

(Eddie E., in the meantime, stands in the ring, pretending he's been wrestling in there for thirty-plus minutes as he gets his hand raised. He rolls out of the ring and celebrates with the audience booing at him, throwing stuff at him as he runs back, trying to dodge the debris.)

Jason: Well, that was certainly something different… I think that may be a first in the SHOOT Project.

Ryu: Yeah, I’ve never seen that.

Jason: Anyway, let’s get to the next match up. Three of SHOOT’s bright stars will be competing to impress the “brass”. The “brass” being me, of course.

*"Duel of the Fates" By John Williams pounds out over the SHOOT Project speakers as Angel walks down to the ring slowly scanning over the small crowd as he walks, he stops at the apron and hops up onto it sliding into the ring. He waits patienly for his opponents*

Jason: This should be a great match between three of SHOOT's brightest young competitors.

Ryu: Definitely.

*"Everything Sucks" blares out over the small Nagasaki, Japan crowd, as Kid Wikkid bounds out onto the ramp stopping momentarily to soak in a chorus of cheers before running down to the SHOOT Project ring, and leaping onto the turnbuckle to once again pose for the crowd and look across the ring at the first of his two opponents.*

Jason: And here's Kid Wikkid.

Ryu: Another very impressive newcomer, easily the most explosive of the three in this match.

Jason: Definitely, but that same explosiveness can be just as much a hurt as it is can help him win

*"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine plays over the SHOOT Project speakers as Roland the Dark walks out on to the ramp paying no attention to the crowd as he slowly walks to the ring, climbs the ring steps and ducks between the ropes into the ring. He looks back and forth from one of his opponents to the next, clenching and unclenching his fists slowly as his music fades out.*


Jason: Theres the bell and here we go.

Ryu: This should be great.

*Angel and Roland lock eyes and meet in the center of the ring exchanging punches until Roland gets the advantage with a kick to the midsection and sets Angel up for a piledriver. But before he can deliver it Wikkid leaps off the turnbuckle hitting Angel in the back with a missle dropkick toppling him over ontop of Roland, Wikkid leaps to his feet and hits a standing backflip onto his two opponents.*

Jason: Damn, Wikkid is all over Roland and Angel here.

Ryu: This time his high energy style has paid off.

*Wikkid pulls Angel up by the hair and hits him in the chest with a series of stiff punches before picking him up into powerbomb position and throws him out of the ring. Wikkid turns around right into a dropkick by Roland knocking him backwards against the ropes, Roland grabs him and whips him into the far ropes before taking him down with a vicious clothesline. Roland picks up the downed Wikkid, sets him up for a piledriver and delivers a nasty piledriver. Roland rolls onto Wikkid hooks his leg*

Jason: Heres the count



THR... NO!

*Angel just got into the ring in time to break up the three count...He kicks Roland in the midsection just as he gets to his feet, he grabs the doubled over Roland and takes him back to the mat with a side suplex. He picks Roland back up and whips him into the ropes while Wikkid rolls outside to regain his breath. Angel catches Roland coming back and takes him down to the mat with a thunderous spinebuster. He then pulls Roland to his feet and begins to gloat mid ring. He turns around and catches a chair tossed at him from Kid Wikkid. Wikkid leaps off the ropes and nails him with a top rope Van Daminator. Angel hits the ground and looks to be out cold. Wikkid leaps back up to the top rope and nails a Shooting Star Leg Drop. He grabs Angel's far leg*

Jason: Holy Shit! Now thats explosive

Ryu: Heres the cover




*Roland manages to crawl back into the ring just as the final bell sounds. He looks pissed as Wikkid leaps onto the top rope and poses for the crowd before heading back up the ramp as his music blares over the speakers*

Ryu: Wow! What a match! Kid Wikkid looked very impressive out there, didn’t he?

Jason: I for one was impressed. We’ll see where he ends up next week. But now, it’s time for the tag team match. This will decide the number one contender to Del Carver and Ben Jackman, also known as “Hardcore Style”

*"They Came In" by the Butthole Surfers blasts over the SHOOT Project Speakers as the Flying Dutchman and the Fist walk out onto the ramp. They pause at the top of the ramp to soak in the boos of the Nagasaki, Japan crowd. They then walk slowly down to the ring beforejumping into the ring together. The Fist paces around midring, while The Flying Dutchman leans in one of the corners with a smug smile on his face, he slowly strokes the scar as he waits for the arrival of there opponents.*

Jason: This should be a fantastic match from two great SHOOT Project Tag Teams.

Ryu: Yes, this is for the #1 Contendership to "Hardcore Style"s Tag Team Titles

*"The Beautiful People" By Marilyn Manson pounds out over the SHOOT Project crowd as Reaper walks out onto the ramp, with Stray Jakit just behind him, they pause at the top of the ramp before taking off at a dead sprint to the ring. They both slide under the ropes at the same time, and the Fist and Dutchman meet them midring with fists flying.*

Jason: Wow, these two teams really wanted a piece of each other

Ryu: There really going at it.

*The Fist takes a step back and clotheslines Reaper over the top rope. They both hit the floor with a thud and writhe around before gettin back to there feet and fighting up the ramp. Reaper manages to get the advantage on the Fist with a knee to the midsection. He delivers another knee to Fist's throat and again to Fist's head, driving him backwards onto his back. Reaper drops a quick elbow toward the downed Fist who rolls out of the way just in time causing Reapers elbow to smash into the metal ramp. The Fist gets up to his feet and pulls Reaper up from the ramp before taking him back down with a HUGE body slam.*

*Meanwhile back in the ring, The Flying Dutchman whips Strayt Jakit into the ropes. Dutch follows him and drops him with a dropkick. Dutch mounts Jakit immediatly and begins to lay into him with punches to the head. Jakit counters out pushing Dutch off of him. They are both quickly back to their feet and laying into each other with punches Jakit gets the advantage quickly with a shot to the nuts doubling Dutch over. He pulls Dutch into a stump pulling piledriver, Dutch hits the mat head first with a sick thud. Jakit grabs Dutch's far leg and the ref drops to make the count.*




Jason: The Dutchman just managed to get a shoulder up in time.

Ryu: That was a close one, this match is gonna get crazy before its all said and done

*Meanwhile at the top of the ramp Reaper and the Fist are getting into it. They battle over to the side of the of the stage where Fist lays a boot into Reaper's midsection, setting him up for a powerbomb. He lifts Reaper up and takes on look at the stage and the off to the side, he steps forward off the side of the stage driving Reaper through a table into a pile of cables with a vicious sit out powerbomb. Reaper lays unconcious in a mass of broken tables and cable. The Fist climbs to his feet and heads back to the ring*

Jason: HOLY SHIT! Reaper has got to be done.

Ryu: Yeah, and here comes trouble for Strayt Jakit.

*Strayt Jakit has an advantage on the Dutchman and has him on his knees with his neck over the ropes. He is sitting on his neck pushing Dutch's neck down onto the rope trying to choke him out. The Fist steps back into the ring walks over to Strayt Jakit and pulls him off of the Dutchman by the throat. Fist lifts him high into the air, while Jakit kicks his feet and claws at Fist huge hands trying to break free. The Fist lifts him up higher before driving him to the mat with a vicious CHOKESLAM! Dutchman rolls off the ropes and falls flat to the mat clutching his throat and gasping for air. Fist picks Jakit up, and takes him back to the mat with a thunderous snap suplex. Dutchman has pulled himself to his feet and nods at The Fist who nods back in understanding. He picks Jakit back up, placing him on his shoulders facing the turnbuckle where the Dutchman is standing with a huge grin on his face. He leaps off the top rope, hurricanrana-ing Jakit off of the Fist's shoulder and onto the mat with a huge thump. Dutchman crawls over onto Jakit, hooks his leg and goes for the cover.*


Ryu: Thats it. Game over.




*"They Came In" blares over the SHOOT PROJECT crowd as The Flying Dutchman and the Fist pose midring.*

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, Your winners and new # 1 Contenders to the SHOOT Project Tag Team Titles. THE FIST AND THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!

Jason: What a fantastic match.

Ryu: Definitely, I can't wait to see these two tie up with Jackman and Carver.

Jason: That would certainly be a killer match. We’ll see how that turns out.

(We see Lyger Kid along with two of Eddie E's lovely Asian valets as they're about to leave the venue. The camera catches them before they leave in a conversation.)

Lyger: Okay... must ask now... are you clean?

Girl 1: Clean?

Girl 2: We took shower before we left.

Lyger: No no... not that clean. Clean... you know... no Herpes... no gonnorhea... no VD!

Girl 1: Oh... no VD.

Girl 2: I might have Clap, but I don't know.

Lyger: Oh, gonnorhea? Penicillin will kill that. Fair enough, let's go.

(With that, Lyger drags the girls out of the building and on to the hotel room.)

Jason: Well, it looks like Lyger is getting the fuck for his proverbial buck, as the case may be. But, let’s move on…

Ryu: Next, we reveal the mystery man! John Jinx has already come out, to no music.

Jason: Whoops.

(Jokin’ John Jinx stands in the center of the ring as we fade back in for this match, and he looks a little bit peeved at the fact that SHOOT has seemingly misplaced his theme music and statistics and such…but he’s ready for his mystery opponent nonetheless. He’s been somewhat forgotten over the last few weeks in the eyes of the few mainstay fans that SHOOT has attracted, and had even taken a short hiatus from the Project, but had to return due to money concerns. Jinx stands in the center of the ring, waiting for tonight’s destiny to walk down to the ring, enter, and throw down. He ponders for a moment about the implications of the tournament, and how he can turn his whole wrestling career around in this one night. He really wants to win, and thinks for a moment that there is nothing he can’t handle…for a moment…)

Some familiar and overwhelmingly warm

This one, this form I hold now

Embracing you, this reality here

(Tool’s “Parabol/Parabola” blasts over whatever speakers this run down arena has as the lights die down to almost complete darkness…)

This one, this form I hold now, so

Wide eyed and hopeful

Wide eyed and hopefully wild

(A mammoth figure begins to walk down to the ring, accompanied by another, much smaller man whispering things into his ear, inaudible to the crowd and to the viewing audience…well…those who will buy the video tape…)

We barely remember what came before this precious moment,

Choosing to be here…right now…hold on…stay inside…

This body…holding me, reminds me that I am not alone in…

This body makes me feel eternal.

All this pain is an illusion.

(As the heavy riff of the “Parabola” part of the song kicks up, so do the lights, and the Goliath-like man is finally revealed to be “King” Ty Jackson, the man we’ve only seen once before in our existences. The man accompanying him? None other than Aaron Green.)

Jason- oh, Jesus, why the hell is this guy out here?

Ryu- he’s got that look on his face, Jason…this might not turn out too desirable for you.

(As the music begins to die down, Green grabs hold of a microphone at ringside and shouts arrogantly…)

Green- oh, no, no, no…there’ll be no need for that. This match will be over before you know it, and then you’ll just have to kick the music back up, so save yourselves the trouble…leave it going…

(Aaron turns to Jason and laughs…)

Green- oh, and…Mr. Johnson? Watch this match with much interest, and take in everything that you are about to see. On a long enough timeline, everyone’s survival rate drops to zero, Jason…that means you, too, sir. You’re finished…and King…

(Green makes a slicing gesture to his throat over and over again…)

Green- he’ll wrap it up for you.

(Green nods to King, who returns the gesture, somewhat unsure of himself, but quickly realizes how badly he could squash the man who cowers in the corner…)

We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment

We are choosing to be here, right now, hold on, stay inside

(King stands in the center of the ring and watches as Jinx rushes forward, diving feet first hoping to hit some sort of a drop kick, or perhaps just hoping to hit something in general. Didn’t quite work. King just steps to the side and watches Jinx fall onto his side. King, however, doesn’t laugh as most of the audience does…he doesn’t even make a face relative to any sort of emotion. He simply steps over and begins to pull Jinx to his feet…and thus, the beginning of the end for Jokin’ John Jinx…)

Ryu- this could be bad, Jason. This could be very bad.

This holy reality, this holy experience.

Choosing to be here in

(As Jinx scrambles to break from King’s grasp, the ominous tone in the atmosphere breaks…as does John’s spirit. Jinx begins to plead for King to let him go, for King to release his grasp. The request is denied. King lifts Jinx into the air and tosses him into the corner, following that up with a series of heavy, hard, and fast kicks to the…well, just to John Jinx. These kicks decimate his face, demolish his chest, and basically destroy the man period. Jinx could probably be pinned right at this moment, but Green screams for King to continue, he pleads for him to show Jason what he’s got on his hands. King looks at Green for a moment or two, shakes his head, and decides that getting paid is more important than the man at his feet’s health…)

Ryu- it looks as if King was shaking his head at Green…oh, but now he’s going to proceed with the slaughtering, anyway. Jason?

Jason- ………

This body. This body, holding me. Be my reminder here that I am not alone in

This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal

(As Jinx finally reaches his feet, King grabs him by the throat and whispers a few words into his ear, and shakes his head one more time. Finally, he decides to do something other than just choke the man…something different indeed. King lifts him high into the air, by the throat, and begins to parade around the ring with him, propelling Green to go into a flurry of orgasmic cheers. King, finally making the full circle, does not do what is expected of him…he doesn’t send him crashing down to the mat. Instead he sets him on the top rope…well, more like positions him on the top rope.)

Ryu- what the hell is he going to do with Jinx up there?!? I hope this is not what I think it is…I hope this is not what I think it looks like!

Jason- …I think it is…

All this pain is an illusion.

Alive, I…

(King follows him up, setting his six foot eight, two hundred and ninety five pound of pure muscle frame in position to make Mrs. Jinx a widow. As King stands on the second rope, facing Jinx, he simply lifts Jinx as high above his head as possible, with minimum effort of course, and jumps, twisting backwards. John Jinx is not Jokin’ anymore. The ring almost crumbles as the man, formerly known as John Jinx, crashes down to the mat at a velocity that is obviously unhealthy to a man’s survival. He lies on the ring, somewhat rolling around, but not really there at all as he’s on the verge of breaking into the land of la-la.)

Ryu- that was…sick. That’s about the only adjective that I could use right now.

Jason- ………

In this holy reality, in this holy experience. Choosing to be here in

This body. This body holding me. Be my reminder that I am not alone in

Ryu- this song is kind of creepy, considering that King seems to be basing all of his moves around the actual rhythm of the song…and the song does not seem to be slowing down!

Jason- you know what else is fucking creepy? Aaron fucking Green.

Ryu- I’ll have to agree with you on that, Jason.

(“King” Ty Jackson stands over top of the fallen, beaten, and near dismembered man on the ground, staring intently…he is focused on the destruction he’s caused, and the mayhem he’s produced. He might be thinking about how this man may never lead a normal life for the rest of his life if he continues his abuse…he might be thinking about how his wife may not have her husband the way he used to be. He might be thinking about how his son may never have a man to play catch with. But then again, he might be thinking of what he has to go back to if he doesn’t destroy this man, he might be thinking of his paycheck getting smaller and smaller as this man regains more and more of his health, just lying there…)

This body, this body holding me, feeling eternal

All this pain is an illusion

(King, without much rhyme or reason to his antics, picks Jinx up from his idle position on the mat and basically holds his body in place, between his own legs. King lifts Jinx up from the waist, flips him around so that Jinx is high above his head, and then throws him down, perhaps as hard as he could…perhaps not even close. Jinx bounces off the mat lifelessly.)

Ryu- Jason, you should do something now…stop this match, Jason.

Jason- ………

Ryu- stop the fucking match, Jason, this is enough…Jinx might have a family, Jason, stop this match.

Jason- …no. I want to see how far Green will go.

Ryu- god damn it Jason, swallow your fucking pride and stop the match! This could result in some serious, legitimate injury for Jinx!

Jason- ………

Twirling around with this familiar parable.

Spinning, weaving round each new experience.

(Green, standing on the opposite side of the ring from Johnson just smiles, staring with some kind of concentrated focus that seems to be burning holes through Jason’s consciousness. Green hasn’t even looked at the match yet, he knows what this monster can do. Really, all he can bring himself to do is smile, and stare at Jason Johnson squirming in his chair, Ryu screaming in his ear to stop the match…to admit defeat…admit defeat to Aaron Green. King kneels down beside Jinx, to make sure he’s still alive…that’s affirmative. King lifts Jinx to his feet, one last time, and effortlessly raises John’s body above his own head in a vertical suplex position…)

Ryu- good god…

(King spins Jinx around and lets him fall flat on the top of his head, with King in a sitting position following directly after. King gets to his feet, looks to Aaron Green, and then to Jason Johnson…shakes his head…and places a foot on top of Jokin’ John Jinx. It was all elementary from here, so much so that the referee didn’t even want to count…it seemed pointless and below the call of his duty…but he did it anyway…)


Recognize this as a holy gift and celebrate this chance to be alive and breathing.

(As obvious as it would be to guess that it would happen, it happens nonetheless…Aaron Green finds his way to a microphone, and begins the verbal game of strategy…battle of strategy, perhaps, against Jason Johnson, who stares on emotionless from ringside…)

Green- he calls that move Pain, Jason. The song isn’t even over yet, Jason. I mean, granted, it’s a long song…but did you see how much time this man, this giant…this monster…did you see how much time he gave the broken heap of matter you see before you to recover, Jason? All of those long guitar solos and whatever…he didn’t do anything to him…a total of about four or five moves, with about a minute’s rest in between them was all it took to put this guy away, Jason. And the funny thing is, Jason…

(Green edges his way closer and closer to the current owner of The SHOOT Project…)

Green- he’s not been in a wrestling ring before this very night. He’s never even seen one. This man is not a wrestler, Jason, and he’s not an entertainer. He’s just your utter defeat and my supreme and total victory. So good luck in your match tonight with my good friend, Cronos Diamante…but realize that when Cronos is done with you tonight, you still won’t be finished. No…

(Green stands only five or so feet away from the man, who hasn’t spoken a word in a few minutes now…)

Green- I’ve got at least one more surprise for you, Jason. At least…one more.

This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.

Embrace this moment. Remember. We are eternal.

All this pain is an illusion.

Green- I’ll see you later tonight, Jason…I’ll leave you now, because I’m sure you’ve got some preparing to do for your match…I advise you to leave your broadcasting post now, because you will need all the preparation you can get. You’ve got preparing…I’ve got preparing…yes, see you later tonight, indeed, Jason.

Jason: “This match is a Second Round Master of The Mat match…and it also has a bit of a back story to it. And good riddance to you, Aaron Green. We will be getting on with our work now.”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman is Del Carver’s Tag Team Partner and friend. Well he’s fighting Dark Krystal, who beat Del three times! The question is, can Ben Jackman do what his partner couldn’t do, and beat her?”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…)

“This next match is a SECOND round MASTER OF THE MAT match up!”

(Crowd cheers appreciatively…"Living Dead Girl" by Rob Zombie begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing at 5'8", weighing in at 150 lbs…here is your SHOOT PROJECT Rising Star CHAMPION…DARK KRYSTAL!”

(Dark Krystal begins to make her way to the ring, her face inscrutable.)

Jason: “Here she is. She’s quite an impressive athlete.”

Ryu: “Yeah, and she beat Del Carver three times!”

Jason: “Okay firstly…Del only lost to Krystal the first time after they had both fought The Limey and Danny Collins…and she hit him in the balls. The second time he never even made it to the ring, somebody attacked him from behind. The THIRD time, is when she did beat him clean, fair and square. So he only lost to her twice, and besides…weren’t you the one kissing up to Del Carver last week when he was sitting out here with us?”

Ryu: “No, I wasn’t, and shut up. No matter what you say, she beat him three times.”

("Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth begins to play…as Ben Jackman steps into the spotlight…Ben has a belt over each shoulder as he starts to confidently make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION and one half of ‘Hardcore Style’: the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…The Master of the Blackout Bomb…Ben Jackman!!!”

(Ben stands on the apron and holds his title belts up as the crowd cheers…)

Jason: “Here we go! The two competitors circling each other…Ben Jackman attempts a clothesline, but Dark Krystal ducks and hits a series of rights.”

Ryu: “Not much behind those…Jackman has the weight advantage here…”

Jason: “Krystal’s punches not really having any effect, so Ben Jackman is whipped into the ropes - and clothesline attempt by Dark Krystal…doesn’t work. Another whip by Krystal…back bodydrop!”

Ryu: “That got him!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman to his feet, and he's immediately clotheslined, across the neck, this time it gets him down…Cover: ONE…KICKOUT! Ben Jackman catches Dark Krystal coming off the ropes this time, tries a powerbomb, but gets armdragged coming out of it, met with a dropkick, and cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Nice sequence there…with Krystal getting the deep armdrag on Jackman coming out of the attempted powerbomb!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman is up from the pin attempt, whipped into the corner…he reverses. Ben Jackman blind charges ahead, and Dark Krystal leapfrogs. Go behind is countered by a go behind from Ben Jackman, but the side headlock is turned into a belly to back suplex!”

Ryu: “Dark Krystal happy with her suplex, pumps her fist in the air, but Ben Jackman, uses a forearm shot to Dark Krystal's back!”

Jason: “No time for celebrating now…Ben Jackman goes for a whip, but it's reversed, and Ben Jackman finds himself in the corner. Dark Krystal leaps to the second rope - Ben Jackman tries an atomic drop, but Dark Krystal manages to land properly and smack Ben Jackman to the mat with a modified bulldog…reaching back and grabbing him out of the attempted atomic drop.”

Ryu: “I bet Jackman is seeing how old Del Carver had such a problem with her now!”

Jason: “The fact is, Krystal can wrestle, and greco roman mat wrestling is not exactly Del’s area of expertise. Ben Jackman is a wrestler’s wrestler though. Dark Krystal whips Ben Jackman across the ring - bounces off the ropes going for the bulldog, but Ben Jackman calmly turns and clotheslines Dark Krystal to the mat. Hard!”

Ryu: “Now we're talkin'! Did you see that clothesline? Damn near took her head off!”

Jason: “That was a nice shot…Jackman really threw himself into that lariat! Ben Jackman pulls Krystal up to her feet and shoves her face first into the turnbuckle! Dark Krystal rolls out to the floor. Ben Jackman follows, and buries a stiff forearm shot into the small of the back of Dark Krystal. Dark Krystal is rolled back in.”

Ryu: “Well, that didn’t last long.”

Jason: “We should note that this is a WRESTLING match…this is not a SHOOT PROJECT no DQ match.”

Ryu: “These two are two of the few people in this league who could actually wrestle without getting disqualified.”

Jason: “Looks like Ben Jackman has a plan to take the highflying game away from Krystal…he lays some vicious kicks at the back of her knee…the referee pulls off Ben Jackman, and Ben Jackman dropkicks the knee of Dark Krystal as soon as he does that.”

Ryu: “Hah! He sure is taking her wheels away! OUCH!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman goes for an anklelock…twists away…now he releases it…Ben Jackman drops an elbow on the knee. Another! Make it three. Now on the mat, he puts on another version of the anklelock. Ben Jackman starts dropping knees on the back of the knee of Dark Krystal. Now he drags Dark Krystal's leg around the ringpost, and whips the leg around it. Breaking the count, he heads out and does it again!”

Ryu: “Well…anybody can tell that Ben Jackman has her scouted. Carver and he must have decided that the way to beat her is to take her air game away…and man is Jackman ever doing that!”

Jason: “Single leg takedown on Dark Krystal by Ben Jackman, and he goes back to the anklelock. Dark Krystal pops up to her feet - goes for the enzuigiri, but Ben Jackman ducks that attempt, IMMEDIATELY dropping an elbow down on the knee the second Dark Krystal hits the mat. THAT is impressive!”

Ryu: “She’s not gonna be able to WALK after this match.” Jason: “Ben Jackman sets Dark Krystal up, comes off the ropes, and hits the kneedrop on the knee! Ben Jackman jumps all over it like a hungry animal, and kneebars the shit out of Dark Krystal's leg!”

Ryu: “OW! That hurts just looking at it!”

Jason: “Jackman keeps the kneebar locked in and scoots over towards the ropes, and starts to pull on that for leverage. The ref isn't too fond of that, so he forces a break. Ben Jackman doesn't care and immediately goes back to kicking at the knee. Dark Krystal holds the ropes, and Ben Jackman kicks the knee out right from under Dark Krystal! Ben Jackman drags her back out, and hits the single leg atomic drop. Still holding, Dark Krystal's hanging in, and hits the enzuigiri!”

Ryu: “WOW! She finally hit the high kick across the back of Jackman’s head and he’s down…but how much DAMAGE did he do to her knee?”

Jason: “Dark Krystal gamely fights to her feet, gets in some kidney shots on Jackman, tries to whip Ben Jackman - which is reversed, and Dark Krystal goes back first into the turnbuckle. Down she goes to the mat HARD. Ben Jackman picks up Dark Krystal's knee, and drives it back to the mat. Ben Jackman picks Dark Krystal up…comes off the ropes, and dropkicks the knee. Dark Krystal is set in the corner with her knee draped over the ropes, and Ben Jackman kicks at it.”

Ryu: “Man, Jackman is like a pit bull. He is just zeroing in on that knee and won’t let anything pull him off!”

Jason: “The ref helps pulls Jackman back ad helps Dark Krystal limp out of the corner - but Ben Jackman drops her back to the mat. Spinning toe hold is shoved off into the ropes, Dark Krystal's got him small packaged! ONE…TWO…Ben Jackman kicks out!”

Ryu: “WOW! She pulled THAT out of nowhere! Jackman is PISSED!”

Jason: “He sure is…Ben Jackman barreling forward right away with another brutal clothesline that drops Dark Krystal! Ben Jackman kicks at the knee every single time Dark Krystal gets to her feet…Jackman whips her into the ropes - Dark Krystal comes off and kicks Ben Jackman. Ben Jackman up…rushes forward and SPEARS both of them out to the floor through the middle rope!”

Ryu: “Ummm, OW!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman's up first - gets the apron, but is yanked off of it, and meets it face first! Dark Krystal rolls Ben Jackman in, and follows. She goes to the top rope, and Ben Jackman wastes no time cutting her off…climbs up himself…SUPERPLEX!”

Ryu: “DAMN! I guess Krystal though that smacking Jackman’s head off the apron was enough to stun him so she could come off the top rope…but that didn’t quite work out for her now did it?”

Jason: “Ben Jackman gets up first and shakes off the effects of the superplex. Jackman goes for a clothesline, but Dark Krystal ducks and backslides him! ONE…TWO…NO! Ben Jackman kicks out! Now Jackman takes her down with a go behind…and goes for the Texas Cloverleaf!”

Ryu: “Oh man…this is going to rip her knee…WAIT…”

Jason: “Dark Krystal cradles Ben Jackman! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Gotta give credit where it’s due…every time you think Jackman is going to put her away…she pulls out a surprise pin attempt!”

Jason: “Jackman is up and Dark Krystal is shoved face first into the turnbuckle, Ben Jackman meets her with a belly to back suplex, but Dark Krystal hammers on Ben Jackman's head the whole way down! Ben Jackman gets up but is a bit stunned from the flurry of shots he just took right on the top of the head from Krystal…Dark Krystal takes advantage and hits the bulldog! Unfortunately, that move didn’t quite have the impact it could have, as she had to run on the leg Ben Jackman's been working on!”

Ryu: “That knee is going to hurt her more, the longer this match goes on…”

Jason: “Krystal limping badly, grabs Jackman and tries to follow up on the bulldog, but Ben Jackman shoves Dark Krystal face first into the turnbuckle, and rolls her up for the pin…his feet are on the ropes! ONE…TWO…The ref looks up and catches Ben Jackman using the ropes!”

Ryu: “He had her there…lucky for her the ref caught it!”

Jason: “Jackman back to work, Dark Krystal gets whipped into the corner. Ben Jackman charges, eats Dark Krystal's boot! Dark Krystal charges still limping, Ben Jackman: powerslam! ONE…TWO…Dark Krystal kicks out!”

Ryu: “WOW! That was a hell of a powerslam from Jackman!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman heads to the top rope. Dark Krystal cuts him off, and heads up as well….We have ANOTHER superplex coming up – NO! Krystal shoves Jackman back to the mat and comes off with a textbook flying bodypress! ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Man that was close!”

Jason: “Jackman and Krystal both up, circling each other. Jackman goes in with a single leg shoot…knocks Krystal off her feet…he’s back to that knee again!”

Ryu: “What tenacity! He won’t let up!”

Jason: “Jackman with the leg of Krystal secured…oh man…here he goes…TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!”

Ryu: “He’s got it locked in tight! Look at Krystal thrashing around! She’s screaming in pain!”

Jason: “The pain MUST be intense after the beating that Jackman has put on that knee…and now the pressure that Jackman has on her leg with the Texas Cloverleaf.”

Ryu: “Hell…that move is painful enough under normal circumstances, never mind after the hammer job Jackman has put on her leg tonight.”

Jason: “Wait a minute…Dark Krystal has stopped moving. The ref goes in to look at her. Jackman looking over his shoulder…he releases the hold…”

Ryu: “HA! She PASSED OUT! Talk about more GUTS than BRAINS!”

Jason: “I think you might be right. Jackman crippled her so badly tonight that when he slapped that Texas Cloverleaf on, it made her pass out! Why didn’t she just TAP?”

Ryu: “Two reasons…either she COULDN’T because she passed out too quickly from the pain, or she WOULDN’T because she was too stubborn. Either way, it doesn’t really matter, now does it?”

Jason: “I suppose not, although if she just refused to tap…that is quite a show of guts. The ref is signaling for the bell…”

Samantha: “THE WINNER…and advancing to the next round of Master of The Mat…BEN JACKMAN!!!”

(Ben Jackman rolls out of the ring and raises both arms in victory as his theme music begins to play…Jackman swaggers over to the time keeper’s table and drapes his titles over his shoulders. He bows dramatically to the crowd and makes his way up the ramp. Krystal remains in the ring she stirs…and begins clutching her knee.)

Jason: Congrats to Ben Jackman, I guess.

Ryu: Yep, he put on a hell of a show, and now, we have Del Carver and Skull. Skull has already made his way out here to the tune of “Mastermind” by Megadeth.

(The camera returns to the ring…we see Skull standing in the middle of the ring with his arms folded across his chest. Skull is the picture of concentration and determination as "Mastermind" by Megadeth is heard over the arena sound system.)

Samantha: “This next bout is a second round MASTER OF THE MAT match-up”

(The crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “In the center of the ring… standing 7 feet tall and weighing in at 350 pounds…the master of ‘The Skull Bomb’…SKULL!”

(The crowd jeers and throws debris at the ring…)

Samantha: “And NOW…

Jason: “HERE COMES DEL CARVER!!! Del Carver running to the ring…not even waiting for his entrance…and starts pounding on Skull. Del driving a shoulder in… pushes Skull in the corner and he stomps away!”

Ryu: “WOW! Carver not wasting any time on pomp or circumstance here…he’s all business!”

Jason: “Carver pulls Skull to his feet in the corner by the throat! Carver backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Skull looks a bit dazed and bails out of the ring.”

Ryu: “See that Jeff Cross T Shirt Carver is wearing? Well to him, that’s what this fight is all about…and that’s why he’s out here pounding away like a madman.”

Jason: “Skull takes a breather on the outside…Del Carver is in the ring pacing back and forth…he wants to go out after Skull, but the ref won’t let him!”

Ryu: “Why not? This is an anything goes match!”

Jason: “I’ll tell you why. The ref knows that if he lets Carver and Skull outside, that’s probably the last he’ll see of either of them….Skull back up on the apron…a driving SPEAR from Carver sends Skull and Carver both out!”

Ryu: “WOW! The momentum of that spear took both those guys onto the floor.”

Jason: “OH GOD HERE WE GO! Carver grabs a chair! Del Carver slams Skull with a chair shot…right to the BACK!”

Ryu: “You know…that would hurt most guys…but Skull is so damn BIG…it didn’t even knock him all the way down! See? He shrugged it off! Oh well…one thing about Del Carver…he’ll be glad to give Skull another!”

Jason: “He may not get the chance! Skull sticks one of his giant boots up…and kicks the steel chair right into Del’s face!”

Ryu: “OW! Did you hear that crack? Carver backs up…he’s dazed!”

Jason: “Skull is jumping on this…OH MY GOD! He is pressing Del Carver OVER HIS HEAD! NO! He’s…NO!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! He dropped Carver from OVER HIS HEAD…throat first the security barrier!”

Jason: “Del Carver has his hands over his throat…he’s gasping for air Skull grabs him by the back of the shirt and rolls him back into the ring.”

Ryu: “Did you see that? He tossed Carver into the ring like a rag doll…Carver weighs almost three-hundred pounds!”

Jason: “Skull pulls Carver by the hair to his feet…and now he buries a knee to the midsection of Carver…but he won’t let him fall!”

Ryu: “Hahaha! Skull is holding Carver up by the hair and kneeing him over and over again in the midsection.”

Jason: “Well…I have to admit that is a brilliant strategy by Skull. He knows Carver is having trouble breathing after being dropped on his windpipe…and Skull is further driving the air out of him with those brutal knee smashes to the midsection.”

Ryu: “Carver has a reputation for being nearly impossible to knock out…but if Skull takes the air out of him…that will do it.”

Jason: “Del Carver, doubled over in mid-ring…now he’s sent over the top with a clothesline and Skull follows him out. Carver is staggering away from Skull…but Skull is right behind him…”

Ryu: “I don’t agree with this strategy at all. Skull should stay away from outside the ring…that’s where Carver stashes all of his little goodies. That’s Del Carver’s playground out there..”

Jason: “It’s well known that Del Carver usually brings a duffel bag loaded with foreign objects out before every show, and stashes it under the ring.”

Ryu: “Look at Skull…he’s practically running after Carver! Carver is staggering around out there like a drunk guy!”

Jason: “Del has stopped running…he whirls around…catches Skull with a big boot to the midsection!”

Ryu: “Smart move by Carver. He knows that Skull is a lot bigger than he is…so by leading him around the ring a few times, he winded him just enough to gain the advantage and lay that boot in!”

Jason: “Now Del Carver has to capitalize on it…he slams Skull's face into the steel steps! Wham! Ouch! Del Carver charges after Skull…but Skull grabs him…Irish Whip into the security barrier! Skull pulls him to his feet…throws him into the barrier again! Now Skull picks up Carver…he puts him in a BIG bearhug…”

Ryu: “Man…Carver’s back must be screaming at him after those shots against the barrier! Oh man…”

Jason: “Skull ramming Carver back first into the ring post! Del Carver goes limp as a rag doll! Skull rolls Del Carver back into the ring and begins STOMPING him on his back! Skull drops the knee on the back…and again! Now Skull throws Del Carver headfirst into the turnbuckle. Skull with shoulderblocks to Del Carver's midsection…repeatedly!”

Ryu: “Look at Carver…he’s being tossed around in there like a toy! Skull is clobbering him!”

Jason: “Del Carver off the ropes and takes a knee right into the gut. Skull rips off the Jeff Cross T Shirt and uses it to choke Del Carver. He’s down again!”

Ryu: “And the ref can’t do jack shit! NO DQ! Ha!”

Jason: “Skull rolls Carver over with his boot…and stomps away on the back. Huge kneedrop on Del Carver's back. Del is twitching a bit every time Skull lands a blow to Carver’s back…but other than that he’s pretty much lifeless. Skull pulls Carver to his feet again…and THROWS him casually over the top rope to the outside.”

Ryu: “Carver flew through the air there! Lucky him…he landed right on his back again.”

Jason: “Skull follows Carver outside…he walks over to the steel ringsteps…OH MY GOD…he’s got the steps pressed over his head! He walks over to Carver’s prone body…NO…he THROWS the steps as hard as he can…driving them right into Carver’s back!”

Ryu: “Man…look at Carver flopping around out there…he looks like a fish out of water!”

Jason: “Skull pulling Carver to his feet…rolls him in and follows in…Skull stands over Carver laughing…why doesn’t he pin him?”

Ryu: “This is Skull…I think he’s trying to make some kind of point!”

Jason: “Skull pulls Carver to his feet…and gets an abdominal stretch locked on! He’s pounding on Del Carver’s ribs while the hold is on. Skull uses the ropes for support and the ref kicks his arm off!”

Ryu: “HEY! Skull can use the ropes for leverage on Carver…this match is anything goes!”

Jason: “HOLY…while Skull is jawing with the ref…Del Carver hip tosses Skull. It doesn’t even really stun him though…”


Jason: “Del Carver up, with a number of rights, and a belly to back suplex!”

Ryu: “What the…”

Jason: “Carver gets up, goes for a running leg drop but Skull gets into position with the knees up…nailing Carver in the back of the legs! Skull up first…he grabs Carver by the FACE, and pulls him to his feet…OH GOD…he’s pulling what looks like an ice-pick or screwdriver out of his boot…raking Carver’s face with it…he’s grinding it in there…how sadistic can one man be?”

Ryu: “This is Skull…you need to ask that question? Oh gosh…Carver is busted open from that…his forehead is oozing blood…he collapses again…”

Jason: “ I think I’m going to throw up. Skull lays a couple of heavy boots to Del Carver and then stands back…laughing. Carver slowly staggers to his feet…he waves him arms…tells Skull to come get him!”

Ryu: “What an idiot! Does he want to get stabbed with the ice-pick AGAIN?”

Jason: “Skull levels him with an absolutely earth shaking clothesline! Del Carver's back up…but he’s got a dazed look on his face, completely knocked silly.”

Ryu: “That was one of the most brutal clotheslines I’ve ever seen. What the…Carver just flipped Skull off! Is this guy an idiot?”

Jason: “Oooh…Skull didn’t like that! He flattens Del with a smashing right cross to Del’s bloodied face…and rolls outside to get a chair. He drives the chair into Del Carver's ribs and hits him on the back. He drops the chair, and sets Del Carver up for a SKULL BOMB that will hit the chair. Skull grabs Del Carver by the hair…lowblow!”

Ryu: “OW!”

Jason: “Both Carver and Skull are down on all fours…what the hell is Carver doing…”

Ryu: “He’s reaching into his pocket…maybe he’s getting his cel phone to call 911..”

Jason: “Oh no he isn’t…he’s got that black glove wrapped in barbed wire…and he’s putting it on! He threatened to use this during a promo last week…and he was serious! WHAM…Carver grabs Skull by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS that gloved fist right into Skull’s head. I think that shot drove the barbs right into Skull’s brain…he's bleeding a gusher! I mean, he's covered in blood in seconds and there's more just pouring down from his forehead. Del Carver manages to find the strength to punch Skull a few times, and has knocked him to his ass.”

Ryu: “Well Carver said he was going to do it…and he did! Skull just got the Tokyo kiss!”

Jason: “Del Carver with a flying axehandle and now goes to school on Skull in the corner with that gloved fist. Whip, reversal but Del Carver gets a leg up as Skull charges. Del Carver hits a forearm smash on Skull. He whips Skull into the corner, bulldog onto the chair!”

Ryu: “Oh man…this is sick. Both these guys are literally pouring blood…Skull used that ice pick…and Carver has that damn glove on…”

Jason: “Skull lying prone on top of the chair…Del staggers over and collapses next to him lying one arm across Skull’s chest…ONE…TWO…NO! Skull shrugs Carver’s arm off!”

Ryu: “At least one of these guys went for a pin finally…”

Jason: “Skull rolling to the outside. Del Carver crawls after him…grabs Skull around the wrist…whip attempt is reversed and Carver is sent into the steel steps. BOOM! Skull staggering over…sets Del Carver up for a PILEDRIVER onto the steps, but Del Carver backdrops him to the floor. AH!”

Ryu: “Well…turnabout is fair play…look at all the evil stuff Skull did to Carver’s back. Still, look at the way that Skull is bent backwards over those steps after the back body drop…I didn’t know the human spine could bend that way!”

Jason: “This fight has been a chiropractor’s dream and a blood bank’s nightmare. Skull staggers up to his feet and goes one way…Carver goes the other…they both grab steel chairs…great! WHAM…and they level each other with them. Both guys get up...and roll into the ring on separate sides…”

Ryu: “Both these guys stand and stare in each others eyes…they are both barely standing…blood dripping everywhere…the crowd comes to it’s feet…they’re cheering themselves hoarse!”

Jason: “Carver pounds a right into Skull’s head with that diabolical glove…Skull pulls the ice pick out of his boot and returns the favor – jab to the forehead…disgusting…Carver returns a shot…now Skull…Carver…Skull…Carver…Skull…”

Ryu: “Oh that’s it…I’m gonna puke. The blood is running down both these guys faces and soaking their whole torsos…they just keep taking turns pounding each other in the head…neither one will back off or give up…”

Jason: “Carver going for another jab…Skull grabs his fist! OW! Skull has that hand wrapped in barbed wire…and he’s holding it in place with his bare hand…he’s squeezing it! Carver has dropped to his knees in pain, as Skull crushes his hand…WHAM!”

Ryu: “Man! Headbutt by Carver to the midsection of Skull! Skull doubles over. I think Carver’s hand must be broken!”

Jason: “Skull’s hand can’t be in too great shape after holding that barbed wire either! Carver dropping a knee right on Skull’s head! OW! Carver rolls outside while Skull holds his head with both hands… he goes under the ring ..oh no…”

Ryu: “LOOK AT THAT…he has a wooden folding chair wrapped totally in barbed wire! Oh my lord…I saw him do that to a ladder once...oh great…what now…he’s pulling out his duffel bag…what’s that a water bottle?”

Jason: “No…it’s LIGHTER FLUID…he just soaked that folding chair that’s already wrapped in barbed wire in lighter fluid…now he’s putting the fluid back in the bag…”

Ryu: “OH GOD…HE’S LIGHTING IT ON FIRE! He just pulled out a zippo lighter and lit the fucking chair on fire…look at it burn! And he’s smiling…Del Carver is SMILING!”

Jason: “Carver pushes that flaming chair into the ring…the fans here are going absolutely nuts…they’re screaming so loud I can barely hear myself…Carver standing over Skull, who is struggling to his feet…CARVER SLAMS THE FLAMING CHAIR RIGHT OVER THE HEAD OF SKULL!”

Ryu: “Damn! Did you see that fireball go up in the air when he did that? Cool!”

Jason: “Thank heavens the chair went out when Carver dropped it to the mat. Carver falls on top of Skull for the cover…ONE…TWO…NO! NO! NO!”

Ryu: “OKAY…how the FUCK did Skull kick out of THAT?”

Jason: “I have no idea…and neither does Carver. When Skull kicked out, Carver fell back on his ass with a look of total shock on his face…”

Ryu: “Now Carver is running…he bounces off the rope and is headed for Skull…going for a clothesline…Skull sticks his arm out…DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!”

Jason: “Both men jackknife in midair like an accordion! They both slam down to the mat and lay there…motionless…”

Ryu: “No…Skull is up…he’s grabbing that barbed wire chair that Carver brought into the ring…he’s opening it up in the middle of the ring…what, is he gonna sit down?”

Jason: “Skull grabs Carver by the hair…oh god no…he secures Carver’s head in between his knees…HE’S GOT HIM UP! SKULL BOMB RIGHT ON TOP OF THE CHAIR!!!”

Ryu: “The chair just splintered in pieces…half of which are probably embedded in Carver’s back!”

Jason: “Skull standing over top of Carver’s prone body…he raises his hands over his head in victory…WAIT! Carver sits up…and fires a vicious jab RIGHT INTO SKULL’S GUT…with that barbed wire glove!”

Ryu: “OH MY GOD! Skull doubles over and collapses…but Carver falls right back. I think he used up whatever strength he had to deliver that shot…his eyes rolled back in his head as soon as he did it…and he fell right backwards again…”

Jason: “Both men completely motionless…Carver is lying flat on his back…he’s not moving. Skull is lying on his side…but he’s not moving either. The ref stands over both of them and starts counting to ten…”










Jason: “Carver slowly pulls himself up using the ropes…he staggers to his feet at the absolute last tenth of a second…just as the ref’s hand comes down for the count of ten…the ref is signaling for the bell…Carver collapses again…”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has determined that Skull CANNOT answer the standing ten count at 23 minutes and 10 seconds into this match…and therefore CANNOT continue! THE WINNER…and advancing to the next round of


(Del rolls out of the ring and falls flat on his face as his theme music begins to play…a crowd of referees and paramedics rush the ring and attend to Skull…however Skull pushes the medics away angrily and sits up with a look of disgust on his face…Del Carver is now up on all fours and begins literally crawling up the aisle…dripping blood.)

Jason: “That very well may have been one of the most brutal matches I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Ryu: “I have to agree with you there… it’s hard to say there was a winner. What a fucking bloodbath.”

(We end up in a dimly lit hotel room as the door opens up. We see the Lyger Kid enter the room with the Japanese valets that was at ringside with Eddie E. Lyger Kid opens the light as the girls enter the room, Lyger Kid closing and locking the door behind him. He still hasn't taken off his mask nor changed out of his wrestling attire, as he was in such a rush to get to the hotel room. Lyger Kid jumps onto the bed as he jumps on it, giddy.)

Lyger: OHHHH! I finally get some. YES!

Girl 1: We'll be back. We will change into something more comfortable.

Lyger: OK.

(The two girls enter the bathroom as Lyger Kid takes down his singlet-like top. It hangs against his waist as he jumps on the bed, giving it a test. The mask doesn't cover his mouth much like the Lyger mask the original has, so we can see the big fat smile on his face. The two valets come out in Frederick's of Hollywood-style bra and panties. One girl had a medium-sized chest with an okay sized-butt. Lyger Kid wasn't really looking at her as he was more focused on the one with the C-sized breasts, the hourglass figure, and the nice, round butt that was hanging out there. He knew what he liked.)

Lyger: OK, girls. I promise you won't regret this. I'll get both of you off with my tongues and fingers if I have to.

(The two girls, surprised since they haven't seen such enthusiasm in getting them off before, just smiled as they jumped on the bed.)

Girl 2: OK... get ready.

(The second, bigger girl whispers into his ear in Japanese... sounding like sorry... as they run out of the way. Lyger Kid, confused they jumped off the bed, was then struck by a porcelain lamp. Lyger Kid went down to the hotel floor with a sickening thud. Eddie E stood over him as he started stomping away at him. He picked up the Kid by the horns on his mask as he started to speak to him.)

Eddie E: Not only am I better than you, but my girls are too good for you.

(With that, Eddie E slams his head to the floor as he along with his girls exit the room. The Kid just regains consciousness as he starts groaning.)

Ryu: How about that?! Eddie E. just double crossed Lyger Kid! Man oh man…

Jason: Lyger Kid is going to be PISSED.

Ryu: That is for damn sure. However, our show must go on, whether or not we are outraged by this or not.

Jason: “All right! We’re ready for action! This next match is a Second Round Master of The Mat match…No disqualification!”

Ryu: “What a war this should be…a battle of two of the most respected veterans in SHOOT PROJECT.”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…)

“This next match is a SECOND round MASTER OF THE MAT match up!”

(Crowd cheers appreciatively…"Fuel by Fire" by Prodigy cuts in and begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring… standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 251 pounds…CHRIS LEE!!!”

Jason: “Chris Lee on his way to the ring…he looks good. Chris earned his way into the second round by beating Angel last week.”

Ryu: “That was a good fight…Lee really looked on his game.”

("Forest" by System of a Down is heard over the arena sound speakers.)

Samantha: “And now approaching the ring…standing at 6'5" and weighing in at 258 lbs…RANCID!”

Ryu: “This is going to be a tough match to call…both these guys are tough. Rancid got here by beating Kid Wikkid in the first round…he powerbombed him off the top rope! That was a good match too…a convincing win for Rancid.”

Jason: “It sure was. The bell rings…here we go! The two competitors circling each other…Lee ducks a clothesline attempt from Rancid…answers back with a nice left hook…Rancid staggers back into the corner….Chris Lee drives a shoulder into Rancid…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Rancid!”

Ryu: “Yeah, I didn’t think Lee had Rancid stunned enough for that clothesline…”

Jason: “Rancid drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Lee. Both men up…OW! Brutal karate kick to the back of the leg of Rancid from Chris Lee! Rancid collapses to the mat, clutching his leg…Chris Lee quickly to the top rope…somersault splash! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Rancid!”

Ryu: “Both these guys trying to end this fight early…and that’s smart. I don’t think this is going to be a total squash for either guy…all it’s going to take is one small mistake for the other guy to capitalize on…and this will be over. Both these guys are fighting smart.”

Jason: “Good point…these guys have each other well scouted. Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Chris Lee from Rancid…Lee doubled over but comes back with a surprising spinning heel kick! Cover by Chris Lee…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Rancid!”

Ryu: “This match is just give and take…”

Jason: “Side headlock on Rancid by Chris Lee…oh boy…Rancid lifts Lee and drops him on the ropes crotch first!”

Ryu: “Geez! Lee is now a Soprano…and I don’t mean a gangster! Good thing for Rancid this match is no DQ! See…he’s smart…he’s the first one to take advantage of that fact!”

Jason: “Chris painfully straddles the top rope for a moment, then falls back in the ring to the mat…Lee struggles to his feet…BIG Boot to the face from Rancid sends Lee outside the ring to the floor…Rancid out after him…Rancid hammers a punch into the head of Lee…now he scoops up Chris…looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Oh man! This is gonna HURT!”

Jason: “NO! Lee slips off and pushes Rancid shoulder first to the steel ringpost! The crowd erupts! Chris Lee now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Rancid over the security barrier...Chris Lee leaps on the wall, plancha attempted, but Rancid moves!”

Ryu: “What athleticism by Lee…too bad Rancid moved!”

Jason: “Rancid dragging Chris Lee through the crowd now…Lee gets sent into the wall BACK FIRST! Rancid ripping down a SHOOT PROJECT Banner and chokes Lee with it…Lee escapes…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Rancid throws Chris Lee over the security barrier…which falls on top of his face…and Rancid stands on it!”

Ryu: “Oh MAN! He’s crushing him!”

Jason: “Rancid finally gets off the barrier…he pulls Lee up by the hair…Chris Lee fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Rancid…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our cameras are mobile! These guys are evenly trading lefts and rights…look! Now they’re over by the sound truck by the entrance ramp…”

Jason: “Rancid lands a couple of nice forearm smashes and gains the advantage…Chris Lee is violently shoved over a big pile of boxes, supplies and stuff…”

Ryu: “Ha Ha Ha! Chris Lee just came up with something! Rancid gets sprayed in the face with the fire extinguisher!”

Jason: “Rancid temporarily blinded…then attacked with punches and kicks to the ribs…Chris Lee grabs the nearest trash can and drills Rancid in the head. His eyes roll back in his head!”

Ryu: “Man! Lee just rung Rancid’s bell there…I guess he’s showing Rancid that if he wants to play around outside the ring…he’s more than happy to oblige! Um…WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?”

Jason: “Chris Lee is CLIMBING up the scaffolding which holds the spotlights and cameras…and he flies off with a plancha! Right on top of Rancid! He must have been 10 FEET IN THE AIR!”

Ryu: “MAN! Rancid folded up like an accordion when Lee landed that!”

Jason: “Lee up…grabbing Rancid by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Ryu: “Well…they’re getting CLOSE to the ring now…”

Jason: “Chris Lee rolls Rancid back into the ring and covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and Rancid's up…Lee rolls outside the ring and throws the skirt for the apron up…he’s looking under the ring.”

Ryu: “Great. There’s all sorts of junk under there…tools…supplies…and that’s where Del Carver hides his little stash of weapons…”

Jason: “Chris Lee throwing all sorts of objects from underneath, into the ring now…there goes a steel chair…a trashcan…a hammer…a toolbox…I don’t what the hell THAT thing is…Lee rolling back in…”

Ryu: “Rancid is still down on one knee after that wicked plancha off the lighting tower by Lee…”

Jason: “Chris Lee SMASHES Rancid over the back with a trashcan lid!”

Ryu: “He bent it!”

Jason: “Chris Lee with a spinning legdrop. Cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Rancid gets to his feet and delivers a WALLOPING headbutt….Scoop, and Chris Lee gets run HEAD FIRST into the top turnbuckle!”

Ryu: “WOW! Did you see him bounce back?”

Jason: “Chris Lee is pulled up by Rancid…set in a position for powerbomb! WHAM!”

Ryu: “Brutal!”

Jason: “Rancid covers: ONE…TWO…NO! Rancid stays on him…pulls Chris Lee back to his feet…drops back and Rancid rushes over to hit a clothesline….Chris Lee hits a standing drop kick and covers! ONE…TWO…Rancid’s shoulder up. Rancid is sitting down in a heap...Chris Lee rolls over…picks up a chair, rushes, and throws the chair in front of Rancid…DROPKICKS IT INTO HIS FACE! ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! First Lee hits that standing dropkick…then drives a chair into Rancid’s head…but he STILL won’t stay down!”

Jason: “Rancid to his feet…Chris Lee tries ANOTHER dropkick…but Rancid sidesteps and Lee falls…RIGHT ON THE CHAIR! Rancid picks the chair up and cracks it over Lee’s back!”

Ryu: “Rancid gaining the upper hand again on Chris Lee…now he sets the chair on the ground and goes for a piledriver!”

Jason: “Rancid has Chris Lee’s head secured between his knees…WHOA!”

Ryu: “Back body drop by Chris Lee…he stood up! Rancid is staggered!”

Jason: “Chris Lee capitalizing…grabs Rancid…locks in the fisherman hook. Lee lifts Rancid off balance…swings counter-clockwise…WHAM! Rancid goes down in a HEAP to the swinging neck breaker! Cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

Ryu: “Man…that Ego Killer neck-breaker of Lee’s is just CRIPPLING! Did you see the torque he got on that? Rancid is gonna need a neckbrace!”

("Fuel by Fire" by Prodigy begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Your WINNER and advancing to the next round of Master of The Mat…CHRIS LEE!!!”

Jason: “Look at the replay here…that neck-breaker IS a devastating move…”

(Chris Lee vaults himself over the top rope and pumps his fist in the air in victory, as his music plays and the fans cheer. He slaps a few hands and makes his way up the ramp…as Rancid slowly gets to his knees, holding his neck and wincing in pain.)

Ryu: We may not be seeing Rancid around SHOOT for a very long time.

Jason: That’s for sure, and it’s too bad. He was quite a talent. But, it looks like I have to get up and perform, so wish me luck, would you?

Ryu: Uh, sure.

[“Only the Strong” by FLAW hits, and Jason removes his coat revealing a ripped chest and massive arms. He steps into the ring, getting cheered by the crowd. He raises his arms soaking in the luster of the crowd before him. But, “Master of Puppets” hits the PA and Aaron Green comes out, totally wiping the crowd of any happiness that might have been evident. He strolls into the announcer booth, sits down, and puts the headset on.]

Ryu: Well, Mr. Green, it’s certainly a pleasure.

Aaron: As it should be. How are you this fine evening? Looking forward to Cronos destroying my “business associate” Jason Johnson?

Ryu: Actually, I’m looking forward to the good match the two old friends are bound to put on, but whatever floats your boat.

Aaron: Let’s get underway, shall we?

Ryu: Wait! Cronos is coming through the crowd! He hops the guardrail!

[Cronos slides in, and attacks Jason Johnson, sending the man down. He just continues to beat on the man who didn’t expect a thing. Cronos picks up Jason, runs him into the ropes, and hits a side kick that knocks one of Jason’s teeth out. Jason looks to be out cold.]

Aaron: Well, this is certainly one sided.

Ryu: Obviously. You send Cronos through the crowd and you expect an even match up?

Aaron: Shut up.

[Jason, eyes are just open, staring at the lights, tries to get up, but gets kicked in the chest by Diamante who is unrelenting. Diamante kicks Jason’s head several times when Aaron Green gets up… Cronos drags Jason Johnson to his feet.]

““Well, I told you, Jason, I told you that you weren’t finished.”

Aaron Green, formerly calling the match in the color commentary position, has since upgraded his status to announcer…or perhaps provoking announcer. Green makes his way from the commentator’s booth over to the front of the ring, directly adjacent to the entrance area, Green continues his verbal war against Jason Johnson…though no one knows how long it’ll be just…verbal.

Green- “You’re already getting beaten quite handily by my friend up there, Cronos Diamante…but somehow, for you, I don’t think it’s enough. You’re a tough guy, right? You’re a big man, aren’t you? Cronos Diamante? He’s bad, yeah, he’s one of the biggest and the best in the world, but he’s not enough for you, is he Jason?”

Cronos and Jason both look on a little bit confused, Jason because he has no idea about what’s going to hit him in a few short minutes, but know’s it’s coming. Cronos because Green is implying that Jason might be able to take him…Cronos admits that no man can take him.

Green- “You can handle much more abuse than the abuse that Cronos is putting on you, can’t you pal? I don’t know…I’ve got some extra firepower that I could bring out here, but up until a few seconds ago, I didn’t know if you deserved it. I didn’t know if you deserved to be beaten so badly…I didn’t know if you deserved to be dismembered as you would if my extra firepower would be brought out here. I didn’t know if you deserved to lose your company, simply because you would be a vegetable for the rest of your life…hell, maybe even worse than that. I didn’t know if you deserved to die.”

Cronos grabs Jason who has begun to stir a bit more, as he was starting to stumble towards the billionaire known as Aaron Green. Cronos doesn’t know where Green is going with this, or perhaps he does, but either way…he knows it’s not going to work out against his favor. And so, if it helps him…why not help it? Cronos traps Jason in the Sands of Time, but not before making sure that Jason’s face would be directly in Aaron Green’s view…

Green- “Thank you, Cronos. As I was saying, I didn’t know if you deserved to have your life taken from you…SHOOT…your family…whatever it is that you have besides this place. But then I realized what a gold mine this place is. I mean, it’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to take over this place and bring it mainstream, but that was only because I hated you, Jason. Now? Well, I still hate you, but now it’s much more than that. This could make me a MULTI-billionaire. You know how the saying goes, right? The rich get richer…well, that’s my goal, Jason. Do you know how much SHOOT turns over in profit? I’m sure you do, since you own it, but do you few people out there know? Everything. SHOOT’s profit margin is just about 100%…you know, after we pay the wrestlers and crew…there are no taxes, there are no other additional fees. This is illegal, and so, this is a gold mine.”

Aaron makes his way into the ring, allowing his face to get only a few short inches away from Jason’s…

Green- “You own this, yes, I know. And you’re backed by the Yakuza, yes, I know. But I’ve got backers too, Green, with reputations far more infamous than that of the Yakuza…though the Yakuza’s background is quite impressive. But my friends, my backers…they’re good people…and they want The SHOOT Project. They want it’s benefits…and they want you out, and me in. If it takes a war, Jason, than a war is what we’ll give you.”

Aaron turns around and beckons to the back…

Green- “Actually, consider this a declaration of war…from me and my friends…”

Aaron slaps Jason across the face, knocking all of the spit from his mouth out onto the canvas below…

Green- “To you and yours.”

From the back walks the mammoth we all saw earlier, known as “King” Ty Jackson. He barrels his way down the ring and enters, but does not go to work on Green just yet…

Green- “I’m sure you already know the King…Ty Jackson. You saw him earlier…quite impressive, right? Well I’ve got something else of equal or more impressive value. You might remember him…you might remember his step-brother…you might remember his CCWN title reign…you might remember his IWE tag team title reign…you might remember his step-brother’s SHOOT World Championship Title Reign. You might remember the family, in general.”

Green turns around and looks to the entrance area, and almost as if it was on cue, the PA System kicks up…

How Lucky can one guy be?
I kissed her and she kissed me
Like the sailer said quote -
Ain't that a hole in a boat!
My head keeps spinning-
If this is just the beginning
My life is gonna be beautiful!

I've sunshine enough to spread
It's just like the fella said
Tell me quick-
Ain't Love A Kick In The Head

From the back, half strutting and half running, comes Romeo Viatchi…the man who needs no real introduction. The man whose neck was broken by The Express in the IWE, and the man who we’ve not seen since. The man believed to have been killed in a car bombing…the man who survived that very car bombing. The phantom-like, Romeo Viatchi. He smiles as Jason Johnson watches on in a dazed state of complete chaos…he knows what is about to happen to him, but his body and mind won’t allow him to process it into any kind of emotion. Jason is totally open to any and all attacks that Green, Jackson, Diamante, or Viatchi could put unto him. Ryu, who has been silent this entire time, finally pipes up with something…

Ryu- “Romeo Viatchi? Romeo fucking Viatchi?! Ladies and gentlemen, say good bye to Jason Johnson and The SHOOT Project as you know it. I’m getting out of here…right now.”

With that, Ryu rises from his chair and rushes to the back, before the carnage can effect him in any way…before he has to witness the carnage first hand. As Viatchi enters the ring, he wastes no time in making sure Jason Johnson feels his presence. He does a quick and effective sliding drop kick, in mid-air, right into the nose of Jason Johnson…who is now bleeding profusely from said nose.

Green- “I’m going to get out of the ring now, Jason, because I have a weak stomach…I’ll talk to you if you’re around next week…I’ll talk to you if you survive.”

Green exits the ring and leaves Jason Johnson, the owner of The SHOOT Project, and the brother of former SHOOT Champion, Josh Johnson, to the devices of a sick tandem of people…one of the most deadly ever assembled. Cronos Diamante… “King” Ty Jackson…and Romeo Viatchi…Jason Johnson has literally no chance of normal life after this. Cronos finally releases Jason from his Sands of Time lock, but that doesn’t mean he stops hurting Jason. He, and the other three men start out with heavy kicks to the head and midsection of the Project owner, before they move in on more intricate moves, such as elbow drops and pulverizing punches to the back of the head. The punching is handled mostly by King…whose punch might just be the most devastating since Mike Tyson circa 1987.

Cronos lifts the man up and throws him into the corner, and each of the three men take turns doing various striking maneuvers to the already defeated man in the corner of the ring. Cronos flies from half way across the ring, hitting a heavy and hard splash, ducking out of the way just in time to see Viatchi hit a standing back flip/moonsault onto the man, who has just enough time to move from the lifeless body to see King come crashing into Jason with a devastating clothesline. This doesn’t knock Jason over the top rope like Ric Flair or Shawn Michaels would sell it because Jason Johnson isn’t selling anything. Jason simply falls forward, face down, in a heap. As Viatchi gets his footing on the top rope that he climbed upon after hitting Jason, Ty picks up the broken man and sets him up for Cronos Diamante who proceeds to send a swift kick right through the man’s head, almost to the point where if it had been any harder a kick…he might not even have a head. As soon as Jason falls back down to his designated position on the mat, Viatchi flies through the air, contorting his body and flipping his body all at the same time, landing a twisting moonsault.

The three men begin to back off, but Green doesn’t think that Jason’s had enough. He’s sending a message…a message from Green to Johnson, and from Green’s “friends” to the Yakuza.

A war is definitely what’s on the horizon.

Cronos returns the favor that Jackson gave to him just moments ago, and lifts Johnson up, throwing him into Ty’s grasp. Ty tosses him high above his head, perfectly straight into the air, and catches him on his way down directly into a power slam type maneuver. Jason bounces off the mat…we’ve seen it before. Romeo Viatchi continues the assault, yet nearly ends Jason’s life at the same time by putting Jason in a standing full nelson, only to fall forward. As Romeo hits the mat gracefully and unharmed, Jason’s head breaks the fall with a hard and sick *thud*.

Vinni Vetti Vicci…the move that won Romeo the CCWN World Title and the IWE Tag Titles…the move that won his step-brother, Don “Azrael” Baggiotti the SHOOT World Title. The move that completely annihilates Jason Johnson’s face…if it wasn’t already annihilated.

Green makes his way to the apron and asks Cronos to end the assault the same way that it began. The Sands of Time. Cronos applies the move, and Green has only a few words to say before he ends the night on his terms…at least before he thinks he’s ending the night on his terms.

Green- “Jason…you are over. You are alive, because we want you to suffer from this. You have your eyes in tact because we want you to see us strip you from your company. You have your ears in working condition because we need you to hear the screams of your followers and those who oppose us…we need you to hear your own screams, Jason. You are here, now, because we want you to be here. It’s over for you Jason…you have nothing, and no one able to oppose us.”

Green, just about a foot away from Jason’s disgustingly beaten and battered face…

Green- “Nothing…and no one.”

[There's a commotion from the crowd as the sensual Alli comes from behind the curtain and appears halfway down the aisle. The attention of the three combatants are turned to the direction of Alli]

Ryu Kosi: Look, it's Alli!! We've haven't seen her in a few months...

[Cronos is yelling out to Alli, as Ty Jackson and Romeo Viatchi continue the beatdown of Jason Johnson when Stoned Cold comes from outta the crowd and leaps to the top rope. Ty Jackson turns around and is met with a missile dropkick sending him to the floor. Viatchi stops the beating on Johnson and charges Stoned Cold with a clothesline, Stoned Cold ducks and Romeo is met with a super kick sending him up and over the top rope to the outside. Aaron Green drops his mic and leaves the announcers position, visibly upset, to gather up Jackson and Viatchi]


[While Aaron Green signals to Jackson and Viatchi to regroup and make their way to the back, Cronos still is unknown to the presence of Stoned Cold. While Alli makes her way to ringside area, Stoned Cold grabs Cronos and turns him around. A kick to the gut by Stoned Cold and he nails the Crunked Up DDT (single arm DDT), Cronos is down and Stoned Cold leaps to the top and hits The Burnout (swanton bomb)]


[Alli grabs a mic and gets into the ring. Stoned Cold is standing over the fallen body of Cronos Diamante. Alli hands Stoned Cold the mic and he brings the mic slowly towards his mouth as he begins to speak...]

Stoned Cold: Cronos Diamante, who the fuck do you think you are buddy? You can't just come out here and shoot people like Josh Johnson in the knee. If I wanted to, I'd have 50 Yakuza assassins come out here and kill you, beat you, and annihilate you, but I don't play like that. You wanna play muthafucka, we can play...

[Cronos starts coming to and raising his head up from the canvas, but as he does, Stoned Cold... WAAAAAACK nails him back down to the mat]

Stoned Cold: You think you're tough shit Diamante, you think you and your cronies are some big hot shots? Well here's a reality check mang, you're not, they're not...

[Cronos agains tries to raise from the mat and receives another shot from Stoned Cold sending him back down to the canvas]

Stoned Cold: Ok bitch, ...and that's what you are if you're associated with that scumbag Aaron Green...listen up...Master of the Mat is just around the corner, and the main event is the World Title match featuring yourself, Chris Lee, the winner of the tourney....and at the present moment, a wrestler to be announced....well guess what you fucker, that wrestler to be announced, is none other than....

[Cronos tries to get up from the canvas again when WAAAAAAACK he receives another shot from Stoned Cold echoing throughout the arena sending Cronos back down to the mat]

Stoned Cold: ....ME! You'll be facing ME at Master of the Mat, and boy, you better be ready cuz you are in for an ass-kicking courtesy of everyone's favorite druggy, the leader of the North American Drug Cartel for the Yakuza and the next SHOOT Project World Champion, Stoned Cold, and if you don't like it, WHO FUCKIN CARES!

[Down With The Sickness by Disturbed starts blasting over the P.A. system as Stoned Cold drops the mic onto a fallen Cronos Diamante. Stoned Cold kicks Cronos Diamante outta the ring under the bottom rope, as Jason Johnson and Alli stand beside and raises the arms of one, Stoned Cold]

The scene fades out.