*Oblivion opens up with Ben Jackman standing outside the Arena his hands in his pockets and a cigarette in his mouth, he appears to be waiting for something. Just then a car zips up and stops right in front of the building, one of the doors swings open and out steps "Mr. PPV" Eddie E. He gives Jackman a glance before walking into the building. Jackman chuckles to himself but continues to wait. He takes another drag from his cigarette before putting it out against the wall behind. Seconds later, another car pulls into view, parks across from where Jackman is standing, the driver side door swings outward and "King" Ty Jackson steps out, he notices Jackman and gives him a raised eyebrow before gathering his things from the trunk and heading into the building. Jackman smiles as the door closes behind Jackson. He pulls another cigarette from his pack and lights it up.*

Jackman: One of you, next week. Who's it gonna be?

*Jackman walks away as the camera fades into a shot of the stage, the pyro explodes from the top of the stage and the Oblivion Theme blares out over the screaming crowd. The arena goes dark and the first match begins*

*"Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine pounds over the SHOOT Project crowd as Roland the Dark walks out onto the stage, he pauses at the top of the ramp for a second looking out over the crowd before walking slowly down to the ring. He climbs up to the apron and slides throught the ropes and begins to pace back and forth around the middle of the ring as he waits for the arrival of his opponents.*

Jason: We haven't seen much from Roland this week, but hes always a solid competitor, should be a great match

Ryu: This is our opening three-way for this weeks Oblivion. I've been looking forward to this match all week long

*"Duel of the Fates" by John Williams pours out from the SHOOT Project speakers as Angel walks out onto the ramp, he doesn't pause at the top of the ramp but instead walks purposefully down to the ring before hopping up onto the ring apron and leaning up against the turnbuckle as he and Roland wait for the arrival of the third competitor in this match*

Jason: Angel, is also fairly new around here but he has impressed thus far

Ryu: But like Roland, hes been conspicuous by his quiet this week.

*"Free" by Vast pounds out over the SHOOT Project speakers as Ander Carvetti comes running out from the back, he runs all the way down the ramp leaps onto the apron and springboards in over the top rope wiping out Angel with a backflip plancha. Carvetti hits with a thud and immediatly hooks Angel's far leg. Roland looks on in pure shock while the ref drops to make the count*

Jason: Holy SHIT! Carvetti out of nowhere

Ryu: Well that was certainly a shock. Heres the cover.




*Roland manages to get across the ring and break up the pinfall attempt just in time. Roland pulls Carvetti up into a powerbomb position but Carvetti locks his legs around Roland's neck and takes him over. Roland hits the mat hard, and Carvetti leaps to his feet, and up to the top rope. Carvetti leaps off the top nailing with Roland with a moonsault. He hooks the leg and the ref drops down to make the count one more time*

Jason: Damn, this new kid is all over them

Ryu: Hes making quite a showing for a newcomer




*The count is broken up just in time when Angel pulls the ref out of the ring. Angel jumps back into the ring only to be caught with a guillotine on the top rope by Carvetti. He falls back to the outside clutching his throat. Carvetti grabs the still down Roland, drags him to the middle of the ring and locks in the KIMURA DEATHLOCK. Carvetti cranks back on his arm, and the ref crawls back into the ring.*

Jason: This may be lights out.

Ryu: Should be, I don't see Roland getting out of this


*Carvetti leaps onto the top rope to pose for the crowd before hopping down and walking purposefully back up the ramp as his music plays.*

Jason: “That’s right fans…SHOOT PROJECT is PROUD to present another night of unbelievable action…we’re on the road to MASTER OF THE MAT…and tonight…the final fighter will qualify to be part of the elite FINAL FOUR when Mr. PPV meets King Ty Jackson!”

Ryu: “That’s right Johnson! And don’t forget…in the main event…we have Cronos Diamante and Romeo Viatchi going up against Stoned Cold and Chris Lee!”

Jason: “It’s going to be a hell of a night. We’d like to thank all you fans who are watching us on Video or through our Webcast. Let’s not delay any further…let’s get right to the action!”

The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…

(The crowd cheers appreciatively…as "Hero of the Day" by Metallica begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “This our SECOND match of the night! Now…coming to the ring standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 225 pounds…STARSHYNA…BILL HRENCHUK!”

(The crowd cheers as Bill Hrenchuk strides to the ring with a determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…"Fuel" by Metallica begins to play…)

Samantha: “HIS OPPONENT making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…he is Xavier Cronin!!!”

Jason: “The SHOOT newcomer Xavier Cronin immediately walks up to Bill Hrenchuk and gets right in his face…we got ourselves a good old fashioned STARE DOWN to start off tonight!”

Ryu: “Well, it looks like the Xavier Cronin isn’t wasting any time asserting himself here...which is smart.”

Jason: “Bill Hrenchuk swings a wild punch at Xavier Cronin, who ducks and nails Bill Hrenchuk with a left hook…Xavier Cronin throws on a side headlock, but is shoved off into the ropes. Xavier Cronin returns from the ropes with a shoulderblock, knocking Bill down. Xavier Cronin goes for the cover…trying to end this one early…ONE…NO! Starshyna kicks out!”

Ryu: “Cronin may have caught Bill off guard there with that shoulder tackle and early cover, but you are not going to pin Bill Hrenchuk THAT quickly…”

Jason: “Bill Hrenchuk to his feet…nails Xavier Cronin with a boot to the midsection…headlock attempt is shoved off…Bill Hrenchuk turns…and takes a clothesline. Bill up…Xavier scoops him up…powerslam!”

Ryu: “Xavier Cronin goes for the cover again…this match has been all Xavier Cronin so far…here we go, ONE…TWO…kickout again!”

Jason: “Bill Hrenchuk is angry and he’s bailing out…Bill Hrenchuk rolls on out to the floor. He is not happy, pacing back and forth….Bill Hrenchuk slowly gets back in the ring, and he and Xavier Cronin lockup…Xavier Cronin is shoved back to the turnbuckle, and the ref wants a break…Bill Hrenchuk lets go, and hammers at Xavier Cronin right away. Two uppercuts by Hrenchuk and a whip across the ring…Xavier Cronin gets a boot up as Bill Hrenchuk blindcharges…Xavier Cronin goes to the second rope, fakes a jump, Bill Hrenchuk drops to the mat to avoid it, then Xavier Cronin a leg drop on Hrenchuk’s back as the fans cheer!”

Ryu: “WOW! What a move by Xavier Cronin! He might be NEW, but he’s a HELL of an athlete…and he’s showing that here!”

Jason: “Xavier Cronin now throws some kicks to the back of Bill Hrenchuk…whip into the ropes and a HIGH backdrop on Hrenchuk by Cronin. Cover: ONE…TWO…Bill kicks out again.”

Ryu: “This is ALL Cronin…”

Jason: “WOW! Xavier Cronin kicks Bill Hrenchuk in the head with a perfect savat kick, and throws some stiff shots at his jaw…Xavier Cronin hammers away until the referee breaks that up. A right hand in retaliation from Hrenchuk nails Xavier Cronin right in the face…and now Starshyna starts stomping away…in the corner Bill punches and kicks, and refuses to stop. A choke with the boot follows, and Bill Hrenchuk heads to the outside…”

Ryu: “Bill is usually a pretty easy going guy but he’s good and pissed now…and we’re seeing an aggressive side to him that we don’t usually see!”

Jason: “Outside now…a whip is by Hrenchuk is reversed…Xavier Cronin hammers Starshyna into the ringpost, and then rolls back into the ring…Bill Hrenchuk crawls back behind him and he appears to be in a lot of pain…both guys trade punches in the corner, and with Xavier Cronin winning it…whip to the opposite corner is reversed, Bill Hrenchuk lands chest first, and Xavier Cronin drives his shoulder into Bill Hrenchuk's back.”

Ryu: “After a quick flurry of offense…Cronin is back in control!”

Jason: “Bill Hrenchuk is put on Xavier Cronin’s shoulders and launched right to the ropes throat first! Bounces off, Xavier Cronin comes off the ropes, and nails Hrenchuk with a legdrop. Cover: ONE…TWO…Kickout…but barely!”

Ryu: “Boy, Xavier Cronin is aggressive, focused an really on his game…”

Jason: “Xavier Cronin scoops Bill Hrenchuk up…WHAM! FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!”

Ryu: “OUCH! I hear Xavier calls that ‘THE DEATH TOLL…and I can see why!”

Jason: “This is probably it…COVER…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(Xavier Cronin rises to his feet, and raises his hands in victory…as the bell rings…"Fuel" by Metallica begins to play…)


Jason: “Xavier Cronin has arrived ladies and gentlemen…and has made quite a statement by going over SHOOT PROJECT vet Bill Hrenchuk in convincing fashion…”

Ryu: “He sure has arrived…let’s look at this replay while Bill Hrenchuk makes his way back to the dressing room…MAN! Cronin drove his face right into the mat!”

Jason: “Ryu, this next tag match is going to be very interesting for a variety of reasons…”

Ryu: “You got that right!”

Samantha: “This next bout is a NO DISQUALIFICATION…NON-TITLE Tag Team Match, scheduled for one fall to a finish!”

(The crowd buzzes in anticipation as “Beautiful People” by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Now making their way to the ring…standing at an even 7 feet tall and weighing in at 365 pounds…THE REAPER…Kygon Davis! His partner…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…Strayt Jakit…”

(The crowd beings to roar…)


(Reaper and Strayt Jakit emerge from the entranceway. Both men look totally focused and head straight for the ring as the music plays and pyro flashes…Reaper steps over the top rope and Strayt Jakit vaults over.)

Ryu: “Man…every time I look at REAPER I’m shocked at how big he is! He’s a monster…”

(“Trip Like I Do” by Crystal Method begins to play. A spotlight swings back to the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “And NOW…firstly, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN! His partner…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 250 pounds…the DOJO Champion… “Diamond” Del Carver! Together they are your SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…HARDCORE STYLE!!!”

(Del Carver and Ben Jackman walk together into the runway. Ben is wearing a black leather jacket with “Hardcore Style” etched on the back in flashy silver letters, along with his traditional Blue with Black trim spandex shorts and calf high black boots polished to a high shine…Del Carver is wearing a sleeve-less black T Shirt with the identical logo, along with his normal jeans and biker boots…both proudly wear the SHOOT PROJECT Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.)

Ryu: “Well…my my my…somebody hired a fashion consultant! Those two actually look like a TAG TEAM!”

Jason: “The SHOOT Tag Champs making their way to the ring…and new ring attire or not Ryu…you just have to take one look at Del Carver to know…he is not 100%.”

Ryu: “How could he be? After the beating he took last week…he’s a walking car accident! Now could you please tell me WHAT is up with this crowd reaction for Hardcore Style?”

Jason: “I’ll tell you what…the fans here are slowly starting to embrace Del Carver and Ben Jackman. These guys are all business but the fans seem to be appreciating their ‘style’ if you’ll pardon the pun. The bell rings…Hardcore Style slide into the ring and get up in the faces of SYKO WARD right away. Del Carver and Reaper are your legal men.”

Ryu: “I don’t know how smart Del Carver is to start this match off…”

Jason: “Reaper shoves Del Carver backwards violently into the neutral corner and follows him in with a brutal clothesline…Reaper floors Carver with a stiff jab and stomps him in the gut… Reaper pulls Carver to his feet…goes for a whip to the opposite corner…Del Carver rebounds…ducks a BIG clothesline attempt from Reaper…and begins firing punches at Reaper…stiff shots to the head of Reaper by Del Carver!”

Ryu: “This match is starting out as a slugfest, and it’s not going to get any prettier!”

Jason: “I don’t totally agree…both Strayt Jakit and Ben Jackman are highly proficient technical wrestlers…”

Ryu: “Yeah? Well, Del Carver isn’t.”

Jason: “ I guess from Reaper and Carver you’re right…your going to see what you are now…hard shots! Carver and Reaper now trading big right hands back and forth in the center of the ring…Carver shot to Reaper’s jaw…Reaper fires back at Carver…Reaper…Carver….Reaper…Boot to the midsection of Del Carver! Carver is doubled over…whip into the ropes by Reaper…and it is reversed by Carver…and Del Carver comes back with a flying clothesline…and a cover: ONE…TWO… Reaper powers out with authority!”

Ryu: “Man! Reaper almost pressed Carver into the air with that kickout! Carver backs into his corner…Tag out to Ben Jackman! Jackman…vaults over the top rope…right into a flying dropkick into the face of Reaper!”

Jason: “Well, Ben Jackman doesn’t take long to make his presence felt in this match! Reaper falls back…stunned from the sudden springboard kick from Jackman! Reaper back to his feet…Jackman laying in some sharp knife edge chops…but Reaper responding with a clubbing forearm! Jackman to his knees…Reaper throws him into the ropes…Ben Jackman comes off the other side with a HIGH KNEE SMASH!”

Ryu: “WOW! Jackman got some air on that one…he came off the ropes with that high knee right to the face of Reaper…”

Jason: “Jackman taking advantage…elbowdrop on the chest of Reaper…up again and make that two! Ben Jackman comes off the ropes, and connects with a HIGH third elbow smash…Jackman hooks Reaper’s leg: ONE…TWO…Reaper gets a shoulder up! Reaper to his feet…grabs Jackman…and lands some kidney punches on Ben Jackman!

Ryu: “Reaper trying to overpower Jackman…”

Jason: “Reaper…shoves Jackman back into the corner…but Jackman rakes the eyes…Jackman whips Reaper into the other corner…lays in some more vicious knife edge chops…and a tag out to Del Carver!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork by Hardcore Style…”

Jason: “Jackman still in there…both men hook Reaper’s head…double suplex!”

Ryu: “The crowd liked that! Man…they really got him up there and dropped him hard!”

Jason: “Reaper laying prone from that double suplex…and now Ben Jackman comes off the tope rope with a big elbow…Del Carver right behind him with a flying leg drop!”

Ryu: “The crowd goes to their feet for the top rope stuff…shades of Randy Savage and Bobby Eaton there! Ha!”

Jason: “Nicely done…TWO top rope manoeuvres on Reaper after the double suplex… now Carver covers…They could have him here…. ONE…TWO…NO! Reaper kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man…Reaper is tough. He took a double suplex, a flying elbow, a flying legdrop, and he STILL kicked out!”

Jason: “Reaper is Die Hard, no doubt about that! He’s up…Carver whips him into the ropes…reversal by Reaper…clothesline! WOW! Did you see THAT?”

Ryu: “Reaper reverses the whip and absolutely CLOBBERS Carver with that clothesline! Carver did a 360 in the air before he landed!”

Jason: “Carver did go airborne after Reaper nailed him with that brutal clothesline…Reaper whips Del Carver in his corner and tags out to Strayt Jakit…”

Ryu: “It’s about time we saw Strayt Jakit in this match! Hardcore Style has been doing a good job of keeping Reaper on their side of the ring…but that’s over now! Syko Ward has Carver trapped now!”

Jason: “Wrong part of town for Del Carver to be trapped in…Reaper hooks Carver’s arms behind him and holds him in place…Strayt Jakit backs up…and barrels right into Del Carver with the running splash! Reaper shoves Del Carver out by the head right into Strayt Jakit's big boot! Cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver gets his shoulder up…barely!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork there by Syko Ward…Reaper held Carver in place for the splash…then pushed him right into the boot to the face!”

Jason: “The Madmen may be the #1 contenders right now, but if Syko Ward keep working like this, there is a title match in their future for sure…”

Ryu: “Especially if they get the win against the champs in this non-title match tonight!”

Jason: “Good point. Carver’s face smashed into the turnbuckle twice by Strayt Jakit. Jakit turns him around and connects with the shoulderblock to the midsection…Cover by Strayt Jakit…ONE…TWO…Carver kicks out.”

Ryu: “Syko Ward is really working Carver over in that corner…”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit whips Del Carver into Reaper…who smashes Carver with a right hand…Del Carver spun around by that shot…right back into Strayt Jakit…who hooks his head under Carver’s chin and drops to his knees…jawbreaker!”

Ryu: “OUCH! As if Carver wasn’t beat up badly enough…now he needs to see a dentist! I hate that move…it hurts just seeing it!”

Jason: “No kidding...that knocked a few of Del’s teeth loose. Strayt Jakit with a boot to Carver’s midsection…into a gut wrench powerbomb! Del Carver set in Syko Ward’s corner… Strayt Jakit tags out to Reaper. Reaper comes in with a big boot to Carver’s face…and is now choking him on the top rope!”

Ryu: “The tide sure has turned in THIS match! Syko Ward have kept Carver cut off from his corner and are systematically dismantling him!”

Jason: “That they are…both men grab Carver and throw him into the ropes…and hit the double shoulder tackle! Cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver gets a shoulder up! Reaper pulls Carver to his feet…Carver tries to fight back and fires some weak looking rights to the midsection of Reaper…no effect…Reaper gets in a whip attempt. The whip is reversed, and Del Carver walks into the arms of Reaper and a powerslam!”

Ryu: “Man, Carver just can’t get any offense in here!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit comes in…Reaper PICKS HIM UP and DROPS HIM HARD with the splash….right on top of Del Carver! Cover: ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman is having none of that! Jackman comes in to break that up and kicks Jakit!”

Jason: “Jakit and Reaper stomp away on Carver while the ref gets rid of Ben Jackman. NO TAG from Strayt Jakit, but he seems to have taken over in the ring. Del Carver whipped into the ropes…and comes into a picture perfect back elbow!”

Ryu: “Oh LORD. The fans have actually started to chant ‘Carver…Carver…Carver’…”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit whips Del Carver into the ropes…Carver ducks a clothesline…spins around…boot the midsection of Jakit…and a swinging neckbreaker! Ben Jackman leaning over for the tag…”

Ryu: “Reaper starts to come into the ring…and Del Carver makes the tag while the ref's back is turned and he’s dealing with Reaper! Ha Ha Ha! THAT old trick! Works every time!”

Jason: “It sure does, and Jackman is furious at the ref for falling for it! Syko Ward drag Del Carver back to their corner…Carver tries to get some shots in, but Reaper stops that…whip to the ropes, and Reaper plasters Carver with ANOTHER brutal clothesline! HARD….while Carver is down…Ben Jackman is knocked off the apron by Reaper…Reaper back over to Del Carver who is trying in vain to climb the ropes…Strayt Jakit JUMPS on Carver’s back, sending him sharply on to second rope…throat first! Cover: ONE…TWO…Ben Jackman breaks it up with a boot to the back of Strayt Jakit.”

Ryu: “If it wasn’t for Jackman’s interference, this match would have been over by now.”

Jason: “That could be true. It’s no secret that Del Carver is still injured from his match with Skull last week…and he’s taken the majority of the punishment here tonight. Flying shoulderblock by Strayt Jakit and a cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver kicks out…barely.”

Ryu: “ I don’t care how tough people say Carver is…if Ben Jackman doesn’t get in here soon…this fight is over.”

Jason: “I agree. Del Carver is sent face first into the turnbuckle by Strayt Jakit and now Reaper is tagged in. Reaper powerfully whips Carver across the ring…Reaper charges into the corner and meets Del Carver's boot! Del Carver to the second rope…sunset flip! Cover by Carver: ONE…Reaper powers out!”

Ryu: “Nice little sequence there by Carver, but it looks like all that did was piss Reaper off!”

Jason: “You’re not going to get a surprise pin on Reaper…Reaper to his feet…boot to the midsection of Carver…setting him up…Reaper hits the powerbomb! Awesome power! Cover! ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman in again to break up the count with a stomp to the back of Reaper!”

Jason: “The ref ordering Blackout back on to the apron! Reaper goes to the second rope, and Ben Jackman runs over and starts trash talking him….that distraction is enough for Del Carver to nail Reaper in the midsection with a solid punch! Carver heading up…Superplex from the second rope!”

Ryu: “Carver finally has the advantage…he’d better not waste it! Ben Jackman desperately wants a tag…look at him going nuts on the apron as Carver crawls towards him…”

Jason: “Carver did it! JACKMAN FINALLY TAGS IN! Ben Jackman is a man on fire! Clotheslines for everyone! Brutal running clothesline for Reaper…Stray Jakit comes in and gets one too…Reaper is whipped into the corner, and met with a running clothesline. Strayt Jakit walks right into a HUGE back bodydrop from Jackman! COVER: ONE…TWO…Reaper makes the save! Jackman sends Reaper over the top to the floor with a textbook dropkick…Jackman is really on a roll here! The fans are going nuts! Ben Jackman grabs Strayt Jakit…running powerslam! What an impact! COVER: ONE…TWO…Strayt Jakit kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man, Jackman is taking out all of his frustration from being kept out of this match! Meanwhile look at Carver! Once he made the tag, he collapsed on the apron and rolled on to the floor. He’s laying in heap, not moving!”

Jason: “The way Jackman is going right now he won’t need any help…Jackman pulls Strayt Jakit to his feet…NAILS him with a spinning leg kick! Reaper crawls back into the ring…Ben Jackman whirls around…nails Reaper with a boot to the midsection…SNAP SUPLEX on Reaper! The crowd continues to go nuts as Ben Jackman takes apart Syko Ward!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman covers Reaper after the Snap Suplex…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason: “Reaper back to his feet as he and Jackman begin brawling…Strayt Jakit back to his corner…WHAT THE HELL IS DEL CARVER DOING?”

Ryu: “He’s finally up, but instead of going back up on the apron and looking for the tag…he’s rummaging around under the ring!”

Jason: “Oh gawd help us all…Carver pulling out his infamous duffel bag! Now he’s pulling out…a folding table…now another…the crowd going nuts! Carver…setting the two tables side by side and propping them between the ring and the security barrier…now what the hell is he doing?”

Ryu: “OH BOY…he’s doing what he did last week! He’s spraying those tables with LIGHTER FLUID!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman still slugging it out in the middle of the ring with Reaper…Jackman ducks a swing by Reaper…and hits a STUNNER! Reaper stunned…Strayt Jakit running in to break up any pin attempt…and Ben Jackman meets him with a front face lock…DDT! DDT! DDT!. Ben Jackman hits Strayt Jakit with a DDT!”

Ryu: “Carver back in the ring now finally…he circles behind Reaper who is just getting up from that stunner…Carver stalking Reaper…he’s behind him…he’s locked in choke hold on Reaper from behind!”

Jason: “Carver has his right arm firmly under Reapers chin and he’s LEANING back…hard! It looks like a sleeper…”

Ryu: “That is no damn sleeper…that’s a damn choke hold…”

Jason: “Reaper thrashing around the ring trying to fight it…his arms are flailing but he’s starting to fade…”

Ryu: “He’s out! Carver just choked Reaper out after Jackman stunned him…now Jackman has Strayt Jakit up…what the hell is he doing?”

Jason: “Carver is up, leaving Reaper in the middle of the ring…Carver going into the pocket of his jeans…oh no…he’s got that zippo lighter out…he just threw it on those two tables he set up!”

Ryu: “WOW! Those tables are TORCHED! The flames must be five feet high! The fans are screaming…”

Jason: “Jackman on the apron now with Strayt Jakit over his shoulder…he’s got him up…”


Jason: “WHAT AN IMPACT! Strayt Jakit lays in a crumpled heap amidst the smouldering wreckage of those tables! Ben Jackman on the apron…raises both his arms to the thunderous cheers of the fans!”

Ryu: “Well…this IS a no DQ match…”

Jason: “Reaper starting to stir…Carver drops the leg across his chest…grabs Reaper’s right arm…he locks it between his knees…Carver grabs the wrist of Reaper and lays back…DIAMOND DISLOCATION!”

Ryu: “Reaper isn’t going to tap…wait…Jackman has gone to the top rope…”

Jason: “WHAM! FLYING BODYPRESS ON JACKMAN WHILE CARVER HELD HIM IN THE ARMBAR! What precision by Jackman! Carver releases the armbar and Jackman goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

Ryu: “The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”

(“Trip Like I Do” by Crystal Method begins to play as the house lights go up…)


Jason: “What a finish to a brutal match! Carver and Jackman high five each other in the middle of the ring…Reaper still laying prone in the middle of the ring…”

Ryu: “Look…Strayt Jakit rolling slowly back into the ring…”

(Del Carver and Ben Jackman leave the ring, and collect their belts…they slowly start to trudge up the aisle..)

Jason: “Okay…while Strayt Jakit and Reaper collect themselves we’re going to go to…”

Jason: What the hell is he doing here?

Ryu: What do you think he's doing here? He's going to get some pay back on Del Carver.

Skull begins slowly walking to the ring, as Ben Jackman points him out to Del Carver. Del Carver looks at Skull, waving him to bring it. Meanwhile Reaper is on the ring apron smiling at the sight of his brother.

Jason: Well I have to stop this, before we have another Cross incident.

Ryu: You will do no such thing. Don't worry, I talked to Skull and he assured he would not be killing anyone.

Jason: YOU talked to him? And I'm suppose to take your word on this?

Ryu: Do you realy have a choice Jason? This is a no dq match, anyone can do anything they want.

Jason:...Shit your right...

Skull walks down to the ring and towards Ben and Del's corner. Ben jumps down to the floor to take care of Skull, but Skull holds his hands up. Giving Ben Jackman the "I don't want any problems" gesture. He then turns around and walks over to Syko Ward's corner. Reaper leans over and says something into Skull's ear, and Skull smiles. Reaper turns back to the action in the ring...

Ryu: What the fuck is that about?

As soon as Reaper turns back to the ring, Skull's smile turns into a mad glare.

Jason: Is he glaring at his brother?

Ryu:..It...looks like it.

Skull grabs Reaper by the back of the neck, and gives him a modified Choke-slam to the outside.

Jason: Why the hell is he attacking his own brother?

Ryu: You never know what Skull's gonna do.

Del Carver who's now on the outside of the ring, is looking on in shock. Everyone thought for sure Skull was here to get Del, but it appears otherwise. Skull picks up his unconcous brother and places his head between his thighs.

Jason: It looks like he's setting up for a Skull-bomb!

Skull flips Reaper up above his head and holds him there.

Ryu: Look at that show of strength.

Skull walks over to the ring steps and lifts Reaper up at full arm's length above his head.

Jason: Not the stairs again!

Skull slams Reaper down with a fiercness...


With a Skull-bomb onto the ring steps.

Jason: Did you hear that snap?

Ryu: Yeah I did, I think something's broken.

Skull grabs an extra mic from the anouncer's table and walks back over to Reaper. Leaning over his broken body.

Skull: Reaper you son of a bitch! You DARE turn your back on me? Did you think you were immune from my wrath? I brought you in here so we can go for the tag straps, and what do you do? You join with this piece of shit instead....Enjoy your forced retirement bitch!

Skull spits in Reaper's face and then walks back up the enterance ramp as though nothing happened.

(The house lights go down. Suddenly, "So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast begins to play…)

Ryu: “Huh?”

Jason: “Um…here comes Mr. PPV himself…Eddie E!”

Ryu: “Yeah…and look who he has with him! Aaron Green!”

Jason: “Great! I just ate.”

(Mr. PPV and Aaron Green theatrical make their way down to the ring…Aaron Green is dressed impeccable in a business suit, while Mr. PPV is decked out in his standard ring gear and flashy robe…they step into the ring, and Eddie picks up the mic…)

Eddie E: “Ladies and Gentlemen! Anyone who knows ANYTHING about me knows that if there is one thing I can’t stand…it’s a cheater! (The crowd boos loudly…Eddie raises his hand…) Thank you! It’s good to know you agree with me. Yet I have discovered that a total travesty is taking place here in SHOOT PROJECT…one that cannot…NO…MUST NOT be allowed to continue!”

Jason: “What is he talking about?”

Eddie E: “That travesty…that total mockery of justice is being perpetrated on you, by none other than my OLD friend…the man who just saw…he man who obviously never listened when his mommy told him not to play with fire…Diamond Del Carver! For you see…old man Carver walks around here, CLAIMING that he is YOUR DOJO CHAMPION…(The crowd cheers)…But IS HE? I have found much to my shock and dismay…that Mr. Carver last defended that title FOUR WEEKS AGO…and is therefore in breach of his contract! (Eddie smiles and hands the mic over to Aaron Green.)”

Aaron Green: “Thank you Mr. PPV. Thank you, not only for increasing our buy rate as we speak…but thank you for bringing a sense of justice…a sense of fair play…and a sense of sportsmanship to SHOOT PROJECT. (The crowd boos loudly and throw debris at the ring…) I was shocked and appalled to learn that Mr. Johnson has allowed this injustice to perpetrated upon the fans of SHOOT PROJECT. But thanks to Eddie E. pointing this out to me…I shall now RIGHT this terrible WRONG!”

Jason: “Excuse me while I go up there and smack that waste of space right in the mouth…”

Ryu: “(Holding Jason back…) Don’t do it man. You’re the play by play man now…don’t get sucked in.”

Aaron Green: “I hereby declare that if Del Carver does not defend his DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP TONIGHT…right NOW…I shall declare the title FORFEIT and award it to a SHOOT PROJECT superstar at random. Hmmm. Let’s see…why not Eddie E?” (Eddie E. begins clapping theatrically)

Jason: “Okay…this is BULLSHIT. Carver is not even supposed to be here tonight…he has a concussion, a bruised pelvis, 15 stitches in his head. He can barely walk…and ON TOP OF THAT…he just finished getting his ass kicked by Syko Ward…”

Ryu: “Listen Johnson…rules are rules!”

(A spotlight hits the top of the runway. Del Carver steps out. He has not even finished cooling down from his match with Syko Ward. He is still wearing his jeans and boots…he is bare-chested and has a towel around his neck. In his hand he holds the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP BELT. He has a mic.)

Del Carver: “Well, well, well. Eddie. I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I met up. You fucking vulture! You want this? (Carver holds up the belt..) Well you…”


Jason: “IT’S SKULL! IT’S SKULL! Skull just laid Carver out…and now he’s picking him up and throwing him over his shoulder…and walking to the ring! Look at Eddie E. and Green! They’re laughing up a storm!”

Ryu: “This was a nice set up…”

Jason: “Skull carrying Carver’s lifeless body to ringside. Why isn’t he getting in the ring? What the hell is he doing?”


Jason: “My lord. Skull just Skull Bombed Del Carver through that timekeepers table…right on top of the ring bell…that bell must be embedded in Carver’s back. The table is splintered!”

Ryu: “Skull just pulled Carver to his feet by the HAIR…wait…he’s whispering something in Carver’s ear! What the hell is he saying to him?”

Jason: “I don’t know…and neither does Carver from the looks of it. He’s unconscious! Skull rolls Carver into the ring…right at the feet of Eddie E. and Aaron Green. Skull throws the DOJO belt over the top rope…and steps over it himself…”

Ryu: “Green with a big grin on his face. He goes to HUG Skull…whoops…Skull sticks his arm out. Guess he’s not in a huggy mood.”

Skull: “(Grabs the mic…) What I do, I do for my own reasons. You do not own me…and NO MAN controls me.” (Skull hands the mic back to Green, steps over the top rope, and disappears into the crowd. Fans flee from him in terror as he makes his way through them…)

Aaron Green: “Well Mr. PPV! Here is your opponent…here is the belt…here is a ref…let’s get this little formality out of the way and…”

Jason: “BLACKOUT! Ben Jackman tearing down to the ring…Aaron Green rolls under the ropes and flees in terror! SPEAR! Ben Jackman just speared Eddie E., and now he’s hammering Eddie in the head with lefts and rights…”

Ryu: “WOW! Jackman wasn’t about to allow Green and Eddie E. to screw his partner out of that title! Now Ben Jackman has the mic.”

Ben Jackman: “Listen up you piece of shit! Del might have made me promise not to interfere with him and Skull…but YOU…you fucking pimp…luck goes my way I get you in the final four at Master of The Mat…and in the meantime…here’s a little PREVIEW!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman pulling Eddie E. to his feet…but Eddie E. nailing Jackman in the midsection with a knee! Eddie E. throws Ben Jackman over the top rope…goes out after him…Eddie E. gets a steel chair…”

Ryu: “Uh Oh!”

Jason: “WHAM! Eddie E. nails Ben Jackman right in the back with a steel chair! Jackman lying on his back…outside the ring…Eddie E. lifts the chair over his head…”

Ryu: “WHOA! Big boot to the midsection of Eddie by Jackman!”

Jason: “Jackman up now! Blackout rams Eddie E. HEADFIRST into the ringpost! Eddie falls backwards, unconscious! Ben Jackman collapses…holding his back where Mr. PPV walloped him!”

Ryu: “Man, Jackman just finished wrestling in a total WAR…and now he’s been smacked with a steel chair.”

Jason: “Oh great. Green has slid back into the ring like the snake he is…and now HE has the mic!”

Aaron Green: “(Standing over the still unconscious Del Carver…) I don’t care if your partner just knocked out Eddie or not…I’m still STRIPPING you of the DOJO TITLE!…(An evil grin comes over Aaron Green’s face…) UNLESS…is there anybody in the back who wants a DOJO Title Shot…RIGHT NOW?”

("Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Aaron Green: “Samantha! Ref! DO IT!”

Samantha: “This next bout is for the SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP! Currently in the ring…DEL CARVER! Coming into the ring…standing at 5'10", weighing in at 203 pounds….KID WIKKID!!!”

(Kid Wikkid makes his way to the ring, and vaults himself over the top rope…the bell rings…)

Jason: “Okay…this is BULLSHIT! Carver is flat on his back in the middle of the ring…out cold!”

Ryu: “Hey Jason…when opportunity knocks…you answer the fucking door.”

Jason: “Good point, I suppose. Kid Wikkid straight up to the top rope and nails a Shooting Star Leg Drop on Del Carver! Here’s the ref…ONE…TWO…THREE!”


("Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play again as the crowd rush to their feet. Kid Wikkid raises his hand in victory…but then immediately drops to one knee to check on Del Carver. Carver slowly begins to stir. Aaron Green gets back in the ring with a wide smile on his face…)

Aaron Green: “Outstanding! Outstanding young man! Let me be the first to congratulate…(Aaron Green sticks out his hand…but Kid Wikkid nails him right in the mouth with a HIGH dropkick as the crowd roars…)

Jason: “YES! YES! Kid Wikkid drives Aaron Green out of the ring with that beautiful dropkick…Green hightailing it up the runway with his hands over his mouth!”

Ryu: “Oh shit! Jackman and Eddie E. are both slowly waking up…Jackman is back in the ring…he’s looking at Del…he’s looking at Wikkid with the belt…Wikkid picks up the mic…”

Kid Wikkid: “Look Blackout…I got no beef with you…so don’t start one. Green said that if somebody didn’t come out and take this title from Carver, he was going to just hand it to Eddie. I take my opportunities where I can get them…I ain’t gonna apologise for that! I figure Del would rather me pin him for this title than just hand it to Eddie.”

(Ben Jackman looks at Kid Wikkid. He looks furious…but slowly nods. He extends a hand to Kid Wikkid…)

Jason: “Kid Wikkid and Jackman slapping hands…and helping Del Carver to his feet. Carver is still out of it…Jackman and Wikkid prop Del Carver up between them and head up the ramp…”

Ryu: “Poor Eddie E. He came out here to start trouble…and now he’s all alone in the ring, just waking up after being knocked loopy by Ben Jackman.”

Jason: “That gives me one hell of an idea. Excuse me a minute…(Drops Headset…)”

Ryu: “Where the hell is HE going now? Jason has left the broadcast position and is over whispering something in Samantha’s ear! Ha! Maybe he’s asking her for a date! Okay…now he’s back…what the hell was THAT all about Jason?”

Jason: “Nothing much…”

(Samantha steps into the ring…the bell sounds as Eddie E. slowly gets to his feet…)

Samantha: “This next match is a SECOND round MASTER OF THE MAT match up!”

(The crowd roars…Eddie looks around…confusedly…)

Ryu: “Johnson…you BASTARD!”

Samantha: “In the ring to my right…standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…the man who claims he ‘Brings the Buy Rate’…Mr. PPV…Eddie E.!”

Ryu: “You can’t do this! Look at poor Eddie…he’s having a conniption fit in the ring…he’s jumping up and down…arguing with the ref…and Samantha!”

Jason: “Well…she can’t help him. I don’t have a big problem with Eddie E., but if Aaron Green wants to try and give him an unfair advantage over the other fighters here in Shoot…well…two can play at that game.”

("Parabol/Parabola" by Tool begins to play…as Eddie continues to shake his head violently and vehemently argues with the ref…trying to talk his way out of the match …)

Samantha: “Now entering the ring…standing 6 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 295 pounds… ‘King’ Ty Jackson!”

(King Ty Jackson strides down the aisle, jumps on the ring apron, and holds his arms over his head, as the crowd cheers. The bell sounds…)

Jason: “Eddie E. is done arguing with the ref…now he walks up to King Ty Jackson…looks like they’re doing some jaw jacking…Eddie E. starts poking Jackson in the chest…he shoves King Ty Jackson! King Ty Jackson shoves back! Eddie E. NAILS King Ty Jackson with a textbook standing dropkick!”

Ryu: “I don’t think King Ty Jackson was expecting that!”

Jason: “Neither was I! Eddie E. stomps away at King Ty Jackson….picks King Ty Jackson up for the slam…nice bodyslam by Eddie E. on King Ty Jackson…Eddie E. really being the aggressor here! He pushes King Ty Jackson back into the corner and starts laying in some knife edge chops…chop, chop, chop! Eddie E. whipping King Ty Jackson into the opposite corner…NO…reversal…King Ty Jackson comes back with forward with a forearm smash! BANG!”

Ryu: “That turned the tide quickly!”

Jason: “Eddie E. on the mat now…a bit stunned from that forearm smash…King Ty Jackson pulling him up…whip into the corner, and comes forward with a clothesline! Several kicks to the midsection…but King Ty Jackson comes forward with ANOTHER clothesline!”

Ryu: “King Ty Jackson responding to those boots with a sharp clothesline!”

Jason: “Eddie E. gets his head slammed into the turnbuckle...Eddie E. to the apron, and King Ty Jackson knocks him off to the floor with a high dropkick!”

Ryu: “Eddie E. trying to bail out and regroup there, but King Ty Jackson staying right on him, sending him to the floor with a NICE dropkick!”

Jason: “On the floor…Eddie E. is up and meets King Ty Jackson with a wild haymaker…King Ty Jackson responds with a hook…the two men exchanging punches back and forth!”

Ryu: “We got an old fashioned brawl on the outside now!”

Jason: “Eddie E. getting the upper hand in this exchange…stuns King Ty Jackson…throws him back first into the security barrier. Clothesline over the top now…into the crowd he goes.”

Ryu: “You know, Eddie might be well advised to stay in the ring during this match…he already got his bell rung out there once tonight…and that was well before this fight even started!”

Jason: “Good point. King Ty Jackson angry now…jumps back over the security barrier and flattens Eddie E. with a left hook…Jackson grabs Eddie…into the post he goes shoulder first!”

Ryu: “SEE? I TOLD you he shouldn’t be screwing around out there!”

Jason: “When you’re right you’re right…UH OH…vertical suplex by Jackson onto the concrete! King Ty Jackson now throws Eddie E. back in the ring…knee to the midsection of Eddie…another…whip…King Ty Jackson chases, Eddie E. side-steps, and King Ty Jackson goes shoulder first into the post!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Mr. PPV! Eddie E. grabs him and sends him right back into the post a second time!”

Jason: “Eddie E. in control now…throwing some knife edge chops hard into the chest of King Ty Jackson…chop, chop, chop…now a whip to the opposite corner and Eddie goes for a dropkick, but King Ty Jackson holds the ropes and Eddie E. hits the air…Eddie E. comes up and BANG! King Ty Jackson hits a clothesline and goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…Eddie E. kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man, what a fast paced, well matched fight this is…”

Jason: “Eddie E. puts on an armbar on Jackson, and uses the second rope for leverage…the ref catches him after about a minute, and kicks his foot off the ropes and orders a break.”

Ryu: “No fair!”

Jason: “Eddie stays on him…front facelock…into a NICE suplex! Eddie E. heads to the top rope…he comes off…but Jackson is UP and Eddie gets met with a right hand to the gut.”

Ryu: “Guess that suplex didn’t stun Jackson as bad as we thought!”

Jason: “Eddie E. doubles Jackson over with a sharp kick…and now Eddie tries to put Jackson in the BOSTON CRAB…and he gets it! King Ty Jackson tries to crawl to the ropes…and makes it. Eddie E. breaks the hold…he goes over to King Ty Jackson and starts stomping.”

Ryu: “Eddie has a lot of moves in his arsenal!”

Jason: “Eddie whips Jackson…reversal…King Ty Jackson ducks, and Eddie E. hits a reverse elbow…Eddie E. hammering on King Ty Jackson, but King Ty Jackson answers with a series of rights…Eddie whipped into the ropes…he comes off with a FLYING FOREARM SMASH! King Ty Jackson down…Eddie goes for a cover…HE PUTS HIS FEET ON THE TOP ROPE FOR LEVERAGE! ONE…TWO…NO!!!”

Ryu: Oh shit… Ty Jackson is going to be pissed.

Jason: Correction, he IS pissed. He stands straight up and looks into Eddie’s eyes. Eddie starts to beg off. Ty Jackson walks up to Eddie and Eddie pokes him in the eye!!

Ryu: These are rookie mistakes here that Jackson is making. We’ll see how the rest of this goes.

Jason: Well, just as quickly as Jackson gets poked in the eye, Eddie bounces off the back rope to be booted into the gut by Ty Jackson!! He picks Eddie up on one shoulder… Oh man!! THAT piledriver move!!

Ryu: He calls that PAIN! And rightfully so, I might add.

Jason: Cover! ONE….TWO….THREE!!!!!!! This is over!!!

Ryu: Good job by Eddie E, but it wasn’t enough. Ty Jackson is just a monster.

(“High” by Jimi’s Chicken Shack begins to play over the sound system…)

Ryu: “No stop in the action! Here we go…”

Samantha: “This next bout is a NO disqualification tag team match. Now heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 6 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are THE MADMEN!!!”

(The Flying Dutchman strides confidently to the ring, a smug look on his face…he raises his hands over his head as his name is announced…then climbs into the ring. He is followed by The Fist, whose face is inscrutable…as always.)

Jason: “Well…here are the number one contenders to the tag titles…”

("Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “Now their opponents…firstly…standing at 5'10", weighing in at 203 lbs….your SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!!!”

(Kid Wikkid emerges from the darkness at the top of the runway, and begins to walk to the ring as the fans rise to their feet. Wikkid is wearing his newly won DOJO belt around his waist. Kid Wikkid exchanges high fives with fans…jumps with ease to the ring apron…and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd…"Mastermind" by Megadeth begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “Now…his partner…standing 7 feet tall and weighing 350 pounds…the MASTER of the Skull Bomb…here is…SKULL!!!”

Jason: “Skull on his way…HOLY SHIT!”

Ryu: “Skull just came out into the aisle…but Del Carver shot out right behind him!”

Jason: “Carver has thrown a chain around the neck of Skull, and now he’s wrapping it up tighter as Skull thrashes around…he’s choking Skull!”

Ryu: “Look at the expression on Carver’s face…he’s gone psycho!”

Jason: “Skull down to one knee know as Carver pulls madly on that chain wrapped around the wind pipe of Skull…NO…Skull is up! SKULL just tossed Carver OVER TOP of him!”


Jason: “Skull pulling that chain from around his neck…he’s wrapping it around his hand…BAM! He levels Carver with that chain wrapped fist! And again! Again! Carver is busted open…bleeding a gusher from that area where the bandage was! Carver staggering backwards…Skull goes after him…they’ve disappeared from view into the darkness backstage!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile…The Madmen and Kid Wikkid are just standing there in the ring watching!”

Jason: “Fist and The Dutchman look at each other and shrug…and attack Kid Wikkid! The bell rings! The Madmen are stomping away on Kid Wikkid mercilessly!”

Ryu: “Hey…why not?”

Jason: “The ref orders Fist to the ring apron…The Flying Dutchman and Kid Wikkid start…but no…The Flying Dutchman tags out right away…here comes Fist.”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid goes ahead and gets a free shot on The Flying Dutchman anyway…but it costs him to turn his back against Fist…forearm in the back!”

Jason: “Fist in control from the get go…forearm smash to the back of Kid Wikkid…now Fist stomping away…now a foot on the throat…and a tag. The Flying Dutchman with a stomp…now picking Kid Wikkid up….throwing some knife edge chops in to Kid Wikkid…chop…chop…Wikkid thrown into the ropes by the Dutchman…reversed by Wikkid…flying shoulderblock by Kid Wikkid! Now he scoops up Dutchman and a slam!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid up to the middle rope in the corner…kneedrop off the ropes…goes for the cover…The Flying Dutchman shoves him off before the ref can even get a count in…”

Jason: “Knee to the midsection of Kid Wikkid by The Flying Dutchman…forearm pounding him across the back…some nice high kicks to the chest…now powering him back into the corner…choking him over the top rope…Wikkid falls backward…Dutchman goes for an elbowdrop…MISSES!”

Ryu: “Nobody home on that one!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid up to the top rope and off the top with a crossbody! ONE…TWO…NO! Dutchman kicks out at two…Dutchman pops back up…Kid Wikkid hits a monkey flip. Goes for a cover…BOOM!”

Ryu: “There's a big knee to the head of Kid Wikkid by Fist…Fist puts him into the corner, up on his shoulders, and The Flying Dutchman's over to grab the neck…ROLLING NECK BREAKER BY THE DUTCHMAN!”

Jason: “Ouch! Kid Wikkid pulled up to his feet…RUNNING POWERSLAM by The Flying Dutchman…Fist is in again…he picks Kid Wikkid up and PRESSES HIM IN THE AIR…”

Ryu: “What power from Fist…now Dutchman is going to the top…”

Jason: “WOW! Fist walks out from underneath Kid Wikkid and The Flying Dutchman comes off the top rope and absolutely NAILS Kid Wikkid with a beautiful dropkick from the top while Kid Wikkid is in mid air! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(“High” by Jimi’s Chicken Shack begins to play…)

Samantha: “Your winners…the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS…THE MADMEN!”

The Flying Dutchman rises to his feet, grabs Kid Wikkid and throws him over the top rope, and then wipes his hands together, as if he is cleaning them.

Jason: “Well, The Madmen make short work of Kid Wikkid in what turns out to be a short handicap match…thanks to Del Carver trying to take out Skull…”

Ryu: “Yeah…trying unsuccessfully! Last we saw, Skull was pounding Carver into the middle of next week with that chain!”

(The Flying Dutchman exits the ring and exchanges a high five with The Fist. He heads up the aisle with The Fist in tow, as Kid Wikkid gets to his knees in the ring and tries to shake the cobwebs…The camera goes to Jason and Ryu in the broadcast position…)

Jason: “(Holding one hand to his ear…) We’re being told that Skull and Carver continued to brawl outside…we’ve got a cameraman back in the loading dock area…”

(The shot goes to a standard loading bay area…there is a large bay where a truck would back up…and then about a 8 foot drop to the concrete below…Skull suddenly appears…he has the bloody Del Carver over his shoulder…)

Jason: “OH GOD…”

Ryu: “Skull isn’t thinking…”

Jason: “You’re damn right he is…he hoists Carver up for the SKULL BOMB…and DROPS HIM TO THE CONCRETE RIGHT OUTSIDE THE LOADING BAY!!!”


Jason: “SKULL JUST SKULL BOMBED DEL CARVER TEN FEET DOWN OFF THAT LOADING BAY…ON TO CONCRETE! Skull looks down at Del Carver in disgust…there are all sorts of stage hands rushing down the steps to tend to Carver…”

Ryu: “Look at Carver…he’s twisted up like a pretzel…and his foot is the only thing moving…ewww…it’s twitching involuntarily…creepy…”

Jason: “Skull turns his back on the crippled Carver…he walks away…oh god…let’s go back to the ring…”

[Over the PA "Ain’t that a kick" by Sinatra hits the speakers and out from the back walks Romeo Viatchi. He waits atop the ramp as the fans boo him and he just stands there, waiting. His music stops and then “Praise” by Sevendust hits the speakers and then out walks Cronos Diamante and then the two start walking down the ramp towards the ring]

Jason: Look at these two, probably two of the most egotistical people I've ever seen. I guess it's only fitting that they're aligned with Aaron Green.

Ryu: Hold on there, just a minute. First off, if either of those three men are arrogant, it's because they've got the skill to back it up.

[Romeo Viatchi and Diamante are waiting in the ring as "Down with the Sickness" blares over the speakers. Stoned Cold and Chris Lee run out from the back, Chris Lee wearing his own shirt and the two slide into the ring. They stand andLee block their opponents punches and land haymakers of their own. Chris Lee and Stoned Cold grab the other two's heads and look at each other before smashing their heads together and the fans go wild!]

Jason - The two fan favorites here opening up this match quickly!

Jason - These guys have been dying to get at each other!

Jason - Great move by Chris Lee!

Jason - Chris Lee showing off his more technical side with that maneuver.

[Cronos Diamante quickly gets up and as Chris Lee charges him, hits a drop toe hold and drapes Chris Lee's neck over the ropes. Cronos Diamante runs, hits the other ropes and on the return jumps and lands on Chris Lee pushing his neck further into the ropes. As the ref scolds Cronos Diamante for the move Chris Lee uses the ropes to make it to the corner and tag in Stoned Cold. As Cronos Diamante is not paying attention Stoned Cold hits the ropes and lands a springboard dropkick to his back sending Cronos Diamante into the turnbuckle face first. Cronos Diamante, holding his face, makes the tag to Romeo Viatchi. Romeo Viatchi comes into the ring and hits a clothesline, he throws Stoned Cold into the ropes and Stoned Cold makes a blind tag to Chris Lee before bouncing off. On the return Romeo Viatchi goes for a heelkick but Stoned Cold rolls under it and as Romeo Viatchi spins a DEVESTATING superkick from Chris Lee nails him.]

Jason – Stoned Cold and Chris Lee looking good as a team here!

Ryu - Ya think so, Johnson?! Frankly I'm amazed you're actually complimenting Chris Lee of all people.

[Chris Lee picks up Romeo Viatchi and throws him into the turnbuckle. Chris Lee tags in Stoned Cold at the same time as sitting Romeo Viatchi up on the top turnbuckle. Both Stoned Cold and Chris Lee ascend to opposite sides of Martinez. Stoned Cold locks Romeo Viatchi up for what looks to be a DDT while Chris Lee spins and locks him up like a bulldog. Both members look at each other and nod before lifting off, taking Romeo Viatchi with them, for a DDT/Bulldog combo from the top rope!]

Jason - What a move!!!

Ryu - Of course it was a good move, what else would you expect from Chris Lee and Stoned Cold?

[Stoned Cold goes for the cover...



[Cronos Diamante runs in and breaks the count by kicking Stoned Cold in the face. Stoned Cold checks his mouth for blood and grabs Romeo Viatchi, taking him to the corner. Stoned Cold tags in Romeo Viatchi and then picks up Romeo Viatchi for a vertical suplex as Chris Lee sits on the top rope. Instead of dropping Romeo Viatchi for the suplex, Stoned Cold places him, stomach first, on Chris Lee's shoulder. Chris Lee stands on the second rope and drops down hitting an Oklahoma Stampede like maneuver from the top! Chris Lee picks the almost dead Romeo Viatchi up and throws him to the ropes. On the return Chris Lee hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex.]

Jason - Romeo Viatchi is dead!

[Chris Lee walks over and flips off Cronos Diamante who tries to get in the ring and the ref has to go over and get in the way. With the ref distracted, Chris Lee claps, making it sound like a tag was made. Chris Lee stands Romeo Viatchi up and kicks him in the gut, doubling him over. Stoned Cold stands on the top rope and leaps, hitting missile dropkick from the tope rope! Viatchi is clutching the side of his head!]

Ryu - That's gotta be it!

Jason - Calm down Ryu, you're forgetting that this is a tag team contest, Cronos Diamante could easily run in to make the help, just like he did earlier.

[Stoned Cold goes for the pin..



[Cronos Diamante grabs Romeo Viatchi's arm from the outside and places it on the ropes. The ref stops the count and looks at Cronos Diamante to scold him but Cronos Diamante just shrugs his shoulders and acts like he did nothing. Stoned Cold picks up Romeo Viatchi who is pretty much deadweight right now and sends him into the ropes. Romeo Viatchi desperately grabs and holds on to the ropes and Stoned Cold, after going for a dropkick, lands on the ground dazed. Romeo Viatchi pulls his beaten body on the ropes and just as Stoned Cold goes to grab his foot Romeo Viatchi leaps and tags in Cronos Diamante. Cronos Diamante runs into the ring and tags Stoned Cold on the head dropping him. Cronos then runs to the corner and punches Chris Lee as well and Chris Lee falls down on the ring apron. Cronos Diamante turns as Stoned Cold goes for a hurricanrana but Cronos reverses it and hits a sit-down powerbomb and goes for the pin...]



[Kick Out! Cronos Diamante keeps hold of Stoned Cold's legs as if still in a powerbomb and stands. He picks Stoned Cold up and looks to be hitting a second powerbomb but instead spins a bit and drops Stoned Cold's face on the top turnbuckle!]

Jason - Oh MY, what a move by Cronos Diamante!

Jason - Cronos Diamante coming out with a full head of steam here!

[Cronos Diamante grabs Stoned Cold from behind and hits a belly-to-back suplex and bridges...



[Chris Lee runs in and measures Cronos Diamante with a kick breaking the pin! Cronos Diamante rolls, holding his ribs for a second and then stands to see Stoned Cold making a tag to Chris Lee. Chris Lee runs in and goes for a clothesline but Cronos ducks it, Chris Lee without turning around lifts his leg up and mulekicks Cronos Diamante in the nuts dropping him. Chris Lee swaggers over and stomps on Cronos Diamante. He picks Cronos Diamante up and throws him to the ropes and hits a knee to the face on the return. Chris Lee takes Cronos with him as he tags in Stoned Cold. Chris Lee nods to Stoned Cold and he gets behind and slightly to the side of Chris Lee. Chris Lee grabs Cronos around his waist from behind and lifts him slowly for the beginning of a belly-to-back suplex and then speeds it up on the arch. Before Cronos hits the ground Stoned Cold jumps and turns the suplex into a neckbreaker/suplex combo!]

Jason - I am incredibly impressed, these two men are a GREAT team!

Jason - I don't think I've seen more double team moves since the Rockers!

Ryu – Who?

[With Cronos down, Stoned Cold tags in Chris Lee. Chris Lee picks up Stoned Cold like a back suplex and then drops him, hitting a guillotine legdrop on Cronos Diamante. The two make another tag and Chris Lee picks up Stoned Cold again in the same way but this time he spins and pushes Stoned Cold into a moonsault, landing on Cronos Diamante. Stoned Cold goes to pick up Cronos Diamante but Cronos Diamante reverses and turns it into a small package...]



[Chris Lee makes the break and Cronos Diamante spins off and tags in Romeo Viatchi. Both men grab Stoned Cold and toss him to the ropes and on the return hit a double back body drop! Chris Lee runs in and Cronos Diamante turns and hits him with a dropkick then goes and pushes him out of the ring with his feet. Romeo Viatchi picks up Stoned Cold and tosses him to the ropes, hitting a hurricanrana on the return. Romeo Viatchi runs and hits the ropes and on the return hits a running senton onto Stoned Cold and stays for the pin...]



[Kick Out! Romeo Viatchi picks up Stoned Cold but is met with a low blow. Stoned Cold throws Romeo Viatchi into Chris Lee's lifted foot in the corner. With Romeo Viatchi down Stoned Cold tags in Chris Lee and goes to the top. Chris Lee picks up Romeo Viatchi and hold him around his waist, back facing the mat and pushes his face out, arching his back (Too Cool), but instead of Stoned Cold hitting the usual legdrop he turns around and hits a moonsault!!]

Ryu - My god!

[Stoned Cold tags in Chris Lee but ignores Romeo Viatchi, allowing Martinez to tag in Cronos Diamante. Rock runs towards Chris Lee and Chris Lee ducks, Cronos unable to slow down gets hit with a spinning dropkick from Stoned Cold. Romeo Viatchi runs in to help but Chris Lee spins and pushes his back sending him into the turnbuckle sternum first. As Stoned Cold pummels Cronos Diamante, Chris Lee props Romeo Viatchi on the top rope with his back facing the ring. Chris Lee stands on the rope and pulls up Romeo Viatchi and locks on a arm bar with a facelock.]

Jason - No don't do this! This could KILL Romeo Viatchi!

Ryu - Oh stop overreacting Johnson, it won't kill him, just injure him badly!

Jason - God you're a jackass Ryu. [Chris Lee uses all his strength jumps backwards, taking Romeo Viatchi with him, and hits the from the top rope!!!!] Jason - My God! My God it killed him!

[The ref and Stoned Cold both look at Chris Lee stunned, like a god. Chris Lee nods to Stoned Cold and Stoned Cold picks up Cronos Diamante, he send him towards Chris Lee and Chris Lee tosses Cronos Diamante into the ropes while Stoned Cold hits the other ropes. On the return Chris Lee hits a drop toe hole but before Cronos Diamante falls all the way down Stoned Cold comes and nails a flying spinning heelkick!!]

[The ref gains control and its Stoned Cold and Cronos Diamante in the ring but Stoned Cold smiles and turns, tagging Lee in. Lee runs at Cronos Diamante and Diamante ducks. Cronos Diamante spins only to get nailed with a kick from Lee. With Cronos Diamante doubled over, Lee takes a step back and lands a bicycle kick to the back of Cronos Diamante head. Lee gets on top of Diamante and begins to pummel him, laying into his face. The ref breaks it up and Lee throws Cronos Diamante to the corner. Lee props Cronos Diamante up on the top and tags in Stoned Cold. Both men hook an arm and flip Cronos Diamante HIGH over their heads from off the top rope and Cronos Diamante hits hard, landing on his back. Stoned Cold runs over and begins stomping on Cronos Diamante. He picks Cronos Diamante and tosses him to the corner and follows up. Stoned Cold jumps, places his feet on Diamante's stomach and his hands behind his head and hits a monkey flip but, somehow, Cronos Diamante flips out and lands on his feet. He turns around and hits a falling clothesline on Stoned Cold and then makes the tag to Big Romeo Viatchi.]

Ryu - And just like that, Diamante turns it around. He shows what a true veteran is there.

[Big Romeo Viatchi tosses Stoned Cold to the ropes and on the return kicks him in the gut. Viatchi locks Stoned Cold's head and leg, picks him up, and hits a fisherman's buster, ROCKING Stoned Cold! Viatchi goes for the pin...



[Kick Out! Viatchi tosses Stoned Cold to the ropes and on the return telegraphs a back body drop and gets a kick in the face for his troubles. At this, Viatchi stands up and Stoned Cold spins and hits a STIFF spinning heelkick. Stoned Cold tosses Viatchi to the ropes and hits a spinning dropkick before tagging in Lee. The two go for the double team and Lee picks up Viatchi for a piledriver while Stoned Cold holds his feet. Both men jump at the same time and bring Viatchi down with a spike piledriver!]

Jason - These two are working well together as a team!

Ryu - Shut it.

[Chris Lee picks up Viatchi and sends him to the turnbuckle and follows up but Viatchi gets his boot up and hits it to the face. With Lee reeling, Viatchi stands on the second rope before hitting a double axe handle smash. Viatchi picks up Lee and tosses him to the corner and talks shit to Stoned Cold. Stoned Cold gets pissed and tries to get into the ring causing the ref to go and scold him and Cronos Diamante takes advantage, rubbing Lee's face into the ropes, before dropping down off Lee in the face a few times before pick him up and dropping him again with a haymaker. Viatchi turns and flips off Stoned Cold and once again the ref has to go over and keep Stoned Cold from running in. With the ref's back turned Cronos Diamante pulls off the turnbuckle pad while Viatchi picks up Lee. Viatchi makes a clapping sound to make the ref think the tag was made and the two double team Lee. Both men grab a side of Lee's head, run and smack his head into the exposed turnbuckle!!! When Lee bounces off, blood is pouring from his head.]

Jason: Chris Lee is busted open and this doesn't look good for his chances...

Ryu: This is GREAT!!

[Romeo Viatchi starts laughing and he goes to tag in Cronos Diamante. Cronos gets into the ring and hits Lee in the face, then mocks the crowd as they start booing. Cronos Diamante gets up onto the middle turnbuckle and continues mocking the crowd. After he thinks he's done enough mocking, Cronos Diamante gets down off of the second rope and goes over to do more work on Chris Lee but is met by a rejuvinated Lee who kicks him in the stomach and then Lee hits him with the Ego Killer and Cronos Diamante is out cold. Chris Lee drops down to go for the pinfall. Romeo Viatchi sees this going on and he gets into the ring to break up the attempt but Stoned Cold is on the bat and he leaps in and takes Romeo Viatchi out before he is able to do anything about it and the ref makes the count]




[Stoned Cold mounts the top turnbuckle and comes flying off, hitting Viatchi with the Burnout!! Chris Lee looks, and grabs Stoned Cold from behind, turning him around, and hitting the Ego Killer!!]

Ryu: Wait, what’s going on here?!

[Ty Jackson begins to make his way out. He stands at the top of the ramp, just looking down. Aaron Green is with him, and he is laughing. They watch the carnage unfold.]

Jason: Well, these are the three men who are set to square off next Sunday at Master of the Mat! Obviously…

[Cronos Diamante is up now, watching Chris Lee stand over Stoned Cold. Cronos runs and clips Lee’s knee out from under him, sending Chris down. He locks in the Sands of Time!!] Ryu: We’re out of time!

Jason: Master of the Mat in SEVEN DAYS!

[The promotional video for Master of the Mat rolls as the scene fades to black, Cronos Diamante using the Sands of Time to inhibit Chris Lee.]