~Fade In: Earliar Tonite backstage~

(The camera snooping around backstage before the show as always finds himself listening to the voice of Strayt Jakit talking to someone that we can only suspect is his partner. The camera turns the mic on the camera up just a little bit, and leans against the wall of his makeshift locker room, and listens intentivly hoping to find out who the partner of Strayt Jakit will be.)

Strayt Jakit: So you set him up in the corner for your move. I'll be up in the other corner on the ladder doing the Edge of Existence okay? We both do those off of our posts, and see what happens from then. If still no answer from Green. We do some more until he DOES answer. Now, what we gotta realize, is these guys are tough. You know how tough they are...

(Jakit goes on, and the camera man cracks open the door a bit hoping for a shot of Strayt Jakit and his partner. He looks in, and sees Jakit in his new attire, black leather pants with red lightning on the sides, and a black wife beater. He goes up a little more and sees no mask, but instead spiked blond hair. Jakit puts on his mask, and turns around whenever the camera man yawns. He opens the door, and then the screen fades to static.)

~Fade Out~

~Fade In: Kobe, Japan June 9, 2002. Oblivion.~

Jason: Welcome to SHOOT Project’s Oblivion! We saw just moments ago Strayt Jakit talking to his partner. Yet, we still don’t know who he is!

Ryu: That’s right. He has remained a mystery all week and now we get to find out who he is. Although, I can’t say that I really care, but whatever.

Jason: How about we move on to our first match?

Ryu: “This next match is not only a Master of The Mat match…but it has some serious history behind it as well…”

Jason: “Damn right. Ben Jackman and Del Carver tried to scramble Bill Hrenchuk’s brains a couple of weeks ago…and now they’re about to meet. Like you said…these guys would be a hell of a fight under the best of circumstances…but they also hate each other..AND there is the added pressure of the Master of The Mat to consider!”

The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…

“This next match is a first round MASTER OF THE MAT match up!”

(Crowd cheers appreciatively…as "Hero of the Day" by Metallica begins to play over the sound system…)

“And now…coming to the ring standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 225 pounds…STARSHYNA…BILL HRENCHUK!”

(The crowd cheers as Bill Hrenchuk strides to the ring with a determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…)

Ryu: “Bill’s determination and grit have really won over these fans lately. Normally Starshyna is a bit of a joker and will play to the crowd…but you can see from the look on his face that he is all business tonight…”

("Symphony of Destruction" by Megadeth begins to play…as Ben Jackman steps into the spotlight…Ben has a belt over each shoulder and a smirk on his face, as he starts to confidently make his way to the ring…) Samantha: “Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION and one half of ‘Hardcore Style’: the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…The Master of the Blackout Bomb…Ben Jackman!!!”

(Ben stands on the apron and holds his title belts up as the crowd jeers…)

Ryu: “Well, we’re ready to…”

(Suddenly the deep bass of “Bone Cracker” by Shocore begins to reverberate…Del Carver appears at the head of the runway…he is holding his two title belts over his shoulders and begins confidently walking towards the announcers table…)

Ryu: “What the HELL is this about?”

Jason: “Looks like we’re about to be joined for commentary here by the DOJO Champion…”

(Del Carver jumps to the apron and high fives Ben Jackman. Del and Ben then make a show of pretending they are injured, holding their backs and theatrically crying, all while pointing at Bill Hrenchuk, and laughing.

Bill Hrenchuk suddenly charges at them…but they both jump off the apron and retreat half way up the ramp. Del slaps Ben on the back, takes his titles for him, and heads to the announce table, while Ben carefully heads back to the ring. Del makes a big show of laying out all four title belts on the time keepers table before sitting down.)

Ryu: “Well…to what do we owe THIS honor Mr. Carver?”

Del: “Shut up, you sniveling little leech. I’m here to support my partner…what do you think?”

Jason: “I have no problem with you being here Mr. Carver.”

Del: “Yeah, fuck you too…JIMMY. I heard what you two slobs said about me when I lost a couple of matches after I first got here…don’t suck up to me now. Call the damn match.”

Ryu: “Good idea. Bill Hrenchuk lets Ben Jackman in the ring…and now they're nose to nose. Ben Jackman backs off first. Lockup, waistlock by Ben Jackman - Bill Hrenchuk with two elbows to break the hold. Ben Jackman grabs a single leg - Bill Hrenchuk tries an enzuigiri but Ben Jackman ducks it, and Bill Hrenchuk lands on his stomach. Ben Jackman's elbow drop misses, Bill Hrenchuk's clothesline ducked - stalemate.”

Jason: “I have to be impressed with how Starshyna is wrestling…after the mess you two made out of him a few weeks back.”

Del: “Screw him. Ben and I go to all the trouble of giving him a FREE spinal adjustment and a FREE sushi dinner…we even fed it to him…and how does he thank us? He jumps into our match with Crones and Chrissy and gets them DQ’d…right when I had the upper hand. Well if that’s how he wants to be…fine. Ben will fix his little red wagon tonight…trust me.”

Ryu: “I amazed he even showed up last week…not to mention made it to the ring for his match…and then interfered in yours…”

Del: “Yeah yeah yeah…and what good did THAT do him? He got his ass kicked by Reaper and Strayt Jakit. Coming back too soon from an injury doesn’t prove you have balls…it proves that you’re stupid. He should just retire and do what he’s good at…stand up comedy in an old folks home or something…”

Ryu: “That’s debatable…Lockup, side headlock by Ben Jackman, grinding it in...Bill Hrenchuk manages a waistlock - and a takedown! Ben Jackman reverses to a hammerlock. Bill Hrenchuk counters the counter and puts down Ben Jackman with a bodyslam. Ben Jackman runs into a drop toehold. Ben Jackman takes a quick breather in the corner while Bill Hrenchuk waits in the center. Bill Hrenchuk comes in - kick by Ben Jackman, right, right…no big surprise there…Ben Jackman went to the closed fists first - right, into the ropes, back elbow. Another back elbow for Ben Jackman, right, into the ropes, spinning heel kick puts Ben Jackman down. And it's Bill Hrenchuk throwing Ben Jackman over the top rope!!!”

Jason: “WOW! Starshyna is looking great!”

Del: “He’s cheating!”

Ryu: “How on earth is that cheating?”

Del: “Shut up and call the damn match!”

Ryu: “Outside the ring now…Bill Hrenchuk is poised - superkick...misses!! Bill Hrenchuk crashes into the ring post and bounces back to the floor. Ben Jackman takes control - stomp, stomp, head to the ring post, right, right, right, kick, stomp, standing on the neck. Suplex!”

Jason: “OUCH!!!”

Del: “HA HA HA! Suplex on the concrete…how’d you like THAT funny boy?”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman rolling the prone Starshyna back into the ring…puts on the front facelock…really grinding it in…Bill Hrenchuk back to his feet...gutshot, right, breaks the hold!”

Del Carver: “So what? Ben let him.”

Ryu: “Bill into the ropes, Ben Jackman ducks, off the ropes again and Bill Hrenchuk catches Ben Jackman in a BIG belly-to-belly overhead suplex! Bill Hrenchuk decides this might be a good time to try to go for the pin…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason: “Nice suplex there…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman up now, but Bill Hrenchuk kicks him in the gut...then turns round to leap from the top turnbuckle with a big clothesline! Leg is hooked - ONE…TWO…NO… Ben Jackman kicks out! Ben Jackman runs behind to grab the waistlock - German suplex - make it two - make it THREE before Ben Jackman unclasps his hands! Hooks the leg - ONE…TWO…NO!”

Del: “See? Billy isn’t the only guy who can throw a suplex around here…and I know the fans here appreciate a fine rolling german…”

Ryu: “Bill Hrenchuk slowly crawls over and grabs Ben Jackman’s ankle - Blackout turns round - stomp, stomp, stomp. Picks Bill up - and rams his head into the turnbuckle!! Ben Jackman sits on top of Starshyna…right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, right, Bill Hrenchuk is BUSTED OPEN!”

Del: “No doubt…did you see that? They say I’M the brawler of our team…did you see those right hands?”

Jason: “Gross…Ben Jackman pulls back on Bill Hrenchuk's hair to gives us a look and it does look impressive. Another straight right hand puts Bill Hrenchuk on the mat. But still Bill Hrenchuk manages a double leg trip- and a WOW catapult of Ben Jackman outside the ring!”

Ryu: “Ben pulls himself up by the ropes - Bill Hrenchuk with a back body drop on him…back into the ring, clothesline, ducks Ben Jackman's clothesline and hits the half nelson faceplant - leg is hooked - ONE…TWO…NO…Ben Jackman grabbed the bottom rope. Both men up very slowly - Ben Jackman puts Bill Hrenchuk into the ropes - Bill Hrenchuk tries a crossbody but Ben Jackman ducks - Ben Jackman grabs the waistlock and hits ANOTHER German suplex. Ben Jackman decides to climb the turnbuckle this time…”

Del: “Now you’re going to see something…”

Ryu: “We sure are…Bill Hrenchuk over just in the nick of time - shot from behind - climbing up AFTER him - shot in the back - another forearm - and HOLY SHIT!”

Jason: “Let's check the replay - Bill Hrenchuk with a top rope backdrop SUPERplex, but Ben Jackman did a full flip on his way down. WOW.”

Ryu: “Bill Hrenchuk again makes the slow climb up the ropes - second floor - top rope - trying to boost himself onto the top rope - no, Ben Jackman is up...ohhhh an uppernut - that'll stop you in your tracks for sure. Right, right, right, right, right right right - OHHHHH POWERSLAM OFF THE TOPE ROPE!!!”

Del: “Ben bagged him then powerslammed him…beautiful…that is IT…he’s done!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman staggers to make the cover…Bill Hrenchuk hasn't budged from the mat this time. Your winner is Ben Jackman! ONE…TWO…”


Del: “FUCK!”

Ryu: “Del Carver just threw down his headset and is heading for Rancid…but Jackman saw him coming and got up from the cover before the ref could make the 3 count! Rancid is ready for Carver…grabs him by the neck and runs him into the ring post as Ben Jackman looks on from inside the ring!”

Jason: “Damn! Carver into the ring post - again - and again for a THIRD trip into the steel…Carver is busted open BIG TIME…wait a minute…”

Ryu: “Starshyna is up and just rolled up Blackout from behind… ONE…TWO…NO! Thanks to Rancid’s interference, Hrenchuk almost got Jackman that time…man Carver is a mess…he’s literally dripping blood…but he’s up…looks like he’s doing a fair bit of cussing too…”

Jason: “Wouldn’t you be? Jackman had this match in the bag after that top rope powerslam, but now thanks to Rancid, the match is back on…Uh Oh! Carver has a chair…he just walloped Rancid…now he’s dropped the chair and he and Rancid are trading lefts and rights punch for punch on the outside…what a brawl!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile in the ring, both Jackman and Hrenchuk are back up - Bill Hrenchuk with a gutshot, goes for a DDT but Ben Jackman reverses - gutshot - DDT of his own! Leg is hooked - ONE…TWO…NO! That each man has kicked out so many two counts says just as much for the resiliency of the wrestlers involved but also for the fatigue, as neither man can hold the cover and keep his opponent down for three even AFTER the damage. But it's Ben Jackman in command at the moment, waiting for Bill Hrenchuk to get up - he went for a shoulder but Bill Hrenchuk steps aside and Ben Jackman spears the turnbuckle! And it's BILL HRENCHUK with a Samoan DROP on Ben Jackman!! Bill Hrenchuk hooks the leg - ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason: “Man…how much more can these guys do…and the fans still screaming as Rancid and Carver still brawl like crazy trading clubbing shots on the outside…Rancid is busted open now too…I think from that chairshot from Carver!

Ryu: “Bill Hrenchuk can barely get to his feet - and can't, as Ben Jackman knocks him down with an axehandle. Ben Jackman takes advantage - stomp, stomp, stomp - stomp, tries to go for a cover but Bill Hrenchuk grabs him by the throat! Ben Jackman back to him - stomp, stomp, stomp - Bill Hrenchuk releases the choke hold…but nails Jackman with a big uppercut to the balls!!!”

Ryu: OUCH!!!

Ryu: “Bill Hrenchuk climbs up to the tope rope as Jackman squirms in agony and Carver and Rancid continue to pummel each other on the outside…Bill Hrenchuk standing on the top rope…OUCH!!!”

Jason: “Carver and Rancid just simultaneously slammed each others heads on to the ring apron…causing Hrenchuk to fall crotch first on the top rope!!!”

Ryu: “Bill Hrenchuk slowly stands back up on the top buckle, waiting for the chance - but I think Ben Jackman has had enough time to recover…Bill tries to catch him by surprise, Bill Hrenchuk comes off with a high cross body…”


Ryu: “WHAT A MOVE! Leg is hooked - ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Ben Jackman GETS THE PIN!!!”

Samantha: “THE WINNER…and advancing to the next round of Master of The Mat…BEN JACKMAN!!!”

(Both Ben Jackman and Bill Hrenchuk lay exhausted in the ring…panting. Del Carver and Rancid lay prone outside on the concrete…both bloody.)

Jason: “What a war!”

Ryu: “It sure was! The difference maker there was when Rancid and Carver slammed into the ring, knocking Hrenchuk off the top rope. It gave Jackman time to recover and muster up the energy for that shoulder tackle in mid air that caught Hrenchuk on the way down. Knocked the wind out of him enough for Jackman to get the pin…”

(Del Carver rolls Ben Jackman out of the ring…Carver is a bloody mess and Jackman is exhausted and drenched in sweat. They both stagger over to the time keeper’s table and raise each others arms, then drape their titles over their shoulders and slowly stagger up the ramp.

Rancid rolls into the ring and gets on one knee to check on the winded Bill Hrenchuk. We go back to the announcers table with Jason and Ryu…

Jason: Well, that was certainly a good match. Jackman advances to round 2 and Hrenchuk seems to be a bit worse for wear.

Ryu: It’s a good thing that Rancid came out to help Hrenchuk, otherwise we might have had a more serious situation on our hands.

Jason: That’s right Ryu. Now, we have our next match, The Fist Vs. Roland the Dark.

["Wake Up" By Rage Against the Machine blares over the SHOOT Project speakers as Roland the Dark walks down the ramp toward the ring. He doesn't pause until he gets into the ring where he stands mid-ring waitng for the arrival of his opponent.]

Ryu: This should be a great match between two of SHOOT's best young competitors

Jason: Ah, cut the shit. The Fist is gonna murder him.

["High" by Jimi's Chicken Shack pounds over the SHOOT Project speakers as The Fist walks out onto the ramp, with the Flying Dutchman right behind him decked out in a full business suit, they walk slowly to the ring basking in the crowds attentions. The Fist jumps into the ring and The Dutchman walks over and takes a seat next to the time keeper.]

Ryu: Here we go!

[The Fist runs at Roland in a dead sprint, but Roland simply steps to the side and takes the Fist down with a drop toe hold. Roland immediatly leaps onto the Fist's back and begins to pound him across the face with overhand rights. The Fist manages to get to his feet in spite of the onslaught but Roland clings to his back and after a few more punches manages to get the Fist back down to one knee. Roland jumps back off his back, bounces off the far ropes and lays a vicious dropkick to the back of the Fist's head. The Fist hits the mat with a thud and Roland makes the cover.]

Ryu: Roland all over the Fist early in this match

Jason: Holy SHIT!

*the ref begins the count*




[Roland gets up as quickly as possible and begins to lay the boots into the downed Fist. Fist grabs Rolands foot as it comes down toward him and he throws Roland to the ground. The Fist leaps to his feet and pulls Roland up to his feet. The Fist buries a boot into Roland's midsecton doubling him over. The Fist grabs Roland and throws him to the mat with a thunderous powerbomb. The Fist drops to his knees and goes for the cover.]

Ryu: Well the Fist got that one back under control quickly

Jason: Hell yeah he did.




[The Fist gets back to his feet and pulls Roland up setting him up for another powerbomb but Roland manages to counter with a high back body drop. The Fist hits the mat with a thud and Roland jumps up to the top rope flying off onto the Fist with a lightning fast elbow drop. Roland leaps immediatly to his feet knowing he has to keep the pressure on the much larger man if he expects to win. Roland grabs The Fist by the neck pulling him up, burying a boot into the Fist midsection doubling him over. Roland sets up him and hit the PILLAR OF DARKNESS!]

Ryu: That looks like lights out.

Jason: Bull shit




Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, your WINNER ROLAND THE DARK.

["High" by Jimi's Chicken Shack pounds over the SHOOT Project crowd as The Flying Dutchman walks out onto the ramp in front of the Tokyo, Japan crowd. He pauses momentarily to pose as The Fist walks up behind him in an immaculate suit, his trademark sledgehammer conspicuos by its abscense. They walk slowly down to the ring amist a chorus of cheers and boos, they climb into the ring and Dutch says something to The Fist and motions to the outside of the ring. The Fist nods and hops out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair, unfolding it, and taking a seat.]

Ryu: This should be one hell of a match.

Jason: Hell yes.

Ryu: What you're not begging for blood?

Jason: Nah, sometimes I just want to see a good match.

Ryu: Christ, you have the walking wound about to make his entrance, and you don't want to see blood

Jason: Oh shit, you're right. BLOOD!

["Bonecracker" by Shocore fires up as Del Carver walks out on to the ramp in a sleevless Jeff Cross T-shirt, he pauses at the top looking directly down the ramp to the Flying Dutchman standing midring, before walking down to the ring stepping between the ropes and getting right up in the Dutchman's face.]

Ryu: Ladies and Gentlemen, This match is one of the first round matchups in the Master of the Mat Tournament.

Jason: Blood. Why the hell are they just standing there?

[Carver and Dutch stand nose to nose for several seconds befoe Carver buries a knee into Dutch's midsection doubling him over. Carver bounces back off the ropes and runs forward buring his knee into Dutch's forehead dropping him to mat with a thud. Carver picks him back up off the mat whipping him into ropes Carver follows him in and drops him to the mat with a vicious forearm shot. Dutch hits the mat again.]

Ryu: Wow, Carver is really taking it to The Dutchman early on in this matchup.

[Carver leans over to pull Dutch off the mat again but Dutch lays a stiff right to the side of Carver's head knocking him backward. Dutch kips up and begins to lay more punches into the head and body of the now dazed Carver. Dutchman whips Carver into the ropes and nails him with a Spinnick Back Kick. Dutch leaps to his feet jumps over Carver and hits a tremendous springboard moonsault. Dutch hooks the far leg and goes for the cover.]

Ryu: Heres the cover.




[Carver rises to his feet and Dutch meets him, they trade several chops back and forth. Dutch's chest is reddened by the punishing chops delivered by Carver, but Carver flinches first and Dutch takes immediate advantage with a whip into the ropes, and a spear. Carver hits the mat with a thud but manages to catch the Dutchman's head under his arm and deliver a guillotine choke. Dutch struggles to get to the ropes as Carver tightens his hold, after several seconds Dutch manages to get his hands around the bottom rope and the hold is broken.]

Ryu: Amazing counter to the spear by Carver there.

Jason: Wow, I had no idea Carver could wrestle like that, at this rate I'm never gonna see any blood.

[Both men struggle to there feet, Dutch gasping for air, and Carver clutching his ribs. Dutch bounces off the ropes hitting Carver with a flying clothesline. Carver hits the mat hard and the Dutchman is on him immediatly trying to lock in the Dutch Oven and put this match away. Carver manages to kick Dutch off of him just in time sending him into the ropes, Dutch bounces back and Carver pulls him into a school boy. The ref hits the mat and begins the count.]




[Dutch manages to kick out just in time, and both men are quickly back to there feet. The begin laying into each with chops again before Carver gains the advantage and whips Dutch into the ropes. The Dutchman hits the ropes and bounces off springing into the air going for a Cross Body on Carver, but Carver manages to counter it catching Dutch in midair and driving him into the mat with an Alabama Slam.]

Ryu: There is his setup. This could be all.

Jason: Dammit. Wheres the blood?

[Carver sits down and locks in the DIAMOND DISLOCATION! The Dutchman tries to fight his way out, trying to wiggle closer to the ropes. Carver cinches the hold in tighter, Dutch screams and pain and TAPS OUT! Carver immediatly releases the hold and stands up his hands in the air. He reaches down and helps Dutch to his feet, shakes his hand, pats him on the back, and thanks him for a good match. Carver celebrates on the top rope as the Flying Dutchman and the The Fist make their way back up the ramp.]

Ryu: What a great match.

Jason: Yeah, only one thing could've made it better.

Ryu: Whats that?

Jason: BLOOD! Ryu: Well that match was...

Jason: I thought it was exelent, but I can't wait till the next match starts.

Ryu: Yeah, I want to see Jakit get his ass kicked. Especially since he couldn't find a partner. .

Samantha: Now coming to the ring, weighing 230 pounds. STRAYT JAKIT!

(The lights go completely out and a line of fire shoots straight across the ceiling in two ways making a cross. "Creeping Death" by From the DePths starts, and Strayt Jakit walks down to the ring looking more determined than ever. He walks to the stairs, and gets on the apron. The lights dim to a red and Jakit is facing the crowd with his hands in a praying position.)

Ryu: Look, Jakit's praying so he doesn't get his ass kicked!

Jason: Well uh....he has a new suit...

Ryu: To bad it will be all screwed up after the match.

(Strayt Jakit looks at the ceiling and then brings his head back down. He quickly turns his head to the ramp and a bunch of pyro goes off as "Last Resort" by Papa Roach starts.)

Jason: What the hell?

(Kygon "Reaper" Davis comes to the ring with a ladder and slides in. He sets the ladder up in the corner, and Jakit flips backwards into the ring. He stares Davis in the eyes and they both nod as everyone looks at them shocked.)

Ryu: Well....he found a partner.

Jason: Isn't that the guy who cracked his skull with a chair last week?

Ryu: Yeah...

Samantha: And now coming to the ring. They are KID WIKKID and SYCO THRAIN!

(Thrain's music starts, and Kid Wikkid comes out and then points to the curtain as Thrain comes out too. They warm up at the top of the ramp and walk down. They stop at the ring apron, looking a little intimidated, and then slide into the ring. Once they slide in, Reaper and Jakit start attacking them restlessly.Jakit is on his knees throwing blind punches to the upper body of Wikkid, while Reaper is kicking Thrain repeatedly in the head.)

Ryu: Maybe this match will get the fans going...

Jason: Probably not.

(Jakit gets up off of Wikkid, but lifts him up and irish whips him into the turnbuckle diagnol of the ladder. He stands on the second rope and starts throwing more blind punches at the forehead of Wikkid. He jumps off and irish whips him towards the turnbuckle with the ladder in it, but Wikkid reverses it. Jakit hits the ladder and falls down, while Wikkid goes over to Reaper and starts trying to take out his knee. Thrain scoots backwards out of the ring, and lifts searches under the ring for something.)

Ryu: What's Thrain trying to get?

Jason: Apparently a weapon of some sort.

(Wikkid jumps up and puts Reaper into a strong sleeper. He starts walking backwards, and Jakit gets up and leg sweeps Reaper making him fall backwards onto Wikkid.)


Jason: That would hurt a lot.

(Reaper gets up, and starts choking Wikkid. He slowly lifts him up by his throat, and Jakit grabs Wikkid by the throat too. They both lift Wikkid up, and chokeslam him to hell. The crowd responds with "Ouchs" and "damns" and some Japanese. Thrain appears from under the ring with a table, and throws it into the ring. Reaper catches it and sets it up. Thrain slides into the ring, and Jakit starts forearming him. He puts him on the table, and Reaper shakes his head and pulls him off. He puts Thrain's head in between his legs and flips him up onto his shoulder. He grabs the waist of Thrain's pants, and lifts him up. He starts to drop him, but Thrain turns it into a hurricanrana and Reaper goes through the table hard.)

Jason: This match IS good. I can't believe it.

Ryu: Me either...me either.

(Thrain makes his way up, and stares Jakit in the eyes. He distracts him by slapping him and then knees him in the gut. He clenches his fist and throws a hard punch to the masked forehead of Strayt Jakit. Jakit stands up and tries to shake it off, but Thrain hits him again. He goes for another punch, but Jakit blocks it and hits a low blow. He walks to a turnbuckle and tries to catch his breath. Thrain gets up, and hits him with a forearm sending him face first into the turnbuckle, and most likely knocking him out.)

Jason: Thrain is the only concious person in this match...

Ryu: I don't know about Jakit. But what is Thrain doing with the ladder?

(Thrain has the ladder in his hands, and hits Jakit with it once and then walks over to Reaper and hits him twice. He sets the ladder up and climbs to the top. Jakit gets up holding his ribs, and starts to climb the ladder. He punches Thrain, and Thrain punches him back. Thrain hooks the head of Jakit, and Jakit hooks his head.)

Ryu: Don't tell me that he will do a suplex off of that ladder.

Jason: That's atwenty four foot ladder, it'd be really stupid.

Ryu: How do you know that it's that big?

Jason: I.....don't know, maybe it's the sticker on it that says "24 FT!".

(Thrain tries to lift Jakit up, but he can't. Jakit takes advantage and forearms Thrain in the stomach. He then hooks Thrain's head, and tries to lift him up. Little does he know, Thrain is holding on to the ladder, and Jakit leans back and takes the twenty four foot plunge, but misses the ring and lands outside unconsious.)

Jason: Jakit's out. That was 24 feet plus an extra three.

Ryu: That's 27 feet!

Jason: Now, it's Reaper vs. Thrain and the still unconcious Kid Wikkid...no wait. HE'S MOVING KID WIKKID IS MOVING!

Ryu: SHEESH! Don't have a cow Jason-san.

(Kid Wikkid gets up and looks at Reaper. He looks back at Thrain, and starts questioning him.)

Wikkid: How long has he been out?

Thrain: About a minute. Why?

Wikkid: Because, how did you knock him out?

Thrain: Hurricanrana through a table.

Wikkid: He's faking it!

(Wikkid runs over to Reaper and starts to kick him repeatedly, but after about the fifth time, Reaper grabs his foot and stands up still holding his foot. He pulls Wikkid too him, and hits him with a hard closeline, knocking him down, and sending him rolling outside. Reaper gets up, and hooks Thrain by the head and delivers a hard DDT.)

Ryu: Well, Reaper sure can fake well.

Jason: Yeah. But I wonder if Jakit is faking.

Ryu: There is no way.

(Thrain rolls out of the ring too, and trys to recuperate. He tells Wikkid about Jakit and they walk over there looking at Reaper catiously. After they circle the ring a couple of times they realize something...Jakit's gone. They look at eachother a little frightened, and not paying any attention at Reaper now, he dives over the top rope and into both wrestlers. He makes his way up a little shaky, and gets on his knees and starts choking both wrestlers. He gets up, and throws them into the ring, He pushes a guy in the audience out of his chair and takes it from him. He throws the chair into the ring, and slides in. He grabs the chair, and waits for one of them to stand up. Thrain is up first, and he gets the chair cracked upside his skull. Wikkid soon gets up and gets the same treatment as Thrain. Reaper walks over to the ladder and shakes it for sturdieness. He climbs up with the chair still in one hand, and rests at the top. He drops the chair, and it lands right beside Thrain. Reaper looks a little threatened by this, but still remains calm. He sits on the very top part of the ladder, and then Thrain starts to get up.)

Jason: This could be bad news for Reaper.

Ryu: Probably.

(Thrain sees the chair and then searches for one of his opponents. He looks at the top of the ladder and smiles. He grabs the chair and lifts it high above his head. He hits the ladder once and it almost tips. He does it again even harder. The ladder threatens to tip even more. He lifts the chair high above his head and brings down...nothing. He looks at the air in between his hands were the chair was and looks scared as shit. He backs up a little, and stops in his tracks. He turns around and sure enough he is staring at Strayt Jakit. Jakit throws the chair into the crowd, and starts throwing hard punches at Thrain.)

Ryu: Something is different about Jakit....

Jason: For one, his face is red from all of that blood, and two he doesn't have his mask or trench coat on. I guess he means buisness.

Ryu: Yes. He is beating the shit out of Thrain like a madman.

(Jakit kicks thrain in the gut, and does a modified vertebreaker, while Reaper gets off of the ladder. Jakit pins Thrain, but Wikkid gets up and breaks it up at two. Reaper is down by now, and trys to scoop slam Wikkid. Wikkid turns it into a head scissors, and then he ges outside. He gets a table out from under the ring and throws it into the ring and finds another one and sets it up outside. Jakit sets the table up, and grabs Thrain by the throat. He lifts him up high, and kind of tosses him up. When Thrain comes back down while in mid-air, Jakit spears him through the table. He gets up and sees Wikkid who has set up the table and then climbed up the ladder. Jakit follows him up there, and they start trading blows. Jakit forearms him, and then uppercuts him and it sends Wikkid flying backwards off into the crowd.)



(Wikkid hits hard in the crowd, and Jakit stands on top of the top rung of the ladder with his head facing up and hands in a praying position. Meanwhile in the ring, Reaper is sitting on the top turnbuckle, hold Thrain by his long hair. He pulls him up, and grabs his left leg. He puts his leg on his shoulder, and then does the same with the other leg. He stands up, and lifts Thrain up by the waist of his tights. Thrain scrambles around, and stands on the shoulders up Reaper as he falls foreward to the mat. Thrain jumps up a little bit, and grabs Reaper's hair and drives him face first into the mat. Thrain unscrambles himself, and pins Reaper, as the ref counts to three rather quickly.)

Jason: That was definently a great match....

Ryu: Best one I have seen in a while.

Jason: Since last week atleast...

(Thrain gets up, and regathers. He looks at the fallen "giant" and laughs.)

Jason: That's just like David and Goliath.

Ryu: What?

Jason: Nevermind. Wait...what does Thrain have that microphone for?

Ryu: Who knows?

(Thrain is outside of the ring getting a microphone from the time keeper, and then rolls into the ring. He stands in the middle of the ring and looks at the small 213 people in attendance. He smiles and then starts speaking.)

Syco Thrain: Over these past weeks in SHOOT, I've done a lot. I've had my had cracked with a couple of steel chairs. I've won my first match. I won a tag match with fellow...strangers. But tonite, put the icing on the cake. I beat the biggest and baddest in the SHOOT. The seven foot monster named Kygon Davis. Sure, I got my ass pummeled tonite, but look at him now...who got the last laugh? Anyway, I came in here tonite with a goal. Not the same goal I have every Sunday, but a different goal. I was going to announce my retirement tonite if I won, and I did, so I will. So ladies and gentlemen and workers. I would like to say, thank you....

(Thrain waves to the fans, but is sent down by a newly rejuvenated Reaper. Thrain gets up and Reaper massivly chokeslams him. Reaper rolls outside, and finds that table Wikkid set up earlier, and brings it over to the announcer's table and sits it in front of it. He slides into the ring, and picks Thrain up by his hair. He sets on the top turnbuckle nearest to the tables, and slings his legs over to where they are hanging outside the ring. He still has his body turned to Thrain, and he flips him up into a powerbomb position. He then twists his body and stands up on the second and thirds ropes facing the crowd with Thrain on his shoulders.

Jason: NO!


(Reaper lifts Thrain up by the waist of his pants again, and jumps off dropping Thrain on his way down, landing smothely. Thrain, on the otherhand crumbles under two tables, as the announcers flee from the carnage. Reaper walks over to the guard rail, and looks at the bloody Strayt Jakit, and the bloody Wikkid. He laughs, and then leaves as his theme blares.)

Ryu: “This next match is a Master of the Mat match…”

Jason: “Yep…this tournament is ON, baby. People are buzzing about it.”

The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…

“This next match is a first round MASTER OF THE MAT match up!”

(The crowd cheers enthusiastically…as "Duel of the Fates" by Ryu Williams begins to play over the sound system…)

“And now…coming to the ring standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 224 pounds…ANGEL!!!”

Jason: “Who?”

Ryu: “Shut up. He’s new.”

(The crowd cheers as the newcomer Angel slowly walks to the ring. "Judith" by a Perfect Circle cuts in and begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring… accompanied by Maria Enriquez Lee…standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 251 pounds…CHRIS LEE!!!”

Jason: “Woo Hoo! Maria Enriquez Lee!”

Ryu: “Shut up. We’re ready to go here in this first round match up. Chris Lee comes out swinging early and knocks Angel down with a roundhouse! Now he’s laying the boots in stomp, stomp, stomp, kick, right, right, right, right, kick, into the ropes, duck, Angel slides under Angel with a hiptoss when Chris Lee runs in…tosses him over the top to the floor, and follows it up with a pescado!”

Jason: “Damn, these guys are blasting out of the gate…it just goes to show you how much rides on this tournament.”

Ryu: “It sure does. Angle impressed me with that hip toss over the top into a pescado… now he rolls Chris Lee back into the ring, leg is hooked: ONE…TWO…NO! Chris Lee kicks out.”

Jason: “Chris Lee is a veteran of Shoot Project. High flying move or no…you’re not going to get him that easily Angel. Welcome to Shoot Project.”

Ryu: “Chris Lee up again, he seems pissed off that Angel had the nerve to go for a cover that quickly…he fires a right jab at Angel…Angel ducks the swing, grabs a waistlock but Chris Lee backflips to land on his feet - then hits his patented backbreaker to regain control. Chokehold on Angel…welcome to Shoot Project indeed Angel! Chris Lee sits Angel on the top rope and climbs up after him - Angel with a gutshot and shove back to the center - Angel goes for it - second-rope bulldog!”

Jason: “Nice move!”

Ryu: “That might end up being his last one…Chris Lee is REALLY pissed…we got us a slugfest now - Chris Lee right, Angel right, Chris Lee, Angel, Angel knee, forearm in the back, forearm, forearm, right, into the ropes, back elbow...running clothesline puts Chris Lee over the top and onto the floor.”

Jason: “It’s pretty obvious that Angel can’t brawl with Chris Lee so he has to go back to wrestling to keep himself in this thing…”

Ryu: “Angel follows Chris out…big mistake. - Chris Lee grabs Angel and him rammed into the STEEL steps. Chris Lee grabs a chair now...WHAM!”

Jason: “OUCH!”

Ryu: “Angel staggering now…running at Chris Lee but Chris drops HIM on the barricade! Forearm in the back by Chris Lee - and now into the commentary table. Shoved into the ring, Chris follows him back in - kick to the gut - head to the buckle. Into the opposite corner and Angel hits hard.”

Jason: “It’s all Chris Lee now…”

Ryu: “That was quite the beating Lee laid on Angel outside the ring. Lee charging in at Angel…who comes off the ropes with a dropped shoulderblock! Leg is hooked - ONE…TWO…NO! Angel says one more - second rope...but Chris Lee meets him with a dropkick to the jaw on his way down!”

Jason: “Holy CRAP! Who saw THAT coming? Just when you think Chris Lee is going to brawl his way through this match…he unleashes a textbook dropkick and catches Angel dead on!”

Ryu: “Chris Lee targets the sternum of Angel now - elbowdrop, elbowdrop, elbowdrop - replay of the dropkick. Stomp. Chris Lee rabbit punches the back of the head twice - then chokes him on the second rope. Chris Lee decides to do a little surgery on the ring, removing the cover from the top turnbuckle!”

Jason: “Well…this means somebody is in for a headache…although this move is prone to backfire…”

Ryu: “Chris turning his attention back from the turnbuckle to Angel…WHAM! Angel puts him down with a lariat! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Lee. Angel sets up Chris Lee for a powerslam - but Chris Lee shifts his weight to land on his feet, runs the ropes and hits a PILEDRIVER! OW!!!”

Jason: “WOW! Angel had Lee in the air for a powerslam but Lee the wily veteran shook his legs until Angel let him down and had him in the PERFECT position for a piledriver!

Ryu: “Lee dropping on top of Angel for the cover…ONE…TWO…and THREE!!!”

("Judith" by a Perfect Circle begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Your WINNER and advancing to the next round of Master of The Mat…CHRIS LEE!!!”

Jason: “Good effort by Angel…but you don’t kick out of a Chris Lee piledriver, I’m sorry.”

Ryu: “Look at the replay here…once Lee was out of the bodyslam position, he actually jumped UP before he landed that piledriver. Angel is going back to the dressing room…and the drawing board…with the losers share of the money, and a stiff neck to boot!”

(Chris Lee vaults himself over the top rope and pumps his fist in the air in victory, as his music plays and the fans cheer.)

Ryu: Good for Chris. Advancing in this Master of the Mat is proving to be quite difficult. No big surprises yet though, maybe the first one is yet to come.

Jason: We’ll see, eh?

Ryu: Well, we have a KILLER main event for you tonight. Unfortunately, Cronos didn’t do all that much this week and Skull was out there doing his thang, so we’ll see how this match goes.

[“Mastermind” by Megadeth hits the PA and Skull walks out.]

Jason: Well, unfortunately for Cronos, this man has been on quite the roll as of late. Too bad, really.

Ryu: Speaking of Cronos…

[“Praise” by Sevendust hits the PA and Cronos comes out almost like he’s sulking. He’s getting booed, and he just continues his pace until he gets into the ring.]




[Diamante and Skull move towards each other and try to get into a position where they can execute a move on their opponent. Before Skull can do something Diamante rolls out of the ring. Mere seconds later Diamante rolls in again. And he rolls out again, obviously playing mindgames with Skull who gives Diamante a weird look. Diamante stands up and locks up with Skull who immediately takes him down with a drop toe hold. He tries to lock on a STF but Diamante manages to roll out of the ring before the hold can be applied. Skull follows him out and throws a kick but misses. Both men lock up again and this time Diamante drop toe holds Skull sending “Skull” face first to the concrete. He lifts Skull from the mat and whips him into the ringpost. Skull is a bit groggy and Diamante takes advantage hitting him with a lariat to the back of the head. He rolls him into the ring and follows. Diamante locks on a half crab but Skull is close to the ropes and gets a rope break after 6 seconds. ]

Jason: Diamante is once again showing that speed we've all come to expect from him.

[ Diamante stomps Skull’s left leg, the same leg Diamante locked the half crab on. He lifts Skull to his feet and whips him into the ropes. As Skull comes of the ropes Diamante dropkicks the knee sending Skull to the mat again. Diamante locks on a half crab. This time Skull has some trouble making it to the ropes, getting a rope break after 17 seconds. Skull rolls out of the ring obviously in pain. Diamante rolls out of the ring but as Skull moves towards him Diamante rolls into the ring again. Skull rolls back in as well, angry at Diamante because of the things he’s doing. ]

Ryu: Skull appears to be getting a little agitated now.

[ Skull tries for a kick but Diamante sweeps his left leg sending Skull to the mat again. “Skull” rolls out of the ring again, being careful. Diamante follows and this time stays at ringside and doesn’t roll back in. Skull tries to throw a punch but Diamante dodges and grabs Skull arm but as tries for an ipponzei Skull counters into a reverse DDT sending Diamante headfirst into the concrete. Skull brings Diamante to his feet and hits a kneebreaker, starting his own attack on Diamante’s left leg. He kicks Diamante in the leg and then DDT’s him onto the concrete again. Diamante is brought to his feet and thrown into the ring. Skull rolls into the ring and goes for a pin.]



Jason: Diamante out on two! He's still seemingly disinterested.

[Skull locks on an Achilles tendon hold to Diamante’s left leg and Diamante tries to counter but can’t. After he realises that he tries to reach the ropes. He does so after 12 seconds but Skull refuses to break the hold. The referee warns him and Skull releases the hold arguing with the ref. This gives Diamante time to get up and kick Skull in the leg sending “Skull” to one knee. Diamante tries to lock on a rear naked choke but Skull blocks desperately and manages to get Diamante into an ankle lock but Diamante immediately reaches the ropes but again Skull refuses to let go. Diamante manages to kick Skull in the arm forcing “Skull” to release the hold. Diamante gets up slowly and so does Skull. Skull is up first and runs at Diamante hitting him square in the face with a running knee. He brings Diamante to his feet and snap mares him, but Diamante gets right back up and kicks Skull in the leg. Skull does the same to Diamante, who responds with another kick. Skull fires of another kick to the leg and Diamante again responds with a kick to the leg.]

Ryu: Right there, in those legs, are where Diamante has the most strength. Skull's going to have to find a way to keep Diamante off his feet.

[ Skull finally takes Diamante down with a kick to the head. “Skull” follows up by locking on a Sharpshooter continuing the attack on Diamante’s leg. Diamante, in great agony, tries desperately to reach the ropes and finally does so after 17 seconds. He rolls out of the ring having his legs stretched quite badly. Skull follows, sensing an opportunity. He throws some punches to the face of Diamante that give him time to jump over the railing to get a chair. He throws the chair against Diamante’s leg which causes Diamante to fall down. Skull picks up the chair and hits Diamante in the leg once. Again. Again. Again. Diamante, meanwhile, is rolling around in serious pain while Skull just grins. He lifts Diamante to his feet and puts him against the railing. He swings the chair in the air before landing it on Diamante’s leg, sandwiching it between the chair and the railing. Skull prepares to do it again but Diamante manages to kick the chair into his face with his right leg. Diamante falls down because of when he kicked the chair all his weight was on his weakened left leg. Diamante slowly climbs into the ring and Skull follows, still dizzy. Both men stand up and Diamante continues his comeback by hitting an enzuigiri. He goes for a pin.]



Thr.. KICKOUT!!!

Jason: So... SO Close!

[Skull is still lying on the mat and Diamante gets in a mount position throwing some mounted punches that Skull desperately tries to block. “Skull” can’t really block the punches so he decides to pick another strategy as he monkey flips Diamante over the top rope. Diamante lands back first and hard. Skull rests for a bit as Diamante tries to regain some air and power. Skull rolls onto the apron and stands using the ropes. He points at Diamante and drops an elbow onto Diamante’s leg. Skull elbows Diamante’s leg from a sitting position and then stands up. He picks up the chair again and beats Diamante over the head and then follows up with some shots to the leg again. 5 shots to be exact. He finally gets bored of the chair usage and lifts Diamante from the concrete and throws him into the ring. Skull rests for a bit, knowing Diamante isn’t going anywhere soon. He enters the ring while Diamante grabs the bottom rope to get himself up. Skull allows him to get up before yanking his head back and signalling for the Skull Factor. Diamante manages to fight out of the reverse facelock with some elbows to the stomach and he follows up with a stunner. ]

Jason: Nice work by Diamante there. Skull was looking to finish him off, and that speed got Diamante out of what would have been the end of this thing.

[ Diamante goes back to attacking Skull’s leg which isn’t nearly as bad as his own. He drops some elbows to the leg before putting Skull into a Figure 4 Leg Lock. Skull tries to reach the ropes but can’t so he tries an alternative strategy:he gets up in a seated position and hits Diamante in the groin. Diamante rolls around in pain while Skull gets another warning from the referee. Skull drags Diamante to the middle of the rin and tries to lock on a Figure 4 of his own but Diamante blocks and Skull can’t lock on the hold. Skull tries to hit an elbow drop but Diamante rolls out of the way and gets up. So does “Skull” and both men are looking at one another anticipating their next move. Skull makes the mistake of attacking first and his punch gets countered into a STO! Diamante follows up with a half crab but Skull is near the ropes and gets a rope break after 4 seconds. Diamante continues the assault by stomping Skull’s leg. He drags Skull to the middle of the ring by his leg and locks on a STF, a move often used by Diamante himself.]

Jason: Cronos is looking a bit on the not so great side right here.

Ryu: You think Skull will allow him to the ropes though?

Jason: Who knows, but I hope someone takes him out.

[Cronos not much fighting, just crawls over to the ropes. The ref admonishes Skull, and Cronos just rolls out of the ring and walks out. Del Carver runs out as Cronos is making his way to the back and hits the ring. Skull is turned around, trying to find out what happened. Del spears him from behind, and Cronos seeing this, turns back around and runs to the ring. He dispenses of Del Carver in time for Skull to get up and see him. Skull gets MAD.]

Jason: oh my… Skull thinks that Cronos attacked him…

Ryu: This isn’t going to be pretty…

[Skull kicks Diamante in the gut, and delivers a HUGE Skull-Bomb that knocks Cronos unconscious.]

Jason: Damn! That’s all the time we have for this night!