*A car pulls up outside of the site of Oblivion, it pulls to a stop and the rear door swings open and out steps Erik Boyer. He looks around for a few seconds scanning the parking lot before he closes the car door and the car pulls slowly away. Boyer immediatly crumples to his knees, the camera spins and Ben Jackman is seen standing over Boyer with an axe handle in his hand. His face red with rage*

Jackman: Good Afternoon, Commish.

*Jackman brings the axe handle back up over his head before burying it between Boyer's shoulder blades with all his strength. Boyer crumples all the way to his stomach, Jackman kicks him over onto his back laying into him with repeated shots to Boyer's head and chest. Boyer's head is busted open and blood begins pouring from a huge gash just over his right eye. Jackman grabs Boyer by the front of his shirt and pulls his face now oozing blood just inches from his own nose.*

Jackman: Hows it feel, Boyer? How does it feel to be the odd man out? How does it feel to get fucked by a surprise?

*Jackman lays a hard right hand into Boyer's jaw knocking him flat again. Jackman rolls him over and pulls the axe handle taut against Boyer's throat until Boyer loses conciousness. He then releases his hold, and rolls Boyer back over. Jackman stands over Boyer, bloody axehandle hanging limply from his right hand. He looks down at the unconcious man in front of him for several moments before spitting in his face. Jackman looks back as he walks away*

Jackman: Hope you can still talk for you big speech later, Commish.

*Jackman chuckles as he walks away*

(Cut to the arena… and Samantha Coil…)

Samantha Coil: Now, coming to the ring to start our night, weighing around 230 lbs. LAYNE JACOBS!!

Jason: We’re starting out right away this very evening, at Oblivion. Jam packed card tonight my friends.

Ryu: Yep, there are lots of things going on, including a speech from your best friend, Erik Boyer.

Jason: Oh, you know I can’t wait for that one…

('Gets Me Through' by Ozzy Osbourne starts to blare, and Layne walks to the arena, looking ready and hyped up for the match. He walks up the stairs, and goes through the ropes and into the ring. He goes to a far turnbuckle and sits there as his opponent is announced)

Samantha: And now, weighing in at 212 lbs, from Toronto, MATTHEW BLACK!

Ryu: And I REALLY hate this guy.

(Matt's music starts, and he walks to the ring with a glare in his eyes. He walks down to the ring, jumps onto the apron, and over the top rope. He lands flat footed, and Samantha gets out of the ring while the first bout starts.)


(Layne goes for a collar and elbow tye-up, but Matt doesn't respond, he just looks at Layne, and waits for the perfect time to strike. Layne lets go and eyes Black. He forearms him, and irish whips him. Matt runs to Jacobs, and leap frogs over him. Layne is close enough to the ropes, that Black can land on the top rope and springboard off. He does, and grabs Layne around the head bring him down in a hard impact DDT.)

Jason: OUCH!

Ryu: It's a DDT.

Jason: Oh come on Ryu, even you have to admit that that move was awesome.

(Black jumps up, and lays his boot to Jacobs a couple of times. He goes over to the nearest turnbuckle and jumps to the top pad. He stands up and turns around a bit, and waits for Jacobs to recover.)

Ryu: I thought that asshole was going for his flippy floppy finisher thing.

Jason: Flippy floppy finisher thing?

Ryu: His move doesn't deserve to be called by name.

Jason: Well Ryu, I also thought he was going for the Corkscrew Senton. But, you know he could be going for another one of his finishers, the Dragon-Rana.

Ryu: How many finishers does this jackass have?!

(Jacobs gets up, and looks for Black, who jumps off of the turnbuckle. He does a flip, and lands on the shoulders of Layne Jacobs, trying to flip him over for the Dragon-Rana. He tries one final time, and flings himself backwords, but is only hung upside down. Jacobs laughs, and lifts Black and delivers a massive sit-out powerbomb.)

Ryu: HAH! YES!

(Jacobs stands up, over the prone Matt Black, but doesn't pin. Instead he grabs his hair, and lifts him up into another powerbomb position. With ease, Jacobs delivers another massive powerbomb, and he climbs out of the ring. He walks over to the time keeper, and punches him. He grabs the chair and throws it into the ring.)

Jason: Layne Jacobs looking to do some damage here.


(Jacobs gets into the ring, and lifts Matt up yet again, and puts him in position for ANOTHER powerbomb.)

Jason: Layne is going for the third powerbomb here.

(Layne puts Black onto his shoulders, but Black pushes himself off. Black lands on the canvas doing the splits, and hits Layne with a throat thrust. He then flips backwords, and kicks Layne. Black gets on his feet and throws the chair at Layne hoping to get a good dropkick in, and succeeds. Layne drops the chair and stumbles backwards. He throws Layne the chair again, and Black goes for the superkick. Layne sidesteps it, and whacks Matt upside the head with the chair.)

Ryu: Layne is smart, he wasn't going to fall for the same trick twice.

Jason: I'm likin' this match, it's fast paced and all.

Ryu: Too bad you aren't.

(Layne holds the chair, and stomps on Black for a bit. He jams the chair into the side of Black, and is rewarded with screams painful screams. He trys one more time, and Black screams again. Layne drops the chair, and goes over and leans on the top rope talk to a woman in the front row.)

Ryu: Nooooo. No you idiot.

Jason: That's not too smart.

(Layne turns around and looks at Black who is up, and runs at him. Black charges, but Layne grabs his head and throws him outside, and into the guard rail.)

Jason: Damn, that's power.

Ryu: Now, all he has to do is chase him right?

Jason: That'd be the reasonable thing to do.

(Outside, Matt is pulling himself around the padding to the ring, he lifts up the apron over his head, and starts looking. No sooner than he starts, he pulls out a ladder, and throws it into the ring, he slides in, and takes a few kicks from Layne. Layne taunts Black, and lets him get back up, but just closelines him down. Black gets back up, and and Layne goes for another closeline. Black gets it, and some how turns it into a standing armbar. Layne shakes it off, and Black trips him face first into the chair.)

Ryu: Okay fine, Black is a sorta good wrestler.

Jason: Hell yeah.

(Black lifts Layne up, and lays him throat first facing the fans on one of the third ropes. Blacks grabs the chair, and unfolds it to the left of Layne. Black stands on the chair, crosses a leg over the third rope, and then the other. Now standing on the second rope, he puts his right leg over the neck of Layne, as if he was going to do a fameasser.)

Jason: I think Matt Black is going for a Dragonsteiner here folks.

Ryu: Yeah, that's stupid

Jason: Why, because it'll send them both outside.

Ryu: You'll see.

(Black takes a breath, and goes for the Dragonsteiner, but once again, is hung upside down.)

Jason: Hah! Look, Layne hooked both of his arms under the top rope, and is holding on to Black's tights!

Ryu: Now Layne is pulling up Black, and he's in a powerbomb position.

(Layne has Black on his shoulders again, and puts his left foot behind him searching for the ladder. He finds it and drags it to him, then kicks it outside in front of them.)

Jason: No! That's heinous!


(Layne lifts Black up and goes to throw him, but he goes over instead, and hits the ladder with the back of his head first, and Black falls on top of him.)

Jason: lack just gave Jacobs a dose of his own medicine, by holding onto the ropes whenever Layne went for the powerbomb.

(Black wobbles up, and rolls into the ring. He folds up the chair, and sticks it on the second turnbuckle pad and hopes it sticks there. Black catches his breath, and waits for Layne to get up, and get in the ring, he does, and Black whips him abdomen first into the turnbuckle. Layne walks backwards and Black catches him with a off superkick.)


Ryu: What an idiot.

(Black falls on Layne for the pin, and the ref counts for him.)




(Black gets up, and determined takes the chair out of the turnbuckle, and waits for Layne to get up. He climbs to the top turnbuckle, and Layne finally makes his way up. Black jumps off and doing a flip lands on Jacobs's shoulders. He flings himself back with all his might, and finally gets the Dragon-RaNa. Still on his knees, Black hits Layne Jacobs on the top of the head with the chair.)

Jason: OUCH! That blow is brutal, it totally silenced Jacobs, and the crowd.



(Black weerily pulls Layne in position for a moonsault, and Black asscends to the top rope. He jumps onto the top rope and jumps backwords into a flip. Midway there he does a one-eighty, and hits Layne in the stomach with a corkscrew senton, and stays on him for the pin. The referee checks to make sure Black is actually pinning Layne (which he is,) and then starts the count.)


Jason: Excellent match.

Ryu: God Johnson, have a cow why don't you.

(Black gets up and asks for a mic. He catches his breath, and starts talking looking at Kosi and Johnson.)

Black: Now, I bet you guys were wondering while I was questioning Kosi and all.

(The fans cheer, not knowing anything else to do while Black looks at Kosi with hate in his eye.)

Black: You want to know why I wanted to know about the Yakuza.

(Again, cheering.)

Black: Ryu, I'm sure you've heard me talk about my Mother's death.

Ryu: Yeah, and???

Black: Your father's closest henchmen killed her.

Johnson: …

Ryu: What? Well, what'd she do?

Black: That's the funny part.

(Black stands in the ring looking at Ryu, not fuming with anger. But cool, with a visible tone of hatred in his voice.)

Black: She didn't do a damn thing Kosi.

Ryu: That is a lie! My father has a reason for EVERY killing.

Black: Could fun be the reason he wants to kill.

(Ryu Kosi says nothing, as Matt Black stares at him.)

Black: Kosi, I don't want to make a scene here. But I will tell you. You killed a piece of me.

Ryu: I'm so sorry, what do you want I can make it...

Black: So I'm killing a piece of you.

(Black throws the microphone back to the time keeper, and walks off cooly, while Ryu looks on with a mixture of hate and shock on his face.)

(The camera goes to the ring…we see SHOOT PROJECT newcomer Vile standing in the ring with his arms folded across his chest. Vile looks very intense and focused as "Black Mass" by Danzig ominously plays over the arena sound system.)

Samantha: “In the corner to my right…standing 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 284 pounds…VILE!”

("Anyway You Want It” by Journey starts to play, as laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 196 pounds…here is…KENNY CABANA!”

(Kenny Cabana jogs to the ring, vaults over the top rope, and raises his arms to the cheers of the crowd…the bell rings…)

Jason: “Uh…okay…we’re ready to go here…this should be interesting…two newcomers to Shoot Project…”

Ryu: “Yeah. What the hell is the deal with this Cabana guy?”

Jason: “I…don’t…know…anyhow…the two competitors slowly circle one another, then lockup…side headlock by Vile…Kenny Cabana backs him up…whip into the ropes…shoulder block by Vile…off the ropes leapfrog by Kenny Cabana…Vile catches the rope and charges right into a high dropkick! Smart move by Cabana…he’s got to stick to an air attack if he wants to survive this one.”

Ryu: “Okay…let’s be REAL shall we? Vile is a MONSTER…look at him. He’s HUGE…and this Cabana kid…is…some sort of 70’s reject man. I hope he has a will… ”

Jason: “Vile backs Kenny into the corner with a powerful shove…now a vicious kick to the midsection of Kenny Cabana…forearm smash…another forearm smash…whip to the opposite corner and Vile follows through with a brutal running elbow smash…Vile backing up…charging in for an avalanche looks like…Vile charges…whoa! Cabana is up in the air…he misses completely…SUNSET FLIP by Cabana…Vile kicks out before the ref can even COUNT…and sends Kenny to the outside!”

Ryu: “The crowd enjoyed that...”

Jason: “Summersault over the top rope lands Vile right on top of Kenny!”

Ryu: “Awesome agility for such a big guy…”

Jason: Vile rolls Kenny back in…back on his feet and delivers several stomps to Kenny Cabana...Vile pulling Cabana to his feet and clobbering him back down with a forearm smash to the back. Cabana staggers back to his feet…spinning heel kick by Kenny Cabana! Clothesline attempt…misses…German suplex by Vile! He pulls Cabana back to his feet, throws him into the corner and now he’s punishing him with repeated kicks to the midsection and European uppercuts. Now a big chop by Vile…and another.”

Ryu: “Man…Vile is taking his time…he’s got Cabana trapped in the corner and he’s methodically punishing him and taking him apart piece by piece.”

Jason: “Cabana has unleashed some aerial moves in this match but if he doesn’t get out of there, this one will be over soon…Vile is whipping Cabana to the opposite corner…this is going to be quite an impact when he hits the turnbuckles…NO…whip is reversed, Vile is driven face first into the turnbuckle! Kenny Cabana charges…right into a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex! Cover by Vile…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Vile. Right when it looks like Cabana escaped the corner and was ready to mount an offence…he gets the upper hand again.”

Jason: “Clothesline by Vile floors Kenny Cabana…Vile pulls Cabana back up…HIGH vertical suplex lands nicely…and he rolls into a cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Tight headlock by Vile…he’s really applying the pressure and grinding it in…Cabana starting to fade…ref checks the arm…it drops once…twice…but not the third time! Kenny Cabana works his way out of the side headlock with out elbows to the side of Vile…he’s out…clothesline by Kenny Cabana misses…ANOTHER high German Suplex by Vile! Both competitors are down…now Vile is up….Stiff right by Vile…answered by a knife edge chop from Kenny Cabana…Vile Irish whipped into the ropes…clothesline misses…flying forearm to Vile from Kenny Cabana! Followed by a HIGH drop-kick! Vile comes back…but his clothesline is ducked…DDT by Kenny Cabana! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Vile…he’s got Cabana up…back suplex attempt but Kenny Cabana lands on his feet!”

Ryu: “Listen to this crowd! Vile tried to back suplex Cabana but he landed right side up!”

Jason: “Vile charges in for another clothesline…but is caught…facebuster! cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kenny Cabana is going up to the top rope! Vile gets nailed with a 450 SPLASH!!! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! This match has really heated up…”

Jason: “Vile back up and is clubbing Cabana with brutal him forearms to the back…trying to German suplex him again…but Kenny Cabana is holding on to the rope …Cabana fires off a sharp elbow into the face of Vile, clothesline attempt misses…NOW Vile back suplexes him and keeps holding on for the pin! cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Vile is getting frustrated…clothesline attempt by Vile misses…HIGH drop kick by Kenny Cabana HITS and Vile lands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Both competitors are down…”

Jason: “That one move could be the difference maker in this match for Kenny Cabana…Vile really landed hard on the top of his head from that kick… Vile is up…groggy…charges at Kenny Cabana but gets back body-dropped over the top rope! Now Kenny Cabana is climbing the ropes…HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE! Vile took it full-force…Kenny Cabana rolls Vile back in, climbs the top rope…and comes off with ANOTHER HIGH CROSS BODY!”

Ryu: “NO! NO! NO! Vile CAUGHT him in mid-air…and now he has thrown him over his shoulder…RUNNING POWERSLAM!”

Jason: “That’s got to be more than enough to FINISH the kid…but Vile pulls him to his feet…whip him into the ropes…gorilla press…Vile rotates Cabana in MID-AIR and grabs his head to end the move with a DDT! WHAT IMPACT! Cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Samantha: “Your WINNER …VILE!”

("Black Mass" by Danzig is heard over the arena sound system. Vile pulls Cabana up by the hair and casually throws him over the top rope to the floor. Vile steps over the top rope and strides confidently up the ramp with a sneer on his face.)

Ryu: WOW. Vile CERTAINLY impressed the hell out of me tonight. What a win over the Poolboy.

Jason: If Vile sticks around, he’s going to make it big here. I can already tell. However, Cabana didn’t seem to be much of a challenge for Vile. But, we’ll see how he fares next week against perhaps a tougher opponent.

Ryu: It should be good, that’s for sure. Next up, we’ve got a tag match featuring The Flying Dutchman and Roland the Dark, taking on Kid Wikkid and Ander Carvetti. Dutch and Wikkid’s SHOOT history is well documented, as they’ve been at each other’s throats since Master of the Mat. In addition, Roland the Dark and Ander Carvetti have somewhat of a program going on. More details on THAT when they become available.

Jason: But now, we go to the ring, for what should be a good bout.

*The lights go down in the SHOOT Project arena as "Hash Pipe" by Weezer blasts over the SHOOT Project speakers. Kid Wikkid and Ander Carvetti walk out of the back together as snippets of both of their entrance videos flash over the Oblivitron. Both men stop at the top of the ramp before running down the ramp to the ring both men wait patiently mid ring for there opponents to arrive*

Jason: This should be a great match

Ryu: Of course it should. Two mini-fueds mashed into one match, it should be all over the place.

*Seconds later, "High" by Jimmie's Chicken Shack pounds over the SHOOT Project crowd as The Flying Dutchman walks out onto the stage. He stands patiently with his arms crossed as his video flashes across the big screen behind him. A snarl is seen sliding across the Dutchman's lips as he looks down the ramp at Kid Wikkid. Dutch's music fades out as "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine fades in and Roland the Dark walks out on to the top of the ramp beside Dutch. They both begin to walk purposefully down to the ring*

Jason: Looks like this one is gonna get off to a quick beginning

Ryu: All of these men mean business.

*Dutch and Roland jump up onto the ring apron and begin to run their mouths at their opponents. Anger flashes across the faces of Wikkid and Carvetti and they attack. Wikkid leaps at Dutch with an attempted headscissors, but Dutch counters it and powerbombs Wikkid flat on his back inside the ring. Carvetti springboards off the top rope nailing Roland in the face with a dropkick both men fall to the outside and Carvetti is on Roland almost immediatly laying to him with lefts and rights. Dutch backflips over the top rope and begins to lay in the boots to the dazed Wikkid's head before pulling him to his feet, Wikkid counters and rolls Dutch backward guillotining him across the second rope. Dutch falls to the mat with a thud, clutching his throat and gasping for breath.*

Jason: These men are out for blood tonight.

Ryu: I'm not exactly sure that this fights gonna end when the bell rings either.

*Carvetti has pulled Roland to his feet on the outside and throws him into the ringpost Roland's head connects with a smack, he stumbles backwards right into a Carvetti dropkick driving him face first right back into the turnbuckle. Roland is dazed and turns around right into a hurricanrana from Carvetti.*

Jason: Jesus, Carvetti is all over Roland

Ryu: Hell yes, he was embarrased and hes not about to let it happen again.

*In the ring Wikkid pulls him to his feet and whips him into the ropes, Dutch ducks under a dropkick and comes back with a flying forearm taking Wikkid to the ground. Dutch leaps to his feet, bounces off the far ropes and nails a leg drop on the downed Kid WIkkid. Dutch hooks the far leg and goes for the pin.*




*Wikkid gets his right shoulder just in time but Dutch stays on him rolling him over and applying a Boston Crab in the middle of the ring. Dutch wrenches backward and Wikkid screams out in pain and tries to claw his way to the ropes. After a few seconds, Dutch pulls him right back to the middle of the ring. Wikkid bellows inm pain and tries to crawl away again but can't move. Just then Carvetti leaps to the top rope and spring board dropkicks Dutch right in the face knocking him off of Wikkid. Wikkid crawls to the ropes to try and regain his legs. Meanwhile Carvetti has pulled Dutch to his feet and whipped him into the ropes he catches Dutch coming off the ropes and drives him to the mat with a well placed sidekick right to Dutch's jaw. Wikkid pulls himself to his feet and walks up behind the standing but dazed Dutch. Both men leap up at the same time and drill him the front and back of the head with vicious dropkicks. Dutch crumbles to the ground either unconcious or very close*

Jason: Carvetti and Wikkid absolutely destroying The Dutchman in there

Ryu: They've taken him apart, but there is still Roland to deal with

*Roland is up on the apron, and slides into the ring unnoticed. He sneaks up behind his opponents and takes both to the mat with a double bulldog. He leaps to his feet and begins to lay the boots into Carvetti's head and midsection. Roland pulls Carvetti to his feet taking him back to the mat with a vicious spinebuster. Roland looks down at Carvetti his eyes glazed with anger, Roland pulls Carvetti back to his feet and pulls him up into powerbomb position. Roland extends him upward but his knees crumple and he falls to the mat hard as Wikkid takes out his knee from behind. Carvetti lands on Roland with a thud and lays into him with vicious punches, Carvetti looks up and then rolls off of Roland as Wikkid comes off the top rope and Nails a huge Shooting Star Leg Drop. He rolls off howling in pain and holding his knee. Carvetti sees this and leaps on top of Roland for the cover*

Jason: WOW! This could be over.

Ryu: It has to be. Dutch is out and so is Roland




*"Hash Pipe" blasts over the SHOOT Project crowd as Ander Carvetti celebrates midring, Wikkid raises his arms in victory outside the ring but winces in pain and his hand immediatly shoots back to his left knee. He limps to the back, right hand raised in victory, as his music plays*

Jason: Well, that was certainly something else, eh?

Ryu: What are you, Canadian?

Jason: Shut up. Next, we’ve got the Iron Fist Championship match…

(The camera goes to the ring…we see Will James standing in the middle of the ring warming up…he walks to the ropes and pulls on them…loosening up…as “The Future” by Bow Wow is heard over the arena sound system.)

Samantha: “This next bout is for The Shoot Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!”

(The crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “In the center of the ring… standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 250 pounds…WILL JAMES!”

(The crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “And NOW…

Jason: “HERE COMES BEN JACKMAN!!! Ben Jackman storming the ring…not even waiting for his entrance…and starts pounding on Will James. Blackout throwing HAMMER-LIKE right hands repeatedly…Will James in the corner as Ben Jackman POUNDS away at him with those TAPED FISTS as the crowd goes NUTS!”

Ryu: “WOW! Jackman not wasting any time here…he’s all business!”

Jason: “Jackman pulls Will James to his feet in the corner…Jackman backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Will James looks a bit dazed and bails out of the ring.”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman has made it clear all week that he’s in a BAD mood…he’s pissed he got screwed out of The Master of the Mat…he’s pissed he and Del Carver lost the Tag Team Titles…he’s pissed that Will James is a newcomer to Shoot and is getting a title shot right away…Hell…Blackout is just PISSED!”

Jason: “I’d hate to see what Blackout would to James if he actually had a REASON not to like him…Will James takes a breather on the outside…Ben Jackman is in the ring pacing back and forth…look at his hands…they’re heavily taped up…like a boxer…”

Ryu: “Will James back up on the apron…a clothesline from Jackman sends Will James and Jackman both out!”

Ryu: “WOW! The momentum of that clothesline took both those guys onto the floor.”

Jason: “Jackman grabs a chair! Ben Jackman slams Will James with a chair shot…right to the BACK…Jackman raises the chair to hit him with another…Will James sticks one of his boots up…and kicks the steel chair right into Blackout’s face!”

Ryu: “Did you hear that crack? Jackman backs up…he’s dazed!”

Jason: “Will James is jumping on this…he’s picking Ben Jackman up…”

Ryu: “WHAM! Will James just POWERSLAMMED Ben Jackman on the CONCRETE!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman has his hands over his back…as Will James grabs him and rolls him back into the ring…Will James pulls Jackman to his feet…and now he buries an uppercut to the midsection of Jackman…Ben Jackman, doubled over in mid-ring…now he’s sent over the top with a clothesline and Will James follows him out. Jackman is staggering away from Will James…but Will James is right behind him…”

Ryu: “I don’t agree with this strategy at all. Will James should stay away from outside the ring…if he wants to win the Iron Fist Title he’s NOT going to do it on the concrete…”

Jason: “Blackout has stopped running…he seems to have regained his breath from that shot to the breadbasket…Jackman whirls around… …he slams Will James's face into the steel steps! Wham! Ben Jackman charges after Will James…but Will James grabs him…Irish Whip into the security barrier!…Will James pulls Blackout to his feet…throws him into the barrier again! Now Will James picks up Jackman…VERTICAL SUPLEX on the concrete…”

Ryu: “Man…Jackman’s back must be killing him after THAT and the powerslam on the concrete earlier…”

Jason: “Now Will James ramming Jackman back first into the ring post! Ben Jackman’s back is really being given a beating…Will James rolls Ben Jackman back into the ring and begins STOMPING him on his back! Will James drops the knee on the back…and again! Now Will James throws Ben Jackman headfirst into the turnbuckle. Will James with shoulderblocks to Ben Jackman's midsection…repeatedly!”

Ryu: “Will James is clobbering him!”

Jason: “Will James rolls Jackman over…and stomps away on the back. Huge kneedrop on Ben Jackman's back…Will James pulls Jackman to his feet again…and THROWS him casually over the top rope to the outside.”

Ryu: “SHIT! Would this fucking guy make up his mind? IN the ring or OUT?”

Jason: “Will James follows Jackman outside…he walks over to the steel chair that Jackman used on him earlier…OH NO…CHAIRSHOT…right into Jackman’s back!”

Ryu: “Man…look at Jackman rolling around out there…he’s in PAIN!”

Jason: “Will James pulling Jackman to his feet…rolls him in and follows in…Will James pulls Jackman to his feet…and gets an abdominal stretch locked on! He’s pounding on Ben Jackman’s ribs while the hold is on. …Ben Jackman hip tosses Will James!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman up, with a number of BRUTAL rights with those taped fists…Will James staggered…Jackman secures Will’s head…!”

Jason: “BLACKOUT BOMB…the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…wait…what the…”

Ryu: “Ha! Jackman just interrupted the ref’s count!…”

Jason: “Jackman HOISTING James up…ANOTHER Blackout Bomb…oh my god…WAIT…he hasn’t released it…he’s pulling him up again…ANOTHER!!!”

Ryu: “James has got a dazed look on his face, completely knocked silly…the ref starts the standing 10 count AGAIN…but again Jackman STOPS him…”

Jason: “Ooh…Will James didn’t like that…I think he feels he’s being treated with disrespect…he staggers to his feet but he looks woozy… Jackman fires a jab that misses…James ducks and answers…he flattens Blackout with a smashing right cross to face…and now he rolls outside to get that chair….James back in…DRIVES the chair into Ben Jackman's ribs…and hits him on the back…AGAIN!”

Ryu: “AGAIN! Now James drops the chair, and sets Ben Jackman up for a BODY SLAM that will land Jackman on the chair...BACK FIRST!”

Jason: “Will James scoops Jackman up for the slam…and DOWN goes JACKMAN! BODY SLAMMED right over top a folding steel chair! The ref begins to administer the standing ten count…”

Ryu: “Nope…Jackman staggers to his feet…”

Jason: “Jackman in obvious agony…grabs Will James by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS that taped fist right into Will James’s face! I think that shot broke Will James’s nose…he's bleeding a gusher! Ben Jackman ignoring the obvious pain in his lower back and finds the strength to pound Will James in the face with those taped fists…and has knocked him on his ass!”

Ryu: “Jackman showing us WHY he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION…”

Jason: “Ben Jackman goes to school on Will James in the corner with that taped right hand…now a whip…reversal but Ben Jackman gets a leg up as Will James charges…Ben Jackman hits a forearm smash on Will James…he whips Will James into the corner…bulldog onto the chair!”

Ryu: “Oh man…what a war …”

Jason: “Will James lying prone on top of the chair…the ref starts the 10 count as Ben Jackman leans over the top rope with one hand bracing his injured back…he’s exhausted…”

Ryu: “The ref is up to 5…”

Jason: “NO…Will James rolling to the outside…breaking the count…Ben Jackman crawls after him…grabs Will James around the wrist…whip attempt is reversed and Jackman is sent into the steel steps…BOOM!”

Ryu: “Will James rolls back into the ring…but not to be outdone…Jackman crawls in right after him…the ref calls for a BREAK as both men stagger to their feet…the crowd comes to it’s feet…they’re cheering themselves hoarse!”

Jason: “Jackman pounds a right into Will James’s face with that taped fist…Will James returns the favor…jab…Jackman returns a shot…now Will James…Jackman…Will James…Jackman…Will James…”

Ryu: “Jackman is busted open now…the blood is running down both these guys faces…they just keep taking turns pounding each other in the head…neither one will back off or give up…this is a SLUGFEST!”

Jason: “Jackman fires a right cross…Will James sidesteps and nails Blackout in the kidneys with a brutal bodyshot…Jackman has dropped to his knees in pain, and Will James stomps on his HAND…ouch!”

Ryu: “I guess that’s ONE way to get a guy to stop punching you…and that PROVES that Jackman was GETTING to James with those punches…James is a VERY smart fighter…you saw earlier that he was working on Blackout’s BACK…and now that Jackman has rung Will’s bell a few times with those right hands…Will seems determined to take away the champion’s punching power…Jackman is staggered but retaliates with an uppercut to the midsection of Will James! As Will James doubles over, Jackman howls in pain and clutches his right hand…I think Jackman’s hand might be broken!”

Jason: “Now Will James is down…Jackman dropping a knee right on Will James’s head! Jackman rolls outside while Will James holds his head with both hands… Jackman goes back for that damn folding chair…but you can see he is holding it with his LEFT hand…”

Ryu: “Jackman pushes the chair into the ring…the fans here are cheering…Jackman standing over Will James, who is struggling to his feet…JACKMAN SLAMS THE CHAIR RIGHT OVER THE HEAD OF WILL JAMES…he hit him so hard HE BENT THE CHAIR!”

Jason: “The ref starts the 10 count…Will James is not moving…the ref stands over him and continues counting to ten…”

Ryu: “While the ref counts Jackman has his injured fist cradled…the ref’s hand comes down for the count of TEN…the ref is signaling for the bell…”

("Revolution Man" by Union Underground begins to play…)

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has determined that Will James CANNOT answer the standing ten count and therefore CANNOT continue! THE WINNER…your IRON FIST CHAMPION… “Blackout” BEN JACKMAN!!!”

(Blackout rolls out of the ring as his theme music continues to play…the referee attempts to attend to Will James…however Will James pushes the ref away angrily and sits up with a look of disgust on his face…he grabs the BENT steel chair and looks at it with a look of shock on his face…meanwhile Ben Jackman throws his belt over his shoulder and raises his hands over his head as he makes his way up the aisle…)

Jason: Well, that was DEFINITELY a hard fought match. These two are NOT finished.

Ryu: Will James ALMOST had it. He just couldn’t come up at the last second to answer the ten count. It’s too bad, too. Pepsi would LOVE to sponsor the Iron Fist champion.

Jason: And you know this… how? Oh yeah, that’s right, you’re firmly riding the corporate jock. I forgot.

Ryu: You wish. Anyway, Eddie E and Del Carver up next, in what has been an amazing war of words here.

Jason: Verbally, these men have taken each other to the limit, let’s see how the match plays out.

(The house lights go down…"So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast begins to play…)

Samantha: “This next bout is a SUBMISSION MATCH for the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP! Now making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…the man who claims he ‘Brings the Buy Rate’…Mr. PPV…Eddie E.!”

(“Mr. PPV” theatrically makes his way down to the ring… decked out in his standard ring gear and flashy robe…Eddie E. raises his arms and circles the ring. His music fades…the guitar riff of “Unbend” by 5440 starts to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Now making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet tall, and weighing in at 265 pounds…he is the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…Diamond Del Carver!”

(Del Carver steps into the spotlight at the head of the runway and begins striding to the ring…a look of concentration and anger etched in his features…)

Jason: “WHOA! Eddie E. slides under the ropes and meets Del Carver on the floor before the bell…and attacks Del Carver…Eddie E. sends Del Carver into the security railing…Del Carver comes right back with a clothesline…The two men make their way into the ring and the bell rings to start this one officially!”

Ryu: “It’s a well documented fact that there is NO love lost between these two guys…and they are getting going early…”

Jason: “Eddie E. takes a BRUTAL boot to the midsection from Del Carver...Eddie E. thrown into the ropes by Carver…he comes off with a flying forearm smash!”

Ryu: “Damn…what a rebound counter by Mr. PPV”

Jason: “Eddie E. shoves the stunned Del Carver in the corner…and starts laying in sharp knife edge chops until Del finally collapses to the mat…Eddie picks Del Carver up and drives his shoulder into Del Carver's midsection…repeatedly…Eddie E. whips Carver to the other corner…charges…but Del Carver moves and Eddie E.'s shoulder meets the post!”

Ryu: “Carver dodges a bullet there!”

Jason: “Del Carver grabs Eddie E.'s arm…and starts to work it over…Carver is driving elbow smashes OVER AND OVER into Eddie’s arm…OUCH!”

Ryu: “Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what Carver is trying to do here…soften up Eddie’s arm for that cross arm-bar…”

Jason: “Carver now working the arm wringer on Eddie…with lots of jerking and pulling on the muscles….”

Ryu: “Poor Eddie…he’s SCREAMING in pain as Carver CRANKS that wristlock arm wringer…”

Jason: “Del Carver now picks Eddie E. up by the right arm…drops him down and puts on an armbar…”

Ryu: “HERE WE GO…Del Carver going for a submission attempt…but this is NOT that cross arm-bar that Carver usually uses…it’s just a standard arm-bar…”

Jason: “The ref asking Eddie if he wants to quit…Eddie shakes his head…WHOA!…Eddie E. rolls over in a SUMMERSAULT and gets out of the armbar!”

Ryu: “WOW! Brilliant counter by Eddie…”

Jason: “Oh lord…Del Carver grabs Eddie from behind and SMASHES Eddie in the back of the head with a brutal headbutt…and now he goes back to work on the arm!”

Ryu: “Carver is like a dog…and he’s treating Eddie’s arm like the bone!”

Jason: “Del Carver won this Rule of Surrender Title when he won The Master of the Mat…and Carver has made it very apparent this past week that he thinks he’s not being treated with the proper respect by the booking committee here in Shoot. Del feels he has something to prove…and wants to use Eddie to do it!…Del Carver drags Eddie by the arm into the corner…now he’s hanging Eddie’s arm over the rope…what the hell is he…HOLY CRAP!”

Ryu: “Del Carver just JUMPED over the top rope while he was hanging on to Eddie’s wrist…causing Eddie’s right arm to jerk over and extend over the top rope and then violently snap back like a rubber band! Look at Eddie…he’s collapsed in the ring and he’s cradling his right arm…it might be dislocated…”

Jason: “It just might be…Carver now sliding back in the ring with a chair…raising it over his head…SMASHING it on the arm of Eddie E! AGAIN! AGAIN! Sweet Lord…Eddie is holding his arm as if it’s broken…and writhing around on the mat in agony! The ref is gesturing frantically for Del to get rid of the chair…”

Ryu: “So what? Carver doesn’t have to listen to him…this is a SUBMISSION match!”

Jason: “Eddie E. heads to the outside to get away from Del Carver…Del Carver follows…look at the expression on Carver’s face…he’s CRAZED! Del goes to grab Eddie…Eddie ducks and with his left arm WHIPS Carver knee first into the steel steps!”

Ryu: “Eddie is PISSED! He’s shaking his arm like he’s trying to get the blood circulating in it again…look at Carver! When his knee hit those steps, he fell down like he’d been shot in the leg!”

Jason: “Eddie E. grabbing that chair that Del used off the apron…WHAM! He drives it into the side of Carver’s knee! Now he drives Del’s knee into he steps for good measure…now it’s Del’s turn to roll around on the floor…he’s clutching that knee…Eddie E. goes and grabs the ringbell…OH GOD!”

Ryu: “HA! Eddie THREW that bell down onto Del’s knee as HARD as he could! Ha Ha HA!”

Jason: “The ref outside now…and ordering both men back into the ring…Eddie pulls Carver to his feet by the hair and rolls him back into the ring…he’s in right after him…and drops a knee on the back of Del Carver's leg!”

Ryu: “Now it’s Carver’s turn to be in agony!”

Jason: “Eddie E. goes up top as Del Carver lays prone on the mat…EDDIE E. COMES OFF WITH A FLYING KNEEDROP FROM THE TOP ROPE!”

Ryu: “RIGHT on to the back of Carver’s leg! What a brilliant tactician Mr. PPV is! Carver injures his arm, so Eddie uses his legs as a weapon and takes the wheels right out from underneath Carver!”

Jason: “Eddie E. is indeed using his leverage and focusing on the knee of Del Carver…Eddie pulls the hobbled Carver to his feet…and NAILS a standing side kick which gets causes Del Carver to collapse to the mat again…Eddie pulls Carver to his feet again…off the ropes Eddie E. lowers his head for a spinebuster on Carver…but Del Carver gets a DDT!”

Ryu: “Both men laying prone on the mat now…one has a broken arm…the other a busted knee I bet!”

Jason: “Both men slowly rising to their feet…looking at each other warily…Eddie E. goes in with a single leg shoot…knocks Carver off his feet…he’s back to that knee again!”

Ryu: “What tenacity! He won’t let up!”

Jason: “Eddie E. with the leg of Carver secured…oh man…here he goes…TEXAS CLOVERLEAF!”

Ryu: “Hell…that move is painful enough under normal circumstances, never mind after the hammer job Eddie E. has put on that leg...AND HE’S KEEPING IT CRANKED ON!”

Jason: “The fans are screaming as Del Carver lashes to the left…and to the right…he’s trying to flip over…he can’t…Eddie has this hold locked in…Carver trying to power out…no good…Carver is literally pulling his own hair the pain is so bad…and he can find no escape!”

Ryu: “He’s got it locked in tight! Look at Carver thrashing around! He’s reaching for the ropes…”

Jason: “NO! NO! NO! Eddie manages to PULL Carver to the middle of the ring while somehow managing to keep the hold LOCKED IN…The pain MUST be intense after the beating that Eddie E. has put on that knee…and now the pressure that Eddie E. has on his leg with the Texas Cloverleaf.”

Ryu: “HOW LONG has Eddie had this hold on now? It seems like minutes to me…and it must seem 100 times longer for Del Carver…and no matter what he tries…he can’t escape…he’s pounding his fists into the side of his head to keep himself from pounding the mat…”

Jason: “The ref right up in Carver’s face…asking Del Carver is he wants to quit…Carver shaking his head…Wait a minute…Carver’s EYES have rolled back in his head…he’s turned white…he has stopped moving. The ref goes in to look...Eddie E. looking over his shoulder…he releases the hold…”


Jason: “Eddie E. crippled him so badly that when he slapped that Texas Cloverleaf on and wouldn’t release the hold no matter what…it made Carver pass out…that slam into the steel steps really hurt Carver’s kneecap…and Eddie just went after it like a pitbull…The ref is signaling for the bell…”


(Eddie E. rolls out of the ring and raises both arms in victory as his theme music begins to play…Eddie E. swaggers over to the time keeper’s table and drapes his NEW title over his shoulder…He bows dramatically to the crowd and begins to extravagantly blow kisses…as pyro goes off…Eddie makes his way up the ramp. Carver remains in the ring and finally stirs…clutching his knee.)

["Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed starts to blast over the P.A. system. The crowd is going nuts as the SHOOT Project World Champion, Stoned Cold with Alli step out from behind the curtain, Stoned Cold glances at Eddie as he staggers to the back. Stoned Cold is dressed in a black and blue Ecko hoodie with the hood up, a pair of baggy black metallic FUBU pants, an ice blue bandana, and silver Oakleys with the SHOOT Project World Title belt drapped over his right shoulder, as Alli is dressed in one of her usual hot slutty outfits. They make their way down aisle to the ring and as Stoned Cold enters the ring, Alli grabs a mic and gets in the ring and hands Stoned Cold the mic as he starts to speak...]

Stoned Cold: Thank you fans of Tokyo for such warm reception here tonight. You fans all witnessed two weeks ago, in this very building, myself getting screwed outta this belt *taps the title*, and that night you were all behind me. And then last week, I gotta give Lee credit again for a good match, but I said I was walking outta Osaka with the World Title, and that's exactly what I did. That match had significance because of the stipulation that if I lost, I was gonna have take a leave of absense from wrestling in SHOOT and go back to my duties of being the leader of the North America Drug Cartel for the Yakuza. But I came out victorious and now I am champ. Which brings me to my announcement tonight though...

[Stoned Cold pauses as the fans all look ready and anticipated for the announcement. After a brief pause, Alli rubs her hands up and down Stoned Cold's chest as he begins to speak once again...]

Stoned Cold: I dunno how to say this fans....but everyone's favorite pothead has got to take a leave of absense from SHOOT effective immediately. It was apart of a contract that I made this obligation starting this Sunday and running for a little while. The match was signed last because, I knew that if by some means I lost, I was gonna have to leave for a little while anyway. It was a fallback, but I came out victorious anyway. So your World Champ will be gone for a little while, but it's all good because when I come back, I will be still the same ole SC, kicking ass and defending my title with pride...

[Stoned Cold is cut off as "Feel Good" by HED P.E. starts up over the P.A. system. The Commisioner and one half of the SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions, Erik Boyer makes his way out from behind the curtain to a sea of boos. He raises the mic to his mouth and begins to speak...]

Erik Boyer: Well, Stoned Cold…old buddy…old friend…old pal. I'm sorry to see you go. I know how much you wanted to defend your title week in and week out and well…I know it's gonna crush you when you hand it over to me. See, we never really did get to win those tag titles back in the day when it was you and me, flying high…literally and figuratively speaking. High Treason was the best tag team in SHOOT Project history…or it was at that time. But regardless of who was the best, I always knew you wanted those tag titles. I went and won the world title instead, but I want you to know…I always did wish I could have helped you get those tag titles. And you know, I do realize how bad you've wanted a championship ever since you've entered SHOOT. I know that after a while, you gave up your hopes on becoming Tag Champs with me, Blazed, but you never could quite get that singles title…you couldn't prove to The SHOOT crowd that you were worthy without a tag partner. Sure, we had them ooo'ing and ahhh'ing as we flipped all about the ring…but we weren't seen as the best because we didn't have the titles.

[Boyer laughs and corrects himself…]

Erik Boyer: Wait wait…you weren't seen as the best. I was the World Champ…I was the best. I was the king. Heh…I AM the king. You just reached that peak man, and I'm proud of you. You were known as the best for quite some time…almost a week! But that time has ended due to uncontrollable circumstances. So, if you'll just drop that heavyweight belt by my trailer later, I'm sure I can find a respectable owner for it. Hell…I never lost the title. Maybe I'll keep it. But one thing is for sure, SC, though I hate to admit it.

[Boyer steps forward a bit…]

Erik Boyer: You cannot be The World Champion anymore. The champ has to be able to defend any challenges that come about…you can't do that in North America. Sorry pal…I'll see you when you bring that title by.

[Boyer pauses to a chorus of loud boos as Stoned Cold starts to speak..]

Stoned Cold: So let me get this straight bro....because I have a prior obligation to the higher-ups, you are gonna strip me of the title? Well ya know what buddy, you want this title belt *taps the belt*, why don't you come down here and take it from me...

[The crowd errupts as Boyer shrugs, drops the mic and heads to the ring. Alli exits the ring as Stoned Cold lays the belt down in front of him and waits for Boyer. Boyer enters the ring and goes to grab the belt off the canvas as he nods to Stoned Cold, but Stoned Cold puts his foot on the belt so Boyer can't pick it up. Boyer gets up laughs before he shoves Stoned Cold, Stoned Cold shoves Boyer back. Boyer goes for a clothesline but Stoned Cold ducks and picks up the World Title belt and lays Boyer out with the belt. The crowd errupts as Stoned Cold places the belt over the fallen body of Boyer and starts playing to the crowd as "Down With The Sickness" by Disturbed starts to blast over the P.A. system. Stoned Cold just looks down at his former partner and exits the ring and grabs Alli as they exit through the crowd to a standing ovation...]

(We cut to a ceiling shot of the building , the camera focusing on a Japanese flag hanging from the ceiling as a mixture of cheers and boos go up from the barely patriotic Greenland crowd. “Voodoo People” plays as the split crowd begin to unanimously stomp their feet and clap their hands in time with the beat of the music awaiting the former world champion. The camera now goes to a wide shot, in the middle of the scene is the ring, giving us a birds eye view of the arena. We go backstage as IOP is seen pacing back and forth in front of his dressing room door, punching the air and slightly kicking his feet in order to loosen up the joints a bit. Every few moments he looks over to an unseen part of the backstage area with a mixture of anxiousness and trepidation in his face. He shakes his head from side to side a few times and begins to jog in place a bit, looking to get rid of some of the built up tension. One more time IOP looks over to a part of the area not seen by the camera and walks over in that direction. The camera follows him as he picks up a ladder that looks to be approximately 12- 15 feet long, puts it over his shoulders and heads to the ring. As he comes into view of the audience they hail him with more applause, some reaching out in an attempt to touch him or to snag a piece of hair, others attempting to grab at the ladder. He makes it to the apron and carefully leans the ladder inside the ring against the near turnbuckle.)

Jason: The man with the can looks to be focused, Ryu. That upset last week by Stoned Cold, who walked away with the SHOOT Project Championship has certainly left a sour taste in his mouth.

Ryu: But you know… I bet that Maria has taken care of him quite well.

Jason: You’re probably right.

(The bell rings and both men prepare to go into battle. IOP crouches down and slaps himself stiffly enough to produce two red handprints on his face. Lee glances over at the ladder, walking around IOP in a circle, standing straight up and looking for an opening. After pacing the ring a few times the impatient crowd begins to start a “IOP” chant, getting a bit of a rise out of Lee as he loses his composure a bit, taking his eyes off of IOP a few times. IOP uses this opportunity to his advantage, springing off the far ropes and coming back at Lee with a shoulder block. Lee however stands his ground, altogether no-selling the manuver. Lee invites IOP to try the move again and IOP obliges by launching himself into the far ropes and charging back at Lee, Lee however drops his body to the mat leading to IOP to leap over to the other side of Lees body and instead of running the ropes again, he takes advantage of the situation by dropping an elbow into the small of Lee’s back. Lee’s neck snaps back as his torso flinches in pain, IOP grabbing on to the head of Lee applying a crossface type of move.)

Ryu: There's that power by IOP that we've all come to expect.

(It appears to be too soon for it to do any good though, as Lee begins to power his way over to the nearest ropes, dragging a clinging IOP along with him. Lee smartly hops up to his feet, looking a bit pissed at IOP’s attempt to dupe him for an early win. Both men lock up in a collar-elbow stance and Lee forces a headlock onto the neck of IOP, squeezing tightly enough to be considered a chokehold. The ref notices this and taps on the shoulder for Lee to loosen his grip. Lee refuses and there isn’t much the ref can do since technically the headlock is a perfectly legal hold. IOP begins to feel the effect of the choking as he drops to one knee and begins to lose more and more oxygen, as well as the pressure of the lock on IOP’s main artery taking its toll. Lee leans forward to apply more pressure and grinds on the neck, getting IOP to reach with two fingers to try to make some space between Lees forearm and his own breathing passage. Lee is not moved until finally before losing all conciousness, IOP begins to strike at Lee with elbows to the ribs.)

Jason: IOP is fighting this one, but Lee has got him locked in pretty tightly.

(Lee beginning to losen up his grip a bit…IOP fires Lee off into the corner where the ladder is stationed but Lee reverses IOP,sending him flying head first into the tenth step of the ladder. IOPs staggers backwards from the blow, right into the arms of Lee who applies a waistlock, a roar going up from the fans as they fear a head dropping manuver from Lee early in the match. IOP holds his ground the best he can, trying to hold down his weight while hitting Lee in the temple with short elbow strikes.) (This goes on for a few moments until finally IOP breaks the grip, spinning around and catching Lee with a stiff backfist followed by a flurry of punches to the face. IOP quickly spins Lee around, locking *him* in a waistlock and German Suplexing the back of Lees head into the ladder!! Lee lays face down on the mat with his right hand holding the back of his head, IOP laying down on the mat as well trying to catch his breath and taking a few seconds to map out a comeback. IOP makes it to his feet first and walks over to Lee who has now made it to one knee. IOP begins to stomp a mudhole into the back of Lees head,the crowd cheering on in approval as the sweat from the back of Lees head splashes off. Lee makes his way over to the corner on his hands and knees, makes it to the corner that contains the ladder. IOP follows him over and Lee grabs onto the ladder looking like he is trying to pull himself up,but instead pulling the ladder down onto the head of IOP. IOP falls to his side in a heap as Lee stands up, grabbing the ladder and begins to set it up in the middle of the ring. )

Ryu: Lee is going for his title, Jason. He's going for the win!

(As soon as the ladder is in place Lee begins to climb it,taking it slowly step by step as he is still a bit woozy from the head dropping minutes ago. IOP starts to get a sense of what is going on and uses the first few steps of the ladder to make it to his feet as well. IOP tries to pull Lee down from the ladder by his trunks, creating laughter from the crowd as the shorts of Lee are pulled down halfway. Lee kicks at the face of IOP trying to loosen his grip but IOP wont budge. Finally Lee stomps down hard on the top of IOP’s head, stunning him and breaking his grip. Lee turns around and kicks again at IOP but the foot is caught. IOP himself climbs a couple of feet up the ladder and executes a Dragon Screw Legwhip from the ladder to the canvas! IOP gets back up to a standing postion, folds the ladder in half and brings it down on the head of Lee so that his head ends up stuck between the rungs of ladder steps. IOP pounds away at the head of Lee, and executes an Enzuguri kick, sending Lee rolling to the floor, peeling the ladder from around his head in the process. The way the ladder comes off, it sits right on the edge of the ring laying on its side. )

Jason: Lee is busted open... That ladder has done it's damage.

(Lee staggers to his feet and grabs a hold of the ladder, still standing on the outside of the ring. IOP uses this opening to his advantage, firing himself once again into the opposite ropes and coming back with a baseball slide dropkick, sending the ladder into the skull of Lee. Lee drops down to one knee and by sheer loss of balance, pops back up to both feet. IOP hops over the top rope and joins him on the outside. IOP grabs Lee by one hand and shoots him into the guard railing, sending him over the top of the railing and into the crowd. IOP walks over to Lee and drags him back towards the ringside area and finally into the ring. IOP stands over the fallen body of Lee, looking out to the crowd and pointing towards the ladder getting a solid pop from the audience. IOP bends over to pick up Lee but is halted by a boot to the head. IOP shows his spirit by no-selling and returning fire with a series of stomps to the chest of Lee. )

Ryu: Once again, there's that force IOP brings with him every time.

(In a quick burst of energy, IOP pulls Lee to his feet in one swoop, locks on a facelock and executes the Flatliner!! IOP once again goes over to the ladder to set it up. As IOP gets the lader fully set up, Lee crawls over to him and head butts his opponent in the back a few times, leading to IOP returning fire with right hand to Lee who is on his knees at this point. As it appears IOP has one the battle of fisticuffs, Lee sneaks in a low blow to IOP, leading to IOP being doubled over in pain. With a short adrenaline burst, Lee makes it to his feet, hammers away at the back of IOP’s neck and cataches him with a Gutwrench Powerbomb!!! Lee makes it to his feet, wipes the sweat from his brow and looks up to the top of the ladder, the bright lights over the ring causing him to squint. Lee lets out a deep sigh and begins to make his way up the ladder. Step by step getting closer to the top….IOP looks up and sees Lee climbing the ladder. He grabs the foot of the ladder as Lee gets closer to the top.)

Jason: Lee's almost got it! IOP has him stopped just two rungs from the win!

( IOP begins to shake the ladder back and forth trying to shake Lee off. The ladder begins to tip back and forth as Lee’s fingers barely begin to touch the title. IOP finally tips the ladder over sending Lee flying from the top of the ladder and crashing down hard to the top turnbuckle! IOP hurries over to the ladder and begins to set it up, having a bit of trouble doingso because of the ladder having become slightly bent from the bumps earlier in the match. IOP climbs the ladder step by step as the sweat drips down from his forehead dropping into his eyes. IOP gets closer and closer to the top as Lee makes his way over to the ladder, looking as if he is about to faint. Lee getting his second wind, charges at the ladder and beginning to climb it along with IOP, IOP however moving much slower. Lee reaches the top and grabs a hold of the title with both hands, IOP begins to deliver right hands into the abdomen of Lee, loosening his grip on the belt and grabbing a part of it himself. Both men secure the title in one hand while throwing punches to the face of the other. The ladder begins to tilt…)

Ryu: Both men are reaching out for the title... IOP appears to be the closer of the two, but Lee is reaching further and further....

Jason: This is what I like to see…

Ryu: Oh! IOP begins to hit Lee with right hands! Chris is staggering! One more! IOP reaches up! He grabs the Rising Star Championship!

Jason: This really hasn’t been the best of 2 weeks for Chris Lee.

With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself
Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind?

( “Where Is My Mind” by the Pixies hits, and The SHOOT Project commissioner throws back the curtain and shows himself once again on this fateful evening. The PA system blurts out the words in an almost inaudible fashion, but somehow you can make them out, and somehow you know it just makes sense. Some of the very few fans in the audience begin to cheer while some of them boo…it’s all a matter of personal preference. Your typical Yakuza slime ball is going to love the excitement that the man making his way towards the ring can bring to SHOOT. The pure madness of his entire being is exactly what would appeal to the SHOOT crowd…which is why most people are cheering. However, anyone who would buy the videotape that The SHOOT Project puts out monthly would probably hate Erik Boyer. He’s maniacal…he’s sick…he’s a crazy bastard that doesn’t realize he’s crazy anymore. The world around him hates him, and has shunned him to such levels of employment…face it: no one really wants to be in The SHOOT Project. Unless you are directly involved with the Yakuza or are just trying fight without penalty. Boyer can’t go anywhere else anymore…everyone thinks he’s dead. Which is exactly what he wants…no more people, no more drama, no more situations that his mind can’t handle.)

Jason- Here we go, Ryu…time for some inspirational words from the management other than me.

Ryu- Exactly. I’m pumped.

Jason- You would be.

Way out in the water, see it swimming
I was swimming in the Caribbean
Animals were hiding behind the rock
Except for little fish
When they told me east is west trying to talk to me, coy koi
Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind?

(Erik Boyer, who has noticeably longer hair than the last time we saw him…well, on national television, that is. He had just as long hair last week, during his SHOOT debut/tag team title match with Hardcore Style. Speaking of which, he wears that title around his waist, along with the now vacant SHOOT Project World Championship draped over his shoulder…he’s dressed in gold. Golden colored mesh shorts, golden colored tank top…it would appear that he’s even got a golden ring around the top of his head. Almost as if it was a halo…or even a crown.)

Jason- Does he think he’s the King of England or something?

Ryu- He might as well be as far as you’re concerned, Jason. You just don’t like him because he’s got power and you know it. Green posed a threat, but he never had any CERTIFIED power…not until he named Boyer the commissioner.

Jason- So why does he get to name Boyer the commissioner?

Ryu- Because he did and you didn’t stop him. Besides, it’s now in Boyer’s contract.

Jason- We don’t really have contracts in SHOOT.

Ryu- You’d be surprised.

Way out in the water, see it swimming
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah
Your head will collapse if there's nothing in it
And you'll ask yourself
Where is my mind? Where is my mind? Where is my mind?

(He enters the ring by hopping over the top rope and doing a somersault all the way over to the opposite side of the ring, coming up with his hands in the air, and bowing as if he has just finished a Broadway production. He paces around the ring in a circle like motion, almost as if he's lost his train of thought, or even his sense of being, and the record that plays in his head just started skipping. But he stops, looks up at the crowd, and cracks a smile, as if he was genuinely happy to be in the ring at this very moment.)

Way out in the water, see it swimming
With your feet on the air and your head on the ground
Try this trick and spin it, yeah

Jason- This guy is insane. Did you see that little somersault? What the hell was that?

Ryu- A very acrobatic maneuver that could put your lights out if he added a kick to the end of it.

Jason- Stop talking, Ryu.

(Boyer picks up the microphone that lies in the center of the ring and motions to the guy’s that control the somewhat oversized boom box that acts as SHOOT’s sound system to cut his music. He climbs the ropes in no specific corner of the ring and takes a seat on the very top turnbuckle, beginning the speech that was supposedly so big that it had to be the main event…or main segment.)

Boyer- So there I was, with a gun in my left hand, a woman in my right, and a tape recorder strapped to my chin that would send out the audio feed to the crowd surrounding us. I gave them my little schpiel that they all crave, and I said what I needed to say to make myself feel as if my next actions would be justified. I told them that it was their fault that I was going to kill myself, and I explained that society’s standards are the reasons why I’m about to put a bullet in my head. I told them that I was going to kill myself because they wanted it that way…not me. Whatever…you know how it goes when you feel like killing yourself, right? Good, so there’s no need for me to explain any further.

(Boyer begins to rub his forehead, underneath the crown-like accessory, and continues on…)

Boyer- So then, right when I have the gun, specially made for me, cocked, locked, and ready to unload, some douche bag busts into the room and knocks the gun down. It was so stupid, I mean…no one liked me, no one cared about me, so why would this idiot want to save my life? Whatever, I don’t care anymore. Fact is, the gun was pointed to my head, he knocked it down a little bit, and the gun still went off…bullet went straight through my collar bone area, but it was more of the deltoid-shoulder that it effected. For a while, I’m good now, but for a while I couldn’t even move my left arm. Heh, but as far as all the world was concerned, I couldn’t move anything…they all thought I was dead. Green, a guy you all know…Aaron Green…yeah, he paid the doctors at Montreal General a good amount of money to say that I was dead. They didn’t care, just like you all didn’t care…oh, it was just a wrestling angle. Oh, he’s just wrestling in Japan somewhere. Oh, he’s just retiring. Oh, he’s just dramatic. Right. Let me let you all in on something…I’m not living a life.

(Boyer scratches his nose for a moment, looking around at the crowd to see if they’re even the least bit interested in what he’s got to say…)

Boyer- My life IS a wrestling angle. I tell you I have no family…after this is over, I’m not going to go home to a wife or something and have her tell me that I “did good out there tonight.” I’ll go back to whatever hole in the wall SHOOT’s booked rooms for us all at, and I’ll go to sleep. I’ll wake up tomorrow not to children’s laughter and a nagging mother’s phone calls, but to deafening silence. But it’s whatever…I love it now…it’s actually quite fun to play the games and run the gauntlets that your own mind sets down for you. It’s a good time, and I suggest you try it. You know, the next time you fake your own death…it really brings out the reality of your life. Only when you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything, right? That’s becoming a famous quote, by the way…

(Climbing down from his perch, he begins to pace the ring, brushing the hair away from his eyes, and scratching the unkempt beard that grows along his face’s outline, yet conveniently doesn’t grow over his top lip…)

Boyer- So, as I said, this was all kind of a plot with Aaron Green, at least that’s what he thought. I mean, I’d go out there and kill myself, and then disappear to SHOOT and take that mainstream with him. I’d get paid and he’d get what he was after for so long. And then, when we took it mainstream, I’d make my big return to the limelight and whatever, you know, everyone would be like “oh my god, it’s Erik Boyer!” when we broadcast the first show, you know…make it a surprise. But I wasn’t even going to go to SHOOT…I mean, as I told you before, I really was going to kill myself. There was nothing left for me to do, no part of my brain that I hadn’t explored, and no part of the world that I cared to see ever again. I was going to just say “fuck it” and pull the trigger, splattering my brains all over the place…but when that didn’t work out, I realized that it was probably not a good idea anyway. Who knows what the future will bring, right? I know...yeah, but I tend to be foolishly optimistic, so I try to ignore the visions that I have of all that disease, destruction, and death. I just try to think of naked chicks, baseball, or a wrestling match that I might have coming up to take my mind off of…well, my mind. Things that a “normal” person does, right? I mean damn, who doesn’t want to be normal deep down?

(Boyer thought for a moment…)

Boyer- Well…me, I guess, but…

(He shrugs and continues on as he hadn’t thought of that…)

Boyer- Anyway, since that moron fucked everything up and saved my life, I decided to go ahead and head down to SHOOT anyway. Green needed help, and there’s really nothing I can do besides wrestle. But the alternative, that being a return to the mainstream, just didn’t seem like a good idea. I hated everyone up there, and I hated the way I was treated. Not even unappreciated…hell, they started to love me, even after what I’d done so long ago. I was so pathetic that they actually felt sorry for me. They started to cheer me…they liked me. But I hated that…why would I want to be cheered? Were these people fucking retarded? After what I’d done in the past, I don’t deserve to be cheered. I should be locked up until ten minutes before my natural death, and then given the chair for what I did. They liked me again, they’d forgiven me…but fuck if I cared about whether they liked me or not. Hell, at this point, I was ready to kill myself. But then, after the bullet passed through my shoulder instead of my brain, I thought to myself…you’re fucking bad. You’re not good. You’re a bad seed. You are sincerely FUCKED UP. God, if there is one, wanted you to be this way. Your entire life, you’ve been fighting the devils and the demons and the dark silhouettes that stalk your fucking existence…but why do you? Why do you make your life more complicated than it has to be by trying to be the “good” guy, and trying to “pay” for your sins. You don’t know if there’s a heaven or a hell…all you DO know of is this life, so why are you going to waste it worrying about paying this person back or that person back. Allowing them their “retribution.”

(Boyer braces himself up against the ropes, his arms holding up his weight, and he begins chuckling to himself as the few fans in attendance watch out, completely captivated…)

Boyer- Let me tell you, when you have an epiphany like that…when you make that realization…life gets a lot better. When you’re bad and you finally realize that you are meant to go to hell and be one of Satan’s slaves…that’s a fucking god send. No more fights between good and evil within my head, and no more beating the living fuck out of myself every time the alter ego living inside my mind felt it was necessary. But I also knew that if I stayed in the big time after this…if I stayed around in the spotlight…I wouldn’t be me. I wouldn’t have fun. I’d allow everyone’s words to seep into my head and I’d begin to tear myself apart again. I’d fight the demons, and I’d fight the pain…I wouldn’t accept it because to them, it’s unacceptable. And when you’re around them…you have no other choice but to be like them. If not? You’re shunned. You’re an enemy of the people. You’re scum, and you’re the one that they all want to see get his ass kicked right in the middle of the fuckin ring. When you don’t succumb to their way of life, you are now the opposite. You are now the outcast. Outcast…heh…that’s funny.

(Boyer runs his fingers through his brownish-black hair before he pushes away from the ropes and rolls into a backward somersault all the way until he reaches his feet again. Why? Because he did. Continuing on now, because he didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Boyer speaks…)

Boyer- So, that’s why I’ve come back to SHOOT. Not to save Aaron Green’s dying dream, because he’s gone now anyway- I couldn’t do that if I wanted to. It’s not to reclaim my SHOOT Championship, though it would appear as if I have done that already tonight, and it’s not to get back to the roots of wrestling. It’s just to find a place that feels normal. That sees me as…normal. You see, here in SHOOT, everything is backwards. Good is evil, and sinister action is nothing short of a saint’s work. If I shot one of you fucks out in the crowd right now, I would not be booed and arrested. I would be cheered, and hoisted upon your shoulders as your new hero. Your favorite wrestling in The SHOOT Project right now? Stoned Cold. His occupation? Leader of one of the largest drug syndicates in the world. Most hated? Hell, I’d say Chris Lee. Why? Because he’s never done anything vile or disgusting…he watched his company burn to ashes, and what did he do? Heh…he challenged the arsonist to a match. You hate him for that. You hate him for being a traditional wrestler. This is why I’ve come to SHOOT. So I, the bad, can once again be good. And if not good, than at the very least myself. I can be myself. You don’t give a fuck as long as I keep the bloodshed coming…and I’m happy to appease. Not because that’s what you want, but because it’s who I am. Blitz D is right at home in CEWF and big time federations like that, and the people love him…he’s a model citizen. A nice guy.

(He shakes his head, never letting the grin fade from his face…)

Boyer- I’m not. I’m the opposite…I’m the antichrist. So I go where the opposites go. I go where the antichrists go. I go where I’m accepted. I go to hell. I go to The SHOOT Project.

(The one or two hundred fans in attendance scream in appreciation at the top of their lungs in one of the most awkward yet understandably correct moments of the night…or even of SHOOT’s history in general. Not all of the fans necessarily like Boyer, nor do they even care of his participation in The SHOOT Project. Perhaps it was just the mere mention of the Project that was the trigger for their uproarious behavior. Either way, the crowd seems to love Boyer at the moment, and it really does completely coincide with what his main point has been…anywhere else, he’d be locked away in the prisons that people keep “bad thoughts” in or even worse…he’d be locked away for real. Maybe even in a mental institution, like in the CEWF…)

Boyer- So then I get here, and Green bails out, pissed off because his plan didn’t work and his ace in the hole, Ty Jackson, ended up being nothing but a giant punkass bitch. He didn’t want to stick around, but he still didn’t want SHOOT to succeed. So what do you do when you want something to die? Various things, but the one idea that stuck out to Aaron Green is to put it into the hands of a madman. Me. I didn’t really want the job, but I took it. Why would you turn down power? Why would you turn down life at the top of the mountain? Well…this mountain, which’s more like a hill…but it’s still MY hill. Just like the AODWF belonged to The Punisher, the AWF belonged to Cronos, the WWE belonged to The Rock, and CEWF belonged to fuckin’ OutKast, The SHOOT Project now belongs to me. Tag champ? Yeah. World Champ? I was…and if I so choose, I will be again. I already have the belt. But most importantly…the dictator of each and every one of your lives as it pertains to The SHOOT Project? That’s what I’m doing right now. You know, becoming the commissioner was just a formality…but it’s a nice perk. You know, doing whatever I want, whenever I want to with absolutely no consequence IS kind of a perk. Which is why I wear this crown around my head.

(Boyer removes the crown, eyeing it down as if it was his worst enemy or most loved woman. To Erik, it’s all the same…)

Boyer- They called me The King when I won the title. They called me The King last week, when they thought I was Ty Jackson. They’re calling me The King now because I have complete control over each and every one of their careers. You all can call me the king too.

(Drums....a beat....a familiar song...something from a familiar band that everyone has heard echoes through the static over the small PA system. Boyer, who is still staring at the crown like a man posessed, slowly turns his head up to listen to the music... )

"Too alarming now to talk about....
Take your pictures down and shake it out...
Truth or consequence, say it aloud...
Use that evidence, race it around...."

(No bells, no whistles....no one knows what to expect. Boyer, still with an eerie smile planted across his face, turns his entire body toward the music while the small amount of fans all in unison turn to the entranceway.)

"There goes my hero, watch him as he goes...."

(With the Foo Fighters hitting the chorus, a man in black leather pants, a black wraparound pair of Oakleys and a black and silver baseball jersey with "ICON" written on the front and "Stellar 1" on the back walks out to the shock of the hundred or so people in the building. He stands in front of the entrance curtain, stands there staring into the ring.)

"Dont the best of them bleed it out....
While the rest of them peter out....
Truth or consequence, say it aloud...
Use that evidence, race it around....
There goes my hero, watch him as he goes....
There goes my hero, ordinary...."

(Rocky Stellar stands in front of the entrance ramp - just staring back at the face of a smiling Erik Boyer. The crowd - both the ones who like Stellar and the ones who like Boyer - are now on their feet, knowing...)

Jason: Holy shit!!!

Ryu: What's he doing here? He's all about money and main event status!!! He sells out stadiums!! What's he doing here?

Jason: Well, right now, it looks like he's walking to the ring. Hold onto everything because THIS just got extra interesting.

(Stellar takes the 10-step hike to the ring, climbs up on the apron, and stands there, staring at the commissioner of SHOOT with a snarl across his face.)

"Kudos my hero, leaving all the best... You know my hero, the one that's oooonnnnnn...."

(Boyer, still smiling, stares back at Stellar while taking two steps back from the center of the ring and giving Stellar enough room to enter. Stellar climbs in, points at Boyer as the music shuts off.)

Stellar: You are one sick fuck...

(The crowd roars - knowing that it's true. Whether they love Boyer or not, they know he is definitely one sick fuck. Stellar drops his right hand and leans back against the ropes.)

Stellar: But I'll get back to THAT in a moment...instead, I think it's time to answer the people that have been asking themselves "What is he doing here?" Yea…it's true…Stellar is an ICON. A legend...he has sold out everything and has played host to millions of people all over the world. Posters of the greatest champion ever still line the walls of kids all over the globe, while the Stellar One is STILL a household name for every person alive. So, what is the Stellar One doing here...well, Boyer, I'm here for the same damn reason you are doing here. The Stellar One is here to make some people fucking crazy.

(The crowd roars but Stellar quiets them down.)

Stellar: You see, Boyer old chum, Stellar has had it up to here in the politics and other bullshit that has managed to shut down every federation that the Stellar One has ever been in. He's witnessed the rise and fall of more than a dozen feds in the past 6 years. I've seen places like the CEWF rise - come to prominence - then shut themselves down because a plague of egos manifest themselves in the corners of the locker room. Most recently, Jonny Johnson and Vincent Cash hooked up to think they were the most powerful assholes on the planet...then shut themselves down because they - like the rest - learned that they are NOT all powerful. So, when Stellar sat down with the possibility of having some time off, he decided to head to a place where the egos would stay in check. A place where there is no money, no power - and above all else - no egos to ruin it. The SHOOT Project offered that opportunity...and here I am.

(Stellar hops off the ropes then stares down the commission, who, in turn, continues to hold that smile across his face.)

Stellar: But, then, as I'm standing in the back, relaxing one day after landing in this joint, I hear some piece of shit blowhard standing in the center of this falling apart ring asking EVERYONE to call him king.

(Stellar shakes his head, but Boyer just continuing to smile.)

Stellar: Well, if that doesn't just frost my ass. One day I'm here - one fucking day Boyer - and your ego is already larger than Johnson's and Cash's combined. But, you know, I should have expected something like this from you, Boyer. As I said when I first walked out into this place and looked at the 100 or so fans staring at me, you truly are one of the sickest fucks to have ever stepped foot on the Earth. I mean, what can be said about a guy who crucifixes OutKast above the Toronto Dome? What can be said about a guy who hit a pregnant woman with a chair? What can be said about a bastard who has done nothing but brought pain and hardship onto the world...a guy who makes everything he has ever touched shrivel up and turn to dust? You ARE the anti-Christ - you sick fuck. You are Satan himself....

(Stellar, for the first time, removes the sunglasses from his head and drops them on the ground.)

Stellar: But, Boyer, I DON'T CARE. Because, Boyer, you have never - ever - frightened the Stellar One. See, you can go around scaring everyone with that bullshit...you can sit there and explain how you deserve to be in hell - how you deserve to be in SHOOT because it resembles hell...but, you have never - will never - scare the Stellar One. In fact, it just makes the Stellar One smile - kind of like that shit eating grin you have plastered across your skull. You see, ass, a long time ago in a fed known as the COIWA - another egotistical joint run by a bunch of political players - you and the Stellar One sat down and had a sandwich and a beer. You said the Stellar One was to blame for the things YOU did to Kygon and Julie...you said it was my fault that I wasn't there to save his ass. And, back then, the Stellar One told you the same thing that he is going to remind you of tonight. He said, simply, "Anytime you want, anywhere you want - we will finish this." Well, Boyer...it seems that there is no time like the present - and no place like the present - for me to wipe that smirk off your face and show you that - even though you are the sickest fucker in this rat infested playground, I'm the baddest ass you will ever see. See, Boyer, I've heard enough of your bullshit to last me a lifetime...so it's time for the bullshit to end.

(Boyer drops his head and nods a few times before he turns his back on The Stellar One and heads over to no particular corner, and retakes his throne. He looks at Stellar for a moment or two before continuing…)

Boyer- Interesting.

(Boyer rubs his eyes for a moment, and continues on as if nothing had happened at all…)

Boyer- So yeah, call me the king. Uh…

(As if he’d lost his train of thought, he stepped down from his seat atop the turnbuckles and began to pace back and forth, looking as if he was trying to remember the words to say…)

Boyer- Oh, yeah, so I was thinking. Since I’m the king around here, I decided that I’m going to hold a little match.

(Whispers throughout the crowd can be heard, the patrons of blood and gore all hoping that the match would be tonight and not next week in some far off town that only the groupies would get to see…)

Boyer- Tonight. Right now. You know, I should be the World Heavyweight Champion, because quite frankly I don’t think anyone back there, or in the ring for that matter, could beat me. Which would say that I should be the champion, I know, but then what kind of fun is that? It’d get old after about three years of Erik Boyer being on top of the Project. Of course I’d have a cult following, but you all are already my cult following…you’re my peasants, so to speak. So it wouldn’t be fair for me to be the World Champ.

(Boyer begins to walk in a very slow forming circle around Stellar, who does nothing but keep his focus on the madman…)

Boyer- All week long the road agents and staff members and everyone that we have working for The SHOOT Project have been ranting and raving about doing your best this week for your matches. About giving it you all. No one said anything about winning those matches, but as long as we saw that you gave your blood, sweat, and tears for The SHOOT Project this week…well, you’d probably do it every week. Even if you weren’t told. We figure that you’ll probably go out there EVERY week and fuck shit up like you haven’t fucked anything in your life. That’s what we hoped anyway. I mean, people say I’m crazy, but I’m still smart enough to realize what The SHOOT Project is about. It’s about being hardcore…that’s such a cliché these days, but it’s the fucking truth. I hate hardcore wrestling, yeah, it’s borderline retarded. But I’m not talking about hardcore wrestling. I’m talking about being hardcore. Living hardcore. I’m talking about going out there and taking eight chair shots to the head and still having the drive and passion to kick the fuck out. I’m talking about performing a shooting star press from the fucking rafters of this little warehouse up there and still having the DESIRE to make the cover.

(Boyer rests his body against his “throne” and speaks as if, one, Stellar wasn’t there, and two, he’s known the crowd and the people he’s talking to for his entire life…)

Boyer- I’ve been watching tonight. I was watching last week. I know a few people who know who I’m talking about. I know Del Carver could take five thousand shots to the temple, and as long as he was still conscious and had the mental capabilities at the time, he’d kick out of a pinning combination. Even if it meant he would take five thousand MORE shots. He would risk death not to lose. He would risk his life to get the win and the respect of his peers. I know Chris Lee would train for hours on end to make sure his style is up to par of the opponents he has for that week. I know he’d study tapes for hours and hours on end, and he’d alter his fucking move set just for that one specific man that he was set to do battle with. I know he’d do this for the rest of his life if he could, simply because wrestling is in his blood. It was in his blood when I was here the first time, and it hasn’t left since then. I know that Ben Jackman would stop at no cost to get the win, no matter if that cost was his opponent’s life. Jackman has no regard for health, whether it is his or his opponents in question. If a man fell to the ground screaming for his life after Blackout’s thrown his one hundredth punch to the face of the night, he wouldn’t stop. Jackman is in a word: Ruthless. I know The Flying Dutchman would do just what I explained earlier, and that is risk his life to win the match. As long as he could make the cover, he would, and as long as he could rise to his feet after that death-defying maneuver that you KNOW he just pulled off, he WOULD get the win.

(Boyer walks away from his post and moves towards Stellar as he breaks in his speech for a moment. As soon as he gets close enough, he places his hand on Stellar’s shoulder, only to have it ripped away moments later. He raises his hands to shoulder level as if to say “okay buddy” as he backs off…)

Boyer- And then there’s this guy named Rocky Stellar. I never really liked him in the past, as we’d never really seen eye to eye. He could never look past the surface of the issues at hand…he always just went with what the crowd perceived the event to be, rather than what it really was. I guess he just couldn’t resist the “in crowd,” but whatever the reason was, we just never got along. He had his friends…I had one or two…I hurt his friends…he never really got around to hurting me, or mine. Either way, he did make a vow one-day to make me “pay” for my mistakes or sins or whatever the hell terminology he used for “bad things.” I never really expected him to come through with it…a lot of people made that promise to me, and none of them have come through yet. I don’t know if I’ve even been beaten one on one since then…oh well, whatever. The fact is, it looks as if he’s going to try to “come through” with his promise. And even if he doesn’t? At least he made the attempt…most men can’t even make that claim. Yes, I am that feared. Yes, my skill is that revered. You don’t need to ask again.

(Boyer throws his arms up in the air and shakes them about, as he does his head, not unlike the motions that one Jack Black might make…)


(Regaining his composure, he jumps in the air and twists around, landing in a mid-90’s HHHesque position…)

Boyer- It means that we’re going to have a World Title match here tonight. All the guys that I like so far in my tenure here…whether they’ve tried to kick my ass or not…will be involved. So if I mentioned you here tonight…I’d like it if you’d come down to this ring and fight for the leather strap that rests on my left shoulder. I want Del Carver to come out here and take the punishment that only he can take. I want Chris Lee to walk his ass down here and methodically tear the other men in the ring apart. I want Ben Jackman to come to the ring and throw fist after fist after fist of fury into his opponent’s face. I want Rocky Stellar to come out here and wrestle a match like he fucking means it, I want him to promise that he’ll win the title and I want to see him try to come through with it. I want to see The Flying Dutchman head on out here and fly his ass all the way to the top of the ladder of this very Project.

(Boyer motions to the back, and four of the five men show up, completely unprepared for this. Ben Jackman is no longer wearing his wrestling attire, instead he adorns a pair of jeans with a white T-shirt. Del Carver’s forever blood stained hands are clenched, ready to take someone’s fucking face off. The Flying Dutchman looks at the other two men that stand next to him as he jumps up and down a few times. He had no idea this was going to take place…by the look in his eye, you can tell he’s just a little bit nervous…but nervous in a good way. Chris Lee steps out behind them all with determination in his eyes, as he feels that at this very moment, he is destined to recapture the SHOOT Championship that he lost only a week ago. Rocky Stellar stands in the ring, almost dumbfounded at the announcement. He hasn’t moved since he told Boyer that he’d had enough of his bullshit.)

Boyer- There is no theme music. Not for you all. You are the peasants right now…but my son just died, and I need a new prince. Now…who wants it? Who’s going to get up? Who’s going to fly through the air with no regard? Who’s going to deal out the punishment, and who is going to bring the pain? Who’s going to make good on a dream or a promise they once had or made?

Ryu- Can he do this, Jason?

Jason- Unfortunately, he’s the commissioner…he can do anything he wants when it pertains to match-making.

Ryu- NONE of these people could fill Stoned Cold’s shoes!

Jason- That’s not true, Ryu. I actually agree with Erik on this…any one of these guys could be the top one. Just a matter of who wants it the most.

(The four men begin to walk towards the ring at the same time, all eyeing each other down, but none of them going for the first strike…not just yet. They all understand that this is more than just a violence showcase…this is for the top prize in the Project, and though it might not signify that you’re the best wrestler in the world, it DOES suggest that you’re the best in SHOOT. To these guys…that MEANS the world. As they all enter the ring, Erik springs up the three ropes and does a back flip into the center of the ring, still for no apparent reason. It’s as if he had a physical form of Turrets syndrome. He still holds the mic in his hand, and he raises it to his lips one more time. Does he ever shut the hell up? Eyes wide with excitement, he continues…)

Boyer- "Oh yes, I almost forgot, Cronos will be the referee for this match-up."

Once I was a boogie singer
Playing in a rock and roll band
I never had no problems
Running down the one night stands
And everything around me
Got to start to feeling so low
And I decided quickly
To disco down and check out the show

("Play the funky music" began playing and Boyer himself even wondered what the hell was going on. The entire arena fell silent waiting what was about to come out of the entrance way. Much to the dismay of the crowd and competitors alike we see Cronos come running out from the back with a Boston Celtics Larry Bird jersey on and a big foam finger. He slid under the bottom rope as the crowd began laughing. It sounded like one big gigantic laugh.)

Yea they were dancing and singing and moving to the grooving
And just when it hit me somebody turned around and shouted
Play that funky music, white boy
Play that funky music, right
Play that funky music, white boy
Lay down the boogie and play that funky music 'til you die

(The music now cut off as Cronos stood in the middle of the ring staring at the men he would now referee. He asked for the mic from Boyer but Boyer didn't give it to him at first. He was simply staring at Cronos in dismay. Wondering what the hell had happened to his friend. Finally Cronos yelled out loud at a pretty high tone and Boyer snapped out of it with a shake. He passed the mic on and Cronos looked over the crowd, the announcing staff, the competitors, everything.)

Cronos: "You know... all good things come to those who wait. All of these men have waited a long time to advance up the ladder. Like Stellar, how you doin' pal, no chair for you today, heh. Dutchman, good work always, and now he's in a world title match. Lee, like Larry Bird, poised and always in control. And the team of Hardcore Style.. Del and Jackman, though I beat them, they get what they give. Well, enough talk from this white boy, I mean Italian, heh."

(Cronos acted to give the mic back to Boyer as the whole arena was still in awe of what had happened but he quickly took the mic back in order to finish his last thought so to speak.)

Cronos: "Oh, one more thing... WRESTLE THAT FUNKY MATCH WHITE BOYS!"

(As Cronos began going from competitor to competitor checking them all for foregin objects, Erik Boyer sat down with the announcing team still not knowing what was going on, but trusted it was for a reason.)

Ryu: "Cronos has flipped his lid, Jason. Whaddyou say?"

(Jason remained silent, staring, wondering what was going on.)

Ryu: "Ok, Jason can't talk. Erik, what do you think has happened to your partner?"

(Jason blinked. Erik shook his head. Jason continued silent.)

Erik: "Even I don't know. They call me a psycho. Geeze. Look at my partner. I guess we're a perfect fit, huh?"

(Cronos points to the announce region with his giant foam finger and the bell rings. The five men stand around looking at each other, not quite sure what to do. They weren’t prepared for this. They weren’t notified that Boyer would do something so drastic as this. They aren’t ready for this match…but they’re ready for the implications that it adorns. They’re all ready…but they can’t all come…so who’s it going to be? Cronos begins shouting at the men in the center of the ring, wagging his foam finger poignantly at them all, scolding them for not getting right down to business. The crowd loves it…they’re here now for the show…they didn’t bet on this match, they didn’t even know about it. This is strictly about entertainment. )

Boyer- They need to get down to business, or I’ll decree that they’re all banished to midcard land again.

(Jackman and Carver, standing next to each other, as it would be expected, say a few things to each other, look at Boyer, shrug, and spin around simultaneously, punching whoever was behind them. Stellar caught one to the face, as did The Flying Dutchman. Chris Lee sat back for a moment and watched Del Carver take it to Stellar, while Jackman laid the boots right into Dutchman’s side. Carver does what he knows best and throws Stellar out of the ring, while Jackman goes to work on Dutch in the corner. This doesn’t last for long, however, as Chris Lee decides that to earn the title, he needs to be a part of the action. He runs from the opposite side of the ring and uncharacteristically clotheslined the hell out of Jackman, who flips at least once on his way down to the floor below, hitting the ground face first. Lee takes over where Jackman left off, side kicking Dutch straight in the head, who can do nothing but lift his arms up over his head to block most of the punishment. Lee backs up a few steps, sizes Dutch up for a moment, and then takes those same few steps forward at a much faster pace only to leave his feet and drive them directly into Dutch’s solar-plexus, knocking any kind of wind he ever had in his pipes. Thinking solely of survival in the biggest match of his career, Dutch rolls out of the ring, joining three of the other men in the match at the time.)

Ryu- Decent action so far, Erik.

Boyer- Of course…when I picked these guys, didn’t you think I might have had a reason?

Ryu- Absolutely and an excellent job you did picking them.

Boyer- I thought I overheard you say something about none of them being able to replace Stoned Cold.

Ryu- Uh…yeah I said that, but I was just kidding…it was more of a sarcastic comment than anything.

Boyer- You would have been right, Stoned Cold was my partner at one time, automatically making him like…a duke or something.

(Carver, who we’ve sort of lost track of, has Stellar set up in the shoddy guard railing that SHOOT puts up to separate the gangster scum from the fighter scum. He climbs up onto the ring apron, motions to the crowd and screams as loud as he possibly can…almost like a battle cry. He rushes forward and as soon as he reaches the end of the apron, he dives off, flipping in the air, and landing back first onto Stellar, who was caught up in the railing. After hitting Stellar, Del slides down and lands directly onto the top of his head, bending his neck in a way that necks shouldn’t be bent. Stellar stumbles forward and just as he’s about to fall of his own accord, Ben Jackman gives him a little help. He catches the falling Stellar in a front face headlock and falls backwards…)

Ryu- DDT!! DDT on the cement floor!

Boyer- I’ve taken a few of them, Ryu…not a good time.

(Jackman rolls Stellar onto his back and begins throwing the punches in like he never did it before. It’s been a while since Stellar’s caught such a beating in such a short time. He’s usually got the upper hand…but then again, he’s usually dealing with money grubbing, highfalutin, no-desire assholes that hog the spotlight. He hasn’t dealt with such…hunger since his first days in the business. But there’s one thing that keeps him propelling…he’s just gotten hungry again. Stellar throws Jackman from his perch on his chest to the cement floor, and as Jackman catches himself before allowing his head to smack the concrete, Stellar reaches his feet and drops an elbow right onto the back of Jackman’s head. The “catch” was useless, as Jackman’s face goes directly into the concrete after the force of the elbow gives it no choice. Carver still lays motionless on the floor, his eyes glazed with pain but clouded with desire, he tries to get to at least a horizontal position.)

Boyer- That elbow looked pretty sick there, Ryu.

Ryu- Yeah, it did…Jackman might be out after that, especially since his head got rocked AFTER that again when it hit the concrete.

Boyer- That’s true. Is Jason all right, Ryu?

Ryu- He’s just in shock about what Cronos did.

Boyer- Speaking of which, that motherfucker is just standing in the ring watching the action unfold as if he wasn’t the referee. I never made this a no DQ match.

Ryu- It’s good competition though.

Boyer- Don’t question anything I say ever again, Ryu, I’ll nod if you’re allowed to respond.

(As if he overheard Boyer at ringside, Cronos hops out of the ring and throws Dutchman into the ring, yelling to Chris Lee, who was recooperating from a Dutchman cheap shot to get back into the ring as well. After that, he heads over to Jackman and Stellar, ordering them to stop the brawling and demanding that they enter the ring. His foam finger is going from left to right at 800 miles per minute. Stellar starts to give him some shit after he knocks Jackman back down to his knees, but Cronos won’t have it. He begins shoving the giant green finger into Stellar’s shoulder, as if it was going to make a difference. Stellar stopped his arguing, looked at Cronos as if he had three heads, and just shrugged. He picks up Jackman, throws him in the ring, and goes to follow him in, but Cronos won’t allow it. He orders Stellar to take care of Carver as well. Stellar throws his arms in the air and walks over to Del, grabbing him by the hair and receiving a fist to the junk for his troubles. Bent over, cringing in pain, Carver reaches his footing, grasping his neck with one hand and pounding Stellar’s crown with the other. Del risks imminent injury by throwing his head towards Stellar’s, connecting with a huge headbutt that sends Stellar to one knee. Cronos breaks it up and smacks Del across the face with his giant hand. Del looks at him as if the both of them had just gone insane at the same time, and goes to hit Cronos, but realizes what that might entail. He cools himself off and throws Stellar into the ring. He follows him.)

Boyer- Way to go Cronos! Take control!

Ryu- I really do think your partner has lost it, Boyer.

Boyer- HAHAHA! Who hasn’t lost it, Ryu?

(Jackman meets Stellar, who rolls into the ring with a kick to the kidney region. His assault does not last long, as from out of absolutely no where, Dutchman hits a flying dropkick from the top rope, hitting Ben directly in the back of the head. Jackman doesn’t “sell” the maneuver…instead, he just falls down in a heap. Dutch doesn’t waste time on the ground as he jumps directly back up to the top rope, and jumps off attempting a kamikaze type maneuver, throwing his body out there, hoping it hits something. It does. As a matter of fact, it takes both Carver and Stellar back down to the canvas…and they just got up. Lee finally gets back into the ring, after taking his time on the outside, and he sees the carnage that has unfolded within the confines of the three ropes. He looks at Jackman, who collapsed after Dutch hit him in the back of the head with that dropkick, and falls on top of him. Cronos falls to his base and begins to count…)





Boyer- DID I NOD, RYU!?

Ryu- …


Ryu- Was that a nod?

Boyer- Yes, your time out is over.

Ryu- But I talked a few-…thank you.

(Lee lifts Jackman up and sticks his head between his legs. He lifts him up in the air, vertically, and simply sits down. A piledriver…a devastating piledriver. Jackman crumples into what seems like tiny little pieces, as Lee bounces off the ropes and hits a short-legged leg drop. As he holds the upright sitting position over Jackman, The Dutchman hits a quick dropkick, connecting with Chris’ face. The body count is once again five, but not for long. Stellar reaches his feet and notices that Jackman is still seemingly unconscious after taking that huge piledriver. He covers…)




Ryu- Jackman kicked out again!

Boyer- That’s why I picked him, he’s a tough bastard…just like his partner Carver. That move that Carver hit, but ended up going wrong would have left most people lying in a puddle of their own half-conscious drool.

Ryu- Instead, he’s back to his feet…

(Carver, still clutching his neck, delivers a kick to Stellar’s face, causing him to get out of Jackman’s grill and into Carvers. Stellar pushes himself forward and spears Carver into the corner, who’s head hits the middle turnbuckle and snaps forward. Carver’s hand reaches his neck in record time as he screams out in pain…)

Boyer- His neck might actually have a minor fracture in there somewhere.

Ryu- It certainly looks like he’s in a whole lot of pain.

Boyer- And he might have just added whiplash to the list of neck injuries.

Ryu- Jason…are you there, buddy?

Jason- …………

Boyer- His body is there, at least.

(Stellar stands over Carver and pounds his American style of wrestling into the hardcore-freak, stomping him over and over again until Carver can barely see anything but the ceiling lights above. Stellar wraps his hands around Del’s head and sets him up on the top rope, only to follow him up there and wrap his arm around the back of Del’s head…Del follows suit. Stellar goes to lift Carver up, but can’t. Dead weight. Stellar backs off and punches Del directly in the nose once again, causing blood to begin pouring from it. He then goes back to trying to suplex him from the top…not gonna happen. Carver lands a swift shot to Stellar’s stomach, completely unexpected, doubling Rocky over while he’s still standing on the second rope. Del takes it upon himself to get to his feet and try to make the best of the situation. Boy does he ever. He wraps his arms around Stellar’s head, cradling it in his elbow, and then he swings his body around to the other side of Stellar’s body, all the while he’s doing it in the air. That’s right. With feet pointed towards the ring, Del falls to somewhere around the middle of the ring with Stellar's head still cradled within his elbow and hand…)



Boyer- This could be it, right here!

(Or it might not be…Del can’t move. Stellar can’t move. Lee is starting to gain his bearings again, as is Jackman and The Dutchman. As soon as Dutch rises to his feet, Jackman takes him back down with his very first impulse of action…he tackles him, and knocks himself AND The Dutchman out of the ring. Lee, remembering Del’s neck injury goes for the one move that he knows will put the most pressure on that spot. He knows this will win him the championship, so he gains the tiniest of smirks on his face. He steps over the face down Carver, who had rolled over in a failed attempt to get up and cover Stellar. He sits down on Carvers back and wraps his arms beneath Carver’s arms, but over his head. He pulls back, and he has now effectively locked in The Sands of Time.)

Boyer- That’s the tag team champions move! I mean the OTHER tag team champion!

Ryu- Cronos doesn’t look too happy!

Boyer- And Carver doesn’t look too alive!

(Lee wrenches back harder and harder, and Carver’s eyes look more and more injected with a fatal dose of pain. Stellar watches Lee from the ground with the searing and painful inability to move. Cronos points to his chin with the big foam finger, as if he was thinking of what to do. He taps it a few times, but soon after he comes to a decision…we know because he shakes his head up and down and yells “I’ve come to a decision!” He walks over to Lee and Carver, so that he’s facing them both. Instead of taking into account that Carver has passed out, Cronos waves the green foam finger in Lee’s face. Lee tries to make it go away as he begins shaking his head vigorously. Soon enough, however, he wrenches back further as he begins blinking his eye furiously…)


Ryu- Is this a fucking circus, Boyer?! Jesus!

(After watchign the events that just transpired, Jason Johnson snaps out of it…)

Jason- What………the……….FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK?!?!?!??!?!

(Boyer laughs hysterically as Ryu watches on in disgust. Jason looks on with the calmness of ferocity that has taken over his expression…)

Jason- What the fuck have you done to my Project, Boyer?

Boyer- Your Project? Heh…

Jason- ………..

(The intensity builds, especially in the ring as Chris Lee is screaming at Cronos Diamante to “call the fucking match”, while Carver lies in the hold completely motionless. Stellar watches on, his neck possibly broken. Jackman rolls The Dutchman into the ring and begins hits a giant knee directly into Dutch’s forehead, busting HIM open now. Bleeding from the head, The Dutchman won’t give up, as he crawls back to his knees and hugs Jackman around the waist, trying to slow the man down. Meanwhile, Cronos has headed outside of the ring…no one knows why. Jackman wants to end this now, however, as he sets up Dutch very similar to how he was set up earlier in the match. However, this time, he elevates The Dutchman’s body up over his head, and throws him back down to the mat. Jackknife Power Bomb from Ben Jackman to The Flying Dutchman. He falls down onto Dutch for the count…)






(Just like Chris Lee, Jackman is out of luck…he is dealing with an insane referee. Stellar regains his footing, but not for long. Cronos smacked him in the back of the head with a steel chair. Stellar would not be waking up until much later tonight. Chris Lee? He caught one to the teeth, quite possibly knocking a few back. Seconds later, he received another one to the forehead…he was out too…)

Boyer- Oh, I must have missed my cue.

(Boyer gets up from the announce table and takes his chair along with him to the ring. He slides in and smacks the pissed of Ben Jackman directly in the mouth, knocking him backward in a heap…he collapsed faster this time…faster than when Dutch hit him with that dropkick. Dutch, with eyes open now, watching Boyer give him the gift of possible victory…watching Boyer take that gift away. He’s knocked out now, courtesy of a chair to the temple. Turning your head to absorb the impact is not always the smartest thing to do. The two of them would attack Carver but…well…Carver’s been passed out for quite some time now. Boyer and Cronos gather in the corner of the ring, with Boyer taking his throne once again. They discuss the situation for a moment, then simultaneously nod and shake hands, as Cronos turns back around to take it all in for a moment. The chaos that he and his partner created. Boyer hops down and jogs over to where Carver lies…seemingly dead. Boyer lifts Carver’s motionless body, life dripping out of his nose a mile a minute, and throws it on top of Ben Jackman’s. Cronos jumps into the air and falls down directly in position, almost spastically.)




(And just like that, a new champion was crowned. Ryu and Jason had given up the idea of speaking by now…what good would it do? Boyer raises Del Carver’s arm and Cronos points rapidly at Carver, jumping in the air with a giant grin plastered across his mug. Boyer grabs the microphone…)


(Suddenly, the complete joy and rapture in the ring is cut off by the shitty PA system kicking on once again…)

Cronos…you fucked up. You trust me, you don’t trust me, you love me, you don’t love me. You’ve backstabbed me before…you’ve backstabbed everyone before…now you get yours. Heh…Stephanie agrees…you deserve what you’re finally going to get. It seems like forever ago that some ignoramus called you the devil…you lived up to it for a while. Now it’s my turn. But Steph doesn’t mind…Steph likes it, as long as you’re suffering…she likes it rough. Don’t you Stephy?

(A woman’s shriek of sheer terror and agony can be heard ringing throughout your ears and mine. The crowd and the arena is silent…even the gangster slime balls don’t like to see something like this happen to another man that they’ve come to respect…even if he does go a little crazy every so often. Cronos takes off as Boyer watches on with incredible interest and sorrow in his eyes. You know he doesn’t care, but he pretends to…we all have to pretend sometimes.)