Oblivion opened to the ObliviTron being turned on abruptly with the view of an ebony Lexus LS pulling in hastily to the parking lot. Not a soul exited the car for what seemed like an eternity. A small amount of smoke bellowed up from the asphault from the screeching of tires. The suspense was mounting as the fans watched on anxiously and the two announcers at the table were talking into their mic's inquiring as to the identity of the person driving the car.

Jason: "You have to wonder just who the hell is inside that car right now."

Ryu: "Yeah, you do, Jason. I'm trying to go through all the possibilities right now and I just don't see who it could be. I don't know who's personality fits that kind of car nor do I know who drives like that. This is tough."

Just as Jason was about to speak again the door opened quickly and forcefully. A foot was seen under the door. Another one now. It was Cronos. Cronos was now out of his car. He slammed the car door behind him and began walking toward the entrance to the arena here tonight with purpose. He was still wearing the same Boston Celtics jersey he had worn during the impromptu match he had refereed like a looney toon. His entire person was a mess. He appeared dirty. He had let his beard grow out longer than it normally would. He hadn't trimmed. The only thing that had changed from that crazy match was the fact that the foam finger was now gone from his hand.

Jason: "This can only spell trouble for the entire Shoot Project, Ryu. I grew up with that man and I know that it's time to walk on eggshells when you see this kind of reaction from him. Look at that face, Ryu."

Ryu: "I see it, Jason. And I agree with you. Cronos is about to make an impact larger than he ever has before."

Cronos stepped into the building and accidently ran into a young Japanese man. He hadn't cared who it was. At the moment his mind was on other things. However. As this man, Keichi Kawada, former head of security for the Shoot Project, during the Wolfson reign of power, rose from the ground Cronos somehow knew it was him and stopped dead in his tracks. Turned around and took off after him. Cronos grabbed him by the color and slammed him against the wall.

Cronos: "What the hell are you doing back, Kawada? You know... I consider it very coincidental that you show up the week after my beloved Stephanie has been kidnapped by some mystery man. Don't you?"

Kawada tried to ease Cronos' hands off his color but that resulted in Keichi being slammed against the wall harder. Kawada just answered to prevent anymore damage from being done to his person. This obviously wasn't the Cronos he was expecting to see on his first day back.

Kawada: "I was brought back in this week by Mr. Kosi, Cronos. For you!"

Cronos' grip eased. He looked Kawada up and down half-believing him and half-doubting him.

Kawada: "It's true, Cronos. I'm here to keep this from happening again. Even the Yakuza Boss' don't like what's happened."

Cronos looked him up and down yet another time and simply took off in the same direction he had previously been going in.

He passed a few lower ranked workers and they quickly scrambled out of his way. He passed the man that took care of the music so abruptly that he had forgotten to tell the man to cue his music. But he didn't need it. The entire arena already knew he was coming out.

Ryu: "I have a feeling this is going to get very very ugly."

Jason: "Even I feel for this guy right now, Ryu."

Cronos stormed out to the ringside area as he pulled a mic from his back pocket. How the hell he picked that up during his storming process was unknown. He hadn't even passed a single technician unless you count the music guy. Cronos owning his own mic would definately be a real odd thing. He slid under the bottom rope and stood at the center with his eyes trained on Jason Johnson who was now a bit nervous.

Cronos: "Where's your stinking brother, Jason?"

Jason was dumbfounded. He threw up his hands as if to say he didn't know and he probably didn't know. Josh wasn't seen on any of the events since the Pay Per View when he took Cronos out of the World Title Championship match-up.

Cronos: "Like hell. I refuse to believe that you don't know where your own brother is you fucking tool. WHERE IS HE!?!?!?!"

Real Deal: You know what... I've had enough.

"I Stand Alone" goes live on the PA, and Josh Johnson makes his way from the back to the top of the ramp. The fans are going ballistic as Josh hasn't been seen or heard from on a SHOOT Project show since Master of the Mat. As the chorus hits, Josh steps out onto the ramp, garnering more cheers. Josh is dressed in jeans and a black SHOOT Project t-shirt, that presses itself against Josh's upperbody. He is no longer wearing the cast on his arm, and he is no longer walking on crutches, he seems to be 100%. A glint of light gleams off of Real Deal's sunglasses as he casually makes his way to the ring, wondering why on Earth Cronos is flipping out like a child who hasn't gotten his lolly.

Cronos: "Don't you sit up there acting like you don't know what this is about, Josh. Because you do. I know you do. You have to. You're the only one that should."

Real Deal begins to walk down the ramp, shaking his head. He removes his sunglasses and carefully places them in his pants pocket.

Real Deal: Let me guess... Stephanie has been kidnapped. I was the last one you saw with her, so automagically, that means that I have something to do with it. Is THAT what you're getting at here?

Cronos nodded his head quickly up and down as if he was waiting for him to admit it but it never came and he decided to talk.

Cronos: "You god damn right, pal. You brought her to me. You are the one trying to be all nice to me after I shot you. And you want revenge. YOU DID IT! I know you did it. Just to get back at me you kidnapped the only woman in the world I have ever loved and you just had to bring her back to me first so that it meant something. I know how your mind works, Josh. Don't you even say that it's not something you wouldn't do. Because you would. And you have."

Real Deal: So let me get something else straight... Would I even show up here if I kidnapped Stephanie? And furthermore, what do I have to gain from kidnapping Stephanie? I have Tara, so I don't exactly NEED sex, I have a house, so your money is nothing to me, ummm... Other than that, I've pretty much got everything I want. Yeah, you shot me, but so fucking what? I don't need to kidnap your bitch to get my revenge. I figured we'd be "classy" about it and do one of those wrestling match things. But instead, we're accusing me of kidnapping someone who is pretty much worthless to me.

Cronos did nothing but stare at Josh with some of those "So what" eyes.

Real Deal: And that's all this is, isn't it?

Cronos continued to stare for a few minutes. Josh did the same. They stood there in a stare down between two of the old school guard of Shoot. Ryu and Jason going back and forth with probabilities and what not. The stare was finally broken by Cronos' voice.

Cronos: "You know... just when I'm starting to have fun again, this has to happen, Josh. And now what happens? I go off on a tangent because some fool can't let the past die. And I don't know whether or not I should believe you right here Josh. I don't know. I just don't see how you would not be able to take this chance. I don't see..."

The PA system broke open again with that same voice from last Oblivion. It wasn't Josh.

"You fool, Cronos. You go off jumping to conclusions like always you paranoid bastard. It wasn't Josh. But you're getting warmer. Oh yes. You really are. So what's next, Cronos? I really am contemplating that right now. Mr. Devil. I wonder if I should give you a clue or let you suffer some more. Oh where oh where has your little dog gone oh where oh where can she be."

The PA cut off and Cronos stoof by the ropes gripping them so hard he was about to crush them open. Cronos' eyes watered up yet again. He'd obviously been through a lot this week. Searching for his woman and all. He was crying now. Totally.

Real Deal: Now what?

Cronos shrugged his shoulders as if to resign from this conversation and fell backwards onto his hind end. He sat there with his arms limp, unable to move, paralyzed by the events.

"Are you going to sit there filled with pitty or are you going to follow the clues I gave you Cronos. Oh yes. I forgot. You're not even man enough to try and think in this sort of situation. Just wallow in self-pity and wonder how to change the situation and wonder how it might have went. Some devil you are."

The PA Voice stopped again and Cronos jumped out yelling at the top of his lungs.

Cronos: "The DOG! It's out in the parking lot!!!"

Cronos took off on a dead run toward the entrance way passing Josh.

[We return to the announcer’s booth, with Jason Johnson, and Ryu Kosi, who are quite obviously in shock.]


Ryu: And we’re back! Jason, is silent again. I think I like it when these things happen… It shuts Jason right up.


Ryu: Wake up.

Jason: Sorry.

Ryu: Now, for the first match of the evening…

Ander Carvetti Vs. Kid Wikkid- DOJO Championship

Samantha: “This next bout is for the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP!…["Free" by Vast begins to play, as laser lights flash on the runway…]…and NOW…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds…here is the CHALLENGER…ANDER CARVETTI!”

[Ander Carvetti walks confidently to the ring, a determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring…"Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play…]

Samantha: “AND NOW…standing at 5'10", weighing in at 203 pounds….your SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!”

[Kid Wikkid emerges from the darkness at the top of the runway, and begins to walk to the ring as the fans rise to their feet. Wikkid is wearing his DOJO belt around his waist. Kid Wikkid exchanges high fives with fans…jumps with ease to the ring apron…and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd…]

Jason: “Well here we go…this should be a really good match…”

Ryu: “You’re damn right…both these guys are top cruiser-weights here in Shoot Project…”

Jason: “The two men lock up mid ring… Kid Wikkid gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes and he gets hit with a back elbow…Ander Carvetti pulls him up to his feet …and sends Wikkid off the ropes again…Ander Carvetti hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker!”

Ryu: “Carvetti coming out strong…”

Jason: “Wikkid back to his feet, holding his back…flying clothesline by Carvetti sends both men over the top rope...Wikkid up to his feet and takes a run at Ander Carvetti…Carvetti sidesteps, catches Kid Wikkid and whips him back first into the ring post…but Kid Wikkid comes RIGHT BACK and hits a HIGH back body drop, sending Carvetti to the concrete floor!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid is obviously jacked for this match and the high adrenaline gave him the ability to rebound from that whip into the ring post…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid throws Ander Carvetti back into the ring…goes up top…and comes off with a PICTURE PERFECT HIGH CROSS BODY! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT by Ander Carvetti! Carvetti up…Wikkid whip him off the ropes…reversed…Ander Carvetti goes for a clothesline mid ring which is ducked by Kid Wikkid…Ander Carvetti is spun around…and Kid Wikkid punches away…off the ropes comes Kid Wikkid…clothesline to Ander Carvetti…scoop and a slam.!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid goes back to the top…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid drops an elbow! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid on top and he locks in an arm drag on Ander Carvetti now...both men get to their feet…Ander Carvetti REVERSES and…Kid Wikkid is HIP TOSSED to the outside of the ring!”

Ryu: “WHOA!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid is on his feet outside but is holding his arm gingerly…CARVETTI OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A PLANCHA!…Kid Wikkid is stunned…but he staggers back to his feet and crawls back in the ring now…Ander Carvetti in after him!”

Ryu: “This is a great fight!”

Jason: “Wikkid now kicks away at Ander Carvetti…Ander Carvetti levels Kid Wikkid with a knife edge chop…Ander Carvetti kicks Kid Wikkid…and tries a second time only to get leg dragged!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid puts on a SPINNING TOE HOLD!”

Jason: “Ander Carvetti is in serious pain here…shoulders down…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Carvetti reaches up and drives a knife edge chop into the THROAT of Kid Wikkid!”

Jason: “Ander Carvetti gets out of the toe hold…and now Kid Wikkid is sent off the ropes…and gets hit with a beautiful spinning leg kick from Ander Carvetti!…Carvetti scooping up Kid Wikkid for a slam…NO…small package…ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Surprise pin attempt there!”

Jason: “Both men back up…Kid Wikkid charges towards Ander Carvetti…but gets thrown by a HIGH hip toss…Ander Carvetti pulls Kid Wikkid to his feet…Carvetti whips Kid Wikkid into the corner…and Ander Carvetti follows in with a running splash!”

Ryu: “Ander Carvetti sends Kid Wikkid face first to the mat with what some people call ‘The Stinger Splash’…”

Jason: “Carvetti in control now…back suplex on Carvetti…and both men are down…Kid Wikkid and Ander Carvetti are up again…Kid Wikkid fights back with a couple of SHARP knife edge chops…Ander Carvetti fires a quick kick and nails Wikkid in the stomach to take control…Carvetti sends Wikkid off the ropes…Wikkid slides between Ander Carvetti's legs and grabs him from the back of the head from behind…Kid Wikkid SNAPS Carvetti to the mat…Kid Wikkid follows this up with a high leg drop…now Wikkid pulls Carvetti to his feet…Wikkid whips Ander Carvetti into the ropes…Carvetti off…HIGH BACK BODY DROP…Carvetti lands on the top of his head!”


Jason: “Wikkid drops an elbow on Carvetti…right on the mark…and does it again…Kid Wikkid drops a leg…COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Carvetti!…Wikkid to his feet now…single leg trip by Carvetti on Wikkid…Carvetti up…dropkicks Kid Wikkid sending him over the top!…Ander Carvetti sees Kid Wikkid lying on the floor by the steps…and FLIES over the top rope on top of him!”

Ryu: “DAMN! Carvetti landed that perfectly!”

Jason: “Both these guys are just going back and forth…Ander Carvetti slowly climbs back on the apron…Wikkid slowly after him…and they trade blocked suplexes…finally Ander Carvetti suplexes Kid Wikkid back into the ring with authority! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…Ander Carvetti pulls Wikkid back to his feet and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid takes a back elbow…Ander Carvetti then powerslams Wikkid! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Carvetti in control now…he heads up to the top rope…”


Ryu: “That HAS to be it! COVER: ONE…TWO…WHAT THE???”

Jason: “Just as Carvetti looked like he was about two get the pin…OUT OF NOWHERE…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN AND THE FIST storm the ring! The Flying Dutchman is laying brutal kicks to the prone Kid Wikkid while The Fist CHOKESLAMS Ander Carvetti…and now THROWS him over the top rope!”

Ryu: “WOW! The crowd going nuts!”

Jason: “THE BELL RINGS…was that a DQ?”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…due to the OUTSIDE INTERFERENCE…the referee has no choice but to rule this match NO CONTEST! THIS MATCH IS DECLARED A NO CONTEST!”

Ryu: “Carvetti is outside the ring and now The Flying Dutchman and The Fist are BOTH stomping Kid Wikkid…WHOA! Here comes HARDCORE STYLE!!! Ben Jackman and Del Carver storm the ring…The Flying Dutchman and The Fist exit the ring and jump the barrier into the crowd. The Flying Dutchman gives Hardcore Style the finger. HA!”

Jason: “It’s a SHAME that such a great match had to be ruined by the interference of The Madmen. Everybody knows that The Flying Dutchman and Kid Wikkid have quite a heated rivalry going on …looks like The Madmen don’t want ANYBODY winning that DOJO Championship except The Flying Dutchman…Ander Carvetti heads up the aisle with a look of total disgust on his face…Hardcore Style help Kid Wikkid to his feet and also make their way to the back. Let’s go to our next match…”

Ryu: “Well…that’s true. I wonder if we are going to see a rematch…”

Jason: “That depends if Ander Carvetti WANTS one…but if he does…I for one will give it to him…”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…as a result of the draw…your DOJO CHAMPION remains…KID WIKKID!”

["Everything Sucks" by Dope begins to play as the ref hands Kid Wikkid his belt…Wikkid rolls out of the ring exhausted and stumbles up the ramp…The Fist helps Ander Carvetti to his feet…and raises his arm as the crowd jeers.]

Roland the Dark Vs. The Flying Dutchman

Ryu: Well Goddammit. We just can’t have a clean finish for these matches, can we…

Jason: It wouldn’t appear to be that way, would it.

"Trip With Jesus" by Union Underground begins to play and the Flying Dutchman, along with Fist walk out onto the stage. Dutch walks to the ring and stands, waiting patiently for his opponent.

Jason: If you’re looking for a clash of styles, that’s what you’re going to get here.

Ryu: That’s right Jason, Roland the Dark…

“Wake Up” by Rage Against the Machine begins spilling from the shoddy sound system. Roland walks out onto the stage and stares silently up at the ceiling, as if meditating.

Ryu: Is a heavyweight, while his opponent the Flying Dutchman is a crusierweight.

Jason: A cruiserweight with amazing technical skill though. He a very versatile performer.

Roland reaches the ring and the Flying Dutchman leaps over the ropes and hits him with a plancha. Roland goes down.

Jason: Dutch is trying to neutralize the size difference.

Ryu: You gotta keep the bigger man off his feat.

Dutch gets up holding his ribs slightly. Roland sits up slowly and Dutch dropkicks Roland in the face. Dutch jumps onto the apron and over the ropes into the ring. He jaws at the referee and Fist walks over to Roland.

Jason: What does Fist want with Roland?

Roland slowly gets to his feet and Fist charges. Fist goes to clothesline Roland but Roland grabs Fist’s arm and reverses the clothesline into a falling armbreaker. Roland gets to his feet and slides into the ring as Fist howls in pain on the floor. The bell rings.

Jason: And we’re officially underway.

Ryu: This is a very interesting matchup, I can’t wait to see the strategies used.

Roland glares at Dutch, who shrugs innocently. Roland advances on Dutch but Dutch slides out of the way. Dutch kicks Roland in the left leg. Roland winces and tries to punch Dutch, but Dutch moves to the side and kicks Roland again. Roland goes down to one knee.

Jason: Another dropkick to the face of Roland. Roland is down and Dutch is climbing up the top rope.

Ryu: He’s trying to finish this right away!

Jason: Roland’s up though!

Roland gets to his feet and Dutch flies from the top rope and nails Roland with a Missile Dropkick.

Jason: Dutch is going for the pin!




Jason: Roland was barely able to get the shoulder up there!

Dutch gets up in a huff. He yells at the ref for a moment, then wheels around and drops an elbow to Roland’s knee. Another elbow. Another. Roland is in agony.

Jason: That knee could be seriously damaged.

Ryu: Roland did not have the best of weeks all things considered. He doesn’t seem prepared for this.

Dutch smiles to the ground. He walks slowly around Roland. He stares at the much larger man and kicks him in the knee. Dutch then quickly pounces and manipulates Roland’s body…





Ryu: How’d he kickout!?

Jason: His knee must be destroyed!

Dutch gets up livid. He yells at the referee as Fist yells from the outside, still holding his arm from the beginning of the match. Roland breathes heavily from the mat. Dutch bumps the ref out of his way and climbs to the top rope.

Jason: He’s calling for the headbutt here.

Dutch leaps from the top rope in a visually impressive swan dive, but Roland the Dark roles out of the way and Dutch’s face smacks hard against the mat. Roland slowly gets to his feet.

Ryu: This is a real turning point here.

Roland limps over to the stunned Dutch who is getting to his feet. Roland boots him in the stomach and…

Jason: Implant DDT! Did you see his head go into that mat?

Ryu: Both these guys are getting the shit kicked out of each other out there.

Roland stands up slowly as Dutch holds his head. Roland picks up Dutch and Irish whips him.

Jason: Running crossbody by Roland!

Roland begins pounding the fallen Dutch with kicks to the chest. Dutch coughs as if his lung is going to explode outwards. The kicks keep coming. Roland pauses and glances around the ring. He stares at the ringpost and walks up to it.

Jason: What’s he doing here?

Ryu: He’s no cruiserweight, that’s for sure!

Roland gets to the top of the turnbuckle and slaps his knee a couple times.

Jason: I think that means a knee drop.

Ryu: We’ve never seen Roland do this move.

Roland leaps from the top rope, knee ready to crush Dutch’s body, but Dutch rolls out of the way and the knee drives into the mat.

Jason: That was his right leg! Now both his legs are hurt

Roland howls in pain as Dutch gets up. Dutch leaps over and rolls Roland into a pinning predicament.




Roland gets up and is met with a kick to the kidney. Another kick. Another k—NO!

Jason: Roland grabs the leg and pulls Dutch into him.

Ryu: T-bone Suplex! Did you see Dutch’s neck bend?

Roland stands up and closes h is eyes. A deep breathe.

Jason: I think this means the Pillar of Darkness is coming.

Roland picks up Dutch and is about to lift him in position when Dutch’s knee rises and nails Roland in the crotch. Roland goes down on his hands and knees, and he lets go of Dutch, who falls to the mat as well.

Dutch claws his ways to the ropes and up to his feet. Roland meanwhile rolls to the outside where he is met with a clothesline from Fist who sneers at Roland afterwards.

Jason: Fist has no love lost for Roland.

Ryu: Yeah, a month or so ago Roland defeated Fist in a match.

The referee yells at Fist and Fist walks away. Dutch is climbing to the apron. Roland is still down.

Jason: What’s Dutch doing here?

The Flying Dutchman nails Roland with an Asai Moonsault.

Jason: That seems to have taken a lot out of Dutch as well as Roland.

Dutch is clutching his ribs and slowly gets to his feet. Roland is getting up, and Dutch runs at him. Roland ducks and throws Dutch over himself with a backbody drop. Dutch’s body hits the post with a sickening thud.

Ryu: Dear god!

Dutch’s body collapses to the mat. Roland takes a deep breath and surveys the damage. A smile crosses his lips. He climbs on the apron. He steps back a few steps and runs…

Jason: Roland leaps from the apron! He nails Dutchman with a forearm smash!

Roland gets up holding his arm. The referee has had enough and begins counting the wrestlers out.



Roland is on his feet. He jaws at a fan at ringside, and despite the language barrier they both get their points across. Roland picks Dutch up.



Dutch gets rolled into the ring and Roland follows him. Roland spits on Dutch and out of nowhere Dutch grabs Roland’s leg and rolls him over for a pin attempt…




Jason: Roland just kicked out at the last possible moment and he jumps up and nails Dutch with a viscous clothesline!

Ryu: And he’s yanking Dutch up again!

Jason: German Suplex! Ow!

Roland gets up and walks to the turnbuckle. Roland begins climbing it, but looks down at Dutch and rethinks his plan. He walks over to Dutch.

Jason: Roland casts his eyes to the sky, he’s going to attempt the Pillar of Darkness.

Roland picks Dutch up, but Dutch reverses the attempt into a pinning predicament…




Dutch quickly runs over to the turnbuckle and climbs it. He goes for a flying crossbody, but Roland catches him in midair.

Jason: Pillar of Darkness!

Ryu: That was one swift motion folks and Roland is going for the pin.




Roland lifts Dutch’s shoulders from the mat. He smiles coldly. Roland viscously throws Dutch into the corner. Dutch is lifeless.

Jason: What does Roland want now?

Ryu: It looks as if he wants to end the Dutch’s flying days once and for all.

Roland walks over to Dutch and lifts him up onto the turnbuckle. Roland climbs up.

Jason: What’s he going to do here?

Roland lifts Dutch and places him in belly-to-belly suplex position. Roland takes a deep breath and as he begins to lift Dutch, Dutch’s knee nails him in the groin.

Ryu: OW!

Jason: Roland collapses to the mat in agony. Dutch raises his arms in victory and leaps from the turnbuckle.





Jason: What a match!

Ryu: That was quite impressive, actually. I didn’t think it’d be so good, since the styles were so different, but hey, it meshed well.

Jason: Yep, I was pleasantly surprised. And now, we go to a match featuring two veterans to the wrestling bidness.

Ryu: “What a war this should be…a battle of two of the most respected veterans in the business…now looking to make a name in SHOOT PROJECT.”

Eric Draven Vs. Vile

Jason: Well, for this next match, I was kind of disappointed. Neither of the two competitors had too very much to say.

Ryu: Yeah. Vile came out onto the cameras once. But Draven didn’t offer much rebuttal. It’ll be interesting to see what goes down here, as the two are already in the ring.

[The referee rings the bell. Vile and Draven begin circling each other. This goes on for about 2 minutes, and the fans begin to boo.]

Ryu: So, what’s going on here?

Jason: I… have no idea.

[Finally, Vile and Draven lock up. And they’re locked up. Hmm… they’re locked up some more… And finally, the lock up is broken.]

Ryu: I’m a little confused.

Jason: Yeah?

Ryu: Yeah.

[They lock up again. This time, the crowd is booing more and more. Finally, some kind of lock is put on. A Wrist lock? NO! A thumb lock!!]

Jason: Motherfuckers.


[The referee goes over to try and break up this direct mockery, but gets shoved away. The thumb wrestling continues until Vile “pins” Draven. The referee, not buying one bit of it, walks over and tries to get the two to wrestle a wrestling match. He gets DDT’ed for his troubles and Vile and Eric Draven, who are having a fair amount of debris thrown at them, walk out, laughing.]

Will James Vs. Rainman

Jason: Those motherfuckers. I can’t believe they did that.

Ryu: *motions to the back to send out the next competitors*

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as "The Future" by Bow Wow begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “The next bout is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first…making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 250 pounds…WILL JAMES!!!”

Jason: “Will James on his way to the ring…he looks good…coming off a tough battle with Ben Jackman…”

Ryu: “That was a good fight…James really looked on his game.”

("???" by ??? is heard over the arena sound speakers.)

Samantha: “And now approaching the ring…standing at ? feet ? inches tall and weighing in at ??? pounds…RAINMAN!”

Ryu: “This is going to be a tough match to call…both these guys are tough.”

Jason: “It sure will be. The bell rings…here we go! The two competitors circling each other…James ducks a clothesline attempt from Rainman…answers back with a nice left hook…Rainman staggers back into the corner….Will James drives a shoulder into Rainman…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Rainman!”

Ryu: “Yeah, I didn’t think James had Rainman stunned enough for that clothesline…”

Jason: “Rainman drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by James. Both men up…OW! Brutal kick to the back of the leg of Rainman from Will James! Rainman collapses to the mat, clutching his leg…Will James quickly to the top rope…ELBOW SMASH! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Rainman!”

Ryu: “Both these guys trying to end this fight early…and that’s smart. I don’t think this is going to be a total squash for either guy…all it’s going to take is one small mistake for the other guy to capitalize on…and this will be over. Both these guys are fighting smart.”

Jason: “Good point…these guys have each other well scouted. Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Will James from Rainman…James doubled over but comes back with a NICE lariat! Cover by Will James…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Rainman!”

Ryu: “This match is give and take so far…”

Jason: “Side headlock on Rainman by Will James…oh boy…Rainman lifts James and drops him on the ropes crotch first!”

Ryu: “That hurts me just looking at it!”

Jason: “Will painfully straddles the top rope for a moment, then falls back in the ring to the mat…James struggles to his feet…BIG Boot to the face from Rainman sends James outside the ring to the floor…Rainman out after him…Rainman hammers a punch into the head of James…now he scoops up Will …looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Oh man! This is gonna HURT!”

Jason: “NO! James slips off and pushes Rainman shoulder first to the steel ringpost! The crowd erupts! Will James now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Rainman over the security barrier...Will James leaps on the wall…double axe handle attempted, but Rainman moves!”

Ryu: “What athleticism by James…too bad Rainman moved!”

Jason: “Rainman dragging Will James through the crowd now…James gets sent into the wall BACK FIRST! Rainman ripping down a SHOOT PROJECT Banner and chokes James with it…James escapes…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Rainman throws Will James over the security barrier.”

Ryu: “This has turned into a real pier 6 brawl out there…”

Jason: “Rainman finally pulls James up by the hair…Will James fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Rainman…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our cameras are mobile! These guys are evenly trading lefts and rights…look! Now they’re over by the sound truck by the entrance ramp…”

Jason: “Rainman lands a couple of nice forearm smashes and gains the advantage…Will James is violently shoved over a big pile of boxes, supplies and stuff…”

Ryu: “Ha Ha Ha! Will James just came up with something! Rainman gets sprayed in the face with the fire extinguisher! Will James grabs the nearest trash can and drills Rainman in the head. His eyes roll back in his head!”

Jason: “Man! James just rung Rainman’s bell there…I guess he’s showing Rainman that if he wants to play around outside the ring…he’s more than happy to oblige…James up…grabbing Rainman by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Ryu: “Well…they’re getting CLOSE to the ring now…”

Jason: “Will James rolls Rainman back into the ring and covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and Rainman's up…James rolls outside the ring and throws the skirt for the apron up…he’s looking under the ring.”

Ryu: “Great. There’s all sorts of junk under there…”

Jason: “Will James throwing all sorts of objects from underneath, into the ring now…there goes a steel chair…a trashcan…a hammer…a toolbox…James rolling back in…”

Ryu: “Rainman is still down on one knee…”

Jason: “Will James SMASHES Rainman over the back with a trashcan lid…AGAIN!”

Ryu: “He bent it!”

Jason: “Will James with a spinning legdrop. Cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Rainman gets to his feet and delivers a WALLOPING headbutt….Scoop, and Will James gets run HEAD FIRST into the top turnbuckle!”

Ryu: “WOW! Did you see him bounce back?”

Jason: “Will James is pulled up by Rainman…set in a position for powerbomb! WHAM!”

Ryu: “Brutal!”

Jason: “Rainman covers: ONE…TWO…NO! Rainman stays on him…pulls Will James back to his feet…drops back and Rainman rushes over to hit a clothesline….Will James hits a standing drop kick and covers! ONE…TWO…Rainman’s shoulder up. Rainman is sitting down in a heap...Will James rolls over…picks up a chair, rushes, and throws the chair in front of Rainman…DROPKICKS IT INTO HIS FACE! ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! First James hits that standing dropkick…then drives a chair into Rainman’s head…but he STILL won’t stay down!”

Jason: “Rainman to his feet…Will James tries ANOTHER dropkick…but Rainman sidesteps and James falls…RIGHT ON THE CHAIR! Rainman picks the chair up and cracks it over James’s back!”

Ryu: “Rainman gaining the upper hand again on Will James…now he sets the chair on the ground, and goes for a piledriver!”

Jason: “Rainman has Will James’s head secured between his knees…WHOA!”

Ryu: “Back body drop by Will James…he stood up! Rainman is staggered!”

Jason: “Will James capitalizing…grabs Rainman…swings counter-clockwise…WHAM! Rainman goes down in a HEAP to the swinging neck breaker! Cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

Ryu: “Man…Did you see the torque he got on that? Rainman is gonna need a neckbrace!”

("The Future" by Bow Wow begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Your WINNER …WILL JAMES!!!”

John: “Look at the replay here…that neck-breaker IS a devastating move…”

(Will James vaults himself over the top rope and pumps his fist in the air in victory, as his music plays and the fans cheer. He makes his way up the ramp…as Rainman slowly gets to his knees, holding his neck and wincing in pain.)

Jason: Will James is certainly doing rather well for himself here in SHOOT. Coming off the disappointing loss last week to Ben Jackman, and already, he’s in contention for another singles title.

Ryu: I guess it’s true what they say.. Will James is the choice of the Next Generation.

Jason: Dude… Shut the fuck up.

This Just In…

(The tape was just sent to the production crew a couple of minutes ago, not because of an incompetent mistake, but because it had just arrived in Japan yesterday through special delivery from the States. The directions were to play it on the show so when they finally got a chance to, they put the tape on. Since the SHOOT Project shows never had a big TitanTron to play all their promos and vignettes, the people at attendance could only hear the audio sample. However for the fanbase on the internet who paid to see the streaming live telecast on the Project's secret website, they got the better deal out of it. For the internet viewers, they saw none other than Chris Lee and Maria Enriquez sit on a towel laid out on a beach. Chris had on a pair of shades and was wearing nothing but long baggy shorts and sandals. Maria was wearing particularly less with a white two-piece bikini set, which made her look all so enjoyable to stare at. Anyways, we see Chris Lee with a big smirk on his face as he begins to talk.)

Lee: Greetings from California, SHOOT fans. Yes, yes... I took advantage of my week off and finally got the chance to come back and visit my hometown, spend some time with my kid, and whatnot. Of course, the Yakuza didn't wanna cut me a break. They wanted me to stay, and even had their men there to talk me out of it, but why stay when I'm not booked, right? Besides, they should be happy I left... it's two less people to take care for. They know I won't cause trouble nor create attention for myself. So without the consent of the Yakuza, I have this time off with my beautiful wife to spend on this beautiful San Francisco beach. It's quite remarkable actually since I went from the not-so-hot climate in Japan to the not-so-hot climate of San Francisco, it's not like I got away because of Japan's weather.

Maria: Get on with it... we need to take Junior to dinner soon.

Lee: Fine, fine. Let's get to the business at hand... why I'm contacting the SHOOT via tape when I could help build sandcastles with my son. You see, it's all like this. Everyone knows I lost my two titles that I won at Master of the Mat in the timespan of two weeks. I lose my SHOOT title belt to Stoned Cold, a match in which should have never happened if he had to do his little errands for the Yakuza ANYWAY... and I lose my Rising Star championship to the Innovator of Pain. I have to admit, I was pretty hot about it. I wasn't happy in the slightest. But Maria suggested getting away for a week or two, depending on how long the Yakuza decides to keep me off the cards. And damn, I've needed this break for a long time. I'm relaxed, I'm calm, I'm ready to get back in the ring. With all that burden and all those negative vibes gone, I can start over again. I can start anew. I can rise my way back to the top. Of course, on my way to the top, I'll have to knock some people down and out. I have a couple of people I have in mind... people who deserve a thrashing from yours truly. There's some people on my shitlist that need to be taken out before I rightfully take my crown and throne at the top and becoming the SHOOT Project champion for the second time. But I'm in no rush just yet. Right now, however, I want to spend this precious time I have with my family, so I'll let the Yakuza and you all get back with your show. Before I go, I wanna make one last shout-out to Del. You won the title man... and I can't think of a better person to personify what the SHOOT Project really is: hardcore and brutal. Just hope that "one week" curse is gone... because it'll be a privilege and an honor to get in that ring with you for that title... and show time and time again why I'm the greatest technical wrestler and suplex master in the SHOOT Project... past, present, or future. For all the others, see ya in a week or two. I know you're just waiting to see me back.

(Chris looks over to his wife, who's leaning back, looking at the not-so-sunny day outside.)

Lee: Or then again, maybe you just can't wait to see her back. Either or... we'll be back soon. And now... back to your regularly scheduled programming.

(Chris just quietly laughs and smirks as the videotape reveals nothing more but static. We return back to the announcing table with Jason Johnson and Ryu Kosi, who don't look too impressed.)

Jason: Ah, witnessing the downfall of one of SHOOT Project’s greatest sons. It truly brings a tear to my eye.

Ryu: No it doesn’t.

Jason: You’re right, it doesn’t.

Ben Jackman Vs. Innovator of Pain

Samantha Coil- Ladies and Gentleman…we, here at The SHOOT Project hope that you’ve enjoyed your night so far…but we know that you’ll enjoy the rest. It is now time for the first possible unification of two of the three Triad Championship titles in almost three months. Vacancies and extenuating circumstances have delayed the Triad Championship from even becoming a hope for any wrestler to attain…it has just become attainable.

The reverend he turned to me
Without a tear in his eyes
It’s nothing new for him to see
I didn’t ask him why…

(The SHOOT Project regulars who know what this music means either begin cheering or begin booing, depending on how they are struck by this particular man. To the first timers, this music might not mean much. To the die-hards however…this means that the quickest man to ever get to the Championship ranks is on his way to the ring. The Rising Star Champion…the Innovator of Pain. As he walks towards the ring, with “Cemetery Gates” by Pantera blasting and the Rising Star belt slung over his right shoulder and a ladder hooked underneath of his left, he does not really acknowledge the fans presence. He’s focused on the task at hand…which is somewhat of a novel approach to a wrestling match these days…)

Samantha Coil- Making his way to the ring, weighing in at two hundred and eighty seven pounds, standing at six feet, seven inches, he is the master of the UNFORGIVING PAIN! He is The SHOOT Project’s Rising Star Champion…He is…the Innovator…of…PAAAAIIIIIIIIINNNN!!

(Decent crowd reaction, whether it’s a heel or face reaction is up to whoever is listening to the noise. IOP sets up the ladder, climbs up a few rungs, and stands perched above the top rope, awaiting his opponent’s arrival…)

One more time and you'll be dead
At least I think that's what they said
Forty days won't break a man
It was a bullet in his head…

(The fans in attendance get to their feet and cheer or boo the man who’s making his way towards the ring, and though about a month or so ago most of the noises heard may have been boos…now they are almost all calls of support for the Iron Fist Champion, Ben Jackman. “Revolution Man” by The Union Underground plays over the glorified boom box that The SHOOT Project uses as a PA system, and Ben Jackman heads towards the ring, fists taped, and eyes frozen with a sort of calmed rage. As Jackman nears the ring, Coil continues her schpiel…)

Samantha Coil- And his opponent, now heading towards the ring, weighing in at two hundred and sixty five pounds and standing at six feet, five inches…he is the master of The Blackout Bomb AND The SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion…Ben…The Blackout…JACKMAAAAAAANNNNNNNN!!!

(The two men stand in the ring, a ladder positioned between them, as the assigned referee holds up both titles at the same time, gaining a slightly loud crowd response. As the bell rings, and the men circle each other the intensity in the small venue begins to thicken, as the anticipation for such a match has been building for almost three months now…)

Jason- Here we go, Ryu, the very first Triad Unification possibility since that whole Daniel Jones fiasco.

Ryu- And I can’t say that I’m not looking forward to a good fight here.

(Unfortunately, Ryu will have to keep looking forward, because tonight is not the night that this match will happen. Instead, Chris Lee makes his presence known to all in attendance who thought he was at the beach in San Francisco, and takes it upon himself to whack IOP over the head with one of Maria’s bamboo sticks! As IOP staggers around, not knowing his right from his left and his top from his bottom, Lee takes it upon himself to finish the job…)


Ryu- Whoodeefriggindoo, this asshole just cost us a good match! Now all Jackman has to do is climb the freakin ladder…IOP is already knocked out!

(As Lee exits the ring, mouthing something along the lines of “You should have kept your mouth shut!”, and as Jackman attempts to take advantage of the situation, Will James enters from behind, or better yet, the TOP ROPE behind Jackman. As he springs forth, and flies through the air, a steel chair can now be seen that was somehow missed before…the excitement of the situation was far too much to handle. James smacks Jackman in the back of the head, sending the front of his head forward to collide face-first with the steel of the ladder’s top rung. As he collapses lifelessly to the mat, the blood trickeling down his face, the referee has no option but to rule this a no contest…)

Jason- Well, at least now we can possibly see a rematch!

Ryu- Not for a while, Jason, I at least wouldn’t bet on it…Jackman’s gonna want James, and IOP is gonna want Lee.

(A cameraman is backstage as he is the first to see Chris Lee backstage, walking with confidence. Chris spots the cameraman and walks faster to it. He gets right up into the camera and begins to speak.)

Lee: What? Thought I was in California, Dave? Nah... it was all a stage. I fooled the Yakuza, I fooled the people in the back, and I fooled you. I was gonna let you go, too. I was gonna let you defend that Rising Star championship without me trying to claim revenge. I was gonna move on and go after the SHOOT championship... but you just had to open that big mouth of yours. You said you had me figured out? Heh... well if you figured me out, how come you didn't see this coming? I made a mistake getting into an old-school AWF mentality. I wanted to see if the Boss of old could beat you. Nah... the AWF boss could never beat IOP. But you know what? Heh... I can. The "Boss" that you knew him in '99 is done with. Now you're messing with the real thing. You are gonna wish you just moved on, because I'm gonna make this week or two for you miserable. And once I'm done with you, then I'll move on. But on my road back to the top, the first stop is dealing with you. You won't win this time around, Sheris. Not this time.

(Chris pushes the camera out of his face as he walks away, doing his job for the day.)

Jason: Phew! What kinds of shit do we have going on here? This is the second “No Contest” of the evening. Jackman and IOP are going to have to be pissed. And where in the FUCK did Chris Lee come from?

Ryu: Pick your jaw up off the floor.

Jason: Sorry, I wouldn’t want to be a GOOD announcer or anything.

Ryu: Yeah, well… Eddie E, who has been very, very impressive since his inception into the SHOOT Project is up next, along with Kenny Cabana, who I haven’t heard from, and Rocky Stellar, who is basically obsessed with Erik Boyer.

Jason: Oooo… You’re the announce table heel… Oooo.

Eddie E. Vs. Rocky Stellar Vs. Kenny Cabana w/Erik Boyer as Special Guest Referee

( “Feel Good” by Hed P.E. hits the PA as Erik Boyer makes his way down the the ring wearing a referee’s t-shirt…)

Samantha: Ladies and gentlemen, your special referee for the upcoming three way dance…Erik Boyer!

(Erik walks tothe ring, smirking and playing to the crowd in a subtle manner. “There Goes my Hero” by Foo Fighters hits as Rocky Stellar appears at the entrance. He jogs down to the ring and then enters the side opposite of Erik, never taking his eyes off of the ref. )

Samantha: Making his way to the ring at a height of 6’5”, and weighing 275 pounds…Rocky Stellar!

( “ Any Way You Want It” by Journey hits as Kenny Cabana runs into the ring, cracking his knuckles. )

Samantha: At a height of 5’10”, and weighing in at 196 pounds…Kenny Cabana!

( Both men start stretching a little bit as Erik leans in the corner. “So Fresh, So Clean” by OutKast hits and Eddie E. makes his way to the ring, his belt around his waist. )

Samantha: And finally, at a height of 6’2” tall, and weighing in at 253 pounds…he is the Rule of Surrender champion who claims he ‘Brings the Buyrate’…’Mr. PPV’ Eddie E!

( Eddie leaps into the ring and hands Samantha his belt. He then hands her his robe. And his Shades. He then asks her to hold a mirror for him as he checks his hair…)

Jason: “What’s with this guy? He always seems more concerned with how he looks then with wrestling at all…”

Ryu:”Well, you wouldn’t want to win a match looking like shit, would you?”

(There’s the Bell, and Cabana starts off fast, nailing two forearms on Eddie E. He keeps nailing blows to Eddie, and then whips him…right into the awaiting clothesline of Stellar!)

Ryu:”That was just brutal! I wouldn’t be surprised if Eddie’s knocked out right now!”

Jason:”It was a pretty stiff lariat…”

(Cabana grins wide and raises his hand towards Stellar, looking for a high five. Stellar stares at him )

Jason:”Cabana doesn’t know what he’s dealing with…”

( Stellar kicks him in the stomach hard, and then hoists him into the air. He locks Cabana into a suplex position, but holds him vertically, delaying the execution. He holds it for a good five seconds…and then Eddie, still on the ground, lands a sneaky Single leg takedown on Stellar, Causing Cabana to fall on top of him as he collapses! Boyer starts the count, but Stellar casually throws him off at 1. )

Ryu:”Eddie E. is really showing his ability to asess a situation and turn it to his advantage!”

Jason:”That’s true, he seems to cower and allow these two to actually WORK for the win…”

( Eddie Lays some boots into Stellar’s head as he gets up, and Stellar pushes Eddie down with authority. Cabana tries to nail an elbow to the back of Stellar’s head, but cant reach, and end up nailing Rocky’s shoulderblade. Rocky turns around, but Eddie nails him right in the junk! )

Jason:”Oh man, WAY below the belt shot by Eddie E. It’s drawing an audible groan from many of the males in attendance tonight…”

Ryu: “Hey, it’s smart tactics. “

( Eddie lands a standing Sidekick to Cabana…waits for him to get up, and then…Smell the Buyrate! Stellar eyes Eddie, waiting for him to capitalize…but Eddie motions toward the fallen Cabana and backs off. )

Ryu: “What’s Eddie Doing?”

( Stellar hauls up Cabana and nails the Stellar-Plex! Erik couts it, 1, 2, 3! )

Jason: ”Cabana has been Eliminated!”

( Not a millisecond after the 3, Eddie bounces off the ropes and nails a leaping kneedrop to Stellar’s crotch! Stellar is reeling, and Eddie nails a running legdrop which he segues into a triangle choke! )

Jason: “Eddie showing his technical ability, he has to realize that Rocky’s too big for him to screw around with!”

Ryu:” He’s again gracing us by showing us this excellent chain-wrestling ability!”

( Eddie Lets go at the urging of Boyer. Stellar gets up, and Eddie runs for a spear, but runs straight into a back elbow! Stellar locks in camel clutch! Eddie makes it to the ropes…Boyer dosent seem to notice! He finally notices and makes Stellar break the hold. )

Jason:”This is odd, Stellar and Boyer are well-known enemies…yet Boyer seems to be giving Stellar the advantage?!”

( Stellar Drags up Eddie and Attempts another suplex, but Eddie flips out of it behind of him and lands a swift backbreaker. Stellar is up and punches Eddie right in the face…Eddie punches back. This goes back and forth for a while, until Stellar backs Eddie into a corner and lands a blatant choke! Eddie is looking to Boyer as his face turns red, and Boyer dosent seem to be paying attention! )

Ryu:”It’s like Boyer dosent even notice that Stellar is doing anything!”

( Stellar releases the choke and lets Eddie Slump to the mat as he turns and eyes Boyer suspiciously. Eddie comes up behind him and rolls him up with a school boy! He puts his feet on the ropes for leverage…Boyer goes for the count: 1, 2—he stops when he sees Eddie’s feet on the Ropes. Stellar gets up and looks pissed at Eddie! Stellar boots him in the stomach and nails a gourdbuster suplex! He picks up Eddie Again and sends him to the ropes…Eddie bounds back, and Stellar lands a HUGE Backdrop!)

Jason:”Dear God, did you see the air on that?”

Ryu:”Stellar’s a good 6’5” tall…Eddie was probably tossed about 7 and a half feet into the air!”

( Stellar jumps onto the second tunbuckle and comes off with a flying elbowdrop to Eddie’s chest! He covers…1, 2…Boyer stops the count! He shakes his finger at Stellar and walks off to a corner! Stellar gets up and he is FUMING! )

Jason:”Boyer is screwing Stellar out of what could be a decisive win here!”

Ryu:”Obviously a rookie like yourself cannot see that Stellar got Eddie into that predicament through nefarious means!”

( Stellar is going after Boyer, and Boyer is backing away. Stellar reaches back to clock Boyer with a punch, but Eddie Sprints over and clips Stellar’s Knee out from underneath him! Stellar rolls around and clutches his knee, and Eddie Waits for him to get up. He slowly does, and Eddie waits for it…he runs and nails Stellar with a VICIOUS Smell the Buyrate! He pins Stellar, and Boyer makes a blatanly fast count to give Eddie the Victory! )

Jason: Eddie E is DAMNED impressive.

Ryu: But you can’t take ANYTHING away from Rocky Stellar. He isn’t the Japanese Hero for nothing.

Jason: HA! Did you see Boyer take off running?

Ryu: That just put the wind in your sails, didn’t it, Johnson?

Jason: Sure, whatever. But you know what? Fuck you. The main event is on NOW.

Del Carver © Vs. The Real Deal- SHOOT Project Championship

[The crowd is buzzing. The return of the Real Deal to active competition. “Unbend” by 5440 hits the PA and the SHOOT Project Champion, Del Carver walks out, a polished SHOOT Project title over his shoulder.]

Samantha Coil: Now entering the ring, standing at 6 feet tall, weighing in at 265 pounds… he is YOUR SHOOT PROJECT CHAMPION… “DIAMOND” DEL CARVER!!!

[Del walks down to the ring. One of the biggest challenges of his wrestling career awaits him, in the Real Deal.]

RYU: You know, some people say this guy won the belt by fluke. I guess this will be his chance to prove all the nay-sayers and non-believers wrong.

JASON: Well, if there were ever an opponent to prove it against, it’s the Real Deal. Much like Erik Boyer, Josh never lost the title. This is a chance for both of them really. Del to prove he is the rightful champion, and Josh to put his money where his mouth is.

“I am Eternal.”

[The crowd begins to stir. “I Stand Alone” cues up, and the Real Deal walks out. The crowd goes ballistic when he makes his appearance, minus all the bandages, and looking like a million bucks. He stands at the top of the ramp, relishing the cheers he is getting. Josh begins his walk to the SHOOT Project Championship.]

Samantha Coil: And now… returning to the SHOOT Project ring… Standing at 6 feet, 3 inches… and weighing in at 240 pounds… JOSH JOHNSON, THE REAL DEAL!!!

[Carver stands in his corner pumped up ready to prove himself a champion as Real Deal simply leans in his corner; collecting himself, A little guitar ditty strums over the PA followed by 5 drum taps. "Where is my Mind" by the Pixies squeels over the system and Erik Boyer, the ever-faithful commish steps from behind the curtain onto the entry ramp. Both men in the ring turn their heads to Boyer, as do the fans, who are largely cheering for this crazy bastard. They are quickly realizing that when Boyer comes out, something big is about to happen. Boyer stands atop the ramp for a moment...seemingly soaking up the fans mixed reactions. He is adorned in the same outfit from last week, his golden mesh shorts and a gold tank top to match. He holds in his left hand the crown he wore last week and in his right hand; a microphone. He lifts the microphone to his mouth but doesn't speak as the music is still playing. He looks up bewildered almost and pans the crowd with his eyes a little squinted. Slowly the music dies down and Boyer lowers his head again, slight demented smile on his lips.]

BOYER: Thank you..thank you, ladies and germs. I was standing back stage and I was thinking...this match needs just a little something extra. Just a little more gusto. I have been backstage talking to a very good friend of mine, I guess. Something like that, that's what he tells me at least. This man is the newest power player in the SHOOT Project. He will be in the hunt for the title soon enough, and I figured what better way to let him see his opponents than to give him a ring side seat. Hell, I love this guy so much, that I'm going to let him be tonight's special guest color commentator.

[the crowd stirs slightly, but nothing major. The only thing that would remotely important about this is that we may be seeing the guy in action very soon. Boyer turns his back to the ring and stares at the curtain for a rather extended few seconds. He puts his crown on, tips it slightly to the side and motions to the ring.]

BOYER: I present to you: one of the most under-rated men in our sport and arguably the bst wrestler to never hold a world title. Ladies and gentlmen, a man that could beat both men in the ring right now on his off day........the return of the Untouchable.....Blake...O'Reily.

[The lights dim down to a nice grey as "End is the Beginning is the End" by Smashing Pumpkins begins to whale on the PA system. A dark figure of a man steps out from behind the curtain and stands motionless just in front of it. The man runs his fingers through his hair and slowly nods his head side to side to the music. The lights come up and there stands a man now strikingly familiar. that short light brown hair, that red leather jacket, and most of all....those orange sunglasses. O'Reily picks his head up still nodding consistently with the music and jawing feverishly on a piece of gum. He seems almost oblivious to the fact that an entire audiance of people are staring at him; most without an idea of what to think. Boyer comes up to Blake and pats him on the back. Blake simply looks at him, smirks, then begins working on the gum again..still nodding his head to the music. Boyer whispers something in Blake's ear, and points at the ring as if to say "good luck." He slaps Blake on the back again, gives a thumbs up, straightens his crown and begins back stage. the crowd has started reacting now, more out of duty than anything else as Blake makes his way slowly to the ring. He takes a second to slap a few hands on the way down to the ring. he stops just at the left entry turnbuckle and flairs his jacket collar. His orange Mr. T shirt now showing a little better. Blake looks over his right shoulder directly at the Real Deal, who is repaying the favor. Josh stares intensly at Blake as Blake looks at Josh, no real clear anything, but it's obvious that the two know each other; Blake just has a look of caution in his eyes, even though an apathetic smirk fills his face. He slightly draws his lips as the music continues. O'Reily turns to look at Del Carver and his smirk quickly turns to a smile and then a laugh. Carver stands on the ropes and spouts something to Blake covered by the deafening music. Blake turns to walk off, stops, looks back at Carver, and spits his gum, barely missing the dodging Carver. Blake laughs off Del again as he makes his way to the recessed announce area and shakes the hands of Ryu and Jason. He slips his jacket off as the music dies down and sits down into his chair, taking a moment to adjust his head set.]

JASON: Well Blake, I knew you were coming aboard here at SHOOT of course, but I must say that even I am surprised to see you here at ringside with us tonight.

BLAKE: I'm sorry.

JASON: Why is that?

BLAKE: Fuck...I dunno. You just sounded upset.

RYU: It's a pleasure to meet you Blake.


RYU: I said it's a pleasure to meet you.


RYU: I've heard so much about you...you honestly are a legend in the underground and indy circuits. I was also a fan of your Mixed Martial Arts career. Yo uwere a tremendous fighter. I was here when you fought Vernon White in PRIDE.

BLAKE: Yeah that happens to me sometimes too. Just put some ice on it, it'll be better in the morning.

RYU: What is he talking about?

JASON: I honestly have no idea.

BLAKE: Look here guys, it's GO TIME!

[The ref calls for the bell and Del and Real Deal hesitantly circle one another, both cutting their eyes frmo tehir opponent to O'Reily and back again. They both commit finally and lock up, and Real Deal comes out on top. He whips Carver across ring, then nails him with a clothesline on way back. Then he picks up Carver, and whips into the corner. Looking for a splash.]

JASON: Oooh, no-one home there. Carver just managed to get out of the way. Now here he comes back!

RYU: But he just walked straight into a throat punch.

BLAKE: Apparently the Real Deal is a little rusty. You know, I hear that bullet wounds have been known to dampen people's spitits a bit. Heard that one had a major hand in the end of Kerry von Erich's career,


JASON: Blake, that was in extremely poor taste, don't you think.

BLAKE: I don't give a shit...he never saved my life. Besides, I'm from Alabama; deal with it.

[Real Deal backs Carver into the corner, and begins to stomp away on him.]

JASON: Never mind a mudhole, he's trying to stomp an oil well!

[He then pushes Carver onto the top rope, and mounts him for the punches. He takes a brief moment to shoot a glance to Blake; a fist full of Carver's hair and the other clenched tight. Blake smirks arrogantly and rubs his middle finger diliberatly along the bridge of this nose; all other fingers tucked in. Real Deal give a disgusted smirk back and dispenses with the punches. The crowd shout along.]


[He raises his hand after the tenth punch, but Carver pushes him off, then jumps off the turnbuckle, landing a double axe-handle right in the back of Real Deal. Then he whips Real Deal across the ring, hitting a drop kick on his way back.]

RYU: Carver could have swung the match back in his favour here.

JASON: It could still go either way.

BLAKE: It's going straight to Hell is what it's doing. I mean, you've got two Punch-n-Judy wrestlers in there, and neither one of them even brought their fucking A-game. It's a big ball of fuckle if you ask me.

RYU: And how much is fuckle worth exactly?

BLAKE: ummm....not very much at all.

RYU: Figured.

[Carver again lifts Real Deal up, whips him, but holds on. Then he brings it back, and applies a sleeper hold. The referee checks the hold, and Real Deal is beginning to drop. He falls to one knee, but is trying to stay up.]

BLAKE: Gonna put him to sleep here.

JASON: Carver using his brains here, taking the man down.

RYU: But can he keep him down?

BLAKE: Well, it's like my mother always said: "If there is ever aynthing that gets in the way of your dreams, blow it up or choke the shit out of it."

JASON: Interesting...catchy too.

BLAKE: Yeah, she was a real smart woman.

RYU: I think I read that in "Life's Little Instruction Booklet."

BLAKE: Hahaha...you read that shit??

[Real Deal is now dropping to the mat, and the referee checks.he raises Real Deal's arm, and it drops.]

Referee: ONE!

[Again, the arm is lifted, and it drops.]

Ref: TWO!

BLAKE: Nap time.

[The final time.but NO! The arm drops, but Real Deal recovers just in time, and raises that arm, with fist clenched. He powers his way back to one knee, and he grabs Carver over his head and flips him right over, breaking the hold. Now Real Deal is choking Carver on the mat.]

JASON: Nice reversal from Real Deal.

RYU: But now he is blatantly cheating.

BLAKE: Well I be damned.

JASON: If it was cheating, the referee would break the hold.

[The referee breaks the hold, and shouts at Real Deal. Real Deal stands, towering over the referee. He backs away from Real Deal, who turns back to Carver. But Carver jumps up, hitting a low blow, out of sight from referee.]

RYU: He should be DQ'ed!

JASON: Yeah.. because you know, there are all kinds of DQ’s around here… Moron.

BLAKE: Oh, it's the fucking principal of it all. You don't give a man a shot in the pins...it's just not Kosher.

[Carver stands, and grabs Real Deal. He goes to throw him over top rope, but Real Deal blocks, and instead Carver is sent over. Real Deal then follows, and the referee starts the count. Real Deal grabs The Carver and sends him flying into the ring post, and then again into the steel step.]

BLAKE: Five bucks says we got company coming.....

[Real Deal then whips him into the announcers desk, and goes to slam Carver's head into one of the monitors.]

JASON: Come on guys, you've got the wrong desk!

[Carver blocks, and instead whips Real Deal across, into the other ring post. Carver glances at Blake who simply makes a kissy face then laughs it off. Blake points and nods to Real Deal and Carver refocuses. Carver steps over and knees Real Deal in the gut then plants him with a DDT, and sees that the ref is up to 7, rolls back in]

RYU: Why doesn't he just pin the guy?

JASON: He wants to embarrass Real Deal.

BLAKE: I would think he would have a hard time schedualing it in. I mean, the fucking hump embarasses himself to where it must be a full time job.

[Del is the first to get back to his feet after the referee initiated a 10 count…Del lifts Josh to his feet and nails a snap suplex right in the center of the ring and follows it up quickly by a leg drop across the neck of Real Deal…Del looks out at the crowd who seem to be surprised at this match…Del looks back down at Josh who is squirming…Del goes off the ropes and connects with a dropkick to the head of Josh rolling him out of the ring…]

BLAKE: DAMN! That was actaully a nice little chain there. I like it..oh bet on it.

RYU: Looks like the action is spilling out onto the floor…

JASON: Obviously…Josh needs to take control…

[Del lifts Josh to his feet and flapjacks him on the guardrails causing Josh to roll around in pain…the referee is at the 3 count now as he continues while Del lifts a hurting Josh back to his feet and points at the steel steps…Del attempts a whip into the steel steps and has it reversed as Josh lifts Del slightly causing him to fly over the steel steps and nailing the ring post with his shoulder…Del ends up on the other side favoring his shoulder…]

RYU: What a reversal…

BLAKE: It was damn near nasty. These guys are going at it like there's only piece of chicken left.

JASON: Must be a Southern thing.

BLAKE: *pauses* Hmm, yeah...must be.

[Josh goes down to one knee before lifting a chair above his head before realizing the referee is at the 8 count…Josh quickly moves and rolls Del into the ring while the Russian Team continue to rattle things off announcing this match…Josh looks out at the crowd and lifts Del to his feet and is met with shots to the gut…Del goes off the ropes and knocks Josh down with a dropkick to his face…Del continues across the other side of the ropes…]

JASON: A dropkick… what a move… Wait! Who’s coming out from the back!?

BLAKE: Well, my sources tell me-


[Cronos practically flies down to the ring. He hops up, flips over the top rope, and smacks Josh Johnson with a clothesline that knocks Johnson a little silly. Del Carver is just standing by, watching. Cronos drags Josh Johnson out of the ring, and carts him off to the back. Del Carver is just standing there, looking really confused. The referee looks to Jason Johnson, who just shrugs. And the bell is rung. Blake O’Reily, who was at the announcer’s table has removed his headset, and creeped into the ring, much to the surprise of Del Carver. Blake smirks, and Del Carver just looks on, at Blake, returning the stare that is going on. Finally, Blake looks to make a move to go after Del, but decides not to, and calmly grabs the top rope and rolls under the bottom rope.]

Oblivion fades to black…