(The camera cuts to a scene inside of what looks to be a board room. A little nicer, but it still had that feel. That feel and....silence. Total silence falls over the room, but not a calming silence. No, it's the kind of quite that makes you anxious...because you know that you are supposed to be hearing something, or you're about to. The oval oak meeting table's highly laquered finish glimmers in the lights shining through the windows; red heavy drapes opened slightly. The lamps in the room are dimmed though, and the overhead lights are off completely. At the end of the table, sit two men. The one directly at the head the smaller of the two. Odd, as the head of the table is reserved for the head honcho traditionally. As a matter of fact, the man at the head of the table looks down right tiny next to the other. Sitting back away from the table, the giant of a man wears a dark purple business suit, expensive...most likely Italian. It has that dark pimp purply color; but it shows class and the thought of "pimp" never enters your mind, other than upon the first viewing of the color of course. Even though he wears the suit, his size is still more than obvious. The fabric seems to show the definition of his chizzled rock like body. His lips carry a snarl as he adjusts his chin barely grasping his jet black goatee. His hair is dyed blonde...nearly white, and cropped close to his head. He rings his hands slightly and leans his head to his left...glancing at the man at the head of the table. As does the camera. Even though dwarfed by his bohemath counterpart, the man in respects to the chair is obviously not small, but certainly not big by any standards. Athletic. Yeah, that's it....athletic. His hair a light brown, a little blonde...maybe a little red; hard to tell in the light, or lack there of. Whatever the color, it's neatly unkept, slightly rustled as if he just rolled out of bed, but still controlled enough to prove that he has spent time to groom. It's quaint none the less...a certain controlled chaos the man seems to exude from his entire demeanor. Even though the room is lit mediocrly at best, he still dons a pair of orange lensed sun glasses; his mouth bares a slight smirk that seams to have place. Like he would seem emotionless, except his face is molded that way from years of cycnicism: like when your mother says "make that face long enough, it'll stick like that." Apparently, his has. He adjusts the collar on his red leather jacket, the kind you would see in a thrift store and want to buy, yet not be brave enough to. This, like his hair, almost seems to be the only choice he has it suits him so well. He rustles his hair and laces his fingers in front of his face, glances at his wrist watch, then rests his chin on his hands, letting his head slowly hang. Suddenly he looks up over the top of his orange shades and pierces with mystic blue-grey eyes.

Slowly the sound begins to fade in and a low murmer of male voices and the clicking of a briefcase grow louder and louder. The camera pulls out to reveal two men in suits making their way in the door to the board room. The big man adjusts himself in his chair while the man in the red leather jacket sits motionless, perhaps tilting his head slightly. The two new men make their way to the side of the table and extend their hands. The two men already seated simply stare, then reluctantly shake. The two men standing quickly introduce themselves...apparently this meeting is rushed if not impromptu.)

Man 1: Hey, great to see you guys. Sorry we're late...traffic here is killer. Who said Birmingham wasn't a happening place, huh? Anyway, my name is Gary Ross, and this is my associate Gordan McGuire.

"Orange Shades": Whoa, whoa...I'm sorry. Who the fuck are you again?

Ross: Gary Ross. I'm the scout for SHOOT Project.

"Orange Shades": Hmm. And what exactly might you be scouting? Last I heard, Jason Johnson was the man that signed the checks.

Ross: Well, he is, but he's a busy guy as you can imagine. He sent me to look after you. Everything is in order, as you can see.

(Ross opens the briefcase and removes a bound packet of paper. He hands it over to the man in the leather jacket. He leans back and to the left and he flips the packet biting his tongue and lower lip as he browses. He lowers the papers to the table and draws his mouth with disgust. He glances to Ross, then to his large partner. He slowly shakes his head and hands the paper, now apparent it is a contract, to his partner. The mountain of a man glances down, flips a few pages, then clears his voice.)

"Big Man": Everything seems to be in order...'cept these two typos...

McGuire: Typos.....sir?

"Orange Shades": (leaning back slightly in his chair) Typographical errors, mister McGuire.

McGuire: I know what a typo is; I was simply curious as to what they were Mister....

"Big Man": (interrupting rather matter-of-factly) You have here a year...it will read four months binding. Then renegotiations with option to extend.

(A slight gasp of desbelief followed by a momentary silence, then a clearing throat as Ross sits on the edge of his seat...chuckling slightly and pushing his glasses to the top of his nose.)

Ross: No one contracts for four months man, seriously.

"Big Man": He does.

(The big man points directly to his partner, who in turn simply lowers his sunglasses and smiles arrogantly; nodding his head slowly. The big man pulls a pen from his jacket pocket and scribbles on the contract. He looks up and slides the contract to Ross across the table. Ross looks down at the contract, then back up; a look of total shock takes over his face.)

"Big Man": You also left a zero off the end of the salary.

Ross: You've got to be kidding me. Our top guys don't make that. I don't know who you think you are to deserve that kind of money, but I do know there's no way that Jason Johnson will ever go for this.

"Orange Shades": HEY! Call him.

Ross: What?

(The man leans to the table and pulls his sunglasses completely off. He folds the legs in, rubs his nose with his left hand and smirks with intent at Ross.)

"Orange Shades": Call him right now. First of all, you don't even know who your top guys are. You get a geat like Cronos Diamante and push him back and yank his chain. You run things like a goddamned Burger King. Why don't you tell me who does deserve it then, mister Ross. That fucking rag-tag camp of no-talent hump sonsuvbitches you cal a roster?? Roland, Angel, and the lot of those fuckers that couldn't even get an audition on Tough Enough. They couldn't wrestle their way out of a paper bag. I mean, Kid Wikkid.....The Flying Dutchman.....c'mon....for Christ's sake. You've got to be fucking kidding me. Or perhaps that little dink with an inferiority complex Chris Lee. I turn down people with more talent than his sorry ass as training partners every Tuesday. And you're going to tell me he's a star? Nah....he's a joke. You're whole goddamned company is going down faster than Eric Boyer's sister for twenty bucks. You can't put a price on a savior Ross. So dial it up bitch, and do it now.

(Ross leans back, speachless. He glances to McGuire, then back to the man in the red jacket, now sliding the legs of his shades back behind his ears...that same emotionless smirk returned to his lips. Ross straightens his tie, looks at the contract, then back to the men in front of him. The large man simply nods his head chuckling. The smaller man folds his hands again and rest his chin on his knuckles. He nods to the celular telephone sitting inside the opened briefcase. Ross grabs the phone and dials a speed dial number, apparently since he only presses three buttons. He holds the phone to his ear, a look of importance on his face.)

Ross: (to the man at the head of the table) Mister Johnson seems to think you are the best out there. I personally don't see it.

(The man in the glasses lowers his head and shakes it. A nearly sad smile comes on his face.)

"Orange Shades": No, I'm not....I'm the guy you call when the best just...isn't....good enough.

(Ross shakes his head in astonishment of the man's confidence. He quickly sits up as the phone is answered from the other end.)

Ross: (into phone, slightly under his breath) Yes sir.........
I'm here.......
well, there seems to be some serious conflicts in our ideas of how this contract will turn out....
Sir, don't you at least want to hear th.....
No sir, I must suggest you hear these before you agree to them. I'm sure you'll agree that there must be some other choice.....
Well, first off, he says he will only be bound for four months of contract, then he goes up for renegotiation...........
Si r, four months?...
okay okay..fine. BUT! He also says he'll settle for no less than ten times our offer.....
Sir, perhaps you didn't hear me...ten times our offered salary.......
yes sir, I realize it was a starting block, but ten times? .......
yes sir......right away sir. Same to you...bye.

(Ross hangs his head slightly, shaking it from side to side. He turns off the mobile phone and drops it onto the table, raising his hand diliberatly high first. The phone clatters around mildly while Ross rubs his hand slowly over his mouth. There is a slight hesistation before...)

Ross: .....okay

"Orange Shades": What was that?

Ross: I said, "okay." Gordan, draw it up...like they said. For Christ's sake...Jason said whatever he wants.

(The two men laught to one another as Gordan quickly corrects the contract and Ross simply rubs his temples. Gordan slides the finished contract in front of the two men, who both nod in agreement. The large man produces a pen, and the man in the leather jacket scribbles his name down..illegible to the camera. He pushes it back to Gordan who makes two large motions with his right hand while gripping the pen, then quickly applies his name. The two stand up from the table, and adjust their atire as Ross begins to slowly sign his name to the contract.)

"Big Man": You gentlemen have just made the best investments of SHOOT's history...congratulations.

(The big man opens the door just as Ross is finished signing. Ross looks up and stops the man in the leather jacket and khaki cargo pants with his now weakened voice.)

Ross: Hey kid...are you really as good as you make yourself out to be?

(The man steps one foot out the door and turns back to look as he scoffs to himself slightly.)

"Orange Shades": Good? heh...Mister Ross, I'm fucking Untouchable.

(He steps outside and closes the door behind him. Ross nods his head, nearly in approval as McGuire stands and begins to put the phone and contract back into the briefcase. He snaps it closed and Ross stands slowly.)

Ross: You'd damn sure better hope so, kid. For everyone's sakes.

(With his final words, McGuire moves toward the door, and the scene slowly drifts away.)

(The scene cuts quickly. The opening pyro shoots off, and the people in attendance go nuts. “Jackson is a jack-OFF!” and “Cronos needs to go to the old folks home” are just an example of some signs in the crowd this night, Sunday, July 7, 2002 in Osaka, Japan, for the SHOOT Project’s Oblivion.)

Jason: Welcome to another edition to SHOOT Project’s Oblivion. Tonight, we have QUITE a show for you.

Ryu: That’s right, and we’ll get star-

(The lights go out, and then "Matt Black" is echoed throughout the PA system, and 'Fight Song' by Marilyn Manson plays. The lights come on, and The man name Matt Black walks to the ring. He makes his way to the apron, and slides in. He snatches the mic out of Samantha's hands, and pauses for a bit.)

Ryu: What's he doin out here?

Jason: I don't know...This is Matt Black, a new comer here....He...He wasn't scheduled to appear tonite though.

Ryu: Then he shouldn't be out there....

(Matt looks at the small crowd, and the at the announcers. Not knowing what to think the fans wait in silence to see what he has to say.)

Black: I've got a bone to pick with one of you guys out here tonite.

(Thinking that one of them may get some ring time, the fans mildly cheer, anticipating to see who he picks out of the crowd.)

Ryu: It must be the old "I beat up someone in the crowd to show how damn good I am" routine.

Jason: Probably.

Black: Someone thats been here a while, someone that knows whats goin' on.

Ryu: Well everyone's been here since the start of the show, and should know whats goin on so far...

Black: So Ryu Kosi, if you'd get in the ring I'd appreciate it.

(Ryu stands up at his announce position and points to himself as Matt nods. Ryu shrugs an takes off his headsets. He walks to the ring, climbs up the stairs and gets in.)

Black: Mr. Kosi...

Ryu: Call me Ryu.

Black: Okay, Ryu. Your Dad. He's the leader of the Ishigun Yakazu. Right?

Ryu: Yes sir.

Black: He's the man in charge, nothin gets passed him?

Ryu: Yes....why?

Black: I'm asking the questions.

Ryu: S...s...s...sorry....

Black: So he might know every death that has been dealt by his people?

Ryu: Well.....maybe not EVERYone. But we kinda wanna keep a low profile so he does know most of the killings that have happened.

Black: Does he have a reason for killing everyone?

Ryu:....Of course.

Black: Okay...thank you.

Ryu: For what?

(Matt turns to his left and looks at the ring almost in pain. He shakes his head and murmers into the mic.)

Black: For nothin.


(Matt turns a bit and swiftly hits Ryu in the chin with a hard superkick. He looks at him and doesn't taunt. He doesn't celebrate. He does nothing but drops the mic on Ryu's stomach, and walks to the back not acknowledging all of the jeers from the small crowd.)

Jason: What the hell was that for?? He better hope that Ryu doesn't press charges...

[Ryu is seen crawling out of the ring and back over to the announce table. He walks over casually, holding his jaw.]

Ryu: Well… ow… that sucked.

Jason: Yeah, I guess it did. Are you all right? Heh. You sure got leveled by that kid.

Ryu: Yeah yeah, just get on with things…

Jason: “All right! We’re ready for action! This next match is no disqualification!”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight…the crowd cheers appreciatively…"Gets Me Through" by Ozzy Osbourne begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring… standing 5 feet 11 inches and weighing in at 235 pounds…LAYNE JACOBS!!!”

Jason: “Layne Jacobs on his way to the ring…our first look at Layne, as he is a newcomer to SHOOT PROJECT.”

Ryu: “Holy crap…and he’s in tough. This kid obviously doesn’t believe in starting off SMALL.”

(As Layne Jacobs calmly climbs into the ring…"Cemetery Gates" by Pantera starts to play….)

Samantha: “And now approaching the ring…standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at 287 pounds…here is the INNOVATOR OF PAIN!”

Ryu: “Holy Crap. This one tough, mean looking guy.”

Jason: “He sure is. The bell rings…here we go! The two competitors circling each other…Jacobs ducks a clothesline attempt from Innovator of Pain…answers back with a nice left hook…Innovator of Pain back into the corner….Layne Jacobs drives a shoulder into Innovator of Pain…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Innovator of Pain!”

Ryu: “Jacobs didn’t have Innovator of Pain stunned enough for that clothesline…”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kick out by Jacobs. Both men up…WOW!”

Ryu: “NICE, perfectly placed dropkick to the back of the leg of Innovator of Pain from Layne Jacobs!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain collapses to the mat, clutching his leg…Layne Jacobs quickly to the top rope…somersault splash! ONE…TWO…Kick out by Innovator of Pain!”

Ryu: “This kid Jacobs can MOVE.”

Jason: “See why he got signed? Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Layne Jacobs from Innovator of Pain…Jacobs doubled over but comes back with a surprising spinning kick! Cover by Layne Jacobs…ONE…TWO…Kick out by Innovator of Pain!”

Ryu: “This kid knows his moves…”

Jason: “Side headlock on Innovator of Pain by Layne Jacobs…oh boy…Innovator of Pain lifts Jacobs and drops him outside the ring to the floor!”

Ryu: “Damn! That’s a DROP!”

Jason: “Yeah, at least eight feet! Innovator of Pain out after him…Innovator of Pain hammers a punch into the head of Jacobs…now he scoops up Layne…looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Oh man! This is gonna HURT!”

Jason: “NO! Jacobs slips off and pushes Innovator of Pain shoulder first to the steel ringpost! The crowd erupts! Layne Jacobs now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Innovator of Pain over the security barrier...Layne Jacobs leaps on to the security barrier…plancha!”

Ryu: “What athleticism by Jacobs”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain is up…GRABS Jacobs by the throat…oh boy…CHOKESLAM in the crowd…right on the concrete!”

Ryu: “Damn…that’s TWO big slams Jacobs has taken OUTSIDE the ring…and this match is NO DQ…so there’s nothing the ref can do!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain dragging Layne Jacobs through the crowd now by the scruff of the neck…Jacobs gets sent into the wall in the back of the hall BACK FIRST! Innovator of Pain ripping down a SHOOT PROJECT Banner and chokes Jacobs with it…Jacobs escapes…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Innovator of Pain throws Layne Jacobs over the security barrier…which falls on top of his face…and Innovator of Pain stomps on it!”

Ryu: “Oh MAN! His back!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain gets off the barrier…he pulls Jacobs up by the hair…Layne Jacobs fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Innovator of Pain…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our cameras are mobile! These guys are evenly trading lefts and rights…look! Now they’re over by the sound truck…”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain lands a couple of forearm smashes and gains the advantage…Layne Jacobs is violently shoved over a big pile of boxes, supplies and stuff…”

Ryu: “Layne Jacobs just came up with something…it’s a BOOM MIC!”

Jason: “WHAM! Innovator of Pain blasted right in between the eyes by that swinging boom mic…Jacobs follows up with some precision kicks to the ribs…Layne Jacobs grabs the nearest trash can lid…and smacks Innovator of Pain over the head with it.”

Ryu: “I guess Layne’s showing Innovator of Pain that if he can fight hardcore style as well as wrestle…HEY…WHAT THE HELL IS HE DOING?”

Jason: “Layne Jacobs has left Innovator of Pain laying on the ground right in front of the entranceway…and now he is into the crowd…it looks like he’s heading up to the next level…OH GOD…”

Ryu: “He’s up above the entrance way in the crowd…now he’s standing on the arch over the entranceway door…he must be TEN FEET IN THE AIR…HOLY SHIT!”

Jason: “MOONSAULT! MOONSAULT by Jacobs off the arch over the entranceway…OH NO…Innovator of Pain MOVED!”

Ryu: “Jacobs landing face first on the concrete from ten feet above! Hell…when he hit the ground…he BOUNCED!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain grabbing Jacobs by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring…Jacobs is clutching his ribs…Innovator of Pain throws him head first into the ring apron!…Now he bashes his head off the ringpost…and FINALLY rolls him back into the ring!”

Ryu: “Man…look at this replay of that moonsault attempt…what a DAREDEVIL Layne Jacobs is!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain back into the ring…he throws Jacobs over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes…backing up…RUNNING POWERSLAM!”

Ryu: “AGAIN on the back of Jacobs!”

Jason: “Innovator of Pain covers:…ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “That was just brutal! After working over Jacob’s back all match…there’s no way he could kick out after missing that moonsault and taking that powerslam…”


("Cemetery Gates" by Pantera begins to play as the crowd rush to their feet. Innovator of Pain rolls out of the ring and raises his hands over his head in victory and then slowly trudges up the ramp. Layne Jacobs gets to his knees and hangs his head.)

Jason: Well how about that for a starting match, eh?

Ryu: Two impressive debuts on the part of Layne Jacobs and Innovator of Pain. If these boys stick around, they certainly have some potential.

Jason: That’s right Ryu. Of course, that’s how it is. Stick around, do some work, and always expect the unexpected.

Ryu: But now, we go back to the ring…

Jason: Wait…

[Suddenly the SHOOT feed turns to static, in the arnea the lights darken. A flaming inverted Anarchy symbol appears on the Oblivitron. Two more lines of flame are added, making it a pentagram. The flames spread revealing a darkened room. In the middle of the room sits a man clad all in black, black pleather pants, and a black PVC shirt in the style of leather armor. Another figure, female and looking somewhat odd with cat ears and a tail, is laying on the same bcnh he's seated on with her head in the black clad man's lap. The man inhales and begins to speak, he speaks in a whisper, completely without accent.]

"Greetings SHOOT, fans and staff alike. My name is Vile, it is not the one I was born with, but it will be good enough for here. As at my hands most of the roster will go through some rather unpleasent experiences in the squared circle. Who am I? Many of you have never seen me before. Or perhaps you may have. You may know me from another name, another life, another wrestling federation. You may have heard of the XHWF, if you have you know of my greatness. If not, then listen up."

"I was World Champion five times, and I never lost the title. I had it stripped, twice, I vacated it, twice, and had it stolen from me, once. I am known as the Most Decorated Man in XHWF History. Five time World Heavyweight Champion, five time World Tag Team Champion, eleven time Hardcore Champion, five time United States Champion, One time Lightheavyweight Champion, six time Stables Champion, four time Television Champion, one time Intercontinetal Champion, three time European Champion, two time Xtreme Champion, four time Hardcore Tag Team Champion, one time Universal Champion, one time Inferno Champion, and one time Pimpin' Champion, and one time Intergender Tag Team Champion."

"For those not counting that's fifty one titles held in a span of less then two years. And that is not even half of what I've earned. My grand total is one hundred thirty three title reigns in three years, one month, and eleven days. And for the past one year, and twenty one days, I have gone without a loss in one on one competition. And I have gone still longer without suffering a pinfall loss. What? Submission? Don't hold your breath, you will most likely drop dead before I submit. And why would that be? Becuase I would do the exact same thing. Drop dead before I submit."

"Once I gained fame and fortune, and found I enjoyed neither. I now have found my true reason to be in Professional Wrestling. Pain. Every waking moment of every single day of my life, my soul burns with a hellish pain. There is but one way to ease these flames or torment, by sharing them with others. Every blow I land, every time a body hits the mat, my pain eases slightly. Every time blood flows from a wound I have inflicted, the pain lessens. The suffering of other dims the burning inside me. And so, here I am."

"To acheive the maximum effect, I have lost weight, in order to achieve the perfect blend of spped and strength, power and agility. At this I have succeded. Combined with my talents and experience, it makes one fact perfectly clear. A fact that I have proven time and time again to dozens of men in this past year. And what is that exactly? Why, none other then the fact that in matters of the squared circle VILE IS GOD! I create the begining, I craft the ending, I construct the hell you experience between your enterence music and the second ringing of that bell."

"You won't believe me I'm sure. Such is the way of things. False prophets are always believed, welcomed and given the best that people have to offer. The true prophets have been ostresized from society, and are forced to fend for themselves in the dregs of society. There are pretenders here in neWave, false gods that shall have to be disposed of at the hands of the true Lord. There is one pretender, he has stolen the true name of the True God. He walks around, basking in the glory of the name I made famous. The name shall remain a secret for now. For he will soon be given the Condemnation of the Divine, and made to suffer through the Inquisition. He will..."

[Vile is interrupted by a flashlight shined into his face, and another voice speaking, with a slight German accent.]

vK: Have you been drinking sir?

Vile: What the hell are you doing here?

vK: Ach, so gloomy. Where's the lightswitch?

[The light comes on, revealing Vile's twin brother, Stephan von Krieger. vK is wearing a pair of boxing shorts, and no shirt. Portions of his body are fuzzed out with the pixalization usually used to cut out nudity or rude gestures.]

Vile: It's dark for a reason you moron.

vK: Such harsh words. And why would that be?

Vile: Because I'm cutting a promo.

vK: Shit, my bad bro.

Vile: Get out of my lockerroom.

vK: Our lockerroom.

Vile: Oh no.

vK: Oh yes.

Vile: What the hell did you do?

vK: I signed on as your manager!

Vile: Oh shit.

vK: Watch your filthy, filthy mouth.

Vile: And put a shirt on to cover those filthy, filthy tattoos.

vK: They are not filth! They are works of art!

Vile: Six anthropomorphic animal nudes is a sign of obsession.

vK: Oh looks who's talking, you look like one of the five things that are tattooed on my body.

Vile: Six, the dragons mating on your left hip count as two.

vK: Picky, picky.

Vile: Out of my dressing room and let me finish my promo now.

vK: Dude, it's our dressing room, it says so on the door.

Vile: It does not.

vK: Go take a look.

[Vile gets up, carefully moving Kytten's head from his lap, and goes to check the plate on the door.]

Vile: It says Vile, with Everybody's Idol the Big F'n German Stephan von Krieger underneath it in crayon.

vK: It was too late for the printing office.

Vile: Blue crayon.

vK: Pretty color.

Vile: Cerulean blue crayon, as in your favorite color, in your handwriting.

vK: Those are block letters.

Vile: You make your E's like backward threes, they bend.

vK: Hmph.

Vile: Get out and let me finish my promo.

vK: Ok, ok, touchy.

Vile: And stop this Big F'n German nonsense. Everyone knows that accent is fake.

vK: IT IS NOT! You're just jealous because my normal way of speaking has a cool accent and you do that stupid Texas drawl.

Vile: What the hell are you going to do next? Dye your hair another color, out of that horrendous off-blonde, dye it red maybe. And hide indoors to get rid of your tan.

vK: At least I can tan, unlike some people I can mention. The one who has an SPF factor of fifteen with his tattooing.

Vile: Call yourself Paddy O'Krieger, the Mad Irishman.

[Vile pulls his pants up really high and begins riverdancing, he speaks in an Irish accent, and still manages to sound like vK.]

Vile: Look at me! I'm Erin O'Krieger! Don't mess with me! I'll riverdance up and down yer arse. Oh, me tights are a wee bit too tight. Yellow moons, purple horseshoes, almost crushed me green clovers.

vK: That gimmick has money written all over it.

[Vile tugs his pants back into proper position.]

Vile: Out.

vK: Ok, I'm going to go drive your Hummer around town.

[vK takes off running down the hall.]

Vile: Like hell you are!

[Vile runs after him as the scene fades to black.]

Jason: Well, that was odd…

Ryu: Whether or not that was odd, is unimportant. What IS important, is that Vile has arrived here in SHOOT.

Jason: Yes, he’s arrived, he’s arrived in time for our next match!

(The camera returns to the ring…we see Roland The Dark standing in the ring with his arms folded across his chest. Roland looks very intense and focused as "Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine is heard over the arena sound system.)

Samantha: “In the corner to my right…standing 6'5" and weighing in at 258 pounds…ROLAND THE DARK!”

("Free" by Vast begins to play, as laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “And NOW…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 180 pounds…here is…ANDER CARVETTI!”

(Ander Carvetti jogs to the ring, vaults over the top rope, and raises his arms to the cheers of the crowd…the bell rings…)

Jason: “We’re ready to go here…this should be an interesting clash of styles here. The two competitors slowly circle one another, then lockup…side headlock by Roland The Dark…Ander Carvetti backs him up…whip into the ropes…shoulder block by Roland The Dark…off the ropes leapfrog by Ander Carvetti…Roland The Dark catches the rope and charges right into a high dropkick! Smart move by Carvetti…he’s got to stick to an air attack if he wants to survive this one.”

Ryu: “If he really wants to survive this, he should tap out right now. Roland outweighs him by 100 pounds. ”

Jason: “Roland The Dark backs into the corner …now a vicious kick to the midsection of Ander Carvetti…forearm smash…another forearm smash…whip to the opposite corner and Roland follows through with a brutal running elbow smash…Roland backing up…charging in for an avalanche looks like…Roland charges…whoa! Carvetti is up in the air…he misses completely…Drop-kick by Carvetti…Roland is stunned…high spinning kick sends Roland The Dark to the outside!”

Ryu: “The crowd enjoyed that...”

Jason: “Summersault over the top rope lands Carvetti right on top of Roland The Dark! Ander Carvetti rolls Roland back in…but he's back on his feet already and delivers several stomps to Ander Carvetti as he crawls back into the ring after him.”

Ryu: “He shouldn’t have done that…he only stunned him with the plancha, and rolling him back into the ring gave Roland the chance to stomp him on her way back in…”

Jason: “Roland pulling Carvetti to his feet and clobbering him back down with a forearm smash to the back. Carvetti staggers back to his feet…spinning heel kick by Ander Carvetti! Clothesline attempt…misses…German suplex by Roland The Dark! He pulls Carvetti back to his feet, throws him into the corner and now he’s punishing him with repeated kicks to the midsection and European uppercuts. Now a big chop by Roland The Dark…and another.”

Ryu: “Man…Roland The Dark is taking his time…he’s got Carvetti trapped in the corner and he’s methodically punishing him and taking him apart piece by piece.”

Jason: “Carvetti has unleashed some amazing aerial moves in this match but if he doesn’t get out of there, this one will be over soon…Roland is whipping Carvetti to the opposite corner…this is going to be quite an impact when he hits the turnbuckles…NO…whip is reversed, Roland The Dark is driven face first into the turnbuckle! Ander Carvetti charges…right into a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex! Cover by Roland…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Roland The Dark. Right when it looks like Carvetti escaped the corner and was ready to mount an offence…he gets the upper hand again.”

Jason: “Clothesline by Roland floors Ander Carvetti…Roland The Dark pulls Carvetti back up…HIGH vertical suplex lands nicely…and he rolls into a cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Tight headlock by Roland The Dark…he’s really applying the pressure and grinding it in…Carvetti starting to fade…ref checks the arm…it drops once…twice…but not the third time! Ander Carvetti works his way out of the side headlock with out elbows to the side of Roland…he’s out…clothesline by Ander Carvetti misses…ANOTHER high German Suplex by Roland The Dark! Both competitors are down…now Roland The Dark is up….Stiff right by Roland The Dark…answered by a knife edge chop from Ander Carvetti…Roland The Dark Irish whipped into the ropes…clothesline misses…flying forearm to Roland from Ander Carvetti! Followed by a HIGH drop-kick! Roland The Dark comes back…but his clothesline is ducked…DDT by Ander Carvetti! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Roland The Dark…he’s got Carvetti up…back suplex attempt but Ander Carvetti lands on his feet!”

Ryu: “Listen to this crowd! Roland tried to back suplex Carvetti but he landed right side up!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark charges in for another clothesline…but is caught…facebuster! cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Ander Carvetti is going up to the top rope! Roland The Dark gets nailed with a 450 SPLASH!!! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! This match has really heated up and has turned into a HUGE see saw battle!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark back up and is clubbing Carvetti with brutal him forearms to the back…trying to German suplex him again…but Ander Carvetti is holding on to the rope …Carvetti fires off a sharp elbow into the face of Roland, clothesline attempt misses…NOW Roland back suplexes him and keeps holding on for the pin! cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark is getting frustrated…clothesline attempt by Roland The Dark misses…HIGH drop kick by Ander Carvetti HITS and Roland lands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Both competitors are down…”

Jason: “That one move could be the difference maker in this match for Ander Carvetti…Roland really landed hard on the top of his head from that kick… Roland The Dark is up…groggy…charges at Ander Carvetti but gets back body-dropped over the top rope! Now Ander Carvetti is climbing the ropes…HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE! Roland The Dark took it full-force…Ander Carvetti rolls Roland The Dark back in, climbs the top rope…and comes off with ANOTHER HIGH CROSS BODY!”

Ryu: “NO! NO! NO! Roland CAUGHT him in mid-air…and now he has thrown him over his shoulder…”



("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine is heard over the arena sound system. Roland The Dark pulls Carvetti up by the hair and casually throws him over the top rope to the floor. Roland steps over the top rope and strides confidently up the ramp with a sneer on his face.)

(Chris and Maria had just arrived minutes before the first match for Oblivion started. They didn't get their late, which was a good thing, but unfortunately they hadn't checked into their hotel room and hadn't gotten there hours before time, which they usually do for each show. Now, they were like the typical American wrestler who shows up late for the shows. At least he didn't pull up in a limosuine or something... but in any case. We see Chris in his own little private area for him and Maria. It wasn't really a locker room like the American wrestlers get, since this wasn't really a sports venue at all, but he got his own little space and that was good enough for him. Chris is trying to wake himself up by running in place, pouring an icy cold bottle of water over his head to shock himself to almost perfect consciousness. Maria was allowed to have a can of highly-caffienated Red Bull to wake herself up, but Chris knew that wouldn't help his in-ring performance. He had a lot to say and a lot on his mind as he was in his wrestling gear, getting himself pumped up for the match. Suddenly, Chris stops running in place, grabs both Rising Star and SHOOT championship belt in each hand, and places them on his shoulder.)

Lee: Maria, I'm going out there.

Maria: Correction... we're both going out there.

(Chris nods as Chris and Maria walk off to the ring.)

("Let Me Blow Your Mind" by Eve featuring Gwen Stefani plays as Maria Enriquez-Lee steps out from the curtain and into the eyes of the hundreds in attendance. She seductively walks out in a white blouse with blue jeans and white high heels as she waves to the fans. The fans in attendance, especially the young male population in attendance, cheer her on, despite a couple of fans booing at her presence. She walks over near the commentating desk and just looks at Jason Johnson and Ryu Kosi as she passes them and walks over to Samantha Coil. She asks for the microphone and once received, she walks up the steps and goes through the ropes in only a wrestling diva should, and walks to the middle of the ring.)

Maria: SHOOT fans, let me introduce to you... your NEW Rising Star and SHOOT Project Champion... "The Boss" Chris LEE!!!

("Voodoo People" by the Prodigy plays as Chris Lee, with both titles over his shoulders, comes out to his new music, wearing his ring gear plus a black tank top saying in white letters: "Shining Jade" with the vision of Mjilnor, the name of Chris's necklace representing the Hammer of Thor, behind the letters in a smooth jade-green like color. He walks out to the sound of cheers and boos as Chris seems a bit shocked from the mixed reaction. He had received that mixed reaction, mostly with the negative heat, before his SHOOT Project title match and didn't know why he got that reaction. He shrugged it off and walked on, jumping onto the apron and over the ropes. He walks over to one ringpost and instead of raising both hands Hardcore Holly style like he usually does, he just looks at the crowd with a poker face, absorbing the cheers and boos as they come. He jumps off the turnbuckles and walks over to the middle of the ring where Maria hands him the mic. He pauses and looks at the crowd, still not knowing how to take it. His music dies down as he begins to speak.)

Lee: You know I got a lot on my mind right now and since I didn't cut a promo for the website so that you could see me in the wonderful invention of streaming video, I decided to take some time from the show to share it to you right now.

(The fans cheer or boo, still getting that mixed reaction.)

Lee: Yeah, I would like to talk about *brushing his hand in mid-air, referring to the crowd* this. What's up with this? I mean, for the past six months, you've been by my side, cheering me on. At first, I was your favorite "underdog," since you didn't know anything about me and thought I wasn't as great as some of your superstars before I entered the spotlight here. Then, when I had both Rising Star and Rule of Surrender titles around my waist, most of you were there to cheer me on, waiting for that one match between me and then Iron Fist champion Josh Johnson. But that never happened... and when I was being oppressed by Jones, you were there to raise hell with me. You knew that Jones' "mainstream" perspective would never work for SHOOT, with the same going for Mister Green and his way of business. Even at the Master of the Mat show, you were there for me for my first two matches... then what happened? You booed me. You booed me of all people. Why? Why the sudden change of interest? I mean, there's some fans out there who are still behind me, but those fans at the Master of the Mat show were out of their minds.

(Again, another mixed reaction as he pauses to get what the crowd thinks so far. He shakes his head and continues.)

Lee: And I can see some of the fans here are out of their minds as well.

(The boos become louder as the people who were giving negative heat before start to get louder with their reaction.)

Lee: And all I wanna know is why? I didn't do anything to have you turn your back on me. Was it because I lost to Del Carver? No, because you were there with me for my match with Ty Jackson, but then again, Ty Jackson and his coharts aren't really liked both in the back and with the fans, so that might be a factor. Was it because I was facing on Stoned Cold? Do you actually like Stoned Cold better than me?

(The cheers and boos inverse with one another, still producing that mixed reaction. Chris just looks at Maria as they both shrug their shoulders.)

Lee: Or was it because Josh Johnson wasn't in the mix?

(The crowd begins to cheer at the former champion's name. Chris just smiles and shakes his head.)

Lee: Well that could be it right there. But whatever the case may be, I don't really care about the people who give me heat. They don't deserve my time, to be honest. I don't choose who they like or hate, and if they wanna hate on me, then whatever. I've always cared about what my real fans think anyway.

(His fans pop loudly as he smiles and nods his head, mouthing out, "Thank you.")

Lee: That's what I like to hear from my real fans. Now, since I brought up Josh Johnson, let me just say what I have to say about him so that I could move on to more important things. Josh is a great wrestler, I won't take that away from him. And true, he does deserve a shot at the title since he never lost it in the first place in the ring. But Josh is just giving himself too much priority. You see, he thinks I have to focus solely on him for the next two months. Now, true, I do have him on my mind since he's probably a viable world contender, but you're not solely on my mind. In fact, you're not my greatest concern at this moment. Right now, I probably have another half hour or hour or whatever before I get in this ring and wrestle a booked-in-the-spur-of-the-moment match between me and Stoned Cold.

(Another mixed reaction from the fans, whether it's regarding Stoned Cold, Chris Lee, or whatever.)

Lee: You see, I thought the bookers *glances for a second over to the commentating table, looking at both men* would have some compassion for some of the competitors at last week's big show. But no... not only do I have to defend my title, Del Carver and Ben Jackman have to get in the ring a week after their big night. Ty Jackson's wrestling, too, though I could care less about the fucker since he cost me the Rule of Surrender championship. So I guess it's not me who has to wrestle after last week's show after all. For a minute, I thought I was getting screwed because my opponent this week just so happens has some clout in the heirarchy of the "business" that owns this place. That's right, Stoned Cold works for the company. He gets fringe benefits. He probably keeps some of the merchandise he sells for himself, and maybe some of the profit for himself as well, but I don't wanna discuss the way he conducts business in this "organization." You see, my opponent has the reputation of being a "druggie"... a "junkie." Now I could never understand myself how a drugged-up man such as himself can fully function in the wrestling ring. Now as a partner, he served me well and we got the victory. And he could have won the SHOOT championship last week if he would have took the advantage of both me and Del Carver being in two previous matches... but he didn't, did he?

(He knocks on the SHOOT championship over his right shoulder while saying that.)

Lee: Now I don't know how he's gonna get in the ring, one-on-one, with me in the ring. I mean, is he gonna stop shooting up and popping pills to get ready for me? He's gonna have to if he thinks he could take on a technician such as myself. But won't the withdrawl of quitting affect him just as severe? You see, I don't know how Stoned Cold can take me on since I'm not "under the influence." Just remember, Stoned Cold, cuz I know you're listening back there... I'm not in the mood to let some druggie beat me, all right?

(Chris gets the now common mixed reaction. He smirks and moves on.)

Lee: Now there's a couple of people that earned my respect last night. Del Carver, you beat me. Sure, Ty Jackson got in that match, but you were the first to recover from his double assault on us. I have to give it to you for taking advantage of the situation. Not only that, you kicked Ty Jackson's ass in the Rule of Surrender championship bout. You actually made him tap out... which, speaking as a former Rule of Surrender champion, is impressive no doubt. If I hold on to my Rising Star, you're gonna get some competition for that Rule of Surrender championship belt you possess in the name of the Only Way to Die. So Del, you're cool in my book. Same goes for your partner. Ben Jackman defeated Ty Jackson, and he deserved to go on to the finals. It should have been Hardcore Style going in there battling it out amongst each other for the final match. But we never saw that... maybe it is for the best for the team's sake. One of these days, you two are gonna have to see who's the better man, since you two are two of the three top men in the TRIAD. I can't wait for that match. Now, Ty Jackson and Aaron Green...

(The crowd gives out a chorus of boos at the sound of their names.)

Lee: You didn't impress me nor did you earn my respect, but I'm pretty sure you don't care about my opinion, now do you? Like I could care less about your opinion, but anyway... you know how it feels like to be a loser, Jackson, with those three losses you picked up. But if you decided to mess with me or try to cost me any more matches, well... for your sake, you should keep out of my way so that we won't have a repeat of what happened to you last week. Aaron Green, I don't know how you could still be alive. I mean, if Cronos Diamante can live for shooting SHOOT Project's hero Josh Johnson, I don't know how both of you can still be alive. I mean, you're trying to take away this federation from the people who created it. You're trying to take away their profits, and I don't know how you could be still alive for betraying them. Whatever the case, your goons nor your power will affect me, and if you try to buy me out or what have you... we'll get a repeat of 80's angles where I shove your money down your throat, hoping at least you'll choke and die on it and give the "organization" one less asshole to worry about. And speaking of assholes... last and certainly least... Tore "Rainman" Thurman.

(The crowd doesn't know how to react and give a very faint mixed reaction from a couple of people from the back seats.)

Lee: Rainman, I can never forget what you did to my beloved wife, Maria, on October 1, 1998. You maliciously attacked her with a chair, putting her out of action for a good number of months. You were the reason why I turned "dark" and kicked your ass. So you decide to do the same bullshit in the later half of 2000, only to get a major ass whoopin' by yours truly. So now, you come back into my life, trying to distract me, get my attention, probably try to boost yourself back up to the top. You try to attack my wife again? Haven't you learned from history, Thurman? You attack my wife, you get a major beating and you disappear. Simple as that. True, you really didn't hurt my wife this time around. You've lost a step or three where I'm on a completely different flight of stairs. You think that just because you could swing a chair against my wife that you think you got a shot with me, old man? How about this, Rainman. You win a couple of matches, you main event consecutive Oblivions, and you win two TRIAD titles, and maybe you'll earn a single match with me. We'll see. Right now, though, you're just another newcomer, who only dreams of fighting high-calibur wrestlers such as myself. So tonight, Rainman, I hope you're paying attention, if you're even back there. I'm gonna show you in another main event how better I got from the last time you were ranked beside me, and show you how pathetic you truly are. Now remember that Stoned Cold is better than you whether drugged up, drugged down, or clean, so whatever happens to Stoned Cold will not even compare to the beating you'll get from me if you ever earn a match with me, because at least I got some competition from Stoned Cold if any. And Rainman, if you somehow forgot, I'll remind you again that that's the way it's gonna be.

Maria: *taking Chris's hand* Whatcha gonna do, peeps? *along with some of the crowd* Whatcha gonna do?

(Chris looks at her funny, smiles, and shakes his head embarassingly. "Voodoo People" plays as Chris and Maria go through the ropes. Chris walks over to Samantha Coil and hands back her microphone before going back to the backstage area, waiting for his upcoming main event tonight. The crowd, same as recently, gives a strong mixed reaction.)

Ryu: How about that Chris Lee…

Jason: I prefer not to think about Chris Lee…

Ryu: What do you prefer to think about then?

Jason: Well, last Sunday, at Master of the Mat, Kid Wikkid and The Flying Dutchman fought in an Iron Man match to a 30 minute draw. The result was that Kid Wikkid kept the title.

Ryu: But there were no falls in the match! Kid Wikkid never pinned The Dutchman and The Dutchman never pinned Wikkid! These two amazing young athlethes took it down to the wire and both broke even.

Jason: The Flying Dutchman has asked for a rematch and has gotten it here tonight on Oblivion! The match will be an American Wrestling match! I can't wait to see how this one turns out...

Ryu: I can say right now, The Flying Dutchman is going to come out on top this time. Wikkid doesn't stand a chance.

Jason: I think Wikkid has a better chance to win than you think.

Samantha: The following contest is an American Wrestling match for the SHOOT Project DOJO Championship! Making his way to the ring is the challenger...he weighs in at 225 lbs...The Flying Dutchman!

(The arena is bathed in blue and purple lighting as "Trip With Jesus" by The Union Underground cues up...

"Are you happy? Man, I am.../Watch me fly, I'm Superman!

Never me! They will fail to see! I will get so high that I trip with Jesus!"

The Flying Dutchman comes out accompanied by the Fist to a chorus of boos from the crowd. He puts one knee on the ground and flexes for the crowd anyway, as the jeering grows louder. The Dutchman stands up, turns around and dismisses Fist to the back. Fist looks skeptical but leaves anyway. Dutch casually walks to the ring and slides in. He walks to a corner and props himself up across the ropes, awaiting the arrival of the DOJO Champion.)

Jason: The Flying Dutchman, in an odd move, has dismissed his bodyguard to the back. He looks to be pretty confident coming into this match!

Ryu: And that confidence is what's going to help him win this match!

("Hashpipe" by Weezer cues up...

"Come on and kick me
You've got your problems
I've got my ass wipe
You've got your big G's
I've got my hash pipe"

Kid Wikkid comes out from the back with the DOJO Championship resting on his shoulder. The crowd goes wild! As he makes his way to the ring, Wikkid lifts the DOJO Championship over his head, rallying the fans. Wikkid climbs the apron and hops over the top rope. He looks at the Dutchman in the corner, points to himself and then points to DOJO Championship. Dutch looks at Wikkid and cruelly smirks. He drops off the corner and gestures to having the title around his waist. Wikkid hands the belt over to the referee. The bell rings.)

Jason: And this match is underway fast, as Wikkid runs up to Dutch and dropkicks him right in the face!

Ryu: Dutch is up, but Wikkid comes off the ropes with a flying lariat! Dutch is down again and back up! Wikkid with an awesome hurricane rana!

Jason: So far, Wikkid has the edge on Dutch here…but Dutch takes Wikkid down with a clothesline…Wikkid back up…it looks like Dutch might be playing the power wrestler here tonight…

Ryu: Dutch with the heavy chops to Wikkid…chop! Chop! Spinning backhanded chop! Nice!

Jason: Dutch goes for another chop, but Wikkid ducks it! He goes behind Dutch and lifts him into a German Suplex type maneuver, but he switches it in mid air to a uranage!

Ryu: That’s called a back side slam, Jason, and Wikkid did it with perfection.

Jason: Wikkid with an early cover…1…2…no.

Ryu: Wikkid certainly has been putting the pressure on the Dutchman early on.

Jason: Dutch is still on the ground…Wikkid to the opposite side of the ring…here it comes! The standing shooting star press! Wikkid with the cover again…1…2…Dutch just barely kicks out!

Ryu: The Dutchman pulls himself to his feet and he slaps Wikkid! Right in the kisser! That’s right, put that loser in his place!

Jason: Wikkid responds with a hard punch right to Dutch’s face! And another punch! Wikkid is beating Dutch’s face in! But no, look at that! Dutch pulls himself out of the brawling situation by thumbing Wikkid in the eye!

Ryu: And the Flying Dutchman has Wikkid…he’s going for it…jumping double underhook piledriver! Wikkid is down, but he’s trying to stand…

Jason: Dutch chop blocks Wikkid as Wikkid tries to get to his feet…Wikkid is back down on the mat, holding his leg…

Ryu: And now, Dutch is holding Wikkid’s leg! Dutch with the elbow crushes right to Wikkid’s knee! He’s really putting the pressure on that leg…

Jason: Dutch is pulling Wikkid to his feet using that leg. Dragon screw! Dutch dragon screws Wikkid, twisting the knee even further!

Ryu: Excellent…and he held on too! Dutch lifting Wikkid up by the same leg again, stretching the leg even further as he does! Another dragon screw! It was a double dragon screw! And you know what’s next…

Jason: And here it is…The Dutch Oven! The Dutchman has the Dutch Oven locked in on Wikkid…and he’s using the ropes for leverage! That bastard!

Ryu: That’s brilliant! The ref doesn’t see it because he’s checking on Wikkid looking for the tap-out! Wikkid is writhing in pain…I love this!

Jason: Finally! The ref saw the illegal rope holding and forced the Dutchman to break! The Dutchman gets back to his feet. Wikkid using the ropes for support to get back up.

Ryu: And now, the Dutchman seems to be looking for a test of strength…

Jason: Jesus, who the hell does he think he is, that fake Hulk Hogan? How cocky can he be? He just spent the last few minutes trying to rip Wikkid’s legs apart!

Ryu: Wikkid accepts the test of strength of strength anyway. The Kid has some serious guts.

Jason: Dutchman and Wikkid with arms locked, each trying to overpower the other one…Dutch breaks and a cheapshot to the eyes of Wikkid. Dutch kicks Wikkid in the gutand grabs him by the head, going for a DDT!

Ryu: But Wikkid counters with a Northern Lights Suplex! He’s got the bridge…ref counting…1…2…and Dutch kicks out.

Jason: And the Dutchman is struggling to his feet. Kid Wikkid grabs him by the hair and lifts hi- Low blow! The Dutchman just punched Wikkid right in the sweet spot and the ref didn’t see it!

Ryu: Ha! Wikkid didn’t even see it coming!

Jason: Dutch grabs the Kid and scoop slams him down. Dutch ascends the top rope, perhaps looking for a moonsault…

Ryu: And Kid Wikkid is up! He’s up and he crotches Dutch right onto the top of the turnbuckle! What the hell is that?!

Jason: It’s called an eye for an eye, Ryu. Dutchman is getting his. Wikkid pulls Dutch down backwards…Dutch is in the Tree of Woe!

Ryu: Look at Wikkid…playing to the crowd. He makes me sick.

Jason: Dutch is hanging helplessly…Wikkid runs to the opposite corner and darts back…Ha! He just dropkicked Dutch right in the face!

Ryu: God damn it, ref! That has to be illegal!

Jason: Wikkid pulls Dutch out of the corner and lifts him to his feet…

Ryu: Come on, Dutch! Hit him in the nuts again!

Jason: Unfortunately for you, nothing is forthcoming from the Dutchman at this time. Wikkid grabs Dutch and whips him to the ropes. Dutch bounces off and holy damn! The Dutchman just hit a beautiful corkscrew body press! I‘ve got to give him some credit for that…

Ryu: Dutch with the cover…1…2…no! Wikkid kicks out, son of a bitch…

Jason: Dutch is standing waiting for Wikkid to stand…Wikkid is up…Dutch kicks him in the gut and gives him a hard whip to the turnbuckle!

Ryu: He’s lifting Wikkid onto the turnbuckle…follows him up…Dutch appears to be going for a superplex!

Jason: Oh Christ…this isn’t just any superplex! Dutch is going to superplex Wikkid straight to the concrete floor outside! He did this last night and it almost proved to be the end of the match!

Ryu: Do it, Dutch, do it! Dutch tries to lift Wikkid…Wikkid’s not budging! He’s got the ropes with his legs! Wikkid’s gotten wise to the move! Oh fuck! Wikkid just shoved the Dutchman off the turnbuckle all the way to the floor! The Flying Dutchman is down!

Jason: Wikkid perched on the turnbuckle…he’s looking out to the maniacal crowd. Wikkid signals to the fans! Dear God! Kid Wikkid off the turnbuckle with the Shooting Star Leg Drop to the outside, right onto the Dutchman! Jesus Christ, I’ve never seen that before!

Ryu: But Wikkid is down too! All the pressure from the landing went straight to the wounded leg! Wikkid tries to stand…the leg collapses under him!

Jason: The referee starting the count…






Ryu: Wikkid is still trying to stand and it’s still not working…


Jason: Wikkid is dragging himself across the floor, his face showing the pain he’s feeling…


Jason: I can’t believe it…Wikkid’s almost over the ring…


Ryu: But he hasn’t managed to stand yet! I don’t think he’s going to make it into the ring!


Jason: The Dutchman did a huge number of Wikkid’s leg and now Wikkid is definitely feeling the effects! Wikkid is next to the ring…he’s reaching up to the apron! No!


Jason: Double count out! Wikkid couldn’t make it back into the ring in time because of his injured leg!

Ryu: And Dutch is still out! There’s no way in hell he was going to make it into the ring either! Damn it!

Samantha: The result of this contest is a draw. Due to the draw, the DOJO Champion is still Kid Wikkid!

Ryu: Wikkid retains the belt, but he still hasn’t beaten the Dutchman!

Jason: But the Dutchman still has yet to get a pinfall on Wikkid! I can’t believe how evenly matched these two are!

Ryu: I don’t think we’ve seen the last of this…

Jason: I tell you what, these two are going to be something here in the SHOOT Project. They’ve got what it takes, and tangling up with each other will certainly help their status’ here in SHOOT.

(The camera cuts)

Aaron Green looks up to the man who steps into his office.

Aaron Green: Welcome, welcome, I've been expecting you. Please have a seat.

The man sits down in front of Green.

Aaron Green: And all the papers are in order I take it?

The man nods.

Aaron Green: Passport....drug test?

Green looks up at the man.

Aaron Green: You of all people should know we don't screen people for drug usage.

Man: Can never be too sure how legit a place is. Never take too many steps.

Aaron Green nods.

Aaron Green: All I can really say is it's going to be a helluvalot more interesting with you around, Ash. Welcome to The SHOOT Project.

The man revealed, Ash's hair is no longer dyed blonde from his last public appearance, cut shorter, around shoulder length, but the rest of him, vintage Ash.

Ash: Wish I could say it's good to be here.

Ash smiles, rising from his seat. He shakes Green's hand and takes a step out of the door.

Ash: Here we go...

Jason- Apparently the match between Pete Anselmo and the man that he was supposed to face for this week has been cancelled due to a no show.

Ryu- Heh, I guess someone forgot to tell Anselmo that.

(“Fell on Black Days” by Soundgarden hits, and out walks Anselmo in full wrestling gear, heading down towards the ring as if he was ready to take someone out. It’s quite obvious that he’s ready for a match, and it’s also quite obvious that no one told him his opponent hasn’t shown up tonight. He slides into the ring and looks back to where he came from to be the first one to see his opponent come out from the back. What he doesn’t know is that he’ll be there for a while…)

Jason- I feel bad for Anselmo, he looks pretty pumped right now.

Ryu- Oh well…he’s got the night off, which is a lot better than a lot of guys can say.

Jason- Guess I’ll go tell him the news.

(As Jason gets up from his position at the announce table, Anselmo starts to realize that things may not be exactly as he thought they were. He looks around in confusion, until he sees Jason Johnson. Then he knows for certain that something’s up. He raises his arms to his sides, almost shoulder height, and asks Jason what’s up…)

Jason- I know you were expecting a match tonight, Pete, but the guy you were supposed to face is not going to be here tonight. He’s kind of disappeared. And unless there’s anyone in the back that wants to fill in, I think we’ll just give you the night off. I’m sorry, as I do know you were ready for competition tonight. We will make it up to you in the future.

(Pete follows Jason to the ropes, trying to get a bit more of an explanation…he’s visibly a little bit more than peeved, just as anyone else would be who was expecting to be in a fight that night. Guys like Anselmo, and the rest of The SHOOT Project roster, live off of this kind of competition. A week without it is like a smoker going a week without a cigarette. As Anselmo lifts his left leg and steps between the ropes, “Free” by Vast begins to blast over the crappy PA system that SHOOT has…)

Ryu- Wait a second, that’s Ander Carvetti’s music! He already had a match tonight, what the hell is he doing out here right now?!

(Jason and Anselmo both stop dead in their tracks and direct their attention to the only place conceivable. The rag-tag curtain that’s tied where the gorilla position would be in a fed that had a little bit higher budget than this one…)

Ryu- I know Carvetti and Anselmo have had a somewhat storied past together…maybe that’s going to come to light right here, right now!

(Jason steps back into the ring, as does Anselmo, while Carvetti makes his way down to the ring in the very same gear that he wrestled in early tonight. He’s got a look in his eye that would tell you he’s not hear to kick Anselmo’s ass. The look would state a demeanor of friendship, or at least respectfulness. Carvetti shoots himself into the ring, and looks up at Anselmo, who has begun to smile. Jason steps between the two for a moment and interjects his thoughts…)

Jason- Wait…what are you doing out here, Carvetti? We’ve already had a lot of shit go down tonight…I don’t think we need yet ANOTHER altercation that could lead to my head being placed on a silver platter. The guys above me, they don’t like surprise, fellas. They can take it every so often, but tonight…I’m afraid we’re going to hit the brim as far as surprises go.

(Carvetti directs his attention away from Jason and waves his hand up and down, as if he was trying to push the tension away. Carvetti says something to Jason, inaudible to you and I, and Jason takes it all in. He thinks for a moment before he shrugs his shoulders, nods his head to the two men in the ring, and steps away, down back to the announce table. Carvetti throws a fist in Anselmo’s direction, but not one meant to hurt, since he stops about arms length away from Anselmo. Anselmo returns the gesture, the two pound fists in mid air, and then walk back to their respective corners for the time being.)

Ryu- What the hell was that all about?

Jason- Ander just explained that this had nothing to do with surprise, nor was it an altercation. It was just a match between two wrestlers that know and respect each other’s abilities…that’s all. These two actually have a history together, in past organizations, and right now it was just a case of Carvetti bailing Anselmo out. He knows Pete loves the competition, and he knows that Anselmo would probably do the same for him.

Ryu- Whatever, as long as they fight, I’m good.

(As Jason motions for the time keeper to ring the bell, the two calmly and collectively begin to circle out of their corners, keeping a decent distance apart, but never unlocked their eyes from each other’s. Carvetti acts as if he’s going to shoot in, but stops short and allows Anselmo to jump back in anticipation. As Carvetti circles, Anselmo decides to take the more aggressive route, and goes through with the shot. He grabs Carvetti around the upper hamstrings and lifts him over his shoulder and down to the mat, not to mention ending up on top of him, all in the same motion. He quickly maneuvers around to Carvetti’s head, and locks in a front face lock, only for Carvetti to twist around so that his back is to the mat, and flip his legs over Anselmo’s back, squeezing his head out of Anselmo’s not-too-tight grasp. As Carvetti lands on his feet, he grabs hold of Anselmo, who is now standing, and sits him right back down with a reverse DDT.)

Jason- Nice exchange there by Carvetti and Anselmo.

Ryu- Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Jason- I hear Carvetti’s got an extensive background in the Martial Arts…wonder if that’ll come into play here.

Ryu- If he’s at all smart in any way, it probably will, Jason.

(Carvetti spins around and gets Anselmo in the mount position, but doesn’t stay there for very long, as he quickly shoots his hands towards Anselmo’s left arm and proceeds to almost lock in an inverted arm bar. However, Anselmo is too quick and too sharp to allow the match to get so close to an end right here, so he quickly shifts his weight to the right, when Carvetti is in his most vulnerable position…when one attacks, one is always open to attack. Anselmo rolls Carvetti over onto his back and proceeds to take the position that Carvetti had just moments ago. Instead of going for the submission maneuver, though, he goes for the ground and pound tactic. Throwing rights and lefts into Carvetti’s face, who guards his head with his two arms covering his face…the blows don’t phase him much.)

Ryu- This looks like something you might see on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, rather than The SHOOT Project.

Jason- Now, Ryu, we never claimed to be restricted to wrestling. You can fight however you want to fight here, with whatever style is most effective for you.

Ryu- Oh, because I was under the impression that this was a WRESTLING company.

Jason- It’s not even a company, Ryu…it’s just a glorified fight club.

Ryu- A fight club that makes a lot of money.

Jason- …Ok, yeah, I’ll give you that.

(As Anselmo reaches back for what could be the knockout blow, Carvetti takes advantage with his well educated feet and hooks Pete’s arms, as well as kicking him in the face in the process, and rolls him backwards into a pinning combination…)




Ryu- How do you explain that? The counting? That’s wrestling and wrestling only.

Jason- It’s just a way to win, Ryu…we also have KO’s and Submissions. It’s not strictly wrestling…I didn’t say it wasn’t wrestling influenced.

(Carvetti rolls Anselmo over, neck first, and hops back to his feet, taking to the ropes. As he bounces off of the far ropes, he comes flying back with a spinning heel kick that knocks Anselmo down faster than he got up. Carvetti bounces off the ropes once again and throws his leg out for a short leg drop, but Anselmo grabs the quickly descending leg and rolls him over into a leg grapevine, with Carvetti squirming to get out of the hold.)

Ryu- Grapevine by Anselmo! Carvetti might tap!

Jason- Well he’d better do something, because the ropes will not save him in The SHOOT Project…this is a No DQ bout, as always.

Ryu- Tap Carvetti! Tap!!

(Carvetti, realizing that his leg could be severely damaged by this move, quickly hops to one foot, no matter how much it hurts and the current moment, and rolls forward, sending Anselmo, who didn’t have the move locked quite as strongly as he thought, straight out of the ring. Carvetti rolls out of the other side of the ring, taking no time to nurse his no doubt hurting leg, and stalks around the corner, waiting for Anselmo to get back up. As Anselmo turns around, he’s met with a vicious flying pump kick, right to the chest. Or so Ander thought. In reality, Anselmo caught Carvetti’s leg, tucked it underneath of his arm, grabbed hold of Carvetti’s midsection, swept his other leg out from underneath him, and proceeded to slam Carvetti’s neck/back/head area down HARD on the cement floor. This is the SHOOT Project…there are no mats.)

Jason- OUCH! That one might hurt tomorrow morning.

Ryu- That was a little sick, man, for a move that’s somewhat common…his head bounced off that concrete like it was no big deal.

(Anselmo, not wanting to hurt Carvetti all that much in something so miniscule as a respect match, rolls him into the ring and quickly goes for the cover…)




Jason- That was a 2.99999 count. I can’t say I’m surprised, as I thought that Ander may have been genuinely knocked out.

Ryu- Either way, he’s still under the control of Pete Anselmo.

(Anselmo throws Carvetti into the corner of the ring and sets himself up in the exact opposite corner. He plays to the small crowd for a moment before he rushes ahead, diving into the air as he hits somewhere around half way through the ring. He’s headed straight for the still woozy Carvetti, and it looks as if the impact might knock out Ander for good. No dice…Carvetti’s not that hurt. He ducks and rolls forward as Anselmo hits his face directly on the barely padded corner. Pete stumbles backwards and turns around slowly, in a motion that we’ve never seen before in professional wrestling. However, what we see next will call for no sarcasm, as Carvetti dashes forth and lifts his leg high into the air, rocking Pete Anselmo into a world he’s never seen before. As Anselmo falls almost lifelessly to the mat, Carvetti collapses beside him, as that was nothing but a desperation maneuver.)

Jason- That may have been a desperation maneuver, but it was certainly a devastating one as far as Anselmo is concerned.

Ryu- Yeah, both of them have done collapsed.

(Carvetti musters up enough energy to throw an arm over Anselmo, as the referee falls to his knees to make the count…)




Ryu- Anselmo JUST got his shoulder up!

Jason- This has been one of the better impromptu matches in a while, heh.

(Carvetti rises to his knees and runs his hand over his head, trying to gain his composure, trying to find his mind. Anselmo rolls over onto his stomach, the safest base for any wrestler around. He uses the ropes to help him crawl to his feet, as Carvetti rises to his feet with assistance of the mat. As Ander moves towards Anselmo with his hand raised high in the air, Anselmo quickly spins around and socks him hard in the stomach, with one of the stiffest punches you’ve ever seen when it comes to the midsection area. No matter what it looks like, a hard hit to the face is far more acceptable than a hard hit to the stomach. Carvetti bends over, trying to catch his breath and get the pain under control, as the wind has certainly been knocked out of his lungs. Carvetti falls to his knees, as Anselmo finally finds his full bearings…or as close to full bearings as he can get. Anselmo walks over to Ander, who is not aware of him for the first time all night, and locks on a strong guillotine choke hold, one of the most commonly used submissions in the world of fighting, one of the most underrated in the world of professional wrestling.)

Ryu- That’s it!

Jason- It was a good match, but there’s no way that Ander’s going to break out of that move…I’ve been on the receiving end before, and when I woke up, I told the guy next to me that it was one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had.

Ryu- Carvetti’s fading fast.

(As Carvetti falls limp, the referee goes to call for the bell, by rule of TKO, however he is stopped dead in his tracks, as Carvetti’s last ditch effort is one that made all the difference in the world. He grabs hold of Anselmo’s waist, his head still locked tightly without possibility of blood circulation to the brain, and with all of his muscle strength in his body, he lifts Anselmo up and over his head, however he cannot ensure that Anselmo lands safely. *THUD* Anselmo lands on the very top of his head. He is out.)

Jason- Anselmo is out, he’s not moving! They’re going to have to give this match to Carvetti!

Ryu- Nope! Ander’s knocked out too! That took everything out of him.

(The referee raises both opponents’ arms three times, and each time, lets them fall back to the mat. He sputters something out to the ring announcer, who makes the call…)

Samantha Coil- Ladies and gentlemen, this match has been ruled a NO CONTEST!

Jason- That’s the only conceivable call at this point. Neither wrestler can continue, neither wrestler knocked the other out first, and if they did, we couldn’t see that. This isn’t a draw, because it’s no where near a hard call to make. It’s just a no contest.

Ryu- I don’t know what you were watching, because I thought this was a HELLUVA contest.

Jason- That’s not what I mean-

Ryu- I know what you mean, Jason.

Jason: You think these two might have some history?!

Ryu: I think that it is a very distinct possibility. And I would think otherwise, except these two both came from the same place.

Jason: It will be very interesting to see how this plays out over the next few weeks. However, for now, we have a main event quality match… The tag team championship match.

Ryu: That’s right. Del Carver, who just came up short last week, obviously has some issues with Cronos as does Jackman, who also got screwed out last weekend at the Master of the Mat.

Jason: At any rate, however, these two meet up with Cronos and Ty Jackson… right now!!


(“Parabol/Parabola” by Tool hits and the lights automatically die down, as the crowd falls into a hush, anticipating the arrival of the rookie monster some of the regular’s have seen in the past. Most of these guys are just bookies in the area, but SHOOT does have a few mainstay fans that tend to stick around to see their favorites. For some of them, Ty Jackson is their favorite…for those same people, disappointment reigns throughout the air. Ty Jackson has not come down to the ring yet…but someone else does…)

Voice- Shut off that retard’s music!

(It’s Aaron Green, snidely making his way down to ringside, looking at the men who’ve made him a little bit richer that sit at ringside with his nose in the air. He laughs at their poverty-stricken look, until he catches eyes with a member of the Yakuza, who’s dressed in a flashy purple or blue suit, looking almost gawdy, but definitely respectable. His demeanor changes slightly, as he quickly looks away and stares towards the ring. He grabs the house mic and starts in on addressing the men in the back, rather than the audience.)

Green- You know, I’ve spent a helluva long time around here, trying to get you guys to stardom. You may not have liked what I’ve done…but you must admit that the ultimate goal that I had in mind was nothing short of divine. The SHOOT Project would be known worldwide as the best fighting organization on the globe. No longer would we be scoffed at as we wrestle and kickbox and do whatever we do in these dirty basements, and these undisclosed locations out in the middle of no where. Yeah, we’re in Tokyo, or Okinawa, or Osaka, but we’re not really. We’re in a junkyard in Tokyo, we’re in a landfill, or we’re in some place that absolutely no one could see you showcase your talents. We’re NOT in the Egg Dome, and we’re NOT in the Roppongi Palace. Heh…we’re in a bar. Or an abandoned warehouse.

(Green smiles slyly, as he always would. He continues…)

Green- I had a vision to take you all away from that. I wanted to take this place mainstream, and I wanted to take it legit. I wanted to take it AWAY from those men in the front row, wearing their idiotic and undeniably tacky purple and blue suits. Yes, I’m talking to you. I wanted to take it to the top of the wrestling world. I wanted to make it known amongst the giants like the WWE, NWA, or even something like Ring of Honor or XPW. Hell, we could have even kept it in Japan and taken it to levels such as NOAH, NJPW, AJPW, or any other highly respected federation in Japan. I wanted to make it a federation…rather than just a miniscule project. I wanted to make your lives back there mean a little something more than just being a pawn, made to fight for the amusement of slimy gangster types. You all are no better than the cocks that fight in Mexico, and the pit-bulls that fight in America.

(He begins to pace the ring as he keeps addressing the men in the back, almost ignoring everyone else in the establishment completely.)

Green- I thought I had found a man who could help me in my fight. I thought I had found a man that would crush any opposition that I might have had, and I thought I had a man who would take this company unto his shoulders and lift it to the sky. For a man that rivals Atlas in size, he certainly did not rival him in thoughts. Ty Jackson was the man who was supposed to take SHOOT by storm and destroy everyone that I wanted destroyed…everyone that would take away from my ultimate victory over Jason Johnson, sparing only those that wished to join me at the top of the wrestling world. I put almost all of my eggs in this basket…and the basket broke. He started off well…two wins, zero losses. He ended horrible. Two wins…three losses in a row. I gave him every opportunity in the world to succeed. I arranged for him to wrestle in two titles matches in one night, EVEN THOUGH he had no right to be in either of them. He failed. I failed.

(Green laughs for a moment…)

Green- Well, he’s been taken care of. You all will never EVER see “The King” Ty Jackson, again. He’s gone…forever. However, you will see another kind of King. I’m leaving the SHOOT Project, probably forever…unless I see that things have turned around a little bit. You all don’t deserve my money, you don’t deserve my thoughts, and you certainly don’t deserve my presence. I now hate The SHOOT Project…hell hath no fury like a man scorned, right? Something along those lines…The SHOOT Project is now none of my concern. However, I know someone in the wrestling world that would like to lay low as well as take out his, excuse my french, fucking agression. He’s a former SHOOT Project Champion, and get this…

(Green smiles his disgusting smile…)

Green- He never lost the title. He’s a murderer, he’s a kidnapper, he’s a conniver, he’s a cheater, he’s a rapist, and like the man that you should ALL strive to be, Sabu, he’s a suicidal, homicidal, genocidal wreck. He’s something else, too…

(Green begins to walk towards the back, with his hand outstretched…)

Green- He’s my perfect replacement…and he’s your new commissioner.

(The shoddy PA system that The SHOOT Project boasts as a sound system kicks up. The bass hits…)

Ain't no more sunshine, just rain and cold suffering
Generation born to die with their eyes wide open
The clock strikes
The wrong rights
The mob rules
The second Armageddon, igniting the lit fuse
No turning back& every soldier is on point
Ready to die, the confrontation coming, ready of not
It's on again, It's time to say your prayers again
It's not the end, just the beginning of the end

(As Green laughs, heading towards the back, Erik Boyer, the man that the entire wrestling world thought was dead, emerges from the back. His eyes are laughing at you, and his mouth is almost salavating with your horror, as he raises his arms to the sky and smiles. This is not the Erik Boyer you remember…no…he’s not even close. It’s his face, yeah, but it’s not somber. It’s not depressed…it’s just fucking insane. Green passes the microphone off to him, but does nothing else to acknowledge Boyer as he walks into the back, never to be seen again by a SHOOT Project audience. Boyer looks at the microphone, laughs, and throws it down to the ground. There will be no speaking from him tonight. At least not to you. Not to us.)

Jason- WHAT?! He’s the new commissioner?!

Ryu- Apparently…this is NOT good for you Jason.

Jason- It’s not good for YOU either, Ryu. This guy is insane, this guy is not mentally stable…do you get it? He’s a fucking psycho. There’s all kinds of stories about him killing babies, killing men, killing their wives, hell, I’ve heard he even faked his own death before! This guy is not okay, but he IS the new commissioner! What the fuck is this shit!?

(As Boyer enters the ring, he looks out to the tiny crowd of thugs, bookies, and wiseguys alike…he shakes his head in approval and stands in the middle of the ring, never letting his smile fade from his face.)

Jason- Why won’t he talk!? I want to know what this mother fucker has to say, and why he feels it appropriate to intrude on my…Project, or whatever here!

Ryu- Well, you know the kind of influence Green had…guess he just passed that off to one Erik Boyer.

Jason- FUCK!

(Boyer laughs at Jason Johnson from inside the ring, nodding his head in approval of that as well. He loves the confusion…he loves the chaos. His life up to this point has been based around it, and now, he’s finally accepted it. No more fighting himself…he’s a much more dangerous man when he works with the inner demons, rather than against them. He knows that now…hell or heaven is a non-issue these days. “Feel Good” fades, while "Praise" by Sevendust starts to play…)

Samantha: "And his partner…making his way towards the ring…standing 6 feet 3 inches and weighing in at 287 pounds… CRONOS DIAMANTE!"

(Cronos emerges from the entrance and slowly strides to the ring…a look of total concentration on his face. He climbs into the ring, stares at the cage which is lowering with no concern on his face…he solemnly nods to Erik Boyer and turns and faces the aisle...)


Ryu- It would seem as if that’s the case. No elation…no emotion…it’s safe to say that he knew.

("Trip Like I Do" by Crystal Method begins to play. A spotlight swings to the entrance at the head of the runway…)

Samantha: "NOW…standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN "Blackout" JACKMAN! His partner…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 250 pounds…the Rule of Surrender Champion… "Diamond" Del Carver! Together they are your SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…HARDCORE STYLE!!!"

(Del Carver and Ben Jackman simultaneously walk to the runway. Ben is wearing a black leather jacket with "Hardcore Style" etched on the back in silver letters, along with his traditional Blue with Black trim spandex shorts and calf high black boots polished to a high shine…Del Carver is wearing a sleeve-less black T Shirt with the identical logo, along with his normal jeans and biker boots…both proudly wear the SHOOT PROJECT Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.)

Jason: "The SHOOT Tag Champs making their way to the ring…the cage is lowered and the door is shut… we're off!"

Ryu: "I get the feeling this is going to MESSY…just like your Project in a couple of weeks after Boyer begins to run rampant over your life, Jason."

Jason: " This sucks, Ryu…I’m going to have to get down to the bottom of this shit, and I need to find out how I can get this guy the hell out of here.

Ryu- “Fine, but concentrate on the match for now…that is your job while you’re on the air.”

Jason- “You’re right…and I agree. We should clarify that the rules of this match state that ONE member of a team must escape either OVER THE TOP of the cage or through the door…and BOTH feet must touch the ground in order for their team to be declared the WINNER. There IS a referee in this match but ONLY to regulate the TAGGING in and out."

Ryu: "There is NO place for a ref in this match."

(The bell rings…)

Jason: "Del Carver charges at Cronos Diamante who grabs him…and runs him right into the turnbuckle. Cronos punches away…clobbering Del Carver to the ground… Cronos pulls Carver to his feet…whips him off the ropes and hits him with a BRUTAL clothesline…Carver down in the center of the ring…and Diamante tags in Erik Boyer."

Ryu: " I wonder how long this whole tagging in and out deal will last…"

Jason: "I'm guessing not too long. Boyer and Diamante throw Carver into the ropes and hit him with a couple of elbows...now the ref is ordering Diamante out of the ring…as Ben Jackman stands on the top rope from his corner and yells at the ref…Del Carver reverses a whip and drives Erik Boyer to the mat with a SPEAR!…Ben Jackman tagged in, clotheslines Erik Boyer right away!"

Ryu: "Here we go…everybody knows that Ben Jackman wants to get his hands on Erik Boyer for taking the place of the man who cost him his chance at winning the Master of the Mat, the Rule of Surrender Title…and that World Title Shot. He wanted Ty Jackson, and now that he can’t have him…he’s going to be pissed!"

Jason: "Very true…you can tell that Jackman is thrilled to get his hands on Boyer…just by the force behind that clothesline he just threw!…Erik Boyer staggers back to his feet…just as Ben Jackman hits a dropkick!…Boyer staggers to his corner and tags Diamante…in comes Cronos."

Ryu: "Ben Jackman is IRATE that Boyer is avoiding staying in there with him."

Jason: "Ben Jackman hits a vertical suplex on Cronos coming in...and Del Carver gets tagged in…Del drops a big elbow on the chest of Cronos…pulls him to his feet…then hits a neckbreaker…Cronos pulled back to his face…but throws his arms up and blocks Carver's attempt to scrape his face across the cage…Carver fires a series of sharp elbows to the midsection of Cronos…and HERE WE GO!"

Ryu: "Oh boy…Carver GRINDING the head of Cronos Diamante into the cage…and he's busted open…"

Jason: "Del Carver picks Cronos up…but he slips off with a reverse DDT!…Erik Boyer is tagged in and he runs over Del Carver with a clothesline… and a dropkick for Ben Jackman! Roundhouse for Del Carver…and one for Ben Jackman on the apron. Ben Jackman goes after Boyer as he starts to climb out…"

Ryu: "Jackman is NOT letting Boyer get away…he grabs him by the ankle and PULLS! Boyer slides face first down the wall of the cage…now HE'S busted open…"

Jason: "Meanwhile…Del Carver starts to climb out…but Cronos stops him, and press slams him to the middle of the ring! Ben Jackman leaves Boyer hanging on the side of the cage…and BULLDOGS Cronos from behind! The champions team up to drive Cronos face first into the cage AGAIN...and they are AGAIN grinding Cronos's face into the steel!"

Ryu: "After Hardcore Style is done with Cronos, his own mother won't recognize him!"

Jason: "Ben Jackman left the dazed Erik Boyer hanging between the ring ropes and the cage…but he has shaken his head…grabs the cage and starts to climb out like a madman. Del Carver sees him…catches him on his shoulders…Ben Jackman nods…gives Carver the high sign…"

Ryu: "Oh lord, what are those two up to now?"

Jason: "Jackman lightly jumps to the top rope…and comes OFF with a flying clothesline taking Boyer OFF the shoulders of Carver…and folding him up in midair! Boyer does a 360 in the air and lands on his head!"

Ryu: "OUCH!"

Jason: "The main factor that Boyer and Diamante have working against them here is that Hardcore Style are an established team…and as we just saw, they have a wide variety of double team maneuvers that Cronos and Boyer will not have in their arsenal…"

Ryu: "Yeah…you can tell by the way they work together that they have practiced these moves…"

Jason: "Cronos is back up gets back in the face of Del Carver…he flattens him with a short clothesline…and now DEL is run face first into the side of the cage…Del Carver is now busted open…now Cronos turns….and whips Ben Jackman into the cage…Ben comes off the ropes…Cronos then levels him HARD with a lariat!"

Ryu: "Erik Boyer again staggers to the corner…and starts to climb…Ben Jackman dives…grabs Boyer's leg, and pulls him down…and flattens him with a headbutt!"

Jason: "Cronos stomps Carver who is on all fours, bleeding and dazed…and spins Ben Jackman around…hitting a swinging neckbreaker on Ben Jackman…Cronos turns and drops an elbow on Del Carver…meanwhile…Erik Boyer is back up…and connects with a legdrop to the groin on Ben Jackman…now the challengers double backdrop Del Carver and now they each take a corner…Cronos hits a legdrop on Carver and Erik Boyer hits a splash on Jackman!"

Ryu: "The challengers are really taking it to the champs now!"

Jason: "Cronos starts a climb out…Ben Jackman staggers over and stops him…and Cronos winds up his foot and nails Jackman with a BRUTAL kick to the face…Meanwhile Erik Boyer is choking Del Carver over the top rope…"

Ryu: "Things are really looking bad for the champs…"

Jason: "Oh lord…even though Cronos kicked Ben Jackman in the FACE…Blackout will NOT let go of his leg…Cronos cannot climb…he drops down…ON TOP of Ben Jackman! Meanwhile…Del Carver gets caught with a vicious slam…now Boyer is CHOKING him…"

Ryu: "Cronos takes this opportunity to escape the cage…he's climbing…meanwhile Jackman has grabbed Boyer and is trying to pull him off Del Carver!"

Jason: "Ben Jackman is up and fighting with Erik Boyer…but Erik Boyer is managing to hold his own. The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverizing rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it's a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punishing smashes…"

Ryu: "Ben Jackman is showing everybody WHY he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION…look at those punches! Man…both these guys are DESTROYING each other…you can just FEEL the hatred…OH SHIT…LOOK! Cronos is almost at the top!"

Jason: "While Boyer and Blackout pound each other into a bloody mess in the center of the ring, Del Carver scrambles up the cage…he's trying to grab the ankle of Cronos…he's got it! He's got his ankle! Cronos is violently shaking his leg…but Carver won't let go…"

Ryu: "Hardcore Style LOVES having those belts…to them it says they are the BEST team in Shoot Project and they are not going to let that go without a fight…OH MAMA!"

Jason: "Del Carver has BRACED his legs against the side of the cage for leverage…even though he is halfway up the side…that means if he does succeed in pulling Cronos down…he will fall almost ten feet…OH MY GOD!"

Ryu: "What do you mean IF? Carver propped his feet against the side of the cage…and leaned back and pulled…BOTH MEN fall back to the mat in a big bloody heap! That was a HUGE drop…both guys landed on their backs…"

Jason: "Both men using the ropes to pull themselves to their feet…now Carver is reaching into the pocket of his jeans…what the…?"

Ryu: "HANDCUFFS! HANDCUFFS! That's ONE way of making sure your opponent doesn't escape the cage…Del Carver has handcuffs…and he just cuffed Cronos to the top rope!…What the hell is he doing now…oh no…"

Jason: "As Jackman and Boyer continue to slug it out in the middle of the ring…Del Carver has reached into his OTHER back pocket…and pulled out a black glove…"

Ryu: "Not just ANY black glove…we've seen this before Jason…Carver calls this the Tokyo Kiss…he beat Skull thanks to this!"

Jason: "Carver pulling on the black glove which is wrapped up in barbed wire…as Cronos thrashes around…pulling on the top rope…"

Ryu: "No luck…NO MERCY! DISGUSTING! Carver starts pounding that gloved fist over and over again into the forehead of Cronos…Cronos was busted up bad enough before…but this is just UNREAL…the blood is literally SPLATTERING with every fist that Carver drives into Cronos's face…I'm going to puke…that's it…"

Jason: "As Carver pummels Cronos who is cuffed to the ropes…Jackman and Boyer continue to slug it out…but they are both exhausted…Boyer lands a roundhouse…now Blackout…Boyer…Blackout…Boyer…now he ducks…and slams a fist into the midsection of Ben Jackman…Blackout doubles over…"

Ryu: "They WERE trading shots to the head…but Boyer slipped the jab there and knocked the wind out of Blackout…"

Jason: "Boyer slips behind…lifts Blackout up and NAILS him with a picture perfect atomic drop! Jackman turns…but Boyer hoists him up and executes a textbook backbreaker…Ben Jackman collapses to the mat, clutching his back…"

Ryu: "Well…I think Cronos is done…he's just hanging there dripping blood…Carver turns to see what's happening with his partner…and he gets caught with a HUGE shuffle side kick to the face!"

Jason: "Both members of Hardcore Style laying on the mat now…Boyer looks at the bloody Cronos…and now he turns and hoists Del Carver up…and backs up…"

Ryu: "RUNNING POWERBOMB…but he dropped Del Carver ON TOP of his partner!"

Jason: "Sweet lord! Boyer powerbombed Carver on top of Jackman…just as Jackman was struggling to get up…both men laying in a heap…"

Ryu: "Erik Boyer casts one last look at Cronos…and he calls for the DOOR! The ref swings the door open…"

Jason: "Erik Boyer staggers out the door as Hardcore Style both struggle to get to their feet…Boyer's feet hit the floor…the bell rings!"

("Feel Good" by Hed P.E. starts to play…)


Jason: "The refs rush into the ring…one of them has a key and unlocks Cronos…meanwhile a bunch of security guys are escorting Del Carver and Ben Jackman OUT of the cage…and UP the aisle? What the hell is that about?"

Ryu: "I'll tell you…Aaron Green knows these guys, and he knows what sore losers they are. He might not care if Boyer or Diamante get hurt eventually, but right now I’m sure he wants to protect his investment…even if he won’t be around to see it all play out.”

Jason- “This is horseshit…that’s all this is! I can’t…I just…ERIK BOYER?!?…Sweet mother of Mau…there’s going to be a whole lot of trouble.”

Ryu- “Well, the good thing for you is that it doesn’t look like he’s looking to make any more of an impact than he already has. He’s the tag champ this week, as well as the newly named commissioner…but, I have to say…I don’t have a good feeling about next week.”

Jason- “…Me either…”

Samantha Coil: 'Introducing first for the World Title, STONED COLD!

{Stoned Cold walks down to the ring carrying a Blue Gatordage half empty. He walks to the ring and walks up and over the top rope and to the turnbuckle he poses for the cameras waiting for his opponent}

Samantha Coil: 'His Opponent, he is proclaimed as the Ego Killer, CHRIS LEE!!!

{The Special effects begin and “Voodoo People” blasts and out of the back with the fans cheering comes Chris Lee with the always enchanting Maria to begin the match}

Ryu: Stoned Cold has been very vocal this week and has looked strong as he has had a lot to say about Chris Lee. Chris Lee on the other hand has been unusually quiet. He must’ve been off somewhere praying or leading a tent revival.

Jason: Praise the Lord! The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway.

{ Chris Lee comes out a house of fire. Lee lands lefts and rights on Stoned Cold, Chris Lee has Stoned Cold rocking. Lee irish whips Stoned Cold and shoots him into the ropes. Stoned Cold flies off. Lee goes for a big clothesline. Stoned Cold ducks as Lee misses. Stoned Cold stops and kicks Lee in the midsection. nails a DDT on Chris Lee.}

Ryu: Stoned Cold really planted Lee with that DDT. Chris Lee’s head hit the mat hard.

Jason: Maybe if Lee loses we can all sing kum by yah.

{ Lee down on the mat. Stoned Cold stands over him and nails Lee with kicks to the head. Stoned Cold helps Lee to his feet. Stoned Cold locks up Chris Lee and lands a textbook suplex. Stoned Cold to his feet. Stoned Cold measures Lee and drills him with a vicious knee drop to the head. Stoned Cold helps Lee to his feet. Stoned Cold irish whips Lee. Lee flies off the ropes and Stoned Cold nails him with a drop kick that puts Chris Lee back down on the mat. Stoned Cold drags Lee to the center of the ring and applies a sharpshooter. Stoned Cold sits down as the referee ask Chris Lee if he wants to give it up. Lee shakes his head no. Stoned Cold raises up and goes to reapply the sharpshooter. Chris Lee crawls and manages to go far enough to reach the bottom ring rope. Stoned Cold over and helps Chris Lee to his feet. Stoned Cold goes for an irish whip. Chris Lee reverses and Lee catches in a spinebuster.}

Ryu: Wow! One move, and Lee is back in this contest. What a turnaround!

Jason: Hallelujah!

{Stoned Cold is down on the mat, and Chris is down too. If this were American wrestling, then maybe a count would start. But since it isn’t, you get no count. At all. There is some movement now, and the two competitors are to their feet at the same time. Chris Lee comes over and begins laying into SC with some hard right hands that rock SC. Lee with a boot to the midsection… Double Arm DDT! Stoned Cold may be out. Chris picks him up though…}

Jason: I wonder what Lee is thinking here… I mean, he seems to be wasting some time… One thinks he could PROBABLY win the match right now…

Ryu: I wouldn’t count Stoned Cold out just yet. He’s very resilient. And he has a wrestling mind about him.

Jason: I still don’t get why Chris Lee picked Stoned Cold up, but oh well…

{Chris Lee up to his feet. Stoned Cold up as well. Chris Lee picks up Stoned Cold and rocks him with a fall away slam. Lee picks up Stoned Cold. Chris Lee locks him up and hits a gutwrench suplex. Lee goes for a pin on . Referee down. Stoned Cold kicks out after a 1 count. Both men to their feet. Lee sends Stoned Cold back down to the mat with a chronic kick to the face. Lee gaining momentum. Chris Lee helps Stoned Cold to his feet. Lee plants him with an inverted atomic drop. Chris Lee senses Stoned Cold is ripe for the pickings. Lee points toward Heaven as he climbs the turnbuckle.}

Ryu: I think Lee is sensing victory here. He is up on the turnbuckle.

Jason: He wants to gain a victory!

{Chris Lee leaps off the turnbuckle and goes for a swan ton bomb. Stoned Cold sees Lee coming and rolls out of the way. Lee tastes the canvas. Stoned Cold gets to his feet and picks up a stunned Chris Lee. Stoned Cold applies a hammerlock, has Lee up and………CRUNKED UP DDT. Covers Lee and the referee counts…..1,2,3!}

Samantha Coil: Our Winner and the new Number SHOOT Project Champion, STONED COLD!!


Ryu: Join us next week!!