Instead of an arena, we open a shot of Chris Lee, seated behind a desk in a modest, but well furnished office. Maria stands behind Chris Lee, (beautiful as usual) and is gently massaging his back. Chris is dressed in an expensive Italian Suit, and is looking intently at a pile of papers on the desk in front of him.

He looks up and addresses the camera…

“Good Evening.

As you know…my name is CHRIS LEE. As of this moment, you may also call me by my OTHER well know name…

The Boss.

Effective midnight on August 8th 2002, I have been named the NEW COMMISIONER of Shoot Project.

As Commissioner, it is my first duty to inform you that Cronos Diamante, Erik Boyer, Ash and Stoned Cold have all LEFT Shoot Project, due to creative and contractual reasons. As you know, at the time of his departure, Erik Boyer was the Commissioner of Shoot Project.

I was consequently contacted by the majority owners and interest holders of the federation, who made me an offer to become your new Commissioner. After some negotiation, I accepted.

Tonight will be the first OBLIVION with THE BOSS in charge.

The first item of business I took care of when I assumed this office, is to REPLACE the four vacant positions on the Shoot Project Roster.

TONIGHT, in Warehouse 7 of the Kosaka Industrial Complex, outside Edo Japan, FOUR FORMER Shoot Project superstars who have ALL left Shoot Project within the past year, will be making their RETURN to active competition.

I have spared no expense in re-signing these competitors, as a gesture to both the fans and fighters in Shoot Project that the federation WILL go on, despite the loss of four of our biggest stars.

The next order of business concerns the card for this evening. Due to the departures of Mr. Boyer, Mr. Diamante, Stoned Cold and Ash, some major changes to tonight’s card have been necessitated.

At the time of their departure, Erik Boyer and Cronos Diamante were the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS.

These titles are now officially VACANT and will be filled TONIGHT. The FORMER Champions, “Hardcore Style” also known as the team of Diamond Del Carver and Blackout Ben Jackman, will be facing TWO of the aforementioned newly returning Shoot Project fighters, to decide WHO will be the champions.

The reasoning behind this decision will be explained in short order.

Also, another one of the returning fighters will be facing KID WIKKID in a match for the DOJO championship. ROLAND THE DARK will replace Blake O’Reily in the RULE OF SURRENDER Title Match.

Obviously, the scheduled Main Event for the evening of Cronos v. Stoned Cold has been cancelled. In it’s place, a Fatal 4 Way featuring the TOP FOUR contenders for the Shoot Project championship will be held: Blake O’Reily v. Rocky Stellar v. Vile v. Ben Jackman.

The new card will be as follows…


Jayson Storm v. John Matthews


DOJO Title Bout: Kid Wikkid © v. ???

Rising Star Title Bout: Roland The Dark v. Innovator of Pain ©

Rule of Surrender Title Bout: Will James v. Eddie E. ©

FATAL 4 WAY: To Determine the #1 contender for WORLD TITLE

Blake O’Reily v. Rocky Stellar v. Vile v. Ben Jackman

“Please enjoy OBLIVION: “THE BOMB SHELL”. There will be many more exciting changes to come, so I encourage all of our fans to STAY TUNED…”

(The Camera fades away from THE BOSS, and opens to…a packed house in Warehouse 7 in the Kosaka Industrial Complex, outside Edo Japan. About 350 fans are seated …as a spotlight slowly scans the noisy crowd and “DROP THE BOMB SHELL” by POWERMAN 5000 blasts over the sound system....

The Camera goes to the broadcast position…where Jason and Ryu sit…)

Jason: “Ladies and gentlemen…THIS…IS OBLIVION: “THE BOMB SHELL”! SHOOT PROJECT is PROUD to present another night of unbelievable action…and Ryu, what a BLOCKBUSTER announcement to start us off tonight! FOUR of the BIGGEST STARS in the history of Shoot Project LEAVING! FOUR former Shoot Project stars RETURN TONIGHT! A NEW COMMISIONER! The TAG TITLES to be decided!”

Ryu: “Let’s NOT FORGET the big Fatal Four Way being held as our Main Event tonight, to decide WHO will be the NUMBER ONE contender to Diamond Del Carver’s World Title…”

Jason: “It’s going to be a hell of a night. We haven’t even had a match yet, and already we’ve had some shocks! As always, we’d like to thank all you fans who are watching us on Video Tape, purchased from our web site, or LIVE through our Webcast. Let’s not delay any further…let’s get right to the action!”


(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as the crowd cheers appreciatively…"Walking Through Barbed Wire" by Papa Roach begins to play over the sound system…)

Samantha: “This our FIRST match of the night, a ONE FALL CONTEST with a 15 Time Limit…introducing first…coming to the ring, standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighing in at 259 pounds…JOHN MATHEWS!”

(The crowd cheers as John Mathews strides to the ring with a determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…)

Samantha: “HIS OPPONENT…standing to my right…”


Jason: “John Mathews climbs into the ring, and doesn’t even WAIT for Jayson Storm’s NAME to be announced…he FLATTENS Storm with a BRUTAL boot to the face!”

Ryu: “Ha! Look at Samantha run out of there!”

Jason: “Wouldn’t YOU? Take a look at John Mathews! WELL over 6 feet tall, WELL over 250 pounds…this guy is one helluva specimen!”

Ryu: “Look! Jayson Storm’s nose is busted from that BOOT! The bell hadn’t even rung and John Mathews is kicking Storm’s ass already!”

Jason: “Mathews really going to town on the prone Jayson Storm. Storm is laying in a heap as Mathews lays in some trip-hammer like boots to the midsection. Now Mathews picks him…WOW!”

Ryu: “Over the shoulder POWERSLAM by Mathews on Storm…but he’s not going for the 3 count…he’s pulling him to his feet again…sticks Storm’s head between his knees…”

Jason: “PILEDRIVER! And WHAT a Pile driver! John Mathews just DROVE Jayson Storm’s head right into the mat…right after he knocked him on his ass with that boot, and then pummelled him with that powerslam! WOW!”

Ryu: “He’s not done either Johnson. It looks like the bleeding Storm is unconscious…but Mathews is pulling him to his feet again…and YIKES!”

Jason: “TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER! John Mathews pulled Jayson Storm to his feet…then hoisted him up, spun him around in mid-air and almost BROKE HIM IN HALF with that Tilt-A-Whirl backbreaker!”

Ryu: “Look at Storm! He’s having CONVUSLIONS!”

Jason: “He is indeed…blood pouring from the smashed nose of Jayson Storm, now he’s twitching on the canvas as a result of that backbreaker…and Mathews is pulling him to his feet AGAIN!”

Ryu: “John Mathews is RELENTLESS…he’s like a pit bull on a bone! To call this match one sided would be an insult to him…it’s been NO sided…it’s ALL JOHN MATHEWS…hell…this is like a sanctioned ASSAULT!”

Jason: “It sure is. Now…John Mathews THROWING the limp and lifeless Jayson Storm into the corner…and he begins repeatedly CLOBBERING Storm right in the face with his right hand…again and again and again and again…”

Ryu: “Look at Storm’s head snapping back! I don’t even think he’s aware of what’s happening to him…this is GROSS, Jayson Storm’s blood is flying everywhere as John Mathews repeatedly jackhammers his fist into what USED to be the face of Jayson Storm…hey…the ref is stepping in between Mathews and Storm and waving his hands…”

Jason: “The bell sounds…John Mathews GLARED at the referee when he stepped in, but now he just has an icy smile on his face…Jayson Storm was only being held up by the constant pressure of Mathew’s fist…now he has slumped down into the corner in a bloody mess…”

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…the referee has STOPPED this match at 3 minutes and 13 seconds due to Jayson Storm no longer being able to intelligently defend himself…therefore your WINNER…as a result of a referee stoppage…JOHN MATHEWS!!!

(“Walking Through Barbed Wire” by Papa Roach begins to play as John Mathews raises his arms over his head to the cheers of the crowd…Mathews calmly steps over the top rope, jumps to the floor and walks up the aisle…two referees rush into the ring to check on the motionless Jayson Storm…they prop him up between them and make their way back to the dressing room as well…)

Jason: “This match was OVER before it even began…”

Ryu: “You can say that again! I think John Mathews was sending a MESSAGE to everybody tonight…the fans and the BOSS Chris Lee…and that message was: there is NOW A SPACE AT THE TOP OF SHOOT PROJECT…AND I WANT IT!”

Jason: “I agree…and we got that message LOUD AND CLEAR!”


(“Trip Like I Do” by Crystal Method begins to play. A spotlight swings back to the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “This next match is a TAG TEAM CONTEST to determine WHO will be the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS! Now making their way to the ring…firstly, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN! His partner…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 275 pounds…the World Champion… “Diamond” Del Carver! Together they are…HARDCORE STYLE!!!”

(Del Carver and Ben Jackman walk together into the runway. Ben is wearing a black leather jacket with “Hardcore Style” etched on the back in flashy silver letters, along with his traditional Blue with Black trim spandex shorts and calf high black boots polished to a high shine…Del Carver is wearing a sleeveless black T Shirt with the identical logo, along with his normal jeans and biker boots…both proudly wear their respective Championship belts around their waists…)

Ryu: “Okay…the suspense is KILLING me…WHO the hell is COMING BACK?”

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…may I please direct your attention to the VIDEO WALL…a MESSAGE FROM YOUR COMMISONER, THE BOSS…CHRIS LEE!”

(The crowd turns. Over the entrance to the dressing room, stands a modest scaffold, about 15 feet high. The SHOOT PROJECT banner hangs from this, and a few small lights and a smoke machine sit atop the scaffold, along with a giant speaker.

On top of the speaker, is a LARGE SCREEN PROJECTION TELEVISON. The Television comes on…to show the same shot of Chris Lee, seated behind his desk...Maria still stands behind Chris Lee as he addresses the camera…)

“Good Evening.

On JUNE 16th 2002, a match was held to determine WHO would be the NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS to the Shoot Project Tag Team Champions, who were at that time, the team of HARDCORE STYLE. This match was held between the team of SYCO WARD, and THE MADMEN.

This match was won by THE MADMEN. Despite this, The Madmen never received their title shot…and subsequently LEFT SHOOT PROJECT. Hardcore Style went on to LOSE their titles to the team of Erik Boyer and Cronos Diamante, who have ALSO subsequently left Shoot Project.

It is my intention this evening to set this entire situation RIGHT. In the ring now, are HARDCORE STYLE.

It is NOW my pleasure to introduce to you, the team of two men who I have re-signed and brought BACK to Shoot Project…your RIGHTFULL NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS…

("They Came In" by The Butthole Surfers begins to play over the sound system as the picture of Chris Lee fades…)

Samantha: “Now heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs 225 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are THE MADMEN!!!”

(The Flying Dutchman strides confidently to the ring, a smug look on his face…he raises his hands over his head as his name is announced…then climbs into the ring. He is followed by The Fist, whose face is inscrutable…as always.)


Jason: “Commissioner Chris Lee dropping a bombshell! He has been able to lure THE FLYING DUTCHMAN and his HUGE bodyguard THE FIST BACK to Shoot Project…by giving them what they rightfully deserved all along and WON back in June…a match with HARDCORE STYLE with the TAG TEAM BELTS up for grabs!”

Ryu: “The bell rings…Hardcore Style get up in the faces of THE MADMEN right away. Del Carver and The Fist are your legal men.”

Jason: “The Fist shoves Del Carver backwards violently into the neutral corner and follows him in with a brutal clothesline…The Fist floors Carver with a stiff jab and stomps him in the gut… The Fist pulls Carver to his feet…goes for a whip to the opposite corner…Del Carver rebounds…ducks a BIG clothesline attempt from The Fist…and begins firing punches at The Fist…stiff shots to the head of The Fist by Del Carver!”

Ryu: “This match is starting out as a slugfest, and it’s not going to get any prettier!”

Jason: “I don’t totally agree…both The Flying Dutchman and Ben Jackman are highly proficient technical wrestlers…”

Ryu: “Yeah? Well, Del Carver and The Fist aren’t!”

Jason: “ I guess from The Fist and Carver you’re right…your going to see what you are now…a BRAWL! Carver and The Fist now trading big right hands back and forth in the center of the ring…Carver shot to The Fist’s jaw…The Fist fires back at Carver…The Fist…Carver….The Fist…Boot to the midsection of Del Carver! Carver is doubled over…whip into the ropes by The Fist…and it is reversed by Carver…and Del Carver comes back with a flying clothesline…and a cover: ONE…TWO… The Fist powers out with authority!”

Ryu: “Man! The Fist almost pressed Carver into the air with that kickout! Carver backs into his corner…Tag out to Ben Jackman! Jackman…vaults over the top rope…right into a flying dropkick into the face of The Fist!”

Jason: “Well, Ben Jackman doesn’t take long to make his presence felt in this match! The Fist falls back…stunned from the sudden springboard kick from Jackman! The Fist back to his feet…Jackman laying in some sharp knife edge chops…but The Fist responding with a clubbing forearm! Jackman to his knees…The Fist throws him into the ropes…Ben Jackman comes off the other side with a HIGH KNEE SMASH!”

Ryu: “WOW! Jackman got some air on that one…he came off the ropes with that high knee right to the face of The Fist…”

Jason: “Jackman taking advantage…elbowdrop on the chest of The Fist…up again and make that two! Ben Jackman comes off the ropes, and connects with a HIGH third elbow smash…Jackman hooks The Fist’s leg: ONE…TWO…The Fist gets a shoulder up! The Fist to his feet…grabs Jackman…and lands some kidney punches on Ben Jackman!

Ryu: “The Fist trying to overpower Jackman…”

Jason: “The Fist…shoves Jackman back into the corner…but Jackman rakes the eyes…Jackman whips The Fist into the other corner…lays in some more vicious knife edge chops…and a tag out to Del Carver!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork by Hardcore Style…”

Jason: “Jackman still in there…both men hook The Fist’s head…double suplex!”

Ryu: “The crowd liked that! Man…they really got him up there and dropped him hard!”

Jason: “The Fist laying prone from that double suplex…and now Ben Jackman comes off the tope rope with a big elbow…Del Carver right behind him with a flying leg drop!”

Ryu: “The crowd goes to their feet for the top rope stuff…that double move is one of Hardcore Style’s PATENDED moves!”

Jason: “Nicely done…TWO top rope manoeuvres on The Fist after the double suplex… now Carver covers…They could have him here…. ONE…TWO…NO! The Fist kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man…The Fist is tough. He took a double suplex, a flying elbow, a flying legdrop, and he STILL kicked out!”

Jason: “The Fist is a beast, no doubt about that! He’s up…Carver whips him into the ropes…reversal by The Fist…clothesline! WOW! Did you see THAT?”

Ryu: “The Fist reverses the whip and absolutely CLOBBERS Carver with that clothesline! Carver did a 360 in the air before he landed!”

Jason: “Carver did go airborne after The Fist nailed him with that brutal clothesline…The Fist whips Del Carver in his corner and tags out to The Flying Dutchman…”

Ryu: “It’s about time we saw The Flying Dutchman in this match! Hardcore Style has been doing a good job of keeping The Fist on their side of the ring…but that’s over now! The Madmen have Carver trapped now!”

Jason: “Wrong part of town for Del Carver to be trapped in…The Fist hooks Carver’s arms behind him and holds him in place…The Flying Dutchman backs up…and barrels right into Del Carver with the running splash! The Fist shoves Del Carver out by the head right into The Flying Dutchman's big boot! Cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver gets his shoulder up…barely!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork there by The Madmen…The Fist held Carver in place for the splash…then pushed him right into the boot to the face!”

Jason: “Carver’s face smashed into the turnbuckle twice by The Flying Dutchman. Dutchman turns him around and connects with the shoulderblock to the midsection…Cover by The Flying Dutchman…ONE…TWO…Carver kicks out.”

Ryu: “The Madmen really working Carver over in that corner…”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman whips Del Carver into The Fist…who smashes Carver with a right hand…Del Carver spun around by that shot…right back into The Flying Dutchman…who hooks his head under Carver’s chin and drops to his knees…jawbreaker!”

Ryu: “OUCH!”

Jason: “That knocked a few of Del’s teeth loose. The Flying Dutchman with a boot to Carver’s midsection…into a gut wrench powerbomb! Del Carver set in The Madmen’s corner… The Flying Dutchman tags out to The Fist. The Fist comes in with a big boot to Carver’s face…and is now choking him on the top rope!”

Ryu: “The tide sure has turned in THIS match! The Madmen have kept Carver cut off from his corner and are systematically dismantling him!”

Jason: “That they are…both men grab Carver and throw him into the ropes…and hit the double shoulder tackle! Cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver gets a shoulder up! The Fist pulls Carver to his feet…Carver tries to fight back and fires some weak looking rights to the midsection of The Fist…no effect…The Fist gets in a whip attempt. The whip is reversed, and Del Carver walks into the arms of The Fist and a powerslam!”

Ryu: “Man, Carver just can’t get any offense in here!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman comes in…The Fist PICKS HIM UP and DROPS HIM HARD with the splash….right on top of Del Carver! Cover: ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman is having none of that! Jackman comes in to break that up and kicks Dutchman!”

Jason: “Dutchman and The Fist stomp away on Carver while the ref gets rid of Ben Jackman. NO TAG from The Flying Dutchman, but he seems to have taken over in the ring. Del Carver whipped into the ropes…and comes into a picture perfect back elbow!”

Ryu: “I am STOKED that The Boss Chris Lee managed to re-sign The Madmen!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman whips Del Carver into the ropes…Carver ducks a clothesline…spins around…boot the midsection of Dutchman…and a swinging neckbreaker! Ben Jackman leaning over for the tag…”

Ryu: “The Fist starts to come into the ring…and Del Carver makes the tag while the ref's back is turned and he’s dealing with The Fist! Ha Ha Ha! THAT old trick! Works every time!”

Jason: “It sure does, and Jackman is furious at the ref for falling for it! The Madmen drag Del Carver back to their corner…Carver tries to get some shots in, but The Fist stops that…whip to the ropes, and The Fist plasters Carver with ANOTHER brutal clothesline! HARD….while Carver is down…Ben Jackman is knocked off the apron by The Fist…The Fist back over to Del Carver who is trying in vain to climb the ropes…The Flying Dutchman JUMPS on Carver’s back, sending him sharply on to second rope…throat first! Cover: ONE…TWO…Ben Jackman breaks it up with a boot to the back of The Flying Dutchman.”

Ryu: “If it wasn’t for Jackman’s interference, this match would have been over by now.”

Jason: “That could be…Flying shoulderblock by The Flying Dutchman and a cover: ONE…TWO…Del Carver kicks out…barely.”

Ryu: “ I don’t care how tough people say Carver is…if Ben Jackman doesn’t get in here soon…this fight is over.”

Jason: “I agree. Del Carver is sent face first into the turnbuckle by The Flying Dutchman and now The Fist is tagged in. The Fist powerfully whips Carver across the ring…The Fist charges into the corner and meets Del Carver's boot! Del Carver to the second rope…sunset flip! Cover by Carver: ONE…The Fist powers out!”

Ryu: “Nice little sequence there by Carver, but it looks like all that did was piss The Fist off!”

Jason: “You’re not going to get a surprise pin on The Fist…The Fist to his feet…boot to the midsection of Carver…setting him up…The Fist hits the powerbomb! Awesome power! Cover! ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman in again to break up the count with a stomp to the back of The Fist!”

Jason: “The ref ordering Blackout back on to the apron! The Fist goes to the second rope, and Ben Jackman runs over and starts trash talking him….that distraction is enough for Del Carver to nail The Fist in the midsection with a solid punch! Carver heading up…Superplex from the second rope!”

Ryu: “Carver finally has the advantage…he’d better not waste it! Ben Jackman desperately wants a tag…look at him going nuts on the apron as Carver crawls towards him…”

Jason: “Carver did it! JACKMAN FINALLY TAGS IN! Ben Jackman is a man on fire! Clotheslines for everyone! Brutal running clothesline for The Fist…Dutchman comes in and gets one too…The Fist is whipped into the corner, and met with a running clothesline. The Flying Dutchman walks right into a HUGE back bodydrop from Jackman! COVER: ONE…TWO…The Fist makes the save! Jackman sends The Fist over the top to the floor with a textbook dropkick…Jackman is really on a roll here! The fans are going nuts! Ben Jackman grabs The Flying Dutchman…running powerslam! What an impact! COVER: ONE…TWO…The Flying Dutchman kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man, Jackman is taking out all of his frustration from being kept out of this match! Meanwhile look at Carver! Once he made the tag, he collapsed on the apron!”

Jason: “The way Jackman is going right now he won’t need any help…Jackman pulls The Flying Dutchman to his feet…NAILS him with a spinning leg kick! The Fist crawls back into the ring…Ben Jackman whirls around…nails The Fist with a boot to the midsection…SNAP SUPLEX on The Fist! The crowd continues to go nuts as Ben Jackman takes apart The Madmen!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman covers The Fist after the Snap Suplex…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jason: “The Fist back to his feet as he and Jackman begin brawling…Ben Jackman slugging it out in the middle of the ring with The Fist…Jackman ducks a swing by The Fist…and hits a STUNNER! The Fist stunned…The Flying Dutchman running in to break up any pin attempt…and Ben Jackman meets him with a front face lock…DDT! DDT! DDT!. Ben Jackman hits The Flying Dutchman with a DDT!”

Ryu: “Carver back in the ring now finally…he circles behind The Fist who is just getting up from that stunner…Carver stalking The Fist…he’s behind him…he’s locked in choke hold on The Fist from behind!”

Jason: “Carver has his right arm firmly under The Fists chin and he’s LEANING back…hard! It looks like a sleeper…”

Ryu: “That is no damn sleeper…that’s a damn choke hold…”

Jason: “The Fist thrashing around the ring trying to fight it…his arms are flailing but he’s starting to fade…”

Ryu: “He’s out! Carver just choked The Fist out after Jackman stunned him…now Jackman has The Flying Dutchman up… BLACKOUT BOMB! BLACKOUT BOMB! BEN JACKMAN JUST POWERBOMBED THE FLYING DUTCMAN!”

Jason: “WHAT AN IMPACT! The Flying Dutchman lays in a crumpled heap…Ben Jackman raises both his arms to the thunderous cheers of the fans!”

Ryu: “The Fist starting to stir…Carver drops the leg across his chest…grabs The Fist’s right arm…he locks it between his knees…Carver grabs the wrist of The Fist and lays back…DIAMOND DISLOCATION!”

Jason: “The Fist isn’t going to tap…wait…Jackman has gone to the top rope…”

Ryu: “WHAM! FLYING BODYPRESS ON THE FIST BY JACKMAN WHILE CARVER HELD HIM IN THE ARMBAR! What precision by Jackman! Carver releases the armbar and Jackman goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…HOLY SHIT!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman is UP…and he broke the count! That’s amazing! The Flying Dutchman is UP from that Blackout Bomb…and he broke up the count!”

Ryu: “Jackman a bit dazed from that boot to the head…The Fist picks Ben Jackman up…and PRESSES HIM OVER HIS HEAD…”

Jason: “Meanwhile…Carver and Dutchman are slugging it out…WHOA!”


Jason: “UNBLEIVEABLE! The Fist pressing Ben Jackman OVER his head…and literally tossing him into the second row! The fans scatter as Ben Jackman lands terribly on a row of chairs! Ben Jackman just got taken out of this match by the power of THE FIST!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile…Carver is alone in the ring with BOTH The Madmen!”

Jason: “The Fist levels Carver with a boot…now the Dutchman goes to the top rope…Fist hoisting Carver up on his shoulders…”

Ryu: “Uh oh…”


Ryu: “LUNATIC FRINGE! Dutchman covers Carver…ONE…TWO…THREE!!! The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”

("They Came In" by The Butthole Surfers begins to play…)

Samantha: “HERE ARE your winners…at a time of 32 minutes and 13 seconds…YOUR NEW SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…THE MADMEN!”

(The Flying Dutchman grabs Del Carver and throws him over the top rope…then exits the ring and exchanges a high five with The Fist. The Madmen stand in front of the ring and hold their newly won tag titles over their heads…The Dutchman grins and heads up the aisle with The Fist in tow…The camera goes to Jason and Ryu in the broadcast position…)

Jason: “What a fight. The MADMEN make a TRIUMPHANT return to Shoot Project by beating Hardcore Style to become the NEW Shoot Project Tag Team Champions!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile, Del Carver has gone out into the crowd and collected Ben Jackman…the two men stumbling up the aisle together…what a war that fight was!”


("Hash Pipe" by Weezer begins to play, as pyro and laser lights flash on the runway…Kid Wikkid emerges and begins to walk to the ring as the fans rise to their feet. Wikkid is wearing his DOJO belt around his waist. Kid Wikkid exchanges high fives with fans…jumps with ease to the ring apron…and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd…)

Samantha: “This next bout is for the SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP! First, in the ring to my right…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 203 pounds….your SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…KID WIKKID!!!”

(Suddenly, the lights and music go out…and an OMINOUS VOICE booms across the arena…)


Ryu: “What gives?”

Jason: “I…don’t…know…”

(The crowd buzzes in anticipation as "Coma White" by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…The lights go up…to show STRAYT JAKIT STANDING ON THE TOP ROPE! The crowd roars in recognition…)

Samantha: “AND NOW making his RETURN TO SHOOT PROJECT…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…STRAYT JAKIT!!!”

(The crowd erupts as Strayt Jakit performs a 360 flip in mid-air and lands directly in front of a visibly SHOCKED Kid Wikkid…)


Jason: “What a shocker! The masked machine STRAYT JAKIT is making his return to Shoot Project…in DRAMTIC FASHION! Chris Lee is TWO for TWO tonight! FIRST he brings back the MADMEN and now he manages to find and bring back the mysterious STRAYT JAKIT!”

Ryu: “We haven’t seen Strayt Jakit since he and The Reaper had the brutal falling out last June…but here he is…and he looks GREAT!”

Jason: “The bell rings…the two competitors slowly circle one another, then lockup…side headlock by Strayt Jakit…Kid Wikkid backs him up…whip into the ropes…shoulder block by Strayt Jakit…off the ropes leapfrog by Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit catches the rope and charges right into a high dropkick! Smart move by Wikkid…he’s got to stick to an air attack if he wants to survive this one.”

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit looks to be in awesome shape… ”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit backs Kid Wikkid into the corner with a powerful shove…now a vicious kick to the midsection of Kid Wikkid…forearm smash…another forearm smash…whip to the opposite corner and Strayt Jakit follows through with a brutal running elbow smash…Strayt Jakit backing up…charging in for an avalanche looks like…Strayt Jakit charges…whoa! Wikkid is up in the air…he misses completely…SUNSET FLIP by Wikkid…Strayt Jakit kicks out before the ref can even COUNT…and sends Kid Wikkid to the outside!”

Ryu: “The crowd enjoyed that...”

Jason: “Summersault over the top rope lands Strayt Jakit right on top of Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “Awesome agility by Strayt Jakit…he hasn’t lost a step!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit rolls Kid Wikkid back in…back on his feet and delivers several stomps to Kid Wikkid...Strayt Jakit pulling Wikkid to his feet and clobbering him back down with a forearm smash to the back. Wikkid staggers back to his feet…spinning heel kick by Kid Wikkid! Clothesline attempt…misses…German suplex by Strayt Jakit! He pulls Wikkid back to his feet, throws him into the corner and now he’s punishing him with repeated kicks to the midsection and European uppercuts. Now a big chop by Strayt Jakit…and another.”

Ryu: “Man…Strayt Jakit is taking his time…he’s got Wikkid trapped in the corner and he’s methodically punishing him and taking him apart piece by piece.”

Jason: “Wikkid has unleashed some aerial moves in this match but if he doesn’t get out of there, this one will be over soon…Strayt Jakit is whipping Wikkid to the opposite corner…this is going to be quite an impact when he hits the turnbuckles…NO…whip is reversed, Strayt Jakit is driven face first into the turnbuckle! Kid Wikkid charges…right into a Belly To Belly Overhead Suplex! Cover by Strayt Jakit…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Strayt Jakit. Right when it looks like Wikkid escaped the corner and was ready to mount an offence…he gets the upper hand again.”

Jason: “Clothesline by Strayt Jakit floors Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit pulls Wikkid back up…HIGH vertical suplex lands nicely…and he rolls into a cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Tight headlock by Strayt Jakit…he’s really applying the pressure and grinding it in…Wikkid starting to fade…ref checks the arm…it drops once…twice…but not the third time! Kid Wikkid works his way out of the side headlock with out elbows to the side of Strayt Jakit…he’s out…clothesline by Kid Wikkid misses…ANOTHER high German Suplex by Strayt Jakit! Both competitors are down…now Strayt Jakit is up….Stiff right by Strayt Jakit…answered by a knife edge chop from Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit Irish whipped into the ropes…clothesline misses…flying forearm to Strayt Jakit from Kid Wikkid! Followed by a HIGH drop-kick! Strayt Jakit comes back…but his clothesline is ducked…DDT by Kid Wikkid! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Strayt Jakit…he’s got Wikkid up…back suplex attempt but Kid Wikkid lands on his feet!”

Ryu: “Listen to this crowd! Strayt Jakit tried to back suplex Wikkid but he landed right side up!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit charges in for another clothesline…but is caught…facebuster! cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Kid Wikkid is going up to the top rope! Strayt Jakit gets nailed with a 450 SPLASH!!! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! This match has really heated up…”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit back up and is clubbing Wikkid with brutal him forearms to the back…trying to German suplex him again…but Kid Wikkid is holding on to the rope …Wikkid fires off a sharp elbow into the face of Strayt Jakit, clothesline attempt misses…NOW Strayt Jakit back suplexes him and keeps holding on for the pin! cover: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit is getting frustrated…clothesline attempt by Strayt Jakit misses…HIGH drop kick by Kid Wikkid HITS and Strayt Jakit lands RIGHT ON HIS HEAD! Both competitors are down…”

Jason: “That one move could be the difference maker in this match for Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit really landed hard on the top of his head from that kick… Strayt Jakit is up…groggy…charges at Kid Wikkid…but gets back body-dropped over the top rope! Now Kid Wikkid is climbing the ropes…HIGH CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE! Strayt Jakit took it full-force…Kid Wikkid rolls Strayt Jakit back in, climbs the top rope…and comes off with ANOTHER HIGH CROSS BODY!”

Ryu: “NO! NO! NO! Strayt Jakit CAUGHT him in mid-air…and now he has thrown him over his shoulder…RUNNING POWERSLAM!”

Jason: “That’s got to be more than enough to FINISH the kid…but Strayt Jakit pulls him to his feet…whip him into the ropes…gorilla press…Strayt Jakit rotates Kid Wikkid in MID-AIR and grabs his head to end the move with a DDT! WHAT IMPACT!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid is out! Now Strayt Jakit going to the outside…”

Jason: “WOW! Strayt Jakit jumps up…and BALANCES himself on the top rope mid ring…Wikkid staggers to his feet…and Jakit catapults himself into the air…and catches Kid Wikkid around the neck with a WRENCHING hurracanrana! Cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Samantha: “Your WINNER… and your NEW DOJO CHAMPION…in a time of 12 minutes and 13 seconds…STRAYT JAKIT!”

Ryu: “The fans going WILD as the ref hands Strayt Jakit his newly won DOJO Championship belt. Kid Wikkid rolls out of the ring and collapses on the floor! What a performance by the returning Strayt Jakit!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit going to each corner and holding his newly won title belt over his head to the thunderous cheers of the fans…he is BACK with a vengeance…and now he has GOLD! As the ref helps Kid Wikkid back to the dressing room and Strayt Jakit continues to celebrate his triumphant return, let’s go to a replay of that AMAZING mid ring top rope slingshot hurracanrana by Strayt Jakit…”

Rising Star Title Bout: Roland The Dark v. Innovator of Pain ©


("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine is heard over the arena sound system…the impressive Roland The Dark stalks to the ring, pulls himself on to the apron, and steps over the top rope…)

Samantha: “THE CHALLENGER…standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 258 pounds…ROLAND THE DARK!”

("Cemetery Gates" by Pantera starts to play….The Innovator of Pain emerges from the dressing room and walks to the ring…)

Samantha: “And NOW approaching the ring…standing at 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at 287 pounds…here is the SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION…THE INNOVATOR OF PAIN!”

Ryu: “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. This one tough, mean looking guy.”

Jason: “Both men facing each other…both throwing sideways glances at that 15 foot ladder which has the Rising Star Championship hanging above the ring …”

Ryu: “The bell rings… HERE WE GO!”

Jason: “Brawl right after the bell to start us off…elbow by Roland The Dark, right by The Innovator of Pain, elbow by Roland The Dark, right by The IOP, elbow by Roland The Dark, right by The IOP, elbow by Roland The Dark is cut short by a knee from The IOP…right cross into the ropes…reversal…The IOP rolls under Roland The Dark's kick…The IOP grabs a waistlock…standing switch by Roland The Dark…back elbow out by The IOP, back elbow out…off the ropes but into a drop kick from Roland The Dark! The IOP rolls outside!!”

Ryu: “WOW! What a flurry of action to start this match!”

Jason: “The crowd comes to their feet in appreciation for that lightning fast exchange!…Whoa!…Roland The Dark wastes no time heading to the ropes…up and over with a pescado!”

Ryu: “The Innovator of Pain side-steps and throws a right on his way down! OUCH! The IOP pulls Roland The Dark up…a whip is reversed and The IOP collides with the ringpost!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark with a stabbing right cross to the jaw of the dazed The Innovator Of Pain…now smacking his head to the apron…going for the suplex…and drops him gut first on the security barrier!”

Ryu: “Oh mama! That’s gotta hurt. Roland The Dark just left him hanging over the barricade!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark with a clubbing forearm to the back of The Innovator Of Pain…now climbing up on the apron…jumps and drops the leg on The IOP's back!”

Ryu: “WOW! Very impressive move…but kind of stupid…that hurt both men…”

Jason: “Roland The Dark is up first…he grabs The Innovator Of Pain and rolls him into the ring…picks him up…whip is reversed…and Roland The Dark runs RIGHT into the ladder HEAD FIRST!”

Ryu: “Well…we knew it was only a matter of time before the ladder became a factor!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain takes charge now…stomping and kicking the HELL out of Roland The Dark! Now The IOP locks on the front facelock and suplexes Roland The Dark right out on the floor!”

Ryu: “WOW!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain takes the ladder now…and throws it DOWN onto Roland The Dark!…The IOP folds up the ladder…rolls Roland The Dark between the legs of the ladder and closes it on him!”

Ryu: “Man…the crowd groaned at that one…that’s a tight pinch!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain now tosses the ladder aside and rolls Roland The Dark back in the ring…The IOP in control…shoves Roland The Dark back into the corner…and starts blasting him with stiff right hand shots to the face…now throws Roland The Dark into the ropes…BIG back elbow snaps him to the mat! Elbow to the back of the head…Elbow to the back of the head…there were about six there, actually!”

Ryu: “The Innovator Of Pain really in the drivers seat now!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain outside now…pulling Roland The Dark by the legs across the mat…now wrapping The IOP’s right leg around the ringpost…I don’t like where this is going…The IOP grabs a chair from the ringside area…wraps Roland The Dark's leg around the ringpost a second time…then collects the chair and CRACKS Roland The Dark's leg!”

Ryu: “Did you HEAR that crack? Roland The Dark can't climb a ladder on one leg...”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain back in and starts stomping away on Roland The Dark who is clutching his leg....The IOP pulls him up…Roland The Dark limping badly…The IOP grabs him by the leg and SPIKES his injured right knee into the canvas…now Roland The Dark’s head smashed into to the buckle by The IOP…Roland The Dark fires back with a wild roundhouse…answered with a right jab by The IOP, right cross by Roland The Dark…another right jab by The IOP…now he grabs Roland The Dark and whips him into the opposite corner…reversed…Roland The Dark drops down to deliver the monkey flip!”

Ryu: “Nice move by Roland The Dark but did you notice that with one bad leg…The Innovator Of Pain just doesn't spring as high as normal?”

Jason: “No doubt…The Innovator Of Pain did some damage to that leg…STIFF kick by The IOP to the right leg and Roland The Dark's down again…now The IOP pulls him to his feet…POWERBOMB!”

Ryu: “WOW! The Innovator Of Pain takes advantage of the stunned Roland The Dark and goes back outside and gets the ladder.”

Jason: “Yeah…but The Innovator Of Pain takes a bit too long carrying the ladder to ringside…Roland The Dark winds up and kicks the ladder right into The IOP’s face!…The IOP whips back to the barricade, getting sandwiched by the ladder!…Roland The Dark quickly springs to the apron and off with a moonsault attempt…but lands on the ladder when The IOP uses it as a shield!…The IOP has the ladder and runs it RIGHT into Roland The Dark's head!”

Ryu: “What a brutal exchange…these guys are really using the ladder as a weapon now!”

Jason: “Both men slowly crawling into the ring…The Innovator Of Pain has the ladder underneath the title belt...up six steps…but Roland The Dark quickly heads to the corner…up to the top rope…and off with a kick to the ladder…sending The IOP sprawling to the mat!”

Ryu: “WOW! Roland The Dark may have finally turned the momentum back his way…stomps The Innovator Of Pain but Roland The Dark is still limping noticeably…”

Jason: “Roland The Dark pulls The Innovator Of Pain to his feet and throws him into the ropes…backbreaker! Roland The Dark placed The IOP’s body on the ladder…and Roland The Dark comes off the ropes with a HIGH elbow smash onto The IOP…driving his back into the ladder!…Roland The Dark sets up the ladder for HIS try at the belt…”

Ryu: “The Innovator Of Pain climbs the other side of that ladder…right by Roland The Dark…right by The IOP…right by Roland The Dark…The IOP grabs his head and rams it into the top step FIVE times...then...HOLY SHIT!!!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain flipped OVER the ladder and took Roland The Dark down in a super sunset flip! I'm amazed he didn't break his ankles on that landing! The IOP sets up the ladder…but this time it appears he's more interested in landing something on Roland The Dark than grabbing the title belt...The IOP up and over with a SUPER LEG DROP!”

Ryu: “DAMN!”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain goes outside again for the chair…back in…SMASHES Roland The Dark's back…and now SMASHES the right leg of Roland The Dark…the same leg he's been attacking all night!...The IOP puts the chair in the corner and tries to ram Roland The Dark's head into the chair…but Roland The Dark BLOCKS…then rams The IOP’s head into the chair! Roland The Dark grabs the chair…gets a running start, then lands the dropkick to the chair to the head!”

Ryu: “OH SHIT!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark with a legdrop on to The Innovator Of Pain…places the ladder on The IOP…Roland The Dark climbing up to the tops rope…slowly as he’s still favoring that right leg…off the top with a FLYING LEG DROP!”

Ryu: “Of course, that hurts Roland The Dark just as much…both men are down…”

Jason: “Roland The Dark is slowly back up...and now the ladder is as well. Roland The Dark grabbing his leg, slowly climbs to the fifth step…The Innovator Of Pain up from behind…pulling him back to the mat…Roland The Dark collapses…The IOP grabs him…snap suplex into the ladder!”

Ryu: “Boy, both these guys are really using this ladder to their advantage…oh man…what is The Innovator Of Pain doing?”

Jason: “The Innovator Of Pain folds the ladder up and puts it into the corner…grabs Roland The Dark…he’s going to whip him back first into that ladder…but the whip is reversed and it's THE IOP hitting the ladder!…Roland The Dark pulls The IOP out and puts the ladder on top of him Roland The Dark stomps on the ladder…runs…and drops a BIG legdrop on that ladder while The IOP is underneath!”

Ryu: “Once again…GREAT move…but it hurts Roland The Dark almost as much as it does The Innovator Of Pain!”

Jason: “Both men are down once again…Roland The Dark is the first one up…still limping quite badly…The Innovator Of Pain slumps in the corner…while Roland The Dark sets up the ladder…but The IOP to his feet and manages to drop Roland The Dark with a running clothesline!…The IOP grabs the chair...but Roland The Dark puts a leg up and kicks the chair into The IOP's face! Roland The Dark puts the ladder in the corner and climbs up to the very top...but he can't keep his balance and crashes back to the mat when the ladder topples!”

Ryu: “The crowd gasping at that…what a fall!”

Jason: “Now The Innovator Of Pain crawls to the corner and climbs up…but Roland The Dark makes it up the other side! Both men meeting atop the ladder exchanging lefts and rights…Roland getting the upper hand…now he’s ON TOP…he seems to be squeezing The IOP’s head between his knees…HOLY SHIT!!!”

Ryu: “Roland the Dark stands up, hoists the Innovator Of Pain UP and POWERBOMBS HIM FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER!!! WHAT A SICK BUMP!”

Jason: “Roland The Dark sees his shot and takes it…reaching…pulling himself up by the belt for support…trying to undo it…and undoing it! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION!”

(The crowd explodes…"Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine begins to play, as pyro goes off and lights flash…)

Samantha: “Your WINNER at a time of 27 minutes and 13 seconds…your NEW SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION: ROLAND THE DARK!!!”


Ryu: “Well, you can’t say he didn’t EARN it! Roland The Dark has been a hard worker and a steady hand here for a long time…and with some of the departures recently he has really stepped up to the plate and made a BIG name for himself!”

Jason: “While Roland holds his newly won title belt over his head in celebration, The Innovator of Pain makes his way up the aisle. He looks very unhappy, but let me tell you something…he has NOTHING to be ashamed of. He fought his ass off, he defended that belt with guts, and I can guarantee you…if he wants to…it won’t be long before he holds a Championship Title here in Shoot again…”


(The crowd buzzes in excitement as "THE FUTURE" by Bow Wow begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match is for the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP…and NOW THE CHALLENGER…standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 250 pounds…here is WILL JAMES!”

Jason: “Man…look at the look of total concentration on Will James’s face.”

Ryu: “He is totally focused on this fight...this man is nearly OBSESSED with becoming a champion here in Shoot Project, and is very frustrated with his failure to beat Ben Jackman in their recent series of matches…”

Jason: “No doubt about it.”

("So Fresh, So Clean" by Outkast begins to play…as EDDIE E. steps into the spotlight and starts to make his way to the ring, resplendent as always in his beautiful garb, and proudly wearing the Rule of Surrender Title around his waist…)

Samantha: “Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…the man who BRINGS THE BUY RATE to Shoot Project…your RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…Mr. PPV…EDDIE E.!”

(Eddie E. stands on the apron as the crowd cheers…Eddie E. enters the ring and immediately goes face to face with Will James. Both men stare each other in the face without blinking…)

Jason: “Here we go! The two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Ryu: “ALL RIGHT! Time to go!”

Jason: “Both men circling each other…both men are bent over…in a crouch position…like they are ready to spring at any second…this is not your standard match…this is a SUBMISSION MATCH…so these men will not be going for a lot of your standard high risk moves…because ONE mistake by either man could put the other in a position to apply a submission hold…WHOA! High kick to the head of Will James by Eddie E.!”

Ryu: “That caught him right upside the head!”

Jason: “Will James backing off cautiously…as Eddie E. fires a stiff left jab to the jaw of Will James…Will James answers with a left cross…”

Ryu: “Both these guys still fighting from that half crouch position and circling each other as they throw punches…”

Jason: “Eddie E. answers with a right hook of his own…and like Ryu said…IT’S ON! We have ourselves a BRAWL folks…lefts and rights been thrown back and forth now in a total slugfest…Will James…Eddie E.…Will James…Eddie E.…Will James…Eddie E.…both men standing toe to toe and trading shots with neither willing to step back…”

Ryu: “It’s a back alley fight now!”

Jason: “Both men locking up now…they are still standing but have grabbed each other and are grappling back and forth…each man trying to throw the other to the ground…jostling all over the ring…but neither will go down…”

Ryu: “You KNOW what they are trying to do here…the guy who lands flat on his back is at the total disadvantage…he leaves himself open to any number of submission attempts…”

Jason: “It’s true…whoever lands on their back may be the man to lose this match…Damn! You can see that while the fighters have each other locked up in the clinch and are grappling in mid ring trying to gain advantage…both men are firing stiff uppercuts to each others midsections…at such short range those jabs must be killer…Will James gains the temporary advantage and slaps a side headlock on Eddie E.…but no…Eddie E. powers out…he shoves Will James forward…and goes back to the clinch position with the two men grappling…trying to gain the advantage and throw the other to the mat…”

Ryu: “Man, just when you think one of these guys has grabbed a hold that gives them the advantage…they go back to the clinch!”

Jason: “Eddie E. goes over…side suplex! Eddie E. nails Will James with what some people call the ‘Side Walk Slam’ and has Will James on his back…Eddie E. gets Will James in the Full Mount…”

Ryu: “This is the position in Submission Grappling that you DON’T want to be in…Eddie E. now has total control…”

Jason: “Exactly…Will James on the bottom knows he is in trouble here! Will James attempting to grab Eddie E.’s arms and lock them up…trying to prevent Eddie E. from locking on any Submission holds…now Will James locks his legs tight around the midsection of Eddie E.…”

Ryu: “Smart. If you’re on the bottom…the only way to deal with being in the full mount is to try and lock your opponent up…and hope the ref calls for a break…”

Jason: “Will James now lets the arms go from the bottom and starts throwing jabs at the head of Eddie E.…”

Ryu: “The thing is…those punches really won’t have any significant effect…when you are laying flat on your back and throwing punches upwards…they don’t have much behind them…”

Jason: “Good point. The other thing to consider is that keeping Eddie E. locked up in with his legs wrapped around his body and squeezing…that is taking a lot of energy away from Will James…”

Ryu: “Yeah…Eddie is such a smart Wrestler…”

Jason: “Eddie E. moving around on top of Will James…he stays on top but has now grappled his way over so that his head is down by Will James’s legs…he grabs Will James around the leg…could he be going for a knee-bar?”

Ryu: “Smart move by Eddie E.…he’s keeping busy up there…”

Jason: “Will James kicking his legs furiously…Eddie E. can’t get the hold locked in…he gives up and slides back over…locks in a front face lock…”

Ryu: “If he can squeeze this hard enough…this is a good Submission hold…”

Jason: “It sure is…if you apply enough pressure from the front facelock position you can very easily choke your opponent unconscious…but Will James is fighting his way back to his feet…Eddie E. keeps that front facelock locked in…and leans back suddenly! DDT! DDT! DDT!”

Ryu: “OW! Eddie E. had some wicked torque on that front facelock…and Will James fought back to his feet so Eddie E. just slammed him back to the mat with that DDT!”

Jason: “The only problem with that move is that your opponent’s body ends up right on top of you…Eddie E. quickly slides out from underneath Will James’s stunned body…but Will James rolls onto his back…and grabs the arm of Eddie E. as he tries to stand up…he locks his knees on the elbow of Eddie E. as he tries to stand up…and PULLS…ARM BAR attempt!”

Ryu: “What a quick move! Will James was so smart to pull that off…because he now has gravity on his side! As Eddie E. tries to stand up…the pull on his arm gets worse…and Will James stays laying on his back and just PULLS!”

Jason: “Eddie E. quickly drops to his ass…the force of that pulls his arm free! Both men nip up to their feet and just stare at each other…and the crown goes NUTS!!!”

Ryu: “WOW! You can barely hear yourself in here! Both guys start circling each other again…”

Jason: “What a display of Submission fighting! Both men EXTREMELY cautious now…Eddie E. goes for a high kick…Will James sees it coming and backs up…so it misses…he shoots back out and grabs Eddie E. in the clinch…both men begin grappling again…pushing each other back and forth…each man trying to gain the advantage and get the other down…”

Ryu: “Eddie E. firing some wicked knees upwards to the midsection of Will James…that’s the one disadvantage to this clinch position…it gives the fighters a chance to do some body work…and Eddie E. is taking full advantage of that opportunity…not only trying to grapple Will James to the ground…but knock him to the mat by driving the air out of him with those knees…”

Jason: “Will James responding with some weak jabs to the midsection of Eddie E.…Will James takes a wicked knee to the midsection…he doubles over! Eddie E. slaps on a side headlock!”

Ryu: “If he cranks this on hard enough…it could be a submission…”

Jason: “NO! Will James stands up straight and throws both men to the mat with a back suplex as the crowd comes to their feet again!”

Ryu: “Great counter by Will James!”

Jason: “Now Will James has Eddie E. in the full mount…but Eddie E. isn’t taking that easy…Will James trying to grab Eddie E.’s arms…Eddie E. grappling his way free…and a quick go behind for the choke hold…HE’S GOT IT IN!”

Ryu: “Eddie E. has a full choke hold locked in on Will James!”

Jason: “Whoa! Incredible display of strength and determination here…as Will James STANDS UP while Eddie E. has him in the choke hold…now Will James deliberately falls backwards…right on top of Eddie E.!”

Ryu: “Brilliant last ditch move by Will James! He fell back right on top of Eddie E. and drove the air right out of him…forcing him to release that choke!”

Jason: “Will James rolling back over and assuming the full mount position on Eddie E. again!”

Ryu: “Will James working the classic ‘Ground and Pound’ strategy now! Will James laying on top of Eddie E. and just burying brutal shots into his sides!”

Jason: “Eddie E. trying to fight back…wraps his legs around the midsection of Will James and squeezing with all his might…trying to drive the air right out of him! Just as Ryu pointed out…Will James still laying on top of Eddie E. and pounding heavy bodyshots into his sides!”

Ryu: “…Eddie E. will only be able to take so many of those…”

Jason: “Will James really going to town now! He’s up to his knees…he locks one of Eddie E.’s legs up with one arm and begins twisting it…as he continues to pound on Eddie E.’s head with that left jab…”

Ryu: “Eddie E. thrashing around…he’s busted open…I think Will James broke his nose…but he won’t submit to that leg crank!”

Jason: “He’s tough as nails…Will James dropping down…laying across Eddie E.’s body in the ‘Side Mount’ position…going for an arm but Eddie E. won’t have any of that! He starts firing stiff shots to the face of Will James!”

Ryu: “Man…neither of these guys can maintain an advantage!”

Jason: “Both man go back to the half crouch position and circling each other as they throw punches…lefts and rights been thrown back and forth now in a total slugfest… Will James… Eddie E.… Will James… Eddie E.… Will James…Eddie E.…both men standing toe to toe and trading shots…OH MAN!”

Ryu: “HIGH KNEE by Eddie E. to the face of Will James!”

Jason: “Will James obviously stunned…he immediately falls back on all fours…shaking his head…Eddie E. begins circling and laying in brutal kicks to the body…”

Ryu: “Why the hell is he doing that? Why isn’t he going in for the submission?”

Jason: “I don’t know…but it is proving to be a big mistake as Will James has now staggered to his feet…”

Ryu: “I can only guess that Eddie E. has decided that he doesn’t want to go to the ground any more with Will James…”

Jason: “Well…it is obvious that Will James is a good Submission fighter…and in this fight at least, Eddie E. is gaining the advantage when he throws punches…and it’s WORKING!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP! Eddie E. totally ROCKS Will James with a wild roundhouse that connected perfectly right upside Will James’s head! He’s staggered!”

Jason: “Eddie E. follows up by planting a textbook picture perfect dropkick to the face of Will James…he staggers wildly back into the corner…I think the only thing holding Will James up now is that corner…Eddie E. follows him in and starts burying some body shots…he’s knocking Will James around like a rag doll…now he’s stomping Will James in the midsection…”

Ryu: “Eddie E. has the advantage now…he has Will James rocked…”

Jason: “Eddie E. goes in…locks Will James up…OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!”

Ryu: “Man…Will James is in big trouble…”

Jason: “Eddie circling behind…now Will reverses…he’s now standing behind Eddie…that was a NICE go behind waist lock…HAMMER LOCK! HAMMER LOCK!”

Ryu: “Will James has managed to secure Eddie E.’s arm and cinch in a hammer lock! NOW HE’S LEANING BACK!”

Jason: “Eddie E. has nowhere to go…and Will James has Eddie’s arm firmly locked solid! If Eddie E. goes to the ground, Will James will TWIST it…but if he stays standing up…his shoulder will get separated!”

Ryu: “Look at the looks on the fighters faces! Will James’s teeth are bared…you can see he has both his hands locked around Eddie E.’s arm…he ain’t letting go! Eddie E. is just screaming in agony…how the hell is he hanging on this long? HE TAPPED! HE TAPPED!”

Jason: “Eddie E. finally submitting…he taps frantically on Will James’s arm…Will James immediately releases the hold…Eddie E. collapses to his knees…holding his arm in agony…Will James to his feet with his arms raised over his head as the crowd goes nuts!”

(The crowd cheers…"THE FUTURE" by Bow Wow begins to play Will James accepts the RULE OF SURRENDER Title Belt from the ref…and goes to each corner…stands on the second turnbuckle and holds the belt over his head as the fans cheer and clap appreciatively…Eddie E. rolls out of the ring with his arm cradled in his hand and begins to walk slowly up the runway…he has a look of total disappointment on his face…)

Samantha: “Your WINNER…at a time of 32 minutes and 13 seconds…your NEW SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION: WILL JAMES!!!”

Jason: “YET ANOTHER BOMB SHELL HERE TONIGHT…Will James realises his goal and wins one of the most prestigious titles in Shoot Project! Will makes his way up the aisle as we look at that replay of the flying hammer lock that won him this war!”

Blake O’Reily v. Rocky Stellar v. Vile v. Ben Jackman (To Determine The #1 contender for WORLD TITLE)

Samantha: “This is a Fatal Four Way Match to determine the Number ONE Contender for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD Championship! FIRST …coming to the ring standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…BEN JACKMAN!”

(The crowd cheers as Ben Jackman limps down the aisle, climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…”Hero” by Foo Fighters begins to play…)

Samantha: “Now making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 253 pounds…ROCKY STELLAR!”

(Rocky Stellar makes his way to the ring slowly…and shoots a look at Ben Jackman as he raises his arms to the cheers of the crowd…“The End is the Beginning” by Smashing Pumpkins begins to pound over the sound system…)

Samantha: “And now…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 228 pounds…Blake O’Reily!”

(Blake O’Reily jogs down to the ring and jumps in the ring… “Black Mass” by Danzig begins to play…)

Samantha: “And finally…standing 6 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 284 pounds… VILE!”

Jason: “Getting ready to go now for this fatal four way match…whoever wins this contest will emerge as the number one contender for the WORLD Championship, currently held by Del Carver!”

Ryu: “All four of these guys are hungry competitors…they all want the shot at that title…”

Jason: “All four men in the ring…and here we go! Rocky Stellar and Ben Jackman exchanging words…and Ben Jackman nails Rocky Stellar with a series of vicious shots…so it looks like Rocky Stellar and Ben Jackman have paired off…meanwhile Blake O’Reily hammers Vile into the opposite corner…Vile slumps down and Blake O’Reily charges in…Vile gets his leg up…Knee to the face of Blake O’Reily! Ben Jackman chokes Rocky Stellar with his foot…then turns and mows down Blake O’Reily and Vile with a nice flying double clothesline…”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman really the aggressor here…Ben Jackman works over everybody! The thing is Johnson…you SAW how he was limping on his way to the ring…Ben Jackman is exhausted and injured from the war he and Carver had with The Madmen earlier tonight…how much more can this guy have left in his tank?”

Jason: “I agree…Ben Jackman is all heart but there can be NO way he is any where NEAR 100% right now…Ben Jackman with a slam on Blake O’Reily…hip toss on Vile…power slam on Rocky Stellar! Headbutt for Blake O’Reily. Rocky Stellar gets choked with Ben Jackman's leg…Blake O’Reily climbs onto Ben Jackman's back and Ben Jackman falls STRAIGHT BACK on him!”

Ryu: “That’s one way to stop a guy from choking you!”

Jason: “Rocky Stellar fights back against Ben Jackman…Ben Jackman reverses a whip... side suplex on Rocky Stellar! Vile comes off the ropes...Ben Jackman catches him…but Blake O’Reily kicks Ben Jackman in the back of the head with a beautiful high kick! Punches by Blake O’Reily and Rocky Stellar both to Ben Jackman. Vile joins in now…Ben Jackman staggering around the ring like a drunken man after taking shots from the other three fighters....A Blake O’Reily flying clothesline floors Ben Jackman!”

Ryu: “All three guys are standing over Ben Jackman and stomping him!”

Jason: “These men KNOW that Jackman has already fought once tonight…and like sharks who see blood in the water, they are focusing in on him…Vile nails Blake O’Reily to stop the gang attack on Ben Jackman…Blake O’Reily fires back…and now a beautiful high dropkick on Vile…both guys crash to the floor outside!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile in the ring Ben Jackman hits a big boot to the face of Rocky Stellar…outside the ring…Blake O’Reily has a chair!”

Jason: “This is NOT a no DQ match but how the hell the ref is supposed to maintain control in this one with four guys, I’ll never know!…Blake O’Reily nails Vile with the chair…now from outside, Blake O’Reily trips Rocky Stellar and hops onto the apron. Rocky Stellar nails him with a punch…Blake O’Reily swings the chair in retaliation at Rocky Stellar…Rocky Stellar DUCKS…Blake O’Reily hits Ben Jackman with the chair! ROCKY STELLAR DDT’S BEN JACKMAN! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman has been eliminated! Well, he’s all heart but there’s no way Jackman could have won that fight after what he’s already been through tonight. We are down to three men now…”

Jason: “Plus, all three guys were ganging up on him…The three remaining men end up in the ring…a large group of referees try getting Ben Jackman to leave…he does…finally…to a round of APPLAUSE…Vile tries talking Blake O’Reily into working with him against Rocky Stellar. Blake O’Reily has none of it. Vile tries his spiel on Rocky Stellar, who seems to agree…both men approach Blake O’Reily…Rocky Stellar turns and nails Vile!”

Ryu: “Blake O’Reily and Rocky Stellar unloading on Vile! Double clothesline!”

Jason: “Blake O’Reily tosses Vile outside and they both follow. Vile fights back briefly, but continues to get double teamed…Vile gets whipped into a Rocky Stellar clothesline…Blake O’Reily gets the bell…tosses it to Rocky Stellar. Blake O’Reily lifts Vile up... but Vile ducks…Rocky Stellar nails Blake O’Reily with the bell!”

Ryu: “Ouch!”

Jason: “Vile throws Rocky Stellar into the steps as we see a replay of the bell shot… Vile drops Rocky Stellar on the security barrier…OH SHIT!”

Ryu: “Blake O’Reily has reached under the ring…and got a barbed wire 2x4! I think that belongs to Del Carver!”

Jason: “Vile slides into the ring to escape!…Blake O’Reily rushes in and Vile ducks and hits a low blow…Now Vile has the 2x4!…Shot to the gut!…Rocky Stellar sneaks in and nails Vile from behind…The 2x4 lands outside…Vile throws Rocky Stellar outside with it…Double Arm DDT by Blake O’Reily!…Rocky Stellar slides back in with the 2x4…He nails Vile!…Vile crawls over and low blows both guys!”

Ryu: “Man what a war this has turned into! Everybody's down!”

Jason: “Vile stands up first and hammers Rocky Stellar…Rocky Stellar clotheslines Vile down! Blake O’Reily clotheslines Rocky Stellar and covers! ONE…TWO… kickout! Blake O’Reily unloads punches on Rocky Stellar…Double Arm DDT! ONE…TWO…kickout! Blake O’Reily grabs the chair that was left laying in the ring. He rushes Rocky Stellar... Rocky Stellar raises a boot and Blake O’Reily eats the chair! DDT on Blake O’Reily! ONE…TWO…Vile breaks it up for some reason!”

Ryu: “Blake O’Reily looks like he is striking a deal with Vile to work over Rocky Stellar. They both stomp him! The fans boo!”

Jason: “Vile doubles Rocky Stellar over and Blake O’Reily kneelifts him! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Double suplex on Rocky Stellar. Vile drops a knee. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!…Rocky Stellar stumbles to the outside. Blake O’Reily follows and hammers him. He holds Rocky Stellar as Vile unloads…Rocky Stellar fights back and whips Blake O’Reily into the steps! He chokes Vile with a cable! Blake O’Reily grabs the top half of the stairs... and NAILS Rocky Stellar in the head!…Vile clears the bell, mic, and other objects off the timekeepers table…and sets Rocky Stellar on the table…Blake O’Reily goes up to the second rope... ELBOW THROUGH THE... no, Blake O’Reily missed Rocky Stellar and crashed into the side of the table!”

Ryu: “That HAD to hurt. Vile drops his own elbow on Rocky Stellar, then climbs up on the barrier and breaks Rocky Stellar through the table!”

Jason: “Vile slides into the ring where Blake O’Reily is. He hooks him…DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Blake O’Reily kicks out! Vile shoves down the referee and grabs the chair…Blake O’Reily slowly stands... and takes a CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD! Vile drops the chair down and pulls Blake O’Reily up…ANOTHER DDT…ON THE CHAIR! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “Blake O’Reily has been eliminated! We are down to two men now…”

Jason: “Blake O’Reily rolls outside and raises an arm as the crowd chants "Blake O’Reily…Blake O’Reily…Blake O’Reily…” a ref helps Blake O’Reily up the aisle…Blake O’Reily sees Vile on the big screen and heads back to the ring! He grabs the chair…VILE TAKES IT IN THE HEAD! Blake O’Reily heads off!”

Ryu: “You're the MAN, Blake O’Reily! Rocky Stellar covers Vile! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!”

Jason: “I guess that was a little good bye present there from Blake O’Reily!…Vile rises up to his feet and a brawl ensues…Rocky Stellar clotheslines Vile to the floor and they head up the aisle…Rocky Stellar blocks a suplex attempt. Vile gets suplexed on the floor! Rocky Stellar runs Vile into the steel security barrier…Rocky Stellar backdrops Vile over the railing! Rocky Stellar grabs the ringsteps...Vile smashes them with a chair! The stairs land on Rocky Stellar and Vile smashes them repeatedly! Vile pulls Rocky Stellar up... PILEDRIVER ON THE STAIRS!”

Ryu: “Damn! Vile rolls Rocky Stellar inside the ring. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Vile unloads some shots. Rocky Stellar fires back!”

Jason: “Vile tries a clothesline... Rocky Stellar backdrops him to the floor…Rocky Stellar hits a spinebuster on the floor! Both men are hurt…Rocky Stellar moves in and Vile drop toe holds him onto the stairs! Vile rolls Rocky Stellar back inside…back in the ring, Rocky Stellar hammers Vile…Vile fires back…Rocky Stellar ducks a clothesline... DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Tilt-a-Whirl slam by Rocky Stellar! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!…Vile hits a knee smash!”

Ryu: “What a SHOT!”

Jason: “Vile covers Rocky Stellar… COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

Samantha: “Your winner at a time of 23 minutes and 13 seconds…and the new NUMBER ONE CONTENDER TO THE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP…VILE!!!”

Jason: “As the fighters clear the ring…lets look at the replay…MAN…Vile really NAILED Rocky Stellar with that knee smash…and got the pin!”

Ryu: “Well, Ben Jackman, Blake O’Reily, Vile, and Rocky Stellar all fought their hearts out tonight…none of those four guys have anything to be embarrassed about in my opinion…”

Jason: “I agree. Ladies in Gentlemen, this really HAS been a night of BOMBSHELLS! Stoned Cold, Ash, Cronos Diamante and Erik Boyer are all OUT of Shoot Project! The Flying Dutchman, The Fist, and Strayt Jakit are back IN! We have NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS in THE MADMEN! We have a NEW DOJO CHAMPION in STRAYT JAKIT! We have a NEW RISING STAR CHAMPION in ROLAND THE DARK! We have a NEW RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION in WILL JAMES! We have a NEW #1 CONTENDER in VILE! We have a NEW COMMISONER in THE BOSS…CHRIS LEE!”

Ryu: “What a night! This show really DID live up to it’s name! BOMB SHELLS ALL AROUND and…”

(The unmistakable guitar riff of “Unbend” by 5440 sounds…The camera shoots back to the aisle in time to catch DEL CARVER climbing into the ring, with his WORLD TITLE over his shoulder…)

Jason: “Uh…we were ABOUT to say good night…but I guess the CHAMP would like to say something to us…can we stay on…are we…okay…I’m being told we are staying on the air…”

Ryu: “What the hell does Carver want?”

Del Carver: “Ladies and Gentlemen…fans of Shoot Project…I’m out here for a reason. I’m not here to complain about how Blackout and I lost the tag titles, because The Madmen won those belts fair and square. I’m here to talk about SHOOT PROJECT.”

(The fans cheer appreciatively…)

“Let me tell you something…some BIG names walked out on this fed this week. Each one of those 4 guys are Main Event Players and have fought for or HELD this belt I have over my shoulder right now. I’d be lying to you if I didn’t say morale was pretty damn low back there in the dressing room. Guys wondering if they’re going to lose their jobs. Guys wondering who the NEXT big name to jump ship is gonna be.”

(The fans cheer boo…)

“But there is also ANOTHER feeling going around backstage. I call it the AIR OF OPPROTUNITY. You see, when four MAIN EVENTERS leave…you know what THAT means? That means that there are FOUR main event spots OPEN and up for grabs! And tonight you saw some younger guys who never got a fair shot around here jump up and take the chance that was there. I’m talking about The Flying Dutchman, and Fist, and Strayt Jakit, and Roland The Dark. These are guys who busted their humps around here…but never got into the main event. Well now that the old guard is gone…these guys all took a shot tonight…and they all ended up as WINNERS. They stayed LOYAL to Shoot Project instead of jumping ship when the going got tough.”

(The fans applaud appreciatively…)

“I take my hat off to each and every guy that came out here and fought tonight. They weren’t just fighting…they were sending a message…and that message is: SHOOT PROJECT LIVES!”

(The fans erupt…)

“And there are also guys like VILE and CHRIS LEE…guys who have been around the game for a while…but instead of jumping ship…they STAYED…and they will be the leaders of this next generation of SHOOT PROJECT.

(The fans cheer applaud…)

“So in the SPIRIT of this new era in Shoot Project…I am HERE, to tell you ALL, both the FANS, and the fighters in the BACK…that I am NOT going to be one of those guys who runs away when things don’t go my way…and I’m NOT going to be one of those guys who is worried about ‘protecting my spot’. Just the opposite. I am here tonight with a simple message. I am issuing an OPEN CHALLENGE. There are some young guns in the back. Well…if y’all are feeling FROGGY than why don’t you jump out here…RIGHT NOW. I am putting my SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP on the line…RIGHT HERE…RIGHT NOW…to the FIRST fighter who steps into this ring. WELCOME TO THE NEW GENERATION of SHOOT PROJECT!”


Jason: “Ladies and Gentlemen…it looks like we’re going to have us an impromptu TITLE MATCH!”

(The fans go crazy…suddenly…the lights go out. Dry Ice smoke begins to pour out of the dressing room…and the lights go up SLIGHTLY and flicker…as EERIE synthesiser music begins to play…)

Ryu: “What the? This ain’t the entrance music of anybody I know here in Shoot…”

Jason: “You know Ryu…The Boss said that there would be FOUR Shoot veterans returning tonight…and so far only THREE have shown up…Strayt Jakit, The Flying Dutchman, and The Fist. I’m wondering if MAYBE this could be the fourth and final guy…”

(A man…dressed all in black begins to walk towards the ring…he is wearing black jeans…a black long sleeved T-Shirt and a BLACK MASK which totally covers his face…just like a ski mask…he steps into the ring and stands toe to toe with Del Carver as his music fades and the lights go up…THE BELL RINGS as a ref scoots into the ring…)


Samantha: “This bout is scheduled for one fall with a 30 minute time limit, and is for the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! In the ring to my right…hailing from parts unknown…here is…um…The MASKED MAN!”

(The Masked Man remains standing in the ring calmly…he raises his hands over his head as his name is announced…)

Samantha: “Now, to my LEFT…his opponent! Hailing from Tokyo Japan, he stands 6 feet tall and weighs in at 275 pounds…he is your SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION… ‘DIAMOND’ DEL CARVER!”

Jason: “Del Carver stands toe to toe with The Masked Man as we get this match-up underway…now a right hook by Del Carver to the face of The Masked Man. The Masked Man is staggered, but answers with a left cross of his own. Del Carver counters with a flurry of punches…and The Masked Man is overcome…Del Carver grabs The Masked Man’s head and bashes it into the turnbuckle ... another ... and another and The Masked Man falls to the mat.”

Ryu: “Looks like Del Carver won that little exchange! I don’t know WHO this guy is…but I swear his build looks familiar!”

Jason: “The Masked Man slides under the bottom rope to gather himself…”

Ryu: “Del Carver is having none of that…he’s out there after him…even though the ref tried to stop him…”

Jason: “Out on the floor now… Del Carver with a brutal knife edge chop into the chest of The Masked Man, who is still trying to regain his composure after that flurry of punches and then having his head rammed into the buckle…”

Ryu: “Del Carver is smart…he has no intention of giving The Masked Man a chance to catch a breather outside the ring, so he’s right out there after him…laying in those nice chops…”

Jason: “ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...just listen to the SMACK noise and look at The Masked Man to see the effect those shots are having. You’re right Ryu…there IS something about that guy that seems familiar…but I can’t put my finger on it…”

Ryu: “Yeah…The Masked Man’s chest is getting winded from the force of impact…Del Carver’s probably broken some blood vessels there…”

Jason: “An Irish Whip by Del Carver on The Masked Man…The Masked Man gets sent face first into the steps...and is rolled back in by Del Carver…”

Ryu: “So much for that breather!”

Jason: “The Masked Man, trying to gain the upper hand…bounces off the ropes…and right into a powerslam! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! The Masked Man kicks out!”

Ryu: “The Masked Man kicks out, but he’s having trouble getting going here!”

Jason: “A whip from Del Carver on The Masked Man is reversed...The Masked Man telegraphs a backdrop and gets kicked in the chest!”

Ryu: “Damn…The Masked Man is NEVER going to catch his breath at this rate.”

Jason: “That’s how you win matches though…you capitalise on one mistake by your opponent and then wear him down…work on the area you first did the damage and don’t give him a chance to recover…and Carver HAS to stay on top of this guy…because he doesn’t know who he is!”

Ryu: “Well, Del Carver sure is doing that…The Masked Man is winded from that big boot to the chest… Del Carver pulls The Masked Man closer…Del him in the midsection and nails a DDT!”

Jason: “COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Masked Man…”

Ryu: “This has been ALL Del Carver. If The Masked Man doesn’t get something going here…and soon…this match is going to be OVER!”

Jason: “Both men to their feet…Del Carver blocks The Masked Man's weak looking punches, nailing his own. HIGH backdrop on Del Carver by The Masked Man…now Del Carver backs The Masked Man into the corner…a couple more of those wicked cutting knife edge chops in the Del Carver goes for a whip into the opposite corner which is reversed...but Del Carver bounces right out of it with a clothesline! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Masked Man…”

Ryu: “MAN!”

Jason: “Another clothesline from Del Carver…The Masked Man staggered...discus to the chin of The Masked Man by Del Carver! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Masked Man…”

Ryu: “Man…SWEET roundhouse there! Del Carver just keeping up the pressure!”

Jason: “Del Carver shouts at the ref...he thinks that count was slow, but to be honest I just think that The Masked Man is tough and won’t stay down…Del Carver turns and The Masked Man's ready…he bounces off the ropes with a BRILLIANT flying forearm smash! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Del Carver…”

Ryu: “HA! Del Carver got caught napping there…he was too busy jawing with the ref and The Masked Man hit him right on the button with that perfectly placed flying forearm smash!”

Jason: “The Masked Man tries a short arm lariat...but Del Carver ducks...Del Carver tries a belly to belly, but The Masked Man blocks him...go behind waist lock...and hits a BACK German Suplex! The Masked Man hangs on...COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Del Carver!”

Ryu: “You have to be STRONG to do a back Suplex like that and then hang on in the bridge for a cover. Whoever this guy is…he knows his stuff!”

Jason: “The Masked Man drags Del Carver into the middle of the ring...but Del Carver finds it in himself to roll over onto his back and kick The Masked Man away. The Masked Man comes at Del Carver, but meets a belly to belly right into a COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Masked Man…The Masked Man gets a shoulder up. Del Carver picks The Masked Man up for a slam…however...The Masked Man starts shaking his legs violently…Carver can’t hold him up there…The Masked Man really fighting it…now The Masked Man hooks the top rope to avoid getting slammed...he lands on his feet right in front of Del Carver…”

Ryu: “The Masked Man STAGGERING Carver with a couple of STIFF looking European uppercuts…Carver backs up into the corner…The Masked Man follows him in…”

Jason: “The Masked Man standing in front of Del Carver now…WAIT…he’s lifting his mask in front of Carver!”

Ryu: “AW DAMMIT! He had his back to us and the camera…we couldn’t see! Now he’s pulled his mask back down! Dammit Dammit Dammit!!!”

Jason: “Ryu, LOOK AT DEL CARVER’S FACE! He has turned PALE! His eyes are WIDE OPEN and his mouth is literally hanging OPEN! WHO IS THAT? WHO DID DEL CARVER SEE?”

Ryu: “Del Carver is just standing motionless in the corner…he hasn’t moved since he saw that Masked Man’s face…he still just has a look of absolute shock and disbelief on his face…”

Jason: “The Masked Man fires a boot to Carver’s midsection…and then cinches in a front face lock and WHAM! DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(The bell rings as the fans sit in stunned silence…The Masked Man pumps his fist in the air as the ref raises his hand. Del Carver gets to his knees with a look of total shock and disbelief on his face. The Masked Man is ecstatic as he vaults over the top rope and heads up the aisle…holding his newly won SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP TITLE BELT over his head…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…Your WINNER and your NEW SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION…at a time of 13 minutes and 13 seconds…THE MASKED MAN!!!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP JOHNSON! What a surprise pin! He pulled that out of NOWHERE! Look at Del Carver in the ring…he’s not mad…he’s in shock!”

Jason: “It just goes to show that anything can happen…The Masked Man pulled one out of his hat there…that was the ULTIMATE BOMB SHELL in a NIGHT of BOMB SHELLS!!!”

Jason: “Well, Del Carver is not happy, you can see him shaking his head as he still sits on his knees in the ring…but I don’t think he’s ANGRY…I think he’s just shocked that his title reign ended so suddenly.”

Ryu: “The question remains Johnson…who the hell WAS that? Carver KNEW him…you could tell…we have a NEW WORLD CHAMPION…but WHO IS IT???”