The camera opens on a packed civic meeting hall. About 700 fans are seated in the darkened hall…as a lone spotlight slowly scans the noisy crowd.

The Camera goes to the broadcast position at ringside, where Jeff and Ryu sit…)

Jeff: “Ladies and gentlemen…THIS…IS OBLIVION!”

(The fans erupt as music plays and modest house lights flash…)

Jeff: “That’s right fans…SHOOT PROJECT is PROUD to present another night of unbelievable action!”

Ryu: “That’s right Jeff!”

Jeff: “It’s going to be a hell of a night. We’d like to thank all you fans who are watching us on Video throughout the world or through our Webcast. Let’s not delay any further…let’s get right to the action!”

Ryu: “The competitors for the first matchup of the night are already in the ring. These 4 are absolutely voracious. They were ready to go before the show even started!”

Jeff: “Ready to get out here, maybe, but with the exception of Hellion Youngblood, these others were silent as they come this week. No promos or anything.”

Ryu: “Oh well, them’s the breaks I guess.”

Jeff: “Are you from Arkansas now?”




[Lou Carbo and Eric Flaherty start and Carbo takes control with a double leg takedown. He attempts to lock on an Achilles tendon hold but Flaherty kicks him away. Carbo tries a different, more successful, strategy now, stomping Flaherty on the leg. Carbo backs off and motions towards the crowd, trying to get them into the match. Flaherty gets up as Carbo charges in again. Flaherty lifts his leg and Carbo runs straight into a big boot. Flaherty follows up with some strong forearms that slightly rock Carbo. He lifts Carbo up with ease and body slams him, before dropping an elbow. Flaherty signals to the crowd, also trying to get them into the match and onto his side. He brings Carbo to his feet and gets a front facelock so that he can hit a brainbuster but Carbo fights back with hard elbows and forearms sending Flaherty into the ropes. He immediately starts stomping Flaherty, wanting to end the match quickly. Flaherty’s partner, Kyle Ricks, runs into the ring and attempts to lariat Lou Carbo. Carbo blocks the lariat however and hits a rolling chop sending Ricks to one knee.]

Ryu: Kyle Ricks can’t do much against Lou Carbo today.

Jeff: Um..the match has only been going on for 5 minutes or so…

Ryu:Yes, but it’s obvious.



[Carbo gets a running knee lift in before rolling Ricks out of the ring. Carbo brings Flaherty back to his feet and whips him towards Hellion Youngblood who lifts his leg, high kicking Flaherty, sending him down. Carbo runs towards his corner, showing great intensity and energy. He drops an elbow on Flaherty before tagging in Hellion Youngblood. Youngblood slowly steps into the ring, before lifting Flaherty to his feet. He attempts to lift Flaherty up, but can’t, so settles for a wakigatame takedown instead. Flaherty is close to the ropes however, so a break is forced very soon. Meanwhile, Kyle Ricks has gotten back on the apron. Hellion drops a leg onto Flaherty’s neck as Lou Carbo is once again trying to fire up the crowd. Hellion brings Flaherty to his feet and throws him out of the ring. Carbo jumps of the apron and starts to punch Flaherty, as Hellion Youngblood climbs the ropes. Youngblood points to the sky and comes off with a beautiful diving elbow drop. Carbo attacks again as Kyle Ricks comes over to help his partner out. Ricks drags Carbo off Flaherty and they start to exchange forearms, Kyle Ricks winning. Hellion is getting back up, still a bit dazed. He sees that Carbo is getting assaulted and runs towards Ricks and hits him with a hard spinning heel kick to the back.]

Jeff: Very nice spinning heel kick, Hellion is showing a lot of agility.

Ryu: Very true, Jeff.

Jeff: Are you going to say something interesting today or is my day going to be completely crappy?

Ryu: What’s wrong with you today, man?

Jeff: Nothing, why?


[Ricks falls over, onto Carbo. Hellion immediately rolls Ricks off Carbo and starts kicking him in the groin, taking full advantage of the No DQ rule. Carbo recovers and sees Flaherty getting up and runs towards him hitting a running knee smash. He asks the ring boy with the backpack for a lightbulb and gets one. He hands it to Hellion Youngblood as he throws Flaherty back into the ring. Carbo rolls into the ring as Hellion hands him the lightbulb. Carbo skilfully twirls it around before smashing it over Flaherty’s head. Carbo takes the violence up a notch digging the broken lightbulb into Flaherty’s forehead. Hellion Youngblood gets back into the ring and starts to kick Flaherty in the head a couple of times. Carbo snapmares Flaherty as Hellion starts to climb the turnbuckle Carbo leaves the ring and gets a chair as Youngblood comes off with a top rope splash, going for a cover.]




Ryu: Flaherty is too strong to get pinned with a top rope splash. Hellion will have to use something better then that.

Jeff: Obviously.

[Carbo throws the chair into the ring as Hellion goes to pick it up. He smashes Flaherty over the head with it before tagging in Lou Carbo. Meanwhile, Kyle Ricks has gotten back on to the apron. Carbo steps into the ring and lifts Flaherty to his feet before kicking him in the gut and DDT’ing him. He lifts Flaherty back up and whips him towards Ricks’ corner. Carbo tells Ricks to bring it on, wanting to fight him. Ricks tags himself in and runs towards Carbo, wanting to lariat him, but Carbo drop toe holds him before locking on a crossface hold. Ricks manages to power out, however. Hellion Youngblood realises that his tag partner might have a problem now and hits a springboard missile kick to the back of the head of Ricks, knocking him down. Carbo tells the ring boy to hand him some gasoline. Carbo pours some over the chair and sets it on fire, before smashing it over Ricks’s back and head. He throws the chair down and bulldogs Kyle Ricks onto the chair! Ricks screams in pain as Carbo immediately continues the onslaught with some hard stomps to the face. He drags Flaherty in position for a top rope move. Hellion Youngblood climbs the top rope as Carbo throws some gasoline over Hellion’s back. Carbo gets a torch and drinks some gasoline. He sets the torch on fire and spits the gasoline towards the torch, Hellion’s direction setting his back on fire. Hellion flinches slightly before coming of with a beautifully done senton onto Ricks.]


Jeff:What..the.. hell

Ryu: Ladies and gentlemen: This is pro wrestling.

Jeff: That was absolutely amazing.

[The seconds immediately rush in, extinguishing the fire with towels as Lou Carbo goes for the pin on Ricks.]



THRE…Flaherty saves!

[Carbo gets up and starts to punch and elbow Flaherty before throwing him out of the ring. Ricks, halfdead after being burned on more then one place, slowly tries to get up as Hellion lays outside, recovering. Carbo aks for the backpack again and opens it up completely, before turning it upside down as thumbtacks fall out and cover the ring. Carbo, oozing bravado, takes off his shirt to monster heat from the crowd. Flaherty climbs back into the ring, getting Carbo’s attention. Ricks takes advantage, hitting a lowblow. He gets up and tosses Carbo out of the ring and tags in Flaherty. Flaherty carefully walks over to the other side of, afraid to slip and fall into the barbed wire. Carbo climbs back into the ring, running towards Flaherty, showing no fear. As he reaches Flaherty he jumps up and hits a Lou Thesz press. Flaherty, impaled, rolls over, now in Carbo’s guard. Flaherty gets up, as does Lou Carbo. Carbo screams, firing up the crowd again, before elbowing Flaherty square in the face, he whips Flaherty to Hellion’s corner. Carbo tags in Youngblood, who has now recovered. Lou grabs Flaherty’s head and sacrifies himself by hitting an Ace Crusher into the thumbtacks.]

Jeff: He didn’t just do that, did he?

Ryu: Oh yes, he did, Jeff. It’s all about sacrifice.

[Carbo puts Flaherty into perfect position for a high flying move. Hellion climbs the ropes and signals to the crowd before coming of with a moonsault press. He covers.]




[The scene goes backstage. The camera is standing outside of Jason Showtime's locker room. Tim Philips is seen walking up to the door and entering. Inside, a lot of American object's are seen. Lot's off red, white, and blue is seen around the room, whether it be a flag or a chair! Tim Philips starts to yell for Showtime.]

Tim Philips: Jason? You in here?

Showtime: (Coming from off camera.) Yeah, I am right here.

[Tim walks toward the direction the voice came and the camera follows. Jason Showtime is seen in the bathroom slicking his hair back. He then turns around and just looks at Tim Philips.]

Tim Philips: Look, I am sorry! I didn't think you would care that we are in Japan!

Showtime: (In a loud voice) You don't think I care! I just said I was the American Hero in front of everyone on the roster and now they all probably want to kick my ass! I am in deep sh...

Tim Philips: (Cutting Showtime off) Don't worry man. You can spread your American Heroism to all of the fans.

Showtime: Fans? No one knows who I am in JAPAN! They probably all want to kill me!

Tim Philips: True, but look at it this way, you are getting paid.

Showtime: That's all you care about isn't it? I am dead meat.

[Jason Showtime grabs his wristbands off of a counter and walks out of the door and toward the ring.]

Jeff: All right fans, what a match we have in store for you, Jack White taking on a newcomer, Jason Showtime...this is actually Showtime's first match here in the SHOOT Project.

Ryu: That's right Jeff, Jason Showtime making his debut here, and he'll have his hands full with Jack White, although Showtime is certainly an impressive-looking competitor. We'll have to see if he can get the job done -- and here he comes!

"Get Over It" plays as Jason Showtime walks to the ring

Jeff: You're absolutely right Ryu, Jason Showtime is quite an intimidating presence. He stands up near six and a half feet, around 6'5". weighs in at 274 pounds, he is quite an impressive physical speciman.

Ryu: He might be in great shape, Jeff, but that can only get you so far. We'll have to see if he has the ring presence to deal with this man soming down the aisle right now!

Jack White comes out to a good pop

Ryu: Jack White is a very talented competitor. We don't know too much about him, but we know he can get it done in that ring.

Jeff: Absolutely, Jack White has been impressive in his time here at SHOOT. And we're about to get this one underway!

Ryu: Look at the men eyeing each other up and down, trying to size each other up. I don't think Jack White really knows what to do with Showtime.

Jeff: That's right, and at the same time, Showtime has to have some butterflies in his stomach, has to be a little nervous competing in his first match. Wait now, the two men go to lock up...

Ryu: And Jason Showtime getting the better of White, look at him just power White back! That's impressive, right there.

Jeff: Showtime backs White into the corner, and the ref calls for a clean break, and Jason Showtime gives it to him.

Ryu: Nice show of respect there by the newcomer.

Jeff: Absolutely, and now White comes out of the corner. They go to lock horns again, but White catches Showtime with a knee. Quick move by White there, and now he slaps on a side headlock.

Ryu: I like this strategy by White. First, he fools the rookie and goes low, then he slaps on that headlock, trying to sap the strength and energy from the bigger man. Smart wrestling there by Jack White.

Jeff: Showtime throws a couple of elbows to the midsection of White. Jason Showtime now throws White off the ropes -- but White holds on to that headlock!

Ryu: White is a tenacious grappler, Jeff. It's gonna take more than a couple of headlocks to get him to break that hold.

Jeff: Showtime now throws more elbows, has White stuttering, he tries to break free again, but White still holding on, and he drives Showtime down to the mat!

Ryu: Nice headlock takedown by White, and he's really got that headlock on tight!

Jeff: White cinches in, and he referee checks, but Showtime seems okay.

Ryu: Well Jeff, Jason Showtime might be a newcomer, but he's a well-trained athlete if I've ever seen one, and while this move might be wearing the bigger man down, but it'll take much more to put him away.

Jeff: Showtime now works his way back to his vertical base...Showtime still trapped though in this headlock, but wait a minute! Showtime lifts Jack White up, and drops him down! Nice suplex there by Jason Showtime!

Ryu: That's exactly what Showtime needs to do. Use his power to take White down. Now he needs to get back to that vertical base and use that strength again to keep White down.

Jeff: Both men to their feet, and White throws a right hand, but Showtime blocks and throws a right of his own! Showtime now rallying, hitting those big rights. Showtime now whips Jack White off the ropes, catches his coming back with a high back body drop.

Ryu: Showtime showed a little quickness there, blocking that right hand from Jack White.

Jeff: White pops back up now, but Showtime hip tosses him down. Again White pops up, and again gets tossed to the mat. Showtime is rolling, and White stumbles back to his feet. Showtime now doubles White over with a big kick, and hooks him up!

Ryu: Showtime's looking for a suplex here, and that's what he needs to do--

Jeff: And Showtime, vertical suplexing White over.

Ryu: Big suplex from Showtime, and that's a bread and butter kind of move that's gonna help this kid win matches.

Jeff: Showtime pulls White up, and again suplexes him over. Boy, Showtime has been all offense after getting out of that headlock. Showtime now comes off the ropes, and White to his feet-- oh! Caught with a big clothesline!

Ryu: Damn, he almost turned White inside out witht that one!

Jeff: What power from the newcomer. Showtime now, posing to these fans, and they seem to be getting into him. Showtime now has momentum, he picks Jack White up, and what's he going for here. Hooks White up from behind, and picks him up, and whoah! Big reverse suplex from Shwotime!

Ryu: A little flash there from Showtime, but still a big move, a big, powerful hold, and he's staying focused.

Jeff: White laying face down on the campus, and Showtime measures him, and Showtime drops a huge leg across the back of the head! Showtime rolls Jack White over now and covers, and the referee counts one, two, but no, White kicks out at two.

Ryu: Who would have thought that Showtime would get the first near fall in his first match here?

Jeff: Certainly Showtime has looked good here today. He picks White up now, whips him off the ropes and just shoulderblocks him down.

Ryu: When you're as big and as strong as Showtime is, all you have to do is stand there, and you'll knock your opponent over.

Jeff: Jack White stumbles up, and walks right into Showtime, who catches him with a big body slam. What's Showtime doing here...oh looks like the big man is going to the top. Showtime is climing the ropes...

Ryu: I don't know about this, Jeff, the power game has worked well for him so far, why he would go to the top rope is beyond me...

Jeff: Showtime now looking down, measuring his opponent...comes off with a big elbow but no! White rolls out of the way!

Ryu: Showtime took that big risk, and it didn't pay off! This could cost him!

Jeff: Both men down now, trying to get to their feet, and Jack White up a split second quicker, and he catches Showtime with a big kinfe-edge chop! Jack White chopping away now at Showtime...

Ryu: This could be the opportunity White needs, Jeff!

Jeff: White whips Jason Showtime off the ropes, leapfrogs him, and catches him off the other side with a big high dropkick! Showtime up quick, but White dropkicks him back down again! White now pulls Showtime back up, whips him off, and drop toe hold him down! Showtime starts to get to his knees, but wow! Jack White there levels a dropkick right to the side of the head of Showtime as showtime tried to get back up!

Ryu: What precision on that dropkick by White, and like I said, all Jack White needed was one opportunity. Notice he aims for the head and even down around the shoulder. He could be setting up for that White Out submission hold.

Jeff: The White Out is such a deadly maneuver. White comes off the ropes now, as Showtime rises to his feet. White comes off with a spinning heel kick-- but Showtime catches him! Showtime now drives White down with a modified powerbomb!

Ryu: Wow, Showtime showed some great presence there, and with his power, that move may have turned this entire match around.

Jeff: You're absolutely right, Showtime may be able to capitalize here. He pulls Jack White to his feet, and now he's playing to the crowd again.

Ryu: I don;t know about this Jeff, he could be wasting too much time.

Jeff: Showtime sets White up now, looks like he's going for a powerbomb, and if he hits this it could be all over. Showtime now again saluting this crowd...

Ryu: Come on Showtime, you've got to put the man away! He's taking up too much time, giving White a chance to catch his breath.

Jeff: Showtime now grabs White, and pulls him up...but White now punching down at Showtime! Showtime reeling, and now he drops White! White lands on his feet, and catches Showtime with a kick to the gut!

Ryu: Oh wait a minute! Jack White grabs the arm and flips Showtime down! I think he's gonna lock it in!

Jeff: Jack White now grabs the neck, and there it is! The White Out! White Out locked in by Jack White and-- and look at Showtime!

Ryu: Showtime's fighting it, Jeff, you gotta love that!

Jeff: Showtime is so close to those ropes, and look at him reaching, reaching...buthe can't get to it! And now, there it is, Showtime taps out.

Ryu: He just couldn't hold on any longer, Jeff.

Jeff: Well what a match we have just seen, and credit goes to Jason Showtime, he gave it his all, but his mistakes cost him.

Ryu: That's exactly right, Jeff, Jason Showtime's only flaw was making those rookie mistakes. But I got to tell ya, Showtime looks like he could be a force in SHOOT for years to come. And we press on, as Samantha Coil is ready with the next intro…

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall with no disqualifications. First, standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, weighing in at 252 pounds, here is Lonewolf!”

Jeff: “I love this song, Click Click Boom!”

Ryu: “Well, I’m not a big fan of Saliva, but the song is okay.”

Jeff: “Well, Lonewolf certainly looks focused for this match, his first of SHOOT Project. Do you know anything about him Ryu?”

Ryu: “Not really, I’ve heard stuff about him but don’t know much really.”

Jeff: “The same goes for me with both of the competitors in this match.”

Samantha: “And now, his opponent: Standing in at 6 feet 2 inches tall, weighing 236 pounds...William Tell!”

Ryu: “Strong as I am, I know this song. The Primemovers.”

Jeff: “You like this stuff?”

Ryu: “I didn’t say I like it.”

Jeff: “Well, as we watch William Tell make his way to the ring, what are your predictions for this match?”

Ryu: “To tell you the truth, I have no clue who is going to win. Both men had some strong words to say throughout the week”

Jeff: “I agree, Lonewolf may have a little bit of power of William Tell, but William has a speed advantage.”

Ryu: “This match is going to be decided at the last second I bet.”

Jeff: “Were we go, the two competitors both in the ring and the bell is ringing...”

Ryu: “Lonewolf with the first throw and this match is underway!”

Jeff: “Lonewolf throws another punch but William blocks it and gives Lonewolf a fist of his own.”

Ryu: “Look at William go, he’s all over Lonewolf.”

Jeff: “Lonewolf fights his way out of the corner and knocks William down with a clothesline.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf kicking William as he is getting up. William to his feet now, they lock it up.”

Jeff: “William brings Lonewolf down with a snap mare.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf up to his feet and they are tying it up again.”

Jeff: “Lonewolf whips him to the ropes. Back body drop!”

Ryu: “Man, did you see that? William was 7 feet in the air on that one.”

Jeff: “You know he’s hurting.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf with the cover! One...Two kick out by William.”

Jeff: “Both men back to their feet. William setting up Lonewolf for some type of suplex.”

Ryu: “He picks him up for the vertical suplex, and gets it down.”

Jeff: “William rolls on him for the pin. 1...2...Kick out by Lonewolf.”

Ryu: “A few early covers here, you can tell both these men are wanting the win as fast as possible.”

Jeff: “Both men up, Lonewolf setting up for the DDT, and he delivers! Man what a DDT. Lonewolf rolls outside of the ring while William is down.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf is reaching under the ring for some type of a weapon I presume.”

Jeff: “Oh man and does he have one. Lonewolf has pulled a steel chair out from under the ring. He’s sliding it in the ring and getting back in now himself.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf is waiting behind William with the chair.”

Jeff: “William slowing getting up now, wait till he turns around!”

Ryu: “Lonewolf swings the chair but William falls down to his knees and Lonewolf misses!”

Jeff: “William Tell with a low blow! And what a low blow!”

Ryu: “You know that man has got to be hurting right about now.”

Jeff: “Yep. Lonewolf down in pain, and agony.”

Ryu: “William is climbing up the ropes. Here comes something big!”

Jeff: “He jumps off going for the frog splash but Lonewolf grabs the chair quickly and SLAMS it right into William’s face and upper body!”

Ryu: “Man, what resilience by Lonewolf to get that chair up in time.”

Jeff: “Lonewolf still showing pain from the earlier low blow as he gets up slowly.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf now stomping on William while he’s down. Lonewolf now grabbing the leg, setting up for a figure four it looks like!”

Jeff: “But wait! William kicks Lonewolf to the ropes.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf recollecting his thoughts as William Tell makes his way to his feet.”

Jeff: “William runs at Lonewolf but Lonewolf ducks out of the way and William goes right through the ropes.”

Ryu: “William down to the floor, Lonewolf picks up the chair that is still in the ring.”

Jeff: “William is looking around under the ring now. Look! He’s got a chair of his own!”

Ryu: “And business is picking up!”

Jeff: “William gets in the ring with his chair. Lonewolf challenges him. They are both standing there with chairs, what’s gonna happen here!?”

Ryu: “Lonewolf swings, and so does William! WHAM!”

Jeff: “The chairs hit each other and both men drop their respective chairs. William runs at Lonewolf and clotheslines him right on one of the chairs, the one Lonewolf was holding!”

Ryu: “Lonewolf is holding his head, he might be hurt.”

Jeff: “I doubt that, look, he’s smiling!”

Ryu: “My god, you’re right.”

Jeff: “William picks up Lonewolf. William throws Lonewolf to the ropes, goes for a clothesline but Lonewolf ducks under his arm. Lonewolf comes back, swinging neck-breaker by Lonewolf! What a move!”

Ryu: “Lonewolf pushes the chairs out of the ring, looks like he’s setting up for something here.”

Jeff: “Lonewolf goes to the top rope. He jumps off with a big leg drop! Man what a move.”

Ryu: “William Tell is hurting. Lonewolf up, and picks up William. Lonewolf goes for a suplex, but William falls behind Lonewolf.”

Jeff: “William with a reverse DDT! Good thing Lonewolf moved those chairs.”

Ryu: “William gets up a little slow, but Lonewolf getting up slower.”

Jeff: “William whips Lonewolf to the corner. He runs at him for the splash, but Lonewolf moves!”

Ryu: “Man, William just hit his head on that turnbuckle post!”

Jeff: “Lonewolf jumps outside the ropes. He then climbs up the corner William is in.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf is pulling William up there on the ropes with him, what is he doing!?”

Jeff: “I have a feeling something big is about to happen.”

Ryu: “Lonewolf just put William up on his shoulders! Oh my!”


Ryu: “What a move! Death Valley Driver off the top rope! William has got to be out cold!”

Jeff: “Lonewolf holds on for the pin. 1...2...And, 3! This match is over.”

Samantha: “Here is your winner, Lonewolf!”

Samantha readies herself inside the ring with those watching getting ready for the next match. However, it is quickly seen that this is being seen through a small television monitor. As more of the area is revealed, Jonny Johnson and Enigma are seen sitting on small wooden stools watching the monitor.

Jonny Johnson: She sure is a looker… she’s no Li, but still.

Enigma nods his head in agreement as they continue to watch.

Enigma: Yeah, reminds me of all those good times we had. Hitting up bars, chasing skirts. But Samantha… that’s not Asian is it?

Jonny runs his hand through his short black hair, scratching it in confusion. He then smiles and pats Enigma on the shoulder.

Jonny Johnson: No dude, and that’s a good thing… there is too much Asian shit around here as is.

Enigma: Good point.

The two listen now as Samantha starts the introductions, and they look to each other.

Jonny Johnson: Guess that’s our cue amigo.

Enigma stands up and stretches out a bit.

Enigma: Yep, old times right?

Jonny nods his head and Enigma flashes a sly smile.

Enigma: Well… Ladies first.

He motions to the door and Jonny delivers a friendly jab to Enigma’s shoulder.

Jonny Johnson: Fuck you, man.

And with that both men head out the door of the room and towards the ring.

Ryu: Well this should be a great debut match for both new comers to prove what they got.

Jeff: Newcomers, Ryu? You might not know these two, but they are far from new comers, you just watch, this will be an amazing match between two friends who like to put on a good show.

Ryu: All right well let’s see what goes down, take it away Samantha.

Samantha: Announcing down to the ring at this time, from Detroit Michigan, USA, here is Enigma!!

“Crawling” by Linkin Park suddenly begins to play as Enigma walks his way down towards the ring. He is a familiar man to some, while others watching seem to have no clue in this man, and for the time being no interest. He steps through the ropes and walks about the ring a bit, getting the feel for being back inside the squared circle.

Samantha: And his opponent, standing at six feet and four inches, here is Jonny Johnson!!

“Slow Burn” now begins to pick up, an unusual song that pumps some up while others find it extremely eerie. Jonny appears in the entryway, still no fancy entrance, but the fans really pop for him as he casually struts to the ring. He shoots Enigma a quick smile, and Enigma returns it as he even mockingly holds the ring ropes open for Jonny to get in. Jonny waves off Enigma and instantly climbs to the top rope from outside of the ring. He lifts his hands out wide and up into the air, signaling to the fans with two peace signs. He then hops down from the top rope and rotates his arms about, looking at Enigma.

Ryu: And there’s the bell, Jonny Johnson and Enigma lock up with a quick start.

Jeff: Indeed. This match should be very energetic and quick.

Jonny takes the first advantage and locks Enigma’s hand behind his back, wrenching up on it slightly. Enigma responds with a quick backhand to Jonny, causing him to break the hold. Enigma spins around to face Jonny who rubs the side of his face. The classic Jonny smirk is apparent, and this causes Enigma to chuckle slightly. Jonny then extends his hand outward towards Enigma and the two engage in a classic game of mercy. Enigma locks his left hand into Jonny’s right hand, and then Enigma slowly raises his right hand to lock in with Jonny’s left. With both hands locked in the two begin to try to overpower the other one. Then exactly at the same time both Enigma and Jonny go for the kick to the stomach, both ending up unsuccessful. They break the mercy hold and do a couple of circles around each other.

Ryu: Quick, Jeff? This is like a friendly little tiff, hardly a match worthy of SHOOT quality.

Jeff: Just you wait and see, Ryu, Jonny and Enigma are just warming up.

Ryu: Sure… I bet…

Again Jonny and Enigma lock up and this time Enigma sends Jonny into the corner with a more forceful push. Jonny looks to him and nods his head and he then lunges at Enigma taking him down with a swift clothesline. Enigma’s head hits the mat hard, and he holds onto the back of his head. Jonny, instead of taking advantage of a fallen friend, waits for Enigma to regain composure. Enigma gets to his feet one knee at a time and catches Jonny off guard with a swift leg sweep. Jonny falls face first onto the mat now and this time Enigma takes the offense. He turns Jonny over and now unleashes a series of quick fists to the sides of his face. The fans start to show interest now as the pace of the match begins to build. Enigma continues to throw punches at Jonny but eventually Jonny rolls Enigma to the side and gets to his feet. Enigma is quick to his feet as well, but not quick enough. Jonny gets him and knocks him over the top rope with a sharp right hook. This time Jonny wastes no time and follows Enigma directly out of the ring. He lifts Enigma to his feet and slams his head down onto a steel railing that surrounds the ring. Enigma retaliates with an elbow to Jonny’s ribs and then Enigma brings Jonny’s head crashing down onto the steel guard railing.

Jeff: See, what did I tell ya, now things will start picking up!

Ryu: I’ve seen a lot worse around here when it comes to a fight.

Jeff: Yeah, well..

Ryu: Well nothing, these guys might have been big shots elsewhere, but in SHOOT, you have to rebuild it all, nobody comes in a star.

With Enigma having the advantage, he keeps a hold of Jonny in a headlock and runs him down to the opposite end and goes to send Jonny into the ring post. However, Jonny breaks out of the headlock and pushes Enigma into the ring post. Enigma stops himself by putting his hands out and as he turns around he is met with a vicious super kick square to the jaw. Enigma falls to the ground and Jonny makes the cover. The referee of the match, however, doesn’t make the count.

Ryu: While this is a no disqualification match, you still need to get the pin inside the ring.

The referee informs Jonny of the rule and Jonny smiles and nods his head. He lifts Enigma back up and goes to roll him into the ring, however Enigma places his hands on the apron and kicks Jonny in the knee with a back kick. Jonny falls to one knee and Enigma turns around and flips over him to take him down with swift flowing neck breaker. Enigma quickly gets back up and brings Jonny up with him, and this time Enigma rolls Jonny into the ring. Enigma however remains outside and instantly turns to the fans and grabs one of the fold up chairs that were empty in the first row. He then pushes one of the fans to the side and grabs a second chair. Enigma tosses one chair into the ring and holds onto the other one. He then slides into the ring just as Jonny begins to get up to his feet. He looks at Enigma and sees the chair. Jonny is cautious now, but Enigma points to the chair on the mat that is near to Jonny. Jonny looks to him and shakes his head in disbelief. Enigma smiles as Jonny picks up the chair. Both men ready their weapons and look to each other staring each other down.

Jeff: Let the hardcore battle begin!!

Ryu: Alright… this could be getting interesting now.

Jeff: You’re damn right it will get interesting, these guys define the word interesting.

Ryu: Okay, I get the idea, Jeff.

As if someone shot off a starting gun, both Jonny and Enigma rush at each other and swing the chairs. The two chairs collide, and they both follow up with the exact same side shot, and again the chairs collide. The fans are highly entertained as each man tries to find an opening, but never succeeds. Jonny goes for a over the head chair shot, but Enigma blocks by holding his chair horizontally. Enigma then goes to jab his chair into Jonny’s stomach but Jonny blocks that one. Both men laugh to the other seemingly calling off the chair fight, but then as both men go to put the chairs down, they both turn around to swing the chair again, and again the chairs clash into each other!

Jeff: It’s like a freaking Chair sword fight!

Ryu: That’s definitely a first in my eyes.

Finally both Jonny and Enigma come to a stand still with a wild applause from the fans. Jonny and Enigma shake hands, and as they do so, Jonny takes one last shot with the chair, this time it connects across the side of Enigma. Enigma stumbles in pain and Jonny follows up with a swift crack over Enigma’s head. Enigma is opened up now and blood begins to spill from his open wound. Jonny tosses the chair out of the ring and grabs for Enigma’s chair. However, Enigma holds onto it tightly and as Jonny tugs at it, Enigma swings it up, smashing it into Jonny’s face. Jonny reels backwards, and Enigma lands one more powerful shot that takes Jonny down to even the score. Both men are now bleeding, and they seem to be enjoying themselves, despite the immense pain they show. Enigma makes a cover on Jonny and the referee begins the count.

Ryu: One.. Two… and Jonny gets the shoulder up in time.

Jeff: A close one there, but I didn’t expect this one to be over just like that.

Ryu: Well Enigma has the advantage now, let’s see if he can stay with it.

Enigma brings Jonny up from his feet and whips him into the corner. He follows up with an avalanche splash that brings Jonny staggering out of the corner right into Enigma. Enigma locks him in and goes to hit his finisher, the Abyss. However, Jonny musters up some strength and breaks free of Enigma’s hold and sends him into the corner now. Enigma turns around and Jonny connects with a high flipping drop kick. Enigma slinks down to a sitting position, leaning up against the turnbuckles. Jonny begins to nail Enigma with a series of hard kicks to the gut, hoping to keep Enigma down. Jonny then winds up for one last kick, but Enigma puts his hands up and grabs Jonny’s foot and pushes him backwards. Jonny falls to his back and Enigma pulls himself up via the ropes and climbs to the second turnbuckle. He then leaps onto Jonny with a elbow smash, connecting across Jonny’s chest. Enigma then hooks the leg making a second cover. Jonny however kicks out before the ref can make a count. Enigma backs off from Jonny and Jonny suddenly flips up to his feet as if catching a second wind. The fans cheer him on, though they have basically been cheering this entire time. Jonny looks at Enigma and flashes the classic “Hollywood Smile”. Enigma is shocked, but at the same time pleased. Suddenly both men break out into an all out fist fight, first Jonny slugs Enigma, than Enigma slugs Jonny…

The action goes back and forth, each man throwing a more powerful punch than the first!

Ryu: Where else can you see two friends in an all out fist fight?

Jeff: It’s rare to find friends in this business that can remain friends after a fight like this… but as I’ve said before and I will say again, Jonny Johnson and “Enigma” Christopher Davis are definitely made from a different mold.

Jonny eventually begins to gain the upper hand connecting with three successful punches in a row, with a fourth punch that finally takes Enigma down. Jonny looks at the fallen Enigma and then to the corner. He nods his head and proceeds to ascend to the top turnbuckle, looking down at his friend, and for the time being, his opponent. He raises his hands slowly up into the air, once more giving the double peace sign. The fans erupt.

Jeff: Old School Jonny coming up, Star Performance!!

Ryu: What?

Jeff: Just watch! Jonny leaps nearly all the way across the ring to land a leg drop from the top; the star performance and he connects across the neck of Enigma. Jonny quickly grabs Enigma’s leg and hooks it for the pin. The referee makes the count.

Jeff: ONE! TWO!! THR…. Enigma gets the shoulder up and the match continues!

Ryu: A close call there, but this Enigma fellow seems to have just a bit more left in him.

Jonny is shocked that Enigma kicked out, as he obviously underestimated his long time friend. Jonny brings Enigma up to his feet and then goes to hit his signature move, The Demoralization Process. However, Enigma side steps him and quickly drops Jonny with the Abyss! The tables have turned and now Jonny seems to be out. Enigma slowly covers Jonny as he is in quite a bit of pain as well. Again the referee makes the count, this time in Enigma’s favor. The fans are behind both men in this match some cheering in hopes Jonny gets up, while others are now cheering in hopes that Enigma wins this one…

One… Two…. No. The match continues. Enigma rolls off to the side and both men look up towards the ceiling of the Steel Plant. Jonny and Enigma struggle to get to their feet, both men going for opposite ropes to pull themselves up with. Enigma reaches the ropes first but Jonny is close to follow. Slowly but surely both men rise back up to their feet and turn toward each other. Both men stagger, and with whatever left they have the two men rush at each other. Enigma goes to lock Jonny in the Abyss for a second time, but this time Jonny counters, locking Enigma into a cross face chicken wing, followed abruptly by a swift roll of the dice (the Demoralization Process). He plants Enigma down on the mat and the fans let out a huge pop as Jonny hooks the leg, hopefully for the last time.

Ryu: This is it!

Jeff: One… Two… Three!! A hard fought match, and Jonny Johnson walks away, barely, with the victory.

Samantha steps into the ring as Jonny staggers to his feet, helping Enigma up in the process.

Samantha: Here is your winner of the match, Jonny Johnson!!

Jonny raises his hand in Victory, and is joined by his good friend Enigma. Both men are bloodied and beaten, but celebrate in any case. The two men smile, half dazed, and Enigma pats Jonny on the back. The fans are enjoying every moment and celebrate with the two in the ring while “Slow Burn” plays over the sound system.

Jeff: What an excellent display of good sportsmanship… these two are true entertainers if you ask me.

Ryu: I admit, it was a hard fought match, and this little celebration tops it off.

Jonny asks for the mic from Samantha and she hands it over. He looks to Enigma and laughs.

Jonny Johnson: Welcome back, partner.

The two men embrace in a friendly hug, showing their friendship is in tact, and that Enigma is back and ready to go all out. The celebration however, is suddenly interupted as the “Slow Burn” is cut off by a different song…

“Make up your mind. Decide to walk with me…Around the Lake tonight… Around the lake tonight…”

Jonny and Enigma both confused look about the area, but its just the familiar song that Jonny knows all too well.

“By My side!”

The guitar sounds throughout the Steel Plant, as “Posseum Kingdom” by the Toadies plays. The music grows louder and suddenly the SHOOT Monitors turn on, revealing something…

Faded Memories Presents: The Demoralized Defiler.

The title slowly fades out revealing a wrestling ring, and more specifically Jonny Johnson is standing in that ring. He looks different however.. well slightly different from the Jonny that stands in the ring staring wide eyed at the big monitor.

[Jayson Howe: It doesn’t matter! Skull kicked out and the match continues.

Now all three men are on their feet and each waits for the other two to make a move. Skull makes a move first and runs toward Jonny. Duke quickly attacks Skull from behind but Skull elbows Duke in the face, sending him back into the corner. Jonny side steps Skull and locks him in a sleeper hold.

Phil Network: Jonny now resorting back to bringing the big man down by use of a submission hold.

Jayson Howe: It worked the first time, when Skull was at full steam. Now all three men are worn down and I don’t think any of them can take much more.

Phil Network: Skull is definitely showing signs of weariness, and Jonny doesn’t look to be letting go of the hold anytime soon.

Skull slumps to the mat as Jonny applies pressure with the sleeper hold. Alex McCormick lifts Skulls hand up and it falls back down. Alex McCormick lifts Skull’s hand again, and once more it falls back down. As Alex McCormick lifts Skull’s hand the third time….

Jonny sees Jessica running down to the ring. Jonny lets go of the hold and stares at Jessica, his eyes gazing into hers.

Jayson Howe: What is she doing down here now? This match has absolutely nothing to do with Fame and Fortune in the slightest!

Phil Network: I’m as confused as you are Jayson.

Jessica walks around ring side and gets a mic. Jonny’s eyes remained locked on her. Jessica looks on at Jonny, a sad and worried look on her face.

Jessica: Jonny, baby, I’ve been watching you and I’ve seen what this federation has done to you. The truth is Jonny I came back to the AODWF in order to be back with you. Jonny we can get you help and everything will be fine. You have gone off the deep end and I’m here to bring you back. Jonny I care about you, and I know I walked out on you before, but the truth is I still love you Jonny!

The fans begin to chant slut and other such insults. Jessica shakes her head and continues to speak.

Jessica: Don’t listen to them Jonny, I’m here for you now. I’m back, come with me, and it will all go back to the way it used to be.

Jonny gazes at Jessica, showing no emotion what-so-ever. The fans shout for Jonny not to trust her, as Jessica inches closer to the ring. Jonny bends his head down for a moment. There is complete silence for a minute and then Jonny raises his head, a look of confusion on his face. Jessica smiles slightly and walks into the ring. Jonny opens up his arms, signaling for Jessica to come to him.

Jessica: Oh, Jonny! It will all be made right, I assure you.

Jessica runs to Jonny to embrace him. As she gets into his arms, Jonny grabs Jessica by the hair and pulls her head back.

Jonny Johnson: You’re right, it WILL all be made right.

Suddenly Jonny delivers Jessica to the mat with a reverse DDT! Jessica falls hard to the mat, in a lot of pain. Jonny pushes her out of the ring, where Lucky D. goes to attend to her.]

The footage is played over and over and over again as “Possum Kingdom” continues to play. After about the fifth time of showing this Jessica getting nailed by Jonny Johnson, it freezes on the fallen Jessica lying in the ring motionless. Jonny looks on, his face showing an emotion that none could possibly comprehend. Enigma tries to comfort Jonny but he is unresponsive. He continues to stare at the freeze-framed image and that’s when a voice over comes in…

Voice: I bet you’re wishing you never did that….

And with that the screen goes static, and then to black. The fans have been silenced with confusion and a mixture of other emotions. Jonny stands completely still, as if put into a coma. He then drops to his knees and rolls out of the ring, and with that he’s gone. Enigma looks on banging his hand on the turnbuckles…

Ryu: A debut match turned sour… but why?

Jeff: Well I think both Jonny and Enigma know what’s up, that was old footage from the day Jonny Johnson won the Intercontinental Title in the AODWF.

Ryu: Ah, so the plot thickens?

Jeff: I don’t really know for sure, I didn’t come into this business until that place shut down. I’m just basing off the way both Jonny and Enigma reacted… something is definitely up.

Enigma, showing anger and concern takes his leave from the ring as well, heading after Jonny.

Ryu Kosi: You clearly know better than I do on this one… Well as we get ready for our next match between Chaos and Innovator of Pain...

(Suddenly the lights dims as the house lights are replaced by a green light. Laser lights are hitting the entranceway as the beginning of NERD's "Lapdance (Paul Oakenfold Swordfish Mix)" plays... "Dirty dawg... I'm a dirty dawg..."

Ryu Kosi: What the hell?

(The music, not being any regular theme song of the SHOOT Project competitors, plays as it stops repeating and hits the bass note, leading into the lyrics...)

"I'm an outlaw...

Quick on the draw...

Something you've never seen before...

And I dare a motherfucker to come in my face..."

(With that, Chris Lee, dressed up in a nice light grey Armani jacket in black smooth slacks in black dress shoes, comes out, strutting to the dancy, hip-hop Neptunes production. The Japanese fans in attendance begin to cheer as Chris greets as many fans at ringside as he can by shaking or slapping their hand, while maintaining his groove as he dance struts down the entrance.)

Ryu Kosi: New music... again.

Jeff Hansen: I think it fits Chris. He seems to like it... but where's Maria?

Ryu Kosi: That's what I have been wondering since he's stepped out. He's never without Maria. This is like the first time she hasn't escorted her man to ringside in quite a while.

(Chris begins to step up the stairs, moving in a Shawn Michaels-esque fashion as he jumps over the rope, landing in the ring as he hops a bit after the jump. He goes over to the corner nearest to the timekeeper's table as he asks for the microphone from Samantha Coil. She gladly walks over and hands it to him as he heads into the middle of the ring.)

Jeff Hansen: This could be interesting, Ryu.

Ryu Kosi: Right, Jeff. If he comes out in this fashion, you know he has something on his mind. He usually saves his words and feelings for the ring.

(Chris takes center stage as the house lights come back up and the music gradually fades out. Most of the fans are cheering as Chris begins to speak.)

Lee: Konnichiha!

(The fans yell it back to him, greeting him in return.)

(NOTE: Chris Lee starts speaking in Japanese throughout his interview. In the English version of the tape of this show, English subtitles are placed on the bottom of the screen for non-Japanese speaking viewers.)

Lee: I hope you're having a great time here so far. I try my best as commissioner to work with Jason Johnson and put out a great card for you fans. Being out of the ring as allowed Maria and myself to go back to the States and spend time with my son, who just started school. You should have seen his face the day we escorted him to Kindegarten for the first day. He was so excited, so eager to learn, it just made me remember that I was a father, that I was proud of my son taking his first steps into becoming an adult. With him going to school, it makes me proud that he didn't want to hang on to his parents, not wanting to leave, not wanting to take that step forward. He was happy to go. He has grown up so much without Maria and myself to be around him as of late.

Lee: You see, I've been selfish for the past nine months. I've been thinking about nothing but my career. Sure, this place is underground, but it was my step to come back from the game after a six-month abscence and hopefully show the world I have what it takes still. However, I didn't think about my son. I didn't think about how, when I was a kid, that my father was never around when I was growing up. I would visit him every six months while my father was wrestling in Mexico and mainly in Japan. It was just my mother, my two siblings, and myself. Now, with Maria and I gone, it's just my son and his grandparents left. He loves us, as far as Maria and I know, but even when I loved my father, I still harbored resentment for him because he wasn't really in my life. Now, I'm doing the same to my kid. No matter how much I tried not to be, I ended up like my father. Now I know how my father felt when he was far away from his family, wanting to be there for him, but at the same time, trying to support your family while living your dream of being a professional wrestler at the same time. I could blame the promoters in the States for not thinking my father would be superstar material, I could blame my father for choosing Japan for being his stomping ground, but blaming anyone would be pointless. I am who I am as a result, and I think I turned out pretty well, better than some people here in SHOOT.

Lee: But I'm not retiring. This isn't a retirement speech or my last night here in SHOOT, even though certain people in the back would love to see that happen. There's new blood and old blood that has entered the doors here in SHOOT, and I'm glad to see that SHOOT is still thriving of energy throughout the good and bad times. I thought being a commissioner would be my final act here in SHOOT, to serve and make you fans happy while being there for my son more times of the day.

Lee: However, there's one thing that lit a fire up on my ass. It was one Ed Raymond. I read his article, and there was so many things that I agreed with. You know, I thought it was just me, but I'm sure everyone agrees with me when I say that Singular Evilness really does suck!

(The crowd cheers, agreeing with him. Chris nods his head with a satisfied smile, knowing he's not the only one who thinks that way. He leans over to the announcing table, to see them trying to remain professional, holding in their smiles and laughter.)

Lee: But I don't really want to waste time speaking about them. I've just wasted ten seconds of quality time when I could have been speaking about Maria's breast size, but since she's back in the States, taking care of our son, I just had to comment on the level of stupidity in those two Comic Relief rejects.

Lee: Getting back to the subject, Ed Raymond said one thing, however, that made me think. The SHOOT Project championship has been tainted. It's been desecrated, it's been devalued, it hasn't been the great title that once was in the past. It probably started with me and Master of the Mat, where I won the title only to lose it to Stoned Cold. I blew it then. Not only was I not ready physically, after being sexed up by Maria for a good week, I wasn't ready mentally. I overlooked Stoned Cold and as a result, I lost the title. Then, Stoned Cold is stripped of the title in a week's time because of his "special" work with our nothing-but-silent partners here in SHOOT. And I thought Del Carver could change that. I thought that that man could bring back honor and prestige to the SHOOT title. But there's one mistake he made: he made an open challenge. I talked him with the back, telling him this wasn't a great idea, but he told me that he had everything covered and reminded me that if the powers that be haven't given me a chance to shine, I wouldn't be former two-time Rising Star champion, former Rule of Surrender champion, former SHOOT Champion, and current commissioner. I agreed, because I had trust in Del. But I don't blame him... I blame Jeff Cross. He faked his own death to hopefully one day come back and win the SHOOT Championship? What a fuckin' ingrate. He got nowhere when he was first here, winning the Iron Fist title, I believe, and nothing more. He wasn't world-class material; he wasn't in the same category as Wolfson, Boyer, Skull, and the Real Deal. Fuck, I'll be honest, he wasn't in the same category as "The Boss" Chris Lee. Fuck, he still ain't in the same category as these guys, ESPECIALLY me.

Lee: But you see, I could understand why he faked his own death. I mean, the Yakuza would have killed him since he killed a member of their organization. But then he comes back? In Yakuza territory no less? Either this guy's got balls... or no fuckin' brain in that thick head of his. Sure, he comes back to surprise Del Carver, but he comes back and reveals himself only to let the Yakuza know that the asshole is still alive... and they STILL haven't done anything to off him yet. FUCK! If the Yakuza offed him, I wouldn't be the least bit sad.

Lee: But unfortunately, that's not the tip of the iceberg. THAT came when Ravage came back and his first match, wins the fuckin' title. I don't know how much cock he had to suck in order to get that opportunity, because he didn't earn that title shot through hard work and determination, let me tell you that. Unfortunately that wasn't one of the matches that I had signed, and I still don't know how that got past the SHOOT Project executive committee. However, he beat Jeff Cross, which doesn't say much, and now he's the SHOOT Project champion.

Lee: THAT was the last straw. Like Ed Raymond said, that title must gain back its honor and prestige it once had here when I was here. Fuck, a lot of these belts in the Project need more prestige. When I was here, the Rule of Surrender title meant something. The Rising Star MEANT something. The Iron Fist title... meant something. Uniting the titles was the most important thing in SHOOT history. Hopefully, these new guys will bring back that honor. Hopefully, Ben Jackman will use his greatness to rise the TRIAD division to its highest peak. And like Jackman, someone needs to bring the SHOOT title division to its highest peak. I can see Del Carver winning that title for a second time and bringing it to new heights, but if he doesn't, and either Jeff Cross wins it, or if Ravage somehow out of luck holds on to that damn title, and it looks like no one can step up to the plate and bring it back to the prestigious title it once was, then I guess that means I'll have to step up to the plate and do it myself. There's just so much I want to do before I retire from this industry, one of which is to bring back honor and prestige in the Project... but if I can't even do that, then I should retire. But I know that there's so much left in me, that if Carver or anyone else can't do the job that's necessary in reviving honor, then it'll just have to be. So Jeff Cross... Ravage... if you idiots somehow slither away with the SHOOT title, I'm stepping down from this executive job to take you out for good... and (in English) THAT'S THE WAAAAY... it's gonna be.

(Chris tosses the mic over to the announcing table where Samantha Coil catches the microphone. As "Lapdance" plays, Chris Lee nonchalantly walks over to the ropes, steps through the ropes, and walks back up the entranceway as the crowd cheers on. This time, he has a serious demeanor in him, without the notice of a strut as he came down beforehand.)

Jeff Hansen: Did you hear that, Ryu? If Del Carver does not win the SHOOT Project championship tonight, then Chris Lee will step down from commissioner and get back in the ring to win the SHOOT title for the honor of SHOOT Project's prestige.

Ryu Kosi: But what I'm wondering is: what IF Del Carver wins the title? Will he continue to be our commissioner, or will he get in the ring anyway?

Jeff Hansen: He didn't make that point clear, but I think he has enough respect and trust in Del Carver, that I think Chris thinks Del can bring back value in the SHOOT title if Del Carver manages to win it back.

Ryu Kosi: We were right, Jeff; it was interesting.

Jeff – Well Ryu it was only a week or two ago we were talking about IOP being a World Champion. He lost that one and has since been on a little losing streak. Have we seen the end of the most ruthless man in the Project?

Ryu – we may of, IOP needs this victory tonight, and he needs it more than Chaos does. If he were to lose god knows where he goes from here.

‘Cemetery Gates’ by Pantera boom out the PA. Innovator of Pain slowly comes down the aisle.

Jeff – this is not the IOP I know.

Ryu – he needs the big one tonight or else we may see the list of jobbers in shoot gain by one.

‘Born to be Wild’ by SteppinWolf booms out the PA. Chaos makes his way to the ring.

Ryu – well here is a man who has it all to gain. A win over the Innovator would certainly hold him in good with the Project bosses

Jeff – here we go then. Chaos takes on the IOP, both men are about the same in height and weight so it should be a good one…

IOP drops Chaos with a Gorilla Press Slam on the mat.

Ryu – well we did not have to wait long for that.

Chaos gets to his feet. Innovator of Pain tackles Chaos and pummels his head. Chaos counters with an illegal chokehold on IOP. Innovator of Pain bounces Chaos off the ropes and clotheslines him.

Jeff – my god what a clothesline.

Chaos goes for a pumphandle slam but IOP dodges the attack and hiptosses Chaos to the mat. IOP goes to pull Chaos up but Chaos kicks IOP into the stomach and flips to his feet. Chaos executes knee right to the gut of Innovator. Chaos tosses IOP into the ropes. Innovator of Pain with a high crossbody on Chaos. But Chaos reverses it into a slam into the mat.

Jeff – what power shown there by Chaos.

Chaos kicks IOP in the groin.

Ryu – and he can play dirty as well…damn.

Chaos pulls IOP to his feet, places him on the turnbuckle, and executes a front-layout superplex.

Jeff – ooo that had to hurt. As I said before IOP is not looking like the man he used to be, a former champion a former number one contender.

Ryu – and soon to be number one Jobber if he does not…

Chaos hits IOP with a headbutt to the mid-section.

Ryu – do something quick…pin. ...1 ...2 Innovator of Pain escapes.

Innovator slowly gets to his feet and brings the advancing Chaos to his knees with a blow to the groin. Innovator of Pain is trying to put Chaos away with a choke sleeper.

Jeff – surely not, the Referee is checking for a tap out…

Ryu - Innovator of Pain tightens the hold...

Jeff – I think Chaos is going to tap…

Ryu – No, he has reached the ropes…

Innovator of Pain breaks the hold. IOP rolls to the floor and brings Chaos with him.

Jeff – this is a normal match up so the Ref is counting…

IOP throws a chair at Chaos, which Chaos catches, and IOP nails a foot right to the chair knocking Chaos to the floor…IOP gets some camera wire and wraps it around Chaos’s neck…

Ryu – the ref has stopped the count and come to ringside…1…2…3…4…IOP releases the wire and tosses Chaos back into the ring.

Jeff – looks as if IOP still wants it enough Ryu.

Chaos standing. IOP comes into the ring and is met with a boot to the face. Chaos applies a nerve hold on IOP…

Jeff – my god that came out of nowhere.

Ryu - the Ref is checking for a tap out... IOP tries to escape...

(AHHHH!) ... (AHHHH!) ...

Jeff – listen to those screams.

Ryu – but IOP is fighting the hold and he escapes.

Chaos is livid. He pulls IOP to his feet and tiger suplexes Innovator of Pain. Chaos gets up. Chaos knees Innovator of Pain and rolls back to his feet.

Jeff – it is all Chaos now

IOP slowly gets to his feet. Chaos bounces off the ropes, Innovator of Pain clotheslines Chaos.

Ryu – what a clothesline, he nearly decapitated Chaos there.

IOP stomps on Chaos. He bounces off the ropes and drives a knee into the back of Chaos.

Jeff – the worm has turned.

Ryu – I do not think IOP would like you calling him a worm.

Innovator of Pain gets up. He pulls Chaos into the centre of the ring. He wraps the legs of Chaos up and slaps on a crossface.

Jeff – nobody has with stood this before. The ref looks for the tap…

Ryu – Chaos is fighting it.

Jeff – He reaches the ropes…the ref calls for the break.

IOP picks Chaos up and Chaos is bounced off the ropes and hit with a backdrop diver. IOP slingshot elbow drops Chaos. IOP picks up Chaos and throws him into the ropes. Chaos ducks the attempted clothesline and hits IOP with a spinebuster slam on the way back.

Jeff – oh my god, IOP never expected that.

Ryu – a move out of desperation there by Chaos but what an equaliser to pull off.

Both men move to there feet. Innovator of Pain takes a slap to the face from Chaos.

Jeff – my god the handbags will be out next.

Chaos tosses IOP off the ropes and hits a clothesline from hell on IOP. Chaos goes to the top and hits IOP with a Flying Elbowdrop. Chaos makes the cover with a rolling reverse cradle.

Ryu - ...1 ...2 ...3 , I do not believe it, how did IOP lose from that position…

Jeff – the streak continues for the Innovator of Pain.

Jeff – Well Ryu The MadMen are up next and they go up against Singular Evilness in what should be an outstanding match up.

Ryu – The MadMen are the current Shoot Project Tag Champs and Singular Evilness is off the back of an impressive showing last week. The only question I have is why this is not a sanctioned Title Match.

Jeff – well who knows Johnson obviously think Singular Evilness have not proved themselves yet and need the victory over the Tag Champs to get the title shot.

“I Hope You Die” by The Bloodhound Gang pounds over the sound system.

Jeff – and her comes Amish and the Laughing man. They are not the biggest of Tag-Teams but what they lack in height they make up with their technical and unorthodox approach

they climb into the ring

Jeff – and there is the Madmen music and I am really looking forward to this match, it should be a hum dinger…

Ryu – that is the MadMen tune but no MadMen, what is going on…wait…out of the crowd…

Jeff – Fist and Dutchman roll under the bottom rope and with a double bulldog flatten Evilness into the mat. Both men pound on Amish and Laughingman…the referee intervenes and it will be Fist and Laughing man squaring off first, What a start to this match

Ryu – well Evilness are going to have to work hard and together, this is their one chance to show what they have, and put it against the Shoot Champions

Laughing Man is up, he kicks Fist in the stomach and comes off the ropes dropping Fist with a sliding kick to the shins. Laughing Man gets back to his feet and drops a big elbow onto the head of the Fist. Laughing man quickly climbs the turnbuckle and launches off the top. The Fist gets up, catches Laughingman in mid air, and tosses him into his corner.

Jeff – That was so close so early in the match up. But Fist just tossed him to the side their like a rag-doll

Ryu – you are not going to beat the big guy like that. Especially being the size laughing man is.

The Fist tags in Flying Dutchman.

Ryu – Fist has had enough, in comes the Dutchman.

Laughing man comes off the ropes, Dutchman ducks the clothesline attempt, Laughingman comes back off the ropes and a sweet hiptoss by Dutchman takes Laughing man to the mat. Dutchman slaps on an armdrag on Laughing man. Fist leaps over the top rope dropping a huge leg over the mid-section of Laughing man.

Jeff – did you see how the bigman just leaped that top rope?

Ryu – a sweet double team there, but the ref seeing it is warning Fist. The Fist tagged in by Flying Dutchman. The Fist with a powerful choke lift on Laughing Man. The Fist covers Laughing Man hooking the leg. Ref counts. ...1 ...2 Laughing Man kicks out.

Jeff - We almost had a winner. How did the smaller man manage to kick out?

Ryu – nonchalant cover by Fist but things are getting hot down here Jeff

The Fist tags Flying Dutchman. Flying Dutchman hits Laughing Man with a double underhook piledriver right into the mat. The Fist with a powerful choke lift on Laughing Man.

Jeff - Laughing Man is being double-teamed!

Ryu – and the quick tags by the Madmen are awesome. Here comes Amish.

Amish throws punches at Dutchman then Fist, then Dutchman. Amish throws Fist off the ropes and clotheslines him to the floor. Fist rolls out the ring. Dutchman and Laughing man are both on the mat. Amish goes back to his corner.

Jeff – well Amish came in and cleaned up, giving his partner the chance to recover.

Ryu – did you see Amish clothesline Fist to the deck, now that was impressive?

Laughing Man slowly pulls himself to the corner and makes the tag to Bin Amish. Bin Amish hits Flying Dutchman with a heart punch. Bin Amish comes off the ropes with a high crossbody on Flying Dutchman. Amish now sits on Dutchman…1…2…3…4…5…6 punches to the side of the face. Amish comes off the ropes but a kick from the Fist outside to Amish’s head slows him down and he falls to the mat.

Jeff – Amish was on fire there.

Ryu – yeah but what an equaliser.

Flying Dutchman tags The Fist. Flying Dutchman piledrives Bin Amish. Flying Dutchman punches Bin Amish repeatedly. Bin Amish is tossed off the ropes and is met by a double boot to the stomach and then a double DDT. Fist starts to taunt Laughing man and that brings him into the ring but the ref see’s this and confronts him.

Jeff – rookie mistake there Ryu, the MadMen knew exactly what they were doing there and the plan worked a treat.

Ryu – you cannot beat experience. Bin Amish is being worked over in the corner by the MadMen and there is not allot Laughing Man can do.

The Fist makes the tag to Flying Dutchman. The Fist clotheslines Laughing Man and follows that with a powerful choke lift on Laughing Man.

Jeff – A little, see you later from the Fist there.

Ryu – this is exactly how they are the best, why they are tag-team champions.

Flying Dutchman suplexes Laughing Man. Flying Dutchman is back on his feet. Bin Amish comes into the ring and DDT’s Dutchman into the mat.

Jeff – well, what do you make of that.

Ryu – the ease in which he done it was amazing.

Laughing man and Dutchman get to their feet, Dutchman takes a swing at Laughing man, which he ducks, and nails Dutchman with a clothesline…Laughing man slowly makes his way to the corner, as does Dutchman

Jeff – both men tag. Amish and Fist go at it hammer and tong.

Amish and Fist exchange rights and lefts. Amish punches Fist in the groin and Fist drops to his knees. Amish homes in on Fists head with a kick and Fist hits the mat hard. Amish throws a flurry of punches into the back of Fist. He dropkicks the now standing Fist out of the ring.

Jeff – did you see that Amish just dropkicked the bigman out of the ring?

Ryu – there is allot of weight behind those kicks.

Amish leaps over the top rope and onto the prone Fist. Dutchman and Laughing man both come round the ring. All four men are exchanging blows. Laughing man throws Dutchman into the security fencing and follows up with a knee to the back.

Ryu – the ref has started a ten count so both teams better watch.

Bin Amish takes Fist off his feet with a short-arm clothesline Bin Amish picks Fist up and rolls him back into the ring.

Jeff – that was close, the ref had reached eight.

Ryu – this Bin Amish has impressed me the way he is treating the bigger man.

Amish tosses Fist off the ropes and drops him with a drop kick. He climbs the turnbuckle and launches an elbow into the prone Fist. He pulls Fist to his feet and throws him into the corner; he follows him but Fist moves out of the way and Amish bounces off the corner and onto the mat.

Jeff – my god he hit that pillar hard.

Ryu – both men are hurting now and with Dutchman still out at ringside, Fist has no tag.

Fist knifehand chops Bin Amish then pokes Bin Amish in the eyes. The Fist punches Amish repeatedly.

Jeff – Dutchman is up on the apron. The Fist tags Flying Dutchman. The Dutchman leaps over the ropes dropkicking Amish to the mat. Amish scrambles to his corner and tags in the Laughing man.

Jeff – desperation move by Amish there.

Ryu – it is called survival.

Flying Dutchman uses a snap mare takeover on Laughing Man and quickly tags in Fist. The Fist with a powerful choke lift on Laughing Man and follows that up with a flurry of punches. In comes Amish again and The Fist gets hit with a desperation double suplex by Singular Evilness. Laughing Man is back on his feet, Amish is shown to his corner. The Fist gets back to his feet. Laughing man and the Fist lock up and jostle for position. Laughing man punches but it is blocked and countered by Fist. The Fist punches Laughing Man repeatedly. Bin Amish leaps over the top rope and hits a fall away slam on The Fist.

Ryu – Give this team their due, they are always there for the save.

Laughing Man nails Fist with a springboard bulldog.

Jeff – Fist looks out of it. He needs a tag.

The Fist punches Laughing Man repeatedly. They lockup. The Fist sends Laughing Man to the corner of the ring. The Fist clotheslines Laughing Man.

Ryu – where does he get the energy?

The Fist pulls Laughing man to his feet and throws him into the ropes. Laughing Man comes back off the ropes and connects with a flying knee. The Fist goes down. Laughing man hits the top turnbuckle and hits The Fist with a diving elbow slam.

Jeff – Fist needs help here. Here comes the Dutchman.

Ryu – but Amish cut him off and takes him to the floor. The ref follows them to the floor. Laughing man has a chair…

Jeff – the bigman has been sent to the canvas, this is over. The Fist looks to be out cold!

The Fist is hit with the shooting star press from Laughing Man.

Ryu – the ref is back in the ring ...1 ...2 ...No…No…The Fist powers out of the pin.

Fist slowly gets to his feet. Laughing man runs to the turnbuckle and launches off…

Jeff – Fist caught him and choked slammed him in mid-air…

Ryu – this is over…1…2…3 Fist has the win, and an impressive kick out by the big man.

Jeff – this was almost an upset…the 6’10 monster the Fist had been pinned by the 5’8” Laughing man, but with a huge kick out followed by the finisher and Laughing man just became the crying man.

Ryu – you could say the Fist made a laughing stock out of Singular Evilness.

Jeff – well the call was put out and it was answered and in what style…

In the depths of the AKITA Steel Plant, Column Writer Ed Raymond is seen walking down one of the hallways. Again he looks about with a somewhat disgusted look, as the hallway isn’t furnished; pipes and electrical wiring are sticking out of the walls in various places. He shakes his head but continues on, still getting a feel for everything. From the opposite direction, Jason Showtime comes walking, rubbing the back of his neck in slight pain. He looks up and sees the familiar face and smiles.

Jason Showtime: Boy am I glad to see you.

Raymond nods his head and extends a friendly hand. The two men shake hands.

Ed Raymond: Nice work out there, Jason. Glad to see one of the National Independent guys showed up and stuck it to their opponent.

Jason Showtime: Well It wouldn’t be very “Main Attraction” of me to completely ignore my debut match. So I impressed you this week yeah?

Raymond smirks nodding his head as he pats Jason Showtime on the back.

Ed Raymond: You bet you did, pal. Now keep that up and don’t fall short like Eric Flaherty and Kyle Ricks did this week. Show these SHOOT guys what you’re bringing to the table!

Showtime nods his head, which causes a slight pain from his match previously in the night. He shakes it off though and continues down the hall, most likely heading for the locker room area or to get fixed up. Just as Raymond turns around he sees Roland the Dark passing by him. He finishes wrapping his hands with medical tape and doesn’t pay much attention to Raymond; he is focused on his match.

Ed Raymond: Whoa, hold up there Roland. You’re just the guy I wanted to see.

Roland looks towards Raymond with a raised eyebrow.

Roland the Dark: Yeah? What do you want?

Raymond seems a bit intimidated by the Rising Star Champion but continues on.

Ed Raymond: Well I was just thinking, you have a title defense in a moment… but what then? Say you beat Trey Willett and continue to be the Rising Star Champion… what then?

Roland begins to speak, but Raymond continues right over him.

Ed Raymond: I’ll tell you what then… The Rules of Surrender Championship belt. Imagine it, a unification match at Under Siege… and there is a good chance you could take both those belts.

Roland scratches the bottom of his chin as he thinks about that.

Roland the Dark: Yeah, you’re right, I could. Whether it is Eryk Masters or John Matthews, I could take both those fuckers. And then, The Iron Fist title would be next on the list…

Raymond suddenly goes wide eyed and shakes his head “no.”

Ed Raymond: Woah, wait a minute there, Roland. Don’t get too ahead of yourself, you aren’t Ben Jackman’s level yet. Just think about winning tonight, and then you should concentrate on getting a match against the Rules of Surrender Champion… Trust me, I know these things.

And with that said, Ed Raymond gives Roland the Dark a friendly pat on the back, but Roland seems a bit angry with the treatment he received from Raymond. Raymond continues on now, and seemingly out of no where, Strayt Jakit shows up, a big grin on his face.

Strayt Jakit: Hey there Ed Raymond. I’m Strayt Jakit the DOJO champion.

Raymond nods his head politely and continues walking. Strayt Jakit persues him.

Strayt Jakit: I know you write that column, and I know you don’t like me too much…. But I know I can improve. Besides I heard you talking to Roland, and telling him good things so… you have any things to say to me?

Strayt Jakit looks to Ed Raymond with a hopeful smile. Raymond ponders the question for a moment, and then nods his head.

Ed Raymond: As a matter of fact, I do have something to say… Do you know where Ben Jackman is right now? I want to give him an early congratulation on defending the title if I don’t see him later.

Raymond then just walks off down the hall, completely blowing Strayt Jakit off. Strayt Jakit balls up his fist with anger as the action returns back inside the ring.

Outside the arena, the darkness devours men into nothingness. This is where the camera is found, tracking Trey Willett. It seems that Trey Willett is nowhere to be found during his match. Around the corner, we see a couple of fans, making "Love" in an alley by the plant. Just a few feet away, Trey is smoking a cigarette. The camera finds him and slowly walks up to him, careful not to disturb the love-struck couple. Trey takes a drag of his cigarette and looks at the camera.

"It's cute isn't it? I mean really. All I wanted to do was come out here and smoke a cigarette. A little mental preparation if you will before my match. But apparently that won't happen. I suppose I should get back in there for my match."

Trey takes the cameraman along a long twisting maze of alleyways to get the back entrance of the plant. The two men walk backstage to find Trey's dressing area. Trey finds a small hospitality table, with coffee and stale doughnuts. Trey takes a cup of the coffee and finds his area. Inside, the tape of Roland the Dark's match last week is playing. He has run the reel a couple of times, and smiles at the cameraman. Trey gets up and puts a piece of ice in his smoldering hot coffee, and turns the tv back off. Trey walks over to the bag with his stuff in it. He pulls out his gear and talks as He laces his boots.

"Well, tonite's the night for my title. Roland is going to lose his title to me, then I'm off to next week, most likely to defend my newly won title. It's time this federation knew not to take me lightly. The match, my life, my career, this federation, is well in hand. It's go time..."

As Trey finishes putting on his pads and such, he leaves the room with his coffee in one hand, and the other hand messing with his hair. With a confident stare, Trey walks to the backstage area by the ramp, and waits for his music to hit.

Rising Star Title Bout: Roland The Dark © v. Trey Willett


("Wake Up" by Rage Against the Machine is heard over the arena sound system…the impressive Roland The Dark stalks to the ring, the Rising Star Championship belt securely around his waist. Roland slowly pulls himself on to the apron, steps over the top rope and raises his arms over his head as the crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 258 pounds…here is your SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION: ROLAND THE DARK!”

("South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground starts to play….Trey Willett emerges from the dressing room and walks to the ring, his face expressionless…)

Samantha: “And NOW the challenger…approaching the ring…standing at 6 feet tall and weighing in at 236 pounds…here is …TREY WILLETT!”

Ryu: “Willett looks pretty calm for a guy who is walking into what is probably the biggest match of his life!”

Jeff: “Willett has every reason to be confident…he’s been on quite a tear here in Shoot since his debut…but that ends TONIGHT, I think. Roland the Dark is a whole new level of competition for Mr. Willett, and we’re about to find out how much of a RISING STAR he really is.”

Ryu: “Very true. Roland is BIG, TOUGH, and he has every intention of hanging on to that belt of his.”

Jeff: “Both men now facing each other…while that ominous 15 foot ladder towers over them…which has the Rising Star Championship hanging above the ring …”

Ryu: “The bell rings… HERE WE GO!”

Jeff: “Brawl right after the bell to start us off…elbow by Roland The Dark, right by Trey Willett, elbow by Roland The Dark, right by Trey Willett, elbow by Roland The Dark, right by Trey Willett, elbow by Roland The Dark is cut short by a knee from Trey Willett…right cross into the ropes…reversal…Trey Willett rolls under Roland The Dark's kick…Trey Willett grabs a waistlock…standing switch by Roland The Dark…back elbow out by Trey Willett, back elbow out…off the ropes but into a POWERHOUSE CLOTHESLINE from Roland The Dark! Trey Willett rolls outside!!”

Ryu: “Willett was making a half decent account of himself in that slugfest with Roland…which is no easy feat…but that nice clothesline from Roland put an end to that!”

Jeff: “The crowd comes to their feet in appreciation for the champion…fans starting to chant ‘RTD…RTD…RTD…”

Ryu: “Roland has had enough waiting for Trey Willett…so he slides under the bottom rope and goes after him…he fires a big roundhouse…Willett side-steps and throws a rabbit punch to the back of Roland’s head…Roland staggered momentarily…Trey Willett pulls Roland The Dark…a whip is reversed and Trey Willett collides with the ringpost!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark with a stabbing right cross to the jaw of the dazed Trey Willett…now smacking his head to the apron…going for the suplex…and drops him gut first on the security barrier!”

Ryu: “DAMN! Roland The Dark just left him hanging over the barricade! He’s done that before…he gets a guy up in the air for what you THINK is going to be a suplex…but then he just DROPS the guy!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark with a clubbing forearm to the back of Trey Willett…now climbing up on the apron…jumps and drops the leg on Trey Willett's back!”

Ryu: “I bet Willett is wishing he hadn’t bailed outside the ring now…this is old hat for Roland!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark grabs Trey Willett and rolls him into the ring…picks him up…whip is reversed…and Roland The Dark runs RIGHT into the ladder HEAD FIRST!”

Ryu: “Ha Ha Ha! The LADDER gets in it’s first offensive move of the night…and it’s a DOOZY! Roland cracks his head right on the ladder!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett takes charge now…kicking Roland The Dark with precision like karate kicks to the midsection! Now Trey Willett locks on a front chancery and BEAL TOSSES Roland The Dark over the top rope out onto the floor!”

Ryu: “VERY impressive…but also kind of dumb. Trey didn’t do so well with Roland LAST time they went out there!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett takes the ladder now…fires it DOWN from inside the ring onto the prone Roland The Dark!…Trey Willett unfolds up the ladder…climbs up…”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! Trey jumped off the ladder…over the top rope…down to the floor and landed a legdrop across the BACK of Roland The Dark!”

Jeff: “The crowd on their feet in admiration as we check out the replay of that amazing aerial move by Trey Willett…Willett now rolls the stunned Roland The Dark back in the ring…Trey Willett in control…shoves Roland The Dark back into the corner…and starts laying in some sharp knife edge chops to the chest…now Willett throws Roland The Dark into the ropes…HIGH drop-kick by Willett sends Roland snapping back to the mat! Trey climbing the ladder…now JUMPING off and landing a flying elbow to the back of the head of Roland…from the TOP OF THE LADDER!”


Jeff: “Trey Willett collects the ladder now…lifts it over his head…and DRIVES it into Roland The Dark's leg!”

Ryu: “Roland grabbing his knee in pain…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett staying on the attack…he starts stomping away on Roland The Dark’s leg....Trey Willett pulls him up…Roland The Dark limping badly…Trey Willett grabs him by the leg and SPIKES his knee into the canvas…Roland The Dark fires back with a wild roundhouse…answered with a right jab by Trey Willett, right cross by Roland The Dark…another right jab by Trey Willett…now he grabs Roland The Dark and whips him into the opposite corner…reversed…Roland the Dark lifts Trey Willett over his head…PRESS SLAM!”

Ryu: “Nice comeback by Roland The Dark! Awesome power!”

Jeff: “On the canvas…Trey Willett delivers a sharp kick to the back of Roland’s knee and Roland The Dark's is down again…now Trey Willett pulls him to his feet…vertical suplex!”

Ryu: “You can tell that Willett is aware the only way he’s going to be able to counterbalance Roland’s power is by taking his legs out from underneath him!”

Jeff: “That’s a smart strategy…Roland looks a bit winded after that vertical suplex from Willett…”

Ryu: “Trey Willett takes advantage of the opportunity to get the ladder…”

Jeff: “Willett taking too long! Roland The Dark is back up…and kicks the ladder right into Trey Willett’s face!…Trey Willett quickly springs into the ladder and runs it into Roland The Dark's head!”

Ryu: “These guys are really using the ladder as a weapon now!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett has the ladder set up underneath the title belt...but Roland The Dark quickly grabs it and shakes it…sending Trey Willett sprawling to the mat! Roland The Dark pulls Trey Willett to his feet and throws him into the ropes…backbreaker! Roland The Dark placed Trey Willett’s body on the ladder…and Roland The Dark comes off the ropes with a HIGH elbow smash onto Trey Willett…driving his back into the ladder!…Roland The Dark sets up the ladder for HIS try at the belt…”

Ryu: “Trey Willett climbs the other side of that ladder…right by Roland The Dark…right by Trey Willett…right by Roland The Dark…”

Jeff: “Both men slugging it out on top of that ladder!”

Ryu: “I think I’m going to get motion sickness just from watching this! That ladder rocking wildly back and forth while both guys hang on and try to gain the advantage without falling off…”

Jeff: “Trey Willett starting to reel from the massive shots to the head from Roland…Roland is firing off repeated jack-hammer like shots to the head of Trey Willett, and Trey is no longer able to answer back! Another…another…another…and DOWN GOES TREY WILLETT!”

Ryu: “With a vengeance! Roland just pounded the snot right out of him!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark climbing up to the top of the ladder…looks like this one is OVER…NO! OH MY GAWD! Roland comes off the TOP OF THE LADDER with a FLYING LEG DROP!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP! Willett just took a leg drop from a 260 guy off a 15 foot ladder!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark is slowly back up...and now the ladder is as well. Roland The Dark slowly climbs…Trey Willett up from behind…pulling him back to the mat!”

Ryu: “This Willett doesn’t have any quit in him! I figured after that leg drop off the top he’d be done for! What is Trey Willett doing?”

Jeff: “Trey Willett folds the ladder up and puts it into the corner…grabs Roland The Dark…he’s going to whip him back first into that ladder…but the whip is reversed and it's TREY WILLETT hitting the ladder!…Roland The Dark pulls Trey Willett out and puts the ladder on top of him Roland The Dark stomps on the ladder…runs…and drops ANOTHER BIG legdrop on that ladder while Trey Willett is underneath!”

Ryu: “You can tell Roland is really comfortable in his role as Rising Star champ and has learned all the tricks on how to use that ladder as a weapon!”

Jeff: “Both men are down once again…Roland The Dark is the first one up…but now Willett to his feet and manages to drop Roland The Dark with a running clothesline!…Trey Willett crawls back to the ladder…sets it up and climbs up…but Roland The Dark makes it up the other side! Both men meeting atop the ladder exchanging lefts and rights…AGAIN!”

Ryu: “Here we go again! Willett AGAIN getting staggered by punches from Roland…looks like he’s ready to fall…Roland the Dark stands up on the top of the ladder…NO!”

Jeff: “Willett was PLAYING POSSUM and he just fired a mini-clothesline across the back of the knees of Roland! ROLAND FALLS HEAD OVER HEELS FROM THE TOP OF THE LADDER…15 FEET TO THE MAT! WHAT A SICK BUMP!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett sees his shot and takes it…reaching…pulling himself up by the belt for support…trying to undo it…and undoing it! Ladies and gentlemen, we have a NEW RISING STAR CHAMPION!”

(The crowd explodes…"South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground begins to play, as the bell rings, pyro goes off and lights flash…)



Ryu: “Well, you can’t say he didn’t EARN it! Roland The Dark has been a hard worker and a steady hand here for a long time…what a HUGE win for Willett!”

Jeff: “While Trey Willett holds his newly won title belt over his head in celebration, Roland makes his way up the aisle…he looks very disappointed obviously, but let me tell you something…he has NOTHING to be ashamed of. Roland fought his ass off, he defended that belt with guts, and I can guarantee you…if he wants to…it won’t be long before he holds a Championship Title here in Shoot again…”

Ryu: And I tell you what, if THAT wasn’t a great match, we’ve got Eryk Masters taking on John Mathews NEXT.

Jeff: That’s right, and before we talk way too much, Samantha, take it away…

("Soldier" by Eminem begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…Eryk Masters emerges from the dressing room and begins to make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this match is for the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP…FIRSTLY on his way to ring the CHALLENGER…standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 245 pounds…Eryk Masters!”

Jeff: “They say this man is mentally unbalanced…but let me tell you something…he’s not STUPID…and he knows what a great opportunity this is for him…and crazy or NOT…I think Eryk wants this belt!”

Ryu: “Well if he DOESN’T then he really IS crazy…”

(The sound of Slim Shady slowly fades…“Walking Through Barbed Wire” by Papa Roach explodes across the arena as John Mathews stalks confidently down the aisle …)

Samantha: “Now the CHALLENGER…standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighing in at 259 pounds…here is your RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION……JOHN MATHEWS!”

Jeff: “The champion wasting no time…he climbs into the ring and hands his belt over to the ref…the two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Ryu: “Starting off with a test of strength, looks like… NO! Eryk Masters fires a cutting karate style kick HARD into the champion’s leg!”

Jeff: “They try again, John Mathews takes a swipe at Masters, and misses. Another try, a big kick by Masters, and another, and a third drops John Mathews. HUGE kick to the jaw sends John Mathews to the outside! John Mathews takes his time on the outside…”

Ryu: “Mathews a bit shell shocked by the rapid fire kicks from the challenger!”

Jeff: “John Mathews looks a little pissed off…he’s pacing around on the outside…”

Ryu: “He sure is mad. In all of his matches here in Shoot Project so far, John Mathews has been the one setting the pace…who the hell does this nut job Masters think he is, coming in here like this? The Karate Kid?”

Jeff: “The ref warning John Mathews for stalling on the outside…Mathews and the ref exchange words…then Mathews climbs back in the ring. Another test of strength try, another kick by Masters! Mathews is FURIOUS! A second kick attempt by Masters is caught is by the champion…dragon-screw leg whip on Eryk Masters by John Mathews!”

Ryu: “HA! Masters got too cocky there…he went to the well once to often and paid the price! Did you see the TORQUE that the champion got on Master’s knee with that move! That’ll teach him!”

Jeff: “Now John Mathews with a headlock on the challenger…grinding it in…Eryk Masters shoots John Mathews off…HUGE shoulder block by John Mathews. Whip into the corner…John Mathews charges but Eryk Masters jumps to the top turnbuckle! Mathews hits the turnbuckles full speed and careens backwards…and Eryk Masters comes off with a springboard cross body!”

Ryu: “WOW!”

Jeff: “Both men scramble to their feet…spinning heel kick drops John Mathews. Eryk Masters pulls the champion to his feet…kick to the leg…forearm…whip into the ropes…clothesline attempt by Masters…but John Mathews ducks under it…clothesline attempt by the champ misses…he turns…grabs Masters from behind…German suplex folds Eryk Masters up!”

Ryu: “NICE! John Mathews drops a quick elbow on the challenger…then rams his head into the second turnbuckle. Short clothesline nearly takes Master's head off!”

Jeff: “Stomps by John Mathews onto the prone Eryk Masters…snap suplex! John Mathews with his FIRST SUBMISSION ATTEMPT…a Fujiwara armbar! Masters yelling in pain, but slowly gets to his feet…nice armdrag breaks the hold and takes down John Mathews!”

Ryu: “Beautiful sequence by these two!”

Jeff: “John Mathews is right back on his feet and FLOORS Eryk Masters with a huge elbow. John Mathews is right back up again, with a clothesline on the woozy challenger! The champion rams Eryk Masters head into the turnbuckle, HUGE knife edge chop… another one…”

Ryu: “Man the tide has really turned…John Mathews is just murdering him now. The champ is in control!”

Jeff: “Whip to the corner, John Mathews charges in after Eryk Masters…but MASTERS GETS THE BOOT UP! The champ snaps back…stunned momentarily…Eryk Masters goes to the top…Swandive Headbutt MISSES!”

Ryu: “Whoa!”

Jeff: “The champ wasn’t stunned enough to stay in position for that headbutt…he moved…now he nails Masters with a legdrop. Now THE CHAMP goes up to the top…Splash! HE NAILED HIM…and now John Mathews stays right on him…and locks on a STEP-OVER-TOE-HOLD-FACELOCK!”

Ryu: “STF! STF! The champ has the WICKED submission hold on Eryk Masters…and he's right in the middle of the ring!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters thrashing around like an animal caught in a trap…he may have gotten nailed by a top rope splash and then cinched up in this submission hold…but he’s not going down without a fight!”

Ryu: “Masters slowly makes his way to the ropes…pulling himself forward inch by inch with his fingernails! Mathews doing everything he can to prevent it…but Eryk Masters reaches them! He got to the ropes!”

Jeff: “John Mathews breaks the hold under orders from the ref...John Mathews stays on the challenger and rams Eryk’s head into the turnbuckle…follows up with a BIG knife edge chop…another…boot to the gut…right cross to the jaw…now a powerful whip to the opposite corner…John Mathews charges…but Masters whirls and elbows Mathews in the face! Eryk Masters goes to the top…but John Mathews isn’t having any of that…he shoves him off to the outside!”

Ryu: “WOW! That’s TWICE that Masters has temporarily gained the advantage and then BLOWN it by going to the top!”

Jeff: “Masters is laying prone on the concrete outside and holding his arm. I think he landed right on his arm Ryu! John Mathews to the outside…he sees that he has injured the arm of Eryk Masters and he zeroes in on it! Arm wrench on Eryk Masters…now John Mathews runs the shoulder of Eryk Masters right into the steel pole!”

Ryu: “Great strategy by John Mathews…he saw a weakness and he jumped on it!”

Jeff: “John Mathews rolls Eryk Masters back in the ring…picks him up… shoulderbreaker! Now John Mathews is stomping on that injured arm of Eryk Masters! John Mathews has now secures both of Eryk's arms and is driving the knee into his back.”

Ryu: “Right between the shoulder blades! That’ll cripple you!”

Jeff: “By sheer force of will Eryk slowly fights his way up to his feet…trying to reverse the double arm hold…but John Mathews turns it around and drives the knee into the back again….”

Ryu: “WOW! Now John Mathews takes Eryk Master's arms and chokes him out…with his own arms!”

Jeff: “Very interesting, innovative move by the Rule of Surrender Champion! WOW! Eryk Masters actually manages to reverse this submission hold by doing a backward somersault! But John Mathews's power is too much…brutal kick…and John Mathews tosses the challenger to the canvas like a sack of potatoes.”

Ryu: “You have to give full props to Eryk Masters for getting out of that great choke hold though…”

Jeff: “John Mathews SLAPS ON THE STF AGAIN!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters yelling in pain…and he's not very close to the ropes!”

Jeff: “Once again…Master’s just WON’T QUIT…he struggles and fires elbows off to break free! John Mathews right back on him with an arm bar into a hammerlock…ANOTHER submission attempt!”

Ryu: “And AGAIN…Eryk Masters just won’t let John Mathews keep that armbar-hammerlock on him…he’s thrashing around…fighting like a demon…so Mathews runs forward and RAMS Eryk Masters face first into the turnbuckles!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters bounces back…and John Mathews AGAIN puts on the STF!”

Ryu: “OH MAN! How many times can Masters fight this hold off? This has got to do it!”

Jeff: “NO! NO! UNBELIEVABLY…Eryk Masters is AGAIN working his way toward the ropes…and he's about to get there…but John Mathews grabs his hand…moves in front of him, and puts on a dragon sleeper!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters in the Dragon Sleeper! But now he’s on his back…and he bridges up…and kicks John Mathews in the HEAD! That breaks the hold!”

Jeff: “Both of these warriors are laying on their sides on the mat…both men soaked in sweat…what a BATTLE this has been! Both men slowly stagger to their feet as the crowd gives them a standing ovation in appreciation of the amazing battle we are witnessing. Mathews grabs Masters…whip to the corner…John Mathews charges but Eryk Masters comes out with a CRUNCHING shoulder block to the midsection of John Mathews which folds him up!”

Ryu: “The problem is…Eryk Masters just hurt that shoulder that John Mathews has been working on! He did nail Mathews with the spear…but then he fell backwards to the mat himself…in obvious pain!”

Jeff: “John Mathews sees this and slowly gets to his feet…he buries a kick to the midsection of Eryk Masters…but Masters grabs his leg!”

Ryu: “Masters staggering to his feet while he keeps John Mathews foot secured in his hand…”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters standing in the middle of the ring…holding John Mathews leg while the champion hops on one foot…Mathews goes for the enzuguri…MASTERS DUCKS…AND HOLDS ON TO THE LEG!”

Ryu: “OH GROSS! John Mathews just went for the high kick but Masters ducked…held the leg…and I think John Mathews just dislocated his own knee!”

Jeff: “Masters STILL holding the leg…NOW HE STEPS OVER INTO THE ONE-LEGGED BOSTON CRAB! What a move! That must be putting an incredible amount of pressure and tear on John Mathews’ knee after he just TWISTED IT!”


("Soldier" by Eminem hits as the bell rings. Eryk Masters leaps to his feet as the fans cheer. The ref grabs his hand and raises it as he hands him his NEW belt…)


Ryu: “The fans going nuts …”

Jeff: “Boy…Eryk Masters gave the champion all the fight he could handle! Let’s look at the replay: You can literally SEE the champion’s knee twisting as he fires that high kick and Masters ducks…and incredibly Masters hangs on to the knee…cinches back and slaps on the one-legged boston crab! Mathews taps frantically…and that’s it.”

Ryu: “The ref helping John Mathews to his feet…he may need a stretcher…that knee is probably hyper-extended at the BEST…dislocated or torn at the worst. Eryk Masters stumbles his way up the aisle holding his newly won title over his head…”

Jeff: And not to slow the pace down, here we go with the Iron Fist Championship match…

Ryu: This should definitely be good. Ben Jackman is a champion among champions.


(The crowd buzzes in anticipation as "Coma Blackout" by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…The lights go up…to show STRAYT JAKIT standing on the top rope with the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP around his waist! The crowd erupts as Strayt Jakit performs a 360 flip in mid-air and lands directly in the ring…)

Samantha: "This next bout is for the SHOOT PROJECT IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP…AND NOW THE CHALLENGER…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…YOUR SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…STRAYT JAKIT!"

("Revolution Man" by Union Underground begins to play…as Ben Jackman steps into the spotlight…Ben has his fists heavily taped up and his belt his shoulder as he starts to confidently make his way to the ring…)

Samantha: "AND NOW…Making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION…The Master of the Blackout Bomb…Ben Jackman!"

(Ben stands on the apron and holds his title belts up as the crowd cheers…)

Ryu: "Here's the man that some call the most prestigious champion in Shoot Project."

Jeff: "The bell rings…and HERE WE GO! Ben Jackman smacking Strayt Jakit with a two handed shove…Jakit stumbles backwards into the corner…Jackman pulls Strayt Jakit to his feet in the corner…Jackman backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Strayt Jakit looks a bit dazed and bails out of the ring."

Ryu: "Ben Jackman off to his standard fast start!"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit takes a breather on the outside…Ben Jackman is in the ring pacing back and forth…he wants to go out after Strayt Jakit, but the ref won't let him!"

Ryu: "Why not…Iron Fist matches are anything goes!"

Jeff: "I'll tell you why. The ref knows that if he lets Jackman and Strayt Jakit outside, that's probably the last he'll see of either of them….Strayt Jakit back up on the apron…Jackman runs to the corner…and comes off with a springboard dropkick…driving Strayt Jakit and Jackman both out to the floor!"

Ryu: "WOW! See! Jackman got to go to the floor like he wanted!"

Jeff: "Here we go…Jackman up…Strayt Jakit up…and here comes the slugfest! Jackman pounds a right into Strayt Jakit's face with that taped fist…Jakit returns the favor…jab…Jackman returns a shot…now Jackman…Jakit…Jackman…Jakit…"

Ryu: "Jackman is busted open…and so is Jakit…the blood is running down both these guys faces…they just keep taking turns pounding each other in the head…neither one will back off or give up…this is a real punch up!"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman starting to get the upper hand as Strayt Jakit starts to sway…his punches are starting to miss but Ben Jackman is staying right on target…wham wham wham…"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit has stopped returning punches and is just standing there…his head snapping back violently with each shot that he takes…AND DOWN HE GOES!"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit falling straight backwards…now Ben Jackman is pulling him up and rolling him back in the ring as the fans cheer. You can see the blood dripping down the front of Strayt Jakit and Ben Jackman's eye looks to be swelling…"

Ryu: "Blackout looks good tonight…really on his game…"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman now smiling and laughing as he FLATTENS Strayt Jakit with a right hand…now he STOMPS on the face of the prone Strayt Jakit who is laying on his back…Ben Jackman grinding his boot into the face of Strayt Jakit…"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit staggers back into the corner…"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman drives a shoulder into Strayt Jakit…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Strayt Jakit!"

Ryu: "HA! What a REBOUND by Strayt Jakit…"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit drops a BIG elbow…both men up…brutal smash to jaw of Strayt Jakit from Ben Jackman! Strayt Jakit collapses to the mat again…Ben Jackman quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP!"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit is fighting back…but DAMN…can you imagine getting nailed with a leg drop off the top rope from Ben Jackman?"

Jeff: "Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Ben Jackman from Strayt Jakit…Ben Jackman doubled over but comes back with a HUGE lariat!…Side headlock on Strayt Jakit by Ben Jackman…oh boy…Strayt Jakit lifts Ben Jackman and drops him…ATOMIC DROP… WOW!"

Ryu: "What great back and forth action! I thought these guys would match up nicely!"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman struggles to his feet…Strayt Jakit scoops him up…a HIGH PICTURE PERFECT Body Slam outside the ring to the floor!"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit getting Blackout up for the slam and he dropped him unceremoniously outside the ring!"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit out after him…Strayt Jakit hammers a punch into the head of Ben Jackman…now he scoops up Ben Jackman …looks like he's going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…"

Ryu: "Oh man! This is gonna HURT!"

Jeff: "NO! Ben Jackman slips off and pushes Strayt Jakit shoulder first to the steel ring post! The crowd erupts! Ben Jackman now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Strayt Jakit over the security barrier...Ben Jackman goes after him…Strayt Jakit dragging Ben Jackman through the crowd now…Ben Jackman gets sent into the wall head first! Strayt Jakit grabs a sound cable and chokes Ben Jackman with it…Ben Jackman elbows Strayt Jakit in the gut…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Strayt Jakit throws Ben Jackman back over the security barrier."

Ryu: "This has turned into a WILD brawl…"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit pulls Ben Jackman up by the hair…Ben Jackman fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Strayt Jakit…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!"

Ryu: "Good thing our camera guys can follow them…the two fighters are evenly trading lefts and rights in the aisle now they are over by the entrance…"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit lands a couple of uppercuts and gains the advantage…Ben Jackman is violently shoved into the security barrier in the aisle…Ben Jackman is handed into the crowd behind him and reaches a STEEL CHAIR out from underneath one of the fans…WHAM! Ben Jackman just rung Strayt Jakit's bell there…he smashed Strayt Jakit over the head with that chair!…Ben Jackman grabbing Strayt Jakit by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring area…and throws him head first into the ring apron!"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit has been run head first into that apron…he bounced back and landed butt first on the floor…he's holding his head…"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman rolls Strayt Jakit back into the ring… Ben Jackman rolls outside the ring and grabs that damn chair again…the fans are cheering as Ben Jackman rolls back in the ring…"

Ryu: "Strayt Jakit is slowly getting to his feet…"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman SMASHES Strayt Jakit over the back with that chair!"

Ryu: "YOW! Hey look! Now THAT is resilient!"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman gets SPEARED in the midsection by Strayt Jakit who was bent over from that chair shot! Now Strayt Jakit lifts Blackout up…holds him HIGH in the air with a beautiful vertical Suplex…and DROPS him on the top of his head! BRAINBUSTER!"

Ryu: "Brutal! Strayt Jakit grabs Blackout again...SNAP SUPLEX!"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit stays on him…pulls Ben Jackman back to his feet…FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. Ben Jackman rolls over…he looks frazzled and dazed!"

Ryu: "Ben Jackman won't stay down!"

Jeff: "Strayt Jakit to his feet…Ben Jackman tries a drop-kick…but Strayt Jakit side-steps and Ben Jackman falls…Strayt Jakit picks the chair up and cracks it over Ben Jackman's head!"

Ryu: "Give me a break with this damn chair. You can see referee Scott Kamura admonishing both men and trying to get in close enough to get the chair out of the way…"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman is staggered…Strayt Jakit hoists him up…back Suplex! Strayt Jakit turns back to Ben Jackman who is slowly getting to his feet…"

Ryu: "Swinging neck breaker by Strayt Jakit on Ben Jackman! WHAM! Strayt Jakit right back on the offensive…DDT!"

Jeff: "Ben Jackman getting to his feet and looking around…disoriented…Ben Jackman sees that chair and grabs it…"

Ryu: "WHAMO! Ben Jackman just cracked that chair over Strayt Jakit's head again! The referee has had enough…he tries to grab the chair but now Strayt Jakit has his hands on it and is pulling it away from Blackout…but Blackout won't let go …the bell rings…"

Jeff: "I don't understand…that can't be a disqualification…this is a NO DQ match?"

Samantha: "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I have been informed by the time-keeper that the 20 minute time limit for this match has EXPIRED…therefore the referee has no choice but to declare this match A TIME LIMIT DRAW!"

Jeff: "The crowd is BOOING…and Blackout and Strayt Jakit are PISSED…they are up in the ref's face…"

Ryu: "Now they're back to jawing at each other!"

Jeff: "Referee Scott Kamura high tailing it out of the ring…HERE WE GO AGAIN! The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverizing rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it's a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punishing smashes…"

Ryu: "What a total WAR this was…here come a BUNCH of referee's to break it up…the bell rings over and over…like THAT is going to stop them!"

Jeff: "This wasn't exactly the scientific exhibition of the year…but it was exciting. As the officials hustle Ben Jackman and Strayt Jakit up the aisle under protest, the crowd cheers in appreciation for the IRON FIST brawl they just witnessed!"

Ryu: "WHOA! Both men break away from the referees! Jakit goes to punch Jackman but Jackman blocks with the right while hitting with the left! Amazing! He holds Strayt Jakit in the suplex position. He is yelling at the referees to fuck off! He pulls up..."

Jeff: "Blackout Bomb! Blackout Bomb! Blackout Bomb!"

Ryu: "And what a way to rub it in Strayt Jakit's face! Jackman's grabbing his crotch and pumping his other fist in the air! The crowd is loving it."

Jeff: "Wait!! What's this? Its The Flying Dutchman with a chair! He runs up behind Ben Jackman and CRUNCH! He almost made his skull collapse with that shot! He went all out on that hit. And The Fist runs down the ramp also. He rolls into the ring and taunts the crowd! The Madmen have taken over!"

Ryu: What cocky bastards...The Fist has brought out a sign with them. The Flying Dutchman has that smirk on his face. What does it say? The Fist holds it up...Oh its in big bold letters too!


Jeff: What a childish way to ire Del Carver and Ben Jackman. After Ben Jackman's match they hit him FROM BEHIND. They waltz around the ring with smug looks on their face. And then carry around a sign like this. This is just...This is just...I don't know what this is!

Ryu: I'll tell you what this is. This is smart. They keep poking their noses in Ben Jackman's and Del Carver's business. They attack them from behind. And tonight to add insult to injury...THEY HAVE THIS SIGN! I think its sheer genius really. They are playing mind games with Hardcore Style. They are trying to break them, not as much physically as they are mentally. Hardcore Style will just want to go out of their way just to hurt the Madmen while the Madmen will be playing it smart.

Jeff: The Fist is putting down the sign...while The Flying Dutchman is slowly lifting up Ben Jackman! The Fist is nodding his head. Oh God...I know what's coming. He grabs Ben Jackman around the neck. NOO! Chokeslam! That was BRUTAL.

Ryu: That it was Jeff. The Dutchman grabs the sign they brought and climbs the turnbuckle to show the fans thier masterpiece. Wwhat HATE they are getting from the fans. They may be assholes...but they are SMART assholes. This has got to be embarrassing for Jackman. The Dutchman hops down is about to leave when The Fist grabs his shoulder. Ohhhh...The Fist is waving his finger...and motions for...another chokeslam! No way! Hey wait....The fans are cheering this? Why are they cheering this?

Jeff: THEY AREN'T! Look at the entrance! Del Carver is running down with a chair! Del Carver is going to make the save! He just runs right into the ring! Look at The Madmen fly out of there! That was quick. Del Carver should've been here sooner! But better late than never as Ben Jackman is slowly getting to his feet. Del Carver helps him the rest of the way up. Hardcore Style STILL reign supreme. The Madmen are standing in front of the ring just out of reach of Del and Ben and are screaming at them. They are both standing on the first rope screaming right on back! These teams REALLY don't like each other.

Ryu: Holy shit! What was that crack- Oh my GOD! Ben Jackman is down again! What happened? Strayt Jakit is up again! I totally forgot about him! He just THREW a chair into the ring and it hit Ben Jackman RIGHT in the BACK OF THE HEAD! Carver turns around and runs to the other side of the ring heading straight for Strayt Jakit..

Jeff: Just the opportunity for the Madmen! They both run back into the ring and blindside Del Carver! The beatdown begins! Oh what a sneaky bastard! Strayt Jakit has ran around the ring and is now focusing on Ben Jackman. I guess he is really angry for not officially losing the match against him. The only way to lose the match was by knock out! Not this time limit bullshit! Oh god...Dutch is going for it...he has it! Dutch Oven! Dutch has locked on the Dutch Oven on Diamond Del Carver! Look at Del's face! That's PAIN. Oh! The Fist is climbing top rope! He waves to the crowd with a grin on his face!

Ryu: We don't see him up here that often...Oh God! LEGDROP ON DEL CARVER! That was brutal. Let alone the leg landing on his face and neck, just imagine the PRESSURE on the legs when they are forced back too! That just HAD to hurt. Hardcore Style is in a mess. This 3-2 is just TOO MUCH for them.

(The arena speaker's scream) MORE HUMAN THAN HUMAN

(More Human Than Human by White Zombie blares in the Arena)

Jeff: What the hell is this? The Madmen let go of Carver and Strayt Jakit lets go of Jackman and look to the entrance. No one is coming out? Is this some sort of joke?

Ryu: LOOK BESIDE US! ITS KID WIKKID! ITS KID WIKKID! He hops to the top turnbuckle and hits a flipping senton onto the three men that are STILL looking at the entrance! He wipes them out! The crowd is just LOVING it! Kid Wikkid quickly helps The Fist to his feet and hits the ropes and comes back with a dropkick to The Fist! He goes tumbling out of the ring! Ouch! He slowly climbs back onto the apron but Kid Wikkid jumps over top rope! He hits a Blockbuster OFF of the apron and amazingly LANDED ON HIS FEET! Fantastic! Kid Wikkid wastes no time and runs back into the ring! Kid Wikkid has the Dutchman! He has him in the pedigree position! He attempts to lift him up for a powerbomb but he gets kicked HARD in the back of the head by Strayt Jakit.

Jeff: What's this? I thought The Flying Dutchman and Strayt Jakit HATED each other?

Ryu: Well I guess they aren't at the moment...they were attacked by the same person.

Jeff: True enough. Ha! The Dutchman is leaving now! He doesn't want to be a part of this any longer. I guess he did what he needed to do. Strayt Jakit now has Kid Wikkid in the powerbomb position! He lifts him up...this looks like a Razor's Edge...No! Strayt Jakit drops down onto his back and ends up giving him a neckbreaker! But look! The Madmen are making their way to the entrance...they are gone! Oohh...Strayt Jakit has spent too much time worrying about Kid Wikkid when he should of been worrying about Hardco-


Ryu: Ok...I take back my statement about the Dutchman's chairshot. THAT was definitely harsher. Del Carver just PLANTED the chair in Jakit's skull! He throw the chairs away! Hardcore Style doesn't NEED weapons to dominate! But that was simple, yet affective. Del and Ben get sadistic smiles on their faces, despite the fact The Fist and The Dutchman have left the ring area. Jackman pulls Strayt Jakit up by the hair! Oh god! BLACOKOUT BOMB!

Jeff: This is just AMAZING action. Del grabs Jakit's arms...while Jackman grabs his legs. Theya re holding him down. Kid Wikkid hops onto the top turnbuckle. It is! It is! It is the RETURN of the shooting star leg drop! WOW! I forgot how truly incredible that move is! Oh! Del isn't through though! He turns over Strayt Jakit and applies the Diamond Dislocation! He is SCREAMING like a bitch! Wow! This is insane! Del lets go of Strayt Jakit and all three men get up and celebrate! That was great!

Ryu: Is Kid Wikkid a member of Hardcore Style now?

Jeff: I don't know, but they have always been on better than good terms you know. Maybe he was just helping out his allies. was just...too much for words...that was just unreal! And now Hardcore Style and Kid Wikkid are leaving the ring together! The crowd has just been going nuts this entire time. The post match activities were just as entertaining as the Iron Fist match itself!

Ryu: But what must be going through Hardcore Style's mind? The Madmen humiliated them, and got nothing back in return. The Madmen were smart to leave when they did, well Dutch anyway. They get to pick away at them, make fun of them, and hurt them, yet they get away with it scot-free! I guess that's why they had to take out all their anger on Strayt Jakit. But when will it be The Flying Dutchman's turn? When?

Jeff: I have no clue, but here we go. Del Carver is still in the ring.


(The rough guitar sound of “It’s a Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC starts to rock the arena…)

Samantha: “This is your MAIN EVENT…a TRIPLE THREAT Match to determine the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD Championship! FIRST …coming to the ring standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 265 pounds…DIAMOND…DEL CARVER!”

(The crowd cheers as Del Carver limps down the aisle, climbs into the ring and raises his hands to the roar of the crowd…"Till I Collapse" by Eminem begins to pound over the sound system…)

Samantha: “And now…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 227 pounds…Jeff Cross!”

(Jeff Cross emerges and walks towards the ring…)

Jeff: “HERE GOES DEL CARVER!!! Del Carver running down the aisle to meet Jeff Cross…not even waiting for Cross to finish his entrance…and Carver starts pounding on Cross…Oh no…he isn’t…he’s got that black glove wrapped in barbed wire…and he’s putting it on! Carver threatened to use this during a promo last week…and he was serious! WHAM…Carver grabs Cross by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS that gloved fist right into his forehead. I think that shot drove the barbs right into Jeff Cross’s brain…he's bleeding a gusher! I mean, he's covered in blood in seconds and there's more just pouring down from his forehead. Del Carver has knocked Jeff Cross down!”

Ryu: “Well Carver said he was going to do it…and he did! Jeff Cross just got the Tokyo kiss!”

(“Back in Black” by AC/DC begins to play…)

Samantha: “And finally…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 252 pounds…your SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…RAVAGE!”

Jeff: “Ravage running down the aisle to where Del Carver is stomping Jeff Cross…and here we go! Now Del Carver and Ravage exchanging words…and Del Carver nails Ravage with a series of vicious shots with that glove…meanwhile Jeff Cross staggers into the ring…Ravage nails Carver with a knee to the midsection and grabs him by the back of the head and rolls him into the ring…Ravage slumps down and Jeff Cross charges in…Ravage gets his leg up…boot to the face of Jeff Cross! Del Carver chokes the fallen Jeff Cross with his foot…then turns and mows down Ravage with a nice clothesline…”

Ryu: “Del Carver really the aggressor here…Del Carver works over everybody!”

Jeff: “Del Carver with a slam on Jeff Cross…slam on Ravage! Headbutt for Jeff Cross. Ravage gets choked with Del Carver's foot…Jeff Cross climbs onto Del Carver's back and Del Carver falls STRAIGHT BACK on him!”

Ryu: “That’s one way to stop a guy from choking you!”

Jeff: “Del Carver fights back against Jeff Cross…Del Carver reverses a whip... side suplex on Del Carver by Jeff Cross! Ravage comes off the ropes...Del Carver catches him…but Jeff Cross kicks Del Carver in the back of the head with a beautiful high kick! Punches by Jeff Cross and Ravage both to Del Carver…Del Carver staggering around the ring like a drunken man after taking shots from the other two fighters....a Jeff Cross flying clothesline floors Del Carver!”

Ryu: “Now Ravage and Jeff Cross are standing over Del Carver and stomping him!”

Jeff: “Ravage turns and nails Jeff Cross to stop the gang attack on Del Carver…Jeff Cross fires back…and now a beautiful high drop-kick on Ravage by Jeff Cross…both guys crash to the floor outside!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile in the ring Del Carver lays in a heap…outside the ring…Jeff Cross has a chair!”

Jeff: “How the hell the ref is supposed to maintain control with these three guys, I’ll never know!…Jeff Cross nails Ravage with the chair…now from outside, Jeff Cross trips Del Carver and hops onto the apron. Del Carver nails him with a punch…Jeff Cross swings the chair in retaliation at Del Carver…Jeff Cross hits Del Carver with the chair! WHAM! Carver falls backwards…”

Ryu: “Del Carver has been busted open…”

Jeff: “The three remaining men all back in the ring…Ravage tries talking Jeff Cross into working with him against Del Carver. Jeff Cross has none of it. Ravage tries his spiel on Del Carver, who seems to agree…both men approach Jeff Cross…Del Carver turns and nails Ravage!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross and Del Carver unloading on Ravage! Double clothesline!”

Jeff: “Jeff Cross tosses Ravage outside and they both follow. Ravage fights back briefly, but continues to get double teamed…Ravage gets whipped into a Del Carver clothesline…Jeff Cross gets the bell…tosses it to Del Carver. Jeff Cross lifts Ravage up... but Ravage ducks…Del Carver nails Jeff Cross with the bell!”

Ryu: “Ouch! Look Del Carver is LAUGHING! He MEANT to do that!”

Jeff: “Ravage throws Del Carver into the steps as we see a replay of the bell shot… Ravage drops Del Carver on the security barrier…OH SHIT!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross has reached under the ring…and got a barbed wire baseball bat! I think that belongs to Del Carver!”

Jeff: “Ravage slides into the ring to escape!…Jeff Cross rushes in and Ravage ducks and hits a low blow…now Ravage has the bat!…Shot to the gut!…Del Carver sneaks in and nails Ravage from behind…The bat lands outside…Ravage throws Del Carver outside with it…Double Arm DDT by Jeff Cross!…Del Carver slides back in with the bat…He nails Ravage!”

Ryu: “Man what a war this has turned into! Everybody's down!”

Jeff: “Ravage stands up first and hammers Del Carver…Del Carver clotheslines Ravage down! Jeff Cross clotheslines Del Carver and covers! ONE…TWO… kickout! Jeff Cross unloads punches on Del Carver…Double Arm DDT! ONE…TWO…kickout! Jeff Cross grabs the chair that was left laying in the ring. He rushes Del Carver... Del Carver raises a boot and Jeff Cross eats the chair! DDT on Jeff Cross! ONE…TWO…Ravage breaks it up!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross looks like he is striking a deal with Ravage to work over Del Carver. They both stomp him! The fans boo!”

Jeff: “Ravage doubles Del Carver over and Jeff Cross kneelifts him! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Double suplex on Del Carver. Ravage drops a knee. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!…Del Carver stumbles to the outside. Jeff Cross follows and hammers him…he holds Del Carver as Ravage unloads…Del Carver fights back and whips Jeff Cross into the steps! He chokes Ravage with a cable! Jeff Cross grabs the top half of the stairs... and NAILS Del Carver in the head!…Ravage clears the bell, mic, and other objects off the timekeepers table…and sets Del Carver on the table…Jeff Cross goes up to the second rope... ELBOW THROUGH THE...NO! Jeff Cross missed Del Carver and crashed into the side of the table!”

Ryu: “That HAD to hurt. Ravage drops his own elbow on Del Carver, then climbs up on the barrier and breaks Del Carver through the table! The fans go NUTS!”

Jeff: “Ravage slides into the ring where Jeff Cross is. He hooks him…DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Jeff Cross kicks out! Ravage shoves down the referee and grabs the chair…Jeff Cross slowly stands... and takes a CHAIRSHOT TO THE HEAD! Ravage drops the chair down and pulls Jeff Cross up…ANOTHER DDT…ON THE CHAIR! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “That was close…”

Jeff: “The crowd chants for Del Carver…even though he was put through a table…Carver heads back to the ring! He grabs the chair…RAVAGE TAKES IT IN THE HEAD! Jeff Cross backs off!”

Ryu: “Del Carver covers Ravage! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!”

Jeff: “I guess Carver is a wee bit ticked about Ravage putting him through that table! Carver turns to Jeff Cross while Ravage lays prone from the chair shot by Del Carver! A brawl ensues…Del Carver clotheslines Cross to the floor and they head up the aisle…Del Carver blocks a suplex attempt. Del Carver runs Jeff Cross into the steel security barrier…Del Carver backdrops Cross over the railing! Del Carver grabs the ringsteps...but Ravage slides outside and smashes them with a chair! The stairs land on Del Carver and Ravage smashes them repeatedly! Ravage pulls Del Carver up... PILEDRIVER ON THE STAIRS!”

Ryu: “Damn! Ravage rolls Del Carver inside the ring. COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Ravage unloads some shots. Del Carver fires back!”

Jeff: “Ravage tries a clothesline...Del Carver backdrops him to the floor…Cross still out there and nails Del Carver with a spinebuster on the floor! Both men are hurt…Del Carver gets up…and Ravage drop toe holds him onto the stairs! Ravage rolls Del Carver back inside…back in the ring, Del Carver hammers Ravage…Ravage fires back…Del Carver ducks a clothesline... DDT! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout! Bodyslam on Ravage by Del Carver! COVER: ONE…TWO…kickout!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross crawling back in the ring…he’s got that chair…JEFF CROSS SMASHES DEL CARVER OVER THE HEAD WITH THAT CHAIR! That was one of the most BRUTAL chair shots that I have ever seen…and Carver was just turning around from body slamming Ravage…he didn’t see the chair coming and never got his hands up! Jeff Cross BENT that steel chair over the head of Del Carver!”

Jeff: “The ref grabs the chair away from Jeff Cross and throws it over the top rope...Cross going back out after it…Ravage rolls over and covers Del Carver…Jeff Cross must have thought that Ravage was going to continue the assault on Carver…or come after him…Cross turns and leaps at Ravage…COVER: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

(The bell rings…Del Carver lays in a bloody heap…Jeff Cross and Ravage begin to trade rights and lefts…Cross is obviously irate that Ravage took advantage of the situation to score the quick pin…a crowd of referees storm the ring to separate the two men and help the blood soaked Carver to his feet…)

Samantha: “Your winner…and STILL the SHOOT PROJECT WORLD CHAMPION…RAVAGE!!!”

Jeff: “As Ravage and Jeff Cross are broken up…lets look at the replay…MAN…Cross really NAILED Del Carver with that chair shot…but then the ref grabs the chair…Cross goes back after the chair…but I don’t think he expected Ravage to go for the cover tat quickly…and so Ravage got the pin!”

Ryu: “Well, Del Carver is being helped back to the dressing room…Jeff Cross and Ravage still shove each other as the refs try to break it up…wait…Carver just broke away…he slides UNDER the ring…what the hell?”

Jeff: “I don’t know…but Jeff Cross and Ravage are STILL trying to get at one another…HOLY SHIT!”

Ryu: “Del Carver emerging from under the ring…and he’s got a wooden folding chair…it’s wrapped up in barbed wire…and it’s ON FIRE!!!”

Jeff: “We’ve seen Carver pull this stunt before! The referees all bail out…Carver slides back into the ring and Cross and Ravage turn to face Carver. Del Carver is absolutely SOAKED in his own blood…it’s pouring down his face and he looks crazed…WHAM!”

Ryu: “Del Carver WALLOPS Jeff Cross with that flaming chair…he turns and looks at Ravage…Ravage slowly picks up his world title belt and slings it over his shoulder…and calmly walks from the ring…”

Jeff: “Jeff Cross starting to rise slowly…and Carver holds the chair over his head and SMASHES it down over Jeff Cross AGAIN! A huge fireball goes up from the flaming chair!”

Ryu: “LOOK AT CARVER! He stands over the fallen Jeff Cross with the smoking chair in one hand…and rears back and roars at the top of his lungs!”

Jeff: “The fans cheering as Carver stands over the man who betrayed him and took his title…meanwhile Ravage retains the World Title! What a SHOW!”