[We open to Edo, Japan and the Kosaka Industrial Complex. This is the site of last week’s Oblivion. The opening pyro, which seems to be a bit more extravagant than normal. The cameras pan around the arena showing a packed complex with quite a few people standing. Then it makes its way to Jason Johnson and Ryu Kosi, both looking rather jovial this evening.]

Ryu: It’s Sunday, September 01, 2002, we welcome you to SHOOT Project’s Oblivion!

Jason: That’s right. Our card is STACKED tonight, and it seems that Chris Lee has some kind of major announcement.

Ryu: In addition to that, all the titles are on the line tonight in what should be nothing short of an amazing show.

[Jason and Ryu get cut off… The screens switch to the backstage area, and the entrance to the Kosaka Complex. A long black limousine has pulled up. The driver gets out, and rushes to the back to open the door. Upon opening the door, a tall man wearing a black trench coat steps out. The cameras go back to Jason and Ryu.]

Ryu: Um, Jase, who was that?

Jason: One of my new signees, why?

Ryu: Well, he’s huge.

Jason: Yes, yes he is. Anyway… All of the belts are on the line, and must I say, we had a brilliant week last week. After a few weeks of slowness, we had a killer week that starts with these men, right here. Trey Willett, Eryk Masters, and Lyger Kid.

Ryu: Masters and Trey especially. These two lit it up this week. They all want to get their names known around here.

Jason: That’s right, and can you blame them?

Ryu: Of course I can’t.

Eryk Masters Vs. Trey Willett Vs. Lyger Kid

Jason:Well Ryu, this match is a no DQ match and what away to kick off Oblivion. This past week has been a nervous one in Shoot but the rocking ship has been calmed.

Ryu:You know something Jason not a truer word has you ever spoken in Shoot; let’s get to the action shall we.

[‘Soldier’ by Eminem booms throughout the arena]

Jason:Well at 245 pounds there is no mistaking that music.

[Eryk Masters comes to the ring. He’s dressed in black warm-up pants and a black tank top with the word “Masters” printed across the front.]

Ryu:Well big things are expected from this wrestler and it is now time to put up or shut up.

Jason:But this is not going to be easy for him as he goes in against the experience of one Lyger Kid.

Ryu:That may be Jas but these are the men he is going to have to overcome in the ring and do not count out Trey Willett.

[‘Loser’ by 3 Doors Down booms out the PA]

Jason - The second in this three way match, weighs in at 185 pounds and it is The Lyger Kid!!!

[Lyger Kid walks to the ring.]

Ryu: Well you know as well as I do Jase, this guy has failed to impress, so much was expected from him but he has yet to deliver.

Jason: I agree partly but without the likes of The Kid around the Shoot would not be as it is.

[‘South Texas Death Ride’ by Union Underground booms out the PA]

Jason: And third, he weighs in at 236 pounds, Trey Willett!!!

Ryu: I do not know a lot from this Kid so I’ll shut up and watch…

Jason:Yeah you just do that.

[Trey Willett walks to the ring.]

Jason: Ohhh Masters executes a pump handle suplex on Lyger Kid. He is not hanging about. Willett picks up Masters and places Masters on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout superplex. Willett goes to the top and executes a flying hip attack on Lyger. What a start to this match Ryu.

Ryu:Well they have tested each other out now and I feel Willett is on top

Jason - Lyger gets up. Lyger hits a jumping elbow thrust on Trey Willett.

Ryu:That has evened things up nicely.

Jason: Willett climbs to his feet. Willett monkey flips Lyger onto the mat. Willett stands. He charges into Masters with a spear sending him to the floor and out of the ring.

Ryu: My god this kid is for real, did you just see what he done to Masters.

Jason: Yeah and he looks hurt out here.

Ryu: Looks like the kid is in this thing for the long ride.

[Lyger is up. Willett executes a huge gut buster on Lyger and follows it up with a big elbow. Willett pulls Lyger to his feet and slaps on a full nelson. Willett gets hit with a back heel kick.]

Jason:Great counter by Lyger, things were looking bad for him there.

[Lyger Kid hits Trey Willett with an elbow drop. Lyger Kid is up again. Trey Willett moves back to his feet. Lyger Kid hits him with a back fist. Lyger Kid takes Willett down with a knee. Lyger Kid covers Trey Willett. Ref counts. ...1 Trey Willett escapes.]

Ryu: Good attempt

Jason: Not even close!

Ryu: Well, that was rather pointless.

[A flying shoulder block sends Trey Willett to the mat. Lyger Kid is back on his feet. Trey Willett grabs his hand and flips him to the mat. Willett kicks Lyger Kid in the groin. Willett applies the claw hold on Lyger.]

Ryu: Claw hold!

Jason: Kick to the groin, damn this kid can play dirty.

Ryu: It is no DQ, there is nothing dirty in a no DQ

[Lyger Kid hits Trey Willett with a heart punch. Trey Willett is back on his feet. Willett nails Lyger with a belly-to-back suplex. Willett is up again. Trey Willett jumps off the turnbuckle with the flying body press on Lyger. Trey Willett climbs to his feet. Trey Willett fist drops Lyger on the mat.]

Jason: Fist drop!

Ryu: What a match, Masters is beginning to stir down here.

[Trey Willett is up again. Willett knees Lyger Kid and rolls back to his feet. Lyger Kid gets hit with the shooting star press from Willett.]

Jason: He makes the cover…1…2…3…NO, NO Masters comes from nowhere to make the save, my god that was close.

[Kid slowly gets to his feet. Masters picks up Trey Willett and delivers a tilt-a-whirl suplex.]

Jason: Good tilt-a-whirl suplex by Masters.

Ryu: He is the suplex king.

[Willett climbs to his feet and Masters sends Trey Willett to ringside…Lyger tries to pick up Masters but Masters counters and suplexes Lyger right out of the ring to the floor.]

Jason:The suplex king is on a roll

Ryu:Maybe he was playing possum outside here letting these guys hit ten bells out of one another.

[Eryk Masters climbs to the outside and picks up Trey Willett and hits him with a Back Suplex. Trey Willett slowly gets to his feet. They fight into the aisle…Lyger runs up the aisle and executes a springboard bulldog, slamming Eryk Masters's head onto the floor…Lyger Kid and Masters move back to ringside…Eryk Masters picks up Willett and piledrives him into the floor. Eryk Masters executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Willett. Masters and Lyger move back into the ring. Eryk Masters hits Lyger Kid with an atomic drop. Masters climbs to the top turnbuckle and jumps off with an Air Sabu on Lyger Kid. Masters stands up.]

Jason:Here we go QUALITY CONTROL…This match is over

Ryu: Ref counts the pin. ...1 ...2 ...3…Willett could not get back in the ring in time to make the save

Jason: Masters gets a hard fought victory, but Kudos to the other two, what a great start to Oblivion…

Ryu:Yeah here hopes the rest is just as good, The winner is Eryk Masters…

[OOC Note: I had to run around to 5 different people to make a decision on this, it was that hard. Great work this week guys.]

["Unforgiven" By Metallica plays as a wrestler makes his way down to the ring and pyro goes off in many directions. The wrestler is wearing a sleeveless black shirt and leather pants with a silver studded trench coat. He grabs a mic and waits for the crowd to calm down]

Wrestler: Many feds come and go and there is never one that withstands the test of time, one that will remain forever and be there for future generations. Life, is just like that. We all pass away, we all leave our physical selves and our souls go to another place. No one person lives forever. That, just like every federation is mortal. They both must die, sooner or later. However, for many feds, it is often sooner rather then later. You look around me and what do you see? You see graves as far as the eye can see. Every grave has a lifeless carcass.

Every life has a problem. We all do and its the truth. Be it that you cant walk, you have athsma, your blind, your death, your leg hurts, your dumb, you have no friends, they are all a problem which we must contend with.

This also applies to wrestling. Every federation has its problem. WWE's problem is the Undertaker, WCW's problem was Goldberg, ECW's problem was Justin Credible. It cant be helped. Tell me one federation without its problem and Ill reward you. Now, today, SHOOT Project's problem has arrived. There is nothing no single person can do about it whether they like it or not.

I am the man, I am the person who will rise through the ranks and do what I can, when I can and how I want to. There is no person who will stop me and if they try, they, just like the people around me will wind up in a grave.

You see, the SHOOT Project's title is at the top of a set of stairs and all the wrestlers are a wall and all I have to do is push those walls down and then the path to the title is clear. When you want the title, you will do anything to get it. Obstacles are no challenge to you. There are obstacles in my way to the title in the SHOOT PROJECT but it makes no difference. Come rain, hail or shine, I will get that title and there isnt a damn thing anybody can do about it.

I am the man, I am the destroyer, I am death to the eyes of the beholder, I am...Paul Doom!

["Unforgiven" By Metallica plays as the fans boo in unison for the Paul Doom leaves the ring]

Jason: Well, this new guy is quite the impressive spectacle. I look for good things from him, myself.

Ryu: He’s certainly quite large. That’s for sure.

Jason: It’ll be interesting to see what he does next week. What do you think? Ryu: Oh, I agree completely. But, I believe we have a DOJO Championship match up next.

Jason: Yep. Take it away, Samantha Coil…

Kid Wikkid Vs. Strayt Jakit
DOJO Championship


[“Hash Pipe” by Weezer begins to play]

Samantha: “Firstly your CHALLENGER…standing at 5'10", weighing in at 203 pounds…KID WIKKID!”

[Kid Wikkid walks to the ring, a grimly determined look on his face. He climbs into the ring…suddenly, the lights and music go out…and an OMINOUS VOICE booms across the arena…]


[The crowd buzzes in anticipation as "Coma White" by Manson begins to pound over the sound system…The lights go up…to show STRAYT JAKIT standing on the top rope with the DOJO CHAMPIONSHIP around his waist! The crowd erupts as Strayt Jakit performs a 360 flip in mid-air and lands directly in front of Kid Wikkid…]

Samantha: “AND NOW…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 230 pounds…YOUR SHOOT PROJECT DOJO CHAMPION…STRAYT JAKIT!!!”

Ryu: “Show off.”

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…the rules of this match: This bout is to go to the FULL 30 minute time limit. AFTER THAT TIME…the fighter who has the MOST pinfalls or submissions will be declared the WINNER and the DOJO CHAMPION!"

Jason: “Well here we go…this should be a GREAT match Ryu…”

Ryu: “You’re damn right…both these guys can really wrestle!”

Jason: “The two men lock up mid ring… Kid Wikkid gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes and he gets hit with a back elbow…Strayt Jakit stomps on Kid Wikkid' head …now pulls him up to his feet …and sent off the ropes…Strayt Jakit hits a big back bodydrop!”

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit coming out as the aggressor here…”

Jason: “BIG flying clothesline sends both men over the top rope...Wikkid tries to come after Strayt Jakit who shoves him back first into the guardrail…Strayt Jakit picks up the mat around the ring to expose the concrete…but Kid Wikkid dropkicks him in the process and sends him under the mat to the concrete floor!”

Ryu: “Ouch…that’s gonna hurt tomorrow! Ha! Kid Wikkid jumps on him a few times for good measure. Kid Wikkid gets up to the top turnbuckle and crossbodies Strayt Jakit on the floor! WOW!”

Jason: “Wikkid is back in the ring for a moment…now he comes off the steps and drives Strayt Jakit's head to the floor! WOW! Kid Wikkid throws Strayt Jakit back into the ring…goes up top and hits the double axehandle! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT by Strayt Jakit! Whip off the ropes is reversed…Strayt Jakit goes for a kick midring which is blocked by Kid Wikkid…Strayt Jakit is spun around…and Kid Wikkid punches away…off the ropes comes Kid Wikkid…clothesline to Strayt Jakit…scoop and a slam.!”

Ryu: Man…ever since this match got back in the ring…it has been the champion dominating! Uh Oh…Kid Wikkid goes back to the top…”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid drops an elbow! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!”


Jason: “Kid Wikkid on top and he punches on Strayt Jakit now…seemingly frustrated that he can’t get a pin after all this offense...both men get to their feet…Strayt Jakit gets to his feet FIRST and hits a punch/clothesline…Kid Wikkid is thrown to the outside of the ring.”

Ryu: “It seems like Strayt Jakit has a game plan here…get the champion outside the ring and brawl…which is odd, because Strayt Jakit is a very accomplished wrestler…WHOA!”

Jason: “Kid Wikkid is on his feet and Kid Wikkid VIOLENTLY suplexes Strayt Jakit onto the steps… His leg hits REALLY awkwardly! Kid Wikkid is back in the ring now and as Strayt Jakit tries getting in Kid Wikkid drives the knee HARD into Strayt Jakit’s head!”

Ryu: “This is really stiff! It’s great!”

Jason: “Wikkid now kicks away at the back of the knee of Strayt Jakit…looks like he wants to take his wheels out from underneath him…Strayt Jakit gets up and levels Kid Wikkid with a right…Strayt Jakit's knee is in pain but he still manages to kick Kid Wikkid…and tries a second time only to get legdragged!”

Ryu: “Looks like you’re right…he’s working that leg…Kid Wikkid puts on the figure four!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit is in serious pain here…shoulders down…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “Fist up on the apron…ha ha ha! Look! While the ref goes to tell him to get down…Jakit reaches across the rakes the eyes of Kid Wikkid! That’s a no fail way to get out of the figure four!”

Jason: “Not very scientific…but it works! Strayt Jakit gets out and now Kid Wikkid is sent off the ropes…and gets hit with a beautiful dropkick from Strayt Jakit!”


Jason: “We’re a third of the way into this match and no decisions for either man yet. Strayt Jakit scooping up Kid Wikkid for a slam…NO…small package…ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “Surprise pin attempt there!”

Jason: “Both men back up…Kid Wikkid charges towards Strayt Jakit…but gets dropped neck first onto the ropes!…Strayt Jakit now chokes Kid Wikkid on the ropes…Jakit drags him up and Kid Wikkid is set in the corner…and Strayt Jakit charges running a knee right into Kid Wikkid' face!”

Ryu: “OW! That’s gotta hurt…knee right to the face!…Kid Wikkid gets punched a few more times…Strayt Jakit sends Kid Wikkid face first to the mat…now he does it a second time.”

Jason: “Jakit in control now…belly to back suplex…and both men are down. Kid Wikkid and Strayt Jakit are up and Kid Wikkid hammers with a couple of punches until Strayt Jakit boots him in the stomach and gets control and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid slides between Strayt Jakit's legs and trips him from behind…Kid Wikkid blocks his punches and delivers a few of his own. Kid Wikkid attempts a whip which Strayt Jakit reverses and Kid Wikkid bumps hard and winds up landing on the top of his head!”


Jason: “Strayt Jakit runs at Wikkid and drops an elbow on his face…right on the mark…and does it again…Jakit rolls Kid Wikkid over and drops a leg on the back of his head. COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit really setting the pace now…”

Jason: “Wikkid to his feet now…BIG BOOT from Strayt Jakit kicks Kid Wikkid in the jaw sending him over the top!…Strayt Jakit sees Kid Wikkid lying on the floor by the steps…and charges at him!”

Ryu: “DAMN! Strayt Jakit misses…hitting his knee on the steps hard…he gets up and charges again…this time taking a drop toe hold onto the steps!”

Jason: “Both these guys are really taking a beating here…Strayt Jakit slowly climbs back on the apron…Wikkid slowly after him…and they trade blocked suplexes…finally Strayt Jakit suplexes Kid Wikkid back into the ring with authority! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…Strayt Jakit pulls Wikkid back to his feet and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid takes a NICE back elbow…Kid Wikkid reverses another whip attempt by Strayt Jakit into the corner…comes at Strayt Jakit in the corner…but takes ANOTHER back elbow…Strayt Jakit then powerslams Wikkid! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “After taking a bit of a beating at the onset of this match…Strayt Jakit has really been keeping control for the last while…”


Jason: “Both men up…Strayt Jakit is sent off the ropes by Kid Wikkid…who telegraphs the back bodydrop and pays for it! SHARP elbow to the back of the head of Wikkid by Strayt Jakit! Strayt Jakit tosses Wikkid over the top rope to the floor…once out there Strayt Jakit puts THE SCORPION DEATHLOCK on Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “OH MAN! Look at Wikkid thrashing around out there…Jakit has that locked in GOOD…and Kid Wikkid is in PAIN!”

Jason: “The ref starts to count…so Jakit releases the hold…and rolls into the ring to break up the count…now Strayt Jakit gets on the apron and drops the elbow to the outside!”

Ryu: “MAN! Let’s see a replay of that…look at the height that Strayt Jakit got on that elbow…and the impact it had on BOTH men as he landed on the concrete!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit hits a neckbreaker on Kid Wikkid on the floor…while the ref admonishes both men and instructs them to get back into the ring…Kid Wikkid slowly crawls back between the ropes and Strayt Jakit gives him a legdrop between the ropes…and follows with a double arm DDT!”

Ryu: “That HAS to be it! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”


Jason: “Strayt Jakit picks Kid Wikkid up and piledrives him! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…He covers a second time ONE…TWO…KICKOUT! Strayt Jakit crawls over and rolls Kid Wikkid over hooking the leg and again ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “WOW! The crowd going nuts! Kid Wikkid won’t stay down!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit goes nuts and gets right in the ref’s face…he is cussing him out pretty bad and holding up three fingers…it’s obvious that Strayt Jakit thinks the count is slow!”

Ryu: “You know what? In my opinion it HAS been slow!”

Jason: “You ALWAYS say that.”

Ryu: “Well…it’s pretty clear that Strayt Jakit is getting frustrated with Kid Wikkid’s resiliency!”

Jason: “While Strayt Jakit is arguing with the ref over the chair…Kid Wikkid runs off the ropes and hits a spinning leg kick!…now Kid Wikkid punching away, and stomping Strayt Jakit…scoop slam…Kid Wikkid heads up top…”

Ryu: “HIGH crossbody… COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Strayt Jakit! Now it’s HIS turn to frustrate Kid Wikkid!”

Jason: “Wikkid goes back up, but gets crotched!”

Ryu: “Oh MAN! That hurts just looking at it!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit now up to the top rope…don’t forget he’s plenty comfortable up there too…and SUPLEXES KID WIKKID BACK AND BOTH GUYS LAND ON THE FLOOR!”

Ryu: “DAMN! That was quite a visual!”

Jason: “Both men laying on the floor stunned…Strayt Jakit up first…while Kid Wikkid wisely rolls back into the ring…Strayt Jakit goes up to the top and BALANCES himself on the top rope mid ring…Wikkid staggers to his feet…and Jakit catapults himself into the air…and catches Kid Wikkid around the neck with a WRENCHING hurracanrana! Cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Ryu: “THE BELL RINGS…what the?”

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…THIRTY MINUTES HAVE EXPIRED…Strayt Jakit has scored this match’s ONLY pinfall at 29 minutes and 13 seconds…”



Ryu: “The fans going WILD as the ref hands Strayt Jakit back his DOJO Championship belt. Kid Wikkid rolls out of the ring and collapses on the floor! What a performance by these guys!”

Jason: “Strayt Jakit going to each corner and holding his title belt over his head to the thunderous cheers of the fans… as the ref helps Kid Wikkid back to the dressing room and Strayt Jakit continues to celebrate his triumphant return, let’s go to a replay of that AMAZING mid ring top rope slingshot hurracanrana by Strayt Jakit…all I can say is that I am totally impressed with BOTH men…they went at it full tilt for 30 minutes…there was not ONE rest hold in there!”

Ryu: God DAMN that was a hot match. Man, those two really went for it there. And it went rather well, if I may say so myself.

Jason: Hell yes. That was great.

[The camera switched to a shot of the dressing room doorway of the Shoot World Champion, Jeff Cross. The door was open, but no one seemed to be inside. The World Champion walked into the shot, wondering just what the hell was going on.]

Cross: What the hell are you doing in my dressing room, man?

[Cross looked around to see if anyone was inside, but found no one. Then he noticed it. Over in the corner, just out of camera shot. He motioned for the camera man to get a shot of what he saw. The camera eased into the room, and around the door, to reveal what Cross saw. On a metal folding chair, with a note attached to it sat a single bottle of Michelob. Cross picked up the note, and read it silently. A puzzled look came over his face.]

Cross: What the...?

[He tossed the note aside, and stormed out of the room. The camera zoomed in on the note to try and see what it said. written on the paper were only three words, written by hand. "See ya soon".]

Jason: Well, what the fuck?

Ryu: Another signee?

Jason: I don’t think so. But it’s certainly someone that Jeff Cross appears to know.

Ryu: Well? Any clues? Besides the fact that he’s going to “See him soon” ?

Jason: Not really, no. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But, in the meantime, let’s get to the next match, eh?

Ryu: You Canadian now?

Jason: No, I don’t think so.

Ryu: [shrugs] Take it away, Samantha.

The Madmen Vs. Xiak Xande and Vile
SHOOT Project Tag Team Championships

Samantha: “This next match is a TAG TEAM contest for the SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS…scheduled for ONE FALL to a FINISH!”

[The crowd cheers as “Heavy Metal Universe” by Gamma Ray begins to play…]

Samantha: “And now…standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, and weighing in at 343 pounds: XIAK XANDE!”

[Xiak Xande strides down the aisle, jumps on the ring apron, and holds his arms over his head…his theme music fades…and “Black Mass” by Danzig starts to play…]

Samantha: “And his partner…standing 6 feet 8 inches and weighing in at 284 pounds: Vile!”

[Vile emerges from the entrance and slowly walks to the ring…a look of concentration on his face. He climbs into the ring, solemnly nods to Xiak Xande and turns and faces the aisle...“They Came In” by The Butthole Surfers begins to play. A spotlight swings to the entrance at the head of the runway…]

Samantha: “Now heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 294 pounds…THE FIST…his partner stands 6 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds…THE FLYING DUTCHMAN…they are your SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…THE MADMEN!!!”

[The Flying Dutchman strides confidently to the ring, a smug look on his face…he raises his tag title belt over his head as his name is announced…then climbs into the ring. He is followed by The Fist, whose face is inscrutable…as always. The Fist is wearing his Tag Title belt firmly around his waist…]

Jason: “HERE WE GO! Vile and The Flying Dutchman start off this tag team match!”

Ryu: “This should be good…”

Jason: “A kick by Vile to the midsection of The Flying Dutchman…head to the buckle, head to the buckle, head to the buckle…Vile jaws with referee while The Flying Dutchman is staggered. Another head to the buckle by Vile…Irish Whip into the ropes, The Flying Dutchman ducks, ducks again, flying shoulder-tackle by The Flying Dutchman…Cover: Vile kicks out before the ref can even count!”

Ryu: “Give him an ‘A’ for effort but it’s WAY too early to even think about that!”

Jason: “Knife Edge chop by The Flying Dutchman…Irish Whip into the ropes is reversed, Vile fires The Flying Dutchman over the top rope…but doesn't notice he landed on the apron! Instead, he turns to The Fist with a sneer and starts trash talking...The Flying Dutchman to the top rope…springboard clothesline!”

Ryu: “Caught him napping on that one. If you’re going to fire a guy over the top rope, either follow him out there or at least make sure he lands OUTSIDE!”

Jason: “The Flying Dutchman now working an arm wringer on Vile…working the arm…really wrenching it…Vile pokes the eyes….knee in the gut, which puts down The Flying Dutchman. Vile tags out to Xiak Xande...who runs right into a Knife Edge chop. The Fist with a jab as well…another Knife Edge chop by The Flying Dutchman…tag…now The Flying Dutchman and The Fist double team stomping on Xiak Xande…”

Ryu: “They’ve got him trapped in that corner…”

Jason: “The Fist with a hammer-like shot to the head of Xande…now the Fist in…and he smashes Xande’s head to the buckle and shoves him into his corner!”

Ryu: “I guess either The Madmen don’t believe in the old ‘cut a guy off from his corner’ strategy…or The Fist really wants to tangle with Vile!”

Jason: “Well…he’s going to get his wish! Tag by Vile…boot to the midsection of Vile by The Fist…Vile responds with a knife edge chop of his own…attempted Irish Whip…The Fist reverses…HE answers with some absolutely BRUTAL knife edge chops…throws Vile into the ropes…Vile comes back with a BIG shoulder-block….he’s staggered, but The Fist buries a knee in the gut of Vile!”

Ryu: “This is GREAT Johnson! Both of these guys are just clobbering each other BACK AND FORTH…when one lands a good move, the other one responds!”

Jason: “Nice snap suplex by The Fist on Vile…followed up with a stomp to the back of the head. The Fist picks Vile up and puts him on the top rope…right hand by The Fist, climbing to the second rope…top rope…SUPERPLEX!! Cover: ONE…TWO…Xiak Xande breaks it up!”

Ryu: “Nicely done!”

Jason: “Xande’s interference gets The Fist’s partner angry…The Flying Dutchman is in with a right for Xande! As the ref orders HIM back out, Vile and Xande turn it around on The Fist…Vile holding him for Xiak Xande's kicks…But The Fist fights back!”

Ryu: “Right for Xande…right for Vile, Xande with a right, The Fist punches Xande, punches Vile, punches Xande, punches Vile…The Fist is getting fired up, he clotheslines Xande out of the ring, and DROPS Vile with a AMAZING ROUNDHOUSE!”

Jason: “You don’t slug it out with THE FIST! The Fist drops down and applies a NECK CRANK on Vile! Xande jumps back up onto the apron…The Flying Dutchman with a springboard dropkick to put him back out! While the ref puts The Flying Dutchman out, Xande runs over to get a chair…”

Ryu: “WHACK! That'll break that neck crank! Xande rolls Vile on top of The Fist, then shoves The Flying Dutchman to the floor! The ref over…COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Fist…even after that chairshot! A look of surprise just crossed Vile's face!”

Jason: “Vile in the mount position on top of the prone Fist…right, right, right, right, right right right right - now grinding The Fist's face in the mat. Big knee to the back of the neck…off the ropes with a elbow smash…now he’s standing on the neck and using the ropes to make it even worse! Xande pulls The Fist out and throws him into the STEEL steps!”

Ryu: “That chair shot really changed the momentum of this match and now Vile and Xande are laying a beating on The Fist!”

Jason: “The Fist rolled back in for Vile's VERY lax cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by The Fist! Not that way and not tonight Vile! Tag to Xiak Xande…there's a knee to the head…quickly followed by a sharp Knee-lift. Now a right by Xande…answered by a right by The Fist…The Fist whips Xande into the ropes…but he comes right back with a forearm smash! COVER: Leg is hooked: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by The Fist!”

Ryu: “Man, The Fist is hanging tough but he needs to tag The Dutchman in here in the WORST way!”

Jason: “Meanwhile, Xande tags to Vile, and distracts the ref while Vile stomps on The Fist's groin!”


Jason: “Another stomp by Vile to The Fist as Xande returns to his corner…and Vile fires a shot at The Flying Dutchman, which brings him in and allows Xande the illegal switch.”


Jason: “Shoulder to the gut of The Fist by Xiak Xande…and another shoulder…now going to the abdominal stretch and reaching back for Vile's hand and the leverage that you can only get by having TWO men pulling back on the hold!”

Ryu: “What great teamwork by these two…”

Jason: “The ref breaks it up…allowing The Fist a hip toss on Xande! The Fist off the ropes, shoulder-block! Off the ropes again…but Xande puts on a sleeper! The Fist fights it but is fading, and fading fast. The ref checks…arm falls once…arm does NOT fall twice …The Fist rares back with an elbow in the gut…another breaks the sleeper…waistlock…German suplex! Both men are down and the count is on…both men are down…The Fist ready to make the tag...Vile in…and the ref misses the tag. Xande tosses The Fist out of the ring, where Vile rams him into the timekeepers table, unleashes a flurry of forearms to the back…rolls him back in as The Flying Dutchman comes over to meet him…right hand, forearm…”

Ryu: “The Flying Dutchman puts Vile into the STEEL steps…Flying Dutchman climbing up top: missile dropkick to Xiak Xande! The Flying Dutchman back to his corner…”

Jason: “The ref back in the ring with The Fist and Xiak Xande both out of it. The ref's count gets to 6 as Vile gets the tag and SO DOES THE FLYING DUTCHMAN!”

Ryu: “HERE WE GO!”

Jason: “Clothesline for Vile! Off the ropes with a clothesline! Into the ropes is reversed, but The Flying Dutchman hits ANOTHER flying forearm smash! Vile gets a clothesline right hand for Vile… and dropkicks Xande out of the ring!”

Ryu: “The Dutchman has gone nuts!!!”

Jason: “Vile with a right…into the ropes…The Flying Dutchman ducks…Vile tries the body bock but The Flying Dutchman catches him and drops him...”

Ryu: “Look at the Flying Dutchman! He knocks Vile to the ground…and now Vile is TRYING to get up…Dutchman kicks Vile hard and swift in the ribs and face as he tries to get up…”

Jason: “Vile covering his head and curling up from the vicious onslaught of kicks by The Flying Dutchman…now The Flying Dutchman slaps on THE DUTCH OVEN! Will Vile tap?”

Ryu: “Nope! Xiak Xande saves him! The Flying Dutchman is fired out of the ring…and Xande is out after him. NO! The Flying Dutchman with a double leg takedown and he has the DUTCH OVEN on XANDE…OUTSIDE THE RING! Xiak Xande is tapping but how can that help out there!”

Jason: “The Fist and Vile brawling away…but The Fist's not the legal man…Fist getting the upper hand…boot to the midsection…”


Jason: “Meanwhile, Xande is still helpless outside due to that figure four…Fist makes the cover: ONE…TWO…THREE!!! The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”

["They Came In" by The Butthole Surfers begins to play…]

Samantha: “HERE ARE your winners…at a time of 27 minutes…YOUR SHOOT PROJECT TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS…THE MADMEN!”

[The Flying Dutchman rolls under the bottom rope…accepts his belt back…then exits the ring and exchanges a high five with The Fist. The Madmen stand in front of the ring and hold their titles over their heads…The Dutchman grins and heads up the aisle with The Fist in tow…The camera goes to Jason and Ryu in the broadcast position…]

Jason: “What a great fight. The MADMEN retain!”

Ryu: And THAT was close. Man. The workers have really turned it up tonight. I’m thoroughly impressed by everything that has gone down up to this point.

Jason: As am I, Ryu. I don’t think that these two teams are done. Although, Vile doesn’t seem to be too thrilled to have been paired up with Xiak. But whatever. Those two have a crazy relationship as it is.

Ryu: Yeah, and one has to wonder when Vile will be getting his SHOOT Championship shot. Got any info for us on that, Jason?

Jason: Soon, Ryu. Very soon.

Ryu: All right then. Well, up next, we have Ben Jackman Vs. Eddie E. for the SHOOT Project Iron Fist Champion. It should be known that Ben Jackman is the person who has held the Iron Fist Championship the longest in the history of the SHOOT Project. The person second to him, is your own brother, Josh Johnson.

Jason: That’s right. Ben is certainly a highly respected man in the locker room for having been able to hold onto that belt for that long. One has to wonder when he’s going to make the jump to either the next level or if he’s going to make an effort to unite the Triad.

Ryu: I for one think he may be the second person to do it, but I guess only time will tell.

Jason: You may be right, but with guys like Trey Willett, Eryk Masters, John Mathews, and the plethora of new guys coming in, you have to realize that it’s not going to be quite a simple task. Uniting the Triad never was.

Ryu: You’re right. However, if one person can do it, Jackman can. He’s got resilience.

Jason: That he does. But for now, let’s get on with this. Eddie hasn’t shown much of himself lately, and for someone who I paid so much money for, I’m kind of disappointed. He dropped the ball against Will James last week, so let’s see if he can redeem himself some this week. Samantha?

Eddie E. Vs. Ben Jackman
Iron Fist Championship

(The camera goes to the ring…we see Eddie E. standing in the middle of the ring warming up…he is NOT his usual theatrical self…he walks to the ropes and pulls on them…loosening up…as “So Fresh So Clean” by OutKast is heard over the arena sound system.)

Samantha: “This next bout is for The Shoot Project IRON FIST CHAMPIONSHIP!”

(The crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “In the center of the ring… standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 253 pounds… “MR. PPV”…EDDIE E.!”

(The crowd jeers…)

Samantha: “And NOW…

Jason: “HERE COMES BEN JACKMAN!!! Ben Jackman storming the ring…not even waiting for his entrance…and starts pounding on Eddie E.. Blackout throwing HAMMER-LIKE right hands repeatedly…Eddie E. in the corner as Ben Jackman POUNDS away at him with those TAPED FISTS as the crowd goes NUTS!”

Ryu: “WOW! Jackman not wasting any time here…he’s all business!”

Jason: “Jackman pulls Eddie E. to his feet in the corner…Jackman backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Eddie E. looks a bit dazed and bails out of the ring.”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman is THE BEST Johnson. We see other titles switching hands every damn week here in Shoot Project. Do you know how long Blackout has HAD that belt? I don’t. You know why? He’s had it since BEFORE we started working calling these matches! Other champs come and go…but it’s THIS kind of intensity that keeps Ben Jackman as the LONGSET REIGNING CHAMP IN SHOOT PROJECT TODAY…HANDS DOWN!

Jason: “I couldn’t agree with you more…Eddie E. takes a breather on the outside…Ben Jackman is in the ring pacing back and forth…look at his hands…they’re heavily taped up as usual…”

Ryu: “Eddie E. back up on the apron…a clothesline from Jackman sends Eddie E. and Jackman both out!”

Ryu: “WOW! The momentum of that clothesline took both those guys onto the floor.”

Jason: “Jackman grabs a chair! Ben Jackman slams Eddie E. with a chair shot…right to the BACK…Jackman raises the chair to hit him with another…Eddie E. sticks one of his boots up…and kicks the steel chair right into Blackout’s face!”

Ryu: “Jackman backs up…he’s dazed!”

Jason: “Eddie E. is jumping on this…he’s picking Ben Jackman up…”

Ryu: “WHAM! Eddie E. just POWERSLAMMED Ben Jackman on the CONCRETE!”

Jason: “Ben Jackman has his hands over his back…as Eddie E. grabs him and rolls him back into the ring…Eddie E. pulls Jackman to his feet…and now he buries an uppercut to the midsection of Jackman…Ben Jackman, doubled over in mid-ring…now he’s sent over the top with a clothesline and Eddie E. follows him out. Jackman is staggering away from Eddie E.…but Eddie E. is right behind him…”

Ryu: “Looks like Mr. PPV is trying to soften Blackout up…”

Jason: “Jackman whirls around… …he slams Eddie E.'s face into the steel steps! Wham! Ben Jackman charges after Eddie E.…but Eddie E. grabs him…Irish Whip into the security barrier!…Eddie E. pulls Blackout to his feet…throws him into the barrier again! Now Eddie E. picks up Jackman…VERTICAL SUPLEX on the concrete…”

Ryu: “Whoa!”

Jason: “Now Eddie E. ramming Jackman back first into the ring post! Ben Jackman’s back is really being given a beating…Eddie E. rolls Ben Jackman back into the ring and begins STOMPING him on his back! Eddie E. drops the knee on the back…and again! Now Eddie E. throws Ben Jackman headfirst into the turnbuckle. Eddie E. with shoulderblocks to Ben Jackman's midsection…repeatedly!”

Ryu: “Eddie E. is clobbering him!”

Jason: “Eddie E. rolls Jackman over…and stomps away on the back. Huge kneedrop on Ben Jackman's back…Eddie E. pulls Jackman to his feet again…and THROWS him over the top rope to the outside.”

Ryu: “Here we go again! These Iron Fist matches are NUTS!”

Jason: “Eddie E. follows Jackman outside…he walks over to the steel chair that Jackman used on him earlier…OH NO…CHAIRSHOT…right into Jackman’s back!”

Ryu: “Man…he’s in PAIN!”

Jason: “Eddie E. pulling Jackman to his feet…rolls him in and follows in…Eddie E. pulls Jackman to his feet…and gets an abdominal stretch locked on! He’s pounding on Ben Jackman’s ribs while the hold is on. …Ben Jackman hip tosses Eddie E.!”

Ryu: “Ben Jackman up, with a number of BRUTAL rights with those taped fists…Eddie E. staggered…Jackman secures Mr. PPV’s head…!”

Jason: “BLACKOUT BOMB…the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…wait…what the…”

Ryu: “Ha! Jackman just interrupted the ref’s count!…We’ve seen him do this before!”

Jason: “Jackman HOISTING Mr. PPV up…ANOTHER Blackout Bomb…oh my god…WAIT…he hasn’t released it…he’s pulling him up again…ANOTHER!!!”

Ryu: “Eddie has got a dazed look on his face, completely knocked silly…the ref starts the standing 10 count AGAIN…but again Jackman STOPS him…”

Jason: “Ooh…Eddie E. feels he’s being treated with disrespect…he staggers to his feet but he looks woozy… Jackman fires a jab that misses…Eddie ducks and answers…he flattens Blackout with a smashing right cross to face…and now he rolls outside to get that chair….Eddie back in…DRIVES the chair into Ben Jackman's ribs…and hits him on the back…AGAIN!”

Ryu: “AGAIN! Now Eddie drops the chair, and sets Ben Jackman up for a BODY SLAM that will land Jackman on the chair...BACK FIRST!”

Jason: “Eddie E. scoops Jackman up for the slam…and DOWN goes JACKMAN! BODY SLAMMED right over top a folding steel chair! The ref begins to administer the standing ten count…”

Ryu: “Nope…Jackman staggers to his feet…”

Jason: “Jackman in obvious agony…grabs Eddie E. by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS that taped fist right into Eddie E.’s face! I think that shot broke Eddie E.’s nose…he's bleeding a gusher! Ben Jackman ignoring the obvious pain in his lower back and finds the strength to pound Eddie E. in the face with those taped fists…and has knocked him on his ass!”

Ryu: “Jackman showing us WHY he is the IRON FIST CHAMPION…”

Jason: “Ben Jackman goes to school on Eddie E. in the corner with that taped right hand…now a whip…reversal but Ben Jackman gets a leg up as Eddie E. charges…Ben Jackman hits a forearm smash on Eddie E.…he whips Eddie E. into the corner…bulldog onto the chair!”

Ryu: “Oh man…what a war …”

Jason: “Eddie E. lying prone on top of the chair…the ref starts the 10 count as Ben Jackman leans over the top rope with one hand bracing his injured back…he’s exhausted…”

Ryu: “The ref is up to 5…”

Jason: “NO…Eddie E. rolling to the outside…breaking the count…Ben Jackman crawls after him…grabs Eddie E. around the wrist…whip attempt is reversed and Jackman is sent into the steel steps…BOOM!”

Ryu: “Eddie E. rolls back into the ring…but not to be outdone…Jackman crawls in right after him…the ref calls for a BREAK as both men stagger to their feet…the crowd comes to it’s feet…they’re cheering themselves hoarse!”

Jason: “Jackman pounds a right into Eddie E.’s face with that taped fist…Eddie E. returns the favor…jab…Jackman returns a shot…now Eddie E.…Jackman…Eddie E.…Jackman…Eddie E.…”

Ryu: “Jackman is busted open now…the blood is running down both these guys faces…they just keep taking turns pounding each other in the head…neither one will back off or give up…this is a SLUGFEST!”

Jason: “Jackman fires a right cross…Eddie E. sidesteps and nails Blackout in the kidneys with a brutal bodyshot…Jackman has dropped to his knees in pain, and Eddie E. starts laying in kicks to the kidneys of Ben Jackman!”

Ryu: “Mr. PPV is a VERY smart fighter…you saw earlier that he was working on Blackout’s BACK…and now Mr. PPV seems to be going BACK to the kidney and rib area again…great psychology…Jackman is staggered but retaliates with an uppercut to the midsection of Eddie E.!”

Jason: “Now Eddie E. is down…Jackman dropping a knee right on Eddie E.’s head! The ref starts the 10 count…Eddie E. is not moving…the ref stands over him and continues counting to ten…”

Ryu: “Ha! Jackman just interrupted the ref’s count!…AGAIN!”

Jason: “Jackman HOISTING Mr. PPV up…WHAT THE…”

Ryu: “OH MY GOD! Ben Jackman is putting Eddie E. in the DRAGON SLEEPER!”

Jason: “We don’t see THIS move much…what the hell is he doing now?”

Ryu: “He’s ROLLED back in a seated position…and has Mr. PPV in SURFBOARD…while he keeps him locked in the DRAGON SLEEPER! EDDIE IS OUT!”

Jason: “Jackman told me he was working on a move like this…it’s called ABSOLUTE ZERO…and THAT is how much chance Eddie has of getting out of it! The ref checks the hand of Eddie E…he IS OUT! The bell is called for…”

("Revolution Man" by Union Underground begins to play…)

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…the referee has determined that Eddie E. CANNOT continue! THE WINNER…your IRON FIST CHAMPION… “Blackout” BEN JACKMAN!!!”

(Blackout rolls out of the ring as his theme music continues to play…the referee attends to Eddie E.…Ben Jackman throws his belt over his shoulder and raises his hands over his head as he makes his way up the aisle…)

[The lights die and after about 5 seconds they come back on and we see Paul Doom behind Ben Jackman. Jackman begins to turn around slowly and sees the tall figure but its too late as Paul Doom begins to pound on Jackman with lefts and rights and then whips him into the ropes and nails a Big Boot!]

Jason: Jesus Christ!

Ryu: Yes?

[Paul Doom goes outside and grabs a ring bell. He goes back into the ring and waits for Jackman to get up. He turns around and Paul Doom levels Jackman. Jackman is busted open and Doom throws away the bell and goes to Jackman and sits on him and starts to punch away at his face. This happens for three minutes and Doom stops and goes to the outside once more. He then comes back inside with a steel chair and steps over Jackman and then proceed to smack the chair in the face of Jackman several times. He then poses to the crowd Who boo him immensely. Paul Doom then gets Jackman and nails the Death Drop, a massive power bomb. Doom then spits on Jackman and leaves to boos as EMT's rush to Jackman’s aid.]

Jason: Already this Paul Doom character is making a big impression by taking out the highly acclaimed Ben Jackman.

Ryu: Bah, he attacked him from behind. Anyone can take someone out if they attack him from behind.

Jason: This may be true. I can’t wait to see what kind of retaliation Ben Jackman provides here next week, as I’m sure he will be back.

Ryu: And what about Paul Doom? He’s certainly got some living up to do if he plans to continue his little personal conquest at this level.

Jason: It’ll be a sight, that’s for sure.

Mark Chicone Vs. Roland the Dark
Rising Star Championship

Ryu: Well ladies and Gentlemen it has been a hell of a night and it looks as if things are going to pick up once more. Already in the ring is Mark Chicone a sum what strange choice to put in front of Roland.

Jason: Not only that, but Roland puts his belt on the line, so he is giving it all and putting it all on the line.

[‘Wake up’ by Rage Against the Machine booms out the speakers.]

Jason: Well there is no mistaking that music.

Ryu: Yup here comes the Rising Star Champion and is this to be his last night of reign

[Roland The Dark comes to the ring. He takes his belt off and hands it to the Ref. The belt is attached to the hanging rope and hoisted to the rafters.]

Ryu: That looks a tad to high there Jase.

Jason: Well I have noticed some larger ladders lying around, maybe Roland requested this.

[Roland places Mark Chicone on the turnbuckle and executes a front-layout suplerplex.]

Ryu: Looks like we are a go.

[Roland picks Chicone up and executes a superplex. Roland methodically gets to his feet. Chicone slowly gets back to his feet. Chicone tries to even the match with a flying shoulder block. Mark Chicone hits Roland with an elbowdrop. Roland The Dark leaps to his feet and nails Mark Chicone with a double underhook suplex. Roland heads to the floor to retrieve a ladder closely followed by Chicone. Roland chops Chicone, once, twice and drops the head of Chicone onto the barrier.]

Ryu: Now we are getting some real action!!

Jason: Looks like Roland wants to end this match and fast. He knows Chicone is not in his class and he wants to prove a point.

Ryu: That point being?

[Roland spins around Mark Chicone's back and DDT's him into the floor.]

Jason: Oh my god did you see that move. The point being that this is a fruitless match.

[Mark Chicone climbs to his feet. Roland hits Chicone with the ladder busting him open. He drops the ladder and picks up a chair and cracks it off the back of Chicone.]

Ryu: Has Chicone showed any offence yet?

Jason: Not since early in the match.

Ryu: This kid is going to get hurt out there. Roland is playing with him.

[Roland tosses Chicone into the ring and then throws the ladder in before climbing in himself.]

Ryu: What is he doing?

Jason: Well he just moved a non moving Chicone into the middle of the ring and he has opened the ladder above him across his neck.

Ryu: Roland is climbing the ladder, this match is over this soon.

Jason: Yeah Roland is just about at the top…NO, NO…Incoming…

[Roland and the ladder topple over with the help of Chicone’s legs.]

Ryu: My god Roland hit the barrier hard.

Jason: Did you see the blood?! Roland was cracked right open there.

[Chicone flips to his feet and heads to the outside. He picks up Roland and drops him over the barrier. He tosses Roland into the steps.]

Ryu: What is Chicone doing?

Jason: He has a table and it is set up. He has rolled Roland onto the table and now he sets up the ladder.

Ryu: You don’t think, but why he could win this match.

Jason: Payback I feel. He comes off the ladder like a missile, Roland rolled off the table…OOOOOO

Ryu: Chicone went straight through that Table, both men are lying down on the floor in front of us

[Roland and Chicone slowly get to their feet, they exchange punches and chops. Roland kicks Chicone into the gut and drops him to the floor face first. Roland picks Chicone up and tosses him into the ring. Roland dropkicks Mark Chicone to the knee. He drops 1,2,3 elbows to the neck of Chicone. He picks up the Chair and embeds it into the back of Chicone. Roland picks up Chicone and tosses him out of the ring.]

Ryu: He sets up the ladder.

Jason: He climbs up, there is no way Chicone is making it back in the ring. Roland The Dark goes up the ladder. Roland goes one step closer to the belt. Roland The Dark moves up another step. Roland makes it to the top step. Roland unhooks the title belt!!

Ryu: We've got ourselves a winner!

Jason: That is right Ryu, there was a time in the match where Chicone could of one it but a rookie error of going for payback instead of the win cost him dearly.

Ryu: And it’s too bad, too. Chicone had a chance. But he just blew it. Roland, the seasoned veteran with a great win here, thus furthers his right to hold that belt.

Jason: And now-

[Jason is cut off. Intensity is high. The adrenaline is pumping for the fans here at Oblivion until…]

** You Must Die. I Alone Am Best. **

…“I Hope You Die” by the Bloodhound Gang; blares.

Ring Announcer: Introducing to the ring at this time, our latest addition to the tag team roster -- accompanied by their manager, Duck Man… at a combined weight of five-hundred and eighty pounds… Bin Amish, the Laughing Man… SINGULAR EVILNESS!

[From an anticipating audience, Singular Evilness (AKA, the Evil Men), walk to the ring. Instead of thru, both men enter over the rope. Duck Man, their manager who’s an anonymous member wearing a mascot duck suit, takes the stairs. While Bin Amish takes a pose, the Laughing Man dances round the ring like an insane hyena on crack cocaine.]

Duck Man: (Swapping the microphone from the ring announcer), Beat it.

Jason: It looks like these clowns have something to say.

Ryu: Watch it! The Laughing Man may take offense.

[Course, the ring announcer does as he is told and the Duck Man goes to say something but however, the Laughing Man has other ideas. Duck Man hands it over to the Laughing Man as the Laughing Man insanely laughs…]

The Laughing Man: Hey everybody! I’m on quack cocaine!

Ryu: Ha-Ha! That’s a good one.

The Laughing Man: (Laughing insanely), Wait a second! I have another one! (Sings like Britney Spears) Crack Cola… YEAH!

Jason: Well he’s definitely sending a message to Britney Spears.

Ryu: I’d say.

The Laughing Man takes a Britney Spears pose before laughing again… Bin Amish takes the microphone now.

Bin Amish: America. Oh, America. Thank God this is not America… or else I’D BE SENDING MY BOOT UP Y’ALL ASS!

Jason: Whoa!

Ryu: Wait a second, this guy looks familiar…

Jason: Cha think?

[The Laughing Man pulls a microphone from inside his colorfully decorated trench…]

The Laughing Man: Yeah! Boot to y’all ass. Fuckers!

[…he tosses the microphone to Duck Man…]

Duck Man: Quack!

Bin Amish: Fuck America! Fuck the people inside it too. They all suck.

The Laughing Man: Yeah! They all suck! –fuckers!

Bin Amish: Now you see Shoot Project, I’m sure you have a pretty good idea on who I am…

Jason: …yeah.

Bin Amish: So uh, be afraid. Bin Laden… err, Bin Amish will be watching your ass. And to all the Americans in this shit hole tonight… fuck you. Fuck the Americans in the Shoot Project. Fuck ‘em all. Cause from now on, you’re on my bitch list. Tell ‘em, Laughing Man!

The Laughing Man: Yeah! The Bitch List! From now on, you’re on OUR Bitch List. And if you Bitch about our Bitch List, you’re GOING to be on our Bitch List! –no matter who you are! Americans, non-Americans, it doesn’t matter… you’re on our Bitch List!

Duck Man: Quack! Fuck the Un-Americans. We’re the real thing. We are--


The Laughing Man: Yeah! We are inevitable and if you ever fuck with us, we’re gonna fuck wit’ you back! Because we’re bad, we’re evil, we’re insane… well, I’m insane… but we’re bad and we’re here to kick ass!

Duck Man: (To the Laughing Man) 'Is that all?

The Laughing Man: …no.


The Laughing Man: …sniff my crack?

Duck Man: Erg! Quack! Damn it! Spasm attack! Get your quacking asses out of here! Come on, let’s go! Quack!

[“I Hope You Die” blares. The evil group of Singular Evilness exit to the locker rooms.]

Jason: Well, that was… interesting… It’s a good thing that we aren’t in the states…

Ryu: Quite… NEXT MATCH!

Jason: Next up, we have the Rule of Surrender Championship match featuring some newer SHOOT Project stars, those being John Mathews and Will James.

Ryu: John Mathews has impressed the hell out of me lately, and for that, he’s been granted a shot at the Rule of Surrender Championship held by Will James who is touted as The Future.

Jason: Oddly enough, however, we’ve heard very little from a normally vocal Will James. With his Pepsi and all.

Ryu: This is true. It should be interesting to see how he fares against a fired up John Mathews.

Jason: Samantha Coil, take it away…

John Mathews Vs. Will James
Rule of Surrender Championship

(The crowd buzzes in excitement as "THE FUTURE" by Bow Wow begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match is for the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP…FIRSTLY standing at 6 Feet 4 Inches Tall, weighing in at 250 pounds…here is your RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…WILL JAMES!”

Jason: “Man…look at the look of total concentration on Will James’s face.”

Ryu: “He is totally focused on this fight...this man fought like a man possessed to get here to the championship ranks in Shoot Project…and he is hell bent on keeping that title around his waist…”

Samantha: “Now the CHALLENGER…to my right…standing 6 feet 4 inches tall, and weighing in at 259 pounds…JOHN MATHEWS!”

Jason: “Here we go! The two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Ryu: “ALL RIGHT! Time to go!”

Jason: “Lockup right out of the gate…side headlock by John Mathews, wrenching it in…Will James powers out…shoulder-block by John Mathews. Will James kips up…ducks a punch attempt by John Mathews and answers with a nice left hook of his own. John Mathews connects with a jab in response…Will James back with a smashing roundhouse to take control! Irish Whip…and into the ropes goes John Mathews ... up and over leapfrog…John Mathews lands on his feet...runs at Will James but Will James gives him a hot shot!”

Ryu: “ACK! Will James just grabbed John Mathews in a belly to belly and threw him throat first across the top rope! That’s going to obstruct the old airway!”

Jason: “I’d say…John Mathews struggles to his feet…but a BIG clothesline by Will James puts John Mathews down…Will James looking to apply a submission hold but John Mathews powers out…”

Ryu: “Even though that hotshot was very impressive, and was followed up by that nice clothesline…it’s probably too soon to go for a tap out…you probably aren’t going to beat a fighter like John Mathews that way…”

Jason: “I agree. Will James with a brutal knife edge chop into the chest of John Mathews, who is still trying to regain his composure after that hot shot and clothesline…you can see that Will James is working on the sternum area of John Mathews…”

Ryu: “Will James is a very intelligent fighter, there’s no doubt about it…”

Jason: “ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...just listen to the SMACK noise and look at John Mathews’s chest to see the effect those shots are having.”

Ryu: “Yeah…John Mathews’s chest is getting red from the force of impact…Will James’s probably broken some blood vessels there…”

Jason: “An Irish Whip by Will James on John Mathews…into the ropes is reversed…John Mathews gets hiss head down, looking for a back bodydrop…head down…but no…BIG kick by Will James…”

Ryu: “Will James caught him there…John Mathews put his head down too early! John Mathews stumbles back…Will James coming in…WHOA!”

Jason: “Beautiful! John Mathews was playing possum somewhat, and suckered Will James in…he was acting like that kick to the chest hurt him more than it did…and when Will James went in to follow it up, John Mathews snaps off PERFECT belly to belly Suplex! Both men down now…”

Ryu: “Did you see the HEIGHT that John Mathews got on that Belly to Belly? Let’s look at a replay…WOW!”

Jason: “Both men getting to their feet…John Mathews with a short clothesline…He’s going for a submission hold…but Will James fights it off! John Mathews stays on him, pulls Will James to his feet and SMASHES him head first to the buckle. Will James snaps back…John Mathews slips on a waistlock and hits the German Suplex!”

Ryu: “Damn, John Mathews has thrown a couple of textbook suplexes tonight Johnson!”

Jason: “Despite the beating he took to his upper body earlier on in this match, John Mathews has rebounded nicely…John Mathews stays on Will James...John Mathews steps behind Will James…and clamps on a sleeper!”

Ryu: “Will James's fading fast...the ref checks the hold…then checks the arm...arm falls once, arm falls twice…WHAM!”

Jason: “Will James fires a sharp elbow backwards into the midsection of John Mathews…which doubles him over…Will James jumping on the chance to work on the midsection of John Mathews... right to the gut…another right and now Will James shoves him into the ropes, and grabs a sleeper of his own!”

Ryu: “WOW!”

Jason: “John Mathews flails around a bit but no…he reaches under…grabs Will James’s leg and STANDS STRAIGHT UP…MODIFIED BACK SUPLEX! Both men down…and the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…”

Ryu: “We’re at 3…John Mathews rolls to his back…4…now at 5, Will James gets to his knees. Both men up to their feet at 7...John Mathews charges, and runs into a big boot. John Mathews tries again... Will James is outta there and John Mathews crashes into the corner!”

Jason: “Will James ducks a swing by John Mathews and throws a nice right...John Mathews is dazed…Irish Whip into the ropes…BIG back body drop on John Mathews by Will James...running clothesline...John Mathews staggers up and his by another clothesline...Irish Whip into the ropes, John Mathews comes off…RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM!”

Ryu: “James going for a submission hold…but Mathews fights it off! That was CLOSE!”

Jason: “Will James going out and going up to the top rope...high sign to the crowd, who responds ... up on the top rope...but took too long as John Mathews leaps onto the ropes and throws off Will James with the belly to belly SUPERPLEX!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP! That may have been the difference maker right there Johnson…”

Jason: “He’s going for a submission hold…but Will James fights it off! WOW!”

Ryu: “I cannot believe that he managed to fight his way out of that!”

Jason: “John Mathews leans against the ropes...he’s tired…and he starts arguing with the ref…”

Ryu: “All this arguing gives Will James the chance to stagger to his feet…what guts…most guys would have been down for the count after being tossed from the top rope like that!”

Jason: “I agree…Will James has shown some real fight here tonight! HEY…Will James hits a schoolboy roll up from behind on John Mathews while he had his back turned and is arguing with the ref! Will James going for a submission hold…but now Mathews fights it off!…”

Ryu: “HA! Will James makes the "what do I gotta do" face…he crouches behind…waiting for John Mathews to get back up... YIKES!”

Jason: “John Mathews firing a desperation elbow BACKWARDS which NAILS Will James right in the GUT! Will James totally didn’t see that one coming…and because that back elbow was a surprise it really folded him up like an accordion! Look like Will James really has the wind knocked out of him!”

Ryu: “While Will James is writhing around in pain, John Mathews crawls over and grabs a leg…wait a minute…SCORPION DEATH LOCK!”

Jason: “YES! John Mathews has a sharpshooter type leg lock on Will James and he REALLY has it cinched in! Will James reaches for the ropes...John Mathews pulls him back to the center! Will James makes the slow crawl once again...so close to the ropes…reaches...MAKES IT!”

Ryu: “WOW! Will James withstood the pain and broke that hold…”

Jason: “Will James is back on his feet...John Mathews grabs his leg again…you can tell he wants to go back to that hold…enzuigiri! SMACK! John Mathews had one of Will James’s legs…so Will James NAILED John Mathews upside the head with a high kick. John Mathews drops to the mat like a bag of cement! Will James wastes no time…he’s out to the apron and up on the top rope…he’s going to go for a top rope splash I think…”

Ryu: “John Mathews sees this and slowly gets to his feet…Will James comes off with a high cross body…NO! NO! NO! JOHN MATHEWS CAUGHT HIM! WHAM!”

Jason: “John Mathews catching Will James as he comes off the top rope with a high cross body…and uses the momentum of the impact to spin him over into a CRUNCHING POWERSLAM!!”

Ryu: “Now James is OUT…John Mathews applies an IRON CLAW! He got him! John Mathews managed to get to his feet right as Will James came off the top rope…and when Will James hit him with the high cross body…John Mathews used Will James’s own momentum to spin around and land a BRUTAL powerslam! The impact was so hard that BOTH men bounced off the canvas when it hit! NOW JOHN MATHEWS HAS AN IRON CLAW ON WILL JAMES!!!”

Jason: “Yep…and that was just enough to knock the wind out of Will James long enough for John Mathews to get a submission hold slapped on…THE REF CALLING FOR THE BELL!”

(“Walking Through Barbed Wire” by Papa Roach hits as the bell rings. John Mathews stumbles to his feet as the fans cheer. The ref grabs John Mathews’s hand and raises it as he hands him the TITLE! At the same time, Will James rolls out of the ring and shakes his head disgustedly as he trudges up the aisle…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…here is YOUR NEW SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION…at a time of 19 minutes and 7 seconds…JOHN MATHEWS!”

Ryu: “The fans giving John Mathews a nice hand after what was a great battle…really evenly matched, this one could have gone either way…”

Jason: “Very true…had Will James nailed that splash it would have been him getting his hand raised…let’s look at the replay of that powerslam while John Mathews makes his way up the aisle…”

Ryu: Well, James’ title reign was short lived, but you better believe he’ll be back at it, looking to get that belt back.

Jason: Oh, of course. He IS the Future, after all. And must I say, congrats to John Mathews who continues his roll here in the SHOOT Project.

Ryu: Definitely. Let’s see if he can make this title reign last.

Del Carver Vs. ???

[Ryu gets cut off as “It’s a Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC blares over the loudspeaker and Del Carver runs out to a massive fan ovation.]

Ryu: Del Carver, a man who last week lost EVERYTHING but he’s still here, and he looks to be in tip top form.

Jason: Tip top form for Del Carver, you mean.

Ryu: Well, yeah, that…

[Del walks around the ring rather angrily, awaiting his opponent. He leans against the ropes and stretches. At this point, some eerie music begins to play and the lights go out. You hear something hit the mat, and lightning strikes on the ObliviTron. An italicized, calligraphic “He Is Coming” rolls on the screen. The eerie music continues, but is cut quickly. The lights come back on, and Del Carver is unconscious in the middle of the ring, lying in a pool of his own blood. EMTs rush from the back to pick him up and carry him out.]

Ryu: Jason, how do you explain that? What the fuck just happened? Another signee?

Jason: I guess so. Someone’s having some fun tonight in the production room. I’ll be checking that out.

Ryu: But what about Del? Jason: What about Del? He got clocked, he’s out cold.

Ryu: The match?!

Jason: I guess it’s cancelled. That’s too bad too. I really wanted this to go down.

Ryu: Yeah well, we can’t have everything that we want, now can we? Heh.

Jason: Nope, we sure can’t. I’m getting word from production now that they’re going to play some video tape that they received. Yeah, sure, go ahead and do that. Jeez.

[The ObliviTron plays…]

Alone he sat on the sidewalk, his medium length hair drenched from the torrent of rain, his white shirt soaked through, he must've been sat there for over an hour now and yet still he stayed. Through torrential rain he was not going to be moved, he had a reason for being here and yet no-one could even fathom what that might be. Strangers walked past, giving an occasional glance, they didn't care about him, he was simply a bum sat in the rain.

The rain continued to pour down on him, his shoes planted firmly in an ever increasing puddle, his eyes focused at the floor, his body language signalling no want for contact, he was going to do this alone, he didn't want any interferences. Across the street a largely built man stopped and looked at him, he seemed puzzled, like this was all too surreal for him, after a moment's pause he shuffled on, not wanting to get involved, not wanting to induce violence from a complete stranger.

Sat still, the man had no name, he was a ghost, an apparition to the masses, he was there one second and gone the next, no-one ever saw him twice and no-one could remember him if they ever did. He stood up and walked into the centre of the road, traffic passed him on both sides, followed by the shouts of enraged drivers and the echoes of the horns reverberating in his head. He looked down at the long dotted white lines on the asphalt, the lines had a purpose, there were to separate the traffic coming from both directions, it was this purpose that he lacked, that he so yearned for.

On wards he walked, following the white lines, his feet splashing in and out of the small shallow puddles, the spray dampening his trousers futher. The world he lived in was so dark and dreary, it seemed as though all the light had been taken and destroyed, all he knew was the night. He stalked the streets searching, never managing to find anything and yet he continues on as if someday he will find what he is looking for and yet he knows not of what that is.

He stopped, from behind he could hear a voice shouting to him, it seemed scratched like an old vinyl record which has been used too often. He couldn't make the worlds out though, he was finding it hard to concentrate on this single voice, he'd been so used to his own thoughts being the sounds he listened too that this was a new experience. The voice became louder as the figure shouting to him approached, after a few seconds he felt a tap on the shoulder. He turned to see an old man stood in front of him, his scraggy beard wet through, his eyes closed within wrinkled sockets, his face black from dirt. He didn't look at the old man's clothes, he just kept eye contact, rarely blinking, his concentration constant.

After what seemed like a couple of minutes, he could finally make out the old man's words, "hey are you listening to me... Hello is anyobdy there..." he didn't give a response to the old man, he continued on staring at him. "Hey, what the hell are you staring at, do i look like some kind of freakshow to you?" still he gave no response, he hadn't anything to add.

The old man turned away and took a few steps, but stopped and turned back "Are you alright, I mean in the head, is everything running along smoothly?" yet again no reponse, the agitation was all too clear to see on the old man's face. "For godsake, say something, are you mute or something? Are you deaf as well, or even dumb... What the hell is wrong with you man..... The lights are on but no-ones home."

The old man turned away for a second time and walked off methodically, a small smile crept across the face of the loner, he knelt on one knee and picked up a stone. "You know its funny, you don;t even know me and yet you ask if I'm alright." The old man stopped in his trackes and turned expecting to see him still stood. But he wasn't still stood, he was knelt which meant the old man had to adjust somewhat to focus properly on him. "Why wouldn't I ask whats wrong? You'd been sat on the pavement in the rain for over an hour and never budged, not an inch and then you go walking along the middle of the road oblivious to whats around you. You look like you have a few screws loose upstairs..."

He replied swiftly his voice becoming edgy, "well no-one else seems to care, they're all blind, never taking a singles moment's worth of notice, I'm a ghost to them, I don't exist." The old man walked back towards him and stuck his hand out as a signal of friendship well of meet acquaintance it must be said. "Hey my names Xavier, I may be a bum, but I care, and I can help. Do you mind if i ask what your name is, I do like to speak to people knwing their names... it removes the awkwardness."

The man looked down slightly, and waited, Xavier's hand still held out firmly, after a brief second he brought his head back up and looked directly at Xavier, he shook Xavier's hand firmly. "Well Xavier, I don't have a name, well at least I can't remember mine, my whole life is a blur, i can only remember the last few months." Xavier looked disappointed, "Surely someone has to have called you something during that time?" he looked at the nameless figure intently expecting an adequate answer. I don't get to know anyone enough to be called anything by them." the answer puzzled Xavier, "What exactly do you mean?" he quickly asked.

"I go from town to town, I see very few people and speak to hardly anyone, I am anobody, a forgotten memory, those that knew me once have long since forgotten." He turned on Xavier, he'd had enough of talking now and wanted to leave, he didn't care if it may seem rude, so many people had been 'rude' to him that he just didn't care. "Well stranger, I can see you want to be somewhere else so farewell and good luck on whatever it is your looking for."

He walked on for a while with Xavier stood in the background, he seemed slightly confused, he didn't know if he had heard Xavier right. After almost a minute he swiftly turned around and shouted "How did you know, i was searchi...." there was no-one there, Xavier was gone, gone like the breeze he hadn't heard his footsteps or anything. After a moment's thought, he carried on walking, he didn;t need to worry himself with that, he didn't need to worry himself with anything he was a nobody, nothing to lose and everything to gain, or so he thought.

[“Voodoo People” hits the PA as the video fades out, and out walks Chris Lee and Maria Enriquez. Chris is carrying a clipboard and a microphone, and Maria is carrying, well, nothing. But, she looks, well, you know how she looks. Chris makes his way to the ring to a decent pop. He walks around the ring a bit with a smile on his face. He waits for the crowd to die down a bit before starting his little speech.]

Chris Lee: Well well well… Seems like I’ve got a couple things on my mind, don’t I?

[The crowd cheers. Lee smiles again. He takes a look at his clipboard before going on.]

Lee: So, we’ve decided that Under Siege will take place at the end of the month of September. Sound good? Thought so. Well, I was meeting with Jason Johnson and we thought that there wasn’t really much of a focal point for this particular show. And we decided that their needed to be.

[The crowd’s interest has been piqued, and they are cheering. Rather loudly, at that.]

Lee: So in meeting with Jason, we tossed around a couple of ideas. One of the ideas was a round robin tournament for the number one contendership. The other was a mini tournament to be held on the date of the card. All of these just seemed to fall short of what we wanted.

[The crowd is roaring now, waiting for the announcement.]

Lee: Now now, you all... you needs to calm down. [Lee begins to laugh] All right, all right. I won’t keep it any longer. The focus for Under Siege is to be a battle royal featuring all of the SHOOT Project Superstars, for the elusive spot of number one contender to the SHOOT Project Championship. Now hold on, you may think “What’s the point in that? It’s just a contendership.” So the winner of said battle royal will go on to face the champion later that night.

[The crowd finally bursts, going ballistic at this announcement.]

Lee: But wait, a lot of you may or may not be wondering “Didn’t Vile win the contendership last week?” And yes, he did. So, therefore, he’s not participating in the battle royal.

[The crowd boos.]

Lee: Whoa whoa… This does not mean that he isn’t getting a title shot. In fact, what will happen, is that the winner of the battle royal will go on to face both Vile AND the SHOOT Project Champion, whoever that may be. Sound good?

[The crowd yells with their approval. They like this, it would seem.]

Lee: All right then. Sunday, September 29th, live from Budokan Hall, which is quite a step up for us, you will see Under Siege, and the carnage that will come from such an event.

[Chris drops his mic, and puts his arm around Maria as they walk out, crowd screaming, and “VooDoo People” blaring.]

Jason: Well, how about that?! Chris Lee had some blockbuster announcements regarding Under Siege. I can’t wait to see what the reaction of the rest of the guys is going to be when they get wind of this.

Ryu: It’ll either work out to be really good, or it’ll end up in a bad way. You’re giving everyone a chance to become a main eventer, so my bets are on the idea that it’ll be a good thing.

Jason: Glad you think so. But hey, it’s main event time, let’s get to the action. Senior Referee Pat Mizu is working the ring for this occasion.

Ryu: Pat Mizu, that man… he’s a hardass if I’ve ever seen one.

Innovator of Pain Vs. Jeff Cross
SHOOT Project Championship

["Cemetery Gates" by Pantera plays over the PA system as Innovator of Pain comes out from behind the curtain.]

Samantha Coil: The following contest is for one fall. First, making his way to the ring…INNOVATOR OF PAIN!

[The crowd cheers as he climbs into the ring and head towards the turnbuckle. He climbs it and does a "Stone Cold" like taunt. He does this on all your turnbuckles then looks down at the Oblivitron, waiting for his opponent.]

Samantha Coil: Next, his opponent…JEFF CROSS!

Ryu: You know, I wonder where we’re getting the money for a Tron and for a decent sound system. Much less spotlights and pyro.

Jason: Actually, Ryu, I wonder that myself.

[The lights turn off and the arena is pitch black. "Till I Collapse" by Eminem begins to play. Then a white spotlight shines down on the stage to reveal Cross standing there looking at the crowd. He then walks slowly to the ring. He steps through the ropes and the lights turn back on. Cross and Innovator of Pain square off, and the bell rings.]

Jason: This is the beginning circle. Looks like these guys are wanting to impress, and they’re wanting to impress really quickly.

Ryu: That is certainly so. What better place to impress than Oblivion?

Jason: Damn, you sound like that guy at the Olympics. Looks like neither of them want to start it, and are just circling each other here.

[Cross charges at Innovator of Pain, but IOP moves, and drops Cross with a drop toe hold. He then lifts Cross up, and whips him into corner. He runs in, and catches knee into Cross’s gut. He raises a hand to the crowd, and they cheer. A shoulder charge, and Cross drops to a sitting position. Innovator of Pain walks back to the other corner, and lines him up.]

Jason: Innovator of Pain with the early advantage, but we all know how quickly fortunes can change.

Ryu: That is one of the few true things I have ever heard you say.

[Innovator of Pain runs at Cross, looking to connect the knee to face, but Cross rolls out of the way, and IOP hits the turnbuckle, falling back down. Cross slowly gets to feet, and lifts IOP up. A DDT sends him back down again. Then Cross locks in a sleeper hold.]

Jason: Cross with a sensible move here. Wear Innovator of Pain down.

Ryu: To quote somebody not too far from me, boring wrestling.

[IOP manages to power out of the sleeper, and grabs Cross. Whip to the ropes, and he holds on…Clothesline. Again on the other ropes, and a second clothesline. Finally, whip then a hip toss, and Innovator of Pain sends Cross sprawling across mat.]

Jason: The cover…one-two-oooh, good kickout by Cross. I think he scared IOP out of that cover. He is a scary looking guy.

Ryu: It was close for IOP there; you don’t give him enough credit. That was a good sequence of moves. The young lad impresses me. And you’d be scared too, if you were wrestling someone who is supposed to be dead.

Jason: It doesn’t take much to impress you…just like your wife. I’ve spoken to her…

Ryu: Leave my wife out of this.

[IOP picks Cross up, and catches him with a couple of forearm blows. Then Cross is leveled by a thrust to the throat. Innovator of Pain begins to stomp away on Cross, and eventually backs him into the corner. He then begins to choke him with his boot, until the ref breaks the hold. Innovator of Pain lifts Cross up, and grabs him from behind, but Cross hits a backward mule kick, right to the groin of Innovator of Pain.]

Jason: That was a blatant low blow.

Ryu: Well, Cross couldn’t see, how was he supposed to know where IOP’s bits were?

[Innovator of Pain doubles over in pain. Cross takes the opportunity to catch his breath, and sends IOP sprawling with a huge right hand. Cross stomps IOP some, and Innovator of Pain rolls out. Cross goes to follow, but stops, and just stands, laughing at IOP.]

Jason: What is he doing?

Ryu: Well, he doesn’t want to go outside the ring. He will just wait for the 10 count.

[The ref gets to 7, and Innovator of Pain climbs back onto the apron. Cross goes over, to grab him, but IOP hits a shoulder block through the ropes, and hits Cross in the face with a left. IOP climbs in, and hits an elbow drop on Cross. He stays for the pin. Kickout at 2.]

Jason: Another close call for IOP there. He really is piling on the pressure.

Ryu: Cross hasn’t warmed up yet. Just watch…

[IOP lifts him up, but Cross rolls him into a small cradle…One-Two-Three! NO!]

Ryu: AWW! That was so close. I think that was a 2.9 count there.

[They both get to their feet, and start exchanging rights and lefts. Cross gets the upper hand, and whips IOP to the rope…shoulder block. Then IOP is back up, and it takes another shoulder block to put him back down. Cross hits a falling knee drop to IOP’s throat, and then covers…Kickout at 2.]

Jason: So many quick pins, but nobody is really dominating.

Ryu: Innovator of Pain nailed Cross with a clothesline that would shake a lesser man out of his boots. IOP then picked Cross up off the mat, and Irish whipped him to the ropes.

Jason: Man, IOP looks like he's about to finish this match, and finish Cross as well!! [The crowd was suddenly abuzz about something outside the ring, and a man with long dark hair, wearing blue jeans, a black leather jacket, and sunglasses appeared in the camera shot, climbing into the ring, with a metal folding chair in hand.]

Ryu: Who the hell is that guy??

[The man with the chair proceeded to lay into Innovator of Pain with the chair, beating him mercilessly as Jeff Cross slowly began to regain his senses. The man with the chair noticed Cross getting up, and laid IOP on the mat, and slid out under the ropes.]

Jason: Cross with the cover now, I don't think he even knows what's happened, but this intruder has just handed him this match!! 1...2...3!! It's over!! Cross retains the title, but not without an assist, from- wait!! He's getting back in the ring BEHIND Cross!!

[The Shoot World Champion turned around just in time to see the chair rushing at his head, and the man wielding it smiled as Cross fell to the mat. He then pulled a microphone out of his jacket pocket, knelt down beside the World Champion and spoke.]

"Seven days is all you got left, son. Enjoy them. See ya soon."

[The man then tossed the mic aside, and exited the ring, heading back to the dressing room area.]

Ryu: Who the hell does this guy think he is?!?

Jason: I think I may know who he is Ryu, but it's been so long, I'm not sure!! We're out of time!!! Good night for this week folks!!

[Oblivion fades to black, with the howls of the fans roaring in the background.]