Ryu: "We're starting right off the bat for this edition of Oblivion. Here we go with the first match!"

Jeff: "It should be a very exciting night, except, I've been told that Strayt Jakit hasn't arrived yet. You think he'll be here?"

Ryu: "I think so. He doesn't miss much, especially any shows where he's main eventing. In fact, I think that this is the first one."

Jeff: "Perhaps not. Anyway, here we go, Jason Showtime Vs. John Mathews!"

( The bell rings as a ref slides into the ring… ‘Get Over It’ by The Eagles begins to play and THE MAIN ATTRACTION emerges from the dressing room, resplendent in some very impressive ring gear…he begins to make his way to the ring in a theatric fashion…)

John Mathews vs. Jason Showtime

Samantha: “This bout is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit, and is a ‘Battle Royal KO Match’…to determine WHO will be eligible to enter the BATTLE ROYAL that will determine the #1 Contender for the World Championship at Under Siege! Now entering the ring…standing 6 feet 5 inches tall, he weighs in at 274 pounds…here is THE MAIN ATTRACTION…JASON SHOWTIME!”

(Jason Showtime raises his hands over his head as his name is announced…)

Samantha: “Now, to my LEFT…his opponent! He stands 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighs in at 259 pounds…here is JOHN MATHEWS!”

Jeff: “John Mathews stands toe to toe with Jason Showtime as we get this match-up underway…now a right hook by John Mathews to the face of Jason Showtime. Jason Showtime is staggered, but answers with a left cross of his own. John Mathews counters with a flurry of punches…and Jason Showtime is overcome…John Mathews grabs Jason Showtime’s head and bashes it into the turnbuckle ... another ... and another and Jason Showtime falls to the mat.”

Ryu: “Looks like John Mathews won that little exchange! It’s no big secret that John Mathews was on a real TEAR here in Shoot Project, demolishing his opponents, and he won a major title in his first shot…but then the wheels just sort of fell off last week…he lost his title…and there is a rumor circulating around backstage that he is either injured or having some sort of serious personal problems. Well, whatever it is, he had better get his act together here…quickly.”

Jeff: “Jason Showtime slides under the bottom rope to gather himself…”

Ryu: “John Mathews is having none of that…he’s out there after him…even though the ref tried to stop him…”

Jeff: “Out on the floor now… John Mathews with a brutal knife edge chop into the chest of Jason Showtime, who is still trying to regain his composure after that flurry of punches and then having his head rammed into the buckle…”

Ryu: “John Mathews is smart…he has no intention of giving Jason Showtime a chance to catch a breather outside the ring, so he’s right out there after him…laying in those nice chops…”

Jeff: “ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...just listen to the SMACK noise and look at Jason Showtime to see the effect those shots are having.”

Ryu: “Yeah…Jason Showtime’s chest is getting winded from the force of impact…John Mathews’s probably broken some blood vessels there…”

Jeff: “An Irish Whip by John Mathews on Jason Showtime…Showtime gets sent face first into the steps...and is rolled back in by John Mathews…”

Ryu: “So much for that breather!”

Jeff: “Jason Showtime, trying to gain the upper hand…bounces off the ropes…and right into a powerslam! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Jeff Showtime kicks out!”

Ryu: “Jason Showtime kicks out, but he’s having trouble getting going here!”

Jeff: “A whip from John Mathews on Jeff Showtime is reversed...Jason Showtime telegraphs a backdrop and gets kicked in the chest!”

Ryu: “Damn…Jason Showtime is NEVER going to catch his breath at this rate.”

Jeff: “That’s how you win matches though…you capitalize on one mistake by your opponent and then wear him down…work on the area you first did the damage and don’t give him a chance to recover…and Mathews HAS to stay on top of this guy…like you said earlier, he really needs this win to keep himself as a viable contender here in Shoot Project, and not be looked at as a one hit wonder or flash in the pan…”

Ryu: “Well, John Mathews sure is doing that…Jason Showtime is winded from that big boot to the chest… John Mathews pulls Jeff Showtime closer…John Mathews...boots him in the midsection and nails a DDT!”

Jeff: “COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Jason Showtime…”

Ryu: “This has been ALL John Mathews. If Jason Showtime doesn’t get something going here…and soon…this match is going to be OVER!”

Jeff: “Both men to their feet…John Mathews blocks Jason Showtime's weak looking punches, nailing his own. HIGH backdrop on John Mathews by Jason Showtime…now John Mathews backs Jason Showtime into the corner…a couple more of those wicked cutting knife edge chops in the corner...now John Mathews goes for a whip into the opposite corner which is reversed...but John Mathews bounces right out of it with a clothesline! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Jason Showtime…”

Ryu: “MAN!”

Jeff: “Another clothesline from John Mathews…Jason Showtime staggered...discus to the chin of Jeff Showtime by John Mathews! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Jason Showtime…”

Ryu: “Man…SWEET roundhouse there! John Mathews just keeping up the pressure!”

Jeff: “John Mathews shouts at the ref...he thinks that count was slow, but to be honest I just think that Jeff Showtime is tough and won’t stay down…John Mathews turns and Jason Showtime's ready…he bounces off the ropes with a BRILLIANT flying forearm smash! COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by John Mathews…”

Ryu: “HA! John Mathews got caught napping there…he was too busy jawing with the ref and Jason Showtime hit him right on the button with that perfectly placed flying forearm smash!”

Jeff: “Jason Showtime tries a short arm lariat...but John Mathews ducks...John Mathews tries a belly to belly, but Jason Showtime blocks him...go behind waist lock...and hits a BACK German Suplex! Jason Showtime hangs on...COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by John Mathews!”

Ryu: “You have to be STRONG to do a back Suplex like that and then hang on in the bridge for a cover.”

Jeff: “Jeff Showtime drags John Mathews into the middle of the ring...but John Mathews finds it in himself to roll over onto his back and kick Jason Showtime away. Jason Showtime comes at John Mathews, but meets a belly to belly right into a COVER: ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Jason Showtime…Jason Showtime gets a shoulder up. John Mathews picks Jason Showtime up for a slam…however...Jason Showtime starts shaking his legs violently…Mathews can’t hold him up there…Jason Showtime really fighting it…now Jason Showtime hooks the top rope to avoid getting slammed...he lands on his feet right in front of John Mathews…”

Ryu: “Jason Showtime STAGGERING Mathews with a couple of STIFF looking European uppercuts…Mathews backs up into the corner…Jason Showtime follows him in…”

Jeff: “Jason Showtime SPEARS John Mathews in the midsection…now what the heck is he doing…he lowers his head…and…HOLY SHIT!”

Ryu: “Dammit! THAT WAS THE SICKEST BUMP I HAVE EVER SEEN! Jason Showtime had John Mathews doubled over from that spear…then he lowered his head…LIFTED John Mathews off the canvas with a HUGE BACK BODY DROP…and John Mathews landed DIRECTLY ON TOP OF HIS HEAD! THAT WAS SICK!”

Jeff: “LOOK AT JOHN MATHEWS! I think he’s unconscious! He folded up like a cheap suitcase as soon as he landed!”

Ryu: “John Mathews is motionless…he hasn’t moved since he landed…”

Jeff: “Jason Showtime COVERS: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(The bell rings as the fans sit in stunned silence…Jason Showtime pumps his fist in the air as the ref raises his hand. Jason Showtime is ecstatic as he vaults over the top rope and heads up the aisle…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…Your WINNER and going on to the BATTLE ROYAL AT UNDER SIEGE…THE MAIN ATTRACTION…JASON SHOWTIME!!!”

Ryu: “HOLY CRAP JOHNSON! What a surprise pin! He pulled that out of NOWHERE! Look at John Mathews, he STILL isn’t moving…”

Jeff: “Some EMT’s rush the ring…it’s obvious to me that John Mathews was seriously injured by that bump…as the EMT’s tend to him, we see a replay of that awesome spearing back body drop that won Jason Showtime this match…”

Ryu: “The EMT’s are wheeling John Mathews out of the ring as the fans give him a polite and respectful hand…”

Jeff: “I don’t know when or if we’ll see John Mathews back in Shoot Project after a bump like that…we wish him all the best of course.”

{The scene cuts to Singular Evilness in their locker room apparently upset over their losing streak in Shoot.}

Laughing Man: Man, I can't believe this. Our Bitch List is turning into a Jack Shit List if we don't do something.

Bin Amish: I know…

Laughing Man: We're on a losing streak man! If we don't do something…

Bin Amish: (Cutting Laughing Man off) Calm it down, my laughing jester. I have it all under control.

Laughing Man: Shit, you haven't had anything under control. (Pauses) What do you got?

Bin Amish: We attack Roland the Dark.

Laughing Man: We attack Roland the Dark!

Bin Amish: --and Billy the Kid. That will show we're not worthless. And maybe, just maybe, we can get our message across to these Shoot Project wannabe fighters.

Laughing Man: That's a good idea.

{Then suddenly, Duck Man walks in the door.}

Duck Man: Quack! 'What are you feather brains discussing now?

Laughing Man: (to Bin Amish), 'We should tell him.

{We go back to the announcers table, as though that were an anomaly in the show.}

Jeff: “Those two are very, very strange.”

Ryu: “Yes they are.”

Jeff: “Well then…”

Ryu: “Anyway, you hate to seem glib when you see something like that, but John Mathews knew what he was signing up for when he came to Shoot Project. You can only hope that his injury isn’t too serious. Samantha is back in the ring, and it looks like we’re ready for our next match, and what a war this next match should be...”

Jeff: “You’ve got that right. This is going to be a great physical match up…”

William Tell vs. Jack White

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as "Strong as I am" by Primemovers begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “This next bout is scheduled for one fall with a 20 minute time limit, and is a ‘Battle Royal KO Match’…to determine WHO will be eligible to enter the BATTLE ROYAL that will determine the #1 Contender for the World Championship at Under Siege! Introducing first…making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 236 pounds…WILLIAM TELL!!!”

Ryu: “William Tell on his way to the ring…he looks all business…”

(William Tell’s music stops playing…William Tell is on the ring apron…and turns to the crowd and raises both his arms over his head as his music fades out…)

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent…standing to my right…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 259 pounds he is JACK WHITE!”

Jeff: “White looks good… getting right up in the face of William Tell…Stare down as the bell rings… HERE WE GO! The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverizing rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punishing smashes…Jack White now FLATTENS William Tell with a right hand…now he STOMPS on the face of the prone William Tell who is laying on his back…Jack White grinding his boot into the face of William Tell…”

Ryu: “The shocked William Tell staggers back into the corner…I think White out slugged him there…”

Jeff: “Jack White drives a shoulder into William Tell…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of William Tell!”

Ryu: “HA! What a REBOUND by William Tell…”

Jeff: “William Tell drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Jack White. Both men up…Brutal smash to jaw of William Tell from Jack White! William Tell collapses to the mat again…Jack White quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP! ONE…TWO…Kickout by William Tell!”

Ryu: “William Tell is fighting back…but DAMN…can you imagine getting nailed with a leg drop off the top rope from a 260 pound guy?”

Jeff: “Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Jack White from William Tell…Jack White doubled over but comes back with a HUGE lariat! Cover by Jack White…ONE…TWO…Kickout by William Tell!…Side headlock on William Tell by Jack White…oh boy…William Tell lifts Jack White and drops him…ATOMIC DROP…COVER by WILLIAM TELL! ONE…TWO…Kickout by White! WOW!”

Ryu: “What great back and forth action! I thought these guys would match up nicely!”

Jeff: “Jack White struggles to his feet…William Tell scoops him up…a HIGH PICTURE PERFECT Body Slam outside the ring to the floor!”

Ryu: “WOW! I don’t know what impressed me more…William Tell getting White up for the slam, or the way he dropped him unceremoniously outside the ring!”

Jeff: “William Tell out after him…William Tell hammers a punch into the head of Jack White…now he scoops up Jack White …looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Oh man! This is gonna HURT!”

Jeff: “NO! Jack White slips off and pushes William Tell shoulder first to the steel ring post! The crowd erupts! Jack White now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives William Tell over the security barrier...Jack White goes after him…William Tell dragging Jack White through the crowd now…Jack White gets sent into the wall head first! William Tell grabs a sound cable and chokes Jack White with it…Jack White elbows William Tell in the gut…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…William Tell throws Jack White back over the security barrier.”

Ryu: “This has turned into a WILD brawl…”

Jeff: “William Tell pulls Jack White up by the hair…Jack White fires a few solid punches into the midsection of William Tell…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our camera guys can follow them…the two fighters are evenly trading lefts and rights in the aisle now they are over by the entrance…”

Jeff: “William Tell lands a couple of uppercuts and gains the advantage…Jack White is violently shoved into the security barrier in the aisle… Jack White grabbing William Tell by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring area…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Ryu: “William Tell has been run head first into that apron…he bounced back and landed butt first on the floor…he’s holding his head…geez what IS IT tonight with the sick head bumps?”

Jeff: “Jack White rolls William Tell back into the ring…now he drops a leg and covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and William Tell is up…Jack White rolls outside the ring and grabs a steel chair…the fans are cheering as Jack White rolls back in the ring…”

Ryu: “William Tell is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jeff: “Jack White gets SPEARED in the midsection by William Tell! Now William Tell lifts White up…holds him HIGH in the air with a beautiful vertical Suplex…and DROPS him on the top of his head! BRAINBUSTER!”

Ryu: “Brutal! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Jack White kicks out! William Tell grabs White again...SNAP SUPLEX! Great moves!”

Jeff: “William Tell covers: ONE…TWO…NO! William Tell stays on him…pulls Jack White back to his feet…FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. William Tell nails Jack White again and covers! ONE…TWO…White’s shoulder up again…Jack White rolls over…he looks frazzled and dazed!”

Ryu: “Jack White won’t stay down!”

Jeff: “William Tell to his feet…Jack White tries a drop-kick…but William Tell side-steps and Jack White falls…William Tell hoists him up…back Suplex! William Tell goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! William Tell argues with the ref…he feels that should have been a three count…William Tell now turns back to Jack White who is slowly getting to his feet…”

Ryu: “Swinging neck breaker by William Tell on Jack White! WHAM! COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! William Tell right back on the offensive…DDT!”

Jeff: “COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! William Tell is getting frustrated! He pulls Jack White to his feet again… Jack White getting to his feet and looking around…disoriented…Jack White sees the chair and grabs it…”

Ryu: “William Tell grabs Jack White from behind in a waist lock when he turns his back on him…GERMAN SUPLEX…INTO A BRIDGE…”



Jeff: “You do NOT turn your back on a wrestler like William Tell!”

Ryu: “Absolutely! Jack White tried to get cute and go hardcore…and it ended up costing him the match! William Tell outsmarted him with some old-fashioned old school WRESTLING!”

Jeff: “It just goes to show you that a wrestler can beat a brawler any day of the week. Jack White gained the upper hand by brawling early on during this match, but he was CLEARLY out-wrestled by William Tell!”

(William Tell’s is playing…William Tell raises both his arms over his head in victory as he makes his way back to the dressing room…Jack White sits for a moment on his knees in the ring, he is clearly very bitterly disappointed…he finally shakes his head, gets up and exits the ring, as the camera goes back to Jeff and Ryu in the broadcast position…)

Within the catacombs of the Nagoya Warehouse two men sit, just moments away from their match tonight. They have both been fairly confident this week, especially Hellion Youngblood. Lonewolf sits further back in a corner taping up his right wrist, while Hellion paces back and forth working his leg muscles. A lot is on their mind tonight, or so it seems.

Hellion Youngblood: You know the game plan, Lonewolf. We have what it takes to beat Jonny Johnson and Enigma tonight, we just have to stick with how we’ve been working and we should be fine.

Lonewolf looks up from his hands and nods to Hellion.

Lonewolf: Right, I figured that much.

He didn’t seem to be worried, but Hellion’s pacing suddenly quickens as he thinks about what’s to come.

Hellion Youngblood: Okay, well… You know, LW, if we win tonight we could very well be considered an amazing tag team…

Hellion stops in his pacing as he looks on with a smile on his face. In his visualizing he doesn’t realize the Ben Jackman and Del Carver walking down the hall right in front of him.

Hellion Youngblood: In fact, I’d say Hellion Youngblood and Lonewolf could very well be the best tag team the SHOOT project has to offer.

Those words cause both Del Carver and Ben Jackman to stop in their tracks, smirks on both of their faces. Jackman slowly turns around to face Hellion.

Ben Jackman: Best tag team this place has to offer? Did I hear you right?

Hellion wakes up from his dreaming state to find the Iron Fist champion staring him down. Hellion suddenly narrows his eyes as Lonewolf comes to his side.

Hellion Youngblood: Yeah, I think you did. Why, what’s the matter with that?

Jackman chuckles one of those fake, “I can’t believe this” type of laughs as he sends a quick glance over his shoulder to Carver. Carver is stone faced and Jackman becomes stone faced as well now.

Ben Jackman: Obviously you’re not familiar with who we are… Hardcore Style. We’re wrestling in the main event tonight, not to mention are considered by all, the number one tag team around this joint. Is that understood?

Hellion nods his head, but still seems angered by Jackman’s way of talking to him.

Ben Jackman: Now as far as you are concerned, you can talk when you have the status to do so… (He points to the Iron Fist title wrapped around his waist.) When you have gold to prove who you are.

With that said, Jackman and Del Carver start off down the hall, but Hellion once more causes them to stop.

Hellion Youngblood: Oh right, the Iron Fist champion. I heard about you, seem pretty impressive… but nothing I haven’t fought before.

Jackman shakes his head as he looks to the ground. He turns around and motions to Carver that he is going to take care of something.

Ben Jackman: Is that so? All right, pal, I’ll give you one shot… you better make it good.

Jackman hands his belt to Carver and sticks his chin up ever so slightly. He motions to Hellion for him to hit him. Hellion now seems a bit nervous, but takes a stance, ready to slug Jackman. Jackman chuckles, further taunting Hellion when suddenly…


Jackman reels back up against the wall, as Hellion follows through with a swift right handed uppercut. Hellion looks on wide-eyed with surprise. Jackman slowly gets his composure back shaking his head with anger. Hellion suddenly shields himself from Jackman, but Jackman doesn’t respond with a hit of his own. Instead he just rubs his jaw and smirks somewhat towards Hellion.

Ben Jackman: Well well well… nice punch, man. Congratulations, you got to hit me in the back halls of a warehouse… but I, on the other hand, will get to knock you out in front of thousands come Sunday. See you around, pal.

Jackman quickly shoves Hellion down to the ground and walks off with his partner, Diamond Del Carver.

Ryu: It looks like more tension is building in result of Under Siege being just one week away, but the question is, did Ben Jackman just challenge Hellion Youngblood to a match at Under Siege?

Jeff: That’s what it sounded like, Ryu. If you ask me, Hellion picked the wrong man to piss off.

Ryu: Well Jackman seemed pretty calm about the whole thing, but sometimes the calmer they are, the deadlier they will be when the moment arrives.

Jeff: Very true, and speaking about moments arriving, the moment has come for our next tag team competition that features four men who are no strangers to one another in this business. Both teams have tremendous talent and you have to wonder what will happen it what has been deemed an Old School AODWF clusterfuck match!

Jonny Johnson & Enigma Vs. Lonewolf & Hellion Youngblood

Samantha: Ladies and Gentlemen making their way to the ring at this time, at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty five pounds. Here is the team of Jonny Johnson and Enigma!!

“Slow Burn” by David Bowie starts up causing the fans to begin a cheer. Jonny and Enigma stand backstage at ready and Enigma turns to Jonny with a sly grin.

Enigma: We really ripped Lonewolf a new asshole this week, didn’t we.

Jonny turns his head towards Enigma and nods, also smiling.

Jonny Johnson: But of course, partner.

The two give a slap of hands and walk out to into the ring area. Upon standing live in front of the fans, the cheers grow louder as Enigma and Jonny entertainingly strut down to the ring. Jonny slaps a few hands walking down the left side of the aisle, while Enigma does the exact same thing on the right side of the aisle. Both men slide into the ring under the bottom ropes and instantly go for opposite ring posts. Enigma and Jonny ascend the turnbuckles and give a nice pose for the fans before jumping back down onto the apron in wait for their opponents.

Jeff: He might not have fireworks anymore, but Jonny can still make an entrance. I think he and Enigma will make one hell of a tag team machine!

Ryu: Tag Team machine?

Jeff: Yeah, it works.

Ryu: Sure, I guess… but you can’t underestimate what Hellion Youngblood and Lonewolf are going to be bringing to the table. Hellion is getting a title shot at Under Siege, or so we believe, and both men have shown they have a ton of talent to bring into this tag team match.

Jeff: Not just any tag team match, this AODWF clusterfuck match.

Ryu: Oh yeah, I forgot. Let’s take it back to Samantha in the ring.

Samantha: And their opponents coming down to the ring at a combined weight of four hundred and eighty two pounds here is Hellion Youngblood and Lonewolf!!

Some of the cheers turn to jeers now as “Evil Walks” by AC/DC begins to play over the sound system. Hellion Youngblood steps out with hands raised into the air, but isn’t accepted warmly by the fans. He seems not to be concerned with them, however, as he looks directly towards Jonny Johnson and Enigma. He only walks about half way down the aisle way before “Click Click Boom” by Saliva begins to play and an angry Lonewolf rushes out from the back. He looks quickly to Hellion and then both men run towards the ring to meet face to face with Jonny and Enigma.

Ryu: Here we go, the fireworks are going to fly!

Jeff: Yeah, being that this is Japan and all.

Ryu: What’s that supposed to mean?

Jeff: Don’t like all old Japanese men work at a fireworks shop?

Ryu: No. Now shut up and watch the match.

Hellion gets right into the face of Jonny and the two do a little bit of jaw jacking. However, Lonewolf goes straight for Enigma, lunging at him with a closed fist. Enigma blocks the punch, and knocks Lonewolf down with a clothesline. Lonewolf hits the mat hard and gets right back up and lunges for Enigma again, this time Enigma sidesteps Lonewolf and throws him out of the ring. The fans, however watch the intense jaw jacking build up between Jonny and Hellion. Hellion looks about ready to explode, and suddenly he winds back and swings at Jonny. Jonny ducks the punch and instantly knocks Hellion into the corner with a right hand hook. Hellion bounces off the turnbuckle and Jonny grabs him by the back of the head and pushes him towards Enigma who then knocks Hellion down with a clothesline as well. Hellion rolls out of the ring and regroups with his partner Lonewolf on the outside.

Jeff: Round one goes to Enigma and Jonny!

Ryu: You’re just biased, that’s all.

Jeff: Yeah, well at least I’m biased towards the right team. Lonewolf and Hellion have some kinks to work out, as they have never been an actual team… not to mention they don’t have a friendship that is nearly as close as Enigma’s and Jonny’s.

Ryu: But what they do have is determination and a damn good amount of talent. Jonny and Enigma can be lazy and lose sight of the objective sometimes.

Jeff: this isn’t a spy mission Ryu, it’s freaking wrestling!

Jonny leans up against the corner now, relaxing a bit while Enigma just watches Lonewolf and Hellion huddle for a talk. Enigma motions to Jonny that he will start, and Jonny nods and goes to the outside apron. Lonewolf sees this and slides into the ring. Allowing for the match to officially start. The bell sounds and both Lonewolf and Enigma lock up in grapple. Lonewolf lands a sneaky kick to the mid section, catching Enigma off guard. Lonewolf then holds onto Enigma’s left arm and wraps it behind his back. Enigma quickly reverses and Lonewolf finds himself on the receiving end of an arm bar lock. Lonewolf tries to reverse, but Enigma wrenches up on the arm tighter. Lonewolf quickly sends a couple of back elbows to the side of Enigma’s face, causing him to loosen the hold, and Lonewolf eventually breaks free of it. Lonewolf swings Enigma into the ropes and as Enigma comes bouncing back Lonewolf takes him down to the mat with a swinging neck breaker. Hellion quickly ascends the top rope and lands a moonsault on the fallen Enigma while Lonewolf distracts the referee. Jonny shakes his head with slight annoyance, but doesn’t interfere. Lonewolf turns and quickly makes a cover on Enigma.

Ryu: One… two.. no, Kickout!

Jeff: There was no way this match was going to be over just like that.

Lonewolf is quick to his feet and tags in Hellion. Hellion comes in with a swift offense, landing a series of hard stomps to Enigma’s chest, keeping him down on the mat. Hellion takes a step back and goes to execute a flipping leg drop across Enigma’s neck. However, Enigma rolls out of the way and Hellion connects with the mat. Enigma gets to his feet and before Hellion can get to his, Enigma kicks him in the side of the face, not once but twice. Hellion falls down to the mat on his back and Enigma brings him right back up onto his feet. Enigma whips Hellion into the corner now and follows up with an avalanche splash. Hellion staggers away from the corner and Enigma then carries his momentum and whips Hellion into the opposite corner. As Enigma goes for another avalanche splash Lonewolf rushes into the ring and spears Enigma, taking him down to the mat. Lonewolf then proceeds to send a series of fists into Enigma’s face, unleashing all his anger from this past week. The referee attempts to break it up, but it is of no use.

Ryu: I don’t know what the referee is thinking, this is a no disqualification match, not to mention AODWF clusterfuck, which I would assume means everything goes.

Jeff: That’s right and now we see personal hatred take over in Lonewolf.

Ryu: But here comes Jonny!

Jonny quickly hops over the top rope and takes Lonewolf off of Enigma with a forceful forearm smash. Lonewolf falls backwards and now Jonny lands a series of punches into Lonewolf’s face. Hellion takes the opportunity to go after Enigma who slowly struggles to get up to his feet. As Enigma reaches his feet, Hellion gets up behind him and quickly delivers him back down to the mat with a German suplex pin. The referee however is occupied with Lonewolf and Jonny who have now moved out of the ring and are battling on the outside. Hellion breaks his pin hold and grabs the ref by both shoulders and spins him around. He then points to Enigma and shouts at the referee to get back in the match. Hellion again goes to make the cover, but this time Enigma quickly rolls him up in a reverse pin and the referee makes the count.

Jeff: One.. Two.. thr.. so close for Enigma but Hellion got his foot up on the rope.

Enigma gets up to his feet as does Hellion who is furious that Enigma tricked him. Outside of the ring Jonny has taken Lonewolf down with a DDT and now grabs a steel chair from under the ring. Enigma quickly rushes at Hellion inside the ring and both men topple over the ropes as Enigma clotheslines Hellion. The spill to the ground below, not very far from where Jonny has a steel chair raised above Lonewolf. Enigma looks to Jonny and walks over to him. Enigma then nods his head and Jonny hands Enigma the chair. The fans begin to cheer loudly as Enigma winds up for the chair shot to Lonewolf. However, Lonewolf suddenly kicks his foot up, nailing Enigma in the groin, Enigma slumps over slightly and Lonewolf then kicks the chair in Enigma’s hand right into his face. Enigma reels backwards and Lonewolf gets up to his feet and strips the chair from Enigma’s grasp. As he turns around towards Jonny he is suddenly met by a super kick from Hellion!!

Jeff: Hellion missed the Chaotic Eclipse on Jonny and nailed Lonewolf smack in the face!!

Ryu: Bad timing and you can bet this doesn’t bode well for Hellion Youngblood.

Jeff: Wait a minute… what’s going on now… is that…?

Ryu: What the hell? What are The Madmen doing coming down here?

Sure enough, The Fist and The Flying Dutchman are heading towards the ring area, and more specifically right towards where Ryu and Jeff sit. They both have headsets in their hands and cocky grins on their faces. The fans boo the tag champions slightly, wondering as well just why they are down here. Back to the match, Jonny is now taking it to Hellion with a series of punches and knife edge chops, while Enigma tries hard to get back to his feet. Meanwhile, The fist and The Flying Dutchman get chairs and join Ryu and Jeff at the commentary table.

The Flying Dutchman: Hey fellas, how’s it going?

Ryu: What are you two doing here?

The Flying Dutchman: Well, being that we are the tag team champions, and this is a tag team match, we came to observe. There’s nothing wrong with observing is there?

Jeff: well there is when you’re the Madmen.

Both the Fist and the Flying Dutchman laugh as they turn their attention to the tag match at hand.

The Flying Dutchman: Solid action here tonight, and ooh, Hellion just ran Jonny into the ring post, that has to hurt.

Ryu: Cut the crap, what are you doing out here for real, Jeff and I have a job to do.

The Flying Dutchman shakes his head and sighs.

The Flying Dutchman: Okay, well the Fist and I know when we aren’t wanted, so I’ll get to the point. Basically put, The Madmen will take on the winner of this tag team match at Under Siege, so that there is at least a shred of competition in the tag team division. Now if you’ll excuse us, we’ll take our leave.

As The Fist and The Flying Dutchman leave the commentary table they take their chairs with them and head around the ring towards where Jonny and Enigma are slowly getting the upper hand back. Jonny has Hellion hooked up for a brain buster, while Enigma wedges his foot into Lonewolf’s neck, causing him to gasp for breath. The Fist and The Flying Dutchman check out the situation, and both men nod their heads. Instantly the unleash chair shot after chair shot on Jonny Johnson and Enigma until both men are down on the ground out cold. The Flying Dutchman and The Fist then head towards the aisle way smiles plastered on their faces.

The Madmen: Just a message to Hardcore Style tonight!

Suddenly cheers ring out through the warehouse, as Ben Jackman and Del Carver run up behind The Madmen. As they turn to leave, they are instantly met with powerful clotheslines from the two men. Jackman stomps the hell out of The Flying Dutchman, while Carver chokes the hell out of The Fist.

Ryu: Utter chaos has taken over this match up!

Jeff: AODWF Clusterfuck!! I thought I’d never see this again!

Back by the ring, both Hellion and Lonewolf slowly get up to their feet and roll Jonny and Enigma inside the ring. Lonewolf grabs Enigma by the hair and slowly pulls him up to his feet, while Hellion whips Jonny into the corner. Outside of the ring Carver and Jackman have helped clear The Fist and The Flying Dutchman away from ringside, but Jackman stays on, watching the match. Hellion motions to Lonewolf to finish Enigma off, and Lonewolf nods his head. He hooks Enigma into the Final Encounter, but out of no where Enigma breaks free with what apparently is a second wind. He lands fist after fist into the side of Lonewolf, eventually turning the tables. Hellion Youngblood takes notice to this and goes to hit Enigma with the Chaotic Eclipse! However, Jackman quickly runs down to the ring and grabs a hold of Hellion’s leg, making him unable to perform the move. Hellion turns to see Jackman holding his leg and as he does so, Jonny takes the advantage and comes up behind Hellion and locks him into a cross face chicken wing!

Jeff: Phase one complete…

Ryu: and look, Enigma has Lonewolf in the ready position for the Abyss!

Jonny shoots a quick glance over to Enigma who nods his head, and just as Enigma drops Lonewolf with the Abyss, Jonny brings Hellion down with a Roll of the dice straight from the Cross Face chicken wing!

Jeff: And there it is, the Demoralization Process!!

Ryu: And the Abyss, it looks like this one is over for Hellion and Lonewolf tonight.

Seeing everything is taken care of, Ben Jackman leaves the ring area a slight smile on his face. Inside the ring both Enigma and Jonny make the cover and the referee positions himself in the middle to make the double count.

One…. Two… Three…

Jeff: Wait, Lonewolf kicked out!

Ryu: But Hellion didn’t… and he’s technically the legal man.

Jeff: But Hellion was pinned by Jonny Johnson, who isn’t the legal man!

The referee looks on at the situation, confused as to what call to make. Jonny and Enigma slowly get to their feet, believing they have the victory. Hellion is out cold, and Lonewolf is just barely moving. The referee tells Jonny and Enigma that they haven’t won yet.. and both men respond with a bit of annoyance. However, Enigma staggers toward the out cold Hellion and drops down to make the cover, as Jonny turns away to head out of the ring, Lonewolf quickly comes up behind him and hits him with the Final Encounter! Lonewolf then rolls out of the ring and staggers up the aisle way, leaving his partner for dead.

Jeff: Lonewolf hit the Final Encounter, but little good has it done.

Ryu: Indeed, Enigma has Hellion covered and its one… two.. three!!

“Crawling” by Linkin Park begins to play as the referee helps Jonny up to his feet. Enigma props Jonny up, who is slightly out of it after Lonewolf got that last cheap shot in. The fans cheer the two, as they stand victorious in the ring.

Samantha: Here are your winners of the match. Enigma and Jonny Johnson!!

The two men exit the ring and head up the ramp way, Jonny showing anger that Lonewolf got the cheap shot in right at the end. Back inside the ring, the referee helps a very groggy Hellion Youngblood up to his feet. Hellion looks to find his partner nowhere in sight, and this upsets him greatly. Hellion eventually exits the ring as well, the fans booing him. Hellion responds with a middle finger salute, his anger overpowering him.

Ryu: What a crazy match that was!

Jeff: No doubt about it, and its all because of one event. Under Siege. In one week that is what it all will boil down to. That massive Battle Royal alone is enough to get everyone’s blood boiling.

Ryu: Tensions are mounting, there is no denying that and for those who might have missed it, Jonny Johnson and Enigma will now be taking on The Madmen for the tag team titles at Under Siege.

Jeff: I have a feeling the Madmen didn’t want things to turn out that way, but they made the challenge to the winners of this match, and now they have to deal with it.

Ryu: Indeed they do. More great tag team action is coming up next, which will have two champions teaming together.

Jeff: It’s going to be great!

(Backstage, we see Chris Lee, getting ready for his non-title match by doing his routine stretches and then after that, starting on his warmups for the match. Before he can do his warmup, though, he sees two pairs of legs pass him by. He looks up, recognizing the boots of the one and the heels of the other, and stands up, interrupting his leg stretches. He walked up to the two who he spotted passing by and caught their attention. Turning around was the Lyger Kid along with his manager Mercy NT. Inside his head, he's been trying to figure out what the Lyger Kid's connection is with his company, Kaisha INC. To those who didn't know, Lee and Mercy know each other very well, since Mercy is not only the head of the research team in the San Francisco division of Kaisha INC, but she's also a trainer and a member of the Kaisha INC board. And though nothing was cleared with Chris about the Lyger Kid being trained by Kaisha INC employees, he had other things in mind when the Lyger Kid came onto the scene, so he didn't mind too much about not getting clearance. He figured he could get some answers before his big match with Ravage.)

Lee: Hey Mercy, can I speak with you for a moment?

MERCY: Okay, Chris. However, can we make this quick? We must get ready for our match and discuss last-minute plans with Roland.

Lee: Sure thing. It won't take long. Listen... I don't know how the Kid of yours got involved with you or John or whoever else that knows about this. And I don't know why you didn't sanction it with me since I'm usually the one who has the final say on who gets trained in the Kaisha INC Dojo and who doesn't, but I guess I'll find that out in time.

MERCY: That you might, Chris. However, at this moment, we are more concerned with more current affairs.

Lee: I totally understand that. I mean, I got my match-up with Ravage tonight... and I have to get ready for that. But Mercy, even though I don't know who the Kid is or whatnot, I've got his back if he needs it.

(The Lyger Kid snarls through his mask. One can see the contempt on what is visible of his face.)

MERCY: Actually, my Kid feels more comfortable with Roland the Dark as his partner, and he will not change that team-up if he has any say in it.

Lee: Fine. But if both of you are in trouble, I got your back. Good luck out there, Kid.

LYGER KID: I will not need luck -- especially granted from you.

(Lyger Kid nods to Mercy as the two walk away, leaving Chris standing there. Chris shakes his head, not knowing what his problems with Chris is.)

Lee: Suit yourself, Kid. You get ready for your match... and I get ready for mine. I just hope that Alabaman gaijin is ready for some pure puroresu.

(Chris smirks as he continues to do some warm-ups, as he begins to jog in his place and finally jogging in the opposite direction in which Mercy and the Lyger Kid walked toward.)

Eryk Masters & Trey Willett Vs. Roland the Dark & Lyger Kid

Samantha: “This next bout is a TAG TEAM CONTEST scheduled for ONE FALL with a 30 minute time limit! Now making their way to the ring…firstly, standing at 6 feet 4 inch and weighing in at 245 pounds…here is your SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPION: ERYK MASTERS! His partner…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 236 pounds…the SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPION: TREY WILLETT!”

(Eryk Masters and Trey Willett walk together into the runway as "Back Up" by 12 Stones pounds over the sound system…they climb into the ring…the music fades as “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine cuts in…)

Samantha: “Now their opponents heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 258 pounds…ROLAND THE DARK…his partner stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds…THE LYGER KID!”

(Lyger Kid jogs confidently to the ring, raising his hands over his head as his name is announced…the massive Roland The Dark, manages to stay in stride with the Kid, even though he is NOT running. Roland’s face is a mask of restrained anger… )

Ryu: “The bell rings…Roland and The Kid waste NO time taking a run at Eryk Masters and Trey Willett, so they decide it's time to leave. Roland and The Kid chase them back into the ring as the crowd chants ‘RTD’.”

Jeff: “Back in the ring now, The Lyger Kid gets a flying neckbreaker on Eryk Masters and goes for a cover! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Eryk Masters, as the ref turns and orders Roland to the apron.”

Ryu: “You know something? I heard The Flying Dutchman saying there are no good tag teams right now in Shoot Project. Well look at this match! This is Roland and The Kid’s second time teaming up…and they showed GREAT chemistry in their first match when they put away Singular Evilness. And look at Masters and Willett! Both of these guys have EXPLODED on to the scene here in Shoot Project this fall. Both of them are Champions, great athletes, and if they can work together, they’ll make an AMAZING team!”

Jeff: “Good point. Both Masters and Willett, and Roland and The Kid are GREAT new tag teams, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see whoever takes this match getting a Title Shot against The madmen REAL soon. Pay attention folks…you’re seeing two top shelf tag teams in Masters & Willett and Roland & The Kid. The tag scene here in Shoot is getting a lot more interesting!”

Ryu: “Trey Willett is tagged in…”

Jeff: “Whoa! Willett gets taken down quickly by The Lyger Kid with a nice single leg trip, followed by a lightening fast elbow drop! The Lyger Kid covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Willett! Roland The Dark tagged in, and Roland and The Kid hit a double clothesline on Willett!”

Ryu: “NICE teamwork by Roland and The Kid! See…that may be the difference here. Masters and Willett may both be individual champions…but I don’t know how crazy they are about teaming up together…whereas we all know Roland The Dark is a monster, but he seems to have taken this Lyger Kid under his wing and they are working together as a TEAM.”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark drops a HUGE elbow on Willett and covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Willett!”

Ryu: “Both Roland and The Kid keeping up the pressure here, going for a lot of high impact moves and covers early on…keeping Masters and Willett on the defensive…” Jeff: “Roland The Dark THROWS Trey Willett into the neutral corner, and starts pounding away at him. Irish whip…Willett comes off the ropes…BIG back body drop on Trey Willett by Roland The Dark!”

Ryu: “Hey, Roland hates Willett, don’t forget what he did to Roland last week…he dropped him off a 15 foot ladder and took his title. I bet if Roland lays a good enough beating on Trey during this match, he might get a rematch!”

Jeff: “Roland pulls the staggered Willett to his feet…and he whips Trey Willett into the corner. Roland follows in with a BRUTAL running clothesline…Trey Willett hits the mat as Roland The Dark turns around and levels Eryk Masters on the apron! The fans go NUTS!”

Ryu: “Yeah, we should be careful about using that word “nuts” around here…you know Trey Willett is a bit leery about teaming with Masters…now MASTERS is NUTS.”

Jeff: “Trey Willett wouldn’t think ANYBODY is good enough to team with HIM…you’ve heard his promos, this guy thinks he’s the greatest thing to hit Japan since Godzilla. Sidewalk slam on Trey Willett by Roland…and Roland covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Willett! Roland The Dark tags in The Lyger Kid…”

Ryu: “Nice quick tags in and out by Roland and The Kid…BANG! Trey Willett gets a sharp knee to the midsection of The Lyger Kid as he comes in…and takes the opportunity to tag Eryk Masters in. Here comes the poster boy for good mental health!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters rushes in…but gets caught with a high spinning leg kick by the Kid… and The Lyger Kid covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Masters!”

Ryu: “The Lyger Kid almost caught Masters by surprise there!”

Jeff: “Masters up…Irish whip…The Lyger Kid whipped into the ropes and Trey Willett comes up from behind on the apron and BURIES a knee to the kidneys of The Lyger Kid! Now Eryk Masters takes over with stomps on the prone Kid!”

Ryu: “Nicely done…Masters and Willett finally show some teamwork there…”

Jeff: “A picture perfect belly to back suplex on The Lyger Kid by Eryk Masters…and Trey Willett gets tagged. Trey Willett hits a sharp front Russian legsweep on the Kid… followed up by slamming The Lyger Kid's head into the mat over and over again!”

Ryu: “This Willett has a mean streak…”

Jeff: “Willett pulls The Kid to his feet and Eryk Masters is tagged in. BAM! NICE neckbreaker on The Lyger Kid by Eryk Masters…cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Roland The Dark saves. The ref orders Roland back to the apron…Eryk Masters, snapmare into a headlock on The Lyger Kid…who looks like he's starting to feel it! Swinging neckbreaker on The Lyger Kid, cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by The Kid!”

Ryu: “Say what you want about The Lyger Kid…but he’s got guts! Masters and Willett have been working his head and neck over good…but he’s not going down easy!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett tags in, and beats on The Lyger Kid in the corner some more with a flurry of punches and kicks...the crowd wants Roland as they start to chant RTD…RTD…Eryk Masters tagged back in…and signals for a piledriver on The Kid by Willett…but The Lyger Kid counters with a BEAUTIFUL huracanrana! A rollup on a stunned Willett gets two!”

Ryu: “The Kid pulled that one out of a hat! The ref orders Willett to the apron…Masters is the legal man…” Jeff: “Both Eryk Masters and The Lyger Kid go down with clotheslines from each other. Roland The Dark's the only guy on his feet now, Trey Willett is on his knees on the apron, feeling the effects of that surprise tilt-a-whirl from The Lyger Kid. The Lyger Kid starts the crawl, and makes the tag to Roland! The crowd goes…”

Ryu: “The ref did not see it! Ha Ha Ha! While the ref argues with Roland The Dark, Eryk Masters and Trey Willett get chairs in. They miss BOTH swing at The Kid…”

Jeff: “The Lyger Kid ducks, is back up and hits them with a double clothesline! Roland The Dark gets tagged in and THIS time the ref saw it! The crowd explodes!”

Ryu: “Here we go!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett takes a boot to the gut from Roland The Dark…he gets hoisted up…POWERBOMB! Trey Willett literally BOUNCED from the impact of that powerbomb from Roland. Roland turns around…and Eryk Masters gets POWER slammed by Roland The Dark! The crowd is in a frenzy as Roland takes the fight to Masters and Willett!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters gets covered by Roland The Dark: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Masters…but just BARELY!”

Jeff: “Roland is up…turns around…Trey Willett spears Roland The Dark…and Trey Willett follows up with a DDT! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Roland The Dark! He kicks out of the spear and DDT combo! What power!”

Ryu: “Damn right!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters goes up to the top rope while Trey Willett holds the legs of Roland…looks like Masters is going to go for a flying body press onto the prone Roland…NO!”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters gets shoved off the top by The Lyger Kid…and Eryk Masters lands on Trey Willett! Roland the Dark goes for the rollup on Willett…ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

(The crowd explodes…"Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine begins to play, as the bell rings…pyro goes off and lights flash…)


Ryu: “Trey Willett and Eryk Masters learned tonight…you don’t go to the top against Roland The Dark and The Kid unless you KNOW they ain’t moving! That drop from the top made all the difference tonight!”

Jeff: “While Roland and The Kid hold their arms over their heads in celebration, Trey Willett and Eryk Masters make their way up the aisle…Willett looks very unhappy it looks like he’s blaming Masters for falling on him…Masters isn’t having any of that…the two men continue to yell at each other, and point fingers as they enter the dressing room…”

{Roland the Dark and Lyger the Kid are still standing in the ring, accepting their victory until…}


Ryu: Oh, shit! Here we go. Singular Evilness just charged in the ring and cracked steel chairs over the backs of Roland the Dark and the Lyger Kid!

{The fans boo.}

Jason: Well I guess they are trying to get their point across Bin Amish stands Roland the Dark up and a BITCH SLAP! Oh! That echoed like it hurt. The Laughing Man off the top rope, he flies onto the Lyger Kid's face! Butt to the face! Now look at him, that's sick… he's rubbing his ass crack in the Lyger Kid's face…

Ryu: Now Bin and Laughing Man bring the Lyger Kid back to his feet. This is disturbing. How hard of a bitch slap could Bin had given Roland?

Jason: It must be pretty' powerful.

Ryu: It must be 'cause Roland is not moving! But they just delivered the Kid a double power bomb!

Jason: Look at the audience! They are going irate!

{They're throwing trash in the ring.}

Jason: The Laughing Man is, tossed a microphone…

Ryu: …they said they wanted me to be, heard! Now is their chance.

The Laughing Man: Ladies and gentlemen (he stops then growls) SHUT, THE FUCK UP!


The Laughing Man: Tonight, you are seeing a NEW reign of terror. Tonight, we are sick and tired of being, laughed at. And everybody who did, there is a list that they go in… especially you Ed Raymond. You sick repulsing juvenile delinquent. I'll show you! I'll show the world that this is no laughing matter! Your variorum sucks and I will prove you wrong… but first…

{The Laughing Man drops the microphone and hits Bin Amish with a high super kick to the jaw. Bin Amish falls at heavy impact. Then "I Hope You Die" by the Bloodhound Gang blares over the speakers.}

The Laughing Man: (To Bin Amish) Good riddance you piece of shit.

{Then the Laughing Man walks off.}

Ryu: What, the hell is just happened?

Jeff: It appears the Laughing Man just turned on his own partner.

Ryu: Does this mean Singular Evilness has ended?

Jeff: Bin best be, looking for Sadam Insane by the way Laughing Man talked.

Ryu: I wonder how Duck Man feels about this!

Jeff: Who cares! We might find out next Sunday. The Laughing Man has had enough and it appears he's going solo. 'Or has he?

Ryu: You’re right, maybe we’ll find out next Sunday.

Ravage Vs. Chris Lee
Special Referee: Jeff Cross

Jeff: “This next match should be…interesting to say the least.”

Ryu: “What a war this should be…a battle of two of the most respected veterans in SHOOT PROJECT, but there are some interesting stipulations…firstly, event though RAVAGE is fighting tonight, and he is our Shoot Project World Champion, it’s a NON Title Match, which is rare. Secondly…the ref is…well…”

(The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as the crowd cheers appreciatively…"‘Til I Collapse" by Eminem begins to pound over the speakers…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this is a special NON Title Match. Please allow me to introduce, making his way to the ring…your special guest referee…JEFF CROSS!”

(The fans boo as Jeff Cross makes his way down the aisle, resplendent in a striped referee’s shirt. Jeff climbs into the ring as "Fuel my Fire" by Prodigy begins to play. The fans erupt in cheers…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…making his way to the ring, standing 6 feet 4 inches and weighing in at 251 pounds…THE BOSS…CHRIS LEE!”

Jeff: “Chris Lee on his way to the ring…he looks good. It’s been a while since we’ve seen him in the ring, but he looks like he hasn’t missed a beat…”

(As Chris Lee climbs into the ring and shoots a dirty look at Jeff Cross…"Back in Black" by AC/DC is heard over the arena sound speakers.)

Samantha: “And now approaching the ring…standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 262 pounds…your SHOOT PROJECT WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…RAVAGE!”

(Ravage emerges and walks to the ring…decked out in the Shoot Project World Heavyweight Championship Title Belt. As he climbs into the ring, he ALSO shoots a dirty look at Jeff Cross as he turns to face Chris Lee…)

Ryu: “This is going to be a tough match to call…both these guys are tough.”

Jeff: “The bell rings…here we go! The two competitors circling each other…Lee ducks a clothesline attempt from Ravage…answers back with a nice left hook…Ravage staggers back into the corner….Chris Lee drives a shoulder into Ravage…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Ravage!”

Ryu: “Yeah, I didn’t think Lee had Ravage stunned enough for that clothesline…”

Jeff: “Ravage drops a BIG elbow…goes for another, but The Boss rolls out of the way. Both men up…precision karate kick to the back of the leg of Ravage from Chris Lee! Ravage collapses to the mat, clutching his leg…Chris Lee quickly to the top rope…legdrop from the top rope on to the fallen Ravage! He goes for the cover…but Jeff Cross is STANDING in the opposite corner just WATCHING!”

Ryu: “I KNEW this would happen!”

Jeff: “Chris Lee is Up and in the face of Jeff Cross. Cross looks to be threatening to disqualify him…for WHAT? Let me ask you, how the hell does a FORMER champion get to ref the match of the guy who beat him for the title? How fair is THAT?”

Ryu: “HEY! Jeff Cross could be a GREAT ref…give him time!”

Jeff: “Chris Lee turns away in disgust from arguing with Jeff Cross and meets a big boot to the midsection from Ravage…Lee doubled over but comes back with a surprising spinning heel kick! Cover by Chris Lee…but once AGAIN…Jeff Cross is STANDING in the opposite corner just WATCHING!”

Ryu: “That’s not TRUE! He’s not even watching…I think he’s filing his nails!”

Jeff: “Side headlock on Ravage by Chris Lee…oh boy…Ravage lifts Lee and drops him on the ropes crotch first!”

Ryu: “Good thing for Ravage the ref doesn’t give a shit! See…he’s smart…he’s the first one to take advantage of that fact!”

Jeff: “Chris painfully straddles the top rope for a moment, then falls back in the ring to the mat…Lee struggles to his feet…BIG Boot to the face from Ravage sends Lee outside the ring to the floor…Ravage out after him…Ravage hammers a punch into the head of Lee…now he scoops up Chris…looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Yeah…meanwhile Jeff Cross stays in the ring…and is looking the OTHER way and yelling at the fans…”

Jeff: “Outside the ring…Lee slips off and pushes Ravage shoulder first to the steel ringpost! The crowd erupts! Chris Lee now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Ravage over the security barrier...”

Ryu: “Lee starting to take advantage of the lack of rules here too!”

Jeff: “Ravage dragging Chris Lee through the crowd now…Lee gets sent into the wall BACK FIRST! Ravage ripping down a SHOOT PROJECT Banner and chokes Lee with it…Lee escapes…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Ravage throws Chris Lee over the security barrier…which falls on top of his face…and Ravage stomps on it!”

Ryu: “Oh…update…I think Jeff Cross is doing his nails again…”

Jeff: “Ravage finally gets off the barrier…he pulls Lee up by the hair…Chris Lee fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Ravage…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “I guess Jeff Cross has decided that this match is NO COUNTOUTS too…”

Jeff: “Ravage attacked with punches and kicks to the ribs…Chris Lee drills Ravage in the head with a few nice jabs…”

Ryu: “Oh my gawd…Jeff Cross just pulled a copy of The Shoot Project Inside Scoop by Ed Raymond, out of his back pocket…and he’s SITTING AND READING IT…IN THE RING!”

Jeff: “You know, I LOVE that newsletter, but I can’t help but feel that NOW is not the appropriate time for Jeff to be reading it.”

Ryu: “I hope Ed Raymond sees this…now he knows how big that dirt sheet is…we don’t even let the MATCHES get in the way of people reading it!”

Jeff: “Meanwhile, Chris Lee is up…grabbing Ravage by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Ryu: “Well…they’re getting CLOSE to the ring now…”

Jeff: “Chris Lee rolls Ravage back into the ring and covers: He goes for the cover…but Jeff Cross is reading his newsletter and is not even WATCHING!”

Ryu: “Ravage is still down as Lee grabs the newsletter out of Cross’s hand…”

Jeff: “Jeff Cross is MAD…he grabs the paper back and starts chewing out Chris Lee…”

Ryu: “Ravage up behind The Boss…SCHOOL BOY ROLL-UP!”

Jeff: “Ravage covers: ONE…TWO…NO! Jeff cross just stopped counting as Chris Lee kicked out…Ravage stays on him…pulls Chris Lee back to his feet…drops back and Ravage rushes over to hit a clothesline….Chris Lee hits a standing drop kick and covers!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross seems to be having some pain in his shoulder…”

Jeff: “Ravage is sitting down in a heap...Chris Lee rolls outside the ring…picks up a chair, rolls back in the ring, and throws the chair in front of Ravage…DROPKICKS IT INTO HIS FACE!”

Ryu: “HOLY SHIT! First Lee hits that standing drop-kick…then drives a chair into Ravage’s head…but Jeff Cross seems to have something in his eye…”

Jeff: “Ravage to his feet…Chris Lee tries ANOTHER drop-kick…but Ravage side-steps and Lee falls…RIGHT ON THE CHAIR! Ravage picks the chair up and cracks it over Lee’s back!”

Ryu: “Ravage gaining the upper hand again on Chris Lee…Jeff Cross is now tying his shoe…now Ravage sets the chair on the ground, and goes for a piledriver!” Jeff: “Ravage has Chris Lee’s head secured between his knees…NO!”

Ryu: “Back body drop by Chris Lee…he stood up! Ravage is staggered!”

Jeff: “Chris Lee capitalising…grabs Ravage…locks in the fisherman hook. Lee lifts Ravage off balance…swings counter-clockwise…WHAM! Ravage goes down in a HEAP to the swinging neck breaker! THAT’S THE EGO KILLER…COVER: Oh man NOT AGAIN!”

Ryu: “Man…that Ego Killer neck-breaker of Lee’s is just CRIPPLING! Did you see the torque he got on that? UNFORTUNATLEY…our ref Jeff Cross seems to be thirsty…he’s looking out into the crowd, I think he wants a soda.”

Jeff: “Chris Lee has had ENOUGH! He’s arguing vehemently with Jeff Cross…now Jeff Cross SHOVES Chris Lee…Chris Lee SHOVES Jeff Cross back!”

Ryu: “Our ref Jeff Cross just picked up that chair that Chris Lee brought into the ring…WHAM! JEFF CROSS JUST HIT CHRIS LEE OVER THE HEAD WITH THE CHAIR!”

Jeff: “WHAM! Ravage was staggering to his feet…and Jeff Cross hit HIM too! Now what the HELL is Cross doing?”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross just pulled Chris Lee over next to Ravage…now he’s laying on top of them…THIS IS PRICELESS! HE’S PINNING THEM AND COUNTING IT HIMSELF! ONE…TWO…THREE!”

Jeff: “This is bullshit. You can see he’s telling Samantha to make an announcement…but she’s shaking her head…she won’t do it. He’s raising the chair…like he’s going to smack her AND the timekeeper. The bell rings…Jeff Cross grabs the mic…”


Jeff: “The crowd booing and throwing all sorts of debris at the ring…Jeff Cross has grabbed the world title belt and is holding it over his head like he actually thinks he WON the damn thing.”

Ryu: “HEY! He DID! The ref said so!”

Jeff: “Yeah, right. This is was a NON Title Match…plus, Jeff Cross wasn’t even sanctioned to compete in this match. WAIT…Both Ravage and Chris Lee are UP…and they are standing behind Jeff Cross…and he doesn’t see them!”

Ryu: “POW! Chris Lee spins Jeff Cross around and NAILS him right in the mouth with a discus punch…Jeff Cross staggers over to Ravage…who nails him with a roundhouse…”

Jeff: “Now Jeff Cross is bouncing back and forth between Chris Lee and Ravage! One will hammer him with a punch, he’ll fall into the other, who will fire him right back with another punch! Ha Ha Ha!”

Ryu: “Jeff Cross COLLAPSES! He’s rolling out of the ring and hi-tailing it up the aisle.”

Jeff: “So much for his career as a ref. Chris Lee has picked up the World Title Belt, and handed it to Ravage…but he’s saying something.”

Ryu: “Well, whatever it is, Ravage didn’t like what he said…he just shoved Chris Lee!”

Jeff: “Here we go again! Chris Lee and Ravage start duking it out dead center of the ring…exchanging rights and lefts back and forth like crazy…Chris Lee staggers Ravage…he’s getting the upper hand… Lee grabs Ravage…locks in the fisherman hook again…Lee lifts him off balance…swings counter-clockwise…WHAM! Ravage goes down in a HEAP to THE EGO KILLER again as the crowd goes nuts!”

("Fuel my Fire" by Prodigy begins to play over the sound system…Chris Lee vaults himself over the top rope and pumps his fist in the air as his music plays and the fans cheer. He slaps a few hands and makes his way up the ramp…as Ravage slowly gets to his knees, holding his neck and wincing in pain.)

Jeff: “Well…THIS isn’t over. Chris Lee has got the last laugh tonight. All I have to say is this, whoever gave Jeff Cross his ref license…never do it again. Thank you.”

[Ravage is still down in the ring. He starts to get up, and the fans start to cheer. He’s up on one leg now, he’s propping himself up with the ropes. All of the sudden…]

Now I've told you this once before…
You can't control me…
If you try to take me down you're gonna break…
Now I feel your every nothing that you're doing for me…

[The rest of the verse is drowned out, because the fans are going absolutely crazy. Everyone of the eight hundred people are on their feet awaiting what’s about to come. The hush dies down, and then you hear…]

”I… Stand Alone!!:

[Real Deal walks out to the pop of the evening. These people haven’t seen him on a SHOOT Project ramp in a good many months. He’s dressed in a pair of jeans with a black SHOOT Project athletic shirt. His newest tattoo, that of the Dragon symbol is visible on his shoulder. He’s got his trademarked sunglasses and trademarked grin on his face. He seems really happy to be back.]

Jeff: “Listen to these fans… They’re going crazy.”

Ryu: “Yes they are. This is their hero. He’s the man who kept their SHOOT Project afloat during really bad times. He kept it on his shoulders.”

Jeff: “Maybe he did. I wonder what he’s going to do here. Ravage is just looking at him, SHOOT Project Championship draped over his shoulder.”

Ryu: “Uh oh, I think I know exactly what he’s doing…”

[Real Deal reaches the ring, and pauses for a moment. The fans are anticipating what he’s going to do here… so in turn, they’re getting loud. He climbs into the ring, and walks over to Ravage. He shakes his hand, and calls for a mic.]

Real Deal: “So what’s up, SHOOT Project?”

[Before he took the opportunity to bask in the cheering, he dropped the microphone and superkicked Ravage right out of the ring, leaving only Real Deal and the SHOOT Project Championship.]


Jeff: “Holy SHIT! What impact!”

[Real Deal goes out to the outside, the fan noise is growing, he picks up Ravage, and walks him over to the rail. He puts Ravage in a front facelock and hops over the rail, scattering fans. He looks around, and raises an arm. The fans go NUTS, because they know what’s next.]

Ryu: “Oh good lord no, not that, good God, not that.”

Jeff: “What?”

Ryu & Jeff: “ART OF THE DEAL!!!!”

[Real Deal delivers an Art of the Deal, Ravage’s neck meets the guard rail, and you hear a loud groan coming from the audience. Real Deal hops over the guard rail and kicks Ravage in the head on the way to the ring. He slides in and grabs the SHOOT Project Championship. He stands to each turnbuckle, and raises the belt high, eliciting even more noise from the already hot crowd. After that, he picks the mic back up and begins to speak.]

Real Deal: “THIS is what it’s all about!”

[Real Deal points to the SHOOT Project Championship.]

Real Deal: “THIS is what I came back for! Now, I have a small, minor announcement to make to Jason Johnson, and the SHOOT Project Committee. As of this moment, Ravage is unable to compete for the SHOOT Project Championship at Under Siege. Therefore, you all MUST make a change to that battle royal!”

[The crowd gets even louder.]

Real Deal: “In fact, when I look at that list of competitors for that battle royal, I see that one name if disturbingly vacant from that list. Now, who could that name be? Why, could it be me?! The REAL DEAL?! Yes, yes it is. Now, consider this my official entry into the battle royal at Under Siege. That’s right, my active return to competition. Man, you gotta love that. ALSO, what this means, is that I must now issue a warning to the SHOOT Project…”

[The crowd goes into a frenzy, they weren’t expecting this.]

Real Deal: “SHOOT Project, I am your legend. I am the ONLY Hall of Famer left standing today. All of the others are non-existent. I am your legend, people of Japan, and people all around the world. So, this goes out to all you wannabe’s… Don’t’ FUCK with me. You’ll only end up like my good, good friend Ravage down there. Broken, bruised, and sent home in tears. Next Sunday, Under Siege, you will see respect and honor returned to the SHOOT Project Championship, and it will be a product of the Instant Heat that is the Real Deal.”

[The Real Deal throws down the microphone as Godsmack’s “I Stand Alone” cues up. The fans going absolutely nuts and screaming more than they ever have before. Josh looks out, and raises a single arm, eliciting even MORE cheers. He hops out of the ring and goes towards the back area.]

Jeff: “Well how about that?!”

Ryu: “You know, I knew he was going to do something to Ravage. I honestly didn’t think he was going to go THAT far though. The EMTs are out here, tending to Ravage, and a stretcher has been procured. He’s being carried out now. Wait, we’ve got something going on backstage…”

[We cut to the back.]

The zero hour has arrived, and tension is at its highest peak of the night. Soon, a six-man tag battle will ensue, one that gives any man partaking in it a great deal of respect. So then why is it that DOJO champion Strayt Jakit has a down trodden look on his face as he walks through the halls of the Nagoya Warehouse.

Strayt Jakit: I can’t believe this….

He mutters to himself, looking down at a cell phone in his hands.

Strayt Jakit: I’ve called him three times, and still no response. I’m main eventing and he isn’t even here.. just my luck.

Strayt Jakit continues down the hall, when suddenly he hears a voice from behind him… Ed Raymond’s voice.

Ed Raymond: Okay, either you’re a stalker, or just really, really impatient. Now what’s the deal, I’m a very busy man and don’t have a lot of time to waste with you.

Strayt Jakit shakes his head with slight frustration.

Strayt Jakit: Damn it! What does a guy have to do to get you’re respect and positive attention! I’m in the main event tonight, and you still think lowly of me!

Raymond rolls his eyes irritated with the time he has to spend talking with Strayt Jakit.

Ed Raymond: This is what the three messages within the last hour are all about? This is the big important reason why I have to meet with you. For heaven’s sake, I’m a journalist, I report on things that are of interest to a mass majority… you aren’t at that level in my eyes, deal with it, now if you’ll excuse me…

Raymond beings to walk past Strayt Jakit, but he is quickly stopped by a firm clasp on his shoulder.

Strayt Jakit: No. I’m not going to deal with it. You say I’m not at that level, well fine, then what the fuck does a guy have to do to get at that level?

Again Raymond sighs as he turns to face Strayt Jakit.

Ed Raymond: Fine, you want to impress me? You want to gain respect and positive attention. Well I’ll tell you how you do that. In seven days, you defend you’re DOJO title against Kid Wikkid. You show me the most impressive, most extreme, bloodiest hardcore match, and walk away with the victory… you’ll have earned everything you wanted. I’m a big fan of the hardcore type of match, and frankly haven’t seen one that makes my hair stand on end in quite some time. You give me that type of match, and I’ll sing your praises… now please, I have other things to do tonight.

And with that said, Raymond walks off down the hall leaving Strayt Jakit in deep thought.

Strayt Jakit: Finally, something I can work with.

Strayt Jakit smirks and heads off toward the ring area, ready for his main event match.

The Main Event: 6 Man Tag Team War The Madmen & Strayt Jakit vs. Hardcore Style & Kid Wikkid

(“Trip Like I Do” by Crystal Method begins to play. A spotlight swings to the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “Ladies and gentlemen…THIS is your MAIN EVENT of the evening!”

(The crowd cheers…)

Samantha: “This final match of the night is a 6 MAN NO DISQUALIFICATION TAG TEAM CONTEST! Your first team…now making their way to the ring…firstly, standing at 6 feet 5 inches and weighing in at 265 pounds…here is your Iron Fist Champion…BEN “Blackout” JACKMAN! His partner…standing 6 feet tall and weighing in at 275 pounds…“Diamond” DEL CARVER! Together they are…HARDCORE STYLE!!!”

(Del Carver and Ben Jackman walk together into the runway. Ben is wearing a new leather jacket with “Hardcore Style” etched on the back…along with Black spandex shorts and calf high black boots polished to a high shine…Ben Jackman has the Iron Fist Title over his shoulder…Del Carver is wearing a sleeveless black T Shirt with the identical Hardcore Style logo, along with his normal jeans and biker boots…Carver and Jackman climb into the ring and go to opposite corners and raise their hands to the roar of the crowd…"More Human Than Human" by Rob Zombie begins to play…Kid Wikkid emerges from the dressing room and begins to walk to the ring as he exchanges high fives with fans…Kid Wikkid jumps with ease to the ring apron…and raises his arms to the roar of the crowd…Wikkid is greeted warmly by Hardcore Style in the middle of the ring…the fighters exchange high fives…)

Samantha: “Their PARTNER…standing in the ring to my right…standing at 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighing in at 203 pounds…KID WIKKID!”

Del Carver, Ben Jackman, and Kid Wikkid stand in the ring now, awaiting the chance to destroy their opponents for the night. Samantha readies the mic to announce their opponents but just as she is about to speak, the arena goes dark, pitch black dark.

Ryu: What on earth is going on here?

Jeff: Power outage?

Ryu: I doubt that.

The SHOOT big screen suddenly turns on with revealing a static screen and “Save Me” By Remy Zero begins to play softly. The Static Fades away, revealing a hazy yellow title screen of some sorts…

Faded Memories Presents: Del Carver- Hardcore Wimp.

The title vanishes, now revealing video footage, a wrestling ring, a SHOOT Project wrestling ring. Standing inside the ring is Diamond Del Carver and a woman?

[John: Cool. Now you agree. Dark and Carver go into a fighting frenzy in the center of the ring! They grab hold of one another, trying to take each other down, nothing works! They flip each other over the ropes and they land on the concrete floor! Dark brings Carver back to his feet and Irish whips him to the steel steps! She charges and WHOA MAMA, I WANT IN THIS MATCH NOW!

James: Still that had to hurt.

John: Trust me James, when a woman charges her groin into your face, it does not hurt!

James: Oh, I see.

John: as if, you will ever know anything about that.

James: I am happily married, you know!

John: Whatever, Dark brings Del to his feet and slams his head into the ring post! She continues it up, slamming his face into the guardrail; he reverses with an uppercut chop to the throat. He grabs a-hold of her hair, simple technique, and hits a head-butt. She falls on her ass.

James: Del brings Dark back to her feet and rolls her inside the ring. He stands outside though what is he, doing?

John: He is standing there. No, wait a second, he lifts up the ring apron and pulls out a steel chair!

James: Ah, he had to think about it for a second. WAIT A SECOND; HE PULLS OUT A STEEL CHAIR?

John: Yeah, this is so cool.

James: This is not cool! He cannot do this to a female! Allowing her to wrestle her way through the match is okay but this no, this is bad!

John: Now who is the prejudice one?

James: I am not prejudice! I am just afraid she will get hurt!

John: Oh well, she should not have signed a contract with SHOOT if she was not expecting pain.

James: Del Carver slides in the ring with the steel chair. Dark is back to her feet Del Carver swings, WAIT A SECOND DARK SLIDES TO HER KNEE AND STRIKES A LOW BLOW ON DEL!

John: oh no, this is not good!

James: Dark is back on her feet, she drops the steel chair from Del’s hands, and hits DDT! Dark goes for a cover One Two The- Kick out

James: OH MAN, THAT WAS CLOSE! Dark is back on her feet. She climbs the turnbuckle. She goes for a high-risk move, A FROGSPLASH COMING UP! AH, DEL CARVER ROLLED OUT THE WAY!

John: YES!

James: Del Carver swiftly brings Dark back to her feet, he sets her up between his legs, and he hits a HELLACIOUS PILEDRIVER!

John: now, THAT was a good move!

James: Del Carver goes for the cover this could be over One, Two The- Kick out


James: Yes it is! Both contenders are hanging in there! These are the last two left!

John: Del grabs a-hold of Dark s hair and brings her to her feet. He backs her up into a turnbuckle wait, NO!

James: Dark kicks Del in the gut, thus releasing his hand from her hair. She spins him around and climbs up the turnbuckle, she flips over him, and there is an INSIDE CRADLE! One, Two The- SO CLOSE!

John: Close nothing, Dark never had it coming. Del Carver and Dark are back to their feet now. Del goes for a clothesline, Dark ducks, and Del bounces off the ropes and, WHAT THE!


Dark goes for the cover! One Two Three **Ding, Ding, Ding**]

The video plays over Del Carver’s loss to a girl three times, each time freezing on the image of Del Carver being laid out by Dark Krystal. The lights slowly come back, showing the expression of annoyance and confusion on the face of Del Carver. As he watches the video slowly fade to a dark screen a voice is heard.

Voice: Beaten by a girl… How embarrassing

Del Carver stomps his foot in anger, now unknowing of the fact that the Madmen and Strayt Jakit are behind them inside the ring. Without warning, Carver Jackman and Kid Wikkid are nailed from behind by the three men. The bell sounds and the match begins!

Ryu: What was that all about?

Jeff: Was it a set up by the Madmen?

Ryu: I don’t think so, that very same thing happened to Jonny Johnson last week, and now it looks like Del Carver was the target of this “Faded Memories” crap.

Jeff: “Well…after dancing around and taunting Del after that, The Flying Dutchman gives Blackout the FINGER and tags in THE FIST! Ben Jackman grins…and tags in DEL CARVER!”

Ryu: “HA!”

Jeff: “Here we GO! The Fist shoves Del Carver backwards violently into the neutral corner and follows him in with a brutal clothesline…The Fist floors Carver with a stiff jab and stomps him in the gut… The Fist pulls Carver to his feet…goes for a whip to the opposite corner…Del Carver rebounds…ducks a BIG clothesline attempt from The Fist…and begins firing punches at The Fist…stiff shots to the head of The Fist by Del Carver!”

Ryu: “It’s a good thing The Dutchman isn’t in here…brawling is not his bag…”

Jeff: “I agree…The Flying Dutchman can outwrestle just about anybody…AND he can outsmart you…but he lets The Fist do most of his brawling for him!”

Ryu: “Del Carver and Ben Jackman would LOVE to get their hands around The Flying Dutchman’s neck…”

Jeff: “Carver and The Fist now trading big right hands back and forth in the center of the ring…Carver shot to The Fist’s jaw…The Fist fires back at Carver…The Fist…Carver….The Fist…Boot to the midsection of Del Carver! Carver is doubled over…whip into the ropes by The Fist…and it is reversed by Carver…and Del Carver comes back with a flying clothesline…and a cover: ONE…TWO… The Fist powers out with authority!”

Ryu: “The Fist pressed Carver into the air with that kickout! Carver backs into his corner…Tag out to KID WIKKID! Wikkid vaults over the top rope…and WHOA!”

Jeff: “UNREAL! Kid Wikkid uses the top rope as a springboard…and comes off the rope and wrenches The Fist through the AIR with a hurracanrana! The fans explode in cheers at that AMAZING move! Let’s look at the replay of that!”

Ryu: “Amazing. You know Kid Wikkid was working wounded for a while here in Shoot Project…during which he lost his title to Strayt Jakit. He took some time off and he looks GREAT!”

Jeff: “He sure does…and if that move is any indicator, he’s back to One-Hundred Percent. The Fist back to his feet now, holding his neck…Wikkid laying in some sharp knife edge chops…The Fist responding with a forearm to the back…as tough as Kid Wikkid is, The Fist does outweigh him by a significant amount…”

Ryu: “The Fist outweighs EVERYBODY by a significant amount…”

Jeff: “Good point. The Fist throws Wikkid into the ropes…Wikkid comes off the other side with a spinning leg kick!”

Ryu: “Wikkid got some serious hang time on that one…right to the face of The Fist…”

Jeff: “The Fist staggers backwards…and a TAG out to The Flying Dutchman!”

Jeff: “ These guys are VERY familiar with one another…I remember watching their series of matches last spring…including that great 30 minute draw at Master of the Mat…”

Ryu: “That was a classic…”

Jeff: “The two men lock up mid ring… Kid Wikkid gets a headlock which turns into him getting sent off the ropes…Wikkid gets hit with a back elbow…The Flying Dutchman pulls him up to his feet…and sends him off the ropes again…The Flying Dutchman hits a big back bodydrop!”

Ryu: “Nice!”

Jeff: “BIG flying clothesline sends both men over the top rope...Wikkid tries to come after The Flying Dutchman who shoves him back first into the guard-rail…The Flying Dutchman picks up the mat around the ring to expose the concrete…but Kid Wikkid drop-kicks him in the process and sends him under the mat to the concrete floor!”

Ryu: “Kid Wikkid gets up to the top turnbuckle and crossbodies The Flying Dutchman on the floor as the fans go nuts!”

Jeff: “The Fist jumps down to protect his boss…he’s followed by Strayt Jakit…the Fist and Jakit turn on Kid Wikkid and begin stomping him out side viciously…HERE COME HARDCORE STYLE!”

Ryu: “Jackman and Carver rushing over to the outside where all three members of the opposite team are now ganging up on Kid Wikkid…”

Jeff: “Del Carver clobbering The Fist from behind with a clothesline…Ben Jackman SPEARS Strayt Jakit and now the odds are EVEN…Kid Wikkid starts trading shots with The Flying Dutchman…Referee Scott Kamura is in the ring gesturing wildly for the fighters to get back in the ring…”

Ryu: “What’s he gonna do? This is a no DQ match!”

Jeff: “WHAM! Del Carver just rammed The Fist’s head into the ringpost and now he’s driving his knee into The Fist…Strayt Jakit BLOCKS a suplex attempt by Ben Jackman outside the ring…now Jakit reverses it…Ben Jackman suplexed on the concrete by Strayt Jakit! OUCH! Del Carver bounces The Fist’s head off the steel rings steps…The Fist is busted open…now he takes a swing at Strayt Jakit…meanwhile The Flying Dutchman and Kid Wikkid are back in the ring going at it…”

Ryu: “This is great! What a brawl!”

Jeff: “Wikkid now kicks away at the back of the knee of The Flying Dutchman…looks like he wants to take his wheels out from underneath him…The Flying Dutchman gets up and levels Kid Wikkid with a right…The Flying Dutchman's knee is in pain but he still manages to kick Kid Wikkid…and tries a second time only to get legdragged!”

Ryu: “Looks like you’re right…he’s working that leg…Kid Wikkid leans over to put on the figure four! What a slap in the face…he’s going to put The Dutchman in his OWN move…NO!”

Jeff: “Small package by The Flying Dutchman! ONE…TWO…NO! Kid Wikkid manages to work his way out at the last possible minute!”

Ryu: “The Fist is laying on the concrete busted open…Ben Jackman is also laying out there holding his back after that suplex by Strayt Jakit…now Carver and Jakit are brawling outside the ring…the two men are standing toe to toe exchanging pulverising rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is now flying as both men take turns hammering each other in the face with punishing smashes…”

Jeff: “Ben Jackman is up! Jackman taking advantage of the prone Fist…elbowdrop on the chest of The Fist…up again and make that two! Ben Jackman now climbs into the ring and turns towards the outside…and comes off the ropes, and connects with a HIGH third elbow smash!”

Ryu: “WOW! Ben Jackman just sacrificed his own body to drive a HUGE flying elbow into The Fist! Meanwhile…Wikkid and The Dutchman are exchanging knife edge chops and Strayt Jakit and Del Carver have rolled back into the ring…”

Jeff: “Ben Jackman heads back to his corner and leaves the Fist laying outside the ring...Carver and Jakit are split up by referee Scott Kamura and ordered back to their corners…we’re back to some kind of normalcy here…Wikkid and Dutchman are your legal men…but The Fist may be the main casualty of that melee!”

Ryu: “Yeah…Carver and Jackman are in their corner waiting a tag from Wikkid, but Strayt Jakit is the only guy in the Madmen’s corner…The Fist may be OUT!”

Jeff: “Meanwhile in the ring…Kid Wikkid charges towards The Flying Dutchman…but gets dropped neck first onto the ropes!…HOT SHOT! The Flying Dutchman now chokes Kid Wikkid on the ropes…Dutchman drags him up and Kid Wikkid is set in the corner…and The Flying Dutchman charges running a knee right into Kid Wikkid' face!”

Ryu: “Knee right to the face!…The Flying Dutchman now goes behind with a modified Russian Leg Sweep and DRIVES Kid Wikkid face first to the mat…”

Jeff: “Dutchman in control now…belly to back suplex…and both men are down. Kid Wikkid and The Flying Dutchman are up and Kid Wikkid hammers with a couple of punches until The Flying Dutchman boots him in the stomach and gets control and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid slides between The Flying Dutchman's legs and trips him from behind…Kid Wikkid blocks The Dutchman’s knife edge chops and delivers a few of his own. Kid Wikkid attempts a whip…The Flying Dutchman reverses and Kid Wikkid bumps hard and winds up landing on the top of his head!”

Ryu: “YOW! Look at this replay…The Flying Dutchman back body dropping Wikkid right on top of his head!”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman runs at Wikkid and drops an elbow on his face…right on the mark…and does it again…Dutchman rolls Kid Wikkid over and drops a leg on the back of his head. COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Kid Wikkid!”

Ryu: “Wikkid is still stunned though…”

Jeff: “Wikkid pulled to his feet now…The Flying Dutchman suplexes Kid Wikkid with authority! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!…The Flying Dutchman pulls Wikkid back to his feet and sends him off the ropes…Wikkid takes a NICE back elbow…Kid Wikkid reverses another whip attempt by The Dutchman into the corner…comes at The Flying Dutchman in the corner…but takes ANOTHER back elbow…The Flying Dutchman then powerslams Wikkid! COVER: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT!”

Ryu: “The Dutchman has control of this one…Hardcore Style on the apron cheering Wikkid on…hey look! The Fist is finally up and back in his corner! Boy…he doesn’t look so hot.”

Jeff: “The Flying Dutchman pulls Wikkid to his feet and goes for a whip…reversal…DROPKICK right on the mark! Kid Wikkid just nailed The Flying Dutchman with a textbook drop-kick! Both men flat on their backs…”

Ryu: “Now both guys crawling for their corners…look at Hardcore Style! Both guys going nuts…reaching their hands out for the tag!”

Jeff: “JACKMAN TAGS IN! Ben Jackman on fire…clotheslines for everyone! Brutal running clothesline for The Dutchman…The Fist staggers in and is whipped into the corner, and met with a running clothesline. The Flying Dutchman walks right into a HUGE back bodydrop from Jackman! COVER: ONE…TWO…The Fist makes the save! Jackman sends The Fist over the top to the floor with a textbook drop-kick…Jackman is really on a roll here! The fans are going nuts! Strayt Jakit runs in…but Del Carver meets him with a forearm smash to the side of the head…Ben Jackman grabs The Flying Dutchman…running powerslam! What an impact! COVER: ONE…TWO…The Flying Dutchman kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man, Jackman is taking out all of his frustration from being kept out of this match! Meanwhile look at Wikkid…once he made the tag, he collapsed on the apron!”

Jeff: “The way Jackman is going right now he won’t need any help…Jackman pulls The Flying Dutchman to his feet…NAILS him with a spinning leg kick! The Fist crawls back into the ring…but Del Carver there to meet him…and he nails The Fist with a boot to the midsection…The crowd continues to go nuts as Ben Jackman takes apart The Madmen!”

Ryu: “SNAP SUPLEX on The Dutchman by Ben Jackman…Ben Jackman covers…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff: “The Fist back to his feet as he and Del Carver begin brawling…Del Carver slugging it out in the middle of the ring with The Fist…Jackman ducks a swing by The Dutchman…and hits a clothesline! The Flying Dutchman stunned…Strayt Jakit running in to break up any pin attempt…and Ben Jackman meets him…they start slugging it out as Del Carver stomps the Fist and The Dutchman lays in the ring exhausted…”

Ryu: “WHOA! Strayt Jakit just nailed Ben Jackman with a DDT! The Fist clotheslines Del Carver over the top rope…and now he goes out after him…”

Jeff: “Now The Flying Dutchman is up…he goes over to the fallen Ben Jackman and grabs his leg…he’s locking it in…DUTCH OVEN! The Flying Dutchman has Ben Jackman in the Figure Four Leg Lock…meanwhile outside the ring…Del Carver is on his knees…The Fist has a camera cable and he’s wrapping it around Carver’s neck…he’s choking him out with the camera cable!”

Ryu: “Back in the ring, Ben Jackman has the ropes with both hands…but The Flying Dutchman won’t release the hold! Strayt Jakit goes to the top rope…WHAM! Strayt Jakit nails Ben Jackman with a flying legdrop from the top rope…while The Flying Dutchman has him in the Dutch Oven! Hey LOOK!”

Jeff: “Even though he is battered…Kid Wikkid has struggled to his feet! The Fist continues to choke Del Carver with that cable…The Dutchman is laughing like…well…like a Madman while he twists that figure four leg lock on Ben Jackman…now Strayt Jakit standing there and laying boots into the midsection of Ben Jackman…but Kid Wikkid is standing on the top rope! He’s SCREAMING…he just screamed Strayt Jakit’s name!”

Ryu: “Strayt Jakit whirls around…HOLY SHIT!”

Jeff: “Wikkid comes off the top rope with a high…and I mean HIGH CROSS BODY! The ref slides in to make the count: ONE…TWO…THREE!!!”

Ryu: “BULLSHIT! BULLSHIT! Kid Wikkid and Strayt Jakit were NOT the legal men! PLUS…Wikkid caught Jakit totally by surprise! He just turned around and got hit with the high cross body…he didn’t even know it was coming!”

Jeff: “Hey…YOU are the one who pointed out it was NO DQ…plus how the hell was the ref supposed to keep this one under control? Let me tell you something…put whatever spin you want on it…but Kid Wikkid just handed Strayt Jakit his FIRST pinfall loss since Jakit returned to Shoot Project and won that title. Kid Wikkid PINNED the DOJO champion and as far as I’m concerned…that puts him in line for a DOJO Title Shot at Under Siege…”

Ryu: “What do you know? How many times does Strayt Jakit have to beat Kid Wikkid? He’s beaten him twice already!”

(Strayt Jakit and Kid Wikkid continue to brawl…The Flying Dutchman releases the hold on Ben Jackman but continues stomping him in the midsection…The Fist releases Del Carver…who collapses into unconsciousness…the bell rings…)

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…HERE are your winners…the team of HARDCORE STYLE…and KID WIKKID!”

Jeff: “Here come a BUNCH of referees to assist Scott Kamura in breaking this up…the bell rings over and over as the Madmen and Strayt Jakit are ordered OUT of the ring…Kid Wikkid rolls the semiconscious Del Carver into the ring and then turns to help Ben Jackman…Blackout is up, but standing on one leg…he can’t put his weight on the other…The Madmen and Strayt Jakit are halfway up the ramp but arguing with the refs…OH GREAT…The Flying Dutchman has a microphone…”

The Flying Dutchman: “THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT! I was the legal man in there are you KNOW it Wikkid. You think this is over? It’s not over…and I’ll tell you why. Hey Carver…hey Diamond Del…you remember last month when somebody laid your ass OUT with a piece of pipe and left you laying in the ring? It was THE FIST Carver! The Fist walked up right behind you and bashed your brains in…and I TOLD HIM TO DO IT.”


Jeff: “OH MY GOD! It was the MADMEN ALL ALONG!”

The Flying Dutchman: “You know WHY we did that? Because I’m SICK of everybody talking about how you and Jackman are the best Tag Team here. Hardcore Style this, Hardcore Style that! We’re the DAMN CHAMPS…and we STILL have to listen to that SHIT. Well look at you NOW Hardcore Style…one of you can’t walk and the other is knocked out…you don’t look so Hardcore NOW do you? You don’t have so much STYLE now do you? Who do you think is the BEST NOW?”

(The Flying Dutchman laughs and drops the microphone as "They Came In" by The Butthole Surfers begins to play over the sound system…The Madmen and Strayt Jakit disappear into the back…Ben Jackman is cussing at the top of his lungs at The Madmen and Kid Wikkid helps Del Carver slowly to his feet as OBLIVION FADES…)