It wasn’t like he was used to from past federations, hell even the Independent joint he worked for had better accommodations than this. “Oh well”, he thought to himself, “It will take some adjustment but I’ll manage.”

Ed Raymond swings open the rusty hinged door to find a majority of the SHOOT roster inside. This was there “locker room” area so to speak, but what’s different is all the superstars share the same room. He looks over the situation, his eyes taking in the room. Each wrestler had a small locker and a wash basin next to it. That was it. No food, no hot baths… nothing. Some of the superstars stretch, while others look towards Raymond before going back to wrapping their hands or lacing their boots. All the wrestlers in the room share one thing in common however, complete silence. Raymond takes a step into the room and looks to each of the underground superstars before him.

“Hey guys, just wanted to introduce myself in person. If you didn’t catch it before the name is…”

Raymond’s words are suddenly cut off as one of the wrestlers turns around.

“Yeah, we know who the hell you are.” The man claimed with a hint of annoyance in his voice. “Now do yourself a favor and get out of my locker room.”

Raymond takes a step back, not wanting to cause any problems, but it seems that the man who spoke up took care of that quite nicely. One of the other wrestlers looks up from stretching and shoots an icy glare towards the other man.

“Shut up, Cross. What makes this your locker room anyway? Because you have the world title strap?”

Jeff Cross nods his head with authority and goes to speak up, but the other man now stands up from a small stool and walks towards him.

“Well take a look at a real champion, Cross. I’ve held the Iron fist championship title for a long ass time and that makes me true talent... Not some paper champion like yourself.”

The battle of ego begins as Cross now walks toward Ben Jackman, Iron Fist champion, with intent of causing a fight. As the two approach each other, another man steps between them, this man is Jackman’s partner, Diamond Del Carver.

“Ben, leave this little shit alone. There will be a time and place when that belt is removed from his waist, we can take care of him later.”

This causes a stir from everyone in the locker room now, as Del Carver’s words make it seem as if they are the next in line for a shot at the title. Another man makes himself heard as he puts an arm on Carver and Jackman’s shoulder.

“Hold up a second, boys” The man smirked. “If you plan on winning that title, don’t expect to be winning it from that punk, expect to be trying to win it from me.”

The man confidently points to himself with his right thumb. Ravage was obviously sure of himself this evening. But his interjection only causes more heat in the locker room as an all out argument ensues. Left and right members of the SHOOT roster shout out insults and claims to greatness. Ed Raymond just looks on at the situation, and slowly backs out of the room, closing the door. The arguments can still be heard, although more muffled now. He shakes his head and chuckles.

“A feisty bunch… Oh this is going to be a lot of fun.”

Ed Raymond turns from the locker room only to bump into an all too familiar face. He stops in his tracks and just stares.

“A lot of fun? That’s what you think this all is? Just be aware that once you get yourself involved in this stuff, you don't get out anytime in the near future… or in the far future for that matter…”

Raymond leans back from the man, somewhat uneasy, but remains as strong as possible.

“Josh… I was just….”

Real Deal just shakes his head, which causes Raymond to halt in his words.

“I don’t care if you were just anything. Fact is you have no clue what this is about…. And that means you’ll end up learning the hard way.”

Johnson smirks and walks past the locker room and further down the cellar like hallway. Raymond leans up against the wall, still seemingly pleasant despite his run in with Josh Johnson. He looks down the hall where Josh was once in view and he chuckles.

“A very feisty bunch…indeed.”

A smile spreads across his face as he heads down the hallway, opposite the direction Josh went.

As that ends… The camera view switches to Jeff Johnson. He’s just gotten out of his car, and is walking into the building. He’s dressed in his normal attire for the evening, and is in high spirits, for what should be a great show. He locks his car door and proceeds into the building.

Heading straight towards his office, he nods to the production staff, and workers who are present in the evening. He nods towards the Yakuza representative that is always there, whether it be the same one each week or not. He gets to his office, and unlocks the door…

Walking in, he’s a bit surprised as to what he sees when he opens his door. Sitting there, waiting for him, are Ash Hawkins, Andre Briggs, and Cronos Diamante. Jason is very shocked to see these three.

Cronos: You might want to take a seat.

Jason: What’s going on here?

Cronos gets up, and shuts the door. He locks it.

Ash: Sit down.

Jason takes his seat.

Andre Briggs: We’ve got some questions for you-

[Just as you hear that, the camera cuts to the crowd. Pyro’s shoot off, and again this week, they’re better than they were last week. Odd. We go to Ryu Kosi, sitting alone at the announcer’s table.]

Ryu: Well, it would seem that my esteemed partner, Jason Johnson is a bit tied up. Looks like I’ll have to go it alone on this ni-

[“Only the Strong” by FLAW cues up on the PA system. The fans go nuts, as this is widely recognized as Jeff Johnson’s theme music. No one is walking out, which causes the fans to go from cheers to boos, almost instantly. And then, someone steps out. The fans blow the ROOF off of the building when Jeff Hansen strolls out onto the ramp. He makes his way slowly down to the announcer’s table. He takes a seat, which surprises Ryu.]

Jeff: Well well well, this’ll do.

Ryu: What brings YOU here? I mean, just two weeks ago, weren’t you running National Independent?

Jeff: Yep. And that’s done with. So I figured I’d come out and hang here with a couple friends, and it looks like you all need an announcer anyway.

Ryu: I guess that makes sense to me. Well, I guess we should go ahead and get on with the show. Looks to me like it’s going to be a weird one. Jeff: Yep, we’ve got a man who I’m very familiar with, in Chaos, taking on Jack White, in what should be a good opener for you all, here in the SHOOT Project.

Chaos Vs. Jack White

Ryu: “What a war this match should be...”

Jeff: “You’ve got that right. Both of these guys are OVER 6 feet tall and both weigh OVER 250 pounds. This is going to be a great physical match up…”

[The ring is dark. Samantha steps into the spotlight as "Born To Be Wild" by Steppenwolf begins to pound over the speakers…]

Samantha: “This is a one fall contest with a twenty minute time limit…introducing first…making his way to the ring…standing 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighing in at 285 pounds…CHAOS!!!”

Ryu: “Chaos on his way to the ring…he looks all business…”

[Chaos’s music stops playing…Chaos is on the ring apron…and turns to the crowd and raises both his arms over his head as his music fades out…]

Samantha: “AND NOW his opponent…standing to my right…standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and weighing in at 259 pounds he is JACK WHITE!”

Jeff: “White looks good…you know, usually Chaos would dwarf his opponent…but not tonight…White getting right up in the face of Chaos…Stare down as the bell rings…Jack White now smiling and laughing as he FLATTENS Chaos with a right hand…now he STOMPS on the face of the prone Chaos who is laying on his back…Jack White grinding his boot into the face of Chaos…”

Ryu: “The shocked Chaos staggers back into the corner…I think White kind of suckered him in there…”

Jeff: “Jack White drives a shoulder into Chaos…backs up and then charges in for a clothesline…but he charges into the big boot of Chaos!”

Ryu: “HA! What a REBOUND by Chaos…”

Jeff: “Chaos drops a BIG elbow, early cover…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Jack White. Both men up…Brutal smash to jaw of Chaos from Jack White! Chaos collapses to the mat again…Jack White quickly to the top rope…LEG DROP! ONE…TWO…Kickout by Chaos!”

Ryu: “Chaos is fighting back…but DAMN…can you imagine getting nailed with a leg drop off the top rope from a 260 pound guy?”

Jeff: “Both men up…big boot to the midsection of Jack White from Chaos…Jack White doubled over but comes back with a HUGE lariat! Cover by Jack White…ONE…TWO…Kickout by Chaos!…Side headlock on Chaos by Jack White…oh boy…Chaos lifts Jack White and drops him…ATOMIC DROP…COVER by CHAOS! ONE…TWO…Kickout by White! WOW!”

Ryu: “What great back and forth action! I thought these guys would match up nicely!”

Jeff: “Jack White struggles to his feet…Chaos scoops him up…a HIGH PICTURE PERFECT Body Slam outside the ring to the floor!”

Ryu: “WOW! I don’t know what impressed me more…Chaos getting White up for the slam, or the way he dropped him unceremoniously outside the ring!”

Jeff: “Chaos out after him…Chaos hammers a punch into the head of Jack White…now he scoops up Jack White …looks like he’s going for the running powerslam, outside the ring…”

Ryu: “Oh man! This is gonna HURT!”

Jeff: “NO! Jack White slips off and pushes Chaos shoulder first to the steel ring post! The crowd erupts! Jack White now on the attack with a few punches and kicks…Clothesline drives Chaos over the security barrier...Jack White goes after him…Chaos dragging Jack White through the crowd now…Jack White gets sent into the wall head first! Chaos grabs a sound cable and chokes Jack White with it…Jack White elbows Chaos in the gut…the two man trading punches as they brawl their way through the crowd back towards the ring…Chaos throws Jack White back over the security barrier.”

Ryu: “This has turned into a WILD brawl…”

Jeff: “Chaos pulls Jack White up by the hair…Jack White fires a few solid punches into the midsection of Chaos…now these guys are brawling their way up the aisle!”

Ryu: “Good thing our camera guys can follow them…the two fighters are evenly trading lefts and rights in the aisle now they are over by the entrance…”

Jeff: “Chaos lands a couple of uppercuts and gains the advantage…Jack White is violently shoved into the security barrier in the aisle…Jack White is handed into the crowd behind him and reaches a STEEL CHAIR out from underneath one of the fans…WHAM! Jack White just rung Chaos’s bell there…he smashed Chaos over the head with that chair!…Jack White grabbing Chaos by the back of the head and running him down the aisle back to the ring area…and throws him head first into the ring apron!”

Ryu: “Chaos has been run head first into that apron…he bounced back and landed butt first on the floor…he’s holding his head…”

Jeff: “Jack White rolls Chaos back into the ring…now he drops a leg and covers: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT and Chaos is up…Jack White rolls outside the ring and grabs that damn chair again…the fans are cheering as Jack White rolls back in the ring…”

Ryu: “Chaos is slowly getting to his feet…”

Jeff: “Jack White SMASHES Chaos over the back with that chair!”

Ryu: “YOW! Hey look! Now THAT is resilient!”

Jeff: “Jack White gets SPEARED in the midsection by Chaos who was bent over from that chair shot! Now Chaos lifts White up…holds him HIGH in the air with a beautiful vertical Suplex…and DROPS him on the top of his head! BRAINBUSTER!”

Ryu: “Brutal! Cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Jack White kicks out! Chaos grabs White again...SNAP SUPLEX! Great moves for such a big guy!”

Jeff: “Chaos covers: ONE…TWO…NO! Chaos stays on him…pulls Jack White back to his feet…FRONT RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP. Chaos nails Jack White again and covers! ONE…TWO…White’s shoulder up again…Jack White rolls over…he looks frazzled and dazed!”

Ryu: “Jack White won’t stay down!”

Jeff: “Chaos to his feet…Jack White tries a drop-kick…but Chaos side-steps and Jack White falls…Chaos picks the chair up and cracks it over Jack White’s head!”

Ryu: “Give me a break with this damn chair. You can see referee Scott Kamura admonishing both men and trying to get in close enough to get the chair out of the way…”

Jeff: “Jack White is staggered…Chaos hoists him up…back Suplex! Chaos goes for the cover: ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! Chaos argues with the ref…he feels that should have been a three count…Chaos now turns back to Jack White who is slowly getting to his feet…”

Ryu: “Swinging neck breaker by Chaos on Jack White! WHAM! COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! Chaos right back on the offensive…DDT!”

Jeff: “COVER! ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Jack White! Chaos is getting frustrated! He pulls Jack White to his feet again… Jack White getting to his feet and looking around…disoriented…Jack White sees that chair and grabs it…”

Ryu: “WHAMO! Jack White just cracked that chair over Chaos’s head again! The referee has had enough…he tries to grab the chair but now Chaos has his hands on it and is pulling it away from White…but White won’t let go …the bell rings…”

Jeff: “I don’t understand…that can’t be a disqualification…this is a NO DQ match?”

Samantha: “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN…I have been informed by the time-keeper that the 20 minute time limit for this match has EXPIRED…therefore the referee has no choice but to declare this match A TIME LIMIT DRAW!

Jeff: “The crowd is BOOING…and White and Chaos are PISSED…they are up in the ref’s face…”

Ryu: “Now they’re back to jawing at each other!”

Jeff: “Referee Scott Kamura high tailing it out of the ring…HERE WE GO AGAIN! The two men are standing toe to toe in the dead center of the ring…exchanging pulverising rights and lefts…both men are standing their ground…neither man is willing to back off or step away…what a slugfest…it’s a war…blood is flying as both men take turns smashing each other in the face with punishing smashes…”

Ryu: “What a total WAR this was…here come a BUNCH of referee’s to break it up…the bell rings over and over…like THAT is going to stop them!”

Jeff: “This wasn’t exactly the scientific exhibition of the year…but it was exciting. As the officials hustle Jack White and Chaos up the aisle under protest, the crowd cheers in appreciation for the pier 6 brawl they just witnessed!”

[The scene cuts back to Jason Johnson’s office. He’s in the middle of an awkward interrogation sequence with three men whose intentions he doesn’t know, nor does he seem to want to know. He just wants out. He’s missing his show, and that makes him a bit on the anxious side.]

Jason Johnson: Are you guys going to just sit here this whole time and say nothing?

Ash, Andre, and Cronos all look around, and Ash unzips his coat, and pulls it off.

Ash: Well, actually, we came to talk. We just wanted your show to start up first.

Jason Johnson: Talk? What about?

Cronos: A lot of things, Jeff. SHOOT, Josh, the Yakuza.

Jason: Alright. I run one, I am related to one, and I don’t know a thing about the other.

Cronos: You can be honest here, they already know that.

Jason: This is ridiculous.

Ash: Is it?

Jason: Look, Cronos, I don’t know what stupid shit you’re pulling bringing these federal agents here, wanting to learn about the Yakuza, but if they should talk to anyone, it’s you.

Cronos: Me? They don’t need to learn about the Yakuza from me.

Jason: Listen, gentlemen, I don’t care what investigation you want to launch, or even what kind of bullshit hunt you want to do in Japan, but you three leading a small assault team to crack down the Yakuza? Never happen.

Ash: I see. So we’re wasting our time here?

Jason: Yes, Ash, you are.

Ash: So we should go to maybe the Commissioner, Chris Lee? I know I got Aaron Green’s number around here somewhere…

Jason stops, glaring at Ash.

Ash: Stop leering at me like that, Johnson. I don’t like it when people smaller than me try to intimidate me.

Jason smirks.

Jason: Right. Whatever.

Andre walks over to the door and locks it.

Andre: This is going to be a long night…

Seth Mondo Vs. Strayt Jakit ©
DOJO Championship

Jeff – next up we have the DOJO Championship title match. Strayt Jakit will put the coveted belt on the line against the talented Seth Mondo

"We Don't Die" by Twizted booms out the PA. Seth Mondo walks slowly to the ring

Ryu – well here comes the challenger, and I have to say he looks in damn good shape.

Jeff – you have to be in Shoot, this is not for your namby pamby mainstream boys.

Mondo leaps into the ring as a boom is heard

Jeff – here comes the champion. He has held this belt for a fair time is tonight to be the end of the reign.

Ryu – it is too close to call Jeff, but it may just be, it may just be.

Jeff – well folks this match is Deathkore rules and that means anything goes.

Ryu – sure does Jeff. And we are off with Jakit giving Seth a super close up of the belt putting him to the canvas.

Jeff – what a shot.

Strayt Jakit uppercuts Seth Mondo, but Mondo counters kicking Strayt Jakit in the head sending him to the canvas. Strayt Jakit climbs to his feet and kicks Seth Mondo in the groin. Strayt Jakit hits Seth Mondo with a heart punch and follows that up with a diving elbow smash.

Jeff – great combination of moves by the champ, he stamped his authority on the match.

Strayt Jakit pulls Mondo to his feet, puts him on the turnbuckle, and executes the top-rope DDT.

Ryu – OOO, that has to hurt, a major move by the champion.

Jeff – Jakit is a major player and tries hard to hold onto the title. Seth Mondo slowly gets up and hits a Hurricanana onto Strayt Jakit. He follows Jakit to the mat with a fury of punches. He pulls Jakit to his feet and suplexes him onto the ropes. Jakit bounces off the ropes into an inverted DDT.

Jeff – what a move by Mondo. He showed Jakit up there.

Ryu – The champion cannot take this match for granted. Both men climb to there feet. Seth Mondo throws Strayt Jakit out to the floor. Mondo jumps the ropes hitting a huge leg across the neck of Jakit…

Jeff – we have a cover…1…2…Jakit gets his shoulder up.

Ryu – Mondo is furious with the ref.

Jeff – you aint going to change his mind now. Seth Mondo hits an axhandle smash. Mondo gets a chair and cracks it right across the back of Jakit. Mondo pulls Jakit to his feet…

Jeff – Jakit does not have a clue where he is…

Ryu – OOO…big chair shot across the head, Jakit is cut and it looks a bad one…I fear he lost half his head. Mondo climbs back into the ring and throws his hands up in the air.

Jeff – what is he doing, he needs to cover.

Jakit struggles to his feet and makes his way to the apron. Mondo pulls Jakit up onto the apron Strayt Jakit executes a ropeflip on Seth Mondo.

Jeff – A cover 1…2…3…NO, NO Mondo got his shoulders up, damn that was Freakin close.

Ryu – you saw the difference in class there Jeff, Strayt went for the win and was a ball hair away from getting it. Seth Mondo climbs to his feet. Strayt Jakit hits a flying karate chop right to Seth Mondo's neck. Strayt Jakit hits a jumping elbow thrust on Seth Mondo.

Ryu – Look at the blood coming from Jakits head, he is in bits.

Jeff – Jakit DDT’s Mondo into the mat and then a leg across the back of the neck…now what…

Ryu – Jakit is looking under the ring…my god that is a damn barbwire bat…

Jeff – things are about to get very ugly very quickly. Jakit rolls back into the ring and stalks Mondo. Mondo slowly gets to his feet to be met by a bat across the head…

Jeff – my god, Mondo went down like a ton of bricks here is the cover…

Ryu – no, Jakit is rubbing the Barbed wire bat into the face of Mondo…look at the blood come from his head…

Jeff – both men are bleeding badly now, there is blood everywhere.

Jakit pulls Mondo to his feet. He bounces of the ropes and Seth drops a shoulder tossing Jakit to the outside.

Jeff – both men have collapsed, one in the ring and one out, what a match Mondo slowly gets to his feet. He climbs to the top turnbuckle and perches there in wait. Jakit stumbles to his feet and Mondo launches off. Jakit changes forcing Mondo’s head into the floor. Both men are out.

Ryu – Jakit thinking on his feet there. Once Mondo was airborne, there was nothing he could do.

Mondo and Jakit get to their feet. Strayt Jakit is hit with a backward kick. Seth Mondo hits Strayt Jakit with an elbowdrop. Mondo goes under the ring and brings out a broom handle, which he breaks over Jakits back. Mondo then pulls out a stop sign and smashes it into Jakits face…

Jeff – what a move.

Mondo gets up. Flying lariat by Mondo takes Jakit down. Mondo gets back to his feet. Mondo pulls out a twelve-foot ladder. He opens it up. He pulls out a table and opens that up. He pulls out a chair and repeatedly beats on Jakit then tosses Jakit onto the table…

Jeff – Mondo is beginning to climb…my god if he pulls this off.

Ryu – I think he is going to the top…he is, he is at the top he must be about 15 feet in the air…INCOMING…


Jeff – he hit it…but he is hurt himself.

Ryu – he may be hurt but I think Jakit is dead.

Jeff – both men are not moving, both men are covered in blood, the ref has started a ten count…this match cannot end like this.

Ryu – the ref cannot let it go on forever with two men lying on the job… Jeff – well he has reached eight…9…1…NO Mondo has sat up, he is sitting there looking around, and he has no clue where he is…

Ryu – who cares, least it means the match still goes ahead.

Jeff – I saw movement by Jakit, I cannot believe he can still move

Mondo knees Jakit and rolls back to his feet. Mondo hits Jakit with an elbowdrop. Mondo is back on his feet. Mondo pulls Jakit to his feet and tosses him back into the ring. He slowly gets in himself. Mondo superkicks Jakit. Mondo goes to the top…

Jeff – Frogsplash right onto Jakit, this match is over, school is out…1…2…Jakit kicks out.

Ryu – Seth is irate, he is hitting the ropes and everything. Jakit flips to his feet, where does he get the strength. Now Jakit is standing. Mondo turns around and Jakit kicks him in the gut, takes a few steps back, and scissor kicks him to the mat. Jakit pulls Mondo to his feet and hiptosses Seth. Jakit places the chair across the head of Mondo…he puts the bat under the chair…

Jeff – this could be devastating…he has a second chair. Jakit climbs the ropes and stands on the top turnbuckle. He leaps off the top rope sitting on the chair and crashes into the head of Mondo.

Ryu – Jakit retains…1…2…3…it is over…I have no clue what that move is called but it was devastating.

Jeff – another Deathkore match another one to chalk up in the hall of fame this was immense…

Ryu – Strayt Jakit walks away still as your Champion and deserved it was…

[The scene cuts to a dark backstage area. You see the silhouette of a man who is unrecognized by the SHOOT Project crowd. A sign of movement is the only hint you get for this man’s identity.]

For more than six months now, I have been doing absolutely nothing productive. I have abstained from doing anything at all. Why? Well, I could say I had nothing to do; Or, I could say I have been busy with the rest of my life, but the truth is, I’ve just been waiting for the right time. Yes, it was partially because I am lazy, and yes, it was partially because of what happened in the past, but those were not the main reasons I waited. I have been through a lot of shit, but I’ve never seen any place like this before. I think this is my kind of place. I think now is the right time, and I think SHOOT is the right place.

[A man steps out from behind the shadows into the glistening light. We now see him clearly. His light brown hair is down to about his shoulders. His black shirt has red writing that is not currently legible. He leans against the old wall of the AKITA Steel Plant. While at first staring down at the ground, he decides to look up into the camera that is before him.]

I have the “when” and the “where” decided, but I have yet to decide the “who”. That is, who will be first in line to feel the return of my wrath. Speaking of who, I’m sure you are sitting there wondering, just who the hell is this. Good question. Who am I?

[The man pauses. He almost looks saddened for a second, but then begins to smile. He glances away from the camera for a split second and then returns his focus.]

I am the guy everyone used to hate. I am the guy that put my blood, sweat, and tears into this business and got absolutely nothing out of it. I fought some of the best, and beat some of the best. But I also got beat by many others. I don’t like bringing up the times when I was defeated, but I know there is one person here who especially knows about those times. One of the Johnson’s...

[He takes a second to pause. Resuming with a bit louder tone.]

I’ll never fucking forget that. But the past is passed, and the future is what we all have to look forward to. Well, at least I have it to look forward to—For most of you, I am the future, which I’m sure puts a dampening on your plans. When I say I’m the future, I don’t mean I’m part of the younger generation of athletes. What I mean is, I am the future of this federation. I am the future conqueror, leader, CHAMPION!

[The guy stops leaning on the wall. He walks closer to the camera after letting out a small laugh.]

I know that this federation is different from any other federation out there, but I’m going to treat it just like any other. I’m taking it one step at a time, and I’ll let the future come when it’s ready. I’ve been keeping my eye on the people here, and I will continue doing so throughout the show, but someone out there better be ready. They better be ready for me. I will begin my path of destruction at this very same time, next week. Anyone out there is a possible candidate. It could be any one of you. Regardless of whether you want to fight me or not, and regardless of whether you know me or not, when you are signed up to face someone like me, someone supreme, you will know that your time has come. And when it’s all over, don’t forget that I warned you of the consequences for agreeing to face, Hellion Youngblood!

[Hellion turns and begins walking away from the camera into the dark halls of the old plant.] [The crowd buzzes in excitement as "Heavy Metal Universe" by Gamma Ray begins to play, and laser lights flash on the runway…]

Trey Willett Vs. Xiak Xande
Rising Star #1 Contendership

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next match is to determine the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the SHOOT PROJECT RISING STAR CHAMPIONSHIP…FIRSTLY standing at 6 Feet 10 Inches Tall, weighing in at 343 pounds…here is XIAK XANDE!”

Jeff: “Man…look at the look of total concentration on Xiak Xande’s face.”

Ryu: “He is totally focused …”

Samantha: “Now…to my right…standing 6 feet tall, and weighing in at 236 pounds…TREY WILLETT!”

Jeff: “Here we go! The two competitors locked in a stare down…the bell rings…”

Ryu: “ALL RIGHT! Time to go!”

Jeff: “Lockup…side headlock by Trey Willett, wrenching it in…Xiak Xande powers out…shoulder-block by Trey Willett. Xiak Xande up…ducks a punch attempt by Trey Willett and answers with a nice left hook of his own. Trey Willett connects with a jab in response…Xiak Xande back with a smashing roundhouse to take control! Irish Whip…and into the ropes goes Trey Willett ... up and over leapfrog…Trey Willett lands on his feet...runs at Xiak Xande but Xiak Xande gives him a hot shot!”

Ryu: “ACK! Xiak Xande just grabbed Trey Willett in a belly to belly and threw him throat first across the top rope! That’s going to obstruct the old airway!”

Jeff: “I’d say…Trey Willett struggles to his feet…but a BIG clothesline by Xiak Xande puts Trey Willett down…”

Ryu: “Xiak Xande has the HUGE size and power advantage in this match…”

Jeff: “I agree. Xiak Xande with a brutal knife edge chop into the chest of Trey Willett, who is still trying to regain his composure after that hot shot and clothesline…you can see that Xiak Xande is working on the sternum area of Trey Willett…”

Ryu: “With POWER…”

Jeff: “ANOTHER vicious knife edge chop…and another chop...just listen to the SMACK noise and look at Trey Willett’s chest to see the effect those shots are having.”

Ryu: “Yeah…Trey Willett’s chest is getting red from the force of impact…Xiak Xande’s probably broken some blood vessels there…”

Jeff: “An Irish Whip by Xiak Xande on Trey Willett…into the ropes is reversed…Trey Willett gets hiss head down, looking for a back bodydrop…head down…but no…BIG kick by Xiak Xande…”

Ryu: “Xiak Xande caught him there…Trey Willett put his head down too early! Trey Willett stumbles back…Xiak Xande coming in…WHOA!”

Jeff: “Beautiful! Trey Willett was playing possum somewhat, and suckered Xiak Xande in…he was acting like that kick to the chest hurt him more than it did…and when Xiak Xande went in to follow it up, Trey Willett snaps off PERFECT belly to belly Suplex! Both men down now…”

Ryu: “Did you see the HEIGHT that Trey Willett got on that Belly to Belly? Let’s look at a replay…WOW! Even though he is the smaller fighter he is hanging tough…”

Jeff: “Both men getting to their feet…Trey Willett with a short clothesline…Trey Willett stays on him, pulls Xiak Xande to his feet and SMASHES him head first to the buckle. Xiak Xande snaps back…Trey Willett slips on a waistlock and hits the German Suplex!”

Ryu: “Damn, Trey Willett has thrown a couple of textbook suplexes tonight Johnson! Xande has the POWER but Willett has the SCIENCE!”

Jeff: “Despite the beating he took to his upper body earlier on in this match, Trey Willett has rebounded nicely…Trey Willett stays on Xiak Xande...Trey Willett steps behind Xiak Xande…and clamps on a sleeper!”

Ryu: “Xiak Xande's fading fast...the ref checks the hold…then checks the arm...arm falls once, arm falls twice…WHAM!”

Jeff: “Xiak Xande fires a sharp elbow backwards into the midsection of Trey Willett…which doubles him over…Xiak Xande jumping on the chance to work on the midsection of Trey Willett... right to the gut…another right and now Xiak Xande shoves him into the ropes, and grabs a sleeper of his own!”

Ryu: “WOW!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett flails around a bit but no…he reaches under…grabs Xiak Xande’s leg and STANDS STRAIGHT UP…MODIFIED BACK SUPLEX! Both men down…and the ref starts to administer the standing 10 count…”

Ryu: “We’re at 3…Trey Willett rolls to his back…4…now at 5, Xiak Xande gets to his knees. Both men up to their feet at 7...Trey Willett charges, and runs into a big boot. Trey Willett tries again... Xiak Xande is outta there and Trey Willett crashes into the corner!”

Jeff: “Xiak Xande ducks a swing by Trey Willett and throws a nice right...Trey Willett is dazed…Irish Whip into the ropes…BIG back body drop on Trey Willett by Xiak Xande...running clothesline...Trey Willett staggers up and his by another clothesline...Irish Whip into the ropes, Trey Willett comes off…RIGHT INTO A POWERSLAM!”

Ryu: “What a see-saw battle…power vs. science back and forth…”

Jeff: “Xiak Xande going out and going up to the top rope...but took too long as Trey Willett leaps onto the ropes and throws off Xiak Xande with the belly to belly SUPERPLEX!”

Ryu: “A guy his size has NO business up there…that may have been the difference maker right there Jeff…”

Jeff: “Willett going for a cover…ONE…TWO…Xiak Xande fights it off! WOW!”

Ryu: “I cannot believe that he managed to fight his way out of that!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett leans against the ropes...he’s tired…and he starts arguing with the ref…”

Ryu: “All this arguing gives Xiak Xande the chance to stagger to his feet…what guts…most guys would have been down for the count after being tossed from the top rope like that!”

Jeff: “I agree…Xiak Xande has shown some real fight here tonight! HEY…Xiak Xande hits a schoolboy roll up from behind on Trey Willett while he had his back turned and is arguing with the ref! Xiak Xande going for a cover but Willett reverses…”

Ryu: “HA! Xiak Xande didn’t expect that!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett firing a desperation elbow BACKWARDS which NAILS Xiak Xande right in the GUT! Xiak Xande totally didn’t see that one coming…and because that back elbow was a surprise it really folded him up like an accordion! Look like Xiak Xande really has the wind knocked out of him!”

Ryu: “While Xiak Xande is writhing around in pain, Trey Willett shoots in…SMALL PACKAGE…”

Jeff: “ONE…TWO…NO!”

Ryu: “WOW! Xiak Xande powers out AGAIN!”

Jeff: “Xiak Xande is back on his feet...Trey Willett grabs his leg…enzuigiri! SMACK! Trey Willett had one of Xiak Xande’s legs…so Xiak Xande NAILED Trey Willett upside the head with a high kick. Trey Willett drops to the mat like a bag of cement! Xiak Xande wastes no time…he’s out to the apron and up on the top rope…he’s going to go for a top rope splash I think…”

Ryu: “Trey Willett sees this and slowly gets to his feet…Xiak Xande comes off with a high cross body…NO! NO! NO! TREY WILLETT CAUGHT HIM! WHAM!”

Jeff: “Trey Willett catching Xiak Xande as he comes off the top rope with a high cross body…and uses the momentum of the impact to spin him over into a CRUNCHING POWERSLAM!!”



["South Texas Deathride" by Union Underground hits as the bell rings. Trey Willett stumbles to his feet as the fans cheer. The ref grabs Trey Willett’s hand and raises it…at the same time, Xiak Xande rolls out of the ring and shakes his head disgustedly as he trudges up the aisle…he appears to be cursing up a storm…]

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…here is YOUR NEW NUMBER ONE CONTENDER for the RISING STAR TITLE…TREY WILLETT!”

Ryu: “The fans giving Trey Willett a nice hand after what was a great battle…really evenly matched, this one could have gone either way…” Jeff: “Very true…had Xiak Xande nailed that splash it would have been him getting his hand raised…let’s look at the replay of that powerslam while Trey Willett makes his way up the aisle…”

Jason takes a deep breath, obviously annoyed by how his night has been going. Ash sits in his chair, Cronos leans against the wall, and Andre stands in front of the door. Jeff rubs his temples, and Ash is cleaning his SOCOM.

Jason: Why have I been missing my own show tonight? So you can learn about the Yakuza? So I can have some charges brought against me? If you wanna bring me to jail, do it. I won’t be there for long, but do it.

Andre: Well…

Ash: You don’t know much about us, do you?

Jason: You’re FBI.

Ash: Let’s see if I can run this down for you.

Ash clears his throat while all eyes are on him.

Ash: Your Yakuza has a hostage.

Jason begins to listen.

Ash: They took my girlfriend from me, and all I was after was retrieving Cronos here and putting Stoned Cold behind bars. Now it turns out it’s deeper than that. We just wanted the US’s involvement and connection cut. It’s harder than that.

Jason: You can’t just crush the Yakuza.

Ash: I don’t plan on crushing the Yakuza. I want to bring those involved brought to justice. I want to pull this place out of the fire.

Jason: This place?

Ash: The guys I have to bring to justice or to liberate are all involved in SHOOT. So I got to thinking, why not just disconnect SHOOT from the Yakuza altogether?

Andre: Huh?

Jason: You want…to break my SHOOT away from the Yakuza? Make this place legal?

Ash: I don’t care how you do it. But these guys who work in SHOOT are mostly good guys. And it’s a waste to see them subjected to Yakuza rule.

Jason: Ah…the objectives change, huh? I thought you were after the Yakuza altogether.

Ash: Bit by bit. I’ve got a list of men in mind.

Jason: A list of men?

Ash: A police chief I’ve only heard the name of called Nagoya.

Jason: Like the city?

Ash: Like the city. I also want Shiro Kaneda, an assassin for the Yakuza. As well as an Asai Tamagawa, brother to Hiroyuki Tamagawa.

Jason: Ah, Kasen City’s former police commander.

Ash: The same. I also want Keichi Kawada and any other links to the United States that the Yakuza has. After that, the Yakuza belongs to the FBI and any Japanese freelance.

Jason: And then, how can I help?

Ash: Depends on who you plan on helping.

Jason: Well…

Andre: We won’t expect you to do anything more than play the fence, you’re too spineless for that. Just know your brother’s gotten himself involved.

Jason looks over to Cronos.

Jason: Josh?

Cronos: Yeah. Real Deal pulled our asses out of a jam in Nagasaki.

Jason: I see…

Ash: If you’re willing to help me, I want to see you talk to Del Carver, Chris Less, everyone on your roster that means something… collect your boys. If you will continue to help us, then we’ll see to it that any crimes you committed will be pardoned and you will continue to control SHOOT.

Singular Evilness Vs. Roland the Dark/Lyger Kid

Samantha: “This next match is a TAG TEAM CONTEST scheduled for ONE FALL with a 30 minute time limit! Now making their way to the ring…firstly, standing at 6 feet 1 inch and weighing in at 330 pounds…here is ‘Bin Amish’…his partner…standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing in at 250 pounds… ‘The Laughing Man’…together they are…SINGULAR EVILNESS!!!”

(The Laughing Man and Bin Amish walk together into the runway as “I Hope You Die” by The Bloodhound Gang pounds over the sound system…they climb into the ring…their music fades as “Wake Up” by Rage Against The Machine cuts in…)

Samantha: “Now their opponents heading towards the ring…firstly, standing 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighing in at 258 pounds…ROLAND THE DARK…his partner stands 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 185 pounds…LYGER KID!”

(Lyger Kid strides confidently to the ring, a smug look on his face…he raises his hands over his head as his name is announced…then climbs into the ring. He is followed by Roland The Dark, whose face is frozen in pure concentration.)

Ryu: “The bell rings…Singular Evilness get up in the faces of Roland and The Lyger Kid right away. The Laughing Man and Roland The Dark are your legal men.”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark shoves The Laughing Man backwards violently into the neutral corner and follows him in with a brutal clothesline…Roland The Dark floors The Laughing Man with a stiff jab and stomps him in the gut… Roland The Dark pulls The Laughing Man to his feet…goes for a whip to the opposite corner…The Laughing Man rebounds…ducks a BIG clothesline attempt from Roland The Dark…and begins firing punches at Roland The Dark…stiff shots to the head of Roland The Dark by The Laughing Man!”

Ryu: “This match is starting out as a slugfest, and it’s not going to get any prettier!”

Jeff: “I don’t totally agree…both Lyger Kid and Bin Amish are highly proficient technical wrestlers…”

Ryu: “Yeah? Well, The Laughing Man is as big as a house and Roland The Dark is a MONSTER. This isn’t going to be Super J Cup 94 Johnson…”

Jeff: “ I guess from Roland The Dark and The Laughing Man you’re right…The Laughing Man and Roland The Dark now trading big right hands back and forth in the center of the ring…The Laughing Man shot to Roland The Dark’s jaw…Roland The Dark fires back at The Laughing Man…Roland The Dark…The Laughing Man….Roland The Dark…Boot to the midsection of The Laughing Man! The Laughing Man is doubled over…whip into the ropes by Roland The Dark…and it is reversed by The Laughing Man…and The Laughing Man comes back with a clothesline…and a cover: ONE…TWO… Roland The Dark powers out with authority!”

Ryu: “Man! Roland The Dark almost pressed The Laughing Man into the air with that kickout…and that’s not easy to do! The Laughing Man backs into his corner…Tag out to Bin Amish! Amish…vaults over the top rope…right into a flying dropkick into the face of Roland The Dark!”

Jeff: “Well, Bin Amish doesn’t take long to make his presence felt in this match! Roland The Dark falls back…stunned from the sudden springboard kick from Amish! Roland The Dark back to his feet…Amish laying in some sharp knife edge chops…but Roland The Dark responding with a clubbing forearm! Amish to his knees…Roland The Dark throws him into the ropes…Bin Amish comes off the other side with a HIGH KNEE SMASH!”

Ryu: “WOW! Amish got some air on that one…he came off the ropes with that high knee right to the face of Roland The Dark…”

Jeff: “Amish taking advantage…elbowdrop on the chest of Roland The Dark…up again and make that two! Bin Amish comes off the ropes, and connects with a HIGH third elbow smash…Amish hooks Roland The Dark’s leg: ONE…TWO…Roland The Dark gets a shoulder up! Roland The Dark to his feet…grabs Amish…and lands some kidney punches on Bin Amish!

Ryu: “Roland The Dark trying to overpower Amish…”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark…shoves Amish back into the corner…but Amish rakes the eyes…Amish whips Roland The Dark into the other corner…lays in some more vicious knife edge chops…and a tag out to The Laughing Man!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork by Singular Evilness…”

Jeff: “Amish still in there…both men hook Roland The Dark’s head…double suplex!”

Ryu: “The crowd liked that! Man…they really got him up there and dropped him hard! Now The Laughing Man covers…They could have him here…. ONE…TWO…NO! Roland The Dark kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man…Roland The Dark is tough. He took a double suplex, and he STILL kicked out!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark is a beast, no doubt about that! He’s up…The Laughing Man whips him into the ropes…reversal by Roland The Dark…clothesline! WOW! Did you see THAT?”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark reverses the whip and absolutely CLOBBERS The Laughing Man with that clothesline! The Laughing Man did a 360 in the air before he landed! He looked like the HINDENBERG CRASHING! OH THE HUMANITY!”

Jeff: “The Laughing Man did go airborne after Roland The Dark nailed him with that brutal clothesline…Roland The Dark whips The Laughing Man in his corner and tags out to Lyger Kid…”

Ryu: “It’s about time we saw Lyger Kid in this match! Singular Evilness has been doing a good job of keeping Roland The Dark on their side of the ring…but that’s over now! Roland and The Kid have The Laughing Man trapped now!”

Jeff: “Wrong part of town for The Laughing Man to be trapped in…Roland The Dark hooks The Laughing Man’s arms behind him and holds him in place…Lyger Kid backs up…and barrels right into The Laughing Man with the running splash! Roland The Dark shoves The Laughing Man out by the head right into Lyger Kid's big boot! Cover: ONE…TWO…The Laughing Man gets his shoulder up…barely!”

Ryu: “Nice teamwork there by Roland and The Kid…Roland The Dark held The Laughing Man in place for the splash…then pushed him right into the boot to the face!”

Jeff: “These guys styles compliment each other really well…The Laughing Man’s face smashed into the turnbuckle twice by Lyger Kid. Dutchman turns him around and connects with the shoulderblock to the midsection…Cover by Lyger Kid…ONE…TWO…The Laughing Man kicks out.”

Ryu: “Roland and The Kid really working The Laughing Man over in that corner…”

Jeff: “Lyger Kid whips The Laughing Man into Roland The Dark…who smashes The Laughing Man with a right hand…The Laughing Man spun around by that shot…”

Ryu: “What a shot!”

Jeff: “That knocked a few of his teeth loose I bet. Lyger Kid with a boot to The Laughing Man’s midsection…into a face buster with one leg over the back of his neck! The Laughing Man set in Roland and The Kid’s corner… Lyger Kid tags out to Roland The Dark. Roland The Dark comes in with a big boot to The Laughing Man’s face…and is now choking him on the top rope!”

Ryu: “The tide sure has turned in THIS match! Roland and The Kid have kept The Laughing Man cut off from his corner and are systematically dismantling him!”

Jeff: “That they are…both men grab The Laughing Man and throw him into the ropes…and hit the double shoulder tackle! Cover: ONE…TWO…The Laughing Man gets a shoulder up! Roland The Dark pulls The Laughing Man to his feet…The Laughing Man tries to fight back and fires some weak looking rights to the midsection of Roland The Dark…no effect…Roland The Dark gets in a whip attempt. The whip is reversed, and The Laughing Man walks into the arms of Roland The Dark and a powerslam!”

Ryu: “Man, The Laughing Man just can’t get any offense in here!”

Jeff: “Lyger Kid comes in…Roland The Dark PICKS HIM UP and DROPS HIM HARD with the splash….right on top of The Laughing Man! Cover: ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Bin Amish is having none of that! Amish comes in to break that up and kicks Dutchman!”

Jeff: “Dutchman and Roland The Dark stomp away on The Laughing Man while the ref gets rid of Bin Amish. NO TAG from Lyger Kid, but he seems to have taken over in the ring. The Laughing Man whipped into the ropes…and comes into a picture perfect back elbow!”

Ryu: “Roland and The Kid making a KICK ASS Tag Team!”

Jeff: “Lyger Kid whips The Laughing Man into the ropes…The Laughing Man ducks a clothesline…spins around…boot the midsection of The Kid…and a swinging neckbreaker! Bin Amish leaning over for the tag…”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark starts to come into the ring…and The Laughing Man makes the tag while the ref's back is turned and he’s dealing with Roland The Dark!”

Jeff: “Roland and The Kid drag The Laughing Man back to their corner…The Laughing Man tries to get some shots in, but Roland The Dark stops that…whip to the ropes, and Roland The Dark plasters The Laughing Man with ANOTHER brutal clothesline! HARD….while The Laughing Man is down…Bin Amish is knocked off the apron by Roland The Dark…Roland The Dark back over to The Laughing Man who is trying in vain to climb the ropes…Lyger Kid JUMPS on The Laughing Man’s back, sending him sharply on to second rope…throat first! Cover: ONE…TWO…Bin Amish breaks it up with a boot to the back of Lyger Kid.”

Ryu: “If it wasn’t for Amish’s interference, this match would have been over by now.”

Jeff: “That could be…Flying shoulderblock by Lyger Kid and a cover: ONE…TWO…The Laughing Man kicks out…barely.”

Ryu: “ I don’t care how BIG The Laughing Man is…if Bin Amish doesn’t get in here soon…this fight is over.”

Jeff: “I agree. The Laughing Man is sent face first into the turnbuckle by Lyger Kid and now Roland The Dark is tagged in. Roland The Dark powerfully whips The Laughing Man across the ring…Roland The Dark charges into the corner and meets The Laughing Man's boot! The Laughing Man to the second rope…double axe-handle to Roland! Cover by The Laughing Man: ONE…Roland The Dark powers out!”

Ryu: “Nice little sequence there by The Laughing Man, but it looks like all that did was piss Roland The Dark off!”

Jeff: “You’re not going to get a surprise pin on Roland The Dark…Roland The Dark to his feet…boot to the midsection of The Laughing Man…setting him up…Roland The Dark hits the powerbomb! Awesome power! Cover! ONE…TWO…”

Ryu: “Bin Amish in again to break up the count with a stomp to the back of Roland The Dark!”

Jeff: “The ref ordering Amish back on to the apron! Roland The Dark goes to the second rope, and Bin Amish runs over and starts trash talking him….that distraction is enough for The Laughing Man to nail Roland The Dark in the midsection with a solid punch!”

Ryu: “The Laughing Man finally has the advantage…he’d better not waste it! Bin Amish desperately wants a tag…look at him going nuts on the apron as The Laughing Man crawls towards him…”

Jeff: “The Laughing Man did it! AMISH FINALLY TAGS IN! Bin Amish is a man on fire! Clotheslines for everyone! Brutal running clothesline for Roland The Dark…Dutchman comes in and gets one too…Roland The Dark is whipped into the corner, and met with a running clothesline. Lyger Kid walks right into a HUGE back bodydrop from Amish! COVER: ONE…TWO…Roland The Dark makes the save! Amish sends Roland The Dark over the top to the floor with a textbook dropkick…Amish is really on a roll here! The fans are going nuts! Bin Amish grabs Lyger Kid…running powerslam! What an impact! COVER: ONE…TWO…Lyger Kid kicks out!”

Ryu: “Man, Amish is taking out all of his frustration from being kept out of this match! Meanwhile look at The Laughing Man! Once he made the tag, he collapsed on the apron!”

Jeff: “The way Amish is going right now he won’t need any help…Amish pulls Lyger Kid to his feet…NAILS him with a spinning leg kick! Roland The Dark crawls back into the ring…Bin Amish whirls around…nails Roland The Dark with a boot to the midsection…SNAP SUPLEX on Roland The Dark! The crowd continues to go nuts as Bin Amish takes apart Roland and The Kid!”

Ryu: “Bin Amish covers Roland The Dark after the Snap Suplex…ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark back to his feet as he and Amish begin brawling…Bin Amish slugging it out in the middle of the ring with Roland The Dark…Amish ducks a swing by Roland The Dark…and hits a STUNNER! Roland The Dark stunned…Lyger Kid running in to break up any pin attempt…and Bin Amish meets him with a front face lock…DDT! DDT! DDT!. Bin Amish hits Lyger Kid with a DDT!”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark starting to stir…The Laughing Man drops the leg across his chest…”

Jeff: “Amish has gone to the top rope…”

Ryu: “WHAM! FLYING BODYPRESS ON ROLAND THE DARK BY AMISH What precision by Amish! Amish goes for the cover! ONE…TWO…HOLY SHIT!”

Jeff: “Lyger Kid is UP…and he broke the count! That’s amazing! Lyger Kid is UP from that and he broke up the count!”

Ryu: “Roland The Dark picks Bin Amish up…and PRESSES HIM OVER HIS HEAD…”

Jeff: “Meanwhile…The Laughing Man and The Kid are slugging it out…WHOA!”


Jeff: “UNBELIEVABLE! Roland The Dark pressing Bin Amish OVER his head…and literally tossing him to the outside! Bin Amish just got taken out of this match by the power of ROLAND THE DARK!”

Ryu: “Meanwhile…The Laughing Man is alone in the ring with BOTH Roland and The Kid!”

Jeff: “Roland The Dark levels The Laughing Man with a boot…now Lyger Kid goes to the top rope…”

Ryu: “Uh oh…”

Jeff: “450 SPLASH!!!”

Ryu: “WHAT HEIGHT! The Lyger Kid covers The Laughing Man…ONE…TWO…THREE!!! The fans are standing on their seats…the bell rings…”

(“Loser” by 3 Doors Down begins to play…)


(Lyger Kid exits the ring and exchanges a high five with Roland The Dark. Roland and The Kid stand in front of the ring and hold arms over their heads in victory…Lyger Kid grins and heads up the aisle with Roland The Dark in tow…The camera goes to Jeff and Ryu in the broadcast position…)

Jeff: “What a fight. Roland and The Kid make a TRIUMPHANT debut as a team by beating Singular Evilness!”

Ryu: “What a war that fight was!”

Jeff: But next, we have one of SHOOT’s rising stars coming to bat against a man who has taken some falls in his career. Innovator of Pain.

Ryu: Yes, let’s get to the action.

Eryk Masters Vs. Innovator of Pain
Rule of Surrender #1 Contendership

[The camera goes to the ring…we see Eryk Masters standing in the middle of the ring warming up…pulling on the ropes…loosening up…as "Soldier" by Eminem is pounding over the arena sound system.]

Samantha: “This next bout is scheduled for ONE FALL and will determine the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the SHOOT PROJECT RULE OF SURRENDER CHAMPIONSHIP…”

[The crowd cheers…]

Samantha: “In the center of the ring… standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 245 pounds…ERYK MASTERS!”

[The sound of Slim Shady fades as "Cemetery Gates" by Pantera starts to play…]

Samantha: “And NOW…approaching the ring…standing 6 feet 7 inches tall and weighing in at 287 pounds…THE INNOVATOR OF PAIN!”

Jeff: “The Innovator of Pain storming the ring and starts pounding on Eryk Masters right away as the bell rings!”

Ryu: “WOW! The IOP not wasting any time here…Eryk Masters in the corner as The Innovator of Pain POUNDS away at him as the crowd goes NUTS!””

Jeff: “The IOP pulls Eryk Masters to his feet in the corner…The IOP backs up to mid-ring and comes flying in with a solid clothesline! Eryk Masters bails out...”

Ryu: “The Innovator of Pain on fire here…”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters back up on the apron…a clothesline from The IOP sends Eryk Masters and The IOP both out! The momentum of that clothesline took both those guys onto the floor.”

Ryu: “The IOP grabs a chair! The Innovator of Pain slams Eryk Masters with a chair shot…right to the BACK…The IOP raises the chair to hit him with another…Eryk Masters sticks one of his boots up…and kicks the steel chair right into the IOP’s face! Did you hear that crack? The IOP backs up…he’s dazed!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters picking The Innovator of Pain up…”

Ryu: “WHAM! Eryk Masters just POWERSLAMMED The Innovator of Pain on the CONCRETE!”

Jeff: “The Innovator of Pain has his hands over his back…as Eryk Masters grabs him and rolls him back into the ring…Eryk Masters pulls The IOP to his feet…and now he buries an uppercut to the midsection of The IOP…The Innovator of Pain, doubled over in mid-ring…now he’s sent over the top with a clothesline and Eryk Masters follows him out. The IOP is staggering away from Eryk Masters…but Eryk Masters is right behind him…The IOP whirls around… …he slams Eryk Masters's face into the steel steps! Wham! The Innovator of Pain charges after Eryk Masters…but Eryk Masters grabs him…Irish Whip into the security barrier!…Eryk Masters pulls Rocky to his feet…throws him into the barrier again! Now Eryk Masters picks up The IOP…VERTICAL SUPLEX on the concrete…”

Ryu: “Masters focusing on The IOP’s back with that suplex and the powerslam on the concrete earlier…”

Jeff: “Now Eryk Masters ramming The IOP back first into the ring post! The Innovator of Pain’s back is really being given a beating…Eryk Masters rolls The Innovator of Pain back into the ring and begins STOMPING him on his back! Eryk Masters drops the knee on the back…and again! Now Eryk Masters throws The Innovator of Pain headfirst into the turnbuckle. Eryk Masters with shoulderblocks to The Innovator of Pain's midsection repeatedly…”

Ryu: “Eryk Masters in control now!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters rolls The IOP over…and stomps away on the back. Huge kneedrop on The Innovator of Pain's back…Eryk Masters pulls The IOP to his feet again…and fires him over the top rope to the outside.”

Ryu: “Look like he wants to take advantage of the opportunity to punish The IOP’s back some more outside the ring…”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters follows The IOP outside…he walks over to the steel chair that The IOP used on him earlier…OH NO…CHAIRSHOT…right into The IOP’s back!”

Ryu: “Smart psychology!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters pulling The IOP to his feet…rolls him in and follows in…Eryk Masters pulls The IOP to his feet…and gets an abdominal stretch locked on! He’s pounding on The Innovator of Pain’s back while the abdominal stretch is applied…NO!”

Ryu: “The Innovator of Pain hip tosses Eryk Masters! The Innovator of Pain up, with a number of BRUTAL rights…Eryk Masters staggered…The IOP secures Will’s head…!”

Jeff: “PILEDRIVER!…the ref going in to make the count…wait…The IOP HOISTING Eryk up…ANOTHER Pile Driver…oh my god…WAIT…he hasn’t released it…he’s pulling him up again…ANOTHER!”

Ryu: “Eryk has got a dazed look on his face, completely knocked silly…”

Jeff: “COVER by The IOP…ONE…TWO…KICKOUT BY MASTERS…but just barely!”

Ryu: “That’s damn impressive. Ooh…The IOP didn’t like that count and he’s arguing with the ref…”

Jeff: “ Meanwhile Eryk staggers to his feet but he looks woozy… The IOP turns and sees him…and fires a jab that misses…Eryk ducks and answers…he flattens The IOP with a smashing right cross to face…and now he rolls outside to get that chair….Eryk back in…DRIVES the chair into The Innovator of Pain's ribs…and hits him on the back…AGAIN!”

Ryu: “AGAIN! Now Eryk drops the chair, and sets The Innovator of Pain up for a BODY SLAM that will land The IOP on the chair...BACK FIRST!”

Jeff: “Eryk Masters scoops The IOP up for the slam…and DOWN goes THE IOP! BODY SLAMMED right over top a folding steel chair! The ref begins to yell at Masters to get the chair out of the ring…”

Ryu: “The IOP staggers to his feet…”

Jeff: “The IOP in obvious agony…grabs Eryk Masters by the back of the head…then leans back as far as he can and LAYS a fist right into Eryk Masters’s face! I think that shot broke Eryk Masters’s nose…he's bleeding! The Innovator of Pain ignoring the obvious pain in his lower back and finds the strength to pound Eryk Masters in the face with those wicked punches…and he has knocked Masters DOWN! The Innovator of Pain goes to school on Eryk Masters in the corner with that right hand…now a whip…reversal but The Innovator of Pain gets a leg up as Eryk Masters charges…The Innovator of Pain hits a forearm smash on Eryk Masters…he whips Eryk Masters into the corner…bulldog onto the chair!”

Ryu: “Oh man…”

Jeff: “You’ve got to wonder if this kid Masters has the reserves left to even begin to contend.”

Ryu: “I don’t know, I mean, the IOP has been on him tonight like it was nobody’s business. Oh wait! He’s picking Masters up, he’s eyeing that chair. RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP-“

Jeff: “NO! Masters smiled! He quickly adjusts himself! QUALITY CONTROL!!! He took that Russian leg sweep onto the chair, and he quickly changed things around and turned it into his Quality Control maneuver! DAMN! Cover! 1… 2… 3!!!

Samantha Coil: “Your winner, and NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the RULE OF SURRENDER Championship… ERYK MASTERS!!”

[“Soldier” by Eminem cues up, and Eryk Masters rolls out of the ring, but not before tasting some of his own blood, and chuckling at the thought.]

Jeff: “This Masters guy… He’s not all right in the head, is he?”

Ryu: “No, no he’s not.”

A long, unfamiliar guitar rift begins to blare over the shoddy P.A. system inside the AKITA Steel Plant, as the small crowd looks up with sudden interest after a slight lull in the action with the previous contest. Entering from the back stage area, a new face, yet oddly familiar in that “Oh, I know him, but can’t place my finger on the exact name” sort of way. His hair is trimmed rather short and spiky and appears to have been recently dyed jet black by it’s strong sense of color. A pair of dark sunglasses shades his eyes, while the rest of his apparel screams fashion apathy; a pair of faded blue jeans and a dull green T-shirt with the letters “I.C” across the front in white. A few people seem to remember and cheer fairly loudly. The rest, though, just watch on with anticipation.

“Here shall we live in this terrible town Where the price for our eyes shall squeeze them tight like a fist And the walls shall have eyes And the doors shall have ears But we'll dance in the dark And they'll play with our lives”

He doesn’t seem to notice the reaction much though, and simply makes his way into the ring. No fancy flames or silly pyrotechnics.

“Like a slow burn Leading us on and on and on Like a slow burn Turning us round and round and round”

As “Slow Burn” by David Bowie continues to play throughout the plant, he stops a moment at ring steps and looks around him, a smile crossing his lips as he walks up into the ring.

“But who are we So small in times such as these Slow Burn Slow Burn”

He explodes to the top rope and with a burst of energy raises his hands out to his sides, his fingers in the position of the “peace” sign. The crowd seems to be reacting positively, though, cheering the new face. He steps down off the ropes, and as the music slowly fades out, he grabs a microphone from a nearby stagehand. Oddly, the cheers seem to be infectious and the noise grows. With a bit of a smirk on his face, he waits as the noise slowly dies down.

Jonny Johnson: Yeah, so… hey… I’m Jonny Johnson.

The fans cheer again, still a very odd thing considering moments ago it seemed as though no one knew what was going on. Or maybe, he was just too easy to cheer for, here. An odd though considering the past.

Jonny Johnson: [Turning his attention to one guy in the audience who seems to be confused] No joke… [smiling] Yeah, I got a hair cut. Cool, huh?

The man continues to peer for a moment before finally coming to a realization.

Jonny Johnson: Make sense now, partner?

The man laughs and nods his head.

Jonny Johnson: Good… [Back to the masses] So… This is the big secret, huh? Shoot Project? I have to be honest… I’m really fucking excited to be here like this… I’ve had some shit happen, you know? Where things just weren’t fun… I was fucked up for a little bit, working shit that shouldn’t have been worked and making people all mad just because… Well because it was something to do. I got away, though… and… Heh… I’m here now.

He pauses and looks around again, seeming somewhat uncomfortable for a moment, before quickly speaking again.

Jonny Johnson: There are some fucks here I don’t like… There are some fucks I do like… But, and not to be a dick or anything, but it’s probably likely that everyone, whether on the likable or unlikable list, will at one point in time have to meet me here in this ring for one reason or another. Now, just to warn you… That’s not something you’re going to want to look forward to because… Heh, well, when I want, I’m honestly the very worst thing that can happen to a career. This isn’t bragging or anything so don’t look at it like that… Just… It’s just a friendly reminder…

Pause for a slight uproar from the fans.

Jonny Johnson: I mean, it’s inevitable that every man in the back is going to look at me and this little ditty in a different way so, yeah someone is going to be saying… “Fucking schmuck… I’ve seen this shit before.” And ya know… that’s cool, esse. I’m down, but when your eyes are fixated on that ceiling [points] above you and your mind is desperately sorting through reality and the clouded images of a concussion… I just don’t want to hear anything about it, cool?

Everyone in the audience sort of looks around, not exactly sure what to think at this point, but they cheer not knowing what else to do.

Jonny Johnson: And that’s the introduction…

He tosses the microphone to the mat and walks out rather abruptly. In fact, the guys in the back don’t manage to cue up his music until he has nearly made his way to the back.

Jeff: Well well. It looks like Jonny Johnson is primed to make an impact here in the SHOOT Project. Just like everyone else that comes through here.

Ryu: Perhaps. But you know, you have to wonder about him. I mean, one minute, he’s the Defiler, and the next minute, he’s just an easy going kind of guy. That kind of raises some questions to me about his mental stability.

Jeff: Oh, Jonny is quite stable. I assure you of that.

Ryu: We’ll see. Well, next we’ve got the well rehearsed team of Hardcore Style versus John Mathews, and the silent Paul Doom. This WOULD have been a pretty good match, had Paul Doom made his intentions clear.

Jeff: The issue here, is that he attacked Ben Jackman last week. But this week, he’s done absolutely nothing to back up his claims, and to back up his attack. This is rather sad to me, but you know, things happen I guess.

Ryu: Maybe so.

Jeff: Well, let’s just find out. Take it away, Samantha Coil.

Hardcore Style Vs. Paul Doom/John Mathews

[John Mathews and Paul Doom are already in the ring, as Samantha begins her introduction.]

Samantha Coil: And now… at a combined weight of 540 pounds… they are former SHOOT Project Tag Team Champions… Del Carver and Ben Jackman, the team of HARDCORE STYLE!!!

[Del and Ben run out to the ring, and immediately go after Paul Doom. John Mathews suspiciously slipped out of the ring. Ben and Del continue to go to town on Paul Doom who hasn’t hit the ground yet. Del hits a chop block to the back of Doom’s knee as Ben comes from across the ring with a lariat.]

Ryu: JESUS! They’re putting a hurting on Paul Doom!

Jeff: But what is John Mathews doing?

Ryu: Looks to me like he’s backpedaling up the ramp.

[The camera cuts to the ramp. John Mathews is slowly watching the carnage unfold onto Paul Doom, by Hardcore Style who came to play tonight. “Soldier” by Eminem cues up, and Mathews stops in his tracks. Hardcore Style also stops, leaving Paul Doom, and looking towards the ramp. The crowd goes nuts, as they recognize this music. Eryk Masters walks out, red hair back in a pony tail. John Mathews turns around, to run right into an Eryk Masters super kick.]

Jeff: What the fuck is HE doing out here?

Ryu: Well, he won the Rule of Surrender contendership tonight, so he’s out here to make a statement to John Mathews, who is now writhing on the floor. He’s got him up now.


Ryu: How do you know that’s what he calls it?

Jeff: I’m a fan.

Ryu: I see.

[We see Masters put the Quality Control onto Mathews, driving his face into the ramp. We go back to Hardcore Style who has continued their beating on Paul Doom. Ben Jackman hops out of the ring, and gets a table. He sets it up in the ring. Del Carver hits Paul Doom with the ZERO HOUR as Jackman goes to the top. Carver puts Doom on the table. Jackman comes off with a vicious guillotine leg drop that destroys the table and Paul Doom. Jackman covers.]

Ryu: You know it’s rather academic here…

Jeff: Well, yeah.

[Jackman gets the easy pin and Del picks up his partner, raising his hand. They leave together, with the support of the Kumumoto crowd behind them.]

Ryu: Well, that was certainly entertaining from a brutality standpoint.

Jeff: That it was. That sort of thing isn’t exactly legal in the states. So it was nice to be able to see just a plain old beatdown like that. Especially with the conclusion. That was a beautiful guillotine leg drop by Ben Jackman. He’s just showing why he’s been the Iron Fist Champion for as long as he has.

Ryu: --

[Ryu gets cut off. The scene cuts back to Jason Johnson’s office.]

Andre: All right, I’ve had enough of this.

Jason: You too?

Andre: Yeah. I’ve gotten what I came for, I don’t know about these two, but I’m done.

Cronos and Ash just nod their head. Jeff gets up. Andre unlocks the door and Jeff walks out.

Jeff walks down the hall, nodding again at the superstars. They seem a little skeptical towards him at the end of this evening. He shrugs as he notices this. Oh well, he thinks. Can’t please everyone. He walks out, smiling at the Yakuza representative. He’s met by a black Toyota Spyder. The window rolls down, and you see The Real Deal in the driver’s seat, this causes the appropriate for someone who the fans haven’t really seen in action in awhile…

Josh: Get in. We need to talk.

Jason: What about my car?

Josh: Fuck your car. Get in here. Now.

Reluctantly, Jason makes his way to the passenger’s side, and gets in. Josh speeds off. We go back to the arena, and to Samantha Coil.

Ravage Vs. Jeff Cross ©
SHOOT Project Championship

[The stage lights dim and “Till I Collapse” by Eminem cues up, and out walks the SHOOT PROJECT CHAMPION, Jeff Cross.]

Samantha Coil: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. First, weighing 227lbs…JEFF CROSS!

[Jeff Cross leaps onto the outside ring apron and climbs the turnbuckle, acknowledging the crowd.]

Coil: His opponent, from Alabama, weighing 262lbs…RAVAGE!

[The lights in the arena flicker a few times like a strobe light before turning right off. “Back in Black” by AC/DC blares on the speakers. Then The lights turn red to show that Ravage is standing on the ring steps, facing the crowd with his arms raised, palms pointing towards the sky. He is in a long Black trench coat with a white symbol on the left side of the chest and underneath is his wrestling gear. After a while, he climbs into the ring and takes off his trench coat, prepared for the match.]

Jeff Hansen: Well, Ravage standing eye to eye with Jeff Cross, but Cross doesn’t seem at all phased.

Ryu Kosi: No, he doesn’t. And look at him push Ravage, who doesn’t seem to like that.

[Jeff Cross gets in Ravage’s face, and punches him, but Ravage just stands there. Another right, but this time Ravage blocks, and pushes Jeff Cross. Jeff Cross runs in…but Ravage raises his boot, and catches Jeff Cross. Now Ravage lifts Jeff Cross up, and whips him to the corner. He then lines up an elbow, and catches it. Follows up with another, and Jeff Cross stumbles down.]

JEFF: Ravage with the early dominance here, and he is putting his height and weight advantage to good use.

RYU: Don’t write Jeff Cross off, his agility can combat the power of Ravage.

[Ravage begins to choke Jeff Cross in the corner with his boot, and the ref makes him break the hold. Ravage looms over the referee, but he doesn’t back off, and the ref points to his shirt, and warning him about Disqualification. Ravage turns to pick Jeff Cross up, but is met with a kick to the face. Jeff Cross jumps up onto the rope, and springboards across, landing a drop kick on Ravage. He stumbles back, but stays on his feet. Jeff Cross then runs, and hits a chopblock to the left leg. Ravage falls.]

RYU: The best way to combat big men like this, is to remove their vertical base. A big man with a bad wheel is not gonna’ threaten anyone.

[Jeff Cross grabs the left leg, and applies a leglock. He continues to bend that leg around his own, and then drags Ravage to the rope. He places the leg onto bottom rope, then jumps onto it. Again, and then a third time. Ravage tries to crawl away, but Jeff Cross again grabs him. He lifts the leg to the top rope, and wraps it up with the second rope.]

JEFF: Aw, come on, that is unfair. Ravage can’t get away.

RYU: That’s the whole point, idiot!

[Jeff Cross again leaps onto the top rope, and raises his hands. He then jumps off, spinning as he does, and catching Ravage right on the knee with a stiff kick. Ravage shouts in pain, and then Jeff Cross runs across to the ropes, and back. He slides, hitting a baseball slide dropkick right into Ravage’s face. Then he unwraps the leg.]

JEFF: Well, Jeff Cross is certainly trying to neutralise Ravage’s strengths.

RYU: Trying? He’s damn well succeeding!

[Jeff Cross rolls Ravage up, into a pin where he is holding down the legs – One-Two-Thr…NO!]

RYU: Oh, so close for Jeff Cross. That was a nicely maneuvred pinning combination.

JEFF: Did it work though?

[Jeff Cross again goes to the top rope, but somehow Ravage gets to his feet, and knocks Jeff Cross’s legs, crotching him on the turnbuckle. Then Cross falls to the mat. Ravage is limping badly, but he manages to whip Cross across the ring, and hit a clothesline on the way back, but he again falls to one knee. He tries a cover, but Jeff Cross kicks out before 2.]

RYU: Ravage in desperation here.

[He lifts Jeff Cross up once more, and kicks him in the gut, and grabs him into a gutwrench position.]

JEFF: Rockworld Drop, this is gonna’ be over!

[Ravage tries to lift him, but his left leg gives way, and they both fall to the mat.]

RYU: The damage has been done to that knee, and Ravage could not get Jeff Cross up into his finisher. Ravage is back up though..

[Ravage goes to lift Jeff Cross, but Cross rolls him up, and the shoulders are on the mat. One-Two-No…]

RYU: Another close call for Jeff Cross there.

[Jeff Cross drags Ravage into the centre of the ring, and drops. Figure 4 leglock!]

RYU: Jeff Cross locks in the figure 4! This one cannot go on much longer.

JEFF: Well, Ravage is a tough one, we will see…

[Ravage is screaming, and writhing, trying to break the hold. But Jeff Cross just keeps applying the pressure. Ravage is nearing tapping…]

JEFF: REVERSAL! Ravage has turned the figure 4 over, and he is now applying pressure to Jeff Cross, but he gets the ropes. That was close.

RYU: You’re telling me. Ravage nearly managed to use Jeff Cross’s move against him.

[Both men slowly get to their feet, and Ravage is still holding that leg, but he goes to strike Jeff Cross, who blocks. Jeff Cross whips Ravage, but Ravage brings him back, and hits a powerful shortarm clotheline. He stands over Jeff Cross. Suddenly, the lights go out.]

JEFF: What the hell? Someone find a damned electrician.

[The lights come back on and the referee is down. Somebody is also in ring, behind a confused Ravage.]

RYU: That’s Vile!

[Vile spins Ravage round, and whips him to the corner. He follows, and lifts him to the top rope.]

JEFF: What the hell is Vile doing here, and what does he have against Ravage?

[He runs up to the corner, bounces on the bottom rope, and grabs Ravage’s head. He smashes Ravage face first off the floor.]

RYU: LAST RITES! Vile has just hit his finisher onto Ravage!!

JEFF: I don’t know, but he has screwed Ravage here. Look, Jeff Cross has just got up, and is staring at Vile.

[Jeff Cross looks down at the unconscious Ravage, and sees the ref coming to. He walks over, but stops. Then looks to the turnbuckle.]

RYU: NO! Don’t waste time, just cover him!

[Jeff Cross jumps onto the top rope, and signals to the crowd, then flies off.]

RYU: FROG SPLASH! Nailed perfectly. The cover, and this is all she wrote…One-Two-OH MY GOD NO!!! KICKOUT!!

[Vile smiles, before picking up Jeff Cross. He boots him in the stomach.]

JEFF: END OF EVERYTHING!! JEFF CROSS IS OUT COLD!! Vile picks up Ravage and puts him on top of Jeff Cross!


JEFF: I don’t think Vile is finished…

[Moving quickly, Vile picks up Ravage, and picks him up. END OF EVERYTHING! The crowd is LIVID. Vile picks up Ravage’s newly won SHOOT Project Championship and hoists it in the air, setting the stage for the week’s to come. The show fades to black with Vile holding the championship in the air.]