Jason Johnson walks the corridors of the Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena. Various crew members nod to him in acknowledgement of his presence, showing that they know who is in charge. As he continues on his way, he hears a familiar voice.

“Hey, Johnson.”

Johnson pauses his movement and looks around carefully. He spots the voice’s origin, a well dressed young man with braided white hair with a perpetual smirk on his face. The man is sitting on a crate off to the side of the hallway.

“What do you want, Harris? You know you’re not welcome here anymore.”

“Harris? You’re calling me Harris? What happened to Dutch?”

“I think you’re missing the point. You’re not welcome here?”

“I don’t recall my last match being a loser leaves town.”

“No, but after the match, you and the Fist severed your contracts, packed your bags, and ran.”

“Right, right, fine. That’s not what’s important anyway. Look …”

Dutch sighs and breathes in deeply, obviously choking back some pride.

“I’d like to come back to the Projects.”

“HA! You’re pretty fucking delusional, you know that? The Madmen were just getting to be a hot commodity here with your feud with Hardcore Style. Hell, you put Carver in the hospital one time. But everytime something doesn’t go your way, you go running back home like you never worked here in the first place! First it was over the Tag Team #1 Contendership and then over losing the Best of 5 series.”

“Look, I just want another chance.”

“There’s no chance in hell of you and your paid goon coming back here.”

“Fist won’t be coming back …”

“Too bad that’s a moot point, since you won’t be either. No one wants you here anymore! Not me. Not management. Not the boys in the back. Least of all Hardcore Style and Carver! You’re not coming back. Period.”

“Hey, come on here, just give me one more cha-“

“No. Get the hell out of my arena. You’ve got five minutes, then I send security.”

With that, Johnson spins on his heel and continues off to his destination, making a note of the black eye and bruised chin on Harris’ face complete with a gash on his forehead, leaving behind a scowling Dutch Harris. Dutch strokes his beard for a moment and then hops off the crate, heading for the exit.

“Great … I’ll just have to find another way back in,” he says to no one in particular.

Pyro shoots off, as an opening video package for Oblivion plays. OutKast is seen hitting the AlieNator on Real Deal, Real Deal is seen hitting the Reality Check, Kyle Ortego hits the West Nile Theory, Jonny Johnson with the Demoralization Process, Lonewolf with the Code Blue, and many more, as we fade into Oblivion, and go straight to the commentary…

Eryk Masters: Already, sparks are flying tonight as Dutch Harris, formerly known to us as “The Flying Dutchman” has made his way backstage, asking for his job back. Jason Johnson promptly sent him on his way and threatened with security.

Jeff Hansen: A couple of things, though… We see that Dutch had been assaulted by someone, who I later discovered was The Fist, his former tag team partner. He beat the holy hell out of Dutch, and Dutch still had the audacity to show up here tonight.

Eryk Masters: And that brings us to the current… Here we are, the first Oblivion of the year 2003! We’ve got an interesting card for you tonight, mostly featuring a sort of theme here, that being the old of the SHOOT Project versus the new. Unfortunately, some of the returns decided not to make on air appearances this week, so it’ll be interesting to see if they’re even here.

Quickly, the camera cuts to the back, and the bodies of Scar and Trey Willett are laid out, unconscious. They are both covered in their own blood and the laughing of one man can be heard.

Eryk Masters: Holy shit…

Jeff Hansen: I second that… Scar and Trey Willett are out cold… Who’s responsible…

Looking back to the ObliviTron, one sees the upright body of a man walking away from the scene of the crime, baseball bat well in hand. He’s twirling said baseball bat, and laughing. He turns to face the camera, and the fans go INSANE!!!

Jeff Hansen: It’s J. D. ICE!!! HOLY SHIT!!!


Jeff Hansen: He just leveled them out… and he isn’t thinking twice about it.

The camera follows Ice as he continues his walk down the hall. There’s drops of blood following his path, from off the bat. He turns a corner, and comes upon an office… the nameplate on the door reads:

Jason Johnson, President

Insane Infidel Vs. Ben Jackman
The Insane Infidel is seen backstage walking down the hallway to his locker room when he runs into a reporter. The Infidel smiles at him, and speaks in a cocky tone.

Infidel: So buddy, you came to get an interview with the man himself, huh ? Well today's your lucky day chacho, because I actually wanna say a few things to all of my adoring fans out there in the Shoot Project. I’ve gotta say that I look to be the best newcomer to the federation in quite some time. The other guys that have enlisted or reemerged look to be pretty soft if you ask me.

Reporter: Actually Mr. Infidel, I was going to go talk to Ben Jackman. When Mr. Jackman is on screen, the ratings he receives nearly triple the ratings that have been recorded when you are on television and frankly....

The Insane Infidel interrupts the reporter quickly

Infidel: Very funny you little prankster !! Ben Jackman has been proven effective as the number-one sleep aid in America today. It's a fact that cannot be argued against my friend. Truthfully, I may get tired wrestling him. I mean, I won’t get winded because he’s a great technical artist, but simply because his style is so damn boring !! Ohh…look at Big Bad Ben Jackman smoking his cigarette on the way down to the ring….I’m quivering at the very thought. This is gonna be a breakout performance for me tonight, and I plan on making this a match that the fans are going to speak about for years to come.

Infidel: Imagine the scene buddy. “So Jimmy, do you remember that debut match Infidel had against Ben Jackman where he embarrassed that washed up piece of shit in front of millions worldwide” ? “I sure do Jonny, Infidel kicks so much ass, I wanna have his baby, and I’m not even gay” !! That’s right chief, I’m going to teach this Jackman character a lesson.

Reporter: I actually have placed at bet at a Las Vegas casino that Ben Jackman will win in under five minutes.

Infidel: (laughing) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a regular Chevy Chase in the audience !! Well I suppose that the odds are most likely stacked in my favor, so you picked the long shot, right ?

Reporter: Actually, Jackman is a 10-1 favorite tonight…..

Infidel: (screaming) 10-1 ??? That’s horrible man !! I mean, I’m no Onslaught or Riot, but 10-1 ? Man, I gotta prove some people wrong tonight. Please excuse me, I have to go….

The Insane Infidel runs down the hallway at breakneck speed

Reporter: What a punk bitch…..

Jeff Hansen: Well Insane Infidel heading through the curtain as we speak.. he seems really frustrated.

Eryk Masters: Well he’s got passion, that’s going to do him wonders in this federation.

Jeff Hansen: Let’s get this started then.

Ben Jackman Vs. Insane Infidel

The camera cuts to the Insane Infidel already in the ring. "Awnaw" by Nappy Roots feat. POD hits the sound system and the fans go nuts. Out from the back comes the man known as "Blackout".

Samantha Coil: Now coming to the ring, weighing in at 252lbs and standing at 6'5" tall, he is "Blackout" Ben Jackman!!

Jackman takes his time coming down to the ring. Infidel streches against the ropes as he waits. Jackman slides in and he and Infidel circle each other as the ref rings the bell. They lock up and work positioning. Jackman works Infidel to the corner and the ref breaks them up. They go to lock up again, but Jackman floors Infidel with a striaght right punch. Jackman walks away to his corner as Infidel gets up and complains to the ref about the blatant closed fist. Jackman just shrugs and spears Infidel.

Eryk Masters: And that ladies and gentlemen is why I never dared THINK of trying to unify the Triad when it was in effect. Jackman is just in your face.

Jeff Hansen: Going into a match with Jackman is accepting the fact that you are going to have your ass handed to you and hoping for the best that you can beat him up more than he can beat you up. Simple as that.

The ref breaks apart Jackman and Infidel before Jackman can throw another punch. He pushes Jackman back to his corner. Infidel gets to his feet, looking pissed. The ref moves and Jackman goes in again, this time he is met by a thumb to the eyes, a low blow, and a DVD.

Jeff Hansen: Man. That'll stop you in your tracks.

Infidel picks Jackman up as the ref warns him about the low blow. Infidel whips Jackman to the ropes and drives his knee into Jackman's stomach on the rebound, flipping Jackman over. Infidel stomps on Jackman a few times before dropping an elbow. Infidel doesn't get up, he stays down and locks in a crippler crossface. The ref checks for a submission, but Jackman isn't giving up anytime soon. He works his way over heading towards the ropes. Finally he gets there and Infidel releases the hold. Infidel gets up and stomps on Jackman's lower back. The ref pulls Infidel away cursing.

Eryk Masters: Looks like the ref is in for the long haul as both men are bending the rules to their limits.

Jeff Hansen: In the mean time it looks like Infidel has targeted Ben's back as his focal point of his offense.

Jackman gets up and shakes off the effects of Infidel's attack as best he can. Both men circle each other once again, locking up. Quickly, Jackman knees Infidel in the ribs and snap suplexes him. And he holds on, hitting another and another before finally releasing the front chancery. Jackman picks Infidel up and grapples him from behind, going for a German Suplex, but Infidel blocks it and rolls forward taking Jackman with him. Both men tumble out of the ring and onto the outside. Both men get up and lock glares. BAM, they exchange rights and lefts and rights and lefts, all the while the ref starts his 10 count.

Jeff Hansen: I see where this is going.

Eryk Masters: Jackman never lost the Iron Fist title. It was stripped from him. Now that is saying something.

Jeff Hansen: People say that Lonewolf or Kyle Ortego could very well do the same thing with their titles as both men are VERY capable, but only time will tell.

Eyrk Masters: Not to knock them, but keeping a title for a month will be hard to do with the amount of talent coming in to SHOOT Project. Both men have their work cut out for them if that is what they are planning to do.

Jackman gets the upper hand and sends Infidel reeling. Jackman quickly whips him into the ring steps and rolls in the ring to break up the count. Infidel takes a few moments to clear the cobwebs before following Jackman into the ring. Jackman doesn't give him a moments rest, locking up with him the second he is on his feet. Jackman whips Infidel into the ropes, but Infidel reverses it and back body drops Jackman. Infidel grabs Jackman's head and starts pounding it into the mat, letting out a shout of rage.

Jeff Hansen: I guess we are seeing the Insane part of the Insane Infidel here.

Eryk Masters: Guy has a screw loose or something, he just isn't right. Did you see his promos? Strange stuff.

Jeff Hansen: Going to Japan just to cut a promo isn't exactly normal, but whatever floats your boat.

The ref pulls Infidel off of Jackman. Infidel shoves the ref back, almost punching him. The ref gets in Infidel's face as well. Out of no where, Jackman nails Infidel with a left over the ref's shoulder. The ref promptly shits himself and ducks out of the way and Jackman drags Infidel to the corner and proceeds to stomp a mud hole in him.

Eryk Masters: Christ Jesus, Jackman just decided enough was enough.

Jeff Hansen: Yeah… you could say that.

Jackman picks up the ailing Infidel, and hooks one arm, and then the other, leaving Infidel in a butterfly position, commonly known as the Double Underhook. He lifts Infidel up, going for his trademarked “Blue on Black”, but Infidel proves to wrench out at the last second. He attempts a right hand at Jackman’s face, but Jackman feels otherwise, catching the right hand and locking in a facelock, applying a Slingshot Suplex into a Sitout Powerbomb, more commonly referred to as the BLACKOUT BOMB!!!

Jeff Hansen: THIS IS IT!!! IT’S OVER!!!

Eryk Masters: Jackman covers…




Referee James Springer lifts Jackman’s hand in victory. Jackman smiles a callous smile, one known for a good win. “Awnaw” plays, and Jackman begins his walk to the back.

Eryk: "Getting ready for our next bout now, we will be seeing....what the?"

(The lights go out.)

Jeff: "Interesting. What's this all about I wonder?"

("Back In The Saddle Again" by Aerosmith starts to play over the sound system, as crowd murmurs confusedly. The lights go up, to reveal, standing in the middle of the ring...)

Del Carver.

Jeff: "Holy Shit! Carver is back! Carver is back! The fans going WILD, as the Hardcore Outlaw RETURNS to Shoot Project! OutKast's Army attacked Carver a month ago...but he is BACK!"

Eryk: "I'll say he is! Look at him too! He looks GREAT, better than I've ever seen him! He's tanned, and he looks like he's dropped some weight!"

(Del Carver smiles widely, and holds his hand up to the cheers of the crowd, as the music continues to rock the arena. Del is dressed in jeans and a Del Carver T-shirt with his familiar big blue diamond insignia, and is also wearing a leather jacket. As Eryk Masters pointed out, Del is looking tanned and relaxed...the music fades as the crowd settles down and Del begins to speak...)

Del Carver: "Thank you. It's nice to know that just because I've been gone for a month, y'all didn't forget the old man."

(The crowd cheers appreciatively...)

Del Carver: "I guess there are a lot of questions right now. Where have I been? What have I been up to? What am I planning to do to OutKast's army?"

(The crowd boos loudly at the mention of the stable that attacked Del...)

Del Carver: "Well, first things first. Let's take a look up on the screen to December 8th 2002..."

(The screen comes alive...and shows OutKast, Mirage, Real Deal, and Mac.

They're laughing about, just sort of strolling around backstage. They're all pretty much acting goofy. Real Deal eyes a locker room door and points it out to the rest of the group. Eyes go wide as the realization that it's the Hardcore Style locker room hits. Real Deal assures Kast that everything will be fine, and that he's not needed. So, OutKast walks off, presumably to go to his locker room.

Real Deal opens the door, and Mirage and Mac follow. They walk in on Del Carver, sitting on his bench, without Jackman...

Real Deal: "Well well, old man. Such a crying shame that you two fucks didn't get your shot at the tag belts, is it?"

Mirage, Mac, and Real Deal snicker. Del just looks up.

Mac: "What, you got somethin' to say?"

Real Deal: "Yeah old man? You got something you want to get off your chest?"

Del bows his head down, staring at the floor.

Del Carver: "You know, you're all going to get it. I'm going to start with OutKast, and just work my way through y'all."

Mirage: "And then what? You'll do what you have to do to survive?"

After that statement, Mac runs smack into Del with a version of the shining wizard, sending Del to the floor. Mirage and Mac lay boots into Del, who is on the floor, spitting blood from the knee to the head. Real Deal just stands back, watching. Mac and Mirage are ruthless in their assault on the Hardcore Outlaw.

Jason Johnson: THIS is a TRAVESTY! How could those three just attack him like that?!

Jeff Hansen: "This is how they operate, Jason."

Real Deal hands Mirage a steel chair, but before Mirage begins further assault on Del, he nods to the camera. Real Deal turns, and smiles. He walks straight up to the camera, and allows his face to take up the majority of the camera. The only thing visible is Mirage standing by, waiting. Real Deal smirks into the camera, knowing that this is being displayed on the ObliviTron.

Real Deal: "I think it's time we ended our little show."

And with that, Real Deal pulls the camera cord, ending the live feed.

Jason Johnson: "NO! Those BASTARDS. Del Carver is the essence of the SHOOT Project!! How could they do this?!"

The camera returns to Del Carver, standing in the middle of the ring, as the fans boo loudly at what they just saw...)

Del Carver: "There you go. I got my ass BEAT, let me tell you. I ain't making no mistake or excuses about it.

I know a lot of you expected me to show up here the next week, with a flaming chair, or a glove wrapped in barbed wire. I know some of you expected to tune into Oblivion, or log onto the Shoot Project web site, and see a promo of me screaming threats...or a video of me jumping OutKast's Army and getting revenge.

All you got was silence.

You know why? I was silent...because it wasn't time to talk.

It was time to heal.

See, those nasty sumbitches laid one HELL of a beating on old Del. Cracked my orbital bone, compressed a disc in my back and neck, gave me a concussion, separated my shoulder...hell, they beat me so bad that even I if I had WANTED to come to a show, to settle up with them, I wouldn't have been medically allowed to.

I guess I could have cut some promos. I could have invited a camera crew to my place, and screamed and yelled, and threatened. I could have told OutKast, and Mac, and Mirage, and The Real Deal what I was planning on doing to get even with them. I could have made up some fake names for them, and tried to get under their skin.

But I didn't want to. Sure...I thought about it. But in the end...why bother? Were THEY going to LISTEN to me? Nope. Were they going to be SCARED of what I said? Probably not. Why should they? They walked in there, looked me in the eye, and kicked my ass.

So I did the smart thing. I regrouped. I flew back to Japan, and headed up into the mountains. Spent some time with a healer. Acupuncture and Acupressure for my back and neck. Time, fresh mountain air, liniment and balms for my broken bones.

The last month has been the time to HEAL. So here I am, all healed up. My face ain't pretty, but it's solid again. My neck and back feel great. Hell, I feel better today than I have throughout my entire time in Shoot Project.


NOW, is the time to talk. See OutKast and company...I thought you boys were SMART...but I guess not. You can't possibly be smart, because if you WERE, you'd know three very important things.

First, if you were SMART, you'd know STRATEGY.

You'd know that a good fight has MORE than ONE round. A war has more than ONE battle. So you cannot possibly for one hot minute think you've BEATEN me. You won a round. You took a battle. But trust me when I tell you...that is ALL you took. That is ALL you've won.

Secondly, if you were smart, you would know HISTORY.

See, everybody around this place likes to point out how OLD I am. And they're right. I am old. I plan on getting older. But since I'm old, one thing I do have is a hell of a lot of HISTORY. Did you go back and study that HISTORY? I bet you didn't. I bet you haven't watched one damn tape while I've been gone. You just figured you'd walk into my dressing room, kick my ass, and that'd be it? Well STUDY, boys.

You look into my past, and you tell me ONE TIME that I've EVER walked away from a fight. You find one time that I ever turned down a challenge. You try and see where I EVER took a beating...and didn't come back. I'll save you the trouble. There is no such time. It has never happened.

Finally, if you boys were smart, you'd know SCIENCE.

You'd know that for EVERY ACTION, there will be an equal and opposite REACTION. You should have known, that YES, you could walk on into my dressing room. YES, you could kick my ass. YES, you could even put me out of action for a whole damn MONTH. BUT...if you were SMART, you would ALSO know that by doing that...you were starting a chain reaction.

Like the kind where I get a CHAIN, and wrap it around your scrawny necks, and SQUEEZE, until you are incapable of a REACTION.

You can beat me. You can stomp me, and break my bones. You can hurt me so bad that they take my license away. You can do all that...hell...you DID do all that.

What you CANNOT do, what you will NEVER do, is STOP me from coming back. And make no mistake about it OutKast's Army...


(The crowd explodes into cheers...)

Del Carver: "So get ready boys. You took your shot. You won your round. You were victorious in the opening battle of this war. But if you think that is the END...then you MUST be as DUMB as you collectively LOOK.

See, now you have to deal with the CONSEQUENCES of your actions. You have to travel in a pack. You have to look over your shoulders, morning, noon, and night...because I am COMING for my payback, and my payback will be in BLOOD, and I will not STOP, and I will not QUIT, and I will not be denied until I GET everything that I want.

And what I want is a LOT. I will settle for nothing less than your utter and absolute defeat, and annihilation. When none of you hold a championship title, when you are no longer a stable, and when you have all been defeated at my hands, or at the hands of one of my friends...THEN this will be over.

Until then...you are officially on NOTICE.

Raymond, Johnson, I'm going to walk out of this ring, down that aisle, and out of this arena.

But as of next week, you go on ahead and book me. Book me, because I am BACK...and I WILL NOT be stopped.

Mark Chicone vs. Vince Mallows

Eryk Masters: “I am really stoked for this next match.”

Jeff Hansen: “Me too. I’m more stoked for Del Carver’s return, though.”

(Samantha steps into the spotlight, in the center of the ring…the fans quiet down in anticipation…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this next bout is scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit…with NO DISQUALIFICATION!"

(The crowd erupts into cheers as the spotlight moves entrance area at the head of the runway. 'One Time' by Stroke 9 starts to play and the fans rush to their feet…)

Samantha: “Introducing first, hailing from Waterbury, Vermont, he stands 6 feet 5 inches tall, and weighs in at 235 pounds. Ladies and Gentlemen here is Vince Mallows!”

(Vince Mallows emerges into the spotlight, and begins calmly walking down the aisle to the ring. He looks totally focused as he calmly climbs into the ring, to an enthusiastic reaction from the fans. Mallows’ music slowly fades, and 'Halo' by Soil starts to pound over the arena sound system. The spotlight shoots back to the head of the runway…)

Samantha: “AND NOW…hailing from Hollywood, California he stands 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 260 pounds…here is “The Shooter” Mark Chicone!”

(Mark Chicone jogs down the aisle as the fans boo loudly. Mark Chicone leaps to the apron and vaults himself over the top rope. Mark Chicone and Vince Mallows stand face to face as Samantha exits the ring, the ref enters, and the bell rings…)

Jeff Hansen: “The two competitors stand face to face now…who will be the first to…OW!”

Eryk Masters: “Eye Gouge to Vince Mallows by Mark Chicone!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows puts his hands over his eyes as Chicone throws the rule book out the window right off the bat here!”

Eryk Masters: “Well, Mark Chicone is notorious for not caring about the rules, and he proves that here! Vince Mallows is angry, and slides out of the ring to regroup.”

Jeff Hansen: “Smart move. Vince Mallows is a highly intelligent ring tactician, and he wants to break up Mark Chicone’s momentum…”

Eryk Masters: “HOLY SHIT! LOOK AT THIS…”

Jeff Hansen: “MARK CHICONE OVER THE TOP ROPE with a PLANCHA…but Vince Mallows MOVES!”

Eryk Masters: “Mark Chicone lands flat on his face!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows looking to take advantage of the No DQ rules, as he throwing up the skirt surrounding the ring apron, and now he’s pulling out a garbage can full of stuff…Mallows empties the steel garbage can…holds it over his head…”

Eryk Masters: “WHAM! He nails Chicone with it!”

Jeff Hansen: “It looks like Mark Chicone has found out that if he wants to play rough, Vince Mallows will be MORE than happy to oblige him…”

Eryk Masters: “Mallows rolling the stunned Chicone back into the ring now.”

Jeff Hansen: “While Chicone is laying dazed in the ring, Mallows goes back to that pile of junk outside the ring that he dumped out, and pulls out what looks like a cookie sheet…”

Eryk Masters: “Mallows has the cookie sheet and now he’s rolling back inside…”

Jeff Hansen: “BANG!”

Eryk Masters: “Just as Chicone is trying to get up, Vince Mallows whacks him over the head with that piece of metal!”

Jeff Hansen: “Chicone goes back down, like he’s been SHOT.”

Eryk Masters: “You know, Vince Mallows is one of the best technical wrestlers around, if not the best…but I think Chicone pissed him off by starting this match with an eye rake…so he’s taking it out!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows is a fan favorite, but he’s got a mean streak in him if you bring it out…”

Eryk Masters: “Looks like Chicone was stupid to do that…because that eye rake is the only move he’s got in so far…and now Mallows is beating his ass!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows in the drivers seat now, and he’s staying in control, he pulls Mark Chicone to his feet…and BANG!”

Eryk Masters: “A standing split legged vertical roundhouse kick to the face of Chicone!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows goes for the cover: ONE…NO!”

Eryk Masters: “Mark Chicone kicks out!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows stays on the attack, as Mark Chicone struggles to get up again, Mallows nails him with a Forearm smash”

Eryk Masters: “Beautiful! I’m a big fan of this Vince Mallows. He’s a real tactician in there…you notice that EVERY move he has executed has been to the HEAD of Chicone? He’s obviously picked a strategy!”

Jeff Hansen: “That’s what makes Vince Mallows the master wrestler that he is! He’s a thinking man’s wrestler.”

Eryk Masters: “Now Vince Mallows hoists Mark Chicone up…body slam!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mallows staying right on him…grabbing the legs of Mark Chicone…SLINGSHOT into the corner!”

Eryk Masters: “The fans respond to that, as Mark Chicone flies through the air and meets the turnbuckle FACE FIRST!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now he’s slumped up against the corner…Vince Mallows comes in with a flying back elbow…WOW!”

Eryk Masters: “Look at that!”

Jeff Hansen: “Chicone is being taken to school by Vince Mallows!”

Eryk Masters: “Now Vince Mallows pulls Mark Chicone to his feet…and locks him up…HIGH vertical suplex…”

Jeff Hansen: “Man, Vince held him up there for a bit before he sent him crashing to the mat!”

Eryk Masters: “Now Mark Chicone is lying on his face, sprawled out on the mat, and Vince Mallows drops a high elbow smash across the back of his neck!”

Jeff Hansen: “And again!”

Eryk Masters: “Vince Mallows is absolutely METICULOUS! Every move he executes leads perfectly into his NEXT move. Vince Mallows always thinks TWO moves ahead…”

Jeff Hansen: “After dropping three elbows across the back of the neck of Mark Chicone, Vince Mallows rolls him over, and goes for the cover…”

Eryk Masters: “This is going to be it, after all the punishment Vince Mallows has laid on Mark Chicone…”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…THR…NO! NO! NO!”

Eryk Masters: “HOLY SHIT! Mark Chicone got his shoulder up at the last minute! The crowd BOOING loudly!”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows argues with the ref, he thinks that should have been a THREE count…HEY LOOK!”

Eryk Masters: “Mark Chicone grabs Vince Mallows from behind while he is arguing with the ref, and ROLLS HIM UP! Schoolboy small package!”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO! KICKOUT!”

Eryk Masters: “WOW! That was CLOSE!”

Jeff Hansen: “You DON’T turn your back on Mark Chicone!”

Eryk Masters: “Vince Mallows almost learned that lesson the HARD way!”

Jeff Hansen: “Now both men up…Mark Chicone grabs Vince Mallows by the back of the head…WHAM!”

Eryk Masters: “Mark Chicone grabs Vince Mallows by the head and drives him face first into his knee! KNEE LIFT!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mallows starting to get up…Mark Chicone circles behind…”

Eryk Masters: “Belly to Back Suplex! Mark Chicone nails Vince Mallows! He goes for a cover…”

Jeff Hansen: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Vince Mallows!”

Eryk Masters: “Chicone stays on him…pulls Vince to his feet…”

Jeff Hansen: “ANOTHER release Suplex! Wham!”

Eryk Masters: “Another cover: ONE…TWO…NO! Mallows gets the shoulder up!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone drops a HIGH elbow smash across the chest of Vince Mallows…another cover…”

Eryk Masters: “ONE…TWO…NO! Kickout by Vince Mallows!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone going outside…he’s climbing up top…”

Eryk Masters: “Frogsplash attempt…but Mallows rolls out of the way!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mallows rolls over on Mark Chicone, who had the wind knocked out of him by missing that move…COVER!”

Eryk Masters: “ONE…TWO…NO!”

Jeff Hansen: “FOOT ON THE ROPES! Chicone draped his foot over the bottom rope, just in time!”

Eryk Masters: “What great ring presence Mark Chicone! Now Vince Mallows securing Mark Chicone’s head between his knees…oh boy…he’s got him up…”

Jeff Hansen: “PILEDRIVER! Vince Mallows DRIVES Mark Chicone into the mat with a PILEDRIVER!”

Eryk Masters: “Now he goes for the cover again…”


Eryk Masters: “Chicone hasn’t got much offence in this match, but he’s hanging tough and dying hard!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone has been all HEART tonight, and Vince Mallows has wrestled brilliantly! But both these men have been going at it full tilt now for over twenty minutes!”

Eryk Masters: “That’s right! Twenty minutes with NO rest holds either…but how much longer can Mark Chicone withstand the onslaught of Vince Mallows?”

Jeff Hansen: “Vince Mallows pulling Mark Chicone into the middle of the ring…Vince takes one hand and locks it around his Chicone’s chin…bringing his head and neck upward…and locks Chicone’s feet in a Boston crab.”

Eryk Masters: “That’s the patented WATERBURY CRAB!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone is trashing around, trying to break this hold, his neck is being twisted into unnatural positions…”

Eryk Masters: “No good! Mallows was smart enough to pull Chicone into the middle of the ring before he applied this submission hold! Chicone will not be able to grab the ropes…and he must be too tired to power out!”

Jeff Hansen: “The referee down on one knee, checking on Mark Chicone…The Shooter is still thrashing around, fighting as hard as he can…”

Eryk Masters: “Vince Mallows keeping on the pressure…now he leans back!”

Jeff Hansen: “Oh GROSS, I can’t stand to see another person’s anatomy twisted like that…the human body was NOT meant to BEND like that…Mark Chicone is in so much pain, he can’t get out!”

Eryk Masters: “He taps! He taps! He taps!”

(The crowd erupts as 'One Time' by Stroke 9 starts to play and the fans rush to their feet…)

Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…at a time of 25 minutes and 13 seconds…HERE is your WINNER…VINCE MALLOWS!!!”

Jeff Hansen: “The referee raising Vince Mallows hand over his head as the fans give him a thunderous ovation…”

Eryk Masters: “Mallows making his way up the aisle…you know that was such a dominating performance, Jason Johnson and Ed Raymond HAD to be watching! There has to be a title shot in Vince Mallows’ future! He is too good to ignore!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone is no push over either! Vince Mallows made a BIG statement tonight!”

Eryk Masters: “Look at Mark Chicone! He pulls himself to his feet! He won’t take any help from the ref, and there is an EMT at ringside now with a stretcher…but he will have none of that!”

Jeff Hansen: “The fans giving Mark Chicone a mild ovation, as despite the beating he took tonight…he REFUSES to be stretchered out of the ring by the EMT’s…”

Eryk Masters: “Mark Chicone is ALL heart…I bet after tonight even Vince Mallows would admit that! He just got outwrestled by the amazing Vince Mallows!”

Jeff Hansen: “Mark Chicone staggering to the back, as we look at one last replay of that Waterbury Crab…”

Following his match, Vincent Mallows heads through the backstage corridor, still able to hear the cheers from the fans. He smiles, content with his performance in the ring. From around the corner, Jonny Johnson and Enigma appear, shining their tag team belts as they walk down the hall. Vincent smiles as they all meet in the hallway.

Vincent Mallows: Well if it isn’t The Beautiful People. I trust you both had a very Happy New Year?

Jonny and Chris chuckle both men nodding their heads.

Jonny Johnson: Would we have it any other way? Of course not.

Enigma: Now if you’ll excuse us, bud, we’ve got a tag team title match to go dominate.

With that said, the tag team champions head off down the hall, laughing as they disappear from view. Vincent looks on with a somewhat disappointed expression, however he just shrugs his shoulder.

Vincent Mallows: It is an important match, I’m sure that’s all that it is.

Vincent continues walking, heading to his locker room to get out of his wrestling gear and into some nicer clothes. The cameras bring the action back to ringside as Eryk Masters and Jeff Hansen are set for the next match.

The Beautiful People Vs. Simon Kain & Damien Blade

Jeff Hansen: Well as you all saw Vincent Mallows was a success, making him undefeated thus far.

Eryk Masters: But judging by his encounter with The Beautiful People, its obvious that there is something even more important than that, the upcoming tag team title match.

Jeff Hansen: Well Jonny Johnson and Enigma continue to dominate the tag team scene, and it doesn’t look like Simon Kain or Damien Blade are going to put up much of a challenge for the Beautiful People.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, already in the ring the team of Damien Blade and Simon Kain!!

The fans show little reaction as they don’t know much about this team.

Eryk Masters: If you ask me, this is going to be a go in the ring, make a pin, leave the ring scenario. There is no way these two are going to hold their own against Jonny Johnson and Enigma.

Jeff Hansen: Well I’m always optimistic when it comes to new talent, and the SHOOT Project has been seeing some pretty decent new guys showing up. Simon Kain and Damien Blade could me two such men.

Before the commentators can speak another word, “Breathless” by the Corrs hits the P.A. system which causes an instant eruption from the fans. The arena goes dim for only a moment, before a burst of silver and pink fireworks shoot off into the air, and multi color confetti drops around everywhere.

Eryk Masters: Here we go, the first Beautiful People entrance of the new year!!

Two spotlights zoom around the arena scanning over the crowd and eventually come to rest at the entryway. Simon Kain and Damien Blade focus their attention on the walkway as Jonny Johnson and Enigma step out from behind the back curtain, both wearing shimmering black robes, with Beautiful People written across the back. The two men head to the ring just oozing charisma, and the fans are soaking it all in. Jonny and Enigma de-robe and look at Simon Kain and Damien Blade. They shake their heads with laughter and slide into the ring and quickly ascend to the top ropes playing to the crowd.

Jeff Hansen: OOH, two cheap shots from behind as Damien Blade and Simon Kain are ready to start this match.

Eryk Masters: The referee rings the bell now and this one is good to start.

Damien nails Enigma in the back repeatedly with a forearm while Simon Kain goes to work on Jonny’s right shoulder. Enigma and Damien Blade take their fight to the outside, while Kain and Jonny now take their places as the two legal men. Kain swings Jonny into the rope and goes for a boot, but Jonny ducks under and comes bouncing off the ropes and takes Simon Kain down with a flying lariat. Jonny is quick to his feet and brings Simon Kain up as well. Jonny whips him into the corner now and follows up by running up the turnbuckles and taking down Simon Kain with a hurricanrana. The fans applaud wildly, impressed with Jonny getting back more into fighting.

Jeff Hansen: Jonny seems to have rested up nicely over the Holiday Break.

Eryk Masters: It’s good to see that the tag champions care, because Simon Kain and Damien Blade don’t seem to be putting a lot of work into this match.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma now back in his corner and Damien Blade staggers around to his side as well.

Jonny makes the tag to Enigma and Enigma jumps in quickly. He grabs Simon Kain’s leg and drops an elbow down on it hard. Enigma does this repeatedly, basically making Simon Kain unable to move. Enigma while still holding onto Simon Kain’s leg tags in Jonny. Jonny quickly heads up to the top rope and does a moonsault from the top landing across Simon Kain’s back. Jonny makes the pin. As the referee counts, Damien Blade comes running in for the save. Enigma meets him head on with series of hard fists to the chest area. The referee stops the count to get Enigma and Damien Blade out of the ring, but neither of the two pay attention. Jonny gets to his feet now and places Simon Kain back into the corner and then goes towards Damien Blade. Jonny Johnson and Enigma land a double kick to Damien Blade and quickly send him down to the mat with a double team suplex. Enigma now branches off and begins to go to work on Simon Kain, all the while Jonny assaulting Damien Blade with just about every move in the book.

Eryk Masters: Looks like Jonny and Enigma are using this time to display their talents in the New Year… just in case people forgot what they are all about.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t think it’s possible to forget Jonny Johnson and Enigma.

Jonny hits Damien Blade with a variety of spin kicks and splashes, all linked together very nicely. Enigma in the meantime, does what he does best, kick the shit out of someone. He lays fists and kicks into the gut of Simon Kain until he eventually slumps down onto the mat. The referee at this point just watches the tag team match in progress, realizing all the control he has now is to make the count when the time comes. Jonny and Enigma work both men in the corners, and then look to each other. They nod their heads and whip Simon Kain and Damien Blade directly at one another. The two hit each other hard and fall down onto the mat. Enigma then hits the top rope, as does Jonny Johnson. Both men eye their opponents and Jonny nails the Star Performance, while Enigma lands an elbow drop. Both men then make the cover on Simon Kain and Damien Blade and the referee makes the count.




Jeff Hansen: Jonny Johnson and Enigma both pulled their opponents up, thus keeping the match alive. That seems kind of arrogant, wouldn’t you think so?

Eryk Masters: When you have the skill of the Beautiful People, and you don’t have opponents who seem to care, you can afford to be arrogant.

Jeff Hansen: I guess that’s a good point.

Jonny and Enigma bring Simon Kain and Damien Blade back up to their feet and look out to the fans now. They are already cheering wildly as they know what’s coming up. Both Jonny and Enigma signal for their finishers and set it up. Enigma is the first to drop Simon Kain with the move he calls the Abyss. As he drops Simon Kain, Jonny Johnson transitions from the Cross faced Chicken wing and drops Damien Blade quickly with a roll of the dice!

Eryk Masters: The Abyss and The Demorilzation Process, I’d say no more for Damien and Simon.

Jeff Hansen: I would have to agree.

Again both Jonny Johnson and Enigma make the pin and this time the referee hits the mat and makes the full count.




The Bell sounds and this little tag team title match is over. “Breathless” plays as Jonny and Enigma rise to their feet, barely even sweating. The referee hands them their tag team titles as Samantha Coil announces them as the winners.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of this match….

Before she can announce, Jonny grabs the mic from her hands and motions for her to leave. Samantha does so and Jonny looks at Simon Kain and Damien Blade as they are taken out of the ring by SHOOT Project officials.

Jonny Johnson: Do you see this? This is what we have to fight every week. Newly formed tag teams that offer nothing to the division that we have created. I mean, what else can we do? E and myself came here tonight WITH the possibility of being attacked from behind or something, and for what? To take three minutes of our time to beat up some new comers. Yeah, that’s pretty much what we did it for. Because we are fighting champions.

Jonny hands the mic over to Enigma who seems equally frustrated.

Enigma: It’s like I was saying earlier in the week, you’d think the suits would be smart enough to do something about this obviously HUGE problem. Jason Johnson and Ed Raymond should be finding tag team talent that can at least hang with us for like ten minutes. And if not that, then they should be finding us security as we are obviously in danger.

Jonny nods his head in agreement and once more takes the microphone.

Jonny Johnson: Before we leave the arena for tonight, I just want to say that it’s unfortunate that Del Carver is still injured, and that we can’t defend our tag team titles against them. Ever since that attack, I’ve just been so pissed off about the whole thing, because that match never came to be. But despite all that, E and myself will continue to be defending champions, but until proper security is found for us, we are going to be very skeptical about who we are fighting and when we are fighting them.

Enigma: Meaning that since we made these tag team titles, we’ll start deciding who is deserving of shots at them. And if no one deserves the shot, we just won’t defend. We can’t afford being out here if it is not needed. We can’t afford to be in danger for no reason.

Both men grab a hold of the mic now. Jonny Johnson & Enigma: The Beautiful People will not be threatened any longer!

They both nod their heads and drop the mic to the mat and quickly make their way out of the ring area, and towards the back, looking about semi-nervously as they leave.

Jeff Hansen: That attack really has Jonny and Enigma on nerves end.

Eryk Masters: Well wouldn’t you be freaked if someone was just blind siding you from behind. Imagine if you never knew when it was coming… hell I’m a tough guy, but I’d be worried too.

Roland the Dark Vs. Jun Kenshin

We fade into a most familiar setting, the locker room, it’s not very original, we all know it by heart now don’t we, the wooden bench, the metal lockers filed column by column, the monotone colors of the tiles, the musty smell of sweat and grime and let’s not forget, the wrestler trash talking in it…so with that being said we see Kenshin, one of Shoot Project’s newest faces and brightest new comers makes his debut tonight against a veteran of the Project Roland the Dark. At the start of the week, there were whispers that this could be the match that would be most worthwhile, it didn’t have the heat and the history of the main event or all the hardware of a tag match but it had all the potential to be special…but that was at the start, now we are just minutes away and it will be a one sided affair, a complete squash. So why should Kenshin even utter a single word because obviously his opponent didn’t bother, we see him taping his wrists and looking down, he looks in a contemplative mood, he’s dressed in a cut off gray SP shirt and underneath are his black with silver trim tights and black boots, his knee pads are all the way down to his ankles, he’s almost ready for battle. The cameraman coughs noticeably to signal that he’s using up live airtime, say something, say ANYTHING.

He glances at the camera and merely shrugs his shoulders, he has nothing to say, instead he finishes the tape job and opens the lockers one by one, and he envisions the men, who’ve been at this locker, the battles that they participated in. He had been relishing this day, his debut for a month’s time and it was just a matter of minutes until it came but instead of anticipation, he was a little disappointed. But he had a mission that still needed to be completed; no matter who his opponent was; he’d prepare and train for it because he had respect for this sport. It wasn’t just a means to pay the bills or a stepping-stone to get into other business. This wasn’t a gimmick or sports entertaining, this was his goddamn life, and he lived for this. He thinks about making a first impression, his genesis was about to be written. His only words are succinct.

“It’s time.”

The debut is about to open, the beginning of his voyage…. the very first step… it’s just a simple matter of counting 1…. 2…3.

The lights of the arena dim, a half Japanese and a half USA Flag are shown on the screen waving with a blue sky in the background…the words ‘Perfecting the Art of War’ come on one by one like it’s being typed. Suddenly, the words of Dave Grohl, lead singer of the Foo Fighters, erupt from the speakers.

“All my life I've been searching for something….
Something never comes never leads to nothing …
Nothing satisfies but I'm getting close…
Closer to the prize at the end of the rope…
All night long I dream of the day…
When it comes around then it's taken away…
Leaves me with the feeling that I feel the most…
The feeling comes to life when I see your ghost…”

A thunderous boom erupts and “All my life” continues to play as Kenshin comes out and he’s meet by a mixture of cheers, boos and ‘whose that’ looks.

“Hey don't let it go to waste…
I love it but I hate the taste…
Weight keeping me down…”

Kenshin makes his way down ringside, he climbs the steps and wipes his feet before he gets into the ring via the middle ropes, he looks at the crowd and rotates his neck a couple of times as he eyes the entryway.

As "All My Life" dies down, "Wake Up" by Rage Against The Machine drowns it out.

Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at 262lbs, and standing at 6'5" tall, he is Roland the Dark!!

Roland bursts through the curtain, power walking to the ring, his face set in stone with an icy glare aimed at Kenshin.

Jeff Hansen: Both men have their game faces on.

Eryk Masters: I've seen Roland's work here in SHOOT and he's pretty good, but the buzz has not stopped since Kenshin has entered the Project. I'm eager to see how Kenshin will fair in this bout.

Roland slides in and rushes up to where Kenshin is kneeling. Before the ref can ring the bell, Kenshin handsprings forward off of his knees and blasts Roland with a dropkick. The ref in shock, calls for the opening bell. Roland starts to get up, but Kenshin blasts his standing leg out from under him. Roland crashes to the mat and Kenshin is on him in a flash, kicking him in the head with low roundhouses.

Eryk Masters: Man, Roland blinked and now he's probably got a concussion.

Jeff Hansen: Kenshin is just that fast. He is nicknamed the Machine for a reason you know.

Roland rolls out of the ring to shake off the cobwebs. He runs his hands over his face and they are covered in blood.

Jeff Hansen: Man, Kenshin has already busted open Roland and the match hasn't even hit the 20 second mark yet.

Roland slides in the ring and Kenshin dropkicks him, sending Roland back over to the outside. Roland gets up, furious. He turns to get in the ring and gets nailed by Kenshin's feet again.

Eryk Masters: 619!! 619!! 619!!

Roland struggles to get up, but before he can get to his feet, Kenshin plows him over with a suicide dive.

Jeff Hansen: Jesus, Mary, and Joseph. Kenshin is hotter than the hinges on the gates of Hell, and he is definitely rocking the house!!

Kenshin whips Roland into the steel ring steps. Roland reverses and Kenshin goes crashing into 75lbs of steel. Roland rushes in and cracks his head on the steps as Kenshin takes him down with a drop toe hold. Kenshin slides in the ring and shakes off the effects of the ring steps. Blood pours down from Roland's now larger wound as he rolls into the ring. Both combatants lock glares as they circle each other. They lock up. Roland synches in a headlock and then takes Kenshin over and down to the mat, the headlock still locked in. Kenshin works himself back up to his knees but Roland gets up and swings him over and slams him on the mat again while keeping the headlock on.

Eryk Masters: Nice show of strength by Roland the Dark.

Jeff Hansen: I thought Kenshin was gonna lose his head there for a moment. That had to hurt his neck.

Kenshin twists to face Roland's body and wraps his legs around Roland's head. Kenshin tightens his legs and rips Roland's arms from around his head. Kenshin promptly releases the hold and kips up as Roland rolls away and gets to his feet. As he does this, Kenshin runs and walks up the turnbuckles, backflipping. Roland stands up and gets clobbered by Kenshin's moonsault. Kenshin picks up Roland and whips him into the ropes. Roland reverses and ducks down waiting for the back body drop on Kenshin. It. Never. Happens. Kenshin base ball slides between Roland's legs, grabing his left arm in the process, gets to his feet and nails a pumphandle elevated T-Bone suplex.

Eryk and Jeff: Dynamic Impact Exploder!!

Kenshin lifts Roland off the ground, whispers a few words in his ear and locks him in and hoists him up. Kenshin begins to rotate for what seems like minutes. Finally, he drops him down, nailing the Blind Justice brainbuster.

Eryk Masters: Game...

Jeff Hansen: Over...

Kenshin quickly pins Roland for the 1...2...3. He rolls off of him as Samantha stands to annouce and the referee raises Kenshin's hand.

Samantha Coil: Your winner of the match by pinfall, Jun Kenshin!!

As "All My Life" begins to play, Kenshin motions for it to be cut off and walks in front of Samantha, asking for the mic. She walks to the ring apron and hands it to him. Kenshin looks as Roland is being helped to the back.

Jun Kenshin: Incase you people were wondering what I told my opponent before I destroyed him, it is this. To master something, is to perfect it in everyway. A master's hand of justice is blind and unprejudice, so be more careful next time you go to war with the master. The man who is Perfecting the Art of War, JUN KENSHIN!!

"All My Life" starts back up again as Kenshin walks to the back.

Lonewolf & Kyle Ortego Vs. Real Deal & Mirage

Shifting backstage, the fans begin to stir. Now on the ObliviTron, the visages’ of Kyle Ortego and Lonewolf are visible. Ortego in his standard wrestling attire and Lonewolf in his. They stand ready to face the task before them. Lonewolf, patting Ortego on the back, begins to walk towards the gorilla position. Kyle follows behind, two steps behind Lonewolf, ready for this match. He grabs a bottle of water and takes a quick drink. He smiles as they hit the ready position.

“We Ain’t Scared” by Lil Flip emanates from the public address system, and the fans in attendance go sky high with the noise level. Lonewolf and Ortego appear at the top of the ramp, side by side, both ready to go and get them some. The fans raise the noise that much more at their appearance. The duo walk down to the ring, a bit out of step, but effectively nonetheless. “We Ain’t Scared” continues to play as Ortego reaches the ring, hopping up onto the apron and then into the ring.

Lonewolf arrives, using the ring steps, and bringing his six foot six inch frame into the ring. He plays to the crowd a bit, eliciting more cheering. As the lights dim, Samantha Coil steps into the spotlight to introduce the team…

Samantha Coil: Introducing first… at a combined weight of… 477 pounds… the Rising Star Champion and the SHOOT Project DOJO Champion… Here is… Lonewolf and Kyle Ortego!!

Raising their respective belts high, Lonewolf and Ortego receive more noise from the fans. Samantha graciously takes their belts and gives them to the time keeper, who puts them on his desk. They stand in the center of the ring, awaiting their opponents for the evening.

Eryk Masters: They sure do look impressive tonight, don’t they.

Jeff Hansen: Definitely. Quite ready, if I may say so.

Eryk Masters: It won’t last.

Stepping back into the spotlight, Samantha Coil…

Samantha Coil: And now… introducing… at a combined weight of… 460 pounds… Your Current reigning Real Deal Champion, The Real Deal, and former DOJO Champion, Marcus Mirage!!!

“Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 overtakes Samantha’s voice as Real Deal and Mirage emerge from the back, instantly converting the sounds of boisterous enthusiasm towards Lonewolf and Ortego to unanimous and unceremonious booing. Walking down to the ring, slowly, and callously, do Real Deal and Mirage. They appear as though they’re going to rush the ring, but at their arrival, they choose to walk around to the time keeper’s table instead.

Removing his Real Deal Championship, Real Deal takes the belt and lays it over the Rising Sun and DOJO Championship with stern warning to the time keeper not to touch his belt. Mirage smirks, as does Real Deal, chuckling as they make their way up to the ring. Mirage though, pulling a whiteboard from underneath the ring, brandishes a sharpie, as does Real Deal.

Eryk Masters: That whiteboard had to be planted.

Jeff Hansen: Well duh. Let’s see what they do here.

The bell rings as Mirage and Real Deal both climb into the squared circle. Not being able to decide who goes first, Mirage draws a Tic Tac Toe board, with which a game of Tic Tac Toe now ensues. Ortego and Lonewolf decide that they don’t want to see a game of Tic Tac Toe, and that they want to wrestle, so they decide an attack is necessary. Kyle jumps on Mirage, attacking him with a flurry of punches as Real Deal gets knocked to the floor. Referee Scott Kamura admonishes Lonewolf to his corner as Real Deal, sunglasses still on, gets on his side and smirks. Ortego throws Mirage to the ropes, rebounding, Mirage attempts a clothesline, but is caught with Ortego and a Japanese Armdrag.

Jeff Hansen: Already we’re off to a quick start. Ortego tossing Mirage after that Tic Tac Toe game, in which Mirage got unceremoniously selected.

Eryk Masters: I think it’ll be interesting to see what Ortego does here. He started with a pretty technical move. I’m curious if he’ll do the hardcore thing or not.

With Mirage down temporarily, Kyle goes for an elbow to Mirage’s chest. He connects, knocking the wind out of Mirage. Picking the prone Mirage up, Ortego sends him into his corner. He tags out to Lonewolf, holding his arm, exposing his chest. Lonewolf drives a kick into Mirage’s side, doubling him over. He locks in a front chancery and rolls off a vicious snap suplex.

Eryk Masters: Ouch. That was mean. Mirage is hurting here, and Lonewolf is just keeping him isolated in their corner. Real Deal can’t do anything, and he wants to.

Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf and Ortego have, so far, executed a sound, sound strategy. Yeah, it’s early yet, but they’ve cut Real Deal off, and Mirage has been caught off guard.

Lonewolf picks Mirage up again, and drives three elbows right into his temple. Sending him into the ropes, LW goes for a back body drop, but telegraphs it, and Mirage kicks LW in the face. Dropping down to one knee, Mirage hits LW with a throat strike that sends Lonewolf to the floor. Turning LW over, Mirage locks in an arm wrench, working over Lonewolf’s left arm. Trying for the ropes, LW crawls. Lonewolf reaches the ropes and the hold is broken. Mirage grabs LW by the hair, and Kamura goes to get in Mirage’s face about it. Instead, Mirage whips LW into the turnbuckle and charges in with a quick lariat. Mirage tags out to Real Deal.

Eryk Masters: Finally Real Deal gets in, and Lonewolf looks winded.

Jeff Hansen: Mirage appears to be thankful for the break. He didn’t expect things to work that quickly. But, Real Deal’s in now, and he’ll slow the pace down a bit.

Eryk Masters: Don’t get me wrong Jeff, but if he wanted to, Real Deal could work the quick style. He’d just rather slow it down.

Laying in boots to LW’s midsection, the crowd gets angry with each shot. After lamenting on the mid-kicks, Real Deal decides to go Ric Flair and hits a knife edge chop on Lonewolf that echoes throughout the building. The crowd goes “wooo!” to accommodate the smack. So, Real Deal does it again. “Wooo!”

Jeff Hansen: Crowd’s really into those chops.

Real Deal grabs Lonewolf by the head and boots him in the midsection. He locks in a front chancery and snaps his own snap suplex. Except, he holds on and rolls through. Standing back up in front facelock position, he hits another snap suplex. Once more he rolls through and returns to the headlock and snaps once last one. He releases after that, and remains on the mat, catching his breath. The crowd goes nuts.

Eryk Masters: That was quite a flurry right there from Real Deal.

Jeff Hansen: That’s why he’s one of the best in this business.

Getting to his feet before Lonewolf, Real Deal sends LW into the ropes, and on the rebound he catches Lonewolf in a Belly to Belly suplex that rocks the ring. He goes for a cover…




The crowd makes some noise as Lonewolf avoids the pinfall.

Jeff Hansen: He’s really using quite a good strategy here.

Eryk Masters: You mean, the suplex the hell out of him and then pin him strategy?

Jeff Hansen: Yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

Lonewolf uses the ropes to pick himself up, and Real Deal is up jawing with Scott Kamura. Using this as an opportunity, Lonewolf tries a schoolboy.



Not even close.

Real Deal kicks out with authority and is up quickly. Lonewolf is also up at the same time, and he’s smiling. Collar and elbow tie up. Real Deal shoves Lonewolf away. Second time. Same result. Third collar and elbow tie up. Lonewolf attempts a boot to the midsection, only to be caught in a Leg Capture Suplex. Elbowing Real Deal in the head, Lonewolf escapes the move and attempts a swinging neckbreaker. This is blocked as Real Deal punches LW in the side. Real Deal goes for a clothesline, but LW ducks and locks in a rear waistlock. Placing his head under Real Deal’s shoulder, LW tries for a backdrop, but Real Deal flips out. Charging LW forward into the ropes, Real Deal rolls through and covers LW.



Nope. Lonewolf kicks out before two. The fans are cheering madly for this display of technical wrestling. Real Deal is already standing, shaking his head, smirking. Lonewolf gets to a knee, and almost up before Real Deal runs at him and takes him down with a vicious clothesline. Real Deal proceeds to drive a knee into the arm that Mirage started on. Lonewolf cries out in pain, and Ortego rushes in, knocking Real Deal off of LW which brings Mirage in. Mirage lunges after Ortego, connecting with a right hand, setting Ortego off his game.

Jeff Hansen: Here we go. This is good wrestling.

Eryk Masters: That was quite a good round of technical wrestling we had earlier. Lonewolf and Real Deal really turned it on.

Jeff Hansen: Kamura’s losing control here.

Eryk Masters: No he’s not… He’s got Mirage and Ortego back in their corners, and Lonewolf and Real Deal are still going at it. It’s all good.

"U Don't Know (Remix)" by Jay-Z and MOP begins to play over the arena’s sound system, and the crowd begins to stir. Real Deal tags out to Mirage who just laid Lonewolf out with a brutal brainbuster. Mirage goes to work on Lonewolf, while Real Deal looks out to the ramp, confused. Ortego is confused as well.

Time to dump (FIYAH) dump (FIYAH)
"You don't know, what you're doing - doing - doing - doing.."
It's the Mo' P. (YES!!) And the zip code is 1 (1) 2 (3)
THREE, and motherfucker we comin’, 100 miles and gunnin’

Erik Boyer steps out from the back and the crowd goes BALLISTIC. He walks down to the ring and hops onto the apron. He calls out to Mirage, who gets distracted from dismantling Lonewolf. Turning to face Boyer, Mirage gets caught once more by Lonewolf who rolls him up. The crowd counts with the referee.




Eryk Masters: Holy SHIT! Lonewolf pinned him!! Mirage is up and he doesn’t know what happened!!

Mirage gets a chair from the outside and nails Kyle. Deal does the same and nails Lonewolf. Deal drops his chair and whips Lonewolf into the ropes. Mirage tags Lonewolf in the head on the rebound. Deal then picks up Kyle and whips him. The lights go out.

Jeff Hansen: What the hell?

Eryk Masters: Gotta hate them power outages.

Purple pyro errupts from the entrance ramp and ring posts. Real Deal and Mirage focus their attention on the ObliviTron. The second the pyro errupts, a smile can be seen on Ortego's bleeding, battered face.

Jeff Hansen: Ortego's bleeding and smiling, what does he know that we don't?

Eryk Masters: Well I have the feeling we are about to find out as an image is appearing on the ObliviTron.

The image is that of Jonny Johnson and Vincent Mallows under the CEWF banner. The scene then cuts to the ring where LJ Nelson and Bohren stand facing the camera. Between them, dwarfing them, a figure in a dark purple singlet stands with his back to the camera. He turns to face the camera but before he completes the turn the screen turns to black. One by one, deep purple cement textured cracked letters slam onto the screen. D. R. E. A. D. N. A. U. G. H. T. Then "I Hate To Say I Told You So" by the Hives hits the PA and then from behind the curtain comes the hulking giant that is Kyle... Ricks...

Jeff Hansen: HO...LY...SHIT!! Ricks is back!

Eryk Masters: YEAH!! YEAH!! Hey, who is this guy again?

Jeff Hansen: He was the last CEWF Heavyweight Champion. The man who finally dethroned a power hungry Jonny Johnson and stripped him of the CEWF Heavyweight Championship. A championship the OutKast Army was going to PISS on!

As Ricks sprints down to the ring, Real Deal throws a glance down at Ortego and then to Lonewolf as Mirage has his chair ready. Ricks grabs onto the top rope with one hand and leaps directly into the ring, suprising just about everyone in the arena. The camera cuts to Jeff and Eryk momentarly, both men's jaws hang in disbelief. The ring is back onscreen once again. Mirage takes a step back and swings the chair without hesitation. One thing comes from that.


A bellowed roar that lasts only ten seconds long, but seems to go on for an hour. Mirage backs away looking at his chair, which is practically folded in two. Real Deal hoists his chair up and goes to swing as Lonewolf rolls out of the ring. Real Deal steps forward and swings absolutely nothing. He turns around to see Ortego leaning on the chair he just had in his hands. Ortego kicks the chair up and forward. It hits Real Deal flat, harmlessly on the chest. What isn't harmless is the front thrust kick that follows. Real Deal flies back, slamming into Ricks, who doesn't move.

Jeff Hansen: Real Deal is no small man and he just FLEW into Ricks and Ricks didn't budge.

Eryk Masters: I think "Ho...ly...Shit" was right. Jesus.

Real Deal turns promptly know full well who he just flew into. Ricks points as Ortego tosses the chair up in the air with his foot. Real Deal hesitates, just long enough to where when he turns all he sees is chair.

Jeff Hansen: West Nile Theory Van Daminator!!

Ricks side steps and leans on the ropes, sending Real Deal over the top and down to the ring side area. Mirage nails Ricks in the knee with the demolished chair. Ricks drops to a knee glaring at Mirage. Mirage goes to swing again, but Lonewolf pulls his legs out from under him and drags him to the outside. Mirage goes to swing at Lonewolf, but Ricks catches the chair mid swing and rips it from Mirage's grasp. Real Deal yells at Mirage, who is in a stand off with Ricks and Lonewolf. Glaring at Lonewolf, who has his fists up ready to swing, then to Ricks who simply stands, arms draped on the top rope, Mirage slowly backs away and heads with Real Deal to the back.

Eryk Masters: Maybe now we will get some answers.

Jeff Hansen: It looks that way.

Ortego walks to the back of the ring and reaches his arm out, grabbing the mic Samantha Coil is holding up for him. He looks at it and then tosses it to Ricks as Lonewolf gets back in the ring.

Kyle Ricks: Kyle Ortego... You were possibly the only wrestler to know I was coming. Yet there is something that these folks would like to know... Why am I out here saving your ass?

Ortego nods as Ricks lowers his microphone.

Kyle Ricks: I think you would be better at this explanation than I. Though I will say this... I now work for SHOOT Project!

Ricks tosses the microphone to Ortego who catches it and raises it to speak.

Kyle Ortego: It's very simple. There is some scientific law that states for every action the is an opposite and equal reaction. We are simply the Yin to The OutKast Army's Yang. The Messiah. The Lonewolf. The Dreadnaught. What are we?

Ortego lowers the mic and listens as the crowd begins to chant, "Down with Kast, Down with Kast, Down with Kast". Ortego looks to Ricks then to Lonewolf and raises the mic once again.

Kyle Ortego: That's right. We are the omen of the fall of OutKast and then end to everything he now represents. We are The Omen. Not a corny X-Men rip off or the OutKast Men or for that matter the Ortego Men. We are simply the sign of change. The inevitable change that occurs in life when the things you enjoy can no longer happen. Like when you can no longer go to your favorite hang out because it was torn down. Or when you can't get together with your boys and have matches in the backyard like you used to in your youth. Or more importantly, when you can wreck shop on an entire federation unopposed. Why? Because the rest of the roster will be there to stop you. That change is starting now. One more thing Kast, you have to follow the rainbow to get to the pot of gold. You have to walk the path to get to the ultimate prize. But you can't take it with you once you die. Your time has long been up. Go away.

With that, "We Ain't Scared" by Lil Flip hits the sound system and Ortego drops the mic and heads to the back as Ricks and Lonewolf walk along side of him... Ricks barely fitting.

A frustrated Ed Raymond sits in his temporary office room watching the monitor screen on his desk. He shakes his head with a sigh.

Ed Raymond: What the hell is going on tonight? The first show of the New Year and everything is insane. Erik Boyer and Kyle Ricks just show up out of the blue? Jonny and Enigma making demands about security? I have to talk to Jason about all of this.

Raymond gets up from his desk and heads for the door. As he does so, the door swings open and Jason Johnson walks in.

Ed Raymond: Well speak of the devil.

Jason chuckles slightly, but it’s obvious he means business.

Jason Johnson: Yeah, well I was watching on my monitor you watching the replay on your monitor, so I figured I’d get down here.

Ed raises a confused eyebrow, but realizes he is on camera after all.

Jason Johnson: You’re right though, we’ve got a problem, and we need to take firm control right off the bat. This week was a fault on my behalf. I didn’t expect everyone to take business into their own hands… anyway, the chaos and disorganization around here will be taken care of.. it has to be.

Ed Raymond: There’s no doubt about that… especially with the consideration of you know who coming in.

Jason nods his head.

Jason Johnson: Exactly. Last thing they will want to see is a bunch of anarchy, it won’t fly with them.

Ed Raymond: Well there is not much more that we can do tonight. The main event is about to begin, and I’m sure Instant Heat has a plan all their own. Somewhere we lost some of our control over them.

Again Jason nods.

Jason Johnson: The bet and our discrepancies towards one another were the cause of that. So listen, we just sit back for the rest of tonight, hope nothing else goes incredibly wrong, and we’ll start laying down the law from this point forward.

Raymond nods his head now in complete agreement.

Ed Raymond: Yeah, I’m down with that.

The two men shake hands in agreement and head out of Raymond’s office. Immediately following that, the cameras cut to ringside. “Where you at, Rock, where you at?!”

The fans pop hard as out from the back steps Rocky Stellar to the sounds of “Where You At, Rock“ by Kid Rock. The fans rip into cheers as he walks to the ring, he steps into the ring and holds his hands high into the air, and the fans respond in kind. He stands there, though, obviously a tad unnerved. He stands at ready as the lights in the arena dim. And we hear a voice over the PA system.

“If you’ll notice above your head, you’ll see my SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship, suspended by a thick black cord. Underneath the ring is four ladders, among other things.”

The fans erupt.

Eryk Masters: Oh my!

“YOU do the math.”

“Operate Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 hits. OutKast steps out as the drum hit’s the speakers, and hits them hard. OutKast stands there, and Rocky seems perturbed. He starts waving him to come out and face him, but the lights come back up, and Rocky notices something.

Jeff Hansen: That’s…that’s not EVEN OutKast!

Rocky spins around and is greeted with a MASSIVE clothesline by OutKast, and they both fall to the mat. The referee calls for the bell, and OutKast begins to punch away at his friend.

Jeff Hansen: So much for waiting for Rocky’s reply to his request!

OutKast punches him over and over again. Rocky rolls away and out of the ring, to catch a breather.

Jeff Hansen: Damn, he punched Rocky out and has him walking like Lupo!

Rocky rolls back into the ring and OutKast locks up with him. Rocky ducks underneath the lock up and ties him up from behind. OutKast smacks Rock with an elbow, but Rock instead trips OutKast to the ground. He starts to punch the hell out of OutKast, who can only take it as Rock gets back up, OutKast cradling his head. The fans are going insane as Rock looks down at Kast and spits at him.

Eryk Masters: I guess Rock’s angry at OutKast’s plots for Stellar’s wife, Allison!

Jeff Hansen: What I wanna know is…who was that guy posing as OutKast at the entrance there, he ran off before the lights came back up…

OutKast is helped to his feet by Rock, who hooks the head underneath his arm. He grabs OutKast’s tights and drops backward, NAILING a devastating half suplex. He pops back up, looking down at OutKast and then nails a knee drop to OutKast’s forehead. OutKast reels on the mat, and Rock merely sits there beside OutKast, who clutches his head in pain.

Eryk Master: Look at him. Rock may actually feel some form of remorse for this.

Rocky Stellar rises from his sitting position and rolls out of the ring. He reaches under the ring and the fans pop huge as he slides a ladder out, followed by another ladder, and finally finds what he was after: a chair. He holds it high and looks back at OutKast, who is helping himself back up on the other side of the ring. Rock slides into the ring and slams the chair to the mat, the fans popping hard. Kast turns and ducks a shot by Rock, and NAILS a super kick to the chair, which NAILS Rock. Stellar drops and Kast immediately rolls to the outside. He looks under the ring and removes another ladder, the fans popping again. He sets it up, grinning. He begins to climb it outside the ring.

Eryk Masters: Only a few minutes into the match, and both men are pulling out ALL the stops aren’t they?

Kast climbs the ladder, rung by rung. He finally makes it to the top of the ladder and looks down at Rock, who is now up. Kast steadies himself, and Rock charges the ladder. The fans go insane as Rock slides down and hits a baseball slide to the ladder. The ladder rocks back, and OutKast’s face changes from confident to frightened. He falls backwards, and into the crowd. The fans go insane as OutKast is down in a sea of fans. Security rushes around to give OutKast room to wake up. Stellar gets out of the ring and lifts the ladder back up. He sets it back up where OutKast had it, and begins to climb himself. He reaches the top, and he looks down at OutKast, who is coming to. The fans, of course, are going absolutely insane.

Jeff Hansen: This is far more personal than anything I’ve ever seen…they are KILLING each other!

In one moment, OutKast is up. In that same moment, hundreds of lights flicker in the arena as Rocky Stellar flies off the ladder, and crashes into OutKast in an absolutely textbook cross body. Both men crash down to the ground. Immediately, well, sooner than OutKast, Rocky is up, out on his feet. Acting solely on instinct, he holds his hands out, reaching for something. He finds what he’s looking for, though, in another chair. He folds it, and lifts it high over his head. In an act of sheer hatred, he RAMS it into OutKast’s back, and OutKast is out cold. Rock looks around and drops the chair, almost in disgust. He walks to the guardrail and steps over it. He continues to look around for weapons, anything to stop this match from being anything CLOSE to technical. He looks under the ring and shakes his head, not caring a bit about what he finds. He continues to look around and stops, looking at Eryk Masters. He forces Masters up.

Eryk Masters: What the hell are you looking for?!

Rock rips, out of Masters’ pocket, a wallet chain. He grins and wraps it around his hand.

Jeff Hansen: I guess he’s going to hurt OutKast.

Eryk Masters: I LIKED that wallet chain.

Rocky steps back over the guardrail and continues to wade through the fans. When he finally makes it to the place where OutKast is, OutKast is now up, a face contorted in pure fury. He DESTROYS Rocky with a chair shot, and Rock is dropped to the ground. He unwraps the chain from Rock’s hand, and spins it around over his hand, the fans loving all of this carnage. Rock turns over on his back in an attempt to get back up, but lets loose a howl of unexpected pain as he is hit from behind by the chain. Again, and again, and again. The fans “ooh” after every shot. The camera focuses on the welts on Stellar’s back. OutKast squats over Stellar and wraps the chain around Stellar’s throat, chocking him. Stellar grabs at the chain, but can’t remove it. OutKast releases the choke and paces around Stellar. He walks to the ring and then grabs the ladder that was set up. He slides it into the ring and slides into the ring himself. He looks up at his title and smirks, a bruise forming on his cheek. He touches the bruise, feeling the sting, and his head snaps back to Stellar, who is slowly getting back up. His eyes again filled with rage. He slides out of the ring and back into the crowd.

Eryk Masters: The North Carolinian OutKast is PISSED, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: Well, look! Stellar bruised him! OutKast obviously has a thinking of “How dare he”!

OutKast grabs Stellar by his hair and carries him to the guard rail. He positions him to lean against the guardrail and slaps Stellar, screaming at him. He points at the bruise and slaps him again. He slaps one more time, but Stellar blocks the slap! The fans pop HUGE as Stellar twists OutKast’s wrist around, and OutKast screams in pain. Stellar keeps ahold of the wrist and locks his hands behind OutKast. He then steadies himself, and in a feat of sheer athleticism, NAILS a wrist lock suplex. The fans pop HARD as OutKast bounces on the OTHER side of the guardrail. Stellar leaps over the guardrail and kicks the chain away from OutKast’s grip. He stands over OutKast and then slides into the ring. He stops, looks down at the ladder, and lifts it up, setting it up in the middle of the ring. He rocks it back and forth, but gets upset when he sees the beating it took, and now the ladder is very flimsy. He pushes the ladder back to the turnbuckle, and slides out of the ring, grabbing another ladder. He sets it up, and the fans go insane. He starts the climb. The fans cheer louder and louder as he begins to make his way to the top. OutKast crawls into the ring and freezes in horror as Stellar is now mere inches from his title. He grabs the ladder and shoves it as hard as he can.

Eryk Master: Stellar is SO close to that title!

Jeff Hansen: It’s sink or swim time for Rocky Stellar now!

Stellar looks down at the ground as the ladder begins to fall and in a leap of faith, jumps as hard as he can, LATCHING onto the title belt! The fans go crazy as Stellar realizes just how far he is from the ground, and forgets all about unhooking the belt from the loop. OutKast’s head darts to the ladder still sitting in the turnbuckle. He starts to climb it, without thinking, and disregards the fact that it’s flimsy. He climbs to the very top and begins doesn’t even think about leveling himself. In an act of sheer bravery or stupidity, the cameras go off again as OutKast flies through the air, leg extended.

Eryk Masters: Oh my God…

OutKast CONNECTS with a spinning heel kick, and Stellar and he drop, the belt unbuckled aside from three links. The two men fall to the mat, 25 feet in the air. When they hit, they seriously HIT. Both men crash to the mat, and lie there, defeated. OutKast and Stellar remain on the ground, out cold.

Jeff Hansen: Oh my GOD, Eryk, did you SEE that??!

Eryk Masters: Definitely OutKast’s biggest spot ever. Both men are 30 plus, their prime past or their prime yet to come?

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know, but they are OUT. Let’s take a look at that again! OutKast sees that his Championship reign may, indeed, be over with, and he would simply have none of that!

Eryk Masters: No matter what people say or think of OutKast and his crew, you know with that level of heart they have to at least give a half a damn about the fans, Jeff.

Jeff Hansen: It may take more than entertaining the fans to get these two men up to continue this fight, Eryk!

The camera cuts back to the SHOOT locker room, as the entire locker room, including Jason Johnson, watch on a monitor, and all of them cringe as they view the spot and the crash. The camera then shifts to Instant Heat’s locker room, as Real Deal paces back and forth, Mirage and Mac watch the screen intently, and the scene then shifts AGAIN to the ring, as the referee checks on Rocky Stellar and OutKast.

Eryk Masters: We may have a problem, Jeff. OutKast and Rocky have NOT moved since that move.

Jeff Hansen: These two men are a true exhibit of the sheer power of the up and coming SHOOT Project, Eryk. This is an amazing bout.

Rocky rolls to his stomach, and OutKast rolls to his side, trying with all of their might to get to their feet. OutKast gets to his knees, and Rocky gets up himself, both of them just now hearing the fans chanting a combination of “STELL-AR” and “OUT-KAST”. OutKast is in shock, and Stellar is as well.

Eryk Masters: What are they saying? “Stoutkaster”?

Jeff Hansen: I think that the fans are showing their respect, Eryk.

Rocky gets to his feet, as does OutKast. The man lock eyes, and OutKast nods his head and laughs. Rocky, amazingly, does the same. Rocky and OutKast get face to face.

Eryk Masters: Two old friends, has this beating buried the hatchet?

Stellar, amazingly, offers his hand! The fans go insane as he offers a show of sportsmanship. OutKast looks over to the fans, and the fans pop HARD. OutKast takes his hand, and the fans go INSANE! The chants grow louder and louder, until OutKast collapses to his knees, unable to stand. Rocky leans down, trying to see if OutKast is alright.

Jeff Hansen: OutKast is visibly beaten, but he is STILL a sportsman!

As Rocky check on him, however, OutKast NAILS a low blow, and the fans RIP into sheer boos, even the ones chanting his name earlier. OutKast stands back up, screaming at Stellar, pointing at his bruise, yet again.

Jeff Hansen: Oh give me a break, it’s a fucking BRUISE, OutKast!

OutKast kicks at Stellar over and over again, as hard as he can. Stellar writhes, and then OutKast stops as hard as he can on the side of Stellar’s right knee. He lifts Stellar’s legs up, and drops a fist to Stellar’s groin! Stellar grabs both the groin with one hand and the knee with the other. He stands back up and grabs the ladder, standing it back up. He freezes, though, and then starts to ascend the ladder. As he climbs, he stops and looks down at Stellar, who is forcing himself to his feet. OutKast jumps back up, and then the two engage in a staredown full of betrayal and hatred. The two start to exchange punches and the fury is evident. However, out of nowhere, Stellar kicks OutKast in the gut, hooks the head and hooks the arm around his own head, and then hooks the leg. The fans go insane.

Jeff Hansen: STELLAR-PLEX!

He lifts OutKast up, but OutKast punches as hard as he can into Stellar’s side. Stellar sits Kast back down, in pain. OutKast kicks Stellar in the stomach himself and hooks the head himself. He hooks one arm, and then the other. He looks over the fans and then…

Jeff Hansen: ALIENATOR!!!

Eryk Masters: And that’s as good a match ender as any in SHOOT…no man has kicked out from it in SHOOT yet!

OutKast pops back up and looks down at Stellar, a look of evil marred across his face. He slides out of the ring and grabs the folded chair at ringside. He slides the chair into the ring and lifts Stellar up again. He hooks the head, and then the arms again.

Jeff Hansen: How the hell can he call Rocky Stellar a friend?!

He grins evilly, and then…NAILS the Alienator on the CHAIR. Stellar collapses totally, unmoving. OutKast rises back up, drenched in sweat, and pulls down his singlet straps. He then starts to climb the ladder. He reaches the top, and then looks back down at Stellar. And with a laugh of rage mixed with triumph and evil, OutKast unbuckles the last of the links. The bell rings instantly, and OutKast stands on the ladder, holding the SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship high over his head, the cameras going off everywhere. “Operate, Annihilate” by Powerman 5000 hits as OutKast gets down off the ladder. He closes the ladder and leans it in the turnbuckle with the other ladder. He then calls for a microphone. He gets one, and then begins to buckle his SHOOT World Heavyweight Championship belt around his waist. He stands over Stellar and then begins to speak. The music dies down.

OutKast: I….I bet you thought…you’d come in here…and beat my…ASS…didn’t you? Well…Rock…you….you were SHOOT’s last hope…and you…DIDN’T…get the job done. Stip…stands…asshole!

The fans boo.

OutKast: …wait…let me guess…you people…thought I’d be gracious like the….LAST ladder match I did? Rocky…Rocky Stellar ISN’T Marcus Mirage…and this…this…ISN’T the past…Rock…stip…stip…was that you…you CAN’T challenge me…and…you…CAN’T…even….utter…my…NAME.

The fans boo BIG time as “U Don’t Know (Remix)” by Jay-Z & M.O.P. hit’s the airwaves HARD.

Time to dump (FIYAH) dump (FIYAH) Dump (FIYAH) dump (FIYAH) dump (FIYAAAAAAAHHH!)
"You don't know, what you're doing - doing - doing - doing.."
It's the Mo' P. (YES!!) And the zip code is 1 (1) 2 (3)
THREE, and motherfucker we comin, 100 miles and gunnin

Erik Boyer steps out, and the fans go absolutely fucking…INSANE. He walks to the ring and slides in, OutKast never stopping to look at him. He storms past OutKast and grabs a microphone himself. The music cuts.

Erik Boyer: Wait a fuckin’ minute, POTNA.

The fans pop.

Erik Boyer: You say shit like Rocky Stellar is SHOOT’s last hope…and you know what? That’s cool. Because he is. But, you see, bitch, the thing with that is, you also said he can’t even say your name in promos anymore, and that’s fine, too. BUT…

Boyer holds his hand up to OutKast’s face.

Erik Boyer: …BUT…I CAN say your name, BITCH!

The fans go INSANE.

Jeff Hansen: LOOK AT OUTKAST’S FACE!!! It’s the one man he could possibly be AFRAID of!!!

Erik Boyer: I may be a little…off in the head…but I don’t need to be sane to know how to beat you, Sean, since that comes so easy to me!

The fans pop AGAIN, but are stopped when “Cochise” by Audioslave hit’s the PA system. Boyer’s head pops to the entry way as out steps Real Deal, Mirage, and Mac. Stellar is starting to move, but he is still out from that Alienator on the chair. OutKast grins as Boyer realizes he’s surrounded. The three men slide into the ring, and then surround Boyer and Rocky Stellar.

Eryk Masters: Doesn’t look good for the savior, Erik Boyer.

Real Deal takes OutKast’s microphone, and then Mirage removes a sharpie from his pocket.

Real Deal: We got one sharpie to pass around here, Boyer. Unless you want to be the second man in this, I’d suggest you leave now…bitch.

The fans boo as Boyer makes a triumphant stand over Stellar’s body, glaring at OutKast and Real Deal, who grin to one another. Mirage hands the sharpie to OutKast who holds it high over his head. He uncaps it, and kneels down to Stellar’s prone body. He goes to write, and is STOPPED by Boyer, and the fans go insane as Boyer holds OutKast’s arm from signing Stellar’s back! OutKast stands up and the two mortal enemies look at one another dead in the eye. Boyer snatches the sharpie from OutKast’s hand, and the fans go insane as Boyer sneers at OutKast.

Erik Boyer: You are…NOT signing Rocky Stellar.

Mirage and Mac get behind Boyer, who kneels down to check on Stellar. Oddly enough, no one is attacking, yet. OutKast and Real Deal wave Mirage and Mac down from attacking.

Erik Boyer: None of you are going to sign this man’s back!

The fans pop HUGE at his defiance.

Erik Boyer: …at least not ‘til I do it first!

Jeff Hansen & Eryk Masters: OH MY GOD!!!

The fans boo automatically as Boyer scribbles his signature down on Rocky Stellar’s back. He hands the marker to Mac, who follows, who then hands it to Mirage. Mirage hands it to Real Deal, who then signs himself. He then hands it to OutKast, who stands over his former friend, microphone held tightly, as he signs.

OutKast: Consider this a fuckin’ warning, SHOOT! They say that what you do as the new year comes in is what you do the WHOLE year…so I guess we’re going to dominate and CONTROL SHOOT for the rest of 2003, huh?! And there’s NOTHING you can do Rocky Stellar, to prove me wrong now when I say that OutKast is another word for BETTER. THAN. YOU. So, from all of us here, Instant Heat…OutKast…Real Deal…Mac…Mirage…and of course…ERIK BOYER…

Erik Boyer holds the microphone between him, Real Deal, Mirage, and Mac.

Boyer, Real Deal, Mirage, & Mac: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

OutKast: ….BITCH.

Oblivion ends as the camera focuses on Rocky Stellar’s back, something that is becoming painfully repetitive…

From Erik Boyer…
The Real Deal, YOUR Real Deal World Heavyweight Champion…
…and OutKast, YOUR SHOOT World Heavyweight Champion

We are the epitome of Instant Heat…bitch.