(Charleston Comes alive as yet another Oblivion starts off!  A small series of fireworks erupt throughout the arena, bringing every screaming fan to attention.  The camera crew gives various people their five seconds of fame as they pan through the coliseum.  Finally the camera comes to rest on Eryk Masters and Jeff Hansen sitting ringside ready for tonight’s action.)


Jeff Hansen: It’s Sunday, it’s the evening, its time for Oblivion!  I’m Jeff Hansen calling the action as usual with my color man Eryk Masters!


Eryk Masters: Is there anyone finer.  I don’t think so. But tonight, isn’t about the commentating team, tonight is about yet another action packed Oblivion, and I for one am psyched as usual to be here.


Jeff Hansen: Well folks, for those of you watching at home, we are going to show you some footage that took place just prior to Oblivion going on the air… J.D. Ice made yet another statement.


Eryk Masters: Take a look…


The camera cuts to the ring where the dark match between Simon and Damien Blade is taking place…


Jeff Hansen: Well Roland the Dark looks to be getting back into shape as we saw him wrestle just before this match, and successfully sent two men home as losers.


The crowd suddenly explodes because they see J.D. Ice walking down to the ring with a steel walking cane.


Eryk Masters: HEY LOOK WHO'S HERE!


Both Kain and Blade stop wrestling and turn their attention to J.D. Ice.


Simon Kain rolls out of the ring and charges J.D. Ice.  J.D. Ice levels Simon Kain right in the face with the steel cane, as a sickening thud is heard throughout the area.




J.D. Ice continues to just annihilate Simon Kain with the steel cane (fitting huh?).  Damien Blade then rolls out of the ring and tries to attack J.D. Ice from behind when J.D. Ice turns around and levels Damien


Blade with a super kick right on the jaw, knocking Blade down instantly.


Eryk Masters: CHRONIC KICK!!!! CHRONIC KICK!!!!!!


J.D. Ice looks down at the bloody and unconscious Simon Kain and just shakes his head.  He looks over to Damien Blade who is holding his jaw and trying to get up when J.D. Ice starts unleashing vicious cane shots to the face of Damien Blade.  Blood is flying everywhere.  J.D. Ice picks up Damien Blade and rolls him back into the ring.  J.D. Ice leaps to the top as the crowd explodes...


Jeff Hansen: I think we're gonna see it...




J.D. Ice leaps off the top and nails his finisher: Death From The Glaciers with a roar from the crowd.  J.D. Ice gets up and just looks at the fallen bloody and unconscious body of Damien Blade and just shakes his head as EMT's quickly rush to the ring to clean up the mess.


Eryk Masters: J.D. Ice just fucked both those guys up, and he just Looks disgusted at them.


Jeff Hansen: Last week it was Trey Willett and Scar, this week it's Simon Kain and Damien Blade.  Could J.D. Ice be acting as a SHOOT enforcer for the up-and-coming talent that aren't living up to their potential?


Eryk Masters: Who knows, but one thing's for sure.  I wouldn't fuck with him.


Jeff Hansen: Yeah I second that.


(Cameras cut back to the present, with Eryk Masters and Jeff Hansen at ringside.)


Jeff Hansen: What was just seen was yet another attack by J.D. Ice, and it’s rumored that he is going to be officially signing with the SHOOT Project here tonight!


Eryk Masters: I sure hope so, otherwise that dudes beating up people for no reason.


Jeff Hansen: Of course when the contract signing is to go down, is unknown, but first things first we have a number on contenders match for the tag team titles.  Three tag teams and there can only be one winner!


The Omen vs. Mark Chicone and Lethal vs. Katsudo and Onslaught

(Triangle Tag Team Match)


"Halo" by Soil hits the PA as Mark Chicone and Lethal walk out to the ring.  The fans give a mixed reaction, both boos and a few cheers.


Samantha:  Now coming to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight of 496 lbs, the team of Lethal and Mark Chicone!


Lethal walks a bit ahead of Mark and slides in the ring, loosening himself up for the match while Mark has a sour face on as fans spit curses such as "Jobber" and Sell-out" towards him, before he makes his way into the ring.


Jeff:  I think the fans are anxious to see what Lethal can do, as he is a new talent here in SHOOT, but I think they have had their fill of Mark Chicone.


Eryk:  It's all about taste, Jeff.  Mark Chicone is just up and announced, “Hey I'm leaving."  He didn't do any promotional work in the past two weeks, so in essence, he got two weeks pay for showing up and laying down.  A lot of people are mad about that, and Kyle Ortego is a bit more than mad to say the least.


Jeff:  Well they came in together, Kyle helping Mark get a contract, and Mark doesn't see that leaving this way leaves Kyle with a bad reputation, which is why Jason was sketchy about bringing Ricks in, but I guess managment see's Ricks as a gamble with more potential.


"Halo" dies down as "Push It" by Static-X picks up.


Samantha:  Now coming to the ring, the second tag team in this Tag Team Triple Threat Match, weighing in at a combined 453lbs.  The team of Onslaught and Katsudo!!


Both men hit the ramp in stride and slide in the ring, backing Chicone and Lethal into a corner.  Both teams are ready to go at it.


"You see it's not the blood you spill that gets you what you want... it's the blood you share."


"Your family... your friendships... your communities... these are the most valuable things a man can have!!"


"Here we are... born to be kings.  We're the Princes of the Universe"


"Here we belong... fighting to survive in the war with the darkest power"


A very famous guitar rift echoes through the arena.


"And here we are... we are the Princes of the Universe."


"Here we belong, fighting for survival... we've got to be the rulers of your



"I am Immortal, I have inside me blood of Kings."


"I have no rival, no man can be my equal."


"Take me to the future of your world!"


As "Altered Princes of the Universe" continues to play, Lonewolf, Dreadnaught, and Messiah walk out from behind the curtain.


Samantha:  Now coming down to the ring, the third and final team in this match, being accompanied by Lonewolf, at a combined weight of 725lbs.  Kyle "Dreadnaught" Ricks and Kyle "Messiah" Ortego, The Omen!!


Fans errupt as the trio walk towards the ring.  Ortego slides in the ring as Lonewolf walks around to the announce table.  Ricks grabs the top rope and leaps up, slingshoting himself into the ring behind Ortego.


Jeff:  Looks like we have company.


Eryk:  Oh great.


Lonewolf:  Well at least I get half a warm welcome.  I'm going to be joining you guys for a bit.


The ref calls for the opening bell as Mark points Lethal to the corner.  In the mean time both the other teams play rock paper scissors to decide who goes first.  As Ricks and Ortego play, Chicone rushes for Ortego.  Ricks turns and headbutts him down.  They continue their game and Ortego wins.  Ricks steps over the ropes as Katsudo wins as well.  Ortego spears Katsudo as he turns, pinning Onslaught akwardly between the ropes as he leaves the ring.  Ortego stomps Onslaught out and starts stomping on Katsudo.  Chicone sneaks up behind Ortego and kicks him in the back of the leg.


Lonewolf:  Just like Chicone to play dirty.


Eryk:  Well he's got nothing to lose.  He's gone from the federation after this match.


Jeff:  Doesn't mean he can't go out without honor.


Lonewolf:  A bit too late for that my friend.


Katsudo and Chicone begin to stomp away on Ortego.  Katsudo picks Ortego up and whips him into the ropes.  Chicone lines up behind Katsudo.  Katsudo pancakes and Chicone gets nailed with a flying forearm.  Katsudo gets up and gets dropped right back down with a neck breaker by Ortego.  Chicone stumbles to his corner and tags in Lethal.  Lethal gets the jump on Ortego and plants him with a DDT.  Lethal stomps on Ortego as he is down.  Katsudo gets up and turns Lethal around, chopping him in the throat.  Lethal reels back onto the ropes.  Katsudo thrusts forward with a kick.


Jeff:  Savate Kick!!


Eryk:  Psst... it's called a Sabbat kick.


Lonewolf:  Actually it's called a step in sidekick, aka SUPERKICK.


Lethal goes over the top rope, but catches the top rope as Katusdo goes and tags Onslaught in.  Lethal spring boards in and nails Onslaught with a flying headscissors sending Onslaught to the outside.  Lethal turns and gets planted with a DDT, just as he had planted Ortego with one a few moments

ago.  Ortego gets to his feet and talks smack to Chicone stands in his corner not saying a work, the sour expression on his face never changing.  Onslaught slides back in and locks up with Ortego.  Lethal sneaks in and nails them both with a double opponent DDT.


Jeff:  This Lethal character seems to be doing OK for a rookie.


Lonewolf:  Very good, considering the calibre of talent he is in there with. Kyle Ortego, I mean.


Eryk:  Oh please.


Lethal picks Onslaught up and nails a German Suplex.  Ortego in the mean time tags in Ricks.  Lethal gets up and charges the big man as he gets in the ring.  Ricks, stratling the top rope, lifts up his leading leg and nails Lethal with a big boot.  Onslaught hits a baseball slide dropkick on Ricks' leading knee, causing Ricks to tumble into the ring.  Lethal tags in Chicone.  Chicone and Onslaught drop elbow after elbow onto a fallen Ricks.  Onslaught goes to drop another, but as he is falling, Ricks flips over and catches him, then throws him into Chicone.  Ricks gets to his feet.  Chicone goes after him but gets clipped by Onslaught.  Ricks catches Chicone by the throat and lifts him up over head, gorilla press style, before throwing him out of the ring.  Onslaught takes the oppurtunity to low blow Ricks and tag in Katsudo.


Eryk:  A great tactic!


Jeff:  Unfair but effective.


Lonewolf:  Effective if you wanna piss a giant off.


Onslaught and Katsudo double suplex Ricks.  Onslaught leaves the ring as Katsudo kicks at the back of Ricks' knee caps.  Mark Chicone slides in the ring and helps work on Ricks' legs.  Ortego drops off the apron and walks to the middle of the ring and takes Chicone's feet out from under him.


Lonewolf:  Aha ha ha ha!!


Eryk:  That was fair, let alone legal.


Jeff:  I don't think the ref cares.  I guess he is just there to make the



Chicone gets up and turns around talking smack to Ortego who just laughs.  Katsudo plants his foot in Ricks' knee hendge and lifts Ricks' leg up then stomps down.  Katsudo then walks up behind a distracted Chicone and hits a German suplex.  He keeps it bridged for the pin.  1........2.... Kick out!!  Chicone kicks out and rolls away to his corner.  Lethal tags himself in, then springboards into the ring, legdropping a still prone Katsudo.  Lethal gets up and Chicone shoves him.  Lethal turns around and jaws with Chicone.  Ortego drops off the mat and takes out Chicone's feet from underneath him again.


Lonewolf:  Would he like to BUY a clue?


Jeff:  Man, I can't believe he fell for that again.




Lethal drops an elbow on a fallen Chicone, as Ortego laughs.  In the mean time, Ricks gets up to his feet and is attacked from behind by Onslaught.  Onslaught nails Ricks in the back with a double axe handle.  It seems to have no effect.  Onslaught hits the ropes and flies into Ricks with a flying shoulder tackle.  Onslaught bounces right off of Ricks and hits the mat.


Jeff:  Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ on a go-cart!!!


Eryk:  It.... it... just....


Lonewolf:  *singing* Leave them breathless...


Ricks turns and gets socked in the face.  Ricks simply smiles and shakes his head "no".  Katsudo gets up to his feet and grabs Ricks from behind as if to go for a German.  Ricks mule kicks and nails Katsudo in the groin, then headbutts Onslaught.  Katsudo nails Ricks with a low blow of his own, taking the big man down.  Onslaught starts stomping away on Ricks' groin.


Lonewolf:  Oh man, that's just wrong.  What if he wants to have kids.


Eryk:  What goes around comes around.  Why don't you do something about it?


Lonewolf:  Dreadnaught and Messiah are big boys.  They have this taken care of, I'm just here cause I can be and I like to annoy you, Eryk.


Eryk:  Well you are doing a good job.


Lonewolf:  I'm glad.


Jeff:  Guys... guys... back to the match.


Ortego pulls Chicone out of the ring and Irish whips him into the ring post.  Before Chicone can fall from the recoil, Ortego plants a front thrust kick in the small of Chicone's back, then follows through with a spinning crescent kick to the head, bouncing Chicone's head off the ring post yet again.  Lethal then nails Chicone with a baseball slide dropkick to the face, to which Ortego finishes Chicone off with an axe kick to the upper torso, bouncing Chicone's head on the ring side area.  Meanwhile, Katsudo and Onslaught both lock in a reverese chancery on either side of Ricks.  They lift him up and reverse suplex him down.


Lonewolf:  MAN!! Props to Katsudo and Onslaught, they may have just won this one if Ortego doesn't get his mind on the game and off of Chicone.


Eryk:  Say what?


Jeff:  You heard him, Katsudo with a pin!!


1.......2.........3!! NO!




Lonewolf:  Maybe he heard the words of a Messiah...


Jeff:  Maybe he just felt like it.


Eryk:  Maybe he is a moron.


Onslaught shoves Lethal into the corner talking smack to him.  Lethal drops him with a right hook.  Onslaught rolls away as Katsudo gets to his feet.  On the outside, Ortego locks in an Inverted STF, arching his back while locking Chicone's legs in an Indian Deathlock and pulling upward on Chicone's chin.


Lonewolf:  He calls that one the Water to Wine.


Eryk:  Biblical fruit cake is what he is.


Jeff:  Anyway, back to the match... AGAIN.


Onslaught charges Lethal with a spear.  Lethal leap frogs over him, making Onslaught collide with the turnbuckle.  Katsudo nails Lethal with an open palm thrust, sending Lethal into the turnbuckle as Onslaught rolls away.


Jeff:  IKARI!!  This could be over.


Katsudo lifts Lethal up to the top rope as Ricks begins to stir.  Katsudo climbs up and nails a stunner off of the top rope.


Jeff:  KUTZU!!


Lonewolf:  God bless you.


Eryk:  It's the name of the move dumb ass.


Lonewolf smiles and takes off his head set, looking to a stiring Ricks.


Eryk:  What the hell is he doing now?


Jeff:  Onslaught is up top!!


Onslaught leaps into the air, hitting a 450 diving head butt, nailing Lethal in the groin.  Onslaught covers Lethal as Katsudo kicks a now risen Ricks in the head, sending him into the corner.  The ref counts.  1.......2....... Just then Ricks flys forward, nailing Katsudo in the face with a club of a forearm, busting his nose wide open, not to mention sending him flying into Onslaught and breaking the count up.


Eryk:  This is not baseball, it's wrestling!!


Jeff:  Same thing to Ricks obviously.


Ortego releases the Water to Wine he has had on Chicone this whole time and lifts him up, sending him into the ring.


Jeff:  Wonder what Messiah is going to do with Chicone now that he has beaten him senseless.


Eryk:  What I am wondering is what the hell Lonewolf is doing standing next to you, looking so smug.


Ricks lifts Onslaught up and puts him into the corner near Lonewolf.  He drives in a few elbows before grabbing Katsudo by the hair.  The ref tells Ricks to watch the hair.


Eryk:  WHAT!?  After all that the ref has let by he is going to tell someone not to pull hair!?


Jeff:  I think this guy was a stand in referee back when I opened National Independent.  No wonder I fired him.


Ricks lifts Katsudo up as if to go for a fall away slam, but instead charges Onslaught and nails a Stinging Splash.  Ricks then stacks Katsudo in front of Onslaught and nails another two elbow smashes as Lethal begins to stir.  Ricks steps over the ropes and onto the apron then begins to climb the turnbuckle all the way up to the top.  Ricks then grabs both Katsudo and Onslaught, one with each hand, by the face, his fingers crushing in on their temples as he lifts them both into the air as he stands atop the ring post.  The whole arena goes silent as all eyes fixate on the 7'3" 500lbs moster who holds two 250lbs men , one in each hand, both above his head as he lets out a roar.


Eryk:  FUCK ME!!


Jeff:  Holy Chunky Rainbows of Death!!


Lonewolf jerks Jeff Hansen from his seat, drawing Eryk Masters attention.  Ricks turns and leaps off the top rope towards the announce table.  As Eryk turns back, Katsudo's head his driven into his groin and Onslaught's head is driven down through the table to the ground as Ricks nails the Double Apocalyptica.  After a few moments of shock, people begin to lift their jaws from the ground and Jeff Hansen gets his head set.


Jeff:  Ladies and Gentlemen, that was the single most GREATEST display of mixed raw strength and agility I have ever seen in my entire life.




Ricks piles Katsudo on top of Onslaught and slides back in the ring.  Ricks looks at the chaos and havoc he has wreaked and steps back... bumping into Lethal.  He spins around and throws a straight punch, clocking ORTEGO!!




Eryk:  Oww.


Jeff:  Ortego just took a vicious punch for Lethal!


Ricks eyes grow wide as he realizes what he has done.  Lethal just backs away.  Ricks helps Ortego up, who is busted open.  Ricks looks at him curious.  Ortego grins at him and motions for Lonewolf to grab a mic and get in the ring.  Lonewolf hands the mic over to Ortego.


Ortego:  Hey, Lethal.  Glad to see that you... well see the light, brother.


Lethal:  The light I see is, I can either team with a has been jobber or make some powerful allies.  I don't need things to nail me in the face before I see them you know?


Ortego:  I get you.  No hard feelings?


Lethal:  None.


Ortego:  Good, now we have a bit of business to take care of if you don't mind.


Lethal starts to leave, but Ortego stops him.  Ortego holds his hand out.  Lethal looks to Ortego, then to Ricks, then to Lonewolf, then back to Ortego, and shakes his hand.  Lethal heads out of the ring as Ortego hands the mic to Lonewolf.  Chicone starts to stir.  Kyle motions for Ricks to grab the ring steps from outside.  Chicone gets to his feet and turns right into a Diamond Cutter.


Jeff:  Seventh Day Rest by Kyle Ortego... and the MATCH IS STILL GOING.


Eryk:  Can I get some ice here?  Please?


Ortego picks Chicone up and whips him into the corner.  Chicone hits so hard he bounces out, right into a West Nile Theory.  Ortego makes the cover.  The ref counts 1...............2...................3.  Samantha starts to make the victory announcement, but Ortego cuts her off.  He takes the mic from Lonewolf and starts.


Ortego:  So Chicone?  Where is your family now?  Where is Slick and Wong?  Where is Big Daddy Chicone?  Tell me mafia man?  You are just as bad as OutKast and that is giving you more credit than you deserve.  He has the balls to stick around.  You?  You run out on a federation that gave you the oppurtunity to work MORE THAN ONCE.  A federation that was built by guys like Del Carver and Ben Jackman, guys like Lonewolf and Kyle Ricks, Katsudo and Onslaught, the list goes on.  Well I tell you what other list goes on.  The list of Adam Wietz, Trey Willett, Scar, Mark Chicone, Simon Kain and Damien Blade.  The list of guys that walk in for a week or two and walk out not giving a fuck about the oppurtunity they are throwing away, or who is left to pick up the pieces.  Doing that is just as bad as pissing on the sport we love.  If you, Mark Chicone, choose to do that then we will do you one better.  We will beat you until you piss yourself, then kick your ass out of the arena and make damn sure you never set foot inside a SHOOT Project ring again.


Ortego drops the mic as he directs Ricks hold on to the ring steps.  Ortego leans Chicone sitting down in a corner, then has Ricks place the ring steps proped up against Chicone's face.  Conversing with Ricks as Lonewolf looks on, Ortego heads to the opposite corner.  Ricks backs him into the corner and irish whips him out.  Ortego slides into the ring steps with a baseball slide dropkick.  Ortego quickly rolls out of the way and Ricks charges in with the same move, but much MUCH more devestating effects.  Ricks gets up and moves away.  Ortego moves the ring steps away and flesh from Chicone's face comes with it.


Jeff:  Jesus... we've got a medical emergency out here.  Chicone needs help BAD.


Eryk:  Man, I don't think Ricks ment to do that much damage.


Ricks face grows pale and concern as he views the effects of his assault.  Ortego's face doesn't change from the icy cold stare at Mark Chicone, not knowing nor caring whether he is alive or dead.  Lonewolf tries to motion Ortego back but Ortego waves him off.  Lonewolf shouts at Ortego and starts to head out of the ring as does Ricks.  Ortego slides out of the ring, backwards keeping the icy cold stare fixed on Mark Chicone.  Lonewolf and Ricks start to head towards the back, but Ortego reaches under the ring and produces a kendo stick and a can of lighter fluid.  The fans start to boo.


Jeff:  Oh shit... tell me he is joking.  Tell me Shaun isn't that fucking stupid.


Eryk:  Someone stop him.


Eyrk Masters stands up and shouts to Lonewolf and Ricks who turn and look in disbelief as Ortego's kendo stick bursts into flames.  Ortego flicks Chicone off and starts beating him in his already injured face sending blood flying everywhere.



----------Please Stand by Oblivion will resume shortly----------



The camera resumes feed in the now very busy office of Jason Johnson.  Guards, Police, a few backstage hands, Ed Raymond, Jason Johnson and Kyle Ortego stand in there, trying to sort things out.


Jason Johnson: Shaun, what the fuck was that?


Kyle Ortego: You asked me to set an example.  I think I did a very good job of it.


Ed Raymond: Are you serious?  Mark could have brain damage.  SHOOT could be sued!  With the current deal in progress, we can’t afford this.  Ortego, consider yourself as good as gone.


Kyle Ortego: You are funny.  I do exactly what you ask and now you want to fire me?


Jason Johnson: You don't understand, Shaun Kyle Ortego.  You just assaulted a man.  You knew the effect that Ricks' drop kick would have and you just pushed him into doing it.


Kyle Ortego: He got caught up in the moment.  Who was I to stop him?


Ed Raymond: You know, you were actually starting to show some sight of potential.  But you have serious mental problems.  The angle was The Omen formed to be a group of faces.  What you just did out there, that wasn’t apart of the angle!


Kyle Ortego: I have put fear in a lot of people who need to feel fear right now.  I have shown the wrath of God to those that need to realize that there are consequences for certain actions.


Both Raymond and Johnson look at each other with disbelief.


Jason Johnson: What?  What?  This isn't an ANGLE, Ortego.  You aren't Messiah, and you aren't in an epic battle against the forces of evil!  You were three guys with great potential forming a common bond to counter Instant Heat!


Kyle:  Oh ye of little faith.  You OWN and RUN this place and yet you don't see it Jason, you don't see the light…


Raymond suddenly shakes his head and slaps Kyle across the face.


Ed Raymond: Earth to Kyle, you aren't in the ring.  You aren't a Messiah, there is no light.


Upon hearing those words, Kyle spits blood back in the face of Ed.  Ed lunges after him, but is held back.  SHOOT security haul Kyle back out of Johnson's office.


Jason Johnson: Ortego, as of right now, you’re suspended.  You try explaining that to your friends Ricks and Lonewolf.


As Kyle is being hauled off, he screams "You will see the light, repeatedly" as he is carried down the hall.


Ed Raymond: What the hell was that all about?


Jason Johnson: Guess things got to him way too quickly…


The two men sigh deeply.


Ed Raymond: wonderful way to start off the evening eh?


(with that the cameras return to the ringside area, where fans are still buzzing.)


Jeff Hansen: Well Ortego’s future here in the SHOOT Project may very well be in question.


Eryk Masters: That guy is seriously fucked up, more so than I ever was!  Guys like him shouldn’t be running around this place.


Jeff Hansen: Well folks, we are sorry you had to bare witness to any of that, let’s hope the second of our double three way matches doesn’t end in such a brutal fashion…


Triple Threat Match:  The Riot v. Stefan Douglas v. The Insane Infidel


('Sorrow' by Bad Religion is playing over the sound system in the North Charleston Coliseum, as the camera goes to the ring…we see all three of the competitors in the Triple Threat match already in the ring.  Each fighter stands in one corner, warming up…Samantha stands in the remaining corner with the microphone…)


Samantha: “Ladies and Gentlemen…this is a TRIPLE THREAT Match, with NO Disqualification!”


(The fans cheer, as the music fades…)


Samantha:  “Introducing FIRST…in the ring to my right…hailing from Raleigh, North Carolina, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing in at 233 pounds…THE RIOT!”


(The Riot continues to warm up as the fans cheer…although The Riot is not a fan favorite, the fact that he is a local fighter illicits some warmth from the crowd…)


Samantha: “In the corner to his right…hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, standing 6 feet 4 inches tall and weighing in at 269 pounds…STEFAN DOUGLAS!”


(The crowd cheers as Stefan Douglas stands with his arms folded across his chest…)


Samantha: “Finally, in the far corner…”


Jeff Hansen:  “WHOA!  Stefan Douglas and The Riot RUSH The Insane Infidel and start POUNDING on him!  Samantha doesn’t even get the introduction out…she escapes the ring while the bell rings to start this Triple Threat Match!” 


Eryk Masters:  “Look at Douglas and The Riot!  They are pounding on The Insane Infidel to the mat with repeated forearms to the back and stomps!  They’re just beating him down!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Well, The Infidel has a bit of a rep as a smart ass, so maybe he said something that pissed these two guys off.”


Eryk Masters:  “This IS a Triple Threat Match, so if these two can work together to eliminate The Infidel from the mix, and neutralise him, they can then concentrate on each other…Look!  Douglas and The Riot lift The Insane Infidel up in a DOUBLE SUPLEX!” 


Jeff Hansen:  “Now they pull him to his feet, and throw him into the ropes…”


Eryk Masters:  “The Infidel comes off the ropes, and gets met with a DOUBLE clothesline!  Now Douglas pulls him to his feet again…Irish whip…”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Riot and Douglas hammer The Infidel with a double shoulder tackle!"


Eryk Masters:  “Whoa!  The impact of that drove him right through the ropes to the outside!  That will take The Insane Infidel out of this match for a while I bet…”


Jeff Hansen: “Now The Riot and Stefan Douglas exchanging words…and Riot NAILS Douglas with a low blow!”


Eryk Masters:  “I knew that little alliance between Douglas and The Riot wouldn’t last long!  Meanwhile The Insane Infidel staggers around outside the ring…trying to get his bearings…”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Riot is now working Douglas over in the corner with some forearm smashes across the chest…”


Eryk Masters:  “The Riot has been VERY aggressive in this match! This is his and Stefan Douglas’ debut here at Oblivion, and they both look like they have something to prove!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Now The Riot backs up…and starts firing away punches at Douglas…a jab, a jab, a hook …and a roundhouse...Douglas to the mat!”


Eryk Masters:  “Douglas hits the mat, as The Insane Infidel has pulled out a steel chair, and now he charges in…”


Jeff Hansen:  “NO DQ BABY! WHOA! The Insane Infidel’s whacks The Riot over the back with the steel chair as the fans explode!  The Riot falls to his knees…and now The Insane Infidel SLAMS Douglas over the head with the chair, just as he was getting up!”


Eryk Masters:  “The fans give The Insane Infidel a standing ovation as he stands over the fallen Stefan Douglas and Riot!  He may not be a fan favorite, but these fans love a good chair shot!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Now the Infidel starts laying the boots to Riot…”


Eryk Masters:  “Douglas takes the opportunity to recover…he’s slowly getting UP as The Infidel chokes the fallen Riot with his foot…”


Eryk Masters:  “Douglas sneaks up behind The Infidel…schoolboy roll up!”


Jeff Hansen: “Cover!  One! Two…no! The Infidel kicks out!”


Eryk Masters:  “Nice move by Douglas! Now he follows up the roll up with a high elbow smash to The Infidel!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Douglas goes for the cover again…but The Riot recovers and drops a double axehandle to break the count!”


Eryk Masters:  “Now Riot tries to cover Douglas, but The Infidel grabs Riot around the leg…and pulls him off!”


Jeff Hansen: “Douglas fires a shot to the midsection of the Riot…that doubles him over…Douglas grabs Riot…Half-nelson chokehold SUPLEX!!!”


Eryk Masters: “The Insane Infidel heads to the top as Douglas covers Riot…”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel hits Douglas in the back of the head with a FLYING AXEHANDLE…breaking the count!”


Eryk Masters:  “The crowd is PISSED at that!  They thought Douglas had it there! Now The Insane Infidel rolls Douglas out of the way and covers Riot himself! One! Two!  NO!  Riot kicks out!”


Jeff Hansen:  “What RESILIENCY by The Riot!!!”


Eryk Masters:  “The Riot NAILS The Infidel with a LOW BLOW!  Now…a headbutt…followed by ANOTHER!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel is ROCKED as Stefan Douglas starts to stir…still feeling the after effects of that axehandle from the top rope that hit him right in the back…”


Eryk Masters: “The Insane Infidel is stunned by the low blow and headbutts, and falls in a heap!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Riot can’t go for a cover though, because just as The Insane Infidel hits the canvas, Stefan Douglas finally staggers to his feet…”


Eryk Masters:  “And gets met with a Northern Lights Suplex from Riot!  Douglas goes down!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Now The Riot goes up top…Riot is rocking this place!”


Eryk Masters:  “ELBOW SMASH on Stefan Douglas by The Riot!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The ref slides in for the count as Riot hooks the leg:  ONE…TWO…NO!  The Insane Infidel breaks the count up this time…as the crowd groans!”


Eryk Masters:  “They thought that was it…the Infidel is turning into quite the SPOILER in this match!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel drops a leg across the back of The Riot…before he can get up from covering Douglas!”


Eryk Masters:  “Another smart move by The Insane Infidel!  This guy is no rookie!  Now The Insane Infidel picks up Riot…”


Jeff Hansen:  “Suplex!”


Eryk Masters:  “Cover on Riot by The Insane Infidel:  ONE…TWO…NO!  Kickout by Riot!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Douglas sneaks up behind The Insane Infidel…”


Eryk Masters:  “SUPERKICK RIGHT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Douglas hits The Insane Infidel from behind with a SUPERKICK…man he NAILED him!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Riot is up…”


Eryk Masters:  “Double armed DDT on Stefan Douglas by The Riot!”


Jeff Hansen:  “COVER:  ONE…TWO…KICKOUT by Douglas!”


Eryk Masters:  “Stefan Douglas powers out…and grabs The Riot…THROWING him backward into the corner…”


Jeff Hansen:  “WHAM!  Douglas clobbers The Riot…he’s SNAPPED and starts pounding away at The Riot with repeated fists to the face…”


Eryk Masters:  “The Insane Infidel takes the chance to regroup…he’s still feeling the after effects of that release SUPERKICK by Douglas.”


Jeff Hansen:  “Douglas hammers away at Riot…he has got to get out of the corner! Stefan Douglas throws the visibly stunned The Riot over his shoulder… Fireman's Carry…into an inverted piledriver! COVER:  ONE…TWO…NO!  Riot kicks out!”


Eryk Masters:  “The fans go NUTS over that Fireman's Carry into the inverted piledriver!  Stefan Douglas stays on Riot…”


Jeff Hansen:  “No!  As Stefan Douglas grabs The Riot’s leg, Riot rolls him up in a SMALL PACKAGE!”


Eryk Masters:  “ONE! TWO! NO!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel nails Riot in the back with a double axehandle as Riot was covering Douglas!”


Eryk Masters:  “Ha!  The Insane Infidel throws Douglas off, and covers Riot HIMSELF!”


Jeff Hansen:  “ONE…Douglas grabs The Insane Infidel by the back of the head…and lifts him to his feet…”


Eryk Masters:  “The Insane Infidel pounded into the mat by an ATOMIC DROP by Stefan Douglas…and then gets DRIVEN over the top rope to the outside…by a clothesline from Douglas!”


Jeff Hansen: “The Insane Infidel takes a rough bounce out there from the awesome POWER of that clothesline from Douglas!”


Eryk Masters:  “The Riot comes up behind Douglas…Douglas turns around…LOW BLOW!”


Jeff Hansen:  “Douglas goes down!  ANOTHER  Low Blow by The Riot!  Now Riot is CHOKING Douglas!”


Eryk Masters:  “Listen to the BOOS!  So much for home field advantage!  Nobody likes a low blow!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel is down outside the ring, and Stefan Douglas is trying to get up from that groin shot by Riot…”


Eryk Masters:  “Hey!  The Insane Infidel grabs Douglas by the foot and drags him outside!  Douglas is still clutching his groin in pain!  Now The Infidel slides back in…”


Jeff Hansen:  “Yeah…but The Riot is crouched…ready for The Infidel as he slides in…”


Eryk Masters:  “The Riot grabs The Infidel around the chest as he stands up…HOISTS him up…and slams him DOWN!  That is HIS version of ‘The Rock Bottom’…called THE PURPLE HAZE!”


Jeff Hansen:  “The Insane Infidel got the wind knocked out of him GOOD on that…The Riot isn’t going for the cover though!”


Eryk Masters:  “No!  The Riot is hooking The Insane Infidel up…spinning fisherman Suplex!  WHAM!”


Jeff Hansen:  “After having the wind DRIVEN out of him by that Purple Haze, The Riot follows up with a spinning fisherman Suplex, FURTHER driving the air out of the winded Infidel…”


Eryk Masters:  “Riot floats over for the cover!  One!  Two!  Three!  HE GOT HIM!”


(The bell rings…The Insane Infidel and The Riot lay flat in the middle of the ring…Stefan Douglas still lies on the outside.  The ref raises Riot’s hand over his head as the techno mix of “Dragula” by Rob Zombie starts to play…)




Jeff Hansen: “As the exhausted The Riot heads up the aisle, and The Insane Infidel gets to his feet…lets look at the replay…MAN… The Insane Infidel got PLANTED by those two moves from Riot…and that was IT!”


Eryk Masters:  “The Purple Haze, followed up by The Riot Plex and The Insane Infidel was DONE!”


Jeff Hansen:  “These fans are letting The Riot HAVE IT with boos though…they are angry that Stefan Douglas got taken out of this match by a BLATANT LOW BLOW!  Stefan Douglas looked great during this match, and he deserved better than THAT!”


Eryk Masters: “Stefan Douglas is being helped back to the dressing room by the ref”


Jeff Hansen: “And I’ve just received word that SHOOT Project’s own Scott Richardson is backstage with the Tag team champions.”


The cameras switch to the back in order to capture the action.  Sure enough Scott Richardson is standing by with Jonny Johnson, Enigma, and their loveable servant guy Habib.  Both Jonny and Enigma have look of extreme concern on their faces.


Scott Richardson: Jonny, Enigma, as the days go on, the two of you seem to become even more worried about these alleged attackers who are after you…


Before he can finish Jonny Johnson speaks up.


Jonny Johnson: Of course we are worried, and there isn’t any reason that we shouldn’t continue to be worried until our attackers are discovered or we get some proper security.


Enigma suddenly perks up at the mention of this and turns to Habib.


Enigma: Speaking of which, Habib, are you taking care of the whole bodyguard situation anyway?


The two men turn their attention to the Hindu man.


Jonny Johnson: Yeah, you have all of that squared away?


Jonny and Enigma move in looking at Habib with questioning glances.  Habib nods his head swiftly.


Habib: It has all been taken care of tonight, I promise you.


Jonny and Enigma smile and turn back towards Scott Richardson.


Enigma: So, any other questions Scotty?  Or can Jonny and I return to an undisclosed location here within the arena.


Before Scott Richardson can say another word, Jonny grabs the mic from him.


Jonny Johnson: Wait a minute, Enigma.  What if… what if Scott Richardson is our attacker!


The two men suddenly eye Scott Richardson cautiously.


Engima: Well then we better not take any chances.


Jonny Johnson: Exactly, Scott, until we are CERTAIN it isn’t you, this interview is over.


The Tag team champions head off down the hallway, while Habib stands there sort of blinking.  From down the hall Enigma shouts.


Enigma: Let’s go Habib.


Habib turns and rushes off down the hall to catch up with them.


Scott Richardson: Well… suspicion grows in the minds of the Beautiful People, and they mentioned something about bodyguards… who knows what that’s all about.  Back to you Jeff and Eryk.


The cameras return ringside where Samantha is ready to announce the next contest.


Rocky Stellar vs. Jun Kenshin


Jeff Hansen: Man oh man, we have reached the halfway marker of tonight’s show, and what a match this next one is going to be.


Eryk Masters: This has been a heated week, and it looks like whether the suits like it or not, war lines are being drawn.  Rocky Stellar is going into this one in hopes to battle back from his loss against OutKast, but Jun Kenshin looks at himself as the executioner booked against Rocky Stellar to finish him off.


Jeff Hansen: Kenshin is one of those men that no matter what always seems to stand on his own.  While he goes into this match with a job to do, he is by no means working for Instant Heat, as he expressed earlier in the week.


Eryk Masters: It’s actually funny that these two men are going up against each other, because if you look at it, they are very similar. Both seem to stand alone in the scheme of things, both hoping to lead, but realize there are not many left to follow.


Jeff Hansen: This match is all about respect, but even in respect people get their asses kicked.  It’s going to be one hell of a fight.


Eryk Masters: Damn straight about that one, Jeff.


(The fans focus their attention to the entryway to the ring area as “All My Life” by Foo Fighters begins to play throughout the arena.  Jun Kenshin steps out from the back, donned in a pair of black karate pants and no shirt.  His wrists are wrapped with white tape and he finishes off taping his right wrist as he walks towards the ring.)


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two hundred and thirty seven pounds, here is “The Machine” Jun Kenshin!!


(The fans respond with mixed reactions as they watch Kenshin display a series of quick kicks in the center of the ring and then raise his hands high above his head.  His music begins to die down and the lights go to black.  The SHOOT Big Screen lights up with the words Stellar flashing in white, and the fans begin to cheer.)


“Where You at Rock?  Where you at?”


(The familiar beginning gets even more cheers as the lights begin to flash repeatedly.  “Where you at Rock?” By Kid Rock hits the Sound System and Rocky Stellar emerges from the back, pumped and ready to go.  He heads towards the ring confidently, tagging hands with the fans as he does so.)


Samantha Coil: And his opponent, weighing in at two hundred and forty pounds here is Rocky Stellar!!


Jeff Hansen: Listen to the fans, Eryk, Stellar is a big fan favorite here tonight.


Eryk Masters: They are electric indeed.  He’s focused on this match tonight, despite his dealings with OutKast last week and the trouble he has gone through.


Jeff Hansen: Very true, but Jun Kenshin has something to prove, he has a mission in mind, and he’s looking to perfect a victory here tonight.


The bell sounds as Rocky Stellar and Jun Kenshin circle each other inside the ring.  Kenshin makes the first strike, nailing Stellar in the side of the leg with a quick kick.  Stellar rocks slightly and Kenshin springs forward locking up into grapple.  Stellar manages to come out on top in the grapple and swings Kenshin into the ropes.  As Kenshin comes bouncing back he begins a back handspring going into an elbow.  However, Stellar avoids the attack and locks Kenshin into a full nelson.  He holds him for a second before dropping Kenshin with a full nelson slam.  The fans respond, impressed with the counter move as Stellar makes an early pin.  The referee counts, but Kenshin is up by the count of one.

Eryk Masters: The Stellar One going for a way too early cover.  He’s going to have to use a lot more than a full nelson slam to put Jun Kenshin down.


Stellar gets to his feet and goes to pull Kenshin up as well.  However, Kenshin scoops his arm under Stellar’s leg, sweeping him down onto the mat.  Kenshin then springs up to his feet and quickly heads up to the top turnbuckle. Kenshin leaps without a second thought and lands a moonsault right on top of Stellar.  Kenshin makes the cover now and the referee counts.  One… not enough.  Stellar gets his arm up and the match continues on.  Kenshin brings Stellar up from the pin and whips him into the corner.  Stellar comes staggering out from the corner and Kenshin quickly delivers him down with a snap suplex.  The fans ooh as they imagine how much that must have hurt Stellar’s back.  Sure enough Stellar grabs at his back in pain.  Kenshin once more turns his attention to the top turnbuckle and swiftly makes his way towards it.  Meanwhile, Stellar grabs the ropes to pull himself up.  Slowly but surely he gets up and as he turns around Kenshin leaps off the rope attempting to land some sort of 360 splash.  However Stellar manages to catch Kenshin and quickly brings him down with a backbreaker across his knee.  He lets Kenshin fall to the mat and begins to land a series of stomps directly on Kenshin’s right leg.


Jeff Hansen: Smart move on Stellar’s part, Kenshin is very quick on his feet, you take him off his feet, a lot of his moves become ineffective.


Eryk Masters: I think Stellar wants to win this match as much as Kenshin wants to make sure Stellar doesn’t win.  I have a feeling this match will travel outside the realm of standard wrestling and become an all out battle.


Stellar grabs a hold of Kenshin’s legs now and hooks him into a figure four leg lock.  Kenshin screams out in pain as Stellar locks the hold in.  The fans get behind Stellar, as he locks the hold tighter.  Kenshin scrambles for the ropes, and after much painful struggling he manages to grab a hold of them.  The referee tells Stellar to break the hold, and Stellar does so.  Stellar, however continues to go to work on Kenshin, pulling him away from the ropes and dropping a series of elbows across his chest.  Stellar then hoists Kenshin up to his feet and gives him a kick to his stomach.  Stellar then goes to send Kenshin down with a DDT, but Kenshin brings his arm up over Stellar’s neck, and hooks one of his legs and takes him down with a fisherman’s suplex.  The quick reversal has the fans stunned.  Kenshin keeps the suplex locked in for an actual pin and the referee hits the mat to make the count.  One Two.. Close count but not quite.  Kenshin shakes his head with slight frustration and gets to his feet.  He paces about for a little bit watching as Stellar slowly gets up to his feet.  Kenshin takes karate like stance now as he waits for Stellar.  Stellar turns around to face Kenshin he is nailed with an enziguri kick!  Stellar drops to his knees almost immediately and Kenshin comes up behind and locks Stellar into a Dragon Sleeper!


Eryk Masters: Kenshin now with the ball back in his court, and he’s got Stellar locked into his version of the dragon sleeper, and Life is certainly passing Stellar by!


Jeff Hansen: Stellar seems to be out cold, and I’m not sure if it was from the kick or from this sleeper hold.  But look at the expression on Kenshin’s face, like a warrior smelling blood, this is his art and he’s loving it.


Eryk Masters: The referee checking now on Stellar, his arm drops to the mat motionless. This one could be over, Jeff.


Jeff Hansen: A second time, and the hand falls to the mat again.  Listen to the fans, they are getting behind Stellar now, stomping their feet and clapping their hands.


Eryk Masters: Sounds like a freaking ho-down in here…. The referee raises Stellar’s hand one more time…


Jeff Hansen: IT’S UP!  Stellar continues the match!!


Stellar shakes his hand vigorously in the air as the referee motions for the match to continue.  Kenshin shakes his head no and tries to lock the sleeper hold in tighter.  Stellar gets up to one knee, Kenshin still has the move locked in.  Stellar nails an elbow into Kenshin’s side, but Kenshin keeps the hold locked in.  Stellar now gets to his feet laying more elbows into Kenshin’s side and gut.  Kenshin begins to lose hold of the sleeper lock, as Stellar fights out of it slowly but surely.  Stellar now stands up completely and nails one last elbow into Kenshin’s gut.  Kenshin loses the grip on the hold and Stellar swings him into the ropes now.  As Kenshin comes bouncing back, Stellar nails him with a clothesline!  Kenshin hits the mat hard and the fans are feeling the energy coming from Stellar.  Stellar motions for Kenshin to get to his feet.  Kenshin responds to the challenge and quickly gets up to his feet, though a bit disconnected from hitting the mat so hard.  Kenshin and Stellar lunge at one another and lock into grapple.  The power struggle goes back and forth between the two, both trying to get the upper hand.  Eventually both men suddenly break the grapple and just stare at each other for a moment.


Jeff Hansen: What’s going on now.


Eryk Masters: Looks like we have a face off of some sort going down.


Stellar and Kenshin lock eyes intensely and then both men bounce off of opposite ropes.  Stellar goes for a spear like move, where as Kenshin goes for a jumping spinning round house kick.  Stellar ends up going under Kenshin and Kenshin ends up going over Stellar.  They both quickly stop in their track and turn to each other.  At the exact same time both men land a standing lariat to one another with such force that both men go directly down, their heads almost bouncing off of the mat!  The fans look on now as both Rocky Stellar and Jun Kenshin are barely moving and the referee begins to assess the situation.  Then suddenly, Kenshin does an arrow spring to his feet and lands in a karate type pose, however no sooner does he do that does Stellar do a back flip up and point right at Kenshin, matching him step for step!  The crowd goes absolutely nuts!


Jeff Hansen: This is going to get wild now I can just feel it.


The two men once again rush at each other and this time hit full force with an all out fist fight.  Kenshin nails a right hand while Stellar sends a right hand of his own.  Back and forth the two men throw fists, each hit getting stronger than the prior one.  The two battle towards the edge of the ring, with Kenshin getting the upper hand.  Kenshin suddenly takes a step back and nails a super kick to Stellar that sends him to the outside.  Kenshin sling shots himself over the top rope and lands a guillotine leg drop on Stellar, but connects only with the cold ground as Stellar rolls out of the way.  Stellar gets to his feet, still dizzy from the kick, and Kenshin approaches him.  He nails Stellar in the upper chest with a sumo palm punch that causes Stellar to stagger backwards.  Kenshin then follows up with a Kawada kick nailing Stellar into the steel steps.  Kenshin grabs Stellar and brings him up to his feet and then slams his jaw straight down on top of the steel steps.  Stellar bounces right off of them and lands on the ground with a hard thud.  Stellar grabs his face in pain, his forehead now bleeding slightly.  Kenshin now continues to go to work on Stellar sending hard soccer kicks to his side.


Eryk Masters: Kenshin now relentlessly assaulting Rocky Stellar.


Jeff Hansen: It seems like now he’s abandoned his wrestling form and is just looking to keep Stellar down and out.


Stellar rolls around on the ground in pain while Kenshin delivers the hard kicks.  Eventually though, Kenshin ceases in his assault and jumps up on the apron.  He looks down at the fallen Stellar and  then heads up to the top turnbuckle.  He looks down at Stellar one more time to make sure he’s still down and then dives off the top rope, landing a Swan dive headbutt on Stellar.  He connects with Stellar right in across the chest and upon landing he makes the cover.  The referee shakes his head and shouts for Kenshin to take it back into the ring.  Kenshin looks to the referee and seems annoyed by him.  Kenshin gets up off of Stellar and picks him up to his feet he rolls Stellar back into the ring.  Kenshin slides into the ring as well and walks about the ring, looking at Stellar as he tries to get to his feet.  Stellar holds onto the ropes for support, and as he does so, Kenshin nails a straight shot kick going into his stomach.  This causes Stellar to release the ropes and fall to the mat.  Kenshin drags Stellar towards the center of the ring now and as he pulls Stellar to his feet he begins to mouth three letters: D.I.E.!


Jeff Hansen: This could be it, Eryk.  I’ve seen Kenshin hit this move and it usually means the end is close to follow.  The Dynamic Impact Exploder… which is basically a high angle T-Bone Suplex.


Eryk Masters: I’m not very familiar with this Kenshin guy, but that sounds wicked impressive.


Jeff Hansen: Kenshin has Stellar up to his feet now and he’s locked him in.


Eryk Masters: And he drops him down with such force!  What a move!!


The fans sit in near silence as Kenshin drops Stellar with The Dynamic Impact Exploder.  Kenshin draws his thumb across his neck and grabs a hold of Stellar’s neck.  He once more pulls Stellar to his feet and elevates him high into the air vertically.  Kenshin begins to spin around and then nails him with Blind Justice!  Stellar’s head hits the mat directly almost cracking his neck in half.  Kenshin lays Stellar out flat and makes the pin.  The referee quickly hits the mat to make the count.


One… Two… Thre…  NO!  Stellar lifts his arm up just in the nick of time!  The fans are going wild once again.  Kenshin looks at the referee with wide eyes, realizing that this match is going to continue on.  Kenshin gets to his feet and as he brings Stellar up to his feet as well, Stellar suddenly lunges out and nails a punch to Kenshin’s mid section.  Then another one, and another one.  Soon Stellar’s fists are flying and nailing Kenshin in various locations.  Kenshin staggers backward and Stellar drives a knee into Kenshin’s gut.  Kenshin bends forward slightly in pain and Stellar drops Kenshin with a DDT!  Stellar gets back up to his feet swiftly and points to Kenshin.  The fans all cheer in response knowing now that Stellar is looking to finish him off.


(The Cameras suddenly cut to the backstage area momentarily, as Instant Heat watches the match on the monitor in their locker room.  They smirk but other than that they make no attempt to come ringside or anything.  OutKast watches most intently as Stellar brings Kenshin up to his feet.)


Jeff Hansen: You know Stellar is an innovative wrestler, and its hard to tell what he’s going to try to put his opponents away with. 


Stellar hooks Kenshin and quickly executes one of his famous signature moves, The Stellar-Plex!  The fans continue to cheer as Stellar slowly but surely starts building his second wind.  Stellar moves into the corner now and begins to climb to the top turnbuckle. The fans watch in anticipation, as Stellar stands tall on the top turnbuckle.


Eryk Masters: Looks like he’s going for some sort of aerial move, that’s for sure.


Jeff Hansen : You know this could be the unveiling of Stellar’s Patented elbow drop!


Stellar leaps from the top rope now, and sure enough lands a high flying elbow drop that nails Kenshin straight across the neck.  The fans applaud and cheer wildly for Stellar’s aerial performance and the fans begin to chant “Stellar! Stellar!”


Jeff Hansen: Folks we just witnessed Stellar “Dropping the Rock” as he has decided to call it.  What a devastating elbow smash, he might have crushed Kenshin’s windpipe with that one.


Eryk Masters: Well Stellar being no fool about this match, he’s making the cover right away.  The referee is down on the mat to make the count.  One... Two.. Thr… Kenshin gets his arm up and the match still continues.


Jeff Hansen: This is a close one to call, and both men aren’t going to let it die until they can absolutely give nothing else to this match.


Eryk Masters: True performers if you ask me, Jeff… not to mention both men are amazing fighters as well.


Stellar lets out a long sigh as he gets up off of Kenshin both men not knowing what else to do.  Stellar pulls Kenshin up to his feet and the two of them stare each other down and Kenshin still gasping for breath extends his right hand up into the air, now challenging Stellar to a straight up test of strength.  Stellar nods his head, silently agreeing to the challenge and raises his left hand to lock in with Kenshin’s right hand.  Next Stellar raises his right hand, furthering the challenge and Kenshin accepts.  The two men lock both hands together and the age-old game of mercy begins.


Jeff Hansen: this test of strength could decide which way this match ultimately goes, and both men look to be starting to get worn out.


Eryk Masters: But at this point in time, no matter who wins the match, you know it will be all about the respect.  Kenshin had a mission to destroy Stellar, but it’s almost as if the two of them have come to peace right here in the ring.


Stellar slowly begins to gain the advantage over Kenshin, pressing down on him, hoping to cause Kenshin to go down to his knees.  However, Kenshin comes battling back at this point in time turning over the power into his arms.  Kenshin now begins to push down on Stellar’s hands, trying to crack the bones as he overcomes Stellar.  Stellar though, with his last bit of strength manages to lift Kenshin up and over in a “mercy toss” so to speak, with their hands still locked together.  Stellar’s momentum however plays into Kenshin’s quickness and Stellar suddenly finds himself flipped all the way over and pinned in a front forward cradle!  The referee hits the mat and makes the count.


One… Two…  Stellar kicks Kenshin in the jaw thus breaking the count.  Kenshin reels backwards and Stellar rolls towards the edge of the ring and gets to his feet.  Kenshin gets to his feet as well, and quickly rushes at Stellar.  Stellar ducks down and sends Kenshin up and over with a back body drop.  However, Kenshin lands on the apron on his feet.  Stellar turns around and is suddenly met with a spray of green mist!  Stellar tries to wipe the mist away from his face and as he does so Kenshin nails a judo kick from the outside that knocks Stellar down onto the mat.  Kenshin then heads to the top turnbuckle and bow slightly.


Jeff Hansen: Stellar is out on the ground, Kenshin up top.


Eryk Masters: Will Kenshin be taking the leap of Faith?


Kenshin jumps from the top rope starting in a moonsault position but changing suddenly into a 450 splash.  Kenshin connects and quickly hooks Stellar’s leg.  The referee hits the mat one more time to make the count.


One… Two… Three!


Jeff Hansen: And this one has finally come to a conclusion, one in which Jun Kenshin is victorious!


Eryk Masters: One hell of a match fought by both men, It was back and forth action constantly.


(“All My Life” by Foo Fighters hits the P.A. System as Jun Kenshin slowly rises to his feet.  The fans cheer him in respect for the hard fought match.  He looks at his fallen opponent and shakes his head.)


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen the winner of this match, Jun Kenshin!!


(Kenshin walks over to Samantha and asks for the mic.  She gives it to him and Kenshin motions for them to cut his music.)


Kenshin: Rocky Stellar, you fought hard tonight.  But what you must understand is that I am a man on a mission, and you to have a mission at hand.  Much like my war is not against you, your war is not against me.  You have a clear enemy, mine is yet unknown.  I respect you, Rocky Stellar, as a warrior, and as a man.  Tonight I simply had to do what I must do, and that is defeat you.


(Kenshin extends his hand to Rocky Stellar as he slowly gets his bearings back.  Stellar grabs Kenshin’s hand and Kenshin helps him up to his feet.  Kenshin then points to Rocky Stellar and the fans go absolutely wild.  The two men shakes hands as “Where you at Rock?” By Kid Rock hits the P.A. system now.


Kenshin: Remember, do you what you have to do Stellar One.


(Kenshin then bows to Rocky Stellar as Stellar heads out of the ring playing up to the fans.)


Jeff Hansen: What respect shown by both men, what a hard fought match, I just don’t think I can say that enough.


Eryk Masters: I don’t think either man lost tonight, if anything both Stellar and Kenshin gained something.


(Kenshin after taking a bow to the fans starts to head out of the ring as well and the fans applaud him as well.)


Jeff Hansen: Well it has been one incredible night, that’s for sure.  But we still have three matches to go two of which put titles on the line.


Eryk Masters: That’s right, Lonewolf makes his first Rising Sun title defense, and The Beautiful People defend their tag straps against one half of Hardcore Style and the leader of Instant Heat, OutKast.


Jeff Hansen: At this point in time, it’s going to get incredibly intense.  But first things first, we have a number one contenders match coming up in just moments time.


Eryk Masters: Wait a minute, Jason Johnson is on his way to the ring right now… I think this could be it.


Jeff Hansen: A table is set up in the ring…. And I think that’s an official SHOOT Project contract lying on top of it.


The camera cuts to the ring where the President of SHOOT Jason Johnson is standing next to a table with a piece of paper on top of it, which looks to be a contract.  He has a pen in one hand and a mic in the other and starts to talk…


Jason Johnson: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are about to witness the contract signing of a major impact player, so without any further delay, let’s bring him out here.  Now hit his music! 


The familiar cords of “Whatever” by Godsmack start to blast over the P.A. system as the crowd erupts and rises to its feet.  J.D. Ice steps out from behind the curtain dressed in a black Yankees fitted cap on backwards, a blue and silver FUBU jersey and his usual baggy black cargo nylon Kikwear pants, while carrying the Stoned Cold mask in his hand.  He makes his way down the aisle and into the ring.  He greets the President with a handshake and the President hands him the pen.  J.D. Ice signals for the mic and President Johnson hands it over as J.D. Ice starts to speak…


J.D. Ice: Now before I sign that contract, all I’ve been hearing is “Why have ya returned to The SHOOT Project Jake Dominion?”  I’ve heard: “Is it because he *holds up the Stoned Cold mask* was screwed outta the SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Championship by the Yakuza?”  Maybe.  I’ve heard: “Is it because I’m sick of seeing up-and-rising talent going to waste and I’m here to be SHOOT’s enforcer?”  Could be.  I’ve heard: “Is it because I’ve been associated with SHOOT for awhile, albeit as Stoned Cold at first, and just wanna be apart of the essence of SHOOT once again?”  Quite possibly.  All of those and more are good questions, but the fact of the matter is that this is a new year, 2003, and why has J.D. Ice returned to The SHOOT Project you all ask?  Well I guess you’re all just gonna have to wait and see…


With that J.D. Ice drops the mic and leans over the table to sign the contract.  The crowd roars and rises to its feet once again as “Whatever” by Godsmack starts to blast over the P.A. system as J.D. Ice and Jason Johnson exchange another handshake and J.D. Ice hands the pen back to the President.


Eryk Masters: Well it’s official now, J.D. Ice is now signed with The SHOOT Project!!


Jeff Hansen: This is a great addition to the SHOOT roster as J.D. Ice is, and has always been, a force to be reckoned with…..


Suddenly the lights go dark, and the fans sit in confusion.  Suddenly a pink glow fills the arena as “Breathless” begins to play.  From over the address system a voice sounds.


Voice: The Beautiful People are the world’s greatest Tag Team ever, but they are in serious danger!


The screen flashes the words Beautiful People and Danger.


Voice: That’s right, which is why it is up to you to do your duty as a citizen of this great country.  The Beautiful People NEED YOU!


The screen now flashes a picture of Jonny Johnson and Enigma pointing directly forward.


Voice: No longer should the icons of this sport have to be concerned with simply walking into arena.  The Beautiful People should once more again be able to concentrate on entertaining all of you fans!


The screen flashes again revealing Jonny Johnson and Enigma striking a pose with their tag team titles.


Voice: So become a “Beautiful” Bodyguard Right Away!  Official interviews will be held next week on Oblivion!  WE expect to see you all there!


With that, the screen turns off and the lights return to normal.  Jason Johnson and J.D. Ice have already left the ring.


Jeff Hansen: Well that certainly was interesting…


Eryk Masters: Interesting, more like a valuable public announcement.  Jason Johnson refuses to do the right thing, so Jonny Johnson and Enigma have taken actions into their own hands.  I say good for them.


Jeff Hansen: Sure, I guess that’s true… well let’s get back to in the ring action


The Real Deal vs. The Boss

(#1 Contendership for the Rising Sun Title)


Samantha Coil steps into the spotlight, as the arena becomes dark and the crowd goes silent. 


Samantha Coil:  And now…  the Number One Contendership match for the Rising Sun Championship!!!  Introducing first, from London, England…  He stands at six feet, six inches tall, and he weighs in at two hundred and seventy five pounds…  he is… THE BOSS!!!


“We Will Survive” by the Warp Brothers hits the PA and Boss comes out to sizable amounts of cheering.  He doesn’t go through any rigmarole with the crowd, he just goes straight to the ring and waits. 


Samantha Coil:  Introducing next, hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, he stands at six feet, three inches, and he weighs two hundred forty pounds… Escorted to the ring by former SHOOT Project Champion, Erik Boyer...   He is the current Real Deal World Heavyweight Champion…  a member of Instant Heat…  he is…  THE REAL DEAL!!!


“My Own Summer” by the Deftones hits the PA, and the Charleston Coliseum comes off its hinges for their hometown hero.  Real Deal appears on the ramp and slowly walks down the rampway, high fiving fans and generally just giving a smirk.  He carries the Real Deal World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder, and he walks around to the time keeper to lay the belt down.  He climbs in the ring, the music cuts, and the match gets underway…



Jeff Hansen: This is a match that both men had to work long and hard to get to.


Eryk Masters: Now there can only be one to face Lonewolf or whoever the champion will be.


Jeff Hansen: I think this should be a heck of a match to say the least.


Eryk Masters: On one hand you have the current Real Deal Champion in Real Deal. On the other you have a man who is looking to prove himself cementing himself in the upper echelon of the Shoot Project.


Jeff Hansen: Good work there Eryk I think this is going to be a heck of a fight. We both know that Lonewolf the current champion is watching in the back to see who wins this one.


Eryk Masters: Don't forget though Jeff Lonewolf has to defend the title later tonight against the returning Diamond Del Carver.


Jeff Hansen: Ok fine both men will be watching as it could be something to see.


Eryk Masters: The referee is calling for the bell.


Jeff Hansen: I know both these men are evenly matched. Real Deal and Boss tie up in a collar and elbow in the center of the ring with Real Deal catching Boss in a side headlock. He attempts to turn it into a hammer lock, but Boss catches Real Deal with an arm drag take down.


Eryk Masters: Nice reversal there by Boss. Real Deal gets up looking a little upset at Boss as they tie up once more. Real Deal catches Boss with a palm thrust to the chest knocking the wind out of Boss doubling him over. Real Deal goes for pile driver but Boss blocks it then reverses his weight catching Real Deal in a back body drop. Real Deal gets up as does Boss getting into one another's face.


Jeff Hansen: The intensity might just picked up. Boss catches Real Deal with a kick to the midsection then follows it up with a European uppercut rocking his head backwards. Boss then dragon screw leg whip. Boss followed that with the sharpshooter sitting down in the lower back of Real Deal. Real Deal looks like he isn't going to last long in this one unless he can get out of this one way or the other.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal finally makes his way to the ropes grasping them for all he is worth. The referee calls for the break.


Jeff Hansen: Real Deal is lucky he was able to get to the ropes otherwise he might have had to tap. Boss is back up reaching down to pick Real Deal up by the hair. Real Deal catches him in an inside cradle but gets just a 2 count as Boss kicks out.


Eryk Masters: I don't think Real Deal thought that he would win it that early on in this match. Boss and Real Deal are up together each connecting with right hands to one another.  Neither man backing down an inch. Real Deal goes for another right, but Boss blocks it, Real Deal blocks one from Boss.


Jeff Hansen: I can’t believe this stalemate. Both these men are working to try and out do the other neither getting the upper hand for to long. Boss catches Real Deal with a knee lift doubling him over. He catches him with a Double Arm under hook DDT sending Real Deal down hard to the mat. Boss goes for the cover but Real Deal kicks out before the referee gets a 2 count.


Eryk Masters: Boss certainly hit Real Deal pretty hard with that ddt. Real Deal is getting up slowly from that one. Boss catches Real Deal with an upper cut sending him back down to one knee. Boss comes off the ropes catching Real Deal in the back of the head with a scissors kick. Real Deal falls backwards out of the ring through the ropes and down to the floor. Boss plays to the crowd for a few moments then he climbs up to the top rope.


Jeff Hansen: Where is he going with this Eryk?


Eryk Masters: I don’t think he would come off with something to high risk.


Jeff Hansen: Holy shit he just came off the top and nailed Real Deal with a swan dive head butt sending both men down hard to the floor.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal and Boss lay on the floor hardly moving at all. The referee hops outside to check on both men to see if they are ok. Boss slowly begins pulling himself up using the announce table.


Jeff Hansen: I know neither of these men will be 100% after this one is over and done with. Boss is back up reaching down to pick up Real Deal catches Boss in a drop toe hold sending him head first into the announce table.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal is back up to his feet trying to shake off the cobwebs from the match to this point. Real Deal picks up Boss dragging him into the ring under the bottom rope by the hair. Real Deal follows in behind him continuing his onslaught.


Jeff Hansen: Real Deal catches Boss with a snap suplex. Real Deal Deal climbs up to the top rope coming off with a moon sault on to Boss.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal goes for and hooks the far leg with the referee hoping over top of both men and into position to make the cover. He gets a long 2 count but Boss kicks out before the 3 count can be administered.


Jeff Hansen: That was close Imagine it if there would be a Real Deal and Lonewolf match up.

Eryk Masters: That would be a heck of a match but first there needs to be a victory by Real Deal. Second Lonewolf needs to walk out of here tonight with the gold.


Jeff Hansen: Good point I guess I was for shadowing or something like that oh well we shall see. Real Deal surprised that Boss kicked out he gets into the referee’s face contesting the count.


Eryk Masters: I can’t believe Boss kicked out but Real Deal is losing it.


Jeff Hansen: He better focus or it could come back to haunt him. Real Deal turns around towards Boss who is already up as he kicks Real Deal in the midsection with a snap ddt sending Real Deal down. Boss reaches down grabbing the ankle of Real Deal and rears back on the ankle in an ankle lock.


Eryk Masters: Great ring positioning there by Boss he has Real Deal in an ankle lock in the center of the ring. I don’t know whether Real Deal will be able to get out of this one Jeff.


Jeff Hansen: He certainly needs to make his way to the ropes or reverse it some how and fast. An ankle lock like that can snap your ankle if your not careful. After a few moments pass Real Deal finally makes it to the ropes still screaming in pain. Boss puts a little more pressure on the hold before releasing it at the count of 4.


Eryk Masters: Boss has the referee admonishing him, but Boss looks as though he is blowing him off. Boss goes back over towards Real Deal who is limping showing the effects of the ankle lock. Boss does a leg sweep taking Real Deal back down to the mat he reaches down picking up the legs of Real Deal catching him in a sharpshooter.


Jeff Hansen: Boss seems to be seriously focusing on the legs of Real Deal in this one. Boss tells the referee to check and see if Real Deal wants to submit. He is in position as Real Deal is screaming in pain but violently shakes his head no that he won’t quit.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal reaches back trying to grab the leg of Boss repeatedly but fails. Real Deal looks as though he is about to tap, but he reaches back this time he catches the leg of Boss tripping him causing the release of the hold. Real Deal rolls to the outside of the ring holding his lower back and legs trying to shake off the effects of the move.


Jeff Hansen: I can’t believe Real Deal got out of that one there. It looked for certain that Real Deal was going to tap. Boss gets back up to his feet shaking his head briefly clearing out any cobwebs that might have been there.


Eryk Masters: Boss goes up to the top rope looking down at the unsuspecting Real Deal who is back up to his feet. Boss comes off the top, but Real Deal saw him coming and side steps him catching him in an overhead belly to belly suplex sending Boss down with a loud thud to the mat covering the floor.


Jeff Hansen: This crowd is cheering both men now as they realize they are putting it all on the line tonight. Real Deal certainly pulled off a hell of a reversal there. Both men are still down and gasping heavily to catch their breath.


Eryk Masters: The fans certainly don’t like Real and the rest of his Instant Heat cronies but they are giving him his props for this one. Then Real Deal gets up to his feet picking up Boss and begins laying the boots to him causing Boss to cringe in pain. The referee pulls Real Deal off of Boss warning him to get the action inside the ring or he will through this one out.


Jeff Hansen: Real Deal is pushing his limits here Eryk. Real Deal picks up Boss by the hair and tosses him back inside the ring. Real Deal slides under the bottom rope and gets back up to his feet. Boss is using the ropes to get to his feet while Real Deal watches on almost mocking his opponent. Real Deal waits as Boss turns around as Real Deal catches him in Wrist-Clutch Exploder Suplex.


Eryk Masters: Nice move there by Real Deal who goes for the cover.






Jeff Hansen: No Boss got his shoulder up before the count of 3. I know Real Deal will be getting frustrated here soon if he can’t put Boss away. Real Deal picks up Boss from behind him catching him in a series of 4 German suplex’s then on the fourth one he releases his grip.


Eryk Masters: Great display there by Real Deal he seems to have the upper hand once more in this one. Real Deal once again climbs up to the top rope as he stares down at the almost motionless Boss and comes off with a High Angle Senton Splash. The crowd rose to their feet on that one. Real Deal is holding his back briefly after connecting with that one. He goes over placing his arm over the chest of Boss as the referee is in position and begins to administer the count.






Jeff Hansen: No, NO Boss got his shoulder up I don’t believe it. Maybe it was just enough time for Boss to recover when Real Deal was holding his back in pain. Real Deal slams his fist into the mat pissed he didn’t get the pin there. Real Deal gets up in the face of the ref and begins jawing with him allowing Boss to begin to recover.


Eryk Masters: Boss catches Real Deal with an inside cradle with the referee in position.






Eryk Masters: Damn that was close. I thought Boss was going to pull that one off. Real Deal is the first to his feet hitting a back elbow to the face of Boss causing him to stagger backwards. He falls into the ropes bouncing off them Real Deal nails him with a super kick.


Jeff Hansen: That is what he likes to refer to as the Reality Check. Boss is down on the mat grabbing his jaw making sure it wasn’t broken. Real Deal comes over and picks up Boss he Irish whips him into the ropes and he comes off the ropes with a springboard spear, but the referee got in the way and gets nailed with the move as well sending him out to the floor.


Eryk Masters: The referee is out here in front of our table Jeff. Real Deal is in the ring reaching for the far leg not remembering the referee was knocked down as the fans count the fall.












Jeff Hansen: Still no referee. Wait a minute Real Deal is coming out here to check out the referee. He is still groggy but getting his bearing Real Deal tosses him back into the ring. Real Deal gets up into the ring as he goes over picking up Boss in a front face lock and into an ace crusher. But just before Real Deal can execute the move Boss reverses it into The Boss Shocker.


Eryk Masters: I can’t believe it Boss hit the modified rock bottom on Real Deal. Go for the cover Boss come on get over there. Boss goes over crawling his way towards Real Deal he covers him with the referee slowly making his way into position.


Jeff Hansen:  The referee making his way over slowly…. And wait a minute… Rocky Stellar… yes Rocky Stellar is heading this way, and he’s got a two by four in his hand!!


Eryk Masters: Rocky Stellar is sneaking up behind Erik Boyer, and Boyer doesn’t even realize it.  UH OH!


Jeff Hansen: The Stellar One taps Boyer on the shoulder… Boyer turns around… OUCH!  That one is going to hurt and leave a mark.  Rocky Stellar just leveled Erik Boyer with that Two by Four!!


Eryk Masters: He’s running back out now, and The Real Deal caught a glimpse of it and struggles to break free from the pin The Boss has him in..






Jeff Hansen: 3..No he didn’t get it Real Deal kicked out. I can’t believe that these two men are still able to move after the action we’ve seen. Boss is slowly getting to his feet catching Real Deal on the way up with an atomic drop followed by a clothesline sending him back down once more. Boss climbs up to the top rope and goes for a flying knee drop he waits trying to re establish his balance but he doesn’t realize Real Deal is back up on his feet.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal catches Boss with a shot to the midsection then follows it up with another one. Real Deal climbs up the turnbuckle and comes off with a Vertical Suplex into an Ace Crusher.


Eryk Masters & Jeff Hansen: END GAME!!


Jeff Hansen: That has to be it. Real Deal planted that good. The End Game has put many of men away.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal notices that the referee is struggling still as he reaches over pulling the referee by the shirt pulling him into position to make the count.






Jeff Hansen: The referee saw it Boss got his foot on the bottom rope. He used what energy that he had left to put his foot on the ropes saving his chances in this match up. Real Deal is furious Eryk. He thought he had this one in the proverbial bag.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal certainly has to be upset now. He has thrown everything he can think of at Boss and he just can’t put him away.


Jeff Hansen:  Exactly right Eryk. Real Deal has been the champion of this company and put people away with less than this effort he has given tonight. Real Deal goes over after getting out of the referee’s face to pick up Boss who is almost out on his feet. Real picks him up and catches him in an Elevated Half Crab submission type move.


Eryk Masters: I don’t think your foot is supposed to bend like that Jeff. Boss is going to have to give it up if he wants to have his foot properly aligned after this match is over and done with. Real Deal has it on pretty deep as he rears back on the already twisted foot of Boss as it is on the top of his head.


Jeff Hansen: Can you believe he hasn’t given up yet?


Eryk Masters: Honestly I don’t think I would have lasted half this long Jeff. Boss is certainly trying to keep himself alive with this effort. But some may say give up your tied up. Live to fight another day come on Boss look at the big picture.


Jeff Hansen: Boss is trying to do anything he can to release the pressure of this hold as he now has one arm free and rakes the eyes of Real Deal causing the break. Very lucky for Boss he did that and escaped.


Eryk Masters: Your damn right he was lucky there Jeff. I thought it was just a few seconds until he would have given it up.


Jeff Hansen: That is what is so great about the Shoot Project. Everyone gives it there all and just when you think that you have them where you want them they turn it around and shock you. Real Deal whose vision is impaired walks right into a Samoan drop at the hands of Boss. That might have been the last gasp of energy from Boss.


Eryk Masters: You might be right Jeff I don’t think he has anything left.


Jeff Hansen: Boss slowly is getting to his feet as is Real Deal who still seems to be shaken from the move delivered by Boss. Boss goes for a right hand swinging wildly, but Real Deal catches his arm and turns into a backslide into a pinning predicament.






Eryk Masters: No Boss just got out before the count of 3. This match has certainly stolen the show to this point. Whom ever wins this one will certainly give whomever the champion is next a run for their money. Boss reaches his feet first catching Real Deal with a spike ddt. Boss goes for and connects with an elbow to the chest of
Real Deal followed by another and then another one.


Jeff Hansen: Breathing heavily Boss reaches down catching Real Deal in a figure four leg lock falling down to the mat and begins smacking the calf’s of Real Deal with a right hand.


Eryk Masters: Real Deal is trying desperately to make it out of this predicament. The referee asks Real Deal to see if he wants to give it up, but he screams NO loudly. The referee looks at Boss saying that Real Deal won’t give it up. Real Deal uses his momentum to reverse the figure four leg lock reaching out grabbing the ropes to add even more pressure on the legs and back of Boss.


Jeff Hansen: Doesn’t the referee see Real Deal grabbing the ropes? Damn Real Deal always looking for the short cut to come out on top.


Eryk Masters: The referee catches Real Deal holding the ropes calling for the break. Real Deal releases the ropes and makes it to his feet. Flexing his knee a couple of times trying to relive some of the pressure on his joints. Real Deal catches Boss with a European upper cut sending him backwards. He whips him off the ropes he catches him with a Lou thez press as the referee gets into position and goes for the cover.






Jeff Hansen: Wait a minute Real Deal has a hold of the ropes. Come on no don’t let it end this way…




Eryk Masters: Real Deal has pulled it off. He has beaten Boss in a very hard fought match up.


Jeff Hansen: But he clearly cheated, and in his hometown to boot!


(The fans aren’t exactly sure how to respond to the match that was just played out.  The Real Deal celebrates his victory as he now is number one contender for the Rising Sun title.  Real Deal motions to the back for them to start playing his music, but what plays instead is shocking.  “Only the Strong” by Flaw hits the P.A. system, and everyone knows what that means.)


Eryk Masters: Here comes the Owner himself, Jason Johnson!!


Jeff Hansen: And look at the expression on Real Deal’s face.


(Jason Johnson walks down the ramp way with a purpose.  He has a microphone in hand and an odd smile on his face.  The Real Deal looks at him with narrowed eyes as he enters the ring.)


Jason Johnson: Josh, Josh, Josh.  What are you doing?  Cheating, right here in our home town!?  That just doesn’t settle right with me.  What you did, might have stood normally in the past, but I’m tired of letting shit like that slide.


(The Real Deal tries to interrupt, but Jason Johnson sticks his hand out, halting him.)


Jason Johnson: Oh no, you don’t have a say in this matter.  You see, The Boss worked damn hard to get a shot at the Rising Sun title, and all you’ve done is cheated your way through the small set of matches.


(The Boss is to his feet now, interested in just what Jason Johnson has to say.)


Jason Johnson: So, the way I see it, Josh, Robbie.  I’m not going to restart this match, nor am I going to disqualify anyone.  As it stands, The Real Deal will still get a title shot next week for the Rising Sun title.


(The Boss looks aggravated, feeling like he’s just been royally screwed. However, before The Boss can get into a fury, Jason Johnson continues.)


Jason Johnson: BUT… so will The Boss!!!


(The fans go wild with this announcement, but the Real Deal seems less than thrilled.  Jason Johnson sends a cocky smile towards his brother, which angers The Real Deal.  Jason Johnson leaves the ring and The Boss and The Real Deal immediately engage in a stare down.)


Jeff Hansen: What an announcement made by Jason Johnson!  Next week we will be seeing a triple threat match for the Rising Sun title.  The two men we just saw fight moments ago will fight the winner of the next match in a battle for the Rising Sun title.


Eryk Masters: That is going to be one hell of an action packed match.


Jeff Hansen: Indeed it will.  Security now has hit the ring to escort The Boss and The Real Deal to the backstage area to ensure neither of them get into a brawl with the other.


Eryk Masters: Well that’s smart, as Jason Johnson is really trying to crack down on the chaos that has taken over The SHOOT Project.  This is definitely a step in the right direction…



Diamond Del Carver vs. Lonewolf
(Rising Sun Title Match)


Jeff Hansen: Rising Sun championship. Lonewolf. Diamond Del Carver. NEXT!

Eryk Masters: This match is going to be one of those low down, dirty brawls that we’re famous for. If Lonewolf is smart, he’ll work on Carver with his high flying and technical moves in hope of winding the old man.

Jeff Hansen: Old man? That old man might shock the world tonight Masters.

Eryk Masters: Could be the case. This is a pick em, either one can walk out with that gold.

Jeff Hansen: The return of Del Carver after a month off and Lonewolf is defending his title, his stiffest challenge to date. Ok enough, hype, and let’s start the intros shall we?


'It's A Long Way To The Top' by AC/DC erupts over the speakers as Diamond Del Carver comes out of the curtains and sprints down the ring as this crowd gets up on it’s feet and gives him a warm hand and a HUGE ‘Welcome back’ chant starts, he rolls into the ring and he looks ready for battle tonight.


Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, making his way to the ring at this time, weighing in at two hundred and sixty six pounds, here is The Hardcore Out Law DEL CARVER!!


Jeff Hansen: Did you hear that ovation Del got? These fans love this guy, they know he’s been here for a long time and they respect that.


Eryk Masters: I just think they’re paying homage to the old man. I don’t like him too much but he lives, breathes for this shit. He’s not too keen on the high life and speaking of which, here comes the champ now.


The house lights dim for a moment, a snarling wolf logo pops on the Oblivion-Tron as “Click click boom” by Saliva rocks the house. Lonewolf comes out with his lovely wife as he’s got the Rising Sun Championship belt over his right shoulder, Carver doesn’t want to waste another minute as he leaves the ring and charges at the champion.


Jeff Hansen: Carver is going after Lonewolf; he’s not even giving him a chance to take off the belt!


Carver fires a couple of rights to the head of the champ and drives the big knee to the midsection doubling him over, Del hooks him for a DDT and plants him on the concrete floor. He glares at his wife who goes to the other side of the ring. Del picks LW up and shoots him to the barricade but it’s reversed as Carver goes back first into the steel. LW takes off the belt and throws it down and charges at Carver, Carver uses the champ’s own momentum as he tosses him into the front row.


Eryk Masters: These leptons are getting their money’s worth. Carver is the CONSUMATE brawler and Wolf better adapt to this style quickly or he’ll be a former champion real quick.


Carver snatches the right arm of LW and drives the point of elbow to the, he does it again and again. Carver with a malicious look in his eyes, he looks at Wolf whose clutching his arm and picks him back up by his hair. LW fights back with a rake in the eyes that staggers Carver back, LW hops on the ring rail and connects with a dropkick to the chin of the veteran. LW is tapping that elbow trying to get the blood flow back into it. He tosses Carver back into the ring and positions himself on the ring apron, he does a springboard and connects with the legdrop across the throat, he covers the Mississippi native but only gets a one. LW now drives the knee several times to the neck of the downed Carver and LW places him in a camel clutch in the middle of the ring. The ref asks Del if he’ll give up and he fires back with a middle finger in a show of defiance to the approval of the crowd.


Jeff Hansen: I guess Del is saying that ref is number one. There’s no way he’ll tap but it’s a sound gameplan by Wolf to work on that neck.


Eryk Masters: You think Jeff? Del even said that he went to the Orient to heal those old battle wounds, LW is looking to open up those old wounds and pour salt on them.


Carver drags his body slowly to the ropes and reaches with his right arm to grasp the bottom rope. LW releases but only after the ref gets in his face, he gets up on his feet and flexes his muscles in hopes of getting some fan support. But he gets boo’s instead as he looks over to his wife who is the only one cheering in his corner. LW gets Carver back up onto his feet and fires a couple of knife edge chops that elicit the “WOOOOO’S” of the Famous Horsemen, LW shoots Carver to the ropes and as Carver bounces back is taken down with a Samoan drop. LW kips up and he gets some more heel heat.


Jeff Hansen: What’s the deal with these fans? Wolf is from the Carolina’s isn’t he?


Eryk Masters: Yeah, NORTH Carolina. We’re in South Carolina genius. It’s a good thing you’re on you’re a game this week Hansen.


Lonewolf now points to the top rope, as he slowly makes his way up. YEP. TOO slow. Carver gets back on his feet and kicks the top rope as LW loses his balance and crotches himself. Carver now goes over to the downed Wolf and he’s setting up the NORTH Carolina native for a superplex, LW fights back with rib shots but Carver drives his own head to the temple of the champ as LW gets knocked woozy. Del hooks him and plants him with a wicked superplex, he floats over for the 1…2..kick out!


Jeff Hansen: Oh my! Del just executed a textbook superplex, for someone who says he can’t wrestle worth a damn, he sure is executing tonight.


Eryk Masters: The old man is fired up, he must have taken TWO Centrum pills. People think Carver is just a bar room brawler but this SOB is tough as nails.


Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf is also at his game tonight, we’ve heard nothing but the BIG return of Del, I’m sure L-Dub is getting sick of it.


Carver rolls slowly to his side as he clutches his neck, he uses the ropes to get himself back onto his feet. He stomps away at LW again, he picks up LW and puts him in arm wringer, he backs his body up several steps still clutching the arm, he snaps LW to him and knocks the champ down with a vicious short arm clothesline but look he still hangs onto the arm as Carver drops the knee on that bad arm of Wolf once again. LW raises his free arm in attempt to relieve the pressure and that’s the opening that Carver was looking for as he locks on the Kata-Hajime!


Jeff Hansen: Tazoo -mission choke on Wolf. He may not tap but that is a choke and the ref is gonna have to check LW’s condition here.


Eryk Masters: That move is so so dangerous, I’ve seen the toughest men submit to that in seconds, when you’re out of air, you’re out of luck, we might see that old man walk out with gold tonight to go along with his walker.


Jeff Hansen: Carver’s not THAT old. Christ, the guy gets so much flak for his age but these rooks could learn a thing or two from this guy.


Eryk Masters: Hansen, when did you get inducted to the Diamond Fan Club? He ain’t bad. I’m not putting ANYBODY over. Heh.


Lonewolf desperately tries to grab the ropes with his legs but Carver further locks in the hold, the ref is asking Lonewolf if he’ll tap. LW refuses, he twists his body and makes a lunge at the ropes for a rope break. Carver has no recourse but to releases the hold, he is visibly frustrated. He picks Wolf back up who doesn’t look all there, he shoots him to the ropes, a kick to the gut, he hooks the jaw and goes for the Diamond cutter but LW shoves him off and dropkicks him in the back of the head. LW grabs him for behind and throws Carver backwards with a German suplex and Del lands awkwardly on that neck. LW picks him back up and again focusing on the neck nails the Rock Bottom. Lonewolf though is not hesitating, he picks up the downed challenger and places him in a fireman’s carry and drops him down with a Death valley driver. His trademark move!


Jeff Hansen: Del missed with the Diamond cutter but Lonewolf nailed the Final encounter.


Eryk Masters: Both men are drained after this hard hitting match though, can Lonewolf make the cover?


LW with the cover. The ref frantically gets in position, his hand falls once, twice, thr…NO! Del kicks out again. LW grabs the ref by the shirt collar and screams at him. Rebecca goes on the ring apron and is screaming at the ref to count faster. Carver gets back up holding that neck again, he grabs the tights of LW and rolls him up. 1…2…kick out. LW gets back up and runs the woozy Carver with a clothesline. LW with some stomps to the body of Carver, he again points to the same set of turnbuckles as before, he climbs again, he’s perched on the top rope, he comes off with an impressive looking Shooting Star Press!


Jeff Hansen: SHOOTING STAR! Lonewolf is bringing out the big guns tonight. Damn the consequences.


Eryk Masters: But Wolf landed hard on that elbow, that adrenaline rush mighta kicked in but he’s paying for it though. Those damn high-risk moves take so much outta you that you can’t capitalize on it.


Jeff Hansen: Both guys are pretty much running on empty, how long can this go on?


Both men are down, drenched in sweat, ‘Lets go Carver’ chant breaks out while Rebecca tries to drown out the crowd by stomping her hands on the apron. Carver, amazingly is the first on his feet and is wearing of all things.. .A SMILE! He lets out a scream to the crowd, he picks LW back up, he shoots LW to the ropes and floors him with a big boot. He picks LW up, places him in a powerbomb position, he extends both his arms outwards to signal his move….DIAMOND DEATH DROP time…..he picks up Lonewolf and hoists him on his shoulders and straightens out Wolf’s arms and drops him with a move most known as the Razor’s Edge.


Jeff Hansen: Holy crap! How the hell did Carver do that in such a weakened state? COVER! COVER!


Eryk Masters: NEW CHAMPION! Can the old man pull it off?  Del covers Lonewolf and he looks secured on the pinfall. 1….2…NO! Carver though isn’t sweating it, he goes outside and gathers some things from beneath the ring. He pulls out a strand of barbed wire and a table, he picks the table up and slides it into the ring. He raises the wire up high for everyone to see as the crowd goes wild. Del starts to wrap it around both of his fists but before he can go on, Lonewolf throws himself outside with a suicide dive as both men are sprawled out on the concrete.


Jeff Hansen: Lonewolf is showing the HEART of a champion, win, lose or draw, he’s laid it all out on the line this week.


Eryk Masters: For once, I agree with you. In a hostile environment against a determined challenger, he’s faced this obstacle with class of a champion.


Jeff Hansen: Don’t count L-Dub out yet, he is the Rising Sun Champion for a reason.


Lonewolf now grabs Del by the neck and throws him shoulder first to the ring steps. LW is hot and he’s looking for something to bash Del with, he settles for the time keeper’s steel chair, but the cords tie him up. Del uses this to advantage as he charges at the distracted LW but LW sees him and chucks the chair at Del’s face. A crimson mask falls over Del’s face as LW now has that barbed wire and he drives it into the flesh of Carver as he opens that wound up.


Jeff Hansen: This match is degenerating into a blood bath, we had everything but this shows you the lengths these athletes will go for that title.


Eryk Masters: This is right up Carver’s alley though. I can’t help but think Wolf got suckered into going to the brawling route.


Lonewolf now tosses the wire aside as he rolls Carver back into the ring. Wolf sets that table up in the corner, he goes to the bloody Carver who still has the barbed fists. LW irish whips him to the ropes, leapfrog by Wolf, Carver bounces back and tackles Wolf down and rains down with the barbed wire on the champ as LW gets opened up. Carver sets that table up on all four legs now, he whips LW and he uses a droptoe hold as LW falls chin first onto the edge of that table.


Jeff Hansen: GAWD! Lonewolf could have broke his jaw on that move.


Eryk Masters: Carver is enjoying this Look at that sicko, he loves this.


Carver gets LW back up to his feet, he rears back and strikes LW with a hard punch with that barbed wire. LW falls down clutching his chest and he’s bleeding from the mouth. His wife can’t take anymore as she tries to tell the ref to stop the match. Carver now picks LW and puts him on the top rope,
he’s looking to drive LW straight through that table but LW kicks Carver in the face and connects with a tornado DDT.


Jeff Hansen: Desperation move there by Lonewolf.


Eryk Masters: He bought himself a couple more seconds. How’s he gonna put away Carver though?


Jeff Hansen: That table might be the one to decide this match.


LW now gets Carver up, he kicks him in the gut, places him in a suplex position, but he contorts his body and puts Del down with a Twist of Fate. He raises the middle fingers to the air in defiance of the crowd as he looks on at the carnage he has caused.


Jeff Hansen: Could it be? Diamond Del beat by his OWN move?


Eryk Masters: That really would be a cruel Twist of fate wouldn’t it. Cover him Wolf, what the hell are you doing?


LW now drags Carver by that table, he hooks him for his patented finisher. Code Blue. He lifts the challenger up but Del squirms out, Del with a low blow, he pushes Wolf to the ropes, Del tosses Wolf high in the air and comes crashing down with his OWN version of 3d as he connects with the Diamond Cutter through the table!


Jeff Hansen: HOLY SHIT!


Eryk Masters: Indeed!


Carver covers for Lonewolf. 1……..2…….3! NEW RISNG SUN CHAMPION! Right as the ref’s hand hits the three, “My Own Summer (Shove It)” by the Deftones hits the PA and the Charleston crowd goes ballistic.  Out from the back jets The Real Deal, fresh off his “win” over the Boss.  Del’s receiving his new Rising Sun Championship, and his hand is raised.  Real Deal slides into the ring…


Eryk Masters:  DEL!!!  BEHIND YOU!!! 


Jeff Hansen:  Haha, Del’s about to get knocked silly.


Del turns around only to be met with a fierce Reality Check, Real Deal’s version of the superkick, sending the newly crowned Rising Sun Champion to the mat in a heap.  Real Deal spits on Del Carver and the Rising Sun Championship, eliciting boos from his hometown crowd. 


Jeff Hansen:  Poor Del, he’s halfway to unconsciousness.


Eryk Masters:  And look at Real Deal, he’s gloating.  To top that off, I don’t think he’s done. 


Jeff Hansen:  You’re right…  Look…


The Real Deal picks up the fallen Del Carver, and pushes him against the ropes, to sort of prop the unconscious champion against.  He slaps Del’s face, and knees him, doubling Del over.  He hooks the two arms in the underhook position, and delivers a vicious Final Judgment right into the annals of the wrestling mat. 


Eryk Masters:  Yeah, Del’s out and Deal is celebrating.  I kinda feel for old Del.  He just won his belt, and Real Deal decided to make a statement. 


Jeff Hansen:  Wait!!  Wait!!


The Flying Dutchman tears out of the stands, breaking through the security and rushes the ring.  Real Deal watches this coming, and slides out of the ring, avoiding any and all confrontation with the Dutchman.  Dutchman waits for Del Carver to recover, as the old man gets to a knee.  Dutch goes to pick up the Rising Sun Championship to hand to Del, but bumps into the old man as he reaches a standing position.  A staredown ensues.


Eryk Masters:  Ooo…  What’s going to happen here, I wonder… 


Jeff Hansen:  Looks to me like Dutch is backing away… 


Real Deal is on his way to the back, watching the ongoings as Dutch backs away from Carver.  Dutch hits the ropes, and backflips out, ala the Undertaker, as “It’s a Long Way to the Top” by AC/DC plays over the PA system.  Del takes his championship and ascends the turnbuckle, to the delight of the South Carolina crowd.



The nameplate reads: INSTANT HEAT.  The camera is close up on the door when it suddenly swings open, revealing OutKast, The Real Deal, Mirage, Mac, and Boyer lounging about.  Creative Genius, Ed Raymond, suddenly walks in through the recently opened door and approaches the power hungry stable.


Ed Raymond: Excellent, you’re all here tonight… how you all doing?  Boyer how’s your head, that attack from Stellar must have sucked something awful.


Raymond chuckles and the members of Instant Heat turn towards him with annoyance.


Ed Raymond: Hey now, just calm down.  Listen, I won’t be here much longer, I just wanted to deliver a little message to the man himself, OutKast.


Raymond turns to OutKast who is busy lacing up his boots for the match.  OutKast stands up straight and walks up to him.


OutKast: Eddie, what do you want?


Ed Raymond: Oh it’s simple, you seem to be a big fan of creating stipulations at the last minute.  So I just came by to tell you, that as Creative Genius, I’ve added a stipulation to your match.  Much like you did to Stellar last week, I’m booking the tag team title match as… A Ladder Match.


Raymond chuckles as OutKast just looks at him with wide eyes.


Ed Raymond: Let’s see how good you do on the spot now, bud.


With that Ed Raymond leaves the Instant Heat locker room, leaving them all frusrtrated.  The cameras return to ring side.


Jeff Hansen: First Jason Johnson laying down the law, and now Ed Raymond.  The power seems to be going back in the favor of the executives.


Eryk Masters: And its about time, I was getting sick of Instant Heat thinking they ran the joint.


Jeff Hansen: Well the Main Event tag team title match is next, as it was just announced, it is going to be a LADDER MATCH!!


The Beautiful People vs. OutKast and Ben Jackman
(Tag Team Title Match)



Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following match is a tag team ladder match! Introducing first.  Weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and five pounds. They are Jonny and Enigma, The Beautiful People!

Samantha Coil: And their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of five hundred and eight pounds. They are the former Iron Fist Champion and current SHOOT Project World Heavyweight Champion. They are Ben Jackman and OutKast, the team of Jackman and OutKast!

Eryk Masters: Both of these teams are now staring into each other’s cold eyes and haven’t even realized that the bell has sounded. The four men don’t look overly anxious to get this one started and the crowd is growing restless and wants to see some action. Jeff, I’ll admit I have no idea what these two teams are thinking right now.

Jeff Hansen: Of course you don’t know what they’re thinking and that is why you have me here to tell you. As they are staring each other down they are realizing that they’re going to shed that man’s blood and he will shed mine and it is almost impossible to avoid an injury in this match. Something dark goes over you at that very moment…

Eryk Masters: Which team will make the first move, Jackman and OutKast or the East Coast… the partners charge across the ring looking for a pair of clotheslines on Jackman and OutKast but they drop to the mat and slide to the outside and immediately go after the ladder!

Eryk Masters: Jonny pursues the former champs and hits Jackman with a hard forearm to the back and he topples over ladder and onto the steel ramp. But Kast comes from his blind spot and hits him with the ladder.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t agree with Jonny’s strategy, I like what Enigma is doing and that is letting Kast get the ladder and bring it back to the ring where he can take advantage of him as he enters… well maybe that wasn’t Enigma’s strategy.

Eryk Masters: Enigma took off from the ring and hit a somersault plancha onto OutKast who was carrying the ladder in front of his body causing Kast to be crushed between the ladder and the concrete.

Eryk Masters: Enigma felt a lot of pain when he landed but is able to get to his feet and receive the offense of Ben Jackman who is now putting Enigma throat first across the guardrail with a snake eyes. Jonny now takes the opportunity to grab the ladder and run. Jonny slides the ladder into the ring and slides in after it as his partner is taking a beating from Jackman on the outside.

Jeff Hansen: This one could’ve been over quick but Enigma wasn’t able to distract Jackman long enough for Jonny to climb the ladder.

Eryk Masters: Jackman enters the ring now as Jonny is attempting to end this one early but Jackman now grabs the leg of Jonny and holding it as OutKast is in the ring now and is climbing the ropes.

Eryk Masters: Jonny at a ninety degree angle to the ladder and is trying to shake Jackman off and doesn’t see OutKast leap from the top rope and connect with a flying lariat. Jonny falls hard to the mat as does Kast but only takes him a few moments to recuperate. Jackman outside the ring and is grabbing a chair…

Jeff Hansen: Correction, Jackman is grabbing five chairs! Jackman and OutKast is looking to end this once and for all tonight and really put the exclamation point on the fact that they are the better team.

Eryk Masters: Jackman has a chair and tosses one to Kast and they begin to advance on Jonny looking to destroy him with chair shots but they forgot about Enigma who is now waiting on the ring apron and Jackman and OutKast doesn’t see him as their sight is blocked by their chairs.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now with a springboard to the top rope… missile dropkick, sending a chair hard into Kast’s face!

Eryk Masters: Jackman sees the commotion and swings at Enigma but Enigma catches him with a low blow causing him drop the chair and hunch over in pain as Enigma charges to the ropes and then proceeds to plant Jackman face first into the chair with a bulldog.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma brought his ‘A’ game tonight folks and I think he is looking to prove that he can be just as intense as Jackman and OutKast and prove once and for all that the The Beautiful People are the superior tag team in the SHOOT Project.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now checking on his partner who appears to be fine and is now on his feet. Jonny grabs Jackman by his tights and throws him over the top rope and follows him to the outside looking to inflict some serious damage.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now climbing the ladder but Kast is getting to his feet and is making his way to the opposite side of the ladder that Enigma is climbing. Enigma is climbing at a rapid pace and will clearly beat Kast to the top of the ladder but Kast catches Enigma with a hard right to the gut through the ladder rungs.

Jeff Hansen: Kast buying himself some time because there no way that Kast could beat Enigma up that ladder and as Enigma nurses his wounds it opens a window of opportunity for Kast to even the race out.

Eryk Masters: Kast now reaches the top of the ladder but Enigma has regained his strength and is now pounding away at the skull of Kast. Kast drops a few rungs but was able to regain his footing and takes a moment to rest before making another attempt to stop Enigma. Enigma is within inches of the titles but is moving for them… he’s going to try something off that ladder! Enigma now moving up a few rungs… sunset flip off the ladder! Enigma just powerbombed Kast off of that ladder!

Jeff Hansen: Oh my god! Kast landed hard on his neck and let me tell you from experience, a powerbomb hurts like hell and not only was Kast slightly move elevated than usual but the momentum of Enigma falling of off that ladder caused a snapping action and almost shot Kast through the mat.

Eryk Masters: Enigma’s foot caught the ladder and he landed awkwardly on his head and is moving quite slowly and is already to his knees and is taking a few moments to realize that he actually pulled that move off.

Eryk Masters: Back to the outside where Jackman and Jonny continue to brawl at ringside. Jackman attempting to Irish whip Jonny into the steel ring steps but Jonny was able to hop on top of the stairs and try to counter with a back elbow but Jackman easily evaded it and Jonny crashed into the guardrail.

Eryk Masters: Jackman now grabs a chair from the ring and wails Jonny over the head causing him to collapse over the guardrail and fall into the crowd. Jackman now looks back to the ring and looks shocked to see his partner lying motionless on the mat and Enigma slowly climbing up the ladder.

Jeff Hansen: That’s the problem with a tornado tag team match because almost always you and your partner are separated so you have to constantly watch your partners back or else you could be on the losing end as easy as one, two, three.

Eryk Masters: Jackman, still holding his chair, sneaks up behind Enigma who has his back turned to Jackman as he climbs to the glory of the tag team titles. Jackman tattoos Enigma’s back with a massive chair shot and Enigma is waving his arms wildly trying to regain his balance but to no avail and… oh my god!

Eryk Masters: As Enigma was falling from the ladder his leg got caught in the rungs of the ladder and he is hanging upside down in what we in the business call the tree of woe.

Jeff Hansen: Enigma is now completely helpless, as it is very hard to find the strength to get your arms up and protect your face from whatever offense that Jackman decides to inflict on him.

Eryk Masters: Jackman climbing up to the top rope, what sick and twisted thing is he going to do? Jackman now on the top ropes and is pointing down at Enigma as he is begging off as he is basically on death row now. Jackman is about to leap but Kast is begging him to stop? What the hell? Jeff, I’m confused?

Jeff Hansen: Look at Bobby, he is just as confused as you are!

Eryk Masters: But Kast now grabs a chair and holds it in front of Enigma’s face! No… don’t do it! Jackman takes off the top rope and drives the steel chair into the face of Enigma with a missile dropkick as he hangs upside down in the tree of woe on the ladder! My god! Enigma is now bleeding and is unconscious… this scene is very disturbing.

Eryk Masters: Although I guess if you’ve just seen a guy on fire it’s not as much so.

Eryk Masters: Jonny entering the ring now and he doesn’t look happy and whacks Kast over the head with a chair and then superkicks Jackman right below the chin. Jackman rolls to the corner of the ring and is able to get to his feet with the aid of the ropes.

Eryk Masters: Jonny now charges Jackman and clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside and Jackman screams out in pain as he lands on the concrete. Jonny slides to the outside and looks under the ring apron for a table as Kast is beginning to stir in the ring and crawls towards the ladder.

Eryk Masters: Jonny slides the table into the ring and is setting the table up at the base of the ladder on the opposite side of where his partner hangs motionless. He turns around to look for Kast but is hit with an elbow to the gut and then a DDT onto one of the may chairs littered around the ring.

Jeff Hansen: Kast is climbing the ladder but looks weary to climb the side with the table directly below it because he might slip and fall into a pit of pain. But he has no choice, he doesn’t want to release Enigma from his current position because he might wake up and try something and he can’t move the ladder because Enigma weighs it down.

Eryk Masters: Kast continues to climb the ladder as Jonny has regained the spark fueled by the disgusting display of sadism that Jackman and OutKast put on his partner. Jonny quickly climbing after Kast but Kast is continuously kicking at Jonny’s face but he is able to simply shrug them off.

Eryk Masters: Jonny grabs the leg of Kast and is able to turn him around so that he is now seated atop the ladder. Kast now punching and kicking away at Jonny’s skull until Jonny hits him hard in the low… low midsection.

Jeff Hansen: Eryk, don’t soften it up so it’s that television friendly! This is pay per view for Christ’s sake! Jonny just punched Kast in the balls but no one in this arena can blame him for his dirty tactics considering his partner just felt something worse than being skull fucked!

Eryk Masters: Jonny now climbing up in front of Kast as he is seated on the top of the ladder rubbing the little Kasts and Jonny appears to be attempting a… a hurricanrana! No, Kast holds on to the top of the ladder and stands up on the ladder with Jonny on his shoulders… no don’t do it, Kast!

Eryk Masters: A powerbomb off the top of the ladder through the table several feet below. Kast now seated on the ladder again wiping blood from his forehead from the chairshot from Jonny earlier and lets it drip to Jonny below. Kast now looks around at the crowd as the suddenly erupt in an enormous pop. Kast thinking it is for him as he is inches away from victory but… dramatic irony… he doesn’t realize that Enigma is somehow pulling himself up!

Eryk Masters: He’s probably remembering all those sit ups that he’s done in his life and is thanking the heavens he did them as this is a feat that takes great strength. Enigma is seated on the second rung from the top and is now getting up and slaps Kast in the back on the head.

Eryk Masters: Fear is now spreading across his face now as Enigma grabs him from behind in a reverse waist-lock; there’s no way… German suplex from the top of the ladder!

Jeff Hansen: Oh my God! Kast has just taken one of the biggest bumps I’ve ever seen in my entire wrestling career. He landed on his neck and then rolled onto his stomach. His neck is injured, surely, if not broken.

Jeff Hansen: But even more amazing is the fact the Enigma is hanging upside down once again the same way he was before. That same position caused him so much pain only minutes earlier now saved him from a serious injury and gave him an opening to hit a move that might change the entire course of this match.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now working at his legs trying to free himself… he finally is able to slip his foot out of the rung and fall to the mat roughly. Every man in this match is down and out; we have a stand still!

Jeff Hansen: Where the hell is Jackman, he didn’t take any of the bumps that these men took and he’s still lying on the outside?

Eryk Masters: No, Jackman is now sliding back into the ring and is limping a bit… we are now receiving word that the scream that you heard when Jackman landed on the outside was him injuring his right ankle. The EMTs are not sure if it is broken but he will likely be immediately rushed to a hospital for observations immediately following this match.

Eryk Masters: We will keep you fans posted. Jackman now looking at the all the bodies and is probably wondering what the hell happened. But he isn’t stopping to ask questions because he has a chance to end this… war right now! But Enigma is crawling towards the ladder! Jackman is climbing on the opposite side of where Jonny lies and luckily for Enigma his progress is slowed by that injured ankle.

Jeff Hansen: I’m more surprised with Enigma because if I experienced what he did in this match I would be in a hospital right now complaining about the food.

Eryk Masters: Enigma climbing the ladder with his partner located directly below him moaning in agony but at least he is alive! Enigma has caught up to Jackman hits him in the gut and slams him chest first on to the top of the ladder and Jackman clutches his sternum.

Eryk Masters: Enigma climbs a few more rungs and puts Jackman’s head between his legs is he going to powerbomb him… no, Enigma isn’t strong enough he’s going to piledrive him off that ladder! Enigma is yelling at his partner to move out of the way… it takes a few moments but his partner is able to roll out of the wreckage.

Eryk Masters: Enigma is about to take off but Jackman is grabbing the ladder with all his might until he stands up with Enigma’s legs on his shoulders and back body drops Enigma off the top of the ladder to the mat below! Enigma is dead and Jackman, once again, has the opportunity to end this match. But Jonny sees this now and is already climbing up to halt the advance of Jackman.

Jeff Hansen: I don’t know if Jonny will make it in time and even if he does what will he do? Jackman has the elevated advantage and can hit Jonny with anything.

Eryk Masters: Jackman has a hold of the belts and is trying to figure out how to undo them and Jonny is halfway up the ladder and is desperate. He reaches through the rungs now and squeezes Jackman’s right ankle and he screams out in pain and immediately begins to rub his injury giving Jonny a window of opportunity to get to the top of the ladder.

Jeff Hansen: Great veteran move by Jonny, that was a desperation move but that was the smartest and also the only thing that Jonny could do to stop Jackman from regaining the belts his team never lost.

Eryk Masters: Jonny is climbing up and punches Jackman through the rungs causing him to lean over the top of the ladder in pain. Jonny now has his feet on the top rung and grabs Jackman in a front chancery… Tornado DDT off the top of the ladder! Do my eyes deceive me or did that just happen?

Jeff Hansen: It sure did, Eryk! But Jonny also felt a lot of brunt on that move and probably had the wind knocked out of him when he crashed to the mat at that speed. But still Jackman landed on his head so I’m going to say he got the worst of it.

Eryk Masters: Jonny also barely missed his partner by inches when he fell to the mat and probably would’ve killed Enigma if he would’ve landed on him. All four men are down and out. Fatigue is sure to play a major factor in this match and I don’t see these men getting up any time soon…

Eryk Masters: The referee of this match is now clearing the ring of the debris of the broken table during this stand still. Who will be the first man to his feet? Kast has been down the longest and is the most rested but probably took the worst of all four… my prediction is right and Kast gets to his feet first.

Eryk Masters: Kast stumbling around rubbing his neck and sees both of the  s on the mat and makes his way to the ladder. Kast climbing slowly and occasionally stops to rub and massage his neck giving the  s some time to rest.

Jeff Hansen: I got to give Kast some credit tonight because he has been the major aggressor for his team and he has been taking a lot of punishment and has been bouncing right back to his feet. He has a lot of heart and is determined to win this match.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now climbing up the ladder of the opposite side of Kast and is also taking his sweet time as he must be extremely tired from all of his blood loss. Enigma is the faster of the two and is able to even the race out near the top of the ladder and Kast begins to hit him with closed fists until Enigma rakes Kast’s eyes and then grabs him in a front chancery… looking to copy his partner?

Eryk Masters: No, he takes off with a vertical suplex using the apex of the ladder as a teeter-totter and both men land hard! Kast and Enigma are out cold but Jackman and Jonny are now moving around.

Eryk Masters: Jonny is to his feet first as Jackman is on his knees with his hand resting on a chair… Jonny grabs at Jackman’s hair but then catches a chair to the gut and then a hard chairshot across the back leaving a huge welt.

Eryk Masters: Jackman now drops the chair and begins to slowly ascend the ladder but apparently he didn’t hit Jonny hard enough because he is already back to his feet. Jackman doesn’t notice and continues to climb but Jonny comes from behind and tips the ladder over! The ladder tips over and lands on the top rope bridging over the bodies of OutKast and Enigma   as Jackman was able to man the whip lash and hang onto the ladder as it hit the top rope.

Eryk Masters: Jackman now lies on the ladder with his chest and head barely hanging over the edge into wide-open space. Jonny now makes his way to the corner and begins to climb the turnbuckles as Jackman is beginning to stir. Jonny looks to be hesitating but takes off anyways and drops the leg on the back of Jackman’s head causing him to flip over and fall to the concrete below!

Jeff Hansen: Yes, but Jonny didn’t have that soft of a landing either. As he was falling he landed hard on the ring apron with his lower back and then toppled out onto the concrete.

Eryk Masters: Enigma now crawling out from beneath the ladder and backs across the ring and goes to lift the ladder back into place but instead sees his partner and Jackman now going shot for shot at ringside. He now backs into the ropes and runs up the ladder using it as a ramp and then takes flight with a running suicide dive from the top rope taking all three men down while sacrificing his own body and his partners well-being.

Jeff Hansen: The  s now using their high flying skills to their advantage to stop Jackman and OutKast from dominating the match in the intense department. Enigma seems to be the most determined to get a new belt for him and his partner.

Eryk Masters: The  s seemed to have forgotten about OutKast who now stands alone in the middle of the ring watching the  s double teaming his partner. Kast charges for the ladder looking to copy what Enigma did but no, he fell through one of the rungs. Kast, not as agile as Enigma, tries again but falls through another set of rungs.

Eryk Masters: Kast now throws his arms up in frustration and walks towards the turnbuckles and ascends to the top. The  s are to busy pounding away at Jackman to notice Kast lurking on the top rope… Kast not known as a high flyer… what will he do?

Eryk Masters: Kast takes off and as he was falling he pulled the ladder down and the weight of his body on the end of the ladder caused a teeter-totter motion causing the ladder to catapult from the ring onto the three men at ringside with tremendous momentum.

Jeff Hansen: Thanks professor Eryk Masters! Could you have explained that any more boringly? Why didn’t you just say that Kast just hit the  s and Jackman with the ladder and it hurt them a lot?

Eryk Masters: Is boringly even a word?

Jeff Hansen: Call the damn match, professor!

Eryk Masters: Kast is getting to his feet and walks around ringside looking for something… he’s lifting up the ring apron and pulls out a table! Then he pulls out another getting a massive pop from the sold out crowd. Kast now slides the tables into the ring while Enigma is on the other side of the arena searching under the ring for some implement of destruction… another ladder!

Jeff Hansen: Eryk, the shit is about to hit the fan!

Eryk Masters: Enigma slides the ladder into the ring and slides into the ring after it where Kast is waiting and Enigma charges one half of Jackman and OutKast. Enigma ducks a clothesline attempt and continues to run, barely missing the ladder, rebounds and runs right into a powerslam onto the ladder!

Eryk Masters: But now Jonny has entered the ring and is charging Kast but he has to jump over the ladder or else he’ll trip but that proves to be fatal, as Kast was able to catch him in mid air and drive him into the ladder with a spinebuster!

Jeff Hansen: As Jonny was coming down on that ladder a rung, maybe the fifth or sixth, popped out after Enigma softened it up with that powerslam.

Eryk Masters: Jackman in the ring now as Kast is setting up a ladder in two corners, directly opposite from each other, and instructs Jackman to set up the tables in the middle of the ring. Jackman setting up the tables side by side in the middle of the ring and Kast now sets Jonny and Enigma onto the two tables and makes his way towards the ladder.

Eryk Masters: Jackman follows to the opposite ladder and begins to scale the rungs. They’ve almost reached the top… but they haven’t softened the  s up enough and they are sliding off the tables and are moving for the ladders.

Jeff Hansen: Kast and Jackman don’t know what to do because they’re in a very bad position. If they try to jump on the  s they’ll easily evade it and they’ll hit the mat hard and if they stay up they’ll tip it over!

Eryk Masters: Kast not wanting to risk it and attempts a double axe handle on Jonny but Jonny easily moves out of the way and Kast hits the mat hard. Jackman doesn’t want to injure his ankle anymore than it is and is waiting at the top of the ladder and is yelling at the  s to come up after him.

Eryk Masters: Enigma looks like he’s going up the ladder after him but instead he simply tips it over and Jackman crotches himself on the top rope! Enigma grabs Jackman by the hair and brings back down to the mat and sets him on a table as Jonny sets Kast on the other. Jackman is screaming out wildly in pain from his ankle and Kast lies motionless on his table.

Eryk Masters: Jonny and Enigma reach the top of their ladders… but Enigma is turning around… is he leaving? No, a moonsault off the top of the ladder as Jonny simultaneously attempts a senton bomb!

Eryk Masters: Enigma crashes down through Jackman’s body and the table as Kast was able to roll out of the way in time and Jonny fell through the table, hard! The ref is once again moving the broken wood out of the way while all four men are down and regaining their strength.

Jeff Hansen: Eryk, the only word that comes to my mind right now is… war. As I look at the broken tables, motionless bodies, dented chairs, blood stained mat, and severely bent out of shape ladders. That is all I can think of is war because that is exactly what this match has been.

Eryk Masters: Couldn’t have said it better myself Jeff. Kast now to his feet and grabs Jonny by the tights and pitches him over the ropes and to the outside as Enigma finishes stomping Jackman out of the ring. Kast and Enigma and staring each other down now and then charge each other, Enigma with an arm drag and Kast hits the mat hard.

Eryk Masters: Kast quickly back to his feet and clotheslines Enigma to the mat. Enigma kips up and hits Kast in the head with a high dropkick. Kast falls to the mat and his hand brushes a chair, Enigma looks to follow up but Kast jabs him in the gut with the chair and then a shot above the eye. Enigma falls to the mat holding his eye as Kast is already going after another ladder and drags it to the center of the ring.

Eryk Masters: Kast begins to ascend the ladder as Enigma is already getting up to chase after his opponent. Now climbing on opposite sides we have a brawl on top of the ladder. They’re going shot for shot until Kast absolutely wails Enigma with a right hand causing him to turn around on the ladder just to stay up there.

Eryk Masters: Kast grabs in a reverse chancery in what would be the setup for a scorpion death drop… is that what he’s going to do? No, he’s climbing higher on the ladder while still holding Enigma in that reverse chancery… diamond dust off the ladder! The move where you flip over your opponent into an ace crusher… off a ladder!

Jeff Hansen: Did you see Enigma’s body when he hit the mat? It went all limp and he isn’t moving! Get the camera to zoom in on his face. Look at his jaw! It’s clenched shut – the force of that move mighta shut it permanently! At least we’ll never have to hear one of the  s talk again.

Eryk Masters: As Kast was jumping the ladder tipped over and he had a very awkward dismount and didn’t land as gracefully as he would have hoped but will be on the ground for a few minutes. But don’t worry, Jonny is back in the ring and is grabbing the other ladder that isn’t currently tipped over.

Eryk Masters: He drags it to the center of the ring and begins to climb making sure to climb on the side where the rung isn’t missing but Jackman, who just entered the ring, has no choice. Jackman and Jonny racing up the ladder, Jackman had more medical attention while he was on the outside and now his wrestling boot is off and his right ankle is now heavily taped. Jackman reaches the missing rung and reaches over it to continue up after Jonny.

Eryk Masters: Jonny punching at Jackman trying to knock off the former tag champ but Jackman pulls down on Jonny’s head sort of in a jawbreaker and Jonny hits the top of the ladder with his sternum and falls to the mat below in pain. Jackman now has a chance to end this match but seems to suffer a little amnesia as he forgot about the missing rung and fell through the hole into the ladder.

Eryk Masters: Jackman falls beneath the ladder and stands their a few seconds as he landed hard on his right ankle. But it was a few seconds too long as the  s had already regrouped and dropkicked the ladder on both sides causing it to close on Jackman and squash him. Jackman now collapses to the mat… unconscious.

Jeff Hansen: Bobby just learned that the theory that it is bad luck to stand underneath a ladder is true but he had to learn it the hard way instead of having a bucket fall on his head or something.

Eryk Masters: Jonny and Enigma are about to celebrate but Kast comes from nowhere and decks Jonny with a chair shot causing him to fall through the ropes to the outside. Kast swings at Enigma but misses by a mile and he accidentally releases the chair and it flies over the ropes to ringside. Kast turns around and is tripped up by a drop toehold and fell face first onto one of the many chairs scattered around the ring.

Eryk Masters: Enigma wastes little time and grabs the ladder that he was previously on and sets it back up beside the one currently standing. Enigma begins to climb just as Kast was getting to his feet and we have a race on two ladders! Kast won’t be able to catch him but… Jackman is there now and is grabbing at Enigma’s leg. Enigma kicking wildly to get Jackman to release his grip… he’s able to and Jackman stumbles backward into the ropes where Jonny is waiting and pulls Jackman to the outside by his foot.

Eryk Masters: The distraction allowed Kast to catch up with Enigma as he was nearing the top of the ladder but Enigma is first to strike with a knife edge chop, but Kast retaliates with one of his own. They go back and forth with chops until Kast knees Enigma in the back to stop Enigma and then grabs his arm and… Russian leg sweep off the ladder!

Jeff Hansen: Both Kast and Enigma felt the brunt of that move equally between them and are most likely winded from the fall. I’ve impressed with all four men tonight but most of all, OutKast. Kast has been the main factor in this match and if it wasn’t for Jackman’s injury they might have very well won this match already.

Eryk Masters: Both Kast and Enigma are beginning to move to their feet… their both up at the same time but Kast lands the first blow to the head with a closed right fist. But Enigma retaliates with one of his own, another, another, and one more! Kast is backed against the ropes but Kast pokes Enigma in the eye and he stumbles around rubbing his eye until he turns around into a boot to the gut, followed up by the Alienator part two!

Eryk Masters: OutKast’s finisher, the Alienator part two! Enigma is out of it and Kast is lying on the mat looking through his energy reserves trying to get up.

Jeff Hansen: Never, ever give a man like Kast an opening like that. If he sees the chance he’ll poke you in the eye, low blow you, he’ll do anything it takes to score the win in a match even if it means resorting to dirty tactics.

Eryk Masters: On the outside Jonny and Jackman continue to brawl wildly at ringside until Jonny finally takes care of Jackman with brutal chairshot to the head. Jonny now looks back to the ring and sees Kast now climbing the ladder… slowly. Jonny slides in to stop Kast and begins to climb the opposite side of the ladder chasing Kast.

Eryk Masters: Kast is at the top now and his fingers are brushing the belts until he gets an elbow to the midsection and Jonny climbs up the rest of the way to meet Kast at the very top. They are standing as high as possible without standing on the apex of the ladder going shot for shot.

Jeff Hansen: This is it Eryk, there is no turning back now because this is both teams’ last chance. The Kast fell hard on Enigma and Jackman is off in a land of sunshine and lollipops on the outside. It is now or never time!

Eryk Masters: Kast looks to have Jonny teetering off the ladder and he is about to… Jonny jumps wraps his legs around Kasts head and launches him off the ladder with a hurricanrana from the top. A hurricanrana off the top of the ladder! My god! But even more amazing is the fact that as Jonny was flipping backwards he was able to get a hold of the rung and hold onto the ladder! Amazing!

Jeff Hansen: That is about the third or forth time that Kast has landed on his back from the top of the ladder and he is probably guaranteed a trip to the hospital after this match. Jonny now has the match won… what are you waiting for you idiot go grab the belts!

Eryk Masters: I think the pure shock of actually executing that move is what is stalling him but I’m pretty sure that it is clear… no, Jackman in the ring with a chair and is charging an unsuspecting Jonny as he rests halfway up the ladder. Jackman winds up… Enigma   comes out of nowhere and drills the chair into Jackman’s face with a dropkick off the top rope!

Eryk Masters: Jackman is out cold, Kast is out cold, and Enigma is giving his partner a nod to go! This one is over! Jonny grabbing the belts… drops one to his partner and then grabs one for himself as the bell sounds!

Jeff Hansen: That was like a horror movie when the killer comes back from the dead at the very end Jackman actually looked like a killer with all the blood on his face, a chair in hand, and the fact that he was limping like a monster.

Eryk Masters: Jackman now receiving medical attention and is being stretchered out to have his right ankle examined in the back.  OutKast rolls out of the ring as well, grabbing his World Heavyweight Championship belt and just staring at the big screen in front of him with disbelief.  There he watches as Jonny Johnson and Enigma, battered but not down, celebrate their victory.  OutKast just shakes his head and heads to the locker room area.

Samantha Coil: Ladies and Gentlemen the winners and still Tag Team Champions…

Jonny Johnson grabs the mic from Samantha and he and Enigma raise their titles up high.


Jonny and Enigma smile

Jonny Johnson and Enigma: THE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

“Breathless” By the Corrs hits the P.A. system as Jonny Johnson and Enigma head out of the ring to cheers from the fans.  The two parade up the steel ramp way and eventually disappear to the back.

Eryk Masters: What a Sunday night, and what an Oblivion!

Jeff Hansen: As Always, I’m Jeff Hansen saying until next week…

Before Oblivion goes off the air, suddenly the camera changes to the back, where Jun Kenshin is seen lying out on the ground a dented haliburton steel briefcase close to his head.  As the fans in attendance and watching on television look at the scene with confusion, the camera pans out to reveal Vincent Mallows standing there expressionless.

Vincent Mallows: Mr. Kenshin, I heard your words tonight upon my arrival into the arena, and I must say they were awe-inspiring.  I to have a mission, I to have a goal… and it appears if I am truly going to get things done, I’m going to have to take all business matters into my own hands.  That is what this is all about, Jun Kenshin, nothing more, nothing less…

As Vincent stares at his fallen victim, Jonny Johnson and Enigma appear on the scene looking at just what happened.

Jonny Johnson: Vincent, man, let’s split.

Vincent turns to Jonny and nods his head.  He then looks to Chris who pats him on the back with a smile.

Vincent Mallows: I always wanted to hang out with the popular kids.

The three men laugh as they head out of the arena, with Vincent leaving someone else to discover the down and out Jun Kenshin.

Oblivion fades out.